Friday 1 March 2013

Global Fact Radio Feb 21- Transcription

Global Fact Radio
Thursday, February 21, 2013
with special guests Heather Tucci-Jarraf and Deryl Zeleny

Note: Please be aware that this particular radio show had significant audio problems and was unable to be transcribed in its entirety. Therefore, a decision was made to transcribe only the segments of the show where Heather was speaking.

RTS/OPPT Transcription Team

Heather: I am here, Tony. Hi. My whole internet system, since December 25th, has been a little up and down.

Tony (host): Well, that's technology for you, isn't it?

Heather: Oh, yeah.

Tony (host): We need you to implement this whole process so we can get our hands on all this new technology that's out there that's been suppressed.

Heather: Yeah and funny enough, they're playing with that right now. So, there's a little communication issue. Other than that, yes, all that stuff will be coming out.

Tony (host): So, Heather, there are a lot of people talking about OPPT for quite some time now. It's become a hot topic. However, when I was preparing for the show tonight, I did notice people were talking in chat rooms. Some were saying that they're not very well-versed in what the OPPT is, I guess. They're hearing hype about it. They're hearing about it all over the place, but they don't know exactly what it is. For a couple of minutes, can you tell us what OPPT is for those new listeners?

Heather: OPPT is a tool that has been set from beginning. It was preserved and protected. 1776 was a large piece of it. Not even just in America, but for the whole entire global setting and universal setting as the Absolute Data comes out. Essentially, it's a trust underneath the chest(?) of creation. You have the two parties get together and they decide to share something, or exchange something, before a contract is in dimension. It's a trust situation there. The contract is just an implementation tool of that trust.

So, OPPT, in this particular instance I was talking about, the job of OPPT, the purpose of OPPT at this time, is to go in ... (inaudible) ... preserve and protect all the people and all the value and Earth; the lands, air and seas. Because you know with new land and all that, (inaudible) needs to be secured: the lands, the air, and the seas. UN was pushing all their "governments", the corporations operating under the guise of government, to sign over ownership rights and title to all the seas. Through a series of (inaudible) just going back to actual ownership, if someone creates something, they're known on it. So, this particular case, you take it all the way back to Source or some refer to as God, Allah, Yahweh, Father. In doing so and declare that everyone BE, anything that is illegal and unlawfully touching what they don't own, collapses as a result.

So, the OPPT successfully completed that task, securing everything, registering everything within the system of law called public policy, or public law, that these guys were operating under, which is commerce law. At that moment then, after everything was secured and preserved, it was a matter of OPPT now has to go in and the guys behind the curtain, the powers-that-were, you have to go back and you have to put them in position where they're stopped from damaging anything within that trust. In the meantime, also, one thing that Caleb, Randall and I had discussed was, absolutely under no circumstances would that value (inaudible) diminish, but not only that, for us to go in and make choices as trustee over any of that (inaudible) or any of the BE'ings, would have been a violation of the free will. At that point, we knew and were committed to first go in and securing everything, then going in and making sure the powers-that-were couldn't (inaudible) any more damage, at least in the cutting off of the spigot of energy. Then going out and notifying the people, here's the situation and working with them to get all the Absolute Data on the table, so that informed decisions could be made; informed choices could be made. That's where things are now.

Tony (host): That sounds great. I have somebody asking in the chat room here, who is actually the owner of this Trust?

Heather: The way that it's been secured, is the way that it naturally happened. Source creates whatever you see. At that point, it's between your (inaudible) and Source. The only person you answer to is your Creator. That's when we kept it prime and it crested(?) into a spot where you get to make your choices. How you want to be responsible. How you want to delegate your responsibility. 

Tony (host): So, basically, what you’re saying is this trust basically renders all seven billion people on the planet as equals and each one owns a share in this trust. Now, did you work out what that dollar figure would be? Because I'm sure if you foreclose on the corporation, you seize all their assets, so is there a figure that you worked out of the value of each person?

Heather: When we went in to weigh the situation, Randall has some experience working on certain accounts all with certain finance and banking (inaudible), 25 plus years. My experience was working with these accounts that had trillions of dollars, hundreds of trillions of dollars, in it. To go in, I had to weigh the situation, what do you set this at? They got (inaudible) way more than 10 billion for each and every person on the planet. However, the number needs to be set at something that would rehabilitate the powers-that-were, freeze up all the accounts and in a way that it attached to the very vacuum that they were claiming was theirs, that they were going to state they're changing their system to (inaudible) multiple configurations(?).  

However, this is the fun part. For instance, in the Constitution, there is an Article and a section where they state everything is in a lawful money in the United States is gold and silver. The Federal Reserve, when they took on the contract, that wasn't already in place. So, when they took on that contract, they knew (inaudible) gold and silver. Every currency since 1934 and the restructuring for everything is underneath the Bank for International Settlements. Every bank on the planet is a member of the Bank for International Settlements through memberships to the Central Bank. Their currency is backed, essentially, by a dollar being in their vaults. They can't touch it. So, with the euro, the euro's legal definition is a dollar in a European bank; a U.S. dollar in a European bank. That gives them the backing to go and cut euros. So, by them having their currency tied to (inaudible) the way they did, they also agreed to pay debt in gold and silver. So that's how the nexus of the payment and the debt in paid in actual gold and silver was tied, and able to be tied, without the entire part. That number was to go in and make sure that they had nothing to work with and yet, at the same time, all the people had at least a fraction of what was owed to them. There's way more than 10 billion owed to every person on the planet, except for the powers-that-were that actually perpetrated the (inaudible).   

Tony (host): Regarding that amount, I remember seeing a message earlier today regarding these monies. Someone was asking how does someone claim those monies?

Heather: Well, the money's already been claimed, so we're at collection. This goes back to what I was telling you about, the purpose of the OPPT and its first (inaudible) was to secure. Then from there it was to preserve and protect. Now, it's (inaudible) at the possession stage. The problem is, is that a lot of people don't understand who really has the power (inaudible) cooperate(?). They think the powers-that-were, under the (inaudible) they kind of see now, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bush, the Asian families ...(inaudible)... these investigation stages you see all based behind whatever bad (inaudible) comes down the road.

Tony (host): I'm not sure people are not aware of who has the power. I think every person who has half a brain knows that we are supposed to be the ones in power and governments are supposed to answer to us. Where I think the problem is these people believe they're powerless, because they own all the guns. They own the Army. They own the police. If they were going to confront them and say "Hey, you're a public servant. You're supposed to answer to me.", they're going to be thrown in jail. You can't say it hasn't happened. So, moving on to the enforcement, how are you and the other two trustees going to enforce this?

Heather: Well, the powers-that-were...the people that are in charge of the money, the public wealth, the value...yes, it is the people. That's why BE'ing and DO'ing is so important. It's key in the enforcement process. However, the powers-that-were owning the guns and all that, those are just the brokers. There's a whole set of Elders and the trust that you see, there are actually those that are as old as the Elders, if not older, who are actually the ones behind the curtain. It's not Rockefellers, it's not Rothschilds, it's not any of those guys. Understanding the mechanisms that those particular Elders, (inaudible) they call themselves Divines, that they work with, are something that most people hear and not fathom in the public arena. It is a very real part of banking and military.

