Tuesday 29 January 2013

More ideas and DO'ing outside the Box

I received this email this morning- another BE'ing who is thinking outside the box.  I love these emails that I am receiving. Each and Every idea is one born of heart and DO'ing - people thinking and BE'ing.

Hi “D”
In regard to your and heathers comments on the show “freedomreigns” the other night, I think I suddenly understand “some” of this and I thank you and Heather and the all the others involved. Next time you speak to her let her know that she will never know the amount of hope she has given us.

I have been giving a great deal of thought on this issue, and whichever way I look at it, it doesn’t matter if there is everyone with no money, or everyone has a billion dollars in the bank, because essentially the end results are the same, at one end, no one has any money and cant get hold of it---
so it becomes essentially worthless,
and if everyone has billions then---there is so much about that again
it becomes worthless.

In any community where there is a reward system or a credit system of any kind, there will always be those that “have” and those that “don’t”, there will always be some who use deceptive means to acquire credits they should not have, and there will always be those who for some reason or another cannot get enough credits to live a comfortable life (which is what everyone is entitled to), those who hoard the credits or value points in any system invariably rise from the herd to become the “alpha’s” which is the basis of the whole banking and monitory systems since inception many thousands of years ago, and has brought us to this “NOW” point where the very few have almost all the wealth and credits and live a life of extreme luxury and affluence, whilst the rest of us struggle, cant afford heating, food, or doctors fee’s, in short  a re-run of the French revolution.

But this system need not be, there is another way, without any score-keeping (so no one can cheat) no physical credits (so no one can hoard them) and no accounting so theft and fraud cannot exist, so I would like to take you to the next step, which is that we all are equal, we all do what we can to survive, but the government and banks make it impossible to work without some kind of Identification to conduct business or survive outside, or on the fringe of society, I know I have tried, at some point you always come to a roadblock, needing to drive somewhere, having no I D is not good, so lets take a stroll through this new  (actually “very old”) system.

Firstly , we pass the gas station on the way into town, people fill there cars, say good morning, grab a coffee, and a pack of cigarettes get back in their cars and off they go to work, there are no prices on the pumps, there is no cash register,  the shelves are stocked as in any other gas station, it is a true convenience store, and its run by Mr. Phelps, who has been running it for decades, no transaction has taken place, it is simply supplying to the people what they want it to, so who pays for the stock, this is where the cvac’s should come in, they set in place simple agreements without digital quotas or amounts that they will provide through their networks all the things that the oil field and its refinery and distribution systems and its employees need,, but because there is “no profit” to be gained--- therefore there can also be “no loss”, the drillers get what they want and with no personal restrictions or limits, (limits lead to shortages and hoarding for gain), and keep the oil flowing, this goes for all power producers, steel and construction industries, in fact all manufacturing  becomes interdependent on one another, take away the profit and you take away the greed, but you don’t take away the innovation  and quality of the job.

Lets say for example that I have a factory that makes things out of steel, I need steel sheet, so I contact the steel stock holders and order 3 sheets of steel for a job, I do not have to provide anything other than my address to the company and that is so they know where to deliver it, I have 3 guys that work with me, and between us we create a steel box,  this box is going to be delivered to and used as  a storm shelter  by a family who live in tornado ally, so we order the steel, gas, welding wire, and build it for them and phone up a trucking company and arrange delivery to them 3 states away, and it gets delivered,  and a no point is a question of “cost” asked.

ok I know your first question is:
 why do you build it for them for nothing?

My answer is
because I can, its my way of giving back, I take from the community of man, so I owe a debt, not a monetary kind but a moral kind, because I go to the local food store and get a weeks groceries, I fill up my car, and have a night out at the local bar, my kids go to school and the teachers give them an education, they give themselves for me and my family, so I give to others in the same way, the school teachers husband works in a car factory, its not a job he likes but he does it because he knows that without him producing cars for people to drive they could not go to work to produce the things that he needs or wants, food, clothes, t.v etc, and on it goes, but this doesn’t have to be on a local level, it could work on a global level, imagine if the poorest town in Angola suddenly had a Wal-Mart type shop, where the people could just walk in and get food as we do, with no payment of any kind, why? Because the ships that bring iron ore from Africa return full of food, not for payment, but because that’s where it needs to go, you see the removal of trade tariffs and taxes and profits allow such movements internationally,  there would be no borders as free movement would be common, we would all truly be one people, helping each other on a global scale.

Ok your next question is
What about those who don’t want to contribute, and just sit around all day drinking and having a good old time.

My answer is
So be it, if that’s what they want to do, then fine, let them be that way, it is no crime, but of all the people I have met very few actually do nothing, everyone has something to give, and when they want to give it, it will be of their own good time and place, they have to find something that interests them, if booze and drugs and bikes are their thing then they are free to indulge so long as they don’t harm any other individual, there are no restrictions on drink, drugs or any other product, you see if you take out the “profit” from drugs alcohol and other illegal substances then the market collapses, especially if there is no money to exchange for it, it’s a case of education, not about locking them up,  some of the nicest people I have met are those that decided to give up on drug use, but that is their choice, the best way is to educate the kids that there is a better way, besides which most of the people I know  turned to drugs because they literally had a shitty life, and turned to drugs as an escape from the poverty and corruption that they saw all around them, remove the poverty and you remove the cause of despair.

Next question:
What is the down side of this utopia

My answer is that
The only people who would be at a loss, are those in the banking/ currency and political systems, which essentially are the same business, without bankers politics would remove its appeal except to those who are elected and actually make things better for the electorate, and those politicians could not gain anything by being in office, accountants would find new ways to account, mainly for materials and logistics, gambling etct would be as always, some people will always find something to bet with, sports will return to “for the love of the sport” no financial incentives to cheat,  and again if you can just walk in to a shop whenever you want and just pick up a quick snack and a drink, you always have that thought in the back of your mind, that what I am consuming is the product that has been made by some other person working on an assembly line somewhere in the world so that I can enjoy it, so its my moral obligation to produce something to make them be able to walk in a similar store in their town and do the same!  That is true equality!

It’s a paradigm shift in thoughts and deeds, and its going global, remove money or credits of any kind, and you remove poverty!

As always “D” love your site and posts, keep up the good work


  1. " Ok your next question is
    What about those who don’t want to contribute, and just sit around all day drinking and having a good old time."

    I say those people are just on long holidays. When they have enough of holidays, they will find something to do. It's just a matter of time.

    Note: All those retired millionaires say the same thing today: after a while, doing nothing but leisure stuff gets boring.

    I like this idea. Thanks to whoever wrote it out.

    Ninja Bambi.

  2. I like it too! this is what I've been saying all along as well :) I think it could work this way; people are more industrious that we are currently giving credit for.

  3. I just read that gasoline in Venezuela is ten cents a gallon

  4. Okay I do not know who wrote this post but you have a winner here.I cannot imagine how many souls out there today ( now) are thinking along these lines and the person who wrote this message or post has now provided a post that needs to turn into a chat or discussion for all the world to see. Hell it even deserves its own blog for that matter. Whatever the case until I see where this post goes if I have anything to offer to beef it up I will do so for the One or the Whole- and in service to others - not form ego and not in service to myself. This thing is about to explode- you will all see - and I do not mean just this post.I did have some thoughts as I was reading and I will share them when I meditate and connect with higher self first. With much unconditional love and respect ---Daniel ---

  5. Everyone Everywhere29 January 2013 at 16:38

    Sounds nice.

  6. What your going to find is those that teach will teach, those that invent will teach others to invent, the reach one teach one methodology will just amplify around the planet. Imagine an Electrician arriving in the morning in Africa after a 10-15 minute trip to a small village helping and teaching the locals to setup up electrical facilities at no cost. Don't you think this Electrician will be ecstatic, one to be able to help those in need and doing something he truly loves in a country he may not have ever seen in his lifetime under the current system. You will see an explosive desire to help with love of life and others once people can be trained in what GOD has gifted them with...and they will naturally want to give back.

    Believe me, we just need to remove the parasites...humanity is much more capable of self governance and taking care of itself without the controllers.

    We just need to have courage and look forward to the lifting of the veil.

    1. I totally agree: human cooperation in unity of purpose (survival and growth) is an idea whose time has come.

      Personal self-reliance is great, but it has obvious limitations. No one has all the time, skills, technology or energy to do everything they need themselves.

      So, short of tricking or forcing others to use their time, energy or skills for one's own benefit,cooperation with others is the most- if not only - viable option.

      Even "primitive" -tribes in the most remote areas of the planet have figured it out: a group hunt often yields faster results with less effort; go at it alone and you might have to sleep on an empty stomach....


  7. It always goes back to who will do the dirty, back-breaking work that is behind most of the product we see? Will anyone willingly sit at a production line doing the same repetative motion or go out into the fields and pick the tomatoes when they could just as soon grab some camping gear and go off into the wilderness to fish? Who would look forward to cleaning the toilets and mopping the floors?

    While the present system certainly needs to be overhauled, it is naieve to think that the reward incentive will ever be removed. I would much rather pay someone to change my oil than do it myself. In fact, I have a total aversion to any kind of mechanics or construction. So, say I inherited some land and chose to have a new house built on it. All I'd have to do, according to your plan, is to announce my desire and trucks will roll up with guys working in the hot sun, cursing, because things are not going well. Hey, it's not my problem. I just want to see the finished house. After all, I do what I consider to be a contribution which is a terrible singer. No one will listen to 10 seconds of my singing, but I diligently put it out there because this is what fufills me. So, instead of facing the truth that my time might be spent in better ways I am free instead to ignore that wisdom and innudate the world with my bad singing while some guys are busting their asses to build my house. And guess what? I've added a state of the art recording studio to the plans.

    1. Or, it will allow for innovation in ways of doing things!


      It's not for PROFIT anymore...

      Find ways that make sense, not profit.

      Ninja Bambi

    2. but I enjoy picking tomatoes. and my husband is a master builder and loves building. and I have a good friend who is a recording engineer who would probably LOVE free reign to design a recording studio! I bet I can find someone to do the wiring and plumbing, and someone else to do the roofing.....

