Friday 25 January 2013

"Turn on the Light"

Written by my lovely friend Sophia.  This struck me as very NOW.  I have been talking about FEAR with my kids and with several other friends.

Fear is generated as a Psy-Ops against the people.  Keep them in Fear so that they are so pre-occupied with dealing with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual side effects they'll never notice that you've stolen their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies right out from under them.

Government = fear
Authority = fear
Religion = fear
Education = fear
Medical = fear

The use of FEAR has been a constant attack on us our whole lives- the ultimate control by those who would place themselves above you.

We are all ONE.  We are all EQUAL.

No person has the Right to Control you.  So Don't let them Control you.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

Turn on the Light

It is up to us now to become free.

Yesterday I identified fear, took note and contemplated what it means.  It did not occur while being chased by a wild beast.  It occurred in my automobile, on a quiet street, early morning, just outside a school.  The sun was shining. The sky was blue.  I was warm and dry and driving well within the posted speed limit.  Then I spotted a police car.  It was parked off to the side.  In my gut a bloop of panic erupted and cascaded up to my brain where it registered; fear.

This was a “school zone” and it is swarming with speed traps.  I don’t exceed the limit because of it and yet the part of me that feels panic got triggered anyway.  Why?

Fear is a control mechanism.  We have learned well.  It keeps us docile, aging, needy and quiet.  It is neither necessary nor desired.  It is based on a non-truth; someone else holds authority over your actions, indeed, over you. This is so engrained as to be unquestioned.  Many consider it truth.  It is not.

Looking at fear from a distance, it is immobilizing and knee-jerk. Consciousness exposes the option of fearless.  It is not one we’ve considered before.  Fear makes sense as a spark to get us running from physical harm, and only then.  It exists to ignite adrenaline.  Fear makes no sense when confronting “make believe”.

As children, we may have been afraid of the dark, afraid it would hurt us. Then we understood the room didn’t change without light, it was only our perception and imagination that made it scary.

We are learning to turn on our light.  The tales of power by an imaginary “other”, often wearing a uniform and/or title, are meant to keep us in the dark – afraid, docile, compliant and unquestioning.  It is up to us to expose the fraud, turn on our light and tell our gut to pipe down – all is well.

The papers have been filed to legally declare our freedom; it is true.  Yet with fear of any kind of authority – the shackles are still in place. 

In order to really be free, it must be felt in every moment of our lives.  As we adjust we will notice the moments that ignite panic.  One day they won’t.  For now we can deal with them as markers – pointing the way to what needs our focus.

For once we see ourselves as free; the ferocity of our spirit will hold steady our authority – regardless of who is in the room.  It is this state we are heading towards.  Absolute conviction is untouchable.  As we set our sights on the truth of who we are, we’ll notice moments of who we have been, of who we are not.  This is good; awareness facilitates clarity.

Your truth is absolute.  You are a living breathing fragment of Source in every way equal to any “other”.  You are beholden to none.  There are none more important than you and none your worth surpasses.  We are One.

Love every particle because it’s all part of the package.  The really great part of this is that it is yours.  As you see it, recognize it, absorb it and re-work it – your spirit is fortified.  You own it.  No one has given it to you and no one can take it away.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.


  1. I've been using the Litany Against Fear for a long time. I have a little graphic of it on my desk top so it's handy with I need it. It's from Frank Herbert's "Dune" by the way.

    Wandering Fire

  2. Yes, it is from Frank Herbert's Dune :) Bene Gesserit's Litany Against Fear, I used to have it written on a small piece of paper which I carried around in my pocket. Helped me through some very difficult time.

  3. Thanks D for the post - good article to help people understand better how fear is debilitating and how we can move BEYOND fear.

    No doubt about us humans having to raise our consciousness in MANY WAYS. TOPPT helps jump start us in that direction. Hey, there is this great game, the gold/energy game, which Heather invited KP,, to play. Another tool to help nudge us beyond our usual ways of perceiving and thinking.

    Feels like a shift happening and it is ongoing - there is also an interesting article on today, 1/24/13 about Fifth Level of Consciousness. Sort of feels like walking on a tight rope these days - balancing. And there IS a safety net below so if I fall off, just climb back up and keep going.


  4. Excellent Sophia!!

    The Cabal knows EXACTLY how fear effects our DNA, thus so many things to induce it, False Flags, war, negative news stories, and list is endless.

    Here is an article addressing the effect of fear AS WELL AS HATE on our DNA.

    Thanks again Sophia, it's time to take out the trash and lighten our loads as we become Crystalline Beings!!

    1. One of the best things I did was to shut off the tv and not go back to it, unless the walking dead was on lol.. I have no fear, I am grounded by love and great thoughts and music. Recently tuned my guitar down to natures 432 hz. :) I suggest all musicians do the same. So hard at times to live with family who is still stuck in the 3d of fear and tv b.s.. I for one, will never, can never go back to that place, Yuck!!

