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The Collective Imagination Feb 26 Transcript

The Collective Imagination
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 (USA)
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 (Australia)

Lisa: Welcome everyone to The Collective Imagination for this week. We do have a lot of different things to discuss today and hopefully clear up all of the questions that people have. We also have Heather on the line today, which is a nice bonus as always. One of the things we want to talk about initially is I just want to clear something up in regards to filing UCC filings and filing liens. If you're being told that you must make a UCC filing, from a commentator or you've read it somewhere on the internet, it has not come from OPPT. There is actually nothing you need to do in that regard. People are getting really worried about how to fill in their documents and stuff like that. There's nothing to fill in.

The only exception to that is if you're using the Courtesy Notice and you're following that process and you've invoiced an individual or several individuals over a period of time and it's gotten to the point where you want to get enforcement on those invoices, only at that point would you be looking at making a filing. So, I hope that clears things up. I want to bring Chris in to add or clarify something that I may have gotten wrong on that. Chris, you there?

Chris: I'm here. Good morning everybody. It's a nice, cool day down here at the moment. We are in the south of the country. No, I think you've covered it. There's no need to be doing any UCC filings at all, unless you go to the enforcement end of the Courtesy Notice process. Which is something amongst all the other things that have been popped in front of myself and the Bartles in the last week or so. That's on our list of things to define and clarify should anyone want or need to do it at a later point. We don't see that happening immediately. It'll take some weeks, if that and may never become necessary. Nevertheless, the Courtesy Notice is the key thing. Would you like me to talk about the next release of it, Lisa, now?

Lisa: Yeah, we may as well go over (inaudible) that Courtesy Notice.

Chris: Okay. Now, based on the initial experience we've had with the Courtesy Notice and the actual degree of wording that's available in the Courtesy Notice, we're actually about to do a re-release of the thing. It's grown. It's changed in its scope, which is why it's taken a little bit longer than we expected, because we keep realizing there are things we can do with this. We're going to end up with either four or five versions of the Courtesy Notice, but they're only different by one paragraph. Now we've decided to release the four or five versions because we know there are people out there who really don't use things like Microsoft Word much and will struggle with copying and pasting. So, we're going to put out four-five separate files, with a clear indication of file name, what that particular one is for.

The categories are going to fall in to these: paper action, where the Respondent has sent you a piece of paper with some kind of unlawful demand on it. A physical incident, which is a situation where someone has physically harmed you. Maybe they've put you in handcuffs and put you in a patrol car. We don't encourage anybody to try and use these Courtesy Notices in a situation like that. It's very confrontational; it probably won't help you. You can wait till you get the piece of paper as a result of that and then do a combined action, if you wish.

Then there's another category of future action, which is very simple. This sort of thing you could send to a senior person inside a foreclosed corporation. It simply says "with regard to any future action by (Respondent's name) with (address of Respondent)". The terms and conditions that they would use if they happen to respond to this. The terms and conditions that you would use would come very clear when you become familiar with the terms and conditions. So, I'd advise you to kind of read through those and get the feel of them, because you'd respond precisely to what they've actually put forward to you if you use that future action. 

Then we've got two special categories, which may end up being one. At the moment, we've got a thing we've called "Slavery Foreclosure General". This relates back to a paragraph that's in the final Declaration and Order, which we've also added to the Courtesy Notice in the section in the back under the Military or under Enforcement. I may have read this before, but I'll draw it to your attention. It says "All BE'ings of the Creator shall forthwith assist all public servants identified herein", mainly the Trustees for that particular document, "to implement, protect, preserve, and complete this Order by all means of the Creator and created as stated herein by and with under your full personal liability", which means that We the People are meant to assist the Trustees and of course the volunteers within the military in shutting down the slavery systems. So, the Courtesy Notice is a key part of that. We're letting them know that we know what's happened.

Now, in regard to what we can use it for, I'll read out the Declaration of Facts that you will find in this version and you will use. It says "with regard to perpetuation of any and all slavery systems by Respondents (with address of Respondent)". That's it. So, that Courtesy Notice can go to any person in any corporation...and I'll use this term specifically...that damages your measurable energy. Tucked away down in the body of the Courtesy Notice is under Duly Verified Notice is this paragraph "Proponent duly makes and gives you due notice that Respondent is lawfully and legally responsible and liable in principle and triple damages under common law for any and all unlawful and illegal actions against Proponent by Respondent causing and resulting in any and all damage to Proponent,  inclusive of physical harm, physical detention, property seizure, property damage, financial damage, or any other damage of Proponent's measureable energy". So, if they do something that outrages you...

Lisa: Sorry, I just want to clarify. Based on what we talked about yesterday, when it comes to large groups of people wanting to stand behind an individual, one of the People...

Chris: This is it.

Lisa: Which version are we talking about?

Chris: Both of these two final versions. Just give me 30 more seconds and I'll put the full stop at the end of the sentence.

Lisa: All right. I just wanted to be REALLY clear.

Chris: The two Declaration of Facts is in regard to “the perpetuation of any and all slavery systems by person with the address of such and such”. If you feel outraged by the actions of a CEO of a company or a police force, you could send this to the person in charge of that, because they are damaging your measurable energy. Okay? They are perpetuating a stress and a harm to you that has been foreclosed and they should cease and desist. The second one is with Calling Slavery Foreclosure Individual. This one says "with regard to perpetuation of any and all slavery systems, specifically the incarceration of (in this case, Patrick Cody Morgan) by Respondent's name (inaudible) address". It could say "Bill Brockbrader". It should be addressed to the judge who put these guys in jail, or judges, all of the court staff, any police people; anyone you find is involved with incarceration of these people. If you’re finding that absence of Bill Brockbrader has diminished you in some way, you are entitled to let the system know. This is how we actually stand toe to toe.
Lisa: Now, in light of this and in light of the discussion we had yesterday, I’m going to bring Brian Kelly out because we’re adding a whole new section to the website, the OPPT-IN website. Brian, you there?
Brian: Yeah, I’m here Lisa. How are you?
Lisa: I’m good, darling. How are you?
Brian: I’m doing good. Thank you so much.
Lisa: Do you want to explain what this new section of the website is there for and what its purpose is and how people can use it?
Brian: Yeah, absolutely. This idea came about this morning when we received notice from Stacy, who is Patrick Cody Morgan’s sister. I’m actually preparing a blog as we speak for a little flash mob that we’re going to do later. But essentially Patrick Cody Morgan was charged for mortgage fraud, which had no weight or bearing to it. It was totally illegitimate. He had his arraignment today, where basically this morning they found him guilty. They sentenced him to twenty seven years in prison for doing absolutely nothing at all. So, the inspiration is to make these stories very widely known. We plan on doing that by holding these people…this judge for example, his name is judge Lynn Nettleton Hughes.

For anybody out there that thinks they can get away with these kinds of things, we’re going to make sure that everybody knows what you did. We’re going to make sure that you think twice if you’re in a position to commit these kinds of acts against free people and against innocent people. I’m trying to find the name of that here that Bob came up with today. We’re going to be putting out a part of the website, where we’ll be posting the pictures of these people and documentation, as well as Courtesy Notices that tell the whole story. Then that way their faces are out there for everybody to see. For anybody who wants to send Courtesy Notices in or call the Courthouse, send an email, send a fax, we set it up today this flash mob we’re going to do later. The Courtesy Notices can actually be emailed in.
So essentially we’re going to have an ongoing record logbook of these perpetrators, so they might have been able to hide behind the systems. Really what we want to do is we want to make sure that they have nothing they have to hide behind anymore and what they did is made public. So we’re going to be adding to OPPT-IN website. It’s going to allow us to do just that. It’s going to put their crimes and offences out there for everybody to see. Hopefully that will make them think twice about moving forward with these kinds of corruptive acts and practices.
(talk over)
Lisa: Sorry. I just want to clarify for a minute. Are you saying for each case that goes up, there, there will be an already filled-in Courtesy Notice? All you have to do is add your name to it? It already has all the details pertinent to that particular case?
(talk over)
Brian: Yeah. Well, go ahead. Who was that talking?
Bob: It was me.
Brian: Oh, hey Bob.
Bob: Hi everyone. We’re having a snow storm here by the way. In case I drop out, you know what happened.
Lisa: If you drop out, we all drop out.
Bob: This is true, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Anyway, it acts basically as a public registry. We’re letting them know that if you continue in this action, your name is going to be registered on a public data base. We’ll give them the website that they can look at with all the details of the case. So if you sent Courtesy Notices and he ignored them and he sent you a judgment or a fine or whatever, that’s all going to be up there. He’s going to be registered as engaging in treasonous activity.
Brian: There you go.
Bob: That database, as it grows, will get forwarded eventually to the military and the volunteers that are available for enforcement. We’re letting them know that they’re not going to continue. We’re taking names.
Brian: Yes.
Lisa: Is that it?
Brian: Yeah, that’s basically it. Bob had a very creative name that he came up for it. That’s what I was trying to fine in our skype chat here, which is why I’m kind of back and forth. Bob, do you know what you called it today?  It was creative. I just wanted to…..
(talk over)
Brian: OPPT Taking Names. So, think of it like the (chuckle) FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted list. Well, it’s going to be set up in a fashion like that. Where their position, their name, what they did is all going to be held in a database that will keep a record of their actions, so that when the time comes they can be held accountable to the treason and to the offenses that they’ve made. I’m actually in the background right now setting up the flash mob to support Patrick Cody Morgan and his sister who shared with us the whole story. At some point throughout the call, we’ll put the call out so we can send out Courtesy Notices to this alleged judge, Lynn Nettleton Hughes. I’m working on it in the background right now.
Lisa: Okay, great. Now I just wanted to shift gears briefly. I wanted go back to that document that came out last week; the one that’s on my website and American Kabuki. The one that puts an end to the game of duality. I wanted to ask the people in the chat room, because they’re the only ones who can really talk to me about this right now, is have you felt it? What’s been your emotional and energetic response to this? Have you felt anything? We made the comment last week in terms of the powers-that-were, is that they’re currently working off-script. What I really got for me was that so am I. That whatever I came in here with, whatever issues, whatever karma, whatever words you want to put it, whatever I carried through into this particular incarnation is done. I’m now in a position to work off-script. I’m in a position now to let go of all that programming. I can color outside the lines. I can create a whole new image. There’s been some interesting manifestations of that, both physically within my body, as probably you’ve all heard with the coughing and the carrying on and energetically and also with relationships. It’s like it’s all balancing out. I’m hearing stuff. I’m seeing stuff in the chat room, “Exactly”. Yet people are feeling it. That’s good. I’m not alone then. That’s great.
Bob: It’s not just that you can let go of; it’s knowing that the contract had been satisfied with our Creator. Any guilt that you may be holding onto, you can let go, because everything has been satisfied. Everything has been reckoned and dealt with, so we can move forward from here with how we want to build this world. It also came to me that because we’re in this new space basically anything we ask for is going to be so, because we’re doing it. As long as it falls within those guidelines, anything we ask for is going to be for us. It’s going to be there for us.
Lisa: But the guidelines (inaudible—talk over). I don’t know. It feels like we are literally making this up as we go along now in a way that we never have before. We’ve always been creating our own reality. But it felt like the guidelines were pretty strict parameters. Now the goalposts have moved so much that it’s even hard to touch the boundaries anymore. We’ve got such a bigger field to play in. Does that make sense?
Bob: Yeah, exactly, very much so. It's as though the whole area has been cleared out for us. We get to paint whatever picture we want on it. It's a lot bigger pallet than we've ever had. We even have more colors to use in painting this picture.

