Friday 4 January 2013

Journey Down the Rabbit Hole

This article was written late last night by a very good friend of mine.   Welcome to the New Paradigm my friends. This is a new day, a new age. 

I know that many didn't understand what Heather was relaying during the conversation that we posted yesterday. And many did. I will say that Heather doesn't really speak in "3D", lol! But listen carefully, listen to the words with your heart AND mind.  As the article I published a while ago about Russian DNA discoveries (even though they were really discovered much earlier than this), words have a direct effect on us on a microcosmic level. Words can transmit energy just as the power cord plugged into the wall can light up a light bulb. 

As I have said in response to several comments, this conversation was only the very first.  In 4 hours of recording we barely scratched the surface of everything that we wanted to discuss.  There will be many more conversations to come, and very soon. 

This IS the New Paradigm. The curtain has come up, and you play a lead role. This is NOT a dress rehearsal my friends.

Understanding The One People’s Public Trust
By Nicole Matthews
January 4, 2012

To some extent, I was always awake to much of the corruption on our planet. But like many who are aware of what has really been happening on planet earth, corruption in a particular industry started my journey down the rabbit hole.

I was a financial advisor from 1988 until 2000. I taught average folks about the corruption in the financial services industry and helped many families get out of debt and start a savings plan, keeping as much of their hard-earned money as they possibly could. In 2000, with the internet and its ease of access to information, my knowledge expanded. I was pregnant with my third child and in researching for my planned home waterbirth, I fell further down the rabbit hole. I discovered the corruption in the birthing, health and big pharma industries. I became a birthing professional and began to teach parents and share my knowledge. As is inevitable once one starts down the rabbit hole, I kept learned more and fell further – politics, oil, energy, UFOs, education, wars, military, religious institutions, chemtrails, fluoride, pesticides, GMO foods, hidden technologies and sadly, much, much more . My perennial thirst for knowledge and need to understand led to many, many hours of research. And then I figured out one of the biggest secrets on our planet. *whispers*

There is another truth I have always known. This truth has grown in importance to a sense of urgency for me these last few years. To quote C.S. Lewis, “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.” When Jesus said that we were made in God’s image, he wasn’t referring to the meatsuit we are all test driving at the moment. He was referring to our soul. We have incarnated on earth at this time to fight this last battle at the end of a war against humanity that has been raging for eons. How glorious to be here at this incredible time in human history!

So Nicole, what does any of this have to do with the One People’s Public Trust? Everything! Because – it’s all connected! Get it? Virtually every industry on the planet is corrupt. Money does that. Money creates greed which creates hoarding, power and abundance for a few and scarcity and lack for the majority. This creates a ‘service to self’ paradigm as most people are exhausted just trying to survive. For years I have known that all of these corrupt industries would be brought to their knees. I have shared this with all of my friends and family and most have probably not believed me, but I share anyway. The biggest question has been, “How”?

What has been incredibly complicated, time consuming and challenging is in theory, actually quite simple. Laws, regulations, statutes and codes were made unnecessarily complicated intentionally to hide a system of corruption for the PTW (powers that were) to steadily and secretly increase their wealth, power and control. All, including persons, countries and governments were made into corporations and this system of trickery was all hidden within commerce. Ultimately, there should only be and will be only one law, ‘Do no harm’1 because as spiritual beings, we answer to a higher law. We answer to our Creator. So again, HOW do we reset these powerful, global systems? This seemingly insurmountable task consists of undoing their systems through the same method that they were created – through commerce. The many corrupt ‘corporations’ spread all across our planet have a legal foundation in commerce that are all related. It started with the UCC (Universal Commercial Code) and it ends with the UCC.

The One People’s Public Trust has spent years quietly and meticulously filing all the documents necessary to remove the foundations of the governing bodies and banking systems that have kept the people in slavery. With no roots, even the mighty oak will quickly perish and fall.

Understandably, the work the Trustees have been doing needed to be done covertly. For their safety, while they researched, tediously worded and reworded documents, filed papers and tested systems, the people were mostly unaware of this project in progress. Specific instructions about how to use these documents for our personal situations are soon forthcoming. While many of us are anxious and impatiently waiting for further details, I, for one, am deliriously happy that these announcements were made sooner, rather than the announcements being withheld until all further instructions were printed and ready for Joe Human to implement. I will patiently wait in a vibration of gratitude and love. The trustees have pledged ethical, full transparency and thus far have proven to be precisely that.

Welcome to the first stage of the new paradigm! While waiting in the next few days, please spend some time truly reflecting on how our lives will be changed when there is abundance for all on the planet. Power, war, crime, thievery, lack, hunger, fear and all things caused by money and ‘service to self’ will be gone. Freedom, peace, love, gratitude, trust, satisfaction and all things caused by abundance and ‘service to others’ will be the norm. We will soon evolve to the next stage of the new paradigm as have many of our Galactic brothers and sisters before us.

In loving gratitude to all who have worked on freeing humanity, some for many years, some at great personal risk, I thank you all. I love you all.



  1. Excellent post for more reasons than I can divulge. Thanks.

    Sine Nomine - now skipping AND singing! ;-)

    1. LOL!

      IOW this is more BS, and you have no relevant info.

    2. Troll - a-lol-a-la! Troll-a-lol-a-la!

    3. ANYONE WHO THINKS THE BANKERS HAVE NOT had THIS PLANNED FOR MORE YEARS THAN ANY OF YOU WERE ALIVE, NEEDS TO READ WHAT LINCOLN FEARED MORE THAN THE WAR.... THE EXACT KIND OF LAND GRAB THE BANKS MADE UP. I work in military intelligence and groups you will never hear of... knights templars slaughtering little kids at Sandy Hill and Batman is not the way I will fight them, but some of us know enough to stop talking and have enough weapons and countries behind us to take no shit. you just met one. I risk a lot by telling you people this shit and you send in agents to say everyone is a troll or whatever. do you think you fool me? there are over 1200 private agencies hired by homeland security to mess with the net, reported in the papers... and you think the net is real. Six months ago I was accused of mass murder over my writing, and I traced it back tothe knights templar/cia or whatever the hell you want to call these mass murderers. I got more blood on me in six months than any soldier alive. Some I ordered thru your government. so do not tell me your little fantasies.... the banks are thekey. there was no crises at the one socialist bank in this country. Check it out. The others are scum who deserve what they are going to get.

    4. Mr. Or Ms. Troll is likely not ignorant of the truth. Rather, the troll is likely a paid shill. Paid for by the PTB. You all know by now that these organisms of spiritual disease, these shills, have sold their soul to assist the PTB to keep us wondering and doubting, and to sneer at us and paralyze us with embarrassment so that we remain ineffective.
      Go away little shill, you have no power over people here. They have progressed beyond the point where you can impact them.
      However, better you waste your time here. That way you harm no one.
      May the creator help you to salvage your soul

    5. JOHNSCOTTRIDGWAY thanks for the info...if the other scum bag banks have something still deserving coming to them...I am patient and can wait. I doubt this People Trust was for us. I don't know who it benefits, but if the banks are behind this thing, it would make sense for them to covertly establish a trust and get us to volunteer to be beneficiaries of it and work for free than what they've done before which was make us beneficiaries without our knowledge and spend our assets out of the trust they were trustee over it.

      Some visions I have is of them telling people they have a place they can go for instant food clothing and shelter (ala FEMA situation without the FEMA camp name) and people go and they say, if you work here, we'll take care of all your needs, you will have free energy, free new release movies and entertainment, free food, etc and people will just go for it.

      I met a guy from Germany once, and he said, 'you know before there was an East and West Germany the people walked around seeing the military among them. Then they built the wall and people went back and forth in the openings, then they left certain parts open but other parts were closed and people moved freely back and forth and then one day they blocked the passage and no one could go in and no one could get out.

      There is a vibe about this that is so unknown I can't even tell anyone what to look out for if I wanted to, but there are some desperate people and they live under the words of 'desperate times call for desperate measures' and I don't want to influence them. I want them to make their choice and know that they had both sides of the concerns and moved with what they resonated with most.

      All the anonymouses stating troll. It falls on deaf ears sometimes because not every one is a troll just because someone posted the word troll to call them a troll. Words like troll and sheeple have lost their meaning for me.

      The Creator within someone is a troll because they said something someone else didn't agree with, or they are paid by the government to confuse the weak awake.

      The Creator is a sheeple because they didn't jump up and get on the bandwagon with you to start doing something to change things. Who says people have to want more or even want less for their life. Some people just want to Be. To Be or not to Be. They want to live in the Now and not deal with what MIGHT happen tomorrow or what WAS done yesterday.

      There is no power in trying to raise One's status as an equal by using a word to drop One's status who is JUST as equal.

      When I come across these I can tell who you are. What part of me you are revealing. You can stay because you won't change and I'm not going to make you. It's like asking a pig to not like slop....I'm not going to do that.

  2. You know the first thing I am going to do in this new world? I am going to travel the world and meet as many of the people as possible. Learn their cultures and taste their foods. I have never had the money or time to make this a reality, and all the war and strife have a number of places impossible to reach. With all that out of the way I want to meet as many of my brothers and sisters as I can. Let our voices calling for freedom reach every ear and every soul!!! We are one, I am you and you are me and we are all together.

    Be well and Be aware

    1. That's exactly what I will do too! I've always watched shows like Tony Bourdain's No Reservations and thought to myself how amazing it would be to travel the world, learning about all cultures, tasting food and seeing the beauty of both humanity and nature. I always thought it was a dream but it WILL be our new reality and we are creating that everyday. One humanity, one universal consciousness :)

      Love and gratitude to all

    2. I am originally from "the third world country". And I made time and money to travel the world, without a penny from my family. I have seen over twenty countries by now. In America it's SOOOO much easier to make money, but everyone is complaining about not being able to travel. Those who want, they do it in THIS world, they don't wait for a check to fall from the sky.

    3. That is my dream also. I have only traveled once to Ixtapa, Mexico for a vacation and once to Austria and Germany. Meeting the needs of my family has always been my priority and thus it seemed selfish to spend the money to travel any distance. I loved the people I met from Mexico. They were so gentle and warm. In Europe I found that almost everyone I met and interacted with was kind and caring. I of course love the culture of Europe and felt at home there as that is where my ancestors were born. I felt that I was "home", for the very first time in my life, in Europe. The energy resonated with my entire being. This was 15 years ago, but I long to return.
      Oh, the joy of being able to do so when there is abundance. Perhaps all of humanity will cherish each other, as we should.
      I have never been able to comprehend how the monied people can witness the suffering in this world and be so unaffected by it. When this system switches over and there is no thieving game for them to play anymore, no wars to wage, no people to control.......what will they do? I imagine they will resort to something deviant and criminal as that is their nature. They are fallen souls to be sure. They actually thrive on the chaos they create. They are energized by the games they play with people. They delight in seeing distress in others. What will they try to do? Humanity must think about this. The Bush family, unless imprisoned, along with Cheyney, Rumsfeld and their cohorts will try to control again. We must know this. It is naïveté to believe otherwise. True evil does not go silently into the night. It does not scurry away forever after the light has been shined upon it. It regroups and forms a new strategy. That is why I believe that those people who have acted in a manner like the above, to cause death and destruction to so many, must be removed from civilized society so that they can not h ave further opportunity to prey upon vulnerable souls.

  3. Bravo! Thankyou , sometimes it is as simple as how something is worded, that opens the correct door, and finally my doors have been flung open. I like so many are so busy worrying and scrambling to hold on, that I can't think clearly through the worry. At last, through your words I've gotten that AhHa moment, and I'm eagerly looking forward to implementing this new found knowledge!
    Many thanks :-)

  4. this is a MOST beautiful article. i can feel a warmth inside...a sense of relief...chipping through the armor of hyper-cautious protection. could it really, actually be true this time?


  5. I'm. with you N J.! Got to get my Passport!

  6. We won't be needing those passports my friends.
    Too many of us have those same desires and there are hardly enough transportation avenues to transport us all right?
    The 'Teleporters' are being manufactured as we speak and have been.

    We will be living in a FREE WORLD with NO BORDERS!

    Like the song on 'The Wiz', CAN YOU-FEEL A- BRAND NEW DAY!!!????

