Friday 19 April 2013

OPPT-IN Radio April 15th- Transcript

Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN
Monday, April 15, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, April 16, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa: (laughs) Are they? Welcome everyone to the OPPT-IN show for this week. My name's Lisa Harrison. We are as always joined by Bob Wright in Pennsylvania.

Bob: Hello everyone. Welcome to the show. Glad to be here. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. I appreciate it. 

Brian: Ah, dang-it. Just ruined my announcement.

Lisa: (inaudible) ... before we do it again, but you know.

Chris: We were going to sing it for you Bob.

Bob: Oh please don't. 

(general laughter)

Chris: (laughing) Okay.

Lisa: We've got Chris Hales in Melbourne.

Chris: Hi everybody. Hope you're well. Interesting morning this morning.

Lisa: Yes, it is. Brian Kelly in ... I keep forgetting where you are.

Brian: San Diego. (laughs)

Lisa: San Diego.

Brian: (laughing) Happy Birthday, Bob.

Bob: Thanks, Bri.

Brian: Yeah, buddy.

Lisa: Lots to talk about. We've also got a couple of flash mobs organized for you today too, for those of you who've got itchy fingers and want to send some lovely emails. Okay, where do we start today? We probably should start with the recent brouhaha, is that the word?, that tried to be generated between OPPT and Neil Keenan. There was a post put up by a gentleman called Michael Dunn. Michael and I had a really nice chat yesterday. I found him to be an absolutely lovely guy. There is definitely no animosity between myself and Michael or anybody who is in this OPPT support team and Neil Keenan and his supporters. As I said in my response, which I thought once again was just a private little chat with someone that went viral (inaudible) ... from OPPT is potentially having Brian giggle them to death. That's about it.

Chris: Brian is known to us as the "tickle ninja".

(general laughter)  

Brian: I'm wanted for murder in six states.

(general laughter)

Chris: (laughing) Death by laughter, yeah.

Lisa: We're not going to buy into any attempts to create yet more division and separation. Anybody who has the intent to end this game and free everybody has my complete support. I'm sure Michael feels the same way. So that's pretty much it. Basically, there is nothing to see here folks. Move along. (laughs) There's no drama. Michael did put up another post today, also to talk about the fact that we spoke yesterday and what came out of it. So thank you Michael, if you're listening. It was a pleasure to speak with you.     

Brian: I think one really good thing that most likely came out of it and it's probably still being taken in by people who are just now coming to find that article that was posted on Jean Haines now back up and running blog that got shut down mysteriously last week. I think there is a lot of people that follow Jean's work and follow Neil Keenan's work who held some kind of ... I don't want to say a grudge but some kind of animosity or buying into everything that was said about One People's Public Trust and all of us that are now realizing that it's okay to allow everybody to believe what they want to believe. Follow the information they want to follow. We all share the same goal, which is freedom for humanity and freedom from the slavery system. So if anything, it's like bringing together and a coming together of people that have taken things probably way more seriously than they needed to up to this point and are able to kind of lay down their swords and allow people to just BE and follow what they want to without judgment. So hooray for that!   

Lisa: Okay.

Chris: Hmm. Okay.

Lisa: Moving on. Where are we? We've got ... Brian, did you get that email in regards to a flash mob for Bill Brockbrader? 

Brian: No, actually I did not. Not that I've seen.

Lisa:  Oh.  I did forward it to you. 

Ok, Bill was sentenced to 30 months.  Now, I am going from memory on an email I’ve got yesterday,... with 10 years probation, I believe. Now there has been a flash mob Courtesy Notice set up on Bill Brockbrader’s Facebook page.  So if you go to his official Facebook page you will find all the Courtesy Notices, the cover letters; everything you need to participate is on his Facebook page.  So if you want to support Bill, please go ahead and get involved over there. 

I think anybody can join that page.  I don’t think it’s a private group or anything like that. So if you’d like to support Bill, that’s where to go.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any other information to share on that right now, but obviously Eva is very distressed. We want to support this guy if we can, in any way we can. 

We also have, as I mentioned last week, we are working on Australian flash mobs -- Courtesy Notices via email and post – that paperwork and all the Courtesy Notices and cover letters have been done.  We’re just in the process of trying to get them online.  They will either be, later today, on the OPPT-IN Facebook page or on the website.  I just haven’t been able to communicate with the woman handling the website.  That will happen later today.  So if you are in Australia and you are listening, please check in on the Facebook page later today and hopefully we will have all of the Courtesy Notices and cover letters you need to participate in that.  The idea is we want to get everybody sending Courtesy Notices at their State level.  We are having an impact here, so let’s keep that movement happening.  I want to put a very big thank you out to Li Hu in Melbourne for putting all of that together. 

What else guys?  What’s next?

Brian:  Well, we could talk about what happened with gold today.  It’s on the agenda.

Lisa:  Well, yeah.  Interesting turn of events, huh?

Chris:  Worth mentioning, yes, yes.  We’re not too sure of the exact mechanism that’s going on in the background, but the price of gold dropped by 10% plus, depending on what markets you’re in, over the last few days.  There’s sort of two theories. There’s some corporate playing going on. They’re trying to cut down on the amount of paper in the system and actually get their hands on physical gold, because it’s hard to get a hold of, or the fact that gold in and of itself won’t be used as a representation of value in the future is kicking in amongst those who own lots of gold and they are selling it.  We’re not too sure which it is yet.  Might be both.  Brian, your thoughts on that.  You’re an ex gold person, an ex gold markets person, formerly known as? 

Brian:  (giggles) Well, let’s just say I’ll never go back to gold trading after ... gold kicked my butt like it’s never been kicked before, but 19 biggest one day decline since 1983. I mean 10% for gold, considering that gold climbed, from well before 2002 all the way up to 2010, it got up to $1,800 per ounce...and then $140 down day? I mean that’s really big. Any time that something like that happens there’s guaranteed to be something behind it that’s causing it to move. It’s all up to speculation at this point. 

I mean I’m sure that all of the people watching and following the RV story and have been following everything with NESARA probably have some pretty strong opinions as to what it might be.  All we can do is speculate, but a 10% drop a day definitely says that something is going on.  So it’s going to be interesting to see what it does for the rest of the week, but... you know people have been buying up gold for quite some time.  Now the idea being put out there that it very well could not be the answer to everybody’s prayers as far as leaving behind the fiat currency is going to make way for a very interesting story to be told.  So, you know it might shoot back up tomorrow.  Whether it goes down, keeps going down, or shoots back up, it’s just going to prove the volatility of it right now.  I mean there are some people that are still believing that gold is the best long term solution, and that there is probably a lot of people and market movers that believe that it’s not the answer to all of our prayers.  So it’s gonna be interesting to watch how it unfolds.  Ten percent in a day though. It’s pretty major.

Lisa:  It is.  It might be just people selling off their paper.

Brian:  It could be.  Yea, it could be.  I mean there’s people -- the market movers -- you know, once it all is brought to light.  Take a guy like Soros, for example.  That guy has the ability, based on his own net worth, to move a market in a day just by his own trading, because he is so invested.  He has the ability by making some moves.  There’s a lot people that follow the moves that he makes to even make his purchasing or selling power that much more intense. So when you have a percentage increase or decrease of 10% in the market, it doesn’t usually mean a bunch of small plays that equal one major event.  It usually means that there’s some major market movers that are all involved.  I mean gold is a heavily traded market, so it’s kind of one of those things.  It’s really hard to sit and look at it and speculate what would make it decline 10%, but there’s definitely some major players involved to be that big of a drop in one day.  Major players.  So, we’ll see what happens the rest of this week.

Chris:  The other piece of news that’s obviously in front of everybody at the moment is the explosions at the Boston Marathon this morning.

Lisa:  Did I hear that there were two though?  Did I hear that there was another one?

Chris:  Yea, there were two.  Look, I’m not sure of all of all the details exactly.  I think there was two close to the marathon and possibly a third, or one at the marathon and possibly another at the JFK Library nearby.  But I also heard that the Mayor was saying that he wasn’t sure that the JFK was not just a fire as opposed to an explosion, but that’ll become clearer later on.  But the question of:  “Why the explosions took place now when the RV is looming?  And what was it for?”  And the fact they were running a dog sniffer bomb detection exercise just before the explosions went off.. Questions were raised:  “Is this a false flag?  Is it in fact just some sort of leftover angst from the cabal brokered conflict between Christians and Arabs in the Middle East?  Or Arabs and Arabs in the Middle East?”  You know, they’ll start conflicts between anybody, and it’s a slight chance it’s a perpetuation of that. 

