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Max Igan Speaks To Mel Ve- Feb 28 Transcript

Max Igan Speaks To Mel Ve
Freedom Central
February 28, 2013

Max: Hello.
Mel: Hello Max.
Max: How are you Mel?
Mel: I’m very well, thanks. How are you doing?
Max: Fantastic.
Mel: Yeah. It’s wonderful to finally speak to you. You’re someone I’ve been trying to get, two years now, and I’ve just actually not gotten the chance, so thank you very much for giving me your time. First of all, how did you get into alternative media?  You’ve been putting out some wonderful stuff over the years. I really want to know a little bit more how you came to be on this journey, communicating this message.
Max: Well, it’s been a life-time mission for me really; I’ve been doing it for a very long time. I’ve been doing it online for a very long time. When I did start doing it online, I was sort of basically in chat rooms and stuff until I discovered YouTube. That’s what got me the job on the radio in the United States and that’s the stuff that I currently do. So yeah, it’s not a mistake really; it just kind of happened. I never really planned on it; it just kind of happened. I put out a slide show. I discovered YouTube. I saw that there was this huge Truth Movement on YouTube. I thought that this was a place where high school kids uploaded their party videos. (laughter) I did. Really, that’s what I thought it was and just okay, what’s this all about? You go to YouTube front page and there’s all these ridiculous videos? And that’s your introduction to YouTube?
Mel: Yeah.
Max: But then someone sent me a video on the Bali bombing. I saw it and I went ‘wow’. This is just a slide show someone’s put together with them speaking over it and I thought I can do that. I’ve got all this information; I can do that. So I put out a slide show; a video called “The Big Picture”. Yeah, I’m kind of creative. I’ve always been a musician. I’ve always been an artist and so I’m kind of a creative person. So, I figured I’d make it look like a movie, like it was an actual movie; put titles on it, put credits at the end and the whole thing. It was a fun project and I figured it was gonna take me at least an hour and a half to say what I wanted to say. So that’s ninety minutes and it only uploads ten-minute videos at the time, so it turned out to be nine parts. I uploaded five parts and kinda lost interest. Then got all these emails from people saying “Where’s the rest of it?” So I finished it and because of that film and the response that it got, I decided well I’ll make a couple more. So I made two short half-hour videos, one called “New World Order – The Final Solution”, and one called “Fight The New World Order With Global Non-Compliance”.  That last one went really viral, just went everywhere. I got offered a job as American radio host and so I’ve been doing that ever since. It was all a mistake, really.
Mel: That’s interesting. I think that your particular story has some similar aspects to ours in a way and that almost is a kind of a mistake how it ended up. Really, the discovery of the universe on YouTube, I tell you. What a blessing that has been to us, because I’ve learned so much from it and also been able to create so much through it.
Max: Well yes, it’s a new media; it has become the new media. I was watching a weather report today online of the cyclone that’s currently happening in Australia, Western Australia. It was on the ABC, on the ABC website, ‘cause I don’t have a television. They were referencing information from YouTube users, so the video footage they had was from YouTube users. You see news shows that gain ratings by having YouTube users as guests on their shows, so YouTube is really created a big stir and it’s become the alternate media. Any information you wanna find, you’ll find it all on YouTube. You’ll find all different versions and you’ll find the whole picture  you don’t get on mainstream television, so it’s become a very, very powerful medium.  
Mel: Okay. So you’ve been looking at this for how many years now? When did you sort of get started with all this?
Max: Well it was all a long adventure for me. I started walking around when I was four years old. I couldn’t figure out why we had to pay for land when I was four, and I thought to myself this is all messed up. I still remember as a kid…this is all messed up. Then I started researching the pyramids and stuff when I was eight. Now I looked at the pyramids and dinosaurs. I wanted to be an archaeologist as a kid. I wanna be an archaeologist, or an anthropologist or something like that…paleontologist. I was right into dinosaurs and ancient buildings. I saw a picture of the pyramids and my mum said “Look, they don’t know how they built these” and I thought that’s pretty ordinary, it’s just a pyramid. I went outside and I built my own in the sandpit.
Then I really started looking into it when I could read properly. I found out that it was a pretty remarkable thing, so I started researching ancient history from a very young age. Then I started realizing that everything they’ve told us, everything they’re teaching me at school, is all wrong. So I started questioning my teachers, so I got into a lot of trouble with that. I couldn’t figure out why, because I’d been reading all this interesting stuff. I’m a kid and I thought well, maybe you guys haven’t read this, maybe you don’t know this. I was kinda trying to help. But I was very ostracized because of it, I got disciplined because of it. I began to think well, why would they hide this?
So again, the research into ancient history starts, you start researching cover-ups, because why would they be covering this up? You get into cover-ups, you start looking into stuff like UFOs and all this sorta stuff. Then you get into conspiracy theories. It all does this big circle and goes back to ancient history and you think “Aha”.  Okay, the world is not the way they tell us it is at all. Hey, I knew this when I was four years old, so must be something to it. I just sorta continued this research. It was always a hobby for me, ‘cause I was a musician for pretty well all my life. So I got to live on the outside of society and I got to travel a lot. I got to look at libraries, go different places and talk to different people. I was always doing this research on the side just as a hobby. So it was just kind of a natural progression really that I ended up doing what I’m doing.