  5. Good post.

    Thank you.

    Ninja Bambi

  6. What a great topic... I agree we have had fear programed into us, however our children, the next generation has not!

    We think that being great parents is teaching our children manners, cleaning their room, and not jumping on the furniture.

    I believe the most important thing I can teach my children is to fear nothing!.

    They are the light, they wear the lords shield, they are protected. My children leave the house and I do not fear, they ride their bikes without helmets..I do not fear. They explore the forest...I do not fear.

    I can not.

    Because of this I have had judgment placed on me, that i am not protective enough. I ask.. If you knew that whatever you fear about your children would become your reality, your truth, would you ever fear? NO

    My children are free, they do not watch the news, they do not hear of kidnappings, of murders, of robberies, 911, Sandy hook ect... Do they need to? What purpose would it serve. It would instill fear. When they get afraid of something, I tell them "do not be afraid, the lord goes with you, he protects you, there is nothing to fear".. It calms them. That is their truth.

    They do hear through other kids, parents and teachers the evils of the world..When they ask me about those things I tell them the enemy is out there and he CAN NOT harm us. I set the example, If I don't show interest in the enemy, then neither will they.

    Don't misunderstand, My children understand that they have to show me respect, they have empathy for others, However they also understand that what ever they fear and especially if it comes out of their mouth, the enemy will give them what they fear, every single time. They are learning to control their words and their thoughts

    We had fear driven into us. We have a choice not to drive that fear into our next generation.


  7. A couple more things, sorry I can ramble on and one about this subject.

    My husband and I catch ourselves saying "you are just like your mother, your just like your father" it has been programed into us from our parents. I have told my kids," even though people will compare you to us, you have a choice of what you want to embrace about those qualities. the others you don't want you can throw away" My daughter now responds "Im not mom or dad..I AM ME" how great is that!

    Visualization for your children...

    Take a candle, light it, explain what that light is.. Such as, when the light is lite it is when you are with god, happy, feel good, ect.

    Blow it goes dark, ugly, icky, sad, depressed.

    It is up to them to keep their light lit


    Take a candle and lite it (that is them) take a unlit candle(another person)

    Move the lit candle to the unlit candle and show them how simple one light will transfer to another turning the dark unlit candle to light!

    Children get this concept...for adults..its not so easy.

  8. not for nothin', but this stuff is really spirituality 101.

    will we soon be channelling unicorns?

    1. you can if you wish. I unfortunately do not speak unicorn.

  9. Hi will someone please explain to me what happens if
    a bank forecloses on me, If I ignore the foreclosure order
    and refuse to move out of my house.


    1. John,
      This is the question that we need to all figure out.,because we allknow who we are, but these judges,lawyers and Cops with guns don,t give a hoot. How we get over this hump of enforsement is unanswered, i myself am waiting for more information from heather and gang, antisipating the info i need to proceed with my simiilar situation.

    2. as a real estate agent in WA state.........the banks have been known to pay up to $10k for keys. I have always advised clients to stop paying (save the $$)...and do not leave until they offer you money for the keys. banks like the property to be inhabited..until they do finally take over. the oppt stuff, is a new paradigm. this advice stems from the old rebel in me .............but I have seen my clients be able to walk away after all is said and done, with enough $$ to put down on another property with owner financing.
      hope this helped somewhat.

    3. I can only tell you of my experience and not from the perspective of OOPT because I'm not sure how all that works and it depends on your state. At the bottom of the letter that you received from "Their" attorney it should state something like...You have 30 days to respond.

      I was in moderation and wrote a letter to their attorney (paraphrasing) stating That a property could not be in moderation and in foreclosure at the same time. And that it was unlawful for them to foreclose on my property without showing where the loan originated from. I gave "them" and their client who they represented 30 days to show proof of the loan until then I requested the foreclosure to be stopped until so the problem could be rectified. they never sent the paper work. It did stop the foreclosure for a couple of months.

      Eventually we just moved out. We didn't like the uncertainty of what "they" were going do, so we moved.

      The lord placed us exactly where we are supposed to be. Life could not have worked out better for us and our family :)

    4. OK I give up I will reply to my own question
      correct me if I'm wrong but would not a sheriff
      pay me a visit and enforce the foreclosure

      Say by forcing me out of my house.

      What do you think D

      You know you can meditate and visualize all you want
      but to quote a shill that used to frequent this blog.

      NOTHING WILL HAPPEN (sorry about that)

      Even the bad guys know this I have explained this before.

      We are in 3D (THE TRIANGLE) it's all over the planet



      Take two colors (action) mix them together bingo you get a third color

      Man + woman (action) sex bingo baby.


