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Freedom Reigns OPPT-IN- Feb 25 Transcription

Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN
Monday, February 25, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, February 26, 2013 (Australia)

Lisa: Good morning, good evening, good afternoon, wherever you happen to be on planet Earth today at this time. My name's Lisa Harrison; this is the OPPT-In show. Our weekly show, where we discuss the latest developments with The One Peoples Public Trust. I want to say welcome to everybody. Now, I do have a bit of a cough and it does sound like I grew an Adams apple overnight, so if you're picturing me in ten-inch heels and sequins and far too much makeup, I understand why. I'll try to get through it. (chuckle) Now, firstly a bit of housekeeping. If you want to be part of the chat, please go to and click on the chat link. There’s plenty of room in there for everybody. There’s no chat coming up on Blogtalk today.

Now before we bring in the rest of the crew, I've been asked, by far too many people, to please address what I'm inferring as the first wave of blowback that we're seeing. I've got quite a few things to say about it. All are my opinion; because predominately that’s what I'm seeing, is opinion. One of the things we talked about quite a bit last year during the show was as the year was ramping up, as the energies were ramping up and changing, that nothing that was based in fraud, nothing that was a lie or a false flag, was holding water for very long. Kony was a great example. I think that lasted about a week, before it came back and bit the powers-that-be on the bum.  We had the Batman shootings. I think that took about 48 hours to start turning around.

Now we’re two months into the One Peoples Public Trust being in fact public and we're now just starting to see some resistance. Nothing that's been brought to my attention so far has been anything other than opinion. I haven't seen anybody rebut the filings. I haven't seen anybody offer anything other than very heated and passionate investment in a paradigm. This is my observation and that's all you’re getting from me anyway, my opinion, so I'm not claiming it to be fact. You're getting what I feel, what I think, what I observe. None of it’s fact. I'm not a UCC lawyer or a legal expert. What I am is a human being who has a sense of what feels right to me and what resonates with me. What I'm seeing in people is, for example who are so invested in the fight against the system that they are fighting the end of the fight. Because where do you go from there? If their life has been, the last 20 years of their life has been trying to escape the system and fighting the system, what do you do when there’s no fight left? If you're that invested?

I'm seeing people who are invested in a particular meme, you know. This can't be true because the ETs are coming. This can't be true because the Agarthans are going to be coming. This can't be true because of whatever; some savior meme. I've even seen the One Peoples Public Trust be claimed as a savior meme. I don't get that one at all. To me this fits the bill of “We are the ones we've been waiting for”. This was one of the people, actually it wasn't one of the people, there were many, many people involved in this process over the years on behalf of the rest of us who didn't have the knowledge, who didn't have the opportunities who didn't have the wherewithal to do what The One Peoples Trust has done. They could have just done it for themselves. But they didn’t'. They did it on behalf of us all.

What else have I seen? I've seen people who are heavily invested in their solutions, to their answer. This can't be true because it's not mine (chuckle). There's been some pretty interesting and entertaining radio shows of late. For me it's about energy. I've seen people that you would call energy suckers, energy vampires, and I compare that to the energy that I actually receive when I'm connecting with people from the One Peoples Public Trust, including Heather. I've never met an individual who can give energy to the extent that Heather does…ongoing. What else have I noticed? I think that’s about it. I think I've had my rant (laughs). My deep voice rant for the day.

Bob: Somebody in the chat room asked a question here, Lisa.

Lisa: (affirmative response)

Bob: This has been going on and anybody who listened to that P Farm interview, where they were going on and on about “Well, you used this word and you used that word”. Someone asked in the chat, Can you please explain in detail why you use the word owner, custodian, and trustee?” Before I even get into that, I want to address a couple of things.  Number one, as I said in the beginning of the P Farm interview, none of these CVC filings are even necessary. When you understand that your first contract or your first bond is with the Creator, just as if you were to get married, even if by consent, as they kept trying to pound into my head. It’s by consent. It’s by consent. Even if by consent, you got married to someone else without divorcing the first marriage. That contract is invalid; all other bonds are invalid. If you understood that completely and you could remember that first contract, you wouldn’t need a UCC filing. It’s just a tool to help you to remember who you are.

I’ve only spoken in reference to these documents as to the spiritual aspect of them. It’s where I focus, because that is where I’m looking at. These documents, there is energy all over them and I can speak to that. I can speak to that energy, but when someone picks one document, and mind you they didn’t read all the documents, they pick one document and started picking it all apart, saying that there’s this word there and this word here; when all of the documents are related together. Now, I’m going to answer that question about those words owner/custodian. You are the owner of your BE’ing. In other words, no one has authority over you BE’ing, your essence, your consciousness. You are a custodian or a co-custodian with the Earth. You are a trustee, because you, as it is written in those documents, “being bound to the people, it is expressly forbidden to advocate, subjugate, violate, incriminate”… or any other kind of gate that you want …”the free will of another human being”. It’s expressly forbidden in the context of those documents. So anyone who’s afraid “Oh, we’re selling our souls into slavery. We’re giving up our sovereignty”.

First off, you’ve already done that when you were born. You’re already in the system. Don’t be worried about “Oh, she’s going to push us back into the system”. You were already there (chuckle). Now, just realize that you are free. You don’t need to sign anything. None of us, nobody that I know of associated with the One People’s Trust has ever asked for a penny. They never ask to sign any membership. There’s nothing for you to fill out. All you’ve got to say is “I’m one of the people.”

Lisa: You know, Bob, the UCC filings are absolutely useless unless we act and they are absolutely unnecessary if we do. That’s the way I look at it. That’s it; that’s all there is to it.

Bob: (big sigh) Yeah.

Lisa: Anyway, Bob, thank you. Chris, do you want to have (laughter) your two bobs worth? 

Chris: My two bobs worth. Good morning, everybody. Welcome to the show. Yes, I’d like to have two bobs worth of. For those who don’t know what a bob is, it’s actually an early reference to an English schilling, which used to be a currency here a long time ago. So, I want to put in my two bobs worth. Commentators getting hung up on particular aspects of certain documents is actually their own problem, okay? This discussion will always end at the following statement “If you’re not in position to rebut the filings, then thank you for your opinion.” But that’s all, it’s just an opinion. So, please proceed and rebut the fillings and that will put the whole issue to bed.

(several talking at once)

Chris: Hang on, hang on. I’ve got to put in my second bob, Bob.

(Okay…general laughter)

Chris: The trustee’s bond came up as a subject of great contention in that show that Bob’s referring to. The person that was commenting on that never got past that particular document and was only looking at what that person thought they saw in that document. But because they hadn’t actually read the rest of the filings, they didn’t actually know that the successive filings completely shifted the nature in contents of the Trust to a point where the only things in there were the entire population of the planet or the living BE’ings of the planet in as Self, which is the eternal heart, which is the thing that actually counts, because it’s immortal and that is bound to the Creator, which we are part of the Creator. So, negate that if you want to. If someone’s going to own me, I’m happy for it to be the Creator. We’re also bound in co-custodianship of the planet with the planet and the planet is also bound to the Creator.

Now, if you’ve got a problem with that, I think you better go back to square one and have a think about whether you simply would like a one-on-one relationship with the rest of the universe with no outside parties inserting contracts between you or whether you want to play some other game just based on statutory law and trust law interpretations of very complex UCC filings, which I think is a wrong attitude to take. Just as a final point, if all of the well-trained, high-level UCC lawyers in all those really big corporations couldn’t rebut these filings, might be a big hint there for the rest of us people out there. There’s one final thing I’d like to say. We’re all on the same side. If you’re not sure that these filings are going to work and you can’t rebut them, just watch from the sidelines and cheer on, because we’re  actually working for everybody here…everybody.

(several talking at once)

Brian: That was three bobs, Chris, so if anybody wants (talk over) … bob, go ahead and take it.

Chris: Sorry, I know I have an energy debt there.

Lisa: I made the comment before the show and Chris said remember that and I said these people who are having an issue right now, do they want to be right or do they want to be free? What do they want more? Because we’re all on the same side here. We are one people. So, what’s your investment in? Being right or being free?

Brian: If I can go ahead with my real quick two bobs, this is Brian. I think one of the things I’ve really learned so much from Heather and how she composes herself when she gets so much pushback, is that there’s a time not to far off in history where my natural gut reaction would be to get defensive if I was being challenged for something that I believe. I’ve come to the point just in the last two months where I realize that there is nothing to defend. Everybody has the freedom of choice and freedom of an opinion. I think that deep down, it goes without saying that we all want the same thing. So, there’s got to be something that’s below the surface that’s causing people to have such a negative reaction. I guess that really depends on the individual that’s having that negative reaction. But when these challenges come up, I just allow people to go through whatever processes they need to go through and put out whatever they need to get out.

But ultimately, no one on this call or no one in the OPPT is trying to convince anybody of anything, or ask anybody to do anything, or to get people to sign anything. Everybody has a choice. So, you don’t really have to worry about expending a whole lot of energy in proving that you’re right. I mean, go ahead, you can send me emails all day, or comments on the American Kabuki blog, or send me Facebook stuff, I’m not going to go toe to toe with you because we’re fighting for the same. Fighting is an old paradigm word to use, but were all in it for the same cause. So, holding space for these people that are having these negative reactions is something that kind of goes with the territory when dealing with something this big, which is by all accounts absolutely unprecedented.

