Wednesday 24 April 2013

New Age Insights for Christians

WOW!!!!  I've gone from having nothing to say today, to having so much to say and post!!!!!

My AWESOME friend Nicole has just started this blog site- filling a void with love and wisdom that is so needed!!!

[4:05:57 PM] Nicole: I have known for a long time that one of my tasks here is to help Catholics/Christians navigate the changes, speaking to them in their own language.  I was raised by a strict Catholic church leader for a reason!  I have spoken with many Christians and planted seeds.  I believe it is time for me to start a blog to this end.  Started with this post today:

Please share this article around and repost- this is a message that is going to resonate very clearly with a LOT of people- people who are just rubbing the sleep out of their eyes and beginning to question.

Listen to God!

Do you want to talk to God?  Then talk!  Do you want to hear God’s word?  Then LISTEN! God loves you DEARLY!  You don’t need to go to a building with a cross upon its door to listen to a man on a stage who has been appointed by another man to a title that declares him to be closer to God than you!  Is that the way to hear God’s Word?  That is man’s word.  No one is any closer to God than you!  Every being in Creator’s universe are ALL EQUAL, including you!  You have always been told that this is the only way to hear God’s word.  They told you that you were a sinner, unworthy of direct contact with God.  God is the Creator who created all things!  And God created YOU!
Does it make sense that we constantly talk AT God (ie. praying) and then NEVER listen to his response?  Does this one-way conversation make sense to you?  Do you believe that God has far more wisdom than us?  Do you believe that it is wise, then, to listen to what God has to share with us?  Otherwise, we are like young children who chatter incessantly at their parents while busy DOing what they DO without stopping long enough to listen to the response of their parents.  “Mommy, can I have this?  Daddy, can I have that?  I have a boo-boo, make it better!  Why is this so?  Why is that so?  Why?  Why?  Why?”  It is time to graduate from being young children and begin to talk WITH our parents instead of AT them.  It is time to LISTEN to God!
So listen to your heart!  Listen to the silence, in the silent moments is when you can hear your Creator whispering in your ear!  God’s word is in the breeze, it is in the trees and the chirping birds and it is in your hearts!  Sometimes the answers are in the lyrics of a song when you turn on the radio, or the words of a stranger on the elevator, or a symbol on a sign that catches your eye while driving.  When we don’t stop to listen, God tries to reach us in other ways.  We have to learn to LISTEN in all the ways that heaven reaches out to us.
Meditation to listen to God
The best way to listen is to learn some basic meditation techniques.  The main purpose of meditation is to learn to quieten the constant chatter that goes on in the human brain.  Try it! For ten seconds, try to think of nothing, absolutely nothing.  Really, go ahead!  If you could do that on your first try, CONGRATULATIONS!  Not many people can.  Practice on your own or go online and find some guided mediations.  Soon you will find some silent moments.  With practice, the silent moments get longer.  In the silent moments, heaven’s words and images will speak to you.  Does this sound like too much work?  Is hearing the word of God not worth it?  God is speaking to you.  It is time to start listening!
Praying is talking to God.  Meditating is listening to God!

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