      I can go on forever it cannot fail it's LAW nothing works or manifests unless it makes a triangle.

      So were are we the OPPT have foreclosed on the bad guys (first point of the triangle)
      second point of the triangle (action) sheriff or the good guys do there duty and enforce the foreclosure

      Third point of the triangle manifestation the bad guys are out. its the only way

      You can visualize until you are blue in the face but until action is taken
      it will not manifest. it's an unbreakable law.


    5. Eventually they will evict. But you could be living there payment free for up to 18 months. At least that has happened to 1/2 dozen people I know in my state of Arizona, which is a high foreclosure rate state. I'm not sure this is how it plays out elsewhere. We have lawyers here that advise their clients to do just that. You could be filing your OPPT docs while you wait! :)

    6. Thank you all I appreciate your response, to me your response
      is as good as reaching out with a helping hand.
      it creates a good feeling

      positive vibrations go out and never stop right through the universe
      negative vibrations leave but dissipate just as they leave our planet

      Fortunately I am not facing foreclosure I was just pointing out
      that visualizing your self free or wealthy with out action is fruitless.

      The OPPT have initiated foreclosure maybe what we should be
      thinking and talking about is why haven't law enforcement officers
      taking action. could they be waiting for Heather to ask them.
      on behalf of the people.?

      No good asking D she is doing more then any of us towards our
      freedom. she is doing more then her share.

      My self I deliver DVD,s to peoples letterboxes I no longer
      see a point in posting in chat rooms or Facebook
      they already know what is happening.


    7. John, OK I admit, I thought you were talking about your personal home that YOU live in!

      However, you were being coy and talking about the government being foreclosed on.

      Here areball these people reached out to you, helping you as they would help their loved ones..the best they can.

      Yes, action must be taken. Are you volunteering for the job?

      You see it is only going to take one wayward ant to venture out against the ridicule and bring the other insects that have their own unique characteristics to stand with the ants against the grasshoppers.

      Is that you john? Are you going to be the ant that takes action and completes the triangle?

      I think you are.

    8. John: read the article that was posted by D from Judge Dales regarding the TOPPT and then check what he says here,,,

      I'm certain, although I haven't looked, that there are more of his expose's if you do a search,,,anyone else know of more info. from "The Judge"

    9. John lol.. see? Think you and I are connected. (Heart)

    10. Hello The big mamma ant
      The triangle can only be completed by OPPT they took the action
      and foreclosed (and God bless them for doing so)

      we can only support, to take on the Government without the legal expertise
      OPPT have would do more harm then good I would simply end up in jail.

      I have already taken action in my own way even my Daughter thinks I've lost it.

      Also I am not 100% sure foreclosure has really happened
      Imagine going up against the Government with that niggling doubt at the back of your mind

      Sorry I'm not the one been there before got hung out to dry.


    11. The only thing I want to add or highlight or remind people of on the subject of FORECLOSURES is this:

      It is based on the assumption that one has not repaid a LOAN. They have to PROVE a valid CONTRACT for a REAL actual LOAN was entered into by TWO parties with TWO signatures, this is true for ANY loan.


      Any LOAN or DEBT that has even ONCE been SOLD on to a third party is SETTLED.

      In other words, if YOUR mortgage was SOLD in a bundle/derivative to A N OTHER the original LOAN is deemed as PAID to the original 'Lender'.

      You should be looking at this issue from another angle, and by reading things like the links I include below, you ought to be seeking to establish, proofs that your home is NOT being illegally foreclosed upon.

      I just googled foreclosure fraud, and found these links...there must be many more.

      It's not a case of YOU being evicted from your home for non-payment, it's a case of was there EVER an actual LOAN and even if there was, does the orginal LENDER bank still own that NOTE/Contract of did the sell it on in such a way that the original note/contract is split and melded and effectively impossible to tell who owns that note/contract/loan on your home. You can't owe any debt that has already been paid, no matter who paid it, and you can't owe any debt to anybody that can't prove you and they have both signed a contract, with full terms and agreements listed within.

      Stop feeling afraid or abused and start asking the right questions, and if needs be, join with others that are fighting these illegal bank actions.

      Ninja Bambi

    12. Ninja Bambi is entirely correct. There was a landmark case in NY Supreme Court, I believe, where the judge threw out the foreclosures for exactly the reason Ninja Bambi states, the companies who were foreclosing did not have the original "paper," because it was bundled and sold with other mortgages in the derivatives market.

      Heather has even stated that when they researched the whole issue of loans, they found that there were never loans made, period. It is just numbers in a computer transferred from one company to the next.

      In reality, your birth certificate creates a trust account in your strawman name. If you took the right steps, and used the right forms, you could inform your mortgage company to draw the funds that you "owe" from that trust account, because that is what they are doing anyhow!