It would be interesting to hear Brian, Bob and Lisa’s views on that one as well, because it’s just a fresh piece of information. We are speculating here, but one wonders why this distracting and distressing event happens at this point in time.

Lisa:  Well, I don’t even want to speculate, because I haven’t even had a chance to look into it.  You know?  It came to my attention 20 minutes before the show, so...

Chris:  That’s it.  One other interesting point that was raised is that...  Again, not too clear on this, but it appears that the phone system may have been shut down just before the event.  Or in fact not so much shut down, but the ability [of] people to shoot video was stopped.   I know this is real, because I have a relative who travels to China, and when he steps off the phone with his iPhone the camera is disabled.

Lisa:  Sorry, when he steps off the....?

Chris:  Sorry!  Sorry! When he steps off the plane, (Brian giggles) Ok, because he works in the corporate world with some government attachments, and every time he steps off the plane in China his phone shuts down!  That is the photographic aspect; he can’t shoot videos, he can’t shoot pictures!  So one thinks:  “Hmmm. What’s built into these smart phones?”  It will be very interesting to see just how much actual footage was actually shot.

Lisa:  Are you serious?!?

Chris:  Yeah, I’m serious!  There are back doors all over the place in these systems.  You know Microsoft was supposed to have made a lot of money out of the fact that they’ve built back doors into their software and will sell them to the highest bidder for whoever wants to go in there and hoik out information on us!

Brian:  There was a story that was going around a couple months ago that was talking about Apple trying to broker a deal that would, based on everybody’s GPS, where a certain longitude and latitude, within a certain amount of miles, that [if] they just wanted to shut down peoples’ video recording capabilities for some moment in time, for some event to take place, that they wouldn’t want people recording ... that that’s something that they could in fact do, and it sounds like that’s what they might be doing in Boston. 

I mean we’re just speculating here, but another way they could do it, without being too completely, blatantly obvious, would just be to shut service down in the area to where people can’t... I mean they would still be able to shoot video.  They just wouldn’t be able to upload it. 

So, just like [with] the Connecticut shooting and some of the ones previous to that, I think it’s as the hours ensue, more of the story will come out. I’m sure that there’s all sorts of people all over trying to find out what’s going on.  I mean that’s the difference between now and a few years ago; we call shenanigans a whole heck of a lot faster. There’s people that are gonna be vehemently looking into this and digging to find out the truth behind what’s taking place.  I mean there’s a lot of fishy, funny business that’s already coming out that’s happened a couple hours ago.

Chris:  Just one final comment on this, because I know we got (garbled) more interesting things to move onto in terms of the ever present now and the bigger picture we’re looking at.  At one end of the spectrum, it might be just an organic action by just a couple of individuals who’ve been twisted by the system.  At the other end of the spectrum, it’s a deliberate act; either way it is repugnant. The system that’s actually generated that spectrum in the first place is the thing that has been removed and cancelled by the actions of the OPPT, the former OPPT. 

Okay.  I have to, just wanted to say one thing about the things we’re seeing in the background at the moment.  Is that the only, the big difference between the efforts of the people running the RV/dinar and NESARA attempt to you know bring in changes in the system and the work that Neil Keenan and his group are doing to bring in changes to the system; they’re inside the system and they both preserve the corporate structure.  The corporate structure is where this problem is. 

The actions of the OPPT have removed that structure; there’s the fundamental difference between them.  What we’re looking at today is a symptom of that structure that has been cancelled, but it’s still there.  The sooner we can get Absolute Data out to everybody, and I actually view the information that’s been coming up the last week or so as the appearance of Absolute Data, because things are being revealed for what they truly are; that’s the Absolute.

Lisa:  Mmm.  Guys, I think we’re gonna have to take some calls because there are people in the chat room who seem to have some pressing questions and situations.  Are we ready to do that or do you want to say something first?

Chris:  I just wondered if you wanted to talk about the material that Swissindo has posted on the web?

Lisa:  Oh, we do need to address that, don’t we?

Chris: We do need to address that.  Whether we do that now or whether we do that after some calls?

Lisa:  No, let’s do it now.

Chris:  Probably need to do it now, because I’m sure some of the questions will actually be about that. So do you want to give us a quick intro to that and we’ll kick it around a little.

Lisa:  Umm.

Chris:  Maybe, maybe Brian would like to in fact.

Lisa:  I was gonna say Brian…

Chris: … he’s been across it.

Lisa:  You’ve been heavily involved.

Chris:  Sure.

Brian:  Sure.  So gosh what day was it?  What’s today?  (Giggling).  Is today Monday?  Yeah today’s Monday, so…

Lisa:  Actually it’s Tuesday so.

Brian:  Oh, Tuesday for you, Monday for me… thanks Lisa.  I stand corrected; Tuesday in Australia.

(All laughing)

Brian:  So I believe it was gosh, last maybe Wednesday, I received an email that had some documents that appeared to be drawn up by this UN Swissindo group. I didn’t really know much about UN Swissindo at the time.  I had to do quite a bit of digging since then and watch some YouTube videos to really wrap my head around who they are. We can talk about that a little bit. 

But definitely, I’m still looking for answers like a lot of other people, but this particular document basically what it was saying is that after a very detailed and scrutinous, if that’s a word, review of all of the UCC filings of the One People’s Public Trust, the UN Swissindo has decided that they want to support the One People’s Public Trust. We’ll talk about what I mean by support. 

But a little background here would probably be the best way of telling the story.  The Swissindo group is a group in Indonesia; they’re the ones that are most commonly known as the holders of much of the Indonesian gold. I believe they operate the Bank of Indonesia and they also do business out of Switzerland hence Swissindo. 

But this particular set of royals, this family has been, over the course of the last hundreds of years, from generation to generation, basically passed along the torch to one day play a role in freeing humanity.  What they’ve been doing over the course of the last twenty or thirty years, or hundred years, I’m really not all that sure, they’ve been looking at this time in history – 2012/2013 circa era as being the time that was prophesised about there would be this great change and that they would essentially be able to see the fruits of their many hundreds of years of labour come to pass. 

So there are a few individuals on the side of One People’s Public Trust, I’m not at liberty really of naming names at this point, that have been working with this group for quite a few months now; and essentially sending them all of the documents to review: the Paradigm Report, all the UCC-1 filings.  They’ve been following the story since the story became public on December 26 on the American Kabuki blog and D’s blog and so on and so forth.  They have been following it very, very closely. Everything they’ve seen has, basically they came to a conclusion that ultimately they were going to stand in support of The One People’s Public Trust.  This document, these sets of documents they released, they released them on their Swissindo Facebook page, on a particular blog that they blog on through one of the gentlemen Apriyanto, who has many of the Swissindo YouTube videos that are out. 

So the reason why we haven’t made any public announcements until now, which is pretty much the first time we’ve talked out about it in the open, is because we’ve been going through a process of making sure the people we’re dealing with are who they say they are.  Making sure we do a great deal of due diligence to make sure that we totally understand on all levels exactly what is being brought to the table. It would be ill advised on any of our parts to make any grand assumptions that there’s some done deal. 

So we’re kind of in still in the process right now, is kind of a discovery phase. Chris, I know you know a lot about it because you’ve been kind of up to speed since this all came out last week as well, but what we’re in the process of doing on many levels is our homework to make sure that we understand everything in its entirety. More information is being released every day and more emails are being shared every day, so if nothing else it’s an exciting new development. It goes to show the credibility that has been given to the One People’s Public Trust by some very influential families and royals over there in Indonesia.  So (giggles) it’s been somewhat of a lot to take in, but an exciting development to say the least.  So Chris, you can probably fill in the blanks on some of what I missed in that introduction.

Chris:  Well, actually you didn’t miss much. We’re sticking to absolute fact today; stuff that we actually know.  We’ve had some very interesting discussions about what could transpire from this offer.  Because at the moment it’s literally an offer. The best thing I can recommend to people is if they would like to go and have a look at the actual documents, they are on the blog. There will be a link to that blog somewhere in the show chat at this point, I hope; if someone could put it in there for people? 

It’s been a really interesting trip for me, because I’ve been somewhat aware that there was some work going on to find out who these people actually were. They seem to be a very, very ethical, very much higher perspective group, which is really good because it makes them easier to communicate with in a lot of sense. The document they’ve written, again we’ve had this massive education in the UCC style of operation over a period of a few months when the filings first came out. Now we step into another completely different style of document and a completely different kind of language which I’d never seen before.

