Saturday 16 March 2013

OPPT-IN Radio show March 11- Transcript

Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN
Monday, March 11th, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa: Oh, welcome everyone to this week's OPPT-IN show. This is Lisa Harrison and (laughs) I don't know what to tell you about today's show. We are always winging it on these shows to some degree, especially since we got back on air at the beginning of this year because events have unfolded at such a speed. Things can change just before we go live, but I think that’s never been more true than today to be honest because the communications have been so scattered, especially with Heather over the last three or four days.

We're going on bits and pieces and snippets of information to try and share with you. We did have Heather online about half an hour ago for ten or fifteen minutes and the connection was very bad. She kept dropping off. (inaudible for several words) and it's stayed off so far. We're going to do our best today to share with you what we can. Myself, Chris, Bob and Brian are all here with little bits of information that we can hopefully put together a big picture for you. So we'll get started. I'd like to bring out Brian. Are you there, Brian?

Brian: Yes I am. Hello Lisa.

Lisa: Hello. Welcome. (inaudible)and Chris, are you there?

Chris: I'm here. I'm here and head's spinning like the rest of you guys because, like Lisa just said, we've got a very interesting picture to paint, but it's slightly a jigsaw puzzle at the moment. What we've decided to do is just tell you everything we know.

Lisa: Which is not a lot at some times, it feels like, but anyway. Bob, where are you?

Bob: I am here. I am here. Hello, Lisa. Hello everyone.

Lisa: Now before we more any further, I just want to say to everyone please go to freedom to get into the chat room. That one does hold an awful lot more people than the one at blogtalk and Deatra would prefer that we went there (inaudible), as it’s a better indication of how many of you are joining in on these calls as well. So please go to and click on the chat link.

So we are continuing to try (inaudible) as always bringing Heather on the call. If she comes on, she comes on. But where do we start? We've been talking and we're certainly feeling the energy; people are feeling the energy. There's been some interesting, very interesting articles, pieces of data come online in the last 24 hours that we've all taken note of. There is one that we want to bring your attention to in particular, which originally was posted on a website called Quantum Odyssey. It's also been reposted at I won't give you the Quantum Odyssey address simply because it's far too long, but if you go to, it's titled The Next Great Event in the Awakening if you'd like to read it. It's a fascinating piece of information. Brian, you want to elaborate on it?

Brian: Yeah, I guess so. This particular article got shared with me by (inaudible) last night, as we were Skypeing and...

Lisa: It sounds like you're moving away from the microphone, darlin’, we can't quite hear you.

Brian: Okay, can you hear me now?

Lisa: Yes.

Brian: Okay. Yeah, it got shared with me last night. I had one of those reactions to it, similar to the one when we read the document talking about the end of duality that got put together. It was a trigger. Looks like somebody's trying to....maybe we'll get Heather, do you guys get that beeping or no?

Lisa: It's actually Deva. No it's D. Hey, D.

D: Hi guys. I am muting out because I have screaming children all over the place.

Lisa: (inaudible)

Chris: Appreciated.


Brian: Hi D, you don't have to respond. I know you're muted. Back to what I was saying, reading it, it was a really big trigger for me. It triggered some emotions. It triggered some dreams that I had that were very similar to what was described in this particular article. Once everybody read it that was in this particular Skype room, everybody all agreed. This morning when we woke up we...Heather, considering she's in Africa, she types a lot of stuff through the night and then we read it in the morning. Some of her comments that she had to weigh in on this particular article essentially were such that she agreed with almost every component except one of the lines that’s based in somewhat of a limited perspective in the 3D, 4D, 5D use of terminology. She has been saying and we’ve all been saying that it's a reconciliation to the Absolute and that the hierarchy is part of the illusion and so was a confirmation for me.
I knew when I read it that this particular event is something I know a lot of people have been not only waiting for, but readying themselves for at a much deeper level of awareness and a much deeper level of consciousness to be a part of whatever and however this whole thing unfolds. What it’s saying is March of 2013 is going to be the month which has been…..also what I’ve been told is that the Hopis through Drunvalo Melchizedek have been saying the same thing. There’s a few other groups that have also been saying the same thing and as much as I don’t like to get caught up, and I said this last night, I really don’t want to get caught up in holding on the some date or some attachment or expectation to some linear time goal of when this will all unfold. I know we usually keep a lot of this stuff reserved for the Collective Imagination show, but considering where we are and how quickly this is all unfolding, it sounds like it made a whole lot of sense for the merging of the two concepts to go together, because there’s a very multidimensional aspect to everything that’s happening right now. So, before I went on to my radio show that I did this morning, which is the (inaudible)….

Chris:  Brian, could I interrupt for just a moment…Brian?

Brian:  Yes, go for it.

Chris:  Are you walking around the room?

Brian:  Can you hear me walking?

Lisa:  We can hear you moving away from the microphone…come closer to the microphone. But we’ve actually got Caleb with us. Caleb, can you hear me?

Caleb:  Yes, yes I can, how are you?

(talk over)

Chris:  Brian just stay near the microphone. It’s the one on the computer that’s working, so stay near it.

Brian:  Oh, okay, well I’ve the one on my head that I’ve been talking into all day, but I’ll sit at my computer.  So (laughs) anyways, I asked Heather in regards to going on the show, because when you hear there’s going to be a lot of listeners and if she could shed some light on whether or not it was a good idea to speak to this particular article. Some of the things I shared and she told me of course to follow my inner guidance, which I saw that one coming a mile away. I made the decision that referencing to it and pointing people to go and read it was a good idea.
She also shared a message that she wrote on Skype, which I’ll read here. Then if anybody has any follow-up question with Caleb, because she talks about a meeting with Caleb and Randal on this comment.  She says “just met Caleb and Randal today, commercial registry is closed, all value returned and OPPT satisfied it’s purpose and all creations trusts are satisfied, no longer needed, purpose was to guard, protect and empower BE’ing and DO’ and return the value” and in capitols ‘TODAY IT IS ALL DONE’.   

Lisa:  Okay Caleb, maybe you can elaborate?

Caleb:  Yeah, well..

(talk over)

Lisa:  (laughs)  What’s going on?

Caleb:  So the CVAC as a construct has never set well with me, because I’m a believer that the problem is solved when the individual rises up and solves it. If you want to learn how to play the piano, I can’t do that for you; you have to learn it yourself.  So, the CVAC was always supposed to be a construct or an interface between the people and the powers-that-were on their way out the door. (inaudible) of it is, each individual is the value. They are here the values are stored. That’s what the powers-that-were were vampiring off of through all of their paper. So, the Public Trust held the space to speak in the language of the powers-that-were. 
Now that it’s been spoken and it’s not been refuted, there’s no point for it to be there anymore.  I’ve been in a hurry to tear down The Peoples Trust for a long time.  I do not like any sort of structured power anywhere, because it doesn’t need to exist…ever. It never did and it doesn’t need to now.  So The Public Trust has served it’s purpose. People have the ability to stand; they just have to choose to.  Everyone can be a genius piano player. They might not want to set on a hard wooden bench for ten years, but you can do it if you want. Muggsy Bogues is 5’ 4” and he manages to play professional basketball.  It really boils down to what you really want to do with your energy and your intent.  So…

Lisa: So, people can get their head around the idea that The Peoples Trust has done what it set out to do, when nothing in there...they don’t see anything in their lives changed.  How can you say it’s served it’s purpose? That’s what they‘re going to...that’s going to be the comeback.

Caleb: I don’t know. I just saw somebody float something around our chat room saying that 685 heads of large corporations and states have all resigned. So tell me when that happened in the last 40 years.

Lisa:  Yeah, wow.

Caleb:  In some point in time, if you want to be spoon fed….and I’m not trying to be an ass when I say this…but if you want to be spoon fed then go find a different master. I don’t know what to say.  I’m not kidding. At some point in time you have to take control of your own existence. We have spoke to the existing construct in their language and told them that they don’t have the right to my labor and they agreed. So it’s done.

(talk over)
Lisa: Where do we go from here?
Caleb:  Well, start to conduct your affairs accordingly.  Everyone has been saying that this is a play and that there were actors on the stage; so stop acting.  I keep seeing all these write-ups go out that I have had nothing to do with; none of the trustees had anything to do with. I talk about (inaudible) something, because they’re refusing to participate. So if everyone refuses to participate, that is your solution. It’s kind of like when the peasants during the Black Plague told the lords, ‘you got to pay us now’ and they all stood up and did it. (inaudible) that’s the way it was. (inaudible) the hundredth monkey syndrome. So at some point in time people have got to say we’ve had enough and then there’s your change. Otherwise you’re asking for another emperor to rise up.

(talk over)

Lisa:  Sorry, there was a comment in one of the chat rooms you guys had done some intensive data exchange (chuckles).

Caleb: Argument (inaudible - talk over).

(both Lisa and Caleb laugh)

Lisa:  So, is that what you’re talking about now, that this is what came out of that?

Caleb:  No, that was a different argument. I mean discussion…intense discussion.
Lisa:  (laughing)

Caleb: (laughs) That intense discussion had to do with labor exchanges. Heather is saying that in the very short future, you’ll tap into a new construct and download whatever you need. Then there’s no point for labor exchanges, because it won’t take 10 years to learn to play the piano. Go ask the universe for it and it will give that to you.

Brian: Yes.

Lisa:  And your side of the story is?

