Monday 11 March 2013

The Collective Imagination Radio show March 5th Transcription

The Collective Imagination
Tuesday March 5, 2013 (EST)/Wednesday March 6, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa:  Welcome everyone to this week’s Collective Imagination show. It is, for me at least, Wednesday the sixth of March and what a year it’s been so far.  Now just listening back to that introduction to the show and the word that really stood out for me was technology. I remember when I wrote that intro that I really, at that point in time, I really wanted to, not just for myself, but for all of us. Sometimes we teach what we need to learn. I was really grasping the understanding that, as energetic beings, we are sources of technology.  You know our bodies are a technology. Our energy is a technology. I think, for me, the way we’ve launched back into this year, the way 2013 has presented itself so far, we are seeing opportunities constantly to really acknowledge and get a handle on this technology. I think we’re going to be touching on a bit of that today; the technology in its various forms and expressions. So before I go any further, we’ll bring out the rest of the crew that we have on board today, which is Chris in Melbourne.
Chris:  Hi everybody, having a really good day here today, hope you are too.
Lisa:  And of course we’ve got Bob in Pennsylvania. 
Bob:  Hello, hello everyone, welcome to the show. Glad to be here.   
Lisa:  And we’ve got Heather from currently in Morocco. 
Heather:  Good evening. Good afternoon. Good morning. Absolute love and peace. 
Lisa:  And we’ve got American Kabuki lurking in the background (laughter) who may or may not speak up, but hey Bill.
AK:  Good evening everybody. 
Lisa:  It’s a pleasure to have everybody on board today; it’s lovely.  We all always hope that of course. (laughter) Sorry, we’ve got Brian Kelly also in the queue here.  I’ve got to find him.  Where is he?  Brian, is that you?  Hello Brian?  No, maybe it’s not.  Let’s try for another one.  Brian, is that you?
Brian:  If you can hear me laughing, then this is me.  Hello (laughter). 
Lisa:  Oh yeah, I can hear you laughing.  There you go. 
Brian:  When you called me out a second ago, I started talking like I was on the air and I realized I was talking to myself, so (laughter), it’s nice to be here.  Hello everybody. 
Lisa:  And how are you?  Where are you at the moment? 
Brian:  I am in what’s currently not sunny San Diego, but out in California holding it down this afternoon 5 o’clock Pacific time. 
Lisa:  Okay, that was very DJ of you. 
Brian:  (Laughter).  I’m in a really silly mood, so there might be a lot of laughing tonight. I’m sorry ahead of time.
Lisa:  Well, I tell you moods have been all over the shop.  Have they not?   
Brian:  (Laughter). Oh to say the least.  Yes, it’s been a little bit of a roller coaster the last forty eight hours, but it’s all fun. 
Lisa:  Yeah, as everybody who listens to these shows know I’ve been dealing with this cough and some physical stuff going on. But the emotional ... WOW!  Today is Wednesday for me, midday, kicked-off Sunday night.  I could have won all sorts of awards the last couple of days from my children, and I’m sure none of them are very pleasant.  And the kids themselves, I’m seeing WOW – what a roller coaster.  My little one started kindy this year and she’s one of those kids who couldn’t wait to get there.  She’s been absolutely excited every morning to go; loves it.  And yet Sunday night, for some reason, had a complete meltdown, was hysterical for two hours at the idea of going to school the next day and consequently didn’t go the next day.  I couldn’t force her to go, she was too upset.  And yesterday, it was a bit better, but she still got very teary when I actually was handing her over to the teacher.  I got teary.  The teacher didn’t know what to do (laughter), and sort of patted me on the back condescendingly and said “It’s okay, if she doesn’t calm down I’ll give you a call”.  So she’s feeling it.  I’m seeing moods and clearings and all kinds of stuff going on.  So what about you, what about you Chris. Are you feeling the energy at the moment?
Chris:  Yeah, I’m getting my usual symptoms, which is just my nervous system going nuts.  And amplified by a lack of sleep of course, but yeah, it’s an edginess, a feeling of anticipation you know change, of things to come.  Partially because you know I have a kind of deep knowing that things are coming, but it’s now overlaid by something else going on. As we were talking about before the show, it’s the conversations that people have been having, in the way that they’re feeling are referencing energy more and more.  The concept that everything is energy I think is actually becoming more real to people. Expressing it; when they listen to conversations, they talk about the energy they felt, almost before they talk about the content. 
Lisa:  Yeah.
Chris:  So, something’s going on out there. 
Lisa:  Bob, you’ve had an extraordinary couple of days with Len Histon from the Wizzdom Game staying with you, so you’ve been in this little bubble of playing these games while this is going on for the rest of us. 
Bob:  I will tell you, it’s been extraordinary, I had no expectation of the experience that I had with Len. I told him and I heard that many others told him, he does himself a discredit by calling it a game.  It’s so much more. It’s so much more.  We connected in ways that were very, very familiar, but long forgotten.  There is definitely more that can be experienced in our day-to-day, everyday now.  That game brings it out in magnificent playful ways.  It was really, really… everyone needs to play that game. 
Chris: The thing I found….
Lisa:  I haven’t had an update from Len for a while.  How do people actually get it these days?
Bob:  You can go to, I think it is. 
Chris:  I think it’s actually thewizzdomclub.
Bob:  Ah, thewizzdomclub – you’re right. 
Chris:  The thing about the game that I find absolutely extraordinary is the way that when you start to play it, after a relatively short period of time, there’s a connection between everyone that’s participating that wasn’t there when you started.  It just sort of appears and if you weren’t really looking for it, you really almost wouldn’t be aware of it maybe until you reflected on it from say the perspective of the next day. How quickly did that kick in with the group you were actually working with, Bob?
Bob:  Almost immediately.  It was crazy.  It’s really hard to describe; it’s something that you really just have to experience and Len was the perfect guide through it all.  We were in synch in ways like ‘tuned’ into each other.  It was extraordinary.  It’s a great thing; it’s a great thing to play with a group of friends, family, even couples. It’s a really amazing way to connect with another human being. 
Chris:  Yeah, I have a feeling in the end that we’ll just drop the word ‘game’ off the end of it and just call it Wizzdom. 
Bob:  Yeah.
Lisa:  We’ve got D with us too!  D, are you there?
D:  Hi everyone. 
Brian:  Hey D.
D: I so resonate with the roller coaster ride of the last two days; it has been INSANE. My five year old who is on the autism spectrum and has had Aspergers, he has had melt downs the likes of which I’ve never really seen him have before. My three year old has been just freaking out over the littlest things. My eleven year old is crying at the drop a dime and then laughing hysterically with her sister the next time I turn around. I’ve been the same. It’s been up and down, up and down, up and down.

Lisa: They’re saying in the chat room (chuckle)…someone saying for the last two days? I’ve had it for five. So yeah, we’re not the only ones feeling it.

Brian: Hey, real quick, the Wizzdom Game; the website that was just given that somebody just skyped me and said it didn’t work so I don’t know if Bob you have the ability of …

Bob: Yeah, it’s dot com...

Chris: it’s actually

D and Lisa: With two zeds.

Chris: With two z’s, yes, zeds.

D: Zeds.

Lisa: Heather, what’s your experience of the energies and maybe if you can, if you’ve got any insight into an explanation for them. Why we’re all feeling like this? What’s your thoughts?

Heather: (laughs) Thanks Lisa.

(everyone is laughing)

Chris: You had to dump that one on her.

Lisa: I did yes.

Chris: Absolutely yes.

Heather: Well, Chris, don’t think you’re going to get out of helping.


Heather: Essentially yeah, well gosh, most of you already know the problems I’ve been having with technology for five or six days. I agree with whoever in your chat room was saying; five days, six days, for me it’s been about that. My children are very sensitive to that as well. So not only do I have tech issues, but then also assisting them in sort of ferreting out…letting them know, just feel what you’re feeling. Let it flow through you and don’t hold on to it. Honor it, respect it, but then choose whether or not to do something with it or just let it go. It’s also helped me in consciously doing the same thing, in making that choice. So as far as the energy for being Self, in my experience at least, across the board. So anything that is in my consciousness is experiencing these heavy shifts in energy.

It goes back to what our discussions were about the absolute grid. There’s energy grids throughout Source’s universe and a lot of them have been calibrated at different frequencies. Right now, prior to January 21st, I had AK and GW asking about the disappearances of one of the gateways. Military was up in arms as well, kind of trying to figure out where did they all go? What happened to the vortexes? What happened to all this? Well everything was just recalibrated energetic wise throughout Source’s universe to Absolute Current and uniform...universal. So that allows for the next moment, that’s actually here now in the present, which is the big disclosure. Having that Absolute Data flow in as we pull it down, as we attract it. So in order to know those other parts that are outside of this planet, there needs to be at least some kind of communication or grid that is uniform for those particular different densities or frequencies to become more universal, more uniform, right?

Lisa: Right. Yeah, it does feel schizophrenic right now in sense of energetic with schizophrenic because there is so much going on. It feels like the ether itself. I guess this is what you were referring to with the energy grids or the portals is getting louder and louder in frequency and that everything’s trying to come into balance with that. As we saw and observed last year on this show that nothing that was fraudulent or false flag or false in nature lasted very long. It feels like now it doesn’t stand a chance. It’s not even that it lasts very long; it doesn’t even get a foothold. On top of that, we’ve got what we’ve been talking about over the last week or so, being the energetic accounting. There are these multiple things going on. You can feel it in multiple layers. 

Heather: Then let’s go over that then. So you have this energetic grid. We’ll just deal with the planetary portion of it and then recalibrate it to absolute heart. Just as we are energetic BE’ings and we are able to magnetically draw energy to us that we can use that value to manifest whatever that is we want. We also are being magnetically drawn to that absolute great frequency.  It harmonizes out, so we are operating at a different frequency. Anything less than absolute then the absolute frequency meets up with something that’s less than, it sort of balances and neutralizes that. Right? So just something to consider.

Chris: I just wanted to kind of point back to the December 10 filing, where essentially the entire...I don’t know if I’m understanding the entirety of all living things were repurposed for BE’ing self rather than image of self. Is this not simply the energetic manifestation of that taking place where everything is beginning to become unified ?

Heather: Yeah, it’s about Absolute, so created in the image of self.  Well that statement there, it doesn’t resonate with me personally. The image of self, for me it’s manipulated. For me, the in created as self. If you are a part and the part is the whole of Source, per Source, then how’s it in the image of?  So it’s just something that when we were going in and writing up that last bit…if you’d read it…this whole document not only relates to humanity, but also all manifestations and all of Source’s universe. This was a preparation document for the present moment and now that is current.

Chris: Well, I guess that’s what I’m saying. I’m just drawing people’s attention, that what’s playing out now is what the document said would happen, that we would be repurposed.

Heather: Well, it’s a matter of repurpose. The first purpose was to remember self, BE self. With any contract, once a contract is satisfied, the contract has been completed, so it ceases to exist. At that point, what do you do with everything that was involved, you can repurpose it. You can recycle it. You can just terminate it and there’s no waste in Source’s universe. So now it’s a matter of free will choice. What is it you consciously choose to DO?  What do you consciously choose to BE?  That was in that document. There were three things…in fact it discussed the number 3 out of that C section was the energy grid patterns and manuals of Absolute Truth.

