In this letter I write in a simple style so that there are no misunderstandings and there is no need for anyone to interpret the meaning and purpose of releasing this information. This letter has the same meaning for all creatures of the Earth and in the universe, as it is simple enough not to be open to any misinterpretation and needs no headman to translate, elaborate or misuse the information for anyone else. Everyone will take from this letter according to their understanding of how to serve humanity and the universal community.

To achieve peace one has to find the essential causes of conflicts, then to go further one has to eradicate the roots of the problems so that these conflicts never occur again and everlasting peace in the mind, the home, the city, the nation, the planet and in the universe can be maintained.

In this letter as the founder of the Keshe Foundation, secondly as a human being and thirdly as a messenger of peace in these times, I see it as my personal responsibility to reveal the untold truth so that through it we find the main causes of most of the wars in past centuries on this planet. With understanding the causes and the roots of the problems, mankind as a family and collectively as a race moves into a new phase of peace and prosperity.

Let us call this day a new day and a new era for the race of man and make this entry under the title of a NEW DESTINY for mankind.

What does this mean today as on this day of 28 February 2013 the religious leader of one manner of worshipping the Creator known as the Catholic Church as a sect of Christianity and its head known as the Pope is resigning and with this act he is opening the path for the election of a new Pope.

Some men hope that the new Pope will bring a new hope of peace, not as the wish for one part of the human community but as a reality for all the people on this planet.

To start with a clean slate and work towards world peace and a world peace treaty, one has to put on the table all the present and past facts that have caused or instigated wars, and then sincerely do something about them so that no conflict can take root in the race of man ever again to lead to war, or to give anyone the opportunity to use these to start and incite wars of the future.

Otherwise the same misguided acts will repeat themselves and the same wars and conflicts will take hold in the future in different sections of society.

The aim of the New Era is the establishment of everlasting peace and abolition of the causes of war and of the production of tools of war to support these divisions and the claims to superiority of one race or school of thought or belief over another. As one eradicates the causes of war then one finds that there is no need to make the tools of war, and in peace time the energy and the intellect of man can be utilised to serve others and to add to his total knowledge in understanding himself, his environment, the creation and the Creator.

I would like to outline what has been wrong and what has to be corrected and what needs to be done so that the mistakes of the past will not repeat themselves and in the future there will never be among the race of man any ground to start a war on this planet or in the universe.

First of all let’s be open and clean the house of the human family and understand the roots of number of past and current wars on this planet among different races, where all races of the man originate from the same mother.

One of the root causes of war on this planet for at least the past 1000 years has been the use of the name of God and the word Religion.

Wars have been and even today are incited and fought for domination of one sort of religion over another, and in the attempt by the leaders of these so-called religions of God to find out which religion has more followers, so that through greater numbers, one religion can collect more money, assets and power through their various offices under the name of synagogues, mosques, churches, temples and so forth.

In fact the best organised system among these with one central office has been Christianity, as Islam and Judaism have never achieved centralisation through their own fault of division and in-fighting.

Thus the name of God has been and is used to create division among men to gain more money and prestige for those who call themselves priests, imams, rabbis and so forth, to satisfy their insignificant self-wishes and desires under the pretence of the Holy name of God.

To have peace on earth there is a need to unify man’s approach to this path of belief in the Holy name or any house for worship.

What does this mean? This means that from now on, one worships his own soul as he worships his so-called God or the Creator under different names and banners.

One’s soul is itself connected to and is part of the soul of the Creator and the soul of other fellow beings on this planet and in the universe.

The soul of man is created through division of the same original source and through the accumulation and integration of the same fields which have been, are and shall be in motion in different strengths and positions in the universe.

From the beginning of time this process has led to the creation of different beings in different parts and times in the universe and neither the process nor time itself shall ever end.

This act of worship of one’s own soul will bring about the result that man will not do harm to himself and through it he will not harm others.

Through this manner of living and thinking correctly about one’s conduct, one avoids all problems for oneself and one’s fellow creatures across this planet and the universe.

The commandment ‘Thou shalt not steal' does not only mean physically stealing material things from another man’s pocket, it also means robbing from a soul that which it needs to elevate itself to higher levels of perfection in all the realms of creation. Then when one steals from another, this act causes the loss for the soul of the victim too, thus the effect is two things, one physical and one for the soul of the victim.

