Saturday 23 March 2013

OPPT-IN Radio show March 18 transcript

Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN
Monday, March 18, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa: Good morning, good evening, good afternoon everyone, Lisa Harrison here. I have a train going past, right on time. So welcome, welcome to the OPPT-IN show for this week. I'll start by bringing everybody out. We've got Chris in Melbourne.

Chris: Hi everybody. It's an absolutely beautiful, clear, blue, crisp, cool morning here in Melbourne. Sun is up and I am feeling fantastic, but I don't have a train going past and I don't miss that.

Lisa: It does add to the.......

Chris: Ambiance, yes.

Lisa: To the ambiance, yes and we've got Bob over in Pennsylvania.

Bob: I'm feeling great, but no such good weather here. We're in the middle of a snowstorm again. We're supposed to get eight inches tonight, but other than that I'm feeling so amazing right now. I really feel good. Welcome everyone. Glad to be here.

Lisa: I'm glad everyone's feeling so amazing so far. Who else have we got? We've got D?

D: Hello everyone. Bob, you're obviously sending your horrible weather to us. We're only getting two inches, but we're getting freezing rain on top of it just to make it special. But I am feeling stupendously awesome right now and really looking forward to this show. I want to say hi to everyone, hi everyone.

Lisa: Hey, D. Ah, Brian.

Brian: Well, since we're on a theme of weather here, let's see where we fall. Probably right in the middle here in a somewhat cloudy day here in San Diego, but feeling equally as awesome and very glad and extremely excited to be here. I'm sure there'll be plenty of giggles all the way.

Lisa: (GIGGLING) With you on board it's guaranteed.


Lisa: And we've got Heather with us.

Heather: Hi, everyone. All my best.

Lisa: Well, you may as well give us a weather report. What's going on in Morocco?

Heather: I don't know what the weather is. I don't know what day it is. I don't even know what time it is.


Heather: You guys just call in and here I am.

Lisa: So it's been a pretty intense 24-48 hours amongst this little group of people. There has been a new document filed which I think is going to be the major topic for discussion today. But before we even get into that I have promised the ground crew I would let you know, those who are behind the OPPT-IN website, that the whole website is being reworked, revamped, recreated in the background and it's going to be amazing when it goes live. There will also be more opportunities for, and it will be a lot easier a process for, volunteers. It will be a lot clearer; all the information you need will be there. As I've said, they’ve worked on it in the background and it should go live sometime this week. Keep your eyes posted on the new website.

D: Hey, ground crew.

Brian: They're awesome, by the way, a quick shout out to the ground crew; they're amazing.

Lisa: Absolutely. They're doing an amazing job, so a big shout out to Harmony and BZ in particular for the work they've been putting in.

D: And to Bea as well, and Merry. I have to shout out to Bea and Merry.

Lisa: Yeah, all the translations of the transcripts and yes absolutely. Thank you to everybody who’s been putting in. I'll tell you what, Bob made a comment the other day which has to be shared, so I think all of you need to acknowledge and recognize what you've done. Bob said, "If somebody came to you and said, 'I want you to create a world wide movement that's going to reach millions of people. It's going to involve websites, Facebook pages, social media campaigns, music videos, videos, poetry, stories, blog posts and you're going to reach millions of people and you're going to do it within about 4 weeks and, by the way, there is no money”.


Lisa: It sounds impossible. It sounds completely impossible and we did it. Each and every one of you has played a part in it. You've all contributed. Whether you've actually written a word or physically done anything, you've done it energetically at least. You've done it by sharing and by DO’ing and BE’ing. Thank you, because it wouldn't be what it is without each and every one of you doing what you've done. The reason I believe that it happened is because each and every one of you, on some level, have been working towards it and playing your part for a very long time. You recognized it when it turned up.

Bob: Lisa, that is, I think, one of the most amazing examples that we have of our power. If any one of you look at where we are right now and all the people who are listening and all the people involved, we've gotten the world to stand up and take notice. We did it. Well at least I did, I can’t speak for everybody but I know the crew, we had fun doing it.  We had a really good time. This is the whole point.  If you’re putting your trust in filings, if you’re putting your trust in any type of organization, if you’re putting your trust in some sort of savior, anything external outside of yourself, it’s not going to work.  But when you look and you see that it’s us; it’s we, you that is doing all of this. The whole gambit, the whole game, would not work without you.  You are the engine, the power, the source of all of the energy that makes all of this run. 
OPPT tool was basically just a tool for people to help them to see that I believe. For them to see that within themselves. That’s what the whole BE’ing and DO’ing is all about. Because what people really didn’t see, what they saw on the outside...and we’re going to start talking about some of the inner workings when we get into talking about this document. But what the people didn’t see on the inside was that it was your energy that they wanted. It’s not your house. It’s not your car. It’s not your money. They’ve got tons of that. It’s not any of those things, but it is your energy. They want control over you, so they can basically milk you of that. To cause you to go into fear, so they can get a latch hold on. You’ll find that for some people, when you’re in that space and you know who you are, look there is no authority that is over me that I haven’t agreed to. I’m not going to submit. I’m not going to consent and give my power away, whether it’s to an external organization. It’s all within you.

Lisa:  You know Bob there was a conversation I had with Chris yesterday, because even though...especially in the last two weeks...I think a lot of people have come a long way when it comes to the One People’s Public Trust. There are still some, and this is not a judgment by any means, but there are still who don’t get that’s it’s a tool. The One Peoples Public Trust was in fact a tool and they’re very, very focused on the tool. I said to Chris yesterday most people have had experience with hammering in a nail into something. What happens when you’re focusing on the hammer? When you’re hammering in a nail, where do you put your eyes? What do you look at?  That’s not a rhetorical question; you can answer it. (laughter)

Chris: Well, it’s the head of the nail.

Bob: The head of the nail.

Lisa: Right. What happens if you focus on the hammer?

Brian: You hit the thumb.

(everyone is laughing)

Lisa: Exactly.

Chris: Yeah, big dent in the wood.

Lisa: What I’m saying is there’re still some people who are so focused on the tool, they don’t notice that the nail is in. It’s been driven in, and you’re still swinging away. Again, I’m not trying to make a judgment on people. I’m just saying take a step back and stop swinging long enough to see that the job is done.  The tool has achieved its outcome. That doesn’t mean that we all stop doing what we’re doing on the ground. We still have tools. We’ve got Courtesy Notices. We’ve got things that we can use to address day-to-day situations. But looking at the bigger picture, OPPT has achieved what it set out to achieve with the paperwork with the filings. Maybe for some people, that’s an act of faith to believe that. For others who understand UCC to some degree. I have to say to people here, unfortunately there have been individuals who will not come forward publicly, but they have very privately explained to us that this is legit. This is legal and lawful, that they had knowledge of UCC. They understand how it works and they get it, but they are not prepared to be public about it, which is very annoying.  Just to give those of you who need that little extra confidence to believe that. But anyway, that’s what I wanted to say.  The tool has achieved itself.

Chris: If I could just add something to Bob’s references to energy for a moment, just before we move on the thing though. See because one of the most significant things about this whole exercise is the huge amount of energy that came into focus getting on towards three months now, not far of three months since the filings went public and all of this came to our attention. Because we’ve got a couple of people in the background here who work with us and they actually look at energy. We’ve talked about these guys a bit before; call them the energy guys. Their observations have been startlingly accurate all the way through. One of the things that’s been consistently said is that the amount of energy generated, as if you can imaging like a glowing ball of energy, the amount of energy generated by this whole exercise has been huge. It’s not just that it was huge, but that it was of a type. What we’re told was, it was of a type the other guys, the powers-that-absolutely-were couldn’t touch it.  It was so pure they could not use it in the way that they’d been using all of our energy for centuries, for thousands of years. This is ours to manifest with what we want, and this is where we’re at now. We’re about to go into this final stage of manifesting what it is that we want and, and that is so exciting. I can’t wait!

Lisa:  What I like about this is that it’s presenting us with something that is; we won’t settle for anything less now.  I mean if Heather disappeared tomorrow, if Caleb disappeared tomorrow, and The People’s Trust website disappeared tomorrow, it’s already built up so much momentum. People have already come to a place within themselves, enough people have, I think that there’s  just no going back now.  It’s got a life of its own, and we won’t settle for less.

Chris: It’s one of those things where once you’re aware of the situation, you can’t become unaware of it. You can’t just loose that memory and go off in another direction.  That’s something that you always know. People who touch this, no matter how they currently feel about it, will never be able to lose what they’ve learned.

Brian: Well and also with that, Chris, is that even those people that touch it and might be shying away because they listened to some other radio show or some other blog saying ‘don’t follow the OPPT movement or what have you’, which it’s not. It’s not a movement. Every single piece of data that helps to wake people up that there’s something else that’s going on outside of what they see on the news and they see in their day to day lives, whether it be the Zeitgeist movement, what Drake puts out, any of these freedom promoting websites. We’re all on the same, with a different path up to top of the hill. We all have the same mission, which is to wake people up that’s there something else going on. So that’s why I give such an honor to all those people that have helped to assist in that process of waking people up. It’s a fight for the same cause across the board.

