Saturday 13 April 2013

OPPT-IN Radio Show Monday, April 8th, Transcription

Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN
Monday, April 8th, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa: Yes, that’s all you get, opinions. Welcome, morning, afternoon, evening. This is Lisa Harrison. I know we are quite notoriously known for winging it, but not compared to what we’re doing today. (laughing) I realized five minutes ago that we were going live. We had a time zone change here in Australia, so completely unprepared. Thought I still had an hour to get ready, but wasn’t to be the case. I think we caught Chris by surprise too, did we? (laughs)

Chris: Oh yep, yep, yep. I actually sprinted in here for a different purpose and looked at Skype and thought ... well you know what I thought, I don’t have to say it out loud. So here I am. Hi everybody.

Lisa: (laughing) Exactly, same thing I thought.

Chris: I got caught by the same thing yesterday actually with Peter and Michael’s show, which was even more drastic because that was 6 o’clock in the morning. Is there such a time?

Lisa: Not for being on air, no.

Chris: So anyhow, we’re here. I think for a five-minute warning we’ve got the whole crew just about.

Lisa: We do.

D: Well, some of us were prepared.

(general laughter)

Lisa: (laughing) Some of us had no change whatsoever and were fine. How are you D?

(general laughter continues)

Bob: Some of us were sweating two minutes before the show.

(general laughter continues)

Lisa: All wondering whether Chris or I were going to show up.

Chris: Sorry about that Bob.

Lisa: (laughing) Okay, I'm going to recommend everybody have a piece of paper and a pen handy for a couple of reasons. One, we do get a lot of emails during the week following a show saying 'Can I please have that link to that website or that email address or something?' So please do that, but also because today I think we're probably going to have more than usual in the form of links and email addresses to hand out. There's quite a bit going on at the moment. So that's my number one suggestion for this morning. Brian, you there? 

Brian: Yeah, I’m here. I was actually talking a second ago to myself because I was muted. (laughs) I thought everyone was just ignoring me today. That was really funny. Three minutes before, I go ‘Bob, I guess it’s just you and me tonight buddy. What are we going to talk about?‘
Bob and Brian laugh) So, I’m glad that you guys made it and I have something...I always thought that the time zone changes happened at the same time for everybody around the world. So, learn something new every day. Glad you guys made it. (laughs)

Lisa: Thanks, so are we. Now, you put a post up today in regards to Patrick Cody, is that right?

Brian: Let me see here. Let me just actually pull it up. I’m going to put the link in to the chat room. So anybody who is not familiar with the story of Patrick Cody Morgan, we’ve been covering his case, his story, on the American Kabuki blog for going on a couple months now. We originally received an email from his sister, who was letting us know that he was essentially being charged for a crimes that he didn’t commit. There’s been some confusion in the past. There’s people that thought that he was arrested and put in jail for using Courtesy Notices. That is absolutely not the case.
He was helping people to, I believe he worked in the financial sector, and he was helping people them on how to use documents to protect themselves against the courts and the system. Basically helping people to beat the system. He had kind of stepped in and gosh, got out of court a number of times. I think we’ve heard so many cases of stories like his, especially over the course of the last few months. Finally they ended up charging him for crimes that he didn’t commit, I believe it was mortgage fraud. So he went up against the court systems without an attorney, basically defending himself and did it very elegantly. He was looking like he was going to get himself out of hot water and get out of the charges that he was falsely accused of, but they came down hard on him on the day he was in court. They ended up sentencing him to, I believe, 27 years in prison.
So he’s behind bars right now. He’s in the penitentiary in Houston, Texas, I believe. So Stacy has been keeping us updated on what’s going on. He has met some very interesting people inside and through the whole process has kept a very good attitude and he’s educating a bunch of prisoners on the inside on what’s going on with the One People’s Public Trust. Stacy’s sending him blog posts from the American Kabuki blog every day. He’s printing those out, sharing those with inmates as well and also helping inmates with their paperwork in helping them to defend themselves. So, very interesting story. You can find all sorts of different blog posts that we’ve put on, especially in the last 30 days. The one I put up today contains the address where Patrick can be reached, if anybody wants to send him a message that he’s supported and that we haven't forgotten about him and that we love him. If you want to send him any reading material here, he has a lot of time with nothing to do in there whatsoever. So Stacy just sends him lots of books and magazines. So I’m going to put the link in the chat room right now. Patrick Cody Morgan is, gosh, the epitomy of a patriot and he’s behind bars right now and he shouldn’t be there. It’s my personal opinion that once things really really start heating up, all these people that are behind bars for crimes they didn't commit, or crimes without a victim, will be set free. But in the meantime, he needs all the love and light and support that he can get in there. So if anybody is inspired to send Patrick a letter or a book or whatever they feel like sending over his way, I’m sure he would appreciate it. Link in the chat room now.           

Lisa: Can you just say it out loud as well, Brian, for those who aren’t in the chat room?

Brian: Oh yeah, the mailing address is the Federal Bureau of Prisons, FBOP, Patrick Cody Morgan, which is all spelled phonetically, 09012379 I believe is his inmate number. The P.O. Box is 526245 and it’s Houston, Texas, 77052. I believe you can receive letters. I think they just go through everything that’s sent in, but he can receive books, magazines, letters, boxes of chocolate. I don't really know, but I know that he’d be happy to hear from people. If anybody wants to read about it, the post was put up today at the American Kabuki blog.

Lisa: Lovely, thank you. I have a bit of an announcement for our Australian listeners. As we said last week, the powers-that-were are getting very nervous here in Australia thanks to everybody’s DO’ing. There are many Australians who want to up the ante on their DO’ing, so we're trying to coordinate some statewide flash mobs by email and post. So we’re looking for a person from each state who could act as a flash mob coordinator. Basically what that means is having a database of people who would participate; just an email list and speaking with the other state coordinators on the contents and times. What the plan is to have everybody in their state direct emails and posts to their members of Parliament at the state level and also the police at the state level. Because we know that at least here in Australia is the way it works, they really only take notice of those in their state.
They also take notice even of things like polls and for every letter that they receive, they know that it represents about a hundred other people who feel the same way that just didn't bother writing a letter. So if they were to receive a couple of thousand from their state, they know that represents a significant number of people who are aware, who understand, who know what's going on, they just didn't bother to write in. So they do take notice of these things. It would be along the lines of the foreclosure flyer and other educational material. So if you're interested in participating or interested in being a coordinator for your state, we have one coordinator already for Victoria, so she will act as the initial contact point. Those of you in Victoria are probably well aware of Li Hu and the email address is: So if you’re in Australia and would like to participate in flash mobs, please send an email to that address:  As I said, looking for a coordinator for each state. Is anything like that happening in the States yet, Brian, that you know of?

Brian: Well, I don't know if Katrina Treelines is listening in on the call, but her and I are working together ... I’m actually trying to get her in touch with the Bartles ... in regards to doing a big organized flash mob with Courtesy Notices against Monsanto. The idea that Katrina had to make the Courtesy Notice process more streamlined was to ... I don’t know if anybody’s ever signed an Avaaz campaign? ... but if we were able to ... and this is something we can talk about with our technical team ... have the fields, like a portal where somebody can go and out in all their information, the information of the recipient of the Courtesy Notice and then where to type in for the witness and where to fill in for their signature. Once they push Send, it just automatically populates all the fields that need to be included in the Courtesy Notice and then pops it to them electronically. I know that sending it by hard copy is the most recommended way of doing it, but if we really want to have hundreds of thousands of these things go out to that one individual campaign. Having the streamlined process like that is something we’re working on.
As far as a state by state basis for a coordinator, No. I love the idea. I'm looking for when we no longer need these Courtesy Notices anymore, but right now we still do. So we might as well get as many of them out there as we possibly can. So if there’s anybody that’s interested in heading that up in their area, you can go to the website and go into I believe it’s the Volunteers tab and do a submission for volunteers. Then we can coordinate that through our web creative team headed up by Holly.

Chris: While we're on the subject of Courtesy Notices, we’ve got Scott with us this morning. Scott and I just wanted to have a quick word to you guys about doing variations to the Courtesy Notices. There’s a couple of documents that have appeared, which called Courtesy Notices, but they’re really actually Cease and Desist Orders. Scott, are you there?

Scott: Yes, hi guys.

Lisa: Turned up from where? What do you mean?

Chris: Ah, well these are people creating stuff off their own bat, which is great, really good. We can do this stuff, but we have to distinguish the difference between the Courtesy Notice and what these documents are actually trying to do, which is something slightly different. Scott, do you want to explain?

Scott: Yeah, I think Chris that probably the easy identifier is the Courtesy Notice is putting out there, it’s pointing to the foreclosure. It’s also offering the terms that you’re going to be happy to abide by in the future. So expect an action that is the acceptance of those terms and conditions. Expect a letter that writes back saying “Ah, this is all crap’.  Expect the letter that says ‘You have to do this’. Each time those letters come, see them for what they really are. See them for the acceptance of your terms and conditions. So you’ve offered these terms and the acceptance is now coming in the door. Some of the other notices and documents that are going out there in regard to the Cease and Desist are basically saying “Stop’. They're not offering a trade. They’re not offering something that you will accept in exchange. So that's the easy identifier to see, are we dealing with a Courtesy Notice, which is setting up this exchange in trade where I'm happy to accept them attempting to extort money out of me in exchange for my invoice that lobs 10,000 ounces of silver as an invoice on my desk.
So as you said, there’s two distinct categories. There’s a few that are popping up that are more correctly identified as a Cease and Desist Order; points to that foreclosure and says ‘Oy, stop doing what you're doing. You’re starting to harm or you’re continuing to harm the One People and I’m one of them.’  So that’s probably the major distinction. Was there anything else you had in mind there, Chris?

