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Collective Imagination Radio show March 19 transcript

The Collective Imagination
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 (USA)
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 (AEST)

(Opening theme song, followed by a second unidentified song)

Lisa: Sorry guys, to spring that on you. It wasn't planned. I just happened to see it sitting there in the playlist and went 'Oh my god, I've got to play it right now!'

(general laughter)

D: A heads-up next time would be awesome.

(general laughter)

Brian: Oh my god, that was so funny.

Lisa: How are you all feeling? You with me on this?

Bob: You just made my heart drop, Lisa, because I thought 'oh my god, did I hit that?' I'm looking in the studio and I'm like 'I didn't hit play.'

(general laughter)

Brian: For anybody that's not looking directly at our little Skype chat room, what they would’ve seen is 'Who is that?' Everybody is like 'Who is that? Who's playing that? What's going on here?' 

D: I turned off everything my computer, except for Skype, going 'It's not me. It can't be me. What am I doing?'

(general laughter)

Lisa: (laughing) Yeah, sorry. It’s all good.

Chris: You could've fessed up in the chat, Lisa.

Lisa: (laughing) I did! Yeah, it's me, it's me. (laughing) Okay, calming down, moving on. (deep breath)

(general laughter)

Lisa: Trying to anyway. It's been a pretty extraordinary 24-28 hours for me personally and energetically. Wow! I don't know what to call it. But Chris, you've got an interesting…and we have got a mission for everybody who's currently listening. We do have a small mission for you. I've got one of the guys that Chris and I know made contact with Chris yesterday.

Chris: Actually, it was early this morning.

Lisa: Early this morning? You want to kick off and tell them what happened?

Chris: Yeah, this information came from Gordon, who is a dowser. In a dowsing session yesterday, he was instructed…and he normally doesn't get direct messages while he's dowsing… but he was instructed to go and check the water. which he did. He filled up a sink and pulled the plug out. In the southern hemisphere, the water usually goes clockwise down the plug hole from a still body of water in the sink and it went counter-clockwise. He checked it again and he checked it with dye(?) and it just kept going counter-clockwise.  So he ran it this morning and he actually had people, his own contacts, in the northern hemisphere checking. They should be running counter-clockwise, but they were getting clockwise and he was getting counter-clockwise. In other words, that the Coreolis forces have reversed. These are the sort of small forces that are, I think, is an interaction between the rotation of the Earth and the presence of the magnetic fields gives a little bit of a spin to water when it's going down the plug hole undisturbed from a still sink of water. If it's reversed, if it's, for instance, just not there and the water's going straight down the sink, what it means is that the electromagnetic field of the planet is shifting in some way.

So here's our mission. Fill up a reasonably deep sink full of water, preferably in a sink where the plug hole is in the middle of the sink, just to make sure the symmetry's right. Let it sit for a while so it's completely still and then use perhaps a coat hanger or something and very gently pull the plug off to one side. Just see what way the water spins, whether it goes clockwise or anti-clockwise. If anyone wants to do this while the show's on and drop it in the chat, that would be very interesting.

Lisa: Yes, we've got people running off to flush their toilets and do all sorts of things.

(general laughter)

Chris: No, no, you can't flush the toilet, because that water comes out with a velocity and a direction, so it's not really reliable. You need to do it from a still body of water. So if you whip out now and fill up the sink. Come back to the show and go back in a few minutes and pull the plug out. Tell us what happens.

Lisa: Now, also Gordon said he had a strange phenomenon and it didn't look like it went in any direction at one point.

Chris: Yeah, he went back and checked it about half an hour ago and he got nothing. It went just straight down the plughole. If you can imagine, if anyone's been sailing, when you actually do a turn into wind, the sail just flaps a bit as you're pointing into wind. If the Earth’s magnetic fields are shifting and waffling, then we could get differences all over the place. It could actually change. It might actually change in half an hour or an hour. It might do something else. So what I'm expecting, if we're in this state of change, is that people will get either something very different to what they've normally gotten or will get nothing at all. In six hours time, it might go back to normal and then it might shift again. It seems that we are in an energetic flux of some sort or it would seem a reasonable conclusion if this is taking place that things are shifting around energetically for sure.

Lisa: I woke up this morning to no phone and no internet. So I'm currently sitting at a girlfriend's house. About a half an hour ago,  I checked her sink. She has a nice deep sink in the kitchen. There's only about two or three seconds there where you can really tell what direction it's going. For me, it definitely looked anti counter. Now, what that's supposed to be…

Chris: It's supposed to be clockwise down here. I checked my sink. I was still getting counterclockwise, but it wasn't an ideal sink and I need to check it later. So that's our experiment for this morning in science class.

(general laughter)

Chris: I'll expect a written report at the end of the show.

(general laughter)

Bob: For me, the feeling is that we shifted from cosmic constipation to cosmic diarrhea.

(general laughter)

Chris: Thanks, Bob. 

(general laughter) 

Brian: I can't wait to hear what the chat has to say about that.

(general laughter)

Chris: (laughing) It says like a load.

(louder laughter and guffawing)

Chris: (laughing) Well, he went there.

(continued laughter)

Chris: (laughing) Following the lead. 

Lisa: Someone said the sink and the toilet are doing different things in their place.

Chris:  Yeah, look, I have to say this just in case for the people who have rushed off immediately and flushed the toilet when we started, the water in the toilet comes out of the system with some velocity and some direction, so it won't necessarily be a good test. It needs to be a still body of water. So fill up the sink and let it sit for a few minutes.

Lisa: We also got clockwise in Florida.

Chris: You got clockwise in Florida? There we go, it should be running the other way.

Lisa: Someone else says 'can't fix(?), if you ask me'. Oh, that might be in reference to what you said.

(general laughter)

D: Well, my husband's filling up the kitchen sink as we speak.

Lisa: Someone else in New York is going clockwise. So it looks like the northern hemisphere…clockwise in San Francisco…(inaudible) in Maryland. 

Chris: Another thing, you've gotta look at the very center of the vortex, because sometimes the surface of the water will produce kind of distracting effects. You have to look right down in the center of the vortex down near the plughole to see what direction it's going.

Lisa: Someone in Adelaide is anti.

Chris: There you. There you go. Wow.

Lisa: So, okay, I wonder if there's anything else, I mean apart from us monitoring this…

Chris: Well, while people are fiddling with their sinks, Brian, why don't you talk about the magnetometer effect from the documents?

Brian: Sorry, I was on mute filling up my sink with water.

(general laughter)

Chris: (laughing) Okay.

Brian: I had to run back to my computer when I heard you call my name. So, the magnetometer, yeah. Well, D posted about it on her Removing the Shackles blog this morning. I woke up to some Skype chats and there's so many rooms to follow these days, but Heather copied and pasted somebody saying something about an App that can be downloaded that can pick up electromagnetic frequencies. They downloaded it and put it over the most recent UCC filing. The thing was like off the Richter scale. I thought it was interesting. Then somebody said that they downloaded it and tried it again. Now I'm thinking 'all right, what's all this fuss about?' I went in and I tried to find it. I think it's called…it's put out by…

Lisa: ET Contact.

Brian: ET Contact Tools, put out by Steven Greer's team. Steven Greer, the guy that's putting out the Sirius movie. I had the documents on my couch and it's basically just like an IPhone app, where you can do it on your IPad. I was using a set of test papers and it was kind of hovering around the 45-65 mark. Then you put it over the UCC document and then it just goes off the scale. It's got this little high-frequency pitch noise that it makes when it goes into the red. I haven't really been messing around with it all day, but I've now talked to a couple of people who have gotten the same results. Pretty interesting to say the least. I guess this thing picks up electromagnetic frequencies. So what does that say about the energetics that are kind of woven into this piece of paper with these documents? It's the energetic frequency that it puts out. So anybody who wants to go out and make Steven Greer some money on buying a $6.99 IPhone app and testing this out for yourself. I haven't talked to anybody that hasn't seen that same result just yet.

Lisa: Yeah, I just downloaded it, so I haven't managed to test anything yet.

Chris: Brian, what you're doing was comparing just ordinary documents to documents, that printed version of the document from yesterday's show?

Brian: Correct. I had my test subjects were a printout for an air travel trip and then just like an insurance document. So just regular paperwork and then going over and putting it over all three pages of the UCC filing that I had printed. It's got this high-frequency pitch noise, like (Brian making high-pitch sound) when it does it too. It's interesting. I don't know. There's not a whole lot that you can try to understand with the rational mind that would explain that kind of phenomena. I would just suggest anybody that wants to test it out, go ahead and try it for themselves. See what comes up.

Chris: Yep, that's absolutely fascinating. The other interesting thing you mentioned is the place on the desk where the document had been resting seemed to actually retain some of the energy. This was something you commented on before.

Brin: Yeah, I had the paper sitting in the same spot on the couch next to my computer. There was nothing there before I put the papers and then when I moved the papers away, the spot on my couch still held the same charge as that the papers were still there. I'm going to play around with it tonight and see if I can get this thing resolved in other areas. It's pretty fascinating to see.          

Chris: Someone else mentioned that they were just cutting and pasting text on the computer from one program to another and when they copied and pasted the text, it actually fired off the alarm on their IPhone on the magnetometer app. So, something's going on there folks.      