D:  That’s what I wrote about earlier on this week is, is regardless the bickering that happens between one website to another and one movement to another, we’re all on the same team.  There is only one team. There’s only one team, so all of the arguing is. I said in an article I wrote earlier, it’s like never mind arguing over who’s got the nicer running shoes. Just get across the finish line together. That’s what it’s about. There is no teams. Just go together, away you go.

Brian: Yep.

Lisa:  Let’s get onto this latest document, and I believe it will be the last document.   But I could be wrong, I can always be wrong (laughter). I’m always open to that.  So, Heather, do you want to talk about this document?

Heather:  Okay.  You all ask. Well, essentially OPPT...within this last document, multiple things are happening in multiple dimensions in this one document and it is the last filing. 

Lisa:  What’s it called and where can people find it?

Heather:  Well, I’m not sure what it’s called. It’s just a declaration of absolute truth and a final audit and reconciliation and an order.  And the filing number, since I had to do it (giggles) a couple of times…

Brian:  By the way, if people want to go to find the link…

Heather:   The document number, (garbed)…032035 and Caleb will be …. The link, it will be on the website.

Lisa:  Okay, you can find it on Removing the Shackles. 

Brian:  There you go.

D:  And on American Kabuki.

Lisa:  And on American Kabuki. So, OPPT: All is Eternal Essence, Debt Release.  Okay.  So for those of you in front of your computers and want to bring it up, you can do that now.  What’s just happened?  Are we still…?

All: (Talking at once).

Chris:  Can you hear me, Lisa?

Lisa:  I can hear you now. Can you guys hear us in the chat room?

D:  Heather just lost communications.

Chris:  Yep.  Maybe you could just welcome Deva who has pulled into the discussion here?

Lisa:  Hello Deva. (silence)

Lisa:  Can you hear us darlin’?

Chris:  Hello Deva? (silence)

Lisa:  We’ve lost a couple (laughing).

D:  Heather is back though I think.

Heather:  Yeah, yeah I’m back.

Lisa:  No Deva, okay.  Alright, I think they can hear us back.

Heather:  Can you hear me now?

Lisa:  Yes.

Brian:  Yep.

Heather:  Okay, let’s do this while we’ve got the connection.  So in a sense, with this document if you read through it, you’ll see that the tools, that OPPT, have essentially been reconciled.  It’s finished its job. 

There were only two purposes in the last repurpose and that was to one: return all the value and all the BE’ing and two: which was done, and the second one was guarding the space so that everyone could know that the BE’ing and the value was returned and practice BE’ing.  And that has been satisfied. 

So essentially with today everything, you guys asked for the financial structure. Well in order to change results, you gotta change the formula.  So with this particular document you’ll see that everything is absolutely in essence.  The powers-that-were they know fiction and the CVACs, you know, was a fiction that was created in order to stop their fiction from moving forward and stomping all over everyone.  I watched for three weeks; we all watched for three weeks about them trying to move in.  They know how to do fiction. They know how to commandeer fiction. They know the absolute mechanisms of fiction.  What they don’t know is BE’ing.  They don’t know how to handle a (inaudible).  So that’s what you have here and all are eternal essence and that is your, all value is eternal essence. 

So within this structure it’s all about BE’ing and DO’ing is your delivery and transfer mechanisms.  The actual practical application, the tools that will be finished and established this week, but your framework for that value system is sitting in that document.


Heather: Are you guys there?

Lisa:  Yeah.  So what I got from that in terms of practical, I guess practical tools is that what we don’t want to do is go in and create another fictional system, do we?  Because that can be commandeered, that can be manipulated and controlled.  Any form of fiction and so this has to be done in a way where that just isn’t possible.

Heather:  Right, but the former system was fiction, fiat and fraud.  This one is just a simple, simple system of BE’ing and it’s all the way of BE’ing eternal essence. 

(All talking at once).

Heather:  Excuse me?

Lisa:  There’s no way to manipulate that!

Heather:  Well, essentially all you have to do is declare who you BE and it’s up to the other guy to prove that you’re not.  That’s it!  They’re gonna sound pretty crazy when they come around and I can do that and they know that and that’s why they don’t do it.  Not only that, but when they do come up, they actually tear down all of their religious systems because it’s all based on eternal essence of Source.  And the lights, the false lightworker communities and I don’t mean that anyone out there who’s a lightworker is false, I’m talking about the Phoenix that the powers that were set up.  You actually already know them because it’s all basically a control mechanism, same as the fraud, fiction, fiat and fraud system. It’s all about control and power.

So this one is absolutely… hey I BE eternal essence and I honor and respect the fact that you are eternal essence.  Actually, this document in the multidimensional sense went in and made all of Source’s universe, all systems in Source’s universe uniform.  So now you have a universal value system for the new data that’s coming in and the new experiences that are about to be tapped. 

Lisa:  You want to go into that a little bit… the new experiences?

Heather:  Not right now. I think maybe we should just get this document where it needs to be, as far as in consciousness.  I know that if we anchor this, it’s actually going to help for preparing when those changes. What I would do is I would suggest that then we can address in more detail about the experiences that are to come, but essentially it’s not that hard, okay.  If now all of Source’s universe in all existences known and unknown to all humans is all uniform, basically what we’re saying is it’s all set and prepped for everyone to start seeing and experiencing things you’ve never experienced before.

Chris:  Well that, that is exciting.  Now Heather do you want to actually go through?  This isn’t a long document and we do have time. We could actually read through this and discuss it a little bit just to make sure people are clear on what it’s trying to express for those that aren’t necessarily used to looking at things written like this.  I might suggest that we get guru Bob to actually read out some of this.  If you wish.

Heather:  Whatever you choose.

Bob:  Sure.

Chris:  Sure Bob. I think you could probably jump to the number I, because the introduction is fairly standard in terms of the UCC filings, so if we just start to I, which begins “I duly verify  by DECLARATION OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH that…”

Heather:  Actually Chris and Bob, there is one thing that has changed, up above is usually your “All Right Reserved without Prejudice… and mentions the perpetuity”.  At this point it’s been disclosed that the perpetuity, which is (inaudible) eternal essence, the perpetuity is also a record of absolute.  And the record of absolute is including Akashic Records, all records known and unknown to the human race. 

Chris:  That’s actually quite a significant point because what Heather’s talking about folks is that this is the absolute return to the absolute.  This is a system completely without hierarchy, which simply consists of BE’ing and DO’ing and the fact that we now pointed out that the perpetuity is literally absolute truth is, and the essence, is bringing it all together so there’s no separation between any of the concepts or structures in our entire existence, which is a pretty grand sweeping statement (laughs), so…

Heather:  Right, and then ...

Chris:  Thank you for that.

Heather:  Then the second part is that document number that 20121328B clarified and reconfirmed is just the filing where universal contracts were certified as completed.  Okay.

Chris:  Yes, which for those who haven’t yet read it was the December 10th or 12th filing which you’ll also find on Removing the Shackles, American Kabuki and Kauilapele, but don’t rush off and read those now.  Read that later if you haven’t read it before.  So is that enough for the introduction Heather?  For the…

Heather:  Yeah, now you can go to the meat of it, but those were the differences.

Chris:  Yes, no that’s very good.  Thank you.  Okay Bob, just kick off from one.

Bob:  Okay, wait I had it on mute.

Chris:  Always good.

Bob:  “I. I duly verify by DECLARATION OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH that: A. Eternal essence IS, unrebutted; B. All value that IS, IS eternal essence, unrebutted; C. All that IS embodied, IS eternal essence, unrebutted; D. All that IS, IS eternal essence, unrebutted;”


Lisa:  (Laughs) E…

Bob:  Okay, yeah, it was cut off. 

“E. Eternal essence's universe IS eternal essence, unrebutted; F. Any and all existences that ARE, ARE eternal essence's universe, unrebutted; G. All records BE eternal essence, unrebutted; H. Eternal essence IS Absolute Light, unrebutted; I. Eternal essence IS Absolute Love, unrebutted; J. Eternal essence IS Absolute Truth, unrebutted; K. Eternal essence IS Absolute; L. In Absolute Gratitude, with Absolute Love and Peace, eternal essence embodied does consciously and lovingly duly declare, with full responsibility and liability, the memory, experience and knowing of Absolute Truth, eternal essence, unrebutted; M. In Absolute Gratitude, with Absolute Love and Peace, eternal essence embodied does consciously and lovingly duly declare, with full responsibility and liability, the memory and knowing of Absolute Truth, eternal essence embodied in each and all manifestations in any and all existences of eternal essence's universe, unrebutted;”

“II. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ABSOLUTE AUDIT AND RECONCILIATION, that all that IS has been fully audited and reconciled into Absolute, eternal essence, inclusive of all trusts, systems, networks, regimes, hierarchies, and any and all other limits, unrebutted;”
“III. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that all that IS, knows Absolute Truth and the record of Absolute Truth, eternal essence, at the speed of heart, unrebutted;”
“IV. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION…”


Bob: Now that document is cut off from the one that I’m reading.

