Saturday 2 March 2013

An Open Letter to All People Who are on the Governement Payroll

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Thank you Angie!

An Open Letter to All People Who are on the Governement Payroll

This includes, but is not limited to, all public servants, all elected officials, all military, all police, all welfare, medicaid, medicare, foodstamp and social security recipients.... any person who receives regular income, of any kind, from any level of (foreclosed) government/corporation, in any region of the world, any (foreclosed) government/corporation paid shills or trolls, or any person, anywhere, who has been coerced by any (foreclosed) government/corporation, to take up arms or perform any action against We The People.
I affirm and intend, ALL become aware of what I am about to say. I send these words out, on the ethers, and direct them, with intention, into the mass consciousness and into the Eternal Hearts of ALL.
I know, right now, some of you may really feel as if you will not be able to survive, without the pay you receive from the (foreclosed) government/ corporation. In many cases, that pay is a pittance that barely covers your basic necessities and yet you fear not having it and you allow that fear to trap you within an illusion that you may easily and immediately step out of, should you choose. 
I write to you today because it is my feeling that those of you who are on "the payroll" will be the first asked/ordered to betray your family and friends, for a measly government pittance. They will attempt to control you with threats of cutting you off. I say "Let them cut you off!  You'll do far better when they are out of the way. Faith and unity will carry us through while we shake them off. We must learn to depend on each other... to co-operate and share.... to barter and trade, amongst ourselves. We need to keep our money away from them. If we keep our money we keep our energy. They cannot survive without our energy. I know I am being repetitive. I write often of this exact point but it cannot be stressed enough.
MONEY = ENERGY to the forces that were.
They take, without giving anything in return and, in so doing, have created an imbalance in our world. It is time to restore the balance.
I want to remind you all that WE ARE ALL ONE. We are ALL created by the same CREATOR and we have all been enslaved by a sneaky dark force. We are ALL in the same boat here and as long as we understand this and unite to change it we can be free of it, once and for all!
Once our oppressors are moved out of the way, we have access to unfathomable riches and treasures. It is time NOW for us to reclaim our personal power, freedom and all the stolen resources, on behalf of ALL THAT IS.
When you understand the true value, of the riches they have stolen from us, you will know how laughable it is that any one of us should ever have gone without the full fulfillment or every one of our most grand desires. It is nothing short of the most heinous crime that there are people dying of starvation, illness and exposure. It is time to put a stop to it!
It is our birthright , our honor and our privilege, to be responsible stewards to this planet and everything upon, within and around Her. Her most valuable resources have been stolen and hoarded away from us and used to control us. Amongst those resources is the most important one of all. Our own energy. The ENERGY OF ONENESS.
oooooooooo.... the chill I get sometimes when I refer to ONENESS.
Please be aware, our negative, fear-based reaction to that word is part of the programming, put upon all of us, by the forces that were. It is time to sort that out within ourselves, because it is a huge and unnecessary stumbling block.
In this dualistic paradigm, the forces that were would, naturally, have to have their own version of the oneness concept. There have to be opposing interpretations. This idea of oneness is imprinted on the soul of every being. And, as with all things, we have a free will choice as to how we interpret it and act upon our interpretation.
There is a "service to self" version and a "service to others" version.
The service to self version is chosen by people who wish to force others to submit to their will. It is a paradigm of world dominance.... complete control of all life. That version is where the few rule over the many. This is the paradigm we've been living in.
The service to others paradigm promotes, free will, abundance and equality for ALL. It's kinda a no-brainer to me but we all have a free-will choice to make. The most important thing is that we make one and that it be an ABSOLUTELY informed one.
There is the ONE which FREES us and the one which enslaves us. Which do you choose?
For me the choice is obvious and simple!
If we wish to be free, we must NOW pull our energetic resources together for the HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL!
I really hope we can stop it with the senseless bickering! I'm referring to the issues between the trusts. Why squabble over the details and the differences of how we choose to get to a peaceful, abundant reality. The way I see it, there are several different trusts out there which have been struggling for decades, or maybe even centuries, to actually get their hands on the promised treasures. The OPPT gives us the opportunity to work together on behalf of THE WHOLE to see all of the trusts turn fluid and become tangible reality.
Energy is being wasted on senseless "My way is better than yours." arguments. We are on the same team. We are all in this together, WE ARE ONE! Once we move the forces that were, out of our way, we all may have our every wish fullfilled, as long as we DO NO HARM!
I have one last point to make. I feel that it is almost laughable that I need to point this out and yet indications are that there are some who are resistant to "getting" it.
Let's talk about the wild, wacky and far out theory that the OPPT is just another slavery system.
How exactly is it that anyone could ever enslave us again, now that we know that there is no force or presence in existence, which can interject itself between us and our Creator?
THE OPPT, UCC filings have destroyed every entity which previously interjected itself between we and our Creator. That means that all loopholes, allowing any kind of human slavery, have just been clamped, airtight, closed!
I know how difficult it must be, for those of you who are just being made aware of the extent of the atrocities perpetrated against us. I have had the luxury of waking up to all of this, slowly, over more than a decade, and I have been fortunate to have taken a relaxed pace through the grieving process these realizations set off within me. Those of you awakening right now are probably feeling far more rushed. It may be very difficult for you to relax and have faith. I sense the urgency and confusion and despair in the air, just as I know you all do and I offer my assistance, in any way I might be needed.
If you need someone to talk you down or to hash out questions with, I will do my best to contribute helpful answers and if I don't have them I'll find someone who does. Research is a fun hobby for me so asking me to find an answer is no imposition.


P.S. Please feel free to share this far and wide. The more people who read it, the more powerful the effect of the intention.

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