    1. Proof please. And please dont include a link to a Star Trek episode.

  7. Perfect!!! Absolutely Perfect. My brain was struggling with the interview last night. I made it to the 1 hour and 40 minute mark and then went to bed, unsettled. This morning as I listened to the final 50 minutes or so, the whole picture started to come together and I was overwhelmed with bliss and appreciation. Heather's encouragement to ask Source to cause us to remember what we have forgotten is a huge key. I've done exactly that again this morning and am expecting magnificent light to shine NOW.

    Peace and much love to all the expressions of the One I AM!

  8. Meanwhile while we wait for the "good guys" to hopefully do their part, here is an amazing poem for all of you:

    In my humble opinion this is the best poem ever written. Go ahead listen to it you will like it:)

  9. Unfortunately, the book, The Secret did more to screw up spirituality than anything else, and it reached more "civilians" than any other.

    In this maya (3d reality) we are free to pray for or to project whatever we like. HOWEVER, it is not up to any of us to change the maya. that power belongs to Iswara or God who is in charge of every little thing in the maya. If what you want is reasonable and to the benefit of the entire field of maya you will probably get what you are after. but the ultimate fufillment of all and any desire is not up to us.

    So, in short, you can do whatever you like, but don't blame the cabal or the democrats or the republicans, blame God. This entire illusory construct is God's creation and in this role God can be petitioned, but not taken to task. It is all part of Iswara's
    inscrutable mystery.

    1. Au contraire Tom,

      The 'Secret' added a rocket propulsion to the truth. What is evidencing is all of our wishes/hearts desires combined. Love, World Peace, Freedom, Prosperity and a whole lot more!!

      I want Space Travel and it's at the back door waiting for the trash to be taken out first.

      Ya-hoo the train is pulling into the station!!!

    2. The "truth" stands on its own and needs no boost. If you do get your space travel, world peace and prosperity, it will be because this desire is in line with God's will. We'll just have to wait and see.


      We are all ONE so ALL OF OUR DESIRES work together for all.

      Some TRUTHS were hidden but we have called it to the light, who we really are, why we're here, where we go from here.



    4. WE ARE the story of the 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz' among other stories.

    5. the difference between us and God is that although we are of the same consciousness and are creators, God has all the knowledge and all the power while any one of us, grouped or not has limited knowledge and power. So, what might seeem to make perfect sense from our human point of view might not fit in with the big picture that only God knows...or it might.

    6. The Secret is all about a bunch of narcissists given approval to continue being narcissistic. Good luck with that.

    7. We are ONE. We are co-creators with God.

      The rest of your memory is in limbo. That is why scientists have said all along that we are only using 10% of our brain capacity.

      That means that our human viewpoint is limited by 90%

      That is what the term 'FULL CONSCIOUSNESS' is referring to.
      This all was an experiment that we agreed to.
      Don't take it so seriously. It's all but over.
      We learned what we were supposed to.

    8. Anonymous 0930, when Love and Truth is all there is, narcissism no longer exists.

    9. To the original poster, sorry but your wrong. God is not responsible for what has happened to us. God created this existence as a "Free Will" existence. That means we are free to do as we choose and Creator does not interfere.

    10. "Tom4 January 2013 09:25
      the difference between us and God"

      Tom there is no difference between you and god, you are an aspect of god, you are here to experience, learn, feel and touch... be alive with free will, good or bad.

    11. Please, everybody, do whatever you know to do that will prevent what is about to happen to America. There is little time, maybe only a few months before the plan that is waiting is hatched. I say this not to bring dark energy but tipo ask all who read this to ask God to stop the wars and to interfere with further violence.
      Army and DHS intelligence are reporting, as we speak, a plan to use germ warfare within the next few months, here in the US. This is the doings of the OWO.
      I wish to be giddy with hope and happiness about the change that is happening, however, the OWO is doing everything possible to get ahead of us and they have ramped up their schedule to a phenomenal degree because of the changes that are now possible. They refuse to give up control. This is the agenda that was put into place with 9/11.
      I am at a loss to know how we can help prevent this from happening. It is the entry point to WW3 for them. It is evil scurrying to defeat us, to do its damage before we can untangle their system. The 9/11 plane crashes at the towers struck the buildings exactly where the most damning financial records were. The missile that struck the Pentagon struck the area containing the records regarding the trillions of dollars of "missing money."
      I fear that everything possible will be done to destroy the record of this beautiful and life sustaining project. I would ask that the people in charge of the project make hundreds of paper copies , if not thousands of paper copies, of everything they do and place these copies throughout the world. Trusted honest people must be given these copies so that the paper trail exists.
      If anyone has contact with Heather or whomever else is involved in this beautiful project, PLEASE, send this to her. It is imperative that they do everything humanly possible to protect this information.
      It is well known that EMP attacks will be used to destroy electronic records. You can be assured that all the criminal money people will have back up copies of their stuff, and it will be stored so deeply underground and in protective vaults that it will be safe. Therefore, after the EMP attacke they will have all their banking records and the plan is to destroy all this work that has been done by this group, and to hopefully erase it from record via EMP.

  10. Thank you D, this helps clear a lot of confusion for me.

  11. I cant wait for people to finally see for themselves why they've been poor, hungry, cold, lonely, sick, fat, deprived, etc. How our 'reality' was manufactured. And I cant wait to see humanity start HEALING, especially our children who have been damaged, deseased, lost to autism and disability. No more waiting! We ARE ready!
    I am eternally grateful to ALL that have been working behind the scene to bring out the TRUTH!!!

  12. Pictures folks. We need pictures! It is easy to get our hopes up but it has happened too many damn times and then they pulled the rug out from under us. If we had a picture of this mountain of gold and a picture of Heather (Masked if necessary) and a few others standing by, it would be enough to make a lot of the sleepers wake up and the revolution would be on! Right now all we have is words and wait again.

    1. Anon 08:31 Pictures can be faked, air-brushed, photo-shopped and whatnot. Gone are the days, if they ever existed, of 'the camera never lies'. David Wilcock fell victim to fake photos. Imo, they wouldn't prove anything.

      Sine Nomine

    2. I don;t agree. The fakes can usually be exposed. What do we have to lose with a real photo? It sure is better than words which we have all overdosed on. Words can be faked a thousand times easier than a picture so why would you believe words more?

    3. Anon 08:54 Then I agree to disagree. I'm not interested in seeing mountains of gold and someone - Heather masked or un-masked - what would it prove? If all there is to see is a photo of a masked woman standing in a warehouse say, next to stacks of gold bars that could be chocolate covered in gold colored baking foil what would be the point? None, imo.

      Sine Nomine

    4. Uh oh, I'm starting to smell rotten fish again....and think many more will too, with your argument that makes no sense.

    5. A video would be harder to fake and I suppose a con artist may go to the trouble of creating a mountain of chocolate bars but that is more work than a con artist wants to do. A con artist would rather sit at a microphone and blow smoke up your ass because it is easier to fool the gullible. We have hundreds doing that now with a donate button. It would be hard to fake a teleportation device though in action, wouldn't it?

    6. Anon 09:33 An anonymous posting of someone's opinion is just that - an opinion. People have a choice to believe or not - no one is forcing anything on anyone here. Personally speaking, I do not need to see any gold stash. Others might and that is their prerogative.

      Sine Nomine

    7. Why would heather need to be masked? Is she using an alias? She claims to be a lawyer who has stood in court rooms in the state of Washington...and everyone knew who she was. (in her own words)
      So....could someone from the court system in the state of Washington easily identify who Heather is anyway? Is there any reason for Heather to attempt to hide her identity?
      I don't get it.

    8. We have been lead into a world of suspicion and ridicule so it is easy to suspect and ridicule. Instead of worrying about what others think take a long moment to clearly understand what YOU think. You don't need photos or videos you only need a moment of serious contemplation and reading the full story at least twice.. You might then say this is bulshit, but at least you thought it through.

      I havn't fully decided yet and I am still contemplating. I thank you all for Being.

    9. Anon 13:00 the following links would seem to verify that she is in fact a lawyer...

      and this link proves that she was the company director of the Bandia private bank

      and this is an interesting audio of her involvement in a California foreclosure case.



    10. John, One more to the list

      Tucci-Jarraf et al v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

    11. If you really think about it Heather is very wise to wear a mask. It is one thing to act as an attorney, in the public court system, yet is quite another to stand next to this gold. She may also need to protect her license as an attorney by wearing this mask. Perhaps there are rules that would make her vulnerable to being reported by a malicious attorney. I do not profess to know much about the code of conduct and ethics that is in place for Heather's license, but you can rest assured that if it was possible to tie up her energies with or because of her license there are people who would do so.
      I do not think, even remotely, that she is anything other than what she professes to be. I have carefully thought about this.
      I would never, under any circumstances, do what Ben Fulford does with putting his pictures so openly attached to things. He does have people who protect him. I would wager that Heather does not. Consider the wisdom of her choice to Sheila her face.

  13. I can't believe that was uploaded 5 years ago and we're just now being made aware of it.

    Thanks for sharing...

  14. Nope.Nope.Nope.
    Doesn't resonate at

    The One People’s Public Trust has "spent years quietly and meticulously filing" all the documents


    "the work the Trustees have been doing needed to be done covertly."

    UCCs once filed using UCC documents was converted to some commercial instrument in the name of the One who filed as the Creditor. For example if someone following the redemption process filed a UCC under the name First Last, trademark (as Creditor) and First Last (as Debtor), they could search the web and find an entry in the system that actively traded on the First Last, trademark name.

    Now The Peoples Trust filed UCC documents 'NOT' using their forms which is copyrighted forms...and they say they were able to do this 'covertly' and nothing filed inside UCC outside of the copyright would be covert. Nothing.

    People saying, 'give them your information, they have it all anyway', would know that everything is known by FBI internally, CIA externally/internally, NSA, and Dept of Justice, and others.

    No way there was a covert, quiet, operation of anything filed in the public.

    And there was no way someone could stop them from utilizing the system that was available for them to file.

    And the only way their life is in danger is by contract.

    That can be a verbal contract, a gesture contract, or a written contract.

    Ex. They file a document and someone comes up to them and say, file something else and we'll kill you. By gesture they file something else. The offer was file something else and we'll kill you and the acceptance was filing that something else. Now if someone else filed the second piece, then the offer was not accepted, but if the one who was given the ultimatum files it, then the system...the people in the system...see it as they accepted the offer.

    Another example.
    Someone says, do that again and I'll break your legs, and you throw your hands in the air and do a 'come on' gesture and say 'Bring it on!'.
    Well they made an offer, you accepted, and they are going to do their darnest to give you the consideration of that offer, breaking your legs.

    So all contracts aren't only written.
    They come in many forms, but the system operates by contract. The only reason people are having their homes stolen is the banks are pretending they have valid contracts that had offer acceptance and consideration, and the judges are pretending there was an agreement between the parties for the contract to be dissolved and the property to be given to the banks...all this pretending is what has driven the 'meek' out of our homes.

    There are many people who have benefitted from our loss. Like 'the millionaire next door'. So when the system which ignores what it wants and sees what it wants, turns on them, they will be making the most noise.

    Problem is, the people on the internet who are awake are hearing 'that' noise.

    The system has turned on itself now. It is the snake eating it's own tail. There is clawing and gnashing of teeth, and the awake ones are absorbing all the noise from the destruction.

    As if we are in Sodom and Gomorrah right now and the Angels and Reapers are here right now and harvesting. They have media, news, websites, and paid posters on these awake blogs.

    Others just get all glassy eyed when a poster makes so much more sense than the rest of the posters...oh, they have perfect spelling, oh, they are sooo intelligent. Oh, they really told so and so off. High Five.

    You have no idea, do you?
    Then there are the minor voices of conscience in the wind, saying hey, stop, look, listen, step back, pay attention, and they get shut down and about five or six posts patting the EGO on the back for knocking down the Creator who tried to give eyes to see.

    Love to all.

    1. Hi there, Drake!

    2. LOL!!!! Good one, 0929!!

    3. Hi there and I'm not Drake.
      As always, you don't have to accept anything you read or that doesn't resonate with you.

      I know you have what it takes to make up your own mind.

      I will not respond to this again, because I love ya.

