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The Collective Imagination April 2 Transcript

The Collective Imagination
Tuesday, April 2, 2013 (USA)
Wednesday, April 3, 2013 (AEST)

Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone, Lisa Harrison here for The Collective Imagination show for this week. Wow! Okay, it's gonna be a big one. (laughs) I just say that and ope that it is actually. So we have Chris in Melbourne with us again as usual.

Chris: Hi everybody. I'm just thumbing through my instruction manual here; that's the one on me.

(general laughter)

Lisa: That'll take you about three seconds, okay.

Chris: (laughs) Thanks LIsa.

(hilarity all around)

Chris: (laughing) Good morning Lisa. How are you?

Lisa: (laughing) Good morning.

Chris: Feisty this morning.

Lisa: (laughing) Am I? Heck yeah. We've also got Bob in Pennsylvania.

Bob: Hello everyone. Hello Lisa, Brian, everybody. Welcome to the show. Glad to be here.

Lisa: Glad to have you, of course, as usual. We've got Brian over in San Diego.

Brian: (giggle) I'm sorry. I can't stop laughing already, so (laughing) it's going to be one of those kind of shows. Hello everyone. Welcome to the show. Good morning, good evening, good afternoon and good night, depending on where you are in the country. Very glad to be here. It's a (inaudible) Lisa, I love you.

Lisa: We love you too. And we've got D.

D: Hello everyone.

Lisa: Up there in cold and snowy Canada. Is it still snowing?

D: Don't Even Go there.

Brian: Hey D, you know it's 75 degrees and sunny in San Diego right now, it's terrible. (laughs)

D: Hey Brian, look down in the chat right now, I have something to tell you.

(general laughter)

Brian: (laughs) Sorry D.

Lisa: We've also got Thomas Hughes joining us today. You there, Thomas?

Thomas: No, I left.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Oh, he left, Well when he gets back, I'm sure he'll be happy to join us.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Glad to have you. Thank you for jumping on at late notice. I appreciate that. I have a very particular reason for asking you to join us today and we will get to that.

Bob: She didn't tell you yet, did she Tommy?

Thomas: She gave me a brief synopsis, so I got my seatbelt on and my crash helmet ready.

(general laughter)

Lisa: One of the things that we wanted to talk about today was with all this talk of Absolute Data, the I* UV Exchange, potentially bypassing technology for manifestation and creation, wanted to have that discussion around what our bodies are. What they truly are, in terms of their own form of technology. This show was started on the premise that our imagination itself is a form of technology and it's a creative, manifesting technology. So that all had to extend to our BE'ing. One of the things that came up in a conversation or an interview that Thomas and I did last year was in his contact with the Sasquatch, he's come to learn that they know and they use their body as a form of technology. So I wanted to sort of delve into that a little bit more. Thomas, have you learned anything from them  in regards to how to use the body as a form of technology beyond what we may have discussed in the interview?

Thomas: Well, there's many things that can be done as far as technology goes, the human technology. I think it's important to point out that even science and medical practitioners, they call the human body a bio-mechanical machine. So for anybody who wants to look that up, just put bio-mechanical machine in the search engine and you'll find descriptions of it. Right there, that tells everyone that even science admits that it's a machine, a type of machine. Obviously not the kind of machine we're used to or anything like that, because we have all these machines around us all the time: computers, cars, you name it.
Yes, going back to my teenage years, I began to learn how to use this. I had some experiences that were rather shocking to me. Shocking in the sense that I had had a lot of adult mis-content heaped on me in the form of those kind of things aren't possible. When I was 16 years old, I read a book that was in the father's library. It was by an American Indian on the northeast coast; I think he was Algonquin or Mohawk. These woodland Indians are not plains Indians. He pointed out that one of the ways they would hunt is they would sit next to a tree and they would continue to think over and over i their head 'I am just this tree. I am nothing more than part of the tree', until their vibration matched that of the tree. So if they remained perfectly still, nothing would see them.
So I tried this. At 16 years old, I sat on a tree and the river bottom on my family's place and I just sat on that tree that had fallen over. I kept thinking 'i'm nothing more than an odd-shaped branch on this part of the tree. I am part of this tree'. It was about 15 minutes later that three white-tail deer walked past me within 20 feet. They never saw me. They never smelled me. They didn't get spooked and run. They just kept right on walking. They never saw me. They never even knew I was there. So I can tell you from experience, it works. Do you literally disappear? No. But I've used that quite a few times in life. Just that one method right there. I've leaned against walls before and continued to think that I'm just part of this wall. People wouldn't see me; nobody would see me. I would even call people on the phone and ask them 'Did you see me as you walked out of the building? No, were you there? Yep, I was right by the exit door. You didn't see me?

Lisa: I've played with things like that too in public spaces. If I've been somewhere and I'm not feeling very sociable or I'm in a hurry perhaps and I don't have time to stop and have chats and I just want to be invisible, I intend that I'm invisible. I swear no one sees me. It's the funniest thing. I've walked right past people who knew me very well. I could be invisible.

Thomas: This is my mantra that I say out loud every morning and this is also the mantra that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs used. It's come from a book that was by a man I forget the name of in the 1800s. I'm gonna put it in Skype chat here and I'd like you to read it out loud Lisa.

Lisa: Okay.

Thomas: There it is right there.

Lisa: I am whole. I am perfect. I am strong. I am powerful. I am loving. I am harmonious. I am happy. That comes from the Master Key, doesn't it?

Thomas: I think it does. I think that's the name of the book.

Lisa: Yep.

Brian: What's its name?

Thomas: So that's the mantra I start off every day with. Of course there's things to steer me of course, so to speak, interacting with other people. But if I stay in my house and my door's locked, then that statement applies all day long. There's nothing to confuse or get in the way of it.

Lisa: So I remember when I was doing...quite a few years now...when I was going back to look at the Sun, when I was sort of investigating Sun gazing and what have you. I was looking at information on Egypt. This may be conflicting, I'm not sure, but the information was showing some areas they seemed to be highly advanced. They had irrigation and things that were there to make life more comfortable. Yet there was no evidence for say the wheel and a form of transport. They seemed to have pathways, but no roads as such. There was this confusion about why a civilization would be so advanced in some areas and not in others.
When I looked at it, to me it looked like the perfect place for a group of individuals who had not lost those abilities, like teleportation for example or telepathy. If there was no need for them, why build them? There's evidence in some of the glyphs of them holding what appears to be torches that are lit from no particular, not a flame torch, but lit almost as if it's drawing on the power of the individual who's holding it. I have heard many, many times that our bodies produce enough power to power an entire city or even an entire country for a time. I know there's photographs and descriptions of Tesla holding his globes and just lighting them up with the energy of his body. So if they had all of that, who knows if they did, I don't know.

That's where my mind went when I saw all of this information and apparently confusing and contrary information about some of these Egyptian societies. Why have we lost it? How do we remember it? That's kind of the conversation I wanted to have today is for people in the chat room or who are ringing in, have you remembered? We do seem to be in a period of receiving Absolute Data right now. I'm wondering whether everybody else can relate to this. In the past, whenever I've had a question, I've put it out there to the universe so to speak and the answer would come externally in the form of someone sending me an email perhaps and just mentioning something in passing or suggesting I look at a video or suggesting a book or a song would come on the radio. There'd be these little pieces of the answer, until I really felt that I'd finally put the full answer together. What seems to be happening over the last three or four months is I have a question. I put it out there. In some cases, within minutes, I just know the answer. When I say I know it, it's an answer that feels completely true, completely on the money for me.
I just wanted to know if everybody else is having those experiences as well. But I haven't asked that particular question yet of how do I remember how to use my body as a form of technology? How to use it? Someone in the chat room is saying 'Yes'. A couple are, in fact; that's great. Anybody on the panel? You noticing these kind of changes?

Bob: I have. I've noticed that for a while now. At times, somebody will ask me a question and I'll start to speak and it just goes. I don't know where it comes from. Afterwards, I go 'God, I wish somebody had recorded that', because it just comes out and I know it's the right answer. People would say that you were channeling, but I know it's coming from me. I know the answer is coming from within me. It comes from a space where you're not thinking; it's just coming out. I don't know how else to explain it.

Lisa: (laughing) Yeah, that does explain it. It does. I can relate to how that feels. What about you Brian?

Brian: Yeah, it's kind of hard to put to words. Really for me it's more consciously recognizing synchronicities a lot more in my life. Everybody has this story; it's like somebody will mention something to you. It'll be like a song or a book or something that you've had no experience with before. All of a sudden, you just start seeing it everywhere, like once you learn about it at this time. What's happening to me a lot lately is I'll start to think about somebody that I need to call and this happened like (inaudible) a day, I'm like 'Oh, I need to give Lisa a call. I need to give Bob a call.' Then within a minute, my phone will ring and it'll be them calling me.

Lisa: Bob and I do that a lot. (laughs)

Brian: I'm getting that so much now. As far as answers, having questions and answers, a lot of the time it's just something that's so beyond words. It's a hard thing to describe in language. It's synchronicity tenfold it seems like in the last six months.

Bob: You know what else I also noticed in conjunction with what Brian says? A lot of the times the stuff that comes out, a couple days later, I 'll get confirmation of it from someone else, who said nearly the same thing.

Lisa: Yep.

D: Yeah.

Lisa: How about you D? What's going on with you?

D: The same things. Bob and Brian took my answers.

