Thursday 4 April 2013

OPPT-IN Radio April 1- Transcription

Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN
Monday, April 1, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, April 2, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa: Welcome everyone to the OPPT-IN show. I’m Lisa Harrison. Good morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you happen to be. As usual, we have quite a cast here. We’ve got Bob from Pennsylvania, Bob Wright.

Bob: Good morning everyone. Morning, afternoon, evening, depending on where you might be. Glad to be here. Welcome everyone to the show.

Lisa: Thanks Bob. And we’ve got Chris in Melbourne.

Chris: Hi everybody. Ditto to what Bob just said. I hope you had a lovely Easter.

Lisa: Yes, I did. It’s been nice and quiet, for a change. And Brian in San Diego.

Brian: Yes, hello Lisa. I was taking those last couple moments trying to come up with an April Fools joke, but I realized I guess those are much better planned in advance!

(Lisa and Brian laughing)

Brian: But thanks, good to be here. Hello everyone.

Lisa: And we’ve also got Scott Bartle from western Australia with us today.

Scott: Hello everyone. Hi.

Lisa: And we do have, although he’s just dropped off, I’m sure he’ll be joining us again, ee have Deryl from Canada. Both Deryl and Scott have thankfully agreed to join us today to give us an update on what’s been going on. With Deryl, there’s been a lot of DO’ing going on in Canada. Scott’s here to help us work through the Courtesy Notice process and what comes next.  

Now, just a couple of announcements before we move on. Firstly, obviously if you want to be a part of the chat room for this program, you need to go to and click on the Chat link of the left hand side of the page and you can be part of the chat room over there.

Secondly, we still are in need of some volunteers. You can have a look at what’s required, the people, the creative team they’re looking for over at the website. There is a Volunteers page there. If you do have the time to offer your expertise and your energy, please go along to that website and have a look at what they’re looking for. As I think I’ve announced in the last two weeks, that website is being overhauled in the background. There’s a train coming by, so if I get drowned out you’ll know why. Things have slowed down, because of the work of other people’s commitments to other things. So desperately in need of some volunteers there. I think that’s it and I’m going to mute myself while this train goes past, Chris?

Chris: Okay. Well, there’s going to be two parts of the program today. the first part we’re going to be talking to both Scott and Deryl. We’ll actually start off talking with Scott first. Specifically about Courtesy Notices and then we’ll move into discussion with both Scott and Deryl, because Deryl’s been doing some amazing things in Canada. Really putting things in front of the right people, as you’ll discover.

For those of you that follow D’s blog, you would have noted in one of her current articles today that the powers-that-were in Australia are particularly perplexed about the amount of DO’ing that’s going on here. Particularly the stuff that’s been generated by the Courtesy Notices that’s come out of the west of our fair country here. So Scott, how are you today?

Scott: G’day, yeah good. Feeling absolutely stoked. The vibe about this whole thing at the moment is just awesome. It’s like every time you turn around, there’s another nugget of information falling into place. The dots are just being joined left, right and center. Now they might be small little dots, little bits of information and you just stumble across one and you go ‘Okay, now that explains how that works’. Or like last week, with those UCC filings coming out with that Executive Order from President Clinton, defining the human capital (inaudible). ‘Okay, thank you, I’ll use that with this document over here and bundle that one up and (inaudible) it off to the bank and see how they like that’. 

Chris: Yeah, do you want to talk about...

Lisa: I did actually want to put a...Hi Scott by the way...  

(Chris and Lisa talk over)

Lisa: the Australians and just say ‘Oh my god, well done!’ We are probably one of the most active countries in terms of using the Courtesy Notices. You guys are seriously having an impact. I want you to know that. Don’t stop, because the energy generated here is having an effect. So please don’t think that you’re just sending these off and they’re going nowhere. They are having an effect. They’re getting very nervous over here.

Chris: (affirmative response) To add to that before we jump into Scott’s, we were talking with our energy guy last week and his perceptions of what the Courtesy Notices are currently doing  inside the system all around the planet, are that the people who were receiving them to begin with were passing them on to those above them, but not talking about them to people around them and now they are. There’s big discussions going on inside organizations, across the organization rather than up and down it. That is a significant, shall we say, energy dump into those organizations, which is exactly one of the things that we wanted a Courtesy Notice to do.

Lisa: (affirmative response) So Scott, the questions that are coming up now, since this Courtesy Notice has been out there for what two months now? Been that long?

Scott: Yeah, about that.
Lisa: People have sent their original Courtesy Notices. They’ve been given an opportunity to start sending their invoices. That’s been going on now for several weeks and they’re looking at the next step. Now, people are using Courtesy Notices obviously for a lot of different reasons. If the Courtesy Notice and sending the invoices was resulting in whoever was harassing you just leaving you alone, then great. But if you’re in a position where you are actually hoping for an action on their part, then sometimes the Courtesy Notices and the invoices is not enough to compel them to act. What’s the next step? What do people do to ensure that those receiving these invoices know that they’re not just empty pieces of paper and they can in fact be enforced or acted upon?

Scott: Well the word that’s coming to me right now is assistance. If for example, you sit there and go ‘Ah, nothing’s happened. Ah, they must be right.’ It’s what we typically generated in our heads before. My suggestion there, strongly, is to continue with the invoices and overdue notices and perhaps escalate the level of proximity that you use to deliver that notice. So for example...

Lisa: What does that mean?

Scott: If you sent your first one by registered mail, send the next one by email, because your email’s a little bit more personal, one-to-one, where registered mail tends to go in the front door, gets to reception and they say 'Okay, we'll send that one to Level Four'. It's quite distant in terms of separation, whereas email goes from my Inbox to their Inbox or my computer to their Inbox. If you emailed it, you might consider walking in the front door and asking for Mr. Smith or Agent Smith or whoever and 'Here you go, here's your overdue notice'. So I'd suggest that's a good method of conveying that consistence and also escalating the energetic transfer of getting in their space and sharing...

Lisa: Eyeballing them.

Scott: Yeah. Chances are...I would be very interested to see the reaction...Deryl I'm sure can talk to this,  as to what they look like when you actually are right there in front of them, because it's really good news that they're actually receiving. Most of them just don't know it yet or are still operating from a different paradigm.

Bob: And Deryl, before you start, for those of you who don't know who Deryl is, if you could give yourself a little brief introduction about who you are and what it is that you've been up to in Canada.

Deryl: Quite a lot actually. Retired from the military a few years ago.

Lisa: Can't hear you quite clearly yet.

Deryl: I retired from the military...I'm actually still in the Reserve. I was on (inaudible) to look at defensive(?) Canada, so I started doing an investigation. Basically it led me around to the threats to the people here are the existing government corporation and the banks.

Chris: So they asked you to do an investigation to find out who Canada needed to be defended against and you came back with the banks and the corporations.

Deryl: That's right. It was basically...

Lisa: The corporate government included.

Deryl: Yeah, the corporate government. It was quite surprising when you actually find out how the world actually does work. Disappointing, but we have a solution, so that's amazing.

Bob: You know, Deryl, I kind of liken it...because I was watching...and I was telling the other guys earlier today, I was watching a little documentary on "The Matrix Trilogy" and what the actual movie represents, the allegory behind the movie. It's basically describing our journey as humanity. One of the things that was interesting in the movie was that when Neo actually "woke up", when he realized the reality of the real world that he was living in. Then on top of that, when it was told to him "You're the one that's gotta save us", it was overwhelming. He threw up in the movie, when all of that really dawned upon him, that it was him. The reality of the situation was completely different than the illusion, the matrix, that he was living in that he thought was his reality. This is what's happened exactly with the OPPT. People are waking up and realizing the real world, the situation that we're in. Now we're coming to understand that we're the saviors. We're the ones that have to fix it. Right? A lot of people threw up.

(general laughter)

Bob: Because I think people are still shedding. For Neo, it was a process, just like it is for us. Going through that process of understanding who we are, understanding what it is we have to do and why and then actually doing it.

Lisa: You know when he first wakes up in that pod and he's in that jelly mixture, that goo; that's exactly what it can feel like at first. Like you're in this...your reality suddenly seems thick and gooey and you can't quite get clean of it for a while. It is Earth shattering. Illusion shattering, which is always a good thing, but can be painful.

Chris: Yeah, look one of the reasons why we invited Deryl directly on the show today to talk is because he has been giving wake-up calls to the judge and court staff and legal staff he's been working with on some foreclosures that he deliberately brought about on himself to investigate the system. That has since worked its way down as the things have gone through the court, the incredibly fraudulent court process they've got going in Canada, right the way down to the pseudo-Sheriffs who aren't actually Sheriffs but enforcement officers. All of whom are being re-educated by what Deryl calls an "improvised educational device" in the form of a Courtesy Notice. Deryl, do you want to give us a quick rundown on the process that you went through and how it played out with the Sheriffs or the enforcement officers last week?