Chris: Well, that’s what came to me as you were speaking, was that the return of that knowledge would appear to be what’s taking place. The fact the people not only feeling energy, they’re noticing that they’re feeling energy.  What I’m doing, I guess,,is pointing to that and saying is this not evidence that the repurposing is in play as we speak?

Heather: That’s the beautiful thing about this experience with OPPT and with the people and just with myself was being able to go in and really understand and really know who I BE through the experiences and relationships that I have with everything else in Source’s universe. So this is that moment and read through that document if you choose and read it not just about yourself, but also in context of all that is known and unknown.

Lisa: I'm seeing it play out in my personal life with the moment I act in a way that's not, say heart centered, it bites me on the bum immediately. Somebody has a quick retort or a come back or something. Especially when you've got kids around, they're always very good at that. But that's what I'm seeing. There's not even a five minute delay where they storm off and have a think about their response and come back at me with something anymore they've got it right there.

Heather: That goes to the energetic accounting and bookkeeping as well.

Lisa: Yeah.

Heather: There's a very calculating and strategic reason behind almost everything the trustees have done; actually, behind everything that we've done. At this moment, it's about Absolute Truth doesn't need defense. Absolute Truth actually magnetically draws when it's out in the visible. It's stated whether it's through thought or words or DO’ing, it draws all of it's own visibility to everyone else. So you don't have to defend it. You just have to be aware and consciously looking for it at that point and it's actually right in front of all of us. We haven't really paid attention to it and that's by design. So now that the design has been made visible, such as the corporations operating under the guise of governments, or slavery systems, harvesting tools, now that we've at least seen some of that design, now it's a matter of choice. Do we want to continue with that design or do we choose to create something else, something new, something different?

(talk over)

Lisa: Sorry, I'm just going to change subjects for a moment because there seems to be some problems with the chat room. People are typing in there that they can't see anybody else's comments. It all looks good at this end. It all looks good when I go to Blogtalk and see it from the same page you guys are seeing it. I'm seeing all of the comments. So I really don't know what 's going on there.

Bob: Hey, I got a message that says, "another user has tried to login using this account".

Lisa: Oh, okay.

Bob: Hold on,

Lisa: That's interesting.

Bob: I'm going to try and reconnect.

Lisa: Don't drop this call otherwise we lose everything. (giggles)

Bob: No, no, no.

Lisa: Yeah, when it comes to that Declaration of Satisfaction, there are some people who really, really got it and it affected them profoundly. I want to give a shout-out to Peter, who put an hour or plus video online the other day. He's probably listening, explaining his reaction to that. There are others who don't understand what it's saying at all. So it's reaching people at very different levels. For me, I had to take a moment of contemplation and really think about and allow just the concept. Just the idea that we willingly and lovingly volunteered to play a role in a game and that game is over. It doesn't matter whether it's the role you're playing is that of one of the slaves or one of the masters or anybody in between. We put blindfolds on most of us and forgot who we are. Forgot the connection and forgot that we were even playing a game. Just that concept that the game is now over and it's okay to take the blindfolds off. It's okay to throw the rule book out because the game’s over. Letting that idea just really, really sink in. I literally felt every cell in my body respond to it.
Heather: (affirmative response)

Lisa: I think a moment of contemplation for what you've done as an individual from the moment you were conceived in creation's universe to this now moment. Take a minute and really contemplate what you've done. It's huge. It's so huge. Everything you've done, every lifetime you've lived, it's all worked towards this moment where you can take those blindfolds off and declare the game finished. How do you feel about that? How do you feel about that?

(some chuckles)

Bob: For me, Lisa, it's been such a remarkable journey and it's been a very, very personal one for me, as it is for everybody I'm sure. But as I look back on it and I think about all the different phases that I went through and actually starting to come to terms with the way things are and the way that I chose to be, looking at the contrast and it really defines who we are, who we choose to be. When I came across the information from the One People's Trust and started to read it, I realized that it was literally codifying everything that I felt. I felt as though that no one should have the authority to tell me how or what I should be as long as I'm not harming anyone. I felt as though that everyone should have the opportunity to exercise and live their life freely. I felt very strongly that everyone should be equal, that there shouldn't be any hierarchy and all of these things resonated with me and that became my truth. I really hope that people are starting to get when is this your truth?

This is the choice we have to make. We all recognize the system that we've been brought up in, but has it awakened into you who it is that you really choose to be in this now and in this moment? Has it awakened in you who you are? If it has, then is this true for you. That's the question that we're asking, is this true for you? If it's not true for you and you like....because I am hearing from so many people arguing about their own freedom and maybe they’re not in that space yet and they're yet to come. That's where if I can help and assist in any way in that regard I am happy to do that, but I'm not going to argue what's true for me.

Brian: What's been really fun to watch for me is the evolution of all this unfold so rapidly. If you take into consideration the alternative media, the truth movement. If you tried to find this information forty or fifty years ago, first of all there was no internet. Its a lot of word of mouth type stuff and you've got to go to the library and find books on it. Then where we have been for the last ten years and just the last two years and just the last two months since December.

That's why I really like the comment that Max Igan gave to Mel Ve on the most recent interview they did. For all the people that are doubting or skeptical or listening to what too many other people have told them and following bad information with regard to the One People's Public Trust. If nothing else, it's been an amazing instrument to raise awareness that things just aren't right and raise awareness of the fact that those who've been in control and power to tell that story. It's spreading so quickly. Everybody's on their own journey of exploration whether they consciously realize that yet or not. Everybody's seeking truth in their own way whether they consciously realize that or make it their main life's work like some of the people on this call have. It's beautiful to watch everybody go through it in their own way.

Reading some of these emails that we get and then watching the video, Peter's video, it's like dashboard video of his emotional response that he had when he listened to the show where we talked about that document. He was holding tears back the whole time because it wasn't necessarily about the words. It’s about the resonance of what was triggered inside of him once he discovered the information. Really, it was information that he already knew and that was triggered for him in that moment. No matter if it's as far to that end of the spectrum where it's this powerful spiritual experience to the people that are taking it by really trying to make sure they understand it because they have come across so much information that has turned out to be less than truth. Watching that journey unfold for everybody individually, it's just a beautiful process.

I've learned for me personally when we hear these calls with people lashing out or getting really angry, it doesn't bother me as much as it did in the very beginning, because I have no attachment to that person's experience. Whether or not they decide to believe it's real or not, has nothing to do with me whatsoever. Sooner or later everybody will come around. It just takes some people a lot longer than it does others, but no matter which way you slice it, it's fascinating to watch it all unfold.

Lisa: It has been, hasn't it? I really think everyone needs to go back, if they didn't get that. This is my take. If you didn't read that document and have an emotional experience, go back and read it again. It’s just a document. It’s just a piece of paper on one hand, but on some level it's expressing what we all inherently know. People who follow this show through last year would know that we firmly believed that there was going to be a paradigm shift. We weren't expecting the end of the world, obviously, but my belief has been for the last twelve to fourteen years has been that this time represents the dawning of a new age, of a new era. This could just be what it looks like in it's infancy. What if it is? Just be open to, what if it is? What if this is how it starts?

Chris: Well, I think everyone in this conversation thinks it's already started.

Lisa: Well, yeah.


Chris: The interesting thing about the language that's come out from all of the conversations we've been having since the filings became public was the way that people, and this terminology...I think it just actually happened, because it's actually accurate. People are saying, when I say people I mean Lisa and AK and Bob and the people around us where we're talking about the way that people are attracted to this information like a magnet. It just feels right. They might not be able to read the filings and understand them, but enough of it along with the conversations we're having about it to know that this is actually Truth. I think that the way I am coming to view it is that the eternal heart knows Truth above all. That's why the attraction is just so strong.

D: That's really profound, too, because when the documents first started coming out and we first started posting them on RTS, I could see the comments coming in. You get that, the one end of it with people who did not get it. Not on any level. They couldn't read the language; they didn't get it emotionally on any level. Then there were others who would write in, and I was getting streams of emails as well, of people who are like, "I read that document and I broke down and cried. I didn't know really what it said, I really couldn't understand the finer details of what it truly meant, but I knew it was that powerful". Men, women talking saying, "I wept" when they started reading it and it's because they got it on that heart level. They weren't reading the words; they were reading the energy of the words.

Chris: The consistent thing is that the negativity is coming from people who haven't actually sort of opened that book and actually started reading the documents. I keep going on like a cracked record saying you have to read this stuff. I do that because to me that's the answer to their questions.

D: And read it out loud.

Chris: And read it and they'll feel it and all of their doubts will just vanish because it feels like Truth.

Lisa: One of the questions that's come up is what document are we talking about? We're talking about the Declaration of Facts. You can find it on my home page, so if you go to my website,, it's the first thing you'll see. You don't even have to search for it.

Chris: Yeah, actually...

Lisa: It's called the latest OPPT filing at the moment.

Chris: When I say read the documents, I actually mean read all of them.

Lisa: Yeah, I know you do, but they’re referring to that one in particular.
Chris: That one in particular, that's a very stunning document that one. If you get it, it's like diving into a pool of fresh water.

Lisa: So what's next? Everyone wants to know what's next? For the people who believe this is real, they understand it. They've read the documents; they've got it. They've read the documents on the CVACs. They've looked at the definitions that are up on American Kabuki and I think D's got them on her site too; all the definitions so they understand the differences in a CVAC and a CVAC system. That's where they're ready. They're standing at the starting line waiting to jump in. Where do we go from here now? Because there's been a lot of momentum since the People's Trust went online. From where I'm sitting, it feels like a freight train, but we need to know what's next. At the moment, it feels like now we're going through this energetic accounting. Now we're going through this recalibration process and that can be unpleasant or pleasant depending on your experience. Once we get past this, what happens next? I guess Heather's the one to answer that, from the One People's Trust perspective at least.
Heather: I guess what's key to look at is, everyone keeps writing, "What about the CVAC? When are they going to be up? When are they going to be running". I sort of gave you guys a rundown of how we even came to call it CVAC. It was during the investigation and it actually started out as CVAC stood for Commandeered Value Asset Claim. That's when there was certain discussions going on about how the banks wanted to go in and were considering going in and creating a solution. And really that energy, just by the name alone, by using those words the vehicle of that energy, the energy was focused on the old system. Commandeered Value Asset Claims, meaning you had to go in, you had to my mind I went back to my attorney had to go back in and beg for something that was originally yours to begin with.
Then when I sat there and we had already discussed about this was all the value that was stolen and commandeered in the first place. We knew lien wasn't the right tool, because a lien is when you basically hold on to someone else's property until they pay you a debt. Well, this isn't about debt, this isn't about holding onto someone else's property. It's about giving your own property back, your own value back, right? So it just naturally evolved and this is an organic process. All of this is organic. Okay? We've been under such a design of systems and harvesting of the value and most people can't even answer what the value is. All they know are representations of value. So really we need to focus this on what IS. So when you look at it, it was about the Creator, what I call First Source or Source and the eternal heart or BE’ing, the manifestation from that.

