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Showing you the Money - How to Access Your Absolute Value

Showing you the Money - How to Access Your Absolute Value

by Justin Deschamps

With the new lawful landscape we all have a great deal of adjusting to do.  What is this new landscape?  Who is in control of it?  How do we get things done like paying our bills and making sure our families are fed?  These questions we all have and we all are seeking to answer but often what is, and what we consciously see are two different things; especially as we are all products of the control matrix where money and society are the only tools of manifestation we chose to acknowledge. But there is a universe of exchange happening right here on earth, right now, that doesn't involve money and is ready to replace the slavery system.

What is Money in relation to Absolute Value?

Presently the focus is on money.  How do I get it? When will I have it?  Why isn’t it here already? I need it to survive etc.  All valid concerns, but they reveal a misunderstanding with relation to what value is, and how manifestation actually work (don’t work we are all in this together).  Money is a facilitator towards manifestation, which is the expression of absolute value; but there is more to it.  When you create, anything, you take from the absolute within, and bring it forth into reality using ALL of your BEing to do so. So what is value you then? Value is the inherent state of absoluteness self-contained within all that is.  Stated in another way, ALL that is, is absolute value, and all individuations of all that is, is absolute value; meaning all things have all value inherently within them.  "Well this is all well and good, but how does any of this relate to money and paying my bills!"

Money is the social mechanism we use to facilitate manifestation on earth in the "world of man" or in the "slavery system."  Money is the tool or our slave masters, for us the slaves, to service them in their design.  But money isn’t the only choice, far from it.  The only reason anyone accepts money is because of social doctrine, money has no intrinsic value whatsoever. It only has value because we give it value by our BEing and Doing.

Good Will vs. Money

Looking at a family unit, the good will exchange medium becomes glaringly obvious.  When a husband and wife with two kids BE and DO, do they need money?  When their 1-year-old son needs a diaper changed do the parents itemize their services on a billing statement and charge their son for services rendered? No, of course they don't, because money isn’t needed to facilitate their actions.  Good will is all that is required for that.  The Good will or love of their son and desire to care for them is all that is needed to facilitate the manifestation of: Changing a Diaper, Cleaning their clothes, Feeding them, etc.  Good will, or the love and understanding towards another, is the exact same mechanism the entire creation uses to exchange energy.

Good Will, love, compassion whatever word you want to use, is all an expression of the subtle energies which we all use every day to manifest what we desire.

Looking beyond the family unit, Good will accounts for a vast amount of exchanges.  When in traffic and you let someone go, did you charge them a fee to do so?  When at work and your co-worker needed a hand with something non-work related, did you charge them a service fee?  When your friend calls you stressed out and needing someone to talk to, do you charge them? These exchanges occurred purely based on your desire to make them a reality, the love of another, your compassion, your good will etc. Even if you manifested something out of annoyance, frustration, and anger, it still didn't come with a price tag.

Community Created by Exchange

What we really have on this planet and in the universe as a whole, at all levels, operating 100% of the time regardless of the method, is a communal arrangement between parties to exchange DOing via their BEing. The family unit, the mother and her son, is a community.  The student, who helps his friend study for an exam, is a community.  Conversely, the billions of people buying food from grocery stores are in a community with the manufacturers and produces.  The billions of people who go to work and pay bills, and accept money as a medium of exchange are in a community with everyone else in the system... and secretly their slave masters, the bankers.

Any manifestation, and therefore exchange, is a product of community, but why? The air you’re breathing right now, is exchanging oxygen for carbon dioxide in your body, your cells are producing a waste product, which is expelled by the lungs into the air around you.  The plants, animals, Earth, the Sun, the stars around the sun, the galaxy, and the creation at large, via cosmic rays, solar wind streams, etc. all contribute to bringing forth the breath of air you bring back into your lungs.  You are in a community with the universe at large via the breathing exchange.  At every level of creation we have flow or exchanges happening, transactions to use a financial or monetary term.  Exchange and Flow from one "thing" to another "thing" is an inherent property of the universe and existence at large and it happens all day everyday with out a dime being exchanged

As an exercise, imagine all of the universe as one massive organism: galaxies, planets, stars, oceans, trees, animals, organs, cells, DNA, molecules atoms, electrons, etc. are all parts of the whole.  Imagine you can "zoom in and out" and notice that no matter how far out or in you go there is always an flow of something between another thing; a flow between the parts in the whole.