Deryl: Sure Chris I will. Actually I'm going to back up a little bit further there for you and give you some more background. When I completed my investigation, I went to a Superior Court judge that I knew and presented the evidence against the government of Canada. He basically said...and within that was also the fraudulent activities of the banks, of the major banks here in North America. One of the things he suggested was to get this out in the media. I was gonna use the court system, actually I did use the court system. I figured 'well. the best way of doing it, getting this on the public record, is we just won't pay it. I know it's fraudulent. All the evidence is there. We'll get it in the court system and then we can crack it that way.' He suggested to me that it's going to take too long and actually he was quite right, because I stopped paying mortgages in April of last year.
So here we are almost a year later. So what I've been doing is providing the documentation to the government, so they know who I am.  I don't know if you guys are familiar with the parliamentary budget officer? Basically he does the accounting to determine where money is spent. However, the various departments aren't giving him the evidence. So basically he had already gotten the evidence from me showing the fraudulent transactions and so forth. What I was tracking, I was actually looking at terrorist activities and determining where the threat was. But I was following financing. I was following gold shipments etc back and forth. It kept leading me back here to North America.
So anyway, we'll jump forward to, we finally get into court. Now, I've been in two courts here in Ontario; one in Ottawa and one in Hamilton. The one in Ottawa I was able to get on public record the foreclosure of the government of Canada and all around the world, the Press Release from the Public Trust, the foreclosure of the Bank of International Settlements and all central banks and basically tell them that they had no standing because they were foreclosed on.

I did this again just about three weeks ago in another Superior Court, but I had given the, I guess the opposing counsel, a Courtesy Notice a couple of days prior. So the interesting thing when we were presenting evidence, she had mentioned to the judge that, or asked the judge to endorse the record that I not be allowed to arrest her. That opened up the whole can of worms because he said, of course, ‘This is irrelevant. You can't do this. This is a civil matter.’ So I referred him to the documents that he didn't read, which was the military order stating that I could arrest and detain anyone operating a private monetary and/or slavery system. I said basically that this is a criminal activity. It's fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and the opposing counsel is complicit in the act. That is also in the public record. So she wasn't too happy. When we were actually leaving, she refused to allow me into the elevator which I thought to be quite amusing. So it is on public record.

Chris: Yep, that's important because then people who are running other court cases or involved with the system. I want you to spend just a moment if you wouldn't mind talking about how streamlined, how deliberately anti private citizen the court process of foreclosure is in Canada. They basically have no ability to stop the process, virtually. Deryl?
Deryl: That's correct and it is a process. What they did is they changed the law here, I don't know how many years ago. Basically, the banks do not have to provide any evidence, whatsoever. It is an administrative process. In other words, you either pay it or forget it. We are foreclosing on you. It is basically a rubber stamp. No matter what evidence I had there, the judge refused to even look at it, closed the book, well he didn't even read the book and said it was irrelevant and ruled in favor of the banks. So.....

Chris: So who’s working for who?

Deryl: Well, they're working for the banks and it's actually endorsed on a motion to vacate or a motion to possess property. You'll see for instance on the document, it's not the judge that actually signs it. It is the opposing counsel for the bank.

Lisa: Deryl, am I correct in my assumption, that this is not just in Canada? That even here in Australia what happens when a bank chooses to foreclose on a property, that they put in a UCC filing. They don't tell you that they have. It stands unrebutted and at that point the foreclosure is a done deal. The whole process of us going to court and whatever we do in court is simply a farce from that point on.

Deryl: You're exactly right. It is a show. That document number or that court file number on the top right corner is a.....

Lisa: UCC number.

Deryl: Financial......Exactly, yeah.

Chris: So they've actually used the UCC against people without telling them, no chance to defend themselves and pretended to run a court case when in fact it's already been done.

Deryl: That's exactly right. I have been getting emails from people asking, "Well aren't you upset, you know, they're throwing you out of your home"? I say, ‘Well no, not really because they were all given a Courtesy Notice.’ There's five that I've, for instance, we'll just talk about one right now and that's at $448,000 right now for one individual. Now if you think, there is a total of five, we're at 2.5 million and I have three houses, so you guys do the math. Am I upset? No, because I know how the system works. So we'll go back in the UCC filings and we'll claim a lien against that.

Lisa: Okay, well this brings us back to our original question for both Scott and Deryl. What now? You've got all these invoices out there. Scott, you've been doing this for some time in regards to your car for those people who have seen “What the FUQ?”, they’ll know what I'm talking about. Now, liens from what I understand, liens aren't necessarily the way to go at this point but I could be completely wrong about this. What's the next step to show that you can get enforcement on these invoices?

Scott: Well, probably with drawing that distinction is, and Heather clarified this one, a lien is used for when you want to recover property from, you want to attach a claim to their property for the payment of a debt. You don't use a lien to, when they've stolen your property, to recover that property because that property was already yours and filing the lien is evidence that it's theirs that you're attaching a claim to.

Lisa: Well, hang on. Let's say for instance Deryl's house. If Deryl is happy to walk away from the house but he wants payment on those invoices, then a lien would be suitable?

Scott: Yes, he wouldn't put the lien on the house because that's already his. It's just been stolen from him. He would use a lien to attach a claim to the assets of those who did the theft, for example, their house until his invoices are paid. It's basically, yeah you could use the lien for the unpaid invoices essentially and that's what I've done in the past. Now, I think what we've described in the Courtesy Notice Guidelines was the next step, which is that UCC process to following up on those unpaid invoices. That I think would certainly be dropping a bombshell when UCC statements come rolling across the desk.


Deryl: Scott, you're referring to a Declaration of Facts and True Commercial Bill. Is that what you are referring to?

Scott: Yes, yes.

Deryl: I actually was able to get that, because in Superior Court the counsel asked for costs associated with the court hearing. I was allowed my time to speak and I said I would be submitting a Declaration of Facts and True Commercial Bill for the event that occurred here today, which the judge didn't get.

Lisa: So that's the process then. You bundle up the invoices that you've sent and you file within the UCC a Declaration of Facts and a True Commercial Bill.

Deryl: Yes, but here's another thing that people should consider. All commercial paper is now owned by the Public Trust. So therefore they should be CC or actioned on the filing also, because technically if there is a bankruptcy or a public trust holds the assets and/or the funds you would not be going to the existing, you would be going to the trustees to settle the debt.

Bob: Now, one of the things Deryl, and I spoke with you earlier and this kind of corresponds with what they were saying in that Matrix Decoded thing. When Neo actually said No, he literally stopped the bullets as they were arriving. They were coming to him and he said, "No". Basically that 's what the Courtesy Notice is. It's you saying No, right? It was his belief in himself that actually really stopped the bullets. He went a step further. They started throwing everything that they could at him and he found he could defend himself basically with one arm behind his back, which he was doing quite easily. Then he took a step further and he actually went into the agent and from inside the agent he changed the agent, literally destroyed that whole, from within. You've actually started to do that by actually directly trying to educate the sheriff and the officers involved. Can you speak a little bit about that?

Deryl: Yeah, the sheriff doesn't understand international law, refuses to read the documents, so therefore she's liable for the action she's taken and the orders that she is given. She doesn't understand what an oath in bond is. I took mine years ago and I appreciate what's involved in that. This person does not. When she was initially given the Courtesy Notice, I called her up and she indicated that she was the sheriff. When I approached, I drove down there and talked to her. I said, "May I speak to the sheriff"? She approached. I said, "I have some paperwork for you". She denied that she was the sheriff and she was only an administrative officer. I said, "It's too late. You're the sheriff. You get the documents. I suggest you read them" and that was on the 14th of February. So the actions that they've taken from them, there's a deputy enforcement officer that has been given a series of documents to read.

You guys have seen that transcript, no you haven't seen that transcript, but you're going to see the other one and the video of the interview of the officers when they evict me.  I make my claim of right and my color of right for my home. I said to them that basically until you show me who really owns the property, you bring back the original note with my wet ink signature, I'm defending my property under the criminal code. Here's this action and you're going to have to forcibly evict me. We spent about an hour there discussing it. You can see the reaction in the officers. They understand. They know there is something going on, but, Chris, I think you said it. They basically went back, they snapped back into the old paradigm and said, "Well, we're just following orders". Even though I showed them the sheet and explained it to them, they want to save their job. This is the process we have to do to educate them that things are changing.

On the lighter side of it, we were able to show them how the financial system, and this is the future around the corner, but guys pay attention to what's happening in Cyprus because the money that they're stealing from the citizens there is coming to Canada. It's coming to North America and it's actually in the new budget here.

Chris: One of the things that I, because I've read the transcript of that conversation, to me what we are looking at are operatives who are unlawfully acting for an unlawful order from a court who's generated that unlawful order from an unlawful process as a result of interacting with a commercial entity that unlawfully began a fraudulent relationship with the person who is standing there in front of the sheriff at that point in time. The words coming out of the sheriff's mouth were starting to look like testimony from the Nuremburg Trials, ‘I'm just doing my job’ and trying to actually not want to engage with the argument you are putting in there, Deryl, because they knew you were dead right. They know that they should do some homework and they know that they should stand up to their bosses. I think you went a long way to getting those guys over the line. I think you put a real cat amongst the pigeons with that group of officers.

