Sunday 10 March 2013

OPPT NYC in Motion!

OPPT NYC in Motion! Notes from a Successful Meet Up.

OPPTNYC_02Many thanks to all who showed up for the first OPPT NYC meet up this past Friday.  It was a night filled with incredible connections and synchronicity.  We were all strangers yet we all knew each other.  For those who were not able to make the meet up I’d like to share what was discussed and provide details for our next meet up.
After meeting and deciding to grab a bite to eat at the local TGI Friday’s, we all shared our backgrounds and stories of awakening.  We realized that we all had difficult lives and the courage to question the  status quo.  We never settled for the answers that were given to us by family, friends, school, church, and government.  We always knew on a subconscious level that there was more.
We shared our knowledge of corrupt systems, UFOs, the Galactic Federation, planetry liberation, Ascension and the OPPT.  In doing so our energy filled the restaurant with powerful vibrations of ONEness.   Over our conversation and meal, we connected with two more eternal hearts which was a blessing.
The first was Rev. Melony McGant.  She just happend to be eating at a table near ours and over heard a portion of our conversation.  She told us politely she heard us and was compelled to share her February love letter with us.  It was a beautiful and inspiring piece of writing.  It was more validation that the energetic changes that are occurring are indeed manifesting through the people in a myriad of ways.  She writes a blog that can be found here: We took that opportunity to introduce her to OPPT.
The second was a gentleman who wanted a photo with a strawman mascot we used during the evening to find each other.  The jolly sir was curious what was going on after we shared information about his previous strawman corporation which was dissolved with the OPPT filings.  He was clearly blown away.  He left us with the link memorized.
After sharing perspectives we all agreed on many items.  One main item was that this is New York City – the capital of the world.  If critical mass of awareness was achieved in a city so densely and diversely populated it would certainly spread like wild fire across the planet.  If we take into account the holographic fractal nature of reality then it can be understood that unifying this city is one of the micro-cosms that can trigger the macro-cosmic unification event.
With this understanding, we all desired an extremely public and visible recipient for the Courtesy Notice we are issuing.  With the recent fare hike on local transportation, it became all to clear who was going to get this notice.  The Metropoliatan Transportation Authority(MTA)  will be the first recipient of a Courtesy Notice from OPPT NYC.  As we work on completing this document, we are already preparing the means to inform all 5 million+ daily riders of this system of their foreclosed status.   We have a crew of very creative individuals with many talents and we will not stop informing the public.  Word of advice to other city/community organizers:  use your local transportation networks(busses/subways/trains) as a media network to reach your entire community.  Remember, you as a member of the ONE PEOPLE now have the authority to use the assets necessary in protecting the public good.  Print and Post the truth everywhere!  Saturate the network!
This is the course of action that we are taking at this time.  We as a group have decided to meet Fridays on a weekly basis from now on to develop, organize and act on these plans.  Details for our weekly meet ups can be found by clicking the Meet Up link on the main menu above.  Thanks to one of our members we now have a set location 2 blocks from of Time Square that we can meet anytime.
We look forward to meeting all those who wish to assist this effort in the weeks to come.  Word on CVACs is that they will be operational this week and this is great.  However we are prepared either way to do what is necessary.  By the way the energies felt last night, I’m expecting a major developement this week.
Until the later Now,
Grant: Williams
Oppt NYC Meet Up 1

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