(general laughter)

D: But yeah, it's so funny. I turned the other day and a friend called me on Skype. As I picked up the Skype, I hear it ring and I click Answer before I even really registered who it was, it was like 'Would you stop thinking about me so loudly?' Because I knew, I just knew, this person was going to call me. I was having one of those hectic mornings where I couldn't kind of jump in and call them and then the Skype rang. But yeah, all the time. ALL the time now. You think of things and all of a sudden, a song comes on the radio and you hear one line out of the song that jumps out of the speakers at you. It's like 'Oh my god, did somebody just say that?', because it's the answer to whatever it is you just asked yourself 35 seconds before that.

Lisa: I shared this with Heather too. When we all first started talking about Absolute Data and all of us getting our memories back essentially, my five-year-old was constantly singing  the song out of the Anastasia film. I don't know how old this film is, 10 or 15 years old; the cartoon Anastasia. In the lyrics, it says "far away, long ago, dreams I almost remember". It's this the film, it's this scene where young Anastasia, who's about 15 or 16, goes back to the palace that she grew up in and had completely forgotten about, as she's looking around and seeing the objects in the room, it's just starting to bring back memories, but she can't quite grab them. It was exactly how I've been feeling. I think I've mentioned it on the show a couple of times. The sensation of feeling like you're listening to a conversation through a wall and you just can't quite make out what everyone is saying; that feeling. As soon as I, she's done this for days. She's done this for four or five days. As soon as I really took notice and got what she was saying to me, she stopped singing it. Whereas she couldn't stop singing it before. So yes, the hints are everywhere.

D: Don't (inaudible) the Disney movies?

Lisa: Sorry?

D: Don't you love when the answers come through songs from Disney movies?

(Lisa laughing)

D: I swear last week and the week before that, almost every other day, there'd be a kid song from like a Disney movie or something along those lines, going through my head. The same thing, you'd isolate one little sentence of that song and go 'Oh, I can't believe that. That is just too freakin' funny.' Now I know why that song's been growing through my head all day.

Brian: I don't even want to say what type of movies I get my answers from. I'm just kiddin'. (laughs)

Lisa: Are they Swedish? With subtitles?


Lisa: I'm going to bring in some callers and see if we can't hear from other people on what's going on for them right now. Area code 347.

Caller: Well hello everyone.

Lisa: Hello.

Brian: Prince?

Prince (caller): Yes it is; it's me. How's everyone tonight?

Lisa: Hey Prince. Good, thanks man. How are you?

Prince (caller): Well man, you know I just am doing so fabulous right now. I just want to say man I've gotta a lot of wonderful things happening around me. I think the Courtesy Notices are kind of actually energetically formulating (breaking up) that's manifesting kind of like right around me and right in front of me.  So I'm not sure; I don't have all the answers right now, because I think it's working. That's all I want to say. I just (breaking up) appreciate you (inaudible). Man, I'm like, you know, as far as the moving forward plan, there's a lot of people in my building who need help. Like nurses or people who'd like to get involved with types of people who have physical and mental problems. I just want to try and change the way we look at wellness and wholeness; health and things like that. Just like a health center or like a rehabilitation (breaking up), even if somebody needs just some place to stay and they just have some problems in their own life, then we can help them with that too. It's like the CVAC kind of center. Just help people get themselves back to wholeness, so that they can go forward. You know what I'm saying? Like re-educate people and things like that. That's all (talked over) in my point of view.

Lisa: Prince, have you ever heard of a thing called Quantum Touch?

Prince (caller): Quantum Touch?

Lisa: Quantum Touch. It's just a healing technique. What's beautiful about it is it doesn't require any tools. It's just you learning how to use your own energy. It's not like Reiki either. And it's so simple. I can actually see you in that building of yours playing with all the other people in there; everyone doing a bit of quantum touch with each other and on themselves. It's pretty amazing. I think if you went to the library, you'd probably find the Quantum Touch book. You might even be able to find it online as a pdf for free. Because there's no cost attached and because you don;' have to buy any equipment or anything like that...

Prince (caller): Let me write this down.
Brian: Along the same lines, that everybody has the power of healing in their hands if they just recognize it, as opposed to Reiki that's an energy that you're attuned to. Quantum Touch being that everybody has healing, the ability to kind of bring life force energy in and share it through their palm chakras?

Lisa: Absolutely. It's the easiest technique I've ever seen or ever used. I've done things, like realign hips with that and I can move bones. It's amazing and it's really easy. It's just called Quantum Touch.

D: Well I'm gonna check it out. I've got a free download (inaudible). I will drop it into our chat room and then Lisa if you can put it into the big chat room. I believe that that is the link to the free book. I'll just go back and double-check it right now.

Brian: Cool.

Lisa: There you go, I've just put it in the chat room.

Prince (caller): Wow. I'm actually not in the chat room. I'm just listening in on my phone and whatnot, but I appreciate that. I'm going to look for Quantum Touch. I think I actually had an experience with that (breaking up), I'm not going to get into that right now. I think I actually did that at one point in time; not fully and wholly, but I was like (breaking up) or something. But I didn't know what I was doing, then I couldn't do it really or something. I don't know. I may have done it. I don't know. It's weird, 'cuz I don't know. I'm just learning. (laughs)

Lisa: Someone's actually, Aaron (or Erin), thank you so much, I've put that link in the chat room to a dropbox that's got...

D: Excellent. I was just going to say that the one I just posted is no good. Never mind. It's one of those stupid downloads.

Lisa: Okay, if you're in the chat room, there's a link to a dropbox. Thank you, thank you, thank you Aaron (or Erin). Awesome. it is. It's really simple to learn. We all have this energy within us. It's just a matter of a couple of simple breathing techniques to learn how to harness it, really.

Prince (caller): Oh yeah, that's exactly what it was. Breathing. That's all. Yep, oh my goodness, you're absolutely right. (breaking up)

Lisa: Well, thanks for calling in Prince once again.

Brian: Yeah, thanks Prince.

Prince (caller): Thank you guys. I appreciate it.

Brian: Keep rockin' it brother.                          

Prince (caller): My pleasure. Love, light.

Brian: You too man.

Lisa: Okay, area code 714.

Brian: Orange County, that must be Ka...

Caller: Hello, it's Katrina from California.

Brian: Ah, I knew from the area code.  (laughs)

Lisa: Hi Katrina.

Katrina (caller): Hi Lisa. How are you? Hi everybody; everybody that is seen and unseen and not actually physically on the call. In response to your question Lisa, you know how do we remember? That's part of what I talked about last week when I called in and talked about 'you are the gold'.

Lisa: (affirmative response)

Katrina (caller): That's part of what...and I wrote about it on my blog...that various things come together. When Heather spoke about 'you are the gold' initially and that's what got me to look into the OPPT. When she was talking about freeing the gold, that's what told me there was some kind of truth energetically about this. Then when I was going to the Grandmothers Speaks gathering, which I'd (inaudible) two years ago, these are etheric beings, I asked them two years ago to guide me as to how we can live directly within the in and out breath of Source. Then they wrote about 'you were the gold', so here I'm hearing the same...and actually when I read their words 'you are the gold', I heard Heather's voice.
So following this, I have spent the last seven days since I spoke to you guys last, day and night, working on a production which I've now loaded on YouTube today. It's called "You are the gold" and it's dedicated to Heather. I just know, just like you were talking about when you hear certain sounds, the whole time I was working on this hearing their words going over and over in my head as I edited it a billion times (laughs) is that this is one of many, because there's many ways to look at the same thing. The net of light is the web that weaves our golden hearts together. So our golden hearts are the points and then the web is the weaving that weaves us together and that is a potential hardware/software nexus point for downloading the wave upgrade that's coming in and for also accessing the gold.

Lisa: I think I've found it on YouTube, "You are the gold. The Grandmothers speak"?

Katrina (caller): That's it.

Brian: Yeah, I just shared it in the chat room right now. I haven't watched it yet Katrina, but I just shared it.

Katrina (caller): Thank you. And on my blog that is at, I put that on the chat earlier. Then I talk a little bit about that, about the inspiration was there and how this speaks to the OPPT. There's two things that are coming through that I'm getting very clearly, talk about downloads, because like I said I have been living this and the etheric beings, there's 12 etheric beings that call themselves The Grandmothers, I've been working with them for years. But a woman named Sharon McGurlane is actually the one who initially anchored them and we have beacons out in the world that have groups and work with this net of light on behalf of everybody. But what I'm so getting is that this net can be utilized just by listening to it.
My invitation is if everybody would read the words of The Grandmothers if it speaks to you and listen to this nine-minute video once a day for the next month, we would so amplify this net that is weaving our golden hearts together. That amplification goes twofold. Like I said, it upgrades our hardware of our hearts and the software and it prepares us for the wave download event that's coming. This is just what I'm getting. See if it feels right to you.
The other part of it that I'm getting a download is exponentially powerful. Then the other part of it, my mental brain says if we added to that, an actual event and actual activity where we demonstrated to this world and to the Prime Creator that we're awake and we're ready. That we're stepping into being free and we are ready for the download. But the thing that's coming to me is that we have an event horizon and there are many headed towards this in the timelines, but one we're in right now is this thing that's going viral with Monsanto and Obama. It's awakening points for people to recognize that it is not outside of you. These beings are not going to do it for you. You have to step up and take control of your world yourself. Almost every web (inaudible) is talking about this. It's a prime opportunity to bring out a very succinct and coordinated effort or invitation for people to join us in a Courtesy Notice flash mob to Monsanto and their executives and Obama, saying just what our Courtesy Notices say. You're at fault. You are personally responsible. Stand down.
Brian: I'll try to organize that on American Kabuki, Katrina, so we can talk about that.

Katrina (caller): One of the things that was coming to me is the guys in Australia were so good with the Courtesy Notices. We can have an easy download, where people can just click and here's the Courtesy Notice. Send it off.

Brian: Yep.

Lisa: Well, Brian, can we get that organized, so we can launch it on the next OPPT-In show?