Brian:  Do you want me to pick up on four(IV)?

Bob:  Yeah Brian.

Chris:  Yep Brian, pick up on four(IV).

Brian:  “IV. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that all that IS, experiences Absolute Truth, eternal essence, at the speed of DO'ing, unrebutted;”
“V. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that eternal essence IS made transparent and known by the DO'ing of any and all embodiment of eternal essence in eternal essence's universe, unrebutted;”
“VI. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that eternal essence IS made transparent and known by the DO'ing of any and all embodiment of eternal essence in eternal essence's universe, are free and free of debt, unrebutted;  So it is done, unrebutted.”

Chris:  Wow.

Heather:  In the final, the current version will be posted it says “THESE ORDERS ARE PREPAID, PREAUTHORIZED AND PREAPPROVED. SO IT IS DONE. Unrebutted; and it’s DULY VERIFIED AS…”

Chris:  Okay, you might want to repeat that Heather.

Lisa:  Because you just jumped off a little bit.

Heather:  I was saying after number six(VI), it says “THESE ORDERS ARE PREPAID, PREAUTHORIZED AND ….” (garbled)

Chris:  It’s C3PO in the bath again.

Bob:  She sounds a little bit like Q-Bird, if anyone remembers Q-Bird.  (Laughter)

Brian:  She’s still talking.

Lisa:  Yeah, she doesn’t know we can’t hear her.

Chris:  Yeah, I think the point here is that there was a couple of updates to the document and the final versions are either on or very shortly will be on American Kabuki and Removing the Shackles.  Heather was trying to give us the last little bit of detail on the extra bit that’s in there. 

Brian:  I actually have that extra bit real quick Chris, because she put it in the chat before. 

Chris:  Sure.

Brian:  She added, well the change was from 2012 to 2013, the date was off, but it changed to “THESE ORDERS ARE PREPAID, PREAUTHORISED AND PREAPPROVED. SO IT IS DONE. Unrebutted.”

Chris:  Yes.  Excellent.  Now there’s an awful lot of concepts in here that some of the people listening may not have actually run across. If we can literally go back to where Bob started reading which begins “I duly verify by DECLARATION OF ABSOLUTE TRUTH that:” A though M are actually verifying that we’re all the one thing in this reality, that we’re all of the Creator.  And that there is nothing that isn’t of the Creator.  As you work through it and we’ll get Bob and Lisa and others to comment on this on the way through, you know eternal essence is now eternal essence is that which is the Creator. 

And “B: all value that is, is eternal essence” cause if the eternal essence is all then all value is part of that and in “C” anything that’s embodied is part of that.  “D” simply restates it… “all that is, is eternal essence unrebutted.”  And “eternal essence’s universe is eternal essence;” it’s a re-statement of the same thing.  Just to drive it absolutely home that we are all part of the one thing, this universe.  Any and all existences that are, “are eternal essence’s universe; unrebutted.”  We’re crossing Ts and dotting Is all the way down this list. 

Then we go down to “G: all records be eternal essence” because they are a part of this one thing.  And the other thing that’s part of this is light.  Which is “H”.  And love which is “I” and absolute truth which is “J” and the final full-stop on the sentence is “eternal essence is absolute”. This is the one thing that we need to really emphasize today, is the system that we’re heading into is an absolute system; it’s not one where we’re used to or have been in before.  We’ve got a lot of learning to do. The first message we need to get is that it is absolute and it’s shared with our galactic families.  One of the reasons we will be able to, in the future, have a close tie to those folks.  Now does anyone want to…?

Lisa:  Can I make a comment?

Chris:  Yeah go ahead.

Lisa:  No. I just want to actually make a comment about the chat room.  We’ve got extremes going on.  We’ve got people absolutely going “This is amazing, I get it, I love it, thank you, you know.”  And there’s a couple of others with “Yeah, but where’s the money?”

Chris:  Yeah, that’s okay.

Lisa:  “Show me the money, show me the money”.

Chris:  That’s okay. I guess the message for you guys is it’s not actually going to be of a form that you might of expected.  It’s actually going to be better. So for those people who don’t quite get where their money is yet, just watch this space.  Hey.  Anyone on the panel want to talk about “A through K”.  It’s simple, but the concepts are abstract.

Heather:  You know, actually Chris I would like just to clarify something in “L and M”.

Chris:  Oh, I haven’t got to them.

Heather:  Okay, I just wanted to clarify what you said before.  It’s not just a matter of dotting Is and crossing Ts.  It’s a matter of you have to recognize the eternal essence within you before you can recognize eternal essence in anyone else.  Same as you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.  Then at the other point is you preserve what’s within you by recognizing and honoring the same in another.  So just in case you lose me, I just want to make sure this was stated.

Chris:  That’s very clear to me, thank you Heather. Panel, did any of you want to comment on A through K before we move on?

Brian: Oh, I was just going to say that my take on it is. You kind of already mentioned it Chris, is that it's all encompassing. It's kind of like the I AM presence. It's that everything is eternal essence and each letter here is just reinforcing that it covers the whole universe. When I read it, I had to read this thing. I printed it out. That's why I could pick up where Bob left off, because I printed it out. I didn't only read it, but I read it like out loud, almost like my neighbors might have heard me kind of out loud. It's kind of like some of the other documents. The more you read it, the more it makes sense, the more it adds up. That was my take away at least from that part.

Chris: Sure. Bob?

Bob: I was just going to say, it means that everything is on an equal keel. We're all part of the same thing. You know, E=MC squared. Everything is energy. Everything is energy. Intelligent, conscious energy. Everything. So there's no, as a matter of hierarchy, who's in charge? Well everything's all the same thing. Everything's all the one thing. We're all in charge.

Chris: (affirmative response)

Bob: This is a reconciliation of ourselves. Reclaiming back ourselves, our own BE’ing and recognizing that our BE’ing is in everything. It's in everything. If you want to liken it to, in quantum physics, a particle can be in many places at one time. We are one particle sharing that particle trillions, gazillions, however many zeros you want to put after that over and over and over again everywhere. Literally we are one thing. When you think about that, that's like the equivalent to every cell in your body suddenly recognizing Bob, or recognizing Lisa. Yes, we are all part of Lisa. This is each of us recognizing that we are part of the universe. It may have seemed like something obvious, but sometimes the obvious things escape us and this is how deep we were asleep. It may seem obvious right now, but this is an awakening to a realization that there is no authority higher than that which is, which is everything and you're included in that.

Chris: (affirmative response) Thank you Bob. That was very, very accurate. Let's press on to the next three paragraphs because the next two paragraphs...because the one following that is a key one that we do need to discuss in a bit more detail. So if you go back now to L and read out L and M of this section one.

Bob: Is that me or Brian? Okay.

Chris: Oh no, you go on.

Brian: Oh I have it, if you don't have it.

Chris: You have it? Okay Brian. No, take it away Brian.

Brian: “L. In Absolute Gratitude, with Absolute Love and Peace, eternal essence embodied does consciously and lovingly duly declare, with full responsibility and liability, the memory, experience and knowing of Absolute Truth, eternal essence, unrebutted; M. In Absolute Gratitude, with Absolute Love and Peace, eternal essence embodied does consciously and lovingly duly declare, with full responsibility and liability, the memory and knowing of Absolute Truth, eternal essence embodied in each and all manifestations in any and all existences of eternal essence's universe, unrebutted;”

Chris: Okay. Land M, there's a big overlap between these two. In the first, the actual, the eternal essence, the Creator, the All is declaring the memory, experience and knowing of Absolute Truth unrebutted. That we will actually have this and that that's in our future and essentially restates it in a slightly different way. “The eternal essence embodied does consciously and lovingly duly declare the memory and knowing of Absolute Truth. Eternal essence, eternal essence embodied in each and all manifestations in any and all existences of eternal essence's universe, extending it out, not just to us but the Absolute Truth that's to come to us is actually to come to all in Creator's universe.” It's actually a flow of information in all directions. The memory, the remembering, is something that will happen not just to us, but to all of Creator's manifestations. Is that what you get from this Bob?

Bob: Yeah, basically that all knowledge is eternal essence. Basically it's the end of all secrets.

Chris: That's a good way of putting it.

Bob: It's the end of all secrets. There's no more secrets.

Chris: (affirmative response)

Bob: That whole system of secrecy is replaced by transparency. Anything that is known or has been experienced is open for anyone. There's none of these top secret documents or anything. That it's all available.