Lisa: I've got two questions. Deryl, these transcripts and videos of yours, you don't have a website of your own, so they get posted to and, is that right?

Deryl: That's right.

Lisa: Okay, and two questions have come out of the chat room. Examples of what the invoice should look like. Now I know that they've been passed around. Are they up on the website?

Deryl: Yes they are. People can download them and of course they insert the appropriate name and address and how the individual was served. Then if you've got items one to fourteen or items one to ten, depends on what your original Courtesy Notice says. So you just fill out the Courtesy Invoice and submit it to them and I believe it was fourteen days. People remember it is in 99% silver, because all the central banks and all that fiat currency is ficticious; it's gone.

Lisa: Yes, and the other question is, in regards to what you just mentioned earlier that you should copy in the trustees, I take it you were talking about Heather, Caleb and Randall. The question that came after that was, ‘But if the trust itself is no more, then how does that happen or why should that happen?’

Deryl: It's been archived, as I understand, it's been archived as of the eighteenth. The system is still up and running.


Chris: The Trust itself or the UCC system ?

Deryl: You're following the UCC law system?

Lisa: Yes, but I'm talking about the Trust itself, The One People's Public Trust.

Deryl: Well, within the forms, it's the Public Trust that has foreclosed on them. Therefore, they have the asset. Whether they are no more is irrelevant. It might be relevant for the filing, but that is what you would list in there, there's actually a box for you to check for the Public Trustee, or the Public Trust, it should say.

Lisa: Okay.

Deryl: Item seventeen in the UCC-1.

Lisa: Terrific, thank you very much. So, people in the chat room, or if you have me on Skype, if you have any other questions in regards to Courtesy Notices, or invoicing the step to do next, please put them in now because we want to move on from that particular part of the conversation. So if you have any more questions on that put them in now for me.

Chris: Before we do move on, there's a couple of other things that Scott and I wanted to bring up. One is the latest document that he and Ken have been working on and are about to release, which is a flier which is purely an educational, shock educational tool. Scott, do you want to speak about that for a moment?

Scott: Yeah, sure. I suppose just quickly touching on the level of involvement of using the Courtesy Notice at the moment. One thing my father, Ken, has mentioned with regard to the questions that he's receiving or answering at that foropaq, that email address, is the level of the questioning is getting better. For example, the first couple of weeks were something like who do I sent it to? The level of questioning was quite entry level, if you like. The questions that are coming out now are more concise, more advanced and really shows that people are getting it, if you look at that on what's the vibe of the whole thing. That's probably another good indicator of the level of knowledge just increasing dramatically, which is pretty awesome.

As far as the new document that we've prepared, this has a two-fold kind of purpose. The first thing was to come up with a document that could be sent without any form of terminology in there like respondent or proponent. It has no requirement to make a signature on the bottom, didn't need to be addressed to any individual specifically. It had no terms and conditions involved in it. Was just a simple flyer, which was called the foreclosure flyer, that could be dropped into any bank branch, any government office and left with the teller, the manager, whoever and give them a little snapshot as to what's happened and also tells them how they can get their own Courtesy Notice, either with their name on it or that they could use to send to their bank.
It's not a confrontational kind of tool. It just lays it out there and puts it to the recipients as to, ‘Oh, I might want to go and have a look at some of these websites and look closer at it’. It's an interim kind of document before anyone gets a Courtesy Notice, so it lays it out quite clearly that you keep perpetuating the slavery system by running these ponzi courts or pursuing loans that never existed and operating as banks, then who knows, it might be a day or might be five days, you may very well receive a Courtesy Notice with your name on it. In that sense it's a document that can be used very easily. Now the second aspect of that document as to how it might be used is in support of others who've sent a Courtesy Notice to an individual. For example, if an individual at a bank for example received ten, twenty, thirty of these flyers coming in from various people, they can be emailed, it's just a simple pdf document. They can be hand delivered. It's showing the support for those who are sending the Courtesy Notice. By all means you can send it...

Lisa: Scott.

Scott: Yes.

Lisa: Sorry, I think your dad did put together a Q and A. Now that's available too, isn't it?

Scott: Yeah that is completely separate, that’s specifically to the courtesy notice.

Lisa: And where is that available from?

Scott: I think that was already posted...

Lisa: On the website?

Chris: It’s on the website and we should update that too, so let’s make sure that happens.
Scott: It is up to version six at the moment and it’s been attached to every email that has gone out in response to questions asked lately, so thanks Lisa.

Lisa: The email for questions is for questions just in regards to courtesy notices and perhaps the follow up process. I am sure more information will come out on that as well.

Chris: That document is got to be released with some simple instructions and that will be downloadable off of the OPPT website hopefully later on today. We just want people to actually really get into using that. Remember if you’re doing it in person, what Scott’s recommended in our discussions, is that you keep the verbal explanations to a minimum. You’re just dropping some information off for the manager and staff to look at. If you are dropping it off to a bank and you feel like you’re up to having a one-on-one discussion, do it with the intent that you are delivering good news. There is no confrontation here. They are your equals and you are just educating them at that point.

Scott: Yep. I think it might turn into some fun in as much as walking into a bank branch and sharing it with the staff, because you’re really delivering the good news. I don’t think there’d be too many people who’d be disappointed to find that they didn’t have to pay their mortgage or credit card debt or anything like that.

Lisa:  (laughing) No, not too many.

Scott: Could you imagine, ‘Ah damn, what do you mean I don’t have to pay it? I was really looking forward to paying my how many thousands of dollars per month again this month.’

Lisa: Where were we gonna go from here?

Scott: I was just going to say one final thing. Deryl’s story is quite detailed. If Deryl is willing, I think we need to record a conversation with him and just publish that on the OPPT site so people can get all the information in what he’s done, because he’s put in an awful lot of little energetic bombs into the system. I think it’s quite inspiring.

Lisa:  I think that’s a great idea. Deryl, if you could just go over the sort of language that you use when you are dealing with these people because I think that’s something that trips people up a lot.

Deryl: Basically you approach it from facts, government documents, stuff that’s registered... whether it be in the UK, the US or Australia. Those are the facts; these are the laws. It’s right there. You may see in the video the difficulty that these guys have when confronted with the criminal code and ‘What do I do now?’ You have this order from a judge who’s really not a judge. He’s the lawyer from the bank. Yet you have a conflict there. These guys are struggling with what to do. They have a belief system. They believe that they are protecting the public, but when you show them a document that says ‘Well your police force...’ (fading away)

Bob: Could you step closer to your mic Deryl? You’re fading away.

Deryl: How’s that now? Is that better?

Lisa: Still soft.

Deryl: Well, you’re dealing with people who have a belief system and what you’re doing, you’re confronting them with... (fades off)

Bob: We can barely hear you Deryl.

Lisa: We can hear your breathing more than we can hear your voice, which is quite odd.

Deryl:  How is that now?

Bob: Not better.

Lisa: No, still soft.

Deryl: Where was I, the best way to deal with it is to deal with the facts and documents; government documents, orders, codes, because this is the hard evidence.

Lisa: Deryl, really can’t hear a word you’re saying.

Deryl: I may have to get back to you. I may have to reboot.

Lisa: Okay, we’ll come back to you. In the meantime, we do have D with us. If you have been watching and following D’s blog, you’ll know that shenanigans are afoot. So let’s bring D out to talk about that. (laughs)

D: Hello everybody. (laughing) I just had the phone ring with an intel call just as you said “we’ll bring D out” and I was like ‘oh shit’. (laughs) Pardon me.

Brian: The shenanigan queen, Miss D…(laughing)

D: Yes, yes, it‘s been an interesting weekend I will tell you, definitely an interesting weekend. I wrote about it; a big article on Saturday outlining again for anyone who’s been following this. Regardless of what area, be it the NESARA side or the RV side or even the light workers, they know.  They all have the basic information now in front of them, whether they’ve been in it one year or ten years. They know how it should play out. This event when it happens, if they get up the balls enough to do it, which is still on the table, we’re not sure, is going to be the biggest contrast event ever. It is going to be really quite humorous I think when it comes out. And funnily enough I did not get to talk to Heather very much with her this weekend, but I got to have a good long conversation with her this morning. She was laughing because about two hours after I posted that article she got a phone call from someone who tends to call her up every so often, who is highly placed and has a tendency to bring information forward and occasionally offers forward occasionally as well from the PTW. As I wrote about today and I copied and pasted what Heather had written today, they came forward looking basically ‘Will you wheel and deal with us? Can we get you to come on board with us?’

Lisa: Can we play, can we play?

D: No, no, no, no...’Would you play with us?’ (laughing) And she actually had me laughing my butt off this morning when she was talking about it. Because it was just...they just don’t know. Literally at one point she said...I can’t remember exactly what he had asked and she said, ‘Well, who’s running the show?’  There was this kind of pause and this guy was like, ‘They don’t know.’ As in it’s kind of like they don’t even know who it is that is calling all the shots; it’s like chickens with heads cut off basically. Because they know that their system has nothing behind it; they have nothing of value behind the system to support the system.