If you look at the enforcement, the (inaudible) actually enforcing it, through what they actually are using, that's why they're (inaudible) from the other side. Right now, so far at least, it was at four or five as of Tuesday. It's more like five or six now, as far as attempts to go in and institute a ruse(?) of  interim government, a new financial system which is still backed by the same powers-that-were that had the old one. The people, by their BE'ing and DO'ing and the Public Trust were able to stop all of those (inaudible) it's behind the curtain. Now it's time for all this stuff to come forward and be (inaudible) and have them on the street, in a non-violent way.

Tony (host): Here's the thing, When do you project all this will come into full force, where the mainstream media will be talking about it or become general knowledge that this all happened? There are seven billion souls on the planet. Unless they’re all aware of the power they have in their hands right now, nothing is going to be done about it. How are you going to educate seven billion people?

Heather: That is happening right now, all over. There's a combination of things like what you're doing, Tony; bloggers, community activists, people like Deryl, but there's also overseas, within the tribes themselves, they never had the (inaudible) that a lot of these groups have. You saw a lot of them working in 2008, 2009, 2011...the Ecuador situation...they are in Cameron, Judith(?) Cameron. You have a lot of people working from a lot of different angles and right now, all those different angles are nexuses out into transparency. It's not something that is a strategy, where you go in and just (inaudible). This is one part that you see. There are many in Hollywood. There's many in the mainstream media that have been waiting for a certain momentum to build. I consulted with people in mainstream media throughout 2008 to 2011. One of the issues is they can't bring this stuff out. With (inaudible) firings(?) that have happened in between then and now, although they were given a spin(?) to understanding in an Absolute contact(?) wasn't possible. After that Absolute Data will be coming out and you'll be able to see exactly who has been working to get all this out, from every industry possible that you can imagine.

Tony (host): I'm wondering if there's a way to speed up the process? The alternative media, people like me who have small networks, are not going to reach that many people. Let's face it, this is the first time since I've had my radio show on the air that I've had the chat room max out. Now that you and the trustees are in control of these funds, I'm sure the people would not object if you were to use part of those funds to launch a TV ad campaign if that's possible. Is that a foreseeable route you would take?

Heather: Yeah, right now it's a matter of getting all this to see the assistance. Of course, communication and education, because I see them hand in hand with this process, it is very important. So, the CVACs for instance, after Tuesday's show on Blogtalk, today I actually went in to do the 194th CVAC, have all the paperwork ready, so they could all be signed and entered and have the systems actually be implemented. Funny enough, all my internet has been down for most of the day. I have it kind of sporadic at this point, which is fine. It's just a matter of going around...same thing happened when we were doing the foreclosures.

 So, enforcement, what I can tell you is it's happening from multiple points. Usually when we do a job like this, you set up dots that are seemingly unlimited, so that people are not aware of that you are actually pulling in to set up the solution for it. What you do is the last 24 hours prior to actually implementing something, you connect those dots. I'm just giving you the template that we used in banking, for instance and possibly in military, Deryl will have to speak on that a little bit. When you connect all those dots, all of a sudden its job is done before anyone can give a report of what may happen. At this point, it's about the people. It's about connecting them and getting them organized in their BE'ing and DO'ing. Because they're doing a fabulous job now at consciously thinking about BE. It's wonderful.

Tony (host): About the CVAC, I do have a question from one of our members. How are they funded? I understand we can create one as individuals or we can create one as a group for larger projects. How are they funded? Where does the money come from? Say I create a CVAC today, then what?

Heather: 194 systems, those really can start with, are going to be used as systems of assistance to get access, unencumbered and unfettered use, of the people's value to each of the people. That's the number one, after bringing in the data and making sure the system (inaudible). Now, our goal is to go in and set up the actual treasury systems, so people can access their value and then spread the word more. What happens is in banking, they were basically working off a paper system. Most of their gold is actually gone. They have no gold. So, they had to ship over old, old gold that they had buried essentially and that gold will shortly be gone here as well. All that gold was cached in reserves for this particular moment, because there will be the gold and the silver will be assisting(?) and all the precious metals will be assisting in the new system. It'll be by free will choice, once you know the gold and the precious metals all have DNA. So the bankers will identify them by their DNA.

So when you go in and we have this new system, all we have to do is actually...we have a commercial bill that's already been secured for everybody on the planet. 10 billion for everybody on the planet, except the powers-that-were, they only get five billion. Their accounts are depleted by whatever their actions or inactions damaging the people they've hurt. That's a matter of accounting. At this point, all we have to do is go in and set up the actual systems where you deposit parts of those commercial bills, so essentially we're cutting the commercial bills. Meanwhile we're using those (inaudible) to have actual access so people can buy bread or a tank of gas in their car. Yet at the same time, it also helps pay for the enforcement actions.

Tony (host): You mentioned each person having a piece in the pie of 10 billion and the powers-that-be having 5 billion. So should I take that to be that these people who are in power, in spite of all the crimes they’ve committed against humanity, they will still be allowed to have a piece of the pie. What about having them brought to justice for the crimes they did?

Heather: Absolutely. That's why I say there's energetic accounting. So, even if they start out with five billion, they still have to have a reconciliation of the accounting. At this point, they've actually noted...they've actually watched the entire time that we were going through...they were watching anyone and everyone that ... (inaudible) ... in any one part. So, October 24th, though, they knew that it was done. They knew that everything was done; they knew that. Basically, your Declaration of Notice, or through your Notice of Declaration of Fact (inaudible). So, that was your start base. However, as far as the Notice goes, it starts to damage those (inaudible for several words). So, out of five billion for all those particular damages that (inaudible) responsible for, they may not have much, if anything. However, do you want to be responsible for a Social Security system, a welfare system for them? These are questions that people need to ask. They need to come up with solutions of what part (loud tone-inaudible for several words). But the accountability, yes, they have to be accountable for their (inaudible for several words).

Chance (co-host): Some of the basic questions. When I was asking the general public what they think of this, I mentioned that I was actually going to have the lady responsible fro some of this on air. What would be some basic questions that someone who might not be as into this and understand all the technicalities about it, what’s their first reaction? What is their first take on this?  Now, a lot of it is a monetary thing. People are asking does this cost money to be a part of this? Or is there any money that we have to pay?       Basically, people are asking, is this going to cost us something? Do we have to pay to be involved in this? Do we have to pay any money up front? How do we get involved? What’s the financial aspect to this?

Heather: Any funds for systems and things like that come from the 10 billion for each person that they've got over here. Are you asking me if you have to use the fraudulent money, the Federal Reserve notes, or the euro, or things like that? Is that what you're asking?

Chance (co-host): Basically, what I’m saying to people, there’s this new system that is basically wiping out the old system. They’re saying “Okay, I want to be involved, but do I have to pay out of pocket? Like do I have to buy in? Is there like a service fee? Do I have to sign up for something?” So, like an administrative fee?

Heather: At this point in time, there are funds that are allocated just to get the systems of assistance as far as the treasury up, so that people actually have access to their funds, their value. So, that's coming out of the 10 billion. It's transparent accounting, so anything that's not used, it's just sitting over in your account.