Caleb:  Well, I can tell when I’m playing Bach versus when I’m channeling Bach versus when I’m channeling the energy that Bach was inspired by. So the real question is, am I willing to set down my pride as a person, as a human and let that energy flow through me?  Because to do that I have to put aside my own nature, and I can’t say I and I can’t say how great I am, because something else is motivating me. I just think I’m a vessel.  So, are we willing as a people to do that?  It’s an interesting question. But I know it’s real. You could probably tell in the recording who I’m channeling or who I am participating with at that point in time, if it’s me or if it’s Bach or if it is the energy that he brings forth or brought forth from.

(talk over)

Brian:  Go ahead Lisa.

Lisa:  No, go ahead. 
Brian:  I was gonna say cos there’s so many layers to all of this.  Right now, what’s going on is there’s a lot of people trying to decipher what’s going on based on their senses (garbled). 
Caleb:  Correct.
Brian:  Yeah, correct. Then you have all of those layers that are, I don’t want to say more important, because they’re just additional layers. It’s more data; it’s more energy.  It’s additional pieces to the puzzle. So you have a lot of these things that are happening behind the scenes.  People, just because they can’t see it or hear it, know that there’s a lot of people out there who feel it. They’re looking for answers based on things they can see and hear. 
Caleb:  Right.
Brian:  These conversations that we’ve been having that everybody listens to for the last two months now have evolved so fast and gained so much new perspective that people are realizing least I hope some are realizing that, based on what I’m told and what I’ve that sooner or later, because what everybody wants to know now and this is the burning question, “Is when do I get access to this value, to these systems that allow me access to my own value?”
Caleb:  You already have access, right?
Brian:  Yeah, I realize that, but that’s the thing. That’s the point that people are really coming to grips with is when they realize that in a state of pure potentiality, with infinite possibilities at our fingertips, we’re coming to a place where you’re not gonna need the money. The illusion that has been created to get the things that we want, or the things that we need or basic needs met in our life; that we have the ability to create that.  So you know, one of the things… to throw this out we were preparing for this call, we were hoping that Heather could get online because I know that she has some insight to share as to some of the things that I shared on my call this morning and that the people were looking forward to. You may or may not be able to add some light as to what that means right now as far as the UCC being dismantled is what it sounds like.  What that means in the way of the CVAC filings and how that affects the people and their ability to access.
Caleb:  I’ve been maintaining for a long time that the UCC is irrelevant. The reason it’s irrelevant is because when the founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, what did they do?  They took a pen and a sheet of paper and wrote words down and they weren’t refuted.  The knights of the Lord took the king into the field and said “You behave or we’re going to chop your head off!” and they signed the Magna Carta; they spoke to him in a language that he understood.  Now let me speak this and everyone listen, “My name is Caleb Paul of the House of Skinner.  My labour belongs to me.  It is mine.  I will do with it as I please.”  Now, I have just made my statement, does anybody care to refute it?
Lisa:  No. 
Caleb:  Perfect!  Now, why do we need the UCC?
Brian:  We don’t.
Lisa:  We’re just in a situation where on last week’s call two things happened. One, it was announced that the CVACs would be up online within a week and then the following week, the treasury system would be online.
Caleb:  Okay.
Lisa:  That’s one of the things that happened.  The other thing that happened, that we had a discussion around and a realization that if everybody in the world, even though logistically it may not be possible, but if everybody in the world came online and had access to their value in the same day.
Caleb:  Ah ha.
Lisa:  That it would be immediately followed the following day by it being completely unnecessary.
Caleb:  Well, right.
Lisa:  Now what we’re looking at though, is based on the current structure, that we can’t skip that step.  We sort of need to go through that physical step of having access to value, before we can get to the point that, just based on where we’re at mentally, emotionally and spiritually and the fact that there are still remnants of the current… the old structure.  If there were no remnants of the old structure, we could probably skip that step.  If something happened to switch us all on, in the same way, at the same time, we could also skip that step.  Now either, so that’s what the people who tuned into this were looking at.  That’s what was announced last week.  In the meantime, what seems to have happened is the UCC itself has been dismantled.  So therefore filings of the CVACs, I don’t know where that leaves that. They’re unclear about that step of access to value.
Caleb:  (Garbled)…the people that stole your value and betrayed you.  Okay, if I steal your car and put it in my garage, what are you gonna do?  You’re gonna come to my house, beat on my door and tell me to give it back. If I don’t, you’ll show up with three of your friends and take it, cause it’s yours.  So if someone has your value and you want it back, you’ll get it. 
Lisa:  I’m playing devil’s advocate here Caleb, so give me a minute.
Caleb:  Here’s the problem that I run into, right? That is you’re absolutely right. If we all go give everybody some ‘X’ amount of value, it’s not going to matter anyway.  Your gold would be worthless, you can sit on a giant pile of it and you (garbled) on it. About three days later you’re gonna be dead, because you can’t eat it or drink it, so it really doesn’t matter.  It represents a stolen contract. If you want to go get it, it’s fine. I don’t really care, but as far as me and my house it’s irrelevant, I’ve moved beyond it.  Because if I gotta do that, I’ve gotta give it to everyone and if I give it to everyone then it has no value.  It’s not technically inflation, but it might as well be.  So what’s the point of expending that energy?  Like someone out there listening to us on some call said, “Let the rich people, whoever they are, take all their gold and run off to an island some place.”  Perfect!  That way we all know where they’re at. We can put a fence around that island and they can sit on all their gold.  Perfect!  It doesn’t really matter. 
Brian:  So Caleb, I’ve got a follow-up question in that regard. I see where you’re coming from, I really do, but considering that’s your position, there’s people out there in the world right now that don’t have the ability to go out. I’m talking about starting with history that they were born into that they don’t have the ability to rally a crew and go knocking down the door of the bank or the Federal Reserve to get the value that’s been stolen from them. They’re hungry; they’re starving. They’re dying by no fault of their own. There’s absolutely nothing that they can do about it, except continue down the road that leads to imminent death and starvation. 
So it’s these people that everybody is worried about. It’s these people that want to see this system that gets put into place that gives them some type of ability to go out and save their own, as well as their family’s, lives.  What do these people do?  So when Heather came on and she said last week that the CVAC systems are gonna be done by this week. Next week there’s gonna be systems that will be put in place that gives people access to that value. It’s possible that we can have a debit card, or some kind of thumb drive, that gives people access to this value. It gave everybody a lot of hope that their prayers had been answered and there’s gonna be systems put in place for those that cannot help themselves. 
Caleb:  Sure.
Brian:  It’s these people that everybody is right now wanting to stand up for. Because me, I have a roof over my head, I’ve got food in my fridge and I got electricity to keep me warm and a car to drive me around. 
Caleb:  Perfect.
Brian:  So if you can speak to that. It’s just that there’s a lot of unanswered questions based on the comment, the feedback that you just gave, which is that it doesn’t really corroborate with information that was shared from last week.
Caleb:  Well, first of all I can’t speak for Heather.  That’s Heather’s position.  My position is the CVACs were never needed, because it’s ultimately the people’s choice as to how they want to live. So for example…
Lisa:  I agree with you CVACs aren’t, but it’s the access to value that is.
Caleb:  Yeah, so for example, some court in Canada just said the Church was guilty of these criminal acts, right? 
Brian:  That was the ITCCS.
Caleb:  So why don’t 1000 people get together, appoint a sheriff and liquidate a church?
Lisa:  We’re just saying that’s in complete opposition to what was said last week.
Caleb:  Again, I don’t know what was said last week. I don’t speak for Heather. What I’m telling you is you guys are asking for solutions and I just gave you one. If the people are truly in control, then act like it.  So if we’re worried about starving people in Mexico working in garbage dumps, let’s go down there. They’re the people. There’s more gold in Mexico than there was gold in Fort Knox. That’s before we knew, because of all the cathedrals, and that’s before we knew that all the gold in Fort Knox was wrapped up in tungsten.  So, go down there and grab a church and take the gold out of it; sell it and feed the poor.
Brian:  When can you be here my man and we’ll leave right now?
Caleb:  Whenever.  Who in Mexico’s in charge?  Where’s our command structure?  They have to stand up for themselves.  If I have to, I’ll be really blunt with you people. If I have to do this, I’m gonna build an empire.  Cos why should I do it for free?  Why should I take my labour and do all of this for free? My part was playing the role that I played. I’m happy to have done that, but at some point in time everyone else has to stand too.  I’m not trying to be an ass, but I was threatened with death and I stood.  So, if I had to get death threats and be told by agents that I was gonna get shot by the police, where is everyone else? 
Lisa:  Hang on Caleb. It just sounds like the OPPT has done a 180 turn from last week; that’s what people are hearing.  That now there’s not going to be CVACs and now there’s not going to be access to value system.  Is that what you’re saying?
Caleb: People can create whatever they want.  What would the people like?
Lisa:  No people can’t create whatever they want in a sense, because not everybody has your talents for example in code writing and can create a system that would give everybody access to value.  I’m looking at the chat room, mate, and I’m seeing everyone going “What?”  Everyone thought they were going to put out today that CVACs were online.  Everyone thought they were going to find out today that systems to access, security systems, are only a couple of days away.
Caleb:  Sure.
Lisa:  Now it sounds like you’re saying “Hey, if you want it, go out and knock doors down.” 
Caleb:  That’s what I’d do. I’m saying I’ve never liked CVACs, so if Heather said something last week you’d have to ask Heather about that. What I’m saying is that I do not want any structure put in place that can stand between the people and whoever they are. So if your value’s been stolen from you and everyone’s across this land, meaning the entire world, has had their value stolen from them, then they have one of two choices. You can move forward, right? You can just say, “Okay, it is what it is” and move on; or you can go get your value. You can go knock down the doors of the cathedral and take the gold.
Lisa:  Yeah, but it sounds like you’re trying to incite a revolution that would turn to violence, which is not the answer for anybody.  No one wants that. 
Caleb: Well no-one wants that, but then maybe the people who have your stuff should stand down.  You have options here, right?  You can move forward and say, “You come to my door, I’m gonna challenge your contract and call it good”, which is what the Courtesy Notice does.  Or you can say, “Well, you know you kind of ripped me off and I want my value back”. 
Lisa:  Has anything moved forward in terms of the access to value systems? 
Caleb:  You’d have to ask Heather that. We didn’t talk about that. I only talk with Heather about things that I’m concerned with and the CVACs do not resonate with me.
Brian:  So that’s a really important point to make right there, Lisa, is that Heather and Caleb and Randall, they’ve always talked out in the open, totally transparent, that each had a role to play.  The reason why they’re able to get such great work done is because they all brought such different and valuable and resourceful talents and viewpoints to the table that allowed them to get what they needed to get done done.  Heather’s not completely involved with everything that Caleb’s doing just as Caleb’s not involved with absolutely everything that Heather’s doing.
So in order to be able to balance out and provide all the perspectives from the trustees, Heather would have to come on and speak for herself and what she has done. When she made the statements that she made last week and where they are this week, Caleb is not prepared to answer that question, because Caleb hasn’t been involved with what’s been going from all last week.  Is that pretty accurate Caleb?
Caleb:  Yeah, I can only tell you what resonates for me and how I’m conducting my affairs. I’ve been itching to disband the trust and bail on the UCC for some time now.  I see them as constructs that people put in the way to their freedom and they don’t need to. 
Lisa:  Yeah, it was clear a week or so ago that the UCC was only holding the space for a time, that it too would go. 
Caleb:  Right.
Lisa:  At the moment, it’s just holding the space for a place to file the necessary contracts or documents that needed to be filed in order to talk to the old system.  Our conversation about them is it’s no longer needed.
Caleb:  Right, I see the UCC as purely a registration system, right? It’s just a place where you go and you put some information and I’m gonna look at the central repository of information.  If there’s something there fantastic and if there’s not, then you move forward.  But like I said earlier, it’s my energy and whether it’s filed on the UCC or in the Wall Street Journal, or written on a stone tablet stuck somewhere on a mountain, it’s all the same.  I mean it really comes down to this, it’s your existence, what are you going to do with it?  It’s really just that simple.
Brian:  If we loop this back around to where this whole dialogue started, in regards to things that are unfolding behind the scenes that are paving ways to new realities and a new way of living, you’ll start to realize that so much of this discussion and past discussions have the ability to deem themselves as completely irrelevant.  Because there’s a possibility that the UCC, the CVAC and to quote Caleb, “Don’t really matter anymore, it just doesn’t matter”.  The UCC served its purpose.  The One People’s Public Trust served its purpose. 
Caleb:  Right, right.
Brian:  Whether that purpose has been made completely visible or not yet is the only element that’s left out there that people have yet to determine or see for themselves to have what they need in order for them to be able to understand everything that’s been done. Because they can’t necessarily see it with their eyes or hear it with their ears.  But based on the conversations that we have had with Heather this morning and yesterday, we’re kind of at a precipice here where all of that proof and visibility is to a time where it’s gonna be exposed for everybody to see and decide what resonates within them and what they will do with that data and information.
Caleb:  Right.  They have to decide how they’re gonna conduct their affairs and how they’re gonna live their life.  I can’t make that decision for anyone, okay? All I can do is stand in the space, hold the space to say, “This is right or this is wrong”.  That’s what we did.  I can’t live for anyone (garbled) if you’re gonna let him then he’s gonna win.  It’s the way it works. It’s not right, but it’s how it works.  If you do a study of history, you’ll find that the bully always comes up and he invokes some sort of pre-existing construct that people buy into.  It’s religion or divine right teams. I’m the son of Pharoah. I had a dream.  My ship sailed across the sea and yours didn’t.
Somehow they create these differentiators that then allow them to exert some sort of superior position. People just go along with it and they don’t challenge it.  So this whole thing is about “No!  I’m not gonna go along with it, I’m gonna challenge it.  Who are you?  Who are you to speak for me?  Did I give you permission to speak for me?”  The answer is always no. There is no contract. There’s no accommodation party agreement. It’s just I’m going to cower over here. In some cases it’s like my dad, bless his heart before he passed on, just admitted it was easier not to do anything, so he didn’t.  Until some point in time this turns into “No, I’m going to do something.”
Chris: Caleb, Chris here, how are you?

