Friday 1 March 2013

Today, I Did NOT Follow What (some might say) “all those OPPT Folks Would Say I Should Do”… and Observations

KP... I LOVE  YOU so ooooooooo ooooo ooooooooo much!!!!!!

Today, I Did NOT Follow What (some might say) “all those OPPT Folks Would Say I Should Do”… and Observations

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Kp with title
Let me make one point here, when I say, “what… the OPPT Folks Would Say to Do”. As most know, “OPPT” stands for “One People’s Public Trust”. Okay, first… I am One (with “the One”, “the Creator”, with “all Humanity”, and so on and on). Second, I am a “People” (I have a human 3D body (probably a blend of Pleiadean, Sirian, Andromedan, Mohawk, Irish, who knows what else-ish)). Third, I am “Public”. I am “out there”, so to speak, in the “Public”. Fourth, I do “Trust”… in my Higher Self, Higher Guidance.
So, in that “all of the above things” sense, I can say to all, “I am OPPT.”
Now, I tell this story. Last night I was going through some “what should I do about this situation” stuff. Here’s the “situation” deal. This month was my last payment on my auto loan (from my credit union, for my 2005 Honda CRV… which I love). Read that… myLAST payment. And, today was also the last day to renew the registration on said auto.
So I’m going through all this “OPPT stuff”, last night, kind of in my head, thinking, “Well, I’m posting all this “OPPT stuff” on the blog, so does that mean I automatically (better word, “mechanically”) go to my credit union and start saying, “I’m not paying this last payment because you didn’t loan me anything and so just give me the title because it’s mine and you’re the corporation and I’m free and sovereign so forget all of you and give me my car!!!”? And to the State of Hawaii, would I say, “Can you prove to me that you represent the interests of the people of Hawaii because I know you don’t and if you don’t believe me watch “What the FUQ” and Google “One People’s Public Trust” and you’ll see how messed up the system is and NO I will NOT pay your registration fee… this car is MINE!!!”?
[And I can tell you that those words are nothing like what the OPPT Folks would recommend saying. That is absolutely NOT the OPPT approach.]
But… today I got up, and asked for Guidance. I wanted to know what I was to do. I was going to Java on the Rock, and I knew that, when I got there, I would know exactly what to do… or not do.
Shortly after I got there, I saw T&G. As I talked with them, and spoke of the joy I was feeling about finally “paying off” the loan on my CRV, I knew what was mine to do. This was Guidance… capital “G”.
I knew it was “mine” to do this… Go to the credit union, make the final payment, get the title, take it to the Motor Vehicle Registration location, transfer the title to my name, and register the car.
Motor vehicle registration line (nice view)
So first I did the credit union part. Paid the last payment, got the title, then went off to the motor vehicle place here in Kona.
When I got there, I got in the line to register. I went in and did that. Then I found I needed to get in line again, because I forgot to mention to them about that “title” thing. So I went through the line, and into the office, a second time.
Funny thing was, on that second time through, I knew I was there for one reason… to bring Light into this entire State of Hawaii Motor Vehicle Registration system. The second time through, I saw (brought in) this huge ball of Light almost “exploding” in that office. I do not know what it did, exactly, but I do know that the State of Hawaii Motor Vehicle Registration division will never be the same again. There is quite a bit of transformation occurring there, right now. And I was glad to have paid my “Light bomb exploding fee” of $151.00 to do it.
And I saw that $151.00 going out as High Light energy, into every single corner of the State of Hawaii system, even beyond the Motor Vehicle Registration division.
That was my Guidance… That’s why I was there. I was not there to “buck” the system. I was there to bring the Light to it. And to “explode the Light” inside of it. I had to be inside “the system” to do it. I had to.
That does not mean I do not align with what the OPPT is bringing to humanity. Not at all. Idid file that Courtesy Notice, remember?
But what I did today was something quite different from that. For me.
I do not mechanically follow and fall in line with what people are saying, or doing, whether it’s Light work, or the OPPT work, or whatever. I do not say or think or feel, “I’ve got to do that, because all of them are doing it.” No.
I DO what is MINE to DO. I follow MY OWN Inner Guidance. MY OWN Higher Guidance.
And today… that’s what I did.
Now, here are some observations from today.
Saw 1:11 (AM)
Saw 111.0 (mileage)
Saw 111.1 (mileage)
Saw 1:11 (PM)
Saw license plate with NWF = New World (Order) Finished
Same license plate had 516 = 5+6 = 11 = 111
And here was my celebration lunch… at Huggos on the Rocks (same location as Java on the Rock) (and that’s an ahi salad there; thanks to someone’s donation!).

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