Lisa: (affirmative response)

Bob: Another thing I wanted to mention. Just listen to the energy; follow your heart. If you're angry and frustrated and that's what resonates with you, you are going to be surrounded by angry and frustrated people. We have pretty much a good time on all of our calls. All of us, every single one of us, have our own problems. We have houses being foreclosed. We've got loans that are being you know and I don't know a single one of us that are independently wealthy. So, I do understand and I'm not trying to be insensitive to people's issues. Nor am I advocating that you should do one thing or another, because if it hasn't become obvious to you yet, the PTB are going to do whatever the fuck they want anyway.

It doesn't matter what kind of paperwork you do, which words you used in the courtroom or not. I know some people who are brilliant…Dean Clifford, sitting in jail right now. So, they're going to do what they are going to do, regardless of what paper you signed or how you put it, how you worded it. What you need to do is to appeal to their heart and remind them of their obligations as far as that is concerned and stay in your own space. Because honestly the only thing being traded here is your energy and when your energy is leaving you, that's when you feel fear. That's when you feel anger. That's when you feel frustration. I don't allow myself to go in those areas, so I am not going to foray into that environment because that's not where my power exists. Everyone has got to find what resonates with them and follow it. BE true to it.

Lisa: So, I think we've given that enough attention. Don't you? I think we've given that enough energy.

Brian: Absolutely.

Lisa: Okay, the big news really last week was the Courtesy Notices coming out. Was that only last week or the week before that? I’ve got no sense of timing anymore. A lot of you have used them. A lot of you have sent them off and a lot of you also have a great deal of questions. So, we’re going to start by dealing with those initial questions and any confusion in regard to the Courtesy Notice.

But, having said that, there are two resources for you available on the website. One is a video which is (inaudible). It’s between Scott and Ken Bartles and Chris Hales going through the Courtesy Notice virtually line by line and most of your questions will be answered in that audio. The other thing is the guidelines that come with the Courtesy Notice. Read them. Reread them. Again, if your question isn't answered in either the guidelines or the video then by all means send an email. I believe you guys have set up an email, but please listen to those first. Because, if you can imagine, there are a lot of people who just don't want to invest the time and energy to do it and are sending in questions because they want a quick fix, a quick answer. With thousands of people doing that, no one ends up getting an answer because the guys are inundated. Those two resources are there. But if you do have a question that doesn't get answered by either of those, what's the email address?

Chris: The email address, Lisa, is pronounced “foro paq”; That's and if you want to know what foropaq stands for it's For One People Australia Questions. That's the email address. Do you want Scott and I to give you guys a quick rundown on the thing we’re going to be releasing a little later on today?

Brian: Absolutely.

Chris: Okay, are you there Scott?

Scott: Yes, hello everyone

Chris: Hello, Scott.

Brian: Hey, Scott.

Scott: Hey.

Chris: What Scott and I have been doing the last couple of days is collecting all of the inquiries we've had so far. We've done another audio tape, which will be going up on the site this afternoon, which goes through over forty of them. This is a little bit of repetition, but we're bringing out different things all the way through. It's really worth listening to, because it's additive to the first tape we did, which discusses the Courtesy Notice, literally paragraph by paragraph in quite some detail.

Now having said that, just before Scott and I talk about some of the specifics of the things that we encountered in the inquiries, the Courtesy Notice is going to be re-released probably later on today. We’re putting out a Word version, which will be just a Word document, because of the requirements for translation and people's desires to change prices and to actually handle the addressing a bit differently at the very start of the document. We had a talk with Heather. She was in favor of us putting it out as a Word document and letting everyone stand on their own recognizance.

The understanding has to be this: the first two pages of the document where the actual lawful and legal aspects of the Courtesy Notice are expressed, really need to be not touched. Don't change the spelling of words or any aspect of them other than formatting. If you want to adjust font sizes and spacing, that's fine. The only thing we really should be changing in any way are the Respondent and the Proponent names that need to go in, the matter, which is the very first thing that you put in, the action they've taken that's triggering your use of the Courtesy Notice and the second instance of the Respondent’s name or which ever Respondent is relevant to put at that point in the document. Reformat those so that whatever your particular matter is, it's expressed clearly, because clarity is more important. As you go through that audio we're putting up today, we’ll give you all sorts of aspects to think about when you're actually using the thing.

So, Scott, the items that we ran across most often when we were going through all of the requests?

Scott: Right. Well, we had some very good questions. It was actually thought provoking. There was a couple of good little suggestions there as to what we can do in future. Little ideas like the little social media signature or privacy statement; that was a good little one. Most of it was sort of an expansion of what we'd covered earlier. If I could just touch on what you mentioned about changing that Courtesy Notice? One little litmus test, if you like, might be worth running through, as I've seen now a couple of variations of folk modifying that Courtesy Notice.

A couple of them are falling into the category of compelling action from another, as in you have to do this or you have to release that, you have to stop doing this. I suggest that falls back into a your control over another. What we are doing here is a courtesy and there's no courtesy to be had when you're directing and commanding someone else. So, if the modifications that you've made start demanding and commanding someone to do something, it's not really a courtesy anymore. A courtesy is to point them in the direction of these UCC filings and that's the verbiage that we've used in those two pages. Please direct your attention to that and have a read.

We're not saying you have to do this and you have to do that. Yes, we would like them to cease and desist their actions and should they not do that and would they like to engage with you on a one-to-one basis as individuals, then here are my terms for doing that. Now, there's no compulsion in that. It's not “You have to do this or you have to do that”. So, if I could just reiterate the litmus test, maybe anytime there is compulsion coming in of commanding someone to do something I suggest scrunch that one up, throwing it in the trash bin and starting again.

Lisa: The other thing that needs to come across is you're informing people that they're acting now within 100% full liability and responsibility, but that goes both ways. You've got to remember that, so are you. You're 100% reliable and responsible for your own actions, so treat the recipient of this Courtesy Notice like you would like to be treated.

Scott: Yeah. It’s definitely a two-way deal and we get into that with a couple of examples in the audio we recorded last night.

Chris: Yeah, there's actually a stance that you're taking that you need to understand and that…do you want to use the example, Scott? There was one person who was concerned about what if they come and actually reclaim my car? Do you want to run through the principles behind that? Because that's a particularly important aspect of putting out terms and conditions. You have to understand again that it is a two-way street.

Scott: Yeah. So, essentially, when you're offering these terms and conditions for someone to perform an action that becomes the acceptance of your terms and conditions, what you're doing at that very point is you're saying “I agree for you to perform this action in exchange for however many thousand ounces of silver.” So, if you look at that very closely, it's your agreement at that point for them to perform that action. Now, you're attaching a rather large price to that, which for most people will be the incentive. “Well, actually no, I don't really want to do that”.

However, by offering those terms and conditions, you're actually agreeing to that action. So, in the example of the car, by approaching this from the mindset of “I want to stop them from taking my car”. Well, this is the free will part of the universe. So, in offering  those terms and conditions what we are doing is we are saying “Yes, you can come and take my car in exchange for 5,000, 10,000 of silver.” You've set your price and it's that price that puts the choice back on them. “Do I really want to take this guy’s car in exchange for 15,000 ounces of silver?” Which is quite a bit of value if you work those out.

Lisa: So, it’s about your attachments.

Scott: Yes.

Chris: Exactly.

Lisa: Let go of your attachment to the car or the house or whatever it is that they can come and claim. If you can let go of the attachments, then you'll be able to inject the right energy, in my opinion, into this whole interchange.

Chris: The right energy. Yeah, and Scott's experience is that people who do that, get the result they are after. If they put this document out there in a state of fear, their wishes are actually more likely to be carried out or their fears, I should say, are more likely to be carried out, because that's the energy they're putting out there. So it's very important to be in the right energy when you are actually using these documents.

Bob: It's probably a good time to go into why people have a lot of fear, because a lot of people have been asking about enforcement. Last week we said that we are the enforcement. It's up to us. So BE’ing in that space is extremely important, in that space where there is no fear. When you understand and you know something to be true, regardless of what anybody else is saying and you know it in your heart, it doesn't matter what anybody threatens you with. You hold on to your TRUTH. I wanted to point out a particular item and I don't have the document up, Chris, maybe if you could read item eleven in the terms and conditions.

Chris: Item eleven; let's just see if I am muted, no I'm not, good. Item eleven is action against another not party to these terms and conditions absent of lawfully binding contract between the parties.

Bob: Would you like to explain or begin to explain what that can mean and how it can be used?

Chris: Scott, did you want to do that or shall I jump in?

Scott: Yeah. I can touch on that, and thanks Bob. It can be used for example, say there's a family member that's detained or has any action performed against them. Now, a perfect example with the family, that harm that is inflicted upon another family member, translates also to a harm that happens to you. If your partner is detained and can't pick up the kids from school or is detained and isn't able to go to work and provide money that would pay for the rent or that sort of thing, it's an action absent lawfully binding contract that inflicts harm that translates through to another person. Now, in this aspect of us all BE’ing one, there are some very wide ramifications as to how that might be used. I was just giving an example of in a family environment and it can be extrapolated to other instances. Does that help there, Bob?