Bob: I found it funny when you told me D, you asked why hasn’t the revalue gone through?Why hasn’t the  NES...; they don’t know why. (laughs) Their bosses don’t know why.

D: They don’t know why. This is my interpretation of everything that I’ve watched happening and conversations that I’ve had with various people. Basically you’ve got the so-called Divines, the non-locals if you want to call them that, are calling the shots. But they change their minds radically all the time. It’s like, ‘Okay, we’re going to go. We’re going to go. Okay, here we go. Here we go. No, no, no, stop, stop, stop, stop. Just wait. Okay, now we’re going to go. Go, go. No, stop. Just stop. Now wait.’  Because I’ve literally had my contacts pulling their hair out. ‘We have no idea why it didn’t go. We have no idea. Everything is set. It’s ready. Why didn’t it go?’ This is not guru types, this is military and stuff.

Chris: D, just for the people who aren’t fully across what you’re talking about, perhaps you should give the 30-minute version of what might roll out and why.

D: Okay, so basically it all comes out in a giant basket. It was planned that way from the beginning when they set up the new financial system. So it starts with NESARA, which there is tons of information all over the net talking about what NESARA is exactly, etc. NESARA includes a lot of stuff. It includes things like the abolishment of the IRS and the Federal Reserve because they are illegal corporations. It involves getting rid of income taxes because it is illegal. Basically, pretty much every law that was ever written after the original 13th amendment is gone. I know they have had legal teams working on it for the last few months now, rewriting all sorts of laws, so it’s all ready to go. Those are just some of the basics, just some of the very basic premises of it. And of course the revaluation, the return to the gold-backed currency, the gold-backed standard and asset-based currencies, which would be a global currency revaluation and being highlighted of course with the Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong, being the two biggest currencies highlighted that everyone has been buying in on to make lots and lots of money, because they are so undervalued now. When they are revalued to what should be their asset-backed status, they would be much, much, higher in value.

Chris: So they want to roll out a new version of the financial system.

D: Yep, it’s a whole new system; supposed to be a whole new computer system. It’s supposedly transparent. There is much talk that it’s based on off-world technology.

Lisa: So the original NESARA and everything that goes with it, are you saying…I know we talked about this month’s ago...but just for clarity for anybody who’s catching up now. The very original NESARA program was a good thing.

D: Yes, it was…absolutely.

Lisa: However, it has since been usurped? Or perhaps even adopted to sell another program under the guise of NESARA?

D: That’s right.

Lisa: And this other program is essentially slavery version 2.0.

D: Exactly.

Lisa:  And when they bring it out and the details don’t match up exactly with the original advertised intent, it’s going to expose it for what it is and they know that.

D: Yes. For example, one of the things with NESARA is the government is immediately closed down, the American government and an interim government is put in place until they can vote in a new legitimate government.

Lisa: So if NESARA is announced and an interim government is not…..then you know what it is.

D: That’s right. Or, for example...I have discussed this for hours and hours with many different sources. If per se, they say Obama is stepping down because of health issues or something along those lines, well that’s not NESARA. That is a lie, right? Because if he‘s been taken down and is no longer president, it needs to be automatically and fully disclosed as to the reasons why. Are they going to announce...there’s supposed to be hours and hours worth of announcements, re-education system, video tapes that apparently have supposed to already been filmed and are ready to go.

Brian: 10 days of re-education, right? Broadcast on all major TV, radio, internet networks?

D: Yep, 10 to 2o days of re-education explaining why the Federal Reserve is illegal and how income tax is illegal and the thirteenth amendment being a really, really big one. Oh, guess what? The BAR is gone.

Chris: I gather also D, the key thing it does apart from supposedly shutting down the financial system was shutting down corporate US government, going back to the original Constitution and re-electing a lawful government. And if they don’t, for instance, announce that all the statutory laws are now gone and we’re under common law until we re-establish a new legitimate government, if they don’t announce that, again more evidence that it’s just a put-up job.

Lisa: And the original NESARA, was it only for the United States? Was it only for North America or was it global?

D: It was only for the US. It was a legal decision. It was court case that happened in the US. This is the whole thing. Once we started seeing this whole thing of NESARA in Canada and Australia, that’s I think when you see the takeover of it; when it was usurped. It’s like, ‘Okay,  now we’re going to pass this NESARA type law’ and now there is someone calling it GESARA, which is the global, instead of just the national.

Chris: It’s never real until you have an acronym for it, apparently.

D: Yes, exactly. One of the first things is that when the people hear about this, I was like ‘okay wait a second, do you not see the fundamental problem? You’re saying you’re going to roll out NESARA across the world? Which returns the States to true Constitutional Law. Hellooo, here in Canada? We don’t need American Constitutional Law and I am sure Australians don’t need the American US Constitution and the Philippines and the Congo, and all these places? I’m pretty sure you don’t have a right to put US Constitutional Law in effect in other countries without the people voting on it.’

Brian: That would go over real well. (laughs)

Chris: Not, yes, but even if they did and actually turn around and if they removed the corporate government that actually runs this country and we went back to the original constitution, well that would be useful, but I don’t think we’re going to see that. I think they’ll just leave the existing governments in place, I think that’s what they’ll attempt to do.

Bob: I think what they are afraid of; they’re afraid of people finding out where the real value comes from.

D: Bingo.

Bob:  This speaks directly to all the people who have felt “betrayed” and the only reason why they feel betrayed is because they also don’t know where the real value comes from.

Chris: Can I give a direct example of that Bob, one that’s made them really nervous? One of the reasons that Scott’s activities have been upsetting the bank is that the UCC filings that he and Ken have dug up over the last month have indicated that all the banks in Australia, well the three major banks in Australia, have actually hocked themselves to the hilt to the Federal Reserve for funding, including what they call chattel paper. And guess what that is folks? And then Scott, do you want to mention the other document that someone dug up out of the UCC that was actually put in by the Clinton Administration which is even more specific?

Scott: Yeah, that was an absolute nugget. The hilarious thing is, friends actually wrote off to the auditors at Westpac Bank, one of the big four here in Australia, and dropped the UCC financing statement showing the registration of absolutely everything that bank owned now and the future as collateral. We drew the example of, if you went and borrowed money for a car, the bank would register a security interest in your car as the collateral. That’s the correlation between the size of the supposed loan and the car is kind of like a one-to-one. So when you see the registration of absolutely every bit of collateral that the bank here in Australia thinks it owns to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, you get a pretty good idea of the size of the obligation from Westpac Bank through to the Federal Reserve in New York. Then that collateral aspect of it, of the shadow paper, which if you follow the definitions all the way through, you end up at goods and one of the things goods includes is the unborn young of animals. I don’t think that there’s any farmer on the planet that would actually go around and count pregnant animals and class them as goods. That just made my stomach turn when I saw that.
So basically what’s been happening is those have been going out to these banks. The silence is absolutely resounding, excepting from a couple of the auditors that have written back trying to explain away the supposed obligations between these banks and the Federal Reserve of New York.  But when you get this executive order that comes out that clearly labels humans as capital, it’s a little bit hard to rebut that sort of information and then backed up by that other UCC Financing Statement that came out on American Kabuki site which labeled or showed the transaction for $14.3 trillion where the citizens of the US were sold.  I mean you couldn’t ask for better information just unraveling.

Chris:  That’s where the value is.  Behind the scenes of the banking system, they’re buying and selling us because we’re the value and it’s coming out in these UCC filings folks.

Bob:  It’s important for, I want to distinguish value.  You’re not valuable because you possess the gold and silver.  The gold and silver are representations of your value.  The value is you.  It’s you!  It’s all you: your energy, your ideas, your innovations, your BE’ing!

Lisa:  Bob, this sounds like a good time for me to pipe in.  I’m gonna share the journey that I’ve been going on with this over the last week… this business about value… and a bridge.  You know a bridge between where we are now and where we want to be and what that bridge might look like.  And people who are feeling from last week’s show they felt disappointed that they didn’t end up, or they felt they weren’t going to end up with something in their hands to access value. 

So, I’ve been going on a journey with this myself.  And two things, I realized very strongly two things.  We cannot have a representation of value until we know what value it is representing.  Not enough people know that yet.  I’m not even fully there yet!  I know it intellectually. I know it to a certain extent, but embodying that, really, really knowing that I am eternal essence and that is the value.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a piece of paper, or a card with a magnetic strip on it or gold or silver, that that, all that is, is representing MY value, MY BE’ing, MY DO’ing. I thought about cash, ‘cos I think that’s probably one of the most obvious ones.  You know there’s no difference between a five dollar note and a hundred dollar note, other than what’s written on them.  They are, they cost exactly the same to print.  The same amount of paper and ink and that’s all they’re worth.  The only difference between them is what we agree collectively is the difference between them.  The only value they have is what we have agreed that they have.  If you’re in America and you’ve got a whole bunch of cash and you jump on a plane and come over to Australia and try and spend it… good luck!  You’d be very hard pressed finding someone to accept it, because it’s not our agreed representation of value.  I can do the same thing with Australian dollars and go to South East Asia.  If it’s not in the form that is agreed upon, it has no value.  So what is it and what is it representing? 