However the soul is aware of the misconduct of its physical part and in turn the soul’s interactions will punish the physical body, even the unseen crimes that are done in secret, as there is nothing hidden from the detached and perfect soul.

Then let us see how the name of the Creator has been used to harm so many people over the centuries in order for some few to attain and maintain privileged lives in the false name of God.

To maintain their position they get involved and they commit theft from other souls who are on the path of serving God, Allah, or any other name that man has chosen to call the original source of existence or the Creator.

It is interesting that in different mother tongues the liquid of life man needs to exist has been called water, aquaabe, etcetera, and these different sounds that man has chosen to name the same entity do not change the essential life-giving attributes of this substance.

Then why should the name of the Creator of water be different when in essence it gives life to the body and the soul of man?

In recent years, in my banishment, exile and imprisonment in different forms in different parts of the world and by different nations and leaders of countries and religions, I became aware of one point, which is that the leaders of the world, whether religious or political, are not afraid of my knowledge but are afraid of what my knowledge will do in their time in bring their misconduct into the open and make them ashamed of what they have done wrongly to others in the false name of religion and nations.

Let me explain why I titled this part of this letter, “New Pope, new hope”.

Why this title?

The answer to this is very simple, since this name and title of Pope is a reminder of how the name of the Creator has been used for centuries through the office of different religions, not only to gather wealth, but to protect the abusers in this house under the name of the Creator.

The house of God has become the sanctuary for those who have been harming their fellow men with their misconduct, however this house or others like it may be named and however their abuse of the name of the Creator might be named or described.

Today, 28 February 2013, one of these wrongdoers of man is resigning under the cover of being unable to perform his duty as the leader of one of the houses of worship; but what is the truth about this sudden unprecedented resignation of the Pope?

Let us open the book of current world affairs, not for the leaders of the world but for humanity, and then we will look at the wrongs of the past later on in this letter.

The current Pope who is resigning today has been associated with a number of wrongdoings, mainly through the same supposed men of God who he has been in league with to rob and steal from the souls of others with their misconduct, and this should not be so.

Let me explain. The current Pope had to resign due to several facts which have been hidden from the public: first his name is directly associated with a number of individual and collective paedophilia cases in the USA, Canada and Ireland.

These indictments for arrest and conviction are on clear evidence in cases of priests who have been arrested and imprisoned by the authorities in different parts of the world and accused by the followers of these false men of God of being involved in inhumane treatment and abuse of boys and girls who were under their protection for the development of their souls.

The other point which is not known to the public is that the Popes have used all the money and the wealth that has been collected in past centuries in the name of God under the protection of priests in the houses of God to wage open and hidden wars on other religions and creeds, through encouraging and financing and waging wars using different nations over which they have influence, in order to keep the financial dominance of one religion over others.

Taking as example the war in the Middle East between Jews and Muslims in the recent past, these continuous wars have been and are creating division between two religions that have lived peacefully for centuries alongside and among each other.

The Catholic Church has financed and incited wars so that during the fighting among two of its competitors, the house of worship of the Popes can show itself to the eye of the weak and common man as better than the other two and thus can gather more followers and consequently more income from those new followers.

These new followers will think that the house of the Pope is the best of the three and thus it can accumulate more wealth and power, through inciting conflict and financing these false wars using religion among the creatures of the Creator on this planet.

At the same time one can see how the same church has created a peaceful environment in the European Community, which the ex-president of France said was a Christian organisation.

Thus if the Vatican can bring peace to its followers in Europe, why does it not use the same effort to bring peace to the rest of humanity, if the name of God is to be used in the right way?

Why should the European community of Christians be the cause of war between Muslims and Christians and Jews in other continents, by the European nations being the biggest producer of war machines and tools of war?

This pattern of behaviour and conduct has been used by the same house as it has accumulated more followers and wealth in Africa and South America and central Asia, where wars between religions initiated in the so-called name of achieving peace and the name of God have been financed by religious money from Vatican, under the banner and use of the USA, UK and other nations of the same belief.

At the same time this superiority of world power through the Vatican and Christianity has been used in the context of nuclear technology in the recent past too, where, except for China and non-Christian India, the rest of the Christian nuclear powers nations have used their self-given rights of veto and false United Nations structure to stop any Islamic nation from attaining nuclear power, and they have made it to be the biggest crime if anyone except the Christian nations develops nuclear technology.