Chance (co-host): The very next question I get from people is they want to know about that 10 billion. Is this something that is reachable? Is this something that we can get our hands on? Or is this a further down the line process?
Tony (host): I can see how people be asking this very first question that comes to their mind. The way the economy is globally right now, with people losing their homes and the high unemployment rate, how do you tell somebody that there’s 10 billion just sitting in the bank somewhere for you? The first thing they’re going to ask is, how can I access it?

Heather: That's normal. Look at the (inaudible for several words). The system that they used was a monitored system and not even a (inaudible). Just ask yourself, the money is always just our representation. So, while getting the systems of assistance ready to go and up and running, at the same time there is a much deeper level of what's been happening, how far those slavery systems go and what that money is actually (inaudible for several words). That money just represents a prime value, which everyone by design, it's been hidden from them. The prime question that we were getting out there, for everyone just to consider...the data I should say to get out there...was what that money was actually representing.

So if it looked like dimensions(?) on this particular issue. However at the same time, recognizing that there's certain triggers for everybody in remembering and BE'ing and DO'ing and having access to funds, so they don’t have to worry about buying a house or paying rent or putting food on the table. Once those distractions are gone, and that's where the powers-that-were shot themselves in the foot, if they had just kept everyone fat and happy, then nobody would be asking questions and they wouldn't be in the thick. They couldn't move fast enough. If they were going to depopulate everyone, so they didn't have to (inaudible for many words) and enjoy the riches that they have been stealing, and I don't mean gold and silver. Gold and silver don't need anything spent. It's the other value that it represents. At the same time, I get it.

So we're going to take those distractions away and that's what the CVACs first order of business is when implemented. The only one that's implemented right now is just the United States of America branch and that was only to stop where the old systems was funneling out of. So, if anyone had to go head to head with the powers-that-were over in that particular area, we were ready with the CVAC. That's where the reactions were (inaudible) this new financial system from. At this point, getting the CVACs out there and their first order of business is getting uncluttered and unencumbered access to the people of their value. That's what I started to do today, was get the CVACs ready. Things will stabilize out here over the next 24 hours and then it goes...of communications, I mean(?).

Caller (Tracy): … First of all, we're on the same page when it comes to transparency and authenticity and full disclosure and the new paradigm, are we? Is that what you're about?

Heather: Yeah, absolutely. In fact, transparency is one of the keys for all of this...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her answer. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.)

Caller (Tracy): … Don't you own the media now? Haven't you foreclosed on them as well?

Heather: Well, the media is a part of the holdings, yes, of the principals, agents and beneficiaries...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her and does not allow Heather to complete her answer. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.)

Caller (Tracy): … Will you please elaborate for me? What are you comfortable with...normal adept, working on our masters and avatars? So, how do you see yourself?

Heather: How do I see myself? I'm not really...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her answer. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.)

Heather: For me, all that's irrelevant, as far as who I am. For right now, I've got a job to make sure that everyone else has all the data on the table, so they can make...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.) 

(Host Tony interrupts caller Tracy, attempting to stop her from continuing to talk. She continues to talk over him. Eventually, Tony tells her that she needs to allow Heather the courtesy of answering a question without being continually interrupted. She agrees to do so.)

Heather: Tracy, do you want an answer? I'm out there...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.) 

Heather: What is it you want to know? As far as my pedigree? As far as what I've done?..

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.) 

Caller (Tracy): … That's a curious word, pedigree...using LLC and Prime Creator in the same sentence...I'm kind of curious?

Heather: Hold on, Tracy, what are you talking about LLC?

Caller (Tracy): Limited Liability Corporation, after your name on your email address.

Heather: Well, because we were...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.)

Heather: Tracy, if you listen to the other interviews with other groups that are out there, we explained that we went into investigate all the different tools that different groups were covering. One of them was to have everyone go in and register themselves as a LLC, a corporation, the fiction. That way the courts would have to go in and the bankers would have to go in and say "Are you dealing with the live person? Are you dealing with this corporation? Because I'm the only one that owns this corporation." The bankers would have to show that they were actually dealing with a different corporation. So, we went into...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.) 

Heather: The LLCs are all cancelled...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.) 

Heather: They're all cancelled. Any LLC, any corporation, they are licensed by...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.) 

Caller (Tracy): I happen to be involved in another trust that trumps the OPPT.

(Host Tony tries to interrupt caller Tracy; she continues to talk over him.)

Heather: You can email me, Tracy. Tracy, why don't you email me? ...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.)

(Host Tony interrupts caller Tracy, mutes her mike, explains that asking questions is fine, but she needs to allow Heather to answer without interruption. Host turns her mike back on, allowing her to ask one more question and cautions her again to let Heather finish answering. She comes back on air and talks over host trying to talk about a trust she is involved in.)

Tony (host): Go ahead, Heather.

Heather: It's okay. So, I'm not sure what trust you're referring to. All I know is that there are lots of trusts out there that want to do a lot of good work. A lot of the monies that were either earmarked, appropriated or even allocated for those kinds of trusts never got the money ...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.)

Heather: Oh, there we go. This is Tracy. I know who you are...

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.)

Heather: Actually, I answered you quite clearly. I explained to you we're not here to delve out the funds. People need to delve out their own funds. They need to decide where to put their funds. Some key(?) trust and all the other trusts...  

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.)

Heather: I never said that you guys weren’t a part of it. All we did was clear (inaudible) that’s (inaudible) over…

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.)

Heather: I’m just explaining to you there isn’t a separation for us. There’s a lot of good work…

(caller Tracy interrupts Heather, talks over her, not allowing Heather to complete her comments. Therefore, parts of this segment were not transcribed.)

(Host Tony interrupts caller Tracy as she starts to talk about her trust and reminds her that this show is about the OPPT. She talks over host, saying she has one last question and immediately proceeds to question.)

Caller (Tracy): … What about the current trustees? … What about what you’re doing, so there isn’t anarchy? …

Heather: Like I’ve explained in the past, I worked within those systems in order to understand the machinery of it all. So, as far as going in, they’ve had many opportunities. We’ve communicated. Here’s what you guys can do. You say that you are for the people, then duly bond yourself for the people.  Because there are other corporations that are out there that are operating under the (inaudible). They didn’t want to do that. Then in October, there was supposed to be a meeting to go in and (inaudible) a situation. All they wanted to do was shuffle the agenda. So, everything got foreclosed on. So, at this point, it’s a matter of choices.

Tracy, now that I know who you are…I have never heard your voice…I absolutely understand. I thought we kind of fixed this, as far as understanding there’s no competition here. Now just go out and do your job. Everyone. And when I say that, go out and do your job, I’m talking about me too. I’ve got to go out and do my job. So, there’s no competition here. Thank you, Tracy.

Next Caller (Michael): … The question is about the disclosure, I guess…So, my question is to you, could you clear that up a little bit? How do we all feel safe in that switchover?

Heather: Michael, thank you. First off, the gratitude, I return it in kind. Absolutely. And that goes with energetic accounting. So, that's sort of the interlude into your question; the answer to your question. Two, is that this is not a one-person show. It's not a two-person show. Everyone, as you said, what did you say? "high up in the queue, in God's queue" or whatever entity you want to call it, everyone is up in the highest level of that queue. Everyone. That's why it's so important that everyone BE and Do what they BE.