So it was really quite simple after that. It was a matter of, great, you have all these corporations parading around as what they're not. The only way they could get people to buy it was if they said, "oh we are here for you. We're serving you". So we said “Great, let's just accept it.” Let's go in there, first secure everyone, secure all the BE’ings, secure all the value back to each respective BE’ing. Then let's look at, just like a CEO would look at a corporation that is basically failing, and say okay let’s see where you’re failing. Give them notice, let them try and clean it up. If they can’t, you fire everyone. If the company is really bad, then you end up closing it. Meanwhile you have to be liable for all the damage. So, that is essentially the process that we went in and did. They put themselves in a corner. At that point, it became very clear, Creation Value Asset Centers, each one, each person is a CVAC. They’re Creation Value Asset Centers and it’s not just humans, it’s every being, manifestation in Source’s universe. So it was also another preparation to be universal, not just planetary or global...universal. We’ll go into the energy part of it, because that is the value. Representations have changed as we know through “history”.  Representations of value have changed and a lot of people…

Lisa: They used seeds for awhile, didn’t they?

Heather: Everything from beads’s whatever two or more parties agreed to as the representation of value. So, I understand right now, look we just came out of something horrendous in one aspect. In another aspect, it was such a contrast that we were able to recognize and resonate with freedom. I know that is some of the Skype room’s people are arguing about how they wanted to stay in slavery and who gave us the right to take us out of slavery. I think that is essentially what they’re arguing. That’s fine; it’s however they’re seeing it from their perspective. It just gives us notice of where that BE’ing is in their state of BE’ing. So everyone’s got a journey. So at this point, CVACs are up and running.

What I would ask is that everyone goes back and reads the CVAC and understand what that tool was at the moment it was created. Understanding the multi-dimension of the actual issue of what we were coming out of. We add Absolute Data as to how the intensity and scope and depth and dimension of the PTW and the slavery system…all the way up to Heaven…if you want to speak in those terms.  So it was a matter of dealing with it all, but at the same time making it so that people could recognize it no matter what state of consciousness they were in, inclusive of unconscious.
So the way it was constructed was in such a manner, this CVAC, so those people that were coming out of being told what to do and they didn’t feel comfortable in taking responsibility of just deciding and choosing what to do and how to be, they could recognize freedom. It would resonate with them. They know the “governments” or the corporations weren’t serving them. It’s in the record. It’s in the public everyday. All of a sudden they have the opportunity to go in and have something that does serve them in a way that it’s securing the responsibility and liability of those that claim to be working for the people.
So that CVAC document is a tool. It’s to reach everyone in whatever state of consciousness or unconsciousness they were in. People have accelerated; they have absolutely accelerated in their consciousness. There’s very few unconscious. If they are unconscious, I find that they’re holding a very great contrast and still doing the job of helping assist others into consciousness...beautiful. So I would ask that everyone go back and look at those Declaration of CVAC. It was registered as government, but it really is CVAC systems; systems to help every Creation Value Asset Center, every BE’ing.

Lisa: So what is the physical process you’re going through to get them online?

Heather: Number one is patience and absolute love. When we went in to do this, I don’t know how many times I heard from the families, the agenda families, the bankers, the lawyers, the brokers all the hierarchy of, especially bank, trade and finance if not the “judiciary”. All of them say, the people are incompetent. They don’t have capacity. They don’t have standing or they’re born with standing, they’re born with capacity. So by design they’re rendered incompetent and that was your design not theirs. They kept saying, “well you give them a thousand dollars and you check with them tomorrow they’re actually in debt an extra thousand. Well maybe, even six months or a year ago, at the time we were having this conversation, maybe that was the case. But a lot has happened since then. You guys really kind of messed up. You took all the distractions away from them. At this point the people have nothing to lose and they have actually had to reconnect with relationships. The actual face to face because they need help and people are moved to help others with whatever they can.

Lisa: They should have kept us fat and comfortable.

Heather: If they would’ve kept us fat and comfortable, we would not be having this conversation. So they are kind of kicking themselves too, because they absolutely thought that they would be able to destroy enough people. I mean terminate them, so they didn’t exist anymore so that none of this would be an issue. Luckily, not even luckily, by design of an eternal nature, that was never in the cards. So here we are having this conversation and basically it was, if you want me not to do something, then don’t tell me not to. If you tell me not to or that I can’t do something, that’s going to absolutely drive me to go and prove it wrong. Especially in regards to this, saying that people are incompetent especially when it’s by the design of the PTW. I relied a lot on the ego and the greed and so did Caleb and Randal. We just looked at what resonated. We investigated. We discussed it and really it started out with all of us on our journey to BE as we chose. 

We came together and we saw that we had the data, the contacts, and the access. If we went in and just preserved it for ourselves and got our own value back and not shared that with anyone else, all their value was stolen too. So would we be stealing from the people if we kept that knowledge and access and those contacts to ourselves? Then again there’s a fine balance, because if people by design don’t know that stuff, there’s a lot of data out there that is really hard to swallow, really hard to take. What I realized is that it was my own ego, my own guilt of not being aware, that I had to get over first. Once I got over that, then it was easy to make the decision, yeah I am going to go in and help others. And Caleb and Randal and a whole lot of other people involved in this whole OPPT process typically resonates with that same kind of self audit, let’s just say.

Lisa: We put the question out yesterday on the radio, once you have access to value, the true value the way it is coming, what will you do? What will you do with it?

Heather: That’s the next step, Lisa. At this point, the next step that is happening this week is shifting everyone’s focus from “okay, when we have the value, when will the value arrive, when will we have access, when will we have this or that, this week is...”  Okay, we’ve got access and OPPT understands, the trustees understand, the full scope of number one. what value really is, but we also understand all of the design that got people into this representation mode.
So we need to have something that is geared. That’s why we have been very prudent and not just launching a repeat or a substitute, but something that’s a tool that allows for that transition. But you don’t have to throw it all away and then put the real value system in there.  So that is the step this week, okay you’ve got the value now, go and DO. What are you going to DO? People need to start saying “okay this is what I am going to do and actually have the tools to be able to do it”.

Lisa: Can you explain what that’s going to look like? Because that is what is illusive to people and they want real 3D answers to what does this look like? Does it look like coins in my pocket? Does it look like a card attached to a digital account? They want to know what it looks like, what it’s going to feel like and how usable is it going to be in terms of just living from day to day, before we even go to the beautiful things that I may want to do for the community.

Heather: That’s a great question. We’ve been watching the PTW and everyone else try and maneuver. I have a lot of financial groups, financial providers and services sending in groups to come and sort of steer us in using systems that exist, except for there are all of these back doors. There’s always someone behind this particular method or that manner. So really it’s a matter of having a very transparent system. You have bank accounts. So I’m going to go through this in a very 3D manner. How about we do that, okay?

Lisa: That would be great.

Heather: You have a bank account. When you open an account in a bank, you get a customer number. Under that customer number then you have different kinds of accounts. You have a savings account, a checking account. You may have a fund account, even an ATM debit card. They have different numbers on them. So basically you have seven plus billion people. So we have to make sure the temporary system which molds or folds into the actual universal value system is able to handle that many.  So there is a number of different 3D tools, recognizable tools, comfortable tools, to allow that to occur. So the banking structure as far as a bank account and all that will be mimicked, but it’s going to be a digital exchange.
Somebody asked me, “With that digital exchange, what color RFID chip would you like?” No RFID, it is you. We have these things that we call “in-house passports”, but they’re not passports. It’s just like a USB drive, thumb drive, but it’s able to hold mass amounts of data and it’s your own bios. You’re the one that controls it all. You are responsible and liable for everything you post up. Everything that you put on. But it’s transparently available, so that if you walk into, say a grocery store for instance and you want to buy a bag of bread, you can actually transfer your value unit by using that USB stick.
I don’t like the infrareds or the magnetic strips; they are really easy to steal data from. This particular one has biometrics. It was designed by two guys that have worked on projects, long family history as far as working with technology, all the way back to Tesla and Bell. They worked with those families. They actually went in and refined all of this. Their whole goal was to make it so that people were responsible and had full control over their own data, from medical records to...medical records are value. In fact, medical associations use and sell your data all the time. They use it for profit. That data is yours. It comes from your BE’ing and your body, so you should have full control over that. You can decide who gets to see what. You are able to yourself make pockets, so that when you go in for instance to get your bag of bread, the only thing that is able to come off of that particular stick in that mode is a value of accounting. The account number that you’re actually pulling the money out of isn’t the same account number that you actually have value coming in, when you exchange. So if you have value coming in, it goes into a different number. That way no one can steal the value through those mechanisms.

Lisa: Another question that is going to come out, the first thing that is going to come out is “But who controls that system and can they just switch it off?” That is the number one concern for people when you talk about digital currency, that someone can switch the system off.

Heather: See, there is also the other mechanisms; it’s not just a complete digital. If you are the values asset center, essentially you’re a treasury; you’re a bank. In fact, the only banks that can’t be shut down are the ones where it’s just one person. They actually open up their own bank. The only problem is when they went into go in and issue bonds, commercial paper, the protections weren’t in place for them to be able to do that safely.  So essentially your value, you can even issue, you know how you can print off your own checks, well it’s the same thing, is it not? It’s just people want to know that you have the value there to pay that check. So you can use any kind of former method or tool for the representation that you want as far as transferring and all that. 

You can use digital. You can use paper. You can also use ... essentially a check is just a bill. So you end up giving a bill in the sense of a commercial bill, commercial payment. So you can transfer it anyway you like. As far as the digital, everyone is worried about cutting it off. First off, any system that goes up has to belong to the people equally, not owned by some corporation. Some company that is owned by a few, because that’s where the manipulation came in, in the first place.

So the question is, there’s a lot of groups that are out there that I’ve looked at. I’ve got two guys; they’re both named Michael. Michael created these particular tools and then we have Caleb. Caleb is a code writer. He has his own successful company and he does a lot of that stuff, because I’m not a wizard. I call them wizards; he’s a techie. Then there are a lot of checks and balances. I want to make sure this is owned by the people. It can’t be taken down. That was one reason why the Public Trust website, it’s on a server which Caleb built and put together and he owns that; he’s the protector of that. Just in case there was ever an issue, we didn’t want to have the host or the server in someone else’s hands, especially with the data that we’re trying to get out to the people. So I hope that this explains at least the goal of where this was all going. The systems have to be owned by the people, equally; so that is number one.
Number two, it also needs to be on a server that is in the only place they’re not attacking. That is OPPT and I have no problem standing in front. I’ve been waiting. I have been standing there very transparently, so has Caleb and Randal, saying go ahead if you think this is wrong. If you think we have erred in some way. rebut it. Come on, let’s go and nobody will do that. They have had their top lawyers, their top attorneys tried to do this. They sent in the…..I love the economic hit men, John Perkins….they sent in guys like that. Then it was a matter of, okay let’s just be flexible. There was no flexibility when it comes to returning the property or the value that has been stolen.