Lisa: So, what is going on? We may have magnetic fluctuations. If anybody in the chat room is currently on their computer and wants to do a search and see if there's anything out there online right now about possible affects or observations of this. It'd be interesting, because we only came across this sort of a few minutes before we went live and run off and did our own little sink test. So I haven't even had a chance to get out there and have a look. But I'd be interested. Experiment from Heather? What's she saying?

D: Well, there's active solar X-rays right now, but the geomagnetic field is supposedly being quiet. I'm taking a look here, just give me a second.

Lisa: All right, Heather's saying here "I suggest an experiment. Print out the text from the UCC doc and sign your name to it with 'as eternal essence embodied' after it. Then see what happens to your magnetometer. That'll be a fun little project.

Chris: Fascinating.

Lisa: All right, who else is having a trippy time?  I'm asking everybody. If you're in the chat rooms, what's going on? What's happening with you? Are you feeling something? For those of you who haven't seen it, I do actually want to go into this just a little bit, George Kavasillas. I've interviewed George a few times and one of the things he's been very consistent with is the 21st of December 2012 day was a ruse. It's a procession of the Equinoxes, not the Solstices. It's this Equinox that's actually the time of the big shift. He recently put a new video up in regard to that. If you haven't seen it, I thought it'd been put up for a week or so? Talking about how this amazing energy that's building at this time and being expressed at this time. There are attempts to hijack it of course.

One of the things they're kind of relying on in a lot of the disappointment by setting us up for December 21st, 2012 and a lot of people not experiencing anything. Some people did; they certainly felt the energy. The energy of now is supposed to be very similar to the energy of then. With building everyone's expectations up and sort of having everyone's feelings drop with disappointment, feeding on that and hoping that we won't take any notice of what’s going on now and channeling our energy into something else. One of the messages that just came out just a few days ago into the sort of I guess the lightworker community was that the Pope was supposed to be a walk-in. We're all supposed to send him lots of love and light and all of that energy and all that good stuff. That came out a few days after George's video and I went "Well, there you go." He was very emphatic that there are going to do things and try to harness our energy at this time. That looked to me like a glaring and obvious attempt. Just wanted to get everyone else's take on that. Anyone got anything to say?
Chris: No, it's not just that particular message they put in the lightworker to try and rip off energy, but if you've been following it on the mainstream media it's like a legal campaign. Pretty much got the Pope walking on water. now this guy can do no wrong. They're trying to change the whole character of the Catholic Church by spinning the arrival of this one person, this Pope. I ain't buying it. Nothing else is changed about the church, just the guy at the top and the things they're saying about him. Anything else about the church that's in place wreaking havoc, it's still there. So we're just looking at spin doctoring within the mainstream media and the alternative media, it would appear.
Lisa: What are your thoughts D?    
D: Well, I have to say I just glanced at Fulford's report that he put out yesterday. I literally, seriously, just scanned through it very quickly. Maybe I'm wrong, but my first impression from the scanning it was, 'Is he seriously kind of liking this new Pope?’ Like I expected with the Pope being from the Jesuit order, I expected Fulford to be lit up like a Christmas tree on this. His article really shocked me, I expected a lot more and it seemed very 'Ah, you know...' I don't know, maybe he's falling for the spin doctoring too. Who knows?
Lisa: I think...
Heather: Can you guys hear me? Hi everyone, this is Heather. I just giggled because what do you need an ambassadorial office (inaudible) Source. There's over seven billion of Source on the planet. I mean, who are they really talking to at that point? (general laughter) Everyone is (inaudible)...what's the point of having an ambassadorial (inaudible) office on the planet? So I'm kind of interested in seeing not really so much the Vatican, it’s irrelevant at this point, but I’m really excited to see everyone just so (inaudible) how everything’s showing what it is and (inaudible) see what it is. The conversation's already past the (inaudible). That's all I have to say on that one.
Lisa: Thank you. I think Thomas has got something to add too. Thomas, are you there?
Thomas: Yes, I'm here. Can you hear me?
Lisa: Yes we can. How are you?
Brian: Hey Thomas.
Thomas: I'm exceptional. Can’t you tell?
(general laughter)
Lisa: As always.
(general laughter)
Thomas: The thing I'm watching is more people believing or leaving their bodies, in what humans call death. Something I sent you yesterday a link, I'll put it here in the Skype chat for everyone to see if they want to and also they can put that in the chat room if you'd like. That’s a man in Ontario that spent the last six months of his life building a relationship and interaction with the Sasquatch people. They're coming out. There's one footprint in there that he measures as 18 inches long and the stride between each footprint is 63 inches. That's three inches more than five feet. There's a little I don't know anybody that walks around barefoot in the snow. If it was a wooden stomper, you'd be able to tell because it'd be flat and even, but these are very flexible footprints like a barefoot person. When you have a chance, check out that link. I don't know if you looked at it or not Lisa?
Lisa: Yes I did.
Thomas: What did you think of it?
Lisa: Yeah, it looks like footprints. Rather large ones. (laughs)
Thomas: Yes and there’s some audio in there. I've heard some things very similar to that with the group that I interact with at times. The Sasquatch people are on the move and they're coming out. They wouldn't be doing so unless things are changing. Changing in a beneficial manner for all of us.

(talk over)
Lisa: Have they spoken to you directly with 'okay, were coming out now and this is why?' Have they said anything?
Thomas: No. There is a...what verbiage do I use on this? There is a momentum and they're adjusting and flowing with the momentum that is going on the planet right now. I gotta tell you about this new Pope. He's not going to last very long. I know he's part Indian. So if the ancestors are watching him very close. If he gets out of line too much, the ancestors put a stop to it real quick.
Lisa: Oh, really? Okay.
Thomas: Yes, he's from Argentina. Everything from Canada to Argentina was Indians before Columbus showed up, so he's at least part Indian.
Chris: S, how are you feeling yourself, Thomas, about the energy shift?
Thomas: I've been doing quite a bit of work on myself, kind of going against things that I have in place. I'm consciously remembering things in the body, when the body comes back to consciousness. I turned that off back when I was a teenager. Now it’s seemed to come back on its own all of a sudden. There's things that I've been doing with certain people, a woman in Mississippi in particular, because she's got a Sasquatch she's working with over there in Mississippi. It's getting all sorts of interesting.
Lisa: It's getting all sorts of interesting, yeah. Can you elaborate?
Thomas: Well, what I can elaborate on is the final choices are being tallied or being counted, if you will, just to put a sort of verbiage to it.
Lisa: We’ve talked about the energetic accounting for the last few weeks.
Thomas: Well, then I'm being a type of field worker for you guys, because the energetic decisions or choices are being tallied and finalized, so to speak. Because this whole shift thing has not occurred yet.
Lisa: So, I know that you've been monitoring the obituaries, looking at the statistics of people leaving the planet. Are they still sort of increasing exponentially?
Thomas: I don't know about exponentially, but yes, they're consistent with the amount of people that are leaving. In fact, this morning when I woke up, I was called by a woman in Canada. Because an elder on the Cree nation woke up this morning and found his son hanging from a rope because his son hung himself last night.
Lisa: Oh no.
Thomas: Again, that's a choice and his son chose to leave instead of sticking around. He was 42 years old, so it wasn't like a teenager making a choice to go or anything of that nature.
Lisa: The thing that I've been hearing of with increasing numbers is really sudden heart attacks and that includes people in their early 20s. And cancer diagnoses where people are going within two or three weeks. Feeling fine, going to the doctors for a check up, finding something, having some extra tests and oh my God, you've got three weeks and they're gone.
Thomas: Yes, I've got a Skype call from somebody, in fact a friend of mine put me in touch with this person because they have a friend with a rare type of cancer that the doctors have never seen really before. So they put me in touch with this person because there's ways they can cure the cancer without using chemo or radiation whatsoever. It's called baking soda and sugar.
Lisa: Hmm...and sugar? Doesn't cancer feed off sugar? Cancer feeds off sugar, doesn't it?
Thomas: Yes, it's looking for the most energetic fuel it can find, which happens to be sugar and the baking soda attaches to the sugar and it goes right into the tumor and starts attacking it from within, then getting rid of it.
Lisa: Yes, they actually talk about that in a book that I've got on my website. You mix baking soda and maple syrup.
Thomas: Yeah, you can do that. You can take a soft drink, and I don't recommend a soda pop to anyone, especially nowadays, but you can take that.  You can drink coffee with sugar. Or tea with sugar, you can add it to that. I gotta tell you, baking soda is’s kind of tough. It's sodium bicarbonate, it's very salty tasting. Just a warning.
Lisa: (laughs) Yes. It's not nice. Well thank you for sharing.
Thomas: Thank you.

Lisa: I'll leave you there unmuted, so you can join us whenever you like.
Thomas: Thank you.
Lisa: We do actually have...if I can find her.  Deva, have you called in? Are you in the queue anywhere? Or can we bring you in? I would love to be talking to Deva right now.
Bob: I can add her.
Lisa: Also we've got some people who put their hand up who would like to come out, but just before you do, I'd like to see if we can get Deva. (silence) Deva, are you there? You being shy?
Brian: You on mute?
Lisa: Are you muted? (laughs) Okay, she's there. Maybe she'll come out when she can. Okay, let's take a call guys? We've got area code 253. Area code 253? (silence) Nope. Area code 336? (silence) Oh, technology. We're having a day. I can't bring anyone out. Isn't that strange? You want to try it Bob?
Bob: Okay.