Bob: Yeah, very much so, because I believe it's in a way that we can all stand together. Because when you're standing by yourself, it’s like David and Goliath, but I assure you the reality of the situation is much, much reversed. We are the majority. The whole idea of the One People's Public Trust is to understand that we're not American, we're not Canadian, we're not Australian. We're not even male or female. We’re just human. All of us and all of us are in this together. All of us are sharing this world together. What affects one of us affects all of us. Once we all start getting and understanding and start knowing and BEing that, then the will of the people will always prevail because that's the majority. We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Lisa: So, let's put this here to practical use.

Bob: Okay.

Lisa: Scott, we've been getting, at least I have, a lot of requests for support to various individuals that are in (jail/prison). Dean Clifford that Bob mentioned earlier, Bill Brockbrader. For people who are trying to support Dean or trying to support Bill, what could they do to use the Courtesy Notice? How would they have to change it, if at all, in order to come together as a group and use it to support one of these individuals? Let's say a thousand people use a Courtesy Notice on one matter on behalf of one of the people, does the document need to change at all?

Scott: Not very much. Essentially, I would say, it’s the setting of the context of the introduction. So presently the Courtesy Notice relates to “I received a document which purports to be blah, blah, blah” and that is an action. Now, in this instance, we've got an incident which is happening, maybe on the other side of the world, which is an action. If you boil that down as to what the real essence of that is, you could say that it's the maintenance of the slavery system in it's real basics. Any action that's continuing the slave/master paradigm, the hierarchy system, the slave system, anything that is actually continuing that is a continuation of that slave system which ultimately, one way or another, has an impact on you.

Lisa: Because if they get away with it them, then they get away with it with you.

Scott: Well, again, we’re all one. The hierarchy does not exist. We’re all on the same playing field. So, the context we’ve got now is probably worded along the lines of “with regard to” action and we insert, for example, “the holding of” or “the incarceration of” this individual. You might want to give it a date to get the context and the location. Again, it’s providing the information that says he’s not talking about that individual over there, he’s talking about that individual over here. Just the context. From that point onwards, it’s here’s the rest of the Courtesy Notice, pointing to the foreclosure of the banks and governments of the world. Again, if we refer to our term 11 of that Courtesy Notice, we’ve got action against another, absent a lawfully binding contract. I think we’re establishing there that harm that relates to the action or the incident that you’ve provided the context to at the start. Is that sounding like that would be a good way to use that document thus?   

Lisa: I think so. Does it require a cover letter or anything? Or just send off a Courtesy Notice with his details in it?

Scott: I think now that you’ve got the Word document that you can modify yourself, I would put the context within that Courtesy Notice. Again, what we’re talking about is the first paragraph before we’ve got to the meat of the document. So, it’s basically everything before we’re talking about defining or the definition of Respondent. So, where as we had “I have received a document that is purported to be” and it was insert “material”; that paragraph there can be modified to set the context of that action and the maintenance of the slavery system.

The following paragraph is your I AM statement. The way I view this is, we can state it as or we can say “There’s a problem here…maintenance of slavery system”, but the underlying principle is harm to one is harm to all. If we are all one people and harm one of us, you harm all of us. For me, that’s the way I would probably write that. I think it’s very important. This is probably one instance where the Courtesy Notice, if you write it from the heart, that’s what needs to go in there, because that will put the right energy into it.

Lisa: Harm to one is harm to all.

Chris: Harm to one is harm to all. That’s the way I feel about that and that’s the way I would write that.

Scott: One last thing is, say for example you benefited from the information that that individual was sharing with you that is now incarcerated. You are directly affected by his incarceration of not being able to get access to that information that he was providing. So, even on a purely one-to-one basis, there’s the harm to one, harm to all working, in a different form.

Lisa: So who would these be addressed to? Like in Dean’s situation,he is currently incarcerated and will be brought before a judge. I don’t know whether the judge is known at this point. I mean, these things don’t usually get organized until close to the day, do they? Or do you address it to whoever is bringing the charge?

Scott: By the sound of it, there are numerous individuals (inaudible).

Lisa: Then I would put a call out (Scott talking over “out the front door”). You sort of cut off a bit there and we lost you for a second. I was just say that it would be good to put a call out to somebody who knows the details of Dean’s situation and someone who knows the details of Bill’s situation, perhaps Eva and they can go to the page on Facebook and put the names and addresses and details of the individuals that are involved that you would like Courtesy Notices sent to. If you want to participate in something like this, then you’ll have the information you to offer the support you’d like to offer. How does that sound?

Scott: Sounds pretty good, I think. A lot of folk, you can see it all the time, the individuals hiding behind these corporate veils and position titles. The amount of documents I’ve seen come from these foreclosed government departments that are signed “The Registrar”, “ABC Lawyers”, and it really is quite funny. It’s quite rare to see someone put their full name down the bottom and say, “This is what I believe and I am signing this on my own”.  It’s been this hiding behind the corporate veil for so long and I am glad to see that’s over.

Chris: Scott and Lisa, I just want to point out one thing, further down in the body of the Courtesy Notice that plays directly into this discussion we are having about why this notice is relevant to the situation we are talking about. It says “Proponent Julie Maxim gives you due notice”, this is you as the individual, talking to the Respondent as the individual, “that Respondent is lawfully and legally responsible and liable in principle and triple damages under common law for any and all unlawful and illegal actions against Proponent by Respondent causing and resulting in any and all damage to Proponent, inclusive of physical harm, physical detention, property seizure, property damage, financial damage, or other damage of Proponent’s measureable energy”.  Okay? Harm to one is harm to all. If that affects you, for instance, if you are distressed by the fact that Bill Brockbrader is in jail, that’s damage to your measurable energy, is it not? So, it really is a very, very applicable document for a situation like this and I think writing it from the heart will have the effect that we are actually after.

Seraph (caller): If I might interject a comment here?

Lisa: This is Seraph, by the way, everybody.

Seraph (caller): Hello, folks. I would like to touch on two parts of this if I may? Enforcement. A lot of people are afraid of enforcement by the “powers-that-were”. I personally don’t even like the term “powers-that-were” and I will speak on that in a second. Enforcement. First of all, all things in this world, everything that’s not created by the creative force is governed by the UCC. Is governed by it, is dealt with by it, everything about it is connected to the UCC in one way or another. Now, with that being said and The One People’s Public Trust going inside that proverbial “belly of the beast” to make it implode. It basically renders every piece of that house of cards impotent, if you will. Now with that being said, whether you believe that or not, that’s fine, but here’s the part that I really want to touch on.

Force versus power. I don’t like the term “powers-that-were”, because they don’t have any power. All they have is force. They’ve used force by the threat of guns or taking your stuff at the threat of a gun, because they don’t have any real power. Power is an internal thing that you exhibit outwardly. Force is something you use when you are afraid or you have no power. That’s why they call it the Air Force; the Armed Forces. When you make somebody do something, you’re forcing them. You can only make them do it, because you don’t have the power to either share in it or it’s yours automatically. So, you have to force it.

If you’ve never been in the back seat of a cop car, because you fought a foreclosure by staying in your house, then you don’t know what it feels like to have that fear go away. Because you’re being forced to do something and all of a sudden you feel your real power. And then the people who are oppressing you feel that power and let you go. You think that was a fluke; that wasn’t a fluke. It’s because everything when you take it back to prime source is based in the power of our personal, internal and universal energy. That personal internal universal energy eliminates force coming upon you. You can look at that from any perspective you want. You can go all the way “New Agey” or you can go all the way to Southern Baptist church down in Mississippi. It still comes to the same thing. Your power is in our Oneness and the force comes when you don’t have a power.  So you pull out a gun or you pull out a bat or whatever, that’s my take on it. I believe the documents that we’re doing now are merely for the sake of those who are in duress this moment.

It will either change your scenario based on your power behind it or it will force them to be forceful with you, because you’re afraid or you’re coming at them in a weird way. Every cop on the street, even the ones you would call dirty cops, is just a regular guy or girl who’s got a job to do because they’re trying to make a payment. They’re trying to make a mortgage or they’re trying to pay for a car. They got some kids with braces, whatever.  If you approach them like regular human beings like they are you and you are them and treat them the same way you would treat anybody who’s lost and needs to know directions to a particular place, then you’ll move better down that trail. That’s my two bobs. I don’t know if you want to make that one big Robert or I don’t know what you call it.

Lisa: (chuckle) One big Robert.

(general laughter)

Chris: Makes one guru bob.

Lisa: The call out for us to discuss CVACs is loud and clear in both chat rooms, Skype, all over the place. Is there anything else?

Chris: Yeah, there is a couple of other things, if we can go for just a couple more minutes? One of the things that we ran across repeatedly was, UCC is not applicable here and UCC is not applicable there. We wanted to point you to an article that has been published this morning on a website called “Wake Up World”, which I’m hoping Lisa will be able to post in the chat, which discusses exactly how UCC law is filtered out from various key points around the planet via corporations. Don’t forget, our countries are corporations. It’s distributed out through the corporate sphere at corporation level. You don’t see it publically in the legal systems in most countries, because it’s one of the secrets of the “folk-that-were”. 

