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OPPT-IN Radio show March 25th- Transcript

Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN
Monday, March 25, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, March 26, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa: Morning, afternoon and evening everyone. Sorry, I actually started speaking before I unmuted myself. Not a first. Today should be a good show. We do have a lot to talk about. Before we get started, a bit of housekeeping. If you want to be a part of the chat room, please go to and click on the chat link to be a part of the chat room, currently only 100 people in there at the moment. It usually builds up to 300-400, if not more. So if you want to take part in the conversation, go over there.
Well, what else have we updates. We are once again looking for some volunteers. The incredibly creative team that is working on putting together a new version of this website, the OPPT-IN website, are in need of some extra people. So if you could go to the OPPT-IN Facebook page or the website and have a look at Volunteers forums, there is a post on the Facebook page as well in regards to this. What they're looking for, what skills are needed, I do believe it's all around web design and Wordpress. So if you have those skills, please go and have a look. That would be lovely and Holly would be very, very appreciative. That's it, I think. So Chris, you're obviously there. (laughs)

Chris: I'm here. I'm just (laughs) clearing my throat getting ready for a bit of a chat. Good morning to everybody, everywhere, every time. In for another really interesting conversation today. Looking forward to it.

Lisa: Guys, as usual, we're here and we're winging it. We don't know what's going to happen during these shows. We never do, but we always have fun. So enjoy. We've got Brian.

Brian: Hello, hello. Good afternoon.

Lisa: You've got the giggles?

Brian: (giggles) Don't get me started Lisa. (giggles) it's too early. Happy to be here and yeah, looking forward to it. This is like...I'm not that far from Hollywood and some of the best stand-up shows are all improv, because people are flying by the seat of their pants. This is exciting times. There's a lot going on. There's a lot to discuss. I'm just happy to be here and happy to be experiencing it with you all.

Lisa: Thank you and we're glad to have you. And we've got Bob there over in Pennsylvania. How you doing Bob?

Bob: I'm doing great Lisa. How's everyone? Welcome to the show. Glad to be here. I'm experiencing the shift of the ages, as gracefully as possible.

Lisa: I'm muting, because there's a train going past.

(Brian giggling)

Chris: They don't usually have trains going past on improv shows.

(general laughter)

Lisa: With me, you never know what you're going to get. We will have D joining us at some point, after she's put the kids to bed I believe. We're still trying to get Heather on; she's been somewhat unavailable over the last 24 hours. Her connection's been a bit sketchy. But I do have an update; a personal one on Courtesy Notices. Where do I start? I received a parking fine. Actually it wasn't even me, I wasn't even driving at the time, but anyway, issued by the local council for metered parking in the street without a parking ticket. So I received a fine from them. It escalated to...I don't know how things work in your part of the world, wherever you are, but there's supposedly a State government department called the Debt Recovery Office, who enforce and receive all payments for local councils and parking and all fines and all that sort of stuff. It got to a point where they then issued what they called an Examination Notice. They wanted to examine my financial situation. Because I hadn't paid the fine, they assumed I can't pay the fine; it's over a $90 fine.
So I sent a Courtesy Notice to the mayor of the local council, the minister who has these state Debt Recovery Offices as part of his portfolio and the CEO of the State Debt Recovery Office. I tied them all in together and I put a very short cover letter on it saying my instance I used in terms of a hierarchy, I used the mayor of the local council as the top of the chain, because that's where this originated from and told him essentially that any further action to pursue this by the State Debt Recovery Office would be considered acceptance of my terms and conditions on his behalf, as well as on whoever was sending me any more notices. They received these Courtesy Notices on the 19th and I had my (inaudible) confirmation. Yesterday, I received a letter in the mail. Oh sorry, one more step. it had escalated from the State Debt Recovery Office pursuing the debt and wanting to do this Examination Notice, to also then informing what we call the RTA, who issues our drivers licenses, to cancel my license. So my license had also been cancelled. Now, yesterday's letter was from the RTA, telling me that they've been notified by the State Debt Recovery Office to reinstate my license.
So I'm taking that as a success, because I thought was actually another that I thought I was going to have to take. One telling them to go away and stop hassling me and pursuing me for the money. And the second step I thought would be then to address the cancellation of my license. They'd gone and done that of their own accord.

Bob: The important thing is they didn't ask you for any more money, did they?

Lisa: No. I haven't heard from State Debt Recovery. I haven't heard from council. What I've heard from is the person at the end of the chain of all of that, who I haven't even dealt with, which is the RTA. Who cancelled my license because they were instructed to by the State Debt Recovery Office and who have now reinstated my license because they were instructed to by the State Debt Recovery Office. So, that's a win guys.

Bob: That's awesome.

Brian: BIG time. Yeah. Did anybody see that, I think we posted on the blog the other day, was the gentleman...this guy went crazy. He sent in like seven Courtesy Notices all over the map and then the local news reported on it. There's a picture of him standing in front of a van and it tells his story. Anybody see that article?

Lisa: No!

Bob: No, I didn't see that at all.

Brian: Let me see if I can find it and I'll share it in the chat, so everybody can read it. My only experience with the Courtesy Notice so far is for my auto note through Chase. January was my last payment. Around February 3rd or 4th, I started getting phone calls and they were coming in probably every other day. I've talked about this on this show before, but just an update. I have still yet to hear from them trying to collect or any type of notice of any type of any repossession or anything like that. Not one phone call; not a single one since I sent my Courtesy Notice in. So I think that if anybody, when we open up the calls to callers, if anybody has a Courtesy Notice story they want to share, by all means share it. I know that there's a lot out there, because I've seen them floating around. I know that there's a lot of these Courtesy Notices out there, not only in English here in America, but in many other countries as well.

Lisa: Yeah, I'd love to hear some stories, because it's all sort of scattered, bits and pieces here and there. Like you say, someone will put something up on Facebook. Somebody will put something in a blog somewhere and it's impossible to keep track. Bob, what about you? Have you had any Courtesy Notice experience yet?

Bob: Nope, none. I haven't heard anything from anybody, other than my utility company which I mentioned last week where I got a forgiveness notice because I didn't pay my bill.

Lisa: You didn't pay the whole bill? Or there was just a balance?

Bob: I didn't pay the whole bill.

Lisa: Oh, they forgave the whole bill.

Bob: They forgave the whole bill.

Lisa: And you'd sent them a Courtesy Notice?

Bob: (affirmative response)

Brian: What did they respond?

Bob: The response was "In our Customer Appreciation Program, you have been forgiven" whatever X amount of dollars.

Lisa: What did you say in your Courtesy Notice? Which one did you use?

Bob: Just the general one.

Lisa: The piece of paper one?

Bob: Yeah.

Lisa: So you referenced your bill?

Bob: (affirmative response)

Lisa: I didn't get that from what you said last week. I thought they just forgave a balance, a small balance that was left over.

Bob: Nope, I didn't pay the whole bill last month.

Lisa: That's very cool! Okay.

Brian: Three for three. (laughs)

Lisa: Three for three, that's right. Nice going.

(general laughter)

Lisa: And three completely different situations too.

Brian: (affirmative response)

Chris: Yeah, just been having a slight exchange on the side here with Captain Deryl actually. He's been through a court case of late. He's ex-military and I believe...I need to get this right. I think the other counsel asked the court for an endorsement that he not be allowed to arrest them. (laughs) Which I think is really interesting.

Lisa: That Deryl not be allowed to arrest them?

Chris: Yeah, well Deryl's ex-military and Deryl has a right to act on behalf of the People's Trust under the original filings. So, the court is a bit nervous about that. In fact, the judge would not allow him on the elevator with her. Hmm. Says he had a very silly morning. Hope to get him to expand on that at some point, but they were very nervous about Deryl and what he did in court. He managed to get a number of the filings actually on the court record. I think the judge was forced to deliberately ignore them, because if they pay any attention to them at all, they know the outcome in the end, if they do it properly, is not good for them. So the best thing is to push them all to one side.
But it's a complicated story, because it's the end of a long process for Deryl. Wouldn't mind getting Deryl on at some point, so we can actually go over his story in some detail. It's very interesting. He certainly made both the opposing counsel and the judge extremely nervous, as far as his ability to actually enforce is concerned. That's an aspect that is becoming more prescient...enforcement. One of the indications we're getting is there's a lot of people in the military who are watching what's going on extremely closely...extremely closely. We'll pass as much information through as we can as things develop.

Brian: I think Benjamin Fulford's release...I didn't read his most recent article that came out today...he mentioned something along the lines of military activity that's going on behind the scenes right now. Haven't read the article. See if I can share that.

Lisa: I just shared the lovely citizen's story in the chat room too, so if you saw that link, it will take you to the story that Brian was just talking about. "The Revolution Has Begun: Local resident says police enforcement illegal and all debt is cancelled." (laughs) I haven't read it yet, but it looks good. Okay, now we did have a very important document get released, which people in the chat room look like they're aware of. If you haven't seen it, you can go to either my website, Removing the Shackles or American Kabuki. I do believe it's already on the site as well. It's called the " NOTICE TO ALL EMBODIMENTS OF ETERNAL ESSENCE IN ETERNAL ESSENCE'S UNIVERSE". Okay, I'm going to ask each of you, what was your response to reading this document? Brian, you can go first.

Brian: (laughs) Something told me you were going to pick on me.