Chris: (affirmative response) Again, because this is actually extended out through Creator's universe, it's essentially reestablishing us as having been held separate from that for so long. It's reestablishing us as part of the All, as part of the universe, as part connected to all the civilizations out there by this Absolute Truth and Knowing. It's an interesting one to think about.
Now, let's start on section II, Bob. Have you got a clear copy on number II, Bob?

Bob: Well, I'm looking at the actual UCC filing. Maybe I can pull up the other document.

Chris: Yeah, it's a little easier to read from.

Bob: (talk over) bottom of the page, they're all....

Brian: If you want to pull it up Bob, I can do II and then you can take over.

Chris: Yeah, Brian, you press on with II. You're reading well.

Brian: “I duly verify with full responsibility and liability by declaration of absolute audit and reconciliation that all that is has been fully audited and reconciled into absolute eternal essence inclusive of all trusts, systems, networks, regimes, hierarchies and any and all other limits, unrebutted.” That's a big one.

Chris: Okay, that's very significant. That's a big one. Now, I'd like Heather to actually speak to that because we're back to talking about the tool again and it's place and it's retirement, as it were.

Heather: Well, essentially, when you have completed your purpose, your mission, it's time to either  repurpose or retire it. In this particular document, it recognizes that. So all trusts, and that’s all known and unknown trusts. (inaudible) hear about them, the supposed Keenan Trust, and St Germain Trust and all of the trusts. Those were all supposedly value from Source at some point or another. It all goes right back to Source. It can be traced all the way back. So all those trusts were reconciled, audited and reconciled. All the systems, networks, regimes, hierarchies, any and all other limits that you could think of, known and unknown, were just all retired back into eternal (inaudible), because that's where they emanate from.

Chris: Yep, and that includes the OPPT of course.

Heather: Yes, it does.

Chris: The only way we can get back to Absolute is to reconcile all trusts.

Heather: Yes, OPPT is retired.

Lisa: Heather, can I ask? Someone's asking in the chat feed to clarify repurposed. Does that mean die? The answer is No.

Heather: Well, I used repurpose in sense of the trust, because I knew that everyone was really focused on the OPPT. A trust in traditional sense, legal sense, from these former systems, that's what they would say. You either repurpose a trust; you give it a new purpose. It's completed it's other purpose, you have to give it a new one. Or you just close it; you retire it. You empty it out and you retire it. Well, there was nothing in OPPT. We'd already returned everything. The only thing that it was doing at that point was guarding the space for all of you, but you're all DO'ing and BE'ing so beautifully there's no more purpose for the OPPT tool. It's completed.

Chris: Yep. Now, one of the I guess the questions that will spring from this Heather is what becomes of the UCC as well?

Heather: Well, the commercial registry, which UCC is a part of, the commercial registry everyone knows it down here as essentially as just a commercial registry. But it goes all the way up the slavery systems of all the powers-that-were and all their dimensions. You'll be able to see with this Absolute Data that's coming is that it is actually a Universal system.  It was the Universal powers-that-were. It was a Universal harvesting tool and a recording tool. In Absolute Truth, the commercial registries are a part of records, Absolute Record. So, the UCC still exists, but it exists now re-calibrated with all records, not one (cut out). So it's just reconciled back into Eternal Essence. It's not operational anymore; it's just a matter of archives.

Chris: Okay, which of course means that it's now clear this entire planet of any form of structural control and form of hierarchy has been completely cleared off this planet. That was the very last thing to go I presume?

Heather: Yes.

Chris: Which folks, that just leaves us and what we DO and BE. That is a very big and important paragraph. Let's press on and finish the last four paragraphs while we're thinking about number II. Brian, do you want to start on number III?

Brian: Sure. Okay, “III. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that all that IS, knows Absolute Truth and the record of Absolute Truth, eternal essence, at the speed of heart, unrebutted;”

“IV. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that all that IS, experiences Absolute Truth, eternal essence, at the speed of DO'ing, unrebutted;”
“V. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that eternal essence IS made transparent and known by the DO'ing of any and all embodiment of eternal essence and eternal essence's universe, unrebutted;”
“VI. I duly verify, with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER, that eternal essence IS made transparent and known by the DO'ing of any and all embodiment of eternal essence and eternal essence's universe, are free and free of debt, unrebutted;”
Chris: Okay, it's all kind of “Wow!”. Now, number III(three), "I duly verify with full responsibility and liability, by DECLARATION OF ORDER”, etc, “all that IS, knows Absolute Truth and the record of Absolute Truth, eternal essence, at the speed of heart, unrebutted;”  What they're saying here is eternal essence IS Absolute Truth.

Heather: (affirmative response) You know, it's imortant Chris first for everyone to have Absolute Truth. It's all within them. That's sort of how you build everything up and it's unrebuttable. Everything is perpetuited in eternal essence, because all IS eternal essence. So those records can be known at the speed of heart. As far as experiencing eternal essence, that you are eternal essence, is all at the speed of DO'ing. That's what III and IV are really about, KNOWING Absolute Truth of BE'ing eternal essence and then experiencing that Absolute Truth of eternal essence. One's at the speed of heart, so that you know immediately what you have to work with and the other one is experiencing it at the speed of DO'ing. So you get to choose whatever pace you want to DO at and what you're comfortable with; or what your desire and drive is to DO.

Chris: Thank you Heather.

Lisa: I want to actually open up the...

Chris: The aspect of transparency. Sorry Lisa, what were you going to say?

Lisa: Well, I was just going to say do you want to actually open up the lines for the questions and get the questions from the people on this?

Heather: Yeah, that would be great.

Chris: Yeah, you might as well, because IV and VI speak to the transparency of BE'ing and DO'ing, which is inherently part of being Absolute. You can't be Absolute and stay Absolute without Absolute Transparency.

Heather: Well, you know number V, Chris, when it was written, what I got images were of the systems, the actual focus of transferring from limiting and inhibiting all that IS to systems and operations that actually increase the knowledge and the experience, opportunities of experience, of eternal essence. So now you're going to help systems that really focus on eternal essence shining from within out, instead of packing whatever you want into that embodiment as the former systems did. So that's what V really is about, is how things were going to operate. It's a very loose (inaudible) you can see it, it's only (garbled for several words) ... (silence) ... (garbled for several words) ... I DO for others, I'm actually increasing my own value. I'm increasing the opportunity to magnetically draw value to me, but I'm also assisting the other by assisting them to empower. You know, that I AM power, they are power...empowerment. So, I just want to make sure that at least you guys had an introduction into what V is really about.

Chris: Any comments you want to make on VI?

Heather: On VI? Eternal essence is, the way (garbled for several words) is written that eternal essence is known by the DO'ing of any and all embodiments of all eternal essence in eternal essence's universe. This is another preparation for essentially from here to Heaven(?), all of cosmos, the Universe that everyone's about to experience. That eternal essence is free and it's free of debt. You are eternal essence; he's eternal essence. All BE eternal essence in Source's universe, so you are the value. Everything is the value. So it's free and it's free of any kind of debt; there's no such thing as a debt system.

I would like to just clarify regarding D's post, The Release of Debt. Until someone can show that a loan was made, there is no debt. So I'd really like to focus on not calling things a debt release when there is no debt. Focus on abundance. Focus on energy and the fact that energy always is. It never ceases to exist and it never (inaudible). It just manifests and re-manifests. Okay?

Lisa/Chris: Okay.

Lisa: I have a feeling all of these callers are going to have questions for you, Heather. So (laughs), let's get to them. We've got area code 773.

Caller: Hi, this is Carlos again from Los Angeles.

Lisa: Hello Carlos.

Carlos (caller): Yeah, absolute gratitude to all of you. Thank you, thank you. I have a quick question for Heather. You've been speaking about the wizards behind the curtain and my question is are all those wizards behind the curtain the ones resisting this change? Or they're giving up their control? Or there's a mix? Are there two factions?
Heather:  You know…I have no focus on the wizards behind the curtain anymore; it’s all irrelevant.  Right now it is just a system of BE’ing (garbled)... people who were in control that would really like to keep that control, but at this moment they know this is all done. Their last plan to implement, which should have been today according to our strategy didn’t happen and they know why.  So everything is irrelevant at this point.  We can talk about it all day long, but it doesn’t matter. The document, that is why it is written the way it is now, renders the perception of powers-that-were irrelevant. 

Carlos (caller):  Thank you for that. From now on, we need to be thinking more in the implementation of creating. So I guess one of the hardest parts will be getting rid of the money; either that or replace it with something else.  An idea was to set up a web server and whoever wants to create something, it gets manifested there or requested there and then people will line up either to help or comment…just an idea.

Heather:  Carlos, everyone should be thinking right now.  Just remember, everyone’s data base is about to expand here exponentially and perpetually.  There is going to be data that has never been fathomed by most now available to everyone.  What I would say is keep your heart open, keep your mind open, no expectations and just look around at everything that you are presented with and see what resonates within.  Pretty soon your ideas that are popping into your heart and working with your head so that it all manifests what you’ve never imagined before.  Just keep no expectations. Yes all of the tools this week and I said all of the framework will be done by this next call that we are having right now. This week that is happening as we speak would be where all of the tools would be brought in…local, non local. This is a huge cooperation throughout Source’s universe for the next week to two weeks.  Okay?