When you look through the document, there’s actually two documents. They’ve publicly put up there and that’s why we’re happy to talk about them because it’s transparent.  You will see lots of references to all sorts of entities and characters in it right throughout the document, but it is very difficult for the uninitiated to piece together exactly what it is. My conclusion is that it’s either a contract or an offer of contract, yet to be accepted; because we haven’t done our due diligence. But what it told us was that we’re on the same wavelength pretty much as the people at Swissindo.  They had recognized a massive problem in the system and were looking for a solution, looking for an entity they could literally pass the batten to to resolve what they saw as absolutely major issues with our entire system, which didn’t appear to have a resolution until the former OPPT had done their work.

Now, notice I am being very careful to say former. One of the things that is being missed by a lot people at the moment...people listening to this please pay attention to this...the last filing done by the trustees actually shut down all hierarchies or trusts etc. So from a lawful point of view, the actual OPPT closed itself down, okay? What's left in it's place is the CVAC that was activated in the course of the filings before Christmas with Heather actually acting as President of that entity. From a lawful point of view at the moment, that's why Heather is the key person in making these final decisions as to whether to accept this offer or how to shift it in a slightly different direction should she so choose, but that is the position at the moment.

People writing about the OPPT, blogging about it, seem to be missing that fact. The hierarchy has been removed. When I say removed and when I say we've moved to Absolute, I really mean it, okay? The structures that are left are technically not corporations. They're just people acting cooperatively which works. We don't need a corporate structure such as is presented. We can work cooperatively beautifully. That's why people ... there's comments about, "oh, they've removed sovereign nations". Well, they weren't sovereign nations. They were corporations with owners that were not revealing themselves to the people and acting against the people. Removing those structures doesn't remove anything of value, because the people are still there and all their stuff is still there. They're still manufacturing and working and you notice everything is going along just fine.

So, back to the Swissindo situation. It's a situation very much in play and lots of work being done behind the scenes to work out the best direction to take it in. I guess all we can say is have a look at the documents. Don't jump to any conclusions about them. We'll try to explain them in a bit more detail next week when we've clarified it, because we've got our (inaudible) on as far as interpreting these kinds of documents ourselves. There's people behind the scenes giving us a hand with that, obviously. Heather and her contacts will be feeding us some more information over this coming week. It is a very, very interesting turn of events because it's an indication that a very significant group, should they be exactly who they say they are which we think they are, has put their hand up and said, "We're going to support these people because what we think they're doing is taking this in a better direction than before". I'm taking that as a really positive sign. We will keep working on it folks.

Bob: I think it's important to note that recognition that what has been done is receiving ... if you think back three months, how have your personal conversations changed? Even with people beforehand or who may have never even known anything about the slavery system or the illuminati? I've noticed a marked change in the awareness of people and the conversations that are being had. I had, just recently, several friends that I have not heard from in over ten years call my phone and say, "you know Bob, I heard about this and that and that and I was wondering if you could tell me what's going on".

People are definitely becoming more actively aware, consciously aware, of what's going on. Becoming more active in their DO’ing and actually standing up and asking questions and making changes. They're resisting falling into those same traps anymore. I see all of these things, different things coming out. I am not saying that what happened in Boston was directly related, but I'm seeing all these things coming out and it's like a baby throwing a temper tantrum. They're trying everything that they've tried in the past and nothing's working. Nobody is buying it. It's just like...yeah, we've seen that.... no, no, no, no, no no....and it's almost becoming comical now. It's becoming comical to the point of being ridiculous.  It's a very, very bad joke.

Lisa: Brian, can you post links to where people can find the Swissindo documents?

Brian: I'm like five steps ahead of you.

Lisa: Oh, well done.

Chris: Folks, when you're reading the documents, just kind of work your way through them slowly, because again if you thought the UCC was a bit obscure, these are actually more obscure again.


Lisa: Heather writes those documents in sort of 5D speak. Well, imagine this is Indonesian 5D speak translated through Google translate.

Chris: Yeah, to a financial, they're speaking to a financial and contractual situation as well, so it's quite a different context.

Lisa: Yeah.

Brian: I mean, I can see there's some people expressing some concerns in the chat room. Can these people be trusted? Are you sure that they have the best interest of all the people in mind? These are all the questions that we're asking too. This is like time for extreme amounts of discernment to be exercised. We need to make sure that.... one thing we have noticed actually over the course of the last couple of months. Gosh ! Over the last couple months it's been crazy. We have a lot of agendas that are at play right now.

These people that are trying to push these agendas. I don't need to name names here, you'll know who they are. They masquerade as people that have everybody's best interest in mind. Everybody out there that has an agenda that is less than pure masquerading as if it's the gift to humanity. We've got to take every piece into consideration. Everything that comes to the table, it’s just data. If anything, sometimes it will help tell the story. There's been so many times as of late where something has come in and helped make complete sense to something that happened a few weeks previously.

We're right now doing the best that we can to make sure the information stays pure. Who we're dealing with is....that we are dealing with people who claim to be to they are. You never really know, so transparency and honesty and just being upfront is the only way that we operate. People come to us and they realize that if you come to us looking for a fight, you're not going to get one.


Brian: It's just not going to happen.

Bob: You know, this is the typical thing that I see. People, when they come to us... there's a scripture in the Bible that says that you should not put your trust in gold and silver. The ones who have the vested interest in the system and in that whole control mechanism of money who have positioned themselves in high positions in that system, they’re the ones who are throwing the biggest (inaudible) fit. "It's mine, mine, mine. I have the signature, my signature, I am the only one who can control". It's crazy. It's funny. I look at it and I'm like, they really, really don't want this game to end.

Chris: The really interesting thing, Bob, is that we can now see them. They are transparent to us. This whole, this disgusting exercise this morning, it was done at a time when the crowds were diminished. There are masses of medical people around, sniffer dogs doing a bomb drill and they still set this bomb off. It's possibly some sort of test for our reactions or test for this technology that they can use to control information. How cold is that?  We can still see straight through them. (garbled and inaudible)

Bob: I am reminded of ...

(garbled and inaudible for some time) (much talk over for a while)
Brian: I think he swims in it at one point, like Ducktale.
Bob:  Yeah.

Chris:  Yes, that reminds me of very old comics from my childhood with Uncle Scrooge diving into his big building full of coins, Scrooge McDuck. That’s dating myself. That’s what these guys are starting to appear to us to be. They just won’t let it go. But the transparency that we’re starting to see, we’re starting to find out about the details of the very top end of the system now. We’ve kind of worked our way from the ground up and everyone who has been down these rabbit holes probably resonate with this. We sort of started at the bottom and worked out way right through the system. Through the corporate structure, through the banking system, through the political system and winging our way upwards, upwards. It becomes more ecclesiastical and then gets rather esoteric and bingo, we are suddenly getting to the top of the system and everything is becoming visible to us. So as a friend of mine likes to say you can run but you can’t hide. No one can hide anymore, it is all out there.

Lisa:  Okay, have I lost everybody?

(Chris, Bob, Brian, all answering that they are here)

Brian:  I was trying to remember that quote; I think I found it. All truth passes through three stages one. First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed and third it is accepted as being self evident. I wonder what phase we’re in now? (laughs)

Chris:  Brian, I think we’ve just passed through the violently opposed phase. We’ve had someone falsely accuse the OPPT structure of making death threats? Then the very next day, a clarification and more or less an apology to making that accusation is posted. So I think we’ve passed through stage two very rapidly and we’re now in stage three, that being accepted.

Bob:  You’ve got to ask a question; why would they do that if they weren’t afraid? Why would someone try to attempt that, if they weren’t afraid of what’s happening?

Chris:  Yeah, heaviest flack is always over the target, is what the aviators will say. So if you’re on the money, you’ll be getting the most push back. I shouldn’t have used the word money; if you’re on the value, you will get the most push back. Self correction going on all over the place for the moment. We’re still rearranging our thinking patterns. I’m sure everyone finds themselves self correcting and if you don’t do it, Lisa will do it for you.

(Lisa and Brian laughing)

Chris: I have to have my enthusiasm curbed by somebody, the divine feminine.

Lisa:  Okay, let’s take a couple of calls, because these people have been waiting since the show started. Let’s get this going, area code 757. Hello, what was your name?

Caller: Yes, this is Sovereign Line.

Lisa:  Hi Sovereign Line, you said you had good news.

Sovereign Line (caller):  Yes, I do have great news. I want to greet all Embodiments in Eternal Essences Universe, first and absolute love and light to everyone.  

Lisa:  Thank you very much.