Then we wanted to go into the aspect of how you get seven billion people...well, you guys are only seeing one part, one facet, of a diamond, a huge diamond, called Source's diamond, universal diamond, this is one facet. There are many other facets that are (inaudible) and working at the same time, as this one facet that you're currently engaged in with me and me with you right now. All of those facets are coming together, so that everyone can see visibly that they are all a part of this (inaudible) assignment (or consignment?), if you want to use the visual. Okay? That also goes into answering Tracy's question. Set it in for her, is (inaudible) dimension.

I don't see the difference between the dimensions. I just see the eternal hearts that are in everybody. For me, I'm no guru. I'm no teacher. I'm nobody to follow, because if you're following me, how much does that (inaudible) with you? I'd have to (inaudible) to walk backwards (inaudible). So, what I would like to point out, is that as far as these dimensions, it's time to get Absolute Truth out everywhere. Two things call, for instance, that was basically me delivering data. Yes, I understand that it was multi-dimensional levels of (inaudible) that was going on, but my audience at that moment was the military that works with the Elders. It was also the Elders and it was also certain non-locals. Data has been withheld from every single one of them and also within those groups. So, it was working to get data on the table, so they could reassess their choices and it has to do with this disclosure. The big D, Disclosure, that the military and galactics are absolutely not to talk about, so that they won't (inaudible) out by internet. (inaudible for several words)

At this point, it doesn't really matter. It's about transparency. Get Absolute Data on the table, not one piece missing. If someone's afraid of data being on the table, all it does is create competition. There's a reason why they don't want that data on the table. Okay? So, with the Absolute Data, what's happening right now is the law of neutrality. When you have the yin and the yang, they each have their own frequency because that's how the separation experiment...contrasts, duality, call it what you like. When you rejoin those, each energetic pattern connects with each other and actually reformulates the energetic pattern of those two things into one. That's all we were doing. We pulled down what actually IS, natural, in existence. All the people were created; all the beings, all nature, everything is created by Source. Anyone who steps in between you and Source and says they own you or they're superior to you or they're an Ascended Master and you're not. Look, everything is within each and every one of us. Look within. You have tools of resonance, what I call tools of resonance. You can determine what is "bunk" and what is truthful. Now, the difference between truthful in a vacuum and Absolute Truth, that's what I'm interested in.

So, at this particular point, we're maneuvering those wizards behind the curtain out into the open. Right now, their agents are failing their operation, their ability, to do their job by their script, because we've taken them off script. You guys have taken them off script. Ask the question "This is who I BE. This is the law I operate under. Who do you BE? What law are you operating under?" and they won't answer those, because they can't. If they do, they show the whole game that they've been playing. Do you (inaudible for several words). We're all doing this job together. I do not want competition. It doesn't serve me. The call with Tracy just now, now that I know which one it is, I could've been expecting it; however, I loved her and I love the work that they do. I went and (several inaudible words). So, what I would like to say is put all that stuff on the table. Let all the people see it. Let them choose what resonates within them with the tools they need to BE what they want to BE. 

As far as these dimensions, I don't like limits. I don't like when people limit me and say I can't ascend until they activate my DNA. If I'm going to have that experience with someone externally helping me, that's totally an option. However, for me right now, I want to have Absolute Data and I want to see what the options are. That is what I am securing and preserving, along with Caleb, Randall, you, Tony, everyone on this planet right now that's aware.  We're helping others be aware and get the Absolute Data on the table. Then everyone can have their own choice for their own free will. Does that answer your question?

Next Caller (Debra): My question is how was the One People's Public Trust actually able to seize the assets of the world's governments and banks and corporations in order to have the assets for the people? 

Heather: Well, the assets and their values were already there. The place they're hidden is within each of you. That's what I mean about I'm assuming what the prime value is that they're actually taking. The only thing they can actually steal is the representation of that value. So, as far as going in and taking the assets out of their hands, we just took the representations out of their hands by securing the actual prime value, registering it and registering the people as their own BE'ing, because you're in charge of your own body...state of body. You're in charge of all the value that was deposited in there, the domicil, in there by creation. They can't take that. They need you as...we refer to it quite a bit of ways. They refer to it as cattle, human capital. By going in and actually registering all that, it froze everything. All the work, the (inaudible) that they were trying to peddle around. There's nothing backing it any more. That's why they said "Okay, we need to have gold and silver backing it." Well, that came in, but they (inaudible) to paying it. We were able to maneuver them into a corner where it was damned if they do, damned if they don't and they can't move. This is also the UCC and the international (inaudible) thereof, which froze all their assets, because that's where everything is. That's where they're all registered. All their UCC's are registered. We registered with the Department of Licensy(?). Doesn't matter; that's just a franchise, a private corporation, which is registered under the UCC. So, everything was in nexus(?) in the UCC and the BIS. BIS is the head of the (inaudible). 

Caller (Debra): So, you have to actually seize the gold and silver in order to have it for the people?

Heather: Yeah. That has actually been going on and there are different forces that I would rather have them deal with to come in and explain it to everyone. But yes, they have been doing the features(?), which is why China and London had to ship gold over to the U.S. Treasury, so it looked like they had gold.

Tony (host): I'll just read this question from Ann. She says "Those concerns that were expressed about the term bondslaves in the UCC filings and have question that this might lead back to forming a second strawman, thereby placing us back into slavery and this time for good."
Heather: I can answer that. Is there any more to the question or is that all?

Tony (host): I think she also asked that...part 2 of that question is, "A lot of these First Nations people are saying that this OPPT trust can't be a good one, because it forces them to give up their sovereignty and enslave them for good." 

Heather: Okay, let's deal with the first one and that leads(?) into the second one. So, in legalese, in the code, for instance, USC, United States Code., which they usually will charge people under and bring them in. That is the distraction, so that they get you to go in and they hope that you follow that code, because it's all a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. They're actually prosecuting you under the UCC.

All of the "mortgage foreclosures", these are done under the UCC. They come in with a judgment already executed against you. Then they (several inaudible words) with their dog and pony show to distract you, so that you don't know exactly where they're working from. And you can't go in and do essentially what we just did altogether, right?

Now, in bondservant, you look back at all the legalese codes and everything else. If you look at the Constitution, (inaudible for several words) they do not regulate, they cannot regulate, religion. The only way they can regulate religion, is if someone consents and goes in and registers their church or gets a license to be a pastor or clergy member. So, at that point, when we went in to do bondservant...and just to let you know, bondservant doesn't exist, bondservant was used (inaudible) because if you are a servant of God, they would have to come in and show how you were a servant to them. That was the legal tool during the foreclosure. However, the filing that we discussed about two nights ago, the ending, the certificate of satisfaction, AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE, of the universal contract, bondservant as of that moment, December 10th, 2012, it was ended.

All that BE are you guys. All that BE is in your BE'ing. You can use the word sovereign. You can use the word independent. You can use whatever word you want to describe and identify yourself. The point is you BE. You BE as you choose by your own free will choice. If someone comes up to tell you how to BE, they've got to show their authority to do that. So, that's the answer to that question.

