Sunday 31 March 2013

Collective Imagination March 26- Transcription

The Collective Imagination
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 (USA)
Wednesday, March 27, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa: Welcome everyone to this week's Collective Imagination program. It's an amazing morning here in New South Wales Australia. It's sunny. It’s warm. It's been another one of those mornings when you wake up and find out the world has changed yet again. It's been really, really busy trying to catch up on everything that took place while I slept. I know that Chris feels the same. How are you Chris?

Chris: Feeling the same. It's a sunny day and the world changed while I slept. Yes, we've been rolling along trying to catch up with what happened while we were sleeping. It's absolutely fascinating.

Lisa: Isn't it just? We've actually got quite a crew here today to try to help us all come up to speed on what's been going on. We've got Brian as usual, Brian Kelly.

Brian: Well hello there Lisa. I actually really enjoyed the new introduction by the way. I thought it was fabulous. (laughs) Glad to be here as usual.

Lisa: That's good to have you as usual. We've got D too.

D: Hi. Are you guys awake now? (laughs)

Lisa: Yeah. I've got enough amount of coffee. I'm good to go.

D: I can share some of the coffee I've had. I'm sure I could send you that coffee vibe directly to you.

Lisa: If I hadn't run out of milk, I'd still be having coffee. And we've got Bob from Pennsylvania.

Bob: Hello Lisa. My brain is out of breath.

Lisa: Your brain is out of breath? (laughs)

Bob: Yes, my brain's out of breath. It's panting, (Bob making panting noises) just trying to catch my mental breath here going over all of this stuff. Lots of things are going on. It's crazy crazy. Glad to be here.

Lisa: Cool. Good to have you. And we've got Heather from Morocco with hopefully good tech.

Heather: Hi everyone.

Lisa: Hey Heather, that was loud and clear, so good I hope it stays that way. And we've got American Kabuki.

AK (Bill): Hi from San Diego.

Lisa: That's quite a team that we've pulled together today, so that's great. Couple of things that we've got to get our heads around this morning. One is a post you'll find on Removing the Shackles as well as American Kabuki in regards to a patent by Visa International. I'm going to read to you D's (laughs) ... no actually D, you read it. You read your intro instead of me covering your voice.

D: Okay, well first of all, you have to warn me of these things because now I have to pull it up. Oh, there it is. So I wrote "Attempted patent of human embodiment by Bank of America and Visa international. This is just the rough information for you all. We felt the need to get it out immediately. We'll go back after the show tonight to pretty it up and fill in some blanks. This is why the powers-that-were are freaking out!!! The OPPT stomped on their attempts to patent humans as tech. A huge thank you to AK and Brian for pulling this all together from Heather's Skype notes, which I quickly emailed to them because I was making lasagna.” And it was damn good lasagna too, I just wanted to say that.

Bob: Lasagna is my favorite.

D: I'll save you a piece.

Bob: Okay, thank you.

D: "Side note: Within 10 minutes of Heather posting all this info to us on Skype, her internet went down and has been bouncing on and off every few minutes since then. Sorry dudes who are listening in for the powers-that-were, you're all TOO FREAKIN’ LATE!!! Your bosses are already foreclosed on and you're about to be jobless. And we already have this information out into the public eye. Nice try though. Buhhahahahahhahahahh!!!!!!! I love it when an evil plan comes together.”

(general laughter)

Brian: Was that the most diabolical Buhhahaha you could do?

D: Oh darlin', it was SO diabolical when I was typing it in.

(general laughter)

Lisa: (laughs) So for those of you who haven't seen this yet, what essentially happened was...or Heather do you want to tell it from your perspective? That you were contacted by somebody questioning if the UV was in alignment or connected with this patent from Visa?

Heather: (laughs) I just love how you pronounce that, that's all.

Lisa: What's that? Which one?

Heather: Pay-tent, it’s patent. (laughs) You know, potato, po-tah-to. ( general laughter) Yeah, essentially they just connected a dot with something we knew we were pulling down or pulling from within out exactly what needed to be put in to the systems. However, they actually brought one of the dots visible of something that hasn't stopped. The particular language that we used all the way through, from OPPT to the I at this moment, uses all the language that basically (garbled). And not just the US patent. I haven't gone in to research it, but it looks like there's also international patents for the same stuff. What's very interesting is people don't realize that they are human tech. All these patents, which is an entry point for Stevenco(?), all of these patents and their biotech relies on human tech, which they've traditionally gotten for free, because people don't know that it's technology and that it’s required for these biotechs to actually work.
Once the Absolute Data comes out, you'll find that with these retinal scanners your eyes are actually retinal scanners. That's why when you're face-to-face with someone and you're looking them in the eye, you can see and get so much data that you aren't conscious about. Its very interesting. So I really thank G. for sending it over. It’s an application, so the patents haven't been approved yet as far as a patent number and all of that that I can see from the raw data. So just do some digging. Discuss and really start thinking about the human tech that you are. That you are the only holder of and due course of and owner of and how much these guys are making off of their biotech that uses your human tech for free. Because traditionally we don't know it’s worth something. So just food for thought.

Lisa: So just in terms of the timing of all this, did they put their application for their patent in prior to July last year when the first filings were done?

Heather: Yes, January 1st I believe was the actual application and then they did an assignment over to Bank of America and then I'm not sure where it went internationally. I haven't had time to review and thoroughly investigate all of the data, but I am familiar enough with patents to recognize the dots of what actually was tumbled by all the filings starting July of last year, the registry of the BE'ings and now the value from the BE'ings.

Lisa: So, it essentially put a stop to any attempt by them to patent the human body?

Heather: Actually what they're doing is, it’s like trying to go in and (garbled). Hence you have all that big Pharma and all the pharmaceuticals instead of natural products. They always want you to use synthetics, because it's something they can patent and make a lot of money off of. In this particular case, you essentially have human tech that's coupled or under the guise of biotech. So they can go ahead and patent the biotech, but you still need the human tech in order to work it. So really it's sort of a ‘it's in the disguise of’ maneuver.

Lisa: So Bill, I know that you've been frantically trying to bring yourself up to speed with this over the last couple of hours looking at different documents. What have you made of it all?

AK (Bill): Well, basically it looks like they're using the human body if you think of system as consisting of several parts, they're defining human body as part of the system of a financial interchange. It calls it "near field communication",  but if you look that up in (inaudible) and what they're really talking about is RFID chips. So that would be an implanted RFID chip or one in a credit card, but it's all human centered. So it appears to be in the human. Some of it is also cell phone based.

Lisa: So if their device that they own and have a patent over is within your body, then they therefore own your body by extension?

AK (Bill): That seems to be the implication. Heather can speak to that better than I can. It definitely speaks specifically of embodiments.

Lisa: So the same language? No wonder they're freaked out.

D: Interesting choice of words.

Lisa: Yeah. But like we said earlier, even a retinal scan can't work without the retina. It's got nothing to scan and it’s your retina they’re wanting to scan.

AK (Bill): Well, they also want to data mine Facebook. They're talking about wanting to pull up images...take your image from a camera say at an ATM or from a cell phone and then compare it to images they pulled off your social media site to see if it's you or not. So they're going to data mine social media sites as part of it too.

D: Oh yes, but Facebook isn't owned by the government or being run by the CIA. No, no; it NEVER happen.

(general laughter)

Heather: Well, what am I supposed to do? I got kicked off Facebook.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Yeah, 'cuz you're not a real person.

(general laughter)

Heather: I guess I’m screwed.

Brian: Bring back Myspace.

(general laughter)

Heather: Well and that leads into what Caleb is working on right now. That will roll out under I as well. He is doing basically the alternative of Facebook and actually much more...Skype and Swiss(?) and Euroclear(?) can all be wrapped in one. That is gifted out there. He's not attached to what he produces. He wants it to be a quantum jump, where he puts it out, people use it, but it's not harvesting anything. It actually is a place that's exponentially and perpetually launches creativity. He hopes that once it's out there almost immediately, in his example, is that some 14-year-old comes along and says 'Caleb that is awesome, but I can do better." And they put out something that is even better and then it keeps escalating from there. But this is for, this is by an embodiment of eternal essence, so it's for the benefit and abundance of all the embodiments of eternal essence. That is really what is behind the concept and the actual application of I.

Lisa: There just seems to be a little bit of confusion in the chat room about what we're talking about. So I'm just going to try and recap based on my understanding, is that the recent announcements of the I and the UV Exchange brought out this data about what Visa International have been in the background trying to implement and which is a patent on biotech which includes our bodies. That's essentially what’s happened.

Heather: Yeah, you have a lot of data coming out...Absolute Data. I was a conscious space similar to what OPPT was a conscious space where everyone could know BE'ing and the value of BE'ings. Whereas I is the conscious space that energy can be focused into and actually experiencing BE’ing eternal essence embodied, so absent borders, exceptions and prejudice or any limits.

Lisa: And they essentially cannot go through with this because of the original OPPT filing securing all the BE'ings?