Until we get to the… we need two things to happen before we can even have a representation and have this bridge and that is that the current system has to go.  Because any attempt to give us a representation of value will just be stolen.  That’s what they do… that’s what they’ve always done.  They’ve usurped it, they’ve stolen it, they’ve… whatever.  So it needs to get to a point where they are powerless to do so and that IS happening now.  We’re seeing the effects of it and it’s because of every single one of you; your BE’ing and your DO’ing is what is weakening the system and bringing it down.  It will get to the point where they cannot usurp it, whatever we choose to do. 
The other thing that has to happen is we have to know completely what this represents; the value that it represents.  If we can get to the point where we know, we have those two things, then we can have a representation of that value if we still need it.  But right now, to give everybody a thumb drive or a card, or anything like that this week, I just don’t see it working. I think Heather knows that and I think Caleb knows that, I think Randall knows.  That’s the journey I’ve been on and if anyone wants to say anything to that, just go for it.

Brian:  Yeah, Lisa I think you’ve laid it out very eloquently and perfectly.  You know I think that a major problem that people are having is they got real hung, a lot of people rightfully so, got real hung up on things that Heather has said. They looked at it as you know “We were promised things” and “It wasn’t delivered”. 

What people have to understand you know, I realize that the foundation of where those, I don’t want to call it griping because that has a very negative connotation to it, but those kinds of complaints where they’re coming from.  They come from a place from people that are either in fear or in lack or they’re suffering and they just want relief. With something like this, it’s really easy to go back in history and say “This is unprecedented and it’s never happened before.  Nothing like it has ever happened before”, and when you have something of this magnitude that’s unfolding, it has to be fluid to allow for change that in essence works towards painting a much better and bigger picture. 

So at one point in time the idea of a flash drive or the idea of a card using the same old paradigm systems, the same ATMs, the same pieces of paper with FRN at the top of it, as a bridge to where we’re going, you know maybe that made sense.  But I think as we go and as this whole plan evolves, the idea behind the paradigm needing to change to an entirely new system, one that maybe doesn’t require somebody to have cash in hand.  It has to be fluid to allow those changes to come to fruition.  Now some people are still gonna say “Well, I still need to be able to buy a loaf of bread and put a tank of gas in my car”, I realize that. I think everybody on this panel, we all realize that. It boils down, no matter what it all comes back around full circle and people have to ask themselves, have to look long and hard in the mirror and ask themselves “Do I want to continue to operate in the old system, or do I want something that’s completely new?  And what could that potentially look like?” That’s what we have; that’s where we’re at right now.  Yeah, who was that?

Deryl:  It’s Deryl here, can I pipe in?

Brian:  Yeah, go for it.

Deryl:  I just want to give the listeners some facts, some data, here of things that are happening behind the scenes.  As you know it was actually out on AK’s site and D’s site, there was a request from Heather that I do certain things in contact with the Indonesians.  We have been working with them. We have been communicating back and forth. They had actually offered to give everyone a substantial amount of money.  We went back and we asked them not to introduce it into the system, because it had to collapse first, because we don’t want to keep it alive.  It’s completely corrupted.  They have agreed.  I’m just gonna read you here, just so people know there is a safety net back out there. One of the representations is gonna be we do have the backing, and just let me quickly go “I am very happy with the full respect that you gave us with the power (and this is their response to us)… with the power and the energy of Gold almighty for the welfare and the prosperity for the people for this world, in recent days the entire document will be sent to the absolute OPPT, with greetings of love from the Big Top Royal etc. etc. etc.” 

Okay, so they’re behind that.  It’s just that it will not be introduced at the current time.

Chris:  Which gets back to…

Lisa:  I think we need to elaborate a little bit on what… and get into the details of this.  The person who wrote this email is representing the…

Deryl:  Those are the people, those are the individuals who have the gold and silver, the ones that the western financial system has been leveraged against for all these years.  The new financial system that was supposed to roll out today and what D was talking about, the valuation. did not go today.  The reason being they’re not getting the backing from the people who actually hold the physical assets. 

Lisa:  So the people who hold the physical assets, the powers-that-were, have been using as collateral are now no longer playing with the powers-that-were.

Deryl:  Yeah.

Lisa:  In part because of what the OPPT has done and they want to work with the One People’s Public Trust instead and they’ve offered…and I’m trying to put this in as simplest terms as possible.  They’ve offered to give everybody on the planet six million dollars and they want to work with Heather and the others in order to make this happen. 

Deryl:  However we have asked them not…

Lisa:  However it can’t happen right now because of the fact that the powers-that-were still have the ability at this moment to hijack it and steal it along the way.

Deryl:  Exactly!  These individuals have had the assets for years, but they have been manipulated by the western powers. Their value, their gold and silver, has been stolen and they’re rather upset with that.  So we have offered them a solution.  We’ve offered them some suggestions and they have accepted that. In response, this last email said “Yeah we’ll provide you with documents and the appropriate account numbers and so forth, to back the OPPT.”

Lisa:  So is there any strings attached with this six million?  Is it six million, but you’re still a slave?  Or is it six million and you’re free?  Is it six million without the current system… former system?  What comes with this?

Deryl:  There are no…

D:  I think that’s what needs to be negotiated and discussed fully and completely.  Probably face to face.

Deryl:  No, there are no restrictions with it.

D:  No, but what I think, I think what Lisa’s getting at is…we all know now that we are completely free. as eternal essence embodied we are free and we are equal.  There is no need of banks because we are the value.  There is no need of government because we are eternal essence and we can do what we need to do.  So I think what Lisa’s getting at is… do they have expectations of this will work in such a way, is it gonna be payable? What’s it gonna be payable in?  How’s it gonna be paid out?  Will it go through banks?  Will it go through a completely new entity that will be separate?  Right? These are all details that would need to be ironed out and completely sorted and in full transparency.

Deryl:  Well no, these were done through previous emails. What we said was the best way for them was to arrest the illegal agents and actors within their banks and corporate governments and to give that six million to the people.  Keep it away from the banks and have that system collapse first before the value actually goes back to the people.  And these, you’ve got to remember that these are the trustees, the kings, queens etc. from old, who have that duty to give it to the people and they’ve been trying to do that over the years.  But they’ve been held under.  So that’s why they have… and they were rather upset in the emails of what is happening. They don’t want to see things continue as they have been. They want change and they’re actually speaking…

Lisa:  The questions that are coming up in the chat room are “Did we go from ten billion to six million?”  No, there’s not really a connection between the two.  This just happens to be one of the many things that are going on in the background of people who want to come forward to free the people.

Deryl:  That’s absolutely correct Lisa.

Lisa:  Yeah and there are others.

Deryl: Yeah and they’re not, in previous emails they do not want to underwrite the new financial system that they’re trying to push through with this RV.

D:  Because it’s completely nothing to do with equality.

Deryl:  Exactly!

D: There’s nothing to do with equality in it. I’ve written about this several times over the last few months.  There’s nothing about this new financial system that they’re pushing that has to do with equality. 

Chris:  See, overlaid on this is that the system itself needs to collapse.  It needs to actually first be exposed for what it is.  I don’t think that these funds should be released until the system is actually exposed for what it is.

D:  Exactly!

Chris:  They can do it themselves. They can do it themselves by trying to pull this fake NESARA which will blow up in their faces.  Or overlaid on that is the Event that has been announced by the trustees.  The event of essentially Absolute Data arriving where indeed the people will internally know what the truth actually is.  It doesn’t matter which order these things happen in, the people will actually get the truth. 

Deryl:  And also Chris, if need be, we do have, we will have the representation for however long it takes people to adjust to the new energy exchange system…so.

Chris:  Yeah, well as D said before, even this NESARA deal they’ve got ten to twenty days of educational material prepared which is their version of Absolute Data if you like.  I would prefer the Absolute Data.  I don’t want something that’s gone through them. 

D:  Oh, so would I!  I mean and that claim is a joke right, because they have this new computer system in the financial system that’s supposed to be so transparent. No more money laundering. No more derivatives. No more leveraging.  Oh, it’s gonna be completely transparent.  Mmmm!  Are they gonna be so transparent as to show exactly where the value’s coming from?  I don’t think so!

Chris:  Well, if they were completely transparent they wouldn’t be having a representational system, would they?

D:  Exactly! 

Lisa:  I just want to, I just want to ask for clarification from everyone on the panel in terms of their understanding of those original documents that quoted ten billion dollars.  I never, I never read that initially to mean that I was going to GET ten billion dollars.  What I understood it to mean was, because those filing were not for me, not for us, they weren’t written to me, they weren’t written to the public, they were written to the powers-that-were and they were arbitrary figures to represent firstly five billion in value and five billion in damages for what they’ve done.  And it could have been any figure.

Deryl:  Well, actually they were based on the superior audit, so they were real hard assets that were out there. 

Lisa:  Okay.