Chris: I have to say that's even expressing itself in the way that Scott and Ken and I were reprocessing the Courtesy Notice, based on sort of feedback and what we're feeling. We looked at it and we thought, “This is much bigger than we thought originally. We've got to think bigger here, so people can deal with anything in their lives.”

Bob: Another thing that's really come to the forefront of my mind is what all of this is. I keep looking at it. There’s more to it than just UCC filings and legalities and stuff. This is literally a crash course in fifth dimensional living. As I was going through this whole journey and putting all these things together, it's allowed me to connect so many different dots multi-dimensionally. As to putting lines across why things happen here and what's going on here and what's going on in all the different energy levels and dimensions and how they all fit together and how they all tie together. It's really, really bringing together into focus who I am in relation to all of that. It's in a 3D way describing exactly who we are and in every dimension you can imagine. It points to the same thing, that we are responsible, that we are creators and that we get to exercise that now consciously. That's a game that I am so excited to play.

Lisa: Now, I look back at this show and how it's evolved. Towards the end of the year when we did the countdown, we spoke to ten different people and got ten different versions of what they thought this shift was going to look like. It turned out to be nothing anybody expected.

Chris: Lisa, I have to say in fairness, one of the things we speculated about is that it would turn up in a way that none of us expected.

Lisa: That's true, that's true.

Chris: It's the only one that's come true.

Lisa: I can see how some people look at this and go, “This isn't a spiritual shift. It's all bogged down in paperwork.” I can certainly see that perspective. But for me it's so multi-dimensional it's not funny. I know I keep making references to that beast vision, because that's what I've got. That's what brought home to me in every cell of my being the multi-dimensional aspect of this. There’s nothing about those documents that is 3D, apart from the paper they’re written on. Everything else about them (silence) (breaking up—inaudible) and that you can literally feel the energy of them. (Lisa breaking up)

Bob: Breaking up there, Lisa.

(Lisa breaking up)

Bob: You're breaking up really bad there, Lisa. Can everyone hear me?

Brian: Yeah, I hear you, Bob, just fine.

Bob: Okay, it’s something on your line, Lisa. You're chopping really bad.

Brian: We might have lost her. We couldn't have lost her if she started the call.

Bob: No, I started the call. She's changing her headphones, I think.

Chris: Heather’s just noted “her energy is overloading the Skype circuits”.


Chris: Got Heather running in the background on a bit of chat here. But I think we know the direction she was going here with that is that this is a very, very unexpected turn of events.

Bob: In reading the documents and in comprehending the multi-dimensional meaning behind them, when you read that document and it's talking about the contract to experience separation has been satisfied and the ramifications of that and what it really means because how many thousands of years have we been playing this game? I don't even know.

Chris: Well, I'm hoping to find out in this process actually.

Bob: Since Atlantis.

Chris: (inaudible) Yeah, well, yes, at least.

Bob: So, I mean this is…

Lisa: I'm back, can you hear me?

Bob: Yeah, there you are.

Lisa: Well, okay. Did we get Heather?

Bob: Heather, are you there?

Heather: Yeah, I'm here. Hi everyone.

Lisa: Heather, have you been able to listen to what we've been talking about so far?

Heather: Oh yeah. I've listened to the whole show. Thank you. I really enjoy the energy and I return it in kind. It's amazing to watch you guys BE.

Lisa: Thank you. Is there anything in particular you wanted to address today?

Heather: Just that enforcement is the big focus for people. Well, it's even more of a focus now than money. When's the money going to show up? I guess perhaps this is all intertwined anyway, since Courtesy Notices, UCC filings. People are sending me all sorts of data and especially the contracts that are out there right now. It's important for Absolute Data to come on the table. That's the whole job of the OPPT at this point. All the legalese, all that boring stuff is over; its done with. There’s nothing left to lien, because everything is already held by the people equally as it is. There’s nothing left to lien.
I've wanted to make this very clear. Anything that is officially issued by OPPT is posted at our website and that website is just an archive. We’re not going to go in and make it user friendly and make it pretty and fun to use. It's just an archive, so that people know what we officially issue. Other than that, everything that right now is coming out as OPPT is the people. Someone sent me over saying, "Why did you guys send a letter pleading with the Swedish government?” I think it was the Swedish government. I was like, that's news to me. I read it and realized it's just the people out there. They're asking nicely and timely, which is a great contrast to what you see certain corporations operating under the guise of government doing, collecting ammo and guns and playing their false flags.

The people don't need to file anything else on the UCC as far as the old stuff. If people choose to file UCCs for any kind of contract that they enter into or anything like that, that's great. But as far as the old stuff goes, it’s all done. Nothing more needs to be liened; it's already done. All the assets were foreclosed on and that was by their own choice, by the powers' own choice. All we did was record it, so we're just a glorified secretary. This is as you said, there's much more to the UCC database than just a commercial registry. That's where the fun stuff starts and that's why I'm so excited about Lisa talking about her vision, regarding the beast. It is about right now. You guys are recognizing harvesting tools.

KP, Kauilapele, was discussing about Facebook. Facebook is a really good harvesting tool that someone behind Zuckerberg, because Zuckerberg doesn't have the energy cognizance to go in and even think about harvesting. So there was somebody else behind that. I know that it went all the way up to the banking. So just be aware, see what resonates with you. I love data and I love seeing all this data coming out, whether people term it as 3D, 5D, 27D, eternal; it doesn't matter.

The point is data is coming out. I'm not attached to any of the data. I am attached to the Absolute Data coming out…transparent. I just wanted to make those few clarifications. People are asking me to respond and get on radio shows and debates and I'm not going to bait. Right now I just want Absolute Data out there. If people want to go in and discredit the Declaration of Facts, I would love that. Go in and do a sworn duly verified rebuttal, declaration of rebuttal, point by point, with specificity and particularity. Then we'll go ahead and play. Energy is so effective and it's so important. Pay attention to where you’re paying your energy. I think you guys are all doing a wonderful job BE’ing. Those are the points I just wanted to clarify. If there’s anything else, go ahead and ask me, but I really enjoy just seeing where you guys are taking the energy tonight.

Lisa: (chuckle) Thank you.

Chris: Sure.

Lisa: I wanted to ask you though. It feels like since that document, that last document came out, the question I just posed to all the people in the chat room, energetic accounting.

Heather: Yeah.

Lisa: Okay, that's what I feel like I'm doing at the moment, on a personal level. It’s like my personal books have been balanced.

Heather: (affirmative response)

Lisa: Good, bad and ugly. (chuckle) What does that mean for each individual on this planet right now? Are we all going through this?

Heather: Well…

Lisa: Are others behind the curtain going through this?

Heather: Oh yeah, they're the first ones to go through it. (chuckles) The wizards behind the curtain, they know all about energy. They’re the ones who have created the harvesting tools. They're the ones right now trying to figure out what they’re going to do, because they usually have eons to set up their templates. They have decades to test and refine them and then they implement them. You guys took them off-script. They have no idea what to do. So being off-script, not knowing what to do, is causing chaos within their ranks, but they do know energy. They have siphoned, stolen, commandeered energy by using tools of representation. Those guys are going to through energetic accounting first.

Now, the eternal heart exercise, which is being prepared right now, that's what it Everyone has their own resonance, okay? they have their own database that they're working from, which is why it's so important to bring Absolute Data transparent and bring it to the table transparency, is that perhaps you will find that within each embodiment, within each BE’ing in Source's universe, there's an eternal heart. Those souls, those eternal BE’ings, that decided they were going to play this game or have this experience of separation.

Before they actually started playing the game or even set up the rules, they set up basically the safety net, the safety clause, the end-game insurance that it would stop. Similar to what you would hear described as far as a death experience, near death experience, review of your life and seeing whether you accomplished your goals, your mission, whatever it is, well that's all energetic accounting or energetic bookkeeping, because bookkeeping and accounting are two separate things. They are not the same.

So, with energetic bookkeeping and accounting, it just goes through and looks at every single movement that a particular eternal heart did throughout the embodiment. The eternal hearts agreed to do this energetic accounting and bookkeeping and that is one of the tools of enforcement. Just one mind you. So as far as the energetic accounting and bookkeeping goes, if I'm going to ask the other eternal hearts to go through the bookkeeping and accounting, then I must stand there and go through it myself. Whether I see myself as a bad person or a good person, that's all irrelevant. It's just data.

So at this point, I know what my eternal heart is and that was to go and share with all of you this experience of separation.  Everyone was playing a role. So if I'm going to stand there and go through this energetic accounting and bookkeeping, then I can ask the other eternal hearts to do it too. But I don't have to go and do Lisa's accounting or bookkeeping. That's her job and she will do that. Lisa, you stated that you already felt like you were doing it the minute that you even just heard about it and said I’m in.

Lisa: That's it. It's started.

Heather: Yeah, so the eternal hearts that embodied in the powers-that-were, they already know the eternal hearts are there. They were all pinged on January 21st. They knew that it was all coming on January 11th and they knew decades ago that January 11th was the start date.

Lisa: The 1-1-1.

Heather: (affirmative response) So, at this point, that's what's happening. That's what's going to happen all across the board. Like I said, the powers-that-were, those are going to be the first ones. Their embodiment will end up having or experiencing the judgment, the self judgment, that they chose with the action. So you don't have to judge them. Which I find very interesting, because this week I just received notice about a particular ruling against the Pope and the Queen for church and state crimes.

Lisa: Yeah, the ITCC.

Heather: Okay, I haven't read it. I just saw it, because it's actually quite lengthy. I haven't had time to do that. But what I find interesting is the contrast between judgment and cross judgment. The Absolute Data will come out on that as well, so I think it's beautiful. All this data coming out and people can choose what resonates with them. So the eternal heart exercise, I’m really excited for that to come out. I’ll explain it really, really well and the people can choose, see what resonates with them if they want to play or not. When I say play, I don't mean it in a light sense at all, in a lighthearted sense. It’s not a game; it is actually real. That's why you have to do it with full responsibility and liability, so if you’re not going to stand there and do your own energetic accounting and you don't have to think about it. It just happens automatically. You say “Yes, I'm in”. That's it. It goes.

