Friday 15 March 2013

Update from Patrick Cody: An Opportunity to make a difference

I have to thank Brian from American Kabuki for putting this together.  I lost one of the emails and another one disappeared this morning..... *sigh*

An Opportunity to Make A Difference (Updated w/correct email)

An Opportunity to Make A Difference:

(UPDATE: email correction:

We have been following the story of Patrick Cody Morgan for a few weeks now. Patrick is currently behind bars for crimes he did not commit. The only thing he is guilty of it is standing up against the system and fighting for what he believed in. 

In the last post we learned about a very unique Soul, Anthony Bonojo, whom Patrick has been blessed to connect with, since his incarceration. Here is the link to that post and an excerpt for those of you new to this story:

I had to write to you of what happened to me this morning.  After breakfast, I was standing outside my cell door waiting for the day room to open.  A black gentlemen from Nigeria began to speak to me.  At first I could barely understand him.  He asked me why I was not following the instruction of my upbringing.  I asked him what he meant.  He said you were baptised as a child, why do you not listen to God?  I asked him why he said that.  He said you have filed paperwork in your case?  I told him I filed my own paperwork and I began to explain to him how I was fighting a fraudulent system from without the system and that I couldn't step into their fraudulent system and expect a remedy.  He then told me that God sent him to tell me that my paperwork is being blessed by the Father.  He told me I needed faith and that God asked him to show me His faith.  He told me that my paperwork was not meant for just me but for hundreds of thousands of people, but it needed my faith to be catalyst.  He told me to be at Bible study at 9:00am. 

At 9:00am I was at Bible study.  I listened to this man of God talk for more than 1 hour about Grace.  Tears began to well up in my eyes, for I knew God was with me at this moment.  He explained to the rest of the group how my stance against the government was being blessed by God and that my paperwork was being blessed by God.  He went on to tell the group that God was not working on the Judge's heart or the Prosecutor's heart, but on the hearts of those above and around them.  That I was imprisoned to learn to trust God's Grace and to learn total faith.  He then went on to say that my family would see me victorious in this situation and would see me as a leader.  I was expected to lead many people but I needed to go through this situation to learn to trust him in all areas of my life.

As we spoke about Proverbs and Psalms, he told me the story of David and Goliath.  He said David went to he battle to further his own glory, but when he saw the giant, he had to humble himself and step back and let God take the battle.  He told me God said it was time for me to step back and let God take over the battle for me.  His grace would be placed on my paperwork and hearts and minds will start to change.  I am to use this time to learn how to listen to the Holy Spirit and use his guidance.  He said I have world knowledge, but now I needed spiritual knowledge. 

I can tell you I have never experienced anything like this.  He told me he had been tuning into my dreams for the last few days and that I was not listening to what God was trying to tell me.  I told him I had been very down the last few days.  He told me that is why I couldn't hear God.  He said God does not understand depression or anxiety.  It is not part of his creation.  That to hear God I needed to rise up and accept my place as a Child of God and then he would make me a Servant of God.  He said not everyone is meant to hear the word, but I could if I would stay in the light of the Holy Spirit and not get down when things don't go as I expect.  He said the Father is handing my case a special way so that it will be a testament to many that God lives and has never left us during this time of oppression.  He said he wants me to only speak the truth, do not give in, and my words will be heard by all the world.
Stacy, you can post this on Brian, D's and Heather's site if you want.  What I have told you is the truth and I will never doubt that God is with me ever again.

Love you both eternally,

I know there are many people out there, many of whom will read this, who need help. I just want you all to know the era of great human suffering is almost over, so hang in there and KNOW that you are loved and not alone. 

This morning I was guided to share the messages below from Cody. One thing I've learned, when your inner voice speaks, it's best to listen. If YOU are guided to help in any way, an opportunity is presented below to do so. There is no obligation of course. Ultimately, the most valuable offering we can possibly bestow is that of, if nothing else please send lots of love to Anthony and his family <3. 