Chris: Yeah, just that for the sake of clarity. We don’t want to confuse the situation at either end. If you do want to create one of those documents, that's excellent because they do energetically inject into the system as well. They are similar to what what no Ken and yourself created last week, the foreclosure flyer, which is really informational and also points out that you you may receive one of these Courtesy Notices if you are involved in perpetrating the slavery system. Similarly, a Cease and Desist Order is saying ‘We know you're perpetuating the slavery system. We know you’re doing damage.‘ In that kind of Cease and Desist notice, you’re absolutely free to say ‘the very next step is a Courtesy Notice. Please cease and desist.‘ So in that capacity, it’s acting in the same manner as what we call the foreclosure flyer, which is simply mostly informational with a little bit of an edge to it. 

So really what I'm interested in doing is not confusing the people at the other end, by giving them different classes of paperwork with the same name. So just bear that in mind, but as far as putting out Cease and Desist orders, which refer to the OPPT filings and putting the recipient on notice that they're doing the wrong thing by the One People and that they can expect Courtesy Notices. That's great. There’s ample opportunity to do that, because there’s ample examples of that everywhere. Anything else you want to add to that Scott? I have one more thing to put out there after you’ve made your final comment.

Scott: Okay. There's a couple I've seen, or attempt to, or do actually, trying to contextualize a subject matter and say ‘You need to cease and desist on chemtrails or you need to cease and desist on this matter of fluoridating water’. I’d say the risk that you can run in doing that, is you’re focusing on the details of what action they’re doing rather than who they actually are. You kind of avoid and bypass the matter of them claiming to be government and start addressing matters on what they're doing. You go and discuss the detail of what they're doing. The presumption remains that they are who they claim to be. So the Courtesy Notice takes care of that. Anyone in government or banks pretending to be banks or government. Courtesy Notice is aimed straight for that. If you wanna put in a cover letter, something regarding context, great. I tend to treat my cover letters more like a fax transmittal notice that just itemizes which documents are attached and let the Courtesy Notice do its thing.

Chris: (affirmative response) But at the same time, we’ve seen a couple of really nice examples of covering letters that have appeared from very creative people with a lot of passion. The key thing about the covering letter is it really needs to pertain into what exactly the Courtesy Notice is about and what your communication is about. If you write a really long covering letter, it's challenging for a busy person to read something that’s giving them cognitive dissonance. So do keep them brief.

Scott: I’ve found the most effective ones are really short.

Chris: Yep, I have to agree.

Scott: Because the risk is that a lot of these folk that you’re sending these Notices to ... imagine for the last 20 years or more they’ve been receiving letters from the Freeman groups and all the rest of if ... so anytime they get something in that doesn’t look like everything else that they receive in on a daily basis, it goes in the “crazy” pile.

Chris: Yeah, that’s probably quite a big pile in some offices.

Scott: Yeah and I think it’s only now when they start getting the invoices and they’re going ‘Oh no, maybe I better go back and read that one that came in last week.

Chris: Yeah and pass it to my boss. One of the things, actually there’s two things I’ll mention briefly. One of the things is that energy consultant guys are saying that the conversations inside organizations have now notched up a level. The recipients of Courtesy Notices, rather than keeping them quiet and just handing them up to their boss and not talking about it, everyone’s talking about it inside these organizations now. In fact, Australia’s a bit of a hot spot for that, which we’re really, really absolutely proud of the people out they're that are doing all the work. They’re a great crew. We just encourage everybody else just to keep putting that energy into the system. That’s absolutely key to getting the shift that we're after.
On the subject of email blasts in support of people who are right in the firing line, Captain Daryl of Canada, who D knows and I’ve had quite a bit of contact with now and most people on the panel here have. He's sitting in a house at the moment pretty much literally waiting for a SWAT team to turn up and re-evict him. He was evicted last week peacefully. It was an educational process for the people who ultimately pulled him out of his property. Some days later, he specifically went back, because he found that the bank had already started to steal valuable items, equipment and so forth, from two of his properties. So he's repossessed one of them and is fully expecting it sometime the next couple of days, that he's going to be revisited by the crew that he spent some hours educating last week.
At this point, what we'd like to do is show our support for him. Later on today, on AK’s site and on D’s site and as many sites as we can get it onto, we’re going to publish the details of the enforcement officers, who are unlawfully removing Deryl from his property and stealing it from him. We want to give them a little message that the rest the world is watching exactly what they're doing. They're not doing this in private anymore. So we’ll put some details up on the site. At this stage we’re probably going to recommend for those who want to, to invoice these people. If you’ve got a burn to do that, Courtesy Notice. Otherwise, a foreclosure flyer. We encourage people to certainly write their own subject line on the email, so it's different. We encourage you to put the country of origin in the subject line, so they realize it's a worldwide thing. We’ll make some suggestions about a short covering letter, just to show your support for Deryl. Lisa, I’ll  kick it back to you.

Lisa: Yeah, I think we have Heather on the line. Heather, are you there? (silence) Nope. She’s in the Skype room, but she’s ...

D: Unmute, Heather.

Lisa: Unmute. (laughing) Heather, we got you? (silence) No? No audio.

Brian: Oh man.

Chris: Man. D, have you spoken to Deryl in the last week?

D: I spoke to him briefly this morning. He was giving me all those details about he got forwarded a message from a friend within the local police department telling him that yeah basically they’ve assigned a swat team to “come take care of him”. Pretty cool, eh? The Canadian government is so pathetic that they’ll send a swat team...which we don’t actually have swat teams. I don’t even know what the Canadian equivalent would be called. A somewhat swat team to a man’s house to evict him for a foreclosure.

Chris: Yep.

Lisa: Well maybe he can take it as a compliment. They clearly see him as dangerous.

Chris: Oh yeah, they’re highly intimidated by him because he’s cool as a cucumber.

(general laughter)

Chris: He really is. They don’t faze him at all. This is a guy who’s 27 years in the military, so he’s used to dealing with tense situations and controversy. The other thing I was going to actually mention, I’ve actually done an interview with Deryl last night

and I’ll get that up onto the OPPT site and the other sites later in the day as well. It’s a very interesting discussion because it goes into his history. He was actually involved in an assessment of threats to Canada, which kind of turned into a Paradigm Report in it’s own right. What he found was that the greatest threat to the sovereignty of the nation of Canada was the government of Canada and the banks of Canada. He put that in an official report to the government. They didn't like that very much. In fact, one that things they’ve actually done is cancelled his driver's license without telling him, so they can arrest him anytime he’s in his car. So, here's a guy who's doing some serious DO’ing out there. We really do want to actually support this. (phones ringing in background) I’ve got phones ringing all over the place. I’ll mute myself and find out what’s going on. Back to you Lisa. 

Lisa: Okay. D, what’s the latest on the NESARA/RV situation. It’s been pretty active in the last week at least in terms of ... 

D: Oh yeah, it’s been insane. IN-sane. Insane. They’re still pushing ahead. They’re still pushing ahead with it. There was supposedly a delay for it going live on Friday, because one of the countries had a technical issue with their computer systems. A whole bunch of threats were made apparently. It’s supposed to be moving forward. Yeah, it’s verifiable. Let’s put it this way. They’re to a stage now with it, that they are damned if they do damned if they don't. That’s where they are sitting right now at this point.

Lisa: How can they move forward with this, the revaluation of the dinar and the dong and what NESARA and other prosperity packages? Who gets what? From what I understand, it’s essentially only people who are in the know. All of it’s designed, from what I can see very much as an outsider looking in, that it’s ultimately designed to benefit the corporations, especially ...

D: Oh absolutely.

Lisa: Anybody who’s connected or happened to be in the know in regards to revaluations. Same with prosperity packages. From what I understand, they’re going out to about 70 of the different sort of sovereign movement groups around the world. So if you’re not a part of that and if you’ve been clever and avoided paying tax for example, you don’t see a cent. Is that accurate or what?

D: This is the whole thing. Pretty much in a nutshell you’ve summed it up. If you don't have foreign currencies in dinar or dong or Indian rupees or anything like that, obviously you’re not going to make any money that way. If you weren’t aware of what was going on with the Farm Claims and all the legal proceedings in the ... right up until the mid-late 90s, then you’re not going to get anything through that. If you don't happen to know someone who is personally involved with the various prosperity packages like the St. Germaine Trust. there’s different trusts within that trust: the Alpha, the Omega. Oh goodness, the other two have just popped right out of my head now, the other names. Anyways, if you don’t happen to know anyone there, yes.
Then if you happen to be, say 19-20 years old. You’ve never had a full-time job because unemployment is really high in your area. So maybe in your entire life, you’ve paid $2000 dollars in taxes. Then that’s pretty much all you’re going to get back. 

Brian: How does that make anything better at all?

D: It doesn’t.