Lisa: Yeah, I can vouch for that. It goes. You made mention last week of the Akashic Records, the Eternal Records. I think that was the term you used; it may not have been. There's been a bit of confusion. Is there any way you can clarify? We've talked to people on this show in the past who believe they read the Akashic Records.

Heather: Yes.

Lisa: .....and get some really interesting information out of there. Are you saying what they’re reading is the “cooked books”?

Heather: (chuckle) Well, if you don't know there’s another set of books, right? Then you read the books that you've got. The other set of books, the Eternal Records or the Records of Creation is how they were termed in the UCC from last week. Those are the eternal records. Those are unaltered and yeah, the Akashic Records, the people are going to be attached to the Akashic Record and think that it imports something on their own validity. That maybe what they're reading wasn't real and yet they were relying on them. That's the whole part of the process, ferreting all that data out. The Akashic Records, for those that are reading them, the Akashic Records are actually inside.

Lisa: Inside each of us.

Heather: (affirmative response)

Lisa: The Akashic Records or the Eternal Records?

Heather: Both, but the Eternal Records reside in a frequency that is Absolute Current.

Lisa: (affirmative response)

Heather: So, as far as the Eternal Records go, D always goes about this back and forth, stomping her feet about remembering. Really with any kind of data whatsoever, if you accept the data in your hand for your review, don't accept it for what it says. You accept it for review, in your hand. Then you acknowledge it and then you discern within what is true or what isn't. Or you say “I need more data” and you look around for any and all data that could be related or interrelated with it. Just accepting that it exists, number one, and then acknowledging it and then choosing whether to embrace it, reject it or hold it until more comes in. That's the point we are at right now.
So the Akashic Records, people are reading them. Some of them have accepted the ability to go in and look at them, read them. Actually that’s a capacity or a human faculty or even a BE’ing faculty in Source’s universe that belongs to all. So, the Akashic Records, that they’ve been altered, that is new data. Really it’s a matter of if you were to look at something, a document for instance. Let’s say you knew the back story of a particular situation and you’re sitting there reading a document that’s issued from one of your colleagues. You know that they know the data as well, but they don’t know that you know it. They’ll write out some of that data, but then in order to spin it but not tell lies by making statements that are false, they go in and they only put in the parts to be able to paint a particular picture that they want. Yet you know that there is data that’s missing and that it’s not Absolute Data.
You know that, because you have another set of data that you’re working from. You have the fuller set of data. Well, the Akashic Records and the Eternal Records are always in everyone. Most people didn’t even realize the eternal heart part of what was going on. The end game, the insurance policy so to speak. So now that that particular data is there, people need to go within. Check it out. See what resonates. If you don’t believe it all or you don’t remember it all or you don’t know that there is an eternal heart there or you just flat out reject it, okay, that’s cool too. But it’s within you, all that data to make your decision, your own choice.

Lisa: Okay, thank you.

Chris: So, Heather, if I could re-interpret that in a slightly different fashion. One of the things we’ve all looked forward to is big day Disclosure. Are you actually saying that part of that or even all of it will be actually be this internal disclosure? The acceptance of those Eternal Records and the fact that you’ll remember them/

Heather: Well, yeah, it’s not reliant on it; it’s a part of it. Like I said, each eternal heart sets up their own triggers of remembering. It’s not the eternal hearts waking up and remembering; those are always active, those are always going. It is the embodiment waking up to the eternal hearts and embracing what’s within.

Chris: Okay. The triggers for that, is that something that’s going to be happening on an individual basis or are you expecting there to be a point where lots of people will be triggered at once?

Heather: Well, there are definitely…well, for instance look at OPPT, just December 25th, how far things have come right now. There’s a lot of people that have resonated. Then there’s, of course, those that don’t that are holding that contrast. Actually all sides are holding the contrast, right? So, there are different triggers. Now that was one trigger. Another trigger might be, for some, is actually having some relief. Get those distractions off of the table. We also have this discussion, the mortgages and all these homes. Back in the 80’s, during the Izod period, the Beamer(?) period. Everybody was searching around for money, money, money, money, money, cars, clothes, tennis clubs; just distractions all the way around. Right now, we’re going through a period where the eternal hearts are making sure all those distractions are taken away, so you can focus on what is. What is the key? It’s a matter of perception and the fastest way to go through and reconcile this is to be very aware. Go and look at the data. It’s like someone going in and spinning the raw audios of interviews that we do. They take one phrase and then they write whatever they want underneath it and say “Look, she admits to this.” Well, when people listen to the raw data, you can see clearly that she did not even state that at all. It’s kind of the same thing here. Go and look for yourself. Go and pay attention. Pay attention to the data.

So, with the big Disclosure, here’s what I can say. That is all being maneuvered right now. Even at the highest levels, all the way to, if you want to call it Heaven. All the politics and the games that you’ve seen down here, they’re played all the way to the “top”; because there is no top and there’s no bottom. It’s all the same, all the way through. So they’re trying to hold onto the power as much as they can. And yet, even at if you want to call it galactic stage, whatever resonates with you. But there’s a reason why they’ve been putting chloride in your water. There’s a reason why they’ve been doing the GMOs and having modified, synthetic products invading your bodies, chemtrails all over the place.

That really has to do with you not accessing the Akashic Records. And for one particular very small group, it’s so you won’t access the Eternal Records either. That data will all come out here very shortly. So those that aren’t here on this planet have been looking into and reviewing both of those sets of records at this point. They know the wait for the green light from Heaven. Wait for this or that. Everyone is just reconsidering the data, in all its dimensions.

Lisa: Thank you, that clarifies things for me a bit. I have some more questions that have come up in regards to CVAC’s. I just wanted to let everybody know that on American Kabuki site there is now a post called OPPT Terminology defined. It goes through all the definitions of what a CVAC is, what a CVAC system is, what a CVAC branch is. UILO is the Universal International Law Ordinance. Definitions of words that have been used and I really strongly recommend that you go and read all of those and get them very clear in your head. But one question that I’ve had repeatedly is based on a comment that came out in one of our discussions. It was, “You can draw out what you put in”, a comment along those lines. So there are people who are elderly, disabled and perhaps they have worked their entire lives. They’re finally enjoying some retirement who suddenly think now they’ve to get a job or contribute in some way in order to receive. It’s freaking them out. Do you want to comment?

Heather: I saw someone comment on…I don’t know if it was Tami or Tracy or somebody else…at this point. My comment was, similar to a contract if you go in and do a contract, one puts something in. Oh wait, that’s exactly what the corporations have been doing all this time. You put something in and they don’t. So that’s not a valid contract; that’s in one sense. However, Wow!, whoever went in and said that I said that older people, children, the disabled, have no value what so ever. What are they going to do? It just shows where their mind is; what their position is. I have some really great older friends, disabled, children; you name it, everyone has value. As far as what OPPT went in and got, in the old system, back for the people, everyone has prepaid this value essentially and it has been commandeered and stolen. So, there’s lots of value that’s there for everybody and it’s all equal. As far as what value they want to share and experience now, that’s up to them, but everyone has value.

Lisa: Can you see it in a very 3D sense? I’ve got to put in. I’ve got to work. I’ve got to contribute to the CVAC or to whatever that concept they’ve got in their head, in order to receive something?

Bob: I think, Lisa, the problem that people have is, and it’s because of the system that they’ve been brought up in. You’re not trained. You’re not taught to look at yourself as valuable. You’re not taught that you just being you as being any value. We’re taught to look at everything in a money sense or in a material sense. Success is measured by how much money is in your bank account and how many things you have. People go to school and they pursue a career based on how much money they can make. Well, that’s not them being themselves, because whenever you’re doing something doesn’t make you happy, that to me is a sign that you’re engaged in something outside of your BE’ing-ness, something that is truly you.

When you’re just truly you and whether that be somebody who likes to sit around and tell jokes all the time…that is you. Whether it’s somebody who just loves to lie around and pose and contemplate thoughts; that’s fine, that’s you. That’s what brings you joy and happiness. Because you never know what comes out of those thoughts, whatever comes out of those jokes. How many times has anyone been pulled off on the side and said “you know, that day that I saw you and you smiled at me, you have no idea what you did. I was having such a bad day.” I really don’t think that people realize the value of just being them. The fact that if anyone in the world loves you, you’re giving value to them, because they’re appreciating your energy. That’s what I think people need to start to refocus on, their intrinsic, authentic being.

Heather: I think your definition of job is also going to be changing. What I would encourage everyone to do is make sure data is getting on the table. Whatever data you come across, bring it to the table. Bring it so that everyone can see it and then make your choices; of what is job from then to job now. I love having fun and luckily everything that I’m doing now, which would be labeled a job, is actually just fun for me.

Lisa: I think everyone should be able to say that about what they do.

Chris: Heather, what I’m getting from what you’re saying about the older, retired, infirm, etc, is the value for them is already there and it always was. They won’t have to go and work. They probably got a huge amount of value from the work they’ve already done.

Heather: Yeah, that’s true. Well, look at what they did. They couldn’t take your actual physical being, so they had to make a representation. Then after that, they’ve done everything that they’ve done to control manage and maintain that being. At this point, all that being was just registered to who you were. So right now, all the stuff that was old is frozen. It’s preserved and is protected and it will be doled out here. You guys just understand; that is why I put the definitions out. People are asking “Okay, so the CVACs, when are they going to go out?” Well, the CVAC, it’s already out there. Creations Value Asset Centers is each BE’ing across the universe. It’s a CVAC and that the way it was written was specific, because that allows for any of dimension that you may encounter. Here, very shortly, is a CVAC. Now the CVAC system, it was registered as government. CVAC government and that was only for the transitionary period. It’s just a stationary, consistent system and only if you choose that. You need assistance at a moment you just…it’s similar to going in the grocery. You find you need something. You need some assistance, okay. Go in, grab what you want and come on out. The CVACs are you guys; the banks are you guys; all of us.

Chris: One of the comments that I have seen, Heather, was that we’re now under this new trust. That is absolutely not what I get from it. What I get from it is, we are the trust and we always were. Would you like to speak to that?

Heather: Yeah, you guys are the trust. Anyone that says you are under anything, you guys already know how I feel about limits. How much more limited can you be? To come out of a system that you have been under and to go into another, that does not resonate with me. I know that it’s not going to resonate with anyone else. It’s not that way. OPPT is just guarding the space. We went in and made sure we got all the BE’ing that they took, all the DO’ing that they took from everyone. We’ve got it and it’s going to be doled back out to each of the BE’ings. Then as far as going in and what do you do at this point? BE’ing and DO’ing is really all you have to consider. Everything else is already done.