This is done in order to keep the exclusivity of nuclear power in the hands of the Vatican and its operating nations, and any attempt by any non-religious and non-Christian nation like Iran is declared to be a threat to world peace.

But in fact it is a threat to the power of the so-called the office of the Pope.

It is only threatening to equalise the balance of power if Iran and other nations achieve nuclear power technology.

Why do these Christian and nuclear club nations not use the same scientists and expertise to make the tools of peace and promote peaceful activity?

Why did a British Government figure travelling with a full team of several hundred military and arms experts recently make a special trip just to sell the tools of war to another nation in Middle East, only to the benefit the British workforce and no one else, while promoting itself as a peace-loving nation?

Why should a man ever touch these tools made by another man’s effort that can end the life of another being, be it of man on Earth or other creatures of God in the universe?

Why has arms manufacturing become the fashionable exclusivity of mainly Christian nations, when it has been said clearly, "Thou shall not kill".

Christians make tools of war and encourage others to use them to kill others so that in turn they can create profit for their nations out of the loss of life of others.

This is another type of murder and against the rules of God.

Why do the new Pope and other religious leaders of the Earth not organise a religious peace conference and enforce peace as the one and the only religious obligation?

Interestingly enough, why have Europeans nations taken the borders out of Europe in the past twenty years, so that there is no need for large armies and they are dismantling their armies, and meanwhile these nations encourage the sale of arms to others by promoting the protection of their borders?

In fact there should be no borders and the new technology we have released guarantees the abolition of borders.

National security has to be in the hands of a nation’s police force and the name of the army has to be erased from man’s vocabulary and language.

The word ‘army’ has to be buried in the grave of history along with the violent men of the past.

The word ‘army’ has to be deleted from the tools of peace, and arms manufacturing has to be abolished and be a punishable offence under every law in every land on Earth and beyond.

One of the facts not commonly known is that under the banner of a peaceful nation Switzerland was the biggest supplier of tools of war to the German army in the Second World War.

This so-called peaceful nation is the biggest arms manufacturer and supplier of the most horrendous war weapons that man has ever seen on this planet, and the red cross in its flag is the true colour of the blood this nation has adorned itself with from the deaths it has caused by supplying arms to kill others in that war.

The behaviour of this pretend peaceful nation brings shame to its name and embarrassment to the word ‘peace’.

These acts of deception in manufacturing and creating tools of war and causing war among men of the same planet and in the universe have to come to an end.

This dishonest production of arms has to be stopped and replaced with peaceful activities, at once and not over a period of time.

In any case the new technology which we have released has made the present nuclear technology and the most advanced manmade technology of war obsolete, and if nations would like to see the power of this technology we are ready to display its power for total annihilation of all the arms that man has made over the centuries.

We will allow the nations that have the USB stick to show how amateur the current and the most advanced weapons technology and defence technology of the West have become, compared to the new spaceship program space defence technology developed for protecting man in space from its natural hazards.

This power has been shown several times in the past two years by governments that are peaceful by capturing the most advanced aircraft from sky like a falcon catching a fly in mid-flight.

With this new technology and by the use of one system alone, all borders, land and sea connections of any nation can be closed in order to keep out any shipping or air supply or land cargo of arms.

The economy of a country like the UK or USA can be brought to a full standstill of exporting or importing if one unit of the new technology is used to fly over the borders of these nations, as one can electronically disable all engines and communication modes of any ship, in the sea, aircraft in air and cars on land respectively.

Let’s think and talk peace and act peacefully, and let the religious and political leaders of the world use their power and position to make arms manufacturing the most heinous crime that man can participate in, if they are true men and followers of the true God.

Killing is forbidden in all religions and from now on the man who manufactures the tools for killing another man under the banner of war, defence and retaliation has to be the most sinful man that ever existed.

Let us see who would like to be sent to the darkest points of the universe for thinking, designing, manufacturing and using weapons of war to kill another man.

In reality there should be no nuclear weapon technology in the hand of any nation or religion or its agencies under the banner of one nation or the human race.

How come that all the bad guys are Muslims and Jews while other followers of God in the name of Christian nations are the saviours, by selling arms to them to kill each other and staining their chosen tradition of worshipping the Creator.