An exchange creates a community, and a community is just an organism, which is created by the cooperation of the individualized BE'ings contained therein.  What escapes most of the sleeping masses and most of the awakened masses as well is that the community is all we have for methods of exchange.  But what communities do we actually acknowledge. That is the key to "Showing you the Money."

The Greater the Community, the Greater the Manifesting Power

Now to the good stuff.  We have established that a community is created by exchange and that exchange happens at all levels of creation.  Expanding this concept into our reality lets look at what IS and how communities work.

Imagine a community of one person on a planet totally alone and they have a wealth of natural resources available to them.  They have a forest with native plants and animals, clean water, fresh air, and the knowledge of how to grow food, build shelter, create and invent technologies and make a living off the land.  The goal, is to create all they need to survive and to create the best quality of life as if they were living here on earth: farm, electrical power, technology to use the power, products and tools created by the resources from the land etc.  If the community is composed of just one person, how much work is that one person going to have to do to maintain all of the various facilities needed to create all the things in a modern life style?  The person is going to have to pour all the energy and time into their community to achieve the goal.  They probably wont be able to produce all of the things they need, most likely just scraping out a living because they have way more work then they can possibly handle. All of their time and energy will be going into the goal of the community and it still won’t be completely manifest.  The one person community will have to either lower their quality of life to something they can handle or reach out for help and expand their community.

Our one person community decides to go with the latter, they are going to find 25 people who share their goal, and all work together to manifest it. They divide up the community in terms of parts, just like your body divides up the jobs to your organs and organ systems, so does the community divide up the work based on who they BE and what they want to DO.  A group of farmers emerges to take up the task of food production.  A group of inventors forms to take up the task of technology production, which in turn helps the food producers.  A group of engineers form to help implement the technology threw out their community, helping all involved.  As time goes on and the roles and groups form becoming more replete and complete, the communities manifesting power grows more and more and the total hours of work needed for each person becomes less and less.  Eventually a plateau is reached and the community is a fully functioning organism of its own.  Each person in the community is contributing to it and an exchange of good will is used to facilitate the life of all.  The quality of life of the part directly affects the whole.  If the BEing who took up water reclamation gets sick, it affects the lives of all the others, so they all come together to ensure that this BEing has all they need to recover and be healthy.  If the farmer is unhappy about farming and wants to become an electrical engineer the community adjusts itself accordingly to allow for everyone to BE who the BE and to DO how they want to DO.

 Manifesting with BEing and DOing

This community's method of exchange, their "money," is good will and their collective enthusiasm to achieve a goal or desired result is the "water of life."  They all want to make their vision a reality and that is all that is needed to BE who they BE and DO the things that their BEingness brings forth. Their value is accessed by collective operation.  Value expression, as it relates to their goal of improving the quality of life, is a manifestation and function of the goal set, and the acknowledged methods used to achieve it. Therefore, the Goal of the community is the overriding, non-material, "energetic event" which facilitates the process of DO'ing; the event of knowing improving the lives of one, improves the lives of all.

You have a desire, and that desire is the "imagined" thing that drives your BEingness to orient itself in such a way that your DOing achieves the desired result. Therefore, the community is, and has always been, the mechanism used to manifest your desires.  Manifestation is a "Whole-y" process of the whole providing for the part. You make your intention or desire in your mind and your BEing. You are literally rearranging your BEingness in preparation for manifesting the thing of your desire.  Then the Community of the Universe, in its absoluteness, comes together to achieve that result. Sounds like magic right? But we need not think of it in terms of  "new age mumbo jumbo”.