    4. "Then there are the minor voices of conscience in the wind, saying hey, stop, look, listen, step back, pay attention, and they get shut down and about five or six posts patting the EGO on the back for knocking down the Creator who tried to give eyes to see." - ^^Proved right on that one(lol)^^

      Hello Anonymous - That was an interesting post, I think. So would you say Thepeoplestrust are enticing people into another form of contractual obligation which is not for their benefit? If so where do you envision this all going ? Love - back to you, peace.

    5. If it needs a contract then it is never going to be in your interest. It is time now to do away with all contracts and start lovingly living, we can do it, we will do it, we must do it with love.

    6. Hi Peacefrog. I guess I did respond again. Well infinite possibilities and one is to go back on One's word if there is will to do so.

      So I'll give an hypothetical answer or opinion because that's all I have with what I've I love the truth of 'who we are' in the paperwork. I never call myself a 'state of body', but i know that there can be no state without People. The powers of the state is derived from People. The federal can do no thing except if the state has given it the right to do so. State's rights come guess what, it doesn't come from another People who is equal. It doesn't come from paper.

      I don't have an answer because the outcome is infinite. Twilight Zone episode called 'To Serve Man' flashed across my mind.

      Everyone was excited and each one who was 'awake to the offer' were telling others just as interested their stories of what they heard about people having a good time.

      In the movie, these words were spoken.

      We greet you in peace and friendship.
      We come as friends.
      Our intentions are honorable.
      We desire of all things to help the people of Earth.

      We ask only that you trust us....only that you simply trust us.

      Leaving it up to someone (who is not uniquely you) to interview them leaves you without the answers to the questions you would uniquely ask.

      A youth watched the episode with me one day and quickly caught on that if something was asked twice the answer was more precise. The youth was surprised the grown ups were so caught up in getting the new technologies that they didn't ask the tough questions.

      With the best intentions, having observed what 'they' wanted him to see, the man featured in that film realized, the situation he found himself in, was not a trick, not by force, he chose to 'trust' them and he found out they spoke the truth, it true, correct, 'they really wanted to serve man', but it just wasn't complete.

      Look on their website at at UCC 2011 Debtor filing Entry of Debtor State, then look at the Additional Debtor line. Ask the question
      Why is the Additional Debtor identified as

      'STATE OF ...' of the severl states of the Union

      I'll tell you, a Debtor has to exist and
      STATE OF ... is not a legal fiction that we are aware of for the fictions claimed as the states we live in. There is no definition to define what 'STATE OF ...' means. Any legal document gives definition and will say where 'STATE OF ...' is one of the several states in the United States as defined by (naming them all, or pointing to a document that gives the definition)

      severl means what? If it's a typo. Why?

      That's why I have a hard time with the answer. Truth..surrounded by lots of distortion....Just because 1776 is on the document it doesn't mean it represents any year or refers to any's numbers...for numbers...a 1, a 7, a 7, and a 6.

      2000043135 points to a financing statement under Title and Ownership for a Charles C. Miller. Charles C. Miller is a Secured Party who filed an amendment to the financing statement as a Grantor assigning the One People's Trust to a new Assignee THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      In the document, he's a beneficiary.

      If that don't beat all, I don't know what does.

      Enjoy the Twilight Zone episode. It's worth a second watch for the truth surrounded by deception aspect of disclosure.

  15. Without access to the collateral accounts, this trust is meaningless.

    So a straight answer to a straight question.

    Do you have access to the collateral accounts?

    1. Something tells me the truth about Drake and Keenan will come out very soon. Drake's anger is already starting to show, he's demanding his followers THINK. And if you want an answer to that question about the mysterious "collateral accounts," why are you asking here, why not ask peoples trust??


    this is funny as hell. it comes from RT, which to me is the most reliable of all the alts.

    apparently, it has been discovered that the Treasury has always had the legal right to make a non-gold or silver coin in any denomination it chooses as legal tender. the funniest of all is once they print the trillion dollar coin they plan to deposit it to the federal reserve as a pay-down to the debt. now that's what I call justice.

    1. Sounds like another cheap Bankster trick to me unless the coin was big enough to contain an actual trillion dollars worth of metal which you know is impossible. So this fake "trillion dollar" coin is still backed by only the slave labor of every working American which makes it no difference than the deed of ownership of slaves.

    2. Federal Reserve Bank is holding over $1 billion dollars in dollar that's over 1 billion coins. ( a web search would find the article...there was a news video of all those coins sitting in plastic bags on shelves in a vault)

      Why would they hold a currency they don't make? Is it so that when the world finds their paper worthless they are still holding something of value. An uneven trade of worth for worthless?

      That would be funny if they printed a trillion dollar coin. Hire someone to design it, purchase the cast/mold, Strike the coin, destroy the mold - melt it down.

      Take it to the Federal Reserve, demand all the US Mint coins back and give them that as payment of the debt and let them bicker over who can spend it or how they will distribute it's wealth among themselves.

      That would be funny!
      Platinum...that would be funny!

    3. Yes, I would find that very interesting.


      Ninja Bambi

    4. According to the article this is a legitimate idea.
      Time for someone to step up to the plate.
      Give them that IOU after all thats what has been given to us.

      this would cause joyous laughter around the globe,just imagine that.

    5. The Fed has over 8 trillion in IOUs allready. Those IOUs represent future sweat and labor of the citizens because that is all that backs the IOUs. When the private Fed sells bonds to their rich friends, what they are really selling is us. There is absolutely no difference than if they put a chain around your neck and sold you on the public square like their ancestors did in the old days. It's still slavery and that is why the workings of the Fed is never talked about in schools.

  17. People!
    The Creator as a whole encompasses everything possible.

    The best weather, the worst weather, the best fertile land, the barren desert. Some are playing the role of Good Cop, Bad Cop, or Good Creator, Bad Creator.

    Keep in mind that the image of the creator is not one sided. Some pastors used to preach of the 'Great and Terrible God'.
    There are times of life and times of world flood like Noah's Ark was built for.

    The point I'm getting at is this. The system enslaved the Creator without the Creator's knowledge or permission.
    And just like a class room course, this new 'trust' is 'teaching' you in bits and pieces how to accept this new normal that you are free since you know you were enslaved by trickery.

    So class is like a t.v. series. Stay tuned next week for further information. We will give you time to absorb this week's episode.

    Now the paradigm of enslavement by contracts at birth can and will be replaced by 'something' by trust and the whole world gets to trust this 'Creator' who is one of you.

    But this Creator can play either role. The Creator can by soul contract test the people to see who has discernment and has the vibrations of truth and the vibrations for ascension. This is a test where you can't cheat, and there are no short cuts.

    Above it was disclosed.
    "Welcome to the first stage of the new paradigm"
    Like a class going from kindergarten on up. Someone still 'controls' what information you are entitled to receive and controls when you can exercise the freedom they say you have.

    Put clearly.
    If you are hungered and I tell you there is plenty of food for you to eat, and you can eat it now and I have access to the food; what kind of Creator am I to not feed you as you hunger.
    Showing you the food and not feeding you would just be plain cruel.
    Tell you there is food and not feeding you...why would I do that?

    People were awakened before they had the tools they needed to be awake. Many are not ready for the test.
    I am grateful I let my family sleep. It's better for them to get the tools they need and enjoy life than to be chasing these shadows and missing out on what life still has to offer.

    clip from the movie
    The Color Purple

    Love to you

  18. I know what I am doing. I am writing a business plan for investors to start a new media company. I live just outside Washington. I used to work on all the Sunday political talk shows and all the political cable shows. Most of us working on the shows in technical positions saw right through the bull shit.

    My real awakening happened during the lead up to the Iraq war in 2001. A camera operator had to grab me and stop me from asking Frank Gafney where he got the audacity to wear an American flag tie as he spouted so much anti-American propaganda.

    I've said it to Kauilapele and others that the angelic realm is limited in the degree to which they can take charge and abridge our right of free will. They have taken us as far as they can. They love us. They are screaming at us and jumping up and down. Now it's our turn to do something about it.

    I'm ready. I'm combining two businesses in which I have been succesful, political affairs television and the bar/restaurant business and doing something about it. I tried the same thing in 2001 with Revolution Coffee Lounge but I was way ahead of the curve.

    I love you all. We can do this. My name is steve Zarpas. I have no need for anononimity. I'm posting this to give greater power to my intention.

    1. Steve this sounds great. I really think we need to create our own media channels now.

      I'm inspired by your business plan. I have written a proposal for a community center that I hope will be a blue print for other communities. I have a lot of passion to run this thing for the benefit of the people.

  19. D,

    What exactly does this mean?

    You say she doesn't really speak in 3D..Where she from?

    1. Hi Prosperity,

      I've attempted to answer your question, but somehow managed to put it in the wrong place...see my offering below.

      Ninja Bambi.

    2. Prosperity,
      I learned about this in Redemption.
      When we were born, they registered the birth in their documents. Before then, families, even those that held slave prisoners registered births in the family bible.

      They ask the mom, what do you plan to name your child, and she'd respond. Prosperity. They'd create a certificate of live birth with the name Prosperity and get the foot prints of the infant, bond that certificate and make money off the potential earnings PROSPERITY would make by education and labor in the world.

      That part of the UCC is identifying the all caps part as the fiction and not the real Heather.

      Redemption has a lot of knowledge in it, the UCC and Security Agreement and Hold Harmless agreement aspects of it didn't resonate. AS in how can a paper hold power over a life? As in how can a rock or some dirt or a pebble hold power over a life? How can a paper (UCC filing) free a life.? I could say how can a rock free a life. Also, how can a paper pointing to a paper free someone?
      How can a UCC pointing to a certificate of live birth free someone?
      The illusion is that a piece of paper controls the creator. A Creation is NOT Greater than the Creator.
      There's a lot of things 'true' inside the Peoples Trust, but is the People's trust what the People really need?

      I don't want to blaspheme anything about the bible or bible stories, or history, but let me put it this way.
      There was a lot offered when Moses told the Pharaoh 'let my people go', and they were released to their freedom. Yes the Cabal of that time decided, no and caused some troubles before they were released, but it was inevitable that they'd be released. Yes the Cabal at that time went after them to bring them back, but it was inevitable that they had the freedom they wanted. Then as they celebrated their freedom they did things free people do. They enjoyed their selves according to their will. They sexed, and partied, and celebrated, and fornicated, and created statutes and danced on them and around them and adorned them (like people dance or sing or adorn a Christmas tree. I digressed), but they found out like the Iraqi people were told...freedom is not free. The one who freed them and who they relied on for the riches they were promised told them, NEW RULES! You can't do this, and this and this and that and that and that and because you did these things ALREADY, you have to wait to get your riches. It's waiting for you, but you have to wait now to get it.

      So they wandered with the one they trusted (their trustee at the time who knew where the riches was, but abandoned them and led someone else lead them...maybe a bondservant).

      Bond is like bondage...a bail bonds man is called after someone signs a bond with a court and are bound to appear everytime they are called so they are no longer free, they are bonded by the bondsman.

      All I'm saying is. I can see where this is going and I promise you everyone will move according to their will on this one. And when you look back, whatever your decision and there is no right or wrong in creation. You can know that 'you' made the decision and it was not forced nor tricked upon you; like those that left Egypt and followed Moses. It was not forced nor tricked upon them. But others in Egypt were free to and didn't have to follow Moses, and some stayed because they liked giving up rights for the protections Egypt offered.

      So three groups...those that stayed knowing they were slaves. Those that followed the one they trusted out of Egypt and those that left and by right of self determination made their own way.

      The redemption manual is a great book if you ever decide to read it, I would caution on getting caught up in the paperwork for freedom.

      If you know who you are, the system will know you know...but the system also knows if you don't know but think you do or try to pretend you do.

    3. All very well, for those who still believe the Bible is filled with real historical events acted out by real historical people.

      Ninja Bambi.

    4. Properity, if you have any licenses or checks or bills, look at them.
      The name is ALL CAPS because it is a corporation a fictional entity, a person. Have to go to Black's Law to see the words of the world. It's all legal words not Websters as taught in school....thus the saying, words can get you into trouble ring true...Anyway, you are never doing business with the people you meet. They work for a you are doing business with the corporation. But you a life cannot cross over into fiction (the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie is a good reference...a life can move in a fiction world, but as the fiction world is real to the fictions and they are affected by it, the life that knows it's all fiction can let's just say, not feel what the fiction does unless it 'agrees' to.)
      Neo figured it out, but his first jump was pretty hard because he was awake and did it 'thinking' he could and the real test is being awake and 'knowing'.