Heather: Well, here's the beauty of it. It just shining, this moment now is the shining of Absolute Light, Absolute Truth, on that originally wasn't visible or known, okay? So it's basically when someone goes to do anything and they're told they have to do a retinal scan or use any kind of biotech whatsoever, a person can make a very informed decision on 'Hey, if you want to use your biotech, you're going to have to compensate me using my human tech'. Because they're making billions if not trillions on biotech in the end that's using your human tech for free. Because they withhold from you the data that your human tech is valuable and that you own it.
So now it's a matter of making choices. Are you going to stand up and are you going to let them commandeer and take advantage of that and hold you essentially a slave to that point? Or are you going to go in and make different choices based on data that's out there? So this is all about BE'ing and DO'ing and the experience of learning who you are and what you actually (inaudible). Keep open to the data. Keep open to receiving data. It's all starting to flow in now. This is just one piece that came last minute before the show There's much, much more coming.
As far as I and the space that it’s holding, yes it's magnetically drawing Absolute Data, Absolute Knowledge and releases of all that is eternal essence embodied throughout eternal essence's universe. So here we go. Let's have some more fun with it.

Lisa: Okay, sorry I'm being distracted by AK writing into the Skype chat room. You wanna move on to this latest document? Or is there more to say about this, Bill?

AK (Bill): I'm sorry, I was muted out there. This latest document, there’s a lot to it. I haven't gone through it all completely. As far as talking about the patent?

Lisa: Yeah, is there more to say about this patent at the moment? Or just to let people know it's out there?

AK (Bill): It's out there. We're going through it. There is a lot to it. There is a lot of ancillary patents that reference it. We just pulled them down just before the show.

D: As many as Heather could until they caught on to what she was doing and kicked her out.

AK (Bill): Then I got the rest of them.

D: (laughs) We tag-team so well on this team.

Lisa: (laughs) So keep your eyes on Removing the Shackles and American Kabuki. They will be updating that particular storyline as they put all the information together. But I'm sure there is a hell of a lot more to come.

AK (Bill): Oh, I'm sure there is.

Lisa: Yep. Okay, the latest I document. Wow! The responses to this have been pretty extraordinary too. Again people it's only just been put up. You can find it on Removing the Shackles and American Kabuki. I haven't even had a chance to put it online yet, but you can find it there. So do we want to read through it with only one page? And Bob, you tend to be our document reader, if you'd like to do it?

Bob: Well, let me pull it up first.

Brian: You can't even pull it up on the American Kabuki blog now, because Scribd is supposedly down for maintenance.

Lisa: Well, I’ve got up in front of me if you want to do it?

Heather: Well, if you want I can do it.

Lisa: Yay! That would be nice.

Heather: Okay. Here we go. “eternal essence in absolute love, peace and gratitude of all its embodiments: Universal Value (UV) Exchange*”

“I*, duly verified as reconfirmed and ratified, under the full responsibility and liability of eternal essence embodied, I do issue the following official Announcement and Invitation to all embodiments of eternal essence, that the UV Exchange* is now officially open for DO'ing in unity to experience eternal essence with Absolute Knowledge of embodiments equally.”

“The UV Exchange*, duly verified as reconfirmed and ratified, is a lawful identifiable conscious space that is eternal essence BE'ing...eternal essence's universal platform for any and all DO'ing with the intent to know and experience eternal essence in a quantum exponential and perpetual flow in unity. All that is BE'ing and DO'ing within this intent to know and experience eternal essence is protected within this eternal essence UV Exchange* from any and all former methods, platforms, systems, agencies, contracts and agreements intent on restricting the knowing and experiencing of eternal essence.”

“Advanced and Absolute Technologies are eternal essence and are for all embodiments of eternal essence to know and experience consciously. That conscious knowledge and experience renders any and all former slavery systems, and restrictive financial tools of commandeer, currency, ownership and distribution irrelevant in a twinkling of an eye, and creates a quantum exponential and perpetual advancement of DO'ing and BE'ing eternal essence embodied. The release of these Advanced and Absolute Technologies that are eternal essence for the knowledge and experience by all embodiments of eternal essence within eternal essence's universe, ARE eternal essence's PEACEFUL ENFORCMENT AND PROTECTION SYSTEMS.”

“Embodiments of eternal essence DO use the UV Exchange*  for Absolute Protection, Insurance and Guarantee that the Advanced and Absolute Technologies are transparent and can be relied upon to be disbursed to all for the sole purpose and intent to know, experience and advance all embodiments of eternal essence in eternal essence's universe absent exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, prejudice, and limits. Eternal essence duly declares and orders the release of all that is eternal essence for the abundance of knowing and experience by all its embodiments NOW.”

“As equals, absent exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, prejudice, and limits, duly confirmed as Protected, Insured and Guaranteed by

/ss/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, eternal essence, embodied and DO'ing*

Rec. No. 2013032035, restated and incorporated by reference as if set forth in full PRE-PAID, PRE-AUTHORIZED, and PRE-APPROVED. Issue No. 1121”

Lisa: Okay. Now we need to know what it means.


D: Heather, I have this strong urge to stand up and applaud for some reason.

Chris: Well, I was about to do that, actually. I felt like, (whistles). Yep.

Lisa: Because everybody's going to understand this at a different level and take something different from it, but I've got a couple of questions, just technical questions straight off the bat. Down at the bottom, why is it only signed by you?

Heather: Well.

Lisa: As opposed to Caleb and Randall as well?

Heather: This is an announcement and an invitation. The I* exchange was created by all three of us, as that conscious space. As far as the announcement and the invitation goes, it’s really important that everyone understand every embodiment of eternal essence is equal. Any one of the embodiment can DO in the benefit of all the embodiment, as long as it is transparent. So that you'll see at times it'll be just Caleb, and sometimes just Randall, sometimes just me or sometimes just any of the other embodiments, but it's all eternal essence.

Lisa: Thank you, that answers that. The chat room is going off by the way. Lot's of love hearts.

Heather: Okay?

Lisa: So, “I*, duly verified as reconfirmed and ratified, under the full responsibility and liability of eternal essence embodied, I do issue the following official Announcement and Invitation to all embodiments of eternal essence, that the UV Exchange* is now officially open for DO'ing in unity to experience eternal essence with Absolute Knowledge of embodiments equally”. So that's just stating an invitation.

Heather: Yeah, it's an announcement and an invitation that it's all ready to go. Basically it's like a platform. In banking trade and finance you have these platforms. It's the content that you put in the platforms that actually are the exchange. It's the value that's exchanged was in the platform. This is just saying they're all sent, let's go, let's do this.

Lisa: Okay.

Chris: At the same time Heather, is this also inviting Absolute Knowledge to us?

Heather: Yes. It is. It's magnetic; this whole document is magnetic. Every document is (breaking up) a magnetic tool.

Lisa: So this is an invitation to each and every one of us and it's an invitation to every embodiment, everywhere, to come play.

Heather: Yes, you have all these groups that have sat there and said, "Oh, when we are invited, we will BE, we will DO", waiting for an official invitation. Well, here it is.

Lisa: Think of it this way. I did it, okay, so it's done.

Chris: (affirmative response)

Heather: Now we will see who actually really was serious.

Chris: Okay, so this is also an invitation for the rest of the universe out there to come play and exchange as well.

Heather: Yes, and everyone is on equal footing. They are all embodiments of the same source. They are eternal essence. So, basically, it was saying there is no hierarchy. The former agencies, or slavery systems purporting to be agencies, that would regulate this that or the other, nobody is under those regulations. Nobody is under those agencies. They were all cancelled for fraud, so now is the time to go play. Everyone wanted a clear space. It’s there. Now let's see what they do.

Lisa: Okay. The next paragraph. “The UV Exchange*, duly verified as reconfirmed and ratified, is a lawful identifiable conscious space that is eternal essence BE'ing...eternal essence's universal platform for any and all DO'ing with the intent to know and experience eternal essence in a quantum exponential and perpetual flow in unity. All that is BE'ing and DO'ing within this intent to know and experience eternal essence is protected within this eternal essence UV Exchange* from any and all former methods, platforms, systems, agencies, contracts and agreements intent on restricting the knowing and experiencing of eternal essence.”
That's a mouthful. Okay, what does it mean?

Heather: Okay, basically, it's just saying here's your UV Exchange*, which it really is a protection in one sense because it protects from all those former systems that wanted to restrict the knowing and experiencing of what you BE from entering into this space, similar to the Declaration of Facts that OPPT put out that nobody rebutted or could rebut. This is the same thing. They would have to come forward and show their standing, their authority and the law that they're actually operating under in order to basically say that you are not eternal essence and you're less than them. They have the right to regulate you. So this UV Exchange* is a protective, conscious-based, somewhere tangible that you can rely on to go and DO in full safety. Okay?

Bob: Essentially no more harvesting.

Heather: No more harvesting. In fact, this one actually goes in and reverses that just by it's inherent structure. It encourages.....think of eternal essence as a corporation and that each embodiment is a department of that corporation or branch of that corporation. If one branch is unhealthy, then the whole thing is unhealthy. Now, with eternal essence, eternal essence is and all that is is eternal essence, so all the embodiments are to have abundance that is eternal essence.
So really that paragraph there does multiple things. One of the things it does is sets the contrast between quantum, exponential and potential flow of energy in unity of eternal essence for all of it's department divisions or what I call embodiments versus all the former systems that were there to restrict and constrict all of those embodiments. So healthy versus unhealthy? Well, which one do you choose? That's essentially what the message was out into all of Source's universe, eternal essence's universe. Make your choice.

Lisa: Anybody else have any questions on that paragraph before we move on?

Chris: No, I'm with it.

