Thursday 24 January 2013

Jan 24 Update: Tantrums, Spinning Wheels and falling off the top of the mountain

Ok, so I thought that going on a radio show and explaining everything that has been happening and the realizations that my inner brain finally beat my outer brain to accept.... against it's will I might add was the best way to get the information out. But obviously the problems with the audio caused issues  and that didn't really work out so well.  So let me try this again.

As I said on the show two days ago....

One of the biggest problems when gathering intel and information is maintaining neutrality.  I have always prided myself on the fact that I have been able to keep things in perspective (most of the time) because I don't have a political, religious or racial agenda, which makes analyzing intel and data in neutrality much easier.   BUT... what I hadn't factored into that is the fact that when you want something so badly, you use that want to block out other information that your subconscious picks up.

For the past six months as intel and information about the "RV" and the new financial system has been coming to me through various sources, I have had niggling doubts and questions about everything that has been happening and the people/organizations that have been involved.  Some of you have also had these questions pop up in your brain because I've read them in your comments.  Each of these comments furthered the doubts in my own mind and drove me to try to understand the situation on a higher level.

When I got involved in digging for intel on my own- because I realized that there were huge missing pieces in the information being put out by the "gurus"- I spent months researching everything: NESARA, World Global Settlements, Wanta Funds, St Germain and the World Trust Fund, the new financial system, the Collateral Accounts, etc, and storing all that information away for future reference.  This also included a crash course in American Politics and Economic/Financial History. The more I researched, the more questions I had about the intel that I was getting and the motives behind it.

For example:

- If NESARA would also be opening the Patent Office and releasing the "new technologies", then why are the Chinese making arrangements with the various Dinar Groups to buy up their IQD  at higher rates for Oil Credits?  If all these new technologies are going to be opened to the public, (and yes they are real and yes there is such things a zero point energy and free energy devices) , then the use of oil was about to be radically diminished.  So why is China buying up all the oil credits they can get their hands on?

- If "Debt Forgiveness" is part of NESARA, and if the Cabal are going to be arrested for their crimes- including the financial crimes that have plunged the world into economic turmoil,  then why are these massive amounts of money being shipped all over the world to pay off "National/Debts"?  Debt "Forgiveness" in my mind didn't mean paying off those debts to the cabal bankers/controllers that were holding entire countries hostage over those "debts".  That made no sense to me. The Cabal controlled Central Banks are the ones that got us into this situation, why would "they" pay out money to them to get rid of a "debt" that in reality doesn't even exist?  Yet I had incontrovertible evidence that this was EXACTLY what was happening.

- Yes, China holds a lot of the US's "Debt", and is obviously part of the BRICs and non- aligned nations that have supposedly said "Enough is Enough!!" about the horrifically corrupt US Federal Reserve bank's strangle-hold on the global economy.  Yes, the US has tried to rip China off by paying them in Tungsten filled "gold bars".  Yes, China's falling economy is directly linked to the failing economy in the US as American consumers can no longer afford to by Chinese made goods. Yes, China has over powered the Federal Reserve dollars by doing all trade in their own currency..... hmmmmmmmm..... none of these are motives that say "saving humanity and ushering in the golden age".

- Yet intel sources and "gurus" are trying to laud China as being the "Saviour of America and it's peoples".  We've been told over and over again that a certain Chinese woman has been working with the new UST, with the IMF, with the BIS with the United Nations and Wells Fargo, to push the Global Currency Revaluation and the new Financial System through..... ummmmmm UST?  IMF?  BIS? Wells Fargo? United Nations?  These are all Cabal controlled agencies that are just puppets used by the grand puppet masters to control all of the world.

- Then there is the intel about how this certain asian lady has been bribing a certain high(est) up American official to "stand aside" and sign off on the RV- to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars.  Bribing?  In what universe is THAT part of debt forgiveness or arresting the Cabal or NESARA?

-  And then there is the fact that NESARA is suppose to roll out world wide.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but NESARA is based on the American Constitution.  What Right do they have to push the American Constitution onto other nations and people?

These are just a few of the questions that have been nagging me over and over again for months and months.

BUT, like most of you, I am Desperate.  I want all these things to roll out world wide- so much so that for months I continuously shushed my inner mind on these questions and just kept pushing forward with the idea that it would all work out just fine.  And when I laid in bed at night and I couldn't shut my inner brain off that was screaming that this is all about corruption and lies, I consoled myself by saying "Well, when the money comes through and I set up my foundations I will be able to help so many people and be able to get things in motion to create REAL change!"

Right up until about 10 days ago, I continued to force myself to believe in the charade that was being perpetrated on the people of Earth under the guise of the golden age of freedom.

Yes, the arrests took place on Dec 5th.  Yes, Boehner was sworn in as Interim president on Dec 6th.  Those are facts.  I don't care if you don't believe me, that's your choice.

December 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th.... we were told that the announcements and full disclosure would roll out immediately.  They didn't.  For WEEKS we have been told to expect the announcements "imminently"..... Not just my sources, but all of us have heard this from all our sources from all levels of government, 3 letter agencies, foreign gov people, military....  BUT.... nothing happened.

When I got in touch with Heather, Trustee for The People's Trust, for the first time, it was like speaking to my best friend whom I hadn't seen in a year or two.  There was an instant connection that was unbelievably intense.  When I read the UCC documents and each of the Releases that have been filed, they jumped out at me like fireworks- while I struggled with the legalese and the non-3D language of the documents, I KNEW at the deepest level of consciousness that THIS is what I had been waiting for to happen.

As we discussed more and more of the background of OPPT, the Trustees, and the current Intel, Heather and I didn't always see eye to eye on everything.  I had a smug superiority over everything to do with the RV and the new system, thinking that I really had a much better understanding of all that had been happening (and to Heather's credit, she didn't laugh at me even once!!). Heather was the epitome of saintly patience as I explained to her over and over that NESARA would be announced and that everything would be wonderfully fixed.

And of course, all during these days and days of discussions with Heather, I had continuous conference calls with various people- all of whom are telling me "Announcements Today/tonight/tomorrow"..... and of course, none of them happened.  And certain sources of mine (who are in a position to make this statement) by last week were almost working themselves into an apoplectic  fit and spluttering that there is no way on this earth that they would allow the inauguration to go forward....  and yet, of course, we all saw it happen, didn't we?

Finally, after weeks of refusing to listen to the inner voice that was by this time screaming at me at the top of it's proverbial lungs I woke up one morning last week and the entire situation was crystal clear.

NESARA and all the package that comes with it has been usurped by the "Cabal" and twisted to suit their needs.  Turned into a pretty, shiny present wrapped up in beautiful paper and sparkly bows.... to distract from the fact that the box underneath is empty.

A few months ago, a good friend of mine told me about a conversation he'd had, about the history of China.  Apparently China for thousands of years have been using the same method for controlling their population- which is that whenever the people get really really mad and start to think about uprising against the controllers, they would have a dynasty change: bring out a new face  to be the leader and roll out prosperity to the people... making them all happy and complacent for a generation or two.  Meanwhile it is still the same controllers in dominion over them- just disguised under a different mask, and within 50-100 years they would be right back where they started.

Does that sound familiar to you?

THIS is EXACTLY what the Cabal has tried to do with NESARA.  Time for a Dynasty change.  So they removed the one face of the Cabal dynasty that is in power now, and exchange it for another cabal dynasty wearing a different mask- roll out prosperity and the milk and honey, make the people happy and complacent ..... meanwhile they are still under the control of the Slave System of the Cabal.  With in a few decades we would be right back where we are right now.

.... these people don't give away money or power unless they know they can get it back, plus extra, later on.

So.... we're waiting on those all important announcements.  Waiting on the RV to "go live". Waiting on the New Financial System. Waiting for the milk and honey.

But it isn't' happening and everyone- even those who are involved up to their eyeballs, are scratching their heads at the very least, and throwing tantrums.

What happened to interfere with their plans?  What rolled out publicly during this time?

The People's Trust UCC filings.

Now, the naysayers don't want to believe that these papers/documents mean anything. Yet anyone on the inside of Washington knows that the puppets are shaking in the boots and freaking out.

Both Boehner and Obama have ordered the Media to NOT report on the UCC filings or OPPT.  The petition to the Government, that was filed TWICE in the last two days with regards to The People's Trust has been  removed both times within hours if it being uploaded.  Boehner called a national press conference the other night at 5pm est- he walked up to the podium then walked away for an hour and showed up with a rag tag group of congressmen and women and talked about the budget.  Then it was said that he'd be on live TV on CNN at 11pm that same night to make an important announcement..... and never appeared.

These puppets are desperately trying to continue the ruse that they planned to play on the people of the planet... yet they CAN'T.  They are in Stalemate. Obama was "sworn in" because they couldn't even sort out THAT part of the issue and were forced to keep playing the role that the public expects to see.

They know what the OPPT filings have done- that they are now officially foreclosed on and powerless.  More than that though, is the fact that they don't have the MONEY to move ahead!!

See, the biggest shortcoming of the Cabal is their arrogance and superiority- they honestly have convinced themselves that they are all powerful- verging on omnipotent!  They thought that they could bluster their way around the "trouble makers", they thought that they could force everyone to play their game....  They thought that they were king of the mountain

.... except that the "old man" who they were dealing with back in the early 1900's is still around to this day and he's NOT going to let them have the money!!  Sorry guys!  You've been outsmarted by your own stupidity!!!  And the people that have hamstrung the world's governments and their puppet agencies can NOT be bought!!!  And a big wind storm just came through town and blew them right off the top of their mountain.

 ........ AND..... the big guns that they though they had behind them- their bosses BOSSES.... just up and disappeared.  hmmmmmmm, now what are you going to do, knowing that the big guys you thought you had on your side to back you up suddenly have vanished?  Who's going to tell you what to do now?  Who's going to have your back in the BIG battle now?  Feeling a bit.... naked are you?

So here we sit today.  The government/cabal is spinning it's wheels in frustration because it can't go forward regardless of how many tantrums they throw and who they try to buy off.  Sucks to be you guys.

As for what comes next?  There WILL be full understanding of everything that is and has happened and the information will be made very clear.  We are waiting for that moment.

Please my friends, I know that you're confused and impatient and angry (rightfully so!) and desperate. We all are.  The moment I have more information to give you on all of this I will post it immediately.   I am doing my best to wade through upwards of 300 emails a day, hundreds of skype messages and to read and respond to the comments here on RTS.  I'm not ignoring you, I'm just swamped.  (note: emailing me the same question over and over isn't helping me make time to respond- just sayin')

Our job for this moment is to hold the light.  To spread the knowledge of OPPT and the UCC filings and what that means for the people of this planet - FREEDOM.  Our job is to pull the energy of Gaia up to where it should be- to play with the gold in our imagination and to manifest - not the world that we are afraid of, but the world that we KNOW we should have through our birthright as FREE human BEings.

All it takes is ONE..... but ONE backed by millions more is so much more fun!!


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    1. A big thank you also D.
      For you D and readers who are struggling to believe in the One Peoples Trust.
      Heather's documents state the new governments are gifted $500,000,000. for interm operations. I have found some evidence that this is true.
      Google: UN Day 0001
      This is a non english video of a new Indonesian government having their first meeting on October 24, 2012. At the 33 minute mark you can observe them receiving this gift of $500,000,000. The document on the video shows "Gift Certificate" UN DAY P1 PKC $500,000,000. Treasury Direct Bank of Indonesia"

      American Kabuki put out a blog on the Video of the Offscreen world financial sytems. I also followed the money on these and was led to documents that also confirmed more of Heather's claims.

      It appears to me that all of the offscreen world values have been consolidated and valued as publically announced on this video. It also appears that the March 31, 2012 deadline to the Cabal controllers within the committee of 300 to cease and desist their corrupt stealing of these world collateral accounts,was met by the signing on March 27, 2012 of this Committee of 300 document also published in AK's blog.