      What is happening now is these companies are being paid twice, once via your trust account, and once via your payment, which translates into your labor.I think these links have been published before on RTS, they are very helpful in understanding the huge scam that has been perpetrated by the PTW on mankind.

    13. there have been several landmark cases against the foreclosures over the past few months in several states. - court cases that have been given msm coverage. if you google "MER court cases illegal foreclosures" that should give everyone a good start- with something that the banks UNDERSTAND IMMEDIATELY. No Explanation necessary because the banks KNOW that what they're doing is illegal. that is just one example. I"m not a legal or foreclosure specialist (lol) but I think that would be a very good spot to hit them below the belt ;>)

    14. What you all dont seem to understand is the courts are a dog and pony show, they have some wins to keep the sheeple in hope mode. I have proof of the bank lawyers using a counterfite note with a forged signature, do you think the attorney generlal, fbi,sec, give a rats ass. The judge is part of the racketeering enterprise. Heather as a lawyer lost her case and found in her report the fraud is in the judiciary. There is no remedy in the courts, as i said they let a few wins by to make the illusion of justice. Have you not all read heathers documents.?

  10. Well said Sophia , thank you

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  12. UCC benjamin give fulford David Wilcock alex jones kerry cassidy its going to diffuse faster

  13. There must be someone who needs to hear/read this...Count it all joy!

    It is time for the people of the world to stop and realise that the divisions that supposedly exists amongst us are an illusion. There is no division. Its time for everyone to understand the truth of this. Its time to approach the world and each other in a state of love rather than a state of fear. Its time for you to tap into the source and realize your own potential and its time for us all to collectively stand together and address the root cause of the problem. And all of you need to spread this information, its very important that you do. Burn DVD's and hand them out to people. Bring the conversation up at every opportunity. This issue is too important to ignore and if your not part of the solution then your part of the problem, theres simply no middle ground.

    Bring all the truth factions of the world together under one banner, the banner of human unity. Set aside your differences and work the finer details out later. Regardless of who or what is the ultimate intelligence behind this plan for global control, everyone needs to understand clearly that the Fascist New World Order that is being introduced and the mass depopulation that is occurring across the globe is being implemented by the criminal banking elite.

    The money system is the head of the snake.

    Cut the head off the snake and the rest of it will whither and die.

    The time for talk is over and the time has come for action. It is now time for the people of the world to stop complying with the system.


    Stop complying with it and you will shut it down. And the best form of non compliance is love. Approach every issue with love. Rather than obediently following orders given to you by a commanding officer, and rather than doing what is right for you personally. Do what is actually right. And if a leader wants to send you to war, say no sir, I wont murder other peoples children for you any more. You'll have to go and do it yourself. You will be called coward by the military but such is not the case. It is much easier to fight for principles than to live up to them and it takes a far braver man to stand up for what is right and spit in the face of authority than it does to blindly follow orders due to fear of the consequences. Understand that we are all one and the key to real change and unity in this world lies with love.

    There need be no violence, no guns, no banners, no slogans, no group think, just a united act of global non compliance. Non compliance for any thing in conflict with the directives out lined in the universal declaration of human rights would be a good start. Simply stop giving these people the power to control you. Understand that the only power they have is the power the people themselves grant to them. Understand that injustice towards one is injustice towards all. Injustice against him, is injustice against you and there should be no grey area in you mind in regard to that. Everyone needs to stop going along with it and it needs to be done immediately. Its time to cut the head off the snake.

    The Revolution is not coming.

    The Revolution is now.

    1. I agree 100%! The thing that "they" fear most is us slaves unifying and ceasing our obedience. It is just that simple! It is my opinion that anyone (like myself) that is not buried in family protection issues should "opt out" at this point and pave the way for the others to follow.

      Also, I would suggest that anyone that is not already doing so, visit the Jim Stone Freelance website frequently. Even if you don't like what the guy is talking about, he is definitely pissing-off the adversaries, and the more web traffic, the stronger the message.

      And for all the negative "nothing will happen" folks: PESSIMISM IS NEITHER RATIONAL NOR USEFUL!!!!!!

    2. "Understand that the only power they have is the power the people themselves grant to them."

      There is some truth in that, but not in the metaphysical-manifest-your-own-world kind of way. What it really means is that words, thoughts and deeds of another will not affect me.

      Take the denizens of this blog as an example. If others words did not affect or hurt them then they would have never changed the kind of posts that are deemed acceptable. Ironically enough, they never stop to think about what great practice in retaining ones own power it could be. Instead the egos are all aroused to remove that which does not agree with them. And remember, these are supposed to be our more enlightened. Well, if a dumb blog can create this kind of separation, how do you think their lives away from the blog are? Not much different, right?