That came up a number of times and we got some very clear information there about how the system actually works. Which is quite an important thing to get your head around, because you need to have confidence in the fact that it is real because of the rebuttals we’re seeing or the attempted deflections we’re seeing from the responses we’ve had back is simply “Oh, this can’t be true. So, you’re being silly. Stop being silly.”, or literally words to that effect. Really indirect deflections and some of it’s going to come from the fact that the lawyers just don’t know, because they’re not trained in it themselves. They’ve never looked at it and they just don’t know what is actually going on.

The other question that we had which comes back to Bill Brockbrader’s issue, is how do we find the names of people that have sent us pieces of paper; just signed by such and such lawyers or such and such government department. Looking up names on websites, telephoning them and simply asking them the question, looking up previous documentation that might have a name. You will get back to a name sooner or later. And if you can’t, you will be able to find the names of the senior officers, the chief executive officers, the chief financial officers in an organization. In the end, they’re the defacto recipient of the Notice that you need to send out.

When we re-release the Courtesy Notice, in the instructions, we’re going to show a couple of different ways you could actually phrase that first paragraph, where you’re stating your duly verified declaration of facts and stating who the respondent is. But in the context that we already have, the context of “in the event of” and if possible, we’ll include one which relates to the “I AM” and “harm to one is harm to all” statements, that we’ve been discussing about Bill just to get people going. And I have to say, these aren’t set in stone. Provided you follow the general principles that we’ve got here giving them a clear reference to the matter, you can actually phrase it in your own way. Just be very careful about how you do it. Make sure it’s mindful of the effect that you actually want to achieve. Anything else you wanted to mention, Scott, before we move on?

Scott: No. I think that’s pretty good. By the sound of it, we’ve just lined up another session later on today to figure out those paragraphs.

Chris: Well, yeah, I forgot to tell you about that last night (laughing). There are always things jumping up that always slow down the work that we’re doing behind the scenes. It’s just the nature of the beast at the moment. Just a final comment about the way that the blowback is coming. I fully expected this to happen, because the penetration of the information is reaching out into successive layers that are closer and closer and closer to mainstream thought. We’re going to get bogged down in trying to explain to seven billion people how this actually came about and how this is going to work. One of the conclusions that I’ve come to in discussing this with people is the actual launching of at least one of the CVAC’s publicly that will simply put all of this discussion to rest, because it will be a real thing we can point out and say, “Look over there, that’s what it is.” That is my opinion, folks. Anything you wanted to add to the Courtesy Notice stuff at the moment, Scott?

Scott: The only thing I’d say is we discussed briefly, a rather important find of the UCC filing. Unrelated to what OPPT had done. Which can be used to basically shoot down anyone who comes along and says “Ah, UCC does not operate in my country. It doesn’t apply here.” So, have a listen to that audio. I think we’re planning to discuss that document and its findings in more detail a little bit further down the track.

Lisa: Which audio are you referring to at the moment?

Chris: The question and answer on the Courtesy Notice.

Lisa: Which isn’t actually online yet, but will be later today, yes?

Chris: It’s ready to upload, so we just need to get it physically on the site and that does include that discussion. It is an extremely important document that we uncovered. Not just for the fact that it existed, but doubly the actual content of this particular document is absolute evidence of exactly what they’re doing behind the scenes to all of us.

Lisa: Okay, we do have a lot of people with their hands up and we do have a lot of requests to get to the CVAC discussion. So, at the moment, we’ve also been joined by Thomas Hughes. Thomas, you there?

Thomas: I am. Can you hear me?

Lisa: Yeah, I can. Is there anything you wanted to add to the discussion at this point?

Thomas: Yes. I just want to add a very basic thing to this discussion. Back in June of last year, I was on a show where something very similar was being discussed. The guest on the show that I had joined was having a difficult time answering a question. So, I asked her, to save her from trying to fumble for words, I asked her if I could take a stab at it and she said “Sure”. So, I answered the question and the answer I gave fits what we’re going through right now…perfectly. The answer I gave was the real enemy, the real thing that we’re up against now is the programming that is in everyone’s head, more than anything else, because of people’s perceptions and the way that all their experiences, they’re rebelling against this idea. I will quote J. Edgar Hoover, the first head of the FBI, J Edgar Hoover was quoted and said this “When something is so big that it boggles the mind of the average human being, they will not believe it” and that’s all I wanted to add at this point.

Lisa: Thanks, Thomas. Okay, I’m going to see if these people actually have a question that do have their hands up. So, I’m going to bring one out now, which is area code 336, area code 336, did you have a question or a comment?

Caller: Yes. This is Randy. I just want to express great gratitude for what you guys are doing here and I appreciate it. I understand that there’s a second Courtesy Notice that was going to be coming out for situations that we already exist in; is that true?

Lisa: I believe there was talk of that, yes.

Chris: Yes, Randy. Thank you for reminding me of that. As I alluded to a minute ago, there’s an awful lot happening behind the scenes. I will take that up with Heather and see where she’s at with that. I’m aware that she has changed her focus to preparing the documentation required for CVAC release. So, it may have just fallen off of her list of things to do. Thank you for the reminder.

Randy (caller): Thank you, I appreciate it.

Lisa: Thank you, I’m just going to mute your mic again, stay tuned. And we have area code 971.

Caller: Yeah, this is Kip. Can you hear me?

Lisa: Yes we can, Kip.

Kip (caller): Based on last week’s show, I made a courtesy call to my credit union. I ended up talking to the vice president of finance, who said because they are a nonprofit organization they don’t fall into the same bucket as big banking. I was wondering if anyone had any comments about that?

Lisa: Are you sure that they are not underwritten by any of the big banks?  I mean there are credit unions out there that are completely independent and they literally do only operate on members funds. That is true; there are some out there like that.  However, that doesn’t mean they don’t operate under the same banking practices.

Kip (caller): Right. My concern is I’ve walked away from all of my finances except for my truck which I live in. I’m concerned that a repossession would leave me completely homeless or home rich as I like to say, because wherever I am that’s my home. So, I am negotiating with them. It kind of shook my conscience a little bit, because the vice president of finance said that they are non-profit. Everything they have goes back into the credit union for the members.  I felt like that was something I kind of wanted to support.  So, I found myself wavering a little bit. 

Chris: Yeah. In fact, I totally empathize with where you’re coming from there. But as Lisa said, if you can, check who the underwriters are. That should actually be on their annual report, which a lot of the time it’s on their website. But you can generally get one by just asking for it, if you-re in a branch. Just see who they’re connected to. Their practices on charging interest on loans may well be the same. If they can prove to you that they loan you real money. Heather gave us some clear indications of that and you’ll find a reference on American Kabuki, thank you Lisa. That’s a key thing. If you can go to them and say “I understand this, but if you can do these things for me, then I will be convinced that you are actually loaning real value and not just creating debt out of thin air.” So, there’s another conversation that you will have to have with them. They’ll need to show you some providence. They’ll need to show you that these funds really exist, where they came from and the fact that they took funds from one account and put them into another. They didn’t just type some numbers in there and create it out of nothing. So, if you could have that second conversation and report back to us, that would be a useful bit of information for everybody who is listening to these calls. 

Kip (caller): Great. I know one of the differences in the way they operate is that they can cross connect their loans, where a traditional bank can’t. So, when I stopped paying my credit card with them, they said “Well, then we’re going to repossess your vehicle”. They ended up rolling, I think I owed $6,000 on my truck and it turned into owing $17,000 on my truck. According to the rules that they operate by, that was legal for them to do that. I thought I’d throw that out there because it’s unusual.

Seraph (caller): Can I ask what’s your name again sir?

Kip (caller): It’s Kip.

Seraph (caller): Look, Kip, let me ask you a question. This will break it down for you real simple, brother. When you think about what’s going on with you and that so-called credit union, does that feel good? 

Kip (caller): Well, it didn’t up to the point where they insisted that they’re non profit and they don’t engage in the banking practices of the large banks. I didn’t have a chance to call this guy back. I actually called today and he’s out of the office until the 4th of next month. I was going to ask questions like, do they do fractional banking? 

Seraph (caller): No but see, what you’re…one second, Kip. What you’re doing now, is you’re giving me fiction. I’m asking you something that’s real and that is when they tell you that your truck loan is no longer $7,000, but it’s now $14,000 or whatever. Did that make you feel good? Like they were on your side? 

Kip (caller): No, in fact I reacted out of fear and went ahead and agreed to it.

Seraph (caller): Right. So, that means that they’re using force, because they don’t have any power. Let me tell you something about credit unions. Just like anything else, if they’re telling you they loaned you money, they’re connected to the banking industry.  Nobody, I don’t care who you are, you don’t get to do this without the express permission of the fiction known as the banking industry. You may make it sound better, but it’s still the same game. So, if you don’t feel good about it, if you don’t feel good about how they are helping you, if you feel like they’re hurting you, then they’re not doing what they should be doing. That individual who is telling you that, he is accentuating the fraud, which means he’s doing a disservice to you, which in turn is his choice is doing a disservice to himself. Help that brother out as soon as possible.

