Tuesday 23 April 2013

My final word on this topic of tantrums

I've been saying for a long time that I refuse to give my energy and attention to soap operas, but I woke up this morning and felt that this needed to be addressed- if only for the final closure.  As soon as I got onto skype I was met with yet another tantrum and I knew that yes, once and for all, I would address all of this drama.  

As Lisa said last night on the OPPT-IN radio show, we all speak only for ourselves.  This is MY opinion and thoughts- MINE.

.... I'll try to keep the sarcasm to a minimum.

I'll preface this with saying that I couldn't be bothered listening to the video- just as I couldn't  be bothered watching any of the other videos that Neil is suddenly pumping out (after months of silence)- I just barely have time to watch important videos (like Sirius,.... but I WILL watch it today even if I have to hide in a closet to get a moment of quiet!)- but I read the one paragraph blurb underneath the video and that is what I am going to respond to.  

The original Paragraph is in black and my responses are in blue.

An extended interview with Neil Keenan in Jakarta, Indonesia, in which he reveals just what a dangerous game the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT) was attempting to play with people’s lives and freedom – not only in Indonesia, but around the world. 
The One People's Public Trust, or OPPT as it's called, is now defunct, as are all "trusts" globally.  We discussed this last night on the radio show. OPPT did what it was suppose to do and now has been put to bed.  The OPPT filings released every single Being on this planet (and beyond) from slavery and insured that each and everyone of us is now FREE.  No "playing", just real DO'ing.  The Trustees did their job and have now... retired, for lack of a better term.
*side note.... and I'm beginning to feel like a broken record on this- IF people don't agree with the OPPT Filings, then step up to the plate and rebut them- line by line. If you don't think they were done properly, then REBUT them.  If you don't think they Do what they DID, then REBUT THEM. Fully, Transparently, with Absolute Data.  REBUT THEM.  I don't wanna hear your opinion, I don't wanna hear tantrums or listen to people claim they are bullshit and are wrong and that they have no meaning.  REBUT THEM. 


  1. Claim or prove that (evidence or an accusation) is false.
  2. Drive back or repel (a person or attack).
refute - confute - disprove - deny - negative - repulse

