Thursday 18 April 2013

TCI Radio show Apr 9th- Transcription

The Collective Imagination
Tuesday, April 9, 2013 (USA)
Wednesday, April 10, 2013 (AEST)

Lisa: Oh, couldn't find the unmute button. Welcome everyone to this week's TCI show. My name's Lisa Harrison. Today once again we'll be winging it for the next two hours. Welcome Bob.

Bob: Hello Lisa. Hello everyone. Welcome to the show. We always wing it, but it always comes out just the way it's supposed to I think.

Lisa: Yes it does.

Bob: Everybody enjoy the ride.

Lisa: (laughs) We've got Brian, giggly Brian in the background there.

Brian: Whoo hoo! (laughs)

Lisa: Whoo hoo!

Brian: (laughs) I know no one can see me right now, but I got my party hat on and I'm ready to boogie this evening. Thanks for grabbing me. (laughs)

Lisa: (laughing) You're always welcome. I believe we've got D. Is she with us? Nope, she's run away for a minute. She'll be back. We've got Chris, Chris Hales.

Chris: Hello everybody. How are you all? Hi Bob and Brian and Lisa. Brian is always ready to party. He's just added the hat, that's all. I'm looking forward to winging it. It's pretty much the only way to roll. So, let's do it.

Lisa: Well, we're walking our talk when it comes to living in the moment. (laughing) There you go.

Chris: Now, right now, yes. Got it.

Lisa: For now. That's it. Now some nice stuff has come up since yesterday's show. Yesterday I shared a little experience that I had on the weekend. If you didn't hear it, it was just simply having this moment of being out in public, thousands of people around and the words "I AM eternal essence absent limits" was running around in my head like a mantra. I felt my energy expanding. In a moment, I saw the energy around everybody encapsulated in these egg-shaped bubbles, you could say. Everyone was separate. Everyone was disconnected. Just completely encapsulated in their own little field. There was this knowing that came with it when this happened, that everybody's egg was about to crack and we're all about to connect. Brian, can you share what came up?

Brian: Are you referring to the Sue Harper Todd article? Or the Golden Age...what was it?

Lisa: Well, it was you that sent it to me. I think it was from Gaia?

Brian: Oh I have it, yeah. Hold on one second. Now I just gotta grab it.

Lisa: You told me you'd have it handy. (laughs)

Brian: No, I told you I'd have the Sue Harper Todd post handy. I don't have the...I have that too. Hold on one second. Give me two seconds, I'll put it up.

Lisa: It's just always nice to hear something that acts as confirmation for what (inaudible - Brian saying "Ahh!"). Hang on, I've got something here I can read. "Seas of light are released from Gaia portals at this time, as shells of old paradigms are cracked. Seas of light are released as well from individual beings. This may appear to some as effervescence of light, appearing in regions formally viewed as stagnant, or neutral, or dark. The effervescence of light spheres result from release of ego pressure from individuals, as well as cultures of all types throughout Gaia." The original that that's excerpted from is from There's more to it than that, but there's some key words in there that were very nice to hear.

Brian: To add on to that, Lisa, we've been much of what's happening, is not happening out in front of everybody's eyes in order for everybody to see. I'm talking about things that even we don't see. We don't see everything and witness everything and hear about everything that's going on. There's so many stories that go unreported. The way that the American Kabuki blog originally gained it's popularity well before I joined forces was keeping track of all the banker resignations; the very high, chief-level banker resignations from around the world. These were CEO/COO caliber individuals that were either quitting with no notice, getting fired, retiring early, dying, or just completely disappearing. From February I believe...American Kabuki is going to have to correct me on these numbers...but from February to May, it was almost in the 700's. I think that represents a very important detail, which is there's so many people every day that are defecting. That are kind of laying down their swords peacefully or going out with a fight, but there's so many people out there. Now what's happening is, those CEOs/COOs brokers from around the world, if we were able to visualize the levels that it has now reached, we're now talking about the top tiers of the so-called...we're trying to do away with the term "powers-that-were"...but the so-called individuals that decided to play these roles.

I think that one of the lessons that we've really tried to start adopting, especially as of late, is no hate, no judgment, all forgiveness, total acceptance of what is. Now it's time to open our arms  and say 'It's okay, It's safe. We've put away our swords. We're not looking to lynch anybody in the street. We just want to all see a change. We all want to see something new. A new paradigm manifest in the greatest good of all of the collective. So much of the energy that's being put out lately by the visualizations that people have had, a lot of the stuff that's coming out that we're posting, and then what Sue Harper Todd out out, which illustrates it perfectly that I just posted on the American Kabuki blog now. We're past the "game is over". We're in that phase now where we're all in the mindset of let's get this party started, for crying out loud. It's like anticipation. It's just palpable. You can taste it. I can read the Sue Harper Todd post, if you want. I have it up.

Lisa: Yeah, I know, while you're looking for it, I just want to share something that I woke up with this morning.

Brian: I have it.

Lisa: Okay.

Brian: You can go for it first if you want.

Lisa: Well, it's in line with what you were saying. The movie Silence of the Lambs (laughs) for some reason was with me when I woke up this morning. It was as if I was on the set while it was being filmed. There's that really horrendous scene, where Hannibal Lecter is in that cage inside a room and he ends up like disemboweling three police officers or something. It was in that scene. I'm standing in the corner of that room watching them film. They called "Cut" and Anthony Hopkins and the three guys playing the cops and Jodie Foster comes out of nowhere and they all have this big hug and applaud each other for such great performances. (laughs) I went 'what is that about?' Just listening to you then, it's like 'oh, that's what that was about'. Because I haven't seen that film for I don't know how long, but that's a character that's always haunted me because he's yuck. Now I know why. Now I know why I was thinking of that film.

Brian: Think about this. If you were actually on set of that film while it's being filmed, that's probably what you would see when they call "Cut". During a really intense scene, that everybody just crushes it. Meaning everybody just does a great job at their role. When those actors go home, they don't go home pissed off at each other, because they got too caught up in their roles. They realize that they are just roles and that when the dinner bell rings or they call "Cut", the costumes come off and they go home and go about their lives. That's the act of the play that we're in right now. It's just everybody needs to feel a place in their heart that they're going to be accepted for the roles that they've played. That's probably a tough pill for some of these roles, that some of these very difficult acts and situations that people have decided to put themselves into ahead of time, it's a tough place to get to that point where you realize 'there's nothing to be afraid of anymore, I can let my guard down, take my costume off and join the party.'

Chris: Yeah, just a little thing came back to me from an OPPT meeting I went to last night. A shout-out to all the people who went to the OPPT meeting in Melbourne. That was great. We had a lovely time. I think everyone that was there was almost entirely on the page. A couple of people who hadn't immersed that much in what's been going on, they got major downloads. Their heads are probably still spinning, so be it. But there's a lady I was speaking to named Lynn, who recounted a dream she had. I think it absolutely relates to what we're doing here. You can think of it like this. There are actors on this planet, that are real actors as in screen actors, whose careers have been bound up in particular roles that they did so well that people think they are the character. When they meet them, they don't really say 'Hello, Clint'. They'll say 'Hello Pale Rider'. That kind of thing.

So, Lynn related this dream that she had about Archangel Michael. She met Archangel Michael in her dream and looked at this being and realized that in part that this character was a co-creation of ours. That by maintaining this co-creation, this particular aspect of the co-creation, this being was actually trapped in the role like an actor who's been trapped into roles they've played in movies so often that everyone thinks that's what and who they are. She actually turned to Archangel Michael and said 'You're trapped like we are. You won't get out of your role until we release you.' This is really what Brian's saying. We actually have to release these people from their roles, because they're now trapped in this story now themselves as well.

Bob: Cosmic typecasting, right?

Chris: Cosmic typecasting, perfect, yes.

(much talk over)

Brian: Heath Ledger was the Joker role. In his demise, he got too caught up in that character. A brilliant job he did at that, but he was so engulfed in that persona that he had to take on that it was too much for him.

Chris: To help that actor snap out of that role, we as the audience need to go to that actor and say 'Hang on, the show's over. It's actually done now. The after party's on. Why are you still up on the stage there? Come on down.'

