Sunday 17 March 2013

Say Hello to the New!

AK just posted this in my Skype room- dated January 1 2009..... but oh so perfect for this very moment in NOW.

"Starting Over" by Cathy Woo
"Starting Over" by Cathy Woo
Seattle-based artist Cathy Woo contacted me after I featured art by another artist of the same name — and, of course, I fell in love with her art! 

Say Hello To the New,
To opening doorways and glistening portals
To picking up a broad brush and painting a portrait of the ultimate You
To stepping into your place on the circle with courage and joy
And surrounding yourself with others who bravely choose to do the same.
Say Welcome Home to the parts you may have lost or forgotten along the way
To your deepest knowings: You know what you know!
Find your way to the places where you become heady with belonging
Where the sun and moon and soil speak to you by name
Where there is time and space to do and be everything absent the strain of achievement
Where the relationships that have hibernated in the deepest burrows of your heart
Emerge into the golden light of a beckoning Spring.
To the blank slate begging to be splashed with the hues and tones
Of your most vibrant dreams, say Howdy!
To the unfolding mystery, say Welcome,
To your inner yearnings – the ones that could never be quelled -  say Now!
To every tiny heart-tickling inkling that feels like Love
Say Yes! and Yes! and Yes! and Yes!
Say Goodbye to the old,
To tired stories that prevent you from diving into the Unknown as it calls your name
To people who pull you down and away from your true embodied power,
Who spew their pain and torment in the direction of the light yet refuse to look within
To rolling the stone up the mountain day after day
Only to wake up and do it all over again,
To that which simply does not work for you any longer
That sucks you of your inspiration and joy
That stands with arms folded over barely breathing chest
And keeps your every joy but inches beyond your reach,
Bid Adieu.
It matters not what has come before
Who you were five years ago, five months, five minutes
What you felt was true and real, what hollow promises you made
Or what reality you inhabited,
All is ready to fall away, to scatter and
Be carried off by a gently cleansing breeze
Do you not deserve this fresh and glorious beginning?
Are you not ready to greet the liberation of your aching spirit and soul?
All in favor…
Say Hello to the New.

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