Caleb: Good, very good.

Chris: Good, good. Caleb, you haven’t had any discussions with Heather about what she was planning to talk about on the show today?

Caleb: No.

Chris: Okay. Well, Brian, what I suggest we do...because Caleb, a number of us have had discussions with Heather. We’ve all got bits and pieces to talk about, so probably what we should do is try and pass on Heather’s message. Thank you for the space that you hold, because obviously as a trustee that has been your role to identify that space and stand in it and let no one pass through it. I think guys what we will do is starting with Brian, gather the bits and pieces that Heather asked us to put out and have that part of the conversation.

Brian: Okay, perfect.

Chris: What I’m trying to say is, Caleb thank you for coming and putting that position forward, because ultimately we still have to take action, each individual.

Bob: This is what I see, everyone. From the beginning of all of this, it’s really been a transformational journey for everybody. Everybody is in a completely different place than they were two months ago. Otherwise you just haven’t been following along, because so much has changed, the world scene has changed. But up until this point right now, everything that we’ve done and we’ve accomplished, who did it? We did, all of us, every every single person that had contributed to putting up a site or contributed to putting up information, making articles, making music. Who did it? We all did, all of us and all of us are demonstrating that we are ready to do whatever needs to be done in order to move forward.

But in the consideration and Caleb, I understand what you’re saying, because that’s where you are, but not everyone is in that space. Not everyone is in that space and not everyone can move into that space very quickly. Some people are going to remain (inaudible). For a lot of us, we look at our friends and our families, the ones that we love and we care about, that are still sleeping, how we can help them? We collectively decide how we wish to move forward. What resonates with you? What’s an easy way to move forward?

The CVAC is a good idea, I believe, when you consider the whole picture. Individually other people may not need it, like for instance I don’t need a UCC filing. I can speak to a police officer and stand my ground without even mentioning the UCC filings, because I know who I am. Not everyone can do that and not everyone feels comfortable doing that; which is why the UCC filings are there, to provide a space for you to find your legs, so to speak. I believe that as long as we need, or others will need that, there will always be that space there to provide the confidence that you need in order to move forward. There will always be that assistance there, but we are that assistance. Now I believe that all these systems have already been created and all the technology is there. I believe collectively we’ve all decided how we wish to move forward. Individually that may be different choices for certain individuals and that is fine. But collectively the world needs to move forward to a better place.

Lisa: I get that The Peoples Trust was a tool and a bridge.

Bob: Yes.

Lisa: We have been using it very, very well, I think.

Bob: I don’t think we should abandon it.

Lisa: Of course not.

Bob:  Follow what’s working, because honestly and I’m just going to speak for myself, the energy in this conversation sucks. The energy of this conversation...nothing against you Caleb. I appreciate you holding the contrast, but I’m going to have to disagree with you buddy. I believe that the CVAC system is necessary as a collective movement, not individually, and everybody is going to go at their own pace. But there has to be a way; there has to be a path provided that they can walk. We are the ones that are moving; taking the lead saying, “hey, I remember who I am and I am awake”.  It’s our collective decision to help our brothers and sisters. Can I get an AMEN?

(Everyone expressing Amen and giggles)

Caleb: Hey Bob, I think that’s fantastic. I think it’s perfect, but the CVAC’s don’t need to come from me. They need to come from you.

Bob: Exactly.

Lisa: They are and they will. They’re coming from the people. People are already coming together in collectives and getting themselves together and networking with people, to form communities of people who have the same goals; that is already happening. Now whether you call that a CVAC and how you choose to formalize it, if you choose to formalize it, whether it’s with documents that are (inaudible) UCC (inaudible) or if it’s with some other means is irrelevant. The concept is already happening and it’s happening with the people; they are doing it. (inaudible) They are already coming together.

Chris: The aspect of the conversation that I want to move to is simply this, since December 25th Heather’s been educating us as to the situation that had already occurred. Now the idea of dropping the UCC and dropping the OPPT could have happened instantly, because it had done its  job, but problem is you’ve got seven billion people on the planet who aren’t in the same place as Caleb. They’re certainly not in the same place as Brian and Lisa and myself and most of the people listening to this call. So the work of that tool is not yet over. We’ve still got a lot of people to actually move to that place so then we can move forward.
I agree with Bob, CVAC’s are the exact tool that we need. I don’t want to drop that concept at all; I want that to go ahead. The access to value is another part of that tool. These are tools that we’ve been given to clear out the old system and start something new. Caleb, as a person, I completely recognize that you (inaudible) probably do it a different way. You stated that very clearly, but I think for the rest of us, the tool set that we are presented with is something that we can get our heads around and work with. So don’t want to cut you off to (inaudible), I think we need to move on with the connotation that we (inaudible) were going to have today.