(general laughter)

Brian: Put your shirt back on.

(general laughter)

Chris: Yeah (laughing), good try. Please put some clothes on and come to the party.

(laughter continues)

Chris: The interesting aspect of it was the fact that in part it was our focusing on their role that's keeping them trapped in the role. Because that's the point I'm trying to make. So what we have to do is ourselves, we have to release them from that role in our own minds. So we have to stop using the terminology that we've been using. I'm not sure what we replace it with. It's like saying "the artist formerly known as Prince".

(general laughter)

Chris: The divine formerly known as St. Germain or whatever. What's his name? What's his real name? Is it George?

(talk over)

Brian: Could be as easy as "eternal essence formerly known as powers-that-were".

Chris: Yeah, whatever.

Lisa: Ooh, nice.

Chris: Yeah, let's release them from that role, because we have to release them from that role and then we can party.

Brian: Yep. Lisa, do you want me to read this from Sue Harper Todd?

Lisa: Yes.

Brian: Okay, Sue Harper Todd posted this in response to D's visualization exercise from yesterday. This can be found on the Removing the Shackles blog, as well as the American Kabuki blog. She says, "I have been DO'ing. After reading D's brilliant visualization yesterday, I could immediately see everyone at the party except the divines. I can feel they were having a real hard time letting go of their identity. I can see them as being described as 'hiding, closeted away in a little group'. So this morning I went in to talk to them. I could immediately feel their resistance, that any backing down and coming to the party would be giving in. Relinquishing any remnants of control they might have. I pointed out that everyone is at the party except for you. Everyone knows the game is over and that we all be eternal essence, all equals. You can choose to stay here alone and separate forever, while we party forever or you can come to the party. Everyone down there is wondering where you are. They all know that you had the hardest part to play and you played it so well. They just want to congratulate you and thank you and tell you how much they love you. If you go down there, you will be cheered, not jeered. There's nothing to be afraid of. So they sat there for a minute being grumpy, watching the party and everyone having fun. I can feel the tension amongst them."

"Then suddenly one of them said "Okay, I've had enough of this. I'm going.' The others still sat there, wanting to watch what happened to him before they decided. I could feel the moment he made that decision, he felt amazing. He walked through the door or portal into the party with a huge smile on his face and his heart so full. The minute everyone saw him, they said 'Hey, look who's here!' and they ran up and hugged him and patted him on the back and told him how good he'd been at playing his part. 'You really had us all fooled. We really thought you were so-and-so.' Then the children ran up to him and were tugging his clothes, saying 'Please come and play." At that, his heart just opened completely, the love spilled out and he had tears running down his face. He was saying 'Thank you. Thank you for opening my eyes, for opening my heart.'  The other divines who were watching saw this and they knew then what they were, eternal love. They were immediately there too."

"However, there was one that hung on until the very end. His resistance was the hardest to crack. He wanted the grand entrance. When he did appear, he ended up lying sobbing in a heap on the sand, so full of love and so thankful that it was over. I was crying too. There's now just one big heart on the beach, merging with Gaia. I saw two of the divines. The one who went first had grey, shoulder-length hair and a beard. The one who came in last had a long, purple robe with gold in it. So it is. It Is Done. End story."

Lisa: Nice. D, you're back, yes?

D: I'm baack.

Lisa: I'm baack. Have you been listening?

D: For the last 30 seconds, yeah.

Lisa: Okay, I just wanted to add that piece that I mentioned before that was confirmation for me of my vision on the weekend. One, where did it go? Where'd it go? Where'd it go? Now I've lost it. There was another line to it. BZ had sent it through to me, but now I can't find it.

Brian: You talking about the Gaia Portal one?

Lisa: Yeah, there was an extra line in it that I missed and it was important.

Brian: Well, keep talking. I think I know where it's at. Let's see ... so many rooms. (laughs) 

D: I know.

(general laughter)

Lisa: "Resting during periods of physical tiredness encourages ego shell cracking." (laughs)

Brian: Ahh, yes. (laughs) The shell cracking line.

Lisa: Yeah. (laughs)

D: Well, my ego shell's been cracking an awful lot then.

Brian: Exactly what you said last night is that like everybody's eggs were about to crack open.

Lisa: Well, it was significant for me because it was the first time I'd seen energy like that, encapsulated like that and in such a clear shape. It was an egg shape. It was just crystal clear to me. Now, American Kabuki also shared something this morning, a video called "Send Your Light". I really liked it. It was information from Kryon, which is a channeled source. But it ties in nicely with a lot of what we've been talking about over the last month at least, four weeks, about the reconciliation of all the dimensions and Absolute Data. We've talked about how ... we've discussed it and had some divisions basically about what we think this might look like. The division between dimensions is dissolving and everything sort of becomes one. Not in the sense, I don't think at least, that the dimensions cease to be, but that barrier between them ceases to be. So we can become more multi-dimensional. That's the way I perceive it. Is that what you guys are seeing? Or you got a different take?

Brian: The way I understand it is yes, that all the dimensions still exist, but we could become instead of limited conscious beings, where we're only conscious of this 3rd dimension. We can only operate within this 3rd dimension, at least consciously. We will then become conscious of all the dimensions and can operate in any of the other dimensions that we so choose, depending on where we want to operate.

Lisa: Yep. This goes back to some of the shows that we did last year with Michael and Peter, the energy avatars. Talking about what we're doing at this point in time. It's sort of drawing down and grounding the other dimensions here. It's what Chris Thomas talks about in terms of ... how does he put it? ... bringing in all of your soul mass. This video talks about basically speaking to all of the You's throughout time, all of the incarnations you've ever had and bringing them in and becoming one with it and drawing on all of the information. All of the experience. All of the wisdom. All of the knowledge gathered throughout all of those experiences and lifetimes and becoming awake to it now. I'll put the link to the video in the chat room, but for those who aren't in there, it's called "Send Your Light: In unity with all the other You's". We were thinking of perhaps doing a meditation along these lines today.

Chris: Absolutely we should. I just wanted to jump in and actually it just occurred to me what this show's about. Mind you, we've already started the show, we're 20 minutes in and we probably could've worked this out before the show.


Lisa: No we couldn't have. (laughs)

Chris: Cogitated long enough, maybe not, but this is really a reconciliation day. Because we have information that behind the scenes and it's been happening in fits and starts for weeks and months, but we know it's coming to a crescendo behind the scenes right now. There are decisions being made and meetings being had and all that stuff going on. It's all about reconciliation. We just talked about reconciling the acting roles that we've all been playing. Okay? Now we're talking about reconciling dimensions and reconciling amongst ourselves the fact that we have been an image of self and now we're reconciling that we're BE'ing self. The conversation I want to have a bit further down the show today is that reconciling our relationship with the non-locals, because they're in this too. So, if you want to kind of give a theme for today, I think reconciliation, final reconciliation, is what we're doing here.

Bob: I wanted to really thank everybody. There's so many people that are tuend in right now. I'm looking at the chat room as the number keeps going up. For the ones who have been here from the beginning and the ones who've just joined us recently, I just want to say thank you. Do you realize what you've done? I know a lot of people are tuned into their heart space and they've been excited...even though you may not know the reason why. You may not know all of the details. You may not know all of the different intricate things that are going on behind the scenes, but you feel excited about something. When you're tuned into that, you feel that anticipation. You still feel that excitement.