Sovereign Line (caller): It’s funny, I’m more nervous now than when I went to the bank. Saturday morning; it was about 9:00. Actually I had just taken a spiritual bath and coming off of a week of fasting; just paying focused energy and conscious effort in what I was about to DO. It is understanding the imperative of the moment and I was just sending my energy forth the whole week forward.  When I walked into BB&T (bank), it was the assistant vice president that actually greeted me. She asked how she was going to be able to help me and I presented her with the foreclosure flyer. When I gave her the foreclosure flyer, her eyes opened wide and she said “what is this”? I said “read the document first and then we are going to discuss it afterwards”.  She took about 10 minutes to read the document and when she was finished she said “wow this is a lot of information”. And I said “yes it truly is”, after I said that, I said “from this moment forward”, right now I am just educating. I went in there with the intention of not being an antagonist to anyone and with the open mind of educating the person that I was going to encounter. Because I knew they weren’t going to be familiar with the information. But to my surprise, she was familiar with the information, so that was a great thing.

Lisa:  Oh really?

Sovereign Line (caller):  Yes, she was. It’s interesting, everything that I was telling her or educating her on why I felt the way I felt, telling her that I am the value, I am the account and BB&T has no right to restrict any value that I put into my (inaudible) and she said ‘Yes sir, your right, you are the value’. I am like ‘Wow, so you do agree with me?’ So a Courtesy Notice could not come to this person because she was not denying me. She was not restricting me of anything. If anything she was in complete compliance with what I was saying.
So what I did was place the document as an attachment to my account letting them know, putting then on notice, that I am aware. Letting them know that I do know that I am the value of my account and there are things that I intend on doing with my account and that BB&T has no right to restrict those things. And she said; “Yes sir, your right”. So it is on record that the foreclosure flyer is attached to my account and with them doing this, BB&T now knows. She kept saying, “Sir, you need to tell people about this. You need to be educating people about this. More people need to be coming in. More people need this passion that you got.“ More people...I needed like a hundred people with me. But I can’t get a hundred people with me. I told someone today that this show was coming on, that the government was foreclosed or the so-called government and they say “Oh no, I’m not interested about that. They said “Did you see the bombing today?” I said, “that was just a distraction”. Let’s really come back to what is really going on in the universe right now.

Lisa:  Can you clearly state the name of the bank that you were in? People in the chat room want to know.

Sovereign Line (caller):  BB&T, Branch Banking and Trust.

Lisa: So where do you go from here now with this bank? She actually asked you to bring more people in and educate them and she wants to see more people come into the bank knowing this.

Sovereign Line (caller): Yes, yes she does and that was the assistant vice president of BB&T.

Bob: I find it interesting Sovereign, that it was a woman. I’ve had a similar experience with a bank executive. It was obvious that they knew what was going on and they knew what I was talking about. Again, it was a woman that I spoke to. Every time I came across a male in a similar position, I got a negative response. The women acknowledge like ‘yeah we know’ and they let you know that they know that this is real.

Sovereign Line (caller): She also said that she is sending it up the chain of command. I have her vice president’s number; I have the card of her vice president. She gave me her card. I will be contacting her vice president tomorrow. I’m going to give them 24 hours, because I did it on Saturday. So I’m going to give them 24 hours and make sure the information goes up. Give them a day and then I will be contacting her tomorrow and let her know that she has the information and to move it on up the chain from there. But see, no one has denied me anything yet, so I have no reason to serve them a Courtesy Notice. I am simply just putting them on notice, of the foreclosure flyer.

Brian: Awesome.

Chris: Sovereign, that is absolutely brilliant and fantastic.

Lisa: By the way if you have the chance to speak to her again, you can always invite her to the radio show. We’d love to have her here.

Sovereign Line (caller): I will certainly do that, but the main thing is that we need more people doing this across the whole map. We need people doing this across the whole map. We need people going in two and a time, three at a time, four at a time, letting them know that we know.
Lisa:  Well, I would love it if you would go to the Face Book Page, just the straight OPPT-In Facebook page, and actually type your story up in there. Give people some clear ideas of what you did. I think the preparation that you did was incredibly important and a huge part of the response that you got. So, the whole attitude, everything about the way you did this is beautiful.

Sovereign Line (caller): Thank you very much Lisa.

(Several talking at once)

Lisa: If you could do that, I would really appreciate it.

Sovereign Line (caller): Sorry to interject. My wife gave me that suggestion. Thanks to Bob too for bringing up the aspect of the feminine energy and what this is ushering in and having to listen. Because I was eager to go. Remember I said that I was going to be there the day after. But she said “No Ty, don’t do that. You have to think it out. There are steps to do these things. You’re going to need a spiritual back. You’re going to need to meditate,. You’re going to do this. You going to have to burn your candles.” I was doing candle magic. You know, I was burning candles (Brian giggles) sending energy on this. Bam, focus energy on it.

Brian: Good for you man.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. The whole point of the Courtesy Notice in the end is educating and informing. I think what you have done is absolutely brilliant. You’ve had exactly the right guidance and done exactly the right things. I really want to hear the rest of this story, because I don’t think it’s over yet for you.

Sovereign Line (caller): No, it’s not over. I was a little nervous, but I can’t get it all out.

Lisa: If you could go and put it on the Facebook page, we’ll get it on the website as well.

Sovereign Line (caller): Thank you all very much.

Lisa: That would be lovely. Then you don’t have to worry about being nervous. You can just take your time and type it up, (laughing) and then we’ll go from there. But thank you so much for ringing in and sharing it. That’s brilliant.

Sovereign Line (caller): Absolute love, peace and light.

Brian: Awesome man! Good for you!

Lisa: Thank you!

Bob: Just wanted to say: you’ve earned your name.

(Laughing) (Several talking at once)

Lisa: Thanks darlin’. Okay, wow, that’s brilliant!


Chris: Phew!

Brian: (Clears throat) That was a cool story.

Lisa: That was a cool story. I really, I know it was the energy that he paid into, beforehand.

Chris: If you’re in the right place and you expose people to that energy, they’ll receive it. They’ll respond to it in a positive way, because you’re giving them something fantastic in the end. If that particular kind of energy, that lady will probably go and talk to many of her colleagues about what happened. She’s transferring it when she does. That’s how it works.

Lisa: I’m just going to add D to this conversation, because I think she’s going to join us very soon. So I’ll bring her in. Let’s take another call in the meantime though. Hopefully it will be almost as good as that one. Area code 507?

Caller: Hello, this is Donna. Hi everybody.

Lisa: Hi Donna.

Donna (caller): Hi, I just am wondering, if D is on too this is great, what I’m wondering is, we haven’t heard from Heather in a week. I’m wondering if she has any intel to share with us or if she expects the Dinar RV and all of the changes to go on and if that is going to be the pre-cursor to the Absolute Data or if that is just their way of fixing up their own system? So, with that I’ll yield and just listen. Thank you.

Lisa: Ok, thanks Donna. Yes, D will be on in a few minutes and we’ll get her to give us an update, if there is one. I’m sure she does have one. But thank you. (Silence) Okay, in the meantime, we’ll move onto 773 until D gets on. Area code 773?


Lisa: Oh hello!

Caller: Thanks Lisa for taking my call. This is the Mexican Amigo again from L.A.

Lisa: Hello Mexican Amigo.

Mexican Amigo (caller): Okay, I got two quick things. One is, the Spanish version of the CN is available now at

Lisa: Oh, wonderful! Thank you.

Mexican Amigo (caller): That is one, and also I have a question: with all this gold and stuff, with people trying to move their money from one place to another, I wonder if you have any insights on Bitcoin? My feeling is that it’s controlled by the bankers too, but I want to hear from you what you think.


Chris: Brian, have you any, done any research into Bitcoin?

Brian: Oh, oops sorry, I was letting the dog out.


Brian: Let me see. The question was, have I done any research into Bitcoin?

Chris: Into Bitcoin, yeah.

Brian: I have something that I can share about Bitcoin. If anybody wants to go to the American Kabuki blog,, there’s a little cartoon up there that actually tells a pretty good story of Bitcoin. There’s two gentlemen; they’re sitting at a desk and one of the guys says, “ I’m thinking of putting some money into Bitcoin, do you know anything about it?”. And the other guy says, “Well, that would be a very risky venture. Bitcoin is quite volatile. It’s a virtual currency controlled by shadowy people in an unregulated environment without any guarantee of return”. And the guy then says, “You never know when the value will drop or be forced down by nefarious forces, or your money stolen by unscrupulous low-life scum”. And the response is, “So how is that different from any regular banking system or the stock market?” (Brian giggles) And he says, “When you use Bitcoin, I can’t charge you fees”.