      .... now, when we all show up to build your house, do you REALLY think that you will sit on your ass and sunbathe? Or will you make a beer run? or sandwiches? or will you hold the spool of wire while the electrician does his work? or will you get excited while talking to my recording engineer buddy and listen to him and he explains what he's doing and why and how and then grab up the next person and explain to them everything you learned about recording engineering? or will you sing funny songs to the kids to keep them happy and occupied while parents are working on this and that?

      don't be so negative my darlin- you KNOW that you would be in there like white on rice helping out, because you are a BEing like everyone else.

    3. Also you are excluding the technology that will become available to the public. There are many applications of technology that can address much of the laborious jobs out there. Will there be some things that people won't want to to do, of course. There can also be volunteer services that people can take on maybe a couple weeks at a time and rotate that amongst 7 billion people. Those jobs will still get done and it wouldn't be a fixed "career". If there is shortage of workers in a certain area those things will be addressed thru blending technology and imagination.

    4. As I have read somewhere else, we currently live like the Flintstones and when the secret technology is finally revealed, we may find ourselves living like the Jetsons. A lot of the menial tasks would be completed using the technology that has been hidden from us. Did anyone read in the news about the robots being used in the East to make fast food burgers?

    5. But I have a complete aversion to construction sites, tools, and the kids all ran away when I tried to sing for them.

      You might enjoy picking tomatoes in your garden, but lets see you pile into a truck @ 5AM and pick for the next 8 hours, every day, over and over again. Just like most things, you might enjoy it more than say a punch in the face, but when it is a job the thrill is quickly exhausted.

      Btw, this guy I know loves the life of a gang-banger. All he wants to do is party and raise mayhem, play loud aggressive music and knock up the bitches. In fact, he thinks he is the MAC daddy and has 32 children in the neighborhood. He never wants to be bothered with them even when they come around with their balloons and shit. He just wants to sire more children. It would be nice if these children had a responsible adult to care for them, but they don't. For all intentions they will grow up fatherless, hosting more social ills, and a good many of them will emulate their father and become gang-bangers, etc. Your white do-gooderism is a joke in their neighborhood. So who will come in a "re-educate" them? Is this what is needed?

    6. William Wallace, I like and agree with your idea about a rotating volunteer service to get the less-than-desirable jobs done. I'd be happy to purify sewer water a few weeks every few months or a year if I was able to do whatever I wanted (relax, study, travel, etc) the rest of my time and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there either :)

    7. We already have a machine that does the toilet water thingy, makey all clean & & & it creates electricity too.

      Ninja Bambi

    8. Nice find Ninja Bambi-- the inventor was right, of course this isn't everywhere yet because its unregulatable by the PTB but this is a perfect example of how things could be for the world's population if the ogres in charge ceased to have control of the system. *sigh*

    9. More on this here:

      Ninja Bambi

    10. My wife volunteers 2 times a week at a local community information center run entirely by volunteers...

      My point?

      As long as community needs are identified and prioritized, there are always going to be enough volunteers for everything that's needeed.


    11. Who is going to do the dirty work?? Machines of course, robots, computers. new tech. coming.

    12. So you want a house on your property? A factory can make a basic structure that can be plopped down on your land. It won't be pretty but, its a roof over your head. If you want fine things, then you have to learn how to make fine things and there will be people that would love to show you how.
      Say you put on a concert in the town plaza and you tell everyone about it. You start singing and you suck. People will walk away. But if you are really good and they are entertained and lifted up by your performance they will want to give back to you. A lady will come up to you and invite you to her pottery studio to pick out something you like. A guy with a micro-brewery will invite you over to sample his latest batch. And so on.
      So if your singing sucks but you have a passion for it, then find someone who has a passion for teaching you how to sing. If you can't do that, then find something else that you have a passion for. Everyone has a gift to share. It's up to you to figure out what your gift is. Learn to BE the CREATIVE BEing that you are!


      Ninja Bambi

  8. Heather, you got that first CVAC up and running? I think I heard you do...

    If it can underwrite, or whatever, the funds to do what the post suggest, I am all in.

    Ninja Bambi.

  9. I just wanted to say thank you for putting up the references for OPPT topics I have fund alot of enjoyment on the facebook page that is labeled FRee at Last, lots of cool people with alot of cool ideas also. Its nice to connect with like minded people.

  10. One point I would like to make here is that this society of bartering spoken of in this post would not of course provide access to a lot of things at first ( for those who wish to begin this thing "NOW,"as it is the necessities we should first all be seeking to have provided to all citizens of this society. Therefore things like boats- fancy cars- fast cars- another house or more land - guns and weapons (I'm sure everyone would bring their own into this society at first) - and any other things that are not necessities of life. We would have to start small and build on our society as we collected other resources.I also would like to mention that there are a lot of people in the world that would wish to create such a society but cannot presently simply because they are so broke at this time and in fear of taking a chance with the barter system. Therefore I believe money will have to play its part in getting this thing moving as we will need money at first to collect resources. And I believe the OPPT will play a great part in this part of the equation.Still it is a good idea and anyone can begin this thing as soon as they wish- and folks in the country are already doing this in many areas of the country. Last note: I do indeed believe money wil ltrun this thing around for us and then we can gradually work it out of the system very easily given this is already what the people want but that does not mean we have to continue feeding the present system( the beast) as we can even now begin this barter system separate from the present system they have in place. Starve the beast and it will go away eventually - if we have not already starved it enough and it has already gone.I say it has- but I also know there are those who still doubt. To those I say the proof is on its way. With much unconditional love and respect --Daniel ---

  11. eventually every single person will need to address their employer.
    what side of the line do they stand?
    are they aware?
    are they awake?
    are you truly willing to see that bright future?
    are you willing to work for it even if means removing your own old paradigm?
    they *DO* deserve the opportunity to change their minds, right?
    or are you already presuming their decisions for them?

    so far, my own "employer" has ignored my direct inquire.
    at least that has some hope to it. But i will only wait them so long. And i am replacing them daily in my life. My life is more important to me than the easy route of sucking off the old system. But that's just me. I actually know this is all possible.

  12. " Ok your next question is
    What about those who don’t want to contribute, and just sit around all day drinking and having a good old time."

    After a while, the average person would feel an urge to contribute in some way for daily "free lunches", but for those who have not reached this level of consciousness - where the giving/helping instinct is as natural as breathing - there needs to be a mandate to work so many hours per week doing something the community needs. 40 hour weeks? Forget it. 20 maybe.

    The work can be a service based on a person's talents such as tutoring, cutting lawns, or delivering meals to the needy, for example.

    Once the free energy technologies are released, manufacturing will probably be handled by "AI" robots which have a consciousness so the work required will probably shift toward more intellectual pursuits.

    1. And what is "work" anyway? I've happily labored for many consecutive long hours when working toward a worthwhile goal in the midst of good company. Under the RIGHT conditions, NOT work for inequitable pay for a slave driver and his master to nefarious ends, work becomes something different entirely--just another fulfilling part of life. In the naivety of my youth, such was the case much of the time.

    2. ANOTHER GREAT POINT YOU HAVE BROUGHT UP ANONYMOUS09:51 -Much of the manual labor and services will be carried out by artificial intelligence- and humans will be free in most all cases to work only those jobs or occupations that give them pleasure in life- but work will no longer be required of anyone. At the same time those who do not wish to work will not be required to work and will receive what everyone else does in life.Again no one should ever again have to work as our new world will be plentiful with artificial intelligence and newer technologies to do the work in most cases. Also keep the Venus project in mind as they too will play a large part in all of this. You guys who do not know of the Venus Project should go check it out. Everything we are talking about here has already been created as a reality and simply needs to be manifested in "your"world. Much unconditional love and respect guys ---Daniel---

    3. I fully agree! I feel it is human nature to want to feel and BE a part of a group, helping each other out, cooperating and working towards a common cause/goal. This new system will be built on smaller communities doing what it takes to enhance everyone's existences.

      Gone will be the days of big agriculture and big business. Goods will be produced locally, or they will be exchanged throughout communities. For example, Florida may be trading oranges for apples with Connecticut. Georgia may be trading peaches for potatoes with Idaho. Everything will revolve on goodwill and cooperation. And guess what, we will all clean our own toilets or develop new technologies, so we do not have to bother. In the process, that waste will be turned into energy.

      For any of the nay Sayers, I am willing to bet more evolved societies would deem our current system deranged, insane, incompetent, dysfunctional, and completely illogical and irrational. Only because we were born into it, and have been conditioned to believe it is normal, some may feel any other way of BEING is impossible. Well folks, nothing is impossible and everything is DOABLE when we set our intentions as a collective to achieve the highest good for all!

  13. Gaggles of vagabond punks all over the world have been thriving in these sorts of peripheral exchange systems for many decades now -- welcome aboard, friends! Glad to see it's finally making sense to everyone else :) Fabulous post!

  14. My husband and I have been going thru our own personal ascension process in the last year. We both left high paying jobs as govt contractors and have relocated to the family homestead. We gave up those hefty incomes because we were miserable and now, although with much less money, we are so much more happy surrounded by loving family. We are lucky that my husband has a military retirement check and we are able to live frugally off of that income. We are currently just enjoying living one step off the grid, so to speak. I think a lot of this is an internal process that must be reconciled before true being and doing can be realized by all. Take a long look at how you live, what is really important and what is just stuff that has always tended to own us. It is pure freedom when you finally let the material things go and then you can start really living.

    1. Finally!!!! The shift begins when people stop thinking of the billions of dollars they are going to have! I'm getting ready to go through the things I possess and lighten my materialistic load. Two of the three jobs I have, are service or Earth geared, and I can sleep doing those. I'm watching people question NOW more and more and I love it. it means if people are thinking, they aren't fully asleep.

      I also decided that if the tptw, are so ready to label every day citizens terrorists, it is because THEY are finally SHOWING their fear to us. How's that for a "power" shift? Let's keep using THAT bit of gold to continue awakening folks till whatever is going to trigger the rest, happens.