If you're still looking at the 3D reality that surrounds you, you may get a little disheartened. You still have that feeling in the back. I'll tell you what you've accomplished. This is coming from the poorest people of the planet. The ones who were the most oppressed, because you were the ones who were attracted to this information. You were the ones who were looking for answers. You were looking for a way out. By combining all of us together with our intention ... when we started the show back early of last year and we started to put that intention about what do we want after 2012 to be like, what kind of world do we want to live in ... we never had anybody coming back and saying 'Okay, this is what your intention did and here's all the different things that it's moved on the planet', but we kept going with that feeling. We knew we were making a difference. I don't think we realized fully, or we're starting to realize fully, the impact that that had. We're really just starting to come to understand what it is that ... we moved quite a hell of a mountain. I

 know that we're sitting here talking like everything's over in past tense and maybe you don't see it yet. Oh but my goodness, I'll tell you, with all the correspondence that we've been getting back and forth you're seeing top heads of state and beyond capitulating. When I say beyond, I'm talking about those who are non-locals...the divines. Capitulating and finally coming to the realization 'Yes, it's over. We give up.' I would have never imagined. I would've thought it would've taken years to accomplish. I would've thought 'yeah, we're headed in the right direction. Maybe by 2017 we might see...' Here we are. Three, four months later, oh my goodness. I'm floored. I'm completely floored. I just need to say 'thank you'. Thank you for believing, for putting out your intention, for hoping when it didn't seem like there was any reason to, for not giving up, for not getting discouraged, for encouraging each other when doubts started to come forward, when people started to, the naysayers started to raise their head, thank you for all of that. Even the naysayers, because you brought to light some things that people who had questions needed answered. I am floored at the perfection of this play that we've played and where it's led to, because I'm looking at all the pieces. I've got a vague idea of what the picture's starting to look like. I can't look at it without crying.

Lisa: I'd like to ask (talk over) something.

Brian: Wow, Bob.

Chris: Well said, bro.

Lisa: Particularly those who have been with us since the show started, but to anybody. I'd like to hear from you what participating in this show and being a part of this community, being a part of the 3%, what effect has it had? What has it done for you, if anything? I would love to hear that. If you could write up a little story and put it on our Facebook page, The Collective Imagination Facebook page, that would be amazing. Because so many of us really feel at home and connected to the people that we know online. We can feel quite isolated in our 'real life' with 'real people'.  (laughs)


Chris: What?

Lisa: Yeah, I know, you know what I mean. So many of us find our families with people that we don't know, by anything other than a handle online or by their Skype name or by their Facebook name. I know that people in this chat room have met online, gone off and connected on Facebook and develop more relationships, deep relationships. I just want to hear their stories. So I would love to hear your stories about what this journey, since we started this show, especially if you've been with us from the beginning, but it doesn't really matter, at any point, what your journey's been like. I would love to hear that, if you can share. That's all I'm saying.

Brian: Man! Are we going around? Chris, you're up man. Go.

(general laughter)

Brian: I'm going to bring it home. Go ahead.

(general laughter)

Chris: Yeah. Just as Bob is gobsmacked by what's happened, I am too. It's been a roller coaster, energetic roller coaster, emotional roller coaster, informational roller coaster, informational fire hose. So much shifting. So much, we think 'well, that's it then, isn't it?' and 'No, that wasn't it. No, no. (inaudible) into extensive at the end for a moment there and here's a new one.' That's actually still going on. Even last night and this morning, we're getting new information about stuff that we'll be talking about over the coming shows. it's not over yet, from an informational point of view. Geopolitically, whooo! Right on the edge of it. Right on the edge of it. Thank you for the people out there who've known that the activities and all the work that the OPPT have done and all the shows that we've done and they've just known, despite all the controversy, that it felt right. It felt like it was really representing what was going on. That energy has been absolutely vital in keeping the whole thing going.

Bob: Chris, as you were talking, you know what I got the image of? I got the image of being at a football game. Everybody's cheering their sides on. It's the fourth quarter and there's two minutes left in the game. You look at the score and it's 48 to 14. You know, even though there's two more minutes on the clock, that the game is over. People are already starting to pack up their things and starting to move towards the exit signs. Although the players are still on the field, you already know who won. Everybody knows how the game ends. I think that's where we were for the past couple of weeks. Now we're at the point where it's the final play. This is the final play of the game. There's only two seconds left on the clock and all we need to do is hold the ball.

(talk over)

Brian: I was going to say tuck that thing and hold on tight. (laughing) That's all you gotta worry about.

Chris: Yeah, look our energy guy gave me a real interesting visualization of the way he sees it and has seen it for at least a week. If you imagine a chess match and most of the players are off the board, the king side, the opposition king's in check. So when you're in check on a chessboard, you have to move out of check. That's the only move you can make. If you can't move out of check, it's checkmate. So the way he described the board is that the other player has their king off the board. They're holding it in their hand an inch above the board. There's only one face square they can move to, but it's only safe for one instant, because the very next move is checkmate. it's been suspended above the board for some time. It's about to get placed and then we can all party. Party time, that's what he's feeling. This is someone who really reads energies.

Brian: Yeah, I remember listening to that part. Super powerful. One thing I want to say real quick. I know, Lisa, you probably have your list of things that we're going to go over tonight. But before we move on...

Lisa: No.

Brian: No?

Lisa: (laughing) That would be far too organized. 

Brian: (laughing) Way too much planning. One thing I want to mention I got Bob as you were speaking. I'm working on a project. I haven't shared it publicly yet. I will probably on the next call, if we have a next call. I know we'll have a next call, but when and where that will be is always a mystery. I've been coming up with a vision and a mission statement. The vision that I had was one that I probably share with everybody listening to this call, which I had to keep it real short and sweet and simple, which is 'a world where freedom for all is not just an idea, but a reality'. Everybody, at the end of the day, all of humanity really want the same thing. They just want to be able to live in a world of peace and prosperity and abundance for all. That's the energy that we're really kind of corralling right now. When I first received that very first email from Heather back on the morning of December 26th or whatever it was, I just had this feeling. I had this sense. I just really connected with this person's energy. I've been on board ever since.

There's a lot of people ... we all go through our peaks and valleys. Yesterday was kind of a rough day for me. I was having a lot of 'man, am I really worthy of being able to share these messages? What do I stand for?' It's just a lot of internal chatter. Today I'm like just in party mode. Just wanting to be love and share that love with others. There's so many people that are listening to this call that from the very beginning, whatever it was, whether it be Heather or the documents that were written, there was something encoded in that energy that spoke truth. It was that truth, that Absolute Truth, that many people have connected from or found out later and connected to once they started reading or listening to Heather speak or listening to us speak. That energy that everybody is connected with.

It's easy when you have an idea this big ... Bob and I did a radio show a couple weeks back and somebody asked 'What is OPPT?' Very eloquently, Bob said 'the One People's Public Trust is an idea.' Really to expand on that, it's an idea whose time has come, by design. The amount of energy this has built, whether it be in opposition or for, when we've Googled "One People's Public Trust" in the very beginning there was less than 100 responses. Now it's into the millions. I'm just so incredibly grateful to be a part of something so unprecedented and big and to be able to share it with so many like-minded people. Like all you people in the chat room, I frickin' love all you guys man! I really do. I get my inspiration from the emails that I receive, from the Facebook messages that I receive, from doing these calls, from all of you that are on this panel with me. Thank you. That's where I get my energy from and that's what keeps me going on a day like yesterday, where it was a little bit tough. Those tougher days are going to be fewer and farther between. The light at the end of the tunnel is so frickin' bright. We're in it at this point. We're just basking in it. I love you all and I'm so grateful. Just so incredibly blessed. Everybody that is, you're all here with us. You might as well all be on this call sharing, because it's your energy that creates the space for us to even be doing what we're doing. God bless you all. I love you all. Gosh, the energy already on this call is just absolutely amazing. Where we gonna go now, Lisa? Take it away.

(general laughter)  (talk over)

Bob: While I'm thinking of it, I want to send out a personal invitation to David. David, I want to give you a big hug right now. I saw your picture. The kid looks like an angel and I'm sure you are. If you can call in and have D give us what your area code is, we'd love to hear you.

Brian: Absolutely.

Lisa: Or we can bring him in on Skype.

Bob: Yeah, if you have a Skype, we'll bring you in.

Lisa: Sorry, the call-in line's full. That would be lovely. (laughs) Brian, how do you ... we could just end the show on that. Where do you go after that? (laughs)

Brian: (laughing) I had to let that out. It was just bottling up inside of me.

Chris: Well, thank you for that Brian. That was a great download; really lovely.

Lisa: One of the things you mentioned was you had a hard day yesterday. I saw in the chat room quite a few people saying that they've been having tougher days. We all have. One of the things that was pointed out to us was that what we were doing was helping to transmute the periods of confusion and frustration and possibly fear and anger that...what are we calling them now? Eternal essence previously...