Kip (caller):  I appreciate that

(several talking at once)

Bob: There’s a way online that you can check the routing number of your credit union.  You can find out which Federal Reserve bank it’s tied to.

Kip (caller): Okay.

Seraph (caller): Exactly.

(several talking at once)

Kip (caller): I really appreciate everything you guys do.

Chris: I’d like to just make one final comment, Kip. Heather is consistently saying that everything has been returned to Absolute.  The Absolute position we’re all in, is that bank that you’re dealing with isn’t there anymore. Its charter actually has been revoked; it doesn’t exist. If you’re drawing a line in the sand personally, it has to be how far you’re prepared to go at this point, which you’re perfectly entitled to do. Still, bear in mind the fact that you’re dealing, as Seraph said, with a fiction that is not only a fiction, it’s a foreclosed fiction at this point in time. Just let that sit in the background and know that your power lies in really taking that on board that this shift has genuinely occurred. 

Kip (caller): Yes. I appreciate that. My only concern is that if these guys are outliers for the banking system. You guys have given me a lot of good information and I will follow up on that. Thank you very much.

(Several telling Kip thanks)

Lisa: Okay, we have caller 970…970.

Caller: Oh, hello. Hi! Hi, everybody.

Lisa: Your name?

Caller: It’s Katie in southwest Colorado.

Lisa: Hi, Katie.    

Brian: Hi, Katie.

Katie (caller): Hi! Gosh, so much. Everything has been so wonderfully spoken this evening. It’s one thing to the next. Oh my, I don’t even have any. The land, what about the land? (giggle)  Oh, okay, well, oh my god, I don’t even know where to begin. Oh, okay, well. (sigh) Questions, well, I’m sorry, I was just…

(Several talking at once)

Lisa: Katie, would you like me to come back to you again?

Brian: Take a deep breath, Katie.

Katie (caller):  (inaudible)  (giggling). Oh my gosh, so many questions. Okay. Well. I really… 

Brian: (chuckle) Might have to come back to you, Katie. (chuckle)

Katie (caller): Yeah, that’s fine. Yeah, that’s great. I love you guys, thank you so much for all that you’re doing

Lisa: Katie, get a piece of paper and a pen if you’ve got one handy. Write a couple of things down and I’ll come back to you in a few minutes. 

Katie (caller): Okay, thank you.

Lisa: No problem.

Seraph (caller): Back in the Baptist church, we used to say Katie got caught up in the spirit; she didn’t know what to do.


Lisa: Area code 817

Caller: Hello.

Lisa: Yes, hello, your name please?

Caller: I am Emmanuel.

Lisa: Emmanuel?

Emanuel (caller): Yes, Emmanuel from Texas

Brian: Hey, Emmanuel.

Emmanuel (caller): Hello. First of all, I want to say thank you. I greatly appreciate all that you do getting this out, putting yourselves out there, really believing in something. It takes a lot of courage, so thank you for what you’re doing.  I wanted to see if you guys had any information about any concrete information about CVACs that are coming out or any updates? 

Lisa: I can tell you one thing and that is that the paperwork in order to activate and bond yourself to a CVAC is in the process of being formatted as we speak. We hope to have it up on the website by the end of the week. 

Emmanuel (caller): Awesome.

Chris: To be specific, that’s for people who want to act as public servants within one of those CVAC branches. There’s specific roles and they’re absolute service rolls, that are bonded in and your full personal liability to serve. The contracts are in three-month increments. The thing that’s on everyone’s mind is when will the button get pressed?  When will they come online? I personally won’t even venture any form of date. My personal feeling is that it’s imminent, but unless we can get Heather and get a definitive opinion, definitive expression from her, that’s about all of the information I have for the moment on when it might happen. Does anyone else on the panel have any feel for that?

Bob: Is there any word on Heather?  Is she available?  Can we get her on?

Lisa: No, it doesn’t look like it. She seems to be offline.

Chris: Okay, we’ll keep trying for the rest of the show to see if we can pull her in and ask her that pivotal question.

Lisa: So really, I know there has been a huge call for us to discuss the CVACs. That is really the extent of the update we have, is that the paperwork that you would fill in as a contract to bond yourself as a true public servant is being formed, as we speak, this week.  Once those are available, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in activating the CVAC for your area, if that’s what you wish to do. 

Emmanuel (caller): Okay, thank you very much.

Chris: The message there, Lisa, for people all around the world, because I’m sure it’s starting to penetrate all around the world, is that in every area that was previously called a country, that there has been a branch reserved for that area. If you or a group of you are keen on serving and kicking off the whole process, it’s going to be a pretty interesting ride, folks. I would be emailing the trustees now with an expression of interest. Their email addresses are on the website. They’ll be fully expecting people to start to contact them and we encourage you to do so. In the end, it’s a matter of signing one document to be involved. As I said, they are three-month rolling contracts, in a succession of four before it’s completely reviewed, which can be renewed three times after the initial signing. It can be made permanent at some point, if everybody is happy with the arrangement. The reason for that, in case you’re wondering, is to allow us to actually try on the pair of socks and if they don’t fit, get some other socks. That’s what it’s going to be all about. We have to be able to shape these branches very quickly and we have to get them all working together very quickly and that is the best way to do it. As long as everybody knows what they’re stepping into then and if you’re excited about it, I’d be emailing the trustees and putting a hand up. I’d suggest you contact others that you think might be interested first, so you can all get on the same page. 

Lisa: Unfortunately we lost Katie. I was looking forward to getting back with her and finding out what she was so excited about.

Brian: She knew Seraph was on the line. (laughing)

Lisa: Okay, I’ll go to the next one, which is area code 765, area code 765?

Caller: Hello?

Lisa: Yes.

Caller: My name is Karen

Lisa: Hey, Karen. How are you?

Karen (caller): Good. I’m calling from Indiana. My question is, if we sent out the Courtesy Notices to the federal IRS, the state and county, would it have any effect on the Social Security and the Medicare taxes?

Lisa: Are you asking if you sent your Courtesy Notice to the IRS would you stop receiving a benefit?

Karen (caller): Right. Would that jeopardize anybody that if we quit paying taxes, would that jeopardize anybody that was collecting Social Security at this moment and Medicare, would that jeopardize them?

Lisa: Somebody in America is going to have to answer that, because I don’t know how your system works.


Bob: You’ve sent a Notice to the IRS?

Karen (caller): Right

Bob: Is that going to affect your medical benefits or Medicare or Social Security? No, actually they’re two separate entities. If you have an IRS, I mean they’re all tied together, but they operate as two separate entities. So, if you’re talking about the Internal Revenue Service, if you have a tax issue or something like that, it’s not related to your Medicare or your benefits that you’re getting from Social Security.

Karen (caller): Okay, what I’m saying is if everybody in the United States quit paying the federal IRS taxes, state taxes and county taxes, would it jeopardize them if they didn’t start receiving any of that income? Would they mess with the Social Security and the old people that collect Social Security and Medicare?

Seraph (caller): Can I speak on that please? 

Lisa: If you wish.

Seraph (caller): What’s your name again, I’m sorry, ma’am?

Lisa: Karen.

Seraph (caller): Karen, let’s start here. Federal income taxes, I know this is going to be hard to grasp, if you’ve never heard it before, but federal income taxes don’t go toward paying anything that you “enjoy as a privilege or a benefit” in America.

Karen (caller): I understand that. I just want to know if we quit doing that would they mess with the older people that collect Social Security?

Seraph (caller):  Let me speak on that.

Lisa: They can do whatever they want.

Seraph (caller): Right, they can. Social Security. If you’re collecting Social Security now you’re not collecting what you paid in. You’re collecting what people are paying in right now. It’s kind of like a ponzi scheme, it actually is, which is what actually gives ponzi schemes a bad name. What I will say is this, when and from all of the information that I have received from Heather personally, when the CVACs are implemented and the system is in full swing, the last thing that is going to be your concern is whether or not you’re going to be getting a piddly little check from Social Security. Because that’s their way of keeping you pacified for the moment, because they were expecting you to die long ago.

So, with all of that being said, I need you to first, take a big deep breath and realize that you’re going to be okay. I firmly believe that the forces-that-were have no power and because they have no power, they cannot influence you negatively or positively at this particular moment. If you pay attention to government right now, they’re in a holding pattern. They’re calling it sequestering. They’re in a holding pattern. They don’t have the money to do anything that they would want to do. So in essence, your Social Security is already done from their perspective. That’s already done. So, what we’re trying to do now is show you that you have a lot more power than you actually believe you do, simply because you BE.  Now, if you just stand in your place of BE’ing. Believe me, it’s going to be okay. I can’t give you any specifics, I’m just going on what I feel and that in and of itself coupled with all of the specifics that you heard today and if you’ve been paying attention to anything with respect to the OPPT up to this point. Those specifics are there, but you have to know them for yourself. I can’t make you know them.

Bob: This is one of the things, Karen, that the activation of the CVACs and why it’s so important that they do get activated, to relieve people from that desperation. To relieve people from that need to, “How am I going to pay?”, so that you can have a little bit of breathing room. Because you’ll have an account that you can access, that you can actually purchase and do the things that you need.