Lisa: (laughs) It's not picking on you darlin'.

Brian: (laughs) Gosh, the first time I read this, I was out and about yesterday. I was kind of, it was a Sunday and Sunday is time to be out with my girlfriend Brittany and I get it. (laughs) I get harassed pretty frequently for being on my phone on Skype and email all the time, so I was like sneaking away to read the document while at the beach actually. I powered through it and I didn't really have a chance to soak it in until today. I printed it out. I went on a hike and I read it out loud. I reread the parts that didn't completely sink in the first time that I read it. Man, there's a lot going on here. There's a lot going on here.
One of the biggest, I think, disclosures for me personally that was made was on the second page when it refers, at the end and gosh there’s a lot we could probably cover paragraph by paragraph of the thing, but one of the biggest misconceptions that has been out there since the phrase Absolute Data was first made on one of these radio shows by I’m sure it was Heather, was that this data, this all encompassing data, is gonna come from some government or it’s gonna come from some group, be it OPPT, be it any group where it’s gonna come from some individual. We learned through this that that’s not the case. A lot of people I think already realized that.
Kinda like everybody, there’s been in the alternative media and new age crowds talking of disclosure regarding the existence of our brothers and sisters from the stars. Everybody was looking for that to come from some government, because if it came from some website it’s not big enough to reach the masses through mainstream media channels. This is kind of similar in the sense that where can you possibly trust receiving Absolute Data from? No-one trusts the government, to believe them coming out with some major disclosures. No-one trusts that it’s gonna be fully transparent and that it’s gonna be based on truth and not lies. Even the people that are quote unquote still sleeping don’t believe a lot of what the government might have to say.
They’ve betrayed our trust and it’s kinda one of those things where people are very skeptical when they receive information by nature because they don’t know what to believe.
So Absolute Data, we’ve talked about Absolute Data. We’ve talked about the main event for weeks now. What we realize here on the second document is Absolute Data and the main Event are one and the same. And Absolute Data, we’ve had conversations with Heather off-line, off radio shows, I mean if you really think about the depth to what Absolute Data is, we’re talking about the answers to all, to everything, all of existence. People knowing that so that’s an energetic event that comes from within. And we talk about the document from December 10 talking about the end of duality. Well, duality was a creation. It was an experiment and the experiment is coming to a close. It was part of our destiny for humanity to know everything and that’s what Absolute Data is. It’s knowing everything.
So for me it’s like there’s so much to that, you can’t even really wrap your mind around it until I believe that it happens, whatever IT might be. Everybody knows…everybody can sense I believe, not everybody knows…but I think that everybody can sense that we’re coming up to a kind of a tipping-point, a precipice where something big is about to unfold. It’s the main Event; it’s this Absolute Data that really changes everything. It creates a new landscape for everything that we’ve been talking about since December 25th or December 26th when all this came out. I think that that main Event/Absolute Data component is, in that entails all of the answers to so many of the questions that we receive week on end, week and week on end. Regarding to the treasury and regarding to the people’s access to value, regarding…gosh, so many questions that have come up; so many very valid questions.
What I really want people to understand in this is that we share a lot of the same questions that everybody has been asking. This has never been done before and we’re all pioneers in the sense that we’re all going through this and experiencing this together. So having these discussions is great because it gives everybody an opportunity to ask questions, so we can work together to try to find the answers. I think that with this kind of magnitude of an event, we can work to try to find answers, but even the answers that we find before it occurs are gonna be very limited to how it actually unfolds. There’s no way, from our existing state of consciousness, that we’ll be able to try to imagine what that will be like until it actually happens, from my vantage point anyway. So that was the big take-away for me. There’s obviously a lot more in this than just that, but I’ll pass it to somebody else, Chris and Bob.
Bob: For me, when I look at this document I see this almost as a stepping stone or another step, another level. Because as I’m reading the document, it’s explaining about how the OPPT was created and how it made a space for, that everyone could know that they are and that they can be Eternal Essence. You think back to when you first heard about the OPPT and you first heard about the possibility and maybe it’s here, maybe it’s all over and my heart almost jumped outta my chest at the prospect of the possibility of being free, just being done with all of this you know? How did you feel when you heard that? You immediately thought ‘Oh my God this is…’ and then this thought comes in your head ‘It’s too good to be true’.
When you think about that idea, that thought, it’s too good to be true, which is basically saying my reality does not include that possibility and it’s a statement of limitation. And what it brought to me was the OPPT was a platform or a tool to remove that limitation, so that people can know their true power, know their true essence and know their true being. If you’ve followed along with all the different filings and all the different shows and all the different interviews and things that have been going on over the last three months, it was an awakening and an absolute empowering as the document says, where people started to look at the PTB. Now understand everyone, we’re already way bigger than the governments of the world. We are already way more powerful. We always were, but we didn’t believe it.
So now that we’ve moved onto that space where now we know our real power, we know where the government stands because I look at the government, it’s a corporation. What was I afraid of to begin with? Really! Yes they’ve got guns; they’ve got weapons and everything, but that does not change the fact of their legal standing and their authority to oppose anything. Now when we’re moving to that space, now this seems to me that now we can actually do something with it. We’ve done the BE’ing and now we’re moving into the DO’ing. And this seems, when I read the document, as I was going through it, it felt as though the current of the system had completely reversed direction, that this document has completely reversed the direction of the current of the current system, and moving us into some place new. I feel like we’re kind of graduating into a new place and into a new space of BE’ing and DO’ing.
Lisa: I agree with a lot of what both of you have already said. Chris?
Chris: Yep. Well, everyone experiences, everyone’s experienced the process the OPPT has actually taken us all through. The December 25th filings when they were released were quite stunning in the scope of what they were doing. The things we learned about it in the weeks after that leading up to the release of the December 10 filing which was a purely spiritual document expressed in legal terms that terminated the contract that we’d been operating under as Embodied Essence for thousands of years. Then leading up to the filing that was released last week which absolutely ended all hierarchy on this planet completely and simply leave us here on the planet ourselves. One of the most fascinating things to me is to watch the language that’s been used by the trustees evolve…former trustees now…actually evolve over that period of time from something that was essentially system, UCC system legalese, to a point that’s expressing the current situation in absolute energetic terms and remarkably doing it, still doing it in the legal context being a UCC filing. And if you look at the filing that was released last week, it actually expresses our existence in terms of Absolute, in terms of what we are as Eternal Essence embodied.
Bob: I also…
Chris: Yeah, go ahead.
Bob: Tell me if this is true with you. I also get the feeling that this notice is more powerful to the PTW. It’s a direct message to the PTW telling them ‘Ok, now look, this is how it’s going to be’.
Chris: (affirmative response) Well what I see, the overall process that I see that has happened, originally I thought she’s, she being Heather, returning us to original jurisdiction, we will be free. I thought ‘Wow, this is exactly what everyone in the sovereignty movement is working towards. Anyone who’s even got any idea of how caged on we are, that’s what we’re for, but this last couple of steps they’ve taken have taken us to a point that I hadn’t even considered that we would get to. To a state where we’re actually aware of our actual, the actuality of what we really are and how we can really interact’. This is brand new territory for us, folks, absolutely brand new territory.
Brian: I’m sorry Chris, go ahead. I thought you were done.
Chris: Yeah, I’ll just, I do wanna press on for just a moment. What it’s doing is expressing our existence in energetic terms. Now everyone’s heard the term ‘everything is energy’, actually everything IS energy. The universe is a singular energetic event, okay? If you wanna take it from a strictly physics standpoint, it’s all happening in one point in space and one point in time. Yet we as biological entities experience it as linear time. Our view of the universe is that it’s millions of years old, yet it is a singular energetic event: quite a hard concept to get your head around. But these documents actually express our entire existence now in energetic terms and not only, the remarkable thing about the I document is it’s actually expressing, it’s actually beginning to educate us as to how we’re actually going to interact with one another at an energetic level. It talks about BEing and DOing and in fact generating value by DOing.
If you wanna analyze what the PTB have been doing to us, speaking of BEing and DOing, they’ve actually been getting us, they’ve been tricking us into doing and then harvesting our energy for them, to their beings and not ours. So what we’ve been returned to is a state where everything we BE and everything we DO will be returned to us. The I tool is a means by which we can, the way that I’m interpreting it, is going to be a means by which we can actually exchange value at an energetic level in the end. Now I think that there’s several steps for us to get there, that’s the other thing. The message I’m getting from this, but I find the whole document absolutely fascinating. I think the language is fascinating and as Brian said, you actually have to read this thing through, as usual, a number of times to really start to get it.
Lisa: And preferably out loud.
Chris: And preferably out loud. And Bob, did you wanna jump in?
Bob: Well yeah. I just wanna say, just one of the things that really caught my eye in describing how this new paradigm is going to be, one of the paragraphs in there, it says that ‘each Embodiment of Eternal Essence is an account, a bank, a treasury, and they are self governing absent all borders, jurisdictions, hierarchies,’ and all of that. It’s describing basically each individual as their own self-governed country for lack of a better term, or complete entity with all the tools of BEing and DOing that are available. I think that is a very, very different way to view the world. There are no borders; each person is their own self-governing entity.