Lisa: Okay. “Advanced and Absolute Technologies are eternal essence and are for all embodiments of eternal essence to know and experience consciously. That conscious knowledge and experience renders any and all former slavery systems, and restrictive financial tools of commandeer, currency, ownership and distribution irrelevant in a twinkling of an eye, and creates a quantum exponential and perpetual advancement of DO'ing and BE'ing eternal essence embodied. The release of these Advanced and Absolute Technologies that are eternal essence for the knowledge and experience by all embodiments of eternal essence within eternal essence's universe, ARE eternal essence's PEACEFUL ENFORCEMENT AND PROTECTION SYSTEMS.”

I hear you Heather.


Heather: You're going to ask me, right? What does that all mean?

Lisa: Yeah, you're going to have to explain every paragraph.

D: Each and every paragraph.


Heather: Okay. Well, I had a conversation this morning, actually multiple conversations over the last couple of years, that were essentially summarized in a conversation this morning with someone inside the systems, the former systems, and how what is left of the former systems are shuffling things around, so that it looks like it’s coming, in this particular instance, let's just be very transparent. Basically you have a whole bunch of fraud paper that was sent over from Gulliver ACC. It ended up over at the US Treasury after an IMF stint and now they’re trying to shuffle it back out to all the “governments”. That process was described as server to server not using Swift(?) or Euroclear(?) or any of those other transfer systems, so that nobody could do the paper trail and see that it was coming from UST or see that UST had supposedly gotten it from HSBC and released by the families.

Yes, it's just a shuffling. We sat there and talked about it. And what is all of this fraud paper anyway? What are all the slavery systems about? Controlling technology. Controlling access to things like energy, food, water, natural resources, period. Interactions with each other. So really what's the best way to make those systems irrelevant? Release all the advanced and absolute technology. There's nothing left to pay for, is there? They don't own these things. The advanced technologies, the absolute technologies, those are eternal essence. Everything that is, is eternal essence.
If you have access to those, if you have access to being able to create, like a 3D replicator or if you really want to get down to it, you're able to actually create those things without replicators. The replicators are actually a synthetic means of doing what the actual human body or any embodiment in Source’s universe can actually do. If you release those technologies, all of a sudden you don't need to go and “pay” for the energy or “pay” for creating or building anything because you are able to do it yourself.
Communications, for instance. Communication. You have internet. You have cell phones. Well, if you have absolute communications, you don't need any of that lower frequency technology. Really, those are just copies and not very good copies of the absolute tech that it was derived from. If you make those absolutely available and disbursed to all embodiments of eternal essence, there's nothing left for those former slavery systems to even exist for.

Lisa: It's that premise that this whole show was based on. The human body is a technology and the imagination is a technology that we've forgotten how to use consciously. I completely believe and understand what you're saying there.

Heather: Good. (giggles) I'm very happy. I don't have to repeat anything or expand.

Lisa: Okay.

Chris: Heather, in my mind what you're referring to is that ultimately the human body is the absolute technology, but you've also got the word advanced here. Would they, in fact, would that be a reference to the physical replicator and absolute, a reference to what we can do as essence in body?

Heather: Yes, that's correct. So advanced technologies would be just synthetic that are based on the absolute technology, which are not just human but it's all embodiment. It's all embodiments are capable of the same thing. So your advanced technology into your absolute technology and I (breaking up) know that they can be simultaneous. It just depends on the state of knowing and it depends on which one (LOST CONNECTION) ...

Lisa: Kinda losing you a little bit there. You still there? Heather?

Bob: I think what she is saying is, once you have the ability to produce for yourself anything that you need, whether it's synthetically or it's through your own person, if I need a pair of shoes and I can instantly produce it, whether it be through a replicator or myself, if I need a generator or if I need anything and I can produce it, then what do I need Walmart for? Why do I need a prepaid phone card plan or any sort of communication? All of those things become irrelevant, because you become the bank, the producer, the manufacturer, the distributor; all that is all within your power. You don't need to seek anything outside. All of those other things become irrelevant because you've got absolute technology; you can produce anything that you need for yourself. It ends everything.

Chris: Certainly does.

Heather: That's right. There's going to be some people that really want to go through the experience of learning about their own absolute technology by experiencing with those who have advanced technology and there'll be an exchange of value there in that experience, that co-experience. It really just depends on what you want to create, what you want to experience.

Lisa: Can I just say everything?

Heather: (laughs) Can you what?

Lisa: I just want to experience everything. I want it all. Yesterday.

Bob: Once everybody's in that space, Lisa, then you're only limited by your imagination and creativity. Those become real valuable commodities. People who have these creative imaginations that can produce creative technologies and creative interfaces and whatever it is that they create, you're only limited by your imagination at that point.

Heather: That's right.

Chris: We've been officially told there are no limits.

Heather: Yeah, if you look back at the notice, that was sent out about I*, it really just all states it right there. There are no limits. You are absent limits.

Bob: One of the things I wanted to bring up, because a lot of people are going to ask this question, does this technology exist? Where is it? How can we get it?

Heather: Well, first off, absolute technology is within you and within every embodiment equally.

Bob: Okay, then how can we get the manuals on how to use it?

Heather: They’re all within. It's just a matter of accepting that, embracing it and then going out there and DO’ing. It's similar to you getting, for instance, a DVD player or a new piece of technology. I don't know if you ever do this but I do, I take it out of the box and I just start fiddling with it. Now, my husband is different. He takes out a manual and he reads it from cover to cover.

Lisa: That is so opposite to what most men and women do, I have to tell you.

Heather: Yeah, I know.


Chris: I'm a read-the-manual dude.

Heather: I use the Force to feel my way on how to use that thing. Of course, my children come up and they actually are the ones that teach me how to use technology. It just really is a matter of you embracing it, you accepting it and then from there as you do, the “manual” appears to you. Through everything you’re doing, all of a sudden you are guided to the data that you need in order to know how to operate that absolute technology. Now, that is what's so great about the UV* exchange is that with every DO’ing, it just is a quantum exponential and perpetual jump of your absolute knowledge just in the DO’ing. Yeah, you may think you're making a mistake, but then what is a mistake? You're either figuring out how to do it or figuring out ways to help others not to do it. Did I answer your guy’s questions satisfactorily for now?
Lisa: Well, sort of, because I know that there are people who are going to say 'is this UV Exchange a physical or tangible thing. Is there a website I can go to? Is there an office I can go to? Where do I go to..' Do you know what I mean?

Heather: Where's an office? Hmmm.

Lisa: They want something to interact with.

Heather: If people want the same, Lisa, if people want the same result, then use the same formula. If you want a different result, create a different formula. That is what is going through and happening right now. This is a different formula, so that there's a different result. Nobody seems to know exactly what the formula is, but then again I don't know if they know what the result is. That's why I say just focus on what result you want. The mechanics and the formula actually manifest itself, in order to meet the result that you choose.

Lisa: That I get.

Heather: Okay?

Lisa: Okay last paragraph, “Embodiments of eternal essence DO use the UV Exchange*  for Absolute Protection, Insurance and Guarantee that the Advanced and Absolute Technologies are transparent and can be relied upon to be disbursed to all for the sole purpose and intent to know, experience and advance all embodiments of eternal essence in eternal essence's universe absent exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, prejudice, and limits. Eternal essence duly declares and orders the release of all that is eternal essence for the abundance of knowing and experience by all its embodiments NOW.”

“As equals, absent exception, borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, prejudice, and limits, duly confirmed as Protected, Insured and Guaranteed by Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf “.

What I take from that is it's a statement that all technology is to be released NOW and by actually making that statement and having that intent, that's in fact what will happen. That all of these, we're drawing it out. We're pulling it out.

Bob: Well, that all becomes possible now, because all of the limitations are gone. All of those patents and titles of ownership, all of those systems that were keeping things secret and hidden, all of those different harvesting tools that were preventing people from having Absolute Knowledge. Now that they are all taken out of the way, you can make an invitation and say okay, all of those people that had inventions and tools that were stifled by patents or funding or any of those things, those corporations and things that stood in their way, are now out of the way. So now the invitation is let it all out of the table. Let everybody have what they want and what they need.

Lisa: Okay, here's a really, really practical example of people's confusion, okay? It's in the chat room. So, "I want to pay off a personal, legitimate loan from a relative. I will be..."

D: Everyone in the chat room, stop typing.

Lisa: "doing this by writing a check for the amount, knowing..." Stop writing for a second, guys, I keep losing it. Now it's gone. So I will be writing a check, knowing it will clear. (footsteps noise) Did you hear that Heather?

Heather: Sorry, say that again, it broke up.

Brian: "So, I want to pay off a personal, legitimate loan from a relative. I will be doing this by writing a check for the amount knowing it will clear."

Heather: What's the question?

Lisa: Someone said in the chat room, that they've got a personal loan, a legitimate loan, from a relative and they need to pay it off. I will be doing this by writing a check for the amount and knowing it will clear. I think she's just asking is that an example of what I can do here.

Heather: Well, see that's kind of the whole point is that everyone is taught and trained to not know what they are, not know what their value, and not know what their capabilities to manifest are. They have a legitimate loan; they borrowed value in whatever fashion or form. Then they took the responsibility and liability of returning that energy, in however they agreed that the energy would be returned. So at this point, it's whatever she knows. Okay, there's a whole series to manifest. First you set the intent, the desire. So you're thinking and you're creating that one frequency, one level of frequency. You speak it and the harmonics create at a whole other frequency and then you DO. You're DO'ing creates at another frequency. When you have your thoughts, your speech, your sound and your DO'ing, because DO'ing moves energy, when you actually have all three of those in harmony, things can manifest at the speed of heart.
That is what we're all doing right now, is we're taking thought, we're putting a conscious space we're paying energy into it with our words and our DO'ing, our movement into that energetic space and things are manifesting quite quickly. Look what was done in the last three months. That was at the speed of DO'ing and that was with most of the thought being unconscious. So here we are now in a very much more conscious level. Everyone is creating what is happening right now. It's never been written. It's never been experienced. This is brand new. So, it's writing your own story and right now, if people consciously even just considered that for a moment, that means your thoughts and your words and your DO'ing have much more power than you ever considered or consciously thought of before. Now go and test it out. So when she writes the check, what I would like to know is have her write back and let us know how it all went. But I'm setting my intent that her intent manifest.