Brian: Yep, I'll work on it. We'll get it done.

Lisa: Fabulous.

Katrina (caller): The next thing I'm working on, as soon as I refresh myself because I feel like I haven't seen sunshine for years, is I can feel it coming on, it's how to access the gold through the net. I know we can access, because I have been living on it in various ways for many, many years. But the next level, like all you guys have been talking about, is that if we can click it into this net and have inner idea of reflex of going into it when the download comes that's when the upgrade to software/hardware and now that is full tilt boogie.

Lisa: The fill tilt boogie did you say?

(general laughter)

Katrina (caller): I'm ready. I love you guys. Thank you so much for all that you're doing. Thank you for allowing me to share whatever's coming through me. I love everybody's pieces. All of your pieces are so important. This is not going to be something where one person does it. We're meant to do it together.

Lisa: Together.

Katrina (caller): Oh, I love you.

(general laughter)

Lisa: We love you too Katrina. Thanks for calling in.

Katrina (caller): Bye.

Brian: Bye.

Lisa: Okay, D has put a link up to that Quantum Touch as well on Removing the Shackles, if you missed it in the chat room or if you're not on the chat room right now. Also peoplestrustaustralia.blogspot has put up a link to "You are the gold. Grandmothers speak". You can also find it on YouTube. So that was great. Thank you Katrina.

Brian: We got an awesome chat room today by the way. (giggles) 

Lisa: We do.

Brian: Amazing energy going through there. Thanks chat room. Love you guys.

Lisa: Area code 773.

Caller: I pass for right now. Thank you.

Lisa: Oh! Thank you. Thanks for listening.

Brian: Oh, thanks man. (giggles) That was easy.

Lisa: Area code 905.

Caller: Yes, hello.

Lisa: Yes, hello.

Caller: Hello, this is Debra.

Lisa: Hi Debra.

Debra (caller): Sorry, let me just get readjusted here. My question is more about how this information is arrived at by many people that are talking about this Event that is supposedly happening. I keep hearing reference to the Event. I somewhat believe that it is a wave that is coming to upgrade us as Deva just spoke about, but I'm wondering where everybody is getting this information from. Where are they getting their confirmation from?

Lisa: To me, it's internal.

Debra (caller): Oh, okay.

Lisa: I felt last October that something shifted. At the time, I gave credence to Carl Calleman's 28th of October end date for the Mayan calendar. In hindsight, I looked at it and went 'Wow, maybe he was right'. Then as of about two or three weeks ago, I felt like whatever this Event is, is already happened energetically, possibly back in October. That I've felt like I was in front of the wave, so to speak, like surfing the wave in and that it was about to hit shore. That was the vision, the imagery, I got. Now, when exactly it's going to connect with the shoreline, it feels imminent and I have absolutely no idea what it's going to look like.

Debra (caller): Okay, the reason I'm asking is because of the book that Viola Pettit Neal wrote, "Through the Curtain", that obviously is very difficult to get ahold of. Susan Joy Rennison has put up an excerpt on her blog about it and it's absolutely fascinating about this wave. The reason I'm so interested is because you're talking about things happening and I don't want to go into a whole bunch of things or specific things that have been happening, but that's what has been happening to me is that things that have never happened before. Like visions; I've never had visions before. I've had two very distinct ones. It has left me shaken, so much of what's already transpiring, because I've had this vision about a year ago. I'm afraid to talk to people about it, because it's spooking me out. (laughs)

Lisa: Can you share it with us now though?  (laughs)

Brian: Yeah, you got to now.

Lisa: (laughing) Yeah, we want to hear.

Chris: You told us, lead us to it.

Debra (caller): Just the latest one I guess. It's really weird, because this is how I know the difference between whether it's my imagination, that I'm creating it. If I'm creating it, then I'm creating it as I go along. But when a vision happened to me, the two that did happen to me, it was like I was overtaken with seeing something. As I was seeing it, I was emotionally involved. You're going to know exactly what sealed it for me when I explain it, that I was brought to seeing the Earth as if I was kind of out in space, like you would see in science class. I was looking at it and it kind of ... now please don't freak out when I say this, because it's not bad, okay? ... but it kind of crinkled, almost like if you'd had a crinkled ball. So I was like thinking of mountains and valleys and whatnot. But when it did that, it caught my breath, I went 'oh' in my vision. There was some kind of sensation that said, 'Don't worry, we would never use the real Earth.' I thought, 'Oh".

Then there was a split screen on my vision. It went from the right to a split screen to the left side of my vision and I saw almost an empty theater. There was a young fellow who is about 23-27 and he was in the dark part of the audience. He was kind of like having a temper tantrum. There were four other people that had been in this play and the play was over. They were getting ready to leave. It had been a long engagement. This young fellow was having a hissy fit, because he didn't want the play to end. This is going to sound cliche, but I'm standing here with integrity and transparency, he said he didn't want to stop playing the bad guy because he was enjoying all of the benefits and all of the fun. It was like he was the latest newest actor and the other four actors seemingly were more mature. They kind of just smiled inside and they knew that this fellow was going to be going through some kind of, I don't know, metamorphosis change. So he was basically having a hissy fit that it was over. The other four actors went home essentially and they were going to get back to their home life and just kind of settle down.

This young fellow was, I saw him in like a skyscraper with two sides all glassed floor and ceiling. There was a chair in the middle of the room. At the back of the chair was like a dividing wall, so if you were to look to the right, it could've been a kitchen, I don't know, it was a room. If you looked to the left, it was another room. He sat in that chair and I just felt all his emotions that he was going through of being upset that the play was over. He didn't get to have all the privileges anymore. I saw that the people, the four corners of him spiritually, their emotions; they were thinking about him and caring about him as they went along with their business. He got to a point where he said, 'Oh my gosh, I would have been in a perpetual state of wanting more. It didn't matter what I achieved, I would've wanted more and I would've wanted more. I would've been in a perpetual state of want and need and desire. I would've never been satisfied.' When he actually pulled himself away from that and saw what else was available in life, it was kind if like the five of them came together and he realized the path that he was on was absolutely destructive. The other four were just kind of there watching, as if you were a parent watching your child go through the struggles of something that they were first learning. That was pretty much the end of it.

Brian: Wow!

Lisa: Yeah, wow.

Debra (caller): There was so much more detail.

Chris: Wow. You have no idea how apropos that is.

Debra (caller): Pardon me?

Chris: You have no idea how apropos that scenario is.

Lisa: I think she does. (laughs)

Brian: She might.

Debra (caller): I've never told anybody other than one other person and of course, when I decide to I just do it on public radio. (laughs)

(general laughter)

Thomas: Can I ask, ma’am, what your name is? I'm sorry, I forgot your name.

Debra (caller): Debra. My name is Debra Lee actually, yes. My handle, whatever, my avatar name is beingdebralee, like on YouTube and stuff like that. Please don't advertise that. I'm just being myself. I'm just Debra Lee.

Thomas: Okay.  (talk over)

Lisa: Now you said this is only the second vision you've ever had.

Thomas: Let me ... (talk over)

Debra (caller): I had two visions.

Thomas: Let me say this... (talk over)

Debra (caller): Just two visions. I'm sorry, I'm not near the host line, so I'm trying to keep your line clear. Could you please repeat what you said?

Thomas: I was just wanting to say to you...

Debra (caller): Oh, thank you Bob, yes.

Thomas: I just wanted to say thank you. This is Thomas.

Debra (caller): Oh, you're welcome.

Chris: Lisa, do you want to describe to Debra how incredibly accurate her vision is? Or at least as it appears to us?

Lisa: Oh, you can go for it.

Chris: Okay. Well, if you've been following along with conversations that we've had with Heather and conversations we've had with D, and Heather is the source of most of this information, what she's describing to us that behind the scenes at the very top of the people who've been running this planet, there's a group which she calls the "Divines". These were essentially immortal beings acting out the role of the bad guys at the top of what we call the cabal. That the play that they've been enacting, through contracts and all of us have had contracts for it, was actually announced as over on December 10 last year. That was brought to our attention publicly I think in February, but the powers-that-were were notified on the day that the UCC filing was actually made.
What's going on at the moment is that hissy fit you're talking about. (laughs) Some of these people won't let go. They won't acknowledge that it's over. The play is done. They've got to go home. Some have and some haven't apparently. There's still a couple left who are just hanging in there and just don't want to let go. They're almost at the point of letting go, because they've really got nowhere to go now. Their incredible ponzi scheme in the financial system is about to blow up in their faces. They know that too many people know about them and they can't do anything aggressive or they'll just get dumped out in the main. They'll get out into the mainstream media.

Brian: And Chris, you gotta say that that all stems from them being put on the hierarchy.

Chris: Yeah. They're actually hooked on being top of the heap and all of those privileges that they've had. All of those energy (inaudible) they've been harvesting for so long.

Debra (caller): Not with power.

Chris: And with power.

Debra (caller): Yes, with power.

Chris: With absolute, with more or less absolute power for all practical purposes. At times, it's been absolute power. So, if you were looking for any sort of hook to confirm that your vision is real, that's it. That's absolutely it for me.

Lisa: The other aspect of this that's coming to light is we think of us here on this little 3D planet as being the only ones who have been played and the only ones who have been manipulated and lied to about who we are and what we can do. Apparently, that's not the case. Right throughout creation and throughout this hierarchy structure, they've all been lied to. Heather actually made the comment to me yesterday that our alternative media is also their alternative media. (laughs) By tuning into us and tuning into the alternative media scenes, they are learning a lot about their structure and how it's really been played and how they've been lied to. (laughs)
It's kind of fascinating and this for me on a personal level, it ties back into that "beast vision" I had a few months back. How I saw that the freeing of all of creation was happening here and it was reverberating right back to Source. That felt so true to me and why we've had so much attention from ETs and EDs, is because it had to happen here. This is the only place it could; the trigger had to happen here. So I completely relate to everything you just said.

