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George Kavasillas -- 2013 March- transcription

My awesome merry friend transcribed George's 2013 March Equinox video for us!!  I'm so glad to have this so that now it can be translated by our amazing translation team.... this is great info that everyone needs to read, in my opinion.

I posted about George's videos- both this one, and the Dec 21 2012 video HERE

George Kavasillas -- 2013 March Equinox

Good morning, this is George here. Wanted to discuss with you in this moment about the coming Equinox. I feel it's really important to have this discussion. We have just been through the Solstice. There was obviously quite a few people who were disillusioned through that process, hence I've written an article and posted that on the website. There was a lot of wisdom that was gained. There was a lot of us that went through profound experiences through that process. We really did choose to connect with Mother Earth and the natural biorhythms of life. And because we made that choice, because we decided to do so, we ended up having a lot of wonderful experiences, a lot of growth. A lot of us experience growth through this period and through this phase of the Solstice. There was a lot of other people, as we understand it, who chose to, I suppose, keep their attention and awareness in the drama. Yeah, these drama vortexes can really take ahold of one; of our feelings, our emotions, and spiral us out of control in different directions. We’re all aware of that. It's also becoming aware that we're actually doing it as well, for those of us that need that awareness.
In my previous blog, I talked about the false light attack on Mother Earth. Now there are millions and millions of people, that may be into the billions, that were I guess coerced into bringing all these light energies and anchoring them in to Mother Earth and into our Earthly plane here via these practices. Via these these doctrines and different modes of meditations and what have you, of what I call externalizing and bringing these light energies into your crown chakra and anchoring them into this Earth plane. For me, that's all synthetic light energies. That's all regardless of what they’re labeled, as universal lights, Source light, God’s light; whatever labels these beings behind these doctrines and practices are using. People are well aware that that's what I'm, and for those who are not aware, this is how I view it. It's my perspective. There was a great deal of this synthetic light energy that was anchored into the Earth during that time. I felt it. Many people felt it.
People are wondering 'well, what happened with it? Where did it go?’ Well, there are parties or groups on this planet who are using this false light energy to their advantage. They are using these energies to create and implement now the next phase of their agenda and that's to create new legal systems, to create new financial systems, to create new spiritual systems. It’s like the chess pieces behind the scenes are being maneuvered into position and we can see that. We can see that there's new legal systems being implemented. We can see there's new financial systems on the verge of being implemented. We can see that there's new spiritual ideologies that are on the verge of being implemented.
There’s major indications too, especially with the resignation of the Pope. Now for me, that's a major key. That's a big domino. It's not a huge domino, but it's a big one. Now I'll tell you why. I will explain why it is such a big domino. It is such a big sign of the current changes and the usage of this false light energy to advantage. The God entity used behind all of the religions, religious organizations, religious structures and all the structures of worship on our planet including the New Age religion has its ambassadorial office on the planet. Through each year and epoch of time, this was in a different location on the planet. It's been in India. It's been in Egypt. It's been in other places in the world. In this recent cycle, this era and epoch of time that we’re in, the ambassadorial office of this God entity is the Vatican and it has been for a long time.
Now, this is what is being reorganized or restructured to go to the next phase or the next phase of implementation of this agenda. This plan, this global agenda, to be implemented onto our humanity. So what they're doing is they're taking advantage of these energies. You see, they know the cycle is ending on the Equinox. The Pope handed his resignation in 12 months ago; that's been documented, 12 months ago. But they've waited until now to actually implement that resignation, because the Pope's minders and the power brokers inside the Vatican, they understand the natural cycles. They know that the cycle did not actually end on the 21st of December 2012. They know that was the decoy date they created. They know that the true ending of the cycle is coming up on the Equinox. This is why we are having the Papal Conclave now. They want to ride that wave of energy. They want to take advantage of it to the best that they possibly can. Now, there will be specific rituals and also all sorts of ceremonies and rituals that will be in place for not only the Vatican structure and infrastructure, but there'll be groups behind the scenes all over the world taking advantage of the situation.