      Further research I did found confirming documents detailing the "White Spiritual Boy" accounts that appears to put at least 50% into 20,30,50,100,500,1,000,and 1,000,000 year maturing trusts. These trusts then release 50%(for the people) with the balances then again going back into the never ending trusts for infinity.

      Unfortunately for some people who feel the need for revenge, there appears to be Immunity documents also. However breach of the new secure financial systems after the effective date clearly show harsh punishments and transparent justice. so I look at this immunity as a new start for all to operate openly and with heart for the highest good of all. And clear rules for justice are there for our protection.

      Though it seems unfair that the banking systems that were corrupt and robbed us are be given the adminstration of our money's. With the new system in place and clear transparent laws to prosecute offenders in place,I eagerly await the announcements of our access to these prosperity funds and full debt forgiveness.
      Copied from these documents:


      WORTH U.S. $. 6 million"

      Whether this is another Cabal ruse to calm the awakened masses via money and then again enslave us I do not know. But with Heather's One People's Trust 1776 documents filed I feel a bit more secure in my true Freedom. Perhaps her filings usurped the Cabal plans to again ruse us by putting ownership of these world accounts back into ownership of the people.

      That would be hilarious. If they did all the work to create the new Cabal ownership hierchy and Heather said thank you, we now ensure no future slavery systems can ever again be used by our UCC filings.

      This is just my own personal research down the rabbit hole and my own opinions. But Heather's statement of the gift to interm governments of 500 million dollars at least is a reality as of October 24, 2012 for the new government of Timor Indonesia as shown in the UN Day 0001 video at the 33 minute mark.

      I look forward to others sharing their research.

      "Kindness is Power"

  2. Thanks " D " keep up the good work ,
    " I AM "
    "OPPT IN"
    "AND BE"

    Johnny ( scotland )

  3. I'm sorry if I sound dumb but in short ... Does this mean no RV ???

  4. Thanks for the update - appreciated as always ;-)

    Nesara has always been a stumbling block for me because I could never'get' that it was a world-wide thing for the reasons D stated above. It just didn't make any sense!

    Sine Nomine

    1. Nesara as I understand it, was originally Supposed to be for the u.s.a. and was later changed to include the world.

  5. thanks D.....text is better.... :)


  6. Hi D

    Thank you so much for explaining and all your efforts!

    Is it possible to explain a little more about "the old man" ?

    Thank you so much!

    Rob B.

    1. That is definitely interesting to me also. I am so looking forward to clarification on this.

  7. Thank you for this. We seem to be on the same page and that tells me a lot about you D. I've had the exact same thoughts and feelings. You are really doing it with blessings from the source. Like a confirmation, for me that is.

    Have I understood it right if I say that NESARA is true and in waiting, part of the divine plan, but been used by the Cabal for their benefit? And what about China, if you try to analyze it one step further? And who is then in control at the top of this?

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do.


    1. yes, WHO is control at the TOP! I'm still wrapping my head around that one!

    2. Ahhhh .... finally .... the one question that has yet be addressed:

      WHO is the REAL "Wizard" behind the curtain / the proverbial "head of the snake"?

      The Jesuit Vatican
      The Black Pope
      Hans Peter Kolvenbach
      Adolfo Nicolas

      And here's a decent place to start:

      Infinite Blessings

    3. Who is the Boss at the Top that gives the Orders? Commander in Chief King Of Swords ((KOS)), Sananda! Well known by all souls and everyone at high levels working for the betterment of all! Everyone who knows, gets their Orders from the KOS! In peace and love, Namaste!

    4. We the people are at the top!

    5. Don't forget the etheric beings (Archons, reptilians - who knows what else).

    6. Infinite Blessings

      No, no, no, they are definitely not at the top. Maybe at the bottom, in a warm place, but not on top. If you believe that you're not qualified to answer with a twisted understanding of what this is all about. Or your intentions is to make it warm here. I know who's on top of it ALL and why. The question is; who is/are the one/ones here on earth making sure it happens?


    7. Hi all!
      Just an idea. Why don't we all send an email to Russia today and ask them to cover this OPPT story and do an interview With Heather.
      Thats a good way to get the word out to people.
      Theres been campaigns before asking people to write to RT to interview someone and they often listen and take action on it and RT have a lot of viewers!
      I think it would work, if of course Heather would approve.

      Just a thought from Denmark
      In love and light

    8. I believe your are correct, Anon 11:50, but I also believe even the Jesuits have their bosses, and that's probably where the ET's come in.

    9. Black Pope and pals were top dog, and thought they had back-up from negative ET's (and lower-level 4th density fear-feeders) but those critters are D hinted.


    10. Black Pope and pals were top dog, and thought they had back-up from negative ET's (and lower-level 4th density fear-feeders) but those critters are D hinted.


    11. Black Pope and pals were top dog, and thought they had back-up from negative ET's (and lower-level 4th density fear-feeders) but those critters are D hinted.


    12. Spill,D! So the rest of us can start wrapping our heads around it!

      And to Anon 11:50, I really doubt that the ULTIMATE "Boss" is anyone/anything Terrestrial. This has gone on for too many generations without faltering to be the work of "mortal men" and while the men/organizations you suggest are, without a doubt, in it up over their heads, they are tools. High ranking and powerful tools but still just tools to be used and discarded by their ultimate masters.

      Wandering Fire

    13. David Icke addresses this correctly and American Kabuki Posted an interview with a Zulu Elder that provides all you need to know.

    14. The interview with the Elder was fascinating! Really, really interesting. I highly recommend reading it.

  8. Thank you D. As in the movie a bugs life. The grasshoppers controlled the ants. However the leader of the grasshoppers knew something that the ants and even the other grasshoppes didn't know.

    If the ants ever figured out that they outnumbered the grasshoppers then the grasshoppers would starve and have to fend for themselves

    The ants started becoming aware they were dooped all along, put together some tools, made a plan and started doing

    More and more ants are realizing they outnumber the grasshoppers...the grasshoppers are scared ..

    As more ants come on board then it is only a matter of time...

    1. I like that thought, big mamma ant !

      Is your 'name' in any way related to this story?

    2. Focusontruth here.

      I Agree.If We The People could agree on one simple strategy, like massive non-compliance regarding taxes and debt for example, the cabal would be stuck in their own sh***t. They can't possibly kill or jail all of us.

      The question is, can we do that? Who will make the call? Who is ready to answer the call if it was made today?


    3. Good one indeed!!!

    4. Focusontruth, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. Also read big mama ant's story above about the grasshoppers and the ants.

      The cabal's power over the people is an ILLUSION. It is only because we, the PEOPLE, believe that they have the power that they do.

      Heather told the story about Sierra Leone(?) not sure if that was the country, but she told of how they forced the British to relinquish their control by rising up.

      The cabal actually fear us, we just don't know it because they know how to play the game of deceit way better than the people do.

    5. i havent seen that movie, but it sounds like a perfect analogy of whats going on.. thanks for the tip, im going to watch it now , maybe it helps give more clarity on the potential direction this can all take and paths we can consider to take. blessings

  9. Thanks D.....Someone brought this to my attention

    Here's a site that lists the related OPPT posts and programs.

    OPPT - The Unfolding Story

  10. While we're waiting.


  11. There's so much that isn't disclosed about this whole "process". I'm sure gag orders are still in place, maybe what the Chinese are doing, buying up oil credits is a ruse to maintain the sense of "business as usual"........everything that's going on at the highest levels would be, I presume a game of baiting, waiting, setting up traps, testing systems for integrity. There's also the fact that humanity is still being held hostage somehow to this day, and until that has been cleared, no actions will be taken.....

    There is also the "Off-World Civilizations" card that so many are not taking into consideration....their participation in this massive undertaking cannot be simply dismissed....

    Hold your energies, your can anyone give up now? We did not come this far only to fail and fizzle out. What's one more test, albeit a big one, among the many tests we've had and weathered all our lives? We are destined to prevail despite all odds, all we have to do is look back at how strong each and everyone has been to arrive at this point in our lives.....

    1. Sonny, I believe you are on the right track! We have come so far; personally I almost don't recognize myself from the person I was a few years ago. I, like many others, have been doing tremendous and extensive internal work with every synchronicity presenting a new way to grow stronger. Knowledge is strength and power, especially when it resonates inside the heart. The OPPT truly resonates with every fiber of my being, finally I have something to connect all the analytical dots my brain is so fond of. This KNOWLEDGE of OPPT, UCC ,RV and NESARA is a way for my mind to wrap itself around how the legal system and government connect to the science, physics, quantum theories, etc and SPIRITUALITY! Things which I am working so hard, everyday, to explore. "HOLD THE LIGHT", that is something we are all capable of doing. A simple task indeed. I too believe in the OFF-WORLDERS, beings of benevolence and that they will assist in any way they can, I hear their frequencies of LOVE in my head, and those frequencies are changing, not sure what that means, but it feels that I (we) are on a threshold. I want to walk through that door and get a drink of water, for this adventure has made me tired and thirsty. I bet it will be the best drink of water I've ever had; my thirst WILL be quenched! Namaste' my fellow adventurers! Do not hope for it--KNOW IT!

  12. Thanks D :)

    I'm glad that you all are getting an understanding to pass along to us that we can digest. I applaud your diligence and thank the Universe that you came here at this time to help.

    I've been asking Heaven to give the Lightworkers a break and clue us in to what is going on behind the scenes, because if we're going to do our job, it would help to know what we need to focus on.

    I'm one for putting all of my energy in one area to get what I desire, especially when it is imminent and it has worked for me. Sure I have a list of 'what I want, need and want to see happen', but as usual there are always 'first things first' in order for other things to happen.

    I admit it, I'm a 'Trekkie' at heart and one thing that Dr. Spock said has stuck with me all these years and now I know why:


    This is something the Cabal could care less about.

    That being said, the MANY need to be FREED. I am also a fan of the 'COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS' and my soul is elated at the fact that all we have to do to get what we need as a people is ALL FOCUS ON IT AT ONCE. There is no more powerful weapon! We can move mountains with that!

    I also feel that Heaven is waiting on us to get on the same page. Messages have validated that such as 'We are the ones we've been waiting on'. When Heaven sees that we are 'on the same page' I have NO DOUBT in my mind that the 'GREEN LIGHT' will be given.

    The Cabal has done their job (very well I might add) at DIVIDING AND CONQUERING us and it is our job and ours alone to BRING US TOGETHER.

    For some reason I feel that the story of the 'Tower of Babel' was orchestrated by the Cabal. Who else would convince 'US' to build a tower that would reach Heaven? It was then and there that Pangaea was divided up into Continents and SO WERE WE!

    With that being said, I suggest that we focus on getting the Eastern and Western division heads of the Cabal arrested so that the entire planet can move into the GOLDEN AGE. It appears that everything else is in place, the table is set but we need to purge the 'guest list!

    I'm just 'sayin

    Like Nike says......JUST DO IT!

    1. I can't agree with you more when you said we need to ALL FOCUS ON IT AT ONCE. Watch the Divine Matrix on utube. When you understand "the feeling is the prayer" seeing and feeling what you want, that energy creates it and the more people who see and feel the prayer at the same time magnify it. I have wondered if we could coordinate a time where all of us here and on all the other boards can, as many as possible, could set a time to meditate/feel what we want to create for us/our country/the world and then keep setting time aside to each day to do that and keep growing it, the more people coming together for this, the more powerful the prayer. This is what the cabal already knows and has tried to hide from us for centuries. We don't ask for what we want. We see it, feel it, experience it and therefore manifest it through the power of our creator. D, do you think you can work with all of us on a wish list and then coordinate the time. The more that join in the wider we can spread the energy. Imagine.....