Why a nation should pride itself on having the biggest financial income from the sale of arms, and be in competition to see who sells more arms to those who do not need them?

Once the tools of war are made they have to be used, and this leads to more death and suffering and more damage to the souls of others.

In fact the nations producing weapons have to incite more wars so that they can keep up their factories and employments.

So arms manufacturing needs wars to feed and keep it going, and this in turn brings more suffering to the one who uses them by killing someone’s child or someone’s father.

From now on, the man who manufactures in his factories the tools of attack for war or defence or who thinks about how to make a better killing tool becomes responsible for the death of that father and that son who are killed by his tool even thousands of kilometres away from his factory.

From now on the instigators of wars and producers of the tools of war bear part of the punishment for the killing and the same punishment in the eye of the creator as the same as the man who pulled the trigger to kill another man and disturb his soul.

Thus the crime of the manufacturers carries the same punishment as the crime of the one who pulls the trigger.

Similarly the punishment for the man who pulls the trigger to kill a man or his child is the same for the whole nation of manufacturing the arms and the tool which the killing is done with, because the income from selling the weapons goes to benefit that nation and its citizens.

Shame on the man, the organisation and the nation that thinks, benefits, manufactures and pulls the trigger to kill another being.

Then let there be no more war, because one day the same intentions of killing others may cause an attack on the nation that produced the arms to start with.

Now that the man has been warned of his wrongdoing in inciting conflict and manufacturing the tools of war, those children and beneficiaries who inherit the physical wealth created by these wrong actions shall also inherit the punishment of their fathers’ wrongdoing.

If the men of greed wish to leave a good name for their bloodline, they should consider that the same glory and the same shame will be inherited by their offspring and their souls.

So let us see who would like to put his dearest into the same turmoil of never-lasting peace of their soul in all the realms of creation through their physical thoughts and actions during their time of physicality on this planet.

Man needs to live, think and conduct himself correctly from birth to the physical grave, and has to teach himself correct behaviour not only so that he himself does not fall for everlasting into the lowest levels of creation, but to make sure that the same shall not befall his fathers and his offspring.

Then there shall be no soul harmed or deprived by the wrongdoings of others for its natural progression to reach the highest levels to meet its Creator, and at the same time as no one stirs up conflict, no one needs to create tools of war to harm others.

From now on pride will come from being a true servant to all creation and not from being the biggest arms manufacturer in the world.

Similarly; those whose money is used to finance the shares of arms manufacturing companies and defence technology will sit on the same seat as the man who pulls the trigger to kill, since the shareholders benefit from the company’s sales and dividends that they invested in for their income, whether through pension funds or as individuals.

Walking away from war has to become the habit of man, not for fear of punishment but out of pleasure in being able to elevate one’s soul and others to higher levels by receiving the blessing of their soul.

Let this be a lesson for those who try to justify inciting war and making the tools of war.

Then again why does the Vatican not use its influence for bringing peace by being and inciting peace in accordance with the thoughts, the actions and work of the blessed Christ (the peace of God be on his soul)?

In the Eyes of eighty percent of the earth population who are not the follower of Christ, Christians are mainly involved in arms manufacturing and promoting their sale and hence the Christians under the banner of whichever sect of this faith are known as “the merchant of death”.

This is exactly opposite to why the blessed his name Christ gave and sacrificed his life for.

It is the responsibility of the new Pope to change the operation of the Christian community in being the merchants of death, if he is to fulfil the wish of his prophet the most Holly be his name the Christ.

Thus the title of “New Pope New hope”.

I do not need to write about the abuse of the name of Mohammed (God’s peace be on his soul) as this has been well recorded in the pages of history of the past centuries.

Even his name is used to incite more killing as if it is man’s right to kill in his name.

Where he only brought about the destruction of statues so that man would worship only one creator, then the man of greed and power used this thought of destroying statues to kill other men.

Mohammed (peace be on his soul) has said that the punishment of thief is the amputation of his finger and hand, then what is the punishment for killing another man in the name of the same prophet?

Nowadays killing in his name has become rewarded by a plastic key to the gates of heaven, and this is the gate of which God?

The God that has promoted peace and unity, the God that has given the life of a son to bring peace to this animal nature of man who looks for different ways to prove and emphasise his personal ego in the name of himself, his nation and his religion, though in fact he serves no other man and GOD but himself.