      With Love

    2. Another good point Anonymous 10:41 as I too quit my high paying job as a Master Plumber who owned my own business. I not only quit my business and my funds gradually dwindled but I never got another job in the system either. It is a truth that I am living as a poor person now but I myself am happier than i have ever been- while my family suffers the not knowing what the hell I am doing because they do not believe a word of what we are saying at this day. But the point is - there is nothing wrong with everyone having plenty in life but first we have to suffer a bit in order to break away from the present corrupt system so as to begin the new system we are presently speaking of. Even if money has to play its part in the interim stages of this thing- it matters not as we can get rid of money any time we please once the new system is set up. Thanks for all the great posts guys! ---Daniel ----

    3. I was the earlier commenter and will say that once my husband and I stopped fearing not having any money, we found out that we seem to always have just as much as we need. Focusing on abundance rather than fear of not having money has sustained us. It has been an amazing and eye opening journey for us. Love and abundance to all, Christi C.

    4. I too believe that the $$$$ will be an interim so as to get us all kicked in the butt and restart our lives and move us away from fear, desperation,survival mode and once this kicks in, we will all be so motivated to help build our new world as we see fit, not by the unlawful rules of the cabal. They are done in my mind! I am unemployed, removed from the 9-5 removing myself further from the pull of the old world order, detaching my self from the big corp. banks and such, love it! They will never get another ounce of sweat from me again, Never! It is hard to see my loved ones suffer, they dont believe a word I say, its ok, I was asleep at one point too :) I have done some barter and trade and I like the idea but, we need some real hard currency to start this race car up!! Lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BE and DO!! I am ready to Rock n Roll!!

    5. Even if everybody on the earth had $5 billion, we still would have the same issues of overconsumption and its effect on the earth.

    6. Heather has really got me believing as of late that we have already solved the money issue and will never again have to use it- nor will we even have to have usury ever again. So we now need to focus our energies on creation a partnership with all precious resources such as gold and silver- and create abundance for the world separate form money - digital finances- and usury of all kinds.Not sure how it is all going to work though so we will have to keep our ears really open in the days and hours ahead- known as now moments. Maybe D can explain to us a little better how the abundance will work for everyone instead of money. Have not wrapped my mind around it completely yet- But I truly know Heather has. Ain't this exciting?!!!!! much unconditional love and respect for all here ---Daniel ---

  15. There is an agenda behind this. You are being allowed to go on with these plans because it fulfills the communism of the agenda. You will willingly give up your money and banking and constitutional government for a medieval world in which you will be controlled in ways that I cannot name here.

    They watch you.

    This is meant in kindness.

    1. But, the materialistic chase, and love of money is not the way. I don't want to let go of the unimportant things for anyone other than my self and my connection to the source of my creation. This doesn't mean I don't want equality and abundance, love, instead of fear for all, or that wanting LOVE to rule is bad now, does it?
      I have two things to choose from:
      I will choose Love, every time, as that is my agenda.

    2. They have educated you to accept a false dilemma: fear or love. That is not a real choice. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the overcoming of it.

      Another false dilemma is your association of government with politics. Another is your association of banking with greed.

      You have been led by many devices into thinking this way.

      Amor solus non virtus est.


    3. So what is thinking then cryptic? What is an original idea if we all have been programmed to think in certain ways? Even yourself cryptic.

      Love or fear, so you say this is a false dilema. Then what are emotions and feelings? Love and fear are simply emotions, human characteristics which humans can choose to put their energy towards.

      So if we have no choices then what is free will? Is free will an illusion as well? If that is the case then what are we all doing here in this NOW.

      Who is "THEY".

      If our thoughts create our reality then we truly have the divine spark of creation in ourselves. Is this also an illusions cryptic?

      From what you are stating in your post its seems, and I can be wrong, you are referring the the Luciferian Egregore mindset.

      If Lucifer is the light bringer, and light is merely energy, energy is thoughts, then this entire reality is an illusion. I'm i right or wrong, or is that and illusion of choice as well?

      If humans do not know their true heritage then we will never know who we are. You say many things, so the questions is who has led humanity into this way of thinking? Is the act of thinking an illusion as well?

      I say that this may be an illusion but since "EYE AM" a spark of the divine creator, I choose to manipulate this illusion with my intentions and will to create a world of love, compassion, harmony, unity, and the service of others. Or is this an illusions as well?

      Cryptic, you say many things but at the same time you say nothing.

      In Love and Unity,


    4. "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the overcoming of it." I agree with that Cryptic. The new age instructs it's follower's to ignore what doesn't resonate according to a predetermined outcome. In effect to ignore one's own instincts, one's own heart. You know, gut feelings can tell you when something is wrong as well as when something feels right. What is construed as being positive is to wait for the pre - ordained solution to arrive by simply having faith that it will.

      To question or use common sense is frowned upon, this is depicted as negative. It's ironic because the act of refusing to look, and the act of labeling negative those who do, is itself fear. Faith is good depending on where it is invested. Blind faith is just a form of blindness. I don't mean any disrespect to the people here, I know there are good people here with big hearts and various talents and insights. But what we've been following over the last few years is not honest and not transparent. It's a trail of breadcrumbs, using the same methods and fake talking points that has been used on us all along.

      P.S. TODAY - I have mostly been eating Swiss cheese and gingerbread houses.

    5. Cryptic,
      Your frequent turn of the phrase "false dilemma" is interesting and indicative, to my mind, of a level of the pressures of calculated societal (and otherwise) conditioning "devices" to which you attribute to others.

      The post to which you responded shows, to me by contrast, a deep quality of inner truth and understanding where neither falsity nor dilemma can exist. Perhaps you should try playing in that field instead.

      Much love to you.

    6. Anonymous29 January 2013 10:35

      "There is an agenda behind this."

      There is an agenda behind the fear of communism too.
      'Communityism' without figurehead dictators and financial shackles. Commuityism exploring the wonders of modern technology unleashed from chains of skullduggery and secrecy. Yes there is an agenda behind this, its called survival because for certain if we do nothing the majority will be useless eaters and disposed of.

      Cryptic - it's all very well providing enlightenment in meager scraps but it helps nothing!

    7. Keep talking, Cryptic. You see.

    8. The communism of the agenda? Perhaps the agenda of communism?

      What we are speaking of is not communism. There is no "ruler" to dictate. There is people taking responsibility and holding those that seek "power" accountable.

      This is not communism, which is only a label, but if you prefer labels, have a look at utopian socialism. It is far closer to the truth of what is being created. Even this is insufficient as we have explored this form of society and found flaws, recognized the areas where diligence and study are necessary.

      We will be surpassing even utopian socialism through that diligence and desire for better than our forefathers envisioned. Many things have changed since then. People, for the most part seek simplicity and joy in their lives. I know of no person that SEEKS to be miserable, seeks to be controlled or manipulated. I do know of many that have learned to recognize when these things pop up in their lives. Many of those do not have the tools to deal with these things, but conversely many have, and are very happy to share what they have found and teach others of these tools.

      It has been said many times by many thinkers over many past moments of now that what we fear in others is in truth what we fear about ourselves. One who seeks to control is in fear of being controlled, one who seeks power is in fear of being powerless.

      It's pretty easy to get over those fears once one recognizes them in their own life and how that fear limits and stagnates growth.

    9. I've been studying the concepts of Resource Based Economy for a while now and made this video last year. This is from a Venus Project angle but it should fit here perfectly. It's only 4 mins long too..

    10. Peacefrog, It seems that you don't see that faith creates motion, even "blind" faith. By holding a concept in your heart (faith) your heart changes. You direction changes. Conversely, a lack of faith, of holding such concepts in your heart creates stagnation, fear and confusion. Even having faith that nasty things will befall is still faith and creates motion.

      So the question is:
      What motion do YOU as an individual seek, the motion of fear and distrust or the motion of growth and expansion?

    11. ANY system of government will be awful for everybody, when it is guided and administrated by dishonest and greedy people FOR dishonest and greedy people.

      ANY system of government will work wonderfully for everybody, when it is guided and administrated by ethical and compassionate people, FOR ethical and compassionate people.

    12. To Anon 12:05

      Programming and education are not the same thing. Education is what has liberated me to see the programming for what it is.

      I did not say anything explicitly about illusions. Free will is most certainly not an illusion.

      To Peacefrog

      It is ironic, indeed. Intuition has been largely ignored in the schools, and yet it is crucial to the intellect.

      To Anon 12:14

      Consider what I said to Anon 12:05. Education and programming (or conditioning, if you like) are two different activities, having two different purposes. My use of the phrase "false dilemma" arises from my education, not from any conditioning. You have confused the two, and that is itself the result of a falsely believing in a dilemma between education and liberation.

      To the rest of you, communism is not simply a label; it is a name and a term referring to a kind of government that the elite have worked for many years to achieve. It is the difference between people seeking happiness and a person seeking happiness. Therein lies the difference.


      I should like to direct your attention to the recent findings out of Davos Switzerland. To those of you advocating for a world without profit and loss, I am sure they will "resonate" with you.

    13. Davos provides a whole range of nothing. Can you supply a link to your findings?

      Communityism has never been tried on the levels of what we are forseeing.

    14. Do you understand the moral hazard in what you are doing by using the word "communityism?"

      I do not disagree with you about the degree to which communism (or communityism, if you like) has been tried. The disagreement is over the thing itself, rather than the degree to which it is or will be used. The people and groups who are running this world have admitted that what they are attempting to do has never been done before.

      Here is a link that will help you to read about the recent Davos forum:


    15. I just glimpsed at your link and will look at it closely tomorrow. The old breveren assembled at Davos are tripping.

      Do you realise the moral hazard of perpetrating the people into slavery?

    16. Yes, I do.


      Dips finger in cocoa, tightens holster.

    17. DavidG-
      Are not the people in slavery now? Hasn't it always been for our minds?

      The link Cryptic provided still has my brain reeling. How can corporations come together and decide what is best for the people? I know planning is important, but WOW. What they are planning really has never been done before.

      What can we do as the world sleeps? It's not like we can wake them up, because they are not ready to awaken. Fear drives bad decisions--
      The best thing can do is remember who we are-- who self is. Not the ego...
      There is much to learn. Do we learn from nature? Do we learn from a book?
      Where do we go from here?