    2. I also believe in the collective consciousness and think we should create a group meditation/prayer, get as many people doing it at the same time as possible, spread the word to any group willing to join. The Devine Matrix is a wonderful Utube video by Greg Braden, explains how it works scientifically. We've been praying wrong all these years. We ask for what we want and therefore it can't manifest. In order for prayer to work, we need to see it, experience it and feel it as if it were done. That allows the energy to manifest what we desire. The more people meditating/praying/feeling/seeing/ increases the energy put out so we can together with our creator, manifest the desire. D, do you think you can help us put together a wish list and coordinate a time and day to begin together to create our new world?

  13. Thanks D! stay logged into your subconscious!

  14. D.. can you Please show us the site where we can SEE that this has been accomplished already...?

    1. Which "This" are you referring to my friend? I've covered a lot of "this"s here :>)

    2. Umm, how about ANY of "this" or ALL of "this"

      A link, 2, 50...

      Stop playing semantic games and answer the question. please.

    3. Throttle back on the "snark", Anon 9:54. D was asking for clarification not "playing semantic games."

      Wandering Fire

  15. To make my mind understand the situation we are now a part of is this, this scenario reminds me of what someone (betcha can't guess who) said in several of their weekly updates. Project Bluebeam. We will be promised the world and that our saviors are here, the goal is to take everything you have left and convince you to hop aboard their ship so you can have your wonderful new world. We were told that the one's who are awake and aware would see through this deception and see it/them for what they really are. Their reptile veneer would shine through the fake angelic beauty that they fed to us. I'm just finally learning to just Be and ride the wave without so much energy put into it that is going to hurt me in the long run. I'm taking things in stride. It doesn't mean that I don't get disappointed when things don't happen a certain way ( just ask hubby how disappointed I get), but daily I'm getting better and just sitting in the theater and watching this play play out. I still believe in a wonderful outcome, one that we will all be pleased with. Love to you D and everyone working in the background for our future.


  16. "Both Boehner and Obama have ordered the Media to NOT report on the UCC filings or OPPT."

    And EXACTLY how do you know this? Were you a witness to this?

    Are you still relying on the same "sources" who have driven you to make statements like "when I laid in bed at night and I couldn't shut my inner brain off that was screaming that this is all about corruption and lies, I consoled myself by saying Well, when the money comes through and I set up my foundations I will be able to help so many people and be able to get things in motion to create REAL change!"?

    I don't know you D but you seem like a nice enough person and I'm genuinely concerned that all this stuff is negatively impacting you and your family in ways that have yet to manifest.

    I know YOU believe what you're saying to be factual based on what you, in turn, are being told by others. But D, that doesn't make it true. Your "sources" and what they are telling you, seem disingenuous at best and criminal at worst.

    Remember, it will not be your perceived enemies that ultimately stab you in the back. It will be those whom you considered to be the most trust worthy.

    I wish you well; I really do.

    1. My friend all I can write about is what resonates with me as truth. I report it here as best I can for all of you to read and discern for your selves, according to what resonates with you.


    2. How about a sincere apology to all those others who were BE'ing and DO'ing your subconscious critical thinking for you who've been called trolls, shills, and negatives?

      So it takes you several months to finally LISTEN to what your INNER self has been YELLING at you in the form of OTHER people?

      Why didn't it RESONATE before?

      Where THEY off and negative and trolling or was it YOU and your thinking processes?

    3. By "resonating" do you mean that it is just your idea or has some of your "intel" told you about this gag order? And what would be the reason to keep Obozo up there signing executive orders in the first place, if he is not President?

    4. DEFENSE IS THE FIRST ACT OF WAR. No response whatsoever seems like it might be a good idea. They create negative energy and feed off it as well.

  17. So Heather in her legal genius has managed to do what nobody else could? The idea of the people BEing and DOing is shaking Capitol Hill to its foundation?

    If this system has "been foreclosed upon" how is anything being financed or done? Is Heather doling out the money from behind the scenes?

    Sorry, but your story in no way is reassuring. And what is with this waffeling about the Boehner deal? I've read you say he was now president, then respond to another person that you never said he was president, but now you say that on 12/5 he did become president and you don't care who believes you. Well, it's nice that you are so assured of this, but can you understand how this does not translate out to the rest of us?

    1. " then respond to another person that you never said he was president,"

      can you please C&P here where I said that? because apparently I've been hacked if that really appeared with my name beside it.

    2. Yeah - I am still having money withheld from my paycheck. When my employer sends it in to the Fed, they don't return it.

  18. Now think back to all the common sense people that raised some of these very questions but were always attacked and called trolls and shills.

    1. I am officially apologizing to anyone that I called a troll who posted these questions- because they played a role in my figuring out what was going on. Each of those commenters played a vital role. I can remember specifically 3 different commenters who forced me to look deeper- all three commented on the part that the IMF and BIS played in this scheme. too you three especially: Thank you!

    2. sighh....people demanding proof, invoking common sense....common sense goes only as far as the knowledge that one has, beyond that, one would be as confused and frustrated as anyone else.....I don't know if anyone has noticed, but most of what is going on in the "shadows" do not make sense to many, but that's because people's minds are not yet equipped to deal with the high-level wheeling and dealing regarding the liberation of this planet......too much is at stake here and if common sense were all it took then we would've been home free a long time ago.....Observe, take whatever resonates and discard what doesn't, and please, if one has to "debunk", then at least offer something better......

    3. You are welcome. We need and require all points of view to any topic and decide for ourselves what is truth and what is fiction. All these points of view should be shown to all.

      If anyone disagrees does not mean that they are trolling. It means that they are thinking and coming from a different angle which is very much missing in todays world.

      Do we hear an apology from the 'we only want positive and not truth' members?

    4. I am one of them and accept the apology but would feel that it was genuine if you now expose those who were misleading you. Otherwise they are just going to fool more of us again and these people are criminals that need to be dealt with.

    5. I don't think D's sources were necessarily misleading her. It sounds like many are shocked as hell! Is it possible the "good guys" did lots of hard work to get the new system in place and along the way they were infiltrated, unknowingly, and the cabal high-jacked their plan? Is it possible they were used? Assuming all who have been working on this are criminals is jumping to conclusions, the cabal takes good things and corrupts them to their benefit. They have done this for a very long time. Think of all the ancient knowledge that has been corrupted and hidden. Think of what the cabal has done to spirituality by way of religion. With that said, while the cabal was busy high-jacking NESARA, OPPT was able to be put into place, under the radar, until it was done, complete. Heather didn't announce what she was doing along the way, she waited until it was filed and done. Perhaps NESARA implementation was a case of "look over here cabal, shiney" they got distracted and shut down.

    6. 11:12 - I doubt she ever comes back and responds to that. At least not without playing her semantic games, as someone has said. She is really good at that.

    7. Anon 16:29, I hope you are wrong. Anything less than an outing of the disinfo trail, puts everybody back in a world of doubt, and bound to get jacked around by the same people again elsewhere. Nothing is cleaned up a bit.

  19. Thank you!!! This truly feels like a perfect moment...which is a bit ironic, yes. This feels real, and everything else stunk with "too good to be true." I felt us arriving at this moment all along, and knew that disinformation or not, you are such a HUGE and WONDERFUL part of all of the good that WILL and IS coming out of this struggle D. Thank you! We all felt this load of crap weighing down on us, but the role you are playing is so truly divine, and somehow that usually seems to pan out to being full of struggle, frustration and pain.

    Everything is falling apart in my personal life. In the last week I've experienced the early and tragic death of a friend, disrespect, dishonesty and divorce in marriage, tension with family, and financial desperation. The things we were promised somehow weighed more heavily in all of this. NOW, this feels like TRUTH and it feels FREEing. I've felt myself slowly dropping out and couldn't hold the space, but NOW I can. Thank you times a million D for your constant struggle and courage. <3

    1. Dear aninfinitebeing,
      Just like you my personal life has thrown many challenges at me that are similar to yours.
      I congatulate you on holding the space. Courage is not absense of fear but action despite fear. Well done.
      Do not let the enemy win by pushing you into emotional trauma that they can feed on.
      Accept all negative challenges for what they are (an attempt by the enemy to create strong negative emotion for their benefit)and stand up for your right to hold love despite them.
      I send you waves of pure heart love.
      "Kindness is Power"

  20. Dear D, THANK YOU for for this wonderful post! I too have been learning to "be still and know" and hear that still small voice of Infinity that is always lovingly leading when I tell the little guy in the head to "sit down, relax, and have a beer". :) My little brain was really thrown for a loop by our dear friend, Heather, but my Inner Being said, YEAH! FINALLY!!! I knew what had been done was exactly what was needed to help us all birth the New Earth. Enjoy, dear one, and please take plenty of time to rest, rejuvenate, love and kids, etc. You are perfect and beloved!


  21. RIGHT ON D. Thank you for continuing your patient struggle for light & truth.

    The "bird's eye view" (my understanding) is that we are in the "disclosure phase" now. This means that everything that happens, happens towards this goal. Even if events might seem like they are a part of "prosperity". This also means that we are not yet in the "prosperity" phase, so anyone expecting gears to turn and bank accounts to fill, will be disappointed. This is not the time for "action" for most people, it is the time for "information" and "understanding".

    So the next phase will be "prosperity", but we have to first let "disclosure" run its course. The more we try to work towards "prosperity" is time that is not spent on "disclosure". There might be an amount of time where nothing at all happens, the "void", that is as it should be. But that will be AFTER we hear about the government's coverup of UFOs and related technology (everyone already knows about majestic, blue book, aurora, and monarch but it's nice to make it official!).

    What you say about the debt forgiveness makes a lot of sense. The debt is being used to control, so we forgive the debt and "they" no longer have control. That's great!

    Thank you and much love to you, dear D.

    1. Dreamwalker, I agree whole heartily, this is a time for information and understanding, these are the two vital components for mass consciousness to awaken and get the plan(NEW EARTH) rolling toward manifestation. I feel it!

      My sincere gratitude goes out to you D, you are truly an Hierophant. As I read through the comments on your site I am aware of an amazing ENERGY filling me with optimism, Namaste'

  22. Thank you SOOOO much for this,
    finally we can put our Focus to where it belongs!
    Bless you love you thank you

  23. Dearest D,
    You have just made my day. First Drake comes out last nite and says he has also been duped and now you. This is exactly what I have been feeling in my GUT for a long time. But, like you, I just kept hoping that I was wrong. When I starting following the OPPT information, my GUT told me this is the only true answer for the Freedom of the Universe. I immediately knew in my soul that I was FREE and have never wavered. Thank you so much for all you do to keep us informed.

    Linda Livesay

  24. Anon 7:45 - In all my study of the machinations of the cabal, I too had lost track of exactly what RV means. ReValuation of currencies to a metal standard - especially as noted in Basil III. The Iraqi Dinar and other countries under occupation have suffered extreme de-valuation in relation to fiat/paper currency. If RV happens – 190 other BRICS aligned countries support this – then the Fed Notes (american money) will be worthless paper and the coffers of the cabal - possibly even in digital accounts - will be wiped out. What about the public's accounts? Not sure. This article lays it out well. Cheers.

    1. David, I agree with you. The whole Global Reset is to clean out the Fiat system and take it out of the hands of the Cabal. The RV is the kingpin of this Reset and it is for the good of us all. It also relates to the Marshall Plan which has been in the works for 50 years.
      For over a year, Ben Fulford has been stating that this Reset was designed to take back the power from the cabal banksters.
      I believe it will proceed and it will show in the end, it was for the greater good.

