Tuesday 9 April 2013

Your mission.... part II

 I received this message from the awesome Sue, whom I love so much for her amazing energy!!  This is a continuation of the visualization I wrote about yesterday HERE.

[10:35:50 AM] Sue Harper Todd:

I have been DOing. After reading D’s brilliant visualisation yesterday I could immediately see everyone at the Party except the divines. I could feel they were having a really hard time letting go of their ‘identity’. I could see them as D described ‘hiding –closeted away in a little group’. So this morning I went in to talk to them. I could immediately feel their resistance, that any backing down and coming to the party would be ‘giving in’, relinquishing any remnants of ‘control’ they might have… I pointed out that “Everyone is at the party except you! Everyone knows the game is over and that we all BE eternal essence, all equals… You can CHOOSE to stay up here alone and separate for ever, while we party for ever…or you can come to the party. Everyone down there is wondering where you are. They all know that you had the hardest part to play, and you played it so well, they just want to congratulate you and thank you and tell you how much they love you! If you go down there you will be cheered not jeered, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

So they sat there for a minute being grumpy, watching the party and everyone having fun, and I could feel a tension amongst them. Then suddenly one of them said, “Ok I’ve had enough of this, I’m going.” The others still sat there wanting to watch what happened to him before they decided.

I could feel that the moment he made that decision he felt amazing and he walked through the door/portal into the party with a huge smile on his face and his heart so full. And the minute everyone saw him they said “Hey look who’s here!” And they ran up and hugged him and patted him on the back and told him how good he’d been at playing his part “You really had us all fooled (lol)…we really thought you were….”. Then the children ran up to him and were tugging his clothes, saying please come and play…And at that his heart just opened completely, the love spilled out and he had tears running down his face… and he was saying thank you thank you for opening my eyes, for opening my heart. And the other divines who were watching saw this and they knew then what they were – eternal love. And they were immediately there too.  However there was one that hung on until the very end. His resistance was the hardest to crack, he wanted the grand entrance… And when he did appear he ended up lying sobbing in a heap on the sand, so full of love and so thankful it was all over… (and I was crying too…)

There is now just one big heart on the beach merging with Gaia.

I ‘saw’ two of the divines. The one who went first had grey shoulder length hair and a beard and the one who came in last had a long purple robe with gold in it.

AND SO IT IS. IT IS DONE.  (heart)

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