Chris: Indeed. In fact one of the things that last document did specifically, and I can actually read out the phrase. It’s actually paragraph 2: that all that is has been fully audited and reconciled into absolute eternal essence inclusive of trust systems, networks, regimes and hierarchies. That’s the phrase that actually, if you like, ends the OPPT as an entity because that is in fact a man-made hierarchy, but then it says the following, ‘and any and all other limits, unrebutted.’ Now if you’ve listened to any of Bashar’s material, one of the things he repeats frequently is that we have been, we have become the masters of limitations, and what this process we’ve been going through has done for us, whether we’re ready to accept it or not, ok? and some people listening to this show are right across this and others not so sure, is to remove all limitations. If we’re gonna move forward, we have to remove all limitations.
Brian: And Chris, I think that that is a big piece of what this energetic event is, is consciously removing all the self imposed, and imposed by others, limitations that we’ve adopted since birth, through the systems that we’ve been operating in and being held slaves to, whether conscious or unconscious of the slavery systems. One way that Heather, I recall, remember, she described it: she said it’s like anybody that’s ever had a near death experience. A lot of them claim to have had this kind of life review where their life flashes before their eyes. They see and understand everything that they did in their lives and how it affected them and how it affected others as well. This event can be kind of a part of it I think, trying to use words to explain it and I realize is very limiting, but it will allow everybody to understand their BEingness and who they are from a much higher, much more expanded state of awareness, expanded state of consciousness, so that we’ll really be able to see everything that we’ve done in our lives, why we designed it that way and why we made the choices that we made and what lessons that we had that came from those choices and all understanding and all knowing of that awareness of self, and so…
Bob: (Inaudible) too deep into this. Maybe now’s a good time for those who may not be familiar with the document, maybe we can just read through it, it’s only two pages.
Lisa: Before we do, I just wanted to say something that Brian brought up for me just then. When we talk about this energetic event, the perspective that I’ve had and I think a lot of other people have had, is that this has triggered, by an external force, whether it’s a huge CME from the Sun or it’s we’re moving into the photon belt, something outside is going to wash over the planet and wash through us and (trigger) something within us. Is that the general (Inaudible) ?
Chris: That’s what I used to think.
Lisa: Well listening to Brian just then (breaking up)
(Inaudible. Many talking at once. Breaking up) 
D:  (Inaudible) hiding here in the background.
(Breaking up)
Lisa: What is the energetic event? Is it completely internal? In terms of something that comes from us/without/to/and spreads out through creation?  Because if what People's Trust initially did was create this. When you look back at the last three months, that's all it did initially. It created this space and it was (breaking up badly) DO'ing and BE'ing that has taken it where it is. The Courtesy Notices weren't created by the trustees and they had nothing to do with that. They were created by a father and son in western Australia. We've got hundreds of thousands if not millions of people using them now. We've got people taking action. We've got people BE'ing and DO'ing in a way and thinking and feeling in a way that perhaps they hadn't before. that's pretty much all the Trust did, was create that space for us to step into it. It worded things. It verbalized things. It articulated things that we already knew within us. That's why we responded the way we did. We responded and we reacted and we started DO'ing. What if we just happened to reach that 100th monkey number (talk over) ...
Bob: In all that DO'ing, yeah.
Lisa: In all that DO'ing. It has to trigger it in one of us, really before the domino effect.
Chris: Yeah, well I think you are absolutely right Lisa because one of the interesting things that's come up from...there's a few people around us who can view life on this planet in terms of energetics and we call them the energy guys. The message we're getting from them is that the OPPT's process, the actual process that has drawn this large number of people through, has created first of all the energetic space you referred to and then filled it with an incredibly pure kind of energy. The entirety of that energy came from us. It didn't come from outside. It came from us. Now, we are drawing it. We draw the energy from absolute in this process. We're reconnecting to absolute. To me, the energetic event is going to be triggered by us and it will happen through us. This is nothing external at all. This is all coming from us.
Bob: You know what? Know what Chris? I just got the thought that everybody keeps asking the question, "well when is this going to happen?" Everybody is “I've sent out Courtesy Notices and I'm DOing this” and everybody is DOing and eventually we're going to be there and we're going to go ‘Okay, we're already there’. People are going to ‘Look, oh how did we get here already?’ I don't think people are paying attention to what has actually really happened. Judges and powers that be, government officials and corporate heads may choose to ignore these notices, but who's ignoring the OPPT? Who is ignoring us? The world isn't. Obviously not and it's getting to the point where now they're looking ridiculous. Everybody can see the elephant in the room. Everybody can see the elephant in the room. The emperor has no clothes. It's obvious and now they can't ignore.
Chris: (affirmative response) Just that little exchange that Deryl posted in my chat here that I read a small part out of before. He's having an interaction with the system. What struck me about the small amount that he put there was that from our perspective now, looking in at the system, it doesn't matter whether we're looking at a judge or whether we're looking at a barrister working for a bank or an official from the bank. They all look the same. They're all part of the same thing. They are completely one thing. We don't need them anymore. They know it and some of us know it and  a big part of this energetic event is when enough of us know that, that's when it will really start to cascade.
Bob: I think we've hit that. I think we've hit that, Chris.
Brian: Well Heather...we talked about...
Chris: It's happening right now. It's happening right now, Bob.
Lisa: We haven't heard from D yet though.
Chris: Well D's blog is called Removing The Shackles, which is what we're actually talking about here.
D: (laughing)
Chris: This is all self imposed. We've done this to ourselves.
D: I have a couple of different things I wanted...because I've been kind of sitting here waiting my little turn of a couple of things I wanted to talk about. Bob mentioned something that was really interesting several minutes ago when he said, ‘the powers-that-were are shaking in their boots’. There's several parts to this document that obviously would rattle them. Obviously, the removing of limit without, not dealing with borders, dimensions, etcetera. Right? That is a big one. The one that I think people may not catch on to is right down in the very last paragraph. Okay? It's in the last paragraph and it says “Abundance is manifested at the speed of the expansion of our imagination and DO'ing what we imagine.Eternal essence embodied gives notice that replacements of past harvesting tools begin to be implemented starting next week”.
Okay, so here we've got this group of powers-that-were who are already shaking in their boots. They've been watching this play out for the last three months publicly. It's kind of like a train wreck in their eyes, yet they can't look away because they have no idea what they are going to do. You start taking away things, for example, the gold has been taken away. Then you take point the finger and you foreclose on the governments and the banks etcetera, etcetera. They try and ignore it. They try and ignore it. They try and ignore it. One of the last key things that they kind of still have are these harvesting tools. Right? (breaking up)
Lisa: D, you're breaking up.
(talk over)
D: So this is something that's really, basically, the last paragraph of this is taking away their very last little toy that they can play with. Take away the past harvesting tools. Now, I know that Caleb is actually working on this right now. Working on I believe, this new social media set up...a lot more to it than that. That is a very, very minor aspect of it. I know he's working on something big and I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet about it. So if you can imagine, think of it this way. Everyone remembers the movie, "Monster's Inc." ? In the movie, the monsters all hide under the bed and they scare the kids and when the kids scream they harvest that energy to power their world. By the end of the movie, they all of a sudden (inaudible) the children’s laughter is actually way more powerful than their scream. That positive energy is a hundred times more powerful than the negative.
Brian: Hold on, this is where I giggle. (giggles)
D: If you take their last harvesting tool of pooling in all that negative energy, right? They’re feeding it, they’re feeding it, got to suck it in. You create a brand new replacement of all that crap that they've been using to harvest and you fill it with incredible positive energy of all of us, all the DOing and BEing of BEings on this planet, what are they going to do? Like it's just going to blow the lid off. This is so much more powerful than the negative that they feed off of, you're going to create this incredible face of positive. Right there, they're quaking in their boots. Seriously. It's "Monsters Inc." all over again.
(talk over)
Lisa: Well you're talking about cutting off their food supply.
D: Yes, Exactly.
Chris: When you stand back and look at the situation, it's actually really simple. It makes you feel kind of silly. I just want to re add something that Deryl just posted to me, because Deryl is very aware of the energetic side of this. Everyone that uses a Courtesy Notice or who has an interaction...he calls them and IED, an Improvised Educational Device which i think is kind of cute. Here is what he said, "Chris, the whole purpose of walking into the lion's den was to get the information on the record, both the court record and the Akashic record. It was a huge energy exchange, I knew that before I went in.” Deryl really knows how important that energetic exchange is. I want people to really get that. Everything that they are doing, even listening to this show, is building the energy that will lead to this event. Now, that last paragraph that D is referring to is an absolute ripper. I was hoping we will not run ourselves out of time to read through the document, because there's a whole lot of stuff about that last paragraph that we're only just deciding to get into.
D: Oh, yeah.
Chris: If we're going to read through it, Bob, I think we need to get cracking.
Lisa: We also have people with their hand up wanting to ask questions or make comments.
Chris: Well, you're the boss Lisa.