      Anyway, corporations do business with each other...the's not personal it's business. Your paycheck is from corporation to corporation, you are presumed the representative and can cash it.
      Your own checks if you have one, the signature line is a microprinted line. You may see it with the naked eye as a dashed line, but under a good magnifying glass with good lighting you'll see it says
      Authorized Signature Only Authorized Signature Only Authorized Signature Only Authorized Signature Only Authorized Signature Only until it makes up an entire line for a signature of a life force to be placed on that line.

      If there is no corporation, you'd have to get your check from someone, but no one has the authority to just give you money, they are all playing their role. It's not the CEO's money, nor the CFO's money, but they have 'permission' to release it to you for the corporation which is fiction. So a fiction gives a fiction a paycheck for work done, but someone working for the fiction authorized the payment and someone accepting it was the worker (you) for the corporation that received it.

      This has worked for them, but we awakened to that truth and called foul. You can't put someone under an agreement without their permission. They came back, well your momma gave us permission. We came back, at some age we are old enough to make our own decisions and you can't hold us to an agreement a parent made not knowing they were making it for us.

      So, as this type of bantering can go back and forth, and they have had time to come up with this.

      Now you can't say there was no disclosure. We've been fed words about disclosure and the event for so long, people are waiting on something so they can jump.

      They learned a lot about the power of the mind. Stress it and it will eventually succumb to something.

      Tell them, you will be free friday, and people will not pay their bills, and get behind because they waited for friday and then they are not free. You will be free next month. People stop paying their mortgage and spend the money on something else and next month comes and they are not free. Keep doing that over a year people will be so far behind, and almost evicted and almost homeless and starving and unemployed and sick and whatever that they'll do anything to get out of the situation they are in.

      Then you offer.

      Order out of Chaos.

      This is opinion, I don't know a single darn thing. I can't tell anyone what is true. It's an individual journey for all of us together.

    5. Yeah I hear that Anonymous, a worthy opinion methinks. I don't yet trust the "trust", although I have an open mind about it and maybe things will become clearer in the coming days with some more information - I know I'll have to get off the fence at some point, one way or another. With love.

      P.S. - TODAY, I have mostly been eating O-(pi)-N-I-O-N-S and carrott sticks.

    6. Thank you Anon,I think you know a lot:)

      There's always something new to learn here.At the same time something inside me has known all along.. but the puzzle is huge.I did see micro print on that check but on the left side,horizontally.The signature line not yet.. I will check both lines again with magnifying glass.(I need to go buy me one)

    7. Prosperity, I am Anon 11:15
      My checks are at least 5 years old, so the newer checks they may have moved the microprint. It doesn't have to be on the signature line it seems, as long as it's on the check to indicate without full disclosure that you are authorized to represent something you didn't know you were representing. I mean. I am me. I don't represent me. I am that I am.

      Cool trick to move it.

  20. If it sounds too good to be true..... Then it usually...........

    1. Those days are over

      That's what 'THEY' used to say.

      THEY are no longer the rulers of this World, WE ARE!!

    2. Any idea D, when "The Declaration of Facts" or Scripted Document mentioned at the 63 min.& 90 min. that will allow We the People to challenge the UCC during a court action(presumably after we've reserved our Common Law rights by using "without prejudice, U.C.C 1-308} will be posted? I may be needing it

    3. Try going to click on the Tab UCC filings then 2012 sec2
      Good luck

  21. Does TOPPT have or plan to gain access to the collateral accounts? Otherwise, where will this prosperity come from?

    1. The collateral accounts are nowhere near the only wealth in this world. I feel that much of it is still hidden from the public eye.

  22. Wonderful description from a higher perspective, Nicole. Thank you very much for your insight.

    The first domino is toppling! Who says nothing happened December 2012?

    You're in this live, so hold on to your hats!

  23. "What exactly does this mean?

    Hi Prosperity,

    This refers to the fiction of the all UPPER CASE name which some refer to as the STRAWMAN. This system we live under creates for us an ARTIFICIAL PERSON & LEGAL FICTION name in all upper case letters so that we can participate in the 'game' of living within their fictional world and abide by their laws and statutes.

    So a flesh and blood man or woman is not a legal fiction and they don't refer to themselves by that all upper case name, and if they don't consent, and don't participate, they stand outside of the legal fiction society.

    But, as most of us were 'sold into slavery' by the creation of a birth certificate that began the STRAWMAN legal fiction entity creation known by the all UPPER CASE name, without our knowledge, consent or understanding, it is now up to us to learn about this, what it means and decide if we want to remove ourselves from that system. Hence the FREEMAN movement.

    All heather ann is doing here is stating her legal fiction name for the purposes of the document she was filing within the current system which recognises and operates by use of our legal fiction person/s names.

    E.g. JOSEPH BLOGGS is a legal fiction artificial person, but

    joe of the bloggs family is a flesh and blood living human (or whatever one wishes to describe it as).

    It's all about how this system operates and how it claims us and contracts with us.

    I'm sure there are others who could explain it better than I have.

    Ninja Bambi.

    1. Everybody get a magnifying glass and look at the line where you sign on your checkbook. It's not a line at all, but microprint that reads "authorized representative," or similar. What are you the authorized representative of? Your corporate self, your legal fiction. Everything is hidden in plain sight and always has been. The magnitude of the deception, as well as what Nicole said, the interconnected nature of everything, keeps it hidden right under our noses... not for much longer :o]

    2. My checks don't say that.

    3. The cheque I'm looking at now, has lines not microprint.

    4. My checks DO indeed say AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE. I used three different magnifying glasses and finally had to use a 10X Pixel Reader.
      Have a look.

    5. Thank You for your reply Ninja! Anon 13:02,very interesting I pulled out a check and I was looking at the line where you sign, just a black line.So I examined a little more, well on the left side of the check running from top to 3/4 down horizontal line and I do see the micro print.I can't yet see exactly what's written, I will need to buy a magnifying glass...I'll keep you posted

      Look again guys it's somewhere on that check :)

    6. iwentcrazy, thanks for now I got to buy me a pixel

  24. wow
    Heather says we just need to know what to say when confronted with the "law". But out on the highway late at night in the middle of nowhere asking a patrolman to please write down his name and badge number is pointless. Ask the lady who got a gynecological exam courtesy of the highway patrol. We have no rights. The time of vagueness and innuendo is over. Say and do what you said you would do. It is all fine and dandy saying that things are happening now and our "future" will be just peachy, but I still don't have any money at the end of the month. Let's get it on or STFU

  25. On a side note. and ye shall find.
    Please pass this if the above statement offended you or didn't resonate with you. Leave it. I am not your Creator..I am the same Creator that is in you so I'm no higher than you.
    If you look every day for your chemtrails, Universe will deliver them as that's your desire. Universe will deliver your desires. These desires are queued up and testable. When you no longer want to see them, you will see clearer skys. Don't mistake the air elementals known as sylphs as left over chemtrail clouds, they transmuted the chemtrails. You can appreciate their beauty when you know what they look like. And you'll know when they are around in abundance or singularly or as a great presence that spans miles of airspace.
    Every once in a while the chemtrail image will return to see if you truly desire to see it. That's your test. It's a school. Pop you want to see one today, or not? Do you believe you are the reason you see them or not? Can't cheat on the pop quiz of life. No shortcuts. If you copy off someone else and they fail, you fail too.

    This is a great school.

    1. "...Don't mistake the air elementals known as sylphs as left over chemtrail clouds, they transmuted the chemtrails. You can appreciate their beauty when you know what they look like..."

      Yes, indeed. I have seen this with my own eyes. On many occasions.


      Ninja Bambi.

    2. I've seen them parade across the sky. I've taught my daughter what they look like. Sometimes I don't see them for days or weeks, and other times, I'll see what looks like a baby one, or some that are grand and just so majestic. I've seen whole groups of individual ones making up a big one but you can see each one in the whole.

      And one time I took a trip 2 1/2 hours away from home across several counties, and one Sylph (never changing form) was always just outside the view my left driver side window. Like it was traveling with me. The sky changed, the other clouds came and went, the wind was there, and this Sylph maintained that location as I traveled and it was not a straight shot across counties. I had to turn right at some point and travel another 45 minutes and always on the left driver side window I could view it.
      It was a great connection.

    3. Although you probably mean (and sense) a different form of energy than I do, I often recognise spaceships in the cloud formations. They have the same characteristics you describe (they stay there sometimes for hours, although other clouds come and go). I can clearly sense a 'presence' in these formations, which optically resemble our geometric imagination of a spaceship, and a strong desire to 'go home'.

    4. Onlyequity, I do know my sylphs. They are so distinct in how they look, but I once saw a set of clouds moving opposite the wind direction. It was a cloudy day, one where you'd think it would rain if it could and clouds were moving in one direction and then there was a series of clouds like a darn train, they were just going and going and going and going and I was like, 'those clouds are on a mission'. Then when I realized the abnormality of what I saw I was mad at me, because I didn't have a thing to record it. It was my early cell phone days and I cared about calls, text, and count down timers, more than I cared for camera or video and my cell phone had a camera but no video.
      I was asleep then, I never would have thought UFO I just would have thought strange clouds like I did that day. I've read of others that see them. I may need to change my intent to include seeing them, right now my intent is blue skies and puffy clouds and that's what I see a lot when I look up.

  26. Anon 10:42
    I hear you, but like everyone I'm weary tired I want PEACE BIG TIME. My heart breaks at ALL " T H E Y ". Have done and still do to our beautiful planet

  27. HALLE – Friggin’ – LUJAH! In response to your previous post, D – It’s about time!! Thank you!
    Last night after reading something from Inelia Benz that stated “Personal and Global Ascension would take from 2012 to 2017” for us to raise our vibrations high enough to see actual change, I went to bed and slept in the fetal position. I decided I was done reading these damn blogs with no real information or action. I woke up determined that I would no longer allow these sites to control my emotional status; however, I also had a feeling that I needed to check in one more time. And well, ‘lookie’ here D has had enough too! Can I get another – HALLE-Fucking-LUH?! LOL
    Like many here, I have been a closet reader for a long time and this is the first post that made me sit up and take notice AND write my very first post – EVER! (Yea me! Although, I am shaking as I write this.)
    I don’t care for long posts but may I share some thoughts with you-I've been silent for too long! I realize my immediate thoughts/ideas/suggestions will seem naïve, lame, old school and tiresome but I don’t care, at least I am thinking:
    1) D, Carroll – NHB, Deb – Wake up, 2012 Scenario, etc., ad nauseum… You/we have a product to sell, why the hell are you guys not united and forming a partnership? You’ve got to look at this as a business. Look at what Hopegirl did; she organized created a plan and voila, created something spectacular that is off and running…on its own. Why, because she took action; caused a motion forward, got the atoms rolling, so to speak, and we need to do the same. Get a name for the business, mission statement and business plan, set-up one site and ask for DONATIONS! (Remember, the lack of a solid mission is why the wall street 99%-ers thing failed.) Like someone else said – do what ‘they’ do and beat them at their own game. ‘They’ are masters…and so are we, but we just keep giving our power away!
    2) Organize by getting the people involved in every place where we/you have contacts. Form meet-up groups, send out fliers, letters, place ads in the paper. Can we work with Anonymous and stand on street corners with provocative signs? (Ya, I can hear the groans from here…)
    3) No matter what some of you think Law of Attraction works and we need to organize daily – 15 min – meditations that visualize THE END RESULT of how we see our lives! We have to act right here, right now, as if we have already succeeded. Remove our focus from anything else.
    D, I stand ready for service! What can I do? And, like Steve Zarpas, I am Karen Benson - out of the closet and loud and proud in Oklahoma City! Let’s do this!

  28. ktbokc - I was with you until you mentioned the D word - DONATIONS.

    1. Anonymous 4 12:01, My apologies and I hear you completely! But, most of us have limited resources and I am not suggesting that you/we are doing the donating but that the people we are trying to reach; if they support our efforts, they can help/join us. Like I donate to American Kabuki because I appreciate the hard work he does for me. That is all I was suggesting. I should have taken into consideration the sensitivity of that topic. But, hey, we could set up as a non-profit...couldn't we? lol

    2. I was there until 'Inelia Benz'!

    3. baab, I am not a fan of IB, I was merely referencing something someone else had posted on another site. Wow, my very first post and it seems I have offended 2 people so far! What happened to the family environment/we are all one? LOL Why must people dismiss an entire idea when one word doesn't resonate? I am only trying to bring people into one unified movement/mission - this is exactly what The People's Trust insinuates that needs to happen. I'm willing to do the work, are you? Seems not and I don't feel the love on this site. Thank you...