Lisa: I can't get their microphones to unmute. 
Bob: Doesn't look like I can either. Deva said that that there's an echo and she has to shut down the blogtalk radio stream.

Lisa: Yes you do, that would help. (silence) Well, maybe we are seeing more evidence of the electromagnetic glitch, because blogtalk doesn't want to work. It's really weird; everything's just sitting here spinning. You got that too, Bob?
Bob: Yeah, it's just spinning.
Lisa: Yeah, okay guys, sorry. I don't know how we're going to be able to take calls tonight. That's interesting. (Laugh) Did anybody else find, just asking if anyone else go out and have a look and see if they can find any other evidence for some news on Google for glitches. I see Before It's News. Oh hang on, yes, Earth magnetic field shifting, geomagnetic filed...oh okay, we’ve got something on Before It's News. “Earth’s magnetic field shifting? Geomagnetic storm or something else? The Earth’s magnetic field is fluctuating greatly today. Take a look at how the magnetic lines for our planet looked today and compare that to how they are supposed to look directly below it.” Oh yeah, okay, guys go and have a look at that on Before It's News. They've got quite a few images and videos discussing this. So we might be onto something. That's exciting. Okay. I don't know...
Caller: Hello.
Lisa: Oh, hello.
Caller: This is Randy.
Lisa: Hey Randy. Are you 253 or 336?
Randy (caller): I'm 336.
Lisa: 336, okay. We can't tell what's going on in the switchboard. Everything's crazy.
Randy (caller): Yeah, it took a while.
Lisa: Yeah. I'm still actually not showing that you're there.
Bob: Not on my end either.
Randy (caller): Oh, wow.
Lisa: Did you have a question or a comment? Or just listening?
Randy (caller): I tried to call in last night and I think my phone cut off right about the time you unmuted me last night. So anyway I wanted to ask about the document that you were talking about last night. In what situation would you use that document in?
Lisa: We wouldn't.
Randy (caller): Okay.
Lisa: It's not something that you need to go and do anything with or file. It’s been done.
Randy (caller): Okay. I wanted to add something that every time I think listen to this show I think about the hundredth monkey theory and how this all is going to...once enough people catch on to what’s really going on here, I think it'll be just an automatic switch over. Every time I hear this show, I think about the 100th monkey theory. I just wanted to throw that in there. (laughs) 
Lisa: (laugh) Well, that was one of our intents when we started this show, was to reach 3%. Because in an interview I did with Dannion Brinkley, just in the course of the conversation, he said it only takes 3% to change the world. So that was our intent, get out there and get in touch with 3% of the population. It was a big (inaudible).

Randy (caller): I think it would take 3% of people that really understand it too, not just 3% period. Enough people that really understand, right?
Brian: Well, I think that you get to a certain point where it really doesn't matter how many people understand or get it or are awake, because whatever's coming, it just can't be stopped; it's part of the Absolute Plan.

Randy (caller): Like a tidal wave.

Brian: Yeah. Everybody kept asking in the chat room last night. I don’t understand why they’re saying all these things are irrelevant. We used the word irrelevant more than we referenced OPPT last night, because we can feel it. We have a pretty good idea of where we’re going. Can we sit back and explain here's what's coming, because that's what everybody wants to know. What's coming? What you guys know that we don't know? We don't know. We don't know what it’s gonna look like. We can feel it just like everybody else. We see all the signposts that are saying that something big is on the horizon; something big is shifting.  But we talked about it last night, Deva made a great comment. There's no way we could possibly explain at our current level of consciousness what a higher degree of consciousness is going to look and feel like. It just can't be done. You have to feel it. You have to be able to immerse yourself in it in order to be able to understand it. Bob had that great analogy. I can't remember what abstract food you used Bob; some fruit that tasted like bubblegum.

Bob: It was a quenepa.
Brian: (laughs) A quenepa. You can't describe to somebody what something tastes like unless they have some context.
Randy (caller): Another thing last night when you all were reading this document, I could feel the separation disappear in know how we always usually separate our finances from our spiritual life from every aspect of our life has been divided. I felt like last night while this document was being read that these separations were leaving. We were becoming one and everything...transparent. 
Lisa: (affirmative response) We don't have to understand it at an intellectual level. It doesn't take...I don’t think it takes that. I think it's just about a knowing inside. You may not be able to articulate it. You may not be able to explain it. You may not have a clue what it looks like, but you can feel it and you know it.
Randy (caller): Right.

Thomas: If I can add to what Brian was saying, about how our consciousness will not allow us to to see what it's going to be like. I've been saying since 2011 it’s going to defy human imagination. Bill Wood said if you can imagine drinking water from a fire hose that what it’s going to be like. Okay? The thing that was said to me recently by the Sasquatch people. They asked me, they said ‘You have a clear definition of what reality is in your head, don’t you?’ And I said ‘of course’. ‘And you also have a clear definition and everything that it entails for the word imagination?’  and I said ‘Yes’. ‘Okay, reverse them, flip them, everything you call reality call it imagination and everything that you call imagination, call it reality’. Now try and wrap your head around that, I dare you.

(laughter in background)

Bob: People are asking Lisa, in the chat room, for a CVAC/OPPT update.

Lisa: Maybe they missed the show a couple of weeks ago?

Randy (caller): Well, Ron Van Dyke’s thing that he put out today was pretty good about that.

Lisa: Oh, what did he say?

Randy (caller): He was talking about CVAC’s and how some people were feeling like they were misled by thinking it was about the money. He said “It’s never been about the money. It’s always about the value of the person”. Everyone’s so caught up in this money that the world is not seeing what really is happening.

Bob: It’s one of those things that I look at and if you’ve followed along, especially reading the Paradigm Report, you’re going to understand. Number one, money was a mechanism of control. Number two, all money as we know it is debt and debt equals slavery. So what do the people ask for? We want more money.

Brian: For people that really want to go back and look into the documents, that document that talked about the $10 billion or the $5 billion or whatever it was, go back and read it. I talked to somebody the other day and they said that they went back and re-listened to my original recorded conversation that I did with Heather and that connected so many dots for them. So going back and reading the language, I think that is something that will really help people that are hung up on the money aspect of this whole thing.

Bob: Heather asked a question, and I think it is really, really pertinent. It may not seem like it. But when you were talking about the magnetometer, Heather asked a question in the chat “Why should your phone be sensitive to electromagnetic energy? Perhaps there’s some harvesting going on there? Ask yourself, why is your phone obviously designed to respond to electromagnetic energy?”

D: That is really funny you should say that Bob. My husband downloaded an app for his phone and it’s got a pile of things. It’s got a compass. It’s got a magnetic meter. It’s got balances and all kind of measurement stuff. It was the same thing I asked and him too. ‘Why is there something in your phone to measure magnetic fields? Explain to me the logic?’ It defies any description of, okay, why would a phone need to measure magnetic fields? Every phone? Think about it this way. You haven’t downloaded; it’s not something that is magically in the app. The phone has to have something in it already there, to measure that frequency or gather the information regardless.

Thomas: Instead of focusing on the stuff that upsets us, let’s focus on what the most popular application for the IPhone and the Android is. The most popular application is an app that actually turns them into a phone.

(general laughter)

Randy (caller): One more thing that I want to bring up while I’m here. In 5D, and I think it’s on Rumor Mill News and I don’t know how many other websites, I pulled up this one article today about OPPT: Illuminati and Occult Ties Revealed. This guy went to great lengths; this is a very long article. He goes in and ties the OPPT symbols to the Illuminati. I can’t remember the guy’s name. We need to do a flash-mob on this guy.

Lisa: It might be Zen Gardner.

Heather: No, actually is that Paul Short?

Lisa: Paul Short, yes.

D: Yeah and it was posted on Zen Gardner.

Heather: Paul Short, on the 12th asked for his cut of the money. Then on the 14th, he called me Lucifer. Then on the 18th, he posted this article. With Paul, a lot of the information (inaudible) Illuminati which he did on the (inaudible) or on the OPPT logo. It was funny because when he actually reversed it, he was so focused on the content inside of the circle, he didn’t realize when you reverse it, it’s still there. The Circle of Absolute Truth that wraps all that around for transparency and there’s words that are highlighted when you turn it upside down say accountability and transparency.

Lisa: From show me the money...I actually saw that series of emails...Paul went from demanding money...that OPPT give him money. Then he went on to say that ‘Yes, I did say that. I rant and called Heather Lucifer’ and then he went and put that up.

Heather: A lot of the information though...I don’t know what documents he was reading...because he went to filings. I have no idea exactly where he was getting his information, but the filings are all there; the raw data is all there. As far as the symbol, no it’s not Illuminati. It has many symbols inside that logo, but it’s all wrapped in the Circle of Truth so everyone can see transparently what everything is and accountability can be made.

Lisa: I did interview Michael Tsarion once and he did talk a lot about logos and symbols and sacred geometry and what have you. One of the things he said very clearly was, sacred geometry is sacred and it speaks to our subconscious. That’s why a lot of the logos and symbols used by the Illuminati have been adopted. They take something that speaks to our subconscious in a good way and a symbol, a piece, of sacred geometry. They inject it with a flip energy; they flip it and try to speak to our subconscious in a more negative way. We need to start taking back this sacred geometry (inaudible) with its original intent and meaning.