That’s about all I know about Bitcoin. I think it’s really mysterious that whoever is behind Bitcoin, no-one really knows who created it. It’s this kinda mystery. So I don’t think there is enough data out there, information out there, to say whether this is something good, bad, or indifferent. I don’t really know all that much about it. I just know that anybody that just tries to dive in real deep ends up going in somewhat of a.... what’s that art-piece of that stairway where you keep going up and down on the same thing? Where it just doesn’t get you anywhere?

Chris: That’s Escher....the artist called Escher. The Escher Staircase. Look, the little I know about it, it has been created by a person or a group, unknown, which is very interesting. It’s what’s more interesting is right at this pivotal time, where Bitcoin seemed to be building nicely, but we know major things are going on and major shifts have to start soon, all of a sudden, someone did a big sell-off and took a whole lot of value out of Bitcoin. As if they were kinda grabbing there cash and running, is the impression that I got.

Mexican Amigo (caller): Okay.

Chris: Brian, do you have any feelings about what happened last week because it took a big plunge there? I don’t know if it has climbed back up again, but it looked like someone pulled their money out to me.

Brian: As far as Bitcoin goes?

Chris: Yep.

Brian: Yeah, I don’t know. I think the same kind of answer applies to what happened with gold. (garbled) whichever way they decided to play the market that day, that’s the way the market goes and fluctuates accordingly. So it’s really hard to say. I mean it’s really hard to say. There’s a lot of people that say, “well, because it’s a totally electronic system, and that there is no clearing house, there is no way to manipulate it”. I think that’s a kinda naive way of looking at it, without offending anybody too much, because there’s always a way to manipulate anything if people try hard enough. The whole story about Bitcoin is kind of another one of those stories where the chapter has yet to be told. I’m looking forward to D coming on and sharing what she knows. But the information that was shared with me prior to the call is that the reason the RV didn’t happen today is because they don’t have any money to (laughing) do it. There’s nothing to back it in the whole thing. So, I know that D’s been saying over the course of the last, well D has kinda been saying it for a long time, but especially in the course of the last couple of weeks, that there is really big things happening with the RV, but I don’t know how that they will be able to pull something like that off when there’s no money to support the whole thing.

Mexican Amigo (caller): Alright, thanks a lot guys.

Brian: Yeah, hey, thank you.

Lisa: Thank you.

Chris: Thanks Amigo.

Lisa: D, are you with us yet? Nope, not yet. Okay, we’ll take another call. Area code 347?

Caller: Hello there everyone. Peace and blessings.

Lisa: Is that Prince?

Brian: That is definitely a Prince.


Prince (caller): This is Flofokuz. It is indeed.

Lisa: (Laughing) How are you?

Prince (caller): Oh, lordy, lord, lord. What can I say today? I thought I got on late tonight. I’m actually pretty high on the list. Fortunately for some. I’m actually just about to post into all of these Skype chat rooms my “After-OPPT show’, that I’m launching tonight.

Lisa: Oh, well done!

Prince (caller): It’s just a phone call, like Blogtalk Radio and you just put in an access code; it’s basically just a phone call. You make a phone call just like the BlogTalk Radio and you just put in an access code. I’m posting it. It’s on my Facebook right now. If anyone who wants to continue this conversation or has anything more to say, before you guys cut off on me here. We can have like… how everybody watches the Waking Dead… what is that? The Walking Dead, right? And then you got the after-show on like some other channel, I don’t know if they can put it on the same channel. I don’t watch it myself, but it’s like some cool stuff like that…

(laughter and talking over)

Chris: Prince, you could’ve picked a better show than the Walking Dead, I mean, thanks.


Prince (caller):  Yeah, well I don’t watch it myself, my cousin…

(laughter and talking over)

Chris:  Oh I know, I know. Prince, do you want to just… you’ve obviously got your interests in what you want to talk about, and you’ve called the show “After OPPT”. Tell us a bit about what you want people to bring up and get out there with you.

Prince (caller): Well, there’s a lot of things I consider poignant points of information, poignant nodes if you will… where kind of how you say… in just one node or two nodes there’s like kind of 15 or a number of different areas we need to be talking about. I just feel like maybe we can bring up some discussions about like the Sirius Disclosure coming up in like, how many days? You guys talk about that and I feel like this is a big issue that we should probably bring more forefront so that that is the kind of disclosure that will bring the biggest change. I feel like if you look in the sky and then stars start to move and then one shines at you, like winks at you or something, and it’s like wait a minute, did that just happen? Now you can share that with somebody when it starts to just happen all over the sky or something like that. It just looks like popcorn happening… like clapping or something. You know what I mean? It’s like, if that kind of thing can happen for us… if we can get the awareness out there to the point where we’re just talking about it like it’s regular. See what I’m saying?  That’s what I feel will end up happening if we can open up the lines for just the different avenues of information. I know this is a lot 3D oriented, so I want to take that to the next level for people who want to go there. That’s why I want to invite everyone to come on over.

Lisa:  Where do they go exactly, Prince?

Prince (caller):  They can go to Freeconferencing and it’s using, okay? They don’t have to go anywhere, but they can just go to my Facebook and get the phone number. The phone number is posted. It’s up there. It’s a picture. It’s also in my Instagram – 599-726-1200, with a participant access code, 285942. So you guys can call up and when it prompts you enter the access code. Then for anyone who wants to listen, there’s a playback number for the show 559-726-1299 and then you enter the access code again and that’s the show that we do, you see. We continue this more and more, I think we’ll bring enough awareness out there guys. So come on over. It’s like basically unlimited and we can go on for six hours, so it’s no problem.

Brian: Whoo! Now that’s a party!

Chris: Yeah, that’s a party.

Prince (caller): That’s what I’m talking about baby.

Chris: Prince, you’re right on the value – gotta stop saying money – right on the value. The disclosure is going to come more through us than any government is going to do. You know the work of Steven Greer and the Sirius Film Project, that’s all private people doing it. That’s us doing it. If we start doing it… you’re now doing it at ground level with people in their day-to-day experiences and beliefs and expanding their awareness of this whole thing. You’ve just decided to do this at this point in time. It will actually support the energy of the bigger things – like more public things, like Sirius, and we have to do this. I know this is going on all over the world, and what I hope is that in the coming weeks that all of these people doing this in groups around the world will start to look outwards a bit and find each other. Because I think when we do that, we’ll realize that there’s a hell of an audience there that’s just not quite visible at the moment… that’s really aware. That energy is going to start to bloom. So good stuff.

Prince (caller): My favorite is meeting someone on the street and they know what you’re talking about. Then they say that they’re doing this, and then they’re like, “Ah, this is great we met somebody!” Then I just feel like I just did a (inaudible) power up, so now I just feel it’s like an eagerness – how Abraham puts it. It’s an eagerness… like an ‘ooh, I’m eager now’. I’m like Yes! Yes! We got it. Another one ready! Ooh yes!  (Talk over) 

I actually had an experience on Sunday. Oh my goodness. Me and my two friends – Grant and Herbs Nico, my good buddies… these guys, oh man. We went through Central Park on a walk – like an aimless wander – like three old retired men, just watching the world around us just enjoying ourselves like, look at all of these people enjoying themselves in this wonderful place of just public freedom and what not. We called some friends up and we actually got to this point where there was this obelisk. We saw it from a distance and we went to it. There were these people shooting a music video and one of the guys asked me to use my cane to be in the video. I hurt myself a while ago and then I became enlightened and then I was healed. So then I walk with the cane because then I cause a vibration every time I stamp it down. (Laughter) So I think it’s a cool thing. So I call that a memory. (Talking over)

Brian: It’s called a pimp cane! (Talking over)

Chris: What Prince is saying is actually real, because humans impart energy to objects so an energy signature that remains in objects when we handle them. If you’re walking along with an object and you whack it on the ground and you intend, you have an intention to leave an imprint of energy on that spot, you are leaving an energy imprint. So you’re leaving these little like, love-land mines for people to walk on and get some of your energy.

Lisa: Oh, I love that!

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Prince (caller):  (Talking over) I love that. Love land mines. Wow.

Chris: I’m not kidding. That’s real. That’s really happening when you do that and the more you intend it, the more you’re aware of it the better it will work for you. (Talking over)

Bob:  Children are really, really good at this. I’m reminded of a scene in the Secret Garden. If you’ve ever seen that movie, there’s a scene in that movie where the children are trying to get their father to come back home. They’re standing around the fire and they start chanting and they say, if we say this and if we do that, and if all of these things… we do them all in sequence, then he’ll come home. They imagined doing it and they danced around the fire, and sure enough, he came home. Now a lot of people would say, well that was just a coincidence. It was really cute that they believed in that, or are they tapping into something inherently part of our nature – that imaginative, creative process that is so alive in children? We educate it out of them. Everybody knows that when you’re in that period of time… we call it magical… it’s time for us to really get back to that magic, where we start engaging our imagination and having confidence in it, having confidence that whatever… and there are no rules. If somebody tells you that you need to be sitting in black room blindfolded with your legs crossed a certain way, and you need to fast on… maybe that will work?