Think of your intention is simply a matter of consciously preparing yourself for what is to come.  For example you desire to brush your teeth. There is a change in consciousness, which occurs moments before you actually get up out of bed to brush your teeth.  You physically get up.  The first foot out of bed followed by the next.  The steps taken to get to the bathroom door, the steps taken to open the door, the steps take to walk threw the door, all of it is part of the process of manifesting you desire to brush your teeth.  For every external effect there is an internal consciousness process of belief and acknowledgement.

Did you have to come up with the money to pay your legs to do the work to get you to the sink?  You simply acknowledge what is, that you have the ability to get up and go to the sink, then you caused a change in your BEing to make that DOing a reality. The same process will and is occurring on a massive scale with the BEings all around you and the shift, which the OPPT catch phrase has been associated with, is the expansion of the good will manifestation we have already been using on earth since time immemorial.

The "AHA!" Moment

What should becoming clear, is that the process of manifestation is a function of Goal, Intent or Desire, married with what you acknowledge as being available to you to create it.  When someone says "but how am I going to pay my bills" they are stating that they only way to achieve the goal that paying the bill brings is via money, which is a tool of slavery.   What is the thing that paying the bill is doing?
That is the real question.  A bill is a demand for representations of value (money) for services or items rendered.   The question then becomes is paying the bill the only way to get the real thing desired, the service or item - and the answer is overwhelmingly NO, NO, NO!

The "AHA!" moment is when we realize that it is not paying the bill we desire, it is the services or goods that paying the bill purportedly brings forth and manifests.  We live in a world where simply being alive has a price tag. Or so we are led to believe.  The source of your lack is not the lack of money. It is the lack of understanding and acknowledgement of how the manifestation process works to bring forth what you desire.  If you see money as the only way to bring forth what you desire, then you are trapped within the Slave-Master Paradigm.  You do not acknowledge the countless "Free" exchanges and manifestations you are a party to every day, all day.

The Slave-Master Community

Our former money masters want us to see them as the source of all that we desire by entering into their community of money, debt, bills, fees etc.  They want us to think these are the only ways to get what we desire in life.  As long as everyone else believes this to be true, then the "matrix of scarcity" and lack, will blind us to what IS.

They entice you with flashy products and foods, life styles and ideologies to keep you believing in their community.  They compel you with fear to keep feeding them with your BEing and DOing.  They will badger you and harass you until you finally accept their "help" and enter into an covenant with them to feed them your BEing and Doing. In return you are fed food that poisons you, brain washed with ideologies that confuse you and make you unhappy. They indoctrinate you into social contracts with other slaves to keep them, like you, in line and in the slave community.  The programming is: "Why is it okay for another person to get what they want with out paying for it?  If I have to go to work to feed my kids and myself no one else should be able to do it for free! And if they are free then I need to help my Money Masters to bring that person to justice or into the fold of self imposed slavery! No One is allowed to live for free in a world where I have to sacrifice myself to have what I want!!!"

Sound familiar?  The money/slavery system is by design, and each and every one of the people who accept the doctrines of it, are helping to enslave all of us with their BEing and DOing.  Just like we become the enforcement in the new lawful landscape created by the OPPT, in the slavery system, the slaves are the enforcers.

What community do you want to be in? Does the community created by your family and loved ones feel more satisfying then the community created by our Money Masters and the billions of sleeping slaves who feel compelled to force everyone else into their self imposed misery? Misery loves company after all, right?

The ROOT cause of the "show me the money" Question

The root cause of the "show me the money" question is two fold:  the goal for you set for yourself is a goal of the Slave system (i.e. how am I going to pay my bills and feed myself with out money?). In addition to the lack of acknowledgement of the countless and diverse communities of exchange we use everyday based on good will and not money.

You don’t really want to pay your electric bill, what you really want to do is watch your TV, charge your cell phone or use your kitchen stove.  You don’t really want to pay the IRS taxes, you want to live your life, and feel that in order to do so you need to pay a fee.  You don’t want to spend $100 in FRN to the grocery store to feed your family nutritionally dead foods. You really want to provide a nutritional source for you and your family.