    18. Yes the people are currently in slavery. We can do our best to awaken folk but the gears of change are all in place naturally. It is no coincidence or accident that we are facing stark realities right now.

      As we 'tighten our holsters' are we saying conflict is our remedy? I don't mind folk preparing for such an event but to ignore any other option is just wild west Yeehaw and a very desperate gamble.

    19. "Anonymous29 January 2013 10:57
      They have educated you to accept a false dilemma: fear or love. That is not a real choice. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the overcoming of it.

      Another false dilemma is your association of government with politics. Another is your association of banking with greed.

      You have been led by many devices into thinking this way.

      Amor solus non virtus est.


      I would use the word 'conditioned' - they have tried to condition some to associate government with politics and I would say they have succeeded. Accepted definitions :
      Politics - activities within an organization that are aimed at improving someone's status/position typically considered to be devious or divisive. The assumptions or principles relating to or inherent in a sphere or theory when concerned with power or status in a society. Politic seeming sensible and judicious under the circumstances; prudent and sagacious.

      Any or all of those can be applied to anything not just governments.

      I agree some have been conditioned to believe banks = greed. They have these days because they seem to have been hijacked by the greedy for nefarious reasons! That does not mean that they will always continue to be this way or that they have to. If anyone choses to look at the history behind Building Societies which were originally set up to build homes for their members and were intended to terminate once each member had a home. I would suggest the intentions at the outset were honorable.

      Presenting people with either this or that is not giving them a choice imo. Its a 'Hobson's Choice". Life has never been black or white and I don't believe it ever will be unless we are made to live in a totalitarian society - heaven forbid that should happen. Life is full of grey fuzzy bits and I can't see that changing even as more of us awaken. We are not robots, though entities from outer space encountering the human race for the first time my have a different view on that as we run hither and yon paying homage to the latest earth-shattering idea with a tendency to chuck out the last one along with the bath-water and the baby. We should not be limiting ourselves in our learning. There is not one source of education that fits all.

      And yes, Cryptic, courage is the conquering of fear, not the absence of it.

      Suo periculo.

      Sine Nomine

    20. Cryptic,
      I applaud you for making the somewhat dubious yet appropriate distinction between education and conditioning (programming, if you must). Ego has and must always fortify itself with such finely wrought differences in constructs.

      For healthy egos, mind you, it is also a necessary first step towards authentic self realization. Believe me, past education and conditioning and falsity and dilemma and all those well meaning dualistic hooks to ego, there is a place within each of us where it all comes together into a higher, grander, more inclusive truth than you can ever imagine.

      Enjoy the journey!

      Much love to you.


    21. May I suggest you review where it is your fear comes from and work on removing it?

  16. If it wasn't for money, we'd all be rich?

    Great post

    Michael in Boise

  17. This article/letter and these comments all amount to a wonderful think piece. You're all on the right path but remember that you must first treat the addiction before you can cure the patient! If money is the 3D addition or mindset of the many, give them that and more than they will ever need. It doesn't have to be gold or silver, why not bottle caps? Whatever we declare is money becomes our money! Now the weight is off their shoulders and they are free to do whatever they like. Eventually they will all seek to exercise their creativity and labor and since they don't require money, they will eventually choose to volunteer their labor and abilities. If some never do another thing but enjoy life, so what? Aren't you really doing the same thing by volunteering your time; labor and abilities?

    Many of you fail to realize that the technology that has been hidden from you and the technology that our galactic family has, is way beyond your 3D imagination and thinking. Imagine constructing a home with a machine or device that can convert matter into a structure, right down to the welcome mats? It will seem like magic but its not. Everything is made of matter. What makes a piece of wood different from a tomato is the way the neutrons and protons of its matter are grouped. Food will eventually be dialed up on a replicator, which has been programed to convert matter into a certain food group and [bang] dinners ready! There won't be a need to destroy environments or kill animals for food or clothing. This is how you all will be blessed and I predict that it will come completely into fruition by January 2014. For now however treat the addition and remove the veil of deceit and oppression from your lives.

  18. I'm in!
    It reminds me of the descriptions of planet Iarga. . However, they claim such a society is only possible if the planet filters the influx of souls to be reincarnated. If people are too materialistically oriented it won't work. It only works if the population is interested in spiritual development.

    1. Dearest Anonymous 11:05 - It is true that everyone on our planet will evolve and develops spiritually but then again everyone still has to exist on the third density plane too as we all exist on every plane of existence and consciousness. It is just that the un awakened third dneisty human does not know he or she is living right along side their fifth dneisty counterpart- and if the fifth dneisty counterpart were to tell them before they awakened they would say the fifth dneisty human is crazy. Thats how it works. And when our third density selves evolve and ascend other third dneisty selves come and take their place- forever retaining a third dneisty self for every fifth dneisty human. Hope this helps ---Daniel ---

    2. Daniel Gross, Are you connected to the folks in the rafters? or the positive ones on the ground? I get a good vibe from you.

    3. dc mann - Sometimes I am connected to my higher self and sometimes my lower third dneisty self- today I am having a good day I think .lol But I am nothing without you guys! Glad to finally be a part of the One and going somewhere friend. By the way I get good vibes from you too. Much love and respect ---Daniel----

  19. a) Any Soul can quite easily "manifest" anything desired. However, this 3-D world persists and the old story about "faith of a mustard seed could move mountains." But WE prefer the mountains where they are. We prefer many things inherent in the 3-D emotional Love world. So I believe Silver and Gold which have been used for ages will be used again. But all you younger gang have not known a world of Silver. We used to have "Silver Dollars." They weighed one ounce. One ounce now is worth $32 which means that instead of one dollar buying an ounce you need $32 to buy an ounce. ERGO- the Dollar has slid dramatically and will end up Hyper-Inflating out of existance, probably by the end of this year. Therefore we cannot afford to be all airy-fairy about this or wonder just how fast we can switch over to barter. Barter will be Survival! Buy lots of Silver now! Buy lots of any food commodities.

    1. As I cannot afford to but someones opinion let alone silver I will leave that one alone. Guess I will have to wait on a world where silver is not its God. No disrespect intended friend.---Daniel---

    2. Thank you. You are completely right. Ladies, gentlemen, please grab/buy inexpensive silver jewelery(no nickel added,to ensure most of the content is actually silver and not a low content alloy). It will be MORE valuable in the near future. That is MY silver stash. I won't say how much I have, just that there is enough to assist my family should that emergency happen or a crash were to occur. Enough for several months of food...including nonperishable goods(Mylar bag food= life saving nourishment). I did this over several college years, hunting for inexpensive silver jewelery and purchasing it.

      Now my only issue is: how do you keep water? Just like other items with oxygen in them, it degrades over time. What would you suggest, as I thought about water purifiers...but I am not sure if those are alright over the course of years or not. Do they degrade in their packaging???

    3. Silver, gold and the like are only perceived as valuable because folks covet it. It's just metal. No different than iron or copper. It is a useful medium of exchange, but for myself, is only a raw material to work and create with.

      Water can be obtained anywhere when one understands how to collect it. Even the driest place on Gaia, a mountain in Peru (if I recall correctly) has been shown to have sufficient water to sustain the communities living there.

      Worry not about amassing "stuff" as it will not serve beyond making you a target for those that cannot or will not learn to rely on themselves and create abundance for their communities. Rather, discover the simple tools available to tap into that abundance as required. It is there, for everyone equally.

    4. I think the point about gold and silver is that there is a finite amount of it. It cannot be counterfeited and bankers cannot be trusted not to counterfeit money. So if used as money it would help to stifle their agendas which require huge volumes of money. It's also useful that it does not rust or degrade over time. Only a modest amount of gold can be produced annually and it is expensive to do so, so you see it's not valuable because it is coveted but rather it's valuable because of it's rarity, which is why it's coveted.

      Silver is produced mainly as a by-product of mining lead and its supply is very limited due to its use as an industrial metal. If you live in the States particularly, bags of old partially silver nickles and quarters and what-not may come in very handy. If you can afford ounces they are a good investment long term. Short term the bankers can drop the price 25% in an hour but they can't do much about supply and demand. It'll probaly hit $50 before they take it down again, and it should do that by the end of spring in my opinion.

  20. The total production of goods and services is, on Iarga, in the hands of a very small number of huge companies, the "trusts." These are huge organizations with millions of employees, active over their whole planet. There are primary trusts, which distribute directly to the consumer, and secondary trusts, which supply the primary. Nothing is paid for on Iarga, only registered. What a consumer uses is registered in the computer center in each of the house cylinders, and this may not exceed that to which he has a right. These computers are coupled to the huge shopping centers in each of the cylinders. You cannot buy anything. Large and expensive things, such as houses, cars, boats, valuable artifacts, and so on, can only be hired. They call this the right of acquisition. Less expensive things are not hired because that is not efficient. They are registered for their total value and the right of use remains for life. This is almost the same as personal ownership, except that in the event of death, the goods are returned to the trusts. The last category is articles for consumption and public services. Their total value is registered, at which point right of usage becomes yours.

    As far as goods are concerned, you may not have more "in stock" than is reasonable for your own use, otherwise the surplus can be confiscated. It is practically the same sort of thing as a bank account, except that they place the control on the expenditure, whereas we place it on the income. This difference is worth a lot of thought. Legally, all the goods remain the property of the trusts that supplied them. This means not only that the trust is responsible for the upkeep, repair and the guarantee of a certain minimum life, but they also take the total risk of loss or destruction. Thus, all the articles are made to such a high standard that repair is never necessary; repairs are not only expensive but terribly inefficient. Insurance companies and repair firms would make a poor living on Iarga! The trusts work on a cost-price basis whereby our term "profit" is replaced by "the cost of continuation." Each trust was constantly occupied with improving and expanding its production. Their economy was as stable as a rock.