Brian: Yeah, but aren’t they supposed to be trying to create the illusion that it's going to. That’s pretty piss poor job in my opinion.

D: Well here, I’ll give you an example.

Chris: Brian, don’t you think that the average person will look at that as being something really significant.

Brian: Yeah, if they’re getting something.

D: They’re going to get lots of money back in their income taxes. If you’re Joe Blow on the street, who is completely asleep and follows the mainstream media and the politics etc and all of a sudden there’s an announcement made saying we’re going to give you back all the income taxes you’ve ever paid your entire life, you’re going to go ‘Woo hoo! It’s lovely. It’s wonderful.‘, not realizing that it’s a pittance, right? Like it’s nothing. It’s absolutely nothing.

Bob: Well, from what I understand D, there’s really nothing backing any of these prosperity packages anymore anyway, including the St. Germaine Trust and all those other trusts funds. There’s really nothing ... they might as well be getting ... it’s like eating those air puffs. They look real big, but they’re just filled with air.                

Brian: I'm making my own currency. They’re called “Brian Bucks”. Everybody send me your address and I’ll go ahead and drop some of those in the mail today, all right? It’s the new currency that we’re now all going to be using.

(general laughter) 

D: And you’re going to back it with asset-backed...

Lisa: Eagles.

D: ... and Cheese Puffs.

Brian: Cheerios.

(talk over)  (general laughter)

Chris: Yeah, I'm thinking of starting a currency called “Bite Me Coins”.

(general laughter)

D: Bob, you’re absolutely right. They are so screwed, the light from screwed is going to take 10,000 years to reach them.

Bob: I think this is probably where we’re at right now It's finally dawning on them that ‘Oh my god, we’re fucked.’ I think it's finally dawning on them that there's really no way for them to keep from outing themselves. There's just no way that they can, because they’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t. 

D: That’s exactly where they are right now. They absolutely have to go forward at this point. They have no choice but to go forward at this point. Yet they can’t go forward properly with any even remote transparency because they have no funding. So I was talking this morning, I think it was Heather I was speaking to about this and saying, so you get some guy cashing out in Reno. Let’s say he had a million dinar, so he's going make X many million dollars off of that. So they’re not going to hand him a new suitcase full of new Treasury bills, obviously. I doubt they’re going to hand him gold. So basically, what they’re going to hand him is a receipt that shows him a bunch of zeroes in a bank account. So you tell me, this is my point today, so they can claim that it’s asset backed. They can say that they have the gold to back all this, but the reality of it is just a bunch of zeroes on a computer screen again. They know this. They don't have the assets to back any of this. 

Lisa: Last week we talked about people coming out of the woodwork with prosperity packages and new financial systems. There’s been even more in the last week.

D: Oh yeah.

Lisa: Apparently now guys, everybody and their dog is sitting on enough assets to establish a new financial system. That happened for a long, long time, hundreds if not thousands of years and only now are they ready to do something about it. Apparently they pop their heads up every 50 years to have a look at the state of the world and then disappear again. 

Bob: Yes, one must question the timing Lisa.

Lisa: One must question the timing.

Chris: One must. The point about that too is that anyone who dumps large assets, large real assets, back into the system now is only perpetuating the slavery system. They’ll steal it from you. So it’s very difficult for these funds to actually even be distributed without the whole thing being disrupted. What's happening at the moment, with the fake NESARA/prosperity fund movement that D’s telling us is nigh on public, is that that’s actually controlled by the cabal themselves. They’re doing it almost without any funding. they’re doing it because they have control over the media and they have access to a certain amount of assets, but it’s not enough to make the thing actually work. The people who have the assets who could make it work don’t dare put it in the system, because A: it will perpetuate the system and B: it will get stolen. So it’s very difficult at the moment.

D: Well, this is exactly it, right? They started the ball rolling, assuming that they would have the assets to fund all of this. That was the big assumption. Well now they get to a point where they have no choice but to go forward, but they haven’t been able to get ahold of those assets.

Lisa: Well here’s a message from Heather. We don’t have her on audio, but we do have her here typing away furiously. So this is from Heather on this subject. “The purported infrastructure of the global accounts, are these prosperity programs, all of it is empty. They are hoping that the value, the meat, will be added if they set up and implement the structure. And no, the meat will not be added. Those purported Elders, Guardians, God-kings, God-queens, kingdoms, trusts, foundations, behind the global accounts are these prosperity programs. All of it, eternal essence embodied, successfully completed their missions. Their mission to fail. Failure was required to close all the systems, hierarchies, federations, etc forever. Thank you for your service. You did an awesome job. These systems are not and will not be revived. I* UV Exchange is eternal essence and all value that is, BE eternal essence and was returned to eternal essence where it came from. Thank you.”

Chris: Amen.

D: Yep. This is like what Heather was saying, over the course of the last two weeks, people are coming forward. Groups are coming forward. So we talked about it last week, this Indonesian trust fund that Deryl talked about last week on the show. This weekend, she was approached by Qing Xi dynasty family, who want to meet with her and want to work with her. But again, all of these people really are trying to perpetuate a repeat of ... Qing (pronounced shang), sorry, there we go, Qing dynasty, sorry ... want to perpetuate a repeat of a system that’s already in place. They just want to clean it up. They want to make it look pretty. Yeah, okay, they want to get all those thieves over there. You know, those guys, let’s get rid of them. So they’re just going to set up the same thing over again. It’s a complete repeat of what’s already in place. They're all coming to Heather now because they have no choice but to come to Heather. It’s been kind of funny, sitting back and listening to what's been going on because they don’t have a choice. Now they have to come forward and try and talk it out somehow. 