Now when it got to the stage when 9/11 happened, I thought this is getting really serious. This is obviously a staged event. You can tell just by the way the buildings came down, there is something really, really wrong with all this. This is the big event we’ve been waiting for, that they’ve been talking about. Secret societies we keep hearing about, the Illuminati blah blah. I thought well it’s gotten serious. So the research has now got to become the main focus, because I’ve got a son and I want my son to have a viable world. It looks like what we have seen from this point is a locked-down police state and big de-population program.
Now what we’ve seen since 2001 has been phenomenol, GMOs and chemtrails and the wars and the police state. It’s unbelievable, just leap-frogging over us. I was absolutely right that it was now the time to act. I kind of felt a little bit guilty that I’d spent so much time viewing this stuff as a hobby, when really it was a very, very important issue. It just became important for me. I thought I kinda know what I know, and be able to communicate it to people, because I had a lot of really good feedback from the people around me, who used to always come to me and ask me what was going down next.

So I thought well, it’s kinda irresponsible of me to not be telling people about it. So I started going to chat rooms and doing all this sorta stuff and trying to wake people up. Then like I said I just discovered YouTube, made the video show and then got offered the job as a radio host. I kinda did that as well through a meditative sort of approach, because I realized once I discovered YouTube and made the films, I thought I should be on the radio telling this to people all the time. I should be there telling people what’s going on and waking them up to what’s going on. So I put myself on the air and I was a radio host and I was talking to the world.
I put myself in that meditative energetic state where I was giving thanks for…it’d already been answered. Even as a Rain Dancer, when they feel the rain, because when they want a rain, they’ll feel the rain on their body. They’ll put themselves in the energetic state where they’re standing in the rain. They don’t pray for rain; they put themselves in a state where they’re standing in the rain and that attracts the rain. It’s like I did that approach with it. I put myself in the energetic state where I was a radio host. I was speaking to the world and within a month or six weeks, I got a job as a radio host offered to me out of the blue. I wanted to be a radio host to get this information out, but I didn’t know how to go about it. Sorta just sitting there, I was just chatting on YouTube, I was posting my clips…that was it. I didn’t even know internet radio existed.
I was thinking real radio and suddenly I get contacted by a radio announcer in I think it was in Kansas. His name was Big John Lipscomb. He contacted me and said he’d shown “The Big Picture” to his neighbors. It’d woken him up and he’d been trying to wake this guy up for five years and nothing had worked. He showed him my film and it woke him up, so he contacted me and said he’d love to have me on his show. So he got the show and this was actually a radio station, it wasn’t internet radio. I mean it’s on the internet, but it’s an actual radio station. It goes out across America, you can tune in on your dial, and they offered me this interview. I did it and they liked it, so they got me back on the next month. Then I became a regular every week and then the station offered me my own show, so I’ve been doing that ever since. It’s quite remarkable though.
Mel: Wow, amazing. That is incredible. So you enjoy what you do then Max?
Max: Well, yeah I do. I like to be a positive voice. I hope that I’m a positive voice. I like to try to offer encouragement to people. I think there’s a lotta people out there screaming in fear. I’m sure we do have a lot to be fearful of. There’s a big problem we’ve got with the world, but I really do see it all as opportunity. I think it’s a huge opportunity for us. I think people need to see the opportunities that are being provided by all this, because otherwise they will move into fear or have violent revolution and confrontation and we’ll have a police state. I think it’s all a huge opportunity. I do like what I do, but I look forward to the time where I don’t have to do it. I much prefer to walk into the forest and build myself a house and shut down and unplug and not have to be on the internet all the time telling people to wake up.
Mel: Sure, I hear you.
Max: So I do enjoy the response I get from people. It’s really gratifying to hear the positive feedback that I get, ‘cause I do get a lot of feedback from people. If you’re listening out there and you’ve written to me, I’m sorry. I don’t get time to answer all the emails; it’s really hard for me to do, there’s so many of them. But I like to think or hope that I encourage people to find themselves and to act and realize that we can change things, if we simply find ourselves. I use a saying on the show “In Lak’ech”, which means that I’m another yourself. I believe that that’s what people need to understand. It’s the essence of themselves, a spark of themselves, the sentience. You see that in everybody else and realize that we’re all in this together.
We’re all simply different perspectives, different aspects of the same thing. We can change reality and make it whatever we want in three seconds. We can create matter by observing it. So I think we’re capable of pretty well anything. I think that the more negative it gets, the more opportunities we are being given to wake up to ourselves. So that’s what I try to provide people with the shows. I just think it’s important to have some balance. I think it’s important to see the opportunities that all the negative stuff provides for us. Otherwise we’re just gonna go down that path into fear. Collapse into this subculture of fear, which is kind of what we’re in now. We’re under a spell; we’re in a subculture of fear. It literally is a matrix we’re living in, mind control of the whole world. Well, not the whole world. There’s still native cultures out there that still know what’s going on, but we’re getting close. I think we have to wake up to ourselves. I think now’s the time to change. So that’s why I do what I do. That’s why you do what you do I’m sure, as well.
Mel: Absolutely. Speaking of fear, working and doing what you do in the alternative media. I must tell you, one of the things I love doing is interviewing journalists like yourself, like Lisa. One of the first journalists I ever properly interviewed in this realm was in fact Bill Ryan three or four years ago. But for me I think that people like yourselves have such a broad perspective of so many different elements in the alternative media. Do you think there is a controlled opposition element who’s deliberately putting out fear? In this alternative media? Is everybody that we come across, who’s putting out stuff on YouTube, through alternative means to be trusted?  