  21. Im totally in!!
    Thats the way to go

  22. This concept is beautiful. It reminds me a lot the discussions I have had about electric cars. The main problem being how to introduce it when no infrastructure exists to charge it. People will not participate. No charging stations etc. The thing is, people ARE using them. Electric cars are on the roads. The system will adjust itself to what ever is being chosen. At first it will be hard and later it will get easier. But so what.
    As for some people who think about taking advantage of this system, there will be ways to deal with them. Just like in those villages in Africa where someone commits a crime and they all surround him and tell him all the good things he ever did.
    The bottom line is that this concept is already been done and tested and works. The only thing to do is scale it up a little.

    Love to you all.


  23. D,When USSC got hacked this was posted on the gov website by anonymous(small portion of it)I wonder...they talking about TOPPT? still won't load

    "We make this statement do not expect to be negotiated with; we do not desire to be negotiated with. We understand that due to the actions we take we exclude ourselves from the system within which solutions are found. There are others who serve that purpose, people far more respectable than us, people whose voices emerge from the light, and not the shadows. These voices are already making clear the reforms that have been necessary for some time, and are outright required now.

    It is these people that the justice system, the government, and law enforcement must engage with. Their voices are already ringing strong with a chorus of determined resolution. We demand only that this chorus is not ignored. We demand the government does not make the mistake of hoping that time will dampen its ringing, that they can ride out this wave of determination, that business as usual can continue after a sufficient period of lip-service and back-patting.

    Not this time. This time there will be change, or there will be chaos...


    To read entire message

    1. I listened to the video but didn't hear this! Very interesting! Glad Anonymous is on our side!

  24. D. can you comment on the IRS and paying taxes? April 15th is upcoming Can the informed just say NO and would these filings assist in just saying NO? Thank you for the work you are contributing to the masses...Nameste' from a fellow lightworker...

    1. Here is a suggestion for you to ponder.
      We know that these taxes are part of what is fueling the war machine. Are you content being a part of killing and destruction of others for profit? (rhetorical question)

      So how about writing the person you have asked to represent you to the world and offer that you would be happy to pay these "taxes" providing the representative state in writing, under oath and penalty of perjury that NO funds that come from you are used for destructive or inhumane purposes. Barring that response, you will have made contract with them that you do NOT have any obligation to assist in the process of war.

      Think about it. EVERYTHING in "their" world is contract and contract makes the law.

    2. When people realize that...
      No-one can represent you with out your consent
      That consent requirement demonstrates that you are the ones with the power
      representation WITHOUT consent is equivalent to slavery

      Your point of view expands and many other concepts of truth come to light...

      Then things will change REALLY fast.

    3. Sorry, sounds nice, but we are not there yet. Try actually owning and operating corporations and then all of a sudden quit filing. Do you know what will happen? Well, I do, and have seen people's assets taken and thrown in jail, because they listened to groups like this. Granted I would rather NOT consent, but I also do not consent to jail time or losing my home, assets, and family that I EARNED!!. I would love it if people would actually think and grow up in this group, but they haven't. Many reside in la la land DoBEdobeeee dooo stuff. That is the illusion. And NO I don't appreciate my tax dollars being used to murder, but until this IRS is Gone, gone, gone, there is No choice for the wealthy. That would be me. And no-one here is going to make me feel guilty for doing much GOOD in my life that I have been blessed with wealth making capability beyond most.

      And yes, I support the concept of TOPPT, but I VET before I jump. No proof yet. Even though lots are saying things are proof, they are not the real deal as in NO IRS. ... you get the picture.

    4. Anon 17:40,

      This is for you. Read it tonight or asap. and share it with whom you like.Now get to work! :)

    5. The thing needed here is not whether you believe what is being said here but to awaken to the point of each person knowing for himself or herself that it can be no other way. Let me be plain for a moment if I may -and this is three D Danny boy speaking here -- you will not be given that which you are not prepared to live in your life! If you want it then it is achievable- if you do not then what does it matter if it is achievable or not. With much unconditional love and respect --Daniel ---

  25. I stumbled across (or, more appropriately, was guided to the accidents, right?) the essay information of The Venus Project and then on to their website I am wondering if anyone here in this beautiful group has any more information regarding this project. It appears they need money (of course, don't we all?) and I would be interested in knowing if there are any here that have researched the project.

    It appears it is a concept of a society built on gifting, generosity and resource sharing rather than barter. Barter, in my opinion, seems just another way of trying to place "value" on services.

    Thanks in advance for feedback.


    1. Venus project = Agenda 21. Don't be fooled my friend.

    2. The Venus Project is based on the life long work of Jacque Fresco and has something of a cult following, an image the group try hard to avoid. Fresco is a brilliant thinker, there's lots of content on youtube. When it comes to spirituality, that is a no go with The Venus Project, which personally, I think is a major flaw.

    3. My motto has always been if they are not against us then they are for us.At the same time if they are neutral they pose no harm. The Venus Project has some wonderful ideas and just because they are not of the mindset spiritual folk are does not mean their ideas are not still good ones. I have checked their ideas out and to me they appear to fit right in to what we are attempting to accomplish. Still everyone must decide for themselves in the end as we will all be responsible for our own actions and decisions in the now moments to come.With much unconditional love and respect to all of you ---Daniel ---

    4. I consider The Venus Project like Victorian science, Progressive but missguided. Considering humans as stupid apes who NEED technology to think for us, is an avenue of immense danger. If you do not have the capacity to understand spiritual Being but have the self determined authority to acclaim the right to progress humanity then that is not only foolish but dangerous.
      They have some good ideas yes.

    5. Dearest friends why can we not take those ideas of the Venus Project and move on with them in Co- Creation instead of judging one another' s lifestyles or beliefs? Why? Because first each of us has to shed those negative affections and many types of prejudice we have been taught by the previous world and system of third dneisty.And I believe we are there and some are even now catching up to this understanding- but all will soon awaken to a new way of understanding for sure.We all have to because we are all One in this world and reality. Would you push the guy away who built your house for you simply because he drinks beer and burps? Does he too not always and forever have a place in your life and your heart. We all have something to offer to this new system and life but what each person has to offer is what makes each of us precious or unique as far as the One or the whole is concerned. WMULAR ---Daniel ---

  26. Creativity will flourish. You cannot imagine or predict the organic, spontaneous nature of how this will play out. Remember that Cuba has done wonders even though it has very strict limitations that keep it's countrymen very poor. What a great thing to look forward to - unlimited creativity.

  27. Amazing! thankyou Mr or Mrs Outside the box!! I have been talking to people about this for some many moments of now. Some chaps I talk to about Money freedom, put mental barriers up. But really its the best choice for us.
    I will say one good thing, these days, less and people think I'm crazy.
    Much love from Newcastle. England.
    There are loads of us awake and listening. X

  28. Money is just another tool of a society that has now evolved to the point where it no longer needs that outdated tool and that tool though out dated still has to gradually melt away or be faded out of our new system. Still it will be required in order to gain the upper hand on those of the old system right before we decide to fade it out.Many of us can now live and survive in lfie with very littel but even the majority of necessities of life as far as resources are concerned are still controlled by the old system. Therefore we must take the money from the old system and rulers- apply it to the new system without rulers to get the ball rolling- and then phase it out gradually. No creation that is created and given its reality over time should be phased out quickly as it would pose too harsh of a burden on the citizens of the new system. With much unconditional love and respect ---Daniel ---

    1. Daniel, That is exactly what I heard from a military/Good guy source over 14 months ago. He said that is how it is to roll out, makes sense..

      All my best,

  29. Fantastic post! This is such a welcomed long overdue inspiring dialog showing the ingenuity , the creative spirit-mind of the human-soul.

    There is a new movie out called Robot & Frank. It goes like this: In the near future; Frank is a retired catburglar living alone while his successful son, Hunter, tries to cares for him from afar. Finally, Hunter gets him a robot caretaker...

    It's a cute movie but my point is that robot technology is already available as is much much more. As we've come to realize if a movie has been made about a certain subject then more than likely it already exist. :)

    Personally I have used common law administrative remedies with major banks, GE Capital, Citibank. Chase, WellsFargo and debt collectors with much success. My definition of success is that as of today I have not been sued. A bit over a year ago I consciously decided to stop payments on my credit cards. My decision was two fold... 1. I was no longer going to be a slave to any corrupt system and 2. I wanted to use this as a way to consciously confront all fear around the issues of "authority"....courts,judges, attorneys, cops, bankers, ect. It's been quite amazing really. The response from the banks have been quite interesting. Some have backed off completely, some have responded with letters expressing they "cannot locate my contract at this time" hahaha!! That's because they know AND I KNOW there is NO contract! Those who have responded I "billed" to set a precedent so if we do end up in court and they stopped communication. I got all the free letter templates from Not only do they share some great information but also the opportunity to engage with some very courageous loving souls!! I encourage everyone to check them out. :)
    Claiming sovereignty is the best way to beat "them" at their own game! hehehe!

    American Kabuki distributed a very interesting pdf named "A Judge's Guide for "Handling" Common Law and Sovereign Citizen Movements"...I recommend everyone read it. It just goes to show how scared they are of what is happening. As more and more people claim sovereignty the "game" changes in favor of the people....and if "they" so choose it can be glorious for them as well :)

    Thank you ALL for your input...

    1. It is so heartening to see folks getting the message that only a few years ago was poopoo'd as fantasy, rhetoric or outright delusion. I have no interest in outside validation so do not seek it, but I do recognize that as part of the process of awakening of the masses.
      I certainly don't suggest that TPUC, The WFS, FMOTL and other like minded sites/folks have all the answers, but know, and see that that knowing is spreading, that we are choosing the correct path for meaningful change.


    2. yes...yes and bless all the souls who have opened the portals to this awareness. This information has for a long while fallen on deaf ears but then its been said...when the student is ready the teacher will appear :)
      this is the most empowering way to the free the human family at this level of existence...KNOW who YOU are and BE it.


  30. Well, this might help! Let the banks fail, says the Icelandic President...who is President of a now thriving nation after jailing it's bankers and letting them fail, as they should.

  31. To John in B.C.

    Hello John, in answer to your question, I do have faith. I don't have faith in messengers based on the faith they have in other messengers which directly contradict what I observe taking place. Republican = Democrat. Secret Societies = Sacred Societies, Dark INC. = Light INC. If there is a left wing and a right wing then there's a body in the middle, same old duality soup. I do not fear it, it's always been like this but it's not my world.