Brian: The eternal essence formerly known as ...

(talk over)

Chris: FKA, formerly known as, FKA. Maybe we won't use that one, hmm.

(general laughter) (talk over)

Chris: But you know who you are. You know who you are. The interesting thing last night was talking to a young guy who came in as basically a journalism student. He thought to find out more about the New World Order. So myself and a couple of others have him a major download of stuff and his head was rolling. But at the end of it ... he came looking for who the bad guys were ... and he realized at the end of it, at least I hope he did, that it was all just a play. I think we got him to that space. It was a really short, sharp, hard trip for the poor guy. I think he did extremely well just taking it in, but I think he arrived at the right point where we're all the same. It's just been an incredible, incredible performance. Everyone stand up and take a bow. That's all I can say, it's like 'Wow!’. One of the things Heather described that she hopes happens when everyone finally wakes up that she said “They’ll just be people in the streets hugging each other and I hold that.” 

Bob:  I just wanted to say just as you said “Stand up and take a bow”.  ‘ASoulWoman’ typed in those exact words just as you said them.

Chris:  Feeling it… thank you.

D: (Laughing)

Chris:  I got that message.

Lisa:  Chris, do you want to move on to what you were talking about in regards to non-locals?

Chris:  Yeah, I quite like the term non-locals, because it’s really quite neutral and they’re part of this too.  I mean, we’re all part of one and the same existence.  This is all one thing that we’re living in.  We’re all one people.  The one people aren’t just here, the one people are all… I’ve come to realize that.  But the reconciliation with those guys is not so much a reconciliation, although they’re you know, some of those guys have played ‘bad guy’ roles and of course that’s now over too.  One of the difficulties we have is that because of the closeted way we’ve lived on this planet for thousands of years and particularly in the last few hundred, where we’ve been absent the information about our families out there, has been absolutely withheld from us publicly.  You know it’s always been around in certain circles and certainly deep behind the scenes.  But it’s a matter of reconciliation with those guys, is just a matter of opening channels of communication and getting to know one another again.  One of the lessons I’ve learned from the, and I call these guys the energy guys, that’s Julien and Michael Monk, Peter Shelton and others that are in the background… Deva.  All of these people have an ability to communicate with these other beings at different levels.  What I’ve learned from them is that all communication is just another form of energy and in order to manifest something there has to be an energetic space created for it.

So what’s been suggested to me by Julien is simply that we, as the people listening on this call, to start this process, create an energetic space and from it manifest a real space where we can actually start some real discussion amongst ourselves about how we want to go about introducing ourselves back to one another and ultimately maybe even communicating directly with them in that space.  Because they have the technological means to tap into our systems and if we can create a safe energetic space that’s truly public, there is every chance that they will actually be able to take advantage of that and begin to communicate with us in that space. 

So what I’d like to put forward is first of all, everyone listening to this conversation, make the intention that they want to create a space where we can have this discussion amongst ourselves and extend it out to them as well.  What I hope that will manifest in is maybe a forum or a series of forums, you know chat rooms… whatever technological means we’ve got out there of communicating en-masse and express our desire to actually meet them, to visit them where they are and for them to come here.  And that everyone participating does it from the point of view of wanting to meet their family.  That will make it completely, completely safe and positive for everybody. 

That intention is what will create the initial energetic space where we can start to do this. I know that it’s already taking place in certain, there are groups around the place who are already communicating privately with these beings. I think it’s time to push that out into the public.  This is nothing to do with governments, nothing to do with agendas.  This is just us talking to them.  So make that intention everybody and this thing will just bring itself into being.

Bob:  Another thing I wanted to note, in having dealings with the non-locals, they’re just like us!  They’re also processing the same information that we were coming up with.  They had, I mean one of the biggest things that caught me in dealing with some of these communications was we would ask a question, “Well we’ve got to ask someone that’s from the 7D level”.  The whole hierarchy, it was very profound there just as it was down here.  So, a lot of times we get the idea that, “Oh they’re galactic and they’re so far more…”.  They’re equal in every way to everyone else here and gone through many of the same things that we’ve gone through here.  Just in a different form so to speak.

Chris:  Yeah, yeah.  The thing that everyone realizes who looks into this aspect of what’s been going on in the overall situation; there are multiple groups, there are big differences between groups in the way they operate.  Some of them do have specific hierarchies, particularly the more negative, or the formerly negative… they’re just not anymore.  Those groups are quite hierarchical, quite militaristic, right through to others which  are almost uniform.  The only real difference between anybody in them is just levels of experience expressed in the way they cooperate with each other. That’s in a fashion, that’s a fully alignable authority between what Bob just spoke of which is just the 5D and the 3D. 

You get simply an acknowledgement that they have more experience; there’s no real master/servant relationship anywhere in there.  So there’s a whole range of situations out there just like there is here.  You know, as above so below.  As below so above.  It’s quite uncanny, because don’t for one minute assume that it’s a Star Trek world out there.  It’s way more complicated than that; and yet simple at the same time. 

Because by virtue of the information that Heather’s brought forward, all beings are being repurposed. So there will be some groups out there who will be struggling with some aspects of removing or reducing hierarchy inside their communities, just like we are.  We’re all gonna go through this metamorphosis together.  But in order to get back to communicating one to one with these, with no intermediaries, which is really what we want to get to.

The political situation completely obfuscated public communication between us and them.  It was completely hidden from us.  And the communications that are available to some degree at the moment are still indirect.  They’re still via people who are empathic telepaths or channelers and the information, the channeling, the information from channelers can get quite politicized and distorted. A lot of it actually comes from the channeler themselves, because their personalities and their degree of comfort with certain concepts and their way of expressing language colors the information.  The messages can really get quite distorted and I must say…

Lisa:  You’re audio is getting quite distorted as well, I have to say.

Chris:  Oh that’s a bummer.  To the dismay of the people sending these messages, they’re just not getting through right!  We need more direct communication and then we can really get on the same page.  Because what we need is transparency on all sides.  We need to know who they are and how they BE and we need to let them know who we are and how we BE.  So this is where the energetic space concept comes in.  Now what I’d personally like is a Skype chat room where I can talk with my Pleiadian friends.  The ones who like…

Lisa:  Well, why don’t we just invite them into the chat room?

Chris:  Well, that would be fantastic, if they can tap into our technology with Windows 5D or whatever they’ve got up there…

(All Laughing).

Chris:  I’d like to chat.  You know we’d get on Skype and have a chat and that would be fantastic.  We could see one another and really get to know one another and I still need to caution them.  They’ve got to be careful on their roller blades, because they’ll break just like we do.

(More laughter).

Chris:  That’s a bit of an in-joke because one of the communications we’re aware of, the person who was communicating with them started to tell them about roller blades and bicycles and apparently there’s a bit of a fad up there in one particular area that’s wreaking some havoc where they all test this stuff out.  They’re a bit wild about it. Apparently it’s created a bit of a ruckus.  So they need a bit of help with their sporting activities and we’re qualified to do that… so let’s get talking.

Lisa:  I’ve got Vera sitting next to me and she’s giggling away at what you’re saying because she’s well aware of the information you’re sharing.

Chris:  Oh yeah (laughing).  Absolutely.  Mark Hoza… we know you’re listening.  It’s all your fault.  There’s a wanted poster up there with your face on it Mark. 

Lisa:  Talk to this guy he’s caused some havoc.

Chris:  Don’t talk to this guy.  He’s creating problems.  (Laughing).  But look, it’s going to be so much fun to actually meet these folks, because they’re seriously, you know some of the groups are seriously assisting us behind the scenes for a really long time. They are just so anxious to meet us and communicate with us, so we actually have to create a space to allow that to happen.

Bob:  Oh and I just wanted to send a shout-out to some of the friends on the Pleiadian ship; the ones that said ‘The Collective Imagination’ is one of their favorite shows.  And I know you’re listening so “Hi”.

Chris:  Absolutely.

D: (Laughing).