Brian: It only takes about six or seven minutes to read through this thing. We can just read through it and then open it for callers. I think everyone would get a lot of good just from hearing it out loud, but that’s just my opinion. Take it away Lisa.
Chris: Yeah let’s do that. We can actually discuss the last paragraph when we get to it.
Lisa: Alright. Well, I'll read it out to us. Okay. “NOTICE TO ALL EMBODIMENTS OF ETERNAL ESSENCE IN ETERNAL ESSENCE'S UNIVERSE. IMPOWER IMPOSSIBLE IN ABSOLUTE TRUTH. I M POWER.....I M POSSIBLE. In absolute gratitude, love and peace, we introduce I.”  (connection breaks up)
Bob: Lisa, you're breaking up.
Lisa: Okay, then somebody else read it.
Bob: “Where OPPT was the conscious space to know that all that IS, BE eternal essence, I is the conscious space to impower experiencing eternal essence embodied...for all to know and rely upon.”
“I is duly declared and verified as lawfully created, insured and guaranteed within and transparently operating under record and law of ABSOLUTE TRUTH of eternal essence, Rec. No. 2013032035, signified by for eternal essence, so that all may know and rely upon the guarantee that I is operated by and with the full responsibility and liability of eternal essence embodied for the absolute service to any and all embodiments of eternal essence within eternal essence's universe.”
“Embodiments of eternal essence DO consciously and visibly BE, shining Absolute Light on the Absolute Truth of the experience of BE'ing eternal essence. Free will DO'ing of embodiments of eternal essence for the absolute service of embodiments of eternal essence in all of eternal essence's universe absent borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, prejudice, and limits is now visible.”
“I consciously PAYS focused energy to unite and integrate the DO'ing and BE'ing of the embodiments of eternal essence within eternal essence's universe, absent judgment made of any role an embodiment of eternal essence played in the former systems of experiment in any allusion of existence. In Absolute Truth not one embodiment of eternal essence is more important or less than another.”
“I is a tool of reflection to impower embodiments to assist Self in knowing and experiencing who they BE...eternal essence. Eternal essence is I M POWER...I M POSSIBLE. Embodiments of eternal essence have no limits except those they impose on their embodiment or consent to have imposed on embodiment. In Absolute Truth, eternal essence's universe has no separations, no prejudice, no dimensions, no limits, no ceremony, no ritual, no protocols to BE eternal essence.”
“I is a committed tangible space of NOW consciously and transparently PAY'ing focused energy to experiencing eternal essence embodied by uniting, integrating, reconciling and graduating all tools existing NOW with ABSOLUTE tools within eternal essence's manifest self-sustaining, exponential and perpetual uninterrupted flow and distribution of unlimited Abundance and Absolute Data for all embodiments of eternal essence to have, do, and be what they desire, when they desire it.”
“I IMPOWER the IMPOSSIBLE NOW. With absolute gratitude, eternal essence embodied reconciles the former systems and hierarchies in all former allusions of dimension that were designed to unpower the embodiments of eternal essence and to harvest, store, selectively distribute the Abundance of eternal essence to very few embodiments at the damage of all others.”
“NOW is the present moment to impower the impossible in Absolute experience eternal essence embodied in the highest good of all embodied eternal essence. In absolute gratitude, love and peace of all embodiments of eternal essence, duly verified as reconfirmed: Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, Caleb Paul Skinner, and Hollis Randall Hillner, eternal essence embodied and DO'ing...”
Bob: Does anybody else want to pick up?
Brian: Yeah, I can jump in if you want. Okay page two. “Universal Value (UV) Exchange”
“I Universal Value (IUV) Exchange is a transparent eternal essence tool that recognizes and honors the value that IS eternal essence embodied...where all embodiments of eternal essence are equally the Principal, agent and beneficiary of the UV Exchange tool that is designed to experience eternal essence by embodiment and the value of eternal essence exchanged by DO'ing between eternal essence embodiments. Each embodiment of eternal essence is an account, a bank, a treasury, and they are self-governing. Adventures and exchanges of eternal essence value between embodiments are made by the embodiment DO'ing.”
“Any and all manner and method of DO'ing with full responsibility and liability by the embodiments of eternal essence within eternal essence's universe are accepted in the UV Exchange tool absent borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, prejudice and limits. Any limit on the manner, method or amount of exchange of eternal essence value is by the free will choice of an embodied eternal essence... and that embodiment's free will choice to restrict its experience of Abundance is automatically noticed, ledgered, and manifested when such a choice is the speed of DO'ing.”
“Eternal essence embodied in all of eternal essence's universe has knowledge that has and does manifest tools to experience eternal essence. Absolute Knowledge is the currency of eternal essence value and DO'ing is the experience and exchange of that value. Therefore, the UV Exchange exponentially and perpetually grows, flows and ascends with DO'ing of the embodiments of eternal essence. As the embodiments of eternal essence expand in Absolute Knowledge, tools that become restrictive or irrelevant are organically retired or replaced by the free will choice to advance them, enhance them or to not engage them.”
“Abundance is manifested at the speed of the expansion of our imagination and DO'ing what we imagine. Eternal essence embodied gives notice that replacements of past harvesting tools begin to be implemented starting next week. To begin the flow of Abundance, eternal essence embodied DOES use knowledge within to create this lawful conscious space and tool of UV Exchange within eternal essence for all embodiments to experience the eternal essence that they BE by their conscious free will DO'ing. Eternal essence embodied does guard and protect this space and tool until The Event occurs, Absolute Knowledge known within each embodiment in eternal essence's universe. I NOW gives notice of The Event to be experienced by all embodiments of eternal essence absent borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, ritual, protocols, prejudice and limits. In absolute love, gratitude and peace, SO IT IS DONE.”
Lisa: Whew.
Chris: There's a lot in there.
Lisa: There's A LOT in there.
Brian: (unidentified sound) Just got the chills. (Lisa laughs)
Chris: Okay Lisa, we're coming up to the hour. Do you want to take a song break? We will begin a discussion and take some calls perhaps after the break?
Lisa: No, let’s just take some calls. If you need to run off, by all means do. (people laughing) There's no time for song breaks on this show; there's too many people lining up.
Chris: You're the boss.
Lisa: (laughing) If you need to run away for a minute, by all means you can. Okay I'm going to open up the first caller. Area code 757. (silence) Area code 757? Nope? Okay, I'll mute you again. We have area code 731.
Caller: Hello.
Lisa: Hello.
Caller: How you doing?
Lisa: I'm good darling, what’s your name?
Caller: I'm Joshua.
Lisa: Hey Joshua.
Joshua (caller): I actually sent this Courtesy Notice to Chase. They said it has no merit, but that’s not my point I wanted to address. I've been discussing with my fiancee about this abundance, to access abundance and the Zeitgeist movie talks a lot about it. But she seems to think that empowering self is somehow dethroning God or the Creator.
Lisa:  Can you say that again, you cut out a bit…she seems to think empowering what?
Joshua (caller):  Empowering self; she seems to think is dethroning the Creator.
Lisa:  Well…
Bob:  In a sense it is. It’s dethroning the creative God, the Creator as making ourselves.  I would tell, is it your wife? She’s a Christian?
Joshua (caller):  Yeah, we’re both Christians. I’m just liberal.
Bob:  Okay, I want you to look up Psalms 82:6 in your Bible.
Joshua (caller):  “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.”
Bob:  There you go. I myself have said ye are gods and Jesus quoted it again in John.
Joshua (caller):  Okay, so what am I doing?
Bob:  So what it is doing is removing the hierarchy. It’s moving the idea that God is so far above our aspirations because we are that.  It’s like if you have a child, that child is separate to you, but is not that child human? 
Joshua (caller):  Right. It’s simple to me man.
Bob:  It’s human. If God has a child, guess what? It’s God.  That’s not trying to belittle or diminish her beliefs. I try not to laugh that way, but it is that simple.  We are all that Eternal Essence is.
Chris:  There’s a very interesting book called “The Key” by Whitley Strieber.  It’s a conversation he has late one night with a stranger that turned up at his door.  It was a very amazing exchange, if you ever get a chance.  It’s not that big of a book, but it is a very interesting read.  He quickly ended up asking this stranger.  Why is God doing this?  The guy said that God wants company.  God wants us to experience what He does is what I got from this.  What Bob says about hierarchy is true. What the whole OPPT process has been trying to do in my mind is completely remove that hierarchy back to Absolute, so that we can experience our direct connection with our Creator again.  There is no hierarchy in there; there is only experience.  I think it’s just the system has lots of especially religion approaches have actually got us thinking in terms of hierarchy.  That’s what limits we’ve been given permission to drop.  I hope that helps.
Joshua (caller):  I’ve got one quick question.  What do I do about this Chase? They responded to my Courtesy Notice?  They said “We are writing to let you know we are proceeding and processing your request to cease communication.” But then it says they are going to turn it over to a credit agency after awhile.  There is another one that has no merit; the lawyers told me it was without merit.
Chris:  What you can do is, I would send them an invoice.  They are saying that because they don’t want to properly address it, because they actually know that it does and they are trying to deflect you.  The energetic exchange has begun. The next thing for you to do is to send back a response.  Send them an invoice, put in a little covering note saying that they need to seek professional legal advice on the UCC filings if they are unsure of what they are looking at. Thank them for their business and if they pass you on to a credit agency, do exactly the same thing with them.  When they send you, if the credit agency starts sending you letters and make phone calls for every time they interact with you energetically, you send them back your request for their energy which is the invoice.
Joshua (caller):  I know some of those terms on the credit notice. Every time they try to take me to court or interact with me, they owe me.
Chris:  That’s it. In fact, that is the kind of system we are heading into down the track.  This is what the I system is actually going to be like.  It’s energetic exchange.  They will tell you not to interact with them; they will say stop sending us letters.  What does that tell you? You need to keep sending them, because it’s the No we are giving them. By sending them these letters and invoices, it is saying No.  You are doing the wrong thing if you want us to interact with you. You’ll have to exchange another form of energy, which in this case is silver, some currency, if you want to keep interacting with me on that.  They will blast you, but you just keep hammering away on them Joshua.