Brian:  Yes, yes, but Heather has said that it was a low estimate.  It should be so much more than that.  You hit the nail on the head.  That wasn’t meant for, that was meant to send a message to the powers-that-were that the game was over.  It wasn’t meant, it never said anywhere in there, people can go back and read it for themselves, I did once or twice since then.  It never said in there that anybody is gonna be getting a ten billion dollar cheque that they can go to the bank and cash it in for Federal Reserve notes.  First of all, talked about gold, but it was like kind of like a, it was just a message really.  Go back in there and re-read it. I mean people can see it and they got real hung up. 

I mean the first conversation I had with Heather was two hours and forty five minutes; D was on there.  Those were all my questions for the first half hour, forty five minutes.  I’m told that if you go back and re-listen to that conversation, there’s a lot to take away from it. At that time, the answers that Heather gave to some of those questions were frustrating to some, but I’m told that if you go back and listen to it again that you can pick pieces out and really start to understand where we are now and how the story has still remained the same.  I’m gonna listen to it again one of these days; it’s just two hours and forty five minutes. That’s a big…

Lisa:  That’s the very first conversation with Heather that went public are you talking about?

Brian:  Yes, yeah.  I’ll put it in the chat room.

D:  We should put it back up on the sites Brian.  Maybe tonight we should dig it up and actually put it back out on American Kabuki and put it on RTS, so that it’s right there and people can just click on it and listen to it again.
Brian: Good idea. I'll post it on AK after the call.
Lisa: So these conversations that we've been having for the last few months about access to value. In a way it just feels like it was a stepping stone and I'm not trying to play down anything because I'm trying to look at a bigger picture. A stepping stone in terms of getting us to recognize what our value is. If you've got people thinking about having ten billion dollars then, I think I did say this on the radio show a few times, that you know that the minute that everyone got $10 billion dollars would be immediately followed by the minute that none of it was necessary because it becomes completely worthless and superfluous at that point.
D: It becomes like ten billion grains of sand.
Bob: You know people needed to get an idea of their worth. That’s a small representation of your real value. I mean people, ten billion dollars gets traded in a second. That’s not a lot of money. But people need to get an idea of their real worth. People are coming from the idea, the thought in their head that I'm in debt. They have this mentality that they’re in debt. If you understood the truth of the matter, you ARE NOT IN DEBT. No one is. They just tricked you into believing that you were.
Lisa: (laughs) I'm sorry. I'm just looking at the chat room and it's like "the panel is taking our money and spending it"? (everyone laughs)
D: They need to clean their ears out today.
Brian: You guys can't see us right now. We're swimming in gold coins.
Lisa: Oh, my gold chair is creaking.
Brian: Here's the thing. We've talked about this before real quick. This is just to touch on what Bob just said. If you give every $10 billion, you'd set the foundation for it to end up in exactly where we were and some very predictable point in time in the future. What the powers-that-were became very very very good at is figuring out ways to manipulate, so they could hoard all the value back in their courts.
D: Exactly.
Brian: That's what they've become ...especially over the last couple hundred years... that’s what they've become absolute pros at. So if you do that, it's setting the system up to self-perpetuate and for us to end up back in that very same situation. I can just see a guy going to Las Vegas and saying ‘What have I got to lose, let’s throw $10 billion all on black’. Then all of a sudden then (inaudible) and then he loses and then he's broke again. That's essentially an illustration of what it would be, you know of what it could possibly be. So trust me, it doesn't make any sense for everybody to get a piece of value in the same system the same form that it's in now, for that to be the plan. It just doesn't make any sense.
D: The whole new system as well. This whole new supposed financial system. How new is it if the same politicians are in charge? If the same bankers are still running the bank? The same billionaire CEO's are still raking in all the money off all the products that you're gonna buy with your $10 billion? How is this different?
Lisa: Well, that's what I see NESARA doing. I mean if this NESARA thing comes out, everybody’s gonna run out and act like new lotto winners as we've talked about before. They're gonna be broke again in 12 months, cuz they'll have gone crazy buying all the things they haven't been able to buy in the past. It all ends up back in the same hands it's in now.
D: Yup.
Lisa: I give it 12 months.
Deryl: Well, the whole purpose of what we're doing here is education. I'm gonna point your listeners to the oppt-in site under Resources. There's a document there you need to read to understand energy. It's called Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. That document talks about controlling the energy alright and making them scarce in order to make you compete for them. This will be a way for people to understand how they've been manipulated since the 1900's. So please go (multiple people talking)
Lisa: One of the comments that I just saw in the chat room is why didn't we just start talking about the law of attraction from the beginning? That it's all about the law of attraction. Because it's not. It's so much more than that. The One Peoples Public Trust has been a tool. It's always been a tool.
Bob: I'm not going to tiptoe around this anymore, because I've just seen too much and I know that this is real. The reality that you're living in is not real. The only reason why for instance you're not able to fly right now is because you don't believe you can. The only reason you’re getting old and getting sick right now is because you believe in that limitation. We're setting the boundaries ourselves. It's not just about the law of attraction. It's about our reality in this existence. Right now we're the ones who hold it together. If you really want to get an education, start looking into what they've discovered in quantum physics. That matter only exists because we believe it should.
D: Exactly.
Brian: Yes. Like the universe exists because we exist. Everybody keeps asking ‘Well, I still want to go out and get a house and I still want to go out and get a car’. We're not saying that nobody’s going to be able to go out and get the things that they desire. We're saying that once this event, once this Absolute Data comes about, people we won't need cash in hand to attract the things into our lives that we want. We won't need to go out and use gold or use silver or use Federal Reserve notes. Everybody keeps saying ‘Talk about the Event, talk about Absolute Data’. Alright, I'm talking about it.
Bob: Here's Absolute Data. Okay and this is a fact. There's no denying it okay. This is just a fact of technology. There is a machine that exists that've heard of 3D printing but that can do this at a subatomic level. Literally creating and putting energy patterns together to create anything you want. This machine exists. Okay. It's real. There's a patent for it. It's there. The prototype exists and it works. Now. That machine was back-engineered from human DNA. That machine was back-engineered from you, the human person. We have this ability. We just don't know how to use it. Now whether you return the machine or return the knowledge of how to use your own internal ability, both would render the entire system unnecessary. Okay?
The thing about using this machine? Within 15 minutes of using the machine, humans figure out that they don't need the machine at all. They could do it themselves. So either one of these things returning into our introduced, introducing that into the system, would immediately show you where the value's coming from because it's coming from your energy. It's coming from you. It would also immediately eliminate need for money. It would eliminate the need for factories. It would eliminate the need for any of the structures that you see right now. It would give you the ability to create the world you wish. It would give you the ability to clean up anything that you saw in your reality because this construct can be changed. You're living on a holodeck. (laughter) I'm sorry.
Deryl: No, Bob is absolutely correct.
Bob: This may sound like science fiction to you. This is real. You're living on a holodeck. (multiple people talking)
Lisa: There are people in the chat room that completely get that.
Brian: Yeah. Think about what having one of these things and showing a working prototype and then also having a free energy device what that does to the people that think that they're still in power. If we don't need, if the perception is we no longer need them for anything, we don't need their government; we don't need anything that they're offering to us. We have the ability to create anything that we want, anything that we desire on our own. Then all of a sudden the illusion, the veils of the illusion, are lifted once and for all.
Lisa: You have to know guys, this is not just a hypothetical situation or conversation here. We are, we do know that getting these things out into the marketplace is happening.

Deryl:  Lisa?

Lisa: I don’t know how much we can say about it, but I do know that’s what’s going on.

Bob: No, no, let’s talk about it.

Lisa: Hang on, Deryl wants to say something.

Deryl: I just want to tell everyone. There are on the OPPT-IN website, there are two free patents available for anyone who wants to design their own. One is for a five kilowatt free energy generator. The other patent is for an anti-gravity machine, okay? Those are there, those are free, available for you to download. Take it to your university, your college, your garage, whatever you want to do and you can create your own free generator.
Chris: Okay now folks, so there’s one, I wanna ramp this up one more level okay? “Cause I had a phone call yesterday from someone who’s been following the show for long time. There was one really important thing that they hadn’t quite got yet despite listening to all the shows, reading all the, well, probably not all the documents but reading a lot of the material. They were really quite across it and that’s this: the Event we’re talking about isn’t just about us. D’s been referring to what we call the non-locals. We’re calling some of these entities on Earth, we’re calling them the Divines, but they’re non-locals. They’re not from this planet. There’s an awful lot of other races interacting with this planet. They’re all very interested in this planet right now and here’s why: this planet, as the densest reality, the hardest, toughest place to live in this known universe is actually the centre, was actually the centre of about an 8000 year plus experiment that was terminated on December 10th last year by one of the filings. That experiment was over and that experiment was to see if BE’ings could actually be completely cut off from the rest of the universe and find their way back to it.
Now the Event that we’re referring to is the point in time at which that information is completely revealed to everybody on this planet. What it will do is reconnect us back to literally the rest of the universe via a thing that Heather calls the Absolute Grid and two things will happen at that point. All the information, that’s the sum total of our experiences for the last 8000 plus years, will flow back out to the rest of the universe and all the information that’s been withheld from us will flow back into us. So that Absolute Event which is actually declared in two, three different documents, it’s actually declared in the February, or the February 18th release of the December 10th document, where each manifestation within the universe within creation, not just us, is actually returned to BE’ing self with the record of creation and knowledge of the energy grid and all patterns and manuals of creation for knowledge and use of Absolute Truth, communication, travel and further creation by self amongst self. That’s the replication aspect of our DNA technology folks. That’s what’s being returned to us. That’s what the Event is.
It’s as significant to the races outside this planet as it is to us, because the other thing that the document did that was released very recently by Heather is actually quash, in fact the one that actually closes down the trust actually quashes all hierarchies across existence, not just here. If you go back and read from the CVAC documents onward, they all refer to the entirety of creation, not just here. When they shut down All That Is, has been fully audited and reconciled into Absolute Eternal Essence inclusive of all trusts, systems, networks, regimes, hierarchies and any and all other limits unrebutted. They’re talking about All That Is folks, not just on this planet here. So what’s gonna happen here rebounds across the entire universe and we’re right at the centre of it. That is the piece of information that you really need to get your heads around, because that is the key reason why jumping into a representation of value now is pointless. Because this Event is fairly imminent, can’t give you an exact date, but that is the specific Event that’s coming and that is the implication for the Event.    