Karen (caller): I understand that. I understand all that. I’m looking at it from the perspective that I don’t collect Social Security, but I’m asking about elders that I live with that do, that don’t have an understanding of this and try to get them to understand this when it happens. Do you understand what I’m saying?

(Several talking at once)

Lisa: My personal feeling is we’re going to see the CVACs online and we’re going to see peoples’ needs met before the other happens; before Social Security stops.

Karen (caller): That’s where my concern is, cuz I have to explain to quite a few people what’s happening. There's a lot of people out there that are very religious, very within their beliefs, to get them to understand that it’s gonna be okay.

Thomas: Karen, if I can address this with you. My name’s Thomas by the way. I'm on disability pay, so I receive a monthly check from Social Security on disability pay. I can tell you, it's not gonna be interrupted. A lot of people last year, in what was it? May of last year, Obama said that we may not be able to send out Social Security checks. And of course everybody was telling me in a fear state that we're not gonna get our Social security checks. Well, I went and looked it up and he said “We MAY not be able to”, but they were running with it as we WON'T get our checks the next month. I could tell you there’s… (caller Karen “and everybody did”) … yes, everybody did.

I could tell you something else. As many audits as there’s been done of Social Security, there’s between 900 million and 1.1 billion surplus in Social Security. Everybody’s going to get their check until CVACs come out, so whatever fear porn they try to throw at you about that, just tell them it's not gonna work. Just like this whole thing with gun control, it's not working cuz they don't have the manpower to even try and enforce that.

Karen (caller): Right. I understand completely. I just want to make sure.

Thomas: This is going to be a very smooth transition. That’s why everything is going slow. There’s a lot of us that wish it would hurry up, but we're still stuck here doing it slow, ‘cuz it's called baby steps.

Lisa: I don't know, Thomas, I don't know if it's going slow. I think that we're going at kind of a break-neck speed.

Karen (caller): I think we're going pretty good here, to be honest. I mean, sometimes I'm jumping out of my skin because I just can't wait.

Thomas:  I’m with you on that. I understand.

Karen (caller): I just got a couple of people around me that can get very anxious very fast, especially when you’re a little bit older and that’s what you depend on.

(multiple people talking)

Thomas: Well, yes, they do tend to do that.

Chris: Yeah, Karen, baby steps with those people too. It's a really big logical leap we're asking people to make.

Karen (caller): Okay.

Lisa: Also, one of the things that came up in one of the calls last week was that the powers-that-were, the forces-that-were, are now working off-script. One of the things that really hit me, sort of as a deep realization within every cell of my body last week, was that we are all working off-script right now. We are all free in a way that we have never been since we were created. We go along now. We are free to DO.

Karen (caller): It's scary right now.

Lisa: Well, for me it's not. I don't find it scary. I find it completely liberating and exciting. I can let go of all of the programming I came in here with. I'm free to do that now.

Karen (caller): I'm surrounded by a bunch of family and friends that just don't get it. I feel totally alone right now.

Lisa: And you're not alone, because there’s a lot of other people that feel like their alone.

Karen (caller): But I want to scream it.

Lisa: Yeah, I know. And you get the chance to, once a week you can come on the show and come and scream it (laughter).

Karen (caller): Well, basically I just want to ensure that we go and continue to kind of put the pressure on our government to finally quit, that it'll all be okay in the end.

Chris: Yeah. Karen, I was having a lovely conversation with a lady called Diane and her husband Michael from Canada yesterday. They actually leave copies of the Courtesy Notice in cafes on tables and they pin it up in the local pizza shop. And they're just dropping these little energy bombs around the place for people to walk by and pick up and read. If you want to do something that’s just kind of putting it out there and the people around you are resisting, just leave the Courtesy Notice sitting around some place to get them reading.

Karen (caller): I think I’ll do that. Thank you.

Lisa: Now, I don't like doing this, simply because I don't like hiding. I'd rather be up front. But I have been asked not to mention names and I'd rather just get it out there. There is a retired lawyer who spoke out last night privately. Someone who doesn't have an agenda or even heavily invested who has looked into the UCC and his comment was “This absolutely has legs. The only thing that would stop it is if the people don't get off their ass.”

Karen (caller): Exactly.

Lisa: That was his comment.
Karen (caller): I get it.

Lisa: So, it is up to us. We are the ones we've been waiting for. This is what we've been saying over and over again. But thank you, Karen, for calling.

Karen (caller): Do you have anybody that’s connected in Indiana? That I could correspond with? Cuz I feel totally alone here.

Brian: Can you hear me? You could announce an email address if you're brave enough to put your email address out there, if there's somebody in Indiana they can email you and you can get contact that way.

Lisa: You could also start a meet-up online. Go to and start a meet-up for your local area in Indiana. So, if anybody listening is in Indiana, go to and see if there’s any local meet-up group. They're springing up all over the place.

Karen (caller): Okay, thanks. Love you guys!

Lisa: Okay. We still have a lot of people with their hands up. The overall chat seems to be more information on CVACs, but that really is the only update we've got at this point, is that the paperwork to bring these things online is not far away. It’s days away. So just hang in there. I'm gonna bring out caller 281, area code 281?

Caller: Yes, I'm here, thank you. I'm Rose from Texas. Hi, everyone and thank you again for all you do. I spoke to a friend of mine today and she said there's an international tribunal world court which follows UCC laws only for crimes against humanity. The international court can file crime charges against all nations for committing fraud against all free sovereign citizens against the world by ignoring foreclosures by OPPT. This goes for governments, media or corporations and can be completed by citizen’s arrest of the media management teams, etc, so we can get the news out to the public. All the powers-that-were are working through fraud and criminal intent through the UCC. This can be done in the Now and we can stop this madness of the time-consuming stuff of the old ways. And then we can continue on our new era, our new world.

Lisa: Can you give us a link to where people can find that information?

Rose (caller): There was something put out today, actually I think it was on the OPPT website. If we follow what happened today on the news for what happened to the Pope, the Queen, and so on. That was from the International World Court.

Lisa: The ITCCS, is that the one?

Rose (caller): Correct. Yes. We can actually file through there instead of us going, you know, these little steps; we'll just explode it.

Lisa: Okay. Thank you very much.

Rose (caller): Thank you.

Lisa: Yellow Rose of Texas. (laughter) Nicely said. Area code 818.

Caller: Hello. Hi, how are you guys?

Lisa: We're very well. And what’s your name?

Caller: My name is Cody. I'm so excited to speak to all of you guys. I send you all love, light and blessings. You’re all incredible beings’ love to be attached to you.

(multiple people saying thank you)

Cody (caller): Okay, I have a couple of questions. They’re real quick. But then at the end, I just need a little of explanation, okay? If you guys could help me out, where is the invoice, the pdf for the invoice?

Chris: Thank you for reminding me. Sorry, what was your name again?

Cody (caller): My name is Cody. I'm calling from California.

Chris: Cody. How do you do, Cody?

Cody (caller):  Hi, how are you?

Chris: Very good. You had a big party there yesterday, I gather. (both laugh) Now look, I forgot, it was on my list of things to announce before. We're actually issuing a Word document with a sample invoice in it. So, it won't be a pdf, it'll be fully editable just to give you a starting point. The point to make about it is that it's entirely up to you to select and insert the correct term and condition for the action that you're invoicing against. Otherwise, it’s just an editable Word document as you would expect. It will be going up with the update.

Cody (caller): Okay. How are they intending on enforcing the invoice, like the CO gets it and he's going to say to me "Well, I'm not going to give you any silver. You're going to need to just pay your bill." and so and so. How am I going to make him do it?

Chris: The enforcement actually comes ultimately, if they refuse to pay and they continue to interact with you. What sort of company is this you're dealing with, by the way?

Cody (caller): Supreme Court, let's say or credit card bills, taxes. I'm BE'ing and DO'ing for real, for real.

Lisa: (laughter) Set them all up.

(general laughter)

Chris: Okay. Yep. The enforcement comes from you, standing in your space and saying "You've been foreclosed. I told you that I didn't want to deal with you anymore, yet you keep contacting me. So here's your invoice." Remember at all times, you're dealing with the person that issued you the piece of paper and anyone else in the hierarchy that instructed that person to act in that manner towards you. This is a deflection of a one-on-one situation. So, it's always the person you've got to keep addressing. I'd encourage people not to even think of it in terms of "Oh, I'm going for the courts. I'm going for the credit card company." It's the person. You're speaking to them physically. It's like "I'm talking to you. I'm not talking to you as a company person."  It's very important to remember that.

Now, what happens is that they're successively invoiced personally by you. If they don't respond, ultimately this is something that will happen in the one-two week timeframe, we're going to define the process by which you put a UCC lien against them. This is a financial declaration; a UCC financing statement against them, which ultimately is enforceable; should be enforceable, I gather, by actually submitting it to a sheriff or a bailiff. Now, the problem here is will they cooperate? If they don't, then they're actually in breach of their own duties as well. Then you can start Courtesy Noticing and invoicing those people as well. This whole process relies on us standing shoulder to shoulder.

Now, if you're having difficulties in the process and something I'd like Brian to speak to is the concept of supportive email and fax blasts. Offers to help with these have been coming out of the woodwork, actually, according to Brian. Sheer weight of numbers informing these people that we're not kidding; that we are not going to play this game.