Max: Look, I think there is definitely controlled opposition, absolutely, but a lotta new people have come out. You’ve got to understand people see this. They see that there is a problem and it’s overwhelming. If you’re someone who just woke up to this, I can understand just how absolutely overwhelming it is. The first thing would be amazement; that’s the first thing. You wake up to this and you’re amazed, but you didn’t see it there before because it’s so obvious. You get excited about it and you start trying to tell your friends. They won’t listen to you. They think you’re a nut; you’re a conspiracy theorist. Then you start looking at more and more stuff and you think ‘oh my god, this is huge.’  And nobody’s listening, nobody cares. But it’s so dangerous, look where we’re going, it’s so obvious. Then you move into the fear and then you go into this state of just hopelessness.
People aren’t waking up. This is so important. So, a lot of people just start posting stuff. They start opening up their own news sites. They start trying to wake people up to the fact that it’s all messed up. So, I mean there’s a lot of people that are led down that path and again I don’t think that they’re looking at the whole picture because it’s all opportunity. Now if it wasn’t this messed up, then you wouldn’t have the opportunity to fix it. That’s what we’ve got. We’ve got the opportunity to fix it, because never before in history has the workings of this mechanism been so bare, thanks to the internet. Never before has it been so bare.
We can all see what’s going on now. It’s so ridiculously obvious that we actually have the opportunity to fix it. But yeah there is controlled opposition and of course there. There has to be, because a lot of it is just screaming fear. Listen to the people that are talking and then see whether they’re actually offering you solutions. Now they might be coming across as a news service and they’re telling you all this stuff, but they’re not putting in little jokes, or anything sarcastic; it’s just fear fear fear. Fear fear fear problem problem problem…but they’re not giving you any solutions. Even, you’ll find alternative sites. They’ll write out something. They’ll cross words out and they’ll put new words there and stuff. It’s kinda funny the way they do it. This is what they say, but this is what they actually mean. They put that sort of sarcastic slant on it and it’s empowering. Makes you laugh a little bit at it. Makes you see how serious it is, but it shows you how you’re being manipulated. There’s people like that who do stuff like that and it’s great, but there’s people who just give you fear.
We’ve got so many problems. This is what they’re doing and then they leave you in fear. I’ve seen some great conspiracy movies. They give you the whole fantastic story and then tell you this diabolical plan that’s coming, but then at the end of the movie it just finishes. You go ‘now I know all this, what do I do? What can I do about it? You’re just left me in this state where I feel completely in fear and disempowered. What’ll I do from this point forward?” There’s a lot of films that do that. So you’ve gotta wonder, are these people controlled opposition, because that’s the way controlled opposition works.
If you’re gonna present a problem to people, you’ve got to at least offer suggestions of what the solution might be even if you don’t know it. We’ve only got our individual perspective and you might see a solution in your eyes. Hey, put it out there. See if someone else agrees with it, maybe we can do this. If we all think about it together, I’m sure we can come up with a solution. That’s what I try to do. I think personally the solution for it is for us to find ourselves, to realize that this whole system’s fiction. We made it all up; it only exists on paper. As soon as we find ourselves and start respecting ourselves, In Lak’ech, as I say on every radio show, and realize that that essence of you is the same as the essence of me. The only thing that makes you different from me is your perspective of reality. That’s what makes us all so unique. So we can be one. We can be one, because the essence of us is all the same. It all comes from the same place. But we can be completely unique because of unique perspective. Once we realize this and we start honoring each other, and realizing this whole system just exists on paper anyway, then we can change reality. That’s the way I look at it.
And hey, but that’s just my solution; that’s just the way I look at it. If I’m wrong, well hey, offer me your solution. Let’s work together on this. You’ve got people out there that won’t do that; they won’t offer any solution at all. They’ll say go and buy ammo and guns and barricade your house up and get ready for the war, get ready for civil war. We’ll take these people on; let’s take to the streets with guns. Gun marches in the street, occupy Wall Street. You don’t have to occupy Wall Street. We already occupy the entire plane, but we don’t occupy ourselves; that’s the problem. That’s my perspective on it as well.
Mel:  Indeed. You’ve mentioned something very interesting though. I can tell who’s interesting when I interview people. I can tell sort of how advanced or how aware their awareness is and yours definitely is quite…in terms of you understand that the darkness serves a purpose to evolve us.
Max: Oh absolutely. But of course. I mean every action institutes an equal and opposite reaction. Of course it does.
Mel: Mmm. Okay. So, you were talking about the system existing only on paper. You put out a lovely interview recently with the discussion panel from OPPT. I’m very interested to get your perspective. Obviously there’s a lot going around; there’s a lot of people trying to debunk this. You’re an intelligent man, and definitely very aware, what do you foresee and how do you see it?