Lisa: I want to thank you Caleb (inaudible) what you just did (laughing) was a great gift.  Everybody (inaudible) of really getting down deep and asking themselves how they wish to unfold and (inaudible).

Caleb: That is precisely what needs to happen, because I’m not going to do it. Heather shouldn’t have to do it. People should band together and decide how they want to be governed. And however they want to be governed is how they should move forward.

Lisa: They don’t want to be governed; they want to self govern.

Caleb: Right, but even in the concept of self-governance, if they want a CVAC, they’re saying we want some sort of structure. Which is great, there is nothing wrong with that, but they should be the ones...

Lisa: It’s a structure that holds; it’s not a structure that governs. It’s a structure that creates the space for service as opposed to governance. And that’s okay.

Caleb: Fine, but they have to be the ones that come up with it.

Lisa/Brian: Yeah.

Caleb: They do, not me, because that puts me in an authoritarian position and I don’t want to be there. I want nothing to do with the story; I want to get as far away from it as possible.

Lisa: I don’t think that least I didn’t. I don’t think anybody that we have shared the CVAC concept with has seen it as a system of authority, because that was very clearly not a part of it; very clear to me. It was a flat (inaudible); no hierarchy involved.

Caleb: We definitely don’t need trustees doing it. Let’s disband all these things of power as soon as we can.

Chris: We still need that tool and the bridge to get to that point.

Caleb: Sure.

Chris: That is the point of this conversation.

Caleb: Yes.

Chris: That the OPPT and the CVAC concept is a tool. The thing I liked about the CVAC structure is it’s simply a framework, set up with the possibility of a very short term contract, so that you can resolve issues and turn over and introduce new concepts very quickly. And change to something completely different if we want to. It’s up to us where we take it from here. So I’m (inaudible) behind that particular spectrum and I want to push that forward.
Again, as Lisa said, thanks Caleb, because the smack up the side of the head...the fact that one of the discussions we’ve had in the last week...when you start to realize you don’t…(inaudible) the paper, you simply realize all that needed to happen was for everyone to stand up and say I AM. The game is over and the argument is done and we move forward. But as I said before, there are seven billion people who aren’t ready to stand up yet.

Caleb: I’m not saying that you’re wrong. I just knew that I don’t want to be a part of that. Because it I’m tired of pyramids of authority. I don’t want to be part of one.

Chris: None of us want to ever be part of one again a hierarchy; no thanks. A hierarchy is corruption. You can’t have a hierarchy that isn’t corrupt; doesn’t work.

Caleb: I want to run as far away from that as I can, as fast as I can. So I will conduct my affairs accordingly. The last thing I want is people looking to me on guidance for a CVAC; like No, No, No, No, No, No. You have to figure that out on your own.

Chris: So Caleb, we won’t bother you then.

Brian: (chuckle) So we got to remember (inaudible) foundation of the whole CVAC concept to begin with, which is unobstructed freedom to DO and BE and co-create as we choose and please, so long as it does not harm another. So, how everybody from an individual place of total freedom of creation has to decide how that looks for them. I default back to a statement that David made in the chat room the other day that made a lot of sense for everybody that was in there at the time, which we can’t possibly comprehend from our existing state, our existing level of consciousness, what the future holds in a heightened frame of elevated vibration and elevated consciousness. What we’re doing now is that we’re trying to pick it apart, of how it’s going to look and how it’s going to feel based on a very limited perspective.
We all kind of said it. It has accomplished a lot to allow everybody the understanding and the realization that every one individual has their right to their opinion and their perspective and what they want to DO and who they want to BE. Caleb has his; I have mine. Chris and Lisa and Bob have theirs and everybody listening to the call has theirs. So where we go from here is up to us. What people want to see now is they want to see the construct of these slavery systems become unwound once and for all, to where it’s visible. They don’t want to have to file a Courtesy Notice anymore. They don’t want to have to file a UCC document anymore. They don’t want to have to stand up and fight for their freedoms anymore. They want these last gasps of these slavery systems that still appear to be in place to not have any visibility and no longer be an element to this particular equation.
So nothing that’s been said on this call has stopped the momentum of leading in that direction. If anything, it has reinforced that that’s where we are headed. So Caleb, I appreciate what you have had to share, because everybody shouldn’t do anything that I’m telling them or that you’re telling them. None of us on this panel are up here giving people any type of position of authority. Trust me, I don’t want that either. People send me emails to my opptcreativity@gmail account with ideas that they’re looking for approval on for CVAC structures. I’m like, No, No, No, No, No, every time I get one of those because it takes away the whole point. Your CVAC is your value of what you want to do; to create whatever vision it is that you have: healing center, farm.
I’ve seen so many amazing ideas. Start to foster those and develop them as if you have the resources available to you to make them a reality. Because those resources, people are looking for them as dollars in a bank or gold in a vault. But that value that you need to create that which you dream of creating is inside of you right now just waiting to be unlocked to where you realize the true power that you hold within yourself. Because we are the goods and we are the services and we are the value and we have the ability to trade with one another to put into the system and take out from the system what we need and what we choose to offer.
Those people that sit around not contributing any value to the system...I can’t say what (inaudible) more than anybody else can make predictions based on our limited state of consciousness. But what I do know is that if you take this back to the, lets say the Aboriginal Tribes in the Outback of Australia. Talked about this the other day. If you have that hunter that killed that Buffalo and he got that meat and he goes into town because he needs a blanket to stay warm. That guy that made that blanket, he might need that buffalo. But if the guy said, “wait a second, I’m not going to give you any of my buffalo, but I still want your blanket”. The guy with the blanket is going to say, “wait a second, I’m hungry, that’s not fair”. So I don’t know exactly how that’s going to look. But what I do know is that guy with the blanket is going to be a lot more likely to give up his blanket if the guy with the buffalo says “I’m going to give you some of this buffalo for that blanket”. Now you have an exchange of energy that takes place that can create a harmony to where everybody wins.

Lisa: Brian, I don’t know what you’re talking about. (laughing) We don’t have buffalo in Australia, but that’s beside the point.

Brian: (hearty laughing) ... kangaroo!

Lisa: (laughing) Okay, I’ve been sitting here in the background, so I could quietly try to absorb what’s going on here today. I think this is absolutely necessary, because there’s been a lot of people unsure. There’s been a lot of people giving OPPT their power. There’s been people, oh God, there’s a whole wide range of responses to this. There are people who really, really get it and understand that it is a tool.
I think Caleb’s contribution and his energy has certainly kicked a few people the wrong way. Based on what’s going on in the chat room, it’s been a kick up the ass. Now OPPT woke a lot of people up and hopefully brought a lot of people together and hopefully has helped a lot of people understand that they are the value. That in and of itself has been a huge, huge wave; a consciousness leap. We’ve all felt it. I don’t think...are you still there, Caleb?

Caleb:  I’m still here.

Lisa: Okay, I don’t think that you think that we’re all sitting around on our bums doing nothing and waiting for it to be done by yourself and Heather.

Caleb: No, I don’t.

Lisa:  Because this has become what it has because of everybody’s DO’ing and everybody’s BE’ing as Heather would say.  Now it feels like we’ve hit a bit of a wall in terms of our energies. It’s like that last little push, that last little push and you are here to give us that kick up the bum that we need to really solidify within ourselves who we are.  Now if the OPPT, Caleb, Randall, and Heather disappear tomorrow, what do we do about that?  Where do we stand?  Are we just going to go ‘okay, that was another piece of bullshit and probably was the cabal all over?’  Or do we take the energy that we have built with this? Do we take the DO’ing and the KNOWing and the understanding and do we keep moving with it?  What do we do?  I’m not suggesting by any means that that is going to happen, I’m just saying that the power is obviously with us. We’re starting to get to know that now, really get to know that now.  So where do we go?  What do we do?  We keep going, obviously, in my opinion.

Chris:  I had a conversation before the show with someone who kind of is going through, if you like, a certain nervousness about what’s coming.  That person put the same question to me.  My response is that the OPPT and this whole exercise and even if it disappeared tomorrow has pulled millions of people together and asked them to make a choice and they chose.  Lisa, I think you’re right, this conversation is all about confirming that choice.  Caleb has come in and put us back on our haunches and said, ‘why aren’t you doing it yourself?’  Yes we could take that approach.  I think the people listening to this really resonate with the stuff that has been presented by the OPPT so far; how it’s felt, the options that it has given them.  My choice is to go within.  What I think we’re being faced with ‘is this our choice?  Do you really want this?’  We can do it another way, but do you really want this? 

Lisa:  The reason I think we are being asked this is energetic reasons.  I do think we are about to get hit with something big energetically.  We’re being asked collectively and individually to really get our choice at a deep level, so that we are really prepared for what is about to hit.  Does that make sense? 

Brian:  Yeah, what I would like to add is we are getting hit with big energy for some time now, but it’s about to get freaky and the power behind it is about to go up about an exponential amount of notches…
(Several talking at once)

Lisa:  I think the energy we’ve felt so far is just a taste of what is about to come over in the next week to ten days.