So there’s going to be 3D tools and they will mirror tools that everyone is used to, whether it’s magnetic cards, you can use those. But we have these passports, as well the thumb drive, so that people can actually transfer...they can stick their thumb drive or the data on their phone if they want.  I don’t personally like the phones, because those are easy to hack in as well, steal data off of, just depends upon what kind of protections you have on your phone, what kind of phone you have.  That I leave to Caleb, as far as vetting all of that and discussing it with the guys. He works a lot with the guys that are the best of the best in the wizard world.  They actually are the ones that teach certain agencies and whatnot how to hack and crack and how to protect.  They’re the guys that would help and assist, but all of the security and programs have to be owned by the people. 
As far as managing them, for right now management would need to be transparent ... period.  Has to be transparent. Anything needs to be transparent. That’s what all the financial service providers have been approaching about.  We want to be the manager. First we want to provide the services. No. Then it was a matter of, we want to manage. Well, okay, but it’s got to be transparent. Oh, well people will crack into the systems. They’ll hack into the systems.  Anonymous; you’ve seen what Anonymous does. Well, that’s what is lovely about Caleb and his friends. Those are the guys that outshine all of that. As far as detecting, as long as it’s transparent; I find transparency is the best protection.
Lisa: There is no reason for it to not be transparent if you’ve got nothing to hide.
Heather: Well, you know…State security, National security…from what?  All of the intelligence agencies have everything on every other intelligence agency; it’s all one family.  Who are they hiding it from?  Who are they not being transparent with?
Chris:  I find it interesting that all of these big companies that have massive transactional systems filled with back doors for their purposes are complaining that we might hack into their systems. I think their system was never built to be anything but hackable by them. 
Heather: (Laughs) It’s like Microsoft putting out software. They’ve already got all of these patches ready to go and then they have the other division that makes the viruses so that the people need the patches. Look, this isn’t a money profit thing. This is about returning the value…period. Make it transparent; at this point everything needs to be transparent. Use tools that mirror, that people can be familiar with. Whether it’s a magnetic access card that they can use (inaudible) debit/credit type thing, but it’s not a debit or credit thing because it’s their own value.  That was theirs to begin with and stolen. So give them their electronic access card, give them checks, whatever tool the people resonate with that’s what they should be using.  They have full authority to issue them, because the value is coming from them. 
Lisa: To me, it seems like it’s just a really little stepping stone to getting rid of the representation all together. Let’s see, okay, I’m going about three places at once. One of the questions or concerns people have is when this amount of $10 billion dollars comes up.  The image they’ve got in their mind is imagining that everybody on the planet suddenly won First Division Lotto on the same day. So everyone acts like a typical lottery winner and doesn’t go to work the next day.  There will be nowhere to go and nowhere to spend your money. You won’t be able to get anything, because no one is going to work and everything starts to fall to pieces. 
I don’t see it happening that way at all, because what we’re not taking into consideration is the awareness that this isn’t a lottery win overnight. This is the foundations of a new way of BE’ing and living. People who are in a profession right now, that where they know that they’re providing a necessary vital service to their community, I think are going to go to work. They’re going to continue. They may not slog their guts out for 10 hours a day 6 days a week. They might find people in their local community who are also willing to spend a couple of hours contributing in order to keep that good or service available to the community, because they know this is all consciousness that is going along with it. That’s one aspect. 

If for example, we do have $10 billion dollars worth of credit in an account or everybody does and the guy down at the local bakery for example delivers a loaf of bread.  He’s still providing bread for his community, because the community wants and needs bread.  If he’s got $10 billion and I’ve got $10 billion, do I really need to transfer two units to him? Does he care if I do?  He probably doesn’t. So I could see it very quickly evolving into people not bothering with such, cause they don’t need to.
Heather: That’s the transition. Like I said, it’s got to be…you can call it baby steps. You can call it whatever you want, but the point is, it’s an order. It’s an order of events. If people just came out of this absolute representation and representation is the tool they used to steal and commandeer the value in the first place. It wasn’t just the last 200 hundred years, we’re talking eons where representation has been there. At this point, they’re coming from a representation. They may need that transitionary tool, but then there are going to be others that say “hey, I’m really good at this. You’re really good at that. Can we make an agreement here to sort of swap?” That’s the bartering thing that people have also been doing for eons.