Bob: This is what the PTW really didn’t want you to find out, what your true power is, what your true abilities are and how to use them. Now would you rather 10 billion dollars or would you rather the owner’s manual to your machine? That you own whole, that you call your body? Which would you rather? Really? When you have Absolute Data, when you know how to use that technology and you can create anything that you want...anything...that you want, where’s your limits? Now you’re only limited by your imagination, or lack thereof. That is the true value, that is the true value. Then you’ll know and then you’ll see where the true value, that you are powerful, that you are a Creator. That’s what we’re here for, to create our own experience.

Brian: You know one thing Bob, just to touch on that, is this conversation that we’ve been having on these shows. It’s evolved a lot over the course of the last three months and that, what you just said really brings it to where, it’s like a perfect summary of where we are in this now moment, which is it’s one thing to say, it feels really good to say ‘I’m the Creator’ and ‘I’m Eternal Essence’ and ‘I have the ability to manifest anything and attract anything into my life’ but it’s another thing to, it’s one thing to say those things and to really feel like you believe it, it’s another thing to know it, to absolutely know it as an undeniable Absolute Truth. And that’s what this Event is; it’s that conscious knowing of these things that we’re talking about, not feeling these things, not saying them, it’s the actual Knowing. Then we get all of the power that we were designed, from the very beginning of this experiment to finally get back once and for all.   

Lisa: Can I just say a personal shout-out to the people in the chat room who completely understand what’s being said here and are countering a lot of the negativity in the chat room, thank you. To those who are still putting comments in like ‘I don’t get it, are they saying there’s no money?’

Bob: OMG!

Lisa: I don’t know what to say. (Laughter)

Deryl: Lisa, tell ‘em there is money if they need it, but this is a learning process everyone is going through, not everyone is to the stage as we are right now, okay? Tell ‘em not to worry.

Lisa: Yeah, but I’m feeling for them because they’re stuck and I know how it feels to be stuck like that.

Deryl: We’re gonna help them. Okay?

Lisa: Yes, there is money if you need it and yes, there are lots of people out there who are trying to find ways of getting it to you without it being stolen before it gets to you, okay?

Chris: Gotta point out too Lisa that that whole effort in Cyprus is the cabal stealing off former colleagues.

D: Oh yeah. This is...

Chris: Right? They’re stealing off each other now because they can’t steal any back off us at the moment.
Deryl: That’s right and they don’t have the collateral accounts, because that’s been pledged to the OPPT.

D: Or the Saint Germaine Trust, they don’t have that money either. Well gee, I wonder what they’re gonna try and use to make this new system?

Lisa: But the people who do genuinely have access to these assets and who genuinely do wanna see you have a bridge between here and there are still trying to work out the details of how to get it to you. That’s essentially what we’re trying to say, but in the meantime, spend your energy paying attention to those three questions: What is the value? that all of this shit represents, whether it’s cash or whatever. What is the value that it truly represents? Where is that value located? Who has control of that value? And the answer is the value is you, it is located within you and you are the one who controls it. In the meantime spend time and energy on those questions. That’s the only advice I can give you at this point. It is within you, you are it. 

Brian: And another thing too on that Lisa, is that I get a lot of Facebooks and I get a lot of emails about, people say “Well I’m doing just fine, but this person over here is just really struggling and they’re operating in so much fear and I’m just ready to go with the flow, but they’re in pain and they’re struggling.’ Sometimes there’s nothing that you can say or do to somebody else to make them feel better. Sometimes they just need to go through that, whatever it is that they’re going through, to get it out of their systems, because it’s something that’ll allow them an incredible growth opportunity. So it’s why you never hear most of us lose our cool, I mean I can only speak for myself but I know that we don’t freak out on people. They call in and they ask, they throw questions at us or whatever because there’s nothing, at least for me personally, for me to defend.
And when people send me Facebook and they talk about all these other people that are struggling, I wish that I could flip a magic switch that would make everybody’s suffering go away. But on a deeper level, on a fundamental level there’s a reason that why people have designed these experiences in their lives that allowed them the experiences and the suffering they’re going through because this is the most opportunity for growth, during times of adversity. Beating whatever it is that you think is holding you back. I’m so grateful for losing all my, for losing my businesses, losing my house, losing all my money and being dead broke. It made me who I am today and it made me realize that I don’t need any money. I just want to have my needs met and I wanna go round, I wanna travel the world and thank God for those experiences that allowed me to learn those lessons. I’m glad that no-one came to my rescue on a white horse, because those are the experiences that I designed ahead of time to allow myself opportunities to grow.

Lisa: Is there any, we’ve only got twenty minutes left of the show and there are people on the call with questions, but if we’re gonna open them up, we need to do it now. Is there anything else that we wanted to address before we do that? (silence) No? Okay. Actually I do have a couple of things. There’s been talk about arrests over the weekend. D, you’re the girl to ask here, has there been any confirmation that that took place at all?

D: Yes. There was not 600 people arrested last week, there was not. I have no idea what hat that number was pulled out of but it was, it’s not true. There were arrests, there are confirmed arrests.

Lisa: Of bankers?

D: Of bankers, financial people, people working within that industry, for a fact, yes.

Lisa: Okay. And it made the mainstream news at all? ‘Cause I wouldn’t know ‘cause I don’t watch it.

D: No and it won’t and this is the whole thing, when mainstream news is completely controlled. I’ll bet you they conveniently didn’t have a single news camera anywhere near Wall Street in the two days that all those arrests took place, just to make sure they didn’t accidentally film blog hawks on tops of buildings.

Lisa: Okay. The other thing is something that’s been asked in the chat room a couple of times, for a little bit more information on Lois, Loie.

D: Yeah.

Lisa: Now Loie is Heather’s mum and we...

D: She’s talked on the show several times.

Lisa: She has been on the show several times. She was diagnosed with cancer some time ago and has made the choice, it would seem, to leave her current embodiment and that’s going on at the moment. So that’s where a lot of Heather’s time and energy has been spent over the last, over this weekend at least, is with her mum. So that’s what’s going on, unless there’s more to add to that D?

D: Nope, no.

Brian: Maybe one small thing, just from what Heather shared in the chat which was that Loie knows that she doesn’t have to leave her embodiment. It seems to me, based on the information that’s been shared, is that this is a conscious choice that she’s made. We all have the power to heal ourselves, so I think that this is a choice Loie had to think long and hard about. It was, the decision had been made by her that it was something that she needed to do.

Lisa: And we all, here on the panel, wanna send our love and appreciation to Loie.

D: Absolutely. So much love and hugs.

Bob: Yes.

Lisa: She’s played an integral role in supporting Heather throughout this whole process and without her Heather may not have been able to do exactly what she did in the way she did it.

D: Yep. Seriously.

Lisa: Thank you to Loie. Okay, I’m gonna open up the lines guys. We’ve got area code 757?

Caller: Yeah, how you doing?

Lisa: Hi. Who am I speaking to?

Caller: Yes, this is Sovereign(?) How you doin’ tonight? I wanna say peace, love and light to the whole panel.

Brian: Thanks man.

Lisa: How are you?

Caller: And everyone in the whole universe.

Chris: We’re not alone.

Caller: Yeah, we’re definitely not alone. I have two questions tonight and it comes out of concern of a loved one that I met the other day. They’re currently, the system, the powers-that-was want to deport him outta the country. I just wanna know what’s the best way to help my friend in that, man.

Lisa: Wants to deport them?

Caller: Yes. Immigration has come after them and they wanna deport them, back to Africa. And I wanna help him in that matter. What’s the best way to approach that?

Lisa: I personally don’t have the answer to that. Anybody else?

D: Unfortunately not my area. I’m not quite sure how to answer that one.

Caller: Okay.