Brian: Yeah, yeah.

Bob:  I agree, because one of the things that I think everybody needs to keep in mind is, the OPPT is not a savior. It’s always been us; it’s always been us. The OPPT had so much force and so much power because of the people. Because of what the people are DO’ing and what the people are standing up and maneuvering, it’s us. We are, all of us, anyone who chooses to be involved. We are the ones’ that are creating all of this. We’re making it up as we go and I think this is a positive conversation in that really, like you said Lisa.  Focuses us on exactly what it is that we want.

Lisa:  Caleb is actually a great example of someone who stands in that knowing.

Bob:  That is what it is all about. Really it’s about the people…

D:  Can I jump in here for a moment? 

Lisa:  Please.

D:  Here is my thought on it. This is, but today more so than any other time, this really hit home for me. The OPPT is a tool; it’s just a tool. It’s not an entity. It’s not a BE’ing. It is a tool. Right now, there are a couple of nails sticking up in front of us and the OPPT. What was done with the filings is the hammer that we are using to hammer those nails down flat again. Once that job is done, then the hammer gets put down. We go on, then we take it to the next level. It’s only a tool.
It’s not a governing body. It’s not something to be looked upon as going to tell us what to do, who to BE, or when to DO it, or why we should do it. It’s just a tool. The tool time is pretty much done now because everything has been done that needed to be done. I wish we could get Heather on to tell us a little bit more of what has been going on, but she is jumping up and down on her internet like she’s a yoyo. It’s actually making me dizzy watching her skype icon go up and down and up and down and up and down. AK, if you’re listening, I’d really appreciate it if you would call her on her cell phone.

Chris: Guys, I would like to throw one more conceptual description out there of what sort of process that has been going on. Which was since the 25th of Dec, this information has been released to us. Heather, Caleb and Randall have been leading us through the process of learning what actually happened. What actually happened was that, if you like, the fake corporate framework that sits around aspects of our society, that do good things to us, that manufacture stuff was simply pulled away. The companies are still running; they don’t know it’s gone yet and those that do know it’s gone will still keep running. What that suggested to us through the filings is an alternate framework. If you look at the filings, the suggestion that they are making is very clear.  It’s a completely flat structure and everyone holds it in equity.  It’s a suggestion, throw away the UCC and the documents, but we’ve still got that concept. That’s what we’ve got to work for, we can choose a concept that simply becomes our idea and we just need to bring an idea into reality. We don’t need permission from anybody to do it. We can give ourselves permission. That is what the choice is; we don’t need anyone to tell us what to do. 

D:  No we don’t. No, exactly. We are empowered BE’ings that can make all of our own decisions based on what our hearts tell us to do. Our Higher Selves guide us to do. We don’t need someone standing behind us telling us what we can and can’t do. We are completely capable, for lack of a better term, ruling ourselves.

Chris:  We’ve had a fantastic suggestion of how to actually do it. I think we should move that forward, regardless of what technically happens to the UCC and the OPPT. Technically it doesn’t matter, that concept is in our heads now and in our hearts and that’s where we need to keep it. 

D:  Well, the job’s been done, hasn’t it? 

Chris:  It has, the job has been done.

D:  The nails were hammered down.

Lisa:  I know that Heather said as long as the UCC exists, even though we’re simply using it as a registry tool or a depository, as long as it exists then it’s also useable as a slavery tool by the other side. So it has to go; it’s the last main slavery tool.

D:  (Garbled) Just like all of the other tools can be chucked aside, right?
(Several talking at once)

Bob:  If that is true Lisa, within the last 24 or 48 hours the UCC has been dissolved.

Lisa:  It actually makes the CVAC process easier.

Bob:  It makes it much easier, because they are going to have to come to the people. 

D:  That’s right.

Bob:  They’re going to have to come to the people. Once that system is shut down, they no longer can use their systems anymore to siphon off our energy. Then either they’re going to have to find their own source of energy, which is an option for them, or they’re going to have to come to the people.

Lisa:  There was a post that got put up, I’m going to repeat it. I can’t remember where it was put up (chuckles)

Brian:  That is Sophia Love; yeah, she posted that little blog.

Lisa:  Yes, she says “If the OPPT isn’t a law, something to sign, something to join, a conspiracy, obtrusion, something to pay for, a requirement, something to follow, a demand, a trick, corrupt, invasive, or dead, a movement to follow, a set of rules to obey, a fad, a suggestion, a club, a group, a list of suggestions, a country, a government, a financial system, an educational system, a cult, a puzzle, something to vote for, something to fight for, a lie, fraud, deceit, a demand, a problem to decipher, going to hurt you, going to enslave you, going to tax you, going to ask you for money, going to foreclose on you, going to put you in jail, something for only the next generation, easy to comprehend” ...
(Several talking at once/Garbled)

D:  Do you know what is easy to comprehend?  If, as we keep talking about, listen to your heart.  We talked about it last week on one of the shows. I don’t remember which one, about reading the filings out loud. Read them out loud, get the energy from them, you can feel it.  If you look at it from a brain point of view alone, yes it’s a little hard to wrap your head around some of these things. If you’re listening to it and reading it from your heart and reading the energy that is coming naturally and completely to you, then it’s easier to understand.  It’s not a brain exercise; it’s a heart exercise. 
(Several talking at once)

Chris:  Lisa, why don’t you read out the rest of that post about what it is? 

Brian:  I just put it up there Lisa right now.

Lisa:  Okay. “What the OPPT is: simple to embrace, a restatement of our worth, the value of the one people, a restatement of the Declaration of Independence for all generations, transparent, legal, worldwide, free and freedom.” 
Clearly there has been a lot of misunderstanding about what we have talked about so far today.  It’s based on what’s been going on in the chat room.  People are scared now, because they have sent Courtesy Notices out. Don’t be. That is your DO’ing that has made exactly what we are talking about here. Nothing has actually changed. What Caleb has provided is the (inaudible) of someone that knows who he is. He’s put forward questions in such a way that has helped us solidify who we are and what we want. We’ve all been given an opportunity to answer that question for ourselves.
Guys, nothing has changed. Do we want CVACs? That is the question. Do we really want them and need them? How do we want them to look and know it in your heart?  Again, I’ll repeat what I said before. I do think that we are being asked to really get down to the bottom of and the depths of ourselves to ask the questions as we move forward from here within the next ten or so days. I do believe something energetic is happening. We’ve got to really know the answers to these questions for ourselves. That’s why I think we are having the conversation we are having today.

Chris:  I’ll just point out something too in terms of the Courtesy Notices. The powers-that-be have said absolutely nothing about the actions of the trust. As soon as they acknowledge the existence of the filings, they have to acknowledge their effectiveness; end of story.  Your Courtesy Notices worked just fine, because they have to stay under their spell until the very end until this is all done. The Courtesy Notices are exactly what they need to hear. It speaks to them on their own terms. Don’t change the Courtesy Notices,  because the powers-that-were are not in a position to negate either UCC or anything that has happened into it, because they are completely stalemated and cornered. To deny the Courtesy Notices is to deny the existence and powerlessness of their system, which they won’t do because it’s all they’ve got left. They’ve got left is the pretense that something is there. So let them proceed because we’re going to literally go around them and quietly dismantle what they have done and create something ourselves. 