Then there’s those that are really understanding and knowing and working consciously with energy and they know how to manifest things. What was it? Those buildings that they are able to build in like 90 days now…skyscrapers.  They did it in 90 days and now they’re claiming they’re going to do it in 30 days. We’re talking like “Meet the Robinsons” kind of a thing, where they put a little box down on the ground and a skyscraper pops up. There’s technology that’s been buried. We see a lot of it through banking, because all of the rememberers, all of these guys that pull down from Source and Absolute Current.  They have to have the money in order to get the materials to do what they’re doing. So they’re really brilliant in pulling this part down, but at the same time they don’t understand or know how the energy works the same way in order to manifest the parts and machinery they need.  So it’s a whole learning process about energy. 
Let’s just use whatever tools are required. The people will determine for themselves what resonates with them; what tools they require in order to learn about energy. Meanwhile still engaging in, you can call it commerce. I’ll just call it exchange, value for value. That’s what it really is about. There’s a transition, but if you make that transition in such a way that just naturally unfolds organically into that natural, the absolute value system, all the better. 
Chris: I just wanted to make a comment, Heather. Because it’s one of the things that has helped me to understand where you’re coming from with that “we are the value”. In some documents you sent to us the other day to read, which covered many things, but one of the things, it was a legal action that you were experimenting with to test the system.
One of the things that was done was that there was a document that pointed out to the bank “I’m going to write you a bond and you must accept my bond, because the value in it is my signature. If you don’t accept it, then how come you’ve been monetizing my signature from the documents I sign through mortgages and credit card applications and parking tickets? Everything I’ve ever put my signature on, you’ve acknowledged has value. Are you going to acknowledge this bond?”  What could they do? Because if they don’t, then their whole system is meaningless. So for the folks out there that are thinking how can I write a check and sign it and it have value? It always did; they just didn’t tell you.
Heather: That’s when they started to cripple their own system.  Essentially the way that the guys that knew what to do would do it, is they would write out a promissory note. They would secure the promissory note on the UCC. Then they would walk in with the promissory note and UCC and they would just sign that over to the bank. The bank would then exchange value for value.  They would normally discount it. So if you write a promissory note for $2 million, they would give you $1.6 million and they would keep $400,000 for themselves.
The powers-that-were just started...I’m wondering if there’s even any sanity left in them…because they started to starve everybody out. To put them in such a desperate mode that all they could do was make things so obvious that the people would naturally come to that point where they would make a choice.  That’s how they actually would do it. The guys that knew how to do it would go in and get their exchange value and then they would go and use it. It got to the point in 2010, I was getting a lot of complaints from within the banking chair and the finance industry that the banks weren’t doing it and they were going “What’s happening?”  That’s when it became an issue of whether the banks were solvent or insolvent.  They have been insolvent the whole time. They just suck money out. It’s sort of like the oil industry; they took 95% of the value out of all the economic systems and only put 5% back in. Of course, you take more out than you put back in, you don’t have abundance, do you?  You have a shortage in supply and demand on one side of the coin. 
(Lisa and Heather talking at once)
Lisa:  Can we shift gears a little? We’ve got quite a few people with their hand up, wanting to come in with questions. One of the things that we’ve talked about is the Divines and the Immortals, a couple of times on these shows. I wanted to ask you a question. With this energetic accounting, I’ve known Sakli, just as an example, who is a man who’s very much been behind the scenes for a long time.  Claims to be the owner of at least 50% or more of at least the businesses and at least 3,600 other of what he calls the illuminati corporations, including the governments. He, for the first time, the last few weeks he’s becoming very public, through other people, through avenues. He strikes me as one of the brokers, as opposed to say one of the Divines. Are we going to see more and more of this? Are we going to see...there’s a lot of talk of the “Old Man”, St Germain, and others. Are we actually going to start seeing them popping up? Because it feels like that would be their last card, is to actually make their presence known.
Heather: Yeah, that’s actually what’s happening right now is the maneuvering they…since January 17th specifically and on, they’ve been attempting to do, in a panic mode, because normally they prepare things for decades and test them, then they launch.  They maneuver the people, because they actually use the energy of the people and harvest it in order to do what they want. They manipulate. At this particular point, they have all been cut off. They are actually having to use the energy of their own in order to eek out a little bit more in that engine. They’ve already used up all of the stuff that was in the tubes.
With the Divines, or the Divine wanna-bes really, these guys are just phenomenal. You have Adnan; I had a three hour plus conversation with him. I didn’t realize it was that long until after. Of course he works with someone very closely in order to disperse information. He’s become very visible by his own free will choice, but more of a choice of desperation. I’m getting direct information from him on this side and after he was done calling us all names. Then he obviously wanted to talk and it was actually a pleasant enough talk. It was basically “I own this. I’ve done this. Because of me, this and this and this”.  He went in and talked about OPPT, “I’m worried about three people being in charge”. I was like “well, weren’t you just saying?”
First off, we’re not three people in charge. We’re just there to make sure the people have the opportunity to be in charge of themselves. But if you’re three people concerned, well what about you running everything for everybody without telling anyone?  Using their value to open up a casino in China supposedly, or owning the Seven Sisters, OPEC. It didn’t resonate. Then on the other side, I have information coming over from different contacts saying Adnan is calling St Germain. Basically, sitting there saying Adnan called me and wanted me to buy up all bad assets in BIS.  It’s all debt now, turning the debt over to the people of the planet.
Then you have Jerry Fuhrman and all of those guys supposedly going in with St Germain’s foundation and they don’t have the actual signatories, okay? Jerry Fuhrman is NSA supposedly and thinks he’s one of the seven working with the Archangels. What I’m saying is, people are really becoming more visible at the highest structures of the powers-that-were, because they have to. Their very survival is on the line and they can’t trust the front men they normally use. They can’t even trust the front man of the front man anymore. Now it’s getting back down to Prime for their survival, they are coming out in much more visible, more vocal ways. You’re able to ferret out and you’re able to resonate or not resonate with the information and the data. You’re recognizing it much quicker now. Does that answer your question?
Lisa: Yeah, it does… it does. Okay, do you want to take some calls? Are we up for that?  Because we’ve got quite a few people, so I will start with area code 612.
Caller: Hello, this is Donna. Hi Heather. Hi everyone. I just want to say thank you and everything resonates with me since I first heard Brian’s interview with Heather. I’m just so grateful. Just hard to express; it’s just wonderful. I just have a question. Heather had mentioned just a little bit ago and that was my question is, how much more energy is in the tube for these imposters to work on before we can actually take over? I guess with that I’ll say thank you and that for tonight.
Heather: Donna, there’s nothing left in the tubes. In fact, this week everything switches over. So there’s nothing left in the tube. Right now, you guys, the people BE’ing and DO’ing have magnetically drawn the energy for us to use and manifest. The only thing they can hope to do is manipulate and bully or deceive or fear everybody into pulling that energy down in a way that benefits and manifests for their interests and not the people’s. So just be very aware and very conscious. If you guys do that part, then we can finish up making sure that everyone has access to their value in a way that resonates with them. I expect all that to finish up this week. 
Lisa: What does that mean? Accessing the energy that you’ve brought down? I had this image that everybody on the planet right now is magnetically drawing energy from Source to the planet and to them and that we have created this whole new bubble around the planet or at least strengthened one that may have already been there. How do we physically draw it into ourselves, for ourselves?
Heather: Chris, you want to take that or help me with that?
Chris: You caught me unawares there. The BE’ing and the DO’ing is what is generating this energy. It’s coming from Source, because we’ve been recalibrated back to Source at Eternal Heart level. It really is as simple as that. The drawing of energy down to us, I think the simplest way to express it is, that if we simply have an intent that this week is the week where we the humans will begin to get true access to our value. If that’s our intent, then the trustees and anyone that is working with them will have all of the energy they need to fulfill their task.  I think that is what we can DO.
Bob:  It’s like this…am I muted?
Chris and Lisa:  No…we can hear you. 
Bob: Everybody has been feeling the energy. Everybody’s been feeling it. It’s been affecting you physically. It’s been affecting you emotionally. You’ve been drawing down energy. It’s a new source of energy. It’s a new type of energy. This is the whole calibration. We’re getting used to it, but we’re still drawing it down. We’re still bringing all of this energy in. This energy is going to manifest into whatever it is that you decide. What do you want as a physical representation of that energy? How do you want to manifest that energy and use it in the real world? It all starts with energy. That’s what we’ve been feeling. It’s what we’ve been talking about. It’s what we’ve been discussing. Now what are we going to do with it? The choices that we make are going to be honored, so long as you’re not harming or infringing upon the rights and will of another. Those will be honored, so what do you want to do? Those choices that you make will be honored. All of the data that we have…keep in mind all of the information that we’ve gone through up to this point…understand our relationship with the earth, with the planet, with the Creator, even with each other and the Divines and the Immortals...keep all of those things in mind as you make your choices.
Chris: One of the things we did in the show yesterday...sorry to interrupt here, but I just want to put a final thing on Bob's thought. One of the things we did yesterday was we pointed the audience at what they want to do with what's coming. The amount of energy that released was just extraordinary. When I say we need to have the intent that this is the week, that that will become possible. That it will become real. Can you imagine just the burst of energy that would manifest into reality through the intention? Following through on that intention? If we just know that this is the week it's going to happen? And that next week what we intended from it? So yesterday to put all those incredible projects in place; this week we intend it; next week it begins.
Lisa: Very nice. Did you want to say something else Heather before we move onto the next question?  
Heather: Oh, I just wanted to say that I had asked everyone to look at the CVAC document as well as the Offer to Contract for the branches. If you read CVAC knowing that it means you, me and everyone else, CVAC, make it very personable. All of a sudden, you'll see exactly how this is going to unfold. So you're drawing that energy magnetically and some create, or some draw it magnetically more than others, only because they consciously are focused on it. They consciously know how to draw it. Let it flow through you.
Someone asked me what I was going to do when I had my CVAC up and running. I was like, well I’m already doing it. I’m investing my energy, the value in me, in all of you in creating something different, something better. In the highest good of all you know. So the more that you can let it flow through you and invest it, to hold onto it you actually, if you stop the flow nothing’s going to come behind it. Or it will trickle in. If you want abundance and it's for unlimited abundance, then just have it keep coming and coming and coming let it flow through.
So it's time to go ahead and lets just start a different chapter. Let’s start a different focus and the focus is here is the access so get the tools. 194 systems for the CVACs will be up and running by the end of this week. No President, because you guys are all BE’ing and DO’ing, so really it's just a matter of us all coming together. CVACs coming and bringing Absolute Data to this process and making choices on our own. Then we'll be drawn magnetically to others that are of like mind. Everyone will find their passion, their niche and they'll actually do it now. So that’s what I wanted to say.
Lisa: I have no doubt that they will. Okay. we've got caller with area code 253.
Lois: Hi that would be me.
Lisa: That would be you?
Lois: This is Loie.
Heather: Hi mom.
(multiple people saying hi)
Lois: I wanted to share an experience of energy. We all have what Heather was talking about, a magnetic field around each of us. Not only on the earth and animals and all of that stuff. The magnetic field is around us. Like mine is damaged a little bit because of health-wise, but Source told me how to clear it up. He said to go in because it's like little dings, like you get dings in these grids? All you do is have the energy flow through the grids and round them out and then everything will start flowing naturally and come back into harmony. Meaning it's like when you draw blood, sometimes it's sporadic and it's not flowing really well. That means it's damaged a little bit, but once everything is cleared up it flows so naturally and beautifully.
So that’s the experience I had with Source actually this evening, was telling me how to repair my magnetic field around me. There's a lot of people that do have damaged magnetic fields, whether it's health related, whether it's mental, whether it's doubting, whether it's fear, whether it's anything like that. You can, like I think Chris said, recalibrate it and fix it. It all comes from within you and this is pulled down from Source directly showing me how to do it.
Lisa: You made it sound like energetic (inaudible). I love it!  (laughing)
(multiple people talking)
Lois: It's like the heartbeat. It’s like a pulsing. It’s like a heartbeat.
Heather: I like the visual that you gave, as far as letting that energy flow through. And it actually, with the flow of the energy, it rounds and smooths and caresses those dings and makes them whole again or pushes them back into place or assists them in being put back into place. So that resonates and it feels right, but it's all about energy letting it flow through and drawing it magnetically and consciously.
Lois: Right.
(multiple people saying thank you)
Lois: You're welcome, have a nice night.
Lisa: If you're going to stick around, I'll leave your mike open so you can continue to comment if you'd like to.
Lois: Sure that's fine.
Lisa: Okay. We’ve also go area code 646. Area code 646? Yes hello, what's your name?
Caller: It's Rick again, how are you?
Lisa: I'm good Rick, how are you?
Rick (caller): I'm, it's wonderful to, you guys like I said last night, you were kinda like friends that I have over for dinner now.
(Several people laughing)
Lisa: Well, when I come to your neck of the woods, I'll take you up on it.
(multiple people talking)
Chris: What are we having for dinner then, Rick?
Rick (caller): Oh, you will love my cooking! I guarantee it. Whether you're a vegetarian or not. (laughing)
Chris: Excellent.
Rick (caller): Anyway, good evening everyone. Hello Heather, glad you could make it. What I wanted to talk about tonight, ‘cuz this is the Collective Imagination and the topics are just right where I'm at spiritually and emotionally right now. I mentioned the last time we spoke that I'd moved from New York city, which I moved from the West Coast to New York City, because I had decided in the middle of the last decade that I was going to go for it and get into the theater business and write a second musical, dadadadada. New York's actually a tough place to live and empathetically from the way I vibrate it's like kind of overwhelming. Well, universe provided and now I'm up in this lovely house up in Connecticut. I feel great and I'm among nature and I never thought I'd kick it rurally, but this is great. But at the same time, every time I now re-expose myself to "society", I'm seriously overwhelmed by how much everyone is skimming the surface.
So I guess we touched upon this a little bit last night about the ways of BE’ing and DO’ing, where you can authentically get through to someone. Because there’s so many times where I tried to relay new concepts to people and hey just swat them back like they’re trying to shoo a fly out of their face. There’s such immediate dismissiveness. I don’t really have the energy to take that on. I would rather just let them have whatever beliefs they want to. So in the new paradigm, and trust me guys, I’ve been connecting with this for the better part of ten years now, since, I know it was before 911, ’cause I’m kind of a victim of domestic terrorism myself, even though I survived, but it was before 911. So I’ve always had a different take on it, because of this confrontation with people just destroying and committing violence for no reason. So I always lens it differently.
So what I wanted to express to you was I have this enormous optimism. It has countered, there’s this duality, ’cause it’s countered by this kind of creepy dread. I’ll read something online about how Department of Homeland Security purchased 2700 tanks and I’m going “well, I thought they were broke, I thought all these people were broke, why are they still buying big guns and things?” So it doesn’t frighten me, but it gives me pause because I’m wondering how many, what percentage of the people on the planet are just gonna say ‘Oh we’re done with that old thing...oh ok. Great, let’s all just join hands and sing Kumbaya’, which would be great. I’d love that.
Bob: Well Rick, when you’re at that moment...hi. How’re you doing, Rick?
Rick (caller): I’m doing pretty good actually.
Bob: When you’re in moments like that, when you’re faced with that duality, that’s your choice point. What resonates with you? These are just options. You get to choose which one, so if you don’t want that other reality to manifest, then that just doesn’t matter. And it will not matter, it will not materialize.
Lisa: Don’t give it any energy.
Rick (caller): That’s exactly it, guys. That’s exactly it, because I’m making a choice. I’m making those distinctions on a case by case basis and really pushing myself towards finding the good, enjoying the beauty, appreciating and being grateful. Then I go out there and all these people that’re just caught in the drift of all this stuff that’s just vexing them and how are they... how are we ever going to lead them to this wonderful blessed place of trust and abiding? ‘Cause everybody, like even in the questions that Heather’s been fielding or that people have been asking in the chat room, it’s like ‘well how can we trust these people?’ or how can we do that or how...’somebody’s gonna rip off our thumb drive’ or whatever like that. When are we gonna get to that level or how do we get past that in a transitional way and a progressive way where people can start to really abide and trust each other again?
Lisa: You know what Rick? I honestly believe that if you’re on the planet, right here right now, it’s because you made a choice to wake up. For those who have made the choice not to, they’re leaving the planet in record numbers. So if you’re still here, there’s a good chance you, at some point, made the choice to wake up. There’s a trigger within you that is already set; a pre-set trigger that you put in there. We’ve talked about this on this show before. For some people it was 911. For other people it’s losing their home to a foreclosure. Whatever that trigger is. For some it won’t switch on perhaps until the very last moment. It’ll look like they’re moving into this new paradigm kicking and screaming, but it will switch on. That’s my belief.
Brian: So it’s not an if, it’s just a matter of when at this point.
Lisa: It’s a when.
Brian: That’s it, that’s all there is to it.