    4. ktbok, ignore people who tell you they were listening until you mentioned 'that thing'. They weren't supposed to receive your message because they had 'conditions' on what they would accept.

      Your message is valid for those that accept and learn from everything, every source, have the ability of discernment, can pull the truth hidden in the best fiction, and are seeking everywhere to where they can take the meat and leave the bones if they need to.

      Forgive them because not everyone is 'there', and some of the best pretenders are soon found out if given enough time.

      You've done a great job to share a part of the Creator within you with the Creator within us.

      Don't let it deter, it takes some time and sometimes the attraction of those that come at you, reveal a bit about you so if you can find what is common whether it is being picky, or seeking perfection, or control or whatever it is they have in common, you will learn more about you from them. If that doesn't make sense, just shelve it and something you will come across will tie into this and make this make sense.

    5. Anon 17:29 (and Ktbokc.)

      "Don't let it deter, it takes some time and sometimes the attraction of those that come at you, reveal a bit about you so if you can find what is common whether it is being picky, or seeking perfection, or control or whatever it is they have in common, you will learn more about you from them."

      Well said!

      We don't live in a one-size fits all universe as we all have our individuality imo. What appeals to some repels others. We all travel our own route, doesn't mean any of them are wrong, but some feel more right for some.

      Ktbokc - I feel the same way about donations and IB - doesn't mean I don't love ya! ;-) Don't let a couple knock-backs put you off. End of the day, go with your heart.

      Sine Nomine

    6. My comment was a play on the words of the first comment.
      It is called humour where I come from.

      The poster stated that they were less than happy about the channels and messages coming through in regard to the new timescales being set by the likes of Inelia benz,who by the way was first brought to the webs attention by her then 'friend,Bill Ryan who needed a distraction as his empire was being taken over by another 'powerful being' he had introduced called 'Charles' she was introduced as already being in the 5th dimension......check it all out folks its all there if you just dig a bit.....fortunately I was there at the banned for asking too many questions.......

      Anyway,It was meant to be funny,never an attack.
      Lots of love as always

  29. When a problem is created there is an instant solution for it as well! Cause there can't be any solution if there is no problem!


    1. brando9000 I know about Deepok Chopra but I've not seen this statement from him I just found it very logical when it crossed my mind today. Been a problem solver for 10 years in the heavy automotive industry. :0)

  30. Here is what I want and I have some good ideas about how we do some of these things.

    End war. Just stop. Pack it up and start shipping all the troops home today.

    Food, Clothes and Shelter, energy: heat, medical care. End Poverty and Starvation TODAY. We need Abundance (more than enough for today and more than enough for tomorrow and an unending supply from now on) coming to us for free, or if we choose to use money, in some sort of weekly check.

    Disclosure / Announcements. Since the media still isn't reporting the Truth, I guess we need to create our own network of channels on YouTube.

    End Pollution. Immediately stop poisoning the air, water and food (GMOs). By stopping pollution, we are going to greatly reduce the cost of medical care, since many of our medical issues stem from being poisoned everyday.

    Free Energy technology. Every home and every vehicle needs to be converted over to use these devices.

    Transform the Medical Industry
    DO NO HARM. Bring out any medical healing technology. Focus on cures not band-aids. This will probably collapse the Pharmacy Industry.

    Transform Transportation by bringing out safe 'anti-gravity' designs. This will eliminate the need to maintain roads, since we will only need bike / walking paths.

    Transform Real Estate. Create a database of who lives in which homes. Any empty homes can be occupied by reserving a place. New homes should be designed to last for 100 years and require little or no maintenance.

    Eliminate Competition in Business
    Begin to trust and collaborate. If we all worked together to design and build things that would last a lifetime, we would greatly reduce costs and reduce our need for natural resources. Imagine the advancements humanity will make when we can build upon stable, open source blueprints. Collaborating and improving our designs to make the best quality.

    Eliminate the Insurance Industry.

    Arrest any remaining Banksters, Corrupt Leaders, Dark Cabal and put them in a rubber room until we can figure out how to deal with them. And free prisoners that "did no harm".

    Begin doing what you are passionate about.

    Build the public wireless mesh; collapsing the Communications Industries.

    ... and that's just the start. Let's work together to accomplish these things now.

    Rejoicing and Celebrations...

    1. Nice, Tom.

      Some good ideas there.

      I think, for homes and other buildings, this is a great, flexible, solution:


      Ninja Bambi

    2. If there was a war and no one fought would there still be a war? Soldiers/Souldiers/ chose to fight, and render a body useless for a soul, because of something they believe in.

      Light. Life. Those things cannot be destroyed.

      This is wasted energy pretending a Creator of these living beings is not doing His job and just put this out there and fell asleep never to wake up again..

      On an audio, a man said he studied the first two chapters of the bible for two months.

      Chapter 1
      - the evening and the morning was the first day
      - Man was already made in God's image,
      male and female
      - herbs in the field as meat to eat.
      - two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night.
      - the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament.

      Ever notice how astronauts practice for space missions and space walks under water?

      - called the dry land Earth, gathering of the waters called Seas.

      Every life after creation of man came from the water.

      - Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth
      - created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind

      - chap 1 heaven's and earth were already created, 'someone' create earth and heavens in chap 2?
      - 'it was good' in Chap 1 (unconditional)
      - 'it was not good' in Chap 2 (conditional)

      Imagine a world were everyone has to get along, and some galactics come down and makes that happen, and all is good and everyone is happy because they got rid of the dark in a dual world.
      Imagine someone gets mad that someone did something to them and the others or galactics punish them for their anger because now they are the new 'dark cabal'. Everyone wants to get along and now you have someone bringing in their emotions of anger so you have to stop that. Only certain emotions are allowed here. You become a slave to your emotions. You are unacceptable to your society.

      The human body creates chemicals when stressed.
      You don't have to worry about the cabal doing anything.
      If this window of prosperity is open from 2014 to 2017, and some people can't wait that long, they will suicide their self.

      They will get so tired of waiting they will lay down and 'allow their soul to leave their earth vehicle'. When they see their light is eternal they will look back, see they took all of this so seriously! It seemed so real at the time! They were caught up in the illusion!

      A guy played an end of the world practical joke on 12/21/2012 telling people in Florida a tsunami was on it's way and saying follow me, my mom's around the corner we are going to bug out of here.
      Many were 'asleep' to that fact, woke up because he woke them up to that information and were 'duped' by a prank.
      Had he had bad intentions he woke them up, they trusted him so he was their 'trustee', they followed him and where ever he went they would go to because they relied on his 'awake' info to lead them.

      We said they control the media. BTS said they control the intel. That trust is not coining money, can't create a single negotiable instrument that is useful, can't melt any gold that can be accepted as currency, can't put a dime in your bank account unless they took over the banks. Can't get the pres to disclose anything unless they foreclosed on the US corporation and now he the pres of the corporation and works for them.

  31. The message I got from Heather is that nothing can change to benefit the people until the people unify and (peacefully) stand up to the government to make change. I listened to the video several times. I sense that is what they are waiting for.... US to unite and stand up to demand a change. It's The People's Free Will that will make the change.

    1. God helps those who help themselves.
      I have been saying this for a very very long time at BF Café.
      I told them to walk away from their monitor, STOP disseminating fear mongering propaganda from the Cabal and start DOING something.
      It is time to grow up and be accountable.

    2. If thats what everything is waiting for then we will wait forever I'm afraid...Too many prople still asleep and see nothing wrong with this existence...

    3. They are 'Sheeple' remember. They will follow.

      We have to start, like the journey of a thousand miles, with one step, that's all.
      That has been done so point your visions toward a New Earth and a New Life on it.

    4. It seems it has to become sooo unbearable for the people to finally wake up to take a stand. I just hope it won't be too late or too painful.

      It seems that Baby Boomers are too old to fight, and their children have grown up in the 80's and 90's where there was no war and in a prosperous economy. They were taken in by the education system, MTV, video games, Hollywood, fame, in the era of Gordon Gekko (Wall Street... greed is good) society and taught that life is easy, no one has to work for anything, everyone gets a title and a prize without effort. Look pretty, be famous, join the bankers in finance, get rich. Just obey and you will get your reward. And yes, ambitious parents who spoiled them as well.

      They can't even comprehend what we are talking about. They say "It's too 'EXTREME'"!

    5. "nothing can change to benefit the people until the people unify and (peacefully) stand up to the government to make change."

      So how do we do that, and SAFELY? For those of us responsible for children/elderly, we need to keep them safe and keep ourselves safe because they depend on us. And when we are also in a financial crisis, when we do find any work, we REALLY have to watch our mouths with co-workers/bosses.

      If it's all about talking to everyone and doing more blogs etc. to wake more people up, well, that's great, but that isn't new. And even with the 2012 energies, it seems like a really SLOW process that could take many years. So many are so exhausted and overwhelmed with just surviving (yes, me too, and yes, I'm no kid, the last couple of years have really worn me down) that it's hard to face more depressing truths unless real-time relief is presented along with a "new" (to the uninformed) problem.

      Again, how do we do this, how do we come together to present a unified front? How do we find out the truth and get it out to people who only believe what the govt/newspapers/MSM tell them? And it would be a lot easier if MSM wasn't still so massively controlled!

      It would be absolutely wonderful to be SAFE enough to be COMPLETELY TRANSPARENT (OK except for just keeping quiet instead of being rude when someone is wearing a hideous outfit).

    6. Heather Approx. 1:40 mark:

      "DISCLOSURE is the one THING they are SCARED of... But what's they're more scared of is the PEOPLE! The PEOPLE knowing who they are... and UNIFYING together for a COMMON GOAL."

  32. Thank you for this refreshing post! I would caution however as to continuing the cabal's favorite tool, battles and war. We are not here to fight this one last battle. That imo is not needed. What may be needed however is simply letting go this pre occupation humanity has with hope.

    Eons ago the gods (with a little g) got humanity to bite the big hope apple, to believe they were imperfect and needed reformation. Then offered all the 'cures' with religions and wars, money and validation and all that. Then the ultimate slam dunk was to get them to 'fight' to keep hope alive for ever and ever!

    What could we become if we were to realize in a heart beat that with all our problems and all our insecurities and desires and lacks and disapointments we are all perfect reflections of the divines great plan and this world is a perfect place just the way it is. Imagine a world no longer captivated by the delusion of hope? Seven billion people living in an ever changing now, perfectly secure and knowing, and dare I say it.....hopeless.

    It might be a bit intimidating to the power that used to be and maybe quicken its long awaited departure.

  33. Nothing will happen.

    1. *sigh* Broken record.

      I have more thoughts but they need to gestate a bit before I share them.
      Need chocolate....

      Wandering Fire

    2. Tell ya what, prove me wrong. Seems that the burden of proof rests with you, yes? I mean HOW LONG have people been claiming that all of the BS will happen?

      But hey, keep believin' in fairy tales. I guess it's pretty harmless, after all, if not pathetic and sad.

      And to all of you that are about to call be a "bankster" or "shill" or "bad guy", give it a rest, will ya? I'm none of those things. I just have enough dignity to not get suckered into nonsense.

      Do you?

    3. I don't think you're a shill or bad guy Nothing Will Happen. But you are getting suckered into coming here to comment on nonsense with the suckers who are suckered by it. So what's the difference and where's the dignity in that? Your obviously interested or you wouldn't be here right?, so consider offering something more then just repeating the same remark (although it does make me smile) . We heard you the first time, thanks.

    4. Ok. I'll bite 13:34. Why do you believe that nothing will happen?

    5. I don't think anyone has a responsibility to "prove" anything to you, my friend. You've already convinced yourself you're right. Let us have our little fantasy world and be a sport...ya know, humor the "slow" ones like us? We're not here to do show and tell for you, sir/ma'am. You shall see the "proof" you so desire and apparently can't see for yourself, when you take off your blinders and awaken your consciousness. You do seem like a brave soul, though, so I wish you well in your experience. Peace & Love to you and I really hope that SOMETHING does happen for you.

