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Manifesting 101 – You Are A Master Manifester (Part One)

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Manifesting 101 – You Are A Master Manifester (Part One)

You are a Master Manifester
You are a Master Manifester
What is Manifesting? Manifesting is creating your hearts desire…bringing something from your imagination into reality. Simply put, making a dream come true. Whether it be something small or something big. Yes, you can do this. You’ve just forgotten how. You are here on Planet Earth because you are masters at this game. You are here because you are the best…You are Master Manifesters. Every single one of you. No exceptions. You are meant to be here right now.
Manifesting is a big subject, which is why this article is just Part One. But I want to show you how it works and the best way to do this is with an illustration from my own life, of how I manifested a big event. A dream, a wish, a heartfelt desire from the depths of my Being. The opportunity to climb Mount Everest.
It all began with the death of my husband. I was only 39 years old and I was a widow. It was tough. A year and half later I knew I needed to do something positive to pull myself up out of the not great place I was in, so I decided to embark on an adventure.
A friend of mine was going to Tibet to climb Mount Everest and suggested that I go too – not to climb to the summit, but to go to the Base Camp. I just knew this was something I had to do – it felt like magnetic attraction. I loved the idea, I was excited by the thought of seeing Tibet and the Himalaya. I love mountains and have always been a climber. I had lived in the French alps for 12 years with my husband who was a mountain guide. However at this point in my life climbing Everest had never entered my head. It wasn’t something that ordinary people like me did. Or ever had the chance to do anyway – this was my (limiting) train of thought…these were the ‘rules’ of life that I had bound myself to unconsciously.
But all that was about to change. Because the moment I set eyes on Mount Everest, from the window of a small plane flying from Kathmandu to Lhasa, I was in love. I realised that Everest (known as Mother Goddess of Earth by the Sherpas) is not just the highest mountain on the Planet. She is also stunningly beautiful. A Goddess, no question.
The Everest Massif
The Everest Massif
So I went to Everest Base Camp with my friend, and from there, through a telescope I saw him standing on the summit. Witnessing that moment had a profound effect on me. I so wanted to see what he was seeing, to feel what he was feeling. I knew that an experience like that is something you cannot articulate in words, for you feel it with your heart and I wanted to feel it. From that moment on, I wanted to climb Mount Everest.
But like all dreams – it was easier said than done. And I know you know what I mean! However something in me had changed. I had a new determination. My heart was speaking to me. This was something I wanted to do more than anything. On the plane back to Kathmandu from Lhasa, I threw my rule book of life out of the window and in that moment I stepped outside the boundaries and limtitations that I had set for myself and started challenging the beliefs that went with them.
I had absolutely no idea how I was going to climb Mount Everest. It wasn’t just uncertainty that I could do it physically, or whether or I had the mental strength needed for such an undertaking, but my greatest stumbling block was money. To climb Everest costs a minimum of $30,000- 40,000 US dollars. Just to get a permit to set foot on the mountain costs $10,000. I didn’t have that kind of money.
But the new unlimited me approached this ‘problem’ in an unexpectedly (for me) different way. Before I threw my rule book out of the plane window I suspect I would have gone home and tried to work out in a very logical left-brained way, how on earth I could raise all that money. I would probably have written a lot of letters. And drawn a blank.
The Potala Palace, Lhasa
The Potala Palace, Lhasa
Instead of doing this the creative part of me jumped in, and I asked myself a question from the heart. This question is the key when it comes to manifesting… because a very large part of manifesting is Action. And I was about to take action in a very big way. The question I asked myself was this: “IF I was going to climb Everest what would be the next thing I would do?” So I was saying to myself, ok let’s assume you are going to climb this mountain… so what is the next thing to do?
My answer to this question was: “Well Everest is the highest mountain on the Planet (almost 9,000 metres high) so I’d better go and climb something fairly high to see if my body can cope with the lack of oxygen, because if it can’t and I don’t feel good up there, then there’s no point in trying to find the money anyway.”
And so this is what I decided to do. I listened to my heart instead of my head and I signed up to go and climb an 8000 metre mountain in Tibet later that year, in order to test myself both mentally and physically at altitude. However that expedition was going to cost me all the money I had in the world. I really felt I was taking a huge risk in several senses of the word – that was what my mind was telling me, constantly. That I was crazy. Not only could I die, but I was going to spend all my money on climbing a mountain – when I could use it to do so many other ‘more worthwhile, less frivolous, less dangerous’ things – like using it to live on for a year for example.
About a week before I was due to leave, I was sitting in the office where I was working, in floods of tears, when a friend of mine walked in. She asked me what on earth the matter was and I told her that I was about to spend all my money on climbing a mountain, and if I didn’t go then I would have all that money to do other things with. She looked me in the eye, by-passed my mind and spoke to my heart. She said: “You can always earn money but you don’t always get opportunities to do things like this. Follow your heart.” I knew she was right. And I did.
Tibet - Everest in the left background
Tibet – Everest in the left background
I went to Tibet and climbed to over 8000 metres on the mountain. My body felt fine, so I knew I could cope with high altitude.  And whilst I was there I met a climber who was leading another expedition. Two years later I married this man. And it just so happened that his job was running expeditions to climb Mount Everest, and my wedding present was getting the chance to climb Everest, on my honeymoon.
And so at dawn on 16th May 2004 I found myself standing on the highest point on the Planet looking at the earth curving far away into infinity. It was in that moment I became aware of the vastness of the universe, of it’s limitless potential and of our potential. In that moment I knew that there are no limits except the ones we set ourselves.
Because you see, in the end I didn’t need to find the money to climb Everest, it happened in a way I could never ever have dreamed of. You see our mind does not know everything, but our heart does. Our mind only knows what it has learned. And if I had listened to mind I would have just sat at home trying to work out ways of raising money. But because I listened to and followed my heart and what my intuition was telling me to do, I didn’t need to find the money. And not only that I met my husband at the same time! And that would never have happened if I had sat at home writing letters.
So do you see why it is so important to listen to what your intuition is telling you? Your intuition, the greater part of you has access to Absolute Knowledge, which is something your mind does not have. And do you also see that you don’t need to know in advance how something is going to happen, because more likely than not it will happen in a way you can’t imagine, in a way you have never experienced it before? If you try and work out in your mind how something can happen you will limit yourself to experiences that you or others that you know of have had before.
How the world looks from the summit of Mount Everest
How the world looks from the summit of Mount Everest
Throw away your rule book right now, open the gate in front of you. and step outside that boundary wall that you’ve built around yourself. Look at the limitless horizon. Isn’t it a great view?
So there you have it. What do you want to manifest? What is your heart’s desire? Creating from the heart is one of the keys. Take your mind out of the equation, because your mind will try to talk you out of it. It will give you all the reasons why you can’t do it or have it or be it. It will limit you.
The other important key is to Take Action. Ask yourself The Perfect Question. “If I was going to do/be/have _________what would be the next thing I would do?” When you do this you are saying to yourself I don’t know how I could possibly do this, but if Iwas going to do it what would be the next thing that I would do? And then do it. Do something, take some action. Action is crucial to making a dream a reality. It sets the wheels in motion. It sets the intention, it starts the energy moving. Nothing happens by sitting at home.
I will go into all this in more detail in Part Two. But for now… Anything is possible. Go and Create. BE the Master Manifester that you are!
All Love

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