Now it is Muslims who are always the wrongdoers, before it was the Jews and before that it was the Communists and so on.

So in fact the wars of the past centuries and the recent past have been because of religions wanting superiority in gathering more wealth through donations from people who thought that their contributions every day of the week and the year were to be used for the good of fellow men and for bringing peace to them.

But in fact their contribution has bought more weapons and financed more wars than any other source on this planet.

The fact is that the message of ‘new Pope, new hope’ is applicable not only to the followers of God in the name of Christianity, this should be the same behaviour with all religions and sects and their leaders on this planet.

In actual fact there is no money left in the vaults of the Vatican Bank, and again only through an act of the same Pope who has resigned under suspicious circumstances.

When the German Cardinal became Pope seven years ago, in one of his first acts he made himself the head of the Vatican Bank, and immediately transferred all the reserves of the second biggest bank in the world to the central bank of Germany, as the same central bank transfers to Germany were done by the so-called European Union treaty as a pre-condition to start off the Euro as a currency.

But this time the Vatican money was used to support the losses of the western Christian governments that have lost everything in recent years through the market and bank failures.

This was done to preserve the superiority of the so-called Christian European governments in the present financial troubles in Europe and the USA.

The initial reason for the transfer of the Vatican’s wealth to the central bank of Germany in the first days of the new Pope coming into power was to avoid paying the large claims in the court cases in the United States and Ireland and around the world for the priests who have abused children.

So when the international court claims were served on Vatican to pay these heavy penalties for the wrong doing of its priests then there was no physical finance to pay these through deception again, where by then the money was already gone out of the bank and it never came back, and now it is totally lost in supporting other wars and governments and its and their financial failures in the banking systems.

In fact the only assets left for the Vatican on paper are nothing more than a few lands that have not been already borrowed on to the hilt to run the affairs of broken systems.

But in reality the finance of the church is hidden under the banner of a bigger war to come.

Thus new and extensive wars are needed to create more followers and wealth for the new Pope to maintain his power.

By our consent, this war shall not be allowed to happen and if they start it then there will be an end to the love of God for this sector of men if it starts.

As Mohammed (Holy be his name) banished the Jews for their crime against Christ (blessed be his soul), then there shall be a worse punishment for the Christians if they wage another war or incite war as they have done and as we explained above.

It took the Jews centuries to regain their freedom and this time there shall be none if the path of war is chosen by any nation and religion, be it Christian, Muslim, Jew, Communist, or any other way of worshiping oneself in materialist separation of school of thought.

Thus the Pope’s resignation announced in February is a protection building procedure so that no one can be blamed.

This man has taken refuge in another house of God and according to him he will not see anyone and will not talk to anyone any more, so supposedly he cannot be asked about the truth.

My call is simple: for a fair, equal and lasting peace among men of the planet. If an African president could be taken from the seat of presidency to the international court tribunal in the Netherlands for trial for crimes against humanity and using child soldiers for killing and raping and looting, the crime of a man in the robe of God is more heinous than that of this president.

Thus the man has to be investigated who has committed a crime when he was trusted by people leaving their children and fianc├ęs in his hands and those of his priests, and he has to be punished in the same court and be judged by other followers of other ways of worship in the world and not be judged by his own followers in these courts.

The Hague should not become the court of the white skin for shaming the followers of other religions and races, it has to take action against all men of wrongdoing in every realm of power, be it political, military or religious.

Put the man on trial, like the African president and the central European leaders of the late nineties who were sent to the same international court, and if all evidence clears him then let him be set free.

Otherwise shackle this man to the walls of the prison until the last breath and erase his name from the list of the Popes after the true men of service like John Paul, the last real Pope seven years ago, who served man in the name of God.

The problem is that the atrocities committed in the name of religion have given strength to the abusers and followers of the religions too, and as they see the leaders of their so-called belief doing wrong and getting away with all wrongdoing, so they follow the same misconduct, thinking that they will never be caught.

This means that there are leaders and kings who have done wrong and have had their religion and religious apparatus to protect them.

These leaders and kings under cover of political or diplomatic protection have to be subjected to the same laws as everyone else.

This means that if they have the duty to protect their nationals and in this process they have abused their position, by killing, raping (boys or girls), killing children for their personal ego and sexual pleasures, as some have done and still are doing, then, these leaders and kings, they have to stand in the court of The Hague immediately so that they do not even get a chance to escape or commit false suicide.