Lisa: I can see from the chat room there are some people that completely understand what you are saying and others not all. That’s cool. Everyone is going to get it in their own way.

Heather: The old system did a very good job at hiding what IS. They did an excellent job.

Chris: If you look at the language that I posed that question in, that we’re under something, that’s simply the program that we‘ve been running under that has trained us to believe that we always have to be under something. There always must be something above us, because we are just a small cog in the wheel. It’s just a perspective shift that is required to bring it to the right point.

Heather: Well. Yeah. Everyone is afraid that they’re bonded in the UCC system. The UCC system, yes, you were bonded. You were like cattle in the UCC system. It’s no longer that way. You aren’t even a part of the UCC system. Right now, all that’s being held is that old value, so that you can just go and BE. Nobody is in that system, except for what’s being held that was taken. But not the BE’ing itself, the BE’ing itself is now free from that system. As far as bonding into a CVAC or anything else, you are the CVAC. There’s no bonding into the CVAC. The CVAC system and the bonds that we’re talking about are if I wanted to go in and be of assistance, be of public service. I need to bond myself that I’m going to go in and that I’m going to do the job. If I damage anyone, I’m totally responsible. I’m responsible for what I DO and you already are. So, this is really just a transition tool anyway and nobody has to be part of a CVAC system.

Tracy Smith brought up the Sunke Temple Trust and people may resonate with that. Our job is just to make sure all that data comes out. People do know about not just Sunke Temple Trust but also the St. Germain Trust and all these other possibilities. Bring all the Absolute Data on the table. I’m not attached to any of them. I’m just attached to making sure you have all that data, to be exposed to it and then for you to have the opportunity and free will choice to decide what resonates with you. Then just BE and DO as you choose. Does that make sense?

Lisa: Yeah, it does. Again, I’m still getting the same sort of questions. People don’t understand. They want to know what it’s going to look like in 3D. They want to know what they’re going to have in their hand and how they’re going to get it in order to pay for goods and services. They just want to know what it’s going to look like in their hand.

Heather: Okay, so everyone’s got their own level of understanding. Those that understand energy don’t need any representation. They use the prime energy source. For those that still don’t understand and don’t know what the actual energy, or what the actual value is I should say, then that representation will be available to assist them, as well as the systems of education or anything else. Data, just data, will be brought out and they can grow with it. Yes, some people need those representations just to get over that hurdle or to trigger a further data search. They’ll have their representations and that’s what the CVAC systems actually provide for everyone, is that that treasury. They’ll have the treasury and they’ll be able to go in. They can use the 3D; it will start off with 3D and then it will introduce higher forms of technology. As far as any other system, that’s all systems to assist only when the CVAC chooses that they want that assistance. The treasury needs to get that old value back out to everyone.

Chris: Heather, I think what people are concerned about is where the link will be made into the treasury and what that will look like. Will it be a web based system, for instance, for withdrawing value so that they can converted into something that they’re comfortable with, which in most people’s case will be currency, as a transition?

Heather: Right now, most people are using digital currency. In fact, even the paper money is digital currency. The paper money is just digital currency and that’s how all of the accounting is done. They haven’t printed any dollars, actual paper, in a long time and the paper that they did cut actually went and is being held. The people that it was paid off to are not able to use that or put it back into the markets. They’re just having it in a vault and can only stare at it. So as far as the paper money, it’s just a representation of the actual digital. So if that’s what people need to have a mirrored system on, then fine. 

Chris: One of the triggers for people responding negatively to the idea of going over to such an all-encompassing system as the CVAC system, is the idea that they think they’re going to have a one world currency. A one world digital currency imposed on them, because they’ve been whacked about the head with the idea of the New World Order doing that. They get very concerned that cash is going to disappear completely out of the system immediately. I don’t see that as happening, I see it as there being a period of months or years where the old and the new are running alongside one another and the more than hundred currencies that use cash still will dwindle down as nations turn into communities. Eventually we’ll be left still with a digital system, but there will be currencies alongside it for people who want to play around with pieces of paper. Would that be an accurate picture of the transformation? I have to say my end point is a cashless society beyond that at some point.

Heather: It will be Prime Value. It will be the Prime Value. For instance, when I go to Europe, if I’m an America and I go to Europe. I don’t take American bills with me. I go and order up some Euros. If I pull out from an ATM, I know I’m going to get cooked on both sides and I’m talking old paradigm here. Representations of value, or value, is what is agreed upon between two or more parties. Whatever one party is willing to give and another party is willing to accept. So value, you can have coins. You can have paper. Just to be clear, current funds, that is essentially what all was shut down, the currencies were shut down. So if the people want to have a currency, I know that a lot of people enjoy minting their own coins. At the end of the day, it’s still put against their accounting.  That’s the important part. Whatever representation they want is fine. Just make sure that the representations that you are cutting or using are accounted for. That’s the transparency that needs to happen. There is no transparency right now in any banking.

Chris: Sure. Whether it ends up being a piece of paper that people exchange or a coin that people exchange or just a digital thing they exchange from one account to another, it’s still got to be accounted for transparently. That’s the whole point of having a transparent treasury. There’s a lot of people jumping to conclusions about bits and pieces they’re hearing. It’s time to kind of feed them as big a picture as possible, so they don’t jump to the conclusion that a switch will be flicked and all of a sudden the only thing that will be out there is digital currency. I just don’t see it happening that way. 

Heather: Well, if you look at the systems that are out there right now. You take those systems, for me just as a regular person, knowing what the banks do behind the scenes, behind their screens and everything else. To take that system and say okay, we’re going to use this system. I’m going to sit there and wonder how many people have back doors and how many people have hidden holes or hidden pockets in that digital system. If someone created that system, did they have a key and who did they pass that key out to? 

(Several talking at once)

Chris: I think it’s actually a simpler problem there, Heather. In fact, the people who fear the New World Order paradigm fear this, if there is a digital only system that can only be accessed by card through their technology, they can chop you off at any time and leave you completely without any resources whatsoever as a control mechanism. That’s the fear point. I don’t for a minute think that would ever happen, or could ever happen, in the transparency of what you are proposing, what the trustees have put forward to us in the CVAC. The peoples’ desire to still have representations of pieces of paper is simply impendent of anything electronic. I think it’s that basic a problem.

Heather: The old system has a digital system which would do that and they have done that.

Chris: I know. I know they chop people off all the time…

Heather: In the great depression, they did it. We’ve seen it in many cycles about every 10 to 15 years after that. We’ve seen them do that. I get that. That’s why I say that anything that is there needs to be fully owned by the People. It needs to be transparent and whoever is managing it, in whatever form or fashion, they have to be held liable. If you have transparency and the whole system is owned by the People equally at the time and they have that standing registered, then at that point it’s just a matter of the manager, right?  Is the manager going to go and shut it off? Well, if the manager is going to go and shut it, off you fire him.

Chris: That’s it. One of the problems that I’m having this discussion with people is that I’m dealing almost entirely with people who haven’t actually read the filings and don’t see in it the transparency and the specifications for that absolute responsibility of management.

Lisa: I also see that people are seeing confusion between the infrastructure and the owners. Meaning the infrastructure is there in terms of bank branches, ATMs, the computer network. Then there are the banks that currently control all of that. They’re two separate entities in a way. When the people are involved in that, then it’s a different ball game.

Bob: Can I say something?

Brian: Here’s the thing too. Really what it boils down to is, right now everybody is talking about when they get their money. It’s totally understandable for all of the people that are in such bad situations and need the cash. We’ve talked about it on so many calls before. What people want is to go to the grocery store. They want to go out and be able to get things that they need. Right now it’s money that requires that. But if there’s a time in the future where people can go out and fill their tank with gas, get groceries or they can go on a trip to Timbuktu or Honolulu, they have the ability to do that. So getting hung up on whether or not it takes dollars and cents or gold and silver out of your pocket is beside the point. If people have the ability to go out and do what they want to do when they want to do it, which is the definition of abundance, to be able to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

Bob: I’m sorry. I’m getting a whole different picture. I understand what everybody is saying. But when I look at this, I see all of the dimensions coming together. Just follow me for a second. Any of you who watch Star Trek, we’re all talking about how we are going to pay for this? How are we going to pay for that? What if one of the things that you don’t know is that everybody may have a replicator machine installed in their home?  Now with that replication machine, it will directly change energy into whatever you want. You can go and say “I want a cup of coffee.” There it is. Then how irrelevant does the discussion about money occur? Then everybody is going to wonder who is going to have access to the replication machines? How can I get one? How do we make sure that everybody has one? Well, let’s go a step further. Let’s say you don’t need the replication machine and you can just do it yourself. 

One of the things I noticed in the filings is that, especially the last filings, the manuals for all creation shall be given and the guidance to use them. This is one of the things, and I’m looking and maybe I’m thinking way too big, but I’m looking at a period of time in the very near future where all of this becomes really irrelevant.

Heather: Well, that’s exactly it, Bob. The people that Lisa was asking me to answer, they’re not there. They’re not interested in that right now, because that’s not part of their reality. They don’t have that data. That data will be coming and yes, OPPT made preparations for it. We’ve also made preparations for the respect and the honor of other BE’ing, which everyone will have data on and experience with. They‘ve been prepped by the powers-that-were so that they would be rejected and feared. So at this point you are reading, I don’t think that you are thinking too big, Bob. I think that you can keep going.  (laughing)

Chris: I see that as the destination. Every time I talk to people about this, I’m trying to emphasize we’re going through a transformation and here is where we’re starting from.  A lot of the questions being generated are from this starting position right here. I’m looking right now at my situation, how do I solve all of my problems? I completely understand that. We’re going to go through a transformation and the end point, or even the beginning point, will be what Bob talks about, where the new types of technology do kick in. Now, that’s just not on the desk at the moment.  e still have to look forward to that point, because that’s where I want to be. 

Lisa: Are we up to taking some calls? Because we’ve got a few people on the line and they’ve all got their hand up and there is quite a few of them.

Bob: Yes, let’s.

Brian: Sure

Lisa: We should have Ron VanDyke, Hi, Ron. Thanks for hanging around for so long.

Ron Van Dyke: (laughs) Thank you, Lisa. It’s a very interesting discussion. I’m really encouraged. Every time I listen to these discussions, I’m uplifted. In the beginning, we were talking about the Courtesy Notices. I’m ready to distribute 14 of them tomorrow to four judges, six bank executives, clerk of court and two attorneys. I’ve got it all. I haven’t printed them all out yet, but I have them ready to go. Now, I have to look at the new thing to see what I have to modify. 

Chris: Ron, if you’re just working off of paper, you’re just using their paper responses to you as the trigger. These notices are for a response on paper?

