Monday 4 March 2013

Cody Writes about the corruption of the courts

" The Judge in my case, Lynn Nettleton Hughes is an admitted racist and bigot (made front page of Houston Chronicle and evening news), but unless Congress passes a law to impeach Federal Judges, there is nothing the American people can do."
Add to this Misogynist and actively supports sexual discrimination.

I remember this case very well as I was asked to help pull together supporting documents for the case.  I had a *thud* moment when I realized that the judge in Cody's case was the same as in this court case. 

Good evening all OPPT Members,
I trust everyone is doing well and pushing the OPPT Agenda to as many outlets as possible across the world.  Today is Sunday and the weather has been Heavenly here in Houston.  Though I am unable to go outside, the sun is able to come through an open area above the recreation yard, so I was able to stand with my face in the sun.  Wow!  Some of the things we take for granted when we are free to go outside on our own, but I am blessed that I can now do that at least a little.  In the 23 hour lockdown I was in previously THAT was, definitely something to look forward to.  Also, the food was ATROCIOUS!  Better here for sure.
There are a few things on my mind that I wanted get across to anyone who believes in the OPPT Agenda and the importance of individual sovereignty.  Since my incarceration, I have been able to document countless Human Rights, Bill of Rights and Due Process violations that are being perpertrated by the Federal System.  Having fought the system from the outside for so long, I had no idea what it would entail fighting the system from the inside.  Things I took for granted such as Microsoft Word, Email and Internet Access are not readily available in the system.  Without these simple items, the ability to defend one's self against the government is nearly impossible.  But thanks to friends and family, I was able to file documents that hindered the government and established facts in the case that as of today, are still unrefutted.
The hopelessness in this place does not stem so much from the facility itself, but from the cutoff of the most basic legal rescources that any individual wanting to help in his own defense would need to make a dent against a behemoth like the United States government.  To be totally dependant on an Attorney is one thing, but to know that same Attorney is working for the government is devastating.  I spent several hours today helping an inmate prepare a Motion for Ineffective Counsel on a electronic typewriter that was sitting next to a Dell computer with no Microsoft Office or Word Processing capabilities.  What normally would take me about 15 mins, took more than 2 hours to prepare.  Of course this is done intentionally so inmates will not circumvent the Public Defender or attempt to represent themselves.  The inmate went on to explain how his Attorney wouldn't even take the time to go by a Pawn Shop and pick up a Federal Application for the Purchase of a Firearm to ascertain whether the document contained language that could exonerate this inmate.  Keep in mind, these Public Defenders get paid good money, upwards of $10,000 per case, but do little or nothing except plead Defendants out to the charges.  In several cases I helped detainees with, I saw first hand how Attorney's were working with the government to keep detainees from bonding out of jail.  In probably more than 200 inmates I have spoken with about their case, I can only remember 2 that actually got bond.  And in every case the government classified the detainee as a flight risk.  I met one Chinese American Citizen who had more than a million dollars in commercial real estate, a wife, 2 daughters and was facing less than 18 months, and he was classified as a flight risk.  Give me a break!  The Judges, Prosecutors and Attorneys are working together to keep detainees incarcerated while awaiting trial, and cutting off all access to legal resources.  It's down right despicable!
I am writing a book called "Shooting Fish in a Barrell" (How the United States declared war on it's Citizens).  I plan on exposing the systematic violations of basic Due Process rights.  In my case, I entered facts in evidence proving Title 18 was never passed by Congress.  For God's sake, it's part of the Congressional Record!  They never responded to one of my points at law.  This proves they are no longer operating under the Constitution, and as such, Americans can be declared enemy combatants or domestic terrorists and rounded up with no Due Process Rights including the right to Habeas Corpus.  God willing it never happens, but what could stop them?  I have learned first hand that it's impossible to have a Federal Judge removed from the bench.  The Judge in my case, Lynn Nettleton Hughes is an admitted racist and bigot (made front page of Houston Chronicle and evening news), but unless Congress passes a law to impeach Federal Judges, there is nothing the American people can do.  One inmate confided in me that Hughes told him and his co-defendants, "Now the Prosecution is going to parade young white women in front of the jury, you black defendants have no chance, so you better go ahead a plead out". 
Of the whole ten months I was incarcerated at Joe Corley detention center, the worst case I witnessed was an immigrant from Cuba that spoke no English.  He was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.  I worked on this case.  The man was asked to meet some people at a location to do a job.  He drove there and told them he did not want to participate and left.  One of the people at the scene was an undercover agent.  They later arrested him on conspiracy.  He told me the jury in his case came back with a not guilty, but the Judge over ruled them because he said the prosecution had proven their case.  He got 16 years!  No robbery was ever committed, it was a staged robbery!  
The system has become an abomination.  It is ruining people's lives and families.  Don't get me wrong, there are criminals in prison.  But there are thousands of people who should not be here.  I hope OPPT can really make a difference.  Something needs to change before more innocent Americans are incarcerated. 
With love and light,

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