Lisa: (laughs) Everyone's gone silent.

(general laughter)

Chris: I'm intending that her check will manifest as well.

Lisa: Me too.

Brian: Well, the reason why the only thing holding us back from the true powers that are within all of us is our belief in whether or not we have those powers. We've been so conditioned to believe that we don't have those powers, it's made manifesting things extremely difficult from our existing state of consciousness and our existing state of awareness and knowing and understanding. The landscape of that is changing now. We're remembering that we have these abilities within each and every one of us. We're getting them back and we're empowering ourselves to be able to do these things consciously. I AM POWER.

Lisa: The chat room's actually going by so fast, I can't get a handle on most of what's being said. But I'm still seeing comments like 'But how do I buy food? I still need to eat. I still need to pay my rent.'

Heather: Why don't you, Lisa, direct them to the document that we just went over. Because that's essentially what we had a conversation about between myself and this person that I was speaking of. All of those monetary systems, all of those slavery systems controlling human tech and whatnot, they are all irrelevant when everyone has Absolute Knowledge and when everyone is experiencing that Advanced and Absolute tech which they are. Have them read that document, set their intent, because that is what is coming. That is what is chosen to manifest.

Lisa: Again people, the document is on American Kabuki and Removing the Shackles websites. So if you haven't read through it with us, then go and have a look at it. Print it out, read it out loud to yourselves. Also have a look at the information on the Visa patent.

D: And they should go jump over to the site and take a look at what AK and I just posted. Another one that is another bomb to be dropped. I'm just posting it into the RTS Skype room right now.

Lisa: Okay, I've got the link.

Brian: I just put it in the chat.

Lisa: You just put it in the chat, thank you Brian. It's interesting. The timing of everything that's happening is obviously no coincidence. This leads us sort of into the whole energetic Event that we've been talking about too for the last few weeks. in the last few days from perhaps a half a dozen different sources, I have heard what people believe they can feel is happening at the moment and the way it's going to pan out. Santos Bonacci even said 'That everyone's going to go up a few notches as of today', today being the 27th; well, 27th here at least. The way he sees it that we all rise up a couple of chakra levels. For those people who are still very much based in their base chakra, will go up to the heart and those who are already centered in the heart, will go up several more, in the period between the 27th of March and the 27th of April. We've got our friend Julien, who's reading the energy of the collective. Can you, Chris, just paraphrase what Julien said recently? In terms of what we're going through and what's coming energetically?

Chris: Well, about 10 days ago, Julien was looking at the energy surrounding, essentially that ball of energy that was generated by the process that this large group of people have been drawn through by the the information coming out about the OPPT. He said about 10 days ago, he saw that the OPPT itself would be come irrelevant in about 10 days time and he was absolutely spot on. What he's seeing now in place of it is a far greater, much larger, absolutely pure ball of energy generated by the process that we've all been drawn through. It's of a kind of energy that can be used to manifest anything, provided your intent is set and you have a knowing that's your birthright to actually manifest. Now while we're on this subject, I just wanted to read the last paragraph of the release of the Universal Exchange from yesterday, because it's exactly what we're talking about here.

It says, "Abundance is manifested at the speed of the expansion of our imagination and DO'ing what we imagine." This is what Heather's talking about. We have to be able to accept that what we imagine, is something that we can actually, literally bring to our reality. It continues, "Eternal essence embodied gives notice that replacement of past harvesting tools begin to be implemented starting next week." Now, we're actually directly (garbled) how that replacement is taking place. It continues, "To begin the flow of abundance, eternal essence embodied does use knowledge within to create this lawful conscious space and tool of UV Exchange." That is the statement that actually brings this space that we're now going to fill with our own energy. The energy from that giant ball that Julien's seeing. "Within eternal essence for all embodiments to experience the eternal essence that they BE, by their conscious free will DO'ing." There's always an aspect of DO'ing to this. Without DO'ing, we don't move forward.
"Eternal essence embodied does guard and protect this space and tool until the Event occurs. Absolute Knowledge known within each embodiment in eternal essence's universe." This is the point where we draw together this energy and actually generate the Event ourselves. We magnetically attract the Absolute Knowledge, those manuals Bob was talking about, to us. "I* now gives notice of the Event to be experienced by all embodiments of eternal essence, absent borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, ritual, protocols, prejudice and limits." So, we are giving ourselves permission to drop our limits; to drop all previous limitations, all previous structures that limited us and experience Absolute Knowledge. that will give us the abundance we're all looking for. "In absolute love, gratitude and peace. So it is done." So, it's us. That's what Julien says.
Brian: Hey, Chris, it looks like we're getting some requests in our Skype chat room to freely talk about the egg, the transparent egg, that you talked about. That came from KP.

(general laughter and talk over)

Lisa: Kauilapele wants you to go right out there.

Chris: Okay, so yeah look, there's an aspect to the Absolute Technologies and the Advanced Technologies. I think I'm probably being reasonably accurate in saying that as things proceed, there'll be a mixture of both. What Julien spoke of is information he was given about a particularly neat little piece of technology for local transport, which essentially was some kind of, let's call it a craft. But it was a transparent egg just big enough to sit in and it took you wherever you wanted to go and at whatever speed you were comfortable at going. With this, for instance, he was suggesting we could probably travel the planet. Now that'll be fun and it would certainly be advanced. It's certainly a piece of technology. I also have to say that from the point of view of transport technology that we could actually do that without the egg, but the egg sounds fun. Who would like an egg?

Lisa: (laughs) I'd like an egg.

Brian: I want an egg!  

D: I (inaudible) say you can come pick me up.

(several talking at once)

Brian: Who wants an egg?

(general laughter)

Lisa: Not scrambled, yes.

Chris: Yes.

D: Yeah, not scrambled, exactly.

(general laughter)

Chris: Yeah, no scrambled eggs please.

Heather: I guess it just depends on how good of a driver you are.

(general laughter)

Chris: Well, if you drive it by thinking, you wouldn't want to have your thoughts confused or you could end up unexpected places.

Lisa: Quite scrambled, indeed. Okay, Heather? She wanted to quote somebody and I seriously hope they're in the queue to call in. There was a response to this filing. I saw a post and I want to quote it if I can. It's from Paul, so this is his response to reading this filing. "Here's where I* is at. I* and the UV Exchange*. It's amazing. Is there anything to DO? Yes. Can I DO anything? Of course. Do I need anything? No. Do I have everything? Yes. Do I have the power to DO as the heart desires? Yes. How do I get there? I AM there. That's a lot of power for one guy. Will I be able to handle it? Of course. I AM the I*. I am the UV*. I AM the bank. I AM all that is required, to DO what is required. Better get slippin' crackin' then, hadn't I? No use standing around here gabbling to my I*. I have no idea how busy BE'ing you are. Do we need to talk? No. I can just walk into the Central Bank and say 'Right, I need to use your gear. How much value is required? Okay, deposit me. I am the deposit. I own your ass anyway. Open an account. Start having fun. Thanks for that Heather. You're a gem."


Lisa: (laughs) Yes, it probably was written by an Aussie. Do people take that literally? Is he taking that literally?  (silence)  Have we lost you, Heather?

Heather: No, I'm right here. He's from Ireland; he's great. I love (inaudible). (laughs)

Lisa: Close enough, yeah. (laughs)

Heather: Exactly what he's talking about going into Central Bank; the guys that knew in the former systems how to actually make it work, they used to just write up a promissory note, go and secure it on the commercial registry and then walk in with those two documents and say 'Right, I need a conversion. So here's my value. Convert it to your funny money and charge me a service fee.' and then walk out. Once too many people started to know about that, all of a sudden they started to tighten those "printing machines"... (laughs) ... or at least the distribution line. So, he's actually absolutely right on how it actually worked.

Lisa: But is that "worked", past tense?  

Heather: Well, that's how the old system worked. Now it's even better, because everyone knows that they are valuable, that it's them that is the value. They're the creditors to all these bankers. The banks are really hurting, so if you really feel gracious and loving, you can walk into a bank and say 'I will save your ass. You can deposit me now. Let's go. Let's go and have some fun and co-create.' Just depends on how gracious and loving you want to be.

Lisa: I was talking to Chris and Bob the other day and I used the analogy of starving children in Africa. If a child has never experienced a full belly and knows what it really means to be satiated like that, they've spent their entire life starving, and you come to them and say 'It's fine, I'll just teach you how to be a breatharian.' They're going to go 'Yeah, screw that, I want food.' It'll only be once it's been presented with so much food that they've filled themselves up time and time again and they can relax i nto knowing that it's not going to run out again, that they're not going to go without again, that the novelty of a full belly wears off and eating all that food becomes a bit of a pain, that they will be able to sit back and relax and go 'Okay, I don;t need it anymore. Teach me how to be a breatharian.'
That's kind of what's going on here with the different levels that I see where people are at in regards to representations of value. If you've been struggling all of your life and just never had enough to just BE and DO, then those people are the ones who are focused on needing that stuff in their hands. They want something tangible in their hands that they can use to go and buy; buy stuff that they think they need right now because they've never been able to have it. The people who've always had money, they're not interested. They want the energy exchange. They want the knowledge. They want the data. They want something else, because they've had a full belly all their lives. Then there's people who are beyond that again. So, I know when I'm drilling you a little bit, that it's those people who are looking for a full belly that I'm speaking for. Because they're still screaming, 'I want my money. I need to buy food. I need a car. I need to get places. I want to go on a holiday. How do I do it?' So they're the ones I know I'm talking for.