(Chris and Ron talking over each other)

Ron Van Dyke: Yeah, pretty much. The bank sent me a notice that the week before Christmas, that I had to vacate my house basically, or they were going to force me out. There has never been a foreclosure. There was never a mortgage on my property. I’ve been fighting this in the courts since 2005 and it’s now in federal court. Federal court is trying to dismiss it for technicalities rather than the meat of the issue of following the Constitution and following my right to a trial by jury, which they’ve always denied me. They’ve never even given me a hearing, let alone a trial.

(Several talking at once)

Chris: What I was going to say was, the Courtesy Notice, the first one we put out was focused on paper. If you’re responding to paper, it’s fine. You shouldn’t have to change what you’re doing. I would just move forward on it. All that will happen is that the ones you are adding to it will simply give more scope to send it to more people. With absolute justification in what you are doing.

Ron Van Dyke: Another question that I had that I wanted to get an answer to now that I have you on the phone. Other people may have the same question. The paper that was served to me came from a particular bank. I have the reference number. I actually used the federal case as my reference number, because I’m also attaching the federal court to the whole process the federal court filing.

Chris: Just remember, Ron, that you’re dealing individual to individual. When the Courtesy Notice hits their desk, what they need is clarity on the matter you’re bringing to them. So, just be careful when you’re providing them with a reference to a piece of paper that person has sent you that it’s as accurate as possible in pointing them at the problem that you found with them and their dealings with you. It’s always seen as a personal, one-on-one thing we’re trying to achieve. 

Ron Van Dyke: Yes, I fully understand that. It says “hereafter respondent” I put a footnote or an end note actually, in saying “the respondent is the living the private individual, not the corporation”. I had to clarify that in the document so that and of course the respondent is going to have the persons’ name, individual names, who happened to be working for alleged corporations that are now closed.

Chris: The way you’ve done that, yes, you could do it, but you’re really mixing the old system and the new. Don’t forget that all of those concepts are gone now, the straw man, real man concept. There’s only us left on the planet operating as real people, real individuals. Probably not necessary to do that, I don’t think that it will get in the way and it might bring us some clarification, but it’s probably not necessary because it’s a previous system concept. 

Lisa: It also states, doesn’t it “Herein referred to as Respondent” and you’ve got the individual name there? Heather also said to make a note for the reference number

(talking over)

Ron Van Dyke: The thing is, you see, I don’t have the individual’s name, Lisa. I have that I received it from an alleged bank and then I put “private individual named above” in the respondent box up at the top. The individual names will be printed of the parties in the action. 

Chris: That’s probably sufficient. It just needs to be clear. Heather has just pointed out you could put on “alleged case number”. When you put the case number in there, you could and probably should put “alleged case number”. Because everything is alleged, it’s true fiction at this point. What I’m saying is that I think it will be fine.

Ron Van Dyke: Whenever I have referred to bank or corporation, I always say alleged, but I didn’t do that for the case number. 

Chris: Look, it hadn’t occurred to Scott and I, but something we’ll be sticking in there from now on. It’s all alleged; everything is alleged.

(Several talking at once)

Heather: Alleged or reported when they send you a document. The way that I aleays choose to deal with it and it’s whatever resonates within. If something comes before me and it just says “I’m bank ABC”. Well, that’s all I’ve got before me, I don’t have a person. I don’t have an individual’s name, just bank ABC. I send it back and say “Thank you so much, but I reject this for lack of identification. I don’t even know who I’m talking to.”  So when you’re ready to talk here are the terms and conditions, send me your full identification. Give me a name and contact address. If they’re sending you ABC, that’s all you can respond to at that point, right? 

Ron Van Dyke: Right, except I’ve looked up the names of all of the top actors in the corporation or in the bank. Those are the ones that are actually named in my law suit. I’m basically resolving the law suit with the Courtesy Notice. I’m giving them one action that they don’t have to accept my terms and conditions. That action is to absolve me, to cease and desist, give me notification in writing that they’re all ceasing and desisting any actions against me. That’s the action that they can take against me that doesn’t require anything back from them. But any other action is unacceptable and the terms and conditions apply. 

Lisa: Absolutely

Chris: That’s exactly right, exactly right. That’s great, Ron. How many people is that going out to?

Ron Van Dyke: 14, two federal judges, two circuit judges, six officers of the bank in question, the clerk of the court and two attorneys that were representing the bank.

Heather: Have fun with it.

Chris: Yeah, have fun. I was just going to point out this, and you heard this earlier in the day, what you’re doing is a classic case where if they come back and they deal with you in a fashion that’s unsatisfactory to you, that we can actually enlist the support of the people to send their own Courtesy Notices for damaging their own personal measurable energy by the steps they have taken against you. So, those 13 people make sure you are in a position to quickly publish all of the details on the website page that Brian is setting up, so they can receive tens and thousands of Courtesy Notices if they don’t behave as they should. 

Brian: By the way. Chris, just a quick announcement. We have the flashmob posts for Patrick Cody Morgan up on the website ready to go. The Courtesy Notice that you put together already has a lot of the information filled in for alleged Judge Lynn Nettleton Hughes. All of his phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses to him and everybody else in his courthouse are all there; so it’s ready to go. If you want to support an innocent man who was charged 27 years behind bars in federal prison, now is the time to act. Go ahead and go to the blog and lets’ have some fun with it.        

Ron Van Dyke: I hope people around the world jump on this, because somebody wrote me an email today and said “I can't believe you're falling for another scam. First you were pushing NESARA, then you were pushing RUSA, and now you're pushing the OPPT.” They sent me a link to Above Top Secret or something, look at this. Of course, when I clicked the link, it's one of those disinformation sites as far as I can tell. I didn't read a whole about it, but they said we're the ones that you're waiting for. You keep expecting somebody else to do it for you. I thought this IS US doing it (laughs). Because Heather did it that means it's not us doing it? Because somebody else is involved and it's not us? It IS us; this is all US.

Lisa: This is the one thing we've been presented with in the last couple of years, so it actually doesn't fall into the failure meme. (Several people laughing and talking over each other) It's the only thing.

(Several people talking)

Chris: I just want to put in a footnote here, Ron. There's an energy that I've been having lots of conversations with who's looking at, based on what Heather said about the Akashic, I'll have to ask him whether his personal Akashic or the Creation Records. However, he's seeing that the Courtesy Notices are so energetic, he can actually almost physically track them and identify them as individual items when he looks at the energy fields surrounding everything that’s going on with the OPPT, to the point where he can actually count them. That's how powerful this message is that we're sending into the system. Which is one of the reasons why we decided to expand out as much as possible, so as many people as possible can respond to cases like yours. Because the people who receive them will get this massive energetic dose from the people that their behaviors needs to be corrected. Please, folks, when you’re listening to this, don't underestimate the energetic effects of what you’re doing. It's actually absolute key to what's going on in all the underlying processes.

Lisa: You just reminded me. A guy in Sydney by the name of Mick, hello if you're listening, organized the first Sydney OPPT meet-up the other day and I went. He had a box of cards, like business cards that he's printed out, talking about OPPT and he leaves them lying around everywhere. I hope you don't mind me telling people this, but he's leaving them on the bus seats and train seats and things like that. When someone comes along and sits on it, (laughs) he gets a little chuckle and he thinks to himself "Great, that energy’s just gone straight up your butt" (laughing). Like we talked about yesterday, people are leaving Courtesy Notices around the place; cafes, up on bulletin boards, just leaving them on tables and that energy’s getting out there which is just wonderful.

Ron Van Dyke: Yeah, the energy these shed is palpable. People that are really paying attention can't help but feel the surge that’s coming through. We're getting in touch with parts of ourselves. We're going through a spiritual transformation. A lot of people are looking at the money and other aspects of it, but the spiritual transformation. That’s the really big thing that's happening, at least from my perspective and some of my friends and people that I connect with around the world on my blogs and stuff like that. It's just amazing the energetic healing that people have of connecting to something that is bigger than all of us and yet it IS us.

Chris: I'll just share this with you too. I just got a message from Captain Deryl, the Canadian gentleman, who’s been talking out, speaking out as an ex-member of the military on his terms. He's just skyped me and I'll read it out, "The Courtesy Notice I handed out was like holy water on vampires".

(Multiple people chuckling)

Chris: Thanks, Deryl. Really appreciate that. Deryl’s been very, very effective in something he's caught up with at the moment. I believe being an ex-member of the military, he's quite forthright. He was having a conversation with a sheriff about what he felt the sheriff’s behavior that needed to be corrected. He says “If you don't do this, I'll arrest you, okay? There's no two ways about it.” I'm hoping that down the track when the military, ex-military, whoever are willing to actually get involved with this, that that’s the kind of support we actually get. We won't get that for some time, that's my belief, but from our discussions with Deryl, there's a lot of military people watching this and they're on our side. Down the track, we'll get the benefits of the work we're doing now by standing up as One. One thing he did say to me was they're waiting for us to stand up.

(Multiple people talking)

Ron Van Dyke: May I ask another question?

Lisa: Yeah, I was just going to say I'll leave your mike open, but we've got a lot of people to get to, so one quick one.

Ron Van Dyke: A quick question is that people have been telling me that Heather is connected to the Rothchilds. I'd like Heather to address that, if she's still on?

Heather: (laughs) Yeah, I'm here. I'm laughing because I'm like the last person they even want connected to their name. No, I'm not connected to the Rothchilds. However I have been to the Rothchilds’ offices, Caleb and I both, London and Zurich. I do have former experiences with people that do work with Rothchilds. But as far as the Rothchilds, there was one gentleman, and we always had a guy in between, but there was one gentleman within the Rothchilds that basically would send over, using other peoples emails, certain documents. I'd be on a conversation on a phone and within 10 minutes, I’d have an email from nowhere basically say “Okay, Heather, go do this.” So like when I got arrested and supposedly charged with, what was it, something about an officer. The information from him was to go to the attorney general and have the attorney general verify, do a certified opinion, that that particular statute that they were charging me under was constitutional. The AG never does that, because then they admit to the fraud. They set a paper trail, usually cases go away. Well, that was one thing.

Or like the deeds of trust pointing out that the deeds of trust, look at them. Look at the UCC, and the deeds of trust paragraph basically a cut and paste of the UCC, especially the liens, landlord/tenant, gift, and purchase. They were helpful in just pointing the direction of where to go look for things, but it was totally up to the trustees to go and vet the information, work it through, go and double-check it, go and triple-check it, and then go and check it some more. But there were people all through the system. Saylin’s Law firm, one of the top lawyers for HSBC, there was a lot of people inside the system that want to get out of the hostage situation or the slavery system themselves. So for the people to think the people inside the systems are creating this New World Order, they actually want out. It's the highest level of the system, the principals, those are the ones, and no, I don't interact with those guys.