(The second question) They were already in the system. I think Deryl was discussing. I've worked with (inaudible) and junior, who have actually gone in and done the settlements for the indigenous people in Canada and the U.S. Their money was put down in Panama, thinking it was safe with the law firm and at the time, because the (inaudible) attorney and Panama. It was used to steal the land in a scheme with the bank, the HSBC (inaudible for several words) with HSBC to steal the (inaudible for several words) in Panama. And do the World Bank loan for a re-titlement program, where they went in and decided how much land the indigenous (inaudible) should get and re-titled (inaudible), almost like re-zoning.

As far as the indigenous groups, my husband's family is Berber, from the Berber tribe, which is the indigenous (inaudible) here in Morocco. That issue's always been on my mind. It was in Absolute consideration in the totality of what needed to be secured and safe. At this point, they didn’t know that they were actually within that slavery system. They had banks, a banker, they (inaudible) banks for the indigenous group and the Congress of the U.S. went and passed all these laws saying "Yeah, you can't (inaudible) own banks, as long as you don't have US/American citizens. They have to be tribal or foreign."  If the (inaudible) banks that were started for them, were actually started and run by a former New York banker and (inaudible) that I used to work for in banking, actually did the job of the (inaudible) banker, because they didn't know what to do.

So, to think and presume that you weren't in their system...basically all we did was say "Okay, all the indigenous people (inaudible for several words)...and we didn't even say "indigenous people", we just said the people of the planet. Otherwise, I'd be writing 50 pages in the UCC trying to describe and identify all the others and I might miss someone. So, all the people of the planet were all secured and registered and it collapsed all of that funny fiction stuff by doing so. People are who they BE. They can choose to DO it as they want. The indigenous groups are now in a place where they can DO whatever they want, however they want to BE and all that stuff they didn't see is gone. It's just a matter of Absolute Data out there; knowing what was done, what wasn't done. That's coming out now.

Next Caller (George): I got an IRS Notice of Intent to Levy…

Heather: You need to send them a Courtesy Notice and ask them who they BE and (inaudible) … identification … (inaudible)      

Next Caller (Daniel): Thousands of people are losing their homes by way of foreclosure. Even though we know that the energy they had is still in the pipeline, what do the people do at this point with the OPPT to stop them from doing what they're doing now?

Heather: When we were in the foreclosure processes, in the investigations, the DOJ that I was working with and the federal judges, they made it very clear that they would not be able to stop what they're doing until the people BE and DO. Stand up and speak and do it in such a way that they were forced to have to go in and say to the bankers and the Bar, their handlers, "Guys, here's what's happening. Your whole system is going to fall, if we don't sit there and say we're going to have to do what the people ask for."  So, that is one of the things that the federal judge and the DOJ advisor were discussing. At that point, that's where we going through the actual foreclosure and as you guys already know, (inaudible) actually spending two weeks with the sheriff, they did it. The bank expedited (inaudible) and put so much pressure on the sheriff (inaudible) to get me out of my house, hoping that would just kill me...spiritually, energetically and everything else.

I know that it is a difficult position. It is a difficult event to hold on to and to experience. So, what I would say at this point, the more people that stand up, send in their Courtesy Notices and it's in their faces, on the record. We worked with a gentleman named John (inaudible) who was doing foreclosures for people. He went in and (inaudible) over 1400 of those Deceptive Acts and Practices and the disqualification for the judges. He did it within a short period of time. It was not even like a three-week period. He did over 1400 in one area. Then he went to another county and did another 700, something like that, to where the Bar actually had to come in and try to shut him down. Lloyd's of London were following him and taking copies of his particular documents that he was putting in. They were doing their investigations (inaudible for several words) ended up taking a mysterious leave of absence for health reasons. Lloyd's of London was (inaudible) insurer.

So, what I can tell you is there is force in doing multiple, all in one hit. There was a woman named Kay(?), who brought that up today. Go in and stand, but don't just trickle it in. They need to have this be an every day occurrence. Because then they won't give to the bank and they will say "I'm not able to do this." That's what happened in the foreclosure case on the house. The judge and I would perform like who I actually worked with and the prosecutor (inaudible) that I got from my intelligence sources after the fact. He had gone in and told the bank I put him in such a position where he actually had to make a choice. He said "I'm going to go in there and do my job. If your banker can stand up to it, great. (inaudible)" And the banker ended up going off script (inaudible) he didn't know what to do. The bank did offer the job at the bank for the judge's daughter, which she accepted. Then the judge recused himself. Right after that, back to back, 19 judges recused themselves from the case.

So, I can tell you that this particular...and my experience in all the investigations and not just in Washington state, but all across the country...if you go in and you stand. That's why it was so important to have the legal aspects, absolutely I's dotted, T's crossed, so that the people understand and just say "This is who I BE. Now, who do you BE?"  That's it; the only question you have to ask them.  But, go in and (inaudible) it. If the IRS comes to your door, great. "It's who I BE, who do you BE? Give me a sworn declaration of who you BE and we're good to go."  None of them can do it, because if they do it, they show you exactly what they've done all the time. Repossession is just a matter of walking in the door and grabbing whatever you want to grab and hightailing it out of there. All guns laid down on the floor. There's no need for (inaudible). There's no need for violence. They already know it's coming. The more that you BE...and that's what I love about the Courtesy Notice, it is a solid way for everyone to BE and (inaudible) in the process. And there's (inaudible) time you get to decide who you want to BE even after that. Hopefully, that answers your question.

Next Caller (Nick): Foreclosure on the corporations includes Monsanto and (inaudible), so why aren't we going ahead and controlling them? Why isn't this being controlled at a (inaudible) level, pushed out to the people?  The Elders, military in charge, who are they? Can you give me some names? Why aren't they helping with all this? Why aren't they pushing things through, like individual areas or realm of things? The dinar ain't gonna happen, correct?  (inaudible), is he in the know?  When is (inaudible) see the collapse of this physical slavery system everybody's working in, the actual total collapse for everybody to see? 

Heather: Okay, thank you for your questions. What I'm amazed at is the powers-that-were knew that this particular moment was coming and they worked hard in distracting the people. What I mean by distracting the people, is taking everything away from them so that they have to run around and figure out where they're going to get their next meal; whether they're going to have a roof over their head. Hoping that other people won't help them, so they cleared(?) as many divisions as possible. Because (inaudible) going on in what's being recorded, would inspire the people and would allow the people the moment, if they weren't in distraction to see actually what was going on.

You let how many military leaders, none, not just in America, but all over the globe. There was some (inaudible) about military leaders that were relieved of duty, under the same punishment against (inaudible). So, they knew (inaudible) had all these prime ministers and ministers of finance and whole governments resigning since last winter. You have the Pope that just resigned. You have Queen Beatrix that stepped down. In my opinion, I don't think Queen Elizabeth, Queen Liz, is going to step down at all. She's not that type. However, you see all of these movements, all of this shifting. You see banks going down. Yeah, paying a fine. I'm sorry, but that's the cost of doing business. They already factored that in, but you do not see the trillions that they're making and they're paying five billion. Cost of doing business.