Lisa:  I just want to change tactics for a little bit okay? Not a little bit, I’m going to change the subject all together.  This month, let’s just have a little look at what’s being put out there for March 2013 that has been put out there over the years. There’s an article on Before Its News, called “No Kidding March 2013”.  I’m just going to run through a list of things. Andrew Basiago, time traveler, saw Washington DC underwater in 2013. Remote viewing, visions of doom in 2013, Webbots an absence of data after March of 2013.
Now the events we’ve looked at so far, the Pope has resigned and a new Pope is to be appointed before the 18th. We have the Spring Equinox on the 20th, the precession of the Equinox on the 20th. Obama’s first trip to Israel is due on the 20th. There is an alignment on the 20th, which is the same alignment that happened on the 21st of Dec last year. The Montauk time travelers saw the impassable white barrier on March 21st, 2013.  George Kavassilas half of the world ascends on March 21st
On a more negative note, we’ve got abomination that makes desolate on March 21st; don’t know where that one comes from.  Daniel’s timeline evidence presented for March 21st-22nd.  According to this, the actual main calendar ends on March 21st, but I’ve not heard that one before. 3/22 is an occult date for Skull, Cross and Bones, which equals March 22nd. The Super Bowl lights went out with 13:22 left on the clock. The Dark Knight film shows 322 on the box seat at the football game. The Georgia Guidestones are 33 years old on March 22nd.  A biblical date, math, ideas concerning Obama in Israel on March 22nd.  Obama Peace Prize in Oct 9, 2009 announcement that is 1,260 days until March 22nd.  There are a few more things. Should I keep going?
Chris:  I would like to throw in one thing about Clif High’s data and some of the remote viewing data. As far as their data go, what they see is an absence of government as well as this washing effect which I’ve come to conclude is a metaphoric cleansing which leads to the absence of government.  Look around you folks, isn’t that what we’re talking about? 
Lisa:  So by all accounts, we’re looking at a pretty big month. I’ll take you back to the post I mentioned earlier that is currently on American Kabuki that was done through a hypnosis session. I don’t know how much value people give to those things, but it’s been interesting as well.  Are we able to get Heather on the phone? Is that what someone is saying?
Brian:  Looks like American Kabuki added her cell phone number here in the thread, which is how we call her when we are having trouble with skype, but I don’t know if she actually came online. They’re trying. Keep going and I’m sure she’ll speak up when she comes on in.
Lisa:  Okay, who wants to talk to this energy we are in? I know I’m seeing it and feeling very much that something big is coming. We talked about this on the weekend, this is before I saw any of these blog posts.  It was part of conversations that I was having on the weekend that feels like something is coming. It’s going to switch us on and I don’t even know what that looks like. D, I know you’ve been feeling something too.
D:  Oh, I’ve been rocking all day...seriously. Seriously, it has been an unbelievable energy day today. If I had my choice, I think I would have sat in lotus all day today, because the energies have been so unbelievable.
Brian:  What I would suggest Lisa for anybody that hasn’t gone and read this article yet, definitely go to the American Kabuki blog and read it. Then discern for yourself if it feels like truth. This particular type of hypnosis, I’ve done some study on it. She called it quantum hypnosis. Dolores Cannon calls it somnambulistic. It’s from the somnambulistic level hypnosis, which is the deepest level of hypnosis where the deepest part of people’s consciousness and subconscious mind comes to the forefront. They don’t know what they are talking about during the hypnosis. They have to listen to the audio tape back after they come back. What this is sharing, what makes it so powerful, is that it corroborates with so much of the other information that is already out there. Read it. The event that it describes is a merging of the minds of all of humanity coming to a place where...there is a really powerful line in here that the “illusion is over”. 
Like I said before, it’s the same thing taught to us about the duality being over. Everything is changing energy. This conversation back and forth that we have whether people want to discern the energy is being positive or negative, judgments that our minds make of certain things based on perception. The energy in reading this; it’s powerful. There’s a lot of people that are going to be listening to this call that can feel and have been able to feel, whether it's the last couple of months since OPPT has come out, since it's been December 21st, since the Harmonic Convergence back in the 80's, that there's something in the air and it's coming to a tipping point, a mass tipping point. So, I definitely (inaudible) ... (laughs) I can only speak for myself. I've been giggling for the last (inaudible) hours. Anybody listening to my radio show this morning, it was probably pretty hard to hear what we were talking about a lot of times, we were laughing the whole way through it. Because we're connecting with that (inaudible) energy. It feels good. It feels right. Only time will tell, but it's hard to say.
Lisa: Brian? We do have a lot of people with their hand up now and I'd like to get through some of these questions while...
Brian: Cool. You don't like my buffalo line of thought and now you're going to cut me off (inaudible) ...
(general laughter)  
Chris: Actually, Brian, you're off the hook, we do have buffalo in certain parts of northern Australia.
Brian: Thank you, Chris. Have I told you I love you lately? Pipe down Lisa.
(general laughter)
D: Go sit in the corner Brian.
(general laughter)
Lisa: Let's try and get through this and try to help some people get some answers to their questions. We've got American Kabuki trying to bring Heather in for us. Area code 917.
Caller: Hello.
Lisa: Yes, hey.
Caller: I have a yes or no question. Was Cody Morgan put in jail because of the CN's?
Lisa: No.
Brian: (laughs) No, absolutely not. I can answer that in a little bit more depth. Cody Morgan...
Caller: All I need is a yes or no; it was a yes or no question. That's all I wanted to know. 
Brian: The answer is absolutely not. (laughs)
Caller: Okay. My other point is there seems to be a lot of infighting now between the trustees.
Lisa: Oh no, I wouldn't call it infighting.
Caller: Well it seems like there's a lot of discrepancies between the three, especially Caleb's last comment about if he had control over the CVAC he would create an empire. To me it sounds like as though OPPT is starting to decline as far as it's power and what it can provide.
Lisa: We are its power.  (talk over caller)  Every single one of us is its power.
Caller: Okay, great. Let's get past all the etherical, 5D, 4D crap and let's deal with the stuff on the 3D level, if you don't mind me speaking so frankly. Where do see this heading? It seems like there's a lot of room for people to start discrediting what OPPT (inaudible) has done and what the trustees have done. That is a big concern for me, because I have a lot of people who are trying to break free from the system, the slavery system, and move into a place of BE'ing and DO'ing. So, where do you see this heading?
Lisa: Sorry, I was muting myself because I was coughing. Where do I see this? That we continue doing what we're doing, so we continue educating the system that it's finished. I don't think anybody can discredit what's been done, because it's done. People can discredit, if they want to, where we are and where we want to go. That's up to them. Where I want to go, is I want to continue to educate the system that it's finished. I want to continue to educate the system that it has no authority over me anymore. I will be (inaudible) Courtesy Notices to do that. I want to get to a point within myself where I completely and utterly understand my value.
Caller: Well, Caleb himself said he doesn't want to take a stance of an authoritative position, which leads me to believe that the other two trustees may want to take that stance. Am I wrong?
(unknown voice: Harrumph)
Lisa: No, yeah, you are.
Brian: Yeah.
D: Extremely wrong! Extremely, extremely wrong!
(Lisa and Brian talk over for some time)
Caller: I'm sorry, there is too many people speaking.
Brian: With all due respect, sir, you couldn't be more wrong. You posed it as a question and we're giving you an answer. Caleb and Heather and Randall never claimed to have any disagreements in their positioning and how they developed One People's Public Trust. It was able to come into being what it is, because they each brought their own set of circumstances and beliefs and values and patterns into the mix to create The One People's Public Trust. Hold on sir, I'm not done. Think of Caleb and Heather and Randall like a family. Have you ever had disagreements with your brother or your sister or your father? Yeah, absolutely, but at the end of the day do you still love them? Of course you do. So the trustees are no different in that regard. They love each other. They also bring very different opinions on certain matters. Some of those differing opinions have been brought to light in this call. That doesn't change where we've been and where everything is headed. It's just simply brought to light that some people have differences of opinion. That's life.
Caller: So, in the skype messages that were left on certain blog spots, mentioning 'Do they want to see the OPPT dissolved? Do they want to see the UCC dissolved?', then what power do we have by claiming under those Courtesy Notices to have any power?
Lisa: Because that was still done; it was still done. The OPPT acted as a bridge and did those filings. They're done. It's not like you can undo what's been done. You're still in a position to make a reference to them. But in terms of the power, well that's obviously with you.
Bob: The filings never gave you the power. The filings didn't give you anything. The filings are just something for the powers-that-were to be notified.
Caller: But doesn't that in a sense mean that it empowers me to be more BE'ing.
Bob: Only you can empower you. Only you can empower you. Either you believe that someone can tell you what you can and can't do, or you don't.
Lisa: We've always been saying that these documents, if we don't stand up and come together and know who we are and take action on who we are, then the filings are useless. And if we do, then the filings are useless. (laughs) They're irrelevant.  It's always been and it is always just a tool. Some people like and need to have that piece of paper in their hand that says you're free. Some of us need it.
Caller: So what is your response to the fact that Caleb just said that if he had control over his CVAC that he would create an empire.
Lisa: He does have control over his CVAC because he is a CVAC.
Caleb: Hey hold on, this is Caleb. I’m going to address that real quick. I said if everyone who wants me to do the work, I will build an empire ‘cause my labor is not free. I understand its value. When the children of Israel (if you read the bible) got mad and went to the prophet Daniel and said we want a king as the nations around us have, Daniel said if you do that the king will take your men, your sons and daughters for his men and man servants and maiden servants and that’s what happened. Okay?
Caller: If you were to do that, then where does that leave the other people?
Caleb: I don’t want to do that.
Brian: He’s using the story as just that, as a story. He doesn’t want to build an empire. What he was saying is that if everybody came to him wanting him to do all the work with CVACs, he would have no other choice because he would be contributing more of his energies to help…
Caleb: Right.
Brian: …than anybody else. So he never in any way, shape or form once said that he would build an empire. So that’s what he’s saying right now in his response to your question.
Caller: Okay.
Brian: Do you have another question?
Caller: That should do it, thanks.
Brian: Well, thank you for calling.
Lisa: Thank you. Okay, I’m just gonna mute you and I’m gonna bring out, we have Seraph.
Brian: Nice.
Lisa: Seraph, you there? Hang on; his microphone’s not, muting…Seraph what’s going on with your microphone? Can you hear me?
Seraph (caller): Yeah I can hear you guys fine.
Lisa: Okay. We can hear you now.
Seraph (caller): Okay great. How’s everybody doing, everybody good? 
Brian: (Laughter) Always good my man.
Chris: Yep.
Seraph (caller): Okay. Check this out. First of all let us not forget that Caleb, and I know, I’ve talked to Caleb for long periods of time and he’s hilarious. What you guys have to understand about Caleb, he’s kinda like Nick Barnes the computer guy from Saturday Night Live. He knows his stuff and he knows what he’s talking about. Now he may not convey it in a way that makes you feel all touchy and warm and floaty, but he’s telling you the truth. The bottom line is I told Heather two weeks ago ‘Heather if you set a date I’m gonna hold you to it, and if it comes and goes, it doesn’t matter ‘cause I’ve already decided April1st, I’m going shopping like a boss. It is on.’
I’m telling you I don’t care if you believe oh if money lah lah lah. Look, if everybody on this planet got access and knew that they had access to their own personal value, their own energy, they knew it, the only difference between the one that Christians call Jesus and every human being on the planet is He knew it. Once we get to the point where we know it, we don’t need anybody to tell us or give us any documents or nothing. The bottom line is this, just like the American slave movement, I call it the American holocaust, but that’s a whole other story. But during the American slave movement, there were people like Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth who opened the door, kicked the door wide open and started traveling north. Do you know there were thousands and thousands of slaves who said ‘Well I’m not gonna, I need Mr. Johnson to tell me that I can leave’. That’s retarded, that’s crazy.
Heather, Randall and Caleb kicked the door in; that’s all they did. They kicked the door in; they (inaudible) the forces-that-were and what they did was say ‘Okay, let’s go to freedom’. We got all these millions of people crying, saying ‘Well where’s my document, where’s my paperwork?’ WHAT? She just kicked the door in…GO NORTH! Go north, it’s just that simple. Do as you ARE because all the forces-that-were have always been a farce; there’s nothing real that’s ever existed in them. All they did was say ‘Hey look guys, these people aren’t even real, this isn’t even real. So now GO, do what you gotta do.
Like I said, CVACs…I’m a CVAC. You don’t have to set up a system, I’ll set up my own system. Funding, treasury, if that doesn’t go down in a week or two…doesn’t matter. April 1st, I’m going shopping like a boss. One way or another, I’m gonna do what I said I’m gonna do on April 1st . If Heather, Randall and Caleb help me, awesome, cool. I already told Caleb today ‘Caleb, soon as this is all done and I buy all the stuff I ever felt like I wanted and then I take a couple of breaths, I’m coming to you brother and we’re gonna write some epic music’. It’s ON. I don’t care, it’s done…IT’S DONE. Quit crying about it and just start heading north, start packing your bags, load the wagon. That’s what’s up.
Brian: Can I get an Amen?
Seraph (caller): I hate to break it down, don’t make me wing strap somebody in here. That’s what’s up.
Lisa: For me the analogy was the OPPT came in (inaudible) and we all saw the wizard behind the curtain standing there with his pants down. Now that the illusion has been broken of who and what they are, they’ve lost their power over you, in my opinion.
Seraph (caller): Exactly.
Lisa: It’s just (inaudible).
Seraph (caller): That’s my point.
Lisa: Okay, thank you Seraph. I’ll leave you out and bring someone else in.
Seraph (callera): Thank you.
Lisa: I’ll leave your mike open. Okay, area code 646.
Caller: Hello Lisa. How are you? It’s Rick.
Lisa/Brian: Hey Rick.
Rick (caller): I have a feeling we definitely need (inaudible) of  levity in this situation here.
Lisa: You gonna bring some, bring it on.
Rick (caller): I was thinking about some good one liners, but there were none coming to mind. I thought ‘oh great I’m probably the second or third caller’ and sure enough! First of all, I just wanna say I listened to Caleb on the abbreviated interview on Morning Brew a few days ago, thought he was immensely articulate and had wonderful thing to say. Things that were so crystal clear that I ended up mentioning them to other people later as metaphors. So I’m not particularly fazed by anything that’s happened tonight, because I think the man probably has a vision and it’s a lot bigger than most people can grok and…
Lisa: I think you’re on it.
Rick (caller): The frustration now that’s coming out in the chat room like ‘I don’t get it’, ‘Where’s the hook?’, ‘Take him off stage’ and all that kinda crap. Frankly, I think it’s been said a couple of times, we got that kick in the rubber parts that we needed and really that’s what it is. We’ve been seeing that in our films for over a decade. We saw it with Morpheus and Neo in The Matrix. We saw it with V For Vendetta. We saw it again with Cloud Atlas last year. The whole discernment and distinctions about freedom and people are still saying ‘Show me the money’ like it’s the Jerry Maguire show or something. Money is no more relevant in my opinion than the CVAC thing. They’re tools; they’re constructs that allow us to feel we have power, but they don’t give us power, they give us the perception that we have power. So…
Lisa: Let you know (inaudible).
Rick (caller): I hope you’re getting all this down, you’re typing furiously. You getting all this?(Laughter)
Lisa: I stop typing usually.
Brian: (Garbled)
Rick (caller): Anyway, I didn’t really have a question. I did have a question, but after the whole conversation turned the corner it’s like, well my question sucks and I’m not gonna ask it ‘cause it’s embarrassing. (Laughter) I just wanted to say then since I’ve got the time and then I’m gonna get off is that I don’t see any discontinuity. What I see is exactly what you said, it’s providing a contrast and that gives us better depth perception. If you can’t deal with the depth perception then hey, like Caleb said, go find another master. So Bless you all. You’re holding together pretty well under pressure I have to say so, right on, so (Laughter) still a fan, still a fan.
Lisa/Brian: Thank you.
Lisa: Area code 514. I’m gonna try and race through these. Area code 514?
Caller: Hello?
Lisa/Brian: Hello?
Lisa: What’s your name?
Caller: Are you (inaudible) with me?
Lisa: Yes, we can hear you.
Caller: Wow, it’s incredible. Hey, thanks a lot to everybody, you’re wonderful. My name is Paul, I’m calling from Montreal. I would like to do some filings and I’m not very good at it and would like to have a phone number of the OPPT here in Montreal, so I can give them a phone number.  So I can call them and ask them if they can help me with that.
Lisa: Are you talking about just using the Courtesy Notice or are you talking about…?
Paul (caller): Yeah, the Courtesy Notice.
Lisa: There’s an email that is manned by Ken Bartle here in Australia, then you can communicate with him via the email address.
Paul (caller): I’m not very good with the computer. I was hoping for a phone number and make an appointment with one of them so they can help me to file this correctly.
Lisa: Well, there’s nobody officially to call because this is a people driven movement from everybody all around the world and the ones who created the Courtesy Notice are based in Australia. However I’m sure there are people in Montreal who have used them and would be happy to help you. How could they possibly get in touch with you? Do you have an email address that they could contact you with?
Paul: Well, like I said I’m not very good with the computer. I probably would have to reboot the old thing, but I can give my phone number? But I don’t know if somebody will call me, I don’t know.
Lisa: Well, I don’t really want you to announce your phone number on the air.
Brian: Exactly.
D: I was just gonna say we don’t really want it announced in public, personal phone numbers over the radio. If you can get an email to me, I can hook him up with Deryl.