      In fact, let me ask how you honestly feel and react to the people who really don't want to hear you preach this kind of stuff, who would rather you'd go away and never talk to them about it again?

    3. I think the best form of non-compliance is to stop filing your taxes! If we do it in the millions they will start to get the picture real soon!

    4. My opinion on the matter is that it is easier than going against the IRS to go to the county electoral office and tell the clerk you want to un-register from their voter system.
      If you don't re-register periodically it will only expire, but you are still in.

      To truly get out of the voter system, One would un-register from it.

      They don't represent your interests, do they? Do they speak for you, do they do acts that you support? Do they spend your money they receive in ways that you find beneficial for Earth and all of mankind? Do they represent service to others or service to self and is that aligned with your light?

      If not, there's a chapter or more in the bible for people who support systems that cause harm to others by their membership, support, and inaction to leave when they have an opportunity to do so.

      You can always join back in the system by registering again, but to upset the IRS and not know how to deal with them - there are ways to fight them or deal with them or complain on them or get someone to advocate for you before them, but it's not something everyone even awake is prepared to go through. It's like the first jump in the Matrix. No one makes the first jump without falling. If the IRS locks in on you and you don't 'know' what to do. You can't 'think you know', you have to KNOW. Don't do it. There are other forms of non-compliance that don't require as many hoops and knowledge and strength of character and money, in my opinion.

      If enough people unregister, it's like having a government with no people to govern. It's like having someone at a rally and start speaking and everyone that has arrived there turn their back to the speaker and having their own discussions ignoring his.

      That's how you get attention to say you don't speak for me, you don't represent me and my interests which are service to others.

      They can't have a democratic government if most of the people they used to call citizens walked away (unregistered) from the stupid rules created by your fiction.

      No one can discriminate against you for your political or non political affiliations, just like no one can discriminate against you for your religious or non-religious affiliations.

      Some rights are unalienable. Those are the best kind, but most have contracted it away by joining a system of control of their own free will. You aren't free if your signature is somewhere indicating 'control me, I'm yours to control'.

      See how it really works when you are on the outside? On the inside of the programming, they have tv shows and news shows to train the people to discriminate and collectively get mad at the freedoms of the (other) people on the outside, when truth be told, you were not supposed to be stuck on the inside, but there is a signature of yours somewhere that put you there and you keep signing and complaining, signing and complaining.

      Eyes wide shut? yet stating they are awake.

    5. You can always join back in the system by registering again, but to upset the IRS and not know how to deal with them - there are ways to fight them or deal with them or complain on them or get someone to advocate for you before them, but it's not something everyone even awake is prepared to go through. It's like the first jump in the Matrix. No one makes the first jump without falling. If the IRS locks in on you and you don't 'know' what to do. You can't 'think you know', you have to KNOW. Don't do it. There are other forms of non-compliance that don't require as many hoops and knowledge and strength of character and money, in my opinion.


  14. Love these statements: ". Absolute conviction is untouchable. As we set our sights on the truth of who we are, we’ll notice moments of who we have been, of who we are not. This is good; awareness facilitates clarity."

    Thanks Sofia

  15. OK D-- I'm trying to contribute to the greater good and to BE... ✌

    Fellow RTS readers: Let's spread the word! Please "like" and share my Facebook page with your freedom-minded friends!

    FREEDOM SUFFRAGETTE is dedicated to sharing information from several different sources, including several blog and alternative news sites. It incorporates documents, images, and petitions on a variety of topics with the goal of reaching and educating a wide audience across the globe. This page is intended for educational and enlightenment purposes only.

    1. OPPT also has an FB page I just found it today.

  16. Turn out the lights, the party's over...

    1. Ah the old Moses story.
      You are free. Exodus from the control of the pharoah, oh but you can't touch your promised land (nor promised money) until you prove you deserve it.

      My concern for the Ones I love that I had nothing to do with waking up; because I didn't wake up the people around me - is this.

      With the highs of getting your 'money that is waiting on you', and the low of 'someone got in the way', and the high 'that changes are happening' and the low that 'it's taking too long to 'save' you from what you are dealing with now, and the 'high' of see the changes around you, lets meditate, pray, get together and do something about love, and the 'low' of the landlord you put off on paying rent and even if he/she's awakened by you and reading this stuff, will finally say, I was better off asleep, and I need my money, and the highs and lows of thinking paperwork will keep you from being kicked out of your home, etc and so on, well at some point I'm seeing people will do ANYTHING to be right, or to get off the ride.

      So many have posted wanting to suicide their self. Guess what. You come back here, you deal with this and you'll have no memory you've done it before except maybe a big Deja Vu of a familiarity of all of this. There is no short cut to this class. You came here, you finish the ride, you complete the game, or you go back three paces and come back here again. And from a Creative stand point, the Light in you is not injured, and the suicide of your physical vessel is equivalent to crashing your car and you can't sit there forever. You'll get out or you'll be removed from it. You are eternal, believe it or not.