    I gave it a few years, I put my faith in the idea that something good was happening which I could take part in. For the last year I've been on the fence. I wait to see if a collapse of the bond market and then the Dow will be the segue into "the solution". Maybe that won't happen, we'll see. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck I'ld have to be quackers to believe it's not a duck.

    I don't know how you get that I think nasty things will befall me. I just think that the status quo is still firmly in place and is getting ready to rebrand itself. It makes no difference to the outlook what I think about it. Thoughts produce actions and actions create reality. It is a collective consensus reality of 7 billion people. Those who have the means of placing thoughts in 7 billion heads control what reality will be.

    I have faith that I am a soul. I have faith that God is all souls everywhere. While I possess a body and a mind, I am not my body or my mind. Both are matter, which is an expression of energy. While energy is a fascinating subject from the electron to the super-cluster, from the thought to the manifestation of a concept I am not energy . So I have no desire to take part in a religion based on it either, which I also notice happening. That's not fear, everyone to their own, I just don't dig it is all.

    Just to finish; I believe in social co-operation. I don't believe in socialism or marxism which is what Obama is trained in. Imposed standardization by technocrats whether all are poor as in the U.S.S.R. or whether all are rich as in the global abundance model will curtail freedom of expression. Freedom of expression is what a soul does BE DO-ing. Peace.

    1. It seems that you missed my point...

      My point is...
      Don't wait, Create.

    2. Freedom of expression comes via liberation to freely express. We have been like puppies on a leash, thinking we have freedom because we do not know what freedom is. None of us have experienced freedom, the prison walls are decorated with deception. When Mohamad Atta's passport turned up among the rubble a few minds grapled for freedom but the majority held them back.
      What will it take to burst the walls? Compassion for humanity and dissmisal of finance. People above profit. Hugs not handouts. Charity is a hypocrtical mentality. Charity is a business that depends on suffering for its existence. Lets grow up!

    3. Dude, I didn't miss your point. I do create, I draw pictures and caricatures, I don't sit by the phone waiting for Ben Bernanke to call. I dont mean to be condescending but you may have missed the point yourself. I have no influence over organizational systems that are decades in the planning and neither do you. Nor could I create one of my own to compete with it. You see it doesn't matter whether you have faith in the nature of what's happening or not, it's coming down the pike nevertheless. A couple of hundred people on a blog aren't going to manifest it one way or another. It's all been created for you.

      I'm not cross with you John but it's annoying to be told to create by someone who doesn't know me when that's generally what I already do. Stating that I am waiting to see what happens in the context of an external scenario shouldn't imply that I don't do anything else. No, I can whistle and make the dinner at the same time. Right now I'm also waiting for an email. Peace Bro.

    4. Come now, it is not necessarily true that charity is hypocritical or a business.

      It is this kind of illogic that is most dangerous.


    5. I have yet to see the PROOF that TOPPT is real.
      So, thse tangents can wait.
      If it's real, we will know soon, I would think.
      The converse is true, too.
      Either :
      1. It's real, and the cabal is DONE, or
      2. It's not real, and the real slavery has JUST BEGUN.

      And, I mean Barney Frank knocking at your door,
      and demanding a BJ.
      "You're a 14th amendment citizen, and if I say
      'SUCK IT', that's just what you will do".

    6. I feel like a security guard at a chocolate gun factory.


    7. Mmmm chocolate guns, delicious. I don't get it though. Good evening Cryptic, any more thoughts?

    8. Social co-operation between 6-7 billion human beings is a challenge which, short of a spontaneous mass awakening so we are all singing the same word from the same line on the same page in the same song book in the same key at the same moment, is gonna take TIME.

      Sine Nomine

    9. No one can see a reality that is not their reality as their reality. --No one can see a truth that is not their truth as their truth. If you wish to see the unimaginable then you have to be willing to know that the unimaginable is imaginable and manefestible. Is that even a word? lol---------- WMULAR ---Daniel-----

    10. In my experience as a volunteer for a charitable organization, there was no suffering involved, either for the workers or for those who benefited. Its assumptions that lead to misunderstandings imo.

      Sine Nomine

  32. If you're interested in seeing how someone else has explored this idea, read the 1982 *fiction* book "Voyage From Yesteryear" by James P Hogan. The Wikipedia article ( has much more about the book, but (warning!) is filled with spoilers.

  33. Yes, yes yes. I want to be in this society. Awesome post. Almost moved me to tears.


  34. I love this. I have been thinking about this way of being for a long time. And it's a testament to the tentacle reach of the current system that it really does take a long time to come around to the idea. This is why we need to be patient with people who scoff and think it's ridiculous. All of us probably have that reaction to this sweeping paradigm change, until your eyes clear :)

    I really love that the "But what about people who take advantage of this system and sit around and drink and get stoned all day?" The "Let them" response is so true. Our society is so built on punitive measures of shame and guilt and punishment and they change nothing. People must be free to a certain extent to do what they want to do. So many people in our current paradigm have their antenna out, directed towards anyone who "might be getting away with it." Whatever "it" may be. The wise and enlightened response is so often "Let them get away with it." It's only when you have that level of freedom to be able to get away with it that you will then become malleable enough to be teachable about alternatives.

    I love this post :)

  35. Very compelling argument for becoming a truly civilized species. The inevitable result of a monetary society, by virtue of all systems created and supported by it, is corruption, greed, crime, poverty, competition, control, division, war, dehumanization, etc. I encourage everyone to watch the Zeitgeist Addendum Movie (Free on the internet; Although, both Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco have little patience for spiritual viewpoints, their overall concept of a cashless resource based economy is quite sound. I think all involved in this forum would be interested in this documentary and will find it an enjoyable watch. This is where we are headed, letting go of the monetary system is imperative to regaining our humanity.

    1. Although, both Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco have little patience for spiritual viewpoints. And I think all involved in this forum would be interested in this documentary. Isn't that redundant? Venus Project and Zeitgeist? If you are going to journey down the rabbit hole please don't stop at the entrance, go all the way to the bottom. You will find many more dots to connect.

  36. Can't say anything more that hasn't already been said. Totally agreed. At the end of the day we will all contribute in some way (if we want to) and everyone can choose what they want to do, and live without worry. We can keep it simple.

    Be free!

    1. Communism does not work unless there are dictators like Stalin, Mussolini and Mao Zedong.
      Americans are so fucking lazy with their lard asses.
      They want everything done for free, and once they get what they want, they will give you their middle fingers.
      This is what goes on every day in the land of “free”.

    2. Anon 18:30 That is quite a generalization my friend. The vast majority of humans on this planet are not anything like you have stated. Communism? Who is for Communism? We are all one, we are all the same, we are all equal. I am sorry that you feel such divisiveness. I won't give you the finger, you are my brother. And I wish you the very Best!

    3. JT

      99.9% of the people want to do the least and get the most in this world. Ideologies are just that. Nothing more. It has to work in the real world.

      See if you can make the ideas work being presented here in the REAL WORLD in the US where the ignoramus go to stores at 3 AM the day after Thanksgiving to get the deal they HAVE TO HAVE even if they have to kill others to get that garbage, mind you.

      "The vast majority of humans on this planet are not anything like you have stated."

      Wake up to the reality, my friend, and try preaching this to the people in Camden, New Jersey or Gary, Indiana. So what this blog has 189 followers? That’s a very minute, a drop in the bucket.

      Better yet, what will you forgo so that those people will have what they need?

      Don’t be so omnipotent and grandiose.

    4. @ anon 20:38 and so many others... I'm missing the moderation already. It was so nice and peaceful without the apes throwing shit everywhere.
      Someone said it a few posts back, how they figured to just read D's posts and stop reading the comments. Well here I am again, thinking the same thing. Well, just goes to show, there's good stuff here when the shill factory sends so many of their top notch assholes of the month our way. Wish I could send you guys love and light, but I just want you to go away.

    5. Although it is annoying at times, I also see it can have a purpose for dissenting views to be discussed. The one liners that contribute nothing but bandwidth serve no purpose of advancement, so I'm happy to see them go.

      Remember, it may seem that many of the contrary and fearful "don't do anything, we have no power" points of view are unproductive, but there are those out there that read and absorb and find value in the answers to these points of view. Some may even find value in the points themselves.

      We can show each the door, but it is up to the one seeking to actually see the door. Some will choose not to, some will see a vague outline, some will see the beautiful carvings and some will throw open that door and bask in the light of new found knowledge.

      Many that fit into the above are lurkers and we will never know just how much is either lost or gained from their lurking. I cannot stop being a wayshower because some choose not to see.

    6. It would be good if we could tolerate

      an opposing point of view to our own

      without resorting to name calling or derogatory remarks.

    Is eating grass being, and doing ?
    Be, all that you can be, you can do it, in the AAARRRMMMMYYY.
    U guys are putting the cart, WAY before the horse.

    1. Sshhh! The horse is still a fetus! ;-)

      Sine Nomine

  38. Actions DO speak VERY LOUD, not words no matter how pretty.
    I am bored already and started to poke my nose.

  39. I want some riches, my idea of a prosperity program isn't to mow someone's lawn for some eggs!!

    1. Yes I agree Mike H. We deserve some fun with money, lots of it even if its for a short time. They stole it from us, Now it is payback time! It would be very nice to live on the other side of the fence, Drive a porsch around while I eat lobster and drink $500 bottles of wine.

    2. Let us see how the ENFORCEMENT goes.
      That is what I want to see.
      Without the teeth of enforcement, this thing
      is not worth the paper it is written on.
      You know, the scumbag "judges" (???) enforce the
      IRC code (actually repealed in 1939, but they don't care)
      like a pack of wild & rabid rats.
      They should set those same "judges" loose on this.
      Only, they'd never go for it, as there would be
      no "kick-backs" for FALSE guilty verdicts.

    3. The question of enforcement is moot.

      The UCC is not law.


      Aperi oculos tuos.