Chris: Rick, the thing that I factor into my thinking about how the transformation will take place, I always factor in the big D disclosure, because the difference between yourself and the people that you run into. I know the reaction. You run into these people. You just bounce off them, because they’ve got this belief system set that’s just completely based in whatever else has been going on by virtue of the controllers. That massive dose of Absolute Data, be it in one big chunk or smaller chunks, is going to be the trigger point for most of the people the way that Lisa just referred to.
There’s gonna be an event that’ll trigger a lot of people. That’s gonna shift the momentum of perspective to a completely different angle, which is...if you could imagine the human race as a cargo ship trying to change course is very difficult to take, takes quite a long time to steer one of these things in a different direction. That’s the situation we’re in. But you get a tugboat that gives us a really good wrench off to one side...and that’s big D disclosure...and you’ll get the sort of massive perspective shift begin to happen. It won’t be instant, but it’ll actually kick off at that point. So don’t think that it’s gonna be a long drawn-out procedure, I think we’re gonna get it in bursts. If you don’t factor that in when you look at the situation, you think ‘my God, it’s gonna take a hundred years to shift all these people in a different direction.’ The answer to that is Disclosure. In fact, if Heather has a desire to talk about what that might look like for us, I would be interested to hear.
Brian: Come on, Heather...(Laughter)...pretty please.     
Chris: I know she won’t, but I can only ask.
D: We can only ask, right Heather?
Heather: Sorry, what was that I...(Laughter)
Chris: I could repeat it if you wish. I was fishing for information about what Disclosure might look like actually Heather and throwing it back to you.
Lisa: Big D disclosure to be specific is what he said.
Heather: Oh the big D (garbled). Well you know, here’s what I think, is that if you hold...I want to ask everyone, if you hold whatever vision you have of what you want big D disclosure to be, hold that. Send that energy out, which gives them all notice ‘cause they work on energetic patterns. Then they get to send over whatever energetic pattern they want to say ‘here is what we would like’. Then you go back and forth like that, all of a sudden you end up refining the process. It’s gonna be nothing that has ever been fathomed before and it definitely is not gonna be like Hollywood portrays. It’s very peaceful, but it’s fun, it’s a party. It’s everyone just finally coming together and saying ‘thank God.’
It was funny because I worked with (garbled) I still work, hopefully, with him: Jonathan and his buddies at the NSA. They’re all trying to figure out ‘what do we do’ because China, Russia, India, everyone was starting to reveal what I call non-locals, or the E.T.s or extra terrestrials or galactics, all the data. The NSA was trying to figure out, and NASA was trying to figure out, what do we do to cover our asses for hiding it all this time? To the huge negotiations that went around on that and I just don’t think there’s any limit. There’s no limit on imagination and creation. Make and visualise whatever party or whatever event you want to happen and that’s gonna be put into the fold. It’ll be part of the energy that manifests what the big Disclosure is.
Brian: (Big sigh) Anybody else dancing and singing right now with their mute button on?
Lisa: (Laughter) Definitely.
D: You know me; at the front door with thumb stickin’ out.
Lisa: Rick, I wanna say thank you for calling in again. I love...(many talking)
Rick (caller): I hope when you see six four six you don’t just kinda skip it and go to the next call. I’ll try not to be too prolific.
Brian: Hey Rick, just make sure you let us know what’s for dinner next time, ahead of time please. Thanks.
Rick (caller): Okay. Well, I just didn’t know how many vegetarians and how many carnivores.
(Laughter, many talking)
Lisa: I’m sure we’ll be well catered for, thanks Rick.
Rick (caller): I love you all, thank you so much for everything you’re doing
Everybody: Thanks Rick.
Lisa: Ok. We’ve got area code 917...area code 917...hello? If you’ve got your hand up and you think it might be you, area code 917. I can hear something...ok, I will mute you again and come back. And we’ve got Dale. Dale’s back from yesterday as well.
All:  Hey, welcome. Hey Dale.
Dale (caller): Well I tell ya, this is so great. Man, we’re manifesting right now.
Lisa: Absolutely.
Dale (caller): That’s exactly why I wanted to call, because we have a unique opportunity right here in the now to create a manifestation. Let me actually explain it and how it works, I’ll give you a little bit of the back story here. As a child I was able to bi-locate and it was off-planet and I just thought this was normal, like every other kid could do it, but these bi-locations...
Lisa: Must’ve been a shock when you realised they couldn’t?
Dale (caller): Yeah, yeah it was. Hence the reason why I was put on drugs to alter my mind. Ritalin, a few other not so nice drugs to damp me down, which it did, but all that’s re-animating and memory has returned. But one of the places that I went was to other worlds that existed with other human beings, slightly different in look, but pretty much the same look as us. They existed in a world that did not know the meaning of war. I asked them, I said ‘Do you have war?’ and they said ‘What’s that?’ This was a civilization of beings that lived in absolute perfect harmony, because they hadn’t the shackles of strife, the science, the living. They only ate for pleasure. They did not require food to provide sustenance to keep them alive.
So bringing it back to here and now, I wanna put a scenario together here. Then we can all sound off on this, even those that are listening live right now, will be listening to archives later. It goes a little something like this. Imagine living in a world with a blank slate. What do you want to put on this blank slate? Would you like to put a pristine world? With absolute of pure forest? With a constant temperature? A tropical temperature that doesn’t really have seasons. It’s one constant season.
Would you like to live in a world that we can travel at the mere thought of it? We won’t need loads of transportation, however loads of transportation will be available on the physical realm. These transportation devices will not require rubber tires, because they will levitate. They will move and scoot across the ground. They will be vehicles. Most vehicles that you would have, say, like an automobile like everyone will have. You’ll have the ability to travel to lower Earth orbit. You’ll be able to take a vacation off in a, let’s say a platform out there that’s like a hotel. You’ll be able to travel back and forth. There will be no need for learning how to fly them or drive them, because you’ll interface with the consciousness of the vehicle and just put your thought of where you want to go and it will move. It’ll have a consciousness about it.
The dwelling, the homes you wanna live in, will have a consciousness where you’ll be able to communicate with, interface with the dwelling you live in. You’ll say ‘hey, we’re gonna have a party’ or you’ll say ‘home, expand to a company, a party of thirty people’ and you’ll just simply stand back and watch it evolve and move and expand: floors...
Lisa: What’s your time frame for this?
Dale (caller): How ‘bout a year? Earth time.
Lisa: Because so many people are talking about technologies that are available that we can use. Honestly, it feels like we’re going to just make a huge leap over a lot of that stuff. It’s gonna be redundant before it even comes on to market.
Dale (caller): Yeah, that’s true. But there is, in order to get to the mind frame which the brainwashing of strife and society’s, by the controllers, the way we’ve been living. The shock of getting over that is going to be taken in steps. So food replicators will be installed and eventually, once we learn how to manifest this ourselves ,then that stuff will go bye bye. But what I wanted to get back to is if you want to live in a world that is totally free in every sense of the word and you would like to see this come into action, signify simply now by stating ‘Aye.’
All: Aye.
Dale (caller): And the universe has heard and so shall it be. That’s how simple it is. We have just signified and put our needs, put our desires out to the universe. Because of the frequency of the words spoken and by our acknowledgement of those words, now the universe is going to work it out on their level. All we have to do is carry on about our day and go on and just stand back and this stuff is going to start to happen, and not think it; know it, feel it. Let the head rest and let your heart speak.
Lisa: You’re getting quite a few ‘ayes’ in the chat room as well.
Brian: Yeah, make sure you say your ‘ayes’ out there, for everybody listening.
Dale (caller): See? The simplicity of it is just that. It’s just so simple, but with all...since the time we left the womb we have been indoctrinated by control and by the processes of complexity. Once we make this journey back to Source, to Prime, once we begin to remove the shackles of pain and strife and tyranny and allow those energies from Prime to re-enter, it’s as simple as saying ’Prime/Source/The Force of Nature, I give you permission to wake me up.’ It’s that simple.
Lisa: I’ve been doing that consciously before I go to sleep now.
Dale (caller): There you go. 
Lisa: I want to remember, tell me what I need to remember, for now.
Dale (caller): That’s why you are in the position that you are, as well as everyone else on this line tonight. You have made a conscious decision and the universe has congratulations. We’re doing it. It’s just that now we’re giving it a little bit of nudges here and there. We have to be nudged along, but understand that we possess the powers, right now, by the words that we use, to create the reality in the physical realm and the universe now is gonna go to work. So congratulations folks.
Lisa: (Laughter) Thank you, Dale.
Brian: Yeah, thanks Dale, that was awesome.
Dale (caller): Goodnight.
Chris: That was excellent work Dale, lovely. Great.
Dale (caller): Have a good night.
Lisa: You too Dale. That was lovely. Ok, area code 143...area code 143...that would be you.
Caller: Is that me?
Lisa: That’s you 143. (Many talking) What was your name, sorry?
Caller: Ok,ay it’s Mark in Australia. I’m...
Lisa: Oh hey Mark. Is that Mark (inaudible) ?
Mark (caller): Yeah, it is, how you going Lisa?
Lisa: I’m good, mate, how are you?
Mark (caller): I’m really excited to get on.
Chris: G’day, Mark.
Mark (caller): I’m really excited about what you guys are doing; it’s very very exciting, wonderful work. The reason I’m calling to ask a question is that I’m working.bI’d like to talk about, run through, the mental process of how this might roll out. Lisa, what you said really resonated with me, because some of the people I’m working with were looking at the question of ok, if you give this, it seems like it might be some sort of a ruse or a trap to give everybody a huge amount of money. If you give everybody $10 billion dollars, then some people are going to try to get an unfair portion and trick others to get like. It’ll all end up in the same hands in a short period of time anyway. I look at it as such a large figure compared to what people are used to right now that, exactly what you said Lisa.
It was seeming to me that if any of us start doing this, as soon as we start doing that, of creating, of claiming our own CVAC, we then no longer feel. It takes us a while to go through all of the emotions of coming out of a slave condition to go. First of all you think ‘Alright man, I’m gonna go buy everything’ and then maybe you go ‘Oh wait, I wanna help so many people’ and then you go ‘Oh wait a minute, they can each have this too’ and then you think ‘But I wanna do all these projects, but now I don’t have to do them from a point of lack. I can work with each person coming involved and start bringing them to the party of “hey I can fund this myself”. ‘Really, how can you do that?’ Well actually you could too, and then it just grows organically to where we’re not trying to then control each other through control of energies, through so many different means.
I really understand, I resonate with you Heather with what you say about the control of energy and that it isn’t just money that we get controlled by. I would really like to look at just having the chance to think about ‘ok, what if you did have $10 billion dollars right now and what if it was available to, how are you thinking? And if you, as Heather said, if this comes out now this month, this week rather, all it takes is for some of us who are keen enough to just go for it. To start proving it for everyone else, because some people need to be the way-showers. Others are more cautious and they’ll watch. I really don’t think we need to convince anybody. We need to convince ourselves that it’s possible to live in a different way. We’ll guide everyone else who isn’t quite game enough to give it a try. Am I missing something? This seems like all the task is right now. Those few of us who’re looking at this right now, out of everyone listening to this show, some of us are gonna be going ‘yeah I’m gonna just do that because that feels really good, that feels like that could work in my heart’.
Chris: I think you’re right on the money Mark. The only thing I’d like to add, and this is something that Bob, in one of his outpourings a week or two ago, said, “The best way to lead, is by serving.”
Mark (caller): Yeah!
Chris: Okay, we want to lead them to a different place. We just serve and everyone will grow.
Mark: Yeah. Yes, somebody’s having a hard time, you go “Hey, I think I can help you with that”. And while you’re helping them with that, “Hey you know, you could actually be rid of this problem forever if you want to just like start working in a different way” and then you’re educating. Some of the people in the chat rooms are like “Oh, I don’t know what I could offer”. I mean, Linda, she shares rays of sunshine. She’s so amazing, she come out with all these… she’s got such energy, and she teaches people really well. When it gets down to it and there is this group of people, it’s just a little tiny pocket of people who care about each other. They’re just having a play, but when it gets down to it and somebody needs help, it’s all business and there’s some warriors in there.
I just see that rolling out across the world like that is our new, in place enforcement that is us, each of us, looking after each other. So let’s say there is somebody, I’m thinking of a girl on the streets of Bangladesh in Dhaka, she was selling children’s books trying to make money. She wasn’t in school. She was like the age of my daughter. That’s not okay, but if she decides she wants to stay in that position, fair enough, but she should have an option to take up her CVAC. It might take her a couple of years even to get to the point where she grasps even the possibility of living a different life. And she may not, in her destiny, she might want to stay there. That’s fine, but this gives everybody a chance to do it. That’s what I’m really excited about. I’m just like, I don’t know, I probably shouldn’t have called because I’m really excited, but I’m trying to ask a question. My question is, am I on track with that thinking, is this kind of what you’re looking at?
Heather: Are you talking to me? Heather?
Mark: I don’t know. Heather, I’d love it if you’d answer that question.
Heather: (laughter) Yeah, I mean, guys, I used to walk in to Nordstrom’s, a clothing store, not think twice about popping down $2000 or $1500 for an outfit. And moving out of that consciousness into real consciousness, living in Italy, going through all the designer factories and seeing kids not being able to leave the factories, and these where Chinese factories in another country, to being in Morocco. My gosh, when M 6, Mohamed 6, king here drives in and I can’t tell you how much waste I see, the manpower. Yet you have women and children on the streets just asking for a coin, because they’re stuck here because some guy said they could sneak them from Senegal over to Spain, and then left them there, after they said (indistinguishable).
Everyone needs to be able to have the tools. They need to know who they BE, have the opportunity to know who they BE, and then to making a different choice. So all that’s coming back to them is their own value that was stolen. I am so excited! I look at people as we’re driving now, I look at people and I really want to record what they look like at this moment, so that when they know, and when all of the tools come down, I can see the difference and really enjoy the difference in the energetic pattern of that BE’ing and of the surroundings around me, from the before and after. I’m so excited, and yes, I thought about everything that you’re talking about. I think you’re right on, at least for what resonated with me, it’s the same thing.
Heather: Thank you.
Lisa: Thanks Mark. And thanks Heather for that.
Mark: Thanks, thank you.
Brian: Wow, thanks Mark.
Mark: Yeah thanks.
Lisa: Okay we’re going to move on to caller 703. If we do go over, we’ve got 5  minutes left if we do go over. What happened yesterday was 35 minutes over, you’ll be able to hear that on the recording in the archives. If you’ve actually called in, then you will stay with the call. So just, well you know. So area code 703?
Caller: Yes. Hello?
Lisa: Yes! Hello.
Caller: Hi.
Lisa: What was your name?
Caller: This is Paige.
Brian: Hi Kate.
Paige: It’s Paige, can you hear me?
Brian: Oh, Paige.
Paige: Yeah. I called you guys last week and I had the idea for “Treason Tracker”. Apparently that’s not going through, but that’s good. That’s okay. It’s too 3D, right?
Heather: You know what?
Lisa: …I didn’t know I was muted, go ahead.
Heather: Paige?
Paige: Yes. Yes?
Heather: You know how we were talking about the CVACs and what the CVACs do in the beginning, and then me sort of saying “Okay what is the absolute energy and what focus, how do we want to approach this”. When I switched the CVAC to what resonated with the data that was on the table, all of a sudden everything flowed so quickly. If four months basically, all the old systems where taken down, just from delivering the energy that you wanted. So the energy was absolutely honored and the point was, it’s not that you were 3D, or that the words were 3D, it was a matter of the energy, what words would be able to be multi-dimensional and deliver the energy that you intended. So I’m speaking to that one because I’m the one that sort of went in to kind of talk to everyone and making sure that this stays on absolute, multi-dimensional and positive. Where it’s drawing magnetically the energy of abundance and not stopping or pushing it away only because of powers-that-were training for events and things like that. Not in you, but in others as we go through and recalibrate.
Paige: I get that. I think that’s totally in line with where we want to go. I think that we do get pulled down into… we walk outside and see chemtrails. You turn on the news and see all this negativity around us. It seems a little unrealistic, the whole OPPT thing. I just gotta say you had the most wonderful callers. I think everybody that I’ve met in this movement have been incredible. Sometimes you just need a little pull back; get away from the negativity. I listen to Peter’s video that you guys mentioned earlier and that really blew me away. I could really feel his genuine awakening to this whole thing. So a lot of my questions where addressed as I’ve been sitting on the phone, so I don’t really have a whole lot more, but I would love it to be able to walk outside and see blue sky more often and not see those chemtrails. I think that once that stops, it’s going to be a lot more realistic that we’re moving forward.
Heather: Paige, can I clarify one thing for you?
Paige: Yeah.
Heather: I just wanted to say thank you for bringing up that “Treason Tracker”, because you really brought that grace and healing and that focus, that choice, that nexus point of making a choice with that very proposal about “Treason Tracker”. I want to say thank you very much because you brought that on to the table and helped us, gave us an opportunity to focus on making a conscious choice of “How do we want this energy to flow?” So I’m going to say “Thank you”.
Paige: Oh wonderful, thank you. That’s great.
Brian: Thanks Paige.
Lisa: Thank you Paige!
Chris: Cheers Paige.
Paige: Thank you guys.
Lisa: Okay, we have area code 212.
Caller: Hey guys.
Lisa: Hello. What’s you’re name?
Caller: It’s Michael.
Lisa: Michael, hi.
Brian: Hi Michael.
Michael (caller): Hi, hey guys. So one thing I want to do is thank everybody. I want to just say that the ball seems to be rolling down the hill at immense speed right now. I just want to say the the powers-that-be, the feeling is really resonating that they’re sort of slipping into their last. I kind of want to just thank them almost for so mathematically imploding everything, because I was reviewing the Paradigm Report again. That’s just such a hard document, Heather, where it just so illuminates how mathematically destroyed...they sort of left themselves with no choice. It’s just a great revelation document.
I did have one question. The one person, the one entity, that was unable to be brought into...I wanted to see how you put that, it was great. It was really great. The stamina that the lead investigator was unable to determine the... Tucker Ray (chuckle), if you can speak on that anyway? It just seems like it's very close and very energetic right now, so thanks.