Heather: Just in the data that you just presented, you presented the solution. You have all these people that have all these different things. The things that they have aren't necessarily the things that they want. So that's what the UV Exchange, the Light exchange, is really for. Is to go in and basically say 'Great, I have all of these FRNs that I don't want.' Because they know what's attached to it; they know the crap that comes with it. However, someone over here needs to go, for the time being they perceive that they need to go and pay their mortgage. Okay? Until they get the fact that they should be asking 'Show me the loan.' They want to be able to have that security. We get it, okay?
So you take this exchange, you put everything that is eternal essence into this exchange and it all flows. It is magnetically attracted to whoever needs that particular item that's in the exchange. The person that doesn't need it, it flows away from them. This whole exchange is magnetic. Okay? But within the magnetic, you have all these items that are formally referred to as 3D. You're going to find out that they aren't even 3D; they're representations of something much greater. Like I said, Guy A has all these FRNs. Guy B over here (believes he needs these FRNs. They'll magnetically flow out of Guy A into Guy B, for instance. Guy A lets it flow out into Guy B, because he wants knowledge. Guy Z over here has knowledge that Guy A wants. So that's what this UV Exchange is about. It's about being able to put things into exchange exchange will only be there for as long as it serves everyone. It's not owned by any one embodiment. It's owned by eternal essence and therefore for the use of all the embodiments of eternal essence. Do you kind of get a sense of how this UV Exchange actually works? You can put anything in there and it magnetically is drawn or delivered by each of the embodiments.

Lisa: Well, I'm seeing it as an energetic space. It's not a physical place. It's not a website where you go and donate stuff. It's nothing like that. It's just an energetic space and your intent...okay, I can look around myself and my house and my environment and my life and go these are the things that I don't need anymore, I offer them up and I send them out there as an intent. Now this is the things I would like and I put that out there as an intent. If we were all doing that, then energetically all of this stuff would just find its way to where it needs to be. That's what I'm seeing.

Heather: Yeah, that's a great application or example of how it actually works. I sat there and I thought about 'Okay, we can create a website. Follow that particular part of OPPT platform or process.' Like I said, if you want a different result, change the formula. I don't see internet being here. I see it being reconciled back to the Absolute Data that it came from; the Absolute Text that it actually came from, excuse me. So, to go in and do a brick and mortar building that people can walk into, I personally move around. I like to be able to travel. Be where I need to be. Serve who I need to serve at the moment that it needs to be served. So for me, I haven't done brick and mortar in years. For those people that need those kinds of things, brick and mortar, websites, those are all part of the old former slavery systems in my belief and my knowing. However, someone wants to create a website so that they can speak about it, sort of like OPPT. We have a website and really it was just a container to put all the filings in, so that t he powers-that-were could rely on what it is we were standing behind. That way if anyone went in to file something that wasn't us, we didn't post it; it wasn't from us.
 At this particular joint and juncture, you can go in and create whatever you want to create. I is eternal essence and it's for the benefit and use of all its embodiments, without exception, absent exception. So, these are your choices. Everyone's choice is their own to make. I chose not to create a website for this, because number one, I would have to manage it or someone would have to manage it and I didn't really resonate with all of the hubbub that went on with OPPT and people wanting to go in and be on the team. What team? Everyone is equal. That's what this whole thing is about. Everyone is made equal. Everyone is eternal essence embodied, all equal. I'm really being conscious about not creating...what do you call it?...pedestal. Or to allow the opportunity for pedestals to be created. That's just where I'm coming from and I'm not saying that's got to be everyone's, but everyone is equal. I want to make sure that that intent is at least visible and then everyone can make their own choices and their own decisions for themselves.

Lisa: Anybody else want to share their vision of what this is like?  (silence)

Heather: Sorry, (inaudible for several words) to everyone? Everyone's quiet. (laughs)

(general laughter)

Lisa: No, it was good to me. I want to ask Deva, I know she's listening. Can I share what you just typed in there? (laughs) Can you let me know if I can share that?

D: Where's Deva? Hold on, I'm searching for her. She's typing. (laughs)

Lisa: Yeah, she's typing. She's giving me the okay.

(talk over)

Chris: I've done a number of times I've had bills coming up and I think most people have actually done this. When I think about what I'm going to say, there's been some times when I've had bills coming up and I haven't had the digits in the account, the funny account. I've just known that some would arrive and it's happened twice. Each time it's happened, it's been almost exactly the amount that was required. Freaklly enough.

D: Well, that happened to me two months ago, when I was behind on bills. It was really, really desperate and they were going to cut off my internet and that's my line of communication. That's not going to happen. I had two donations come in on my site and added together, they equaled within pennies the exact amount that I needed.

Chris: Yep.

D: Yep.

Lisa: I have to say I do that stuff quite a bit.

Chris: Well, that's what we're talking about.

Lisa: But it's always just enough.

D: Yeah. (laughs)

Lisa: One day I'll be (inaudible) real soon I want to get to that point where it's more than just enough. So they (inaudible) in a place being able to do something just for the sake of doing as opposed to...

Heather: Well, think bigger Lisa. Don't think 'if I could just cover these bills'. Go back and look and see what you were actually thinking at that moment. 'If I could just cover these bills, that would be just enough" or were you saying 'I'm creating a notice'.

Chris: I think it works even better if you intend (inaudible) that's really big. Because I know Princess Lisa wants to rescue a local building, which is in the hands of the bank and is a significant property. She really wants it back for the community. So, Lisa, you should and we'll throw our intention in this as well, intend that circumstances will be such that you will be able to save that property. Intend it and put a value on that in your own head, if you need to. But you will save that property from the bank, from being resold and torn down.

Heather: Chris, it was funny. I was asked once, before I started all this, I was asked by one of my mentors in banking trade and finance, did I want to fund a project or did I want to learn how to fund projects? I was thinking 'Okay, he's going to give me a fish or I can learn how to fish. Then I'm going to teach others how to fish.' So I chose I'm going to learn how to fund projects. This was when I first started in banking(?). Now I bet they're regretting that they ever let me in to the fishery.

(general laughter)

Heather: The whole point was thinking big. The whole point was thinking and knowing 'I can go in there and I can learn it and then do with it as I choose'. And here we go, this is what I chose. So at this point, a lot of people it seems to resonate with everyone, having Absolute Data, having Absolute Knowledge. Banking happens to be one of the fields that was "take-n-bake", if not completely invisible.

Lisa: (laughs) No shit, when you think big, it goes global.

(general laughter)

Heather: So anyways, have fun with it guys.

Lisa: (laughs) It's so much fun. Yep, absolutely. Deva, we've got you...

Deva: (faintly) Can you guys hear me?

Lisa: Yes. You're soft, but we can hear you.

Deva: Is that better?

Brian: Getting better.

Deva: (laughs) Sorry.

Lisa: That's oaky. Turn up your volume or scream into the microphone.

Deva: Okay, I'm trying.

Chris: Do you have a headset, Deva or a webcam?                             

Deva: No, I don't have one, but it's on the list. I'm going to get it.

Chris: Just lean in closer to the camera.

Deva: Okay. How's that?

Chris: Better.

Lisa: That's better.

Deva: Okay, so along the lines of what Heather's been sharing. I guess I can say that I'm testimony. I can speak for the creational principles, as having worked very significantly in my own life. To some degree, it appears like magic, but it's not. Because we are powerful creators. We have a technology within is, that we've only forgotten. If we can get in touch, there's actual protocols to follow that absolutely work, as Heather has explained. To this degree, I can say that I've had my credit cards zeroed out twice, zero balances. I've also applied the technique to manifest large amounts of cash, like not just capital or things that I've required. Also most recently I decided that I was needing some kind of an infusion of security. From there, what happened is I manifested a trust fund within my own family which I had no idea existed and it came to me. It's good for many, many years to come. So to follow the steps is worth it. It's worth to learn these things, to not just flail around and hope that it might change or that things might happen. To actually apply ourselves is where the change comes. It's like you set your sight and then you follow the steps to get there. When you do, stuff happens; stuff manifests.

We're at this pivotal nexus point right now in the creation of the next direction for what's going to happen on the planet. When we come together collectively, we become a force that is unstoppable. We are absolutely victorious in this. So herein lies the possibility and the infinite potential for what we are about to bring forth. From where I can now where everybody is sitting on this planet, with the mass amounts of positive energy and visions, that is actually it's showing itself. It's not just frivolous little hope now. We're actually a force to be reckoned with. When we apply these....

Chris: Deva, if I could just put in one thing. I think what you're talking about is what Julien sees, that massive ball of energy. (silence for a while)

Lisa: the chat room, can you hear us?

Deva: Did I fall off?

Lisa: We all did, I think, for a minute there.

D: I was just going to say I think I did too. What the heck?