Lisa: Because the UV Exchange is all there is.
D: That’s right.
Chris: In fact, it's really on that basis. Sorry, D? Go ahead.
D: It's been declined.
Chris: Yes, offer declined. On that basis, the UV exchange is the only legitimate form of exchange on paper, in theory, at the moment. It's a theory that's going to turn into reality very soon, because the only way that it can come into reality is the other system disappears.
Brian: Exactly. Because we've gotten to the point where you can't fix the old system anymore. It's beyond repair. Heather figured that out at the time of the Paradigm Report, but it's all just now becoming totally and absolutely visible. When a system is as broken as the systems that are in place are now, you don't fix it. Sweep it up, put it in the dustbowl, throw it away and then put a new one behind it. That's the only way to do it.
Lisa: So is there any more news on that? Or can we move on from that subject?
D: Yeah, basically that's it in a nutshell. They're trying. They're pushing. They're paying people out. I don't know what with, really, but they're trying.
Chris: One final question, D, if this moves forward to become more public, how do you expect that to manifest in the media? Announcements? Just odd little stories here and there? Or something like a two-hour explanatory show on Fox?
D: Well, we know how it should play out. It should play out...we have been told that there is re-education videos. Hours and hours and hours of videos that have been made that are supposed to go on the air and play for two weeks solidly to re-educate the public about what has happened, what will happen, what is going to be happening at this very moment. Are they going to do that? That's one of the things they talk about, the contrast, right? This has to happen. You can't just all of a sudden change everything and not fully explain it, because then it is not a legitimate NESARA thing, right? Has to be explained. Where's the transparency? That's what everyone's looking for. Just look for that transparency.
Lisa: We just had this last comment from Heather with clarification: "The Qing dynasty rep was very pleasant. I really INjoy his energy and it was represented that the Empress knows the value belongs to the people." The Empress is the individual who is purportedly the custodian of the assets that would back this particular system and is the great-great-great something or other grand-daughter of, who was it? Genghis Khan?
Brian/D/Chris: Yes, yep.
Lisa: "She knows that it belongs to all the people and sees herself as the depositor/distributor to get the value out. However, she is seeking validation for the position, title, etc, from the foreclosed systems. However, the energy was very good. So if all those embodiments who played the roles of the powers-that-were really are awakened, desiring to do for the people, then there will not be attached titles, positions, or seeking validation from foreclosed systems. I will type that in as well."
Brian: Yeah, this is also the...she was going by the handle name of "Q" and I believe even her and Caleb spoke at one point. It's really funny. Everybody that's (inaudible). We just said it a minute ago. Really start to ask yourselves why are all these people coming out now and why are they all going to Heather? Caleb?
D: (laughs)
Chris: Hmmm. Interesting question.
D: I wonder?
Chris: Yeah, there was a gentleman that contacted Heather a short time ago, who's an operator inside the system and very much interacting at a higher level. One of the comments that he made when he first contacted Heather, was as far as he could work out, because he had quite a deal of experience in the UCC, that the OPPT had the only paper with value in it on the planet. Meaning they're the only people who could actually, if you like, lawfully generate a financial system should they so desire or lawfully introduce value into the community. That's a pretty sweeping statement.
D: Yes. That's huge. Now Heather just added another note here: "The I* UV Exchange IS and for the galactics, know there will be no more structuring of protocols beyond BE'ing and DO'ing." So that's a note up to you guys up there listening.
Lisa: I've had several people tell me in the last week, (laughing) that we are on the must-watch list of the Pleiadians, this show, (laughing) like they are our number one fans of this show.
(general laughter)
Chris: Well, welcome to any non-locals who are listening.
(general laughter)
Lisa: Yeah, the must-watch reality show.
Chris: If any of them are skating at the moment, please be careful.
(general laughter)
Lisa: As I said, we wing it on this show. What else is there? What other updates do we have?
D: Well, we have updates that Heather told the galactics that now's the time for face-to-face exchange. We're not doing this channeled message crap anymore, in a nutshell. She said it much nicer though. I'm just me.
(general laughter)
Lisa: Your message, D, has gone viral. I love it! Please repeat it on air.
Chris: Which message was that Lisa?
Lisa: D knows it. (laughing) Come on, D.
D: I don't know.
Bob: (inaudible) Beacons of Light message.
D: That's it.
Chris: That's the one. (laughing)
(talk over)  (general laughter)
D: I've gone into so many Skype rooms and seen people using that. I've just been giggling my ass off. I thought Heather was going to sit me in the corner, but apparently she wants to put me on the stage and sit front row and center.
Chris: (laughing) I nearly fell off my chair when I read it.
Lisa: We do have a message from someone called "humso"(?), saying 'Tell them I think your computer got hijacked'. I don't know what that's got to do with, 'cuz if you've mentioned it before in the chat room I haven't caught it. So can you please elaborate?
D: I don't know. I missed that. What was I? Say that again Lisa.
Lisa: He said 'Lisa, please mention (inaudible due to talk over) a few Courtesy Notices last night'. Okay, you sent out Courtesy Notices and since then you've got viruses on your computer. I think is what he's saying.
D: Me?
Lisa: No, no, no.
D: Oh, okay. (laughing) I'm like, I was sleeping last night. It wasn't me, I promise.
Lisa: Well, I've never heard of that happening before. Are you saying that you went to the website, downloaded all the Courtesy Notices and then sent them from your own computer, from your own email client and at that point ... 500 tracking cookies on his computer. Well, I haven't heard of it happening before. I don't believe there's anything attached to it in the website or viruses or anything like that.
Brian: Were they chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies?
(general laughter)
Chris: Yeah look, cookies, that's sort of attack by cookies can appear anytime you click on any webpage. Obviously, we'll have the web crew take a look and do a security inspection of the site just to see if anything untoward is going on. If this does occur to other people and you think it's the OPPT site, please let us know so we can keep checking. These sorts of attacks can go on on an ongoing basis and can be quite problematic at times, but we do have people available to us who can sort this out. But we do need to know if it's happening or not.
Lisa: The people who are part of that website team are listening to the show, so I'm sure they'll be on it as we speak.
Chris: Yep, they will be.
Lisa: Checking to make sure that there's nothing going on there. Now he says he doesn't think it was our site. Okay. As I said, we haven't heard of that happening to anybody else, so I'm not sure what to do about that. Heather can hear us, but she can't speak to us. (laughs) We do have you in the Skype room, Heather, if...
Bob: Shall we talk about how David slew Goliath? D, do you want to tell that story?
Lisa: Ahhh!
Chris/Lisa: Yeah, I think we need to tell that story.
Brian: Oh wow, yeah.
Lisa: For those of you who saw the I* UV Exchange document, it needs to be understood as a gift. It was a gift to humanity. It needed to be, like any gift, accepted. D, do you want to pick it up from here?
D: (Laughs) So, I got a message on Skype. I'm going to start off on my personal side of this. I woke up yesterday morning and the world had shifted at some point in time during the night. I was, all day yesterday, feeling just... kind of discombobulated, like 'Wow! Something is seriously going on energetically around me.' Then I get a message from our wonderful Bea, who heads up the translating team, saying the her son had had a dream. He wanted to tell me his dream. She was pretty sure that he had talked to Loie; that's Lois, Heather's mom.
Lisa: Who passed last week.
D: Who passed last week. In his dream. So I said 'Yeah, of course.' So I called and he told me about this dream that he had. In the dream, he and his mom are in Hawaii and they're on a beach somewhere. He said his mom was talking to a large group of people and he says he knew kind of in the back of his mind it was OPPT people. He doesn't really know that much, he's heard his mom talking, etc, but he's not at that point been hugely educated on what OPPT is all about and what it has accomplished.
Lisa: Can we just say at this point, D, that this is a 15-year-old boy?
D: Yes, he's 15 years old. Note that. 15 years old. So he's sitting on a big rock watching all the people interact and he says a woman comes up to him. He says she has short hair and it's kind of reddish-brown; a woman in like her 50's to 60's. She starts talking to him. She basically tells him that they need him to come back, that he has left and now they really need him to come back, because he's the missing piece of the group. She kind of shows him a picture of almost like a person standing there, but there's like a piece, his right shoulder is missing. She was like 'That's your piece. That's where you need to be. You need to come back." So he talks to her for a few minutes and then she says "Okay, well I have to go get something.' She turned to walk away from him and then she kind of paused, facing away from him and then he said the dream ended.
Brian: D, one important detail, he didn't know about Lois passing away, right?
D: No. Not at all.
Brian: And he didn't know what she looked like either, right? Bea showed him a picture of Lois and he said "Yes, that was her. That's the woman from my dream." He'd never seen her before.
D: Yeah, he said like take off the glasses, but yes that is absolutely the woman who was in my dream. So his mom gave him the I* UV document. He read them and he read them so fast and he turned back and he got it. She said to him 'You can't possibly have read it.' He said 'No, it's in code. You just have to read the code. You don't even have to read the whole thing. Just read everything that is in bold, in Cap locks. Just read it. It's code.' He intrinsically got it. He understood it. He accepted it. It was the one. Heather's been talking about, for a little while now, all it takes is one. Just takes one. Just takes one. He accepted that gift. He understood that gift. Literally, all day yesterday, Heather was the same. Her and I talked a couple times in the day, she was just going through this HUGE energy thing, same with myself. There was a massive, almost like I said, shift in the energy yesterday before I'd even had the conversation about the dream at all. So then he writes this and I'm going to read this out. Heather just posted it over to me. This is what he wrote. 15 years old. Said "Lois is our Neo. She had to go to the source by making the ultimate sacrifice. From the source, she decoded the matrix. But having left the world that we know, she could only communicate the newfound knowledge through an embodiment. To do this, she had to enter into my dream. When she said she has to show me something, she'll be right back, she showed me the decoded document."
Lisa: I love that this kid's 15 and he wrote that.
D: Yeah. He wrote that. 15 years old. It just blew my mind. Literally I was like 'Oh my goodness.' So I can't wait to meet him. So David, I can't wait to meet you when you come visit your dad.