Joshua (caller):  Alright…thanks. I’ve got to have a long conversation, I do school work.  What about college loans?  Does this affect that?
Chris:  Yes. You can do the same thing with the people when they send you a demand. If they send you a piece of paper, send back a Courtesy Notice and just do the same thing to them.  We are essentially each time a Courtesy Notice goes out…the energy guy described Courtesy Notices like this. If you are in a wild west town and you hear…this is from the point of view of the bankers…they hear a bit of shooting outside in the street.  They walk out their door and all of a sudden they are dodging shotgun pellets.  You see that is what the Courtesy Notices are doing to them energetically.  That is why they write back and say this has no merit; they don’t like it.  At the very highest levels in the banking system, they know exactly what is going on with this Courtesy Notice. In fact, the very last paragraph in this notice that we just read out will have them sweating because…
Joshua (caller):  I’ll print that out and send it to them.
Chris:  Yeah…why not?
Joshua (caller):  Why not? Just one quick question. On this phone call, I’ve been on an hour and a half, is it a call in the US? It’s going to be a big phone bill.
Bob:  It’s a call in the US.
Joshua (caller):  God bless then.
Lisa:   You too.
Brian:  Lisa, I just got a skype message from Agent X. I think it’s in regards to Courtesy Notices. I think I’ll just read it real quick. He said:  “Brian, I’ve done several Courtesy Notices. Two verbally on the phone, which worked for medical bills. One for my auto loan bill with Springfield Financial; have not heard from them in over a month.  One with credit card debt; $12,000 dismissed and $3,000 for medical payments for hospital stay; have never heard another word from any of them after the Courtesy Notice filed.”
Lisa:  Wow…
Chris:  There is your shotgun effect folks, right there, let them have it.
Bob:  I understand if one person acknowledges it as true, there’s got to be some truth in it.  They can ignore it and say it has no effect, but they would never tell you why. They’ll never give you any legal reason why they think it has no effect, although you’ve given them all of the legal documentation necessary because it is.  They’re basically lying; just like they’ve been lying to us all of the time.  It is real; it’s been proven over and over again. You just ask them, ‘Are you a corporation or not?  Is the government a corporation or not?  If it is a corporation, tell me why is it exempt from UCC law?’ 
Chris:  Well, it’s not. It’s the very highest level of corporate law.  The other thing too is that the only legal response they can make to negate the documents you are sending to them is to rebut the filings, which they cannot do; so they bluster. 
Lisa:  Alright, we’ll give 773 another shout out to see if they are there. 773?
Caller:  Hey, thanks again, this is Carlos from Los Angeles
Lisa:  Hey Carlos.
Chris:  Hey Carlos.
Carlos (caller):  I have two questions.  Question one is for Heather, but I see she is not on, but if any of you guys know? The question is, I think on the last document that came out, I think it is the I document dated on Saturday or earlier? My question is next week starting this week or is till like next Monday? 
Lisa:  No, I believe it is this week coming, yes. We know that as D sort of alluded to before that document says the current harvesting tools are in the process of being replaced now. What are those harvesting tools?  Facebook and Skype are actually two of the biggest harvesting tools. We’ve got religion. We’ve also got the current financial system and there are several others.  We know that Caleb is putting this week, is putting his alternative to Facebook for example out there and beta testing; that’s one of the things that is coming out.  Again all of these harvesting tools will be slowly replaced. Actually I can’t even say slowly. I have no idea on the timeframe; it could happen very quickly.  This is what we are looking at and yes I do believe it starts to kick in this week. 
Carlos (caller):  Good, great. The other question is does anybody know if Heather actually talked to the White Dragons and what was that all about? 
D:  No, she hasn’t. I want to verify this a little bit or clarify this I should say.  Deryl had received information from a group which of course he forwarded to Heather and they have gone back and forth on it.  This group is claiming to be part of the White Dragon group and that is why Heather put out that invitation for them to contact her.  It’s actually kind of humorous, because she didn’t really mean for it to go public and it went public. I was talking with her this morning and she was howling laughing; she said in the last 16 hours she’s had like 45 new contact requests on Skype. Her phone she is getting texts come in; phone calls coming in and quite a few people saying we would like to talk and meet.  I don’t know where it is going from there. We’ll wait and see how it plays out.
Carlos (caller):  Thanks a lot.
Lisa:  Thanks D. Thank you Carlos.  Area code 646. Yes Brian?
Brian:  I was going to share a story that AK texted earlier.  He said that he sent the I document to Cobra; emailed it to him last night and said you might want to share this with your Pleiadian contacts. And all he responded back was, “They know”. (Laughing) So I figured I would throw that in there.
Lisa:  Okay, area code 646. Are you out there?
Caller:  Hey there, it’s Rick from Connecticut. How are you?
(Everyone says Hi to Rick)
Rick (caller):  First of all, thanks Lisa for your blurb about your parking ticket, because I had one of those for awhile now. I’ve just been kind of sitting on it, because I thought it was small potatoes and wondering if I even have to worry about it. I see the logic in responding to it, so thank you for that.  Second of all, this has been, every week it has been increasing kind of what I call connecting the dots. So that I can color outside the lines type of thing. (laughing) It’s all of this information is coalescing into my brain. I’m having trouble sleeping. In some cases, I sense then so much more intensely now. So this is really cool what is going on.
 A couple of things; just let me put them out there real quick.  The things that occurred to me this week, I started watching this History channel series called “Mankind”. I realize this channel is owned by A&E, which is owned by Disney and Hearst, so there is a lot of disinformation that can come into those types of programs.  Again I saw how this very broad stroke of trying to explain human civilization really showed up in these wonderful cycles and what I recognized is that all of the major shifts have been preceded by movement. It was the movement of striking a flint on rock to start a fire or learning how to harvest our food, trade routes, moveable type, ship building, machines, digital information. All of that stuff was always preceding a great leap forward. 
I’m very excited about what is coming up for us as a result of this leap that we are now making as a result of the Information Age making all of this possible, because we are all using the internet. We are all using social networks and even the medium we are on now is possible because of the internet.  The other thing speaking of digital, is the bitcoin search. A couple of years ago, I’m an artist, I moved to New York to try to get into the theatre business and everything. I’m still writing plays and everything and music, but you know it’s kind of hard to live in New York. So a friend of mind said I should get into bitcoin, so I bought 160 bitcoins. They were like ten cents or something like that, well now they are selling for something like $75.00 a piece.  I forgot all about them and now I have discovered that they have majorly surged just over the last few days. I’m wondering if that has something to do with like what happened in Cyprus, because I listen to Clif High. Do you know who Clif High is?
Chris:  Oh yeah.
Lisa:  Yes, we are all familiar with who he is.
Rick (caller):  If you like, there is a YouTube video of his latest wujo, on bitcoin and the connections between the banking system almost imminently going down, which I thought was really fascinating. I was kind of wondering if bitcoin or something like it maybe one of the former trustees would like to chime in on this one, but something like bitcoin could be incorporated as the UV bit we’ve been talking about in this new I document, this new I system. 
The other thing is I’ve been thinking that once we are on the other side of this, because a lot of people are going ‘Well, what are we going to do?  How are we going buy da da da da da?’ Show me the money type of stuff.  I’m just thinking on the other side of all of this stuff once technologies are opened up and once secrets are unveiled and everything that, I think Brian was talking about this earlier, that we’re going to have a life review right here in 3D. That we are going to see how distracted and muddled we were beforehand in our kind of enslaved paradigm. Then when we get on the other side of that, we’re going to be looking at the accountability of why we didn’t even then in our limited capacity do more than we did and the excuses that we used to say why we couldn’t do more.
 I’m really stoked about that as well, because I think that’s part of the transparency that Heather is talking about.  Sorry I’m rambling on, but I have just one more point. That is, this is just the funny part.  Listening to this recitation of the I system, I can’t help but picture like two camps. One is a bunch of humans scratching their head and going ‘What?’  The other camp is the celestial brothers and sisters smiling and nodding their heads approvingly and going ‘Well done.’ I have a feeling we are definitely on the right track. This feels so close to the heart. Every time I listen to this program, I get to speak with you when you are taking the calls, I just feel my heart just bursting with a sense of connectivity, belonging and love for you people. I don’t know any of you even though I have invited you over for dinner. I’m still working on...
Lisa:  We’re still holding you to that by the way Rick. We’re feeling it too, the vibrations as we do this show each week.
Chris:  Yeah, we’ll be teleporting in at some point Rick.
Rick (caller):  That’s right. We won’t have to worry about getting here by 13 hour jet rides or something.
Chris:  Yeah, enough of that.
D:  But we’ll try to give you five minutes notice.
Chris:  I would like to say it’s really great that you’re actually engaging the process along each step of the way, because this is really complicated stuff. It takes a lot for people to shift their thinking. When you look at the huge distance we’ve come since December 25th, it’s actually amazing, quite amazing, something that you alluded to earlier that energetic work by first creating a space.  The OPPT created the space for these radio shows and then essentially filled it with energy.  The I Exchange document is doing the same thing.  We’re coming to understand that and it’s great to have you along for the ride Rick.
Rick (caller):  Thank you very much; thank you for having me all of these many weeks.  I live alone in my first rural experience now, two hours north of New York so I really don’t get to talk to a lot of people. But this is what I call my Thoreau phase, so that is probably why I am such a chatty Kathy when I get on with you folks. I really appreciate what you are doing. There is so much integrity and so much authenticity every single week that I listen to you it’s so amazing, thank you. 
(All telling Rick thanks)