Carlos (caller):  Thanks a lot…thanks all of you.

Lisa:  Thank you Carlos.

Chris:  I just wanted to remind the people listening and in the chat who are asking ‘where is the money’. To emphasize yet again, it’s not going to be exactly what we are used to. If you listen carefully to what Heather just said, you’ll have an indication of exactly what is going to happen.  Which from my point of view is exciting. There are a lot of adjectives that I would like to use, but it is radio. (Laughing)

Brian:  I just want all of the chat room to know that I love you guys no matter what you have to say. You are all amazing and I’m watching you right now.

Chris:  Just take note of this moment folks, because probably next week your perspective will be quite different.

Brian:  I am going to send a big heart to everyone right now; there ya go.

Bob:  This focus on money, it reminds me of my young nephew.  He can flip through channels faster than anybody that I’ve ever seen. If he sees any skin, instantly he’ll stop; instantly stops and focuses on whatever skin is shown on the screen.  People they miss…okay…we are about to release all of the secrets of the universe and all the information that has been kept secret from you, all of the technology that has been kept secret from you and everybody is going ‘so where’s the money?’ 

(Several laughing)

Chris:  Not everybody, not everybody, some are; that is just where they are at the moment

Lisa:  Look, this is not about judgment. It’s just that people’s focus has been elsewhere.  Take your focus off the hammer. Have a look and see that the nail has already been hammered in.  That’s all.

Chris:  Check to be sure you still have all of your fingers and thumbs.

Lisa:  Okay, area code 818. Area code 818?

Caller:  Hello, yes, love light and blessings to you all. 

Lisa:  And to you. What is your name?

Caller:  Dan from LA.

Lisa:  Hey Dan from LA.

Dan (caller):  How’s it going?

Lisa:  It’s going good.

Dan (caller):  With this new filing, is this kind of in line with the precession of the Equinox and the ascension and the opening of the Akashic and Eternal Records?

Heather:  Like I said, I don’t even know what day it is or what time it is. As far as Equinox, I’ve never really been into the Astrology part.  All I know is what I’m moved to do when I’m moved to do it.  This is, I guess, the timing that it has come around.  You guys all asked for a system of value and here we are.  As far as synchronicities and coincidences, no there’s no coincidences. Synchronicities, absolutely.  There has been no planned intent. We don’t follow the harvesting tools like they do. However we are pretty good at reversing the harvesting tools.  Does that answer your question?

Dan (caller):  Yes. Then I also have a question on reality because I had a jury summons from the court. I sent them my three Courtesy Notices. They said that that’s not good enough and I still have to go to court on April 2nd. 

Heather:  What are you going to do? Are you going to go to the mafia and you tell the mafia, ‘hey, here is my Courtesy Notices. You guys are all cancelled. You guys are illegal and unlawful’ and they say ‘Sorry buddy, we’re legal and we’re lawful. You still have to come on down to the office.’  What do you expect from them?  (inaudible) Ask for permission…is that what you are asking?

Dan (caller):  Should I invoice them?  What is my next step?  Should I just wait for them to give me a fine or try to put me in jail? 

Chris:  Absolutely you should invoice them, as individuals because that is the circumstance they are currently in whether they will acknowledge it or not.  When you do that, what you are doing is standing your ground in that space. 

Heather:  If they don’t give you a name, go ahead and invoice the office because they have internal records of who is working there. They have extreme record keeping of who is on the phone, at what time, whose number is calling this number. So just invoice the individual if there is an individual or invoice the office and the records will all be audited anyway. 

Dan (caller):  Okay, sounds good.

Chris:  Don’t forget to follow up if they don’t pay in the time that you have decided they should pay you by.  Send them a statement, a reminder.  If they send you any more paper, invoice them again and charge them additionally for that extra piece of paper.

Dan (caller):  So what if they fine me?  Then we are just invoicing and fining each other back and forth.

Heather:  They don’t invoice. They only send statements and statements aren’t collectable.  If they invoice you, then it is improper to begin with because there is no underwriting to that invoice.

Dan (caller):  Okay.

Chris:  There you have it.

Heather:  Keep DO’ing, because everything is shifting right now. You will see where all of that BE’ing and DO’ing, where it all just seems like it is you. It doesn’t really matter. One man, one woman, can’t make a difference.  You’ll see very soon here. It’s already happening, but what I am saying is you’ll understand it in Absolute Context of what it means.

Bob:  I just got a phone call from my brother. He wants to give an update of what’s happening to some of the powers-that-were that he just seen on the news. Do you mind if I bring him in?

Lisa:  Yeah, just ask him to keep it brief because we have a lot of people on the line.  Thank you Dan.

Dan (caller):  Thank you.

Brian:  Thanks Dan.

Bob:  I think your mic is open now Bevan.

Bevan (caller):  Is it open?

Lisa and Brian:  Yep.

Bevan (caller):  I’m listening to what’s being said here; it’s quite interesting.  Heather, I don’t know what you were waiting to happen for today. Can you help enlighten me? Because I didn’t get to hear the beginning of the show.

Lisa:  We didn’t talk about expecting any events today. We haven’t talked about it.

Bevan (caller):  Okay. I don’t regularly watch the news. I’ve gotten away from TV predominately.  For some reason I just turned it on today and over in Cyprus, the little island of Cyprus, the government has literally started to…well the powers-that-be were foreclosing on the government of Cyprus.  The government of Cyprus decided to withdraw from everybody’s saving checking or whatever account they have to pay off the debt.  Which created a mass hysteria on that island where everybody was rushing to the banks to try to grab whatever monies they thought they had in there, come to find out they could not get a dime. 

Heather:  You have to know what Cyprus is. Cyprus is like one of the largest money laundering facilities for the powers-that-were. All the trading programs all of your secret agencies they all have their accounts there.

Bevan (caller):  Exactly. What was stated on the news was now that this has happened on this little island, it’s going to affect the whole entire worlds’ financial markets. The fears that they have are that every government now dealing with bailout money and those who are in those countries will face that same outcome.  What was stated on the news earlier this evening, so there is a definite shift that is occurring. We are witnessing it. This is something that is not an idle thing. There is definite things transitioning away from the actual money factor.  I don’t believe there will be an existence of money in the very near future; there will be other ways of living.

Heather:  Agreed.

Bevan (caller):   Those things are actually occurring right now and I just sat there and was like ‘this is interesting’.  There is no such thing as coincidences. It’s not a coincidence that I just turned on the TV at that time and that is exactly what they were talking about.  My brother and I were having a conversation earlier today during the daylight hours about certain things, about myself and him and all of the things that we’ve been seeing transition through all of this group and before hand when me and him came into our consciousness.  There are a lot of people who are listening in. Things are definitely effecting every section of this planet dealing with the aspect of slavery and control.  (Bird making noise in the background)

Lisa:  Thank you Bevan.

Heather:  Thank you.

Bevan (caller):  That’s it. You’re welcome.

Lisa:  Okay, we’re going to go to the next caller. What you just said, Heather, is that Cyprus is actually…what did you call it, not a clearing house?

Heather:  It is one of the largest money laundering facilities…Haiti was another. Morocco has been unfortunately in the past as well. There has been a lot of them, but Cyprus for at least the last 4 or 5 years, well actually more than that, but the last 4 or 5 years has been where all of the money laundering going on for all of the drug programs, all of the trade programs, all of the (inaudible) facilities.

Lisa:  Do you think that it’s a sign that as we have talked about over the last weeks…what did you call it…that the spigot has been turned off, so that they don’t have access to anymore energy? So they’ve turned around and raided the bank accounts of all of the residents in Cyprus, because they are that desperate?

Heather:  No. What I would say is that you have…first of all you have to remember you have corporations operating under the guise of government that have been shut down.  You have these principals that are just trying to figure out where they’re going to get the energy.  At this point, they’ve lost all of their structures. So they have to figure out a way to pay people to go in and try to control the situation. At least that was the thought, now it is just over.  It’s all over. As far as Cyprus going in, you have to ask the question who is really going into what?  Nobody is who they say they are regarding anything having to do with Cyprus. 

Lisa:  Yeah, right. So that we can all be sure of…I’ve got someone on the line called where you app, there is no area code, where you app…

Caller:  Oh, hi there, I’m actually just listening.

Lisa:  Okay…what was your name?

Caller:  Lochere…Lochere from Holland, but I really like the eternal essence part in these documents and where it’s all heading. So wake up, we are all there.

Lisa:  Thank you very much. (chuckles)

Brian:  Thanks man.

Lisa:  Okay, we’ve got area code 562. Area code 562? Area code 562, you’ve put your hand up.  Okay, we will move on. Area code 612…area code 612?