These leaders and kings have to be put on trial in The Hague and treated like other men and if they are found to have committed these crimes, then they should be punished more harshly than normal people in the street.

If the father of a family kills or rapes his children for whom he is responsible, nowadays and in the past such a father has been beheaded or imprisoned. So it should be no different with the father of a church, mosque or synagogue, a president or king or queen who abuses their position to harm the body or the soul of a child or another fellow creature.

Let me explain a few of these cases. One of the reasons why the Keshe Foundation has been under such pressure in Belgium has not been so much from the political sector, but from those who use the political apparatus to enrich themselves and fill their pockets. But these people have had the protection of a man who is the most criminal man on earth.

There are more than fifty cases of child abuse and killing of children in international courts in his personal name, but he is protected by the Vatican, and at the same time shunned by other royal families of Europe for his conduct.

He has not been seen at any royal functions in Europe for years and the people who have protected him are using his weakness to fill their pockets with the wealth of the nation.

I do not mention his name as writing it would bring shame to my pen of truth, but if you want to know him and his cronies, please read the Belgium press between 15-18 January 2012 and full pictures and full four pages of it.

He has been to public functions only twice in the whole of 2011 as the other members of the European royal families and political leaders of the West are aware of his conduct of rape and killing and keep themselves and their children away from his presence.

In fact what I have written earlier is not far from reality for the Jewish tribe too, who should have learned from their suffering of the centuries and specially the last century. In being given a land to call home, instead of making a home with friends in Palestine, they chose the name of God to create more wars and killing among their neighbouring countries.

Our hope was that they would have learned what it means to be banished from home and have your life savings confiscated, as was done to them in the Second World War.

We thought that this would have shown them to be correct and to not do what you do not like to be done to you.

But on the contrary we have seen nothing but the worst done by this tribe to others and to neighbouring countries as was done to them in the last centuries.

Thus again those who use the name of God do so to cause more suffering for their own benefit, as has been said.

We have seen the same with other ways of belief and religion who have used the teachings of friendship and unity of their faith to divide themselves from others and have shown and created division among men of God.

The same can be said about the followers of Mohammed (blessed be his name), those who have used his name and teachings for their own financial gain, in killing and looting other believers’ property and lives under the Holy name of Allah.

We have seen these too openly in the news of the past years and too ashamed to repeat the atrocity using the holly name of Mohammed and his teachings, the same as has been done by followers of Moses and Christ.

One faith is not lesser than the other in inflicting suffering on their own followers and others.

Abuse by man of his fellow men has been the same over the centuries under different names and banners, and all have brought suffering to the physical body of man, but not to his soul.

The soul of man is born pure and everlasting; it needs no ties and no affiliation to the Creator as it is part of the Creator and the created, the link between the tangible and extra-dimensional; it exists in eternal tranquillity, abundance, enlightenment and peace.

Finding everlasting peace is only attainable for man in a single way and manner, and that is by the name of the Creator becoming the focus of unity of the race and not of the division of souls.

The opportunity for peace as it is in hand now has not arisen by chance, it marks the moment when the intelligence of the majority of this planet’s inhabitants has reached the level where they can not only support themselves but can assist, aid and give time to teaching their fellow men to reach a new level of collective comprehension of the totality of the world of existence, and not be limited to the life of a hermit race of man on this beautiful island of Earth in the ocean of the joyful life of the universe.

Service to mankind and others comes from and with the comfort of thoughts and peace for the body and the soul, and now that we have opened the gates of universal knowledge to man, it is time for man to take the leap of trust in his soul, the Creator and himself, and to release himself from the shackles of materialistic life, which is not worth it and does not last.

The call to the sons of Adam is simple: gather in unison and take the flight of reunion in the realms of creation, as this time is destined, not by your choice but by divine grace, to release you from the pains of self-inflicted earthly bondage.

The ones who call yourselves rulers and kings and religious peers, you have lost your seats unless you have taken the seat to serve the good of man, as has been promised.

The time has come when you the wrongdoers and misusers of the trust of man shall face your destiny and there shall be no mercy, whatever you have thought of your actions.

You know within yourselves and in time your own souls shall bring you to the level where you deserve to exist in the realm of creation.