Chris: Yeah, I think someone didn't want this to get out there.

(talk over)

D: A massive ball of energy just threw everyone off. Yeah, exactly.

Chris: It could well have done, yeah. Sorry, not sure what I just said then.

(talk over and general laughter)

Deva: Well, you know what happens with those T-balls. (laughs)

(general laughter)

Chris: Yes, I do.

(general laughter and talk over)    

Chris: What Deva's talking about, that energy that has been created by us these past few months, that's what Deva is talking about. So please proceed.

Deva: Yeah, this is since the rise of the OPPT. What has happened is that the planet has actually shifted from it's former trajectory to essentially we're on a trajectory to the Golden Age. We're very, very close at this moment, knowing how these creational principles work. That's why I just wanted to explain that these things, I can speak personally for them, that for example, I decided I needed $5000 dollars. Okay, I needed this money. I went through a series of steps, which involved the technology of the body, so you know that it's happened. You bring it into your sense realm. I wrote up a little fake check and I filled it out and I put the $5000 dollars on it. And then, literally within 10 days, I got a phone call from someone who was wanting to give me $5000. (laughs) So, I know this sounds like it might be a fairy tale to some people, but it works. It really, seriously works. I look forward to us all creating together, because I know that's what we all want in our hearts, deeply.
Bob: Another thing I wanted to mention also Deva. A lot of people who have been aware of this ability to create for a long time or for at least awhile, I think it's important for them to understand that the energy right now is so very different. That the ability to manifest, the ability to bring forth what you want has never been in a space where we're at right now to manifest nearly instantaneously. And a lot of the obstacles by the filings that the OPPT did by the BE’ing and DO’ing of the audience, of everybody, has removed a lot of the limitations that caused a lot of the delays in manifesting. A lot of the systems that were there restricting and blocking a lot of those manifestations are now openly removed. And also for any of the people, and this is going to be a question maybe I'll direct to Heather, right?, who want assistance in learning how to use this technology. Is that also available?
Deva: Well that certainly...are we gonna ask Heather that?

Brian: Heather’s back. She jumped back into Skype. (multiple people talking)
Heather: Sorry, what was the question?
Brian: Go ahead Bob.
Bob: For those people who want to have assistance in learning how to use their internal technology? Or even if it isn't the technology for the time being until they learn how to use their organic technology, is such assistance available and how can somebody go about procuring it?
Heather: Assistance is available. In fact when I review the data out there publicly through various mediums whether it's internet or in books, through groups, based on the Absolute Data that I work off of, it's already all visible. All you have to do is look at the disinformation campaigns that go on regarding that kind of material and that right there is to me the biggest indicator especially knowing how the powers-that-were actually worked. So really the question is this, if you look at everything that happened...I know you've only had three months of exposure to what was going on since the beginning of the experience... but the Absolute Data is very important for everyone to have.
The question (inaudible) is why were the things that have been done were able to be done? I love looking at the Bank of America patent information and reading the wording that they used. Then you connect it with the wording that is used in the evolution of all the filings that were done up to July that was created and issued a couple days ago. You really start to connect the dots and start being aware those dots will become visible just using your own tools of resonance, but Absolute Data and Knowledge is already within everyone. Everyone is Eternal Essence. So it's just a matter of that becoming visible. So asking who is who and why they were to get certain things done. Within the slavery systems each one that's involved, this moment right now have a place in creating this. I would rather have the Absolute Data come out to have everyone remember that rather than going out and just saying here's what it is. It's very important people search from within ‘cuz that's where it all is.
Lisa: If everybody’s okay with it, I'd like to start taking some calls cuz we're getting..
Brian: I think AK had something he wanted to throw in. I don't know if he wants to do that right now. He put it in the chat.
Lisa: Oh yes of course.
AK: I have a new blog post up. It's about the government defining the citizens as property. There was a filing in 1997 by Bill Clinton defining people as property. There was another filing in 2011 using, defining the citizens as property improvements on the land in a UCC filing to raise $14.3 trillion dollars. (multiple people laughing)
D: Are you (garbled)
Lisa: (laughing) Right, they did a renovation of the country and found 320 million people in it so there's been an improvement.
AK: And another serious thing about it too Lennon Larouge has been pushing a water project in that and a water project is in that UCC filing. So I don't know where this money went. That's some research somebody's gonna have to do if it can be tracked. It's most interesting. They publicly call people property.
Chris: There's some UCC filings that the Bartle boys tracked down on the Washington DC website where the three major Australian banks appear to have put up their entirety as collateral for funds received from the Federal Reserve. We suspect these were part of bailout conditions as resulting from the 2008 crashes. One of the things that’s on the list of collateral is chattel paper. Chattel paper. Amongst the definitions of that are our birth bonds. Our birth certificate applications.
D: Oh, I'd like to see those.
AK: This is in addition to the birth certificate bonds. This is an additional burden on the public.
D: Well think about it. Right? They like to make magical money appear out of, you know ten dollars all of a sudden becomes equal to a thousand dollars. So one person you know if they’re just gonna reuse that person as a derivative.
Lisa: Not anymore.
Chris: Well in that case that gentleman who wrote that piece the Irishman who wrote that piece is absolutely on. We could do that if we chose to do.
AK: It's no different (multiple people talking)
Lisa: But you're doing it with full knowledge now of what the exchange is.
Chris: Yes.
Heather: (laughing)
Lisa: What are you laughing at Heather?
Heather: It just reminds me someone said in the RTS chat room that I'm a pain in all the powers- that-weres’ asses. So now that you guys all know what to go do. I'm excited to see what you guys do. This is beautiful.
Chris: Well, we can join you in that process. (multiple people laughing)
Lisa: I have got some nifty little ideas, games, popping away in my brain as I speak. (multiple people laughing) Hopefully I'll have an update for you by next week. Okay? (laughing). Oh we're going to take the first call. Area code 347?
Caller: Hello, yes can you hear me? I sure hope you can hear me.
Lisa: I can. What’s your name darlin?
Caller: All right fabulous. This is Prince, flofokus, how's everybody doing tonight?
Lisa: Oh Prince, hey how you doin?
Prince (caller): Yes yes. Well I have that device that I was messing with last week and hopefully it'll do me justice tonight. I just want to ask everybody a question. I've gone through a gamut of questions tonight. I've come upon this one and based on what was just said, but I thought of it way before you guys kind of started talking about it, kinda funny. The question is can I just act like a bank and just sign my worth away for like a million dollars for like a year or something and then just start emptying out ATM's all across the borough?
Lisa: I'm not sure I heard it. It was a bit crackly. Can you go to a bank and exchange your value for a million dollars?
Prince (caller): Okay. Say, yeah and then just go and empty ATM's based on a five hundred dollars a day kind of situation. Then at the same time allow other people to sign up for the same million dollars for a year or something along those lines, ten thousand dollars a month, I don't know. Something like, you know, possible and usable by a person that needs the money. So it's like we need money, we can go to the bank. Write it up, you know, okay, you have my name for a year and you can then take $5000 whatever, be generous I guess to give them an incentive to let them work with your money, something along those lines. I really wanna start supplying people with everything that they need based on whatever circumstances that they have. No matter what they understand, no matter what they believe and no matter what they agree to. It’s just there. It’s available. It’s ready to go. It’s not any matter of if and or lets or research anything. Just come, get it on and get it going.
Heather: I keep having this image of bankers all screaming ‘Parlay. Parlay’. (Laughter)

Chris: I can sense the (inaudible) tightening.

Heather: You know, it’s wonderful. You guys, Prince, everything you brought up, like I said, that is how it actually functions in the old systems with those that (inaudible). So now that everybody knows how to actually go in and do it, really you’ve just gotta go in and say exactly what you just said, exactly what Paul has said. It’s just a matter of how gracious and loving you feel about going in and playing with those guys. If you are very conscious and aware and go in and set the terms, clear and concise, making sure that everything’s expressed, no? No nothing, you guys can have a lot of fun with it. You can determine what it is you wanna do. If you wanna use funny money, that’s your choice. If you wanna set yourself at gold, or if you wanna say I just want energetic...that’s what their systems run off right now, is magnetic data transfer. So it really just depends on how creative you guys wanna be.

Prince (caller): Right. So what I’m doing (inaudible). I just wanna say I got a couple of donations a few weeks ago when I was first on the radio. I used that money to put together these fliers. Now that these last couple of fliers have come out, my buddy Grant, he put together a condensed Courtesy Notice. It’s really just like a one-page public notice that says, and we aimed it at the MTA, at the Metropolitan (inaudible) Authority in New York City. We aimed it at them and addressed the New York City Police Department as the enforcers behind (inaudible) has to protect us basically. Kinda worded it just plainly so that people can see it on one page and not like five pages with all this legal stuff.
And then this I document comes out and then the Universal Exchange come out, so what I wanted to do was incorporate that and just print those on both sides, you see? Print the Universal Exchange on one side and then print the Foreclosures of everything across the planet on the other side and then just pass that out. I got a thousand copies getting printed up tonight, so I’m gonna go take those up tomorrow (breaking up) just been printing out these papers and been getting people to know this is all just a (chance). So I’ll (breaking up) some of my value that I’ve already been doing to continue to spread this awareness medium. Now that I’ve worked in this small medium, I’ve used these little fliers and leaflets to get the word out, I can use my eternal energy to put that funny money back into the system to then bring the system down, the same way that you guys did. Walked into there and grabbed the beast’s heart, now he can’t bleed and now he can’t pump blood anymore, it’s just what he’s got left in his veins. So it’s like then I’m gonna go in and take his spleen or his stomach ‘cause that’s the part that I want today. Then somebody else can come in behind me and chop his head off and stand there in victory. This is how we do it, this is how we work together. You know what I’m saying? So I’m glad to put in a million dollars of my own energy.