  25. I feel like none of you have looked at this link. This is a MUST view.Anyone with any questions must research how money is created for these governments. For instance anyone with Dinar questions must research the Political Climate in Iraq. Their Assembly wants to go ahead but Maliki- western puppet- is holding them back. I have no dinar. I would never hold paper. I buy Silver. But if you know where the "liquidity" is coming from, trace Afghani Heroin and Cocaine monies. When it comes to China questions notice that China is very unhappy with British B.S. and wants to beat them for the Opium fiascos that robbed their Empires. The Dollar will fall and stocks will crash and commodities will go through the roof. The OPPT filings are a big game changer but there is a shadow banking system and shadow government and what it really comes down to is the fact that there are Army People. If they can't pay them maybe they will put down their guns. But those kidz in the Military are the same kidz that were left alone to play video games instead of receive Love. If you know one write them. Meanwhile get ready to live without the beloved Dollar. That and visualize Prosperity.

    1. This link takes you to several videos which one is the one we are supposed to be looking at?

    2. "What I have been afraid to blog about"

    3. The link should take you to YouTube, to the video 'What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 1'.

      I think there are 5 parts to it in all.

    4. The link should take you to YouTube, to the video 'What I have been afraid to blog about: The ESF and Its History_Part 1'.

      I think there are 5 parts to it in all.

    5. This is an excellent set of videos. Everyoe should watch.

  26. A very well written piece D.

    D. Yes, the arrests took place on Dec 5th.  Yes, Boehner was sworn in as Interim president on Dec 6th.  Those are facts.  I don't care if you don't believe me, that's your choice.

    ME..Please D. provide proof,you are asking for faith...thats a religious trick.

    D....They know what the OPPT filings have done- that they are now officially foreclosed on and powerless.  More than that though, is the fact that they don't have the MONEY to move ahead!!

    ME..We live in a fiat currency system,If money is a falsehood,why are the 'cabal' who own the printing presses,worrying about having no money?

    D.. AND..... the big guns that they though they had behind them- their bosses BOSSES.... just up and disappeared.  hmmmmmmm, now what are you going to do, knowing that the big guys you thought you had on your side to back you up suddenly have vanished?  Who's going to tell you what to do now?  Who's going to have your back in the BIG battle now?  Feeling a bit.... naked are you?

    ME...I often watch my reaction to others behaviour and have discovered that my opinions on anothers failings are usually misdirected ... They are usually my failings,and I am mirroring and reflecting them on others.
    Re-read your last paragraph I have copied and pasted above, and tell me,Is this your situation..??

      Who's going to tell you what to do now?  Who's going to have your back in the BIG battle now?  Feeling a bit.... naked are you?

    Love to all as usual.

    I must ask,because others have and it seems to be swept under the carpet each time.
    Heathers power of materialising Gold from one place to another?
    Is this by using the 'manifesting/visualising thingy that is being suggested to everyone now?
    As in it hasnt happened but if enough people believe it will then it will be...

    Our job for this moment is to hold the light.  To spread the knowledge of OPPT and the UCC filings and what that means for the people of this planet - FREEDOM.  Our job is to pull the energy of Gaia up to where it should be- to play with the gold in our imagination and to manifest - not the world that we are afraid of, but the world that we KNOW we should have through our birthright as FREE human BEings.

    1. ME..We live in a fiat currency system,If money is a falsehood,why are the 'cabal' who own the printing presses,worrying about having no money?

      The more fiat money they print the less value it has. They know they can't print forever, infact any further printing will likely be a catastrophe. They have already imploded we are waiting for the realisation.

  27. Dearest D,

    Thank you so much for explaining what has been going on with the "intel". Drake did the same thing last nite on his radio program. I have the utmost respect for all who are doing their very best to help free our world from the controllers. My GUT has been telling me for a long time that there was just something wrong with the so called intel but, like you, I just kept hoping I was wrong. My GUT is also telling me that OPPT is real and it is for the entire planet and therefore for the Universe.

    The energy of LOVE is what will heal all.


  28. Hi D! Can you ask Heather to create a tab on the OPPT website that puts copies of all completed cases from people filing these documents so that others can see this process is successful? It might help the rest of us "climb over the wall" too. Thank you :)

    1. Excellent idea!

    2. No, it's not. The trustees have said repeatedly that the OPPT is not primarily for general consumption. It has a very specific legal purpose.

  29. Right on D !!! Has anyone told Drake that Wednesday has come and gone ?

    1. Did you listen to his show? As I and others on this blog stated before, he never said Wednesday was disclosure. He did talk about outing his sources if things didn't move. It seems he got the "nesara is to be announced" memo like D did, and just hasn't caught up to the fact that the plan has been high-jacked by the cabal and it is actually a good thing "announcements" haven't taken place. And yes, I did listen to the last hour and 30 minutes of the show. I missed the first part.

    2. I downloaded the Drake mp3. The recording keeps getting interrupted at regular intervals. It's annoying. I haven't figured out the cause of it.

  30. D, go further into this statement you made. "........ AND..... the big guns that they though they had behind them- their bosses BOSSES.... just up and disappeared. hmmmmmmm, now what are you going to do, knowing that the big guys you thought you had on your side to back you up suddenly have vanished?"

    Who exactly are the BOSSES you are referring to? Where have they vansished to. The world now-a-days is a very small place and any of the TOP TOP people could be easily found if we ever reach a place where the people take back the governments of the world.

    1. well if anyone has heard of peggy kane or even alex collier. They explain their Bosses as a dark group of entities that feed off our fear and emotions. they have been in charge of earth since the begining times. their is also several ancient artifacts and stories that refer to them. there is even a History channel episode about them. they have been beat and have left monthes ago and they left all their mind controlled minions to pick up the pieces. she has several youtube vidoes that expalins how she does reverse EVP recording on them and has been doing this for last 6years or so. I believe its only a matter of time before they all wash out. so its just a matter of being postive and knowing its only up from here.

    2. annunaki overlords and other non-human bosses of the bosses have been taken off planet. These are the folks that have "disappeared" Could be why everyone is in such panic mode, they no longer have the advice and guidance they once had. Running around like a chicken w/o a head.

    3. Or it could be that the Cabal have been betrayed by the "Overlords," and they're freaking out because they know they've been set up to take the fall. Now that all of us are pointing our fingers at the Cabal as the "bad guys," the overlords will ride in as "good guys" and implement the next stage of their agenda. We must not forget that we're playing multi-dimensional chess here, not just 3D chess.

    4. I'm still trying to figure out if the Annunaki are part of the bad guys or not.

    5. Videos on Youtube say that the Annunaki are fighting the NWO people. Fighting our "enemies" doesn't necessarily make the Annunaki our friends.

  31. Speaking of niggling doubts, what about the logo of the OPPT? Every time I see it, it creeps me out. Have they explained to you the meaning of its symbolism? It looks like secret society symbolism to me, and not of the love and light kind.

    1. Agreed-- looks like it has some illuminati symbols on the seal. Triangles, pyramids... But then again, illuminati's game is corrupting and perverting holy symbols to make you develop an aversion to them instead of respect them. Who knows these days, up is down and inside is out.

    2. The Saturnian rings are what really got my attention. Here is one interpretation:

      Given the very strange choice of symbolism and the way this thing exploded all over the internet all of a sudden, you'll have to pardon me for being suspicious. This reeks of problem (the Cabal and its atrocities) / reaction (awakening and outrage) / solution (the "good guys" enter stage right to "mentor" us). Except that the "good guys" are the ones who have been hiding their presence behind the Cabal all along (just like the 13 Families hide behind corporate governments).

  32. Hi D,

    What are your thoughts/interpretations about this? The timing of this seems to be about the same time OPPT was taking place.

  33. Great post D,

    So many questions, so few answers. The rabbit hole seems to keep getting deeper and deeper.

    Biggest question for me is: Why does there seem to be such a gap in what many many sources have said about the cabal being "The powers that were", "they are out of money", "out of power", "lost their leaders", etc, etc. And yet at every stage, they obviously hold more power, and more control than we are being led to believe. Based on the past history, it seem fairly safe to assume that is also true now. I am confident that will change, and the cabal will eventually become (even though not now) The powers that were"; but when? days? weeks? months? years?

    We all want days, but maybe we should be prepared for months or even years.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Tom M.

  34. Thanks D, it all makes a lot of sense. We got to wait for the EVENT and mass arrests before anythings going to happen.

  35. i'm confused. who is the old man from the 1900's? don't be like Poof! thanks for your hard work!

    1. I think the old man is the old man from china - A General?

    2. Heather said that the 'Old Man' was formerly an emperor, and is very, very, very old.

      Obviously if he is that old, no one has any power over him.

    3. If this person is still alive now after being an "old man" even in the early 1900s, I'd venture to say this person is possibly immortal or has the secret to an extended lifetime... The only person I've heard of with this ability is God or possibly this St. Germain individual... We shall see in due time I suppose!

    4. If you are thinking General Woo, probably not. From what I've listened to from Heather (I think) he doesn't sound too friendly. I believe Ben Fulford and Heather have both referred to "the old man" maybe Poof too, no I don't have links but you can do some research if you want. I read about "the old man" somewhere, I just don't remember where, I think it was in early December. It was one of those in one ear out the other type of things at the time.

    5. I would venture that the old man, is Mr. Germaine himself.

  36. Thank you D. Again, I hear your heart and you are the one that holds truth. Not the truth you or we want but the truth that will lead us eventually to that point. Agree with you and thanks again for sticking your neck out for us. You will always have respect from me.

    1. Quote:

      Not the truth you or we want but the truth that will lead us eventually to that point


      Keep on keeping on Brothers and Sisters...

  37. Where have their bosses bosses disappeared to? Have they been apprehended or have they gone into a DUMB?

    1. Scurried like rats on a sinking ship, taking what they could to some remote piece of real estate they had purchased IN CASE this ever happened because they KNEW their deceptions could and would not continue for ever.

      Dumb's, if they're not already destroyed, will be available to all of humanity as part of the OPPT right? Seed Banks and sustainability of all beings belongs to ALL PEOPLES.

    2. IMHO, the Cabal's ET/ED bosses have withdrawn their support from the now-scapegoated Cabal, and will soon show up as the "good guys" under the GFL banner. This is about earning our trust and getting us to make the free-will choice to enter their "transformation chambers."

  38. Thanks D for putting into words what my turmoil was feeling like. Hurry up and wait. The bad guys are gone, no wait there still here. Why are they still here. If they have no access to money what are they using? As hard as it is for me living off a fixed income I was welcoming the new riches. Ha, fooled me! But I know things will change and the meanies will get theirs. After so many fits and starts it is difficult to believe anything anymore. Just how much longer can these evil creatures hold their breath?

  39. D,
    Thank you very much for hard work everyday!

  40. IMO- Any vehicle that uses vestiges of the CABAL banking system(s) BASEL III, RV, etc are merely enticements to keep people shackled to the slave system we are under. I, don't think it is really sinking in, people do you reallise your pets and animals in the woods have more freedom than you do. They don't pay taxes, tolls, utilities bills but they are provided for. In fact there is a statement in the bible from a great teacher that speaks to this.

    The solution to what we need is going to be a spiritual one that is going to take everyone by surprise...nothing man can devise will stand against the change that is coming. Look at the battles for power and control going on, come can we honestly expect man to do the spiritually correct thing, no we can not! He is morally bankrupt! Look at your government, look at your families, look at the news, and entertainment industry, everything you need to survive is rigged against you! MAN CANNOT DO THIS ON HIS OWN. D and others like her are swimming upstream against a millenia old enemy that's, hellbent on keeping humanity enslaved forever, as food. We must work on changing ourselves, then others and try to expand our minds to what the true nature of the universe and existence really is, then real change will start to occur, then and only the will every lie and false flag attack, and rigged sporting event be recognized for what it is and people will truly start to break free of the matrix...until then people will continue to believe wrestling is real an their votes actually count and just keep my beer flowing.

    -You wont need money- (something to chew on) money only empowers the middle man the parasites that rule this planet what do they create?

    -Until the veil is lifted-


    1. Mojo makes excellent points here readers. "We must work on changing ourselves, then others and try to expand our minds to what the true nature of the universe and existence really is, then real change will start to occur . . ."

