Thursday 11 April 2013

IRS Courtesy Notice from Rebecca

As I am not an American Citizen I cannot vouch for all the info in this doc, but I think it's an awesome basis for moving forward.  I personally wouldn't put OPPT as an affiliation as we are all BEings who stand individually in Eternal Essence.  The OPPT is finished now, as it's work is complete and it has been retired along with all other trusts.

Thank you Rebecca for the amazing work you've put into this.

One People's Public Trust (OPPT)
Public Interest Courtesy Notice

Your Name
One People's Public Trust/Other
Your Address

Douglas Shulman
Job Title:            
Commissioner-Internal Revenue Service
Federal Reserve System/US Corporate Government Collection Agency
1111 Constitution Ave. NW  Washington DC  20501
DUNS Corporate Code Number of Alleged Government


Legal Matter:      
Fraudulent Extortion of Income Taxes for Private, For-Profit Federal Reserve System/US Government/UN International Monetary Fund Corporations Masquerading as Government

1.  Whereas the existence of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has never actually been constitutionally established by the US Congress;
The Sixteenth Amendment:  The Law That Never Was

Former IRS Agent/CPA Acquitted of Tax Evasion After Questioning Authenticity of Sixteenth Amendment

    Whereas the IRS is the illegitimate income tax collection agency of the Federal Reserve System/US Corporate Government, with the US Corporate Government being a manifestly terrorist organization:  the IRS is violating the USA-PATRIOT Act of 2001 passed by the US Congress as the Board of Directors of the US Government Corporation, forbidding financial contributions to terrorist organizations, whether foreign or domestic.
Proposed International Legal Action: The People vs. The United States/IRS   

2.  Whereas the IRS, like the Federal Reserve System (DUNS 
Corporate Code No. 001959410)/US Corporate Government (DUNS Corporate Code No.052714196) it serves, is a private for-profit corporation (DUNS Corporate Code No. 040539587) chartered in Delaware, based in Puerto Rico.  
     The IRS forwards all of the illegitimately demanded income tax monies of the American people to the private, for-profit International Monetary Fund (IMF-DUNS Corporate Code No. 011500303) of the private, for-profit United Nations (UN-DUNS Corporate Code No. 824777304) to repay the fraudulent US national debt allegedly owed to the private, for-profit Federal Reserve System. 
     This system is controlled by the corrupt global banking cartel and those sinister forces behind it, with nothing whatsoever of these massive income tax monies ever benefiting the American people, who have paid them for the past century;

Legal Memorandum: The IRS Is a Privately Owned Puerto Rican Trust

Best-Kept Secrets of the IRS
   Whereas, the Universal Commercial Code (UCC) was tacitly imposed as a usurpative body of statutory law upon the American people and virtually all of the peoples of the world via the mass national bankruptcies engineered in secret by the global banking cartel at the beginning of the Great Depression in 1930, subsuming organic common, constitutional and universal law;
Who Is Running America?: The Secret US Bankruptcy, US Corporate Government and The New World Order

Hard Evidence of Corporate Takeover of Government at All Levels in America/United Nations

    Whereas, recent legal actions of the One People's Public Trust (OPPT) filed in Washington State, Washington DC and the World Court in the Hague have used the UCC to decharter/foreclose upon all private, for-profit corporations masquerading as governments/government agencies worldwide remain unrebutted;
Compilation of Articles/Legal Filings Concerning OPPT

    Therefore the IRS as an alleged US government agency no longer exists, and any further attempts by alleged employees of this now-dechartered/foreclosed-upon entity to collect income tax monies from the American people is tantamount to the serious felonies of systemic fraud and extortion, in violation of the now-dechartered US corporate government's own Racketeering-Influenced Corporations (RICO) Act, Chapter 96 of Title 18 of the United States Code, 18 U.S.C. § 1961–1968.
3.  These crimes will be prosecuted in the near future by national/
international truth tribunals using constitutional/common/universal law to hold fully and publicly accountable all of those who, as individuals now legally liable, persist in attempting to perpetrate these systemic financial crimes of fraud and extortion against the American people.  
     Since you are now, according to UCC law, also financially liable to aggrieved citizens invoicing your personal assets, I would therefore strongly advise you, as one human being to another, to cease and desist from committing these serious violations of constitutional, common and universal law as well.

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