Lisa: Okay, we'll move to area code 281. (silence) Are code 281?

Caller: (faint) Hello?

Lisa: Hello, yes we can hear you. (silence) We could hear you. 281?

Caller: (very faint) Hello?

Lisa: Oh no, there she is. Hang on. (laughs)

Caller: I just want to say thank you all very much for everything. Thats all.

Lisa: What's your name?

Caller: Rose.

Lisa: Oh, Rose, hello. You're welcome and thank you. I know you're there each week as well, listening and participating, so thank you.

Rose (caller): Yes. Thank you. I appreciate you all very much.

Brian: Aw, thank you.

Lisa: Okay, area code 618.

Caller: Hello.

Lisa: Hello.

Caller: Hello, my name is Deborah and I'm from Illinois.

Lisa: Hello, how are you?

Deborah (caller): I'm excellent. How are you doing? I want to thanks to everyone too. I did get the first time I heard it a month ago. But I guess what I'm asking is with the Notices, is it eventually we're not going to need to do that at all?

Lisa: That enough of them get educated, the system just starts to self-destruct.

Deborah (caller): Well, I understand that part. What I'm not understanding, is is one day soon that someone's going to push a button and all this is going to change? 

(talk over)

Deborah (caller): Understanding the (inaudible). I do understand that we (inaudible) against flesh and blood, but against principalities in high places. I got that part too. For those who don't follow and don't search and research and collectively understand what this is really about, in layman's terms, is there some big action or a big button that's going to get pushed?

Bob: Yes.

Chris: In fact, it's actually specifically the space for it is created at the end of the document we're just reading, Deborah.

Deborah (caller): I was going back and forth and I apologize for me not being able to multitask, but I was trying to get in on the chat room, because this is my first time actually physically connecting with anyone via the radio. I've just been reading a lot and just been following OPPT and American Kabuki and I've always followed 2012Scenario, which is Golden Gaia now. I understand that part. I guess for those who are still kind of asleep and still waking up, I believe most people want to know when is the button going to get pushed? And you said the event, so I wasn't able to get to that last page, because I'm trying to understand and listen to everything that's trying to be said and I apologize for that. But can you repeat it? (laughs)

Chris: Okay, I'll just read out, this is the very last sentence of the last paragraph in the notice and it is a notice, it's a notice to the powers-that-were. It says "I now gives notice of the event to be experienced by all embodiments of eternal essence, absent borders, dimensions, expectations, subscriptions, judgment, ritual, protocols, prejudices and limits. In absolute gratitude and peace, so it is done". Essentially, the entire planet's been put on notice, that the event, which is going to be internal essence. I'll read out the prior sentence; it says "Eternal essence embodied does guard and protect this space and tool until the event occurs". Now that's a reference to Heather and the trustees protecting the space until the event occurs and the event is "Absolute Knowledge, known within each embodiment in eternal essence's universe".
It's a really, really interesting sentence Deborah. It's one of the ones I wanted to discuss. Because that big button you're referring to is what the trustees are stating here is this event. This event is, as far as we can determine, internal and it's a dose of Absolute Data. It's a connection to the Absolute. My personal opinion, and this is my opinion folks, is that every one will experience it in whatever manner they're going to experience it. I think you'll get seven billion different experiences and they'll all have a commonality to it. It will be incredibly significant and life-changing for everybody. But thats the big button. The bigger question of when? Love to be able to answer that one. But all I can say is that my understanding, again my understanding, of this is that it has to be triggered by us ultimately. It's not going to be triggered by some external event. When we're ready, it will happen. If we want to manifest this, we need to intend it, think about it, build it; then it will happen.

Brian: One thing Heather said also, Chris and this kind of stuck with me, is she said it's one thing to say 'I'm eternal essence' and 'let's celebrate' and it's another thing to be in this space where you actually know that to be absolute truth. For everyone to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they are eternal essence. That they are a spark of the Creator. That's a big, big, big piece of this event, is that absolute recognition of that truth.

Lisa: And that only comes through an experience.        

Deborah (caller): Well, there's going to be a lot of things going on this next week, isn't it?

Chris: Yeah, look and if we want...

Deborah (caller): There's a lot going on.

Chris: If we want this event to happen now, then let's just make it happen now. If everybody listening to this call, intends it to happen now, that will speed things up for sure.

Lisa: Make it so!

Bob: I like the illustration that Brian had said that Heather gave to him earlier today, that it's like popping popcorn. At first you hear a couple of kernels pop (popping sound) and then all of a sudden you reach that point where the whole bag just kind of (crunching sound). We're at that point. A couple of kernels have already begun to pop.

Deborah (caller): Okay, that's a favorite past-time. In fact, I'm eating some now.

(general laughter)

Deborah (caller): But I do appreciate everybody on the panel and I've been OPPTed in a long time ago, like I said I get it, but I know that people want to know when it's showtime, I guess.

Lisa: I think it's time whenever you decide it's showtime. It's showtime for each and everyone of us whenever we set that...

(talk over)

Brian: We've all gone through that 'when, when, when, now, now, now" process; that's just natural. Everybody's experienced that. I'd be a total liar if I said I haven't gone through that myself. I've gone to the point where I've gone inside ans said 'I'm ready for this'. I've made that invocation to myself, my Higher Self, the God in me that I am ready to go and when it's time for me to trigger, for me to receive that Absolute Data, I will receive it by the design of the play that I kind of put forth before even coming here. So now I'm embodying the space that allows that to occur exactly when it's supposed to. I hope and I hold the space that that's very, very soon, but all you can really do is hold that space and be ready for it. Because I think it's going to catch a lot of us off guard, but it's going to happen exactly when it's supposed to.

Deborah (caller): Exactly. (inaudible) for things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, so I'm waiting on it.

(general laughter)

Deborah (caller): Thank you all so much.

(All thanking Deborah)

Chris: And just as Deborah's departing, I'll read the first sentence of that last paragraph, which is one of my favorites "Abundance is manifested at the speed of the expansion of our imagination and DO'ing what we imagine". So we're doing this; it's all us.

Lisa and Brian: Yep.

Lisa: Well, since I just had that personal epiphany while you were talking, Brian, i realize that I need to keep looking at it. CME's, all these external celestial events, the energy around that now feels completely irrelevant; it's gone. The energy in terms of how I feel when I think about it's like a bubble within me that's just about ready to burst. I can feel it now. So thank you, because you helped me make that shift. Big thank you.

Brian: You're welcome. (giggle) You know I love you Lisa.

Lisa: Ahh, right back at ya baby. Area code 239. area code 239?

Caller: Hello everyone. 

(talk over)

Lisa: Hi, what’s your name?

(talk over)

Caller: Scott.

Lisa: Sorry? Scott.
Scott (caller): Scott, AKA, Shall I even say my also known as? I think you know who this is.

Chris: Mmmm hmmm, yes.

Lisa: I don't. Why am I being (inaudible)

(talk over)

Scott (caller): You talked to me three years ago; you Skype called me Lisa. Thank You White Knights.

Lisa: Oh, okay, that Scott, right, gotcha.


Lisa: How are you?

Scott (caller): How have you been? Great. Thank you all for..... I've been listening to you since day one. (laughing) I just want...I just appreciate all your energy and it's taking me a while to jump into this OPPT thing. I've gone through a few other, quite a few I think, things that came up. I shared them all, as you probably know, through my YouTube and then ‘arrgh that was a dud’.

Lisa: Yes.

Scott (caller): And another thing and ‘arrggh, that was a dud’. (laughing) But the whole point is, I think, my whole thing has been trying to help people have hope and I think, what you all do, especially Brian, I've heard him actually say it and that is all to do with the united principles of the way you feel on the inside. Inner peace equals outer peace and how we create from the feeling. The feeling is the prayer basically, so that's what I've tried to promote. I haven't tried to put out this information (inaudible). I've put up what I think is right. but I didn't want to make this about me. I just wanted to...and congratulations for how far you've come too, Lisa. I know you said you wanted to work together, but we sort of went off on parallel paths, I think. (laughs)

Lisa: Yeah, we did. We went to a different...


Lisa: Thank you.

Scott (caller): That was absolutely fantastic and I just went and jumped in (inaudible) talkshoe all by myself.

Lisa: (inaudible and breaking up ) answers before the solution and got so far and I went ‘that's not going anywhere, next’.

Scott (caller): Yeah.

(talk over)

Lisa: So, a lot of us have been down this road (garbled), believe me, but thank you for being on board and sharing and playing with us. It's been great.

Scott (caller): I've got something that'll probably burst all your bubbles right now which I just can’t wait to do. Some information that's just come out. AK actually just shared it this morning and it's sort of relates to what I think Rick was just talking about, about disclosure.

Lisa: Yeah.

Scott (caller): What big thing would really make it? It just happened on Australian TV about three days ago.