      What this spiritual solution will look like is up for interpretation by each of us. TOPPT is a beginning, very real beginning actually. As we study this more and begin to grasp its importance, and also begin to tell people about this and invite them to do the same thing, and as Heather comes out with more information which will help us understand everything about this, who is to say we cannot have some major and creative breakthroughs that turn the tables?

      Key here - know who we really are: not JUST these bodies in this lifetime. The religions of the world do not go far enough in helping us humans to discern spiritual laws and principles in my estimation. They help a bit, but also hinder a whole lot with un-truths. As we truly have an authentic desire to understand the deeper realities, this can help move us in the direction for answers and solutions.

      Thank you D for every single step you take. Being open with the readers about your process is a good example. We all can do this - move away from rigid and unproductive thinking/believing when it is not feeling right.


    2. I think we need to step away from the computer from time to time. See what's going on outside.

  41. Well Bravo for being able to step outside of something you've been immersed in for a long time. Not many people can do that.

    But my advice to you, should it matter from a stranger (lol) is not to over-swing the pendulum going to the other side. Don't over think this!

    Like NESARA, yes it's US based, but this whole process has been going on for decades now and I think NESARA if anything is a general term at this point. Also, when I first started listening to David Wilcock, I remember him specifically saying (and has said numerous times since) that NESARA is a fraud. And indeed it was! I have since found there are two different ones. One usurped by the cabal, and one legit. I think we use the term NESARA for lack of a better name at this point. Possible?

    It could very well be in pieces, all around the world. What about the Chicago Plan and debt forgiveness? What about the RV that's gaining steam every day, and the people bringing us that info don't know a darn thing about NESARA.

    You make other good points, but again don't over think. The oil credits...well, China still has their cabal members. China also has the dragons, who have been the ones spear-heading the positive movement for a long time now (supposedly). And they don't operate in the open.

    The UCC filings I'm sure are important. But they can't, after all this time, be the be all-end all to the takedown. What I think is happening is that you're trying to make sense of a puzzle that you can not possibly find all the pieces too. Think about it, even just 30-40% of a completed puzzle can start to form a picture, but the finished product may stun you entirely.

    Please, don't take this the wrong way. You may be 100% correct for all I know. Just be careful is what I'm saying. You've worked so hard. Don't ruin it all by letting this rebound out of your reach!

  42. Yes, I must apologize to Cryptic, White Rabbit/Black Rabbit, you WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG. I HAVE NEVER had a problem with admitting my faults. So, Here you go Cryptic and all the anonymous posters THAT KNEW THE TRUTH! I am humbled by your pointing down the RIGHT road with nary a judgement or curse word. I just WANTED SO BADLY TO BELIEVE that it clouded my judgement. I am in DIRE STRAIGHTS but all is definitely NOT LOST. It is going to take some time as these Doc's and the others getting ready to come down the pipe make their way through the system. As Heather says, it is time to PLAY with the CREATOR within us all and dance with the prosperity. Dream it into being. As always D your insight and dedication to the enlightenment of ALL PEOPLES humbles me completely. I honor the light, the contrast and all of the beautiful BE'ings here at this blog. I am grateful to you all. I am a stubborn, red haired, mostly Irish Lass with a penchant for defending what I love. Blessings, Love and Light to you all. Namaste

    1. Hugs to you Kathy Kelly! You bitched me out so often i was sure you had to be an agent. Now I am happy to hear you say that. I am glad that we were wanting the same things all along but just didn't know it.

    2. Are you serious Kathy? Wake up please! Your humbled by their truth? They pointed you down the right road? I am not sure what "point" you could refer to?

  43. ThankYou, *D* for this one! *Loud* and *Clear!

    Let´s have a *Fun*>>Contest<<*: HOW MANY people have you told today? HOW MANY times did you write down on pieces of paper or pass on the information in any other way shape or form the following: OPPT - Heather Tucci-Jarraf - - and hinted at the *SiGNiFiCANCE* of all this - or just got someone interested?! That´s -1- Point each *contact* - and when someone gets back to you with any kind of feedback or question that´s -5-Points ...or SOMEthing along those lines .... just playing with-it - ThankY´all for spreading the *Light*!*

    1. Love this game! Today I get 1 point so far. Someone, maybe you, DaPoohbear, keep a tally maybe and at the end of the week post the winners initials or something. :-)

    2. I do think it's a good idea to share information about what we are doing and what kind of response we are getting so that we can tweak the information we are giving out. It needs to be an open format so that Heather, and other trustees can give feedback when we are getting off track. What is really needed is a GOOD TIGHT SUMMARY, not video of what this is all about that we can simply copy and paste into emails, forums, etc. And it needs to be tight, crisp and suitable to send to people like Ben Swann who is an actual, living, breathing honest newscaster. He is at a FOX station in Cincinnati but it is one of 13 independent stations that isn't overseen by the FOX overlords. Check out his show on youtube called Ben Swann - Reality Check. He is getting more national attention than any other local newscaster. Honesty is popular. He would be so perfect to introduce this far and wide and loves to connect the dots. But first something in writing that will tweak his interest enough to actually start the process of digging into the various documents.

  44. I would just like to add that I found some helpful information on a site called and their was a message from st. germain about his trust and how he came about building it and I also found a youtube blog from a man who did a world Astrology report and explains how he feals as though our world is gonna go through huge changes around mid febuary that has to do with our ideals on government and big changes. He explains them better. If anyone is interested in watching the you tube video let me know and I will try to tag it to this site, although I am not even sure how other people do that but I will try to figure that one or give better directions on how to find it yourself on youtube. Also in order to view anything on this site you need to fill out a questionaire and be excepted, and it's most likely to weed out shills or others with negativity.

  45. This is one of the most hilarious sites I have ever run across. It's better than watching TV comedies. Oh, the drama!

  46. I always knew that the system that st Germaine intended to install had nothing to do with the old system.To believe that the old could still be used ,with all the old control mechanisms in place would just be a re labeled system with the same nuts running things.I sat and watched and listened to all the Intel but none of it rang true for me.This is why I steped back for a while and let things happen that needed to happen.When I noticed that the one peoples trust filed the UCC papers and read them all I knew right then that this was what we've all been waiting for. Now all we need is for the PTW to acknowledge these papers and step out of the way,and let the new come into being.I have a feeling that there in a serious position at this point with no where to turn ,or no fix for the situation.So at this moment its not looking good ,and I expect that if nothing takes place here shortly we could be looking at a collapse.But no need to worry because that could just be what is needed to bring in the new and to start some serious change on this planet.I don't see this going on for much longer ,and say hang in there the light is getting brighter. Wanderer

  47. D,
    I don't know if you will get a chance to read this but I have a small suggestion. When you do your meditations which I assume you do by your language and demeanor, try imagining your 'lightbody' being transparent like glass or quartz crystal. Ensure you are grounded and open to cosmic energies and that your aura is grounded as well. This meditation helps with allowing the energies to pass through you so you can maintain that neutrality that is absolutely essential in filtering through this debacle. You are an amazing being, please continue what you are doing and don't ever doubt your intentions if they are in the service to others. There is no right or wrong only energy and walk in the light wherever you may be...

    Be well and Be aware

  48. "I woke up one morning last week and the entire situation was crystal clear. NESARA and all the package that comes with it has been usurped by the 'Cabal' and twisted to suit their needs."

    So, an anonymous person we know vaguely as "D" woke up one morning and divined that the legal printed instrument of NESARA Law has been usurped and twisted in some way so we should all just forget about it cuz it ain't happening?

    "So they removed the one face of the Cabal dynasty that is in power now, and exchange it for another cabal dynasty wearing a different mask- roll out prosperity and the milk and honey, make the people happy and complacent ..... meanwhile they are still under the control of the Slave System of the Cabal.  With in a few decades we would be right back where we are right now."

    Whom did they replace with whom, and now you're saying they ARE rolling out mass prosperity but only to dupe us into thinking we're really free from their control?

    This is a gentle question that must be asked. Do you realize that with this post you have completely minimized the work, the struggles, the losses, the blood, sweat, and tears, and the lives of hundreds of people, on and off planet, who have dedicated themselves to enabling this critical shift in Human Consciousness and Earth Transition?

    Everything is rolling out exactly according to Divine Plan.

    Sending love and gratitude to the negative forces for creating the now-ebbing condition of separation consciousness duality, and may they receive these balancing energies in peace and grace.

    1. "This is a gentle question that must be asked. Do you realize that with this post you have completely minimized the work, the struggles, the losses, the blood, sweat, and tears, and the lives of hundreds of people, on and off planet, who have dedicated themselves to enabling this critical shift in Human Consciousness and Earth Transition?"

      my friend... you misinterpret me- you are right- it IS rolling out according to the Divine Plan- the Source Plan. This shift of human consciousness and earth transition is not part of the Cabals plan- which has gone astray and is becoming a mess. Do you not see? The falling apart of their plan is the affirmation of the shift happening!! i do not minimize the work of those who have dedicated themselves to the shift- I am applauding it!! It's working!!

  49. Ok I'm real confused.
    If the cabal/govt leaders are one in the same then who are the GOOD GUYS behind the curtain who may/will make changes to our world?
    Are they also the ones behind the OPPT/UCC
    Or does anyone really know?

    1. Not all gubbermint types are cabal. Certainly a lot and in that ballywick it's really hard to tell one from the other.
      There are ancient families, public officials, knowledgeable individuals and we the people (although a lot of people don't know it yet)...

      Most of the gubbermint folks are being controlled from behind the scenes through intimidation, threat of harm, threat of dead children and such, so try not to be too hard on them, even though on the surface they seem really icky.

      If you love EVERYBODY, you can't be blamed.


  50. Am not trying to be negative here but honestly i have even contemplated suicide just because of mundane reality. What ever i can do doesn't actually hold any value education, a job, a family everything seems futile as there is a general lack of compassion.

    All we ask for is a little encouragement in physical reality RTS you are working so hard for us and i have nothing but atmost respect for you but i am sure you understand how i feel. Holding on to hope with nails and teeth but dunno how long i can. Just senseless rantings of a 22 year old.

    1. my friend hang on! Things shoudl become very clear very soon- I wish I could give you an exact time frame, but I really don't know the exact "when".

    2. achuth90 - yep - hang on! i remember when i was about your age - a loooooooooong time ago - i, too, contemplated checking out early. glad i didnt. things are ramping up behind the scenes. at some point - something is going to change. checking out the financial end of all of this is a also a good barometer to the changes taking place. two good sources are and these folks on these sites are very well aware of what is going on. and some of the youtube vids folks suggest on here are also def worth a heads up! am sending you a huge love bubble! may it reach you and make you smile!

      hang on - not much longer now...

    3. Friend, indeed hang on. You are not alone. I have become far too comfortable with the idea of just being done with it all, and have even planned it out almost to fruition. It's not depression, it's just the inability to care or want of being a part of what this world has become, right? But if I can make a suggestion, when you get to that point, think of things this way...when you say to yourself 'what does it matter', remember that goes both ways. Instead of ending it all, go all in. What can you do to get back at the people making life this way and prompting you to feel the way you do? Get a little angry, fuck them. Immerse yourself in knowledge, but not just browsing on the internet. Go to the library, look stuff up. Plan out how your going to help people when this all actually does happen. Or study stones, being psychic, eating well, whatever keeps your interest. And make you feel better at the same time.

      And most of all, don't discount meditating, and asking for relief. Trust me, I promise you, they are listening 'up there'. I've seen tangible proof of it. And yeah it doesn't seem to last, and for some stupid reason I still don't do it near enough. The emotional roller coaster won't just go away. But when you see things happen, it will give you hope you didn't even know was there!

    4. We will always, always be in trouble if we look to anything in the outside world for our happiness or completion. Even the word "hope" implies that there is something in the future that has to happen in order for us to feel whole or complete. There is nothing in the future that can ever do that. "Waiting, hoping" can only produce suffering. Joy, happiness, completion is your natural state, covered over by the mindstream of thoughts you have about the future. Your "story" of the treasure chest, however you define it, waiting to be discovered.