    6. It always happens something

    7. Nothing happening is still something happening.

  34. Can someone make the people's trust simple enough to explain to RT and convince them to cover it? I bet Abby would do a good a job with this story.

    1. With respect, if RT had any interest in this story, they would research it themselves. and it is simple enough, as it is, for any professional journalist to understand.

      Just my personal opinion, of course.


      Ninja Bambi.

  35. We definitely need to find a way to get the people's trust information delivered through media in a fashion that looks professional and legitimate to the average Joe and that is explained in 3D everyday language, the kind that the majority of the population understands. Even if people don't believe it, at least the seed will have been planted.

    Better to have everyone in the world think this is a farce but have them at least talking about it until the reality of it sinks in.

    1. I think you're on to something Pierre. This is right up her alley! Anyone have contacts there?

      You're all amazing and we're all so Blessed to have front row seats to this interactive show!

  36. D,

    Enumerable blessings to you, Heather, and the TEAM that is coming together to take the bull by the horns and 'GET 'ER DONE'!!

    I was oh so glad to see you put into words that 'IT'S JANUARY 2013'!!

    My heart sunk when the New Year rolled around and NOTHING had happened to pull the curtain back. In my gut I felt something wasn't right. We should have had a lot of things released to us by the end of 2012 and that was stretching it.

    It's obvious that the powers that 'were' can't bring themselves to let go of they reins so whatever you all are cooking up to help them, count me in.

    When you give us the 411, would you please do me a favor and give us a 'DOABLE TIMETABLE' for seeing things coming to fruition?

    We are not babies and as you said, CAN TAKE THE TRUTH.

    If the train isn't coming for another 6 months, it would be good to know so we don't keep checking the train track to see if it's coming. There is plenty we could be doing.

    Again, THANK YOU!!

  37. Hi folks, it only took me 30 minutes to put this together. I suggest you all do the same for your respective cities/regions, and subsequently post some online classified ads in your area to inform people of what is going on and catch their interest. Then you can meet in person and build local relationships in addition to this wonderful online community. It will be another way to create powerful change and be less physically isolating than doing it all alone. E.g.:

    Example of the ad I just posted online to try and find local people who are receptive to this:

    1. Thanks Pete!

      Nice posting!


    3. Excellent idea, wonderful initiative!

  38. I just posted the interview and the Peoples trust website on this article on Huffington post. Hopefully that writer will pick it up and run with it!

  39. Has there been any news on the SGT grants that I and many others applied for just a few weeks ago? Do we believe that this is still genuine? Has anyone received a call? If it wasn't genuine what has happened to my contact details? Has this information now gone onto a 'list' that now identifies awakened people?
    Sorry about the battery of questions, and I'm not sure anyone has the answers, but just thoughts going around in my head at the moment...

    1. Well GF,

      It appears that those grants are not genuine as we don't need to get on any lists to receive our funds.

      I'm sure all is well though.

    2. Many thanks Anon 18:12 - I wasn't aware of that article.

      It also answers my other question about has our info been collected and could potential be used to identify us. "By filling in that form you put yourself in a vulnerable, weak position by putting your cards on the table for the dark ones to see". It reads to me like it was a deliberate attempt to collect info. I'm not sure I'd say all is well though. Perhaps until these dark forces are clearly and publicly removed from society anyone that applied should remain cautious and vigilant.


    Why am I the ONLY one ?? who seems to be pointing out:

    These huge amounts of Wealth CANNOT EXIST unless there is a way to store them:

    + They have to exist as gold or precious metal stored somewhere, or
    + As entries in a bank account ledger

    + Where is the evidence that such huge amounts of gold etc were ever mined? (None!)
    + Where is the evidence that banks have balance sheets of sufficient size hold accounts of the size mentioned? (None!)

    For the later, & as an example I have previously pointed out that:

    "Spiritual White Boy" (SWB) is said to have placed a deposit with HSBC of:
    $1.03 x million x million x million

    And when you look at HSBC's published accounts, you will find:
    HSBC has TOTAL Customer deposits of : $1.31 Trillion / that's $1.31 x million x million

    That's 1/One millionth of the amount claimed to be held by SWB !!
    Moreover, if you know anything about banking, you will realise:

    + There is no way to assemble that much money
    + There is no way to transfer such a huge amount
    + There is no way to invest so much
    + You can print $100 Trillion Notes (as Zimbabwe has done), but if you try to spend thesee
    huge amounts, you force prices up enormously, and get hyperinflation

    I will think it is ALL BS until I see some convincing evidence that such huge stores of wealth can exist at all.
    (Why do the people spreading this story never bother to do the most simple an basic research on this,
    as I have done ??)

    Generally accepted in the mainstream is the notion that the aggregate wealth of the world is $200-300 Trilllion.
    How can one account, or one family have multiples of that? And why does this hidden wealth not show up
    somewhere on the planet.

    No evidence = All BS, imho / Expose the liars! Question their motives & lack of research !

    -Lonely Truth Seeker

    1. You are not the only one. The others are trying not to comment here because of D's short temper with such commenters. Nobody wants to be called a troll or a hater or negative.

    2. You are not the only one suspicious. That is why I would like to see a video of both the gold and the teleportation machine that Heather said moved the gold. Just think if it all really existed though. Nothing would be a bigger catalyst to get the sheeple off their butts more than some solid proof that there was any hope to escape the chains of the Banksters. The reason they are sitting on their butts is because they lost hope long ago, not because they are lazy or don't care.
      The trouble is, all these false alarms and green lights just turned even more people off.

    3. All of the information has been circulating that would answer most of your questions.
      9/11 was totally centered around moving our GOLD and demolishing the computers that held the information concerning us and our prosperity.

      The wealth has been hidden because the Cabal kept stealing it every chance they got and it has all been retrieved and is safe from them.

      If it were talked about, they'd keep trying to move it. That has been a LOT of the hold up.

      Only banks that have changed over to 'BASEL III' will be allowed to transact our disbursements when we receive our funds.
      ANY transaction from ANY of those banks can be seen around the world -'TRANSPARENCY'.
      That will keep ANYONE from moving our money without it being seen.
      St. Germain funds have been accruing interest for centuries after St. Germain set up THE BANK OF ST GERMAIN and that is why there is enough for EVERYONE on the planet.

      I can't retrieve all of the messages but you can find some things on the net.
      'Gold Moved from Twin Towers'

      All of this information will resurface continually on the net. Keep a watch out.

    4. Perhaps the most pressing question those that are struggling have, is:
      when will there be even a modest amount of money available. I think that is the heart of many peoples problems. Unless you have a vegetable garden and or farm, food and gas, is very critical. Hard to relax into a new
      dynamic, if the father needs medicine, and food is at issue...not to mention a home that is safe and warm.
      For some reason, Heather never got to the answer of when the money would
      be there for those who so deperately need a little.
      Not talking miltiple millions or billions, thats all quite wonderful in potantial.
      Practically, there are those of us who really need a bit of help very very soon.

    5. I know Anon 19:02, I am in dire straits myself.

      D is looking to answer as many of these questions as possible.
      Evidently our dear leaders have been stalling AGAIN!

      She should be able to give some sort of timeline. I would't think it's too far off because some funds around the world are being distributed. They're tired of waiting for the good old US of A and I'm glad. That will have an impact and start a domino effect.

      Our accounts have been set up for some time and EVERYTHING is ready for just a button to be pushed.

      It would behoove us to pray, solicit our God or whoever we can to help those on the front lines to PUSH THROUGH.

      This is where like in childbirth, WE PUSH!!!

      Remember, FAITH TURNS THE KEY
      Whatever you do, don't loose your FAITH

    6. If you want the New World, you have to give up the paradigms of the old one.

      Looking for reasons why things can't get better doesn't seem to open new avenues. If we all envisionned the New World, we would manifest it immediately.

    7. Just The First Article I Found On The Gold In The Basement Off The Twin Towers


  42. Empty excitement based on received information is potential very dangerous.

    Heather appears to be speaking and writing in noble platitudes and grand abstract generalizations. But she is not being at all grounded in her communications in terms of real specifics that would be meaningful to any individual human being on the ground.

    In my mind, this relegates her to the Question Box, where I also place folks like Drake, Cobra and anyone else who is making truth statements based on unverified information.

    To follow her blindly and attach to her hype is potentially to throw oneself away, even if in the name of "self", "creator", "free will" and all the rest.

    What is needed at this time is good old fashioned objectivity and critical thinking.

    Heather is making huge claims, and generating a mountain of hype at a time when people could not be more disillusioned about the very themes she is promoting.

    She is not being specific at all in translating her claims in real terms that affect real people.

    In my view, The People's Trust is to be questioned critically like everything else floating around the internet right now.

    If what she is saying and promoting winds up being factually true, I would still suggest that her method of communication in getting to that point was too vague and not helpful.

    Please: let's keep our feet on the ground and our wits about us until we actually have a reason to believe hype like this.

    I will remain observant and detached until there is a verifiable reason to be otherwise.

    1. Hype? Get a Black's law dictionary, read the OPPT documentation and educate yourself. They are foreclosing upon a legal construct far beyond the comprehension level within the critical thinking skillset of the average 'mercan (which is next to f***ing "0" in my opinion). This cannot be done with the language used within the typical text message or fast food commercial.

      I instantly recognized the language and the intent of the documentation because I have studied the language used to enslave us. Your average, peaceful freedom seeker, or even "belligerent sovereign" will know exactly what is being said, but John Q. STRAWMAN will shrink into a corner and shudder, kinda' like you. Frankly, you appear to be an "educated" person, uh... indoctrinated "person" (again--Blacks law for "person") reciting programmed responses because you are not capable of independent "critical thinking." Why don't you go down to the local "peace officer" station and turn Heather and the rest of us radical activists in for inciting a revolution since you don't understand the brilliance of the concepts put forth by these fearless, noble individuals? While you're at it, remain "observant and detached" somewhere else, if you would.... please.

    2. Sorry, but you have not eased my reservations one bit.

      I've reviewed Heather's documentation myself, and have read the correspondences posted here and elsewhere. Before you decide to demean my perspective again, please tell me where in her hours of online interview she has answered concretely any of Brian's questions about brass tacks results on the ground.

      I'm not saying that this is necessarily a phony scam. It very well may be the real deal. But look around: more folks than just myself are plainly more than a little uncomfortable with the sweeping generalities proffered by this new voice at this time.

      After Drake's self-dissolution into irrelevance thanks to his serial green lights amounting to nothing, and after so many misleading threads offered by so many seemingly well-intentioned internet guru's, there is every reason to approach this new material with real caution and a critical mind.

      You say you instantly recognized the language and intent...what I recognize are reams of legal language backed by a total failure to translate that into practical visioning when given the chance.

      Instead, we're supposed to politely ask police officers for their badge numbers while waiting for our individual $5 Billion dollars to magically manifest in our lives?

      There's every good reason to not buy into this narrative of hopeful hype at this late hour IF and UNTIL public evidence proves otherwise.

      I've seen D just unload a post full of expletive insults at sources she has vigilantly attended to for some time now. And it now appears that that same careless mode of express is infiltrating what is fast becoming, for all appearances sake, a cult of fanatical joiners.

      Rather than jump on board another overnight train of wishful thinking, I choose to detach from this skyrocketing momentum and see what actually transpires.

      If good things result, fine. I'll support the cause.

      If nothing visible transpires, and another wave of chaos clogs this niche corner of the noosphere, I'll consider my warnings fairly sounded, despite insulting, fast-talking responders with smug claims to holding the higher ground. No thanks.

    3. Well said Anon 20:58. Everyone shouldn't just blindly follow whoever because they say oh-so-nice things. Considering the false 'good guys' and the super hyped Dec. 21, 2012, people are being more cautious now and demanding proof, unlike Anon 19:35 who is blindly following someone because he can discern the cabals tactics with his x-ray vision or whatever. A lot needs to be laid out and more proof needs to be shown.

    4. Anon 19:35 could you possibly be more judemental and insulting to us "average Joe people" who are not educated enough in your eyes to understand what is being said? Not that I dont understand because I havent even listened to Heather or read her documents nor will I as I am to tired of all this shit to care to delve in any more but thanks for showing your true colors and passing arrogant and rude judgements on anyone that you consider uneducated.....

