Wednesday 17 April 2013

Have a ‘walt disney’ moment

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Have a ‘walt disney’ moment

Do you know how powerful your Mind is? Have you ever wondered how magic works? Does it make you step back in awe when a BEing is able to produce phenomenon, like something out of nothing? ( I am not referring to banks and money on this topic.) I refer to rabbits in the hat; loaves of bread and fishes.  Include appearing/disappearing in a flash of Light, bi-locating, mind reading.
Apollonius of Tiana disappeared in a flash of light just before his sentence of execution. We all know of the miracles of Jesus. The Masters of the Far East produced it on demand forBaird Spalding and his archeological expedition back before 1906.
Been there done it, know how it works. I enjoyed the phenomenon. I never underestimate the power behind it. It is my Source that enables me to raise the frequency. It is in all of us. The U.S. military uses it in their secret ops programs such as MKUltra.
Once learned, and through teachings of great wisdom in how to use it wisely,  it takes time and practice. If you cannot commit then do not expect results but then don’t relegate it to a higher power or shall we say perception of authority? It’s how we give our power away.
A wise yogi once admonished that mastery is available to all of us, it just takes practice. Paramahansa Yogananda once  stated, “A saint is a sinner who never gives up”. It takes determination.
It is in all of us, it just takes practice. That is the 29 days of which I spoke to create the neural network of manifesting ability.
The ego/personality wants to claim it. Don’t fall for it.
Self correct to give claim to the Absolute Source of Primary Consciousness within you. It is the heartbeat we cannot hear until we choose to listen and when we do it is palpable. It is the bliss we feel in every cell that jumps for joy. It tingles, it glitters all over.
Beware of this test. It may keep one from entering the real Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth within every cell of your BEing, not the airy fairy, new age pictograph of ascension. Ever wonder why it is so important for the PTW to patent this?
Many an avatar/yogi can get hung up at this stage of the game.  Aggregating thousands or millions of followers, they never go beyond the physical hertzian or infrared realm.
Think quantum physics. It is a science beyond conventional physics. Who said god was not science? What do you think quantum is? I suggest you read up on it and get familiar with its foundational tenets. It’s the instruction booklet.
Folks it’s not in the phenomenon, don’t get caught up in the magic. Enjoy it, like a child enjoys the thrill of wonder. Have a ‘Walt Disney’ moment as your own powerful Mind unfolds the new-found  magic of phenomenon. You deserve the wonder, the child-like innocence of discovery. We all do.
In D’s post Removing the Shackles of 4/13/13 the instructions are all there.
She didn’t post it for our entertainment as much as education. It also clarifies for readers and those interested in OPPT/I  documents, what is behind BE and DO. It raises the bar on common thought.
Admonition here: common thought manifests immediately, and we are unaware of that when our thoughts create our reality. the Olympians/divines use it against us as they know its power. If our common thought turns our say to shit, who do we blame, others right? Is it because we don’t know that we created it with our common thought? Time to clean up thought with mindfulness and self-correction.
Enough said for now, thanks for stopping by.

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