Max: Look, the heart of the OPPT is the UCC filing that says that if you BE, then you are answerable only to the Creator…okay? Now, people may look at this and, now all the other parts of it. It’s interesting, all the filings that they went through to get to that filing and all this sorta stuff… interesting, interesting stuff. I’ve heard a lot of discussion about it. I’ve heard a lot of opinions of it, about it, but I haven’t heard anybody debunk that filing. The essence of this, really, that I see...look, I could be wrong…this is just my idea, but the essence of this is it’s all a corporate system. Every government is corporate system. I’ve seen on so many radio shows and I’ve done films about it where I said that one of the real problems that we face, is that the entire human experience has been reduced to commerce. So it’s all commerce. You go to a magistrate’s court, commercial court, get a parking ticket. It’s a commercial activity; everything is commerce. The interesting thing with this is that all commerce comes under the Uniform Commercial Code. If our governments are commerce and everything, every time a police officer comes and gives you a fine, it’s commerce. The government gives you a fine, because you slip outside one of their rules; it’s commerce. That’s the system that controls us.
Okay, so that is all run by the Uniform Commercial Code, which controls every single aspect of all commercial activity on this planet. If countries wanna interact with each other, they have to comply with the Uniform Commercial Code. It’s an American code, doesn’t matter. Everybody performs commerce…all under this code. So what I see the OPPT has done is they’ve made this filing under the UCC. So people say ‘they’ve used the UCC system blah blah blah they’re slamming into the UCC’. They’re not, what they’ve done is they’ve made this filing to say well ‘You BE. If you are alive, then you are no longer subservient to anything. Without a contract basically, because you’re answerable only to the Creator, whatever you perceive the Creator to be.
If you are going to come along and enforce your system upon me and give me a fine, give me anything like this…all this comes under UCC. So that’s fine, if you’re gonna come along and give me a fine, give me a parking ticket, whatever. Say you have jurisdiction over me, whatever. Happy to agree…all you have to do is debunk this filing. You have to rebut this filing that says under your UCC filling, that’s filed under UCC. You have to debunk this filing that says that I’m answerable only to the Creator, because if you’re going to come and use me for commerce and expect money from me, you are claiming that you’re a higher authority than my Creator or you’re claiming you created me. So you need to debunk this filing, because if you’re gonna use the UCC system against me, you can’t do that while this filing stands. So that’s what I see in it. That’s really the heart of it. To me it makes sense; that one particular aspect makes sense.
I’ve heard a lot of talks about the CVACS. I’ve heard a lot of talk about digital currency. I’ve heard a lot of talk about all sorts of aspects that are freaking people out. I’ve had trepidations. I’ve been looking at it and thinking well, this is almost too good to be true. But really, it comes down to that filing. In all the opinions that I’ve heard everybody offer, I have not yet heard anybody rebut the filings. So what I would say to people out there who are speaking out against it: Tami Peppererman, and Winston Shrout and a lot of people. Look, I love all these peoples’ work. I think we should all work together on this, because this could be something quite good. So with everything people are saying, what I’d like to see from all of these people, is someone actually rebut the UCC filings, because that’s ultimately what it’s all about. If this whole corporate system comes under UCC law, and this filing stands unrebutted in UCC law, then it stands as law.
And so that means that what Heather seems to have done is using their tools, she has freed us from their law should we choose to be free...should we choose to be free. Those who still want to remain in the slavery system, it’s there. You can do that; it’s all about contractual agreement. If you wanna continue to grant these people your jurisdiction, that’s fine, but it can’t hurt to ask the question. That if you’re going to exercise your right of ownership over me, or claim that you can do commerce with me, according to a system that exists under UCC law, then you sure as hell rebut this filing. Says I, me, because I BE, because I’m alive. I’m only answerable to the Creator. Because if you can’t rebut it, then you can’t use that UCC system against me to extract money from me. That’s kinda what I see in it, so yeah, correct me if I’m wrong.
Like I said, I’m not interested in the CVACS. I’m not interested in the $10 billion or whatever they’re saying. I don’t care. I just wanna walk into the forest and build a house. I wanna be free of the system. I want to have the tools to show that I’m free, because I’ve kind of used this stuff anyway. If I’ve been in a position where I’ve had to stand in the power of my flesh, I’ve done so because I never understood why anybody could claim to have a right of ownership over me. That’s all I really see in this filing. I see that someone’s done that for the world. There’s people saying that ‘she didn’t get permission to be a trustee from me, who gives her the right to this and who gives her the right’. Look, hey, if you’re gonna free yourself, if you’re gonna build an alternate society to free yourself, all your doing is running away and hiding and allowing the world to be destroyed around you. Eventually you’re gonna be eaten up later. I’ve often said that I don’t wanna rise from the pile, I wanna take the pile with me. I don’t wanna rise from the ranks, I wanna take the ranks with me. If there’s one person enslaved, then I’m enslaved. I don’t want to build an alternate society, I wanna fix this one.
So what’s the point of making the UCC filings or something like this, what Heather’s done, to free yourself if you don’t bring the rest of the world with you? If someone’s gonna complain about well, ’I didn’t say she had to be a trustee for me, and perhaps they’re gonna use this system to enslave me’…well how can they? Unless they can rebut the original filing that says you’re only answerable to the Creator, because if they’re gonna create anything...any law, any maxim, any guideline within the CVAC system or anything they’re gonna create...that’s gonna affect you in a way that you don’t want to be affected. Then they would have to rebut their original filing which is unrebuttable, because you are only answerable to the Creator. That’s my opinion on it. If you want to prove me wrong out there anybody, and you say that I’m falling into some trap, well hey, this is just the way I’ve been living my life for the last fifty five years and it’s worked for me. Now I just see it as a UCC filing. To me that heart of it, that original filing that says you’re only answerable to the Creator; that’s the important part. All the rest of it is irrelevant; it’s all for people who need the nanny state. Actually I don’t even think we’ll even need most of that, but none of it’s set in stone anyway I don’t think. It’s just ideas they’re putting forward, so be interesting to see where it all goes anyway.