In Absolute Gratitude,

Now that I have shown his wife how to set up a Paypal acct. Cody asked that I resend this to you.  We have sent them money to get their electricity turned back on and some food baskets.  They are really struggling.  Thank you guys,  S
I have spent the last 2 hours meeting with Anthony Bonojo.  He is the prophet who approached me.  My head is still spinning.    God is going to bestow so many blessings on us that are to be used in His name.  Anthony is such a true prophet.  He wants nothing for his knowledge, but he gets many blessings from other inmates in this place. 
Anthony is an innocent man.  His wife and 3 daughters are living in Lake Olympia.  A prisoner who met Anthony in here has been helping them with food and utilities.  That is the man they wanted Anthony to lie about.  He refused and has been here 28 months with no trial.  His oldest daughter was accepted to Hoffstra and BYU, but because they have no money, she is attending Sam Houston State on scholarship.  I told Anthony I would put his information on the Internet for all to see, and let God direct those people to his family.
If anyone is reading this on the Internet, please contact Anthony's wife and help her and her 4 daughters, including the one enrolled in college.  Just send 5 dollars each.  If everyone who read this just sent 5 dollars, they would never have to worry about money again. Stacy showed them how to set up a Paypal acct.  The email is:  It's time for all us to begin to start helping the widows, divorcees and orphans.  God wants us to accept responsibility for each other.  When that begins to happen, this planet will change overnight.  We are One and what is done to the least of us is done to the rest of us.  Not one of us can be left behind.  Start in your community and help the hungry and impoverished.  It's time we all wake up and quit listening to the elitists tell us we need a new car every year.
His house is facing foreclosure and his wife is working part-time.  His girls are all gifted in Academics.  This man is a true prophet of God.  He told me things about my life that only I could possibly know.  He told me God wants me to start controlling my thoughts and anytime I have doubt, to immediately dismiss it.  Anytime I have a negative thought, to immediately dismiss it.  He said I was blessed before with a lot of money, but I didn't use it wisely and in his name.  But God knows my heart has compassion for all mankind and he wants to be able to use me to help people with the prosperity he bestows upon me. 
Anthony told me he was with me the night I was sentenced.  Though I wouldn't cry, Anthony said God heard my heart crying out and wanted me to know that he was with me the whole time.  He never left me.  He told me that I have to control my anger.  God wants me to bless those who are evil, not show anger.  He said I need to allow the peace of the Holy Spirit to come upon me and not give into the ego.  He said when I see evil, just bless it and move on.  He said I need to instantly change the channel when I see something on TV that depicts pornography or killing.  Never let evil enter into my consciousness. 
I cried with joy when Anthony told me that God is going to show me and world that he can change any situation.  That I would learn what Grace is and begin to accept his Grace in my life continuously.  My lesson is about Grace. 
I wish I had a tape recorder and could tape this man.  He is profound.  He lives in the Holy Spirit and transfers that life directly to me.  He told me to never let anything come out of my mouth that is evil.  Only good should pass from my lips.  Words are very powerful and when matched with belief, can move mountains.  I believe Anthony was put here to meet me.  I know it now.
I know I am rambling but my mind is racing right now from all the energy that is coming to me from the Holy Spirit.  I just feel so blessed to have been given a second chance at life and this time around I am going to be working for the real MAN! 
With love and light,

Here is one more message we just received from Cody this morning :)

To all OPPT Members,
Today's message is about hope.  Over the last ten months I have been blessed to have a loving Wife and Sister who continuously send me inspirational updates from authors all over the world.  Some are bloggers, some are writers and some are actual prophets.  But in the end, I realized today how blessed I have been to have access to people who love me enough to keep my Spirit up and feed me words of inspiration.  My new spiritual mentor, Anthony, preached this morning how the Bible states that each one of us is a minister, and we are expected to uplift others Spirit with God's Word.  It had never occurred to me before today that other inmates don't have access to information outside of the Bible and books that are inspired by the Bible.  The OPPT Mission and UCC Filings are enough to uplift anyone's Spirit that is looking for inspiration and hope. 
Yesterday, Stacy sent me two articles that prophecised the coming Golden Age/Ascension.  I allowed my roommate to read both articles, and soon he had showed it to three other inmates.  Today inmates were coming up to me and asking if I had any other articles about the coming Ascension.  I had to start going backwards in my emails and printing off past articles that Stacy had sent me.  It has been food for the soul for these inmates.  The one thing this current system takes from every man is hope.  From the initial arrest, everyone is told it's impossible to win against the government, so you better take a plea.  Then everyone is told Fed time is 5 times longer than State time.  For those who choose to go to trial, the time is 15 times longer than State time.  So hope is a commodity in this system. 
Stacy's friend said in a letter to me that hope is God's way of communicating with us.  So I would like to say thank you to Heather, D and Brian and all the OPPT members for communicating for God.  Your words are heard and spreading through the hearts of inmates at the Federal Detention Center in Downtown Houston.  Even with limited resources to inmates, God's word reaches every heart that longs for it. 
With love and light,

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