Brian: Yeah. Also Lisa, the one thing to add to that, one element of the Event as I understand it is everybody understands...I can't say that everybody understands...but there is a perception that this multidimensional universe, that the dimensions have been set up on a system of hierarchy, where you go 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, however many D it goes up to. Those that are up in the higher dimensions we call them the wizards behind the curtain or the divines. The reason why the entire universe is watching in on the Earth, the galactics included, as this whole thing unfolds is because this is an Event, a multidimensional Event. It encompasses all dimensions and all dimensions are being what is referred to as being reconciled. That doesn't mean that all the dimensions are going to go away and it's only going to become one, but we as conscious beings in the 3rd dimension will have conscious access of all of our Higher Selves and all these other dimensions. So there will be no hierarchical system with anybody being above or below anybody at that point. It'll all be brought back to the Absolute, which is all as eternal essence.

Chris: Yeah, the other aspect...

(talk over)

D: Can I say something?

Chris: We all jumped in there.

Bob: Yeah, we all did.

(general laughter)

D: Everybody jumped. I just wanted to add something that Heather was talking to me and AK about earlier this week. Oh, this week, it's only Tuesday. (laughs) Some point in the last couple of days. She was talking about one of the big startling revelations for the galactics, is the fat that they have been indoctrinated with this belief that only we on this planet have the ability to manifest, to create.

(Thomas laughing)

D: That's a whole pile of crap, right? We are all in Source's universe. Every being in Source's universe has this ability. They have been told and convinced and like I said indoctrinated to believe that they don't have this ability. So I think maybe some of the other reason of them hanging around is they're waiting for us to all wake up to make this all happen. Now all of a sudden, they're kind of saying, 'Wait a second, we can do this too? Whoa. How was this lost in the translation?' 

(talk over)

Bob: Oh, you go ahead Chris.

Chris: I was just going to say it all relates to the hierarchical structure, because if everyone's equally a creator being, you can't have hierarchy.

D: Exactly.

Chris: Okay, so what's been going on is that even out there amongst the galactics they operate on hierarchy, not a kind of negative energy harvesting hierarchy necessarily, although I believe some are, but hierarchy nonetheless. The Event that's coming of Absolute Data, is Absolute Data for them as well as us. Okay, this Event affects everybody equally, but it's triggered here. When I say everybody, i mean all races, all places everywhere in the Universe, triggered from here. The wave that Debra saw in her vision, I absolutely concur with Lisa, it really started in late October and we've just been swelling up. If you've ever done any surfing, you'll know what I mean. There's a long uprise as the wave starts to come in, then it really forms and then it breaks. I think we're at the spot where it's just swelling up to break. Everybody can feel it. Everybody is focused on us especially.

Bob: Yeah, that feeling. It's always been like this anticipation. No matter what happened in the world, I've always had this anticipation that I was expecting something. Like you're sitting in your living room and you know a package is coming, you just don't know when. It's something that you bought and you're looking forward to, that's the kind of sense I've always had going on in the background of my mind. As we started to discover different things and all these things became available, the OPPT made their announcement, it started to pull that feeling forward, if you know what I mean. This is like Katrina asked, 'where do we get this information?', it's a knowing. We all know it. We all know it. Yesterday I was sitting and talking with one of my friends and we were talking about this. 'Something's going on. something's happening', because even the people who, in my life at least, in my circle, who I thought were never gonna wake up, ever, are feeling it. Something's going on. I got the sense, because I said there's lot of changes happening, but I got the sense that we've been practicing this technology in our dreams. I got a very, very strong sense that we've all been practicing in our dreams on how to manifest. We've been doing it and actually playing with each other in our dreams. Does that sound right to you? Or does that resonate as true with anyone else?

Lisa: Man, I'm on double shift when I'm asleep, at the moment.

(general laughter)

Lisa: I'm doing some serious work.

Brian: Me too. That's actually what has really confirmed for me personally that this is coming. I call them ascension dreams. I try not to use the word ascension too much anymore, because I look at it in a different way. It's a word that people seem to understand. I've had a handful of the most powerful ascension dreams, where I'm just going through this total...I shake when I tell this story because it's like my whole body is being charged with this upgrade. This is before I even knew what was going on or had even read or started exploring. It's only intensified since then. Each one of these dreams is unique in its own way, but the feeling...I had a dream...I've told everybody on this call, but I'll share it on the radio.
I had a dream where the galactics came to me. It's a really long dream, but I'll just cut to the chase. It was very vivid. I remember it like I remember a story that happened to me yesterday. That's like when I woke up from this dream it was like an actual experience as opposed to only remembering little details about the dream. It was like an actual scene that I experienced in reality. These galactics they came to me and they told me that they came here for me. They touched me, skin to skin, and it charged my entire body. My whole body was just shaking with this feeling of just being, I don;t know if it was a DNA upgrade or what it was, but it was like an electrical charge. I woke up from this dream feeling the reverberations of this energy pulsing through my every pore of my body, so much so that it took about a minute for it to subside, even after I was already awake. I wrote enough about it in my IPhone notes. I looked back and I reread the note later on. I wrote the note at 4:46, meaning I woke up from the dream at exactly 4:44 in the morning. So, something's going on there. (laughs)

Lisa: (laughing) Something's definitely going on there.

Brian: Something's going on there.

Lisa: Well, Debra, I wanted to ask you, you mentioned something that was on Susan Joy Rennison's website. What was that?

Debra (caller): Yes, it is an excerpt from the omitted chapter in Viola Pettit Neal's book "Through the Curtain". She left it with her partner that it was not to be published until after her death. I believe that it was 1983 that it was published. Susan Joy Rennison has a, it's called the "$1000 book celebration", when she talked about this book, the $20 book went up to $1000. Because it talks about this woman who had journeys when she went to sleep. (laughs) You're talking about dreams, but she was actually awake. Her partner is Charissa, I apologize, I don't remember her full name. Apparently this woman helped record it and she would be able to report on what she was seeing and then go through this curtain and watch and listen to what was happening and then come back and tell this lady. She was apparently a doctor, a physician, a female physician ... definitely in that time did not want to ruin her reputation. This is the excerpt that was omitted.
I have still not read the book, I would like to, but it's still like $400. That's the one that talks about the evolution of the human race is not evolving as quickly as it should or there's been some delays. So they are going to...they meaning I think it's ascended masters or something ... that they are going to acquire a cloud and it will raise consciousness in all living things, plants, everything. She's coinciding it with NASA's report of this one million, ten million mile wide cloud that is bumping up against our heliosphere right now and she's been reporting it.

Lisa: I do like Susan's work. I think I did read that excerpt some time ago. If I can get hold of that book, I will make it available, because $400 is ridiculous, I'm sorry.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Well, that's just outrageous. So if anybody has a copy of it or knows where there's a pdf of this to download, then please let us know.

Debra (caller): The original printing of the book I believe was 1963, so this is not something that is even picked up on anything that is on the Net today or anything after 1963. She didn't have that influence is what I'm trying to say, so that's I put some credence to this woman's work, is because of her position of being a physician and working with another woman who was also a physician and not wanting that particular chapter published until after she transitioned.

Lisa: So it was only that chapter, not the book itself?

Debra (caller): Just the one chapter, from my understanding anyway, yes. But it says a lot. The sections that were omitted says a lot. On Susan's site, I think there are two or three sections pulled out of the book for you to read and it's absolutely fascinating. Because what she said then is what NASA and many other people actually are talking about it and have noted that our heliosphere is being bumped up against this cloud. They don't know what it is, but it's excited with protons; I think protons or plasma or something. It's pressing up against us now apparently. That can be checked out on NASA.

Lisa: Wow! Well, thank you so much Debra. I really want to thank you for sharing your vision, because it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Brian: Yeah. Awesome. Thank you.

Debra (caller): I absolutely believe in synchronicity and I thank you for your time and for everything, all the time that everybody puts out and all the effort is most appreciated by all the listeners I'm sure, so I'm speaking on behalf of everybody. We obviously appreciate it because we listen to you every Monday and Tuesday. (laughs)   

(general laughter)

Thomas: Caller, I'd like to give you a new word to consider. Instead of synchronicity, synchrondipity, which is synchronicity and serendipity together at the same time.

Debra (caller): It's like you knew I love that word serendipity. (laughs)

Thomas: Yes, synchrondipity.

Debra (caller): And I so believe in synchronicity. So say that one more time, it's called synchron...

Thomas and Debra (caller): Synchrondipity.

Thomas: Yep.

Debra (caller): (laughing) I love it. Have a wonderful evening everyone. Take care.   

Brian: You too. Thanks so much.

Debra (caller): Thank you.

Lisa: Thank you Debra.

Chris: Thanks Debra.

Debra (caller): Bye.

Lisa: Guys, we will take a few more calls, but in the second hour we are planning on doing a meditation to really...we did it very briefly for like 30 seconds last week on grounding this Absolute Data. So many of you wanted more, so we are going to do it. We'll take a few more calls first though. Area code 303. Yes Thomas? 

Thomas:  I was gonna see if I could relate my recent experiences.

Lisa:  Absolutely, go for it.