Lisa:  I’m gonna take some calls, shall I?  Because we’ve got quite a few people with their hand up at the moment… so I’d like to try and get through to some of them would be good.  We’ve got Area Code 347. 

Caller:  Hello everyone, ‘tis I the FloFokuz Prince.

Brian:  Prince.

Lisa:  Hey Prince, how are you?

Chris:  Prince.

Prince (caller):  How are you doing?

Lisa:  We’re good, thanks.

Prince (caller):  I’m doing so well tonight… wow.  Man, you know, the last two days these two calls have been phenomenal.  You know I just want to say I appreciate everyone for BE’ing and DO’ing everything they’re DO’ing man, everything they’re BE’ing. 

Cause this is all heating up, everything that’s happening you know coming up tomorrow, coming up next week.  You know all these different visions we’re all having.  It’s all just coming back to us.  My friend told me it’s like a movie where they replaced our memories with false memories and now we’re all like “Wait those aren’t real memories… these are the real memories”.  It’s like we’re the ‘Bourne Identity’.  We can find out all these magnificent things about ourselves if we just remember our past and that is what’s happening guys. 

I appreciate you guys and yesterday the two callers, or was it three callers they all said the same thing that I’ve been wanting to say, they’re like “Oh I’ve got to figure out how to get past this point” and then the next guy’s “Okay well now this and that” and I’m okay, wow, what else is there to say. 

And you guys literally said it before I got on again the non-locals.  Those are like the last, that’s like the last straw.  We kind of come to this awakening and we’re like okay “We’re all awake now.  But let’s now address the real big elephant in the room.”  We’re all at the edge of the room all shaking hands and coming together and falling in love but we’ve kind of got our backs turned to the big pink elephant dancing in the middle of the room, saying “This is where the real party is on the shores”. 

You know what I’m saying?:  Like what are you talking about.  Come in.  But, that’s really where I’m coming from too, I’m like Wow.  I figured this out a long time ago, I figured that I’d be deemed you know a knucklehead, a crazy person if I really dived any deeper because it’s just a matter of my belief and not what anybody else understands or agrees to, so what it really comes down to is not what I really believed either because it’s just what it is.  Do you see what I’m saying?  So I turned around and I look at you guys and I’m like everything is just coming together, I don’t even need to say anything.  There’s nothing for me to say.  I’m like “Where’s my party hat?”  You know what I’m saying “Let me get my dancing shoes on.”  You know what I’m saying.

Brian:  (Laughing) Hey Prince, I got plenty of party hats.

Prince (caller):  I’m telling you bro, I’m cutting the rug up over here.  What size …

Brian:  (Giggling)  One size fits all my man.

Prince (caller):  You see what I’m saying.  I’m (garbled).  Come on guys let’s build it up make it happen.  Thank you guys so much, you know I appreciate everything.  My blessings.

Lisa:  We all appreciate (garbled). 

Brian:  Yeah, thanks man.

Prince (caller):  I go to like.  I go to like two different churches every week.  I go to (garbled 0:54:00) dollar and do the Saturday and then on Sunday I just started this new kind of more metaphysical like type of spiritual church and I went in there and they did this little circle of you know blessing.  And they said “I want to give my love to you know my right leg because it hurts today”.  And then this other person said “I want to give my love to my uncle, he’s having a bad time” and then they got back around to me and I said “You know what, I don’t really want to restrict my love to anyone thing anywhere because I’d be saying here’s my love for that thing, who else needs love.  I’ve got it all for everybody.  You know no one thing is restricted from my love because I give it to everything; all universes, all levels, all life.  You know just all life.  All living, everything, all consciousness.  All love”.  You know.  What else is there to say? 

Brian:  We love you.

Chris:  Yeah.  Look Prince, I just got a message back from Julien and I’ll just read it out exactly as he’s written it.  It says “They are flipping out physically with joy for the shout-out they just got on the show just now.”  So they are listening folks.

Brian: (Giggling) Love that.

Chris:  You need to tell them they are most welcome. Mmm… Lisa, Lisa, this is the spot where you jump in.

(All laughing).

Lisa:  Sorry I was muted (Laughing) and I couldn’t find my mouse.  I just also have to give a shout-out in regards to the website while it’s being brought to my attention before I forget.  It is down at the moment because it is changing servers at the moment.  And it could be a disruption for up to forty eight hours.  But when it goes back online I’ve been told the good news is, is when the website is back online everyone will see updates, new information, the OPPT docs in many languages.  This will make the site more valuable and user-friendly while we create the new interactive website.  And we will let you know in the Skype rooms and the Facebook pages when the website’s back online. 

So once again a shout out to the amazing team who are doing that website and all the work they’re putting in, particularly BZ.  And there is another lovely young lady whose name escapes me right now… BZ from Melbourne whose working on the site and Holly and thank you.  I know you are putting in a lot of hours and you’re doing amazing work… Bronwyn.  Thanks for that.  So that’s the story… within 24 to 48 hours it will be back up bigger and better than ever and then relaunched even bigger and better than that.  SO that’s that news.

Okay, this is a shout-out to Julien and to whoever you’re talking to right now.  The chat room is keen to hear from them as well, so if they’ve got the technology to tap into this chat room and have a shout-out then they’re welcome to do so.

Brian:  Everyone (garbled) … locals in the chat room.  Are they the Pleiadians?  Can we say one, two three, Hi Pleiadians (giggling).

Lisa:  And Julien, D just sent you a message too, just to let you know.  Okay, next caller, we’ve got … oh did you want to say something?

Brian:  No, I was just gonna say, I don’t know if you wanted to wait until the end to read this message posted from Heather.  It was a question that she received through Deva in Facebook and her response to it.  We put it in the chat room there.

Lisa:  Okay, you can deal with that now, because I have not un-muted anyone.

Brian:  Okay.  So let me see… Here’s what she said.  So somebody posed the question to Deva “How does Heather know how to articulate the data the way she does?”  And Heather’s response is “It is within me and I DO what I BE.”  Oh the full question they have asked… actually I’ll read the full question there that came through from Deva and here it is right. There it is okay. Here it is and then “How do we all know, how do we know she is for real versus all of the other sources of information?” 

Heather’s response is “What do you mean ‘is for real’?  Use your tools of resonance within and for any data that appears before you to know whether it is within you.  Absolute data and absolute truth and absolute conscious is within you.  If it resonates within you then choose what you do with it or do from there.  I am not asking anyone to follow me.  In fact, I ask that you don’t.  I’m not asking anyone to believe me.  In fact, I ask that you don’t.  I love that during these last three months everyone has chosen to review, investigate, dissect, discuss, vet any and all data made visible.  The tools of resonance within have absolutely refined and sharpened to absolute awareness.  I’m not asking anyone to DO anything other than BE.  Now I’m going to bed. “  Oh, this is her going to bed part (giggling). 

And then I guess the person that wrote that got back and said that it sounded like that was a satisfactory answer. This is her response that Deva just posted a second ago and she said… oh gosh of course I can’t find it cause our dang thread got so darn long.  Okay, if you can bring a caller on Lisa.  I figured that we’d read that.

Oh here it is the response for you… “Thank you Deva, I have the answers to my questions. It is all about the love.  I’ve been checking out the different movements for lack of a better word and the one thing that stands as strikingly different is the love that is generated by those involved with OPPT.  Not just to the documents, or the trustees, but the people in the groups.” 

Brian:  That’s you chat room! (Giggling).  Alright.

Lisa:  Thank you.

Chris:  Lisa we seem to have been joined by Bea…were you going to talk to her?

Lisa:  Bea, are you able to unmute and join us?

Bea:  I am unmuted

Lisa and Chris:  Ah, Hello.

Chris:  You need to put the microphone closer to your face Bea.

Bea:  I don’t have a mic, so I’ll just have to put my face close to the laptop.

Chris:  Put it near the camera that’ll work…that is where the microphone is.

Brian:  (Giggles)

Bea:  I have David here with me.

All:   Say hello to David.

David:  Hello.

Lisa:  We can hear you darling.

Chris:  We can hear you.

David:  Alright.

Lisa:  We all just wanted to say Hello and thank you.

David:  Ok.