Heather: Yeah. Tucker Bey, there was sort of this whole strategic list of trustees when I was introduced to The Public Trust. Basically, it was compiled by Charles C. MIller; he's got a background he knew he wasn't going to be able to overcome unless he had pedigree around him. So, it was actually Tucker Bey, not Tucker Ray. I may have misspelled it; I'm a terrible speller. But Tucker Bey was a military judge, high up in the military courts. He's the only one I ever talked to or had contact with, but the Bey's name is a long-agenda family name.

Michael (caller): Okay, all good. Another thing that was on D's Removing the Shackles today, which just tipped me like a brick this afternoon. My 14-year-old been pretty involved in politics since she was 11, I know that's pretty early to get started. We've had a lot of discussions while she's been interning at this New York politician's office for a few years about what her future was gonna be. I very much just laid back and let her sort of do her community service things and not push it. Other than "Yeah, that sounds like a good place to do community service. It'll get you on the ropes and stuff. You'll know what it means at least if you do that." Then on D's Removing the Shackles today was the one thing that I expressed to her that I thought should come down in all of the bad things that the powers-that-were government had perpetrated on everyone and that was...because I'm originally from Missouri...the taking down of the 1947 National Security Act (laughs).

Heather: (inaudible) Great.

Michael (caller): Yes, when I saw that today, that was just for me. So thanks, D. I know that that was a Heather interview, but when you posted that up there today, that was just like, "I'm here for a reason". Thanks guys.

(general chuckles and saying thanks)

Michael (caller): All the best; all love to you. Bye.

(All saying bye)

Lisa: Okay, we've lost the audience that was just listening on Blogtalk, but anybody who's called in they will still be online and through any other devices, so we'll keep going. We've got area code 541?

Caller: Hello.

Lisa: Hello.

Caller: Hey, this is Tony from Oregon.

Lisa: Hi Tony. 

Tony (caller): (inaudible) in the chat room.

Lisa: Oh, (inaudible).

Tony (caller): I wanted to call in and answer pretty much the same question that almost every caller so far has asked, which is what are we going to do? For myself, like a lot of listeners, like a lot of 3-percenters, I consider myself a visionary. But I really want to be a part of manifesting that, taking action and moving towards it. I have a lot of ideas that I think if we get the people together we could enact pretty quickly. not just me, but I've really networked with a lot of brilliant people, a lot of people who were exploited, for example, by the Hollywood industry, kind of chewed up and spit out. For example, I know the great-grandson of Cecil B. DeMille, who's a brilliant set designer that I worked with. One of my closest friends is the great-grandson of the man who invented sonar; he's brilliant when it comes to harmonics. Even though he's got this brilliant mind for healing with vibration, he's stuck decorating cakes at Albertson's, doing the 9 to 5.

The problem is we're all just stuck in poverty; none of us can move. I can understand it and say like "Okay, I need to be able to move", but I can't explain this to my wife in a way that she can understand and essentially release me to start gathering people. You can see me as the Pied Piper and "let's go build the future city, if you want to". Any of the (inaudible) have to be the cheerleader to get behind everyone and just say "Enough. We know how powerful this is from all these other dimensions, but let's do something here. Let's come together. Let's gather the people.".  Bob and I, we share that same kind of religious childhood; I was Jehovah's Witness as well. For all their faults, the one thing I think was beautiful about them was they should get a few hundred people together and build something in a weekend. If they can do that religious control, why can't we do that, because there's the future that we ant. Why can't we just gather all those people, all the willing people, like all those listening on here?

Lisa: We can.

Brian: Yeah.

Tony (caller): Exactly. How do we free ourselves though?

Brian: What was your name again, my man?

Tony (caller): Tony.

Brian: Tony, if you want to drop me an email to and say this is Tony, I'll put you through to some folks that you'll resonate with. What we're going to find out here real soon, when people are totally free to create unencumbered and without limit, the amount of ideas and the amount of just amazing creative concepts that are coming out of people, is just going to blow. Just to throw a quick shout-out to Nenaco(?) and Luke, they've put together this document that I've been reviewing for the last couple of days. It's mind-blowing. It's like a blueprint for creation, and projects and all the different industries and the different areas that can be fixed and repaired.

What Hopegirl 2012 with her Fix the World project. Totally unencumbered freedom of creation is where we're headed. It's going to allow everybody to step up to the forefront and offer whatever amazing ideas that they have. There won't be anything stopping you from doing it. Kudos to you for thinking ahead of time. That's where my mind is now, I'm ready to kind of step beyond where we're at in spreading this information and start really doing the work to bring about this new world. It's exciting. It's fun. It's only gonna heat up and get so much more fun from here. I honor your thinking ahead and preparing for that next stage, as it sounds to me based on this call that we're really close at this point ot that being our new reality. (laughs)

Lisa: (inaudible) ... very close.

Tony (caller): I have one more question before I sign off. I have a close friend from childhood who's another brilliant inventor. He actually physically created an additive to gasoline that doubles and triples mileage. This went before Congress. They fought over how they were going to distribute it. One side wanted to release it to the military first and save the money that way. Ultimately, it went nowhere. In the meantime, he basically drove himself insane trying to work himself through the night trying to figure out how to do this without emitting any kind of toxins. Long story short, he ended up having to sell the patent to a gasoline/petroleum company. Of course, their plan is to sit on it and make it go away. The thing is this technology is there and I'm wondering why talent and use all this information to potentially free it back from I don't even know which company it is. If I could find out that information, maybe we could pry it back out of their cold, dead hands.