    4. Cryptic-
      My eyes are open wide. Who or what is the law?
      The only way enforcement occurs is if the people on the individual level start it up.
      It doesn't have to be done with weapons-- it starts by questioning everything that deals with authority. Right?
      What do you suggest we do, Cryptic. You seem wise in many areas.

    5. Cryptic is a delusional riddler. He doesn't possess the skill set to be forthright, therefore he feels the need to play with people to feel superior. There is nothing wise about his shortcomings.

    6. Cryptic,

      UCC is the law of commerce. Commerce is everywhere. No matter what country you live in. UCC governs commerce

      This is from the Arizona department of state office of secretar of state.


      § 47-1101. Short title

      This title shall be known and may be cited as the uniform commercial code.

      § 47-1102. Purposes; rules of construction; variation by agreement

      A. This title shall be liberally construed and applied to promote its underlying purposes and policies.

      B. Underlying purposes and policies of this title are:

      1. To simplify, clarify and modernize the law governing commercial transactions.

      2. To permit the continued expansion of commercial practices through custom, usage and agreement of the parties.

      3. To make uniform the law among the various jurisdictions.

      C. The effect of provisions of this title may be varied by agreement, except as otherwise provided in this title and except that the obligations of good faith, diligence, reasonableness and care prescribed by this title may not be disclaimed by agreement but the parties may by agreement determine the standards by which the performance of such obligations is to be measured if such standards are not manifestly unreasonable.

      D. The presence in certain provisions of this title of the words "unless otherwise agreed" or words of similar import does not imply that the effect of other provisions may not be varied by agreement under subsection C.

      E. In this title, unless the context otherwise requires:

      1. Words in the singular number include the plural, and in the plural include the singular.

      2. Words of the masculine gender include the feminine and the neuter, and when the sense so indicates words of the neuter gender may refer to any gender.

    7. Here is another link where it has a list of states that have adopted the UCC.

      And here is another link.
      Here is an excerpt from the link

      If you are conducting business transactions outside of your state, such as borrowing money, leasing equipments, establishing contracts and selling goods, you need to comply with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). In this section, you’ll learn more about the entities that recommend UCC requirements, and how your business has to comply when filing financial statements and securing loans through proper lien processes.

      The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is a comprehensive set of laws governing commercial transactions between U.S. states and territories. These transactions include borrowing money, leases, contracts, and the sale of goods.

      UCC is not a federal law, but a product of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws and the American Law Institute. Both of these organizations are private entities that recommend the adopting of UCC by state governments. State legislatures may either adopt UCC verbatim or may modify it to meet the state's needs. Once a state's legislature adopts and enacts UCC, it becomes a state law and is codified in the state's statutes. All 50 states and territories have enacted some version of UCC.

    8. I just want peace with my neighbors and to be left alone by my "governors". Even lobster and pools get old after awhile without inner peace.

  40. Original comment too long for blogger, so the full comment was sent by email, this is just the end bit:

    Google "open source" and see just what you get - it's massive.

    Simply put ... there is ALREADY a very well established practice of communities all over the world in many industries doing things for free, giving stuff away, getting stuff for free, remixing other people work to make new stuff of your own; collaborating on projects and sharing for the benefit of each other, the community and the industry ...

    We are ALREADY ready for a world without money ... we are already doing it's just that the corporate mainstream does not like the mass-media to talk about it, because the entrenched belief is still that "it hurts profits" when (as Glynn Moody very often proved) the exact opposite is the case.

    We simply need to change this wrong belief, and it will take off even more.

    1. Thank you for bringing that back into Awareness :-)...Did read wikipedia (one BIG open-source) about that...Hahaha like that :-D Also blogs are open-source! And its AAALL for free...We are RICHER then we think...

      And yep, there are already soooo many beautiful initiatives from people all over the world :-) For instance here in my hometown the give-away shop, repair cafe, lets community, town gardens...

      Pay it forward, Acts of Random Kindness

      "we" don't have to invent the wheel, everything is already here... Ready to step into and take part with (just like “my” Guys told me last year :-) . For the Ones who need a translator google translate will help you out for FREE ) I agree with the coment you are putting the horse way behind the cart.

      SHARE, GIVE FREELY and KEEP the Wheel (of fortune) turning.

      And for the Ones who like to Ray of Light for this Day :-)



      Mmmmh what will happen as “we” google FREE.......(fil in any word you like)


  42. indeed words have power. they emit intent and energy. they entrap, entangle and confound. they also hurt, malign, uplift and confuse. you know what else holds a myriad of power -- intent and attention. where are your thoughts when you give away your attention? why is it so easy to ignore OPPT?

    it is not merely that the "cabal" controls the media or because so many chattel are a-slumber. It is because we have been programmed to believe that "if something seems to good to be true it usually is." Strike that aside and you come to the next set. Somewhere among the HUMAN BEING population it either does not "resonate" either consciously or subconsciously.

    Had HUMAN BEINGS not been so easily subverted and divided we could simply "walk out" of the paradigm our ignorance complicity created. It honestly gives me comfort to think that the masses at some point in this game were so loving, kind and sincere that they were foolish enough to suspect that every other being was just as genuine.

    now, take the last contrast presented and follow my ill-logic... if you are running some long-term con wouldn't running out of resources to pay your hired muscle AND foreclosing on everything (including the way you entrapped and gained it all, commerce law) be a perfect segue to the endgame? especially knowing how hard to believe/follow yet fantastic the thought of the means to unravelling the beast is?

    Even if say 1/10th of the population made 8 BILLION copies of the filings and stood before the steps of every capital, court and central bank handing out copies and offering debriefings it would seem fanatical at best. I don't profess to know the truth. I don't doubt the sincerity. I merely am offering a new avenue of critical thought.

    d.c. can sure ignore it and sure believes nobody of the populace is renegade or "patriotic" enough to circulate it. makes you wonder what would happen if HUMAN BEINGS rather than "persons or people" git together, turned their backs and kindly said "ducking you, done. take your innuendo, upc codes, taxes, torts and frankenfood/storms and go fist yourself... I KNOW MY PLACE HERE AND IT IS NOT BELOW YOUR WRETCHED, SELF-SERVING, SELF-GRANDIZING THUMB. TAKE THAT THUMB YOU PURPORT TO HOLD US UNDER AND INSERT IT IN RATZINGER'S EAGERLY-WAITING AND ALWAYS ACCEPTING ARSE!"

    the greatest illusion is that we are new to this game. we are not. we just have laid down and accepted the scraps we've been tossed. I am no mongrel and neither is anyone else! Thanks for the contrast and the catalyst but I no longer need it. I rebuke, refute, rebut and reject to allow any further adhesion. I came here to walk the soil barefoot. I came to cohabitate with the engaging and omnipotent beauty I hear from the song the bird sings and the laughter of children enjoying running around under the bright, warm blanket of the sun. I came here to love and experience. I have experienced all the negative I needed. it no longer serves my soul any purpose. thank you for the lessons and enjoy the complimentary mint on the pillow.

    stop feeding the beast. this is no ACIM. this is meet the meanderings in the mind of someone who never believed the history he was taught. the religion pushed upon him. never truly understood embarrassment, fear nor jealousy. I've lived the law of attraction and I've had brief experiences of willed manifestations due to clarity and piece of mind. you do have the power of version. come clean. come clear. come home...

    1. I like you take on the "Pope", I think he is undoubtedly
      a child-molesting queer. I think his ass eagerly awaits
      anything (& everything) to be inserted into it, not just limited to thumbs.
      I think Ratzinger & Barney Frank would be ding-dong dynamite together.
      They could switch off playing pitcher-catcher,
      and have a love triangle with Barney's new younger "husband".
      I think you could probably fit a RAM truck into Barney's ass.

      *** Fun smut aside, I do have a glimmer of hope for TOPPT.

  43. Maybe we can do the following, transform the UN to something better. Using simple agreements to equalize everything:

    1.Consolidation of all international agencies under the direct oversight of the United Nations.
    2.Regulation by the United Nations of all transnational organizations and financial institutions.
    3.Independent source of revenue for the United Nations, and taxes on aircraft and shipping fuels, and licensing the use of the global commons.
    4.Eliminate the veto power and the permanent member status on the Security Council.
    5.Authorize a United Nations ready reaction force.
    6.Require United Nations registration of all arms and the reduction of national armies as a part of a multilateral global security system under the authority of the United Nations.
    7.Require individual and national compliance with all United Nations Human Rights treaties.
    8.Activate the International Criminal Court, make the International Court of Justice compulsory for all nations, and give individuals the right to petition the courts to remedy social injustice.
    9.Create a new institution to establish economic and environmental security by ensuring sustainable development.
    10.Create a new international environmental court.
    11.Adopt a declaration that climate change is an essential global security interest that requires the creation of a high-level action team to allocate carbon emission based on equal per-capita rights.
    12.Cancellation of all debt owed by the poorest nations, global poverty reductions, and equitable sharing of global resources as allocated by the United Nations.

    1. UN = Israel Zionist Hegemony
      There is nothing to be done but to abolish it.

    2. Isn't that a fear-based answer?

      Perhaps we should BE and DO instead of fearing?

    3. Isn't it just easier to say New World Order?
      They know us better that we know ourselves. How easy would it be to drag all the people of the world into this type of government? Won't it easily be accomplished when the secrets are finally let loose?
      SO we will have the people playing follow the leader, but of course, there are a few who won't follow, so they will be silenced. Isn't hard to accomplish either,since there a vast amount of technology we have never seen.

      BTW, Global Warming is real, but it's a cycle. The people really don't have that much to do with it. The sun has everything to do with it. We live on this earth, and we must play by her rules, not our own.(Nature)

    4. But it would be a new UN. To meet the new egalitarian age.

      No Fear, just DOING.

      At least it's a start.

    5. What was stated about the new UN sounds like X factor link that Cryptic has given.
      The new UN would be one wearing new clothes.

    6. BTW, what does fear having anything to do with critical thought?
      Were we not provided a reasoning skill by the Source of all? Should we not use that skill in all walks of life?