(Several laughing)

Brian:  David, I’ve got a question for you my man, this is Brian.

David:  Shoot Brian.

Brian:  How have you been feeling the last couple of days since that little dream of yours?

David:  I’ve got to say pretty good Brian…pretty pretty good…Just totally feeling different, everything around me has changed like I can see everything differently, it’s awesome.

Bob:  David, don’t you hate it when people tell you to describe stuff right on the spot especially when there is what, only what 200,000 people listening.

(Several laughing) 

Brian:  Alright, one more question for you David that is all. I promise I’ll leave you alone.  Are you sure you’re only 15? (Giggles)

David:  Uh…that is what my birth certificate says.

(Several laughing)

Chris:  I think you’ve been around a little longer than that David somehow.

David:  I think so too…I think you are right Chris. I think we all need to thank Lois though, I personally really need to thank her.

Bob:  I think you just did.

David:  I definitely did and I have been for awhile now.

Bob:  I’m sure Lois returns it back in kind, because we all need to say thank you to Loie because she’s been busy.  I know she paid each of us a visit, so you can tell she has been doing her share on the other side. 

David:  Yep…she has definitely.

Lisa:  David, when you say everything has changed, I mean that is a pretty broad statement, can you drill that down a little bit fur us?  What has changed?  What do you feel is different?

David:   Just totally…let me find the words here. Everything that bugged me and upset me before or anything that rushed me it just…nothing has bothered me anymore. I haven’t been upset or felt mad or anything like that.  No matter what happens I return everything with love.  It just feels natural. It’s not like I am trying to do it. It feels like it is coming naturally to me now. It feels great.  I’m living in the present.  I used to worry about ‘ok, what do I have to do the rest of the week?, what do I have to do tomorrow?’ It’s just ok what do I have to do right now, not even what I have to do, what am I doing right now.  That’s the way I’m living.

Chris:  David, it must be…I know that you have friends and people around you who…do you find your friends are understanding…this shift they are seeing in you? Or are they looking at you and saying; ‘David man…what are you doing?’  What are they saying?  I’d like to think they are all getting “it”. I know that’s really not possible actually, but are they kind of getting where you are at?

David:  I’ve actually found that me being the way that I am with everybody has actually mirrored…they are mirroring they way that I feel. It has impacted them who are around me, they treat me…they are all acting the same. 

Chris:  That is fantastic David, that is exactly the way to do it.  Just BE yourself and that energy will come back to you from them, they’ll be it as well. 

David:  Exactly…DO what you BE

Chris:  Exactly.

Lisa:  David, are you surrounded by other people saying you are all…other teenagers that are, I don’t know…what is the word to use…awake?  Who were you a month ago as a kid?

David:  I’m not actually…well this year I started, I don’t go to school anymore. I’ve been doing a type of homeschooling, where I do all of my courses on the computer. I don’t actually interact with students every day, high school students. I do a lot of sports which I can interact with a lot of my friends. I hang out with my friends on my own time.  I have to say that no…I’m not really surrounded by people who are awake but not to an extent, you can start to see things shifting in them as the days go by.

Lisa:  Was the homeschooling something that you instigated?

David:  Yeah, actually my mom came to me and suggested it and in that moment I thought…no way that is not me, there is no way I can do that because a year today I was social, I couldn’t stand to not be around people.  Then it was just a shift in me and I realized I actually do and that is an idea that I want to do.

Lisa:  Wow…well again, we just want to say, we wanted to say hi wanted to connect and say thank you.

Bob:  Hey David…are you feeling like a rock star now?


Brian:  Hey David, we love you man. Not only are you an inspiration to people your age, but you are an inspiration to everyone.  There are people that go many years trying to find answers and trying to find that peace and presence. The fact that you are waking up to that now at your age is incredible.  So keep shining your light and keep DO’ing what you are DO’ing. It’s a huge inspiration. We’re so excited for you and we are so excited to be sharing this journey with you as well my brother…my young brutha.

David:  Thank you my older brother.

(Several laughing)

Chris:  That is ok…I could be your really old brother... (Laughing)

Lisa:  David, there is another show that we have on this network on the 5D Network. It’s on a Friday night, it would be on your time and it is hosted by another young guy.  I’d love to have you call in and talk with him.  It’s called the “Remebering”. It’s on Saturday mornings here in Australia and Friday evening there.  The whole show is designed to give young voices a platform and to talk about what they are going through, so they haven’t got to sit around and listen to their older brothers and sisters. I’d love you to go in one day for the show.

David:  Yeah, definitely, that would be great I’d be honored.

Lisa:  That’d be great. That would be awesome. Now for those of you who don’t know who David is just go and listen to yesterdays program, the OPPT-IN show from yesterday. 

Brian:  I’m going to post the story in the chat room as well.

Lisa:  Ok, because I can see that there is a bit of confusion asking who he is, what happened and why we are saying thank you.  We talked about it yesterday.  Thanks David for calling in we do appreciate it.

David:  No problem…thank you…thank you all for letting me come in here.

Lisa:  And a shout-out to Bea for BE’ing an awesome mother.

Chris:  Yeah, something good is going on there too.  Thanks Bea.

Lisa:  Yep, thank you.

Bea:  Thank you guys…love you very very much.

Brian:  We love you too Bea…thanks for all of your work much…

(Several talking at once)

Lisa:  Absolutely…thank you Bea.

Bea:  Thank you all so much…I’ll keep listening…bye bye.

(Several tell Bea good bye)

Lisa:  Wow…I love kids.  Ok…caller 831.

Caller:  Greetings.

Lisa:  Greetings, how are you doing?

Caller:  Very good, thank you.

Lisa:  What was your name?

Caller:  I have no name or number. I’m a man of the people and I call this self Luck Light.

Lisa:  Sorry…say that again?

Luck Light (caller):  Luck Light.

Brian:  Luck Light.

Lisa:  Luck Light.

Luck Light (caller):  My public profile is on Facebook; you’ll find me there. 

Brian:  Well how are you Luck Light?

Luck Light (caller):  I’m very good, thank you. I’m very excited to be speaking.  It’s been a long time I’ve been listening; this is the first time I’m calling in.  There is a lot to say.  I really love what you all are DO’ing; you are all DO’ing it very well.  I’m excited to invite you all to contact me.  I have much to share, there is a large knowledge base involved in what we are all talking about.  I love when you all bring up sensitive topics. I can feel the background really like tense up wondering how they’ll respond…that kind of stuff.  I’m very excited to share that.  What I am seeing is a long time coming and it’s what we have all developed together during this time.  I myself have been unemployed for about 6 years now. A lot of these discussions I hear people talk about what do we do without jobs and stuff.  Well the thing is, you find people that need your help and you help them.  That is what has allowed me to get through these years.  Just wanted to share that and also just that Lisa had asked before about someone that has done some time jumping and I have done that. I did some time traveling in 1997, so I wanted to talk on that, if you wanted to ask me some questions about it I could share. 

Lisa:  Sure, I’d love to hear an example of that.

Luck Light (caller):  Not a story per se, but just that experientially when it happens it’s very quick. We are electromagnetic beings, so when it happens you are traveling basically faster than light.  It’s like instantaneous. You’re somewhere, then you’re somewhere else, but it’s like the same place but it looks slightly different.  It took me many years to process what exactly had happened after it had happened.  I was spending a lot of time through meditation and mantra building my frequency during that time, so basically it happens naturally as a result of building up frequency. 

Chris:  Luck Light, were you able to control in anyway your destination and having got there how did you get back to where you started?

Luck Light (caller):  No, I did not have control. It was a spontaneous occurrence. There was no sense of getting back in the sense that the transition to there, to the change, was barely perceptible.  My awareness what heightened so I could perceive it looking back on the experience but not during the experience. 

Chris:  Would you describe it as more or describe it more accurately as shifting to a slightly different timeline?

Luck Light (caller):  Yes, but being that it coincided with this timeline being the past or the future of this timeline.

Chris:  How far did you travel in time, in the way that we would measure linear time, months years days?

Luck Light (caller):  The first time I would measure it at about 40 years in my past. I was about 20 years old at the time.  The reason why that occurred was I encountered a childhood friend’s parents in their youth. 