Because what December 21, 2012 did, because it was somewhat of a decoy...yes, there were profound energies and I experienced them too, but I know in my heart it was not the ending of the cycle. There was a lot of people that felt disillusionment afterwards, so in effect now nobody really wants to know about the true ending of the cycle. You see, everyone's been disillusioned. People don't want to know. It's all just heartbreaking for them. They’re heartbroken because of the lack of activity around December 21, 2012. Now they don't wish to engage in these sorts of ideas anymore. It's broken their will. It's created this disillusionment. It's a very, very good psychological program, so it was a big, big decoy. Because now if people aren't utilizing the energies now, then the ones who are pulling the strings with an ulterior, or shall I say negative agenda on the planet, which are aligning themselves with all these false synthetic light energies like the synthetic dark and the synthetic light. They are now free to implement their agenda and to take advantage of the energy as much as they possibly can, because the general masses don't have an interest in that. So I guess the numbers, it's a numbers game in a way, because the majority of people aren't interested in utilizing the energies of the true ending of the cycle, but these people are.
It’s no coincidence that there is the Papal Conclave at this time. There’s even information that is being released by this incredible group of researchers that are showing that the Vatican is preparing to implement a new spiritual, dare I say, dogma.  Eventually what it’s leading to is a disclosure. Many people think that the disclosure of extraterrestrials, the public disclosure, of extraterrestrials on our planet is going to come from the US military or the US government or something of that nature. I differ to that opinion. I truly feel it's going to come from somewhere like the Vatican simply because it will bring into question religion and the controlling religious organizations on the planet that we have at the moment will want to make sure that they bring this event into alignment with their belief system.
Now the Vatican, through an incredible team of researchers, it's been documented that there is a lot of public commentary by high-ranking members of the Vatican that are preparing for such a thing. They are preparing to make a disclosure statement within that global arena to the public very soon. When I say very soon, I don't have an exact time frame on it, but we can expect to have it in the area near future. The ideology behind it is that because of this new consciousness that is evolving on the planet, the whole infrastructure of spirituality, that they have implemented this system that everybody's been sort of assimilating into. But all the religions of the planet, even though the Vatican is a Christian-based office you could say, it really in effect it's more than that. In the public façade, it’s a Christian-based office or representation, but behind the scenes it's got its tentacles into every religion, because it's the ambassadorial office of this God entity of which I speak.
Because you see while we have laws that are part of the structure of our societies and we also have financial systems, because these are the three main components that are the framework for our societies. They are the foundational one, the background one, the bigger one, however you want to view that from whatever perspective you want to give that. That is the external framework, because everything fits inside of it. That is the spiritual infrastructure, Now inside of that main framework is another two sets of frameworks. The other one is laws; the laws of our society. Another one is the financial or the economic collective. The financial systems that we are all, I would say, have been assimilated into and paid in on a regular basis. So these are the three main systems of control being implemented onto humanity.
Now we are seeing these new legal systems being already maneuvered and put into place. We are also seeing new financial systems being maneuvered and ready and being put into place. A lot of this public knowledge in the public arena of mainstream media is not quite known, but in alternative media, yes it is known. All the big finance boys and everything, they know that this is coming. They are preparing for it. That's why there is a big rush in the precious metals side of things. Now this new financial system is more of a digital bit system. So many of us already, if not who are listening to this, already partake in this. If you have some sort of credit card, if you have any bank account and you access it through the Internet, what have you, you're already partaking in a virtual financial system, so it's already in place. Things like PayPal, for example. There is an easy system that's already functional in place that could be easily adapted as a global financial infrastructure. So this is already happening. We don't have to come up with some sort of conspiratorial theory about this notion. Legal systems; new legal systems that are now coming into play. That's already out in the open. We understand that.
There’s also now coming out in the open the big one, which is the new spiritual infrastructure that is being readied to come into implementation. Now, with the Vatican getting ready to introduce us to what they consider our space brothers and sisters, this is a very, very, very key point here. Very significant change of events; very significant, because again that is the major framework that is behind the other frameworks. With their commentary such as that these space brothers and sisters are closer to God than what we are and not believing in them is tantamount to heresy. This is sort of some of the public commentary that's being made by high-ranking members of the Vatican structure/infrastructure. High-ranking astronomers. High-ranking academic officials. This is very, very significant statements that are being made by these people. They’re making them for a reason. They are preparing. They’re sending messages out there for those who are listening and it’ll just bypass those who are not listening. For those who will just be pretty much asleep and become the sheep in the herd, this is what they want.