Chris: Yep, yep. Oh yeah, we did absolutely. Tell the folks what it was. It was really good.

Scott (caller): I'm amazed that no one else has brought this up because Heather said, last week wasn't it?, that just I can't tell you what's going to come up but something sort of big. Big things are going to happen in the next couple of weeks and what's the one big thing that we've all been waiting for for years?

Lisa: Disclosure with a capital D.

Scott (caller): Yeah, exactly but it hasn't really been a capital D, I wouldn't say, like an official disclosure by government, of course.

Lisa: Oh, no, no.

Scott (caller): But it almost made me...I'll tell you about everyone what it is. It just basically come out on Australian TV two or three days ago on Sunrise, which that's some sort of morning show I guess that's in Sydney or Brisbane or somewhere.

Chris: Sydney, I believe.

Lisa: It’s a Sydney-based morning TV program that's usually just fluff.

Scott (caller): Okay. Yeah, like most mainstream media programs are.

Lisa: Yeah, it's no different than the others, yes.

Scott (caller): Yeah, but the important thing is I think we've all been waiting for disclosure to happen on mainstream TV and like especially we know that there's a few dominos left to fall for disclosure before the official disclosure happens. So many countries around the world have already sort of disclosed documents and everything, but there’s been a few hold outs like those few countries in the G7 like Australia, Canada, US and England, UK. I sort of thought (inaudible) about a couple of weeks ago that I think Australia is going to be the next to go with some sort of disclosure and that's what basically just happened.

Lisa: What actually happened was a gentleman who is ex US military is coming out to Australia to promote, do a speaking tour, to promote his book and whatever else he...


Scott (caller): Dr. Charles Hall.

Lisa: He's talking about his experiences of working with ETs directly whilst in the military and this was a promotion segment. They were promoting his tour. They were doing it seriously. There was no ridicule, which would normally happen on a show like that. It was quite interesting. It was all somewhat...

Scott (caller): Very serious.


Lisa: Yeah, somewhat serious.

D: I laughed my ass off when AK sent that to me. I giggled and immediately forwarded to all my military guys.

Chris: (affirmative response)

D: Because one of my main sources, he speaks to the Pleaidians himself regularly. So when I saw the interview, I literally giggled my ass off.

Bob: Well, did you see the photographs on the show? Were they actual alien photographs?

D: Oh.

Scott (caller): I think the last one was of the tall whites, that lady with the (inaudible) white hair.

Bob: Yeah.

Scott (caller): Yeah, it looked real, definitely, it looked real, but whether that was a tall white or not I don't know. I guess we'll be finding out shortly. It just seems like it's going to be a very gentle...things are happening slowly like...I sort of expected things to happen when I came out with my first YouTube, like three or four years ago. It's been happening a lot slower.

D: Its been growing.


D: Just over the last couple of months, the amount of reports coming out in mainstream media, if you just go to YouTube and search UFO sightings 2013, there has been a crap load of mainstream media ones. Right after I reposted AK's one of the Australian video, I could....a newspaper clipping sent to me by one of my best friends in Malta, there's a picture in the newspaper, right in the Maltese Times of a UFO in the sky over one of the towers and the picture was taken by a local policeman.

Lisa: (inaudible) updated.

D: All over the place, just coming out. It's kind of like the warm up.

Scott (caller): Yeah.

Brian: Here's the thing though is that anybody that's now that's still at the place where they're looking for “official disclosure” to be made by some big government, G20, G7, G5, G whatever, is waiting for, looking at the wrong place from where the data is actually going to come from, because Absolute Data is official disclosure of all things and it comes from within. It's the disclosure of the galactics. The thing is is that it could come out on Anderson Cooper tomorrow and he could have a blurb about it and still people will find ways to overlook it and look at it as nonsense or rubbish. We're to the point now where all that information, all that data, is going to come from within. I don't even bother flipping on the news anymore, because it's just absolute garbage. It's just phoney baloney. I don't even go there for my media. So that's not where it's going to come from folks. It's not going to be on the news.

Bob: Don't be surprised if you become the disclosure to them.

Chris: Yeah, I think they're going to be playing catch-ups, because I think that the main dose of information is going to come directly to each of us. The people in the media will go through the same experience, so what you'll get on the media will just be confirmatory. It won't actually be the disclosure itself.

Brian: Yep, in my crisp Australian accent.

(general laughter)

Chris: I'm giggling as best that I can, Brian.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Thank you Scott for calling in. We're going to move on and try to get through the rest of these callers in the time we have left.

Scott (caller): Thank you all.

Lisa: Thank you. Okay, we have area code 714.

Caller: This is Katrina.

Lisa: Hi Katrina.

Katrina (caller): Hi Brian, hi Lisa, hi Bob, hi D, hi all of you.

Bob: Hello.

Katrina (caller):  (inaudible) big, big heart hug. So last Solstice, we read the “All is Eternal Essence” in Corona Del Mar. We did it just as you said, Brian, that you were talking about standing as eternal essence embodied. We actually stated that (inaudible) as we closed and when we closed, the sky went brilliant pink and shifted. Everybody was in amazement and then these blazing letters showed in the sky, like not letters you could read. It was so magical. I want to preface this with the fact that three weeks earlier when you talked about it comes from within you guys. Three weeks earlier I was at a gathering and an energy rose deep within my chest like the solar plexus at the end of the sternum. Everything I realized, the pitch went up, I am an energy worker so I’m familiar with energy waves. The pitch went up and suddenly I realized everything was glowing with gold from the inside.

Lisa: See, I want experiences like that.


Katrina (caller): Because then after that a big wave of about three days of my stuff kept coming out of my heart. Things that irritated me and things (inaudible). I vibrated; literally, you could put your hand on my chest and it was vibrating. It felt like an engine was running. It was quite difficult to integrate, but not bad. I don't want to scare anyone, because it wasn't that difficult. (inaudible)  The point is is that I feel like, and I've done this for the planet many times, I'll bring energies in and I'll anchor them and I'll integrate them and kind of bring them to another frequency so they're accessible to everybody. I think that that might have been a precursor to this and I think that also might be why when we anchored this.

But here's another phenomenal thing that has occurred. I work with a group called the Grandmothers. There's a woman in Laguna Beach, Sharon McGurlane, who has been channeling. Its not channeling, but writing these books from a group of international Grandmothers, that are in the ethers; they are unseen beings. They have us focusing on the net of light. I worked with the net of light for many decades in my healing arts. So when I came across her about five years ago I was like, yeah finally other people to play with. We work with the net of light. There are women and men around the world every night that amplify the net of light from the jewel in our hearts within. We work it together for healing and peace for everyone. Then we hook up everybody else's heart even though they may be asleep right now. We've been doing this for years. We had an international gathering this weekend and there was about seventy, eighty women and a couple of wonderful men. Just before I went to the gathering, I thought I'd better read the Grandmother's last message. Are you ready for the title of their last message? "You Are Gold".

(general laughter)

Katrina (caller): The whole message: “What you are feeling in your body is true’, they said referring to the river of gold glowing through me. “The real gold is within you. Pathways of gold underly everything on earth connecting light, linking you to what you call God, to one another and to the earth. Golden strands of the net of light dissect your body and carry light to your organs and energy systems.” They go on then later to talk about how to access this net of light. Then Sharon McGurlane actually added her notes saying, "The real gold that humans have been searching for for eons is within you, not the stuff you wear on your fingers, hang around your necks or hoard in bank vaults".

We spent, we opened the weekend by doing metaphors of the gold within us. We actually did a thing with a golden rock and we put our gifts into it and then we put all of those rocks together because all of our gifts are what create our reality. We actually went in the net of light and she did a wonderful meditation. We're now bringing the net of light to gold. This is what became so clear to me because two years ago I asked the Grandmothers to please, please show me how to live my life within the in and out breath of Source. (inaudible) I couldn't even dare imagine the whole world. I said at least a community where we all live within the in and out breath with Source in all.

That was two years ago and before I went to this, they gave us this instructing us to live as the gold and how to access that gold to the net of light. That that golden net of light will hold you, will feed you, will guide you and that's it. So Sharon McGurlane guided us in a meditation. I got her permission and I'm going to make a YouTube with her guidance on it for us all to access the net of light of gold.

Lisa: Oh, thank you.

Brian: Beautiful.

Lisa: Make sure you share that with us when it's up.

Katrina (caller): I will and thank you. I could burst into tears, Lisa, hugs hugs all of you. You guys feed and fuel me so much and I spent all weekend...I created a whole new postcard, Brian, a brand new one. I have "One Love, One World, One People's Public Trust" I have been handing everywhere. Now this weekend it was "You are the gold".

Brian: I actually had the pleasure of meeting Katrina at the Encino Meditation Garden, the Self-Realization and Fellowship Meditation Garden. She gave me one of her One People's Public Trust business cards. I gave them all away though Katrina. I couldn't help it. I loved them so much. I had to share them with others.

Katrina (caller): I am glad to put the artwork anywhere if anybody else wants to download it. It's just on...I can pdf it, whatever...if anybody needs anything. Everything is all of ours.

Lisa: You can load it up onto the OPPT-IN Facebook page.

Katrina (caller): Okay, I'll do that. We'll talk more, Brian, about the other stuff that is coming up, but the most important thing that was coming up because I knew it as a healing artist. I know when I’m working with somebody that has a mortal issue even, some people stage four, that the first thing you have to do is breathe in the center with them where the Source in and out breath is and amplify that so strong and then disintegrate that which is limiting them. That’s what I feel the net of light does.