However, now they can't even do business. You see governments laying people off. You see fighting between the agents, the departments and the "corporations" operating under the guise of government. Now, (inaudible for several words) at the multinationals, such as what happened in Bulgaria and the electricity, the power shortage. The different corporations that (inaudible) have the contracts, which aren't even Bulgarian. It's all there; if you look. If you stop for a minute and just look at the data that's on the table, I guarantee that you will start to put even more pieces together and (inaudible) that will help you make an informed choice of what you're going to DO.

Tony (host): I have a question from (inaudible). She's been waiting for a while. This is regarding people stepping down. The Pope recently resigning. I know for a fact that you've been contacted by Kevin Annett. Now, Kevin is taking full claim for the folks stepping down. When has he contacted you about this? And what is the purpose of his contact? Also, I know that he requested that the assets of the Vatican be signed over to him. What do you plan to do with regards to Kevin Annett?

Heather: Well, Kevin's doing a job. I've worked on all the Vatican, not all, but I've worked on significant amounts of Vatican assets, (inaudible) papers, (inaudible), all that stuff (several inaudible words) with the Vatican bank and all the off...let's just say, unnamed accounts. There's a lot of those that are actually starting to come out now. Kevin and those guys did a great job. I had to go to Catholic school, Jesuit school, amongst Presbyterian schools and all these other private schools. I wasn't happy about it. So, I've seen some of the things that occur in there and the lifestyles and whatnot. In fact, one of my professors in law school, was the UN representative for the Vatican and he helped create the ICC. I took international law with him. I'm sitting there watching this man who actually was a lawyer, an attorney, for an oil company before he came to (inaudible) law school to teach law and he's a Jesuit. So, as far as the games that are being played and all the sexual scandals, for me all of that is irrelevant, as far as the job that I was tasked to do. Everyone has their job that they're tasked to do in this moment, which is all coming together now.

Tony (host): I don’t want to make this show about Kevin and we can talk later over Skype, Heather. I did actually three show episodes on Kevin Annett and I’ll discuss with you what we found out. We had a research team do some investigations on him and we found out some pretty damning evidence against him. That’s why I’m a little concerned on how OPPT is involved with the ICCS(?) or not.

Heather: We haven't. He contacted me because he wanted to know how to enforce the judgment. I haven't been able to connect with him yet, other than "Hey, are you available? No, I'm not."

Tony (host): Okay, we can discuss this off the air. We're down to only 20 minutes here. Let's go to the next caller.

Next Caller (Aaron): I went in and read some of your documents that you filed in the UCC. I'm a little bit familiar with legalese, because I got involved with that to try to understand the system a lot better because I got involved with some court stuff. One of the things I noticed was that you don't use the word "man", you use the word "self". I'm sure that every word that you use, you had a reason for using that. As you know, in Black's law, there's the word "person" is referring to a fictional entity that doesn't actually exist. Most people believe that the word "person" means man or woman.

The other question I had was you mentioned that the powers-that-were are not the Rockefellers or the Rothschilds. You mentioned that there's other wizards behind the curtain, but you've never mentioned any names. I'd be curious to know who those other wizards are behind the curtain that you're speaking of.

Heather: So, on the first one, yes. Every word was chosen very specifically. Essentially, those attorneys who read this document knew exactly what was happening (inaudible) in their language. However, the documents are meant to be read with the heart and not the mind, as far as the people go. I did have very specific reasons for that.

The second question that you had regarding the wizards behind the curtain? (several inaudible words) St. Germaine is one of them. You have all the Elders from the 13 families. You have the Immortals. All that data is going to be coming over. Asia is going over. You have the Old Men. You have certain Elders also within the indigenous groups that...and that's not who I'm referring to when I say the Elders. So, hopefully that clarifies that, the 13 families.

Caller (Aaron): How does your trust operate underneath the Hague? Because the Hague is the only Article III court...there are no Article III courts in the United States. The only Article III court I know of is the Hague, which is the international court. How does the OPPT trust operate with the Hague?

Heather: I've just said(?) Father Robert (inaudible) was one of the architects of the ICC, which is the International Criminal Court part of the Hague. Then you have (inaudible, as caller talked over her). Those are all corporations and they're actually (inaudible) agencies within the U.N. structure. So the Hague, we actually dealt with BIS and all that. The Hague would be your head of the snake, as far as judicial arms go. So, no, we don't operate under the Hague. As far as everyone is concerned, it's you and God. That's it. Anything else comes after. God created man and the Earth before he created the Hague. Before he created the Post Office. Before he created the IRS. Does that kind of put it into perspective, from where we're coming from?  

Next Caller Swaze (sp?): Some alternative sites are really questioning this whole OPPT (inaudible). One allegation is that the website was owned or somehow affiliated with the infamous Charles C. Miller. Another allegation is that Heather filed the UCC through Washington D.C., which only applies to Washington, D.C. and no other state or country or anything else. So, if you could address those two questions?

Heather: Okay. The website is actually owned personally by Caleb and he manages it under his trustee bond.

Tony (host): I can vouch for that. I've done a search on the domain and it is registered to Caleb; that's right.

Heather: Yeah. I (inaudible) so there would be no messing with it, as far as other groups coming in. We knew that this would come down to a particular moment. Also, that website, it's not user friendly. It is an archive place where the banks, the powers-that-were, could go in and see what we filed and they could know what we stood behind. So, that's all it was; it was an archive spot. It's not a website to go in and have a great experience. It's just to go in and grab a document, like a library; not even a fun library. Okay?

The second question....sorry, I can't remember it. It's 3 or 4 am here. What was your second question again?

Caller (Aaron): Somebody thinks that because you filed through Washington, D.C. ...

Heather: Oh. UCC. Okay, I got it. I remember it. Thanks for repeating. So, what happens is, is that the UCC and all of its international equivalents...if you look at the language, it says the UCC, any and all state and international equivalents. The whole uniform commercial registry, it's uniform across the globe. There are different entry points. There's an international entry point for each country. Washington D.C. is one of them. However, through the principal agent doctrine of public policy UCC1-103, the principal agent doctrine, you give notice to one, you give notice to all. And it's (inaudible) by public registration. What they mean is registry on the UCC. So, Washington D.C. is just one of the portals in to the global uniform registry system, commercial registry system.

Next Caller Shara: You say that St. Germaine is one of the wizards behind the curtain. You also talk about Sheldan Nidle and he talks about the Ascended Masters and the Galactic Federation of Light. I don't understand exactly, because I know St. Germaine as an Ascended Master. Are you saying the Ascended Masters are the wizards behind the curtain? Are you saying the Galactic Federation of Light are not really of the Light? Are they part of the cabal? And the other piece, how quickly will funds be available? That I really want a direct answer to. Because I'm a dinar holder and you're now saying there's no RV, so I really have been having my finances be wrapped up in that type of investment.