Thomas:  Well, there’s a woman I’ve been working with in Mississippi. Last night we had another experience with the Sasquatch people.  Cos she’s seen them in person; they come around her house.   We were talking on the phone late at night and they said something to me and I verbally said it out loud.  I said “I’m not gonna tell her that.  I’m not gonna tell her that until you say something that corresponds to what you’re asking me to tell her”.  And she’s wanting to know and I said “Just listen to them for a moment and see what you’re getting from them”.  So she listened and she said, “What the female’s telling me is that she would like to compare notes with me and teach me what she knows about herbs and how to use them.”  I said “Okay, now I can tell you what they asked me to tell you, because that lines up directly with what they asked me to tell you.”  And what they had asked me to tell her was that she began to spend 30 to 45 minutes by herself out in the woods every day. Then she said, “Why? What’s going on with that?”  And I said, “This gives you a chance to acclimate to them and them to acclimate to you, so that she can do just what she said she’d like to do.  She wants to teach you what she knows about herbs and your dream will finally come true.  You’ll be able to sit down and talk with one.” So that’s what went on last night; that’s just one of my experiences that’s going on with the Sasquatch people.

Lisa:  So they’re really coming out of their seclusion.

Thomas:  Yes.

Lisa:  Somebody in the chat room just asked for clarification of what Sasquatch is.
Thomas:  Oh well, they’re known by different names: Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Yeti, Skunk Ape. How many different names are there?  But, they’re a type of people.

Chris:  We have a name in Australia, which is Yowies; they’re called the Yowie.

Thomas:  Among other names like Ponkalonka and other different names that the Aborigines call them.

Chris: Hmmm.

Lisa:  And they go from what?  Two feet tall to ten feet tall?

Thomas:  Oh, there’s some that go between fifteen and eighteen feet tall no problem. 

Lisa:  Okay.

Chris:  And are they telling you much at the moment about what’s coming Thomas?

Thomas:  Uh.

Chris:  They’ve spoken to you about it before, I know, but anything recent?

Thomas:  No, but it’s getting ready to transpire.  I was in on a briefing, I’ll call it a briefing. It wasn’t a meeting. It was a briefing to inform us. There was probably about two hundred souls there.  While our bodies were sleeping, we were there.  I don’t consciously remember it in the body, but I can access it.  What I remember was being briefed by an elder down in South America of things that are about to transpire on this planet.  Many events are about to transpire.  And then the woman in Mississippi called me the next day and she remembers her dream.  She remembers it consciously as a dream and the body.  She remembers very much the same thing.  So again our information correlates. I had to sit here with morning coffee and ‘shift gears in my head’ is what I call it or go into an ‘altered state’ and then allow the information to start coming through and there was a lot of people there at that briefing.
Chris:  Can you reveal any of the content of the briefing Thomas, or is that not information you’ve got at this point?

Thomas:  Oh no, the events that are going to transpire is kind of what I talked about in my interview with Lisa last year.  If you’ve ever seen a dying animal, a dying animal is desperate to stay alive and it will do all sorts of crazy stuff.  So essentially what we’re seeing, some of the events that are going to transmute, some of them, not all of them, but some of them have to do with the powers-that-were surrounding that, because their paradigm, just like that caller that called in previously, their paradigm is a dying animal.  So they’re doing anything and everything to hold onto it, so there maybe a few events that transpire based on that.

Lisa:  You know, Thomas, I think that we’ve posed this question several times on the show about how to deal with and feel about the powers-that-were.  And overwhelmingly, at least the people who are participating in this show, are more than happy to accept the role that these individuals have played, love them and forgive them, if forgiveness is necessary.  Perhaps in the meditation we could even include an embracing of all of these people and individuals and gratitude for the roles that they have played.  I mean, there are no, I do not believe that there are any victims here; that we’ve all chosen this, our participation in this game, knowing full well what we were signing ourselves up for.

Thomas:  May I speak honestly on this?

Lisa:  Yep.

Thomas:  Okay…

Brian:  No, blow smoke up our butts please Thomas.

Lisa:  (Laughing)  Yep.

Thomas:  I’m gonna speak honestly and from the bottom of my heart.  I want to thank all of them, I really do.  The reason I want to thank them is because I would never have the ability to define with absolute definition, complete total definition, of just exactly what an absolute asshole is.  So I’m thanking them.  I’m thanking them from the bottom of my heart, because I wouldn’t be able to define that if they hadn’t played the role that they played.
Brian (Laughing)  I actually am copying and pasting an article that Jenna wrote from one of the Skype rooms from American Kabuki.  It’s “Calling all eternal hearts”.  There’s actually an exercise in there where we talk about this.  She sent this to me today. It’s a really beautiful article and I couldn’t agree more.  You know I couldn’t agree more with the content.  I mean you can’t fight back, you can’t charge a situation with anger or fear or resentment or hate or war or fighting or any combination thereof and expect to be able to move on to a better way and a new paradigm.  You have to be able to forgive and it’s all about recognizing the eternal essence in each other. The way that we’ve kind of chalked this up on another one of the shows that we did is that some of these so called ‘powers-that-were’ they had some of the most difficult roles to play in all of this.  And when the game is over and all the costumes are removed, it’s like, those are gonna be the people that really deserve the standing ovation because of how difficult of a role it ultimately was.  So, realizing and recognizing the eternal essence in all of us is the key to be able to move on to where we’re headed.

Lisa:  I’m gonna share something personal, but it helped me come to that place. It was my own personal journey with my own father.  He was a true Gemini and on one side of the coin he was a lovely, charming man, you know.  When he died when I was fifteen, you couldn’t fit all the people in the church, he was very popular.  The other side was a very sadistic, cruel, mentally unwell man and I grew up very, very angry and hating him.  And was looking forward to the day I turned sixteen, so I could just get out. I could leave and I could give him the big finger and be out of there.  And he died about a month before I turned sixteen.  Someone’s got a lot of dishes going on in the background, it’s very noisy.  Brian or Thomas, if someone could mute.

Thomas:  No, it’s not me.

Lisa:  Brian. I then spent the five years after he died feeling very, very angry that he then robbed me of my opportunity to tell him where to go.  It was through a lot of, God, a lot of ... there was counseling. There was meditation. There was being on a spiritual path for some time. There was all of that that finally led me to a place where I got to the forgiveness bit.  I had to forgive him.  Then when I got through the forgiveness bit, I realized that that wasn’t enough. It wasn’t over yet, that forgiveness was just a stepping stone to something else. 
What I eventually got to was a place where I understood that we are all aspects of the creator and for an individual to behave and treat another aspect of the creator in the way that he treated me, then that is ... what a sacrifice that is. To remove yourself form who you really are, so far removed from who you really are. That I was then able to go to a place of gratitude.  Because if he hadn’t been the way he was with me, given me the challenges that he gave me, I would not be who I am, doing what I’m doing, leading the life that I’m living.  From my perspective, I love my life.  There are lots of things that I’m very, very grateful for; in terms of my partner, my children and the friends that I have and the people I’m connected to.  If any of that was changed as a result of not having those challenges growing up, then I would be missing out.  So when I really, really, really, and I had to dig deep, I really did get to that place of absolute gratitude for the sacrifice that he made to remove himself from who he is.  Remove himself from, I guess in ‘Heather speak’, the eternal essence of who he is to such a degree, that what a gift that was for me.  So I was able to then apply that to the powers-that-were. So it was an easy, for me it was an easy step. 

Thomas:  Lisa, you know you’re inspiring me to talk about something that I haven’t talked about anywhere, just with a couple of people.  Here back in January this year, the first week of January, I got up one morning and I was starting to drink coffee and I felt another consciousness come into mine.  I felt the energy signature, so I knew who it was, but it was different.  So I simply said “What is it you want?” and this consciousness started saying to me, “I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done to you, I’m so sorry.”  And I said, “You know I would be remiss if I didn’t accept what you’re saying to me right now and so I do.  But it behooves me to tell you that I’m thanking you from the bottom of my heart, just like I did back in 2007 when I verbally thanked you over the phone.  I’m thanking you.”  And the being said to me, “Why are you thanking me?”  And I said, “Because without you, you exemplified everything for me that I never wanted to be.  You showed me everything I never wanted to do”.  I said “And I’m just curious, why are you coming to me now and saying this, because you’re not the same as you are here in this now?”  And he said to me “Well, I talked with you in this now where I’m at, and you said it’s not me you need to apologize to, it’s me in that now that you need to apologize to.”  So it goes back and forth and the person I was speaking with was my father and he’s still alive right now.

Lisa:  Mmm.

Brian:  Wow. 

Thomas:  I also want to say something else just for everybody to consider. It’s out there to rent or to buy. There’s an excellent movie that describes a lot of what we’re talking about; in fact almost everything.  That movie is with Matt Damon and it’s called ‘The Adjustment Bureau’. 

Lisa:  Yeah, great film.

Chris: Yep.

Lisa:  Ah yep, ooh it’s Chris!

Chris:  It’s me. 
Brian:  I love Chris’s signature “yep”.

(All laughing)

Chris:  (laughing) I don’t have your giggle Brian, but look no it’s an excellent little movie, when viewed from that perspective.

D:  What’s it called again?

Brian:  I gotta write that one down.

Thomas:  The ‘Adjustment Bureau’.

Brian:  ‘Adjustment Bureau’, cool.

Lisa:  I need to go watch it again actually; you’ve prompted that.  Are we ready to take another call? 

Bob:  Sure, get to that Colorado call. 

Lisa:  Okay, area code 303. 

Caller:  Hello, my name’s Brunelle.

Lisa:  Hi Brunelle.