Thomas: Lisa, I was just thinking...

Heather: You guys, regarding energy. Energy is neutral and what you draw that energy to is a matter of the intent...(inaudible for several sentences)

Lisa: You turned into an Android again.

Thomas: I just want to say, if I can say on that symbology, there’s something in our recent past where it shows beyond a shadow of a doubt their plans for using that sacred geometry in a non-beneficial manner and it’s really working. I refer back to America Online, which was the staple; the biggest thing on the internet when they first came out; America Online, dial-up. Then Time Warner bought America Online and the first thing it did was they used the AOL running man. If you are going to be studying, the AOL running man is identical to the Egyptian symbol of the devil. So it backfired on them. AOL is probably the most de-funked company in the entire world right now.

(some laughter)

Bob: I was thinking as you were talking Lisa, there is not a single shape that you could draw on a piece of paper, that I could not write a 500 page report on how that shape was used by the Illuminati or the occult. Any shape you want, I don t care what it is, parallelogram, hexagram, any shape you want. It’s been used for both good and evil.

Randy (caller): The thing that bothered me about this whole article is that energy just got poured into it. Was it to make the OPPT look bad maybe?

(talk over) (background noise)

Bob: My question to him is why is he looking for evil? Why are looking for evil? If you’re looking for evil, you’re sure to find it. I don’t care if you are looking at the most purest, saint, Pope, whatever kind of divine figure you want. If you’re looking for evil, you will surely find it. Now you have to ask the question, why is it that you are looking for that? Why is it that you’re looking for money? Because you feel lack. Why do you feel lack? Because I don’t have control over my life and people are taking away your power. It’s always been about power. It’s always been about power; it’s not been about money. I mean, how many houses and how many cars do you think they want? They’ve got gazillions and gazillions in their bank account. It’s not about the money. The money is something that they throw around and they use it to control the people who are too ignorant to see past that game. People (inaudible)…
Lisa: Someone is really noisy in the background. I don’t know who it is, but, thank you.

Chris: Could I just make one more comment on this? We had this sort of discussion about symbology. I’d like to point people at branding, just simple common branding. If you look at the brand that is associated with a product, it could mean any old thing when it’s first introduced to you. If it’s a circle with a triangle super imposed on it, they might associate that with cheese or they might associate it with car tires. What they do is they limit our thinking about that particular geometric shape to something very specific and then they associate emotions with it. That’s what’s actually going on. It might be positive emotions or they might be negative emotions. In the case of branding, they want to associate positive, because they want you to buy the stuff. So the Illuminati have created a whole language of symbology and they have limited our thinking about those geometric shapes to what they want. Now I have to point out that in the filing yesterday, one of the things that was audited and reconciled is “any and all other limits”. So why are we limiting our thinking about what are just ordinary geometric shapes? Let’s just take them back. All those Illuminati symbols, folks. They don’t mean anything anymore, nothing. They are just shapes. So let’s go there instead.

Lisa: Heather, are you there? Are you back, clearly?

Heather: Yeah, I’m here.

Lisa: Okay, because we really didn’t hear what you said last time because you became an Android. Can you remember what you said to repeat it?

Heather: Oh, I just was saying that symbols are like words; they’re just a vehicle for energy. So if you look at the one who packed the energy into the vehicle, you will find your culprit. Like Chris said, it’s irrelevant. The symbols are all reconciled and it’s just pure energy. They can’t touch it and hopefully at some point they’ll actually reconcile themselves into that pure energy.

Lisa: Do we have Deva yet? Did Deva manage to get herself online and audio? Deva, are you there? Oh, there you are.

D. No, this is D.

Lisa: Oh, sorry.

D: Deva is still having serious technical issues.

Lisa: Okay.

D: We couldn’t hear her last night either, remember?

Thomas: I would like to postulate a theory if I may, right now? We’re seeing lots of things change. My theory is that things are changing because people are waking up. They really are waking up, because that energy, that hundredth monkey effect that somebody mentioned. Because it’s going out there, people are starting to ask questions. They’re starting to see things and it’s all starting to change much faster. So I just want to postulate that; that’s my theory.

Lisa: Well, no argument here, absolutely. I would like to hear from the people in the chat room in terms of, what’s changed for you internally? I get emails from people all the time that new abilities have come online. Suddenly they’re able to hear things they never heard before, see things they haven’t seen before. I’m getting those kinds of emails regularly, so I would love to hear…the Cyprus thing...okay, people waking tolerance for the old world order.

Bob: There’s one thing I wanted to mention and maybe we can speak on this. The new system…how this new system is going to look like I don’t know...but I do know it’s a universal system. It’s an absolute universal system, so we’re not talking about one country here one country there. We’re not even talking about the whole planet. We’re talking about a universal system.

Heather: Someone asked me today, Bob...Seraph I think, and he said “I’m going to go on a show and they’re going to ask me about the new treasury system, and he said what do I tell them”? I said read the documents. Because that document yesterday is your new value system. What will happen is, those that are not remembering quite yet how to...what value is...which is the energy and how to use it to manifest whatever you want, there will be assistance from those that do. That is what is all coming behind right now. But your new value system, which is the value system that IS, which all of the old powers-that-were were actually using, but hiding through tools of representation. It’s all right there for you guys; so check it out.

Bob: Right. I loved the question you asked, Heather, what if we end up going to the moon? Do you think they’re going to take Federal Reserve notes there? What kind of currency?

Heather: They might. (laughs) How about Saturn?

Chris: Yeah. We’re expecting a strong energetic shift, shortly. Associated with that will be very much a big shift towards everybody waking up. The system of value that is coming out of the work that the OPPT have done, which is now completed, won’t be what we expect. If we’re looking at it from the eyes of someone from last year, it’s not going to be what we expect. So this is going to be a learning process and it’s going to be extremely interesting and it’s coming our way very soon. (general laughter) Look, on the subject of CVAC’s, at the moment we need to get to the other side of this shift and then resume that conversation with a different perspective. Of course all the work done on the CVAC’s and the CVAC concepts will come directly into play. W’ill probably be getting also a lot more advice and suggestions from a lot more people who will have woken up in the process.

Heather:  Yeah everything. It’s about a matter of perception. If you understand who you BE, you do what you BE. So this is a system (inaudible) and whatever tools that you need, you then have it. Between you yourself and if there’s others that join in (inaudible) this is a different perception compared to what we’re used to. So just (inaudible) no expectations and do this energetically. The intelligence will do what it’s told to do by the heart and by the energy. So just go in and feel it. Then next week have the conversation, if you feel moved to, regarding CVAC’s and all of that. You may see an irrelevance just like you might see an irrelevance with the former system. You remember them, but you find a better way to actually BE.

Lisa: Okay, I can go now, bye. I’m sorry that is how...this irrelevance thing is so big right now. I look at my inbox and I’m really sorry people, if you’re waiting on an answer from me for something. I have not been able to bring myself to even look at them. There is resistance on my part to do so many things that I would normally do in the course of a day, because I just feel like all I'm doing right now is processing. I don't even know what I'm processing. I'm processing it and I'm doing it in my sleep.

Bob: I think that may have something to do with naps; the naps that everybody's been taking in the middle of the day.

Lisa: I'm not a napper normally. In fact, I have to be feeling really sick to go to bed to get any sleep during the day. It just doesn't happen. I've been having one or two naps a day. I'm still sleeping overnight during the nighttime, but oh my god when I wake up, I know I've just been very very busy. I don't know what's going on to be honest. I can't put my finger on it, but it's all happening in the back of my head. I constantly feel like I'm standing on the other side of a wall trying to listen in on a conversation on the other side and I just can't quite get there. Can't quite make out what’s really being said. It's really, really frustrating. I'm operating on two different levels. There's the conscious part of me that's going through the day doing the things that which is going through the day doing the things that there's at least not that much resistance to. There's this whole other level that's just constantly working. Someone else is saying that's exactly how they feel. That's awesome.

Randy (caller): Can I say something to that?

Lisa: Yeah.

Randy (caller): Is it during the night when you're dreaming, does it almost feel like you’re conscious of your dreaming? You almost feel like you're in the dream and then you wake up and it doesn't really feel like you’ve...everything’s kind of melding together. Does that make sense?

Lisa: Yes, it does make sense. I am also not known for talking in my sleep. Several nights ago my husband woke me up with the words "Are you all right?" And I barked at him and I just went "I'm fine". Because it felt like I was still so in it that I'd been pulled out of a fight. It was like I didn't want to be pulled out of the fight. I wanted to get back into the fight. I was in the middle of something and it was like leave me alone, I'm going to just finish. I tried to get I did. I went back to sleep within seconds and I was back in this fight. When I woke up several hours later properly, it was still with me. I said to him 'what was I saying?' and I didn't tell him what I was feeling. I just want to know what I was saying. He said 'I couldn't make it out, but it sounded like you were having a go at somebody.' I said 'Well, next time that happens, don't wake me. Just try and take notes.' (laughs) Something's definitely going on and it's still with me when I wake up.

Randy (caller): My dream is almost like when I’m starting the dream, it's a place I'm going into where it needs a lot of cleaning up I guess you could say. By the time my dream is over with, its like a pristine place and everybody's happy. I don't know what relevance that has. It's just like all the dreams are in that direction.