      It would be great if everything would be "rosy" but the fact is, it isn't. When closets get cleaned out, there is always a mess before the old is discarded. Individually, we have to think, since these PTW know us better than we know ourselves. We haven't a clue.
      Going in blindly is something that has been done for centuries/thousands of years. Wake up call to all the alarm bells ringing off in my head-- that is the intuition area...
      Something else that our Source has given us.

    7. This blog like all the others serves as the buffer for people who want to feel good but do nothing. Don’t you see that this is exactly what the powers that ARE want? They don’t want us doing anything productive in the REAL WORLD where their status quo is threatened.
      They just want us to be glued to our computer monitors, talk all day long and DO NOTHING.
      The UN is not for us, but for the Ashkenazim or Khazarians who have been ruling the planet Earth, and I don’t care what anybody else says here.

      Please don’t be sooooooo brainwashed now that you are finding your ways to what may be “true” but I am not so sure that the truth can be found here.

  44. Ok this is a we bit off topic but is there something going on DC, that we don't know about because according to this news video: and the one on the 25th. Some major shiznit is under way!

    Apparently there is an open an shut case for clearing out the Obama regime and catch the inferences to spiritual and other worldly support and future planetary bases within our solar system ( Mars), which we already know they exist. Am I, smoking something here?

    -D- Any comments on this?

    1. Did you guys know "Queen" (Queen of Hell) Beatrix abdicated her throne yesterday ?
      That set my mind to thinking, a little.
      I think she is the daughter of the scum who founded Bilderberg.
      Anyway, maybe the scum is trying to lay low, what with TOPPT
      coming at them like a thief in the night.

    2. Anon 20:45 but she is being replaced by that twirp Prince Phillip who is another Globalist shill. This looks like a CABAL Rothschild 2 Step.

    3. your funny anon 21:49

      :-D Willem-Alxander will follow up his mother Beatrix.

      Phillip is from the UK and/or Belgium :-D

  45. Here is a mantra for all wayshowers:

    From the point of Light within the Mind of God
    Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
    Let Light descend on Earth.

    From the point of Love within the Heart of God
    Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
    May Christ return to Earth.

    From the centre where the Will of God is known
    Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
    The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

    From the centre which we call the race of men
    Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
    And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

    Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

  46. Cryptic-
    What type of recommendations might on reading materials? It isn't expected that someone else is going to save the world-- but we do need education in the right direction. Is it too late?
    Are we on this never ending roller-coaster ride until we pass through the pearly gates?

    While driving today, a thought entered my meager mind. Why do we allow other people to place authority over us, since we all have the spirit within us? Didn't Jesus of the bible point out, "Ye are gods?" He stated that we could do great things, even greater than him. The kingdom is within, not without. If we look at the text, we see the amount of information given to us in plain sight on who we truly are--
    But this is fabricated, what is truth? The truth is from within... how do we get back to that place from which we came? How do we right the wrongs that have been set against us since the beginning? This is not the victim mentality, but questioning how it possibly can be corrected.

    Individualism of self is important-- not the whole assumption that what is good for a majority is good for everyone. We have to remember who SELF is. BUT HOW?

    Searching for answers-- seemingly, blindly, in the darkness that no one sees...

    1. I have seen people who have the ability to post freely on a blog try to convey information, that if for the reader; if they'd just see the info and retain it, they'd be further in comprehending the world than they are now.

      And I've seen posters post that the thread has been hijacked and needs to stay on topic. Those are the ones that want you to know 'only' what is shown to you and not get any additional info that could tie in the pieces at a later time.

      No one can dot the world as like those pictures as kids where you would start with number one and draw a line to the next number and the next number until you get all the numbers and see what is shown to you.

      But you may get number 26 from this post, number 13 from a comment, number 33 from a video, and then the owner of the blog puts something in and you get number 4.

      You see, everything has to be something worth learning because it is the Creator behind all things presented to you.

      As for freedom. I'll give an example and no I'm not giving legal advice. But how many times on a daily basis does One place their signature to get something done? At the grocery store, gas station, their kid's school, at the mall, at a restaurant, at church, at a friend's home, marriage/divorce, or just going down the street?

      Of those times that one places their signature, are they aware it is (equivalent to) placing the seal of the Creator on the document and binding them to the agreement.

      The document was dead.
      The signature was an energy transfer and gave it life. Now something can be done with that document because it has been 'activated'.

      Have you even realized what power that is to activate something that was inactive until the signature was placed?

      Now once you picture your life, think of all the documents you didn't mind activating and all the documents you didn't want to activate.

      Of the documents you didn't want to activate, why didn't you write something BEFORE you placed your signature to make sure the document did not come to life; was not activated? Why did you sign it as if it was a bonafide agreement?

      If I made you sign a mortgage for a house you didn't want, would you willingly activate that document? If not, then why sign it without indicating you didn't want to?

      That's how people give their power away. It was always there, they just didn't learn how to use it, didn't care, or controlled the access for others to learn because they claim a thread was hijacked or got off topic.

      See how grouping against your brothers or sisters no matter how unclear the message is, can leave you in the dark? Cryptic has the Creator within. To tap what Cryptic tries to say, go inside and let the Creator in you communicate with the Creator in Cryptic. It's all the same.

      But no, people think they have power by saying or doing something to 'bring someone down' which only shows lack of power because it would indicate you think they are higher or greater than you. Your thoughts are your biggest deceiver. It is the program. The heart is where you center.


    MUST WATCH VIDEO - This is Lyndon LaRouche - He is no BULL - He is serious - well established - well connected. He is a political analyst of the upmost standing! He is saying that OBAMA HAS BEEN INDICTED!!!!! Watch the beginning.

    This is the most serious guy I know - He is no Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Hannity, Cooper - LaRouche is on a whole other level of journalism. This is NO blogger - no Drake - Fulford. I am telling you - LYNDON LAROUCHE IS SERIOUS! He released no details but spoke of how GRAVE the situation is. He is also saying that the British monarchy will be enraged - he is talking about European anger. He talks about Russia - he says that this decision and these charges are MONUMENTAL! He said THE FEDERAL COURT SYSTEM PORTENDS THE OPPORTUNITY OF GETTING OUT OF THE MESS WE HAVE BEEN GETTING INTO.

  48. Anyone interested in what our lives will eventually look like without money should read "Your First Contact" by Sheldan Nidle.

  49. Someone who gets it. I like the way you think! All this without the involvement of Obama, incredible!

  50. Another very interesting development is Queen Beatrix is STEPPING DOWN. I have heard over the years that she represents very high level power within the system that needs dismantling.

  51. Daniel, I think you're right. No magic there. No "saviors" involved. No guesswork.

  52. I have a question. With all the scumbags that exist on our planet, how is it they'll change their nature? How will they come into the flock or co-exist with us?

    I mean really, do we expect to see such a dramatic change of nature, toward benevolence, empathy, conscience, compassion?

    How exactly will that work, can we envision such a thing, after hundreds of generations through history, they have systematically behave counter to the well being of others. Presumably they will still be among us.

    1. To what kind of scumbags are you referring? Those who steal and cheat do so out of a sense of lack. If anything needed was available for no pay, there would be no greed because of no lack. I don't know if that's your definition of scumbags, I only assumed. Those who commit senseless crime such as random gang killings, do that because of poverty and lack. They feel the need to belong and are willing to even kill to have that sense of belonging. Again if there was no lack a lot of the "scumbags" would be scumbags no more. True freedom works wonders. It's up to each of us to see beyond what is directly in front of us.

    2. Dearest Searcher - You know when I was young I use to say to people "you know if a man does not work he does not deserve to eat." When I got older I simply thought this were a true statement even more as the old world and system more and more molded me to think in this manner. But when I awakened to my higher self twelve years ago I said to myself maybe I should quit my job and destroy my reputation purposely ( for it could not be a situation I could bring myself out of whenever I wanted or the lesson would not be learned)- (basically I had to eventually sacrifice my wants in life -and destroy the life and illusion I was presently living at the time to learn the lessons of my awakening) so as to cause a reality and life where no one would give me a job and see how it felt when the world spoke in this manner now toward me- and you know what. Time and time again I was shown from the old system that they saw me in the same manner I saw them- and therefore said to me if I did not work I did not deserve to eat. So as I was in the process of awakening I learned ( or remembered who I truly was and am now)to have compassion for all people as I do not know their heart and they do not know mine. The point is that until every third dneisty human learns compassion(or remembers I should say- as we all began with compassion long ago) every third dneisty human will continue to evolve within third dneisty until they have walked in every man and woman's shoes in life so as to learn compassion before moving on to fifth dneisty or the higher levels of consciousness. So until we are each prepared to accept every human and soul as he or she is in life and just be responsible for our self we would not evolve or awaken to the higher levels of consciousness. Some are not yet there my friend but soon we will all be there together as a world and society. So love one another unconditionally- forgive all humans their offenses toward you- and forgive yourself every time and carry no more guilt in life for your actions as you too are each still evolving- even once you move over to the higher levels of consciousness. WMULAR----Daniel ---

  53. Hmmm...

    If there be nothing new, but that which is
    Hath been before, how are our brains beguiled,
    Which, labouring for invention, bear amiss
    The second burden of a former child.
    O, that record could with a backward look,
    Even of five hundred courses of the sun,
    Show me your image in some antique book,
    Since mind at first in character was done!
    That I might see what the old world could say
    To this composed wonder of your frame;
    Whether we are mended, or whe'er better they,
    Or whether revolution be the same.
    O, sure I am, the wits of former days
    To subjects worse have given admiring praise.

    Sonnet 59 Makes a change from Latin! ;-) )

    Sine Nomine

  54. I am surprised to here you say this............ "if booze and drugs and bikes are their thing then they are free to indulge so long as they don’t harm any other individual, there are no restrictions on drink, drugs or any other product"

    is an offense to those of us who do ride motorcycles. Just because we ride doesn't mean we are boozers and drug adicts.

  55. I dont think it was meant as a slur on bikers or any other group, I think it was meant as a reference to alternative lifestyles in general, like "who are we to condemn the way they live" maybe it was a bit blunt, but judging from the ratio of positive comments to negative comments I think the poster got their point across.


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