Brunelle (caller):  Hi.  I just, I’m just relating to everything that everybody is talking about.  One of the things that I’m always amazed at is, coming to this planet, having the life that we’ve all had, feeling the sorrow of constantly seeing the Earth being damaged and people dying in wars and we can see the injustice and we couldn’t explain it to people around us who were “patriotic” and thought it was just fine and coming up to this like giant crescendo now where the tide has turned and we feel like finally the great happenings are upon us and it was worth the struggle, the sorrow, the sadness.  I still look at the Earth and I still feel bad and I still see the beetle kill and the pine trees that have died under the chemtrails and the horrible things that have happened, but I can also try to imagine at that same time that this is all gonna turn into a beautiful Celtic forest, the planet is gonna look like it has in the past.  It will look like that in the future and I’m just extremely grateful to be a part of this whole thing.  That’s all I want to say.

All:  Mmm.

Lisa:  I agree completely.

Chris:  Yep.

Brunell (caller)e:  Thank you very much. 

All:  Thank you, thank you.

Brunelle (caller):  Bye, bye.

Lisa:  Bob, I’m gonna give you a few minutes to, cos I’m just gonna put you on the spot again, but I’m gonna give you a few minutes to get your head around another meditation to talk us through, while we take another couple of calls.  How do you feel about that?

Bob: Okay.

Chris:  Yeah, just before, just Lisa just before you do that there’s just something I have the urge to say and I wanted to do it before we talk about the meditation. 

Lisa:  Okay.

Chris:  Because it’s a process that I’ve come to understand and partially from interacting with Heather, partially from our discussions and partially from talking to one of our energy guys in particular who’s really good at explaining this.  That’s the concept of creating energetic spaces as a first step in manifestation.  When an alcoholic is trying to recover, the first thing they have to do is admit they’ve got a problem.

Lisa:  Mmm.

Chris:  That creates an energetic space for that person where healing can take place.  If you look at what’s happened with the OPPT, step after step after step we’ve gone through has been first to create an energetic space in the minds of a growing, larger number of people that such a thing as winding up the cabal was even possible.  That such a thing as a CVAC was  even possible.  That such a thing as our contracts and that they really did exist and had been terminated.  All of these are energetic spaces, which were introduced to us and accepted and therefore by our will and desire could be populated with huge amounts of energy, which has led us to the point we are now where the universal exchange has an energetic space. People are now filling that with their energy and you can see there’s writings coming out now about how that would actually work.

Lisa:  Mmm.

Chris:  And the Event was also announced.  It’s been talked about.  It was then announced at document level and talked about more.  An energetic space has been created for it.  Now the meditation that Bob’s gonna be working on and presenting to us and I’m sure he’s beavering away now in his brain, is us now filling that energetic space. When there’s energy in a space like that, that’s what we use to manifest back into physicality.  So if you’re consciously aware that this is a process taking place, I think it actually helps us to direct our focus.  ‘Cos this is all about focus; what we’re focused on; what we will and desire is what we focus on and that’s what we’re gonna manifest.  So I just had the urge to clarify that for people, because time after time I see this happening and I’m really understanding just how key it is to the whole process.  That’s all I needed to say.

Lisa:  Okay, thank you Chris.  We’ll take another couple of calls though before we move into it.  Area code 514.  Area code 514?

Caller:  Hello. 

Lisa:  Hello.

Caller:  Oh hi.  Thanks for taking my call.

Lisa:  Sorry, what was your name?

Caller:  Paul.

Lisa:  Sorry, what was it Paul?

Paul (caller):  Yeah.

Brian:  Paul from Montreal.

Paul (caller):  Yes, I’d like to say thanks to Chris because the video he put on was able to make all my filings. Now I’m looking for the invoice, the document. I can’t find it nowhere.

Chris:  It’s actually, yes it’s actually if you go to the OPPT website into the, and let me just get the path right, into the Documents folder.  Let me, of course I’m nowhere near that right at the moment, if you just give me a moment to drop into the right place.  Okay, now of course my computer’s running at half a mile an hour. 

(All laughing).

Chris:  It’s in the Resources menu under Documents.

Brian:  Yep.

Chris:  Thank you Brian.
Brian: (laugh) Sorry, I couldn't help doing that.
Chris: Okay here. If you look at Courtesy Notice and Courtesy Notice Guidelines, you should actually download a zip file and one of the things that’s in there is actually an invoice sample as a word file. A Microsoft word file and you can go and edit that.
Paul (caller): But that zip thing you have to go on the computer, I don't know how that works.
Chris: Okay well (multiple people talking)
Paul: Can you guys put it on maybe D's site and AK, so it could be accessible easily?
Brian: You talking about the invoice?
Chris: Yes, just the sample invoice.
Brian: Yeah, that's on the OPPT-IN web site.
Chris: It is on the OPPT-IN website; it's in the zip file with the other Courtesy Notices. If you have problems opening a zip file, then you probably shouldn't because even Microsoft Windows and the Mac have both been able to handle zip files for quite a while. Have a go at downloading it. Treat it like a folder. Double click on it when you've downloaded it and it should open another window and show you everything that's in there. Okay? What I'll do is I'll get them to post it as a separate download, okay? Just to make sure people absolutely can find it. We'll call it something obvious like sample invoice.
Brian: There's one email that I have that I can give to him if he wants to email me I can email it back as an attachment.
Chris: That's quick.
Paul (caller): That’s going to be difficult also, cuz my computer I would have to reboot it. Nobody can call me back. I can call you, but you can't call me back. So that's why I was asking if it possible to make it easier, cuz I've been all month looking for it. And the zip thing, I'm not good with computer and (garbled).
Lisa: Also guys, it's easier (breaking up) by itself after the show.
Brian: Okay, I'll post it.
Lisa: Okay, it will be up on by itself. Give it half an hour after the show. Okay?
Thomas: Before you go Paul, I wanted to ask you are you Ojibwe or Cree?
Paul (caller): Micmac.
Thomas: Micmac, okay.
Paul (caller): You're pretty good. (Paul and Thomas laugh)
Brian: He's a Big Mac? (multiple people laughing)
Lisa: Fries come with that or what? (Brian laughs)
D: Micmac, Brian. Oh my goodness. (multiple people laughing)
Brian: Yes, I'm hungry. People are putting in the chat room,‘Brian must be hungry’. Yes, I am hungry.
Thomas: All I can to you Paul is (sniffs) I can smell my own. (people laughing)
Lisa: I don't even want to go there. (multiple people laughing) Bye Paul.
Brian: I don't know what's going on right now. Bob, cue Bob into meditation.

(several laughing)
Lisa: Bob you ready?
Bob: Oh, goodness I think so, I guess so.

Thomas: One last thing before we get into this meditation with Bob. The guy with no arms and no legs Bob. I'm sorry that was a bad joke. (everyone laughing)
Lisa: You can't go into a meditation like that, come on.
Thomas: I wanted to give you a link to give to the chat room. This is the guy in Ontario, Canada that has ongoing visitations from the Sasquatch people. He documents it with a phone camera, so you can see 18" footprints with a 6' long stride or a 5' long stride between these footprints and things that they leave him, because they weave things together and leave it on his porch at night. Then he finds it the next morning and he videotapes or records the track ways. There's always a great big set of footprints and smaller footprints walking with the great big set of footprints, so you can see it on that link if you want to get that to the chat room.
Lisa: Yep done. I'll put it in again a second time. Okay. Bob, you ready to go? (laughs)
Bob: Okay, yeah. I'm gonna do this a little differently this time. I'm gonna some portions from a Kryon channeling that I had heard because it's so appropriate. I just uploaded a different, cuz I don’t know how long it'll go; whatever comes out will go wherever we go (laughs). So I put a heavy sync meditation and I'll use that one instead of the normal one that we use.
Lisa: Well, you'll have to press play cuz it's not showing up at my end.
Bob: Okay.
Lisa: So whenever you're ready.
Bob: No problem. I want everyone to find a relaxing place. Whether it be in your armchair or on your couch. Find a place where you can relax and just breathe. Let go of all of the tensions of the day. All of the worries and stresses, obligations and cares. Let’s take a moment and just breathe in. Feel the rhythm of your body. The motion of your lungs expanding. Feel the rhythm of your heart beating. Sensation of air on your skin. Feel the vibrant energy of life flowing through it. Emanating from it. A golden glow. Pulsating with the rhythm of your body that is the rhythm of the universe.
I want you to move as I take you on a journey. Move deep within. Within your heart, there is a space. A space of Eternal Essence. There in that space there is a corridor. A corridor of Knowing. Each side of this corridor has doors. Some of these doors are open. Many of these doors are closed. This is the corridor of your beginning. All of the Knowing, the Absolute knowledge and technology, are behind all of those closed doors. See them as they illuminate down the column  and notice around your neck there is a golden key. As you move down the corridor, you unlock each door and open it. As each door opens, you are flooded with the memory, the knowing. The memories of all that you were, and all that you are and you are elated. Such joy! You feel it pulsating through your body. You notice as the colors change in the corridor, light illuminates with each door you open. You're filled with anticipation as you hurry down the hallway waiting to open the next door. With each door you are filled with more joy, more knowing until you reach the end of the corridor.
You know this door. It is the door of Now. You are anticipating to unlock this. Such memories and such joys are filling your heart. All of the experiences of lifetimes ago and lifetimes now. All coming together. You are laughing and crying at the same time at all of the drama you've experienced. You open the final door as you turn the key and you walk in. There is a giant banquet hall. As you step in, you realize that you are not alone. All of your brothers and sisters in the here and now, those that are listening now and those that will listen in the future and those that have played the game for eons of time. The villains and the heroes. The oppressors. They are all there and you remember them. This grand drama that you've played out to this magnificent closing. They are all there to greet you. There is such a celebration. Such joy. Such elation. As you greet each and every one of them and you embrace them for the roles that they played and you feel the celebration moving through your heart. As it coalesces through your body, it emanates out. You are grateful and you are thankful and above all you are free. So It Is.

(meditation music continues for a moment)
Lisa: Okay. Back you come everyone. (Emerging noises) You okay, Brian?