Bob: This is one of the things, I think, that they're afraid of exposure more than anything. If you look at any of the protests, it's the people that have the cameras; the ones who have their I-phones out. They don't want to be looked at. The more exposure that they get and they realize that "Wait. I'm getting a Courtesy Notice from Peru and from Bolivia (chuckle) and the whole world is watching.

Brian: Yeah. I'm going to talk about it more on tomorrow night's show, but one thing I'm working on right now is we're getting camera crews together in various countries. We'll actually send out camera crews to document this process. Anybody that has a Courtesy Notice that they can go deliver by hand, not only are we going to serve the Courtesy Notice. We're also going to film the process, to put an additional layer of spotlight on the situation. Then we'll post that to the page, where we'll have a dedicated YouTube channel where people can follow these processes.

I put out the post today on American Kabuki, the message from Heather about almost every loan, if not all loans, are fraudulent. This particular post got more hits on it so far today than the conviction of the Pope. So there's so much interest in this and there's so many people out there wanting to participate in these Courtesy Notices. The more of us there are, like Bob just said, the more powerful it becomes, because if all of a sudden you take 50,000 people as just an example of a pie-in-the-sky number and everybody decides to put this in or send it in on the same day. We'll put together flash mobs for tomorrow that I'm already working on. You have a situation where it's like it causes an "Ah, shit", excuse my language moment for whatever agency these are being submitted to where they don't have a choice now. That information goes up the ladder so fast, all the people that are the ones being served these Notices, they're all made aware at the same time and the whole thing implodes on itself. So tomorrow, Chris, just based on what you just said, yeah absolutely. What we can do is we'll put together fax numbers and emails and we'll see what we can do to help Bill Brockbrader. The power in this, it does come from us the people. The more of us there are, the more they have to pay attention and have to respond.

Cody (caller): Absolutely. I was also dealing with the credit cards and I was trying to find the name of a person to send the Courtesy Notice to. I got a huge amount of pushback. In fact, when I kept asking, "You have my name and you have my address, you have my Social Security number, you have my mother's maiden name, why can't I have your full name?"  And they're like "We sent it to collections."  (inaudible—talk over) So I was like "Wow, so I'm a threat to you because I want to know your name? You know my name and I'm dealing with you directly as a person to person."  I was dealing with the eternal heart. I was BE'ing calm. I was BE'ing loving and very, very patient. It just didn't matter.

(inaudible—talk over)

Lisa: Probably freaked them out.

Brian: What was your name?

Cody (caller): Cody.

Brian: Cody, okay. Cody, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I have this the same. I sent in my Courtesy Notice today for my auto note with Chase. I had a conversation with the guy I called. My payment's only a couple of days late right now. I'm most likely going to pay it, because really my biggest objective right now is to get the Courtesy Notice in his hands and see how he responds to it. When i was having a conversation with him, I already knew him by first name and I knew his extension and I said "I have some information that I need to send you that could bring resolution to this matter very quickly." He wanted to hear that. So, "I’m going to send the information to you individually and you can pass the information along."  I asked him for his last name and he put me on hold for like three minutes. He came back and gave me his employee number. I said "Well, I appreciate that, but I need your last name. I'm going to address this to you and then you can decide what to do with it and we'll just go from there." Very casual. I was BE'ing extremely nice. He was like "okay" and he passed it along. I dropped everything in the mail and I sent it to him today. Now I'm just kind of waiting to see what happens.
You kind of hit the nail on the head. If you were nice, that's definitely the way you want to go, because if you were throwing negative energy at these people, first of all, A: they don't deserve that, they're just doing their job and B: the less likely they are going to be to give you any information that's going to help you out. Anybody that's listening to this call that's trying to do this, the way that you approach these people is a big part of the strategy. They want to deal with people that are treating them with respect.

Cody (caller): Well, it's something very metaphysical about this whole event. Because when I did my UCC filing earlier on, it was something metaphysical that I felt happened. I felt liberated somehow. So, I didn't realize that the feeling inside me would be like rushing like that. Now, I'm doing this from the point of view of setting my intention and how I want this to be resolved in a loving, peaceful way. Some people are responding and some people aren't. When they don't, the answers do come in another way. I understand the universe is still going to open the door for this to come to fruition and free me, so that I can realize that I am free, more and more, every single day. It's definitely a realization process that you go through, because we've been enslaved for so long. I was even looking for the pdf, the waiver, because I'm setting my intention on receiving waivers. (laughter)  (inaudible – talk over) Huh?

Brian: He said that's the right thing to do.

Cody (caller): Oh, okay. Thank you. I feel like the energies are going to support whatever we hold in our hearts and in our minds. So, I'm trying to focus on that instead of "Oh my gosh, what if they arrest me?" (inaudible) All my friends are saying, "You better be careful". I just realize they're not ready yet. They're not awake yet. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm just in a different place. What I need from you guys is support, which I'm getting so much of and I love all of you guys for that. Thank you. It's freaking me out every single day when I see that the Pope is getting arrested. Then they were saying the police station in Maine, they were prepping the cops on how to deal with us as terrorists. We're not trying to hurt anyone. We're coming from a loving place. How on Earth can that be considered a terrorist? Just terrible things. I just keep needing to hear from you guys, so that I see that we're going to overcome all of these obstacles no matter what they try to do. It's been a process, but it's been a beautiful one.

Brian: Bravo to you, Cody.

Seraph (caller): Cody, I also want to say this if I may. You have to remember two key elements here. I'm not Catholic, so I'm not trying to disrespect him or any other institution itself, but what I would say is this. The Vatican is connected to the whole system via the UCC. Now, I don't know why they themselves would eat their own. So either it's something that we're doing that's causing these things to erupt, because I don't have any reason to believe that the Vatican would get rid of the Pope and then try to house him. Because that's the only people who could get rid of the Pope, would be the Vatican. Now, they're a sovereign nation, in and of themselves. With that being said, there's another thing i want you to bear in mind. When you approach people in a nice way, they're going to treat you nicely, but remember this. If I'm choking you to death, when are you going to kick me the hardest? 

Cody (caller): When I'm down. 

Seraph (caller): When you think you're going to die. When you think you're about to die. So remember that all the people who have not made the decision to be with the Oneness of all of us, they're going to start kicking real hard. The problem is their kicks are pointless, because there's no teeth in the tiger. So, with all of that being said and with all the energy moving towards, just come with us. Just come with us. Relax. Stop kicking. Just come with us. We're not really joking with you. (inaudible for several words) When that happens, understand there's going to be a little weird, in my opinion, (inaudible) a little weird. But it's not going to be a (inaudible), because when you're on the right side. I've heard the corporate brethren Obama say several times "I'm being on the right side of history." Well, we're on the right side of history here. We're on the right side, so that will prevail. Don't feel like there's going to be any storm-troopers knocking your door down, because storm-troopers got family just like you do.

Cody (caller): Absolutely. They don't know. The majority of people that I speak to they don't even know that this exists. They don't even understand that they're enslaved. They think that this is just the way it is and this is reality. We're living in a country and everything's just fine. They're just not awake. Sometimes it is frustrating, but I keep it inside and I look at them as hard as me. I think they just don't know yet and I'm going ot help them in a loving way and only good things can happen from that public interaction. That's what I believe from being part of the Source, Creator; whatever you want to call it. 

Lisa: Cody, are these people comfortable in the current system? The old system? Or are they very uncomfortable?

Cody (caller): They're very uncomfortable. They think that's how it is. That's how it's always been. That's how they talk. They accept it. They're complacent. I'm one of those people that says "No, something feels wrong."  If there's a way that we can change it, so that we can all be happy and all be at peace, I need to DO something. I need to start BE'ing and DO'ing. Somebody showed me how to do it and I just started doing it. I'm hoping that that will show others as well. I can't wait to see the Superior Court judge. (laughter) (talk over) (general laughter)

Lisa: It brings me to something. With the audience that we have on this show, there has to be among you police officers, government employees, perhaps even some lawyers and judges.

Chris: Military? 

Lisa: There's military. I know you're all out there listening.

Brian: Speaking of lawyers and judges, if there are any lawyers and judges or retired lawyers and judges that are listening to this call, that have an interest in helping to support this movement, not that we need any more credibility, but to establish some perspectives from having a law background, please send me an email to: We'll get that out of the way right now. 

Cody (caller): I just have one more question. I want other people to get in too, but it's just so amazing to talk to you guys. Goodness! Is there a pdf for the waiver? Also, can you explain a little bit how the silver converts to dollars and just that whole part of the invoice? Because I don't quite understand that part. Those are my last two questions.

Chris: Okay, both good questions. The waiver is actually on the invoice. If you look at the sample invoice, down on the bottom at the end of the instructions, it actually says "waiver in grace. If within 14 calendar days of recorded receipt of this invoice, Respondent is able to provide a sufficient verified response with an actual proof of claim of a binding contract because you've actually stated that that is acceptable previously or provide irrevocable written withdrawal of action itemized above causing this invoice to be issued". Other words, they write to you and say "We are no longer interested in pursuing this matter" and then you don't send the invoice. This invoice will be waived, no payment is required. Any invoices issued prior remain payable and then there's payment terms. That's the waiver. It's the "get out of jail free" card. They can withdraw from that. Whether you choose to pursue the previous invoices or not, because the objective here is to have them fall silent. If they do give you that waiver, then they've actually done as you wish. What was your second question?