Mel:  Absolutely. I’ll be honest with you. I’m still quite optimistic about the OPPT, because the thing about what they’ve done as you said, is that the basic core principal of it. On such a deep level when I heard it, I can’t ignore that spark that went off inside me. It was a recognition of something and that I’ve always gone with. If I get that feeling I know it’s something right, it’s something good.
I think for now it’s gonna take someone to actually go to court and use this and to have the court actually somehow try and rebut it for it to fail. For me, I think now what they’ve done is given us very practical tools that we could potentially use. It’s very, very smart of them. I think Heather’s very intelligent with what she’s done. I feel sorry for people who can’t see the beauty in what has happened. I think there was a lot if fear mongering that’s been done by certain members of the alternative media that have probably got a lot of people into this particular state. I see these people as uninformed; the same people going on about OPPT,  going on about the Satanists, the pedophiles, the Satanists, the pedophiles…constantly. Yeah?
Max: It’s programs. It’s all programs people are running. I mean to me that’s the core of it. I’m only answerable to the Creator. It says that in this filing and I’ve always known that, so how can this OPPT system create any slavery mechanism for me if that filing stands unrebutted? That’s the thing; that’s the heart of the matter.
So like I said, if you’re out there and you’re speaking out against us. What I’ve seen as well as a lot of people falling back into law, I heard Tami Pepperman talking to someone the other day. She fell back into ‘yeah, but how would this stand with the Hague?’ What? The Hague’s fiction. The Hague comes way way way below you and the Creator.  So where’s the Hague fit in between you and God? What’s going on here? See this is what I mean, people are falling back into legal fiction. Okay, fine…happy to go to the Hague…all you have to do is show me that the Hague has higher jurisdiction than what I perceive my Creator to be. Because the Hague comes under UCC law simply because it will fine people. It will take their life; it will use this system. It’s a commercial activity, so it all comes under UCC law. If it happens on the globe today and there’s any financial exchange or any dollar value put on anything, then it comes under UCC law. So how does the Hague have any relevance at all? To any of this? So this is what I’m seeing with it.
I think it has a possibility to be really big and to actually free us if people get involved in it. Now I’ve heard people say ‘oh this is a dragnet, anybody who files these forms, it’s a dragnet’. Well you don’t have to file any forms. All you’re doing is handing in Courtesy Notices and saying hey, this filing stands unrebutted. If you are going to conduct business with me or you wanna issue a fine to me, you need to rebut this UCC filing. Because according to this, I’m not answerable to your system. Your system comes under UCC, does it not? So therefore, this filing stands unrebutted, under the UCC system you’re intending to use against me. So you please need to rebut this filing, because I think I’m seeing that the playing field has changed. Happy to pay the fine, just rebut this filing for me; give me a signed affidavit, declaration signed, proving that this is,  happy to pay your fine.
How can you go wrong from doing that? If they can’t rebut the filing, then hey, guess what? You’re free. As long as you don’t hurt anybody else. You don’t cause any damage to anybody else or anything; it’s all good.  Where’s the problem with this? That’s what I’m seeing. I mean when freedom comes, I’ve always thought the shift that we’re gonna go through has gotta be something that we participate in.
Mel: Mmm.
Max: I think this gives us the means to participate in it, if we choose to do so. If a lot of people don’t get involved and we don’t bring this out into the mainstream and start having  public meetings about it, well it could well be used as a dragnet. Because the media will just spin it any way they want. People will get swept up and taken away and put in FEMA camps. It could absolutely do that, so there’s a dangerous side to it as well. But ultimately, I can’t see how anyone can rebut what this filing says and that one filing, as I said, is the heart of the matter. So that’s what I’d like to see from all of the detractors. I’d like to see them rebut the actual filing, because in all the rhetoric, in all the opinions, I have not seen anybody rebut the filing.
Mel: It’s interesting you mention the Tami Pepperman interview, because I did think it added quite good contrast for people who get it and people who don’t. She’s clearly someone who feels she needs someone’s permission to be free.
Max: Well look, she’s a very informed lady and she knows about who filed what. She knows how the legal system works. She’s a very informed lady and ten points to her, but when we understand it’s all a commercial system. I’m not a lawyer; I don’t know if she is either. I’m just looking at it logically and I know I’m free. I know I’m answerable to my Creator. I’ve been telling people this on films and radio for the last five or six years and that’s the way I live my life. I’m fifty five. I’ve never voted. I’ve never paid taxes. I’ve never really been involved in the system at all. I’m still free, so I must be doing something right. I know I’m only answerable to the Creator, so I don’t see why the Hague or anything has anything to do with it.
