Thursday 7 March 2013

Expand our consciousness to fill with light: Believing & Knowing

I received both of these writings last night during The Collective Imagination Radio show.  They were both so synchronistic with the energy of the show last night that I immediately knew they needed to be shared.

This first one is from my friend Luke in the UK.  I soooo love this line: "we leave the dream and enter the real where love abounds and no one is ill, we've won it's over just take the red pill."


At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet Plato said, but he's dead so I'm here to give you words instead cos a zombified dream world is what you have been fed

if you look outside a real world you'll see you've been denied they lied to take control of your soul but you're eternal which they don't want you to know

so follow me through a sea of stars  on journey to find your eternal hearts

you are a God of limitless creation our days of slavery on this plantation are a mere blip in our universal nation

so rise with all your might cos tonight we end the plight we save ourselves and win this fight expand our consciousness to fill with light

wake up brothers n sisters tonights the night

we leave the dream and enter the real where love abounds and no one is ill, we've won it's over just take the red pill.


This one was written my my buddy Oliver in Sweden- who is soooooo busy DO'ing!!!!!

"Believing" and "Knowing" are vastly different things.  For myself, when I read the very first OPPT filings that were released, I "KNEW".  When I spoke to Heather for the first time on Skype, I KNEW.  It wasn't a matter of believing it to be true, because my heart had an instantaneous KNOWing that it completely resonated with me. I have received so many messages from RTS readers over the past two months saying that while they didn't completely understand the wordage of the documents, they cried tears of relief and joy when they read them because in their hearts they KNEW, and that was all they needed to understand.

Believing comes from the brain.  Knowing comes from the heart.

When you kiss your newborn infants tiny face, you KNOW absolute love
When your heart expands and lights up the room around you, you KNOW
When your chest drums so loudly that it drowns out all doubt, you KNOW
When you hear a voice speaking and the words echo to the depths of your soul, you KNOW

Yes, there is a vast difference between just Believing something and actually KNOWING it.

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