Cody (caller): The silver and how it's converted to dollars.

Chris: Oh yes, the silver. Originally what Scott was attempting to do was to have a way of stating the value in each of the items in the terms and conditions in precious metals only. The actual numbers on the current version that you're looking at, are actually one ounce silver coins. They are minted with a value of one dollar usually by mints, even though they're actually worth say $37-$40 dollars. What he's really saying is 2000 silver coins, minted as one dollar coins, that's actually $80,000 dollars worth. What we've decided to do, just to put it in down there in numbers of silver coins. If you want to put fiat currency, that's up to you. You can have pounds, lire, whatever you like there. I recommend (inaudible) silver, because don't forget all of these banks are foreclosed. Their money's actually not really worth anything. Metal always has a value. That's the decision you guys can make. That's what Scott does and what I'll be doing. It's your free will choice, just to go back to American dollars if you just want to keep it simple. It's up to you guys. Okay? Thanks for the questions.

Cody (caller): Thank you so much. Love, light and blessings to all of you. Heather, love and kisses and I'll just keep it going.  
(All saying thanks and goodbye to Cody)

Bob: Another thing I wanted to mention for everyone who's listening, if any of you who are out there who have been following along and have really got their head around the documents and have some creative ideas, because one of the obligations. We're getting a lot of air back. Somebody's got a sound like in a vacuum or something.

Lisa: It actually looks like it's coming from the (inaudible) call-up line itself. 

Bob: Oh, okay. If any of you have any creative ideas, because one of the things that We as the People are charged with, is actually reprocessing and enforcing and reestablishing, we’re building this as we go along. All of us. If you got some creative ideas on how we can proceed and you understand your responsibility and reliability, we stay within those guidelines under that structure, please write in.
(talk over)

Thomas: Well, I would like to throw something in if I may, that may be beneficial for everyone to know. I’m giving it to you, Lisa, and I will also, well I can’t put it in the chat, so you’ll have to do it. This says the Supreme Court decision from 1796 and there is no expiration date on Supreme Court decisions, but it’s Cruden versus Neale, 2NC1796 2SE70, “Every man is independent of all laws except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellow men without his consent.” It’s already in writing, folks. Everything we are talking about is a moot point, because that is already on the books and has been for over two hundred years. 

Lisa: Thank you, Thomas.
(talk over)

Brian: Got it, cool. Hey, just a real quick comment, to add an email to (chuckle), we’ve got an OPPT email for everything days for which Bob just put out there. If anybody has any creative ideas, or they want to contribute as far as offering some type of creativity, we have

Bob: Oh, also I wanted to mention last week, I had asked any musicians out there and I know, Seraph, you’re already on it. You got that cut that I’m still waiting to hear, but there was a young man, Seth Mitchler. I wanted to mention him, because he sent in some really interesting and really good enlightened music, I really appreciate you for that, Seth, so I’m going to put his link in there. We don’t usually have time anymore for doing  breaks in this show, so we’re always talking. But if anybody wants to check it out, he’s link is there in the chat and I’ll leave it at that. Anybody else who’s got any contributions with music or art or poetry; all of that is Being; all of it. Whatever it is that you’re good at, whatever it is that you have art work, you have an illustration of what the CVAC looks like in your mind, or any ideas…please.

Lisa: Thanks, Bob. I just wanted to quickly get back to that caller, to anybody who is currently under the impression that they work for the government or a corporation. Just, you’re following this information for a reason. Take it up line. Take it to your management. Take it to the boss. Take it to the CEO. I understand that people rely on their jobs right now to provide for themselves and their families, but have a look. Have a good look inside and see how you feel about the role that you’re playing and do you need to make some changes and what could those changes be that are more in alignment with who you BE. I know it’s not easy; not a lot of jobs out there. I get all that, but just start thinking about it. Just start thinking about if I didn’t do this job, what would I DO? Who would I BE? Just start letting that floating around for awhile. I’m not asking anybody to go out and quit their job at all.

Brian: Why not? Why not, Lisa? That’s what I did. (laughing)

Lisa: I know you did, but that was your choice. Nobody told you to do it. The world is changing very, very fast. Perhaps that job might not be there anyway soon, so what do you want to DO? Who do you want to BE moving forward? But in order to participate in the change, take a Courtesy Notice up line. Make sure somebody (garbled) even if it’s the CEO, CFO. Know what’s going on? Get an answer from them, question them, have a conversation. So, that’s all I wanted to say.
(talk over)

Chris: Can I anchor that, Lisa, because ultimately all the people around you, they’re people. They have lives just the same as you do. They need to know about this, because this is their future too. You don’t actually have to fill out the Courtesy Notice and lay it on them. You can give them a copy and say “Here, read this.” Okay, if you’ve got to draw a line in your personal sand, then you can still give them the information. The information is something that is getting it to them, as the part of the process of noticing them, as passing that information on.

Lisa: Thank you. Okay, we’ve got a little bit of time. Well, actually, we don’t. I might be able to squeeze one more call in, if you’re quick. We’ve got area code 313.  Area code 3l3?

Caller: Hello?

Lisa: If you’ve got a quick question, because we’re down to five minutes. Yes, hello.

Caller: Hi, man. Wow, okay, I’m on. Alright, one of the things that I wanted to say, a couple of my questions have already been answered, so I’m not going to go back over that. But I was talking to a friend of mine and seems like everyday there’s some new knowledge about alternative ways of doing things, as opposed to the way we were doing. A friend of mine was saying what he wanted to do with something, but he came to the conclusion that if you had a group that’s one thing, but if you do it by yourself, you’re asking to become a target. So, in a sense we’re all together, we’re discussing these things we need to do now we have a chance. Now is our time to really start. Great to BE who we want to BE. Why I believe that we really came here, this does not (inaudible) in me at all. I understand that things are changing day by day at breakneck speed. But this does not feel foreign to me at all. It feels like this is what’s supposed to be happening. I just want to thank everybody for everything that they’re doing and I’m with you on this.
(talk over)
Lisa: Thank you for that and what’s your name?
(talk over)
Caller: Greg
Brian: Thanks, Greg.

Greg (caller): Yep, definitely, so I’m just gone to leave it at that. On with the show.
(talk over)

Brian: Much love, man.
(talk over)

Lisa: Okay, very quickly…720. 

Caller: Yeah, hello!

Lisa: Yes! Oh my god!

Caller: How are you? Hi, Guru Bob!

Brian: This must be Katie.
(talk over)

Caller: Thank you for taking my call.
(talk over) (laughter)

Caller: I just want to give a very brief experience that happened today when I tried to send out my CVAC.
(talk over)

Lisa: You mean your Courtesy Notice?

Chris: Courtesy Notice?

Caller: Exactly. I’m just so excited that I’m on; it’s just so amazing that I’m on. My name is Erin by the way. I’m calling from Colorado and I was on hold for a half an hour and I couldn’t get anyone to give me any last name, not even a last initial. I’m a writer and I do a lot of like internet searches as part of my job, so I was using all of my investigative skills and I still couldn’t find one. All I could come up with was the Better Business Bureau website. They will give you the exact address and the CEO, so that is where my Courtesy Notices will go out tomorrow. I throw that out, so that anyone else gets frustrated and can’t find information. I’m sending mine out and at the same day I’m also sending out and asking about why I love the library (inaudible). That’s all. Thank you all.

Brian: (chuckle) Thank you.

Lisa: Thank you. Erin. Lovely. For the Better Business Bureau, we’ll be putting the information on the CEO of a company. Lovely. Thank you. Okay, we are down to ninety seconds guys. It’s time for quick goodbyes. Brian, did you have any other announcements before we go?
(slience)   (talk over)

Brian: (garbled) was muted. There I am. No, so, if you want to get involved in the fun. You got some ideas or,  if you are a lawyer, judge, retired lawyer or retired judge or if you want to get this on the radio and want some fun things to do. Tomorrows Collective  Imagination Show. So, I love you all. Thank you so much for listening. What a wild ride and so we’ll look forward to talking to everybody tomorrow night.

Lisa: Lovely, thank you, Chris?

Chris: Whoa, hang in there folks. We’re standing shoulder to shoulder on this. We’re going forward as fast as we can, so patience with the process and with each other. The destination is a hell of a destination. Just reminding you of the email address of the Courtesy Notices:

Lisa: Lovely. Bob?

Bob: Thank you everyone. Keep DO’ing what your DO’ing. Keep BEing what you’re BE’ing

Lisa: (chuckle) Thank you so much. Please join us tomorrow on the Collective Imagination show, also Blogtalk, mid-day in Australia on Sydney time, 8:pm Pacific in the US. We’ll see you then. we’ve got a nice day plan tomorrow (laugh) That’s all I’ll say, so thank you again for tuning in. I’m sorry we didn’t get to everybody, but there were just too many. Have a wonderful day, evening, afternoon, morning; whatever it is for you and we’ll see you tomorrow. Bye for now.

Brian: Bye.   

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