      When Heather talks about BEing, there is something very important implied in that word that is misunderstand or not well explained. I would like to describe the best "practice" for BEing that I know of...and not really even a practice, because you can't practice to be what you already are. So instead let's call it a "noticing." It will seem too simple, but it is the only place that joy, peace, wholeness will ever be found.

      Just stop for a moment. Full Stop. Look out into your present "world" without thought. Stay there in that "thoughtless awareness" as long as you can and it won't be long before the mind comes back in. Then come back to that space whenever it occurs to you, and before you know it joy will come in, peace beyond understanding AND ALL OF THE GIFTS that you are expecting to have when 'ascension happens' or when the 'politicians are arrested," or "when RV happens." YOU HAVE IT NOW, it is your natural inheritance. That is what BEing really is. YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR SOMETHING YOU ALREADY HAVE AND ALREADY ARE!

      Remember the phrase: Short moments of Awareness Repeated many times Until it Becomes Automatic.

      There is no thought in that space, and yet "you" are still here. There is no object in that space that you can define as a person, but you know that "you" exist. That you are present and aware. There is knowing, intelligence but not knowledge as from a textbook. Your perfect, thoughtless awareness, in that moment (and always who you are) fits all of the descriptions of the Source: Awareness - always present, it never leaves you, it is timeless, changeless, loving.

      Even all the information about OPPT, etc. is just an appearance, a fascinating distraction in the world, and nothing can touch what you are in that moment of BEing, in thoughtless awareness.

    5. Dear achuth90,
      I congratulate you for hanging on in the face of the enemy.
      Please know you are a divine being of light, who chose to come and hold the space for our new reality. We are so close now, so not give up.
      Our journey takes us through many dramas that show us the duality contrast of what is and what is not Love. That you are surrounded by the enemy trying to underpin your vitally important space in the new reality is a truth. That you can dicern within the matrix what is not love, only shows your great knowledge of the truth.
      Love is the divine energy operating this creation, and the mistake made that created the enemy is shortly to be divinely corrected.
      I send you waves of pure heart love for your courage to BE here NOW!
      "Kindness is Love"

    6. DO NOT under any circumstance think about suicide, because then you give your soul up to the reptilians to manipulate you for eternity. if you think life is bad rite now wait till these jerks convince you that you deserve eternal hell, and suffering for you sin of killing!! I believe that things will get better and you MUST hold faith. I will think of you in the days ahead to give you strength. you are loved!!!!! I love you because you are a part of me also. and if you need more clarification on suicide and the reptilians then look up some you tube videos on Peggy Kane.

    7. achuth90: I know the feeling. I'm also 22 and I ideate about suicide a lot. This world sucks and that's really all there is to it. It's a curse to exist in this world. I wish I could die without having to cause my own death. That would be ideal.

    8. I think we need to know each other better. Unplug from the situation, to refocus.

  51. Am not trying to be negative here but honestly i have even contemplated suicide just because of mundane reality. What ever i can do doesn't actually hold any value education, a job, a family everything seems futile as there is a general lack of compassion.

    All we ask for is a little encouragement in physical reality RTS you are working so hard for us and i have nothing but atmost respect for you but i am sure you understand how i feel. Holding on to hope with nails and teeth but dunno how long i can. Just senseless rantings of a 22 year old.

  52. D, thanks

    I wept when I read this.

    As a survivor of RUSA, TUSA, and a whole history of previous stuff, I feel like I have come to the end of things to hope for. Frankly, I can't get excited about One Peoples Trust, or about Divine Province, another trust-based approach my husband has embraced. I have been reading all the posts here, but have not been in Skype rooms or read comments. I have become jaded. Wait--can a person with tears in her eyes be jaded?

    But I am not too weary to be standing with the one million standing with the one. I know things can and MUST be different.

    I'm gonna digress a moment. I am reading The Hunger Games. We all know Katniss' skills. What was the ability that brought Peeta through the Games? He could LOVE. He did love--with his whole self. I am humbled thinking about him. It would not be entirely inaccurate to confess that I am shamed thinking about him. Valor is beautiful, but it only has an effect when it is mixed with love: LOVE

    Another bit of hope is from an Ancient Story about an arrogant ruler. He was drinking out of gold and silver chalices that belonged to Someone Else. Fingers appeared and wrote on the wall near the ruler. The fingers wrote in a strange language that the ruler had been weighed in the balances and found wanting (a lightweight, and unworthy of his position). That night the ruler lost his position. THIS CAN HAPPEN AT ANY TIME. We are not the only ones who are watching.

    Love & peace (please, soon!)
    Cindy P

  53. Can we support a process that is for the greater good of all, without thorough knowledge nor understanding OF that process?

    I believe we can. In fact, I would say that by energetically supporting, and CHOOSING, a somewhat vague concept like "for the greatest good of ALL humanity", you have much less vulnerability to deception, and misunderstanding. We are getting to the root of what we want, regardless of the "nuts and bolts" details.

    We would be supporting a broader, undefined process that facilitates the changes that we want. Instead of analyzing each and every purported "game changer", in case it "might be the one", and then focusing on THAT for a while.

    Some people are DIRECTLY facilitating the process. That is their contribution. Most of us, are tasked with the role of supporting the process, however it manifests. Choosing and supporting the manifestation that is for the greatest good of ALL humanity, whatever that may be.

    When you put on your goggles, sit down and fasten your seat belt and wait for the coming "event date", what are you DOing? Nothing. You're waiting for that all important date to arrive. Then you must deal with the associated disappointment afterward. As I and so many have said on blogs for a long time: Expectation is a trap. Energetically support the "correct" process, whatever it may be, and however it will manifest.

    To get hung up on dates, or any other "offerings" of defined circumstances, is to be distracted from what's truly important: Supporting WHATEVER process that genuinely leads to the greatest fulfillment of ALL that is good, for ALL of humanity. Simply by the concept. It doesn't even have to have a name. It is a simple idea. But as such, there is no room for error.

    Researching what it might be, is not a bad thing. You can carry around the golden slipper and figure out if there's a foot available that fits it. I find that fun and exciting myself. But just when we think we've found "the foot" that perfectly fits our preconceived "slipper", there is some "date" for the "fitting" that approaches and then passes. Then we're left with disappointment.

    So I'm now supporting an undefined "conceptual foot". I have no idea who's foot it is, nor when I will know that the slipper I have, fits it. But I believe that there is a foot out there somewhere that fits this slipper. And THAT'S the foot I support.. LOL

  54. Here's another 'hmmm' moment. If Boehner is the other half of the cabal, that must mean Ron Paul is too!?!

    Some people think he is the best thing since sliced-bread (depends if you like sliced-bread I s'pose) and I respect their views, but I've had niggling doubts about him. I'd appreciate your thoughts on this D, if and when you have a mo - no rush! ;-)

    Sine Nomine

    1. I will admit that some of Paul's views chafe at me, but I don't have any intel about him specifically, so I'm just remaining neutral on the subject.

    2. They all need to go because all of them were knowingly working for the corporation that enslaved us all. No exceptions to this rule!!

    3. Ron Paul is such simple guy to understand. I've been a supporter of his for many years. He is a strict constitutionalist, so his views, however they may appear to people, will always have a firm basis in the Constitution. But he is far from rigid and if he were to see and understand OPPT, or maybe he has, and recognize it's power I know he would endorse it wholeheartedly. He is the kindest most honest politician out there. I've listened to hundreds of hours of his talks, and you can't help but be in awe of consistency, authenticity and honesty of this man.

      Remember, Boehner has to be appointed as interim President according to the current Constitution. And it would seem that it would absolutely be necessary for the country to know that at this early stage the Constitution as they know it is being followed to the letter. Boehner would be like a "hostile witness" and kept on a short leash, on an interim basis. If this scenario plays out and Ron Paul is indeed the V.P. he would be the perfect person to be the "leash holder." Whatever views people might disagree with, most people would absolutely trust him. I do get on his websites and forums and there is no discussion of this at all. So it certainly hasn't filtered to his supporters.

  55. I really hope I am wrong with this, but I am aware that most companies when receiving loads of resumes/letters for potential employees, must weed out and narrow down the list of applicants. Of some of the methods they use, the moment they come across a spelling or grammatical error, that one is which is tossed or ignored.

    Any legal or important document ought to follow the same rules to be taken seriously in my opinion. Although well written this document entitled "Official Announcement The Disclosure 1111.1", there seems to be a couple of mistakes in there.

    I did email Heather about this, but I have not seen any corrections made yet, nor did I get a response. I assume she is just too busy?!

    Don't get me wrong, I want to see the changes happen along with all of you and I sincerely hope to see it soon. In the mean time, I am not waiting but rather I am making my own changes to reflect what I want to see in this world.

    Peace :)

    1. if you can email it to me I can forward it to heather..... cause yea..... she has several thousand emails in her inbox right now and probably hasn't seen it.

  56. D OMG I had some the those very same questions myself. Glad I wasn't the only one. But thank you for putting the pieces together. I'm feeling better about the reality of this project.

    I do still have a question which I have not found an answer for. Do we or do we NOT have to file our own UCC?? At first I heard there was nothing more to do and now it sounds as though we do. If we do and someone has already done it, it would be great if they would make a view of "how to" for the rest of us who don't know how to do it. Thanks D.

    1. you do not have to file your own UCC :>) people may choose to do that, to take that action for themselves.... but no , you dont' have to.

  57. Just created a new petition at:

    Please make viral and share as quickly as possible. If they take it down we will put it up again, lets flood the petition site with this request. be kind and respectful and lead my example with your requests.

    Be well and Be aware

    1. thank you for doing this! :) Yes, if they take it down, ill keep going back to sign this thing.

    2. By the way, there are now 5 signatures to this petition, mine is #5. We need a LOT MORE. Pass this information on please.

    3. you know what i was thinking, lets get this thing shown everywhere. I really love the idle no more movement and how they are sticking up for their beliefs. Is it possible to get a jump start on this, by creating a movement of our own? We are a small community of people that know about this stuff. I feel like we should use more of our resources to go big with this. If the cabal wants to ignore the fact that we know, then lets bring it to their front door. There is nothing more powerful than a peaceful mass group of people sticking up for THEIR rights. I know all in divine time, but from my meditations and my intuition, I sense change is right around the corner. Im getting this sense of a movement from the people is on the horizon. A movement that will leave the cabal dead in their tracks. The system is crashing fast. D you def are right about this, because i can feel it more and more everyday.

    4. Just signed the petition and put on my facebook page.....Let's Rock! Thanks Nathan!!

      Love, Love, Love,

    5. SO I Just SEARCHED The Petitions section at and No Where out of All 286 Petitions was the "Acknowledge & Disclose TOPPT" ON THE SITE??? WHY? WAS IT TAKEN DOWN?

  58. Discernment is key & we all have it, some of us use this ability more keenly than others.
    For those of us using this ability, the coming weeks and months in America feel as though this country will look completely opposite to the way it has in the past. Too many feel good stories of the things to come provided by the positive leaders of the new world; when all we can see is destruction, poverty, homelessness, hate, envy, wars and rumors of wars in lands both near and far.
    Look closely at the following:
    • DHS, NWS and other government agencies recent astronomical gun and ammo purchases
    • Local police and federal agency riot vehicle purchases months before the appearance of serious gun confiscation/ban debate
    • Major cities enacting stringent gun ban laws
    • Military urban warfare training in major US cities
    • Government underground bases/cities nationwide and abroad
    • Currency wars between the US and China
    • Billionaires moving their monies away from US investment possibilities
    • Louder Israeli sabre rattling toward Iran
    • Insiders warning about the diabolical nature of what is to come
    • Insiders giving us the scoop on the wonderful world we should soon expect
    • Etc…
    We all have the ability to cognitively look at what is going on around us and make up our minds as to the REAL direction America is headed and know with a certainty that reading someone’s blog or even reading my words is NOT the answer. Something is happening in the US and around the world and it doesn’t seem as pretty as some would like us to believe.

