Sunday 17 March 2013

Thoughts of OPPT, from Judith

Another wonderful article from the heart of an awesome Being who's BE'ing.  Much thanx and love Judith!

OPPT……My Thoughts

The pass few weeks have been truly amazing. The absolute data that we’ve all attracted / co-created is life changing. The big question: what do we choose to do with it individually and collectively? Are we consciously recognizing the plethora of opportunities that are being offered right now to choose who we BE. For me the choices are as follows:
  1. Continue allowing the old programs and beliefs to take the lead. Continue to relate to, feed and empower, fear, judgment, us vs. them mentality, lack, good/bad and vengeance. This choice is still available for those that are not choosing to move towards a 5D experience at this time for whatever reason. However, this paradigm will not be supported energetically as they no longer resonate with the new energies that are in place now. It will be challenging to hang on to this mind set and thrive simultaneously. So many people are concerned with accessing their value. Yes, we are the value because we are energy and what we choose to emanate is energetic as well. So, where ever you are in this very moment in Being and Doing, energy is being accessed and spent. Remember, you cannot experience what you are not the vibration of, probably now more than ever. In wanting to experience abundance, flow, plenty, 10Billion, you have to be in that vibration. Fortunately, we are in full charge of that all day every day, not OPPT, the trustees, or your next door neighbor. This is what determines your experience; this is what determines your reality. Once you resonate with and are in alignment with your desires, no one can stop that momentum. The universe will support you fully, lovingly with grace and ease. Like you, for me also, the letting go part can be a bit dicey. Perspective is a powerful tool available for our use. We experienced 3D and all that comes with a separation age by choice even though we may not consciously remember making that choice. Forgetting who we really are is all a part of it. So are villains. They agreed to play this part so we could have the experience. Some may not be willing to let go now. This is not a one size fits all experience. We can choose to appreciate them for playing (still playing, not awake yet) a difficult part and hold a space of knowing that they will eventually return to the light of their true selves. In the meantime we can individually and collectively move forward with building our new earth experience without judgment or resentment.
  2. Create the experience you desire with conscious intent. Align your thoughts, words and actions accordingly. Does it feel good? Do you feel excitement? Are you having fun yet? Great indicators of what you’re creating and provides an opportunity to change gears anytime you choose. Peace, Joy, Freedom, Love, Abundance, Compassion, Wisdom, Kindness, Clarity and Grace, all great ingredients we can use to be part of our foundation for a new earth experience. How incredibly delicious does that sound and feel?
  • Imagine all of us (those who choose) holding this intent collectively, passionately, consistently, lovingly…..ahhhh BLISS!
  • Imagine sending Courtesy Notices with the intent of the highest outcome for all.
  • Imagine being effortlessly inspired (in spirit) with solutions that meets all of our needs.
As you probably may have guessed, I am choosing option 2. This is an ongoing choice all day every day. The opportunities may be disguised as obstacles but they offer the unique and powerful avenue to choose who I BE over and over again. For that, I am truly blessed.

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