Brian: One thing I want to read here too, D, from what you posted in one of the chats yesterday. Back to the part where he said this is written in code. So this is directly from Bea, he said "This is written in code. It's the undoing, decoding of the matrix that holds a simple absolute truth. It is so simple to understand. First page is all about how we BE and second about how the BE'ing of BE or DO does." Then she wrote "Then he came to me and he said he feels so different, like a blindfold has been lifted off of his heart and he now sees that there's a different type of seeing that he can't find the words to explain.' 15, I mean, man, I got the chills when I was reading this.
Lisa: Yep and definitely some clarification is needed. There's some people in the chat room who are confused about the document we're talking about. We're talking about the UV document. You can find it on my website:, on D's website: Have I got that right, D?
D: Yep.
Lisa: And at Any of those and just...
D: The Notice. Heather just skyped me, she means the Notice.
Lisa: Yep. Read it as it was said in there, just read all the capitalized words. That's what he did and that's what he got from it.
Brian: Well now that we shared we should probably go back and post this whole story so people can read it. I think this was the first time we've talked about it.
D: I posted some about it today. Hold on, I'm just pulling it up right now, the link and I'll drop it in the room here so everyone can read the conversation between Heather and us and a few others.
Lisa: It's also at the front page of the website. The document itself. There's plenty of places to find it.
Brian: I'll put it in the chat room.
Lisa: That's the way some of us were reading a lot of the earlier documents as well, just in a way taking out and highlighting all of the non-legal or the legalese stuff, taking all that out and just reading what was in common language. That's where, for me at least, the impact of the document really hit home by doing that process.
Chris: Yeah, the old highlighting pen has an absolute value in that process. You can do that with any of the documents. You can go through and if you spend a little bit of time just highlighting the bits you understand, then just read the highlighted bits you understand and ignoring the rest, the whole picture jumps out at you.
Lisa: There's a comment in the chat room that's specifically for Heather, "Coded, not transparency. Can you please comment Heather?"
Brian: Yeah, somebody also wrote, "If Heather wrote it, why does it need to be decoded?" I think they misunderstood what we were talking about at that part.
Heather: Hey guys?
Lisa: Hey!
Brian: Hi Heather.
Heather: (laughs) Code is deception. Honesty (garbled). What was done was a decoding. As it is bound, it shall be unbound. So the decoding, (garbled) for me.
Lisa: You were (inaudible) during that whole thing, so can you repeat?
D: So what she was saying was it was not coding, it was decoding. As it was bound, so it will be unbound. So decoding.
Lisa: Well actually isn’t that what he said, it’s decoding the matrix? 
D:  Yep.
Lisa:  When he read it.
Brian:  Yes, exactly.  That’s where the misunderstanding came from.  Is that Heather’s document was de-coding the matrix, which was all in code. 
Lisa:  Yes. Got it. 
Heather:  So the matrix…
Lisa:  It’s just like in the film where those screens run down in code, those green screens, that document un-coded, de-coded all of that.
Brian:  Go ahead, Heather.
Heather:  Can you hear me?
Bob:  Yes.
Lisa:  Yeah just.
Heather:  (Garbled)
Lisa:  Yeah, not really.
Heather:  (Garbled)
Chris:  Oh, she’s being zapped.
Heather: (garbled)
Lisa:  You might have to go back to typing Heather.
D:  Now she’s making drowning R2D2 noises.
(All laughter)
Lisa:  Oh, they do love to mess with her…her internet.  So what did you guys all get that this means?  This gift has now been accepted, the matrix has now been de-coded.  What does it mean for you?  What do you guys get from it?
D:  Party time central now.
Lisa: (Laughing). 
Chris:  I hear Bob mentally cogitating there.
Bob: (Laughing).  Well, that was the last thing that needed to be done. The gift only needed to be accepted by one person on behalf of all of humanity, in order for the main, final, finale to be done. For the curtain to finally drop, so to speak, no pun intended…for the veil to drop.  That’s how I understand it.
Chris:  Yeah, I view it as being, at the moment we’re still sitting in our slavery cell, but that door is open. It’s almost like just one person needs to notice “Hey, the door’s open.”
Bob:  Heather just typed “Already happening”.
Lisa:  She also said the de-coding began July 25 and that David…Hi David if you’re listening and thank you darlin’. 
Brian:  Hey David.
Chris:  Yeah, nice work David, great stuff.
Lisa:  Yeah, love your work darlin’.
D:  Yep.  Absolutely!
Brian:  Come back next week so you can bring some more awesome messages back to us. Get to bed!
(All laughing).
Chris:  Also let’s not forget Loie’s role in this.
D:  Yeah.
Lisa:  Oh, absolutely.
Chris:  Words don’t go far enough.
D:  She’s a very busy lady right now.
Lisa:  Now for those of you who’ve been concerned and expressed your concern for Heather’s emotional well-being as a result of Loie’s passing, she accepts and appreciates it, but I believe she’s in a fabulous place. She knows exactly what’s going on and what Loie is continuing to do. She’s continuing her role in this grand finale; so not to worry.  We do have a lot of callers guys, so we’ve managed to wing it through the first hour. Should we take some calls?
Bob:  Yeah let’s.
Lisa:  Let’s (laughing).  Okay, we’ve got area code 323.
Brian.  LA.
Lisa:  Area code 323? 
Caller:  Hi there.  Sorry I was on mute. 
Lisa:  Hi.
Caller:  Hi, hi how is everyone?
Lisa:  Everyone’s pretty well.
Brian:  We’re good.
Caller: Great, great, great.  I actually have a question regarding the Courtesy Notices.  So, in the event that you file the Courtesy Notice, which triggers a contract, you’re invoicing. At that point, you take your paperwork and turn it into a commercial bill in which you then put a lien on the property of the person who triggered the contract, correct?  Is that correct?
Bob:  Chris?
Chris:  Scott?  I’ll let Scott take that one.
Scott:  Yep okay, I’m recovered, I fell off the chair.  Yes, so basically at the moment I would say the process is follow through with the invoices, through an overdue notice on the invoice, through to a final notice on the invoice. At that point, it’s more than likely that there will be other invoices that are due.  So the main thing I’m pushing at the moment is just keeping those invoices flowing and hammering those.  The next part of the process gets a little bit more involved.  It’s not as simple as just filling out an invoice and referencing the terms and conditions.  There is quite a process to follow on that. In the next couple of days, I’m actually looking at trying to simplify that so that others can use it. I think that in all instances, hopefully unlikely to need them.
Caller:  Okay, well the second part of this question is and this is really more of a question for Heather, maybe a Heather/Scott combo pack question, or answer I mean.  But since the UCC arm has been closed down in this dimension and other dimensions beyond, then how do we register this lien?  I mean, the whole thing has been collapsed, including the trust, then all we have really is our integrity. So how do you… why go through this process if it’s not there for us to file?
Scott:  Well, I used the newspaper to make the lien publicly recorded.  So that’s the tool I used and put it in the Public Notices section and made that go as far as wide as it was relevant.  So for my particular instance, I was dealing with a body that was Australia-wide, I put it in an Australia-wide newspaper.  A friend of mine had a parking ticket dealing with a local body, they put their notification of lien in a local newspaper and the cost was dramatically different. 
Chris:  Is that what you call statutory law liens as opposed to a UCC lien, Scott?
Scott:  Ah, no, I ran away whenever I heard the word statutory.  So the lien that I had researched had nothing to do with Statutes, it didn’t rely upon any form of Statute at all.  It was a lien that I researched that came from a gentleman whose father was ‘blowing the whistle’ on the raids at Pearl Harbor before they occurred.
Chris:  But it’s not done through UCC, that particular approach?
Scott:  It can be recorded there yes, and I chose not to.  I chose to record it with a newspaper.
Chris:  Okay, but the point our caller is making is one that I actually think is very relevant, in that on paper, and in actual reality but not in physicality if you like, all of these systems has been shut down. I just want to put something to you Scott that by absolute necessity, we’re having to pretend, along with the system, that those laws actually still exists to get the system’s attention.  We’re doing it knowing that it’s all rubbish, but it’s just a game that we have to play out at this point in time.  Would you agree with that?
Scott.  I think that, yeah, if you posted the, that lien within the UCC registry as a recording tool, I would treat it as that, unless Heather’s got any better suggestions on that.  But that’s the way I would…
Bob:  …In the chat room here, she said “Practical tools, courtesy notices and invoices.  Invoices have to be paid.  Unpaid invoices ruins their credit scores”.  And then she laughs and she was also asked a question.  “Heather, if everything is done, then why are we still going to work in the old slavery system and why are we still using debt notes?  Why is there still poverty?  Why don’t you give us some practical tools like how to monetize promissory notes?  As far as I’m concerned, we are still economic slaves and you know this as well.”  She answers “Why are we still going to work in the old slavery systems and why are we still using debt notes?”,  her answer is “because you choose to.”  Quite simple.  And she writes “Why don’t you give us some practical tools like how to monetize promissory notes?”.  “They won’t accept them anymore now that too many people know. That is what they told me back in 2011.”  She also writes to “As far as I’m concerned we are still economic slaves and you know this as well.”  “No, that is not what I know” she answers, “I do not accept… I do accept this is the choice that you have made to know.”  End quote.
Chris:  Mmm.
Lisa: Guys, it just started absolutely torrential raining… can you even hear me over the rain?
Chris:  Yeah, it sounds quite pleasant actually.
Lisa:  Oh, (laughing) good.
Chris:  Getting back to the…
Caller:  Then wouldn’t the question be to Heather then how does she pay for her bills?  Through what type of currency? I mean maybe it’s, I’m sorry, I’m speaking up for that person that wrote in, but at this point until we all organize and get together and decide our value can’t be touched, we’re all still paying rent, or mortgage of some sort or a phone bill to make sure our communications, our internets are still up. So we’ve got one foot in and one foot out and I can see why that person would suggest that we need tools to help us bridge over to the other side.  I don’t see what would be wrong with that, personally speaking.
Chris:  The only issue with that, what was your name by the way?
Caller:  Oh, Tamara.
Chris:  Tamara.  The only real issue with that is if you do it on any kind of large scale you revitalize the old financial system.  Essentially what’s happening Tamara is the old system is being forced to shut down and we’re just in the waiting room unfortunately.  That’s the process that has to…
Tamara (caller):  Right, but that’s based on ‘the event’ right? Or is that, it’s sort of kind of based on ‘the event’ a little bit.
Chris:  It’s based on the, yeah it’s based on really several things. One is the final action of the cabal in attempting to roll out a new fake financial system, which will fail.
Tamara (caller):  Right, huh ha.
Chris:  And, this delivery of Absolute Data.  And just what form that will take, I’m absolutely looking forward to, but essentially…essentially we are still mucking around in their messy little system. We just have to deal with what’s in front of us on a day by day basis.