Bob: Just so people understand, some of the best intel we get comes from within the system. We've spoken to lots of different people, who were ex CIA or military or still working within those confines. There is lots of people inside and outside of the system that are all working towards the same goal. I think people like to put everybody in a box and I hate when people do it to me. So please don't do that to any eternal heart, because everyone is responsible for making their own choices. You can't lump people into a category and say “Well, this person's a lawyer and that one’s Jewish and I heard their grandmother say this word.”

Heather: Did I answer your question to the Rothchilds?

Lisa: Yeah, I think so, absolutely.

Heather: Okay.

Ron Van Dyke: Thank you.

Brian: I'm so relieved that got put out there.

Lisa: Apparently the chat room’s going crazy, people dropping off and logging out and logging in and losing sound.

Chris: I think we've lost the stream to a degree. I'm getting a couple messages here saying they lost sound, so these are people listening elsewhere.

Lisa: Refresh if you have to, but it should come back. We're still online; we're still live so just refresh. So, are we back online? Can somebody send me a Skype message?

Chris: Yeah, I’ve just got a couple in. I’ll just tell you what happens.

(talk over)

Lisa: Because we’re still connected to Blogtalk.

Bob: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, one’s back on.


Chris: One successfully got back on, yes, so one’s rebooting. We’ll see how that goes. So I think people are getting back on. What about the chat room? Has anyone messaged from there?

Bob: Yeah. They’re saying in the chat room they can hear us.

Lisa: Okay, great. We mentioned a dirty word.

Chris: Can I ask Heather another silly question?

Lisa: She’s not there at the moment. She said she’ll be right back.

Chris: Oh, okay.

Lisa: But I just want to go move on and bring out another caller.

Chris: Yep.

Lisa: Area code 661.

Brian: That sounds like a Skype call.

Lisa: Area code 661?

Caller: I don’t know what my area code is, but I’ve been on…

Lisa: That’s you.

Caller: I’ll take it!

Lisa: What was your name?

Caller: My name is Shayna.

Brian: Hi, Shayna.

Shayna (caller): Hi. First, I just want to tell you all, love you so much. I just send you out loving intentional thoughts every day and to the world. Just have a question that has been nagging at me. I’ve a lot of family members that are very Christian and they’re looking at this as, almost on the lines of this is the New World Order that is to be avoided. I had hoped Heather would be on the line to address this because I was wondering. She talks about getting all of the data on the table, the Absolute Data. I’m wondering is there going to be a time where people will know? Because when I was thinking about this show, a lot of Christians and Muslims and different ethnic groups that are very ingrained and indoctrinated by their religions. How are they going to be able to come around to the acceptance of this? Is there going to be that energy coming from Creator that is going to help to open their minds and their hearts?

Lisa: My personal answer is yeah, that’s what I think. That this awakening is happening inside each and every one of us and “truth”, whatever that is, will come to each of us. If it means breaking outside of a religious program, then that’s what’ll happen. I’d like to hear from everybody else. Is Heather back with us?

Heather: Yeah, I’m here.

Lisa: Okay, what’s your thoughts?

Heather: I reiterate what Lisa said and just say “Be open. Have no expectations” and definitely you can either set your intention to be attached to that or not. And that includes the data that you currently hold.

Lisa: So, we talked about trigger points before, and there’s been a lot of trigger points over the last 12, 13 years for different people. You know 911 was a huge trigger, for example. The Pope resigning, and whatever happens next, the Catholic church may be a trigger for a great deal of Catholics and Christians.

Heather: Yeah, look at all the questioning that’s been going on just because of the Pope resigning. Then it goes into further “Okay, why did the Pope resign” and then all of a sudden you’re looking at information from the ITTC, the court and what they did. Then you have also the banking scandals. Just the fact that the Vatican is getting so much light right now that they don’t know what to do about it. It’s just data coming out. My grandmother is so attached to the Catholic church and very attached to the Pope, doesn’t matter who the guy is wearing the hat. Just the symbol of what the Pope is for her, even with the sex scandals and the abuse scandals that came out, I just could not reconcile her way of thinking, but then again that’s her way of thinking. I just love the contrast. It really made things easier for me, for my own choices.

Shayna (caller): Now that resonates with me too. That’s why, as you’ve said, just trying to wrap your head around how anyone could continue to support the system that has done so much harm. All I do is, myself personally, is just throw love at it and say “It’s not really mine to understand or to change it. Just keep going my direction the way I need to and sending out that love”. So just hearing from you helped me because it resonates with the way I feel.

Brian: Think about it this way too. As an example, it’ll illustrate this. Let’s say you have somebody that believes the human species are the only beings in the universe. They say “Well, there’s no extraterrestrials or there’s nobody else, it’s just us”, and that’s their belief. It’s ingrained very deep within them. All of a sudden a ship comes down and lands and brothers and sisters from the stars walk out of it. They’re put in a place where they couldn’t possibly say “We’re the only ones” anymore, because they have the proof that’s right in front of their face. So at one point or another, there’s going to be an experience that allows people to recalibrate their beliefs based on everything they see in front of their face, because all the data is now put on the table. Now, they have the ability to really go inside and say “Okay, maybe the time has come for me rethink this whole thing”.

Lisa: Yeah, Brian. I agree with you on one point, but at the same time, depending on how invested they are in that belief system, they can absolutely deny what they just saw in front of them and say “These are visions from the devil”.

Brian: (laughs)

Chris: Was just going to say there’s one aspect that I’ve talked to a couple of quite religious people about this. When I say religious, these are people that are very connected to certain faiths. What I find is useful for them to think about is that most people are becoming aware that their churches have problems with corruption. This is the churches. I just want the point out to them, the church is not your beliefs. Your beliefs are your beliefs. Separate the two things. You’ve got an attachment to the church and if you treat it as a thing, you can lose that attachment without losing your beliefs that there is a Creator and whatever else you want to associate with that belief. You can lose the church as a thing much more easily than you can lose your beliefs. If they’re worried about that aspect of this situation, that someone’s going to try and take this away from them, just ask them in their minds to make that distinction between that building over there, and what they believe about our whole reality. That tends to make them less nervous about it, because most of them do understand it’s their beliefs that are the important thing to them.

Shayna (caller): I agree. Thank you, farewell.

Lisa: Thank you, Shayna. Thank you for your call. We’re just going to move on to the next caller. Thank you. 817 area code.

Caller: Hello?

Lisa: Hello 817!

Caller: Hi, hey guys.

Lisa: Hey, now people if you’re having issues and the audio keeps dropping out, there’s not much we can do at this end because we’re still connected. So please just go back and listen to the archive after we get off the line. Sorry, what was your name?

Caller: My name’s Emmanuel.

Lisa: Emmanuel.

Emmanuel (caller): Yes. Hello.

Lisa: Hello.

Emmanuel (caller): So, I’m already, I guess, “sold”. I’ve seen enough (mumbled) … OPPT. I’m starting to take some action myself, trying to get organized (inaudible) here in Texas. But I had one question. I’m just curious, what’s happening behind the scenes with you guys? I guess the direction of this question is more toward Brian. Brian?

Brian: I’m here.

Emmanuel (caller): Okay I know you’ve made some reference toward David Wilcock’s “Financial Tyranny”,

Brian: (affirmative response)

Emmanuel (caller): I’ve read that myself and it was a very good report. I guess, just wondering, have you spoken with David? Or sent him anything about this? Because he’s making some headway from what I’ve seen on his website, getting that show, or that report shown as a TV show in Russia on prime-time hours. So it’s kinda big.

Brian: Me personally? No, I’ve never spoken to David. I follow David’s work. I think he puts out amazing information. He’s just another of one of the dots that connects to the bigger picture. There’s a lot of people who follow him,and look for his postings for updates on info. If you’re asking me if I’ve talked with David Wilcock, no I haven’t actually spoken with him.

Emmanuel (caller): Okay, well, I know you guys are getting the word out and everything on radios, but I’ve been on his website. It’s causing just a little bit of doubt on people who do follow him very closely. Like why is…

Lisa: You mean the fact that he hasn’t even mentioned OPPT? Is that what you’re referring to?

Emmanuel (caller): Um, sorry?

Lisa: Are you referring to the fact that he hasn’t addressed OPPT? That he hasn’t talked about it?

Emmanuel (caller): Yes, yeah. Exactly.

Lisa: Right.

Brian: Well, we have no control over that. I think David’s very careful about what he puts out, because he backed up Drake. A lot of the stuff that Drake said that was going to happen, time periods came and went and there’s nothing visible for people to see. But, we try not to get too caught up into whether or not people doubt this or not. It’s not our job to go out and convince people of anything. That’s something that we’ve tried to make very clear from the very beginning is. We’ll put the information out and we’ll give something to the people to research and do their homework. If it resonates with them, great. If it doesn’t, that’s totally okay too. Sooner or later, everybody will come around, but they have to be able to do it on their own time and at their own speed and comfort level.

Emmanuel (caller): Okay. Alright, thank you very much.

Brian: Thanks for calling man!

Lisa: Thanks! Okay, we have 612. 612 area code.

Caller: Hello. It’s Elizabeth, Lisa. How are you?

Lisa: I’m very well, Elizabeth, how are you?

Elizabeth (caller): Good. I have a couple of dots to connect. Okay, first of all, I just want to say “Thank you” to every single person. A special thanks to all the speakers that are on right now, but everybody that’s on this phone. I just want to send gratitude to you and me and all of us, that we are just BE’ing. Be yourself and take the masks off the costumes. Just be yourself. That’s important before DO’ing. Just BE. Anyway, Lisa and Heather, you talked about, Lisa, your testimony about that, I call it the declaration of freedom, or the declaration of our sovereignty, that Heather, I believe, wrote. What is the title of that? Lisa or Heather, that came out last week.?

Lisa: That last document?

Elizabeth (caller): Yeah.

Lisa: What was the title of that Heather?

Elizabeth (caller): The decla…

Heather: There is no declaration of sovereignty. I don’t use the word sovereignty.

Bob: I think she’s talking about the “declaration of satisfaction”.

Elizabeth (caller): There it is.

Heather: Oh, okay the “Declaration of Satisfaction”.

Elizabeth (caller): Yeah, Lisa was talking about her testimony earlier that she read it and she felt more free’er, or whatever. My testimony is after Lisa described it a little bit more, when point by point through it last week. I went and read it out loud, and I encourage everybody to read it out loud, because words are powerful. Ever since I read it out loud twice, oh my god, I feel so free. I can just see it and BE it now. Then I just want to say I think right before I stumbled onto OPPT, not by accident, it was right at the beginning, but American Kabuki and all that, I think it was right before that was when it started. I had this lucid dream and they guy that did the CVAC visualization, well kinda, go with this. This lucid dream and I was outside, I looked up in the sky and there were tons, I thought they were spaceships. But now I know what they were, they were CVACs! They were tons of lucid bubbles. Kind of looked like spaceship shape, but those were the CVACs. I said “Oh my god!” and I looked up in surprise “Oh my god, how many of these are there?” It was awesome. They were way up in the sky.