Thus from now on there shall not be punishment by man or God, but self-regulation of one’s greed and desires, which will allow service and creation of peace for all creations of God in all realms of creation in all dimensions of the universe.

The time of fire and hell is over, but the time of fear of one’s self not reaching the ultimate unity of souls and the Creator is the new Earth order, and in fact is the universal law of existence.

Blessed are those who understand the hand of knowledge and the oceans of abundance of the food of the soul, and are not afraid of the unknown; as the unknown is part of one’s own fear of being just and fair to himself and others in the realms of physicality or of intangibility.

My call is simple to the men of power and to the destitute alike: assist each other so that in unified physicality you reach the unification of your souls, and thus as one flower you can ascend to new levels of understanding the truth about yourself, your unified soul and the Creator of the universe and universal cosmos.

Man has spent enough time fighting for water, for pleasure, for blocks of dust of the Earth and for position, status and wealth, which are nothing but the dust of this smallest of all planets and speck of dust of the universe called home.

Unify in serving each other and through this you shall find the key to the mysteries of creation and open the door that has kept you away from reunion with others of the same in the realms of the soul and the intangible.

My call from my physical form and the new paradise of freedom is simple: to free you from the bondage of physicality and you shall find peace in serving the souls of others.

My call to the new Pope, Islamic religious leaders, Jewish rabbis and other leaders of faith, tradition and world leaders is simple: please sign your faith and your followers and your nations, not on paper, but in action and deeds for everlasting world peace and the world peace treaty, and in turn we shall open the door of abundance, peace and tranquillity to your followers as we shall do and have done to other men and creatures of the universe.

This same call goes to the other leaders of religions and beliefs and paths of enlightenment on Earth: put aside your hierarchy of golden palaces and temples which in the name of the Creator serves the creator of the shadows of nothing.

Ask your flocks to think all the same way and in the same manner, to serve and not to look for returns and payment, as the service will bring the souls to assist the physicality to find peace and through it to free man from the physical shackles of needs to satisfy his self-love, self-satisfaction and self-gratification.

I am servant to all in all dimensions of creation and not only to man, and in truth the true believers of service in all realms of creation shall understand the position and height of closeness I have offered this tribe of man to reach, if he decides to unify in serving his fellow men and others in the universe.

Let us take an example of a land and the maturity of its people. Iran used to be an empire and through that it learned that war is not the solution for its subjects. Thus the Iranians have stayed away from the war machine for over three hundred years, but they have defended their fellow countrymen with collective unity even though they belong to many tribes and cultures.

Now it is time to take the example of Iran and Iranians and bring the same to the human race.

The other causes of conflicts in the past and present time:

The other main cause of the wars on this planet has been pride in one’s colour of skin, tribe and race. The false thinking that one race is better than the other just because of the colour of their skin has been used to enforce their so-called superiority, which has caused long term resentment and conflicts in the race of man.

In reality all men have come from one mother and one seed, and all have dispersed to secure their existence in the environment of the Earth according to where they live.

Being black and moving from the warmth of Africa has made man’s skin change colour to white as he has moved away from the equator.

This change of colour has not made any difference to his internal organs and way of operating his physicality.

As with the earlier example of water and religion, why should the colour of skin or the language be the cause of prejudice and hate and wars and conflict?

The whole of the human race is from one source and in future we shall show the process of its creation from the essence and origin. We as a race are from one seed and one mother, so what is the point of this racism unless one is ignorant of one’s own creation and not proud to be a human?

People in the West and around the world go and buy different flowers to adorn their homes with bouquets of different colours, shapes and scents of these beauties of the Earth, so how come they do not see the beauty in the variation and culture of their own race?

Shame, shame and shame to those most feeble in mind who manifest this prejudice of race.

Let these prejudices go as soon you will cling to the smallest signs of man in the vast ocean of creeds and races of the universe with their most beautiful source and shapes and colours. Be proud to be from the race of man, and be known not for separation and division, but as the ones who know how to love and adore each other and all of the universe’s creation.

A further point to clarify:

It has been raised in private and in public and on the forum of the Foundation if I am the prophet or a promised one and if my peace treaty document about the status of scientists makes me a prophet.

My answer to these questions, which have been raised among my family and by close friends for years and now public, is very simple.