It is, however, a game that has been shut down, (As I said, OPPT has been shut down.... along with all other trusts) as Keenan tells how OPPT went from one Global Accounts scammer to another (Adnan Sahkli, White Spiritual Wonder Boy, and now UN Swissindo) 
For the record, neither the OPPT Trustees nor anyone else involved with OPPT in any way shape or form, contacted or went after or begged or pleaded or bribed or blackmailed ANY of these people or entities.  
-Adnan Sahkli went after Lisa Harrison after listening to her talking about the OPPT on her radio show The Collective Imagination, and started ranting and raving at her about how he owned the BIS and everything in the world..... he then used an intermediary  to contact Heather, and tried to get her to agree to his terms (which, needless to say, she didn't, lol). I haven't really been following his conversations recently, so I have no idea if he's still trying to push his agenda.
-"White Spiritual Wonder Boy".... last time I looked this was the name (sorta) of a bank account, not a person.  I haven't had any giant sized chequebooks show upon my door step and demand that I negotiate with it- nor has anyone else involved in the I UV Exchange- so I'm not following  his logic on this one.
-"UN SwissIndo" - again, this group contacted Paula, Deryl and Brian- three people publicly known to be associated with the OPPT while it was still in operation- and stated that they, SwissIndo, were going to act upon the UCC filings done by OPPT and move forward in their own direction, empowered by the Filings to Finally be able to do what they need to do.  Neither SwissIndo nor Mr. Sino have spoken to any of the OPPT trustees, nor did those Trustees reach out to them in any way, shape, or form.  Every notice, order or directive that SwissIndo has issued has been done under their own initiative and of their own accord. The former Trustees of the now defunct OPPT have not signed any forms, papers, orders, or directives that involve them in anyway with the SwissIndo, Mr Sino, or anyone associated with either of the above.
I will say that I find it amusing that in the list of supposed people/organizations that the OPPT is supposedly been trying to rip off or been involved in, Neil doesn't mention Malik and The Qing Empress/Dynasty- who ALSO came forward and made themselves known to Heather, to test the waters of getting involved in the OPPT.  The reason I find this sooooo interesting is that suddenly now, after being told that No, the one people would not accept a paltry sum of $80,000 per person (globally) on the condition that the OPPT recognize the Qing Empress/Dynasty and allow her/them to keep their hierarchy, Malik is now consorting with Keenan and jumping into HIS boat!!  Yes yes, I find that omission very curious indeed!
hoping to find someone to fund their totalitarian revolution- Ummmmmm.... Neil has obviously NOT been reading the documents or articles that all of us have been putting out, nor listening to the shows as it's been stated over and over and over that the OPPT trustees have TURNED DOWN every offer of Financial Assistance, turned down the offers of paying out sums of money to the public- based on the current financial system of exchange and thereby empowering the current foreclosed upon system to resume it's slavery systems.... hell the trustees even refuse to accept donations to help cover the cost of the filings and transportation between various places and living expenses!!  
– a phony movement that gives every appearance of being the bankster cabal’s attempt to co-opt the real and profound global awakening that spells the end of their control. Ummmmmmm, yea I'm not even sure how to respond to that, given that the OPPT foreclosed on all the governments/corporations, the central banks and all slavery systems that have been controlling the public. 
“We had to be devious in the beginning” said one OPPT principal in a taped call that was sent anonymously to Keenan.  Hahahahahah!  the "taped call" was a radio show- there were over 150,000 people listening so not exactly a secret and was publicly available to anyone who wanted to listen.  And the sentence “We had to be devious in the beginning” is being completely taken out of context.  I can take a sentence out of context too: Neil Keenan: "I love War"
  so  Now Keenan simply warns them that their arrests are likely imminent… Arrests by whom?  Is he sending the Indonesian police after us?  On what charges? Because HE says so?!  Let's put this into perspective:  If the Cabal and their minions haven't arrested us yet, then I strongly suspect that they aren't going to do it now, just because Neil told them too.  Just sayin.....
and warns people longing for freedom not to buy into the OPPT “rose garden” false promises of instant wealth. Again, who is the one that is all about the money money money?  Who is the one trying to put himself in a position where HE is the one to decide who gets help, who gets money, and who is worthy?  OPPT has from the very beginning, continuously talked about the fact that all humanity is equal and all are "worth" the exact same amount. I UV exchange recognizes that ONLY the people are the value, and that the people are FREE. I am EQUAL to Neil, in all aspects.
Help is on the way…from global humanitarian programs funded (with the blessing of the nations) from the Global Collateral Accounts. No, it's not. Any "help" coming from any agency/trust/person that works for, or is involved with any Government Corporation is a continuation of the slavery system that has been foreclosed on. All these so called  "global humanitarian programs" are control mechanisms of the current Slave system- made payable through the same central banks, the same controllers that have been stealing our value. No thank you.
Here is my final point to all of this, and then I will not spend even a nanosecond worth of energy on this topic any more:

#1- If you don't like the filings or disagree with them- Rebut them. If you can't rebut them- legally and in full transparency- then all you are spouting is personal opinion. Freedom of Speech is something that I fully support- have at er! .... but don't try to claim it's anything other than your personal opinion.
#2- If you really disagree with the UCC Filings, and if you think that the OPPT is a load of bunk, and if you think that all these supposed people/groups like the Swissindo group and/or Mr Sino have no power, no authority, no standing, no money......  then WHY are you wasting your energy and time and giving so much attention to them? Why are you ranting and raving about something that you seem to fully believe has no power to do ANYTHING?!  IF the now defunct OPPT is powerless, and all it's filings are meaningless and all the people associated with it useless..... then why are you so worried about denouncing them over and over again?  Time will tell, won't it?

For me, I will continue BEing and DOing, just as I have been. Neil, Michael and Jean's opinions about these topics don't phase me even slightly.  As I said- they are completely entitled to their opinions. The Truth of all of this will all become very clear.  Until then....... I'll talk to you later.  I'm busying BEing me and DOing what I DO.....  and that's all that matters to me. 

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