God love Tami Peppermann, she’s done some great stuff, but I think there’s a higher harmonic. What I’d like to see is Tami Pepperman and Winston Shrout and Frank O’ Collins, and all these people get together and actually see if they can rebut the filings. But all I wanna see from someone, okay, either rebut the filings or show me proof of claim that the unrebutted UCC filing does not become law under UCC. That all these countries and all corporatations and all business on the planet does not come under UCC law. That’s the thing; it all comes under UCC law. If you’re saying it doesn’t, well show me proof of claim. You don’t have to rebut Heather’s filings then, because there’s two ways you can rebut it. You can rebut Heather’s filings that you’re not answerable to the Creator or you can show me proof of claim that all commerce on this planet does not come under UCC law.
So there’s that, there’s the fact that an unrebutted filing stands as law, because that’s what’s claimed as well. It’s hard for us to know this because we’re not lawyers; we don’t know UCC law. But if a claim is made in any legal system, in any type of law, if a claim is made and it stands unrebutted then it must become law, mustn’t it? Really? Now if I say to you that you’re white. No, no, I’m a black woman. You come forward and you’re black, well there you go. I’ve just seen proof of claim; the claim is now rebutted. You know what I’m saying? But if you hide in the shadows and just scream out ‘no no I’m black, I’m black’ from the shadows, how do I know that you’re black? You know what I’m saying just as an example? So it’s that simple? You’ve got to show proof of claim. If they’re claiming that this doesn’t work, well, rebut the filing. That’s what I’m seeing. I’d like to see everybody get together, because I’m seeing a lot of people where they’ve got some vested interest. I can understand this because they’ve done a lot of work. I’ve spent twenty years working out this system or twenty years that. Frank O’Collins has done some fantastic work.
Mel: Yes
Max: He’s got his own canons. He’s got a whole new system worked out, the Ucadia system. But because of that he’s also got a vested interest in the Ucadia system. What if this filing frees us from all that? What if this filing gives us a chance to implement the Arcadian system? Why can’t he be working with the people who are working on the CVACs? Why can’t we all work together on this to see? Okay, if this filing can’t be rebutted, and this whole system comes under UCC, well let’s all work together and work out the best system that’s gonna free humanity. Because now we have the tools to do it. There’s a lot of people I think that want to be the one who saved the world. They wanna be the one. They want it their way. They want it tto be his system. They’re not prepared to look outside of the box that they’ve created for themselves. As knowledgeable as they are, and all due respect to all of these people, let’s bring it all together, because this could possibly work. Because what I’m seeing from that original filing, how can you rebut that? How can you rebut it? It’s unrebuttable. So it’s getting done by a UCC lawyer. There’s people saying ‘oh she’s an attorney, she’s got an oath to the BAR’. No, she cancelled her BAR association. ‘Oh, she cancelled it’. ‘She had an oath and she’s gotta swear another oath’. Why? They’re just words; it’s a spell.
Mel: Yeah.
Max: Can’t she just BE who she wants to BE? And BE who she is? Why does it have to be related to a spell, another oath? What is an oath? What does this mean? You have what? If you break your oath, you have to swear another oath to say that you broke your oath?  What’s this all about?
Mel: Yeah.
Max: It’s a spell, a Vatican spell; it’s a Roman spell. Forget it, it’s word magic. All you have to do is BE in your heart, so why can’t we all come together on this? That’s what I’d like to see. I wanna see everybody really look at it and put aside their agenda, put aside everything they’ve done, all the work that they’ve done. See if we cannot at this time, this crucial time in history, bring about a real positive change. Bring it all together. Merge it all together; bring it all together. Put down the division. Nobody, there is no one person who’s right. But everything they’re doing with the CVACs, who knows whether that’s all right? Let’s bring it all together and see what we can come up with. I think that this is an opportunity. All this division, I mean if worst comes to worst, if this all turns out to be rubbish, the amount of public attention it’s creating to the fact that we’re all enslaved to a corporate UCC system…it’s fantastic.
Mel: Yes.
Max: So the worst that’s gonna come of this is a huge amount of public awareness that the whole system is incredibly corrupt. So it can’t hurt. Talking about this, it can’t hurt bringing this to as much public attention as possible. Bring it all together; that’s what I wanna see.
Mel: Absolutely. Oh you know what Max? I couldn’t have said it better myself, honestly. I really would like to see everybody working together on this, because I do think at the end of the day, really when it comes to down to it, ultimately the tribute to humanity is we all want the same thing. Really.
Max: We do. Everyone’s scared about the New World Order: ‘Oh this is gonna be the New World Order. This is gonna be the New World Order’. Every approach everybody takes, if it’s about unity and freedom and equality for everybody, ‘Oh no, this is communist, this is the New World Order’. Well look, we don’t want the New World Order that the government is bringing us, that the powers-that-be want to usher. We certainly don’t want the Old World Order. People seem to perceive any change to the old paradigm as the New World Order. Look what the old paradigm’s done, it’s brought us to this state of disrepair that we’re currently in…what? People actually want this state to stay the same? Of course they don’t, we want change. We all want change. Alex Jones wants change, everybody wants change.