In order to "see the money" you have to look past it.  See that it is not the money that you desire but the thing that the money is supposedly creating or bringing to you.  See that the people around you, the world around you is "primed" for the exchange of your desire.  In order to access or create the actual from the potential "primed" desire you must first make your desire known to others in your community; we must start to redefine who and what our community really is.

Redefining Community

Community is created by the exchange of one or more BEings.  When you make the statement "I need money for XYZ" you are stating that your community is yourself and the Slave/Money Bankers who operate the former system.  You are in a loving and beneficial relationship with your slave masters (yah right!) and the only way to satisfy your desire for manifestation is with their tool of slavery; money. In order to break free we must redefine who is in our community.

Think of the Indian tribe in South America.  They have a community wherein everyone works together to provide for each other.  Their neighbors are not just people who happen to live next to them; they are literally the other BEings they consciously choose to exchange with to facilitate their living standard.  In our modern day world of cell phones, computers, houses, TV etc. we like to think of ourselves as alone and with out connection to others.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  The blood which flows threw our collective societal veins is twofold: good will, and money.  We acknowledge money but rarely acknowledge good will.  And now that we each are becoming more aware that money involves a secret third party, our slave masters, we have a new choice to make.  Do we want to continue to facilitate the slavery system which money brings, or are we going to go back to source and "Good Will toward men."

Acknowledging our Collective Goals and Desires Here is how we put our "money where our mouth is”. When you’re driving to work, take a moment and look at the people around you.  How do you see them? If you’re like the vast majority of people out there, they are people "in our way."  That person who needs to take a right turn who hits their breaks is "some asshole" holding you up from where you need to get to so you can live your life.  This is the thinking keeping us from acknowledging the Absolute Value within each other and ourselves.

Your neighbors are your resources.  Remember the community of 25 people who came together to make their collective goals and desires a reality? Don't we, as human BEings on earth have similar desires a certain level?  We are all different beings but each of use still has to eat, drink, wash, and sleep.  Everyday, with out fail, billions of people the world over are doing these things, yet how many people acknowledge this harmony at work?  This is our challenge, to see the forest for the trees, get off our couches and from behind our computer desks, and talk to the people in our community.  It’s A Global Reconciliation of all BEings. Change the thoughts of separation and scarcity which we have been indoctrinated into which keep us so unhappy and enslaved. The prison bars are made of thoughts and ideas, not steel and concrete.

We all know at some level, the world over, have the same basic needs to live.  We all have a basic desire to maintain and improve the quality of life for our progeny and ourselves.  Our task is to expand this to everyone else on the planet.  To acknowledge that the person in front of you on your way to work is going to work for the same reasons you are.   We must acknowledge the goal and desire of the Community of Earth, the One People, for we are all a part of it.  Once we do these things it becomes more obvious that the solution isn't a matter of  "a button getting pressed" or "NESARA” being implemented to free humanity, its a matter of humanity BEing and DOing in a way that creates what we ALL collectively desire.

Showing you the Money - BEing and DOing for the New Global Community

You might say, "This is all well and good, but how am I going to buy food for my family and pay my mortgage?" The answer is simple, yet takes time to come to fruition. We must become closer to the true sources of these things, the people that create them.  Money facilitates your purchase of food, but it is a person, a BEing in their DOing which actually brings that food into your physical space for consumption.  The world would change overnight if people accepted good will instead of money for services and goods rendered; going to their jobs and work a day lives to help all BEings on the planet and asking for collective community in return.  This is the final step, this is the "energetic event" we keep hearing about.  But its not off in some far distant future.  It is happening right now as you read these words.

We each need to step outside of the "I am the only one in my community" perspective and step into the "I am surrounded by community members" perspective.  You need to find the other people around you that have a desire to use Good Will as a method of exchange.  Find 100 people who are willing to pool their resources and feed themselves in their local town and you will be starting the development of the new system of exchange. Take a leap of faith in your brothers and sisters on earth that we will come together to provide for each other, as we have already been DOing.