      The rest of this is, there are alternate endings like a movie with alternate endings. You get so frustrated with your life with your family that you will run away and go live with another family. It's all well and done when you first get to know each other, because it's all so new, but when you settle in and you become who you are and they are who they are, they may find that things you do are 'unacceptable' in your new life, and things you didn't like you have to tolerate because they are your NEW family and took you in.

      There is no going home. They travel is space and hit a time and stop. The move in space and cannot drop you back at the 'time' you'd want to experience from. There is no do overs.

      I don't care how many times out of Love people express caution in waking up people because of the Karma on you if they suicide their self because you stopped them from their existence and pulled them into another before they were ready to experience it, and the Karma if them being guaranteed to experience the things they have tried to 'not' experience. "What you seek to NOT experience, you draw to yourself to experience."

      Love to all.

    2. I noticed some.... Shall we say "inconsistencies".... as well. Unfortunately, due to being hyper-observant and somewhat compulsive about details, I did notice some items that look to be doctored. Boooooo :(

    3. I think the entire thing was to test what people will fall for..which makes me question everyone involved.

    4. I would like D or Heather to explain that David P Crayford article to us. If she even knows herself. I respect whether she knows or not, it has no bearing on D because she is just reporting what she is hearing as all intel providers are. But if she has any insight as to how this information correlates with the People's Trust I would be interested in know it.

  17. I Love 'The Litany of the Benegeserit' makes me think of Paul Atreides Mua Dib. May these words be taken to Heart by all, for they apply perfectly.

  18. The opposite of Love is Fear. But what is all encompassing can have no opposite.

    There is only LOVE and the CALL FOR LOVE. Whatever stress you perceive by an 'other', it is simply a call for love.

  19. Guys. Check out A place for people who are fighting court cases based on OPPT.

  20. articles used to give each other info that something is up and something has changed.

    If you see something happen and 'they' pretend to not know why; you'd expect them to have an attorney, or an investigation, or a complaint against another entity.

    How does this come up missing?
    For a bank, this is a big deal. This is not credit. It's not derivatives. It's real assets.
    If they monetize their assets by 10, then they have to reduce their exposure by the amount of money missing, ie that they haven't received.

    Now suppose they have been getting paid by the government for some activity and as the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling things have been ironed out, this is money they expected to be deposited and now it's not.

    Suppose people are on unemployment and fell off the rolls even for extended unemployment and now they don't have those checks coming in.

    Whatever it is; it's a big deal to experience for them. Notice how they keep pushing like a pimp the 'too big to fail' in such a short article.

    Read what they aren't telling you...that's discernment.
    The Federal Reserve posts this info every Friday.

    "the first full week of 2013"

    Note: that would be January 7 - January 11, 2013

    the largest one-week withdrawals since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

    Note: Interesting word, """attacks""" as if America needs to be reminded of why that date was mentioned. The comma and the word attacks seem to indicate something greater than a reminder of what happened back then. It seems to be hinting at something now. The attack then was against the financial structure, and if it's perceived as an attack now, it's against the financial structure. We aren't talking gold here. Banks hold in reserves the deposits and then lend 'credit' based on what they are holding as 'real' in their vaults and on their ledgers.

    Additional Note: There was no internet uprising, No internet calls for unified withdrawal from banks to a credit union or other financial institution, occurred at that time. NO gold prices or silver prices or oil prices appear a reason for this. No threat that we know of except the 'we will take your guns' and that doesn't justify this so who did it and why?

    Even when seasonally adjusted, its still the third-highest amount on record.
    Bank experts and analysts are reluctant to give a definitive explanation?

    Note: When bank experts are confident, they communicate confidently. Why would they be reluctant to discuss something disclosed by the federal reserve. Reluctance to discuss is not ignorance of the facts, they don't want to say 'why'. What makes One want to know Why won't they say Why this is 'withdrawn'; not missing, not a shortage of's withdrawn!

    $114 billion from 25 biggest banks

    Some of those banks settled with the attorney generals for $25 billion mortgage settlement.
    Then this month settled with the Federal Reserve and OCC for $3.3 billion to deal with the foreclosure review settlement since it was such a fraud, and here after all that bickering in court, they are without $114 billion and all they can do is 'suspect' what was the cause.

    Don't buy it. They disclose things to each other. It's 'their' media. For their purposes. This article does not benefit them against us because to benefit them against us, it has to have some energy of fear to syphon the energy off the people who fall for it.

    Wall Street has risen while this has happened.

    I don't know what the tea leaves are indicating, but they tea leaves are in an unusual pattern for the tea leaves.

    Love. It's all Love.

