Thursday 4 April 2013

Realizing & Rolling Out Our Value – NOW.

This was posted in the RTS skype room last night by Grant.   So awesome!

Realizing & Rolling Out Our Value – NOW.

On the last OPPT-IN call  at about 1:25, Bob Wright made it clear that proven, working, replicating technology exists here now – in Patented machine form, with working prototypes.

The CRITICAL thing he ALSO said was that once a human uses that replicating machine, which was reverse engineered from human DNA, then they REMEMBER how to do it without the machine – in ONLY 15 minutes.

I have no reason to doubt Bob in this. I know, that he knows, that we know, that he is now operating in unlimited liability and 100% responsibility.

So this means that we do NOT, need to be waiting to get these devices out to the marketplace via conventional means, we do NOT need to be waiting for representations of value to be made available to manufacture these things & “money” to distribute them etc.

ALL we need is to get ONE person on the planet in front of one of those machines for ONLY 15 minutes, (& get them out safely). That’s it!

OR have one of those people who have already done so – to come forward.

This could be rolled out across the planet, literally across the planet, in 24 hours.

One person replicates two replicators & spends 15 minutes showing two people how to use them.

Those two people spontaneously remember how to replicate for themselves.

Those two each repeat the process, ie showing two more people in the next 15 minutes.

And repeat.

People will rapidly gather, and disperse with their Value realised, & further replication/activation nodes will spontaneously spread across the country & the planet.

If necessary people will jump on standby flights to their closest county & repeat. However most likely, by that stage, the 100th Monkey effect will have taken over & it will have jumped to other countries in any case.

Do the math:

It only takes 15 minutes to repeat the cycle.

A city of 1 Million people in 5 HOURS.
16 Million in 6 hours.
270 Million in 7 hours

Planet Earth in 9 hours, or maybe a bit longer if some physical transport is required before the 100th Monkey effect kicks in to reach remote areas.

Lets get DOing people!

Bring it Forth, Bring It On!

Alternatively it only takes ONE of us to spontaneously/intentionally remember/access how to do this, and start rolling it out. It can’t be stopped, it is OUR value, it is in US, it can’t be confiscated, controlled, manipulated & hidden any longer.

The time is NOW.

Let us all start by holding those who know, in love & light, that just ONE of them step into their true reason for being here NOW.

AND hold the vision that in any case, at least ONE of the rest of us remembers spontaneously, NOW.

As this rolls out, may it set off the full remembering of Absolute Data in each of us, so that all applications of this technology, of Our Value, be multiversally beneficial from this moment forth.

(in memory of Loie)

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