The "money" or the absolute value is already here.  You feel it in the morning when your lungs fill with air.  You feel it when the barista at Starbucks hands you the drink she just made.  The trap of the Slave System is to assume that it was money that manifested those things, it never was.  It was the faith and good will we decided to put into the Slave System, which allows it to manifest in our lives.  We are the value that allows the money to do its work.

Now the time has come to say "Thank you Barista for my drink, but I am not paying you with money, I am paying you with love and appreciation.  Thank you for BEing who you are and with that BEing DOing and creating to allow me to have my desire.  I Cherish and Honor you." Now is the time for each of use to have faith in each other.  The time has come to go out and be kind, give to others and let them know that it was your good will and love for them which brought this to them.  Show them that they can in turn, use their good will and love to "pay it forward."

Now is the time to expand your thoughts and ideas about how you pay your bills and fed your family.  Go to your neighbor and tell them about the idea that the term OPPT represents.  Tell them about how communities of love and good will work, and begin to open their minds, as you are opening yours, to the new lawful landscape.  One where we all choose by faith and good will to BE who we BE, and in DOing so, help make all of our desires a reality.

Detoxing from the Slave System - Kicking the money "Drug/Habit"

The answer to the question "how am I going to pay my bills" is: We must detox or withdraw from the money addiction.  The addiction we have to the things that money gets us, and the ideals, and "false idols" which we are conscripted into believing which money brings us.  For Example, food is a huge method of slavery.  You are addicted to sodas and processed substances from birth and desire them unconsciously.   These things are the seductive drugs our money masters use to entice us into staying in their community.  We must acknowledge that we do not really want what they give bad health, disease, a slow painful death.  Food is not the only drug in their black bag of tricks.

Entertainment, religion, and social ideals are all part of their devices to keep you enslaved. If we continue to desire these things we will continue to look for money as a way to get them.  The process of kicking the money habit is a process of going deep into your BEingness and rediscovering who you are and what you really want out of this existence.  Most of us from childhood have our dreams shattered and goals squashed as to accept the ideal of the Money/Slave Masters: "If you work hard and play our game we will give you distractions and devices to make the slave life more bearable."  But do you really want to just survive and suffer the turmoil of a slave society?

Most of us do not, but feel we have no choice.  Therefore if we are serious about "hitting the button" and freeing humanity we must purge ourselves of the slave system and its wiles.  We must have an honest and fair look at what we are doing to contribute to the system.

The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do

The single most important thing you can do is to kick your culture habit.  Look at how much of your life and desires are part of the slave system and keeping others in it.  Your sports team is the best, your comfort food is ok to eat, your traditions and culture are part of who you are and you can’t give those up. Everyone needs to pay taxes so I can have healthcare and my children can have an education, etc. One of the biggest questions you can ask yourself is "who am I." Are you a tool for the slave system?  Are your desire and your need for it keeping you addicted to the slave system?

This is it!

We are on the knife's edge.  Thanks to the former OPPT we are now living in a world were the corporate fictions have been completely dissolved of their frame work, yet the slaves in the fields didn't get the MEMO.  You are the messenger by your BEing and DOing you notice others of the new lawful landscape. The process is now a process of reconciliation of the Absolute Data of who and what we are, and how our reality really operates.  The choice for you, is to either be a slave or be free, and with freedom comes the task of BEing and DOing so that others may BE and DO ultimately so that we all can BE and DO who we really are.

Value expression comes via an exchange of energy between 2 or more BEings.  We know our value by DOing.  Therefore accessing your Absolute Value must be a communal process.  Money is meaningless in a world of ONE.  As such, your value can only be accessed with including the whole in your community and allowing for the whole to manifest what you desire.  Make your desire known to your community; put your boots on the ground.  Allow your Community to come together for you, and the universe, your community will not disappoint you!

Justin Deschamps, Eternal Essence Embodied, a free and sovereign facilitator of Good Will for All in the Universal Community of I AM.

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