Lisa: Yeah right. There was a great post on some show. Somebody here will remember it. It was a woman's post yesterday that I saw about where she goes to when she meditates and all the people that have been showing up lately. You guys remember that one? (silence) Come on, someone should remember it. It was shared within this group.

Brian: You're muted, sorry. What was the question?

Lisa: Remember there was a post that was shared yesterday or maybe the day before from a woman who described her meditation place that she goes to every day. Oer the last week or so more and more people are showing up there. These are like people who had got...sort of energetic guides that she's had over the years. She actually thought she was dying. She thought maybe she was dying and they were coming there to prepare her, but that's not what was going on. Did you guys read that? You must have.

Brian: I don't think I saw that one.

Lisa: Oh. It was brilliant. That they told her that they were here to observe “The Event” and again it was called "The Event", which is something a term she hadn't heard for 10 years. 10 years ago apparently some spiritual Being came to her and told her that she was going to be participating in an event. She hadn't seen that Being since. This is one of the people who have been showing up in her meditations now. So they're all here to watch. It was really, really a great article. It was really interesting. I'll try to find it. But there we go with that term again..."The Event". It's been bandied around quite a bit lately. It feels like whatever it is and whatever it's going to look like, I think we're in it.

Randy (caller): Yeah, good luck. Feels like we're smack dab in the middle of it.

Lisa: Yeah. Well Heather, I don't know if you actually have anything you want to say, but there's a couple of people calling out to just to hear from you. They just want to hear whenever updates you have got or whatever you'd like to share.

Heather: Just be very conscious of the energy. A lot of that document, if you listened to (inaudible), prepaid, preauthorized, pre-approved. We're talking about a new value system, right? Everyone’s been commenting on how tired I sound, thanks by the way. It's like sort of looking bad and everyone telling you you look bad today. (laughter) But you're right. So the (inaudible), it's already prepaid for all of us, for everybody. Just really focus your energy consciously on what you want. So my is poring through me into that document out into the whole Source's universe...eternal essence's universe. Everyone that focuses attention or pays attention or pays energy to it, they exponentially compound and accumulate that and it manifests BE’ing faster. So, not only now is it in our consciousness, but it's in the consciousness of a lot of Source’s universe, a lot of eternal essence's universe. They're now focusing on this (inaudible) thing, which changes (inaudible), instead of just the potential for seven billion focusing on things. You have how many in Source's universe, in eternal essence's universe?  (very loud background noise)

Lisa: Something just came online, someone's got a lot of background noise. (background noise continues) 

Chris: Brian?  (loud background noise continues) (everybody blaming Brian)

Brian: Really? What happened? Me? All right, I'm muting.

Lisa: Okay.

Heather: So I would just ask that everyone really pay attention to where they're going to put their energy. Like I said, what is happening now has actually started quite a bit ago, this last stage here. Actually the first stage to the now, so I'm fine. All this energy is being out and it's going whether you consciously check into it or not, but when you check into it, you exponentially assist in manifesting this faster, so that visual, tangible, you can touch it, you can move it, you can use it. So that would be the thought that I would have out there on that. Especially those that are really looking for money system. It's not a money system. It's a value system. You want Absolute Truth, which is what I promised as well as the other trustees or Randall, Caleb as we are now because there's no more trust. We gave you exactly what you asked for. Here's the value system. Now you need tools or representation, that's what you'll get. Otherwise for those with just wanting Absolute Value, Absolute Truth, you will have the Absolute Data available to use. That Absolute Value as it was always intended; as it always is. So, I love you guys. Lots to think about. Don't even think about it with your brains; think about it with your hearts.

Lisa: I'm just busy in the background here trying to find the page that I was referring to earlier so I can share it with you all. So, whoever wants to talk can talk. (laughs) Don't wait on me. I'll be a few minutes. (silence) All right, no one wants to talk. (laughs) This is like one of the most casual conversations we’ve ever had. (laughing)

Brian: I want to talk, but is there a lot of background noise right now?

Lisa: No, it's fine.

Bob: No. It's good.

Brian: Good...whew. I thought I was going to have to mute myself all through the whole call. One thing I wanted to say, Chris, before you pass the mic, what a lot of people are looking for...I'm on Facebook. I see the chatter in all the chat rooms and I'm looking at the chat room right now. Everybody is looking for signs of this event. What people I think really need to sit on, is that this event is internal. It's not external. When we have an internal shift, it changes how we see things externally, but it's not our external environment that gives us the signs that there’s an event.

Somebody said that we are the event. Yes, that's exactly exactly true. We are the event. It's the shift inside of us, this shift in consciousness, that allows us to perceive the world around us differently. So that's why when we frustrates people when we say go within. Anybody see that scene in my little picture, they see me meditating, because I’ve tried to make a formal practice in my life of meditation and going within. I truly believe with all my heart and soul that that's where all the answers to the universe lie. It's just you have to be able to sit in that stillness to be able to un-tap that power that everybody has within. That's why we say go within. Don't let it frustrate you. That's just where the answers are.

Napping, yes. I took a two-hour nap today. I got 9 and 1/2 hours of sleep last night, because my body is telling me 'prepare yourself'.  So that's what I'm doing. So just wanted to throw that out there, because everybody's asking "What's it going to look like? What is it? How's it going?" If I were to sit here and tell people, this is what I think, the more that we try to express what it might look and feel like in words, the farther away we get from the Absolute Truth of what it will be.

Lisa: Okay guys. I have found it. It was in the put in the chat room several times and I'm going to do it again right now. It's (?). So you’ll find it there bolded. It was very good. I also will put the link to the Before It's News article that I mentioned before in regards to the magnetics. So they're both in the chat room now. Brian, sorry to interrupt.

Brian: No, I was done. (giggle) I’ll pass the (inaudible) to Chris. Go ahead Chris.

Chris: Yeah, just wanted to point out what Heather said a minute or two ago, because she might've missed it. She said what's being provided is a value system, which will be operated at an energetic level. Now I don't know what that looks like yet, because it's not quite here yet, but we will soon. But she also said if we need it, tools will be available and representation will be available. That is some means, if you need to, of converting it into some current form of currency to deal with a specific problem you have. That's the way I'm interpreting it. Now please correct me if I don't have that right Heather, but the bottom line is that within days we will see something completely new appearing on this planet. What does days mean? Well, it could mean a week; it could mean 10 days, but very soon. Sorry to be vague, folks.

Lisa: What do you feel? What do you think you mean by “something very different”?

Chris: I'm actually not sure. Something energetically based is something that I haven't experienced before. That's why I can't comment on it. I don't actually know that will look like or how it will operate. It may just get down to a knowing of one's value, but I don't know how the interaction or interchange takes place, because that particular piece of technology is not in front of me yet.

Lisa: The comment that keeps coming up is 'It's all good and well for me to have my value, but I can't go to an airline and get the guy on the counter to give me a ticket somewhere based on my value.' They're not getting how that can be a transference mechanism or...

Chris: Well, what you're talking about is that’s old system. That's where the tools and representations will still have to play for a time until we essentially move over entirely into the new system. Now if Heather wants to expound on exactly what tools can be provided. One of the things comes to mind is that promissory notes are one thing. A digital interface is one thing. The sorts of things we've been discussing over the last couple of, all of those things. They are means of converting value to currency. Now you need to make a note people, we are the only holders on this planet of value at this point in time. If we keep transferring our value into the old system, we will keep it alive. So it's not something I would pursue, but I also understand if you've got a problem you've got to solve, then you’ve gotta solve it.

Lisa: Again, what I'm getting overwhelmingly is that the people want tools. They want a representation that they can take and give to someone else in exchange. They want that. From where they're standing, right here right now, that's what they want. I think what Chris and the rest of us are trying to say is that we believe we're smack in the middle of some kind of energetic shift. We don't know what it looks like and how it's going to play out or what from the other side of this. But when we are on the other side of it, you may not feel the same way about having a representation. I think that's all we're saying.

Bob: I don't even know if that’s what it is that they want Lisa or is to be left alone.

Lisa: For those in the chat room at least.

Bob: Is to be left alone. They want the bill collectors to stop. They don't want to have to pay their mortgage. They don't want to have to pay...if the powers-that-were...

Lisa: (inaudible) not needing that Bob. They want to be able to go and travel. They want to be able to buy a house, if they haven't got one. They want to be able to buy a car or...

Brian: But I think what we're saying is what if people had the ability to do all those things we're talking about and didn't require...

Bob: Exactly.

Lisa: I know, that's what I'm saying. From where they're standing, right here right now.

Brian: Yeah, but that has the ability of changing. An analogy I like to think of is great. I didn’t create this. Somebody said that we use 10% of our brains. What if all of a sudden we had 100% access to our brains and that would give us the ability our brains a much clearer connection to our hearts. An idea paint a picture just as an illustration of what that might look and feel like, is an upgrade. It’s a paradigm shift. It’s a total game changer. Money...

Bob: You know what I thought of, right when you were saying that Brian? What if? What if there was...I’m just using my imagination here. What if there was some sort of machine that you can stick your hand on and that you can literally flow energy through and that it will create whatever it is that you need?