Caller:  Hello, this is Donna. Can you hear me?

Lisa:  Yes, Donna.

Donna (caller):  Hi, I’m from Minnesota and I’d love to get together with some other people in Minnesota. I think Seraph is from here up near the Twin Cities.  I’m going to put something in D’s forum about that.  Tonight I’d like to ask and first off I’d like to say thank you to everyone for all of the BE’ing and DO’ing.  I guess what I was wondering to ask Heather is, I read the Poof statement or the Poof report yesterday.  They were talking about the Wanta-Mitterand Protocols and some of the RV information.  Are they attempting to reboot the old system again? That was my first question.  My second question is…spent time today in a court house just wondering when will the people step down? When will it filter down to the common workers that the system no longer exists?  So with that I will say thank you and just listen.

Lisa and Brian:  Thank you Donna.


Lisa:  We’ve actually lost her for the moment. I hope she heard those questions.  We’re trying to get her back in. First thing was if you’re in where was it, Minnesota?  Go to D’s Removing the Shackles Forum and connect with Donna. She would love to meet up with people in her area.  That was the first part.  We don’t have Heather, we’ve lost her.  What was the second part of that question? 

Brian:  It was in regards to that update that Poof gave yesterday which Heather actually…we talked about that yesterday.  She is probably the one that can best give an answer to that.  Looks like D is trying to get her.

Heather:  What was the question? 

Brian:  The question was in regards to the update Poof gave yesterday regarding the RVs and the Reagan-Mitterand Protocols and all that stuff he updated.

Lisa:  Yeah, are they trying to reboot the system?

Heather:  That was their tentative plan that they were just going to go through with it…what the hell. Then there was the major decision and order given last night and everything was yanked. It’s been yo-yoing like that since at least January 17th regarding the universal aspect of it (inaudible) For me, it’s just irrelevant, now especially with last night and today’s particular…(garbled)

Lisa:  We are losing you.

Heather:  Okay, is that better? Can you hear me?

Lisa:  Yes that is better, I think she is typing it in

Heather:  So all that is left to do is (garbled)

Lisa:  Okay, we’re not getting you Heather. I don’t know if you can hear me, but we’re not getting it. Maybe you can type the answer in?

Heather: Come on. (laughs)

D: Heather, try standing in the garage, sometimes that works.

Heather: Can you hear me?

Lisa: Yep, I got you back now.
Chris: Well, while we're waiting for that, D do you have any snippets from RV world?

(multiple people talking)

Lisa: They’re still trying to pull it off. How many times have you heard that it's coming out in the next 24 hours?

D: I've lost count. I mean, literally everyone I know, of the highly placed people that I know, the people who are not gurus who actually know. They're just scratching their head. Because again this morning they were like ‘Oh, look no RV’. No idea why. I just sit there and giggle behind my hand going (chuckle) ‘I do, but you're not going to listen so’ (laughs).

Lisa: They have to start asking questions by now. I mean for some of them it's been going on for years. That they've been getting told it's coming in the next 24-72 hours.

(multiple people talking)

Brian: Go ahead and read Heather’s comments in the chat.

D: Sorry, what was that Brian?

Brian: Might as well read Heather’s comment in the chat that she just put in the chat.

D: “My loves so, but it's all irrelevant now.” Exactly. Heather talked about it; I talked about it before too. They’re doing everything they can to fight all these different things and it doesn't go through. It gets to the point where like I said even these guys, some of the ones I talk to, are just stomping their feet and scratching their heads. Because since December 5th, it's been supposedly going through, you know, 72 hours’ notice. Then the next week it's 24 hours and then the next week it's 24 hours and then a week and a half after that ‘No! 72 hours from now absolutely for sure’. They can't put it through. I have to giggle, because the same thing over the weekend I was given the whole "It is absolutely...”. You know pound the desk when you say it’s absolutely happening and then it doesn't happen.

Chris: So why doesn't it? What’s your theory, D? Why doesn't it happen? ‘Cuz they just have no value to offer?

D: Well number one is yes, I'm gonna say it is. I mean this is me putting pieces together from various people that I speak to. One of the main things they've been relying on is the St. Germaine Trust. They can't get they're greedy little dirty hands on it. Because the real St. Germaine isn't giving it to them. So this is kind of like the fundamental ground thing is they always assumed, I think, that they would be able to snafu this massive chunk of money as a way of propping up their new financial system. They're not getting their money. They have siphoned off some money.

Lisa: He's not giving it to them, because he understands the consequences energetically.

D: Yeah, basically. So he's not giving it. They've tried everything. It'd make a great soap opera, some of the stories that have come out in the last 4 or 5 months. But what they've tried to do to get this money...they've even taken some of it like through fraud. They've actually fraudulently got some of it and set up a St. Germaine foundation now, but it's still not working. I think that’s the whole thing, is they keep pushing pushing pushing and they can't make it go. The wizards behind the curtain , the “holier than thou” guys, who are making all these shots, they know why it's not going. They're not going to tell their underlings in the military and in the governments etc etc as to why it's not going. So they're left scratching their head.

Brian: You gotta remember where Poof gets his info from too. I mean I know firsthand cuz of that consultation that I had with him. It's coming from the Dragons. When we got asked to pull my energy that I did, my consultation off of the American Kabuki blog, that's what exposed the general. General Wong, that Heathers talking about in the Skype right now. So it's just these guys that are trying to distract at this point. It might be working for some, but it doesn't matter. The word of the day on so many different levels and topics is with a capital I...Irrelevant. It's absolutely irrelevant at this point.

D: Yeah it is. It is. I mean it's relevant in the fact of you stand back and you watch and like I said, I giggle my ass off for the last two weeks listening to the various Intel and watching what’s going on. It makes for real funny stuff. But at the same time for example, you talk about Poof and the Dragons, is there is this huge faction of people out there even in the light worker community especially and also in the dinar community who are like ‘Oh, you know the Dragon family are doing this out of humanitarian wonderful ideologies, I don't know.’ And they are, but this is about to become clear to them. This is it. Now we're talking Absolute Data, Absolute Truth.

(multiple people talking)

Chris: I was just going to read out paragraph II again just to remind us all, which says “by DECLARATION OF ABSOLUTE ORDER AND RECONCILIATION, that all that IS has been fully audited and reconciled into Absolute, Eternal Essence, inclusive of all trusts, systems, networks, regimes, hierarchies, and any and all other limits”. Is there anything that’s not covered?

Lisa: No.

Chris: No. so irrelevant.

D: Yeah. It's irrelevant. That’s exactly it. And the greatest part of it is, like I've said, everyone’s going to see it. Everyone’s going to have that opportunity to actually see just how irrelevant it is very, very soon. Lisa, just so you know area code 209 is AK; he's got Heather.

Lisa: Okay, Bill, is that you?

Bill (AK): Yeah.

Lisa: Lovely. And you've got Heather with you?

Heather: Yes, Heather’s here. Piggybacking.

Lisa: Piggybacking? Oh how lovely. We will take one or two more calls and then people would love to hear some information in regards to what to expect over the next week or so. Bring out area code 562? Area code 562? No? Okay, moving on. Area code 612?

Caller: (singing) Calm, calm, calm..."hello"?

Lisa: Hello?

Caller: Oh hi, it's Elizabeth. I'll be really quick. (Lisa and Elizabeth laugh). I'm singing to myself ‘calm, calm, relax’. I am so excited. I'm about ready to unzip! Unzip and jump out of my body (laughs).
(multiple people laughing)

Brian: Another giggler. We got another giggler! I love you Elizabeth.

Lisa: We got another giggler (Brian/Lisa/Elizabeth laugh)

Elizabeth (caller): I have two awesome questions for you Heather. Let me’s a second witness to what you say in the next two weeks. This is two sentences I would like you to comment on this this. This was just posted today; it's called “A Call to Arms: It is imperative that we secure the timeline of light over the next two weeks. March 26th/27th to April 6th/7th. Use the Akashic Records of the New Paradigm and manifest a united global front of peace, love and light by creating this unified spiritual front, it will stimulate the ascension process of light beings worldwide. You will know that the timeline is secured during this jump window by the ousting of the illuminati and their doings. That’s by blessings of strength and unity, the Elders of Light, the Akashic Records and New Paradigm”, by Brandie and Gail. You have any comments on that, Heather?

Heather: I would just say that don’t have any expectations or limits and make it just a global thing. This is all universal, so don’t have any expectations ‘cause it’s gonna be way beyond what you think and (inaudible) 

Elizabeth (caller): Thank you. Then this kinda goes with that, on M. On M you wrote on this document that you put in today. Correct, today? Number M says ‘in Absolute Gratitude with Absolute Love and Peace, Eternal Essence embodied does consciously and lovingly duly declare with full responsibility and liability the memory and knowing of Absolute Truth. Eternal Essence embodied in each and all manifestations and any and all existence of Eternal Essence, the universe unrebutted”. Does that mean disclosure’s here? Does that mean disclosure in ourselves and on TV? Does that mean that?