Heather: Okay. Direct answer to the RV. I'll go backwards, because actually there's a more correct order as far as the information (inaudible). When you have an RV that is basically based on the natural resources of Iraq, right? And the natural resources were actually all stolen and sold off into multinational corporations when the U.S. took over for a one-year period, took over basically Iraq. Ran the government, ran everything they had the authority under their own system at the time to go in and take over Iraq. They sold out, they made deals, cut deals for100% of the resources could exit the country. Nothing had to be left in the country or be invested. And then the Constitution was written after that, which basically made it so that you could not null and void or cancel those contracts that had been made before the Constitution. So, an RV based on the natural resources, okay, but the natural resources aren't owned by the people. They don't benefit from them now. They're all held by multinationals and now institutional private investors. So, you tell me, if something was unlawful and illegal to begin with, as far as where those things went and the RV is going to RV and you believe that it's going to the Iraqi people and all those resources are held by them, you explain to me how is it lawful in your database. Go and research it. I would love for you to bring data out, because that really hasn't been brought out. It was quietly brought(?) out in bits and pieces over years of time. I only followed it from (inaudible for several words) international (inaudible).

So, then going to St. Germaine and all those guys. Look, right now, what is happening is there are maneuvers that are going on behind the curtain intentionally. If you look back at "statements"...I don't know how else to refer to channelings or whatever you want to call them...messages, they changed quite drastically after or during January 17th and onward. First it was nothing is going to be released; it's going to be NESARA first. Well, NESARA is (inaudible) judicial remedy. However, the court (inaudible) closed(?) and cancelled and foreclosed on and all the judgments rendered null and void, because it was unlawful and illegal.

So, as far as St. Germaine saying it's not going to come out, now all of a sudden it's (inaudible) going to come out. Well, you know what, I'm right with you. I want to know the Absolute Data. So, let's maneuver this; let's ask the right questions. In the meantime, we're making legal and lawful maneuvers as well, so that they actually have to come and show who they are. Right now it's a matter of asking questions, so their agents can't respond and they can't do their job. Now the "Divines", the "Immortals", whatever they want to call themselves, St. Germaine, the Elders; they've all got to come out and play transparently, move transparently and explain transparently what they're going to do and what their basis of authority is for doing it. So, I'm sitting right with you, wanting to know the Absolute Data. So that (inaudible) to that.

When will the funds, the value, be available? The value is available. Now it's a matter of getting the value...access to the value. And the access to the value comes with the CVAC system going up. Like I said, we were working on that today (inaudible for several words) the 194 branches. Or 193, because one is already up.

Next Caller (Martin): Couple of quick questions. I've been watching and tracking all this since around Christmas. I'm facing a foreclosure. My first question is up until a few weeks ago there was a number of filings that we had to do in order to combat any foreclosure. If I have it right, now it seems like the only documentary work we have to do is the Courtesy Notice. Is that correct?

Heather: Well, everything's within the Courtesy Notice. When we were going through and working out the templates of how could someone go in and actually do all of this, well, we made it so you guys don't have to go in and file all these UCCs, that OPPT did it. That's what is referred to in the Declaration of Facts; all of the legalese, all the lawful and legal maneuvers that were done. As far as the templates that we were giving out, everyone kept asking "Where's the templates? What can we do?"  At the meantime, we were getting the CVACs set up. I just said (inaudible) finish. We actually stopped. It was (inaudible) irrelevant at this point, at this moment. We were asked to release them anyway. So, I explained to everyone these are a work in progress. Let's see where it goes.

Scott Bartle, Ken Bartle and Chris Hales went in and did this great Courtesy Notice, based off of also Scott's experiences, (inaudible for several words) OPPT did and they created the Courtesy Notice that actually does everything in one document. So, as far as what do you need to do, that document, that's it. It tells them who you BE and it says "Look, cease and desist from damaging me. Here's what my value is. It's all secured and registered and it belongs to me. I'm the only one that has authority over it and rights to it. Now, if you want to play with me, these are the terms and conditions that you can play with me under." They either contract with you or they don't. Either they play with you or they won't. So, that Courtesy Notice, I really love the work they did. All I did was assist in making sure the OPPT stuff was referenced directly, so that it did the job they were intending for it to do.

Caller (Martin): One more quickie and it's related. It's on mine. The documents that were filed December 10th; they've just recently in the last couple of days come across again. Is there something with these documents that we need to do? Or are these simply being disseminated for our edification and study? It's pretty deep waters.     

Heather: You wanted Absolute Truth. Everyone was asking for Absolute Truth. We're committed to Absolute Truth and Absolute Data. So, that document actually is taking down the part of the slavery system that you don't BE. That part of the slavery system is the one that has all the guns being bought and everything else. Right now, we're in there making sure that everything is done peacefully. All is signed off in Absolute love and peace, because that's all that's permitted to occur at this moment. So that document was for your knowledge, but also for you to see and to be in real time with the maneuvers that are actually going on right now to bring Absolute Data out so that you can see it.

Next Caller (Allen): I have a question about the natural world. What place does the natural world have in this CVAC? Like plants and animals and natural resources. How does this new CVAC affect the way that humans interrelate with the natural world? 

Heather: With the natural world, okay. Inside the actual OPPT filings, there is a filing that registers the BE'ing of (inaudible) and it also registers the BE'ing of anything in it, on it, or around it. It is energy. It is BE'ing. How we move forward is co-BE responsibly together. Whether that be two people. Whether that be a person and land, that they are co-custodian with Earth. Whether it be co-custodian of animals. They give value to you. You give value to that. It's more of an interacting, cooperating (inaudible). I hope that answers your question. That's where everything's going.

Next Caller (Angus): Am I to understand that the One People's Public Trust is in fact a trust company that has now effectively seized all of the assets of every corporation, every government on the planet, that they had effectively taken from the planet, which was in fact gifted to the people, the humans, the live birth entities, spiritual beings...I don't know how many titles they have...that are on the planet from the Creator?