Brian: Cool.

Katrina (caller): Whatever speaks to you, I'll share it. I love you all. Blessings.

Lisa: Thank you very much.

Brian: Thank you Katrina for calling. Much love to you too.

Katrina (caller): We are ALL eternal essence embodied! Woo!

Chris: Woo Hoo!
(general laughter)

Katrina (caller): We are! Yes!

Lisa: Okay, we have area code 508.

Caller: Hi, this is Kathleen.

Lisa: Hi Kathleen.

Kathleen (caller): I just have a quick question. Does anyone have any information about the flash mob for Patrick Cody Morgan?

Lisa: That would be Brian, if he knows?

Brian: Well, as far as the one that we did about a month ago now? Gosh it seems like eons ago now. I have an update from Cody, from Patrick Cody Morgan that I got from his sister, Stacy Chapman. She actually might be listening to this call. He's quite the inspiration to some of the other inmates that are behind bars with his story. He helps other...well let's call them prisoners, but really they're not. A lot of these people that are in there are in there for the wrong reasons, but he is helping them with legal paperwork and filing all sorts of different actions to help them stand up for themselves since the court appointed an attorney.
Those kinds of things don't really get you all that far, but he has very high hopes. He's got a really great attitude. He's connecting with all sorts of people through the postings that were put out on the American Kabuki blog. We have a feeling that once this energetic event happens he'll be set free considering that there was no crime that he committed. He figured out the system and they saw him as being a threat so they locked him up for it. He deserves to be free and I feel he'll have his freedom one day in the not so far out future. That's the update on Patrick Cody Morgan.

Lisa: It does sound like he's there for a very good reason at the moment then.

Kathleen (caller): Alright then. Thank you.

Brian: Nope. Not at all.

Lisa: No, I mean with what he's doing, a higher reason.

Brian: Yes, I believe so. Yeah, I absolutely believe so. He's got a real....I've gotten multiple emails from him and his attitude is such an inspiration. I've shared a lot of his emails on the American Kabuki blog. For a guy that's been wrongfully imprisoned, he's got just about the best attitude he could ever possibly have. I know that his days in there are limited, so send love and light and courage to Patrick Cody Morgan and his family. They're going through a lot right now, but it’s definitely for a higher purpose.

Lisa: Thank you, Kathleen.

Kathleen (caller): Thank you.

Lisa: Area code 75 (garbled) 757? (silence) Okay, we'll move on.  Area code 630. 630?

Caller: Hello.

Lisa: Hello.

Caller: Can you hear me?

Lisa: Yes. Yes, I can. What was your name?

Caller: (inaudible) How are you? My name is David.

Lisa: Hi David. Did you have a question or a comment?

David (caller): Yeah, I have a question. Let's say you send out a Courtesy Notice to the people who want to take your car. What do you say to the repo man?

Lisa: What do you say to the repo man. We had a situation like this not too long ago, didn't we? And the repo man walked away.

David (caller): Did you give him like a Courtesy Notice too or what?

Lisa: (breaking up) situation where I think the Courtesy Notice was already sent to whoever the loan's with. When the repo man showed up, he was shown the paperwork and told that if he chooses to act that he will be incurring a Courtesy Notice and a fee schedule himself. He then walked away and made phone calls to whoever gave him this job. The person using the Courtesy Notice also said to him "You should (inaudible) the people who have hired you to do this job have not (inaudible) you've not been informed of this situation (inaudible) are in. By coming here to take my car, you're now personally liable if you take any action and you should have been notified of that." So they did walk away (garbled for several words) and then (garbled for several words) and then left. So the process worked. Send the Courtesy Notice to the person, an individual who represents where you got the loan from. (Garbled) stand by where to fill in for someone (garbled) didn't show up (inaudible). They should have been informed of the liability that they are taking on coming to repossess your car. (garbled for several words)

Bob and Brian: You're breaking up Lisa.

Lisa: Ach (garbled)

Brian: So they have an obligation to show you, to prove, that there is in fact a debt. If they can't do so, then they have no authority over you. In order to be able to prove that there is a debt, they have to be able to show that there was in fact a loan and that there was actually money that was loaned to a third party (i.e. your car company) and they will not be able to do that. So you stand your ground. You ask for that burden of proof. They're not going to be able to provide it for you. Then you get their name and you fill out a Courtesy Notice and you say 'I am now giving you this document. I'm serving you with this document. The instructions on how to respond are in there, but you are now liable. Now this is my contract directly with you.' Do it with all the's called a Courtesy Notice, because you've got to give it with courtesy. Don't start a battle. It's not going to get you anywhere. Don't fight fire with fire. You've got to defend yourself with your rights. Go that route and then see what happens.    

David (caller): Yeah, that makes sense. One more question. Let's say there's a foreclosed house, you know? Since the bank is foreclosed, can't you just go inside and live in it? Or who owns the house, you know?

Lisa: Yeah, that's a good question. One of the things I want to (inaudible) with Heather once she's actually got some time and she's (inaudible) been finished with some of these recent filings, is what's a good way of going about addressing all of these foreclosed properties. Because there's a lot of them out there and there's a lot of people without a home. So, I don't have the answer yet, but it is something I want to focus on (inaudible) over the next few weeks.

Brian: I've got a quote that I want to read. Sir, did you have any more questions? I know we're kind of pushed here on time and I want to read something that I think will help some people.

David (caller): No, you go ahead.

Brian: Let me just read this real quick. All right, thanks for calling man, I really appreciate it. "Any suffering you are going through is happening to stimulate your own evolution and give you the lessons necessary to be where you need to be. Believe this and accept what is for what it is. It will only burden you so long as it is useful to your development." That rang true for me when I heard it.

Lisa: (inaudible)...where's it from?

Brian: Spirit, Science, and Metaphysics on Facebook. (laughs) I'll type it into the chat room.

Lisa: (chuckling) Words of wisdom from Spirit Science.

Brian: So, Lisa's breaking up...

Lisa: Thanks Brian. (garbled) (knocking noise) What the hell's going on? Area code 917? (background noise--no voice) Hello?


Lisa: Helloooo (garbled)


Chris: Okay, have we lost Lisa?

Bob: Maybe we did.

Lisa: Hello?

Bob: Oh, there she is.

Chris: There she is.

Lisa: Can you hear me?

Chris: We can hear you now.

Lisa: (garbled) Okay. (garbled) Has this whole program been sketchy with the audio?

Chris: Yep, it seems to be focused on you Lisa.

Lisa: You guys have all been cracking up too (inaudible).

Chris: Okay.


Chris: You know I think we're losing Lisa. And we've lost Brian. Bob, do you want to take it up? (silence) We may have lost Bob too.

Bob: I'm sorry, I was muted.

D: That's okay, Chris, I'm here too. I wouldn't abandon you.

Chris: Yes, you wouldn't abandon me...absolutely. Lisa, can you hear us at all? (silence) She says, "Bob, take over. Bring out 917".

Bob: Okay, area code 917? Are you there? (Silence) Nobody there. How about area code 320?

Caller: Hi, can you hear me?

Bob: Yep, your name please?

Caller: Chase.

Bob: Hi Chase.

Chase (caller): I love the most recent document. The I and the Universal Value Exchange. It really just brings it back to all my studies of Bashar and Law of Attraction and even Abraham-Hicks kind of.

Chris: Oh yeah.

Bob: All great information coming from those points.

Chris: Yeah.

Chase (caller): What I wanted to share was my intuition about this, which was connected by the mention of Sheldan Nidle and the Galactic Federation and how he actually acknowledged OPPT as a crucial part of the transition and the awakening. My intuition on it is that if we're going to include the Earth in the galactic interplanetary, we're going to need to know ourself and to know where the value comes from. This Universal Value Exchange is key to that.

Bob: We're coming up to the last few seconds Chase, so if you want to sum up real quick?

Chase (caller): That's all I wanted to share.

Bob: I believe you're right. You're absolutely right. In order for us to play the Universal game, we've got to know who we are. We're coming down to the last few moments of the show. So, I'll just go around real quick and let everybody say their goodbyes. Thank you for calling Chase and everybody for tuning in. Everybody want to sat their goodbyes. Brian, D, Chris.

D: I'm going to say goodbye on Lisa's behalf. Lisa says goodbye to everyone. I say goodbye to everyone too.

Brian: First of all, I hate goodbyes. (giggles) (all laughing)

Bob: We got 10 seconds.

Chris: Okay. It's goodbye for me folks. We're on the bridge. We're on our way.

Bob: Thank you for everybody. Enjoy your evening, day, the rest of the day. Tune in next week.

Lisa: Tomorrow.

Bob: Tomorrow.

Chris: Tomorrow...Collective Imagination.

Bob: Yes, Collective Imagination, 8:00 Eastern Standard time and somebody from Australia will have to give the Australia time. I don't know what time that is.

Lisa: 11 am Eastern.

Bob: There you are.

Lisa: Here I am. Guys can you hear me? I was talking to myself.

D: (laughs) Say goodbye Lisa.

(unidentified soft voice saying "goodbye Lisa")

(all laughing)

D: Smart ass.

(all laughing)

(all saying good night and goodbye) 

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