So this is what's happening with the energies of the ending of the cycle. It is clear to see that the chess pieces have been moved into position. For those people who really don't think anything is going on, you might want to reassess your understanding of our situation on the planet at the moment. Because what you could say, to quote a good friend of mine, “that prima facie evidence is now becoming apparent for this case. It is really becoming apparent.” Like I said, the legal systems are being put into place. There's movement there. There’s changes afoot there. There’s changes afoot in the financial systems. There’s changes afoot in our coming spiritual systems. What they seek to do is to bring all, even though it is been pre-organized by a Christian organization of the public façade of Christian public organization, behind the scenes like I said these tentacles go into every religion. 
So when this public announcement gets made, it’s going to be presented in a way that it’s going to bring under its umbrella all religions, all belief systems, all spiritual ideologies and concepts that have been propagated. You know the ones that are in the occult systems and what have you. Prophecies being fulfilled in the short-term and the long-term, because while this system is coming to play in the short-term, it’s still part of a much greater agenda in the long-term. So look at this one that's being implemented very, very soon to be the problem, which is gonna create the reaction, which the more long-term solution is coming into play behind it.
Ultimately, what they are seeking to do is basically to hijack the birthing process of Mother Earth and her humanity. You see, Mother Earth, for anyone who's been listening to my information or be aware that Mother Earth is birthing a new humanity. So this birthing process by this other group that seeks to apprehend our growth for their own selfish purposes need to hijack this birthing process. They need to take it from us. They need to control it in the best way they can. If I can use this analogy, it's harsh, but it's very real in its application. It’s like how does one, now putting yourself in their shoes, how does one take away from a mother a child that is being birthed. Take that child away from its mother, so that child willingly wants to leave the presence of its mother. Now one way to go about it, is to tell that child that the mother is dying.
Even though the mother hasn't done anything wrong, she's just always been there always holding the space, always facilitating the experiences. The child gets told that the mother is dying, because the child doesn't have a open consciously awake connection with the mother, but is being fed information externally, because that relationship of the child and the mother has been severed, right? The consciously aware connection has been severed, because the other connections will always be there. They can't touch that, but the consciously aware one had been severed. The child is now being told from an external source that the mother is in the process of dying. So the child now will also get told if the child stays with the mother that it will die too. That then creates the situation of the child being left only one choice and that is that hand that reaches out, which will be seemingly a helping hand and that's what the child will want to take, therefore willingly accepts that it needs to leave the immediate surroundings or the presence of its mother.
It's a harsh analogy, but really think about it, the concept of what I've just shared with you. Because that will go a long way into explaining why so many programs...because we're going to implement this ideology now onto the big picture scheme of things. That we need to go back through time, through eras and epochs of time, to understand this HUGE agenda that's being implemented over thousands and thousands of years onto our humanity to sever that consciously aware connection from our mother planet. So when the time came, that we would want to willingly go with them and be taken away from our mother just at the critical junction and point in time of the birthing process.
Now a lot of the information that I’ve just shared can be viewed upon as being quite doomy and quite gloomy and dark and what have you. From one perspective, it is. Sure, I'm not looking forward to it on one perspective, but from another perspective, I'm very much looking forward to this challenge. Because I know that this is where we get to dig deep. These are the circumstances that are coming to challenge us to see who’s really got it in here and who hasn't. This is about us holding center and holding our sovereignty, reclaiming our sovereignty, our divine sovereign will and holding onto that;  our soul essence. Or is it going to be lured into another paradigm, into another place, lured into another program. A program of worship of doctrines and practices of worship in the most sophisticated ways. It's going to be up to you to decide which way you go with this.
