Friday 19 April 2013

Message from Cody

Dear Brian, "D" and Heather,
     I emailed you earlier, Brian that Cody found out today that he was to "pack his belongings" because he is to be moved from his current facility here in Houston to his intended (according to "them") destination.  We were all praying that he would get to come home from his 'temporary' Houston location.  His family was able to see him for 3 hours at a time and since he had been behind glass for 9 months previously, this was Heaven for all of us.  We were able to hug and kiss him hello and goodbye.
     He does NOT have ONE family member outside of the state of Texas and ALL of his immediate family members, including his precious little 9 year old son and 13 year old daughter live right here.  He feels they are 'punishing' him for filing the Courtesy Notices and sending him to another state, where it will be so tough on his family, nearly impossible for them to see him.  They don't care one whit about human life - that we have absolutely found out since dealing with this beyond corrupt "System".
     I just received a message from him, that I can promise from my heart, was written strictly for ME, but I could NOT help but share it with your wonderful readers because it shows what an incredible MAN my brother, Patrick Cody Morgan is.  I hope your readers will get down on their knees tonight and pray that he stays protected, continues to bless lives as his has been blessed, even with his kidnapping, illegal arrest, lie after lie trumped up indictment, bogus trial and subsequent sentencing and incarceration.
     I read about a man who murdered his wife, cut her up, boiled her body and buried her bones and he only received 15 years, yet here is an INNOCENT man that ticked off the "wrong" idiots and received 27 years for something he NEVER did and there is NO ONE who will enforce his paperwork because if they do it exposes every treasonous act and felony committed against him.  Yet, he still prays for those same people every night and lives, joyfully, from day to day, knowing that there is a plan and a purpose for all of this.  He is certainly a better person than I am.  I 'shutter' to think of what will happen to ALL of those involved and I would not want to be them because of what they have done to so many people. 
     Here is his message to me tonight:
     Today has been very surreal.  I have had too many people to count come up to me and say "I don't want you to leave".  One was crying.  I realized how many people have come to depend on my hope.  With every new article you send, it gives these inmates one more thing to believe in.  Some have never seen this information in their lives.  Some just need to be loved.  But in any case, I realized that I had given these men the highest honor a man could give another man, the Holy Spirit. 
     Whatever happens I will remember this time and know that freedom is the blessing that God bestowed on all humanity and no one has the right to take it away.
Love you Sis,
     He has received cards and a few books from your readers, some without return addresses.  He asked me to be sure to THANK them so much and that he appreciated each and every one!  I too, thank you Brian, D and Heather for putting him in the public eye and letting people pray for him and send positive thoughts.  He and I KNOW it has helped tremendously.  The Power of Prayer.......
     I will keep you posted.
     God Bless,
     Stacy Chapman
     Loving sister of Patrick Cody Morgan

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