Brian:  Can you say that again? I’ve got to write it down.

Bob:  If it works in your head, it’s working.

Lisa:  That’s amazing, yes.

Chris:  One final suggestion, Prince, is next time you and your friends are walking the park together, go back to that obelisk and tell it that it’s free, okay? Because one of the things that I find really… it’s just an idea that needs to go out there, is that all hierarchies cancelled, all systems cancelled, so the symbology that’s been used is also gone. So legalese is gone, and so the illuminati symbolism they’ve been using for centuries doesn’t mean anything anymore. So that stone was enslaved in a shape that was being used as a meme to control people, so go and tell it it’s free.

Prince (caller):  Lovely…we actually went out there after they shot that video man. Let me tell you…we shared this, like we were so high on this information by (garbled) and the love that actually one of us actually was speaking in an aboriginal language like from our forefathers ancestors, ancestors forefathers…do you understand me?  Like…he did a chant in front of it and just said; no worries…all of that meant no worries…forever

Brian:  You know Prince what you are bringing up to me, you are a great story teller. I can imagine the kind of energy and the vibe that you guys were in when you were out on this walk, right? I was on the Orion Talk Radio Show with Glen Caldwell last Wednesday and it was on grace. When you guys are just in that vibe, it’s just like a total state of grace. You weren’t really worried about what you were going to do next week or probably weren’t all that focused on what you did yesterday. It’s just like total presence. When you are in that total presence, you can just vibe in that full on; just total resonance of absolute grace.  That is one of the most contagious vibes to be around, because it makes people want to smile. They look at you and they are like ‘what does that guy got figured out?’ When you’re just kind of in that mode man, that’s what I’m vibing from you right now man. So keep doing what you are doing bro, it’s very inspiring.

Prince (caller):  I got your giggles now man. (giggling)  I’ve been feeling it rubbing off on me. You’re gonna kill me Brian; you’re gonna kill me Brian. (laughing) I’m laughing right now so hard. I’m holding it in though, because I want to hold my composure.

Brian:  We love you though.

Lisa:  We love you Prince. We love you joining in with us every week. Your calls are always a great contribution, so thank you. I think we do have D.

Flofokuz (caller):  My name is Flo. If you guys call me Prince, that is my 3rd dimensional name. My 5th dimensional name is the Flo of Focus. My family is the focus which is consciousness. That is my family, consciousness. We are what we are, that which we are and I am the Flo, the energy flows through me.  I give it back in abundance as it was intended.  My name is Prince, but my name is and I am the Flo.

Brian:  (Giggles) Alright…gotta know the Flo.

(Several talking at once)

Chris:  I think we need to take that little bit that Flo just stated and put it up as a little clip somewhere, that was gorgeous.

Lisa:  That was nice…yes very, thank you…Okay, D, we got you?

D:  I am here…finally, yes I am here.

Lisa:  Hello darling…how are you?

D:  I am extremely (garbled)…

Lisa and Brian:  Oh yeah…

D:  I’ll put it to you this way. We stopped at our favorite little shop.  I’m late tonight because we spent a family day. We went down to the lake for the first decently somewhat mild day of the year where I am and spent all day running up and down the beach.  I was eating chocolate covered espresso beans to keep awake. I popped a few more, I took another hand full just before I came on the radio show and I hope I stay awake for the show.

(Several talking at once)

D:  I think I ate them all.

Lisa:  What’s the gas(?) darlin’, cause I think we’ve already had a call asking for any update on the RV if there is one.

D:  Ah yes…ah yes…ah yes…(laughs) Straight off the bat, I haven’t taken any calls yet today because I’ve literally been out till about 15 minutes ago so I haven’t been around to take any calls today.  We’ve got a few notes here while you guys were talking to the Flo. I love you the Flo, you’re so awesome.  I was scanning quickly through any update notes that were coming in.  Everything is moving forward still. Everyone was absolutely certain it would be seen today, as I have said before.  They have backed themselves into a corner now where they absolutely have to go forward with this.  I just keep giggling my ass off continuously with everything. 

Lisa:  When you say they have to, but can’t in the sense of…they can’t legitimately, so they are going to have to move forward with something that looks like…

D:  Exactly. The problem is regardless of what certain people want to say, they’ve already cashed out all whales.  Now for those that don’t speak Dinar RV speak.  The whales are those who own huge amounts of Iraqi Dinar and when I am saying huge amounts, I’m talking mind blisteringly huge amounts.  All of the whales have already cashed out.  They did not get vouchers; they have cash in their accounts.  The thing is…is that cash is frozen, they can’t touch that cash.  So here you have this hysterical situation where they’ve already paid out to all of these people.  Now the fact that they are whales to begin with means they already had the money to purchase the dinar to being with.  These people are already very wealthy, very powerful, very well connected.  So they are sitting there with bank accounts that they can’t access that are full of zeros.  As I was saying to a friend of mine last night, this is one of the reasons why they are backed into a corner. Because these people already have the power and the backing, if you will, to cause a stink. If you think they’re going to sit there with accounts they can’t touch for very long without seriously raising trouble legal trouble, it’s not going to happen.  These guys aren’t going to sit there patiently for weeks or months while they know they have all of this money in this account they can’t touch. 

Lisa:  Right.

D:  Certain things have happened this week that have been very, very interesting to watch.  One of the big things that I just got the okay to say this…I just actually called one of my main contacts and said ‘Look, can I say this on the radio show’ and they said yes.  As of midnight Saturday night every country in the world is now Basel III compliant.  Every bank must now be Basel III compliant.  Now what that means again in layman’s terms, they must be fully asset backed.

Lisa:  Which doesn’t make sense in light of the drop in gold does it?

D:  Oh, but it does.

Lisa:  How?

D:  It absolutely does, because you have all, there’s a couple of countries who were short and you have a couple of banks, very well known banks, who are also short.  They don’t have enough assets and all of a sudden, gold plunges in price. Why?  So these guys can buy up the gold to back up their assets; that is why.  They are saying it will probably fall even farther, because there is still more that will need to scramble around to still try and get their assets in.  The fall in the gold prices right now is one of the main reasons.  The fact that you’ve got countries and private banks, some of who we know and love…not really…who are scrambling to get the assets, that is why you are seeing this incredible artificial plunge in the gold market.  If you look, it’s all of the precious metals.  All of the precious metals are dropping like crazy.  Silver took a 12% plunge today. I’ve never ever…ever…ever…ever seen silver drop that much in a day.  Even though the second largest silver mine in all of the United States that supplies one-third of the United States silver just had a massive landslide. No one was hurt thank goodness, but they say it’s going to take at least a year to dig this silver mine out and yet the price of silver is dropping? 

Chris:  D, is this actually people selling off their paper or selling off their hard metal?

D:  This is blatant maneuvering. It is blatant. It means absolutely nothing.  It has nothing to do with people buying or selling or anything

Chris: So they just go to the stock exchange and change the numbers?

D: Definitely. Definitely.

Chris: So what you're trying to say is that all those figures on the stock market people have been following for decades they're all bullshit?

D: They're all a crock of shit. Oh yeah.

(multiple people talking)

D: Well, look at the DOW. I'm sorry, here is a prime example. You explain to me how the DOW is sitting steady right now with gold and silver and oil and all precious metals literally falling out of the sky ... plunging.

Chris: Fascinating.

D: And then tell me it's not manipulated. You know it's so blatant at the moment I literally, I scratch my head. Well actually I laugh. That's what I do. Anyways, so things are moving forward. They are in a position now where they have to. They have paid out vast sums of money to the whales already. They can't take it back. Now I'll give you a little interesting thing about it. Any of our listeners, if they know anything about banking, Heather will be giggling her ass off. As soon as the bank, so let’s talk all these whales in the U.S., all these accounts that are frozen. So at 4:49 (garbled for several words). At 5:01 the bank is closed. The bank is then taking that money and they're trading it on the off-time market. They’re using it to prop up their own money doing all kinds of trades and as long as that money is back in the account by 8:01 a.m. the next morning, it's all good.

Lisa: So even when you say, when you use the word money, you're not talking about-what are we talking about? We're talking about bullshit numbers on a screen that aren't backed by anything?