Ultimately, it's a very exciting time because it's maximum growth. I'll explain another aspect to this. You see, as individual people we have issues we need to work through. We can always try to live in denial of these issues or we can take a pill and try and heal the issue through a pill, which which we really all know that doesn't quite work because it only suppresses it. It's another form of denial. Or we can work through the pain. We can confront it. We can take it head on and actually work through the pain and transcend the pain. Be liberated from it. Be freed from, it because we no longer carry it or require it. Because it's been metamorphosized. It’s been transmuted. We have transcended that energetic charge. This is what humanity, we as a humanity, as a whole, our collective human soul group consciousness and humanity as a whole is now confronted with. When they're entering a phase where we are birthing into this new state of being and there are these energies that are coming here to try and apprehend that phase off our journey here with our mother planet.
They’re about to implement all work that they’ve put into place, that they've been working so diligently behind the scenes with, for thousands and thousands of years. This is all now at the most critical juncture in time about to be implemented. So the challenge here is the issue for our humanity is that we chose to immerse ourselves and engage in the synthetic light and the synthetic dark from the synthetic universe and the God entity that’s created the synthetic universe. So because we chose to partake in these energies, we now have to deal with that decision. We chose that and the proof of that is because you are incarnated here right now on the planet. That's all the proof you require to understand that you've chosen this path. Now we need to deal with this as a humanity, so this battle between the synthetic dark and the synthetic light, God versus the devil paradigm/program needs to play out. We need to work through these energies. We need to face it.
If you think that just bringing a light energy in from an Angel or  ascended master or a God source or a universal source or whatever labels you want to give that concept and those energies, that blasting an issue with an energy is going to do it for you. That's no different to taking a pill on the 3-D level. It’s pill taking, but on a cosmic level. So thinking that we’re just going to blast everything with a light energy and it’s all going to be fine and dandy, that’s another form of denial. That’s a form of externalization, because you're giving your power over to a light energy to do it for you rather than confronting the issue yourself and working through it yourself. So we need to come to this understanding that we as an humanity together need to work through these energies that are now in the process of playing themselves out.
We’ll become very prolific in the very near future, in the public arena for all of us to see. We need to understand this about ourselves. We need to understand this about our human journey, about our humanity. We need to start coming together on this. We need to understand that these energies of the synthetic dark and synthetic light needs to be worked through. I’ve already gone through many years of working through this energy myself. It's very been a very intense process, but I've gotten to the level of awareness where I can see it. I can understand it. There’s many people been putting it off. So the playing out of this in the public domain is going to be really intense for a lot of people, because they're not prepared. They haven't looked at life from this perspective. They haven't prepared themselves. They haven’t readied themselves to actually know how to deal and confront these energies, to work through these energies.
So it's very important that we become aware of them. This is why I’m sharing this information with you, because you need to start working through these energies.  One way you can do it is just through contemplation of the different structure of energies, of what it means to be in the realms of the organic light. What it means to be in the realms of the synthetic light. I haven’t got a lot whole lot of time to go into it here, but there is plenty of information in my interviews and literature and what have you, which is available for people to actually get a much greater understanding of these concepts. 
So we have a Equinox that is upon us now; the Equinox which marks the end of the cycle. It's a pivotal point. It’s the turning point. It's also a very, very important moment in time for the feminine, because it is when the divine feminine is ending her sacrifice. It is the end of the divine feminine giving of herself and of allowing these energies to actually impose themselves upon her body. If people understand the information I've been sharing, you’ll understand that from my perspective Mother Earth is an aspect, is a planetary aspects of the divine feminine. So she’s allowed these energies to come here for the purpose of facilitating this incredible experience for her humanity. So she’s endured untold of pain and suffering for us. So now it's getting to the point where that sacrifice that the divine feminine or that Christ as the feminine or the Christ Sophia has made for us, is now coming to an end.
So it is the turning point of the feminine now stepping up to the plate and regaining her rightful place. It's the turning point of the feminine and of all women now to start regaining and reclaiming their sovereignty as woman. To understand that they now according to universal law are free from all these energies that bind them and control them and suppress them. It is the liberation of the feminine. This is how important this Equinox is; the Equinox that no one wants you to know about. The Equinox that everybody that this agenda wants to keep hidden of this information that wants to continue to suppress humanity’s awareness of the true energies and machinations and the true meaning of what this coming Equinox is about.