It doesn’t matter where you are in this whole thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re even screaming out fear. You still want change. Everybody wants change. But they’re not prepared to change from this old corrupt system which has brought us to this point. We do need a new world order, but it needs a new world order that is controlled by the People and brought about by the People. We don’t even need order. We need a new world whatever, but we need a new world. We certainly don’t need to maintain what we’ve got. But we need to control where this new world is going to go. So I think now is the time when we can bring it all together, but don’t reject throwing aside this old paradigm because this old paradigm is completely dysfunctional. It’s enslaved everybody. It’s created all this pollution, all this degradation. It’s turned Earth into the state that it’s in today and it’s not acceptable. So we need to cast aside that paradigm and we need to create a new one. That old paradigm was a corporate paradigm. This has now brought it to the attention of the People; that is the worst thing it’s done. It’s brought it to the attention of the People. Even if it’s all wrong, it won’t work. Well, it’s still brought it to the attention of the People. But seeing as how it is a corporate system and it does function under UCC, I don’t know how it can be a bad thing?
Mel: Yeah. For sure. Well, I look forward to that my friend. Realistically though, where do you see things going forward?
Max: Where do I see things going forward? Well it comes down to us. It comes down to whether we want to embrace something new and change the paradigm or whether we’re just gonna continue along the way we are. If we’re gonna continue along the way we are, we’re gonna fight every change and every turn ,then we’re heading down a very, very bad path. The path to transhumanism, the path of Agenda 21, the dispossession of the First World, the transfer of wealth to the Third World, the disconnection of some of the last People that are still connected to Reality; some of the last People that are still connected to the Earth. Over the next hundred fifty to a hundred years, we’ll see humankind merge with machines and completely get disconnected from the planet if we don’t pay attention. But we have a opportunity to change it right now, but everyone’s resisting the change. Everyone wants to stay in the old paradigm. So the choice is ours. It could go either way.
All these things, I put Agenda 21…the way they do it Mel is…they transfer wealth all around the planet. Like they build up society, like they build up the First World and by building it up and getting us concentrating on all of this superficial rubbish they’ve been giving...television and fashion. It’s what you look like and it’s what you’re wearing, your social status and all the rubbish they feed you through television. We’ve been brutalized; human consciousness has been absolutely brutalized in the First World. The First World has now got a really really superficial understanding of reality, and a really superficial understanding of themselves.
Even the relationships that people have, they’ve really really messed up relations in the First World. It’s usually about lust now. Very, very seldom do you see natural relationships developing with kids these days. So, they build up this First World and it’s completely disconnected. Living in this completely plastic matrix that’s reality where all your relationships are messed up. They’re all superficial or what you believe is valuable is all superficial. Creating this First World society, they impoverish the Third World at the same time, because they introduce a monetary system to them and they get them enslaved to this monetary system they use to milk all the resources to create the First World. Then you give the people in the Third World all mobile phones and televisions and stuff and they see the First World from the perspective of the television and they want it. So they start getting disconnected from their reality as well, disconnected from nature, start thinking about superficial relationships.
So what you do then is you crash the First World. You take all the wealth out of it, turn it into the Fourth World and you transfer it all to the Third World and build them up into the First World. So over a period of two or three generations, they get completely disconnected from reality as well. They become like what the First World just wants. Meanwhile, in the First World, you’ve turned it into the Fourth World, but these people are so dependent on money they think it’s real. They think the system’s real; they’ll go work in the mines. They’ll go do anything you want them to do, because they’re so dependent on money that they’ll do anything to collect the paper they believe they need to feed their children.
So you’ve completely disconnected them from nature. You’ve turned them into this. You can just transfer them/ transform them into whatever you want. You can turn them into a complete slave race. You notice there’s only chemtrails in the First World? There’s no chemtrails in the Third World, no chemtrails in China. It’s all through Europe, all through America, England, Australia. Anywhere that’s First World is all being sprayed with chemtrails as they’re crashing the economies of these places and transferring all the wealth to the Third World. They do that right across the board and eventually they disconnect everybody from nature, so we lose that connection to the planet. We lose our connection ourselves and we just become this huge worker race. That’s the way it’s done. I might’ve gone a bit off topic with all that, I dunno.
Mel: No, that’s amazing analysis actually and very succinct. Well, I’m quite hopeful for humanity, simply because I see people coming forward with stuff like. Having spoken with Heather and having really poked a bit around it, I guess, the spiritual matter, if you want to put a finer point on it. I really do feel that she’s got humanity’s best intentions at heart. Whatever the OPPT is all about, I think if anything it’s symbolic of what we can do if we just use our common-sense. Because it is a thing, as you say, from one point where we stand, where you stand. I can’t seem to, in any logical point of view, argue against that one point about, ultimately we are answerable only to the Creator. It’s just so deeply ingrained to me that I just don’t see how it’s arguable.
Max:  Yeah that’s it. It’s an unrebuttable claim and it’s a claim that’s filed under UCC and the entire system comes under UCC. So that one claim, because it’s filed within the system that’s used to enslave us, it means that that system can’t enslave us any more unless you can rebut that claim, if we choose to question it on this filing.
Mel: Yeah.
Max: Because hey, if you’re gonna use that system against people, well like I said, you sure as hell better be able to rebut this claim ‘cause that’s what it says.
Mel: I’m inspired by these people. I really am. I’m inspired by the people like Heather and people like yourself who can see it for what it is and who are taking some form of action whatever it is even if it’s just on paper. Yeah?
Max: Well yeah, and like I said, the worst it can do really is wake everybody up to this is the way it works. I can’t see anybody, with all the opinions they’ve offered, I can’t see anybody rebut that claim, and that is the basis of the whole system, so how can the system that has that as its core do anything to enslave me that I don’t  agree to? It can’t.