Lisa: I don’t know if anyone here has any experience dealing with that.

Caller: Okay, I’m gonna move on, I wanna move on to my next question then. Last week the announcement for the UV Exchange was made, that it was currently open for all and for anyone who wanted to come and play. I know those are code words and I wanna know when the panel, do they think that the banks received this message? And are there any banks right now that’re currently OPPTed in? And just waiting for people to come and tell ‘em what their value is and access their value? Can I write myself a cheque, deposit it and say ‘This is my value, give me my money’?

Lisa: Well, we do know that Heather is being approached by many people who have answered the call. Whether any of them have currently come up with a solution or an offer...

D: Transparent.

Lisa: That is transparent and doesn’t come with strings attached is the question.

Caller: Aah, okay. So do you suggest serving them a Courtesy Notice first?

Lisa: I’d go and have the conversation with your bank and, it can’t hurt.

Chris: Yeah, look, I’d just do...

Bob: And then, you know what? For your immigration problem, why don’t you send a Courtesy Notice to the immigration department? 

Caller: Ah, I thought about that too, thank you very much. I just needed support on that note.

Chris: There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do that and also directly to people involved as well. The Courtesy Notice is oriented around commercial things and I had this conversation with Scott yesterday. Criminal matters and family court matters are very, very difficult and complex things to deal with, even in the normal course of events. A Courtesy Notice is for much more clear-cut monetary demands and financial pressures rather than those other things. As Bob just said, the best thing you can do is let them know they’re promulgating a slavery system with a Courtesy Notice.

Caller: Okay, okay. And expounding on the second question, what’s the best way to approach the banks and speak to them?

Chris: Look, personally I would... (over speaking) Bob might have a... Promissory notes, I think, are an interesting crack in their armour, because they’ve been using our promissory notes unlawfully and they know it. If you go to them, you could say to them ‘I know you’ve been using my previous promissory notes, that is all of the application forms I’ve signed, you’ve been using them unlawfully.’ And you could say to them ‘Well, I’m gonna forgive you the debts that you claim you owe me, and I’m also gonna give you one more promissory note’ but I wouldn’t give them a really big one. I would give them just enough to cover any current problems you’ve got, because if you take your promissory note and put a big chunk of your value in the system, you’re giving them real value. Real Value.

Caller: Right.

Chris: That’s where it’s all coming from, and you don’t want to go and turn around and, theoretically you could write any number you like on that cheque but I wouldn’t do it. If you’ve got a problem that’s requiring $5000, I’d give them a $5000 promissory note and leave it at that, so that you immediately withdraw the funds from the bank. One of the things that you need to do is, if they do agree to it, and I actually would be very interested to find out whether they’ll even talk to you about it, you really need to have a contract with them that disallows them from monetizing that promissory note, that disallows them from promulgating higher value...

Lisa: Well, that’s the only reason they’d do any business with you in the first place I think.

Bob: You would have to speak to the right person. You don't want to speak to a teller. You want to go to the manager or the CEO, the head of the bank. You want to let them know that you know. So you're going to serve them a Courtesy Notice or even a flyer perhaps would do the trick. Informing them and letting them know 'Okay, here's my terms and conditions'. Because you just operate from the idea and knowledge that you're the creditor, not them. You're not asking them for money, right? You're telling them 'I'm going to give you some value and I want you to guard it and protect it in this account.'

Chris: Yep. They become a transaction center. What you're saying to them is 'You've been foreclosed, but I'm going to help you stay at least partially in existence, by giving you a small fee as a transaction center.' You can negotiate a percentage with them, but don't give them much. They've still got to pay some stuff to run the machines and really the most useful thing they could be for us now is transaction centers. But we know they're greedy and they want it all and they're going to resist that. If enough of us start having these conversations with them, they'll probably go for any value that they can get. But we have to crack that eggshell and by all means jump in and give it a shot.

Caller: I think I'm going to be down there tomorrow to do that. Thanks guys so much.

Chris: Let us know how it goes.

Lisa: Yeah, let us know how you go.

Brian: Good luck man. Be nice.

Lisa: Anybody else who wants to have the same conversation, please keep us posted. That's the huge turnaround in thinking when you look at a bank as...they're not the creditor and you're not the debtor. It's the other way around and it always has been. If you can come at it with that mentality and that knowing, when you walk into a bank they're not giving you a service. You're giving them one. It changes the game completely. Okay? Thank you for calling in. We'll quickly try to get to one more caller. Area code 707.

Caller: Hello, can you hear me?

Lisa: Yes I can. what's your name?

Caller: Hi. My name's Debra, calling from northern California.

Lisa: Hi Debra.

Brian: Where Debra?

Debra (caller): Where in northern California?

Brian: Yeah, I'm from northern California.

Debra (caller): Oh, I'm in Humboldt County in Blue Lake.

Brian: Humboldt, okay. Thanks for calling Debra.

Debra (caller): Thanks. The question I called with about five minutes before the start of the show I think you've addressed a lot in your last segment before taking questions. But I'll just throw it out there in case you want to say anything more on it. Basically I just called to ask what's happening with the treasury CVAC?

Bob: The treasury?

Debra (caller): The treasury CVAC.

Bob: You are the CVAC. Okay? The treasury and the treasure is not what you expect. It's the ability for you to use your value to create whatever you want. That's the form we would like to deliver it in. Will there be an interim form? That's one of the things that we're trying to figure out and work out if it's necessary. If the Event comes where you can get your true value, which is your ability to create that which you wish, that would be preferred. Would it not?

Debra (caller): Yes.

Bob: Okay. If that can be delivered quickly and effectively, that's what will be delivered. If an interim needs to be delivered before that can happen, then that will be delivered. Either way your needs will be taken care of.

Debra (caller): So, you're sort of waiting to see if this Event happens soon?

Lisa: No, well there's a few things happening concurrently. No one is waiting to see if the Event happens. We're focusing energy...

Bob: We're currently working on both aspects.

Debra (caller): Oh okay, yeah.

Chris: The Event is an inevitability. There's politics and financial things playing out in the background that have to be resolved and reconciled; they have to play out. We're just not sure of the exact order and timing, which is why it's really difficult to anything unfortunately. Also on the subject of CVACs themselves, because of the mixed understandings about how that would actually work, we want to resume that conversation post-Event, when people's perspective is shifted to one where we can have a more sensible conversation about how exactly we play that out.
There is one CVAC in place, as the placeholder for everything we're talking about. Overlaid on that is the treasury aspect; that's one of the tasks of that one CVAC is to placehold for the value that is us and to operate it as an accessible treasury in the forms that Bob just spoke of. Everything's in play at the moment. It's like watching the break on a pool table when someone whacks the cue ball really hard. The balls are spraying everywhere and we're not sure where anything's quite going to land just at the moment.

Lisa: I just want to make the announcement before we go off air that the foreclosure flyer that was referenced earlier is now up on the website. The documents, the patents, on the free energy devices are also up there under "Documents". What else? Is that all? I think so. (laughs) Debra, does that answer your question?

Debra (caller): Yes, thank you.

Lisa: Okay, great. I think we'll try and squeeze in one more. Area code 773.

Caller: Hi, thanks for taking my call. I want to ask a quick question to Chris. Chris, have you had any experience about the questions on the Courtesy Notice from Latin America or Spain?

Chris: I would probably have to ask that question of Scott. Scott, has there been any correspondence from Latin America or Spain that you've received?

Scott: I think there has been a couple that have come through. It is very much global. A large majority has been Australia, US, Canada, followed by UK. Not a whole lot from Latin America, no.

Caller: Okay. I'm asking for a friend. Can you explain a bit more if you know...I know it's worldwide...but can you elaborate more if you can about Latin America and Spain about if it actually works?

Scott: It is universal. One example that helps people get that in their mind is the template that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York uses to register the collateral of the major banks around the world. If you go into the UCC registry and search for those banks, you will actually find, I'm pretty certain, a registration from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to one of the major banks of the country that you're from. That gives you the evidence straight off that UCC is used in your country. You can then join the dots that the foreclosure took place throughout that country as well. It's just another little bit of physical evidence to look at and show your bankers and governments that it is used there. So, hope that helps.

Caller: Okay. If I get chance, can I ask a last question? it's about Keshe. I know his summation thing. I know about it. But is it being used now to help us?

Brian: Well, the Keshe technology, the invention that he's talked about, has been around for a long time. So it's kind of really understanding the objectives and what Keshe is doing. I think it's another one of those types of...there's so much information out there, nobody really knows how to pull it apart. But the particular technologies Keshe is talking about rolling out, they've been around for a really long time.

Lisa: Okay guys, we're down to the last few seconds. So thank you for your call. Thanks to everyone participating in the chat room and everyone listening live. Lovely. Thank you. I want to say thank you to everybody on the panel: Bob, Chris, D, Brian. Special thanks to Scott and Deryl for joining us. Did I leave anybody out? I don't think so. Join us again tomorrow for The Collective Imagination; that will be a different conversation again. We hope to see you then. Have a great week. Bye for now.

(All saying goodbye)  

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