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Monsanto -Nestle Patent Human Breast Milk

This article is from last year (I remember it well as my head exploded when I read it), but this points to yet further endeavours of corporations like Monsanto to "OWN" humans. This patent is still standing to this day.  WHY?

Monsanto -Nestle Patent Human Breast Milk

May 6, 2012

May 6, 2012/ Jan. 4, 2013
Human breast milk is produced by the human female body which is a source of important nutrition for future generations, or is it? Not any more.

” Hey that’s my moms milk, that’s my milk — not Monsanto’s!! “
Under the US Patent Office, which has granted patents to natural seeds to Monsanto Corporation, now comes a new patent on human breast milk!! Sounds absurd doesn’t it but then again look at the US Patent Office and check their previous wealth of patents granted to Monsanto, Dow, Nestle and other corporations with deep pockets.
Human Breast Milk is Now under a Nestle Monsanto Patent:
Human breast milk is called colostrum, which has the main function of protecting the babies intestines, nourishment and until it’s own immune system can grow and function properly.
Similar to a bird feeding its own youngsters, the parent bird digests the food then offers it to it’s young by it’s own throat. This is a natural feeding process, that does not require any human involvement other than the mother and her baby.
a  milk patent 2013-01-04_1413
A woman produces a host of beneficial ingredients such as proteins and antibodies (immune system protection) that is passed on to the baby. If she chooses the most organic foods then her breast milk will be of higher quality with less chemicals passed on to her child.
Follow the Progress of Un-natural Patents on Nature and Now Humans
If you follow this history of corporations obtaining “patents” on natural seeds that produce organic, natural foods and turning them into corporate owned plants, this is just the beginning of a take over of nature both plants and humans.
This is the beginning of Monsanto’s world domination as: the God of Seeds and Food for mankind which is their goal, total world domination of Food.
The second instance is the FDA’s claim that human stem cells are now classified as “Drugs” under their control. This means the FDA controls what you can and cannot do with your own stem cells and they are illegally doing this to gain control of what you can and cannot do with your own stem cells.
Human breast milk also contains human made:
Fat- human milk fat-( the beneficial kind)
Oleic Acid which forms Hamlet that kills tumor cells
Hamlet is Human Alfa-Lactalbumin made Lethal to Tumor Cells
Vaccenic acid
Conjugated linoleum acid (CLA’s)
Breast feeding babies with oleic acid actually prevents the babies from getting cancer. It is an anti-cancer substance that belongs to the human mother to pass on to her child.  Human Breast Milk actually programs cancer cells to die. The genetic material in human milk cannot be patented for corporate profits no matter what the claims of these companies may be to support their numerous patents.
Currently, there are 2,000 patents on human milk components.
Women own their breasts and they own the milk they produce not the US government. Human beings own their stem cells, the fluids they produce and to grant a corporation any patents that involve human milk is just plain insanity. It would amount to a corporation owning sperm from men.
The fact that these ingredients are made by the human body, for another human body any inference that they can be “owned” is total or in part by a corporate entity is totally outrageous.
This patent would render women in to a form of ownership by a corporation sanctioned by the US government through it’s patent office. Corporations are claiming ownership of human bodies!
! If the public is not aware of what the implications are for our own health, our freedom, our children’s health, future generations and ownership of our own genes they will not stand for it.
To patent a human product into a corporate “owned” patent on that product is ludicrous and should never be granted. Some scientists can’t wait to claim they own soil, air, water and whatever is left, but count human milk as not belonging to human life any longer. it is corporate owned.
Human anti-bodies man or women made will belong to a corporation and your stem cells will belong to the Food and Drug Administration. What is in the future of human breast milk, will they manufacture a breast milk with vaccines and force all mothers to use it, combined with cows bovine milk?
Will governments control all parts of the human body, will we let them is the question as science becomes the fictional creation of artificial life in a bottle. Where will it end, and why isn’t the “cure” of diseases like cancer ever cured.
It appears corporations and science is looking for profitable ventures involving using human DNA to turn a profit any possible way claiming ownership using human life.
The truth of what is happening to our food supply and what we know already, for Nestle to convert one person’s human milk to give to another baby isn’t exactly ethical or safe.
The patent is: Number 8012509
Mother: You are Now Patented.
More information on the Topic
Nestle Loves Breast Milk
U.S. Patent Office
We searched for patent number 8012509 with no results shown.
Patents Found are Called:
Milk Fractions and Milk Preparations for Treating and/or Preventing COX-2 Mediated Diseases
Filed: Sept 13, 2004 issued Date Sept 6, 2011
Patent No: US 8,012,509 B 2
Date of Patent: Sept. 6, 2011
One of the four pages refers to Buffalo milk. Now we know how scientists like to mix animal hormones and produce a drug for human consumption that has had disastrous effects such as the HRT Prempro drugs.(made from horses’ urine). Those drugs used urine from horses to produce a Hormone Replacement Pill for menopausal women. The science was deadly and killed many thousands of women, induced breast cancer and caused heart attacks and blood clots.
Perhaps Monsanto and Nestle will come out with an “Industrial Pink Slime Milk” in the name of helping impoverished countries and snake oil salesman Bill Gates will do the promo con job on the world.

In Figure 1 – The Skim Milk Refers to Human Mothers Milk that has been skimmed.

Figure 2: Buffalo Milk, giving new born babies -Animal milk instead of mothers milk?
Look at the History of Monsanto and Milk

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