Mel: I think it’s the kind of people like that who are doing things. I’m so optimistic for the outlook of humanity. I really do think we’ve passed a precipice into a different time, where things can be made better. We’ve been given the tools and I’m excited; I feel like there’s a new spark. For a long time, I’ve fought this. It really did feel like a bit of a battle in the alternative media trying to get to people and constantly taking knocks from people who just totally didn’t agree. The sacrifices of trying to wake family up who didn’t wanna know, but I got to a certain point that really did come when I heard about: yes, we’ve finally been given tools by people that understand. There are people out there doing things and for that reason I’m very optimistic. I think right now, the responsibility of people like you and me and Lisa Harrison, is to try and bring these people together to work a solution as opposed to picking each other apart.
Max: Yeah. Well, we’ve got an opportunity now that’s brought it to the forum. Everybody’s talking about this, but it’s all arguments for and against. Well, let’s get everybody together at the same table and say look, we all want to change things, how do we go about it?  Because we can’t expect this system to do it, how do we empower the People? If we’re gonna show the People out there…your average Joe Friday who works in the suburbs and watches the football and eats meat pies for dinner…if we can’t convince this person that he’s free and show him on paper that he’s free, he’s never gonna feel free. He’s never going to stand up to make any positive change. If people don’t do this, it’s down. We’re heading for a very very bad place. It’ll mean the end of all freedom on this planet if we don’t reign this system in.
We’ve gotta find a mechanism to do it. This gives us the opportunity to, even if everybody disagrees on it the way they are, it’s still an opportunity because now all these people are talking. They might be arguing, but they’re still talking. They’re all communicating with each other. It’s brought a lot of people onto the table together. It’s brought a lot of people onto the same playing field, so now it’s time to put them all together and to hammer it out and see what we can come up with. So we got something, imagine something that we all agree on. Where no-one has an agenda, it isn’t about your way being the right way. It’s about something that works for everybody. Freedom and self-responsibility where no-one gets harmed; where everybody is one hundred percent accountable for their actions and accountable for themselves. That’s what we need and this gives us the opportunity to bring that about. If people can put down their egos and stop thinking that their way’s the right way, we’ve all got a piece of the puzzle. Everybody’s got a piece of the puzzle, so let’s bring it all together. Instead of pointing the finger and calling the other guy the enemy, let’s all get together and start working out what actually works and what actually doesn’t, because we have a real opportunity here.
Mel:  Beautifully put…thanks Max. I think we’re gonna finish this off. I’ve only got one last thing I wanted to ask you and that is do you have any one last final message for humanity?
Max: Oh look, I think everything that I just said.
Mel: I know…(laughter)…you’ve covered it pretty well.
Max:  Wake up to yourselves. It’s all I can share. A lot of these problems are opportunities. We’ve got to do something now. What we’ve got to do more than anything is find ourselves. So don’t let all the rhetoric get in the way. Don’t fall prey to the word magic. Don’t fall under the spells; all of this stuff. Don’t fall under your own spell. We often do that. We get to a point where our way is the only way and we find fault with everybody else. We’re not prepared to think outside of our own box we create for ourselves. We’ve gotta put all of this aside.
We all knew this was gonna be a time of shift. It’s just that everybody thought the shift was gonna be what they thought it was going to look like. I tell ya, this whole OPPT thing, it’s nothing like I thought it was gonna look like. All the arguments I’ve seen against it have all been falling back into the law. They’ve all been falling back into word magic. They’ve all been falling back into programs; usually Roman programs, Vatican programs, Satan versus God programs, all this sorta stuff. All programs, these are all programs, all designed to divide people. Now we’ve got an opportunity here where everything is finally on the table and this could be a mechanism that you could use to wake up Joe Public. He could wake up to the fact that this makes sense and if you can fault it, please make a rebuttal. Don’t offer an opinion, just make a rebuttal. I think half the people that we’re hearing on this, they’re not actually going and reading the filing. Go read the filing and then if you can find a way of rebutting these filings, then rebut them. If you can’t, then show us proof of claim that all commerce on this planet does not come under UCC, and that an unrebutted UCC filing stands as the law within the UCC system. Show me those two things and if you can’t, then let’s all get together and work together on this, and find a way to create a New Paradigm…because we can’t go on with the old one, it doesn’t work.
We can’t let the ship of state just continue to sail along in the direction that it has been for so many years, while we sit here and argue amongst each other over different aspects of how we think of how the new paradigm should look. We have to realize that it’s not gonna look like any of us thought it would look like. It’s gonna be a creation, a manifestation of seven billion different souls, seven billion different minds and different perspectives of Reality. So we gotta stop arguing amongst ourselves and we gotta bring this all together and realize our way is not the only way. We all have a piece of the puzzle and it can work if we suddenly realize that we are all in this together and start living our lives In Lak’ech. That’s my message to the world.
Mel: Beautiful. Thank you Max. It’s really been an honor and a privilege and a long overdue wait to get the interview with you, but I think all the timing was really good. It will be a well suited interview for what’s going on at the moment. I look forward to speaking to you again.
Max: Well, it’s been a pleasure to come on Mel. Thank you for asking me on and I’m sure we’ll catch up again in the future.
Mel: Love to. Alright Max. Thanks a lot, take care, have a good evening.
Max: Okay.

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