Brian: He doesn’t have an email.

Lisa: Oh great…

D: (Garbled)

Brian: There’s no way of doing this on the air with phone numbers so we might (Garbled) there’s no easy fix here.

Paul: Yeah. Well alright guys, thanks a lot. Bye bye.

Brian: Thanks for calling. Hang in there. Sooner or later you won’t need that Courtesy Notice.

Paul: Say again?

Lisa: He said sooner or later you won’t need the Courtesy Notice, but in the meantime really, resources are all online.     
(Many talking at once)

Chris: Just had a message from Deryl that he’s happy to help him out, but we just need to get these two people in touch. Any suggestions? 

Lisa: We can’t do that without advertising phone numbers, I’m sorry.

D: That’s what I was gonna say, other than swapping phone numbers at this point. Do you have a friend or family member who’s got an email address that could email you?

Paul (caller): Oh boy. Like there’s about four hundred people here in the block that I’m living in. I’m leaving some memos here and there and the next day I find them in the garbage. I’m like…alone. Like you guys say, maybe later on we won’t need this, so I guess I’ll just move on with that. I’ll keep listening to the show in case anything happens and Lisa…

Lisa: Okay, thank you Paul.

Paul (caller): Okay, thank you, bye bye.

\Brian: Thank you.

Lisa: Finish your sentence. Okay, no, he’s gone. Alright, area code 612…area code 612? Hello?

Caller: Hi Lisa, it’s Elizabeth from Minnesota. Hi.

Lisa: Hi Elizabeth.

Elizabeth (caller): I feel sorry for that man. When you talked about standing up all night and maybe you could see his phone number and give it to D and she can look him up with the (inaudible) could help him, I don’t know. But anyway, that’s a suggestion you can do, ‘cause I think you can see the phone numbers, yeah.

Lisa: I could’ve, but it’s gone.

Elizabeth (caller): This has been a roller coaster ride tonight. I just wanna tell Caleb thank you, my man, my brother for bringing the contrast. I tell you it didn’t feel too good ,but brother it’s for a reason ‘cause the ones that know this line.
We are in Mercury retrograde which means, if people don’t know what that is, looking into ourselves, each one of us to know everybody. There’s a lot of people on this call, most of this call, they’re lost but that’s okay, hey? Hang in there because to me Caleb, Heather and the other guy, the trustees, and tonight was a microcosm. Even though they have completely, not completely, but different opinions on what they did, they hung together. They were a team and they put this tool in place for us even though it sounds like they’re not together but they are, and that’s kinda where we’re at right now. I just wanna encourage everybody, from what I learned from a fantastic lady, Cynthia, regarding the energies. This is where it has to go.
Lisa, you’re right, this is the last push. We’re in a birth canal; we’re gonna be birthed and it’s gonna be a brand new world. We’re gonna think and DO and know brand new things that we never imagined. And March 28th there is a line-up, I believe from December 21st 2012 to March 28th 2013, we’re in a birth canal ready to be birthed. On that day there’s a line-up of  Venus, the Sun and the Earth on that day. Hey, it can happen in the twinkling of an eye, so then in the twinkling of an eye the way I can see it, is that’s the only way it can happen for us to become a stronger unity and stand up like Caleb (inaudible) had in his heart. He has, that one guy that spoke earlier, yes, Caleb you’re way ahead of us. You’re way ahead of us and you’re a young man. We’re about ready to catch up sir, so love you and love everybody. Hang in there everybody and Lisa, thanks for bringing up. I think that’s the missing puzzle piece and we had to have this conversation tonight. So Caleb, thank you. Love you guys.