    1. Thank you for this info. The primary need right now is transparency. What is going on? And who and why? The people behind the curtain on the good side, and people close to that like D, need to make an effort of explaining even more. To many circles.


    2. Right now.....we wait.......

      There has been a 'Gag Order' enforced in Washington since the Inauguration and it is TOTALLY being followed.

      ABSOLUTELY NO info is leaking out. I would venture the think that it is in place so as not to 'TIP THEIR HATS' to the Cabal when the hammer comes down.

      If that's the case, I can respect that even though we are left to wait. That makes time for 'Holding the Light', meditating and praying for what we DO WANT, (arrests and abundance, TOPPT), and any other GOOD thing for humanity.

      So instead of worrying, we can be productive, as worrying is COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.


    3. The tea leaves say.....NESARA was about to be announced the morning of "the attacks" back in 2001. Now it is about to be announced AGAIN. Read between the tea leaves and come up with your own conclusions.......

  21. Your enemies will always tell you that you have nothing to fear.

    Leones satiati innoxii sunt.


    1. So will your God.....
      Who do you choose to believe ?

    2. Which faction are you from Cryptic?
      The old guard or the younger guard?
      The Red Shields?
      Or the Rockerfellers?

      Flantem vobis rubus idaeus!

    3. "So will your God.....
      Who do you choose to believe ?"

      By this statement, are you actually referring to a religious doctrine, when you use the word God?

      Seems to me, if I'm not mistaken, there are many such variations of religious doctrine, all with their own ideas about what/who God is and what their franchise brand of a so-called God has to say about things.

      Is it wise to believe ANY of these religious groupings and their messages?

      Or would it be wiser to simply treat others, ALL others, with love and honour and leave the various ideas of 'God' at the wayside where the various ideas of 'God' can do no more harm?

      How about a polite notice to place at the wayside?

      Here lie various ideas of 'God'.
      These various ideas of 'God' have been known to cause harm and division amongst those who have believed them and acted upon them.
      If you desire and intend to live in peace and harmony with your brethren, you may choose to walk on by and leave these various ideas of 'God' here where they lie.~

      I'm just thinking about these things...and thought I'd share my thinkings...


      Ninja Bambi

    4. Love your enemies :-)

      Simus omnes urum

      Sine Nomine

  22. Digitalobserver6026 January 2013 at 08:57


    I recently found your site through American Kabuki and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy your no-nonsense approach to this incredibly crazy situation we find ourselves in. Also, I wanted to inform you of a video that I have recently found. I am sure it made its rounds back when it was created, but I had never heard of it and it made a drastic difference in me.

    It is called, 'The Secret' and is a documentary currently on NetFlix. This video explains the "I AM/I WANT" in laymen's terms and brought me to an entirely new level of my being. A quasi quote from it, is that Mother Theresa said, "I will never attend an anti-war rally, but if there was a peace rally I would be there."

    This quote and the other aspects of the video showed me that the universe reacts to whatever we feel and put out there. From what I received from it was that instead of saying, "I don't want to be 'sick'". You should approach it with the positive, "I want to be 'healthy'" or "I AM 'healthy'".

    Anyways, keep up the good work and thank you for everything.


    1. 'The Secret' is what we are referring to when we say "Focus on what you DO want, NOT on what you DON'T want.

    2. The book "Excuse me! Your Life is waiting" and the companion workbook by the late Lynn Grabhorn cover the same material as The Secret from a slightly different perspective. The workbook in particular is full of exercises to assist you in manifesting what you want and raising your vibration as well.

      Wandering Fire

  23. I AM free.
    I got a W-2 that indicated i was paid full salary for the entire year.

    That is not true. Someone claimed a right to my salary so portions of it were diverted to an unknown third party.

    I sent a letter rejecting the current W-2 and giving them 20 days to correct it, or I'd notify the IRS that I did not receive full salary and the business that sent the W-2 did not correct the gross error without fact in the form.

    I will also take the 'tax document' sent by the business claimed a right to my salary and pointed to a statute that gave them right to collect 'disposable income'.

    No law impairing the obligations of contracts shall be made. If I'm under contract for full payment, how are you going to point to a law that says you can step in the middle and take what is due me before I can touch it, UNLESS you have a contract with me giving you that access?

    I will notify that business that I have evidence of mail fraud. They used the postal service and sent fraudulent tax documents. We have no contract, no signature of mine is on any document of theirs.

    Yes I'm peacefully not complying with the lie. The program is dead, a zombie.

    Tell me. If I owe you $50 and I paid it every week for 10 years and then one year I pay you $30 a week and give $20 to someone else, is it right to tell you to tell the IRS you received the entire $50? Who pays the tax on the entire $50? Is it not fair to indicate you never touched that money? Is it not fair that you make them correct any amounts paid without your consent? Otherwise they could have given me the $50 and let me pay the $20. That would be truth.