Tamara (caller):  Well yeah and that’s exactly I think the point that the person in the chat room was making was, on a spiritual level I do not accept either that I’m in a slavery system. I am free. My spirit is free, yet at the same time my physical body pushing down certain money to make sure I still have a roof over my head.  And so, it’s up to us to make that change. It’s one of the things I was thinking about and anybody else can talk around is, that we do have a system based on our own credit, but literally based on credit and total transparency that using those representations in total transparency and absolute truth.  People can use those tools to come together to build whatever projects they want to build that would be community enhancing and not be awarded necessarily money, but be awarded on their ethics.  You know bringing in ethics, not using the usual tools of how much money we can pile up, but using the way we treat each other as a way of building credit in the system. In fact that we have absolute truth also helps the credit in our system and gives more value to the system itself, which we can make step out of the representations and realize that obviously that we are all the one backing that value and we don’t need that crap anyway. 
Chris:  Well said.
Tamara (caller):  But there’s got to be a tool to get us there. Maybe that event will tell us that and I’m hoping for that, but I’m also not waiting on it you know. 
Brian:  Well, Tamara, you bring up a really good point.  I’m also not waiting on it.  I’m going through that same internal process.  I feel everything that you’re saying. I know it’s coming from a really pure and honest and authentic place. Everybody wants exactly what you, everybody is looking for exactly what you’re talking about. The person that was Skyping with Heather and a lot of people in the chat room as well, but I think is the biggest misnomer is that giving everybody a bunch of money. What we’re waiting for right now is for the old system to die out in order for something new to be reborn, right?  So if everybody even was given some safety net or some amount of money, it’s just gonna get pumped right back into the system and it continues to self perpetuate the process.
Tamara (caller):  Unless you change the formula and that’s exactly what I’m talking about.
Brian:  Exactly.
Tamara (caller):  Changing the formula.
Brian:  But Tamara we are changing the formula.  Right now the formula is being changed.  The thing is that right now all beings have access to a very limited set of data at least consciously.  So all we can do is judge the things that are happening in the surroundings and the things that we see with our five senses, see, feel, taste, touch, hear, whatever and that’s only enough to draw a partial conclusion.  There’s a much bigger plan playing out that we can’t necessarily see just yet.  But it’s glorious.  I have so much faith in my heart and know that whatever it is is coming and we’re right there. In the meantime, just like you, I’m not gonna sit around and wait for it, I’m gonna go out enjoy my life, do things that don’t take a lot of money to be able to do.  I find the most joy in going outside and talking to people and giggling and smiling and hugging people and doing everything that I can to help others to just become a little bit happier.  These are all the things I can do without having a whole heck of a lot of money. These are the things I’m doing to keep myself busy while I wait for this new paradigm to unfold.
Bob:  This is…
Tamara (caller):  (garbled).
Bob:  I want to read Heather’s response.  “All the old tools are now returned back to eternal essence.”  I’m gonna comment and I hope Heather you don’t mind if I comment on your words. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but I think I get the gist of what she’s saying ‘cos I’m kind of in tune I think. All of the old systems they used for harvesting have all been returned back to eternal essence. In other words, no matter what they do, they could never revive that old system again.
Tamara (caller):  That’s wonderful.
Bob:  So all of those tools “Use them as you do.  Replace them with prime exchange or direct exchange.  No fear.  They couldn’t revive the old systems no matter what they do.  That is what I do” she says.  “I use the old tools, but only in so far as I choose and only while I do to change them.  I UV exchange is the value that BE.  Where all value is flowing at this moment of now.  I am not waiting for it to die out.  The formula has been changed.  Every moment make the use of the NOW tools.”  So there is no fear, from what I’m gathering, there’s no fear in them ever being able to revive this system.  Those harvesting mechanisms have been removed from their use.  So they can’t do that any more.  So we can use the old tools as we see fit to change them and replace them with this direct exchange.  So now’s the time really to go in there boots on the ground and start really DO’ing.  Because they know that the landscape has changed.  They don’t know that you know.  You understand.  They don’t know that you know and they’re counting on, they’re praying on the fact that you remain ignorant to that fact.  But when you approach them and you come to them with no fear and you let them know what the situation is, that you are the holder of the value. 
Now if I walk into the bank and I know I’m the holder of the value, I’m the creditor and I’m not the one who’s coming down on my knees and begging for money, but it’s vice versa, my behavior is going to be different in handling that situation as opposed to the sound that you normally hear (kissing sound) kissing up to some executive ass to prove your worthiness.  You understand.  No more, we don’t want to hear that sound any more.  On either end.  So this is how we move forward.  We are the ones that have the power.  You understand.  Don’t allow the intimation and what I believe really needs to take… people really need to start taking focused effort.  Don’t stand by yourself, educate your friends and family.  Get a group of you to go together.  Create consortium of people.  Approach the bank and say “Hey this is what we’d like to do. Now are you going to work with us, because we’re going to do it anyway”.  Because you have the value.
Lisa: From what I understand from last week we are seeing signs in terms of courts closing down. There's been a lot of stories that have gone viral on Facebook about what the equivalent of a magistrate’s court here in Australia that are no longer operating on a Friday for example. Insiders coming out saying they're destroying records in the court rooms, in the courthouses. We are seeing the signs. Unfortunately it's a slow drawn out death, but it's definitely happening.
Tamara (caller): I just want to be able to say that I'm not saying that I don't see the signs. I DO see the signs. It's just that I feel like it's one foot in sort of one foot out for people that do know, but a part of moving forward, as I was saying earlier was well ok yes that’s great. That’s all. Thank you so much for clarifying what Heather was saying and what you thought because at this point to be able to use some of those tools of representation again changing out that formula everything’s transparent. Instead of when you're born into this world you're born into debt and you sign away your cargo I guess. Your birth certificate, or your mother does that actually had a birth certificate issues that actually gives you credit. Because when you're born into this world that's what we're given anyway so this credit, this overabundance of land, this overabundance of food and water and beautiful people. We're given this body on credit, so that’s a complete opposite of what we're going through right now.
Then you have a transparency on top of that, which would mean that nobody can come in and cheat the system, which is exactly what's happening to bitcoins right now. Yhey're getting cheated, because it's still not transparent. So yeah, I do want to use those tools to help us better organize so we can take care of the day to day, change up the formula and do things that actually make sense. I mean it doesn’t' go with the flow that we're born in a world with all this abundance and then we have all this debt that we're carrying. It should mirror our world, nature, organic environment, which is full of abundance and full of creativity. So yeah I mean the (inaudible) representations of the same kind you know I guess it's organized and (laughs) multiple people talking.
Bob: She did add a little bit more and I want to read it. She said “if you allow the old tools to excuse yourself from DO’ing, such as I will DO when I get the old tools released to me, then you have not changed the formula. If you DO and use any tools to empower your DO’ing to change the formula, then you are replacing the old tools with the NOW tools.” (silence)  Did I lose everybody?
Lisa: No, I'm with ya.
Bob: (Laughs) No, we just lost Heather that's what it was, okay. I see the message popped up on my Skype that the call was disconnected. (multiple people talking)
Lisa: I mean we talk about transparency. Who created bit coin and who controls bit coin? Apparently as far as I can tell it's a hell of a mystery.
Brian: No one knows. Very curious.
Tamara (caller): I guess the part of the DO’ing that she's talking about is actually orchestrated on an event or some sort of organization that’s transparent, that is not necessarily locked into a corporate structure with any liability. But some sort of organization to be able to have a place that people can go and have you know, I don't know what Heather means by universal exchange, but I would like to know more about that so that we can better be able to be direct our energy with more specific guidance. A specific nexus point I guess is what I'm trying to say. And that will help the flow.
I think a lot of people are out here sort of wondering when the event's going to happen. Wondering when this is going to happen and with things changing all the time it can be a little bit like ‘well I'll just stand here and hope to jump in at some point’. So it would be I don't know nice to, what Heather said to be doing an instrument, so certain representations of transparency and credit where we can get the flow going. That really will require other business people coming on board and saying ‘yeah, I like living in that world. That's a cool world to be in’. You know you’re actually you know credited and it's completely transparent, ‘yeah, lets go build this over here together. I can trust you, you can trust me’. As soon as that comes into play, it will go out (inaudible) because it won't even be necessary anymore. It'll be seen for what it really is. I mean isn't that a part of our DO’ing on some level? Or is there something else in the formula that we don't know about? Because then maybe if that was to be told to us, we could design our energy around that. I'm open. I'm just suggesting one as an example.
Heather: I think its people. I think you should...Look. I imagine absent limits. And then I do what I imagine. And the tools that I require to do what I imagine, they just appear to enable me to do. Stick with that. Doing things that you need. And as far as events or events goes, if you look around ask yourself what has been happening the last three months?
Lisa: There's been a series of events.
Tamara (caller): Yes, I completely agree with you and I have been watching this yes.
Heather: You're on the right path. All of us are. So just keep walking and experiencing the path. Everything you need, everything you desire and imagine to do, you'll have all the tools. They will appear to enable you to do as you imagine.
Tamara (caller): And on that level I do agree with you Heather. I do manifest very, I do pretty darn well. (Laugh). My life manifesting things that I need that come out of nowhere. I'm very happy for that skill and that skill’s getting more and more refined as I go along. I'm more speaking on behalf of my brothers and sisters out there that are kind of floundering. More along those lines.  Not necessarily ... I can still always learn, I mean so much more. So I say that humbly, but I do know the tools that you’re talking about and I do incorporate them. I'm just...