Brian: Man, we don’t call him Guru Bob for nothing. (General assent and laughter) That was awesome man.

D: That was just amazing. Thank you Bob. That was phenomenal.
(Oohs and wows)

Brian: Looks like the chat room loved it.

Lisa: Mmhmm, lots of tears of joy. Oh, that was heavy. I hope that was heavy in a good way.

Brian: I think Bob even surprised himself.

Bob: I think I did. (Laughter)

D: Did anyone else see an awful lot of purple?

Bob: I’m vibrating.

D: Yeah, me too.

Brian: (whisper) You are free. So it is. Wow.

Lisa: Yeah. Nicely said that last part.

Brian: Oh my God.

(Someone makes big breath expelling noise)

Lisa: Wow. Okay.

Brian: Thanks Bob.

D: You know, I think maybe we wanna leave these meditations to the very end, ‘cause I really don’t feel like talking anymore.

Lisa: We used to have this problem all the time on the show. We’d all come back and all sit here like blithering idiots for a while.

Chris: Yep. Just sitting here blithering.

Thomas: If you’re feeling froggy, you could jump on asking me to talk.

Lisa: (Inaudible) (Laughter) Okay, let’s ‘fess up. (Inaudible) that I actually wanted to ask you, but I haven’t actually got around to yet. When we say that the Sasquatch know that their bodies are the technique, they are the tool, the technology, what kinds of things are they doing?

Thomas: Well, like I said quite a few times, they know how to...since we are vibrational beings...and it’s a version of reality if you’d like to call it that, they know how to increase or decrease, in other words make it go faster or slower their vibration, which is why some people have the experience of seeing them go invisible. Because when they reach a higher frequency or a lower frequency than what we’re vibrating at, we no longer see the reflected light off their body. So they’re not really invisible, and yet they are. You’re just not seeing the reflected light off their body anymore, because they’re at a faster vibration. So they might still be right there, probably are still right there fifty feet away from you, but you’re not able to see them anymore. So yes, they know how to do that.

(unidentified voice: keep forgetting to give you a rent check)

Thomas: I didn’t hear the question?

Lisa: I don’t know where that came from.

Thomas: Sounded like someone was asking a question.

Brian: I think somebody had the question ‘Is Thomas a Sasquatch?’

Thomas: Oh, not in this life.

Lisa: He’s almost tall enough.

D: Thomas, I just got a question from the RTS chat room and Kim would like to know if they shape-shift? Like maybe into a deer or another animal.

Thomas: Sometimes they do, and that’s a learned behavior. Not all of them can do that, because they don’t take the time to learn how to. But a lot of times you’ll hear of sightings and then later on they’ll go say ‘It was just a bear. I thought it was Sasquatch, but it was just a bear’ because the Sasquatch shape-shifted into a bear or so the person who saw them thought that’s what happened.

Brian: Oh, you mean they don’t say it’s a weather balloon? (Laughter) (Over talking)

D: Swamp gas.

Brian: Dun dun duuun.

Thomas: Lotta times they know how to do this well. They know how to plant thoughts in your head. Because we don’t know how to work this physical construct, or this body that we live in. So they can place thoughts in your head: ‘You can’t see me’ and again they could be fifty feet right in front of you, but the synapses in your brain that make all the nerves fire and connect everything through the eye balls. When you’re looking, no longer see them because they’ve planted that thought in your head ‘You cannot see me’, and the synapses quick firing and registering that they’re there, so you can’t see them anymore. Also there’s people who have talked about going into an area and they’re overwhelmed by fear and they turn around and leave the area. That’s because the Sasquatch are instilling fear in them, not because they’re gonna do anything mean to them or hurt them, but because they don’t want them in their area because you’re walking into their house. So they’re able to do that as well. Lot of researchers say it’s infrasound and I’m going ‘Nah, well no, it’s not.’ It’s thought energy and most humans don’t know how to use that.

Lisa: So just in simple speak, telepathy, yeah?

Thomas: Yeah, you could call it that.

Lisa: That’s how they communicate with you, isn’t it? For the most part?

Thomas: Yeah. I call it mind speak, because there’s more that goes on in a communication than just words and it’s not always words. Sometimes you just get feelings or images and then that understanding, the knowing, comes through once that happens. But yeah, and I get physical validation on most of those things.

Lisa: Right.

Thomas: I also, 90% of those things I get physical validation on, so my experiences are my own. I share them when people ask, but I made the mistake of trying to share it with everyone when I first got started. I’ve been called hoaxer, delusional. I’ve been told that I live in a fantasy world. It’s gotta be your multiple sclerosis, that’s why you’re imagining these things and I’m like ‘Wow, really? Were you there? Did you see them like I did?’ Hmmm.
Brian: Fantasy world is so much more fun anyways Thomas.

Thomas: Oh yes, I know.

Brian: You’re doing just fine.

Thomas: I just, all these people that have downtrodden upon me because I’ve had Sasquatch experiences and then they’ll look at me and say ‘You believe in Sasquatch, that’s just childish’ and I’ll look at them and say ‘Well you believe in Jesus Christ, have you ever seen him or spoken with him? Really?’

Lisa: Okay guys, something in my kitchen just exploded and I can’t mute myself because the  screen I was working on. I don’t know what’s happened.

Brian: It wasn’t me.

Lisa: No, it wasn’t you. That’s really weird, something just went Pop.

Brian: Was it crystal?

Lisa: I don’t know. I haven’t walked into the kitchen yet to find out, but the power went out in the kitchen so...

Chris: That’s not good.

Lisa: No.

Chris: Do you need to disappear and go and put out a fire or anything?

Lisa: I think Phil’s on it. I lost my Skype for a second, so I couldn’t even mute myself. There it is; there it is. Was gonna run off into the kitchen.  Okay, no, it’s all good, Phil’s on it.

Brian: Thanks Phil.

Lisa: Thanks Phil. If the house is burning down, I’m sure he’ll give me a heads up. So, I know that we’re all feeling a bit vague after that Guru Bob meditation, but we still have a few minutes left so let’s take another call. Area code 323...area code 323?

Brian: 323, that’s L.A.

Lisa: Hello if you’re in L.A. (silence) Nope, I will move on. Area code 808.
Caller: Aloha.

Lisa: Aloha.

Caller: This is Ginger. Hello everybody.

Panel: Hi Ginger.

Ginger (caller): This has been such a fun call. I think I would say, especially in the beginning, that we are collectively removing each brick of illusional wall at this point and it’s so much fun with you guys so thank you. Getting back to the bio-technology that we are, Joan Ocean here has been conducting classes in time-jumping to a positive timeline to contact another you to get information.     

Lisa: Is he the gentleman that’s about eighty years old? Is that him?

Ginger (caller): Well, he’s the first one I think to come out with it and she learned about it from him and then she’s been providing it here.

Lisa: Uhuh.

Ginger (caller): So that’s like another way that you can use your mind. I think bottom line, what Bob is saying is there’s just this infinite range of possibilities, of how we’ve just forgotten, we’ve chosen to forget, right? It’s all coming back online, but that’s been a lot of fun and people have really enjoyed that whenever she’s offered that. The other thing is that I was sort of seeing when Katrina was on the call was, and kinda what I’ve been focussing on lately is the archons. Probably some of you got my emails, but they’re a really important piece to the bigger picture that I included in this meditation. Thanking them for all the same reasons, ‘cause they feel like when you go all the way back to Sophia and what that all means. Basically what I wrote here really quickly, it’s like I see energy threads or matrix of creating a hologram that we think of as our physical reality. We are shifting from the archon’s threads back to the human DNA field threads of Sophia inner creation. Maybe we can use these golden threads to do so, but I don’t know. We are the ones that have caused the shift to happen and as we wake up we will experience ourselves mediate the portal. Who knows? Be open. I was just cracking up too to learn, ‘cause I’ve been following Sheldon’s (inaudible) info for some time, to learn yesterday that even the galactics have been duped, essentially by the archons. Everything is steeped in this energy, so I feel like it’s really important to bring up. So anyway, I just love you guys and I just wanna make those comments and thanks so much for all you’re doing.

Thomas: Ginger, before you go.

Brian: Real quick, Ginger is, she sends the most copious and amazing notes of every single call that we do. She sends it to our email and I pick up, I read them and I pick up on things that I didn’t even pick up on while we were in the middle of the call. Maybe I space out, they’re two hours sometimes. But I just wanna thank you publicly because you deserve it, thank you so much for doing that week in and week out. We really appreciate it Ginger.

(Over talking)

Lisa: Actually I asked KP to pass my thank you this morning and we did. (audio slow and weird)  I do the same thing, I actually read your notes on our shows and Brian, you must space out because there are always two hours not... (Laughter)

(Over talking)

Brian: Hey, I do a lot of other shows other than these two, alright Lisa? So don’t go trying to put me in check like the buffalo that one time, alright?


Thomas: Okay, I wanna say something to Ginger. Ginger, I really hope you laugh about this, you may have heard it before. I wanna submit to you that you need to add a second name to your existing name and that name is Snap. Ginger Snap.

Ginger (caller): Snap, okay. (Laughter) Maybe that’s my new pen name.

Thomas: There you go.

Chris: For a second there Thomas, I thought you were gonna come out with a Gilligan’s Island joke.

Thomas: No-oo.