    If we are going to be Free, we have to develop the eyes to see.

    1. Good luck in the reality unemployment line.

    2. Bravo! That's the way to go! Stand up to those who commit injustices, do it through the commercial code, affidavits, use notary publics, and do not allow anyone to push you around.

  24. Then don't listen to the enemies

  25. Go far within, within your Sacred Heart. Ask yourself, ‘What is there about my life which requires change? How might I make the world around me better? What steps are needed to create it thus?’ Make no mistake, it shall not be handed to you on a platter of gold. Oh, no. You must take responsibility for your creations.


    NWO The Final Solution

  27. For those looking for a 3D world event to get the ball rolling with, everything going on with Anonymous/Aaron Shwartz/DOJ right now looks like a biggie.

  28. While you're waiting impatiently for the announcement, make the most of the wait time: familiarize yourself with our Heavenly relatives: how will the First Contact happen? What will they look like? What is their language? There are so many resources out there to keep you busy, you won't see time fly. And you'll be more familiar with First Contact procedures. Knowledge replaces fear.

  29. love this Goldenmind,
    Been noticing the facade commercials trying to keep the fed game rolling.WHAT IF I JUST DO NOT RESPOND.?What if no body responded to the certain" date" in so called " april"Why respond to ANY THOUGHTS presented that are not true.If I respond to fear programs I would be giving them POWER to exist.How do you take the puff out of a morphic field.As you stand in infinite self,You delete all the fear thoughts as they come up.NOW is wonderful when you stand in your infinite being.!

  30. The Hidden Hand.

    This self-proclaimed illuminati [] Insider appeared on the “Above Top Secret” forum in October 2008, giving away information about the Illuminati Agenda and their goals.

    1. Many thanks for sharing this...mind officially blown just skimming quickly through the article!
      Hope others will take the time to explore this as well...

    2. Seen it before, but a re-read without the peripheral distraction of unhelpful posts has merit, imo

      A useful reminder of the game and how to play it.

      Thanks for the link ;-)

      Sine Nomine

    3. Wow, that was depressing. If being a catalyst for souls to make good evolutionary choices is their modus operandi then I think they may have over egged the pudding by just a few dozen. H.H. labours the point about not infringing on free - will. He/she maintains that information cannot be offered which has not been sought through inquiry, however in light of the way this reality is run that sentiment is a total hypocracy. They've been forcing informational propaganda down everyone's throats for thousands of years which was not asked for and which was resisted. They have then stifled and squashed resistence every step of the way, on every level. How is that not an infringment on free will?

      The idea that it was neccesary for Lucifer to come and "play" the part of resident evil in order for souls to have a choice is one I've heard before and thoroughly disagree with. It doesn't hold true and sounds more like a convenient self - justification for cruelty to exist. The notion that darkness is lights Teacher is false. If I percieve something as being good then I can also perceive something else to be better, or an improvement of good. I need never be conscious of the concept of bad, I have now created two points on a spectrum between good and perfect. I now have contrast, referance, and do not require the polarity between good/bad as my teacher.

      Furthermore the idea that an evolved soul group would be capable of descending to embody the polar opposite of that which it claims to be is a paradox. The machinations of darkness are just too detailed, all encompassing, and enthusiastically enforced to have been dreampt up by an benevolent group. If you cannot think it then you cannot create it.

      In regards to whether or not this article is authentic I would say the metaphor of a cheat program in a computer game is an curious reference for an initiate to make. I wouldn't have thought it would be on the radar of a regional leader who professes not to use the internet much. If H.H. is who he says he is, and believes what he is saying, his first loyalty would be to the family, his mandate - to lie to his audience at a crucial point. I think he alludes to this in his preamble.

      Lucifer is a tiresome sort as are those who follow him. So when you notice saturnian rings, a crown, and stylised pyramidal geometry / sun rays, set atop an oblong square embeded in a logo on the top of document which purports to free humankind from imprisonment by those who revel in such symbolism, you might want to ask better questions. Not to mention the Keshe foundation's soul contract. Trust is something which must be earned and born out through experience. Anyone who looks honestly at the relationships in their lives will understand this two-way street. Truth does not fear scrutiny. Why would it? It has nothing to hide. Just sayin'. Peace.

    4. There were some dubious 'facts' presented imo, things that can be easily researched if anyone has a mind to. The predictions never materialized in the time frame! I also have doubts about this so called rare window of opportunity for HH to be 'allowed' to communicate with us lower mortals. We should be so lucky!

      Overall, I took away from this a reaffirmation that we are all connected on whatever level and not everything he/she/it said resonated as BS.

      Sine Nomine

      Ha! the captcha for this was 'source'!!!


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