Bob: I just wanted to clarify something with Heather because I was one of those people who did try the promissory notes and register them and take them down to the bank. They stopped working sometime last year and now there’s no regis...everything is already registered and secured so there is no registration of those promissory notes that you might wanna use anymore. Am I correct in that?

Heather: Look, I gave them all a chance. Caleb, Randall, we all worked and we gave them chances to go in and clean things up. We gave them chances to repurpose themselves in the way that they honored what everyone BE and the value that they have. So for me, the only option that I set my intents on and the only thing that I am focussed on creating is Absolute Knowledge for every single embodiment of Eternal Essence throughout Source’s universe. I don’t want any more replication, I don’t any more... 

Prince (caller): Yep, that’s exactly what I’m working for; that’s the path that I’m on. I’m here. I have nothing physically, so I have to energetically create something so I energetically give my energy to the manifestation of this funny money, this (inaudible) so that I can then awaken more people with this knowledge that you guys are spreading out. I can do this all day every day, it’s no problem. I can walk down the street, get these things printed up and be out the door within twenty minutes, it’s no problem. So that’s why I’ve got all this work going on, on the internet and things like that but I’m (inaudible) to the streets. I’m outside (inaudible) to people telling them that the Sun gives the tree food for free because the tree just needs the energy from the Sun. So life, that’s all it needs.
I’m telling people this and they’re coming and taking these papers and going off and doing their research (inaudible) calls have been full for the last two weeks. We need a bigger medium, so I need money to get into these big medium spaces. You see what I’m saying? (Inaudible) in my telekinesis. I’m ready for my (inaudible for several words) accounts coming. You got your energy accounts coming. This is super sam boku account, that’s what this is. You just ask for energy from the world, from the universe, it’ll give it to you because it’s just (inaudible) can pressurize it and focus it however you want to, that’s how energy and life works. And it’s supposed to be a dance and a joyful maneuver, but we’re walking around scared.
The only two people that I’m listening to now are Bruce Lipton and Jose Aguilera; those are the two names that I’m most focused on. Bruce Lipton got it right and oh boy, Jose Aguilera, he’s got that calendar on point. So I’m ready to make this shift, but I need more people, I need more help, so I’m getting people aware in my neighborhood, in my community, in my city...piece by piece, one by one. In their faces, on the ground, 3D. Here you go, that’s why I’m ready to give my word. I’m ready to give my energy and to manifest that wealth, that funny money that everybody’s so stuck on. I need that in my neighborhood to wake everyone up, to move forward. Unless I’m out watering my plants (inaudible) that’s what I’m (inaudible) maybe I’m just screaming at the plants to grow: I’m saying Grow Seed. I put you in the ground this morning and you’re supposed to grow for me instantaneously because that’s the way the everlasting ether works. Maybe I’m just too bold in my (inaudible), maybe I’m just trying too hard, I don’t know what’s going on here, (inaudible) tell me.                     

Bob: Heather, this is kind of related, a question. Heather?

Heather: Yeah.

Bob: Do you know of anyone or can you directly, instantaneously, manifest for instance, food?

Heather: Do I? Can I?

Bob: Yes.

Heather: Hell, I can’t even cook.

Bob: Or do you know anybody that can?

Heather: I know of those that can, but I’ve never done it myself.

Bob: And if...

Lisa: I’ve done it in many ways that...

(Over talking)

Heather: I’ve only physically been in a room with one when I was in Asia.

Bob: So you’ve seen it and so, just so people know, it is possible. I think that’s where the question comes from.

(Over talking)

Heather: Can I go and address something about Prince? I had this discussion with Len, with the WizzdomGame. Everyone’s looking outside, external. You are everything, BE now. And it’s sort of like when they told me ‘Oh people have to go and do this claim process to be able to go and get their value back, and then they didn’t even honor the claim process and I’m (inaudible) why did someone have to go and follow a claim process to get value that was stolen from them in the first place? It’s amazing with Eternal Essence, I sit and I listen. I listen and I’m reminded of this phrase that some of the bankers use, especially one in particular:  ‘intelligence rules the world and ignorance bears the burden’.
Hey, it is about Absolute Knowledge only if you do know that you’re Eternal Essence. Everything is within you; if you can accept that and just embrace that. All the data, all the proof, all the experience of that manifests itself from within you out. And when you’re able to do that, it’s the Jones effect or what people refer to as the hundredth monkey. You have everything now. Eva Moore was explaining about Bill today, Brockbrader. I said that I heard that he was gonna get out and she goes ‘He’s already out. He’s free. He knows what is going on. He knows everything that is happening, why it’s happening. He already is free’. This is a matter of knowing. If you’re gonna look externally for your solutions, then others have power over whether or not you see that, whether or not you receive them. If you know that it’s all from within and you’re manifesting it out of you so that others can see it, or so that you can experience it in sharing with others, you have all the power within you to manifest whatever it is you want.
Have I set my focus on creating food? No, like I said, I can’t even cook. (Laughter) However, if I set my focus on creating that, then yes, I will set my focus. I accept it. I embrace it, and somehow someway that manual shows itself and I’m able to do it. Right now I’m focused on making sure everyone has Absolute Knowledge, Absolute Data. They have the clean space to co-experience and co-create with each other knowing they are Eternal Essence. That’s where my focus is right now.    

Prince (caller): That’s exactly what I’m doing Heather. Have some feeling for me. I’m doing the exact same thing, but I’m trying to walk down the street and do it in my neighborhood. I’m doing the best I can, I am manifesting this awareness. I’ve woken up plenty of people in the last week and I’m feeling good about it. I want that exponential increase because this is what my Eternal Essence is here for. I wanna be able to try and go somewhere and manifest it.

Heather: Prince, can I ask you one thing? Would you please go back and look at the word ‘need’? It’s like Lisa talking about how she’s able to manifest just enough to cover the bills versus manifesting an ocean. It is all about you and which you decide to manifest.  If you ‘need’ something, then it means you didn’t have it in the first place. If you ‘hope’ for something, it means that you didn’t have it in the first place.

Bob: The question that’s coming up in the chat room Heather, is ‘Heather has money, she can buy food. I think it’s hard for people to be in that space in order to manifest when they’re hungry, when they’re sick, when they’re depressed, when they’re broken or they feel that way. They’re not in that space to be able to manifest for themselves. What about those people?’

Heather: I’ve had everything Bob and I’ve had nothing, absolutely nothing. In fact during the investigation, everything was taken away from me so that I wouldn’t be distracted. However when I was very focussed on what needed to be done and could not be moved from that particular focus, all of a sudden I had everything. I had anything that I “needed”. There I go using that word needed. I had everything that I desired. Everything that would allow me to continue the focus and not get distracted with trying to find money or food or housing over here or over there. The lowest of the low was probably when the sheriff showed up at my house, arrested me. My children...I had no idea where they were. All of a sudden, we had nowhere to stay and that was really the fulltime commitment of making sure everything was manifested to the point we are right now.  So if I do choose to have whatever is required for me to continue doing the service that I’m doing, it manifests itself.

(Over talking)

Heather: And all it takes is for me to set my intent and trust and know that whatever it is that I desire or that I require, it comes. Okay? So I have been there.

Prince (caller): I just feel like some people aren’t able to do these things and get past these lowest of lows because they don’t know success. I’m not just talking about success as in the final ‘Ooh, I can relax’ success. I’m talking about those little everyday victories that get us past just this moment of anguish, like this girl broke your heart. Can you just get over that in a day by just saying ‘I’m just over it?’ I tell my friend all the time he can’t get it over with in just one day. He needs time for his mind to reflect on these things and go through the motions, so I understand what it takes for patience and then for that type of manifestation to come and to DO, have a positive mind.
But some people, it’s so difficult that they can’t see anything in front of them. Nobody around them is a positive role model. They don’t even know how to be positive, so it takes people like me to randomly be on the train and just be nice for once in somebody’s life. It makes them smile for that one moment, so then the seed that grows within their heart that says ‘You know what? I don’t care what anybody says now. I found this one guy who was nice to me and from now on, I’m the one who’s nice to me, because that felt good when he was nice to me’. The goodness, the grace, that’s what it was. So I’m here giving my essence to feed these people that (inaudible).  Let them manifest that super sam power within them that they have. But I need to be able to magnetically let them bring it to themselves. It’s a matter of me (Breaking up)

Lisa: Oh, I think we lost him.

Chris: Mmm. If I could just...

Lisa: We lost you.

Chris: I just wanted to draw something to everybody’s attention and I think we need to think about this. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Now we as a group of tens of thousands, maybe a couple of hundred thousand people who’ve been watching the OPPT and the subsequent appearance of the Universal Value exchange have generated a huge, huge amount of energy right round this planet. We can use that energy and that energy is what Prince is drawing on and spreading to people around him. It’s the strawberry patch principle where energy is shared. It’s the paying it forward principle and as we go through this process and when we get to the destination where there’s enough of us that can draw from that energy and manifest, our intention is to pay it forward; it’ll encompass the whole planet. It will just BE the only way that we will actually have anything ultimately, in the end. And the process that we need to get to start this is what Prince is talking about and what Heather’s talking about, that knowing that this is possible. And when you look at the sheer amount of energy that one human can create and combine that by seven billion, what Deva says is absolutely correct: that we can do anything. All of these things are possible.

