Friday 1 March 2013

RTS and the Forum and the Fiasco!

hi Everyone!

I'm sorry, I know I said that the forum would only be down for a few days while we moved to a new service provider...... but it's turned into a nightmare of ridiculous proportions!!!!  We have been trying to move the domain over for days and days, constant error codes, many bruises from smashing heads on desks and we may of invented a few new swear words.  I am now firmly stating that the beings who are causing these migraines are now officially pissing me off.  Get lost!  I do not accept your offer of turmoil and stupidity!!

..... having said that, we should have the forum up and running by the end of the weekend.

We will also be adding an international section to the main site.  This section will have all the documents that are currently being translated into
....and I believe there are teams currently forming up to start on Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.

(We've already got Canadian American, British, Irish, and Australian covered ;>)

 So please hang in there- I'm sorry for all these ridiculous delays.  I haven't pulled out all my hair quite yet, but Nicole might need a wig by the time this is all done.

Love you guys so much- thanx for having patience!!!

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