Lisa: If everybody has it within themselves (many talking at once)

Heather: Don’t give limits, don’t give expectations. It’s all gonna be within for sure. Then as far as disclosure is, yes, it’s disclosure so that you couldn’t even fathom. Those that you’ve been expecting, even those that you weren’t even conscious of.

Elizabeth (caller): W-e-l-l Glory. Oh I’m excited! I’m gonna jump out of my body now. Thank you Heather and yes, I agree…limitless. Let’s BE, let’s desire limitlessness, correct? ‘Cause that’s what we are. I just wanna say Donna and Seraph, I’m in Minnesota too. I can see the big high-rises a mile away from me. So let’s get together; let’s meet up Seraph and Donna. I’ll go to D’s Forum too.

Brian: I was gonna say now that you mentioned Seraph, because it is his birthday today. A quick birthday, happy birthday shout-out to my man Seraph. He’s probably not on the call, but had to throw that out there.

Elizabeth: Happy birthday.

D: If he’s listening, it is Seraph.

Lisa/Chris: Happy birthday.

Elizabeth (caller): Just one more quick thing, if anybody’s still not understanding a lot about how you, we are individually the value and together we’re the value, and money’s energy and we’re energy and everything’s energy. It explains it really good on David Wilcock’s Financial Tyranny. Not that one, but the Russian documentary the Russians put out, two hours of Financial Tyranny.  That’s posted on American Kabuki, and it may be on Removing The Shackles, but it’s the Russian documentary. It’s a two-hour long talking about the financial tyranny, the bad boys and how they had their treasonous systems but within that they explain how we are the value, how money is energy, we’re energy and what all we talked about here. So if you want to understand that more, listen to that. It’s in Russian, but you can read it. Somebody put it in English, what you can read as you listen to it. So that’s all, love you guys. I’ll see you on the other side, huh? Limitlessness.

Lisa: Thanks Elizabeth.             

Brian: Love you too.

Lisa: Area code 657…area code 657? (lots of background noise)

Caller: Hello?

Lisa: Yes. What was your name? (lots of background noise)  Hello?

Heather: Yeah, Heather here, sorry.

Lisa: Ok, I’m gonna mute you again ‘cause I’m not hearing anything from you and it’s really noisy. Area code 910…area code 910. Yes? Hello.

Caller: (Very faint) Hi.

Lisa: Hi. What’s your name?

Caller: Bruce.

Lisa/Brian: Hey Bruce.

Bruce (caller): It kinda shocked me to answer. I got a question for Heather.

Lisa: You do have a question, okay great.

Bruce (caller): I’d like to know how much longer I have to listen to my wife say ‘I haven’t seen it on Fox yet.’

Brian: (Giggling) She had to pick Fox.

Bruce (caller): Yeah, she hasn’t seen it on Fox yet. I hear that all the time, ‘on Fox News’, ‘I haven’t seen it on Fox yet.’ I’m trying to tell her what’s going on. I’ve been married to her for 42 years, she oughta trust me a little bit.

Lisa: (laughing) Well, congratulations on maintaining that for 42 years. That’s no mean feat, well done.

Brian: Heather’s back, she’s muted.

Lisa: Heather, did you hear the question? The question was ‘How long before something shows up on Fox News?’

Heather: (laughter) You know, I don’t see that as much (inaudible) as MSM as they do a bank, an attorney.

(unidentified speaker in background)

Lisa: Can you say that again?

Bruce (caller): I can’t hear Heather.

Heather: Can you hear me now?

Lisa: Yeah. AK, can you mute? I think there’s a lot of background noise where you are.

Heather: I said that I have about as much hope for MSM as I do for banks and attorneys at this point.

Lisa: I think the general gist of what’s going on here is that we are all gonna know from within, so do we need it on tv? Do we need Fox News? Do we need MSM to tell us? That’s what we…

Bruce (caller): I don’t find it so, I don’t need it.

Lisa: No. that’s the gist of it.

Bruce (caller): My other question is how does Heather, how is she gonna stay out of court? She said she’d never step in a court again and she’d never step in a bank again. I was just wondering how do you do that and become (inaudible) the house.

Heather: I just asked the questions, I’d be happy to comply as soon as they can show me who they are, what their authority is and under what law they’re operating. They just don’t do it, because they know that I know.

Bruce (caller): Okay. I appreciate all you guys are doing.

Lisa: And you’re perfectly entitled to ask the same questions. 

Bruce (caller): Why, I would, I just was curious because I got family to take care of and everything.

Heather: I totally get it. I totally understand. During the investigation, believe me, I had firsthand personal experience of what all the people are going through to some degree. I was in court, but then again I was still an officer of the court at the time. Yet at the same time it is just a matter of asking the right questions. If they’re gonna ask the questions of you, you have the right to ask the questions of them. If they can’t produce the documents…you’re not telling them who they be, you’re asking who do you be. If they can’t answer it, then they never could. (Inaudible) have to go anywhere. They have to show you the law that shows where they can make you do what they want you to do against your consent. So it’s just about knowing those simple questions and asking them.

Bruce (caller): Okay. I’ll have to practice up my speech I guess. Thank you all, I love you all.

Lisa/Brian: Thank you Bruce.  

Bruce (caller): Thank you very much.

Lisa: Deva, are you still with us?


Lisa: Are you able to unmute and come on out? Just through the Skype, you’re still there.

D: She’s still there, but I think she’s sitting there going dagnabbit in the background ‘cause I don’t think we can hear her.

Lisa: No we can’t. Let’s do this talk about what we’re all feeling is, is on its way. In fact, it’s already in progress and what the next couple of weeks might look like. Who wants to kick that one off?

Brian: Hooooooo. (Giggles)

Bob: Brian wants to say something I think.

Lisa: Brian wants to giggle his way through.

Bob: I can hear the giggle.

Brian: O-h m-a-n. Well, here’s what I’ll say, I’ll say this. I’ll say that I feel with every fiber of my being that we’re coming to the tipping point that everybody has been waiting for and what everybody wants. We’ve talked about it so many times…is they don’t want money. They don’t necessarily want a new car, maybe some do, they want the freedom. They want freedom to do and be and travel and not feel shackled by the systems that have held all of us down for so long. That’s what we’re coming up to: this point, this climax of Absolute Freedom. Absolute Data. Everybody wants to know ‘Where’s Absolute Data coming from?’.
Take M for a second, what Absolute Data means, Absolute Data is so much more than could possibly be shared on some news network or through some government or some president or some individual or some group. We’re talking Absolute Data. There’s only one place that can come from and that’s from within. That’s confusing a lot of people right now, because they have suffering and fears and they’re getting hung up on their daily grind. So if you ask me where I think this is all going, is I think we’re coming to the point of Absolute Freedom. I think we’re gonna look back on these moments, these now moments, and everyone’s gonna become a giggler just like me. We’re all just gonna have this crazy party and it’s gonna be this giggle-fest. We’re not even gonna remember what it felt like to be in limited understanding of where we are right now, because we’re gonna understand so much more than we understand in this moment, that it’s gonna be hard for us to remember what it was like not to understand otherwise. Bring it on baby.

Lisa: I feel that that, energetically at least, it’s already happened. I was standing in the shower yesterday, which is as a mother of three ‘bout the only time I ever get any peace and quiet, and just sort of trying to BE and really feel into where I was at in relationship to this energy. I feel like it’s already…as a wave. It’s already crested and that I’m surfing it in now. Over the next couple of weeks will be when it reaches shore and really lands and really becomes visible. In fact maybe even less than that, but energetically it’s already peaked, it’s already happened. We’re just now starting to experience the manifestation of it.

Brian: As (inaudible) said, the definition of abundance is to be able to do what you wanna do when you wanna do it. So start thinking about what you wanna do, because there’s not gonna be any limitations that are put on us for much longer in regards to going out and doing it.

Bob: I wanna say one thing as regards to Absolute Data and Absolute Truth. I use an illustration of a quenepa, which is a fruit I found when I was down in Puerto Rico. Anybody who’s been down there, you know what they are. There’s this fruit, it grows on trees almost like a bunch of grapes but they’re a little bit larger. They have this skin on the outside like a orange skin, but thinner and brittle. The fruit inside is peachy, really soft, kind of a mix between a real sweet peach, strawberry and a smack of bubble gum.

Lisa: Mmmmhmmm, that’s quite descriptive.

Bob: It’s got a real (inaudible) around it. Now no matter how much I describe this fruit to you, unless you taste it, you’ll never have Absolute Data on that fruit. You’ll never know. You can only believe or understand what someone else’s experience may have been in eating that fruit, and you may have an idea in your head. So when you ask for Absolute Data, Absolute Truth; there’s only one way that you can k-n-o-w; it’s gotta be internal.