    5. To the OP: THANK YOU! What you said mirrors my thoughts exactly. We need concrete, verifiable proof and detailed explanations to support Heather’s claims -- which are nothing short of extraordinary. At this point, we’re not even given straight answers to some of the most basic and elementary questions. Oh, that’s right. Heather is speaking in 5D… Please. Even if this is true, what good does it do anyone? If many ‘awakened’ individuals don’t get it, then what about the sleeping masses?


  43. There are things we know we know, there are things we know we do not know,
    and there are things we don't know we don't know.
    The last is where you are now.
    You have no idea of the wealth available on this earth.
    It is likely incalculable - depending on what you call wealth.

    1. meant as a reply to anon 16:56

  44. Anon 1656. You need to think centuries not just century. Ever hear of king Solomon's mine? The queen of Sheba? Ming dynasty? Silk and opium? Templars?

  45. D, Terry K has scared a lot of people including myself saying that those that bought on Ebay, are screwed because the bank won't accept it?

    That can't be true. My understanding is that if you bought it (doesn't matter if it is from Ebay) and you have proof of purchase there should not be a problem.

    What about those thousands of people that have Dinar that were gifted to them and don't have a receipt of purchase. I think this will be a disaster for the banks if they act this way.

    If they don't take my Dong and Dinar because I bought them from Ebay that is discrimination and I might die of a heart attack. Let us know D what is your understanding of this. Thanks in advance.

    1. It is my personal opinion that if the currency is real, it has to be exchanged. I do not think that there can be anyway they can not accept for exchange as long as it is verified.

    2. Thanks bro for your reply.

      Here is Tk comments:

      I think he's trying to pump sales for Dinar Banker and Dinar INC. He must be getting good money or Dinar for doing this.

      All my Dong/Dinar are from Ebay. A good portion of my Dinar come from US treasury registered dealers and some from people that are not registered. They should exchange if it is real otherwise good luck telling millions that have Dinar that have been gifted to them, others without receipt, and Ebay buyers like myself their currency is not accepted.

      That's a disaster waiting to happen!!

    3. If I told you your money was no good and no bank would take them, would you believe me? Would you trust me?

      If there's 1 gazillion of Dinar floating around and I told everyone who got theirs off Ebay no bank or dealer "I KNOW" will take them; will you throw them away or paper your bathroom wall with them?

      If you and others will, then we no longer have a gazillion Dinar floating around we have 1 million Dinar and now I GET TO HAVE MORE RETURN on my investment because the amount of currency in circulation is diminished.

      That's one reason I didn't care for the investment. Everyone has to get their intel from a source of a source and no one can find out the truth.

      Keep your money, it's not counterfeit it's not not tradeable.
      The day you find out you can cash in, take them to the bank, show them one and ask them questions. If they ask if you have others, tell them that's private and confidential, you are asking about this transaction and that one bill.

      Then find out if TerryK is to be 'trusted' as a 'trustee'.
      If people will stop handing over their signatures to everyone and their trust to everyone we'd be seeing our power much more quicker and if someone makes you give your signature then damn-it write on the damn paper I was forced to sign this against my will and then sign the sucker.

      Really people, we have to grow up!
      We create the problems we find ourselves in and then want someone else to help us out of it.

      I told a troubled youth. I'll look out for you but I'm not going to spend a lot of my time trying to save you from yourself. IF you're going to spend a lot of time trying to go to jail, I'm going to let you go. Now, I'll tell you that the things you do will get you in trouble and that's where they are going to take you, but if you want to go, I'm not going to stop you. I said you are here because you got in trouble at home, and now what I see is that in addition to packing your clothes and coming here, you packed your troubles in your pocket and brought them here too! The people here know nothing about you or your past, and you went into your pockets and pulled out your troubles and brought them here, and now they see the same thing here that folks saw where you left. I'm not going to spend my energy stopping you from hurting you. I'm just going to let you know at every chance I can that I don't like that you make me see you destroy yourself.
      HE ended up in juvenile detention, then he got out, ended up in adult jail, got out, ended up back in adult jail.
      Some people make their own way, and some take the tougher road to before they turn around to see the light, or maybe there is something that only he can learn by going the bad boy jail route that will come in handy later when he turns to the light. Some people in the bible who Christ communicated with had priors with the system and that information was useful to the light.
      He has a purpose and I don't know what it is, but I was there for him for a time so I helped affect the outcome, at least. His soul contract is private between him and the One Infinite Creator of All.

  46. Hey...has anybody seen or heard of D today? She hasn't posted at all on this thread??1/4/12. Time is now 10:27PM eastern. Hey D are you following this thread, and if you are we could sure use some input here... I'm seeing perhaps despair and more than a little confusion on this Heather post. Would love to see her audio put in a text format-audio has 'problems' with skipping and things. D am sending love your way and hope to 'hear' from you soon. Anyone?

  47. She is busy writing the post that will clue us in as to what has been going on that 'Her Intel' didn't want us to know just yet.

    She will answer many a question within that post.
    They are also forming a TEAM to 'GET 'ER DONE'!!

    Re-read 'To hell with Crayons'

    Let her do her thing :)

  48. I'm willing to wait for the second wave of payouts once all you people get your billions from filing. just let me know, I'll be waiting...

  49. I think AK has a transcript on his site

  50. Heather audio has been put in text format by AK... sorry, I didn't know.

  51. "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." Pierre Teilhard deChardin

  52. There is something to be said for going slow.
    Also not getting to attached to a particular outcome is a sound idea.
    Limited projection.
    But this does feel good.
    Slowly. . .doesn't mean nothing is happening.

    zero tolerance for the lie


  53. Guys don't buy Dinar or Dong on eBay because mighty TerryK says his favourite two dealers and banks won't take it. Apparently Dinars from eBay are so hot that the De La Rue machine would Explode if they pass them trough.

    I'm going to throw mine in the trash can! They are worthless!

    1. Here, throw them in mine (trash can).

  54. Check out Lynn Forester de Rothschild's article "How capitalism can repair its bruised image" and the article of it at

    1. There is no such thing as capitalism... it is just a "wealthfare" system for the elites.

      "Privatize the profits, and socialize the losses"

      That article was just complete fluff too.

  55. "...When Jesus said that we were made in God’s image, he wasn’t referring to the meatsuit we are all test driving at the moment..."


    Perhaps I am over-sensitive today, perhaps I'm not. But...I object to this term with every fibre of my being. This body we are 'test driving' at the moment is a marvel. A creation of such astonishing brilliance that no man/scientist/engineer can copy any element of it's genius construction and get close to the wonder and perfection of it. How it can balance itself, repair itself, nourish, feed and water itself is nothing short of miraculous. How it functions in alignment with nature on the ground and in the skies is exquisite. To refer to this object of wonder as a "meatsuit" is to designate our beautiful bodies to the level of a 'take-away' meal for a cannibal or human flesh-eating predator!

    There is nothing clever in these sorts of off-hand remarks made in this fashion, whether typed or voiced on radio - which I have also heard.

    If we show that level of disrespect to our heaven-on-earth bodily homes I am amazed that we call ourselves 'creators' or 'lightworkers' or whatever other terminology one uses to describe themselves.

    I'm not a kill-joy, I make all manner of humorous quips in my posts, but for some reason, this expression strikes at the core of my Being as vile and degraded.

    Let us revere our Bodies, and rejoice in their splendor and wonder at the perfection of their design and function.

    I hereby put on notice that I shall view those people who choose to use such a base terminology as 'meatsuit/s' in describing our Heavenly Human Bodies to be the very parasites/predators/blood-thirsty enemies we are trying to free ourselves from.

    With LOVE to ALL of us, and Our Bodily representations of the LIGHT of Creator/Creation.

    Ninja Bambi.

    1. I fully understand your reaction, but I don't share it.

      In my view, Nicole was describing from a soul's perspective. I had a nice chuckle when I read this term, and I certainly honour our physical body, and the beings that we are.

    2. Thank you, onlyequity, for your kind response.

      I understand that Nicole (and the other person I recently heard use this term on the radio) are coming from a place where they intend to express higher values. However, in this regard, for me, they fall short of that aim.

      I have been hearing and reading much lately about the power of words, the energy/vibrations, etc., of words, and it seems to me that such an off-hand/base/low description of the human body is not vibrating or resonating at a frequency in alignment with the rest of the message(s) being shared.


      But, I must add this. When I first read this offering from Nicole, yesterday, I noted the particular word that I dislike, and I disliked it then too, but I had not such a severe aversion to it as today on my second reading of her post. I think there could be any number of reasons for that, but before going to bed last night, I did something that Heather advised: I stated my intention to remember everything I know.

      This morning, I just happened to read this post again, not even thinking about anything, just refreshing myself as there was no new posting here, and that was when my reaction to that word (which I shall not type again) really exploded in my senses as utterly objectionable.

      I find that very interesting.

      We are constantly evolving - day by day, minute by minute...


      Ninja Bambi

    3. Dear Ninja Bambi,

      I thank you for your authentic and heart-felt response. You are quite right to remind me of the power of words. When I now pay attention to what I feel when I re-read this description/designation, the humour of it ebbs into the background, and I relate to your position.

      I feel the love in your words. Thank you for the nudge back on track!

    4. Dear onlyequity,

      I feel honoured to have shared these thoughts and feelings with you, using these magical words, and to witness a truth that resonates with both of us this day.

      From one sovereign being to another, in love.

      Ninja Bambi.

    5. Ninja Bambi - the word 'meatsuit' passed me by yesterday, but like you it came blasting back at me during a quiet moment this morning - like wtf? My body is the recepticle for my soul and I'm thankful I have it. Without my body, my soul would not be experiencing all the good things about living on this 3d planet. As you so rightly said, words carry powerful vibrations so its important imo to send out good ones.

      Sine Nomine

    6. Note to self, in view of my last sentence I shall try to reduce my usage of wtf? !

      Sine Nomine

  56. Excerpts from an article of great interest:

    "...The Court gave Roosevelt his way, thus paving the way for the “democracy” and all the evils that the Founding Fathers rightly associated with a democracy. But the Supreme Court snuck in a few little items that allowed the People “an out” if they didn’t want to fall into the servitude trap. They ruled that Social Security must be voluntary...

    ...The Court will not pass upon the constitutionality of a statute at the instance of one who has availed himself of its benefits.

    Read that again. If you volunteer to be a Social Security “beneficiary” you instantly become ineligible to go to the Courts and challenge the constitutionality of the very same laws. And since you also decided to become a 14th Amendment citizen at the same time you now also fall prey to Article 4 of the 14th Amendment, which states:

    Section 4. The validity of the “public debt” of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.

    Yup, they just got you again. If, as a U.S. citizen you think the government ought to live within its means and not be five or ten trillion dollars in debt, you cannot question the [public] debt. Do you think you are done getting suckered in this deal? Guess again, it gets worse.”..."

    I suggest those interested take time to go to this link and read the full article, before asking a zillion questions - it has a GEM or NUGGET of information in it that you ought to know. I'm doing the same as the rest of us, just reading and learning from what others are sharing, all over the place.

    The excerpts above were taken from here:

    Ninja Bambi.

  57. As long as "they" have the ability to teletransport stacks of gold right from under their noses, can "someone" transport my portion right into my living room with a love note that says "thank you for 40 years of slave labor and counting..."
    Now don't get me wrong I love this site and AK, KB, Enrechi et al. Many of us "believers" all ready visit these sites and feel we are the chosen ones who are "informed" even though our friends and families think we're nuts.