Heather: You know, it's about the intent when you use the tools, any tools. It's about intent. And I hear so many people say "oh when I have the money, when I have the funds, then I'll DO." You go and you DO. And all the tools that you need, even the old tools will be made available. so it's a matter of intent when you are DOing. So if I use old tools until I feel comfortable in so far as I'm DOing if that’s what’s required, then that’s what I use. However, I'm finding that when I actually have other tools (garbled) the old tools. So I'm actually shifting and pretty much use about 90% of NOW tools and use approximately 10% of the old tools. And that's getting less and less.
Tamara (caller): That's awesome.
Heather: Does that answer your question?
Tamara (caller): Well, you know it absolutely does. And again I hear you on that. I guess it's along the lines of teaching the masses in that particular way. You know reaching other people that I don't know require more representation than those that don't you know.
Heather: Well, that's not a signal of adequacy. That’s more a signal of not being “ascended”. That is just absolutely beautiful. There's nowhere to ascend from when you're Eternal Essence, you just DO. And everything that you require will be there to enable you to DO.
Lisa: Heather, there's one or two people in the chat roll who are convinced you've actually got millions of dollars stashed away somewhere and you're living really really well and you just don't get it that people actually have to spend money to buy things. I just want to say to them, it's not true. I mean last week someone said that Heather had stolen all of our $10 billion dollars each (laughs).
Heather: If you guys really wanna know the truth? It is actually the opposite of what anyone thinks (inaudible) now talk about reconciling contrast (inaudible) the tools that I was talking about. (Inaudible) so really I’m (inaudible) situation or the circumstance of how my Eternal Essence has made it, requires me to do so ‘cause it’s time for me to move on from the (inaudible) tools so...
Lisa: Can you give her a real life example? (over talking)
Heather: The situation here is so different from what people imagine that I’m in.
Lisa: Can you give a real life example of what you said before about using 90% of the Now tools and maybe 10% of the old tools? Just an example of you need something, how do you go about it if you’re not gonna use the old tools?
Heather: Don’t wanna get that question (inaudible). Okay, let’s do it this way. I live in a house with my family. I have four children and a husband. The stress on the family situation from everything that’s been going on over the husband is the absolute contrast to me, absolute contrast...and you want a real life example? For a while now and it apparently will become manifested tomorrow, is that I will not have a home. I will not have my children and then out of the blue tonight something manifested that I never even imagined so...
Lisa: Why would you not have a home and your children?     
Heather: People want to think that I’m (inaudible). Well. like I said (inaudible) you know I may not have swat teams but essentially reconciling an anti-Christ type of situation is pretty   (inaudible) to being in about as stressful a situation as possible, but I don’t see the stressful. I see it as holding that contrast to keep me driving and inspired to DO, because I know there are people out there that are really burdened with life. I say by choice, because I’m sitting here in a situation that I don’t talk about to anybody and I just DO. I didn’t talk about it to my mom. I didn’t talk about it to pretty much anyone, because it’s relevant to me. I just keep DOing, knowing that the only way to end this whole experiment and all of these illusions is to keep moving forward and finish it. So those who will bite you, believe that I’m living a very great life and this (inaudible) that, I am living an absolute great life, but in a much different way than they could ever imagine. It’s not using old tools. So that’s about as personal as I’ll get right now, but just be careful about the presumptions that are being made, on anyone.
Lisa: On anyone, good point.
Tamara (caller): I just wanna say Lisa, thank you so much for asking that question and Heather, thank you for the clarification. I think a lot of people can be able to relate a lot more and so I just wanna say thank you for being vulnerable and trusting us to...
Heather: Thank you for opening the floor and setting the vibration for it, so thank you.
Lisa: And there’s a lot of love in the chat room Heather, at the moment. Thank you very much Tamara.
Heather: (inaudible) very emotional the last couple of weeks.
Chris: Thanks Tamara, great questions.
Lisa: There’s a lot to be emotional about the last few weeks.
Heather: It’s a great skill.
Lisa: We’ve got you back, just for a moment possibly. Is there anything else you wanna say while you’ve got a clear connection?
Heather: No, just that, well okay, I love you guys. I love every single one of you and right now I would like for everyone to know no matter who’s before them, no matter what situation they perceive that they’re in, please...and I talked to Deryl Zeleny about that, really work with the energies; this is all about energy. Stay centered in Eternal Essence if and when anything happens, any embodiment that’s before you, wrap them in love. It’s a measurable frequency. Generate it consciously at heart space and consciously flow it out from your magnetic field into theirs. Their Eternal Essence is waiting for it and it will receive it. So by design of all Eternal Essence and all the embodiments present at any given moment, when you speak and DO, speak and DO to Eternal Essence in each embodiment. It is the same conscious(ness) recognize and engage that Eternal Essence conscious(ness) not looking at them as a separate being and you will be amazed at what manifests. I love you all and that’s what I leave you with.
Lisa: We love you too. I had an experience on Sunday which was quite unique for me. We had a local festival here and there was thousands of people down at the beach milling around market stalls and a stage, some performances on and it almost became a mantra: I am Eternal Essence absent limits. It was just playing in my head like a song. I felt my energy really expanding and suddenly, very suddenly as I looked around the crowd, I saw everyone inside their own energetic egg. I’ve never seen energy like that before. Everybody was encapsulated and separate. It was very much egg-shaped and what I knew, there was just this knowing that those eggs are on the verge of cracking. It was really quite intense. My visual was heightened. Suddenly it was like the dimmer got turned up on the lights and everything just got a little bit more, a little bit brighter. I saw these eggs around everybody. In that same moment was the knowing...they’re just about to crack. That saying is just going round and round in my head like a broken record: I am Eternal Essence absent limits.  When you say it like a mantra, it does do something, it really does. So that’s my experience from the other day.
(Over talking)
Heather: Really work with the energy field.
Lisa: Sorry?
Brian: That was the story you were trying to tell us earlier, that was the one you were talking about in the chat room the other day. Go ahead Heather.
Lisa: Yeah, that I never got a chance to share but there you go.
Heather:  If you follow or try, go out and try what I discussed about generating love. It is a measurable frequency. When you generate it and you consciously push it from your magnetic field into theirs, you can alter the magnetic and energetic patterns of any embodiment that is near you, any single one, because basically all the embodiments are Eternal Essence having fun in all these different embodiments simultaneously.
Lisa: Absolutely. And I...go on Chris.
Chris: Heather, I was just gonna say that when you’re doing something, if you’re in that I AM frame of mind and you’re aware minute to minute that the only way we’re going to effect change is by energetically generating it ourselves, just being in that state of mind and around other people will affect them as well. You don’t necessarily have to kind of force it out to them, just being in that state of mind, which plays back to the intent of DO’ing, even using old tools. Now the Courtesy Notice is an old tool and the last few weeks one of the things we’ve really put out there is to have the right intent when you use it. You’re speaking to another version of yourself, who just hasn’t got this particular memo yet. You’ll wanna deliver it to them and to help them and to be there for them, because we’re all going through this together. That intent generates the expanded magnetic field that generates the transfer of that emotion to other people.
Heather: I know that no matter what I do, no matter what’s before me, that I can generate and manifest whatever it is I desire, so I don’t have any fear. I just DO, and no matter what, I know that I can do anything that I imagine, so I consciously know every minute, (inaudible)  with the energy. I consciously go in and alter energetic patterns, and alter embodiments, but only for the Highest Good Of All and only so that we’re all having fun. An amazing experience, so instead of just knowing, I’m knowing and experiencing it and that’s so powerful and manifests at the speed of DO’ing.
Lisa: Mmhmm, I love it. Let’s take another call. I’m excited now based on what Tamara brought out. Area code 780, area code 780 with the children in the background.
Caller: Hello? 
Lisa: Hello. Yes.
Caller: Hello. Is that me with the baby?
Lisa: That’s the one.
Brian: It’s not my baby.
Lisa: It’s not mine.
Caller: That’s baby Zack, he just finished feeding.
Lisa: Hey baby Zack.
Caller: Okay, I’ve got a few questions actually and personally it has to do with transparency and I’ve noticed a lot of a lack of energy, especially over the last few days. It’s just kind of escaping me when it seems like everybody else is picking up. I guess I’m concerned, there’s lots of positive energy flowing out there, but there’s still so much suffering. We all need to see some sort of light at the end of the tunnel, but my question was towards Heather about transparency in that. I know she had commented, I think it was about a week ago, that she was contacted by someone of the PTW and they were trying to negotiate this new financial system. There was a lack of transparency there. Who was it? What was offered? What was negotiated? It’s sounding today like all of that has moved anyway. So if that’s the case, why are we concerned with NESARA and it being used without the best of intentions against us? Did you catch all that?
(Over talking)
Heather: I got the gist of it. Whoever’s got all the noise, if you mute out, I can hear a little bit better.
Chris: Caller, if you hit your mute button that should tidy it up. We’ll come back to you.
Caller: Okay. (Over talking) Is that better?
Lisa: I’ll mute you from this end, but I’ll bring you back out.
Heather: Okay. As far as, there’s been a lot of people calling. There’s been no negotiations ‘cause in what I know, is how does Eternal Essence negotiate with itself? And everything sitting in Eternal Essence, which is you are all embodied Eternal Essence, so what is there to negotiate? Yes, a lot of people have been calling and essentially they have all this restructuring they did, the playing of the cards, but they have no value in it and they need the value. So that’s what they basically are calling for and others are calling to want/DO, also insisting, saying they have this value that they garner (inaudible) systems.
The point is that everything was taken back to Eternal Essence so that there is no value there. The value is all sitting with each of the embodiments. There’s nothing to release. There’s nothing to distribute. It’s already distributed. It’s a matter of acknowledgement and acceptance. That’s it, it’s an actual, the only thing that’s left to do is DO’ing the exchange. So if you’re gonna pay attention, pay energy into the suffering, then that’s all you will see and that’s all you will know, that’s all you will experience. If you recognize the suffering that’s going on, but pay the energy into changing it, pay the energy into creating and DO’ing, it alleviates the suffering because you’re not paying direct energy into the suffering. Does that answer your question?   