Chris:  Ok…so that was your marker, that was how you knew how far you had gone back?

Luck Light (caller):  Approximately yeah…

Chris:  Did you have to relive that 40 years or were you able to come back to your point of origin, your time?

Luck Light (caller):  Yes, it must have been a flashback at some point which I did perceive and my point of origin coinciding with everyone else’s linear perspective. Yeah that happened.

Chris:  The point, folks, that I would like you to get from this particular part of the conversation is…Luck Light is tapping into a technology that we actually all have. We all have this ability and the opportunity to use it is going to dramatically increase in the coming years.  People with actual experience in these things like Luck Light and like the energy guys that we communicate with, we need help from these folks so that we can actually manage all of this stuff that is going to come our way.  Otherwise it could get a little wild.  (Several talking at once) A lot of people popping in and out of timelines and doing things they’re really not sure of could get pretty interesting.

Lisa:  Go on Facebook and connect with you there?

Luck Light (caller):  Yes, please do.

Lisa:  Ok, thank you for calling in Luck Light.

Luck Light (caller):  Thank you, bye.

Brian:  Thanks man.

Lisa:  Bye.

Chris:  Cheers.

Lisa:  Ok, area code 507.

Caller:  Hello, this is Donna. Can you hear me?

Lisa:  Donna, hi.  Yes Donna.

Donna (caller):  Hi. I wanted D still on? I wanted to ask her a couple of questions about the RV that she was talking about last night.  I tried to get on and I couldn’t, I’m wondering…

Lisa:  She is offline at the moment.

Donna:  Ok, well maybe one of you guys would be able to answer to.  We’re mostly wondering if the cabal is successful in doing the reval, are they planning on doing the NESARA?  If that is the case, how? If this does reboot the system, how long before would be say the delay be of Absolute Data?

Brian:  First of all, D actually mentioned in the chat a little while ago that the people…actually today is D’s birthday, so let’s all wish D a very happy birthday.  She is 29 today as a matter of fact…not really, though I think she is a couple of years older than that.

Bob:  With 17 years of experience. (Brian giggles)

(Several laugh)

Brian:  The question was, what is the update with the RVs and is NESARA rolling out,? If it does, what is the delay between that happening and Absolute Data.? Did I hear that correctly?

Donna (caller):  Yes.

Brian:  All I know is what D shared in one of the chat rooms earlier and that is, the RVs are completely live in Canada. That there’s a lot of horse play or horse trading going on behind the scenes. I think the exact phrase that D used is “there is a lot happening in RV land today”,  so I am not even going to pretend or begin to speculate on where it is at or what is going on with it because it would just be a guess. I like to try to avoid guessing when it comes to things that are such a big deal.  As far as the delay between that and Absolute Data, I mean, here is how I understand it.  This last remaining counter moves from Eternal Essence formerly known as the powers-that-were, are the triggering mechanism that allows Absolute Data to happen a lot faster.  None of us knows exactly when or how or what it’ll look like as far as Absolute Data.  We’re just not sure, we just all get the sense that we’re…you know when people say we’re at the eleventh hour?  That means that it’s almost done. I would say that a more accurate statement is that we are at the final hour.  How it unfolds is a chapter of the story that has yet to be told, but I’d go so far as to say we are all in for a very exciting ride at this point.  Does that answer your question satisfactorily? For now, it’s the best I could do. (giggle)

Donna (caller):  Sure. thank you Brian. Thank you all.

Brian:  Thank you.

Lisa:  A quick shout out to Diane…how did you know?  I thought I was being so good, but it was a chocolate pastry so there you go.

(Several laughing)

Chris:  Sprung.

Lisa:  Sprung, she picked it up though. (laughs) Thank you Donna, sorry D wasn’t here to answer that for you with more detail, she is the best person to answer it.  Area code 773.

Caller:  Hey, cheers to everybody and thanks for taking my call.  This is your Mexican amigo from Los Angeles.

Lisa:  Hello (laughing)

Carlos (caller):  Quick question that I quite didn’t get yesterday about the great strides where they finally accepted the gift and it only took one person.  I couldn’t really get it. Could somebody explain it to me?

Lisa:  That was David.  That one person was the young David that we just had on the show.  Yes, what we essentially said yesterday was that the UV was a gift to humanity; not just humanity to creation and like every gift it needed to be received. Young David had a dream, and I do suggest you have a look at it in more detail on American Kabuki. In that dream, he was visited by Lois, by Loie Heathers mom. After explaining the details of that to his mother, she gave him the UV document to read. He read it in a matter of seconds and said ‘Oh ok, I get it, this document is decoding the matrix’. And he understood the document completely. And how he read it and how he got it is all detailed in that article.

Carlos (caller): Thanks, thanks a lot.
Lisa: That's what that was all about and that’s why we wanted to say thank you and yes it only took one. (multiple people talking)
Chris: It had to come from someone who was...there's a fairly large group of people around Heather who understand to a greater degree, well at least some of the time (laughs) not all of the time cuz Heather can be quite hard to follow. What was going on, the acknowledgement had to come from someone who just happened to come across the information and could acknowledge it for what it was. That actually was the trigger. That's one of the reasons why I think everything's now starting to roll to a final conclusion. To a finale as they say in show biz.
Carlos (caller): Thanks a lot and lets enjoy the party. Thank you.
Lisa: (laughs) Thank you amigo. Area code 646? Alright, we'll come back to you. Area code 612.
Caller: Hello (laughs) from Minnesota, Elizabeth.
Lisa: Hey, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth (caller): Lisa Harrison. I have an egg encouragement for you. (chuckles)
Lisa: You have a what, darlin?
Elizabeth (caller): Egg.
Lisa: Ohhhh (laughs) Ok.
Elizabeth (caller): I thought of it yesterday, but I just had to bring it on now today since you guys started out the show today. But first of all I want to tell Brian I have my party hat on too. I have my party horn; here I'll give you one too, ok?
Brian: (laughs)
Elizabeth (caller): And everybody else. Let’s pass out the party hats everyone. I want to give a shout-out to my galactic brothers and sisters and yes we've been calling for you to come closer. You're welcome in my household too in Minnesota and everywhere else. Come closer! Come and party with us. I'm serious, but you know we can have it in a fun way. Me and my two 2 year old grandchildren, 4 year old granddaughter have been talking to the E.T's and saying they're limitless and so it is, right? I want to have a shout-out for Heather. Heather, we love you, all of us. I don't know, my heart just goes out to Heather you know she's going through times. She did a lot for us all of us and we're all one .So thank you thank you Heather we love you.
Lisa: Ditto.
Brian: Yeah ditto.
Elizabeth (caller): Everybody if you read the Benjamin Fulford report, there's a lot of encouragement in there this week that came out yesterday about how everything's rolling. Ok this is kind of like a full circle Lisa Harrison. Now Brian I think this was on your, no it must have been on D's blog site. When all this started happening and Heather and all of them sent the OPPT to you and probably that week after, there was a post on your or D's site by her names Deborah Pietsch. She does a blog talk radio and they decided to do “Wake up, Shift is Happening”. Intending that we're on the other side of this, the world changes. Remember that Brian?
Brian: I believe so yeah.
Elizabeth (caller): So I went to that seven-day blog talk radio “Intentions, being on the other side of the world changes”.  I'm sure a lot of people listening did too. It was awesome, awesome. You can still find it on blogtalk radio. But you know I've been following her since she does a newsletter. So check this out Lisa. She wrote a newsletter and sent it out on March 22nd. There's a picture of a cracked egg pulled apart and the sun is shining through it.
Brian: Wow.
Elizabeth (caller): Oh, it's sitting on a picnic blanket or something like that. Ok here's what it says. “March 22nd, new day, new beginnings, free will reinstated. We have arrived. The upward spiral has begun, free will has been reinstated”. And then, this is really short, cuz then it goes to the egg. “Free will reinstated. Freedom from the enslavement matrix manifesting with universal laws back in place. Compassion, love, and feminine energy to be felt and or experienced by all beings. Men shifting back into their hearts instead of disconnected and feeling like machines. Women relaxing into our divine feminine receiving energy. Twin flames meeting sacred partnerships aligning. 5D matrix activated and acceptable, it was not before. Much more sex lovemaking and tantra desired.” (laughter)
And then it says “the birthing egg has been activated. The yolk as the new sun has arrived like a newborn baby. If you are having visions, meditations, downloads, knowingnesses about an egg or the yolk, it's all part of the new beginnings of March 22nd. The downward spiral DNA manipulation polarity shift we've been experiencing since the descension reality 911 created has been reversed. It's done. Also the free will that has been (inaudible) for so long has now been reinstated. Divine intervention has been achieved.” Then it goes on and she says something about the egg. Anyway she went on after she did that seven-day shift, she went to this Sundance place where she had a film or something. And anyway Source brought her on a big long journey and about this egg thing (chuckles). So there ya go Lisa.
Lisa: Thank you so much. Oh I love it. (multiple people talking) You know when you feel like you're stagnating and you get this sort of - I hate that feeling. I mean I actually love the idea that I'm constantly in a state of growth. I only have to go for a few days where it feels like nothing happens and I feel stagnant. So I was feeling like that. So now I feel like "oh things are on the move again". (multiple people laughing)
Elizabeth (caller): Let me send this to you. Where can I send this to you?
Lisa: Are we connected on Facebook? Or you can email it to me. My email address is
Elizabeth (caller): I'll do that.
Lisa: That would be lovely. I would appreciate that. (multiple people talking)
Elizabeth (caller): My other question was how many people are on and I heard somebody say 200,000 so and growing. I love everybody and everybody loves me (chuckles).
Lisa: Yes, we do.
Brian: (laughs) We do.
Elizabeth (caller): (laughing) Ok guys, have a great time.
Lisa: Thank you Elizabeth.
Chris: Lisa, D's popped back in. D was there anything at all from ‘fessing up to the fact that it's on or near your birthday? So happy birthday from 200,000 people.
Brian: Happy birthday.
D: Why thank you everyone.
Chris: We hope you get a really good present of some actual things happening that you can point to and say yeah look it's happening now. Brian did a really great job of giving an RV update in absentia. We just wondered if there's anything (multiple people talking)
D: (laughs) Ok, first of all I wasn't listening, I had to walk away. What did Brian say?
Brian: Oh you would laugh. (everyone laughing) I actually think I did a pretty dang good job at saying I have no idea what's going on. (everyone laughing)
Chris: Yup!
D: Yes, things are moving forward. Things are moving forward. Rates are being seen popping up all over the place right now. Buy and sell rates. So things are moving forward. I haven't had a lot of updates except a lot of people saying everything is really, really good. So take that as you will, right? So. That's about it. That's all there is to say at this point really. They're still pushing on through.
Brian: Everyone in the chat room wished you a happy birthday. (laughs)