(affirmative responses from all)

Thomas: Let me go a step beyond tat. What if everyone comes to the realization that the body that they’re living in IS the technology, IS the true technology and always has been and always will be. What if people realize that their body can teleport instantly to another place on the planet? Because it comes from the planet, all you have to do is talk to the planet and instantly you're there. What if people realize that? I'm gonna say something right now at this moment and forgive me for standing on a soapbox, but I gotta say this and it’s going to irritate some people. But it was explained to me, is that people simply don't have the imagination to make it through this. They don't have the imagination. If that pisses people off in the chat room, I hope it does. Because...

Lisa: (laughs) Yeah it does.

Thomas: I hope it does, because maybe it’ll get them to start asking questions. Maybe it'll start them to get to looking at things that they consider crazy in a new way.

Bob: People believe so strongly, they believe SO strongly in their limitations. Just as much as they believe so strongly in  evil. They look for it. (laughs) I don't know how to stop people from looking for reasons why things won't work. They’re looking for evil. Looking for limitation and you'll surely find it. I'm not even going into tapping into our own biotechnology, but there has been external technology that can do those things. There is nothing external that can be made that did not come from internal. There is no technology outside of your self that you cannot do within yourself. If people start to realize that and stop believing in their limitations and start opening themselves up to the possibilities...

Lisa: I can't even keep up with the chat room now. It's going too fast. I can't read anything.

Thomas: Apparently I pissed some people off Lisa.

(general laughter)

Lisa: I should think perhaps we all have. Who knows? (general laughter) There are people in  there just saying we should all just shut up and let Heather talk. Apparently they want two hours of nonstop Heather.

Thomas: Oh well, Heather gets the spotlights often enough, so we're giving her a break right now. Aren’t we Heather?

(keyboard noise)

Thomas: See! She’s on break. I’m telling you. She’s on break. Okay?

D: She's off visiting all the other chat rooms. She's bouncing all over Syype at the moment.

(general laughter)

Thomas: There you go.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Guys, I know what I'm trying to say. I think we’re all on the same page while we’re saying this is that what you think you want right now is coming from your perspective. We actually think that everybody's perspective is about to change. I have no idea what it looks like on the other side.

Thomas: I want to say something else about this. I want to say something else. It was explained to me, in all the myriad factions, it was explained to me because what we sense through our five senses, we call reality. What was explained to me is that the most addictive drug in the entire cosmos is called reality. Now wrap your heads around that one. Hello!

Lisa: Listen, I did just see a comment in the chat room about a 70-year-old has gone to jail for not paying their taxes or something. You do have a tool you can use. We've got the Courtesy Notice. Start using it. That is a tool that you can use in just about any and all situations. There’s five different ones out there; versions of it to do deal with different situations. So, if you haven’t used one yet in that circumstance, then start. If you have used one, then start with the invoicing. Take it to the next step. Take it to the next step. They have no right as we all know to incarcerate a 70-year-old person for not paying tax! Tax! Did I say that with enough venom? Tax! (general laughter) So we've got tools; use them.

Bob: You’ve got to force the issue. Ask the questions. Number one, prove to me that the government that you’re enforcing is not a corporation. Number two, show me how that said corporation has any authority over me without my consent. Thirdly, that that said corporation has not been foreclosed as of December 10th. Ask those questions and demand an answer. When they keep trying to divert you, ‘this law and this corp’ and blah blah blah. No, no, no, no, no, no! Get back to the real issue, ‘Are you a corporation or not? And what you have to do with me?”

Thomas: Just a point of humor, because I love throwing humor in and I really feel like this show needs a touch of humor. (general laughter) You were asking if you said tax with enough venom. I want to say this. You almost said it with as much venom, as one word that all women all over the planet say and none of us men ever know exactly what's behind that word and that's why it scares the living hell out of us and that word is “Fine!”

Lisa: Fine! I knew you were going to say that. (general laughter) I’m fine! Yes. (general laughter) I can actually say that with more venom actually. (general laughter) Okay guys, I'm going to try to bring somebody else out. I think our...”eternal heart exercise, OPPT was our eternal heart exercise. Now the heart’s pumping”. Exactly! Love it! Heather just typed in that “OPPT was an eternal heart exercise and now all hearts are pumping”.  Brilliant. I love it. Someone asked me, if there was somebody in the queue or a particular number in the queue?

Brian: Oh, 714?

Lisa: Yeah, who is it?

Brian: That’s Katrina; she’s OPPT Orange County. She's awesome.

Lisa: I'll see if I can find her again. Oh yes, hang on, I can see one. No, that's not it.

Brian: I wanted her to share what her plan is for tomorrow night for the Equinox.

Lisa: Katrina, are you there? (silence) I've got a 714 unmuted. (silence)

Brian: Katrina?

Lisa: Katrina? (silence) It’s not. There's another one.

Caller: I'm here.

Lisa: Katrina, are you there?

Katrina (caller): I'm here.

Lisa: Oh, lovely.

Katrina (caller): Can you hear me?

Brian: Yep. Hi Katrina.

Katrina (caller): Okay guys! I love you all so much. I love that this...I’ve always known that this is an eternal heart exercise. (laughs) (general laughter) This is so marvelous. So what we're doing tomorrow night at sunset, the crack between the worlds, one of the most potent alchemy times to do energy, is we are going to stand at the sunset offering the rose petals of our hearts to the Divine Mother’s oceans and we are going to read the document that was filed.

(background voices)

Brian: So she was breaking up a little bit, but she said at sunset on the coast in Orange County they're going to go out there...OPPT Orange County group and they're going to read the document, that last filing, to celebrate the Equinox.

(lots of background noise)

Lisa: So if you're in the area and want to join in, go look.
(lots of background noise and talk over)

Katrina (caller): We’re going to be at Corona Delmar Park; Corona Delmar Beach.

Brian: Corona Delmar Beach in in Orange County, any southern Californians.

(lots of background noise)

(unknown caller): I don't know if you've heard about the magnetic bracelets that everyone’s wearing? Well we have one, you know to help the benefits... 

(loud background voices)

Katrina (caller): Is somebody asking a question? Are we getting two lines here?

Lisa: Yeah, I think they might have. We do have two lines open and I can't figure out which one you are.

(background noise)

Katrina (caller): I know, yeah somebody else is asking a question. I wanted to add something. This is so important and I know that this is why the energy is being crazy right now.It’s talking about the...Brian, does it feel right to say something about the grid I was talking about?

Brian: Yeah. I don't know how much time you're gonna have, but if you want to throw it out there by all means do so.

Katrina (caller): Oaky, can you hear me? Or do I need to change headsets?

Brian: We can hear you.

Katrina (caller): Okay. Here's the thing is that this is one of these really big game-changers possibility. Now, I've been going back and forth because I know about article number V. It’s  saying “all limitations have been taken off”.  So I would like input. I keep checking with my guides. I keep checking the energy fields. I keep getting that No, that this one hasn’t been taken off. What it is is that there is an unauthentic or a false chakra system over our energy fields over our body. I have already dismantled the one off of my body. This was actually posted on KP’s blog, through that George Kavasillas video. Actually I found the link through that. It’s called “The Secret Behind the Chakras”. It’s in the body of that blog.

(lot of background conversation noise)

Brian: Hey Katrina, we’re losing you a little bit. Let's connect after the call there tomorrow. I'll link you in and we can share what you come up with.

Bob: Somebody asked in the chat if the hosts are paying bills and utilities. This is what I can say. I can't speak for everybody else. As far as taxes is concerned, I have not paid taxes since I don't know 2004. As far as bills and things are concerned, the government puts money in my account every month and they take money out. When there's no more money, I don't worry about anything. (general laughter) They don't get anything more than what's in there. They don't take anything out. Does that mean that sometimes the utility they doesn't get paid? Yes, sometimes a utility bill doesn't get paid. This may not be everyone else's experiences but...and if you want I will post it, I will post the letter just so people believe me...I get forgiveness letters from the utility company.

Lisa: You get what?

Bob: Forgiveness letters.

Lisa: They let your bills go.

Bob: Yeah. I'm looking at one right now and the letter says “We have forgiven a shortfall of the $137 this month under our Customer Assistance Program.” So they just write it off.

Lisa: Is that something you signed up for? The Customer Assistance Program? Or do they just do it?

Bob: I don't sign up for anything. I guess my caseworker does whatever. I just don't worry about anything. There's always enough food. My power has never gone off. I always have weed to smoke. I’m happy.

(general snickering)

Lisa: Everything you need it just turns up when you need it.

Bob: Everything I need when I need it. I am not the richest person in the world by no means. I have probably everything that I own as far as clothes can fit in one bag. I have my computer, my phone, my printer, and my wheelchair.

Lisa: You're good to go.

Brian: And you're good to go. (laughs)

Lisa: Have wheelchair, will travel. (laughs)

(general laughter)

Brian: I asked Bob, I had some big news to share the other day. I said 'all right, are you sitting down?' (laughs) and he said 'oh yeah.'

(laughter all around)

Brian: Good one Bob. (Laughs)

Thomas: Oh, you have a wheelchair too? I didn't know that. Mine has a joystick.

(laughter all around)

Bob: I have a joystick. I have a manual one and I have an electronic one. Both of them are metallic blue.

(general laughter)

Thomas: Hey, mine is royal blue. And it does 7 1/2 mph, so people have to jog to keep up with me.

Lisa: Hey, Speedy Gonzalez.