Ginger (caller): Yeah, I already had lots of those. The other thing is, I just wanted to add too, to the meditation and all the prior discussions to it, related is probably some of you have heard of Ho’oponopono, which is an ancient Hawaiian way of resolving all issues within and without. But it’s a big long ceremony, process that (is not) very accessible to westerners. So a Hawaiian woman, I think a couple decades ago, it came to her how to make it accessible. She’s no longer in embodiment, but someone else is carrying it on, DOing, and others. I would really have to say it’s just gone global. People, when they try it, it works, but I think I might edit it and say something like, if you perceive yourself ’In Lakesh: we are, I am another you, you are another me, exponentially around the world’. When somebody says there’s something hurtful to me that feels I’m caught off guard, whatever, it’s like ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me’ and then I would say ‘Thank you, I love you’. I don’t think that’s in the formula, but I really like that and it’s something you can just say really quick.

(Over talking)

Lisa: I always have trouble saying the word, ‘ho oh po po po po’pono’, I can’t even say it properly, but I know what you’re talking about. It is quite long and convoluted and I remember reading about that gentleman. Where can people find this post that you’ve talked about? Do you have your own website?

Ginger (caller): I don’t have it on the Kona Occupy Disclosure website, but what I can do is I’ll just send it to you guys and you can put it wherever you want it. Yeah, Hugh Lynn is still around and people get certified in it, not many, but it is happening around the world.

Lisa: Great, that would be lovely. 
Thomas: I have a question for you Miss Snap, if I may?

Ginger (caller): Yes, Guru Bob.

Brian: That’s actually Thomas.

Thomas: This is Tom-Ass. I’m gonna say a word and you speak Hawaiian yes?

Ginger (caller): I just have a few words from here and there. I know I’ve been here before, but the language is very difficult to learn again so. I’m just so thick, so it’s hard for my mind.

Thomas: I wanna say a word and you can, I’m sure you have resources there in Hawaii that, of people who you can say this to, but I wanna say this word and see if you can find out anything about it for me and that word is ‘all yay lee a lo hee’. Does that sound Hawaiian to you?

Ginger (caller): Well, spell it out to me as you understand it.

Thomas: Like all, a-l-l, y-a-y, lee a lo hee. All-yay-lee-a-lo-hee.

Lisa: Do you say that to someone who’s gonna get a smack? (Laughter)

Ginger (caller): (Sounding out word) Aaa low hee. Okay, I’ll check it out. I’ve got some people who could probably decipher it.

Thomas: Okay, that is the name of the place that the, that is the name that the Cherokee people and Chickasaw and Choctaw people gave to a place in Georgia where the Georgia Guidestones are at. That was our sacred place: all-yay-lee-a-lo-hee.

Ginger (caller): Well, what’s really interesting I’ve noticed, living in the islands, how different factions of Native Americans will come over and particularly, I believe it’s the, oh which one, I forget what it is right now, but they are connecting. They’re comparing notes. They’re teaching and they’re holding like inner cultural, among the native peoples, classes or workshops. So everyone’s, they’re all kind of figuring it out while everybody else isn’t watching. So it’s because these are the Keepers. They know; they know what’s going on here.

Lisa: (affirmative response) Lots of similar stuff happening here in Australia with the Aboriginals as well.

Ginger (caller): Well yeah, in fact one works up at (inaudible) Oahu. There was an Australian Aboriginal woman who was trained as a lawyer and was just stunned. It was her first time on travel and she'd heard all the stories of what had happened to Hawaiians that were similar to what had happened to Aboriginals. It just goes on and on and on. So what hit me was the big Aha moment was when a few years ago, I listened to...what's his name in England? The guy that's been screaming about what's going on for...David Icke. He interviewed a South African shaman.

Lisa: Oh yeah, Credo Mutwa.

Ginger (caller): Goes back thousands of years and suddenly I went 'Ah', because I couldn't figure out why the human and animal sacrifice. Why, for people that revere life and are the Earthkeepers, it didn't make any sense. The contradictions been going on for eons. Suddenly, it hit me, 'Aha, it's the Mo'o. It's the reptilians.' The reptilians, the Annunaki, or whatever you want to call it. It just suddenly another big piece of the puzzle fit. So if you're gonna play the dark side, one of the things you've gotta do is you gotta completely disenfranchise native peoples, because they know. Thomas: Did you say "Maho"?

Ginger (caller): Mo'o. Mo'o. It's pronounced "Muho"; M, o, apostrophe, o.

Thomas: That's very similar to what the New Zealanders call the "Mahou, Mahou monster".

Ginger (caller): What does that mean?

Thomas: They speak basically the same language. That's a being they've encountered in New Zealand.

Ginger (caller): The Maorins and Hawaiians have the most in common. It's basically a triangle in the Pacific. It's between Hawaii, the Maoris, and the Tahitians and all the islands in that triangle have the most in common. All the other ones have less in common too, but that's what's really interesting when the research was done, that's what they found. When you look at the different stories that are supposed to be myths, like around Pele and her favorite sister Hi'iaka, her coming-of-age story, my interpretation of course, when you read the book and it's on one page, it's all chants and then Yuri(?) interpreted it into English. She had to go up to Kaua'i and fetch Lohiau, because Pele, she really liked this young prince. She wanted him for her own for a while and she says to Hi'iaka you can have him after I'm done. Typical semi-goddess stuff. So, Hi'iaka is kind of young and she starts journeying up the east side of this island, the big island and she had to do battle with these Mo'o, right? Pele has to help her until she learns how to do it on her own. She goes all the way up the island chain. It's a wonderful story. Very sort of, when you start reading it, it's the English translation, to me it's very lyrical and always acknowledging every physical aspect of everything that she sees, greeting it and everything. Well anyway, she gets to Kaua'i and she finds out that Lohiau is dead. So his body's in this cave and it's been there for about a week. Well, long story short, she brings it back to life and starts to bring Lohiau back down the island chains to Pele.

Now if that isn't something more like a goddess example of that we're capable of. I know like Prince came on the call. He really wants to help people and you brought up healing modalities and all of that. This is what we're capable of. These are these goddesses reflecting back to us who we really are. So we don't forget; some of us anyway. (laughs)

Lisa: Thank you. Thanks for sharing that, Ginger.

Ginger (caller): You're welcome. Blessings to all of you guys. You're all welcome to come and over for a cup at Java on the Rocks any old time.

Lisa: (laughing) Oh, I can't wait.


Brian: Hey, be careful for putting that out there to someone like me Ginger. I just may hop on an airplane and take you up on it. (laughs)

Ginger (caller): I mean what I say Brian.

D: Hey, it's minus (inaudible) degrees Celsius where I am right now, so if I could find any way of getting there I would travel by boat if I had to.


Ginger (caller): Oh god, D, I lived in Seattle for 20 years so my heart goes out to you. (laughs)

D: Ahhhh.


Brian: Thanks for calling Ginger.

Ginger (caller): Okay, I'll let you guys go. You got about five minutes. Many blessings and thanks for the time. 

Lisa: Thanks again for your wonderful notes.

(Several saying goodbye)

Ginger (caller): All right. Aloha.

Brian: Bye, aloha.

Lisa: Okay, we've got a couple of minutes to do one more call. So, 602 area code.

Caller: Hello.

Lisa: Hello 602.

Caller: Hello.

(Several saying hello)

Caller: Hello.

Lisa: Yeah we got you, what's your name?

Brian: Let's see how many times we can say hello. Hello.

Caller: This is Robert.

Lisa: Hello Robert.

Robert (caller): There is a couple of things I was thinking of when I was listening to the call. One, back in the early 80s, a group of us were told that the humans were the keystone to the change. That what happens here is the keystone to the rest of the universe.

Lisa: Who told you that?

Robert (caller): Ah, a channel.

Lisa: Okay. Anybody that's publicly known?

Robert (caller): No, absolutely not.

Lisa: Okay.

Robert (caller): One of the other things, I've noticed that like everybody else, the divisions have been increasing. Lika a couple of weeks ago, I came out of meditation to a picture of a translucent, androgynous being with light centered at the heart. They were kneeling and had a hand placed on the ground and the ground was also translucent. The words came that the ground was actually the Earth in its light form.

Lisa: Can you say that again?

Robert (caller): Where do you want me to start?

Lisa: Just at the last bit, the ground was what?

Robert (caller): The ground was the Earth, Gaia in her light body.

Lisa: Ah, okay.

Robert (caller): The person was kneeling and with love touching the surface.

Lisa: Nice. Thanks Robert.

Brian: Awesome. Very cool.

Lisa: I love that people have, I don't know what your history is in having visions, but I love like the other woman who shared earlier this is kind of new for her and I'm hearing that's a familiar thing. The people are now starting to have these visions of truth and experiences that they've never had before. I love it.

Robert (caller): Yeah, I've had visions for over almost 30 years. I felt lately it's like I'm a (inaudible) stop and reach outside of a wall, reach beyond the wall. I keep feeling like I am bouncing, I am pushing up against a wall and getting ready to push through it.

Lisa: Awesome. I love it.

Brian: So hey Lisa, because I know we're getting ready to lose a bunch of the callers, I want to make sure we point people to that "Showing you the money: How to access your absolute value" post on the blog. You want to tell people about that?

Lisa: Oh yeah, it's on American Kabuki. Please go and check it out; it's a great article called "Showing you the money: How to access your Absolute Value" on americankabuki,

Brian: I will post it in the chat room as well.

Lisa: Lovely. Thank you.

Chris: Also, Cease and Desist orders on American Kabuki April 1st, for Eurozone members.

Lisa: And it's on RTS, Removing the Shackles.

Chris: Yes.

Lisa: And the invoice is now up as a single document on  Okay guys, lovely. It's been a great two hours. Always a pleasure. So thanks to: Chris, Bob, D, Thomas, all our callers. Thanks to Ginger who's notes I will look forward to reading after the show. Thanks to everybody listening and what an amazing chat room today. Thanks guys. Bye for now.

(All saying goodbye)

Thomas: Miss me.


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