Then regarding the Akashic Records, I put two points together tonight. Heather, I know you guys talked about the other night too, that there are a like a pure set of Akashic, or second set, of Akashic Records. Way back when this all started, OPPT, we did a Seven Series called “Wake up Shift is Happening” on the intention of raising our chakras with Deb, I don’t remember her name. But anyway, one of those calls, it was on American Kabuki advertisement, do you remember, Brian? On one of those calls, a set of sisters from Canada came on and they go onto the Akashic Records all the time. But anyway, within that week or so, they went in and elders told them, there’s this prayer they say to get into the Akashic Records. They went in and the elders told them, now they changed a few little words in this prayer. The elders told them of the Akashic Records, that this is the new paradigm shift prayer to enter into the Akashic Records. So that goes with what Heather says about this. If I could give that blog page, can I do that?

Lisa: Yeah, sure.

Elizabeth (caller): Okay, it’s called the…

Heather: I (inaudible) remember it…

Elizabeth (caller): Okay, it’s called “”. So, thank you guys. One more thing, Lisa, I got to the chat room last night, but I can’t find the link to the chat room tonight. Where can we find the link to the chat room for Monday call and Tuesday’s call please?

Lisa: Well, our Monday’s call you go to Freedom Reigns dot US and there’s the chat room there, but for Tuesday’s call, it should be right there on the Blogtalk page if you just scroll down.

Elizabeth (caller): Yeah, I did that.

Lisa: It’ll refresh the page; it should be there.

Elizabeth (caller): What does it look like?

Lisa: It just looks like the same, very much the same as the chat room you’d find on Freedom Reigns.

Elizabeth (caller): Yeah, I can’t find it anywhere. It’s weird. Maybe I’m looking wrong. But anyway, thank you so much, I got all my BE’ings out tonight. So thank you guys, love you all!

Lisa: Thanks, Elizabeth. Okay, area code 970.

Caller: Hello?

Lisa: Hello! What was your name?

Caller: Oh hello, hi, how are you guys?

Lisa: We’re good. What’s your name, sorry?

Katie (caller): Oh, it’s Katie.

Lisa: Katie, okay, yes.

Katie (caller): Hi. Okay, so about the CVACs, I’m glad that Heather’s here. I’ve sent you a couple of emails. So my partner and I are on a farm (Lisa inaudible talkover). I’m sorry?

Lisa: Are you Katie that called in yesterday very excited?

Katie (caller): Oh, yeah, a little bit of stage fright, yeah and a little bit of discombobulation for a variety of other reasons. So hopefully we can continue. My partner and I we’re on a farm, like out in the middle of the country. A lot of us, we’re here to create the new world, right? We’re here to create new ways of being and really like get going. I was on the whole OPPTbook and there were a couple other people who had a bunch of other ideas, so for us it’s the farm, right? So we’re on this farm and there’s six of us here. We all are scrambling to pay rent and all this other stuff. Now, Ethan and I, we’ve been following this. The last couple of years of our lives have been quite a rollercoaster with this whole shift. We’ve changed a lot and we’re not attached to anything. Really it seems like I’ve been waiting for this for so long now.

Waiting a little bit longer wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but there’s our roommates. They’re very stuck in the old paradigm of like "Oh, we gotta pay rent. We're trying to do this farm." It's the white man's version or just the general (inaudible) in general. I keep going over, if we could just not pay rent and really just focus our energy on the farm. We're on 30 acres. We're all renting it right now. Talking to the owner and being clear. Yes, I do share this information with them, but it doesn't really quite register. Because they're like "Well, yeah, but". Also in time I recognize that maybe once we start to see something, like actually start to see the value or that we are that value. I can't seem to make the jump between here we are in this world where we all have money issues at some point. We're all jumping at the bit here to get some action and to do things. I don't even know if it's time yet to clarify what is possible, what is wanting to happen. Heather, you said on the Mel Ve interview how the gold will be showing up as visible on the street and full transparency. The only thing that I could think of is that would be us humans, as we ourselves are the value. So, I don't know if anyone can clarify that?

Lisa: Katie, I'm not really sure what the question is here? Sorry.

Katie (caller): It's okay. So the question is how are we going to jump paying rent, how do we not pay rent? Do we talk to the owner? How do we explain to the owner that we would rather instead of paying rent, that we would rather invest our own time and energy and other finances, whatever we have, into the farm instead of struggling just to make bills?

Lisa: Anyone want to jump in at this point? I know what you're saying here, darling. Does anyone want to jump in? 

Heather: Yeah, okay, so you're really resonating with the actual value for value, (inaudible) to Prime. Not the representation, not the billing and all that. What I can tell you is this, there is technology that's out there. In fact, we were going to bring it to Morocco back in '08 and USA jumped in and basically buried everything. This is where tomatoes grow to the size of melons and they have thousand times more nutrients than what is already out there. Or the technology that allows you to deserts back into forests. This kind of technology and that's just nothing as far as what's in the barrel, so to speak. But, these are things that people who resonate with the land and want to work the land and want to work with the land, you'll end up having so much different technologies to look at and decide what you want to do, how you want to co-create.

So, as far as the abundance part goes, where you don't have to pay rent, you don't have to do this. It's not so much you don't have to, it's just a matter of value for value. You're going to have that value, that abundance, which you already have. It's just a matter of actually now transferring that value over to here, so that you can help that farmer who supposedly has to pay a mortgage. Yet that farmer is going to be receiving data in a way that is triggered for him, which he set up, to where he finally understands "Wait a minute. I don't have a debt, because they can't even show me they made a loan."

Everyone's got their own triggers. Do you see how they're interrelated though? Your landlord is going to end up with data. You're going to end up with data. All of a sudden everyone's going to see how it's all interconnected and how you're able to live and co-create. All of a sudden, your job isn't a job and the shackles are gone. Really it's just a matter of getting that value in, right? Is that what you're asking? When you're going to have the value?

Katie (caller): Yeah.

Heather: The CVAC system now, as far as the treasury and the technology that's coming down for that transfer/tracking systems, the best way to do it is to make sure the value's in each one of you. That you're able to actually transfer it yourself and that there have been automatic accounting that goes with it. A bookkeeping and that everyone can see that bookkeeping. So, all of that's coming now. That's the first system that's going to be put in place. Right now, we're getting the CVAC documents up and done this week, so that the systems can start rolling out hopefully as soon as the last CVAC is set up. There's 193 of them left, then the system rolls out. 

Lisa: So, Heather, just to clarify. The system, it allows people to get access to their value and transfer that value between individuals and is being worked on as we speak.

Heather: It already exists. So it's just a matter of getting that paperwork in and done. Those protocols and instructions are being prepared right now.  

Lisa: Yes. Correct me here, but the way I see it. People keep latching on to this $5 billion dollars or this $10 billion dollar amount that gets mentioned. The way I see it, it's a system where everything is already prepaid. That's what the old system owed us, that stole from us you could say. That's been taken back and now it's sitting there in an account, like a credit account, for us. So everything is essentially prepaid.

Heather: Yeah, basically everything's prepaid and then you can use it to invest in co-creating future value, which actually becomes present value, if it keeps getting re-invested in the Now.

Lisa: Yep. So it's not about going out there and earning or creating value that you can then use, it's already there.

Heather: Yeah, the value's already there. You're just mixing it with the energy that you have now. They say there's no past, there's no future, it's just present. Well, this is a very good example of how that works. We have this value, which was taken a while ago. You're taking that and you're mixing it with your energy now and you're creating something that will actually keep producing exponentially and perpetually into the future. But you'll keep changing it in the Now as you go, the more data that you get, the more experiences that you have.

Lisa: Guys, we've only got three more minutes left online. We can go a few minutes over. I don't know when Blogtalk will cut us off. So, if you do get cut off, go back and listen to the archive for anything you've missed and for the dropouts, because they will all be there in the archives. Katie, I hope that answers your question? We're going to move on and try to get one or two more squeezed in. Thank you for calling.

Katie (caller): Perfect. Thank you.

Lisa: Okay, we've got area code 703.

Caller: Yes. Hi, I'm Paige.

Lisa: Hi, Paige.

Paige (caller): Hi there. First of all, when you first started this show, I think it was Brian that was talking about the database that he's building. He said he was coming up with something called "OPPT Taking Names". I came up with an idea that a good name for it would be "Treason Tracker". (chuckle)

Lisa: A treason tracker. (chuckle)

Paige (caller): Yeah.

Lisa: I'm sure Brian would like that actually.

Paige (caller): Yeah and that's what it's all about, right? The other thing that I wanted to say is that one wonderful thing about this, for those who are awake...a really lonely position to be in...the OPPT Facebook style page has been a wonderful resource. It's been wonderful to connect with people so like-minded. That's all I really wanted to say.

Lisa: You're welcome and thank you. Okay, we'll try and squeeze another one in. Area code 661?

Caller: Hello?

Lisa: Yes.

Caller: Hi, it's Sharon calling. I'm from Canada.

Lisa: Hi Sharon from Canada.

Sharon (caller): Hi there. I just really wanted to thank you guys for bringing this information out. Having worked with people for a lot of years now, helping them see that there's an enslavement program, one of the things that is really evident is that the whole enslavement program is a mental concept. To help people understand what this transition of transformation is they have to know where they are before they can see where they want to go. A lot of the questions are just absolutely amazing and so are your responses. There's a real fear of people wanting to be solely responsible. Because that was part of the matrix of the fear, instilling it in us and that we should be dependent.

Filtered through the mental self, which really was the part of us being enslaved and understanding from the eternal heart. If we're trying to do that through our minds, there's going to be a disconnect. I just wanted to offer that being in the eternal heart is an experience. It's an existence of who I BE. It's not an easy transition to make there, but as Heather and all of you keep reiterating, it's with the heart. It's what resonates. What helps people who aren’t what we perceive to be fully awake yet or understanding it, is to ask them questions as Bob was saying a while ago. Just ask some questions about how they feel about (inaudible). Ask them questions about where they would like to go, because what we'll often do is present our conclusions of our experience here as their resonance. That's really not it. We know the natives did not really see the ships coming, because they've never seen a ship before.

This is a wonderful journey. I just wanted to thank all of you so much for bringing this to the forefront so everyone can experience it, talk about it and that in itself is supporting this transition exponentially. Thank you guys so much.

Lisa: Thank you, Sharon. Okay, we're going to take one more. His name is Prince, I believe.  