That's why we're having this papal conclave, to totally hijack it and take advantage of these energies. So where are you going to do during this time? When they strip away all those programs of spiritual dogma and practices and occult group understandings. It comes in all sorts of forms, whether you are a fundamental religious fanatic or a zealot. Or whether you are still not going to their actual buildings and temples and churches and what have you, but you still partake in their literature. Okay, you're not going to the buildings, but you still aspire to the same God entity because you're still aspiring to the same literature. So this form of worship comes in so many different sophisticated ways. When you strip all that way and you strip away their teachings and doctrines and practices of occults and New Age and all these things, you're left with your authentic divine nature. Your authentic self. Your heart soul lessons.
With that aspect being the main focus for yourself, you are then connecting with your divine nature. You are reconnecting with Mother Earth and you’re reconnecting with the natural rhythms, machinations, and the rhythms of the natural order of things, of the cycles. You’ll reconnect with the cycle this coming Equinox and feel the relationship that Mother Earth is having with Father Sun and that the Sun and its solar system, this whole solar embodiment, the way it's moving through the galaxy and understand the whole rhythms and as I said, the machinations of it or the dynamics of it and what it means for us as an individual. What does it mean for you as an individual? What does it mean for me as an individual? I’m sure they're going to be slightly different, because we all have our individual journeys. So what I will experience through this phase of my journey during this Equinox may not necessarily be the same as what you're going to experience, but one thing I've come to understand is when we do reconnect with these natural biorhythms of life back into the organic way of life of this natural order of things, profound experiences start to happen.
A lot of internal reorganization and perspectives change. Internal awareness comes to the surface. Issues come to the surface very quickly to be dealt with. The growth, the rate of internal growth, is accelerated exponentially. It's an amazing time to be on the planet, to be aware of what’s been played out here, to be aware of our position, our perspective, our understanding, to really field what's going on around you. Become consciously aware and consciously contemplating where is it that you want to be on Mother Earth's body during the Equinox. Where would she like you to be? With your individual song of life, your emanation, your individual Logos. Where does that need to be on Mother Earth on her body? Because these are the questions that I ask. I say ‘Big Mama, where do I need to be on your body? Where would you like me to be? Where is is it in my best interest also in this relationship I'm having with you and my humanity, where do I need to be during this time of Equinox?’
When we follow our heart, when we follow the nudgings of our heart and the guidance of our internal divine nature, our heart soul lessons, that part of us that is one with the real true Creator of this universe and one with all life, then amazing things occur. It really does. It's not all doom and gloom. This is just a saga that needs to play out. This drama vortex of the synthetic dark versus the synthetic light. We need to work through this. We need to deal with it and not run away from it and not just be drawn into it. Just like two friends having an argument. Are you going to let yourself be drawn into that? Or you can actually look at it from outside that arena of drama that those two people have created. So the arena of drama, the synthetic darkness and the synthetic light has created, are you going to allow yourself to be drawn into that drama? If you are, what role is it you need to play? If you do it from a place of ability and integrity and respect and wisdom, then you will deal with it with unbelievable outcomes. You will move through it. You will be able to participate it in an empowered way. You won't be drawn into it in a disempowered way.
There’s many levels. There’s many perspectives and variables to be considered in this whole equation. Many ingredients in the recipe. Many different notes in the symphony of life that is going on here and is about to be played out before us. I feel it's an incredible time, a really important time. A pivotal time, a turning point. The cycle comes to a close. The new cycle is beginning to birth. It is a turning point in our journey as a humanity and the relationship that are collective human soul consciousness is having. Our collective human soul lessons, group soul lessons, is having in its journey and relationship with its mother planet.
An amazing time to be here. Really go back into your authentic divine nature. Feel into what this means for you. Be who you need to be. Be your authentic self. Shine your beautiful light and be all you can be. This is not a time to run and hide. This is a time to be and whatever that means for you. Don't clam up. Don’t close down. Open yourself up. Start be shining your beautiful light. If you feel like you want to help humanity, then be you. That is the best possible way you can help our humanity and our Mother Earth.  It’s the best possible way you can help yourself. Be your authentic divine nature. Function from your own soul lessons and divine will. That part of you that is one with the real true Creator of this universe and life.
Thank you for taking into consideration all the things that I've shared with you today. I really appreciate it, from my heart soul lessons to yours. My love for you is eternal. Thank you. See ya.

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