(general laughter)

Bob: Mine does 15, so ha! (chuckle)

Thomas: Well I was thinking about when the warranty goes away, I was thinking about attaching two chainsaw motors, one on each wheel, to see if I can get up to 80 or 90 miles an hour. (chuckle)

Lisa: Well, then you’ll be dangerous. Watch out if you're in Texas. Alright guys, I was just trying very hard to monitor the chat room, but it's just going by far too fast. So let's bring out another caller. We've got area code 757. 757?

Caller: Hello.

Lisa: Hello.

Caller: Hi.

Lisa: Hi. What was your name??

Caller: This is Soverin(?). I want to say absolute love, absolute peace, absolute light.

Lisa: Thank you, right back at ya.

Soverin(?): This is truly been an eye-opening experience dealing with the OPPT. The movement all around it. right now the atmosphere is vibrating so high. It's truly a peaceful moment. Just listening to the chat is there’s so much things going on around all around the universe. There's people at different levels in their ascension right now. What needs to be understand is that everybody is different paths along on their ascension. We need to show compassion to each and everyone out there. Understand that no question is a stupid question. No way that someone is still wrong because people have been dumbed down. People have been battered down and enslaved. There’s just countless ways to say what truly happens to people out there. To know what happened yesterday with the filings and eternal essence embodied, key to the (inaudible) power. It was a beautiful feeling when I read it. I said 'Wow! I want to feel that', unbeknownst to me within seconds I was feeling that. So, I don't know what's coming in the days to come. I just wanna know that it's going to be something positive that comes. One of the things that’s concerning me is the mixed messages that people are gonna be burning up after tomorrow, if they don't stop meditating and elevating and ascension. I just want to know what you all thoughts on those.

Lisa: Oh, I don't think so.

Brian: Absolutely not. Ab-so-lutely not. It's funny, D and I we talking about this all the time. D, what do you got 12 kids now? Or is it 11?

D: Very funny. Very, very funny. Hahaha. Between me, Heather, Lisa and Nicole, we have 19 kids.

Thomas: Oooh! Baby factories.

(general laughter)

Brian: Yeah.

D: And you know, we're not busy enough.

(general laughter)

Brian: It's a little bit easier for a guy like me with no kids and currently no job to find time to meditate. Is it going to make or break you if you meditate? No, absolutely not. Absolutely not. Some people like to go on walks. Some people like to go on hikes. Some people don't like to spend any time in solitude or quiet whatsoever. They like to keep busy. To each their own. There's no wrong way. There's only your way. We each have our own way. There's all the different aspects that will all lead to ultimately the same place.

Lisa: Yeah, honestly I've always been a little bit wary of someone who says you must do this practice and you must do it this way in order to ascend. There's a right way and a wrong way. That's always made me kind of cringe to be honest.

Bob: Well Lisa, you have to chew all of your food on the right side 33 times then on the left side 33 times. You’ve gotta sit in a certain position and eat only Mung beans for at least...

(general laughter)

Lisa: You gotta activate your Merkabah(?) exactly this way. Otherwise you're activating the wrong Merkabah(?) and then you gotta and then you know that it's this color and it's this shade of blue instead of that shade of blue and 'oh my God'. Excuse me.

(general laughter)

D: When I first started waking up to all of that, I was just like 'are you kidding me?’ I can't meditate. I can't be normal to save my life. My brains never shut up. Find that quiet place; that quiet place doesn't exist for me.

(general laughter)

Lisa: When you've got four kids, it's like even if you found it you'd get interrupted. So don't worry about it doing it.

D: I've always said I'd love to have one day, just one day...

Bob: I just want to add another thing. I just want say just about everybody on the panel, except for maybe a couple of us, we all smoke cigarettes. So there.

(general laughter)

Thomas: Are you kidding? I smoke a pipe and cigars to. Are you kidding?

(general laughter)         (All talking at once)

Brian: I don't like where this is going.

(general laughter)

Brian: This is a slippery slope; this conversation where this is headed.

Thomas: I just want to point out something out about meditation that nobody's ever thought about or ever realizes. When you're watching television, you're meditating because you're not thinking. You’re still. You're sitting there watching the television and you're meditating. Because you have no stray or random thoughts come through your mind until a commercial comes on. When you go to the movies, you're meditating. When you go to church, you're meditating. How many people have you seen falling asleep in church, because they’re meditating so hard they knock themselves out?

(general laughter)

Lisa: Yeah, that’s what you call it when you go to sleep in church. (laughs) Well look, I feel that sometimes I'm a complete contradiction or I’m just all-inclusive. Because I get up in the morning, I do my fresh juices and do my oil pulling and I’ll do the rights(?) and the day starts off amazing and I end the day with my glass of red and some organic tobacco. So I'm all over the shop.

Bob: I bet you drink those juices right when you need to. You eat whatever foods you have a craving for. Right when you're supposed to. Right when your body needs, whenever it needs. You really gotta start to relax about a lot of these things, because only when you're relaxed can you really just BE. Just do what makes you happy. As long as you're in a good mood and you're in a good frame of mind, if that means eating a ham sandwich, then do that. Whatever it is that makes you feel good, do that. As long as you're not hurting anyone, don't worry about it.

Lisa: Yeah, someone just put in the chat room, 'Is there any OPPT updates?' I would have to say please go listen to yesterday's show and that was the update.

Heather: Actually, there is one clarification.

Lisa: Okay.

Heather: Everyone was...and I just got this again from Aaron and Jason...if everyone, if OPPT is supposedly retired or reconciled then the Courtesy Notices, all the OPPT filings, the UCC, are they no longer good? Here's what I can say. The commercial registry along with the Akashic records and everything else has been reconciled into eternal records. (inaudible) and not (loud voice in background) They’re still there and they're still good. It doesn't mean that all the filings are gone; that they no longer have any value. They are still there; they're reconciled into absolute records. Okay?

Thomas: That only leaves one question in the entire universe at this point. It really does. And that question is about atheists. Atheists that don't believe in God or anything like that. The question is what exactly is that that they holler out when they have an orgasm?

(general laughter)

Lisa: You always take the conversation in strange directions, Thomas.

(general laughter)

Bob: Well Thomas, I just have to say that all these people, they're all going to hell and everybody knows that.

(general laughter)

Bob: I'm just kidding...just kidding.

(general laughter) (talk over)

Caller: Hi guys. Can you guys hear me?

(Several saying “Yes Deva”)

Thomas: No! No, we can't hear you. (Thomas making a wind blowing noise) that Hurricane Katrina came through. (Thomas making wind blowing noise) I can't hear you. Sorry.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Can hear you luv... just, but can hear you.

Deva (caller): So you can hear me okay?

Thomas: Yeess.

Lisa: Yeess.

Deva (caller): Okay good, because like Thomas, that was the piece that I really needed to respond to.

Thomas: Oh, okay.

Deva (caller): The piece about the cosmic orgasm.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Oh, it's the cosmic orgasm. Okay.

Deva (caller): I'm trying really hard right now to write an article that is called “Cosmic Oneness is a Psychedelic Thing”.

(general laughter)

Deva (caller): It's really an incredible experience. There are no words, as you guys have all so beautifully summarized. Everyone is so amazingly embodying the fact that we are eternal essence embodied in eternal presence. When we begin to interact with those Source codes, so these source codes are these higher energetic frequencies, what begins to happen in our bodies, it's an internal experience and we begin to lift up. We begin to embody these super powers that you see in “The Incredibles” and these fun things that the kids still remember you can do. Guess what? That's happening now. It's an inward experience. So Brian, I totally resonate with what you just said. The experiences that I've been having and have been having for some time are as we were talking before. It's kind of hard to fathom what this shift in consciousness and shift experience to be from our present perspective. But as we begin to embody these things and have these experiences and I can share some of the things that I'm having at this present moment. Anybody interested?

(All saying yes, absolutely, etc.)

Deva (caller): Okay. One of the things that's been happening is aging begins to reverse. People begin to look at you with this face of like 'How can that be happening?' You can begin to look at yourself and wonder the same thing. You're looking in the mirror and you're going 'Wow! I look like five years younger right now.' Maybe a couple weeks later you look 10 years younger. Maybe a couple weeks later after that time becomes insignificant, so forget about that. So there's all of these manifestations. Things like I've had the experience of levitation, where your body lifts up. I know, is that hard to imagine?

Lisa: Really? Well I used to, about 10 years ago, I used to try and do that.

Deva (caller): And we can do it. We can do it. We can begin to focus on objects. Go into your heart space and begin to see or imagine or feel your connection with that object. Then watch that object move.

Bob: I've experienced that. I've experienced telekinesis and I've experienced telepathy.

Deva (caller): Awesome! And how about has anyone jumped timelines??

Lisa: Well, I experienced something that I wasn't sure whether that was the answer or not. It did occur to me as a possibility that I’d jumped a timeline.

Bob: There was one thing I wanted to mention, Deva, about what you said about eternal presence. I was going through Gregg Braden's material again, in particular “The God Code”. In “The God Code”, they literally have been able to take the DNA apart and look at it. They've noticed that there are certain patterns that they can trace certain ancient languages through these patterns. Literally these patterns start to spell out words and the words start to make sentences and the sentences make sense. On the first layer of DNA, the DNA of every living thing that they've looked at so far, it all starts with the same sentence: “God eternal within the body”.