Brian: He’s muted.
Caller: Unmuted, okay, great. I guess so, but the problem is that you don’t, people aren’t gonna see the dividends in doing that. That’s what a lot of people are having an issue with, is that we’re not seeing any kind of dividends in our BE’ing or our DO’ing, right? Like we may know yes, this is the absolute right thing to do and yes, that pays us but in real world terms we’re not seeing that.
Heather: You know it’s funny, because that’s all I’m seeing when these guys call and start wanting to communicate, especially after months and months of silence or hoping that things don’t go public, now I know what that means. I know what it is that they want. I know what it is that they need and you guys don’t see that so at this point, that’s what’s being made visible.
Caller: And I can appreciate that Heather, but for those of us like, we’ve been following this for years and years. Ny circle of friends, I’ve got another friend on hold, we definitely needed to get on to talk to you guys today but where, could we not have seen a recorded phone call with one of these PTW, saying this is X person and here’s my recorded conversation with them and that should be all the evidence you should ever need, to know this is, to bring this all to legitimacy.
Heather: So you ask, what you want is recorded conversations and transparency, which is what I’ve been telling each one that calls.
Caller: Now I understand, but like I said, but Heather my question was that, who was it that you were talking to? All we were told was that someone from the PTW and then...
(Over talking)
Heather: No, I’ll tell you, just hold on and let me answer that question first. Let me answer that question first. (Line goes bad) What?
Lisa: As soon as you said I’ll answer that question, your line went, so start again.
Heather: Okay. From the Qing Dynasty, it was a man named Malik, who works with the Dynasty office. So that’s who the conversation was with. It was short because I had the same internet problems as I do now, so a lot of it was just Skyping back and forth. And let’s see here, the other call was from South America or Central America for Switzerland. I haven’t had that conversation yet, they wanted to talk to me. First that message on Saturday before Loie transitioned and I was told two weeks, they wanted to have a meeting and that would be in line with instead of having all the systems, RFID chip compliant and basically readying everything for the contents or the means (bad line) the value into the old system, the reshuffled old system. Like I said, I haven’t had that conversation yet. Foster Gamble’s called, I haven’t had that conversation yet, we keep missing each other. Who’s the other one? 
Lisa: Swiss-indo? Or does that...
Heather: Swiss-indo, yes. Swiss-indo supposedly wants to have a conversation, the collateral accounts, the global trust. I’ve been very transparent. All of it is relevant. It was designed to fail and they successfully failed, beautiful. So there’s really no conversations to really be had at this point other than if you really want things to move and have the value flow into your hands, they have to release the, or it will flow into their hands, they have to release titles. They have to release (positions), release the falsity, release the veil, have to be Absolutely Transparent. So really the only conversation, two conversations that I had was the prep conversation for Switzerland and the call with, or the Skype communication with the Qing Dynasty.
And it had to do, oh also Adnan, Adnan Sakli, what a great contrast to Malik. Adnan is supposed to (bad line) has done a lot (inaudible) in the systems supposedly to cause a lot of havoc, a lot of havoc. And the conversation I had with him was three hours long and I believe Mike (Shekenowitz) in Norway was one that had that, I don’t know if you...and basically it was just Adnan kinda going on and on and on and on and on and on, and yet going on and on about the old systems and how he’s in power and how he’s doing this, he owns this, he owns that, he’s the one that’s in control of everyone’s value and I don’t know. You guys all know how I stand, the value’s in all the BE’ings. The value is the BE’ings, the DO’ing is the exchange of that value so I really don’t resonate with Adnan at all. That’s why I haven’t taken other calls from him and, Adnan, Gerry Furman, all these guys are just, I see them as the embodiment of Eternal Essence...
Caller: Please, I don't want it to be misconstrued that I don't absolutely love you and everything that you guys are doing. That's not it at all. I've been following this since day one, but it's been years and years in the making. I know lots of people have talked about the energy exchange and there's been lots of lift-ups and let-downs. I just want to know when are we going to tangibly see it. I know there's no date or anything like that, but hey I'd be willing to quit my job today and BE myself and DO what I need to do, but I don't have that much faith that everything is going to be okay. You heard my four kids in the background.
Heather: You've already been DO'ing the Prime Energy exchange. That's what the OPPT tool was, was you guys experiencing Prime Energy exchange. But because it's really not been done before on the massive scale like that, people didn't identify what it was. However, the embodiments that played the powers-that-were absolutely did. In fact, after the OPPT tool was retired or graduated into eternal essence, that's when all the phone calls started up and requests for contacts and requests for meetings. So right now what I see is is this next (garbled) (silence) ... point that the people are coming (garbled) ... embodiments that played the powers-that-were in all the levels, which the "highest levels" nobody has seen. That's what's being made visible now, so that it can be reconciled. So, what I can say is this, if you haven't seen that it's visible, I can tell you every piece of it has been visible. It's just a matter of connecting the dots. That is what is being done now.
Caller: Okay, so ... (talked over)
Bob: Heather, correct me if I'm wrong and Caller, what was your name again?
Caller: Don.
Bob: Don. I'm going to throw a scenario out, because knowing with what you know and what I know right now, that the fictions are all foreclosed on, that there is no value other than what is embodied, okay? That basically that they are operating on behalf of a foreclosed entity. Now, suppose you want to take possession of property XYZ. I would go and I would let them, in complete transparency, these are the facts. 'You have been foreclosed on. You supposedly hold the title to this property, which I intend to take possession of. I know that you're foreclosed on. I know that I have the value and the intent to take care of this property. Where do we go from here?' Open up a discussion. If they say 'Well, we don't know what you're talking about', inform them. Now you're informed, where do we go from here? I'm requiring you to release these titles, to release any claims, because you really don't own anything. If they say that they do, please provide the proof. That would be a conversation I think would be worth having. The more conversations like that that you have are going on all over the world, then you are transforming, because anything that they try know they're pretending. You know they're pretending. Maybe they don't even know that they're pretending. Inform them. Look, the game is over.
Don (caller): Well, I can tell you guys in real world terms, I just last week I got a call on my work phone from a company requesting payment that I had paid on the due date and it was three days later and they were asking me where my payment was. That's never happened to me before. I've been able to go, when it was necessary, a month later and make my payment without so much as a question mark. It's happened to me on a couple of occasions now, because I do my internet banking. It seems like everybody's in a panic to get their hands on whatever money they can. I get that. The only other last point, I swear, was for D's post today, when they were talking about David and the decoding and that sort of stuff, I feel so stupid reading some of those posts. Because I read that today and I was like, what the fuck am I reading? I have no idea what this is. Right? So, how do we get that to be just nice and transparent. Like now that we've heard the story about it here tonight, that's great, but when it was posted, I was like thrown for a loop. I was calling my buddies and I was like 'Do you have any clue what this is about?' I have a college education. I don't feel I'm a dumb person, but I just could not relate at all. I don't know how many other people felt that way.
Lisa: Do you get it now?
Don (caller): I understand now, but what I'm saying is that those of us who are checking all this, like that wasn't transparent to me. That was put up as a blurb that I just totally didn't get without any kind of explanation or anything. To me, that's just not transparent. What am I trying to decipher here? What am I trying to get out of this? I don;t know how many other people feel that way.
Heather: I don't feel that it's a lack of transparency.
Don (caller): I don't mean that it's something that's being covered up, but it wasn't here until 12 hours later tonight that we were on the phone call that we understood and could connect the dots to understand what was being said.
Lisa: So the necessary background wasn't in the article for you.
Heather: You know what, Don, I find that I get so pumped full of energy that I have a 20-sentence conversation in my head and only about four of those sentences get out to everybody else. They have to slow me down and say 'wait a minute, what are you talking about?' Then I give them all 20 of them and they get it. So for me (garbled), so I'll be more conscious of that.
Don (caller): I'd appreciate it, because I'm behind you a 100,000%. Like I said, I'd be willing to quit my job tomorrow and just get out there and help educate people or build houses. I'm an electrician by trade, I would gladly go and do my part if everything else was being taken care of. I just need to see this thing come through to fruition, because it's where we need to be.
Heather: You know that's beautiful, Don. You're an electrician. Really look at this stuff with your experience in electricity. Electricity doesn't just, it's not created, it doesn't seek to exist, it always is. It's just a matter of manifesting it where you choose to have it. So just because my iron isn't plugged in, it doesn't mean there's not electricity in my wall kind of a thing.

Don (caller): Right. I get that. I get a lot of, I don't know if it's me, but a lot of Star Wars inflections from you Heather. LIke to me that's kind of like you have to unlearn what you have learned sort of a deal.

Heather: Really? I don't watch Star Wars or Star Trek.

Lisa: We've got 90 seconds to go. Just want to say that if we do go over time, it'll be in the recorded archive. For those of you who are listening live at blogtalk, we will lose you. If you've called in, you'll be able to hear if we go over. So thank you for listening.

Heather: Thank you Don.

Don (caller): Okay, I'm going to wrap it up. Thanks a million and much love to all always. Thank you very much.

Lisa: Thanks Don and thank you Zack. He sounds fresh. Okay guys, we're down to 60 seconds. So we only took two callers, but they were great calls. I want to thank them both. They brought out a lot that needed to be said. Thank you to everybody who's joined us on the call. We've got Brian and Bob and Chris and D and Scott and Bill and Heather. Thank you everybody. Thanks for all the listeners. Thanks for the great Skype room as always, sorry the chat room. See you guys all tomorrow for the Collective Imagination show.

Heather: Thank you.

(All saying goodbye)

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