Tony (caller): It's a stopgap; it's not where we want ot go. It's one thing that could free people up immensely and allow us t be consuming less petroleum while we figure out the next thing. 

Brian: Yeah. Drop me an email, my man and let's talk.

Tony (caller): Awesome. It was opptcreativity@gmail?

Brian: Correct.

Tony (caller): Perfect. I'll talk to you later.

Lisa: Thanks Tony.

Bob: Thanks Tony.

Tony (caller): Thank you everyone.

Lisa: We'll try and squeeze another couple in, so people if you can keep it short? Short questions and we'll keep our answers short. We'll try to get through as many as we can. Area code 808.

Caller: Hi, this is Ginger. Aloha everyone from here on the Big Island.

Brian: Aloha.

Heather: Hi Ginger. I like your posts.

Ginger (caller): (chuckles) You guys. Yeah, thanks. KP kind of surprised me; he usually always calls and says "May I?" I always say "yes", but this time he just did it, which was great. I'll try to keep it short and brief. I am so hot ot trot. I've got this disclosure group. One of the members has independent of really paying that much attention initially to the whole OPPT document when it was first announced. In his heart, he wanted to find a way to come up with money for folks to fund their dreams. He has a lot of connections. He's already doing it. We had a meeting a couple of weeks ago and tomorrow night some people are flying over from Oahu. This project's going to get funded already. (laughs) I had to kind of like get his attention and say "okay, but here's this other way as well".
One of the dreams that I have is I've got my eye on this huge building, waterfront and I want it to not only be a global visionary artists collective, but it hit me as far as we need a place for him to meet up and ot have a little mini CVACs kind of like substation. Also, for Hawaiians, for native peoples who those that have never forgotten how things work. I'm just (inaudible) to get going. Is this drags on for I don't know how many more weeks before I can start really tapping into some assets that parallel the 3D world, then I'm gonna have to look for another job. I don't know if it's dependent. First, Heather, you had mentioned earlier in the show tonight that the CVACs were up and running right now, but then later you said the 194 WILL be up and running by the end of the week. So, I'm kind of confused, because i'm thinking maybe it's dependent on when disclosure happens.

Heather: Oh. Oh. I know where you're going. The CVACs themselves; CVAC stands for Creation Value Asset Center. That is you. That is me.

Ginger (caller): Exactly.

Heather: The systems are what are going online this week.

Ginger (caller): So, I will be able to apply because I've got my hand on the phone to call a real estate agent immediately and get on it. But there's no point in doing that until I know it's really going to happen this week.

Heather: Yeah. The CVACs themselves are already up and running. That's what all the BE'ing and DO'ing's been going on.

Ginger (caller): Right. I've already made my wish and I've been dreaming, okay?

(Heather talking at same time, but inaudible)

Heather: The systems themselves...imagine like having a library on your corner, right? That library is connected to all the other libraries around the world, so you have the same access to the data that all the others do. That is the systems. That way you can travel wherever you want to go, wherever your adventures, your choice of adventure, takes you. You have ad...

Ginger (caller): Okay.


Brian: Did we lose Heather?

Ginger (caller): Yeah, I can't hear her. 


Heather: Can you hear me now?
Brian & Ginger (caller): Yeah.

Heather: The CVACs are already up and running. Each CVAC is a manifestation in Source's universe. So it's not even just the people, it's ALL manifestations in Source's universe. The systems themselves are what are going online this week in order to make sure that you have access to all the tools you need, including access to the value that was stolen and now returned, as well as technology, as well as education tools and more education, not Christopher Columbus landed on America. We're talking about education as far as how to manifest the tools and the abilities within you to magnetically draw energy to you so that you have abundance of value and you can manifest anything you want. Abundance without expectations from the old systems telling you how you can create and not create. Does that make sense? The difference between CVAC and the CVAC systems?

Ginger (caller): Absolutely. The system is really just a temporary vessel and it's a bridge.

Heather: At some point, all the BE'ings at some point in their journey won't need those systems anymore. They may become teachers within those systems for the younger generations.

Ginger (caller): Well, that's what I also want to see happening in this building, where we have what we call in Hawaii (inaudible), we borrow from the Hawaiians. Have discussions so people can learn, but also have the visuals. I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it. (laughs) I just want to thank you guys. Brian, you have been working your tail off. I got your email this morning. I don't know where you get all your energy. (laughs) I'm turning 63 tomorrow, so this is my birthday week. I cannot BE more excited.

Brian: Woo hoo! Happy Birthday!

Ginger (caller): Thanks.

Chris: The birthday girl.

Ginger (caller): Many blessings to each and all of you that have helped. You've done all the research and you've put all of the pieces in to place for people to understand and where ot go to look. Heather, your integrity no matter how much it's questioned (laughs), sideways, backwards.

Heather: I don't mind the questioning; it's fine.

Ginger: For you to come out, though, to show people how you work like you did today. You said "I just didn't know and that caused a problem for me, but once I figured it out, then I could just move past it. It wasn't a problem." It's just being transparent like that is just beautiful. I'd let the next person com eon. Many blessings of Absolute Aloha to each and every single one of you and all of you listening.

Lisa: Thank you Ginger.

Heather: Thank you.       

Brian: You too.

Chris/Bob: Thank you.

Lisa: Okay. We'll try and get through a couple more. Please keep it brief. Area code 631.

Caller: Hi.

Lisa: Hi.

Caller: This is Sal from Long island. How are you?

Lisa: Good Sal.

Brian: Hi Sal.

Sal (caller): First of all, what you guys are doing for the last few weeks is wonderful. Thank you very much. I've been on almost every call and trying to absorb it all. I'm a financial advisor. I handle people's money, their hard-earned money over the years. I do it honestly and with integrity. I really, really enjoy working with people in that sense. But on the other hand, me knowing what's going to come down for a while now, as far as spiritually in the 5D sense. So it's hard for me to do my job sometimes. My main question is when this all comes down, I'm guessing I'm going to get a lot of calls from clients wanting answers. How would people in my position handle that? I have a lot of colleagues that I haven't spoken at all to about this, because they'll probably call my clients and say "this guy's crazy. I don't know." How does a guy like me who does this kind of thing for a living, I handle people's health insurance and all that. I'm not saying I won't take the calls, but i'm going to get a lot of calls. Is there any sense of how this is going ot come down for people in my position who do this, but know what's going on? Know what I'm saying?

Heather: Yeah, I do. I absolutely do. What I can say is this, you probably have one of the best databases because of the field that you're in to make a transition a hell of a lot easier than attorneys. I can tell you that. Because number one, you're working with energy. You're just working with representations of it. The representations and the flowof the financial system is basically a (inaudible) process, but you'll recognize it. So really it's just a matter of making sure that you have access to the tools. As far as being crazy and all that, believe me, I've been there, withing the banking system. I would say that there's going ot be enough visual evidence or visual event that the crazy word won't come up. Number two, you'll be able to transition into the energetic part of the financial system and probably be a very active participant with the tools that are out there to assist your clients ot understand and move thorugh the fact, okay maybe you don't have your million dollar account anymore, but you have a ten billion one over here." Talking with people about how this energy process of value actually works. The financial system is actually really a copy with hidden layers over it, so you don’t really know the prime(?) of it all. Does that answer your question a little bit/

Sal (caller): Yeah, yeah. I kind of sense that that's the way we go down. I've been told by intuitives that I've have a role somehow wehn this comes down. I guess that will be my role because I have so many clients. I just want ot share one mor ething because I thought it was pretty interesting. A few weeks ago I was invited for a seminar at the New York Stock Exchange after hours.  I was there as an advisor of course, but I was really a spy, because I was actually sending love energy into the system. i've never beenon the floor before and I felt like I was in hte belly of the beast. It was just incredible to see the floor of the Stock Exchange. I'm looking around and I'm going "Oh my god", I'm seeing Goldman Sachs and other names. There was a lot of people around and I was just like sending energy. I'm a Reiki practitioner, so when I left, I turned around and sent just a blast of Reiki into the Stock Exchange. It really felt good. I felt like I did my part in some way.

Lisa: I love it!

Brian: Good for you man.

Heather: (inaudible) ... the transformation...(inaudible).

Chris: Before you go, I'm having a similar conversation with my accountants as your customers are having with you. But they're actually on ht epage as well and I've already said to them what you just expressed, that they're going to have a role with their own clients, because I've got a lot of clients too, to actually educate them as to what actually happened. Not just what happened, but how it came about. You can't explain the situation to people without going into the history and the reality of what was behind the system. So absolutely you'll have a role to play.

Sal (caller): Well that's great. I'm really, really happy to be here.

Lisa: (inaudible) calling clients to come in to you.

Chris: Yeah, that's what my accountant said. He said all the other guys in my business are going to be calling me and I said yeah, they will.

Brian: (chuckles)

Lisa: (chuckles) Thank you Sal.

(All saying thanks to Sal)

Sal (caller): Thank you for taking my call. God bless you all.

Lisa: Okay, guys. I think we've gone over. There's actually too many people on the call with their hands up. We'll be here for hours. I know it's very early, like 4 o'clock for you Heather, isn't it?

Heather: I don't know. I don't keep track of what time it is. That's why I have you inform me.

(general laughter)

Lisa: So, we will call it a night people.

Brian: Hey Lisa real quick, can I read a quick poem that Luke wrote me that I think wil be a perfect closer? Just a real quick one for the night? Can i read it real quick?

Lisa: If it's gonna be the closer.

Brian: This is your show, you can do your close. But in closing may be a better way to put it. Can I read it real quick?

Lisa: Hang on, just slow down. If you're going ot close with the poem, that's great. Just let me make one or two announcements. One is (inaudible - talk over) last week or the week before, who was living in his truck and was concerned about having that taken off him. Can you please if you're listening send an email to, because I've had peopel reach out to me who want to reach out to you. I've got no way of getting in touch with you. So if you can send me an email kip, that would be great. That'll do. We're going to take it out with Brian and his poem from Luke. Thank you everybody.

Brian: Okay, All right. Thanks Lisa.

At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet, Plato said
But he's dead, so I'm here to give you words instead
Because it's (inaudible) dream world is what you have been fed
If you look outside our real world, you'll see you've been denied
They lied to take control of your soul
But you're eternal
Which they don't want you to know
So follow me through a sea of stars
On journey to find your eternal hearts
You are a god of limitless creation
Our days of slavery on this plantation
Are a mere blip in our universal nation
So rise with all your might
Cause tonight we end the plight
We save ourselves and win this fight
Expand our consciousness to fill with light
Wake up brothers and sisters, tonight's the night
We leave the dream and eneter the real
Where love abounds and no one is ill
We've won, it's over
Just take the red pill

Lisa: That is awesome! (chuckles)

Brian: (chuckles) Thanks Lisa.

(Goodbyes from all)

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