Heather: Well, first off, the OPPT is not a trust company, meaning registered on a database other than UCC, (inaudible) explains that. Most of your powers-that-were that are actually brokers, Rothschilds and all those guys, they have all these trusts that are unregistered, which is why you don't see them. Then the guys that are behind them are in different kinds of trusts. Essentially all of these trusts (inaudible) taken back to Creator, which is what OPPT is a part of. It's one of many. Each of these (inaudible) Source's universe, each part of Source's universe has its own trust all under the main Trust, which is what (inaudible) protection. 
Caller (Angus): Are you portraying yourselves as representatives for?
Heather: I'm just one of the worker bees, along with a whole bunch of others, which we'll be coming to meet and know. Essentially, everyone is (inaudible) co-trustee of creation. It's when we take it back to Prime. I'm just a worker bee; I'm one of them.
Caller (Angus): I haven't even asked a question yet other than I just made some confirmations here of the players that are involved. The question that I have is essentially the way that corporations and businesses have worked is that it's pretty commonplace for them to carry two sets of books. So if you have closed down and foreclosed on a set of books that doesn't exist (inaudible). Wouldn't it be an expedient thing to make all of this (inaudible) mankind? Am I to understand the CVACs are in fact some kind of a (inaudible) window, like a teller, for which people will access these funds to be able to empower themselves to go out and do that?
Heather: We considered a whole bunch of data, as far as how we're moving, what we're doing. Are there specific reasons why December 25th got launched the way it did as far as the public disclosure. Like I said, we're only one facet on this big diamond and right now, everything's focused on that one facet. I'm really excited for all the different facets to be in focus. As far as the CVACs, the CVACs are for systems of assistance. Whatever the people needed to (inaudible), this is (inaudible) to be developed. Right now, we have it in essentially a very simple general format. a system of (inaudible), a system of health, of treasury. The CVAC isn't like a window teller. It's systems of assistance. And the people see it just focusing on money and all of that and not as much in the other things, well I can tell you right now, there are people who know how to make gold out of thin air. It's really nothing there; it's all a (inaudible) process. But they know how to make gold. So if you have a gold-backed based system and you don't have certain things in protective mode or in a preserve mode, you have a (inaudible) of that particular system. So, there's many, many things that were considered here. All this Absolute Data is coming out on the table, because it's time for it to be transparent and visible. And accountable, so you guys can (inaudible), dissect it and have fun with it. And make important choices. So, hold on and the data should be coming on its way, just hold that space and hold that question "What do I know?"
Next Caller (Missy): First of all, St. Germaine, the Ascended Masters, the Elders, the Immortals, the Divines, who or what are these people? Can you say anything more?     
Heather: Any kind of hierarchical system…that is what is being reconciled now. Everyone is One. Everyone is equal. You go from everyone being separate to everyone being equal. You move from everyone being equal to everyone being One. So, the hierarchy system fit with that being equal and being One. That's really the question that's out there now. Second thing is, for everyone to have that Absolute Data, you have to see all the bits and parts of where the actual source of the slavery systems are coming from. Where is the actual power source that's been feeding all of that? That's been making it move, making decisions, (inaudible for several words) knowledge base in order to move and the maneuver to keep the parts, not even a couple hundreds of years. We're talking thousands of years...milleniums. At this point, let's bring it all out on the table. Let's see St. Germaine, all the Divines, the Immortals and everyone else. For right now, all you see is what you consider the powers-that-were (inaudible) brokers. So, we're trying to get (inaudible) to the brokers, for a change and put it where it actually needs to go. That (inaudible) of what has been happening needs to come forward. So, part of the times (inaudible for several words). Just keep BE'ing and DO'ing and let's DO this together and you'll see (inaudible). They're actually showing themselves now, so just be aware.
Caller (Missy): Well, you had said in an earlier interview that orders were given to leave you alone. I'm wondering how you are even alive right now. Who would give such orders? Why would they be listening to it? It (inaudible) the best interests of who has been in power and probably still pull the strings at this point.
Heather: Well, that goes back to their (inaudible) system, the divine hierarchy system, that actually runs all the systems that you and I were born with in this particular lifetime. They have a hierarchy system. You can call it divine. You can call it whatever you want. This is a hierarchy system. Within that hierarchy system, the folks that (inaudible) right now that are working to clean this up, we don't see. But they all have positions according to the divine hierarchy system. Basically the system is being cleaned from within really. That's why the Absolute Data is so interesting and why it needs to come out and be transparent to everyone. 
Question from Skype listener: Does Heather get paid for her position as trustee of the OPPT?
Heather: No, I don't receive any funds. In fact, there's three trustees and then those that worked even before us, we personally pay for everything that we do out of our own pocket. So, all the investigations that I did, I paid for. We didn't take donations. That would've ruined the integrity of the investigation, within the information and data itself. So, no donations, no backing, no financing, other than what I personally had made throughout my lifetime. Randall and Caleb, same thing. So, no, I don't receive any kind of compensation other than the funds I get to have with all of you.
Question from listener: Don't mean to sound negative, but the FBI considers you an (inaudible) buck the program, a domestic terrorist, radical extremist. Have you or other OPPT reached out?
Heather: Really. I haven't seen anything like that, but yes, I have. Let's just say the FBI is very aware of who I am. So is the Department of Homeland Security, Interpol; pretty much all of the intelligence agencies...the top G8 anyway, if not the top G20. So, they're just doing their job. They think I'm a domestic terrorist, well for what? I'm not against city government. I'm just against corporations operating under the guise of government. Unfortunately for them, all of their dirty laundry for the corporations operating under the government are all out in the public record. So, I'm not sure how I'm considered a domestic terrorist or any kind of terrorist. 
Question from listener: If I owned an LLC before, am I foreclosed on now? Not that I mind, I much prefer the alternative of BE'ing and DO'ing.
Heather: We went into the investigations on the LLCs type of scenario, the solution that they were doing, everyone registers themselves. I saw the logic behind what they were doing, but it didn't really go in and just sort of shut it all down, shut the problem down. So, the LLCs, I had one, but all the LLCs have been cancelled. All the corporations, all the franchises, anything that's a licensee that you have to receive a license for as far as any kind of corporations or companies that are running, we went in and I haven't thought about releasing this yet, but basically say (inaudible) "Here I am, register me a UCC. This is the name of our company. We're going to do business. We're going to be held liable for any damage that we may cause. Here is what we're doing. This is our purpose. This is who's in charge, who is responsible and who is liable. " 
Use the UCC filing number as your replacement of the (inaudible) number or whatever it is. Because as long as you publicly register who you are, what you BE and what you DO and that you'll be responsible and liable for any damage that you may cause, you satisfy basically all the lawful and legal requirements of anyone operating. You have to give notice to the public. You have to be responsible and liable and operating lawfully and legally. So, that's how I personally run things and we did that. I haven't operated this company yet obviously, because I'm so busy with this. I hope that explains it. So, yes, all companies, all corporations, all LLCs, anything you received a license from the corporation operating under the guise of government, it's all been cancelled. But you can go in and just say since the inception, since a certain date, we are already existing and we're being responsible. 
Tony (host): I want to ask Deryl, how do you feel about this OPPT trust being with the filings now, how's this going to affect technology? In terms of suppressed technologies, it be (inaudible) release patented by the Keshe Foundation?
Deryl Zeleny (guest): Well, that's just one of them. There's a lot of other patents, free energy, out there that can be released. I think Heather holds the patents for that. We're not going to recognize this place in a few years, maybe five or ten. What do you think, Heather?
Heather: I'm looking for a shorter timeline than that. I'm not up for five or ten more years. I'm looking for like this year (inaudible for several words). As far as the trustees and all that, I really want to clarify. Things may be in our hands in one sense as far as (inaudible) you guys. We've already done our job in securing and preserving. Now it's just our time to guard the space, so you guys can all are the co-trustees. You are the BE'ings that are DO'ing the work of the trust. So, you're being responsible. Actually, all the power is within all the people's hands. We're just there to guide and to guard. Guide only in the sense that "Okay, guys, here's the data. With the data we have, we're going to go out and make sure that we maneuver people (inaudible) Absolute Data flowing in.” This is all about the People. This is all about the Earth. It's about all BE'ings (inaudible) the universe. It's not about three trustees. We don't hold all the power. We are just here to guard. We're here to be public servants to everyone. We're here to assist the People into (inaudible) these systems themselves. We're not going to go and BE for you. We've done a lot, only because we had the knowledge base to go do it. We had the information and the contacts to be able to know how we needed to maneuver through it. But it's already done. Now it's just about BE'ing and guys, I'm sorry, I'm going to draw the line there. I'm not going to BE for anybody else.

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