Prince (caller): I've made it. Here I am.

Lisa: You made it. 

Prince (caller): I appreciate you for allowing me to get on. Let me be quick. I'm homeless. I live in a shelter. I want to set up my building as a beginning frameworks of a CVAC. I want to just break down the entire structure of my building with having DHS come in and tell us who is supposed to be here and why. Having us go and do all these work experience programs to pay for our food stamps and things like that. I want to be able to just start this system and get in touch with the people across the planet who are in on this and just start this flow of energy into this building where there's people who have no luck in life at all, because there's no hope for them. People in here are stuck on disability. People have just the worst problems. They're just debilitated.

I want to move this forward as fast and as poignant as possible. I want it to be a strong change. I don't want it to be a scared change. I feel like a lot of people are fearful about this. I want people to be empowered. Understand me? I've been living this way for way too long for it to come up now and people try to be afraid of it, because this is my passion. You understand me? This is my love for this life I live. I give freely, all day, every day. When I see somebody else giving, I say thank you for giving and thank you for BE'ing. I've done this for years. This whole wake-up has just been a long time coming for everyone.

Yes, I heard someone say earlier that the change and the 2012 and the shift, whatever, it happened in a way that no one ever saw it coming. Blindsided us at the side of our head. You know what I mean? So, everyone is here. Everyone is ready to move forward. I can hear us and see us all here. I just want to know how I can move this forward. How I can put my authority down and say this is it. Get out of our building and give us our life. 

Lisa: Thank you. 

(whistling)  (laughter) (clapping)

Chris: Beautiful.

Lisa: Well done.

Prince (caller): Thank you so much.

Chris: Yep, exactly the energy we need.

Prince (caller): I was cold a minute ago. Now I'm burning up. I can take this jacket off now. I'm sitting outside someone's house. I know I'm probably being loud, but I'm ready for this. I want to get this meet-up started. I'll go anywhere. Anyone who's in New York City right now, I can meet up with you right now and talk about this. I'm ready. Understand me? If there's another blogsite going or another radio station, let's talk about this more. I'm ready.

Lisa: I have to tell you that D just gave me the message to tell you that she loves you. D from Removing the Shackles. You sound like her kind of guy. I think she wants to (inaudible). (laughter) Heather, do you want to talk to Prince?

Heather: Hello, Prince. You're asking what can you do? You want to hook up with all these people. You just hooked up with a lot of people. (laughter) You just showed them what you BE and the energy is phenomenal. Your BE'ing is in the face. So, I would suspect at this point Prince needs to get his own (inaudible)

Prince (caller): Own what?

(talk over)

Chris: Prince, I think what she was going to say was to get your own paperwork done. So, please keep an eye out for the paperwork to actually become directly involved as public servants in the CVAC branches.

Prince (caller): I've been passing them out all day. I passed out like 20 copies today.

Chris: Beautiful.

Lisa: Not the Courtesy Notices, though, that's not what he's talking about.  

Chris: I'm saying there's paperwork coming that will lead into the process which is called bonding into being a public servant inside a branch of CVAC. It's an organized branch to do things for other people. It sounds like where you need to be.

Prince (caller): Yes sir.

Lisa: It is coming. For some reason, Heather dropped off right at that point, which is very unfortunate. I really want to thank you for calling in because your passion was palpable.

Bob: Where are you located, Prince?

Prince (caller): I'm in New York City, on Forum Road on the Grand Concourse. If anybody's available out there, if anybody can hear me, You can find me on the entire internet. My name is flofokuz. You can Google that and find me. Hit me up any way you can. Let's talk about this. Let's move forward. Everyone. Let's go. 

Lisa: Why don't you go to and getting a meet-up starting in your area? Or putting up some Notices in the local cafes and things like that? See if you can't get a group together.

Prince (caller): I just want to get everything in order. I want to get all of this information streamlined, so that I can make like literally a curriculum over it and just start teaching people how to go out and enforce their desires, their manifestation of their energy across the world.

Lisa: Heather, you back?

Heather: Yeah, I'm back. Prince, you're awesome.

Prince (caller): Thank you, thank you. That's what I said when I listened to you yesterday. You are just a beyond-belief angel. I love you guys.

Lisa: You cut out right when you said "I think Angel needs to get a..." and that's when you cut out. 

Heather: I think Prince is going to BE an energy that really is a trigger for a lot of others, so Prince thank you. Keep BE'ing. Keep DO'ing. There are tools that are out there. We'll keep them transparent for all, but they know what resonates with them. So, just hook up with wherever you feel it resonates with you and meanwhile, more tools are on the way.

Prince (caller): I need to have authority. You see what I'm saying? I need to be able to have these people understand that they don't have to listen to this old system anymore. I pull dollars out of my pockets and tell them, this is gone. This is an illusion now. We need to work under a new system. They're like "Oh, what about this? This country that and this is Communism". I'm like "Bro, stop. What do you want? Tell me. Write it down and let's move forward."  That's the kind of authority I need. I want them to be able to look at it with plain words or some video. I've been visualizing these animations and things like that. Like the guy who did the CVAC visualization. I love that. That's exactly how it should be. That's exactly how the government should replace itself.

We need to be in charge of everything at the highest level. The way that I look at it is that it's going to kind of be like I have a building. I have a CVAC, right? Anyone anywhere can come in and say "I need a room. I need this or that."  Just like you guys were saying, go in, walk in, take it and go. I know that there's fear of how to register and all this and that and how we can actually say this is our authority. Hold it in front of somebody's face; something that they can touch and feel. Something that they can say "This is it. Okay. Oh! Oh, okay. Here we go."

Bob: Prince? I would just change one word. Change authority to service. Okay?

Prince (caller): Ah, service. That's not a word that people understand, though. I want them to understand that the change of the paradigm is from authority to service. Correct?

Bob: Correct.

Heather: Well, then BE that service.

Prince (caller): Okay. I don't have any resources. I'm homeless. I'm under a system where I really have to be in certain place at a certain time, for whatever reason. They're giving me food stamps on a card. That's why I can't be everywhere at once and I can't do everything all at once. I want to be either out of the system or something. I need to be able to work.

Heather: The tools that you need are coming to you. Actually you have a great one; it's your voice. It's beautiful, your voice, with your energy (chuckle)...

Bob: I was just going to say (chuckle).

Heather: ...standing here. I can't remember what fear feels like pretty much anymore. If I ever did have it, then you'd be one of the guys that I'd want in the room to help me get rid of it.

Prince (caller): I'm sitting outside of someone's house right now, in the dark, in the cold, with a laptop computer, a bag full of all of my equipment. I do music, photography, fashion, a bag full of like maybe $5000 worth of equipment. This is me being fearless, outside, in the cold. I'm homeless. I don't have anywhere to go. You understand me? But I'm ready to move this forward. I've been working under the system trying to make money selling people their lives. I take a video or a recording of them and basically sell it back to them, painted a little bit. So, I've been working under the system and now I want to change. I want to get this going, baby. This is it. So, I need you guys to just send me all that information. I want to be on the top of this trickle-down of information. Put me in as a trustee or something. I want to be with you in that room as well when you're doing these forefront battles. That's where I want to be. 

Lisa: All the tools that come through go straight up on top of the website for everybody, as soon as Heather and the rest of the trustees make them available. 

Prince (caller): Right, of course, of course.

Lisa: That's the best place to keep an eye on.

Prince (caller): Okay, got it.

Heather: Thank you, Prince.

Prince (caller): Thank you guys so much. I appreciate you guys, man. I'm going to go and find some place warm to relax and meditate. Thank you, guys. 

Heather: Thank you, Prince. All my love.

Bob: Thank you, Prince.

Chris: Take care.

Prince (caller): Love and peace to everyone. Hey, one more question, I'm sorry. The guy with the accent, are you the one that sings that song at the beginning of the movie (Prince sings) "tough days, rough nights, go home and hammered, dah duh dah""? I love that song. 


Lisa: I don't think anybody on this show sings that song.  


Bob: Definitely not.  


Lisa: But thanks for asking. (laughter)

Prince (caller): But what is FUQ? What's the FUQ; that's the documentary that led me to OPPT.

Chris: Scott Bartle. 

Prince (caller): Okay, that's not you then?

Chris: No, no. I'm told we sound alike, but that's not me.

Prince (caller): You do. You have his voice. It's amazing. It's kind of like the synchronicity of the universe. I was brought aware of OPPT by emailing this man and saying I'm hyped over what he did. What are the implications of this? He said "This is a good place to start. OPPT." and I said "Wow."  I didn't look back since. This was two days ago.

Lisa: Oh, well, okay. (chuckle) 


Heather: People are getting hyped everywhere. Love this guy. He's the bomb. Love his energy. He can do the part. Wow. Thank you, Prince.

Prince (caller): Thank you, guys. All right, I'm out of here, next caller. Thank you.


Lisa: I think we're going to leave on a high note with you, Prince. I'm not sure how long we're gong to last here. Thank you everybody who's called in. Thanks for everyone who's listening and participating in the chat room. Thanks to everyone with their questions. Guys, it's been an amazing journey and it continues to be an amazing journey. It's constantly evolving and growing. All of your BE'ing and DO'ing is just adding to the momentum. It's a beautiful thing. It really is. We feel so privileged to be connected to all of you and to be able to participate in this together is just such a gift. Heather's right. We could have done it for ourselves, but it's so much more fun with all of you. I'm having the ride of my life. This is what I've been waiting for. I know that's how all of you feel, based on the messages I'm getting, yeah. (chuckle)

We're at a point now, that's like what's next? For three month snow, it's been "Oh my god! What's next? What could possibly top this?" Yet something does. Wow! Join us again next week on Monday night for the U.S. and Tuesday afternoon in Australia for the OPPT-IN show and same time next week for The Collective Imagination show. We are hoping and as long as Heather's time allows that the documentation that's needed for these CVACs will be online at the OPPT-IN website. Also keep your eye on this new area of the website that's developing, the Treason Trackers, or whatever it's going to end up being called. If you want to participate in supporting any of the individuals that appear on that page, that's the place to do it. The documents will be there. What else? What other little mentions are there? The new versions of the Courtesy Notices will also be online. There will be at least four, possibly five of them.

Chris: There's also the audio where Scott and I go over a whole lot of queries will be there. There will probably be an additional audio talking about the new Courtesy Notices as well. 

Lisa: Okay, great. All right, I think that's all the housekeeping. Heather, thank you so much for joining us again. I know it must be something like 4 o'clock in the morning for you.

Heather: Yeah, it was worth it, especially that last caller.

(talk over)

Chris: We'll be up all night.

Lisa: Joie de vivre(? -- inaudible) Thank you, Prince. Okay, talk to you all soon.

Heather: All right, have a good night.

(Everyone saying their goodbyes)

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