  59. Well that was quite a read :-)

    Thank you sharing, thank you for your HONOSTY, thank you for sharing your questions and doubts, thank you for BEIng open and maken your self vulnerable, thank you for being you! D

    You (and ALL) are part of an in a HUGE Transformation

    I HONOUR you for that all!!!

    Sharing time :-)

    If I have a question(s) I always ask my I Am Presence...I also ask IT to let me See, Feel, Hear EXPIRIENCE the Holy Truth...and It ALWAYS answers...:-) there is only 1 but...You have to be honost and speak the truth...

    I wish you and All to Hear, See, Feel the Truth...ALLWAYS!!!

    So It IS and so IT will BE!




    Be Honost and True
    And the Truth will come
    To U

  60. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. whom ever posted this message- I'm sorry- I deleted it by accident (with help from my cat *sigh*)- please repost it.

  61. Puppets are leaving the cabal behind. Silver will explode so will the economic system before Nesara and RV can happen. Announcements will happen after a Major Stock Market Crash. get ready!!!

    Jill Summers from CFTC just quits. This is a Major win for the good guys as she was a Major road block on removing the shackes on Silver manipulation.

  62. Has anyone considered that NESARA was made by the cabal? It doesn't really exist. It's a lot of paperwork, sure. But it is all for show. It gives the people hope, like it was intended, but it is all just smoke and mirrors. Research it. Clinton signed it! He is part of the cabal! How can anything that a president of the corporation called the United States sign be part of the Constitution of the United States of America? Think about it! I'm not trying to burst any bubbles here, but read what I just posted, research it, then figure out the truth for yourself.

  63. Thanks D. Let me just say that you are doing an awesome job. I won't pretend to understand all of the specifics of OPPT and NESARA, etc., but, I do have a couple of nagging concerns that keep surfacing. Perhaps you could be kind enough to address these for me and anyone out there who might share my thoughts.

    My biggest concern is Who is going to physically make all of these impending positive changes? And, How is this all to be done when the Cabal still seem to control the majority of the old system which includes, Military, Congress, Justice Dept, Intelligence, Homeland Security, the Treasury, the Courts, Media and countless other cogs in the massive draconian machinery.?

    Also, let's say there is a group of smart and well-meaning people who step forward to organize and lead such a positive and peaceful revolution and transition... I don't see how the Cabal would just step aside and suddenly give up their control or turn and run. I think they would fight these changes until either they wipe out their opposition or die trying. Because of this, I just can't envision any kind of peaceful or organized transition happening.

    My point is: If in fact the Cabal is on the defensive and cornered, then isn't it likely that they will lash out in violent desperate attempts to hold on to their power? Wouldn't this ultimately be counterproductive to the long promised Golden Age that we have been told is about to unfold ?

    Thank you for addressing this. Keep up the good work!


  64. K I still support you D and will always support the positive outcome of every situation. But based on what some people commenting on these blogs say that doubt you and the other blogers and say you are all cabal agents and what not. This could just be another ploy to spin the stry away from the original story that is getting so out of hand the vasade cannot be upheld anymore. They always say that one person will come out with something then another blog or radio personality will follow suit and give the same basic info but with their spin on it. This came into my mind immediately when people commented about how Drake just happened to say the exact same thing you did on his most recent show.

  65. to D:

    You are loved by Mother Gaia and all the other shining hearts around beating in synchronicity. Things don't just simply happen by chance, just as the revelations that you had about that sticky mess. I myself do not understand the situation, but by acting from my higher heart, that is enough. Be from your higher heart is the best plan of action, :)

  66. Bonnie in Michigan24 January 2013 at 21:02

    Hi D,

    Good article. I have asked a lot of the same questions and your comments brought up a few more. One of your statements ".... except that the "old man" who they were dealing with back in the early 1900's is still around to this day and he's NOT going to let them have the money!! Sorry guys! You've been outsmarted by your own stupidity!!! " has me a little confused. If the Ones Peoples Trust has "control" of the money and assets, then what money is the "old man" in control of, and is he a trustee of the Trust? Also if China has a history of placating people and resetting the system for 50 - 100 years and the old man is from China, are the Chinese playing both sides then? This statement is also implying that there are still elite controlling our assets and money even though they have been foreclosed on by the UCC filings.. This is not adding up for me at the moment, I think there are data points missing.

    Thanks for all you hard work, Bonnie

  67. Ron Paul has continuously fought to audit the Fed, he has been a sponsor of Nesara. he has been a clear advocate for our gun rights and everything that would be considered to make him a Patriot. He is a conservative so if you don't like conservatives then he would "niddle" at you, as one commenter put it. I, myself, do not care which side someone is on as long as they are for the Constitution and freedom for all. RP is also considered a White Hat by the White Hats. What does that tell you?

  68. Now is so wonderful

    "Imagine the Earth devoid of human life, inhabited only by plants and animals. Would it still have a past and a future? Could we still speak of time in any meaningful way? The question "What time is it?" or "What's the date today" - if anybody were there to ask it - would be quite meaningless. The oak tree or the eagle would be bemused by such a question. "What time?" they would ask. "Well, of course, it's now. The time is now. What else is there?" "
    - Eckhart Tolle

  69. It all begins rather simply... you cannot take a completely corrupted concept, sanitize it and roll it out "rehabilitated." In order to truly change the tide/guard you must dissolve it completely. When I began my tangent about the constitution and Heather followed the tail I left about it only applying to the framers and their descendents that should have emphatically slammed the door


    Why would anyone re-consent to a governing doctrine that led to this enslavement we have before us?

    Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING by way of governance not only of national administration or commerce or anything anyone else can conceive of needing regulation WILL EVER BE ALLOWED to use past models or blueprints for the basis of "order, direction, implementation" et al. That is pure masochism. Scrap it all, begin anew.

    "Mother's comin' 'round to put it back the way it outta beeee"

  70. On the point of waiting, if there is a huge amount of people saying "no more", maybe that would speed things up. How about each of you look into Idle No More. So it is indigenous and environmental, it is also about bad governments, corporate takeovers, anything else we do not like and want to see changed. I am an indigenous citizen of Earth as are every one of you. If we started flash mobs with Idle No More and beat the drums for peace in non-violent manner in every city, town and park, for 15 - 20 minutes at a time but several times a day, would that scare them?

  71. D, I am posting this message to this thread because the I did not see a response to on the other thread. I hope that you will allow this comment here because I think some of the questions and points need answers and discussion.

    I know that you are swamped and I cannot imagine what you are going through with all the ups and downs. I admire your courage to face the music and continue to seek the truth and get answers for not only this community but yourself.

    I would like to say thanks for all you do here.

    I know that you believe in your heart that this is for real. But you have to understand that people have been getting the run around for years with this kind of stuff. I know that you think that this is different and you believe in Heather and the OPPT. However, the lack of clarity and straight answers does make a lot of us suspicious. I would also like to ask you why the OPPT choose you. Why did they not seek our someone like David Wilcock who has been working with various insiders and whistle blowers regarding financial tyranny. I seems that would the logical, yet David seems reluctant to touch this with a 10 ft pole. Can you comment on that?

    Furthermore, here is a question that I have not seen asked or answered by anyone. Is Heather Free? Are the other trustees free? I do not mean saying BEing DOing I mean have they canceled their mortgage and other debts? Do they have 10 billion in their bank account from these funds?

    In fact, that brings up a good questions. If the banks are the part of the problem then where is this money going to be deposited to? If someone were to stick 10 billion in my account tomorrow I would assume that every 3 letter agency on the planet would be knocking/kicking down my door to arrest me and my accounts would be frozen. I doubt proclaiming my freedom is going to do much good in that situation.

    Again, I know that you have been working hard to answer questions and get the word out. I just want to caution you that any advice that you give could have dire consequences on the innocent people that try to follow it. So before you provide any details I suggest that you make sure that you, Heather or other OPPT trustees try to execute this strategy first. Because if you have your facts or information incomplete it could cause some to lose their lives and their Freedom and I know that is not your intention.

    Best of luck my friend and I look forward to your response.


    1. Hi Sar- last first: I am not providing details at this point for exactly that reason- I do not HAVE the answers.... yet. I am getting several hundred emails a day from people asking for advice and each time I tell them that I'm not a lawyer or tax accountant nor have a huge understanding of American law and taxes so I'm not even remotely qualified to give an answer.

      as for the trustees being FREE- you would have to ask them :>) I know that Heather stood up to the foreclosure cops and got her self arrested in the process when she stood up for herself. I know that while they've "taken" her house, because of her filings they can't do anything with the house- not re-sell it or even rent it out. It's just sitting there right now (and if Heather were in the States right now, she'd probably have it back again...)

      I have never asked heather why she pick me specifically- but she has said that she sent the original email message to myself, KP, AK and Hopegirl because she resonated with our words and felt that we were the ones to put this information out. why not David? I have no idea, lol- but I can ask her :>)

      As for the money? that's the granddaddy question of them all :>D I don't have the answers yet. I do know that they are coming soon, and we will give all the info we can as soon as we have it.


    2. Thank goodness it was not Wilcock that Heather chose for this. He puts out great info now and then, but he has a tendency to vanish for months at a time while promising all sorts of info that he never delivers. Also, see my comment below about the "usefull idiot" angle to this.

    3. I think we should mention to Heather that there are people who have indicated that they are filing these documents on their foreclosures and probably do not realize that Heather was arrested or that the documents did not work in her circumstance, even with her understanding and ability to articulate it. All she said in that first interview was that 19 judges had recused themselves, which makes it appear that the documents were successful. Perhaps some clarification from Heather about what people are likely to encounter when they do file the documents. I would certainly be curious to know on what grounds they actually arrested her.

  72. Just what the Dr ordered D! I guess we just needed to hear about your own doubts and frustrations. It brings it home. Good Job!

  73. I'm curious and have a question for everyone who is demanding "proof" of just about everything.

    What kind of "proof" do you require?
    What evidence would you accept?
    What would be required to convince you of the veracity of any item of information presented here or anywhere else, for that matter?

    Wandering Fire

  74. D are you able to address what will happen to all the black project weapons and such. I have learned that the bad guys/Illuminati/whoever has technology so terrible that it could obliterate planet earth.

  75. D, thanks for doing what you do. It is becoming very evident that the best way to triangulate the "truth" in all of this mess is by analyzing the disinformation and desperate antics of the cabal. Many comments here give you crap about putting out "false" info, but I think it is very helpful to put out everything that the sources are revealing.
    The torch that Wilcock, Drake, and others have carried has now been passed to you (for better or worse) and people are very impatient for all the info we can get. The main mistake that the others have made is not owning-up to their roles as "useful idiots."

    We need to expose the source and nature of this disinfo campaign via the truth movement as best we can. We are a tiny fraction of the population here; why are the putting such massive and elaborate efforts into fucking with us?

    I think we intuitively know, but it is great to see them retreating into the corner.

  76. I do really like the OPPT material. It makes the most sense of anything that's come along in a while.

    I listened to Heather's interview, and I get a sense of authenticity from her voice and cadence. The obvious references to "The Law of One/Ra material" that she includes, are comforting as well. For me at least, because that material greatly resonates with me.

    But I also, "like her". From what I heard in the interview. She seems fun and funny, and doesn't appear to take things more seriously than warranted. As does "D". Both are poised, smart, charismatic ladies. What's not to like? :)

    That being said, I have an observation. Sort of a question:

    When we discuss what a human being is, I see this entity as a merging of two things: A fractal of Infinite Consciousness, and a flesh and bone vehicle that facilitates the participation of the conscious fractal, in this 3D domain. To experience, and evolve. The consciousness animates and allows the biological vehicle, to be "alive". The vehicle allows for the "bumper car" emotional and physical experiences, of reciprocal catalyst for the consciousness.

