Saturday 13 April 2013

The Science of BE'ing & DO'ing...and a little tough love

I'm still struggling to finish watching this video- it's taken me 2 hours to watch 30 minutes of it..... small children are not conducive to peaceful video watching- but several people have sent this to me in the past 24 hours and so far it's definitely worth watching!

(hmmmmm.... just checked the time and it's taken me 45 minutes just to type that paragraph.  This might just end up being the most disjointed post I have ever made, lol!)

I highly recommend watching this video.  This is not about "New Age" stuff.  This is not about "Ascension" stuff.  This is SCIENCE.   Science that the main stream has been trying to ignore and blackball for years.  Why?  Because once Humans-  ALL BEings in this Universe- realize that their minds contain the ability to change mater and energy, just by thought..... then all their slavery systems crumble.

You are constantly told "You can't do that"  "It's impossible" "that's unrealistic" "You're not smart/strong/pretty/fast enough"

You are constantly bombarded with images and scenes and propaganda creating a world on a pedestal in which you are made to feel.... unworthy.

The Cabal, their wizard masters and their puppets have spent eons insuring that you are a slave- financially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. All for one reason:


They lie to you constantly through their media, government buildings and religious pulpits for one and only ONE reason- to brainwash you into thinking that THEY control YOU. To convince you that you have to DO what they tell you because for some magical reason they have power over you.

There is no one controlling you.  There is only YOU. Only you can give them your energy. Only you can give them the ability to control you.

If you want to move forward, then stop looking backward.  If you want to be free, then stop focusing your attention on why you are not free and focus instead on the fact that you ARE free. Every time you dwell on your problems- whether real or perceived- you are empowering that problem to happen- you are giving it permission to happen to you and for it to grow bigger and stronger every time you give it your energy.

Don't focus on the Problem- Focus on the SOLUTION!! Don't continually say "I Can't!", say  "I CAN!!". Then look for the solution.

... and if your mind strays into those realms of dwelling on a problem, then sort yourself out- state emphatically  "I do NOT consent!".  Every time I have a negative thought, I give my head a shake and say "Strike that! I do NOT consent!"

It's like I said on a radio show a while ago:  If you want to make tomato sauce, first you need to look for the tomatoes.  Yes you can sit on your ass and stare and your hand and say over and over "Give me a tomato!", or you can firmly state "I will get some tomatoes", and then get up and go look for them.

If you need a place to live, have you made any attempt to find one?  Again, you can sit on your ass and say "Gimme a place to live", or you can firmly intend and know: "I WILL find a place to live!", then go out and make it happen.

... My family needs a new place to live.  I DO intend and KNOW that I will find the perfect place for our family within the limits I have set.  I have set the intention, I KNOW it will happen. Now I go out and MAKE it happen, by placing ads, searching through listings, talking to neighbours.... We have 6 weeks.  I'm not focusing on "Oh no! in 6 weeks we will be homeless!!!!!"  I am focusing my attention and energy on the fact that I KNOW we will have a great home for our family.  And then I DO.

Tough Love:  "DO or Do not, there is no Try" .... DO and it WILL Happen!  Do Not, and it will NOT happen. Only YOU can make the choice.

Next topic:

Right now there are people out there trying to harvest your energy.  They are creating controversy and drama, screaming to get your attention.  They do this because if they can get you to focus on them, then you are not BEing and DOing- you are not moving forward.  If you are watching what they are saying and doing, then you are giving your energy to Them. If you get angry and start fighting with them, then you are giving your energy to them and they are going to suck you dry like an emotional vampire.

Every single Being on this planet is here for a reason and is playing the role that they agreed to play, be it BEing the Contrast or BEing the light, but only YOU can choose where to give your energy.

All those people who for the past 3 and a half months who've been constantly throwing tantrums about the OPPT, the Trustees, and anyone who has been DO'ing anything or been involved in anyway with the OPPT.... these people are fully entitled to their own opinion. Freedom of Speech and all that :>) .... But I (and Heather and most of us) chose to not give our energy to these people and to not be distracted from DOing what needs to be done.  Heather has over and over again stated that if anyone wishes to discuss the filings and documents then they should publicly, in full transparency, providing absolute data, Rebut the filings, line by line.  So far none of the talking heads has been able or willing to do this. Many people have stomped their feet publicly and stated their opinion on the filings and documents.... but not ONE has rebutted them.  Same for all the Corporate Governments and their agencies and the foreclosed on Banks and Corporations.

Tough Love: Belly up to the bar and speak your piece in full transparency and rebut them. If you can't, then you need to seriously think about your motives for your nonsensical tantrums. And if your reason for rabid ranting and raving is because you can't stand the fact that someone else is actually DO'ing something about all the fucking mess.... then you seriously should get off your ass, stop your whining and go DO SOMETHING!!

I love you all- even the Contrast Makers, the Tantrum Throwers, the Shills and the Trolls- but I fully and completely choose to put my energy and focus on moving forward and on DO'ing what needs to be done to BE the change I wish to see in the world.  I send you all a hug and a little nudge to your eternal hearts:  The game is over, you can stop being the contrast now.

(ps: only another 2 hours to finish it!!!!  Now it's time to go play Lego!.... then I'll get back to watching the video)

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