The answer clearly and irrevocably is: Yes. I am a messenger and a messenger of science and through its power a messenger of peace.

In the passage of time the prophets of the past appeared at a time when the human race needed to attain a new understanding of what was to come.

Their Holinesses Mohammed, Christ, Moses and the rest all appointed the time of the return of the promised one as the time of peace and milk and honey.

In fact the time of the prophets of Earth had come to its end long before the time when I declared my position, as the prophets they promised have been prophets for the race of man and his time on Earth which was fulfilled long before this time in the last century.

My job and mission is guiding and teaching man so that he can finally join the rest of the creations of the Creator in the universe.

Our jobs as prophet of the man and messengers of universe are clearly separate and have different criteria and objectives. The prophets of man never spoke of the reunion of man with the universal community as this was not their appointed duty. Even though they were aware of the existence of both dimensions, man at their time was not ready for such a transformation and knowledge.

Now that man is ready, it is our clear job and duty as the universal messengers with full knowledge of the working of the universe and its society to guide man through this narrow channel, full of opportunities for things to go wrong, and they are: one being in opening of the universe to man and the other in guiding the man with the interaction of man with the universal community.

It is our job as universal messengers to prepare man for the unification in an orderly and correct manner even though not all men will understand this initial stage.

For this reason we have started to correct the mistakes of science in the books released initially, and now we are ready to take you through to the universal community.

But the universe is a peaceful place and there is no room for aggression and war.

So the nations of Earth have to find peace among themselves and then enter the universal community as mature people.

This is the responsibility that I have accepted in my soul. My physical body has no importance to me, as my wish and thoughts shall be carried through. Peace on earth shall become a reality in a short time, and if need be we have the knowledge and the power to enforce it if the world leaders and religions would like to see the power of our will.

Those who would like to see to believe, have to stand the pain of its power too.

The prophet of man is for the guidance of earthly beings and earthly knowledge, but as the duty of a universal prophet my job is the unification of all the races in the universe.

As universal prophets we are more informed about the total structure of the working of the universe and universal coexistence, and as guardians it is our job to see that all creatures of the Creator are served and reach the same level of understanding of their creation and science, so that one race cannot abuse another due to its lack of knowledge.

Thus as I have started the true basic teaching of the correct science, in due course and already I have started teaching of the soul and of the correct conduct of man in the universal community as we prepare man for this imminent event when he takes wing into space beyond Earth and in the universe with the rest of the universal community.

Some of the men who have been open to this message have already understood and started to behave correctly so that in the future their conduct in the universe will be appropriate.

The promised day of judgement is a matter of one’s daily behaviour and the consequence of the balance of the souls who are affected by the conduct of the physicality.

In the earthly religions of the past, the day of judgment was seen to be the ultimate time and in truth the time of departure and separation of the soul from its body or the time of physical death, where in reality the only point left for the soul at the time of death is to find its position according to the physical behaviour of its counter-body in the time of its physical life in the realms of other entities in the universe.

So the man who has conducted himself correctly and received more of the blessing or parts of souls of others will have a higher position and stronger fields that enable his soul to interact with the higher level and more effective souls that serve in the rest of the universal community.

In the act of giving one’s blessing, this is the act of giving a part of one’s own existence, as blessing comes from thoughts and thoughts are energy based.

Thus there shall be no hell and no heaven, but a clear station where one’s soul will be positioned and operate in the universal order.

That is why we say pray for our parents up on their passing to guide their souls to higher elevation than when they were here on earth, as the existence of the soul has no time and dimension and their soul still can receive part of our soul through our prayers.

This is like the birth of a child from a mother, where the child born to a mother in the slums will live with the same and the child born in a palace will live in a similar community with nobles in physical life.

To go from one society to another is still possible in the realms of the soul, as one can attain enough through receiving blessing from others from serving humanity, so that at the time of passing, the soul of the man whom 

Thus my mission is clear, and that is not to create division among men as they have done enough of that by themselves, but to make ready and create the conditions where man can soon rejoin the universal community for the final time in an orderly and correct manner with correct conduct and behaviour and knowledge.

Blessed are those souls who understand, comprehend and become part of the peaceful universal community, for the creation of greater peace in the universe and not a lesser peace only on this planet.

Has ever been and shall ever be.

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe

Original written in February and finalised 23 March 2O13 AD