    Now I consider it at least a possibility, that the vehicle has a designer, or creator, or definer. That might be ALSO a fractal (maybe higher density) of Intelligent Infinity, somewhat like a peer to what a modern human is NOW. Even "OUR" genetics experimentation achieves something like this.

    But the consciousness portion of a human entity, is a fractal element of One Infinite Consciousness. As such, consciousness wasn't "created" per se. More like facilitated, by Infinite Consciousness dividing, like a cell, into fractals OF itself. We remain consciousness "cells" (fractals), in the infinite body of consciousness that IS Intelligent Infinity. It is not separate from us, we are not separate from "It", and we are not separate from each other, WITHIN It. Nothing was really "created". Just redefined for experiential purposes.

    That being said. In the OPPT docs, "creator" is mentioned, but not defined (at least that I've seen). Since, in my estimation, the vehicle might have a designer/definer/creator, but the consciousness was not "created" as we would define the word.

    I am certainly willing to accept "Creator" as tantamount to Intelligent Infinity, even though, for me that's not quite accurate. But that's how I define things, and of course not everyone looks at it that way. Probably not many.. :)

    "Creator" in the OPPT docs may have been a way to acknowledge "God" and similar subjective concepts. Maybe making it more broadly acceptable, to various religious systems, and many others.

    Is there any discussion of what "creator" is, within the context of the OPPT docs?

    Creator is fine, because it's vague enough to work as many concepts, based on the perception employed by the reader. I just wondered.

    1. conciousness does not fraction itself off in any way. this is a common misperception. there is only one consciousness that never changes in any way but appears to because of its flexibility to reflect back anything in creation. we are this one consciousness although, once again, it appears that we are separate "people". this is all a trick of maya to provide the illusions of space, time and a universe of discreet objects. but behind it all is the ever-present consciousness. in fact we share in the same consciousness as a bird, a tree, a dog and even god. what we think of as "our" consciousness is a reflection of this whole in the mind. this is why consciousness does not originate in the mind as proven by every near-death account on record.

  77. D I posted something here with no disrespect and it was not rude in anyway. It was just stating some stuff other people mentioned about how bloggers follow suit with other bloggers and say the same thing in regards to Drake and you both talking about being duped, Are u not gonna allow it or have u not got to it yet?

  78. This is one of the most honest piece of writings i have read in awhile..

  79. D-
    This is exactly what I had been feeling for a while now. They had us running in circles within circles and kept hope from us, caused anger, and we couldn't understand.
    I knew deep down that this was their plan, I believe you mentioned parts of it in other postings.
    You should be proud of yourself, it must have taken a lot of courage to talk about things that even made me feel uncomfortable. However, it is so much better reading the truth that things that are full of untruths. I am with you D!
    Thank you so much!


    For all the people who lost their homes -- this might be an article worth checking out. This guy is squatting on a 2.5 million dollar mansion. Turns out... after 7 years he can keep it if he stays. Cops can't get him out. He is claiming DIVINE RIGHTS. The banks is not moving on it even though one of the neighbors made an offer to buy the home.

  81. D...the question of the significance of January 21, 2013 still hasn't been answered.

    I get the impression it's more than the inauguration and the Keshe announcement.

    I'm getting that it's more etheric, something cellestial, cosmic? Heather first alluded to it, you commented on it and today AK does in reference to the Keshe "soul contract":

    "Interesting timing... the old contract was over on the 21st. Not even a day went by before a new one popped up... "just sayin.."

    What old contract?

    I ran across this today...GAIA E1:Y1:A1:S1:M9:D1 also known as [Fri, 21 Dec 2012].

    Someone made a guess on an earlier post here and Heather said...that's not it...but didn't tell us what it was.

    That "date" above is apparently the divine Redemption there something about a UCADIAN calendar or something like that that corresponded with Jan 21, 2013?

    2. I sense that Keshe is very well intentioned. Doesn't know about soul contracts and English isn't his first name. You mentioned on the call that you guys had some concerns about his wording in the "contract" you guys suggest an alternate contract we sign in support of Keshe or does he not warrant our support?

    3. I don't think YOU answered where "the bosses went"...can you shed some light on that?



  82. Here are a couple of my thoughts on this. #1 it could be that D is getting payback from sources for her willingness to put it all out there when she was told to stand down with the info. It appears that their intent might now be to show her what happens when she doesn't play by the rules.
    #2 possibly because she put it out there prematurely, all hell broke lose within the ranks and a shake down is happening to see who leaked and therefore now there is a complete embargo. Who knows what the truth is. All I know is that it looks like we have no friends in important places.

  83. Thank you for the info, for the work you do and for being in the forefront. Much gratitude

    I wanted to share that, even though I have no intel, no sources....something big happened today. There was a shift in the Force, as they say.

    I felt it clearly and I am very happy to share that. A veil was drawn back, and things will be moving forward. Not to say it will all be rosy and fun, just saying that a roadblock was removed.

    Something for you try....each morning when you arise, say "Something great is about to happen today! Something wonderful!" and go through the day looking for that something to happen. It will. You'll see.

    We are at a very clear manifestation stage, so give it a try. Don;t specify, just allow whatever "it" is to come to you and receive it.

    Hugs~~We are one

  84. M urderers
    O nly
    N eed
    E nergy
    Y ours

    You want change now? Prove it.
    The faster you all quit using their change.
    The faster we can all get busy doing ours.

    My only question to all of you is:

    Will you all finally comprehend before the electric shuts off here?

    When it does i will head to the hills
    Then in peace i will watch you all tear this land to shreds.

    Anyone that is still using money thinks tomorrow is guaranteed.
    Oh well, so your plans are more important than peace on earth.
    Yes i see how they are, sure, to you.

    Ego is created by that illusion.
    I have said many times before and sure people say i am crazy, yes.
    But i have already died twice this life in the flesh.
    So what could i possibly know?

    Those people had plans too, right? They also thought they had
    time. It was guaranteed. They took it for granted.

    Sine Metu looks at his wristwatch and knows that the same old
    story will be played out again by every single person that
    believes that the one is more important than the all.

    Who said that first? Who challenged the almighty all to say
    that his plans were more important than all? Was that me, too?

    see you all after the civil war. It begins inside of each and
    every one of us. Does our human race survive? Only when we
    each choose for it to be more important than our own personal
    plans and agree across the whole world.

    See you all in another 2600 years to find out if the survivors
    you leave even get the books that this generation had to read.
    The same song has been playing since the dawn of time here and
    everyone thinks this is progress. So it must be me that is crazy.

    So you think you are awake?

    lol, prove it.


  85. Hello D,

    You are saying that you ‘misinterpreted’ signals, but what I think you are REALLY saying is that you are NOT AT ALL sure that ANY of the changes you have predicted will EVER happen.

    Is that a fair summary?


  86. Let's all get this straight, please. Though The One People's Public Trust rings true with me, resonates completely with my truth, ultimately it doesn't matter if it's true or not. OPPT's trustees Heather, Hollis and Caleb have stuck their necks out and gone above and beyond for you, me and everyone else.

    The reason all these dates have come and gone without anyone coming to our rescue as of yet - besides the ones based upon outright lies - is because we, the people, haven't shown up yet. Again, whether OPPT is true or not, is ultimately irrelevant. Heather Tucci-Jarraf has said as much; just as Cobra has, just as Rob Potter has, or any other spiritually-advanced individual will say. It is up to us.

    Referencing an earlier comment, we the ants far outnumber the grasshoppers. Trust me when I say we can take these guys. We no longer have to be their collective bitch. They are nothing without us and we can end their tyranny just as soon as we decide to do it.

    Forget all the negative comments - super happy D is moderating comments now - those comments mostly serve the powers that were.

    It's just like I tell my friends who don't believe in any conspiracies. What's it matter if the conspiracies are true or not? All the circumstances are real. The media is lifeless, investigative journalism is all but dead. Big Pharma poisons us, and the American Medical Association goes right along with it. The Federal Reserve, as Jim Marrs likes to say, is neither Federal, nor do they have any reserves. Fluoride is poison, et cetera, et cetera and on and on and on. It doesn't matter what's real or not.

    Quick note, the only reason everyone wants to be sure that something's real or not is because they fear ridicule. I say, make like you're not in high school anymore, and that your ego and psyche are not so fragile that they can be dismantled by what someone else thinks about you.

    Believe this or don't, but as soon as we show up, The One People's Public Trust will become as real as anything else that ever was.


    Eric Andrew Levy Atlanta, Georgia USA

  87. I have seen the titles "truth" and "dis-info" several times reading throughout these posts. I will tell a story and tell you why you need to be very careful of such titles and accusations.

    I served a lifetime in the military and in all those years, I had a talent I never disclosed to anyone. That "talent" (for lack of a better term) saved my life and many others many times. What was it? I dreamed! I only sleep 3-4 hours a day maximum. But I dreamed. I could see things that were to occur shortly in my dreams. Always 12-24 hours ahead. Always! If there was a firefight the next day, I saw it the day before, how it would happen and knew how to fight it. I write this not to brag, but to make a point. Everyone likes to assume everyone else is a troll, shill, or lying. I never spoke of this talent over a lifetime of service for the exact same reasons... no one would believe it.

    Well, I retired and went on with my life. The dreams stopped for several years. Why? I have no clue! Absolutely none. Then about 6 months ago, they started again. I still only sleep 3-4 hours a day, but started sleeping less. At first I couldn't actually remember the dreams, just knew they occurred. After a couple of weeks, I was remembering them vividly. The problem was they shifted in time. They were further in the future then they had been in the past. How far? I don't really know but gathered just a few months. They were violent, extremely violent! And in detail I had hoped to never see again. Basically, I was seeing all the worst come to be. These went on day after day for a couple months.

    Then something happened. What I don't know. Maybe we all perceive things differently as to energies, but somewhere in early December there began a subtle shift in the dreams. Much less violence, less fighting and bloodshed. About a week ago, there has been a huge shift. No violence! No hurt and no visions of death. I am still seeing things months out and how many I don't know. But those shifts tell me something is occurring and for the good of the people. I can't say it is OPPT or anything else. I don't know! But i will say something has changed recently that prevented what was to be, to not be. I will say this much, I enjoy getting up and knowing what I saw now!

    Bottom line... be careful of labeling what you do not understand.

    El Gato

    D - I know you went to a monitored sight. If you choose not to print this, that is fine. I chose not to mention anything during the troll fights over the past couple weeks because I knew. I also knew I would be labeled a troll for disagreeing. If you ever really want to get a hold of me for proof of any of this, leave a message in comments. (please delete this section)

  88. Thanks for your honesty D, I was planning to kill myself today because I didnt want to live on this MOTHER-FUCKING!!, DISGUSTING PLANET ANYMORE!!! I even planned to demand that I be allowed to Dis-create my soul/spirit once I reached a higher dimensional realm because I REFUSE!!! TO REINCARNATE EVER AGAIN!!!. I'm so sick at hearing promises that are never kept by both realms above and below. I'm sick and tired of playing this fucked-up game of good or bad, light or dark, positive or negative; the game has become sour and bitter ashes in my mouth. I never asked to be created in the begining, did anyone?, and I'm not talking about being born.

    If I had one wish that would succeed
    Dealing with nothing that's guaranteed
    To allow existence to stop, to end
    No darkness or refracted light to bend
    Only peace and quiet, no bell to toll
    This to me an ultimate goal
    No pain, no hurt, no emotion to "BE"
    Nothing!! No reality!!
    I'd no longer exist, no more life to persist
    There is nothing greater than to meet my maker
    So to take away, what was given
    In my minds' forgiven

    I'm free


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