Lisa: Oh ho ho ho ho! Seriously?

Brian: Yep, I read that. That's true.

Thomas: God eternal within the body.

D: I just got a very serious body shiver from the top of my head right to my toes when you said that.

Deva (caller): And D, that's a perfect example of how this essence communicates with us. It's within, so that messaging is coming within us and then we're integrating that. So what's happening right now is called a period of divine human upgrade or you can call it we are becoming physical angels.

Lisa: Someone just asked me if I will clarify what I was referring to when it came to what I experienced that I thought might have been a timeline jump. It was actually back at the end of 2011, though, so it's not recent. It was when I woke up one morning...I think I've mentioned this many times on this show. That in 2011, it just seemed, globally it seemed like fear. It was like  time for us to all shake off and face our fear. All that stuff. I’d put myself in one situation after another where I was confronted with fear, all year. It just kept hitting me in the face. I kept having to process through it. Then I literally woke up one morning at the beginning of September 2011, I felt the whole thing had shifted. I felt the split; I felt a split in the collective. I felt that I was no longer on this fear timeline, that I'd shifted timelines. That was the first thing that occurred to me. Nothing else seemed to be different. Nothing else seemed to have changed. It was just my feeling about the collective and where we were going. It's like I went to bed one night and it felt like we were on a negative and heading for a bad place. When I woke up the next day, it had all changed. The timelines was one of the things that I thought of.

Thomas: I want to...I know I'm jumping in again and you're all cringing at the moment, I can feel it.

(general laughter)

Brian: Before you jump in, I gotta jump out. I love all you guys. Everybody in the chat room. Everybody in the call. Gotta go be a Reiki angel for yoga classes this evening for my girlfriend Brittany. So love you guys, talk to you tomorrow. Good night.

(All telling Brian goodbye)

Thomas: I’m going to put a link here in the Skype chat and please share it in the chat room. This is a neurosurgeon. Anybody who knows neurologists and what they do, they work with the brain and the human human body and all the things that it does in the human body. This man went through a near-death experience, Dr. Eben Alexander. He was in a coma for seven days. He brought back years worth of memories while he was in a coma for seven days. He's proving scientifically that there's no way he could bring those memories back to the body or that he was hallucinating, because they have medical records showing that his brain cortex, you know where the brain attaches to the spinal column, was clinically dead. There was no activity in the brain whatsoever. So there was no reason why he should have all these memories. But he was showing...

Lisa: I did see that.

Thomas: Well, that's one of his recent interviews. So you can share that link in the chat room there. I encourage everyone to listen to it, because he says it. Oh god, I loved listening to that interview, because he says the very thing that I've been trying to wrap my head around where they said reverse it. Everything you call reality, call it imagination. Everything you call imagination, call it a reality. He said it right in the interview. He said, "There's many things over there that are more real than anything we're dealing with here right now." So he validated it... more real.

Lisa: Yeah, it's a great interview. I'll put that link in for everyone and I'll do it again. Here you go. You hit the link if you want to watch the interview; it's fascinating. It's always great when somebody from the medical field who was a complete cynic has an experience like that themselves. A lot of people give that a lot of weight as opposed to being somebody without those credentials. It was a fascinating interview. It was great, so thank you for reminding me of it.

Thomas: Well, did you catch it on my Facebook page?

Lisa: I don't know. I don't know who shared it with me?

Thomas: I don't know.

Lisa: I doubt it was Facebook, I hardly have the time to go there anymore.

Thomas: Oh well, there you have it. I was going to call you a snake. You’re a snake!

Lisa: (laughs)

D: I posted an article about it a few months ago I think, on RTS.

Lisa: Actually someone just skyped me saying “Does that mean that this show is now being called "The Collective Reality"?

(general laughter)

Lisa: Yeah, that's probably not a bad idea. (laughs)

Chris: Yes.

D: Like it.

Lisa: We used our imagination to create this reality. If you listen to the intro, the intro talks about... and this goes back to what we were talking about before, is that we are the technology. Our imagination is the technology. Our bodies are the technology, in and of themselves. I do believe that we all put our collective intent into creating the reality we're currently experiencing and here we are.

Thomas: Let me say it this way Lisa. The evidence is right there, because even science calls the human body a bio-mechanical machine. So, if you need any more evidence, just look at your own science, your beloved holy science, that calls the human body a bio-mechanical machine.

Lisa: It's the technology, baby. (laughs)

Deva (caller): The thing is, with his technology, is that now the time has come where we can program our computer as we choose.

Lisa: Yay! It's like being installed with a program from (inaudible)

Deva (caller):’s inside. It's inside us. This consciousness expansion is giving us access points to these amazing, what we formerly called super powers that are going to very shortly become commonplace. That process is now underway, so there's very active physical upgrading in process right now. We are birthing to be a new species. As this potential just absolutely bursts forth, it's just fractal upon fractal and here's this cosmic orgasm piece again that you were talking about Thomas. I'm personally having bouts of bliss throughout my body where it's really hard to concentrate sometimes. It's like 'how do you get any work done?'

(general laughter)

Thomas: Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about. Right now I'm looking for lyric or songwriters to rewrite an old song from a group called Heart, if anybody remembers that band Heart?

Heather: Oh yeah.

Thomas: Okay, the lyrics that I'm trying to figure out from this song to reword it and rewrite it and replay it. Let me just sing a little touch of this before we go into any...and hold to your opinion too, okay? (singing) "deep in the night...trying to sleep in bed...Heather Tucci".

(laughter all around)

Lisa: Oh sure, she’s (inaudible).

Deva (caller): I just wanted to share one more thing. So, has anyone been having connection with our galactic cousins?

Lisa: Via an intermediary, but yes.

Deva (caller): This is a soon-to-be also event and it’s relative to, from what I'm understanding the level of consciousness that we are at, so that we are able to embody the eternal presence that we become more accessible to contact, to exchange (loud background noise) There's a potential that we can begin to have a relationship. What our galactic cousins are requesting of us is that we are as fully as possible able to embody the truth of our own sovereignty; that fullness of the expression of our own eternal essence presence.

Lisa: Someone's asking you for tips on embodying this new energy.

Deva (caller): Saying what?

Lisa: Someone's asking for tips on how to embody this energy.

Deva (caller): Okay, well there is a meditation that actually Heather shared with us, which I've been utilizing this. You know how there's this one where you connect with your heart space and you open your heart space, and you beam out that energy out everywhere. You know that one? 

Lisa: (affirmative response)

Deva (caller): So rather than beaming it out everywhere else, take it and redirect it inside within your own being. Circulate it throughout your pores. Circulate it through every absolute cellular structure and then...

Lisa: So let your light to come out from say your...I do it from my chest, like from my solar plexus and then loop it back in?

Deva (caller): Take it back in, okay?

Lisa: Okay.

Deva (caller): See what happens (laughs) and buckle up. (laughs)

Lisa: And what? Buckle up, okay. (laughs)

Deva (caller): Yes. (laughs)

Lisa: Okay, I've been doing that since George Kavasillas talked about it, not to draw that light in from an external source. Just to be full of your own light. Just to bring that out.

Thomas: I think at this point it's a perfect time to submit a name change from this show from The Collective Imagination to "Devalution".

(general laughter)

Deva (caller): And here's to looking in the cosmic mirror. Back at ya.

Lisa: Yeah, back at ya, okay. Well, we've only got a few minutes left, so Deva, was there anything else you wanted to share?

Deva (caller): I just wanted to say that there's an analogy or picture of a fan. Just one of those fans when it's at rest and you can see all the blades. As  we turn that fan on, the blades become more and more and more blurred as the fan speeds up. That's what's happening to our energy fields at this moment.

Lisa: (affirmative response) Okay, nice. Nice. All right, D, was there anything else you wanted to say before we spun off?

D: No, I think it's pretty much summed up. I just want to wish everyone an awesome, awesome evening,

Lisa: Okay, lovely. Thank you. Thomas, a quick goodbye from you?

Thomas: Sure. Work on the song lyrics for me, okay? It’s important.

Lisa: Okay, will do. Chris?

Chris: Yes. Have a great evening and a great rest of the week too everybody. Watch this space. Think about your own value and what you really represent.

Lisa: Lovely. Bob?

Bob: What I would say is keep your imagination wide open. Don't eliminate any possibilities.  Think big. Dream big.

(general laughter)

Lisa: And Heather?

Heather: Just that I love you. It’s been a wild ride. I look forward to the next.

Lisa: Thank you. We all love you too. Okay, quick announcement. We do have a new show starting this weekend. I think it's on the weekend. Hosted by a lovely young guy from Melbourne...Emelio. It will be a youth-directed program called "The Remembering", I think it's called. So he's gonna be on there trying to talk to and represent the youth who are completely awake, who know what's going on, giving them a space. So, if you've got people 25 and under, or even 30 and under, who might be interested in tuning into that show, log on to blogtalk's 5D media channel and have a look at what's coming up. Even the young teenagers too, because oh my god, the stuff they know is awesome. So let's give them the space to share it. They don’t want to tune in and listen to us old folks. Thank you everyone for joining us again this week. Who knows where we'll be next week. (general laughter) and where we’ll be sitting and how we'll be feeling or what we'll be looking like (laughs), so see you then. (general laughter) Bye for now.

(All saying goodbye)

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