Bob: I think it's important also to note what Heather said, that she's paying her energy right now in the manifestation of Absolute Knowledge, so that everyone will absolutely know how to do this. If she's doing it by herself, it will manifest. But if others join in that intention, so that everyone on the planet, all embodiments of eternal essence, everybody involved has that Absolute Knowledge, has that Absolute Value restored to them and how to use it. Then there will be no need, all of those people that we're talking about that are in those positions, will instantly be helped. So, it depends on where you place your focus. Now I understand that a lot of people are in dire straits and they want quick, short-term fixes. I think what we're saying is we've reached a point where we have enough people that if everybody focused anything you request, anything that we request, will be granted for us. We've reached critical mass. There is enough of us now that can do it, that are awakened. Really only one person needs to be awakened; that's how much force one completely awakened person has. But if all of us join and we focus our efforts on that thing that will solve it for everyone, how much more so would everyone benefit?
I listened to Ron's video and was very emotional. One of the things he mentioned he didn't want to leave anyone behind. I think that's shared by just about anyone who's got a heart beating in their chest that's functioning. Nobody wants to really leave anyone behind; your family, your friends, the ones who don't get it. You don't want to leave them behind. You want what you have. How boring would a vacation to Tahiti be if I can't take my best friend or my partner with me? How boring would it be to have all the wealth in the world and no one else can share it with you? This is one of the things that I'm looking at and I'm watching all of the questions going on in the chat and I'm going through all of this in my mind. But in the end all of us, we're at the point right now, we have the power. This is what I think everyone is trying to get through everyone's head. My mom would hit me up side the head 'Can't you get that through your thick, black skull, boy?'

(general laughter)

Bob: This is what we're trying to do. Get this through your thick skull. We have the power to do whatever we want right now. There's enough. We've got critical mass. We've got all the awakened people that we need. We've got all of the legal backing behind us. We've got all the knowledge we need. Let's do it. That's all there is to it.

Chris: Bob? Do you want the Event now? (talk over)

Bob: Let's have the Event NOW.

Lisa: Okay, guys... (talk over)

Chris: (inaudible) Absolute for everybody NOW.

Bob: Let's get everybody... (talk over)

Lisa: Hang on. We gotta let D come in here and...

(D laughing)

Lisa: ...say her piece.

(D continued laughing)

D: I have been sitting here with my hand up for 20 minutes, going (quietly) 'I have something to say.'  (D laughing)

Lisa: Please do.

D: Okay. This is Mama D's little tiny speech on tough love. This comes back to...I'm sorry, people are gonna get mad...but you're gonna listen. If you want a tomato, are you going to sit there and stare at your hand and say 'I am manifesting a tomato right here in my hand. I want a tomato.' Or are you going to do something that will enable that manifestation to come to you from a different area perhaps than you even planned? Okay? Last week, we were dead broke. We had no money. My husband went out to grab groceries and I said 'Okay, spaghetti sauce. I can stretch that several meals. Okay, we need the stuff to make spaghetti sauce.' My husband came home with three bags of tomatoes that were last-day-of-sale tomatoes. Each bag cost 99 cents. I was able to put together scrappings to make enough tomato sauce for about five meals. Okay? I manifested those tomatoes. I know I did. I haven't seen last-day-of-sale tomato bags of tomatoes in the grocery store in months. Okay?

Lisa: You know, D, I've been there and done exactly the same thing. I've been there in going 'How in the hell am I going to feed the family tonight?' Next thing you know, a neighbor will come over or a friend will pop in because they had a big party yesterday or a dinner party the night before and they've got too many leftovers and can I please take some off their hands. (laughs) Sure I can.

D: And you talk to people, you know. If you sit in your house on your ass and do nothing and expect it to pop out of the sky into your hands, there's a pretty good chance at this point in time it's not going to happen. But if you need tomatoes and you happen to mention to your next-door neighbor 'Yeah, was thinking of making some spaghetti sauce.' and they say 'Oh my goodness, my tomato plants are overflowing. Here take this bushel of tomatoes.' If you need something, have you even looked on your local Free-cycle paper? Or looked in your Kijiji or your craigslist? Is someone giving one away?
I'm sorry, tough love, like I said. If you're going to sit on your butt and do nothing, I understand that, you know, okay go for it. But when I need something and I have manifested pretty much everything my entire life, I need it. I want it. And then I look for it. And 95% of the time, I find it, whether it's a baby carrier that I need because mine has just broken. Or it's a bushel of tomatoes or it's some shoes for my kids, it appears. School supplies for my kids. Last week, my aunt came by and was like 'I was going to bring the kids some candy, but I know you don't like that. So I just went to the dollar store and bought you a pile of school supplies.' Bingo! Perfect, because I had just run out of pencils. So, tough love. Like you've got, it's kind of a two-way street. It's an exchange of energy. If you're not going to get up and put some energy into the exchange, well maybe it's not gonna work. That's just my tough love, I'm sorry.

Lisa: I just want to say that we've only got a few minutes left, but I think we're going to go over, because there's a couple of things I still want to cover off. One of them (inaudible) intent, as Chris and Bob started to get to, to put out a collective intent. If you've called into the show, then you'll hear us go overtime. If you're at the blogtalk website and you're in the chat room, it will probably cut off for you at the right time in about two minutes. But for those on the call, you'll be able to hear us live. So go back and listen to the archive for whatever you miss after this. I do want to put it out there, put out a collective intent, for everybody who's interested, that we all receive, each and every one of us, Absolute Data...dah-ta, whichever way you say it, to-may-to, to-mah-to...NOW. That we all have the answers that we personally need to (inaudible) with our BE'ing and DO'ing and we will have those answers as we need them. Is everybody with me? Is anybody with me?

Bob: I'm with you.

D: We're with you.

Chris: Yep.

Lisa: Okay. So it is done. (laughs) Exactly. Okay, there's one last thing I want to cover off real quickly. Everybody in the chat room is saying 'Yes, yes, now, now, now, now. So it's done.' Okay, there is technology, physical technology, coming, so we want to cover off just a few minutes on that. I'm not even sure how much I can say about it or even if I actually know enough about it to even go there. But what I do know is that what we would call the suppressed black ops technology, possibly even some non-local technology, is currently in the process of being shared with the people it needs to be shared with in order to get it into production. Mass production. Now, to my knowledge, it is then going to be shared freely to people, but I could be wrong about that. If anybody can elaborate on what I've just shared, Bill? Or Heather? Or Brian even? I know you guys have been having conversations around this. (silence) Have I lost everyone? Am I playing by myself?

Brian: I'm here.

Bob: I'm still here.

D: I'm here darlin'.

Lisa: (laughs) Thank you. Can anyone elaborate?

AK (Bill): There is a gentleman who has been assigned the task to start the pipeline. It's probably all I can say about it at this point, unless Heather wants to say more about it? (silence)

Lisa: Have we lost her?

D: She said she was stepping away for a second. I don't know if she stepped back or if she fell asleep.

Lisa: (laughs) What about you, Brian? You've been a part of these conversations too. Have we still got Brian? Or is he gone as well?

D: Brian's been on and off like a yo-yo for the last five minutes. (laughs)

Lisa: Oh, okay.

AK (Bill): Well, this individual's very highly qualified and has the contacts needed to get everything done.

Lisa: Am I right in my understanding so far that once these technologies, and we are talking the replicators and the free energy devices and these kinds of technologies, that they're going to be made freely available to people?

AK (Bill): I think that't the intent. I don't know if there'll be a transition phase of some sort of cost like you would have now to replace, say if you got a free energy device is that same sort of amortization that you have on a solar device? I don't know. We're kind of transitioning through this and there's a lot of things unanswered yet.

Lisa: (affirmative response) Okay.

AK (Bill): I think a lot of it depends on when the Event happens too.

Lisa: Yes! Any more intel on that? Maybe you could ask Deva on that one?

Bob: Well we just put our intent out now, so if it was coming tomorrow, let's assume it's coming even earlier now.

Lisa: (laughs) Alright guys, I want to thank each and every one of you . You've been awesome. it's been a great show. It's been a high energy show for sure. (silence) Why's everyone stay quiet? (laughs)

(general laughter)

Chris: Waiting for you to...

Lisa: It's either we're all talking all over each other or nothing.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Okay, everyone say your goodbyes. Bill?

AK (Bill): Goodbye everybody.

Lisa: Bob?

Bob: Good night everyone. Thanks for joining in on our intention and let's do this.

Lisa: D?

D: It is...done. That's all I have to say.

Lisa: Deva?

Deva: Creation time is NOW.

Lisa: Awesome. Heather, if you're still there? Oh, no she's not. Okay, I'll have to say goodbye on behalf of Heather and Brian. Chris?

Chris: Goodbye everybody. Thanks for listening. Remember that we are the Event.

Lisa: We ARE the Event. Absolutely.

Heather: Woo hoo! I can get into that!

Lisa: Thanks to everybody participating in the chat room.
D: There's our Heather.

Lisa: Just in time to say goodbye.

Heather: Goodbye everyone. I love you and until the next moment.

Lisa: (laughs) Awesome. Thanks everybody. See you next week on the OPPT-IN show, if it's still called that by next week and next week's TCI. See you then. Have a great week. Bye for now.

(All saying their goodbyes)

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