Brian: Thank you.

Lisa: Thank you Elizabeth. Before we do run out of time, is there anything else that’s occurred to you D? Are you with us D?

D: Hold on, hold on, I am unmuted.

Lisa: Is there anything else that Heather’s said to you that you can share? ‘Cause people are wanting to hear whatever we’ve got that’s come from Heather.

D: You know what? It’s done today; it’s done. It’s all done. It’s completely done.

Brian: Wicked.

D: Everything. We, as humans, as of today officially have all of our value back; it is ours. Ours to keep, to have, and to hold and all that good stuff. That is one of the most important aspects of everything that we’ve talked about so far. Every person is their own CVAC and each of those beings has been given their value back; it’s theirs to have.

Lisa: So essentially, with or without paperwork, because the UCC is also gone, right?

D: That’s right.

Lisa: The CVACs are online because we’re all here; we’re all online.

D: That’s right.

Lisa: And we do. Okay, so whatever needed to be done in the background in terms of giving us access to our value has happened.

D: Yup. All, it’s taken care of. It’s all been taken care of and now it is the moving forward on how does that play out. The term that I believe, and I hope I’m getting this right, that Heather used to me last week was up until this morning it was getting the CVACs system set up and ready to go. This week is dealing with the treasury aspect of it so to speak. Again, it doesn’t even adequately remotely describe it obviously, but it gives people at least a basic understanding of where we are.

Lisa: So if I understand what you’re saying, whatever needed to happen behind the scenes in order to create the access to value system, the treasury system, has happened. What we’re on the verge of now is the unfolding of whatever mechanisms need to happen in order for us to actually access it.
D: Exactly.
Lisa: So for all the people who are freaking out about what Caleb was saying, who thought it meant no CVACs, no treasury, you’re saying that’s not the case.
D: What I’m saying is that exactly, the CVACs are each and every individual person. Each person, each being, is their own CVAC. That’s the basic idea behind it and the full put-together of it all will happen this week or the next. I’m not sure exactly how long; we didn’t get to that conversation. I failed to have a decent Skype conversation with Heather in about 72 hours with her internet being the way it is. So we’re looking at again that week – ten days time of all the rest being cleaned up.

Lisa: Hey, someone please be quiet (microphone noise)...

D: Brian, please stop beating up your ...

Lisa: Yeah, it’s really noisy.
(garbled - several talking at once)

Lisa: Okay, I wanna be absolutely clear about this, because there’s been so much confusion so far in this call. People have (garbled) something and made it mean something else. Now you’re being accused of backpedaling. Trying to get the connection between what you’re saying and what Caleb was saying.

D: Unfortunately I wasn’t able to listen to it. I missed all of what Caleb was saying. I came in back on at the very tail end of it, so I pretty much missed everything there Caleb said. Sorry Caleb.

Lisa: Okay, well....

Chris: To be really clear, Caleb did not say there will be no CVACs and there will no treasury access. He did not say that. He stated his opinion about how he would do it. I think you will agree with that Caleb, if you're unmuted. And also, Caleb hasn't had any direct discussions with Heather about exactly what she was doing or what she was going to release today. Is that also true Caleb?

Caleb: Very true.

Chris: Well then what we're listening to is Caleb's views and Caleb is completely entitled to his views. In so far as where Heather's at with the development she's doing on giving us access to value and the CVACs, that stands...

D: It's full steam ahead. According to Heather, we are seriously full steam ahead.

Chris: Yeah, that's the message we've been getting for several days from Heather in bits and pieces as she gets back on air. In fact, that proposition still stands. We've had a very spirited discussion, because Caleb's presented us with a really in-your-face view. That's part of the process, folks. Given we've only got a few minutes to go on the show, Lisa, let's just keep pushing to get absolute clarification from Heather over the next 24 hours.

Lisa: Well hang on, we might be able to do that now. One second. Quick, quick, quick.

D: We're doing a ridiculous jump=around. We've got AK on the phone and he's called her on her cell phone and he's trying to tie her in through blogtalk, so just give us a moment. If we know that, I will bring you straight out.

Bob: Lisa, we can go over.

Lisa: Yes, I know and we probably will. If we actually do get Heather online, we will. I'm sure of it. So, if we manage to get Heather online guys and we do go over, if you're just listening to this at blogtalk, you'll lose the connection. If you've called in, you'll be able to hear the rest of the show. Otherwise, you'll have to listen to the archives. AK, let me know how to find you. Where are you?

D: I can't find him. I can't get ahold of him. I'm trying to flag him down. 

Brian: Well, I can just speak while you guys are looking for Bill. To the energy that Heather was portraying in the skype group, say, was absolutely...she was excited and buzzed up. I watched a lot of the skype dialogue. The only person that's going to be able to speak for Heather is Heather at this point.

Lisa: Oh, absolutely. It's the same message I was getting; the little snippets I was getting over the last few days is that it's all done. We're full steam ahead.

D: Oh yeah, seriously full steam ahead.

Lisa: Yep.

Chris: So, watch this space. Because we've run out of time, one of the things I'd like to do and take a couple of minutes now and reserve a couple minutes on the show tomorrow, I'd actually like to read out a couple of paragraphs of one of the documents that defines the CVACs, to share with you why the concept is exactly what I want to see happen. It's all down there in black and white, folks and I'll read it out tomorrow.

D: Hold on, we're still struggling here. I'm playing tag with AK all over. 760, looking for 760 area code.

Lisa: 760, I've got one here. AK, is that you? Hello? I've got a 760.

Brian: That should be him.

Lisa: I've got another one, hang on. I'm going to try all the 760s. AK, is that you?

Caller: Hello, this is Marie.

Lisa: Oh, okay. Sorry, I'm looking for somebody else. I'm looking for American Kabuki.

Brian: Hold on, he's typing in right now. Oh, he lost her.

Lisa: All right, what are we up to? Five minutes to go. Should we try and squeeze another call in? I've got two people here with 760, so you're unmuted if you're on 760. (background noise) Hello? Okay, I will mute you again. Anything else, D, from heather that you wanted to share?

D: No, just kind of like Brian said, I just wish I could share the energy with everyone that we've had for the last four days especially. There is no pause. There is no delay. There is only full steam ahead. The energy has been incredibly powerful. We are moving forward and moving forward fast now. I can see in the chat rooms and the RTS chat room people are starting to get all upset. This is not a halt. This is not a delay. This is not anything like that. Nothing has changed. We are seriously moving forward.

Lisa: Caleb, do you want to sat anything to that? Because people are really taking what you said to heart. They've taken it to heart and they've taken it very negatively.

Caleb: Well listen, I'll be really clear here, as clear as I can. No one is showing up on a white horse with flowing hair to rescue you. You are rescuing you. All the gold in the world doesn't rescue you. All the silver in the world doesn't rescue you. You do. When you step forward and you seize that moment, amazing things will occur.  (inaudible for several words) , because you in that moment become the center. Once you become the center, you realize all of the value flows through me. You'll have this awakening. In that moment, you'll see what I'm particularly speaking to. You'll see you don’t need anyone to give you permission to do anything. You don't need a degree. You don't need a high school diploma. You don't need anything, other than the idea that you can go forth and achieve that which you perceive. That's you.
(inaudible for several words) I will not do that for you. As you come back (inaudible), as you undo all of the programming that's been put upon you since you were born, since you were six years old (inaudible) , you will start to see the world in a whole different light. Then you will see, not in a narcissistic sense, that you will literally see that you are the center of it. Once you come to that place, you realize that you can harness the power of the energy, the power of the universe, and it will flow through you. You can do whatever you want. Once you're there, you become the CVAC.
So, if you study history, these are the slivers of things that I believe people like Albert Einstein and the Wright brothers grasped on to. So, what I encourage you to do is these things don't need to be accidents. These can be purposeful events and we can all be Albert Einstein. We can all be the Wright brothers. We can all be Chopin. We can all be DaVinci. We can all reach forth into the universe and bring out this magnificent energy and use it to bless each other and the world around us. That's all I have to say.

Brian: Well put.

Lisa: Okay.

D: The one thing that I would add is I'd like to remind everyone of the incredible show we had two-three weeks ago. I have no track of time any more. When Heather explained the meaning of the filings on December 10th...

Lisa: The Declaration of Satisfaction.

D: That's right. The experiment is over. I think that's what Caleb is kind of talking about too and that's what I take it, is when the experiment is over and we all take off our blindfolds, we will remember and then we will know exactly who we are and what our value is. We don't need to be rescued. I hear Caleb on that. Because we already know it. We already know it.

Lisa: Guys, we're down to seconds. I'm going to thank everybody for joining us today. We'll be back tomorrow, one hour later on the 5D Network. If we cannot get Heather on tomorrow's call, then we will try to just make the best of whenever she can (inaudible) the line. We'll record a conversation with her, so she can share what she wants to share. We'll make that available. Thank you all. It's been a big one. We'll talk again tomorrow.

(All saying goodbye)

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