D: Yeah. By anything they're supposed to be. It's supposed to be, but I invite them to show me the proof that they are. Because otherwise I'm sorry, but I don't care what you call that unit. Whether you call it a federal reserve note or a U.S. Treasury bill, it doesn't matter what you call that unit if it's just a bunch of zero's on a screen. Then how is it not a fiat currency? Show me the proof that it's gold-backed. Really. That’s what I keep coming back to. All it is is piles of zero's on screen.

Bob: Well, you know I think that's one of the big misconceptions that people don't realize. Even what is called fiat currency, it is backed by something. They just don't want to tell you what it's backed by.

D: (laughs) Oh exactly.

Bob: They just don't want to tell you what it's backed by (laughing), because if they did then they would basically tell you ‘oh well, we've basically been stealing from you. It's backed on your energy. It's backed on you.’

D: Yup.

Bob: Now that all of the people are secured in their embodiments and that paperwork has been filed now, there literally is nothing backing it. That's they're scrambling for the gold and the silver. Because that's what people believe have value, but even if they had all gold and the silver right?, it's still not the same value as you. (multiple people talking)

Brian: See this is exactly why I started trading my energy on the public market. It's just 5 hugs per ounce and you got yourself a deal. (Everyone laughing)

Chris: That’s a hug-backed currency. Love it.

D: I'll trade hugs for coffee. If anyone wants to take me up on that.

Chris: What you're seeing folks is an exchange of goodwill and that’s actually what it's all about. People talk about goodwill in businesses, that's actually our energy. It's always been undervalued; all the goodwill's not worth it. (inaudible) it's the asset. That's absolute BS too. The goodwill was always the value in that equation. It just gets sidelined, because they don't want to give us any clues you see.

Lisa: Well, I hope that answers the question for those who wanted to know the update and wanted to try and put some more pieces together.

D: Yeah. They have to go forward because they've already paid people out and the people they've paid out are powerful enough to say ‘yeah, I want my freakin' money NOW’.

Chris: Mmmm. And they're not being given access to it. That is hilarious.

D: Oh and well yeah, but then like I was just gonna say the banks are playing with it. The banks are making a freaking killing this past week. Cuz they're using all this money that's sitting there that these people can't touch even though they own it. The banks are using it. They're trading it. It's completely fraud. It is complete fraud. Yet the banks are the ones who are supposed to be pushing this forward. So I was joking with a friend of mine last night and they were saying oh well, there's been so many delays they thought they'd worked it out it would take X amount of time per person to get them the exchange done yada yada yada, but then they figured that when they started processing people it was taking much longer. I'm like of course it's taking much longer. The longer the banks take to do it the more time they have to play with the money.

Chris: Hmmm. Well I have to say we're straight back to the walking dead and they're just a bunch of zombies feeding on each other at this stage.

D: Oh, it's so much that, yeah it's quite humorous. But yeah I mean, as we sit, everyone is literally waiting with baited breath. They're on this momentous edge waiting for it. But the funniest thing is most of my sources are the most, how would you say it, rigid, hard-nosed conservative, you know. They don't know anything about OPPT. They don't want to know, that stuff is all just, they don't want to know anything about energy exchange, they just, no it's all about the money. Even these people now, people who six months ago would have been saying all this stuff, even now they're all sitting back and going like this whole NESARA thing is a crock of shit. This is not NESARA. Like it is such a complete crock. Because I needle them all the time. I torture them quite frankly. And say things like ‘aww gee, well that sounds really, really fair and equitable for everyone’, and they're like ‘yeah, yeah D, I don't want to talk about it’. Because they know it's so blatant. It's SO blatant that it's just a continuation of the same old business as usual.

Lisa: Well, that can only go on for so long. How much longer do you think the whales as you call them, how long before they finally put their foot down?

D: I have no idea. (multiple people talking) How long can they promise them the world if they just sit in the corner and shut up and color? I don't know. But I don't think it's going to be very long. I don't. I mean if you were, if somebody who's already extremely powerful and wealthy to begin with and you know that you have X many billions of dollars sitting in an account that you can't touch, well I don't see them sitting back and taking that very lightly for very long.

Chris: Just a question, a question for Brian and D. Brian might be able to answer this more accurately. In the gold and silver markets what, if you look at the overall theoretical value of the market, what proportion of it is just paper that's supposed to represent gold but really doesn't and what proportion of it's actually hard metal? So far as publicly traded gold is concerned? Which is what we’re talking about here, publicly traded stuff.

Brian: I think there's Wall Street investors that have been trading gold almost all their lives that still don't know the answer to that question.

D: Yeah. Exactly.

Chris: Which means there's probably very, very little metal compared to the amount of paper.

Brian: Oh yeah, absolutely. Gold is actually traded on the commodities market as well. I mean I traded some ... really you can trade some really interesting things in commodities. I mean like pork bellies and corn and soy beans. The way that it works with these futures trades where you buy a contract that is set to be a, what some contract date, some month in the futures. So let’s say I go and I buy four contracts worth of corn that is on an August contract. Well you have to sell that contract by August and then that's when there's gonna be some delivery that’s gonna be made of corn to some delivery port. Not to your, you know you don't have to worry about getting 200,000 bushels or whatever it is, uh ears of corn to your door, but gold and silver is supposed to work the same way but no one ever lets it get to the point where there's actually any delivery vehicle because it's based purely on speculation.

So think about how it’s just like fractional reserve banking, when the bankers realize that people are never actually gonna come and cash out all their money they realized that they could just continue adding zeros in a computer. I’m assuming that the gold market is the exact same way. They realize that nobody’s ever gonna come cash out their gold. They’re just gonna speculate on the gold. So in essence there doesn’t even need to be any gold backing.

Chris: So there’s probably no gold in play at all there. So all the gold’s really sitting back, theoretically sitting back in giant private caches such as we’ve heard of in Indonesia and China and some in the bigger central banks, maybe. Now we’ve been given information that as far as the banking system is concerned, ignoring the stuff that’s been held by families over a very long time, that some or all of that was literally taken from them some time back. So there’s really actually very little gold sitting round anywhere at all in the financial system, very little real stuff and I guess that’s...

Lisa: Gotta discount all the tungsten as well.

Chris: There’s a lot of, well that’s, when it disappeared, I gather a lot of it suddenly had tungsten in it not gold. I’m concluding that the reason that various aspects of the corporate system are desperate to become the signatories for giant physical assets like the Swissindo group appear to, I say appear to because we’ve just been told they do, but they appear to control...I gather there’s similar situations elsewhere in Asia. So what we are saying is the entire system, the entire, everything about it, not just the banking system but the stock market, all the derivatives, is just complete fiction. There’s just no value in it, nothing at all.

D: Absolutely, it has no meaning; it has literally no meaning. This is one of the things that I have watched go on and off. One of the aspects of NESARA is the taking back of the stock exchange to its literal value, not just inflated make-believe mythological value, but the literal value of individual stocks based on the assets of, of course, the company.

Chris: The companies, yeah, because they’re, in amongst that...

D: (The assets) of the companies.

Chris: Sorry to interrupt you D, I think I just jumped on you there.

D: No, no problem love.

Chris: I was just gonna say that there are real companies out there, who employ really good people who put their energy in and make really good stuff that we really need and that’s where the value is in the corporate system. Everything else is just people in suits making profit on the process, so not actually contributing to anything real.

D: Yeah. Well this is it, one of the aspects, like I said, of NESARA was that it was supposed to be all brought back so when you started seeing the market crawling, people like ‘Ok, this is the lead up to it.’ Well they’ve only got this crap that’s going on now where the DOW is so freaking high at the moment and I have to stand back and look at that and go ‘Oh yeah, ‘cause they’ve really equalized and made all those adjustments they were gonna make.’ Hello?!

Chris: D, I just get the idea there’s a room full of financial system nerds at the moment with eyes the size of saucers drinking coffee all night and laughing themselves silly, falling off...’Hey I reckon we can get the DOW up another thousand points.’

Brian: Listen, listen. We all remember what happened with the LIBOR, right? It’s just a bunch of people in a room manipulating, via email back and forth and joking about what they want the market, what they want the LIBOR...that affects every interest rate on every fraudulent loan in existence that runs through major banking. Why would the gold market, the stock market, the futures market be any different?

D: Yeah.

Brian: Why? People look at the market as if it’s this conscious existence, as if it’s like this thing that goes up and down. It’s like its own, like it has a soul. It’s not; it’s all based on...

Lisa: I’m zoning out, I am completely zoning out. This, it’s irrelevant. (Laughter) I’m sorry; I can’t have this conversation anymore. It just feels all so irrelevant.