Chris: Deva’s actually otherwise occupied at the moment, but one of the bits of information she came to us with last week was that the effects of Absolute Data are so profound that from our side of it, from this side of it, we can’t even begin to speculate how profoundly this will change our perspective. This is the thing that will break into Fox News that will be undeniable to everybody, because it will come from within, because there’s no delivery by someone else. There’s no mechanism from the outside giving this information to you. It is going to be a Knowing more than anything. So bring it on.

Lisa: Bring it on. Heather, is there anything you wanted to add in regards to what’s going on energetically, and how it may roll out in the next couple of weeks?

Heather: Well, you’re right Lisa. Everything has already happened and completed energetically and that’s the first part of manifestation. It happens energetically and then it holds down as manifest, so it is a done deal. It’s locked in as far as having no expectations, no limits. That is where all the creativity and fun part comes in and not only the manifestation process, but in editing it and sculpting it and refining it. So I really just ask that everyone have an open heart, an open mind, don’t have any expectations and really enjoy now, every moment of now.

Lisa: Thank you. Let’s get on and take another call. We have, I think we’ve got Prince. Prince is that you? Hello Prince.

(garbled phone connection)

Lisa: Not a clear connection man, you’re not…

Prince (caller): Can you hear me now?

Lisa: A little bit better.

(garbled  phone connection)

Lisa: No, sorry. I’m getting half of every second word, sorry. I’m sorry Prince, I’m gonna have to mute you mate. I heard that it was a new device; you may wanna get another new device.

Brian: We love you though man.

Lisa: Area code 562…area code 562? Nope. Hello? Yes, it’s you. What was your name?

Caller: (inaudible)

Lisa: Sorry, say that again.Yeah, I can hear you; I just didn’t catch your name. (Silence)  Okay, moving on. Area code 507.

Caller: Ah that’s me.

Lisa: Hello me. What else can we call you?

Caller: That’s me. Can you hear me?

Lisa: Yeah I can hear you. What’s your name love?

Caller: My name is Jeanette, from Iowa.

Lisa: Hey Jeanette from Iowa.

Jeanette (caller): You’re all doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work. Real quick, the only thing that I need is the website with that document on because it was cutting out when you were giving it. I have my notes, but I don’t have this site.

Lisa: You can get it from Removing The Shackles; you can also get it from American Kabuki.

Brian: The actual site Lisa is or It’s on both sites.

Jeanette (caller): And the title on it will say what?

Brian: Let’s see, it says OPPT: All Is Eternal Essence, Debt Release.

Jeanette (caller): All is eternal…thank you.

Lisa: Thanks Jeanette. We have area code 267…area code 267?

Caller: Hello.

Lisa: Yes.

Caller: Hey, how are you? This is Ed. Hey Bob, how are you? Heather?

Bob: How you doin’ my man?

Ed (caller): Hey. I’m alright. I just had a question. I’ve sent the courtesy notice to P.H.E.A., Pennsylvania Higher Education. I addressed it to one of the vice presidents or whatever and I was trying to see what would be my next action I should take. They sent me a letter in the mail and can I briefly read to you real quick just certain little things that they said on there? It says ‘I strongly encourage you to seek competent legal counsel. It says "you should cease and desist all further legal action and continuing to present your course of conduct and to remit payments, otherwise (inaudible) balance of your education loan." So, I just had a question. Since they sent this in response to the Courtesy Notice and this was sent from one of their Legal Compliance Service Divisions, what course of action should I be taking?

Chris: Okay, next course of action is to immediately invoice them. If you want to, put in a cover letter recommending they seek competent legal counsel because they obviously have no idea that UCC law applies to all corporations on the planet and that they should cease and desist their actions against you for the reasons stated in the Courtesy Notice. Just let them know that you will continue to invoice them personally for as long as they continue to make unlawful claims of you. You got to remember all debt is fraud. All debt is fraud. You are in the right here and we're on your side too.

Brian: And soon it will be irrelevant.

Chris: Exactly. But in the meantime, we still keep DO'ing.

Ed (caller): Okay, so invoice them. All right.

Chris: There's an F.A.Q. document on the OPPT website, in the same place where you download these Courtesy Notices from. That will probably give you some extra bits of approach as well.

Ed (caller): Okay. Great.

Chris: Very good, thanks for your call.

Ed (caller): Thank you.

Brian: Hey, real quick before you bring on the next call. There's a guy from Israel, who's really looking to hook up with more people out in Israel. He said he doesn't mind me sharing his email address. He's being very persistent. His name is Gil. His email address, if you're out in Israel and you want to connect with Gil, There you go, Gil. Moving on, next caller.

Lisa: Thank you.

(Brian giggling)

Lisa: Okay, area code 817.

Caller: Hey guys. My name's Emmanuel.

Lisa: Hey Emmanuel.

Emmanuel (caller): Hi. I want to say thank you all for all your efforts. I want to thank all the callers, for everyone that's going to hear this tomorrow on YouTube and everywhere else. Thank you. Also happy birthday, Seraph. Hope you're not wing-slapping anybody, unless they deserve it.

(general laughter)

Emmanuel (caller): Okay, I just wanted to get like a little update from Heather, because I know you guys just said that there's going to be some fairly big news coming out very soon, within the next week. What exactly does that entail? What are the next steps here for you guys? Or for you Heather? You work on this document, I think, the verbiage for it. So, what will be coming down the line this next week, more or less?

Heather: I think it'd probably be easier to say what's not coming down the line the next couple weeks. Essentially you have these frameworks, so no longer do you have to worry about the powers-that-were, the wizards behind the curtain, or anything like that. Just keep BE'ing and DO'ing, because if you BE and DO, they can't steal it. You're using it, they can't take it. That's one. Two, is that there will be...disclosure's happening. There will be disclosures of all kinds and Absolute Data. That's about as structured and limiting as I'd like to get with the explanations on it. That way you can all just create what it is you want, because that's what they're watching. For the BE(?) disclosures, they're actually able to see exactly what you're imagining, exactly if they're in your consciousness or not. Just as you feel uncomfortable in some situations that you aren't familiar with, so are they. They want to make sure that this is something that we all desire and we all want. We just stepped up high frequency, that high vibration, and that's all that is allowed to enter. Nothing can harm you in this moment. Nothing.

Emmanuel (caller): Awesome. Beautiful. I love how you speak, by the way, thank you.

Heather: Thank you...(laughter)...very much.

(Brian giggling) ... (silence)

Chris: Lisa, are you there?

Lisa: Yes, sorry, I'm talking away and I'm muted.

Chris: Muted, yes, yes.

(Brian laughing)

Lisa: (laughs) I think we've only got a couple minutes left, so we've addressed as many callers as we can for the moment. Just a recap. The OPPT-IN website is being rebuilt in the background and will go live, I believe, this week. Same domain name; you don't need to go anywhere else. It'll be a whole new website, with a whole new look and a lot more information. If you haven't seen it yet, go and read that filing. If you're still finding yourself asking yourself the question or making the statement over and over again "yeah, but show me the money", this filing had to happen first. We are in the midst of Absolute Change. Having access to value is not going to look like what it's always looked like in the past. No one here is going to tell you what it looks like, because we don't know either. Because we're making this up as we go along. All of us. We've never been here before. We're in new territory.

What Heather certainly got, and I completely agree with and get too, is that for the last couple of thousand years it's been working on a system of fiction. That is what they know how to use. That's what they know how to manipulate. That's what they know how to control. Anything we do moving forward from this point on, cannot, should not, and will not involve fiction and systems of fiction and systems of representation. Because all we would be doing at that point is giving them a whole lot of playbook to play us with. Oh, that blogtalk woman keeps interrupting me.  

D: Everything else is irrelevant.

Lisa: And everything else is irrelevant. So, yes there are still games being played. Yes, not everybody in the system knows what's going on yet. But that doesn't mean...

Brian: Yet.

Lisa: Yet. But that doesn't mean that energetically, they're not a part of this. They're starting to feel this stuff too. I've heard stories of people who have had a conversation with a cop yesterday and they tried having that same conversation with a cop two weeks ago and got a very different response. Two weeks ago, he was aggressive and didn't want to hear about it. Yesterday, he suddenly opened to having a dialogue. Even though (inaudible for several words) and they're experiencing it. They know something's in midst, whether their hierarchy is telling them (inaudible) or not.

Okay, we've got a few seconds to go. I just want to thank everybody again, whether you've called in, whether you're in the chat room, whether you're just listening, whether you're going to listen, everybody on the panel, Heather, Caleb, Randall, anybody to do with the documents. Thank you so much.

Heather: Thank you.

Brian: Thanks guys. All the people in the chat room, we love you.

Chris: Thanks guys. Thank you everybody.

Bob: Yes, good night everyone. 

D: Good night everyone.

Lisa: And we'll see you tomorrow on The Collective Imagination, where we will talk more about the energy that's happening.

Brian: Namaste.

Lisa: Thank you. Bye for now.

Heather: Ciao. Ciao. 

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