    I have to ask myself, why did the People's trust contact these sites and not contact mass media shows that many others might enjoy hearing or being informed of this Hot Topic that will change the entire world...such as Oprah, Ellen , The View,? When ever they speak people seem to listen..Want to stir the pot....these shows have an Army of followers that listen to their every word. Hell, If Dr. Oz tells people that rubbing dandelions on our butts will cure bloating and gas,I'd bet Fruit of the Loom Corporation would jump on that bandwagon. just a thought. Keep up the good work. Thanks for everything you do. Bonb

  58. After being involved in all this for about a year now I have to say I am at an all time low. My life has been a downward spiral into the "Shit Pit" since Dec 21. I did not expect any kind of mass ascension on that date but I honestly did expect to see some visible changes to help awaken the masses by now. Other then on the inside nothing has changed in the year I have been awake. After looking back past the year I have been awake I am finding out that all this shit isnt new and has been going on for some years now with all the same shit being said and promised and nothing ever happening. I feel alot like a care giver going through what we call in the profession "Care Giver Burnout" where at a point you are so tired and fed up you just start to wish the person you are caring for would die just to end their suffering and yours. I am burnt out. I dont have my light anymore, it is lost somewhere behind a pissed off person who is fed up and just doesnt care anymore. I think it is coming upon a time that I must retract from all this garbage and just go live my fucked up life in this fucked up world. If change actually become apparent I will be more then happy to step and and do whatever I can to help usher it in but I am done feeding off of false hopes from people that can provide no proof of anything at all other then simply telling us we are free and to act like it.... For a time I was on board holding the love and light in my heart and focusing my intentions on the changes I wanted to manifest. As time passed my life has seemingly gotten worse with every day I held onto love and focused on good intentions. Anyway in the current awakened state I am in I can honestly say I would rather depart from this world then to continue living in the enslavement I know we are trapped in. I will still come to RTS from time to time to connect with the wonderful community here but each day I follow this closer and closer with no real change happening in our world its breaking me down more and more.

    1. Brando, I could have written the EXACT same post just 2 days ago; so I feel your pain, I really do. However, on the positive side of things what you are experiencing is a good thing! The higher energies are stirring up all the shit we thought we had cleared but may have just stuffed or it is your body releasing those energies that are stored cellularly. Just observe and acknowledge their presence. This may sound funny but I am working with an Awakening Coach - Aruna Byers - (she is amazing and what a life story) anyway, she gave me this tool. Ask these questions of your ego: Who are these feelings for? (You say 'brando') Who is Brando? (You say, I am) then you ask; Who am I? And, your ego cannot answer this and it somehow diminishes the broken record of these feelings. What you are going through is AWESOME Brando! You WILL feel so much better on the other side; I know, I have just arrived on the other side. Also, am a big fan of Sun Gazing - sun is such a healer so catch of few rays, my Brother! YOU ARE WONDERFUL and on the right path!!! Love you!

    2. Just Before Dawn5 January 2013 at 14:46

      I hear you Brando,loud and clear and can empathise completely with your disillusionment because so little has come to pass from those who promised so much more.But what I will say to you is please dont surrender to despair or to thinking the world is a very dark place all the time.Take time away from the computer to rest and recover and get out into nature if at all possible,see some old friends,rent some old favourite movies if possible,anything that gives you pleasure-and take it as a given that any so called lightworker offering their information,insight and advice for a fee is a complete fake and an opportunistic predator(worse than any cabal member) feeding on the discontent and despair of the spiritually and sometimes emotionally vulnerable-if there's a price tag its a product,full stop.Likewise, anyone offering world changing information or plans without detailed specifics or hard visible external proof equally is a grade A bullshitter no matter what kind of flowery prose they wrap their vision in.Rest assured once you start asking for real proof or facts the "love and light" attack dogs will descend and accuse you of being "negative" or "dark" blah blah....but there are others who arent looking for ego to be massaged,who do want to help change the world and care deeply about the way it's going.HOLD onto that love and light and when you're strong enough again share it even with one other person locally or in thought towards others-forget global,act local and from the heart-there may well be others near you who need a kind word,a helping hand,a wall painted or a shopping bag lifted..sounds trite maybe but it WORKS-the world IS changing,at the level of the heart but it will take time to manifest to the extent you wish to see-rest assured its not aliens or angels or contrite sorrowful bankers that will change it,its you and me ,ordinary people through a million small random acts of kindness and awakened behaviour.The bullshitters and snake oil salesmen and women will always be with us-check for the price tag,check for the vague answers-that will reveal who they are...then focus on whats real in YOUR life and enhance the good ,anyway you can.Peace to your heart,peace to your mind-rest up ,be gentle with yourself and restore your soul.

    3. Another Sun-Gazer right here! Me! :)

      Ninja Bambi.

    4. Brando,
      There are thousands that feel the same as you that have been chasing freedom for decades. I haven't given up hope but have learned that 98% of what we read on these sites has been BS so far. Sorry folks but that is my experience and I am not a spring chicken, been through 3 careers including the corrupt military.

    5. Hooray for Sun-Gazing! Right on Nija Bambi! It is challenging in the winter, though; and can't wait for Spring!

    6. Sorry, I had a typo - Ninja Bambi!

    7. Re: Sun-Gazing.

      "...It is challenging in the winter, though; and can't wait for Spring!"

      Yes it is tricky in the winter. I find I drop everything and rush out to look up when the glory shines between the winter clouds. Not often enough, so like you, Karen, I'm looking forward to those longer days ahead, whilst still appreciating the winter, of course. :)

      Ninja Bambi

    8. So true Brando! I really enjoy your posts and I'm sorry to hear that. However I do think it's interesting because I'm sooo in the exact same place. What's interesting is that I came across another post last night that had the same message, though much more brief and not as well articulated. Something in me snapped, and although I feel the same exact way, this huge motivational response came flooding out of nowhere. I always have trouble posting on this site, so I wasn't able to post it, but boy was I up on a soapbox. The underlying theme was, be the change that you wish to see. We all feel like we're going crazy BECAUSE we're making changes within. We're ready to give up in part because we've done so much to hold the love and stop playing the cabal's game. We can't forget that we're slaves now, so we can't comfortably go back to sleep. We feel like we're running in circles! I suddenly feel this intense energy inside me that can only be described as a disclosure type energy. I'm crawling out of my skin; I'm restless. It's this NEED for TRUTH welling below the surface screaming DO SOMETHING but we we have no idea what to do and still have a little bit of fear associated with being a plastic pawn amongst a sleeping population in the dark, intricate game. We seek to be beyond that fear, so let's DO it! Instead of feeling bad and giving up we HAVE to embrace this resentment and restlessness. What are your gifts, what are you supposed to be doing? What tiny steps can you take to feel like you're promoting change?

      Though this post I was responding to was merely a "I can't fight while I'm broke'" type comment, I found myself completely aware of the fact that if this idea of a coming disclosure is a scam then it's purpose isn't to get our info and kidnap us, it's to turn that awakening that we're going though into despair....intentional or not it's done it! Seeing your post makes it so much clearer and more real to me! This mentality is the exact kind of mind trap that we're trying to break everyone free from. We're all eager to assume that things are happening behind the scenes. We're kept in this place of hope that something is around the corner and we're told that someone is on it. Then it never comes. This cycle of slight ups and downs is gentle enough to keep us in this place of "waiting" but we're tearing ourselves up inside because our blood is boiling with DO and we seriously have no inkling of where an outlet is. So we give up and end up in a deeper despair then before we were awake. Now if that isn't the Cabal's game then I don't know what is. I have no way of telling if sites like these are leading us down this road on purpose, if they're prey to it as well, or if this is just a natural part of events unfolding, but we HAVE to step outside of this cycle of waiting, and I don't mean by feeling like we wasted our time and going back to sleep. We have to look inside and believe in the change that we see in our personal lives. Look around and see this beautiful community of people in this same exact place, dying to do ANYthing to get the ball rolling. Hopefully the work we've all been doing on ourselves will allow us to identify the something, ANYTHING, that we're dying to do.

    9. Brando, sorry you are going thru a rough spell. It happens to us all at some time or other. There's no quick fixes to offer you. Each of us reacts differently. As the others here have said, the only thing we can do is take some time away from all this and find something that gives you a feeling of peace. Nature's good to lose yourself in for a few minutes.if you have access to a park or open space. Set an intention to feel better then let it go. Don't beat yourself up for feeling this way. Just be yourself. It's OK.

      Sine Nomine

      Sine Nomine

  59. I feel I want to say something like this:

    Today ME writes and article about how the world in a slave-ship and there is no way to get off. Tomorrow YOU read that article and feel or know that YOU are enslaved in this world.

    Tomorrow ME writes an article explaining how the world is now free because of this or that action that has taken place. The next day YOU reads the article about how we are now free and feels or knows YOU is free.

    The next day ME writes an article telling how there is no money and we are all poor and indebted forever. That day YOU reads the article and knows and feels for sure how poor and indebted YOU are.

    The following day ME writes an article explaining how there is infinite abundance for all and everyone can claim or expect to receive a fair share. The next day YOU reads the abundance article and knows and feels for sure that YOU are wealthy.

    Then ME writes another article stating for sure that the abundance and wealth article is a lie. YOU reads this article and knows for sure and feels that YOU has been lied to and there is no money or wealth coming to YOU.

    And so it goes...

    So what is truth?

    Are those ME's and YOU's that act and live in the certain conviction that there is freedom and abundance right?

    Are those ME's and YOU's that act and live in the certain conviction that there is slavery and poverty right?

    Are we all right?

    What does this all mean?

    Is it just that it is what it is what it is, according to ME and YOU?

    I think it might be...


    Ninja Bambi.

  60. All BS

    not wholly different for hundreds of millions of WOMEN!

  61. If you say you have spent hours researching and you mention jesus and god in that context it tells me you have not done enough research because that is part of it all, if anything for me that is almost at the top of the pyramid. Please research that.

    1. Please offer some links for your post, as this is still bouncing around in my head. I have so many questions and not enough answers.

  62. This post is for Sine Nomine, Anon 4 and Baab: Thank you for your responses about a bazillion posts ago! I realized my reaction was a bit knee jerk and well understand the lessons that were there for me to receive. What you could not detect was the amount of fear I was pushing through just to post/publicly speak. I live in OK but am from CA and the last 20 years here my beliefs have been ridiculed, I been called silly names and have had people tell me they would pray for me - all in the work place! LOL Anyway, I have been pretty silent ever since...but not anymore! I appreciate all of you soooo much! Karen
    PS: Can someone tell me how to stop the comments from coming into my email? You guys are some maniac posters! LOL I mean that in a good way!

    1. I think you will have to unsubscribe to this blog, Karen. Not sure, though, as I'm not a subscriber, but I think that's what happens when you subscribe, you get updates on posts/comments.

      Ninja Bambi.

    2. ktbokc - I can guarantee I won't be praying for you but I am sending good wishes your way! lol! Glad you pushed thru the fear. Onwards and upwards, my friend! ;-) :D

      Sine Nomine

  63. Well I just read through the transcript at american kabuki.
    The questions were well thought out and the answers were also well thought out and I found it all very informative.
    I have no opinion on the information other than ,If this is bullshit and just another dose of the ol HOPIUM then all involved
    in this deserve to feel bad about themselves..Ha!

    The whole interview and info sounds very plausible and clear cut.
    I personally want it to be the truth and look forward to further information and of course instructional manuals would be handy,in regard to the questions/answers to use in possible situations.

    Time will tell.

    Also I thought by D's last post where she threatens to reveal all was in reference to this being a scam along with all of her other contacts and she was going to blow the lid off.......
    But now I think she is going to be venting her anger at the deceptions that have been used against some of the people of this planet,and will be referencing lots of info a lot of us already know,not a problem if its feeding a new mind.

    And one other thing,Where in the interview does it mention gold being dematerialised etc.....???????????

    1. Re-read her last post, 'To hell with Crayons'.

      They are in the process of creating a TEAM to take the bull by the horns and do what those at the top of the ladder haven't had the balls to do.

    2. Baab - about gold teleportation. I'm wondering if that had something to do with a clip posted on a few days ago. If so, it was tongue-in-cheek! I maybe wrong and it might have been mentioned here ??? but if so I can't find it at the moment. lol!

      Sine Nomine

  64. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..... someone in the know let us know. There are those that want to know where to stand when the SHTF. We need to know where to place our feet; to allow for a strong foundation. Is it possible; yes, no, maybe so. Please, loose the riddles and let's move into creating the future. WHERE DO WE STAND!!!!!!!!!!

  65. What I got from the conversations with Heather is that all the legalities have been done and if you look at the news and Intel that has come out in parallel with the dates of the signing of docs and transferring of funds, it all substantiates her claims. It is happening now, the military has been put into place so the next step is for them to take action. Heather was not going to compromise that and who can blame her. The Cabal has caved for fear of being exposed for their crimes. What is important in the process for those of a blind eye is for them to be exposed on CNN and all major media. How this will happen is key.

  66. interesting times, interesting times


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