(Over talking)

Brian: (inaudible) I was talking. (Laughter)

(Over talking)

Bob: This whole thing and the question that I saw, Brian, that you typed onto the chat room: Did not the OPPT confiscate all of the gold at one time? Why would we...

D:   (inaudible)  took all the gold.

Bob: This is what, and I don’t know how else to say this, as soon as you have a representation of value, as soon as you have something external, now you have something that can be hoarded. You have something that can be confiscated. You have something that can be stolen. You have understand? Why would we want to do that? Now the gold has its own value inherent in itself and it owns its own value. It will choose to play with whom it chooses to play with. As we have stated before, the gold has DNA just like you. Now how would you feel, and I ask this question because this is actually what has been done, how would you feel if someone was trading and buying and selling you on the stock market, putting titles of ownership on your head the same way that you’re doing with the gold, which is alive?

Each embodiment has its own inherent value and it is within you, there need be no representation of that value. Your actual BE’ing, the fact that you can BE there and express it, right?, is enough evidence of that value, that you have that consciousness, that conscious energy within you. Now then, when you have that value and there’s no representation, there’s nothing to hoard, there’s nothing that can be stolen, there’s nothing that can be traded, there is nothing that can be absconded, hijacked or anything, because the value is completely within your control and you give it to whom you wish or who you wish not to.   

Chris: Yep. The whole system, this whole, as soon as you introduce the concept Bob’s talking about, you’re in a slavery system. End of story, that’s it. And that, as I said earlier in the show, the biggest difference between all these manipulations that D’s describing and that we’ve been exposed to yet again from the little blog incident yesterday, all of those efforts are simply rearranging the deck chairs inside the system and it’s a slavery system no matter how you cut it, so reduce it to Absolute. Let’s get back to being individuals, deal with each other individually and our value, as Bob just said, can’t be hijacked. There’s no way they can intercede. There’s no cracks for them to get into our brains and actually trick us, ‘cause basically we’ve been tricked a l-o-n-g time ago. I’s been an ongoing joke and it’s on us. Now that we see it, we can just say ‘Ok, joke’s now on you guys. We’re off.’

D: I want to address, Brian just dropped in the chat room again, and the person who asked the original question about gold said ‘This is not about that; this is about the veracity of Heather’s statement’, so this is what I’m gonna say in response to that, in complete literal: I haven’t been involved personally so I cannot say for a one hundred percent fact that the gold has all vanished. But I can look at what’s been going on for the last eight months anyway, but especially the last six months and put two and two together, okay? We have Germany screaming ‘Give us our damned gold back’. There is one of the countries in, I think it may be Argentina, who also asked for their gold back, I can’t remember, somewhere in South America. Several other countries are all demanding the Federal Reserve give them their gold back, demanding it. We have two serious, in the last two weeks, two major European banks could not meet their gold for their clients. They paid them out cash instead of gold because they didn’t have the gold to meet it. A couple of weeks ago, we had a big to-do at Fort Knox. It was all hush hush and covered up and it was all ‘Oh, something else that’s happened’. But I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I betcha’ there’s no gold in Fort Knox.

Chris: Yeah, the process we've been led through is stunning when you look at the amount of information we've received and the incredible concepts and implications of everything that's happened. It is mind boggling; it's amazing. 

Lisa: I just went to send out a reminder to Sovereign Lion. Please do go to the Facebook page and put your story out there of what you did, what you presented, what you did beforehand as preparation, because there are some people who missed that right at the beginning of the show. So for those of you who are listening, just keep an eye on the oppt-in Facebook page for Sovereign Lion's post. He's saying he definitely will do it. Thank you. I think that's a great, great experience to just try and incorporate into your BE'ing.

Bob: Well, this is what I said last week. It's time to start having these conversations. This is my interpretation of acting and DO'ing in complete transparency, is 'Okay, transparent about it, I'm the one giving the value. Let's not hide. Let's not pretend it anymore. I'm not getting anything from you. I'm hear to extend my value towards this project. You are going to be the exchange. You're going to facilitate that exchange. Now, I may choose to ... you may set a fee for that. Okay. I will pay into that fee. But there will be compete transparency. Full disclosure. The value's coming from me and it's going towards wherever I choose.' It's that simple.    

Lisa: Well, I'm looking forward to an update from Sovereign Lion as to what happens next, because he may well be the guide for people to have those conversations.

Brian: Yeah.

Lisa: Yeah?

Chris: Yeah.

Lisa: Okay, we're coming up to the final few minutes. Is there anything that we haven't covered or we need to cover before we sign off?

Brian: Man, we've covered a lot of ground. (giggle) I don't know. Do you have any callers with you or no?

Lisa: Someone's just asked about Deryl. Deryl is fine. Nobody's come after him. The conversation that Chris had with him is available on the website. What else is up there, Chris, in relationship to Deryl? 

Chris: There is also a recording of the actual conversation that he had with the sheriffs on the day. If you ever want to see a guy in absolute truth and in patience and in trying to educate people who are reluctant to even look at the information. Go and listen to it. It's a fantastic example. That and the way that the Flo spoke of of how we deal with people around this is brilliant. So have a listen to that and there's also a transcript of that there as well.  

Lisa: Okay, great. Thank you. A reminder if you want to support Bill Brockbrader, please go to his Facebook page. The Courtesy Notices and cover letters, whatever, all the email addresses. Everything you would need to participate in a flash mob for him for support are all there. Please keep your eyes on the Facebook oppt-in page and potentially the website later on today for Australians who want to participate in flash mobs to their state, at a state level. All the paperwork's been done, it's just about getting them online. What else? That's it; that was all the updates I had.


D: Don't look at me, I (inaudible) myself.

Lisa: Everyone's gone quiet. (laughs) (inaudible for several words)

Brian: Well, there's a bunch of chat going on in our Skype chat room, so I'm (laughs) trying to catch up with it.

Lisa: Well, just wait until after the show.

Brian: Smart. Because I've been kind of spacing out for the last two minutes. I don't even know what you just said.  

(general laughter)

Chris: Yeah, we're having discussions ...

Lisa: (inaudible for several words), Brian, I'm offended.

(general laughter)

D: Oh come on, it's only fair. You spaced out on him a few minutes ago.

Lisa: (laughing) I know, I do it all the time. (laughing) Thank you very much for listening in again this week. Tomorrow's Collective Imagination show is also gonna be quite full and interesting. We've got a few things planned for that. Well, you know what I mean, as much as we can possibly do. What else? We do expect ... oh, the Swissindo information. Someone asked where they can find that. it's on Facebook pages an Brian did put a link to it into the chat room. Maybe you could (inaudible) ... handy Brian.

Chris: You might want to repost that, because the chat room moves so quickly.

Brian: Yeah, I'll put it in again right now. It's just three Facebook pages and there's also their blog that they put it on as well. I'll put it all in the chat room right now. One of these days we'll put it out on the blogs, but we're just a little bit ... we want to make sure that we understand everything that's going on before we really make some big announcement. So right now we'll leave everyone to their own higher discernment.

Chris: Yeah, most certainly we're finding that from a philosophical, spiritual point of view that the Swissindo group that we're contacting, that we're having interchanges with, are very much on the same page, which is really good. There's just more work to do before we resolve how to move forward on that. Look, I'd just like to thank everybody for traveling along on this journey with us for yet another week.

Lisa: Yes, thank you everybody. All right. I'm going to say my goodbyes. See you tomorrow hopefully on the TCI show and talk to you then.

Brian: Cool. Yep. Adios. Bob, another big Happy Birthday to you brother. My birthday is actually on Wednesday. We won't be doing a radio show, so if anyone wants to wish me a birthday on tomorrow's show, I'd be totally okay with that. 

(general laughter)

Bob: It's amazing that everybody was born in April. It's crazy.

D: Aries rule. That's all I have to say.

(general laughter)

Brian: I love you guys. Thank you for everybody for listening. I know as usual that it'll be an exciting show tomorrow, so we'll see you all in 24 hours or so.

Lisa: Okay, we're gonna go out singing Bob Happy Birthday.

D: Awesome!

Brian: Oh please.

Chris: Yeah, great idea.

(general laughter)

(All singing Happy Birthday to Bob. Some in tune, some off-key. Sometimes in unison, though mostly not.)

(general laughter)

Bob: I appreciate it guys. Now I know why you all do "talk" radio.

(general laughter)

Chris: We've also got great faces for radio too.

(general laughter)

Chris: Well some of us do. Some of us actually have quite amazing faces for radio, but the rest of us ...

(general laughter)

Brian: Adios guys, Much love.

Lisa: Thanks guys. See you later.

Chris and Bob: Bye bye.

D: Good night everyone.

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