Lisa: How does this, I think the other part of the question...I wasn’t quite listening to be honest...was (over talking) the difference or how this relates to Absolute Data. Once this comes online, what does it mean in terms of Absolute Data or in relationship to it?

D: Well, it’s like I’ve put out so many articles just recently in the last few months especially, talking about what we know should roll out with all of this and the Absolute Data is gonna be ‘what do you see when it’s announced?’ What do you see, what do you actually see? Where’s the differences? Is it just, like I said, a fancy bow on the same day? The same as people (inaudible) ... this has been such a radical change around, a new system and all this good stuff and are the same CEOs still running the same banks, making millions and millions of dollars every year? Is there still GMO foods everywhere in your supermarket? Chem-trails in your skies?

Lisa: How do we look at this in light of the information that’s come forward just in the last 12 hours? While I slept as usual.

D: I’m telling you, you gotta stop sleeping.

Lisa: I gotta stop sleeping. I keep waking up in the morning going ‘Aaah has the world changed yet again?’ What we know enough about and can talk about is the reason we’re in this party mode, or after party mode, is because it appears that, as we said yesterday and last week, like everybody and his dog has a new financial system they wanna bring out.

D: The players are coming to the table.

Lisa: They are coming to the table, but they’ve been coming to the table for months, but they’ve been coming to the table still wanting to maintain the hierarchy, the control, the slavery.

D: Sure.

Lisa: What seems to have happened in the last, say 24 hours, 12 to 24 hours in particular, is that they’re now prepared to come to the table relinquishing all of that.

D: Yeah, but are they? Do you know what I mean?

Brian: We will see.

D: Yeah, exactly. Are they coming to the table saying ‘Here, here, here, we’ll give you this but we wanna keep our hierarchy and the whole idea of money and systems and all of this’? Banking, centralized banking, currencies etc. Is that what they wanna do? Because if that’s what they wanna do, well that’s just the same old thing. Prettied up, new wrapping paper maybe, new name but it’s still the same old system. That system is gone.

Chris: Yeah well, the answer to that has to be ‘Well, we told you no already, but don’t you want to party?’

D: Yeah, exactly. We’re all going to Randall’s place.

Brian: You can put coal inside of a present, it’ll still be fun to open, but you’ll be really disappointed when you find out there’s coal in there.

D: Yeah and that’s just it. This is why I’ve said, a lot of people want details and details can’t be given out right now until serious discussions happen between these groups coming forward and those who are involved. You can’t put a label on anything until it’s not just a matter of emails going back and forth; that’s not good enough. With this is, we’re talking about, there needs to be face to face discussions and until those happen, we don’t have a label to put on this yet. So therefore there’s no use bringing it out and saying to everyone ‘Oh this is happening and that is happening, it’s all this excited’ ‘cause we don’t know what it is that they want.

Lisa: So all we can say at this point is?

D: The players are coming to the table.

Lisa: By appearances, their tone’s changed.

D: Yeah. The players are definitely coming to the table now. They’re coming out of the woodwork. Do we want to accept what their offers are? I don’t know, and that’s something that has to be fully and transparently discussed. Transparently, right? That’s the key to all of this. This can’t be discussed through a couple of emails and things like this. It needs to be fully and transparently discussed face to face, etcetera.

Bob: But we can say some developments have happened. We haven’t been fully briefed on them, but the only message we have from Heather is ‘It is done, Done’.

Lisa: This has been the message since December really.

D: Yeah, she was a little more excited this evening. I tried to tie her down for an answer on that one, but I couldn’t catch her before she lost her internet again. So yeah, there was nothing I could do about that. I’m sorry guys, I tried to tie her down to get an answer and I couldn’t. I have to work on my lasso.
Lisa: Ok. Well thanks D.

Brian: Believe it or not, Heather actually has to sleep every once in a while also.

Chris: I’m sorry Brian, sorry, none of that. (Laughter) We’re giving up sleep, you have to too.

Brian: Oh gosh, can’t be done. I cherish (inaudible) ...

Chris: Every time you go to sleep, you wake up and the world’s changed.

Brian: Yeah.

D: You guys are on the other side of the world, that’s all. It’s a time zone thing. If you guys take the night shift, I keep telling Lisa, take the night shift. 

Brian: When we wake up, we wake up to all the activity in the chat rooms of Lisa, Chris, Vera and a handful of others so it goes both ways my man. 

Chris: True, that’s true.

Brian: It just looks more exciting on our side. (Laughter)

Chris: Well that’s actually true. We’re in a little spot down under here, it’s a little quiet.

D: Yeah, I know you Aussies, you’re nothing but quiet.

Brian: Where the water swirls down the toilet in the opposite direction.

Chris: Well it used to, not so much anymore.

Lisa: Aah speaking of which, after we did that show, I got some messages about some, from someone on Facebook saying that their compass had been doing some really weird thing for the last few months even to the point where they actually had two compasses side by side and they were both giving different readings and there was nothing wrong with either of them. If you don’t know what we’re talking about (over talking),  for those of you who may have missed that show we talked about the, what was it? The water was going down different directions down holes, down sinks than it used to or should be and there seemed to be some kind of geomagnetic anomaly happening all over the planet for a couple of days there at least. So it was pretty interesting, it was fun. We all ran off to do experiments during the show, it was good fun. Ok.

Brian: Caller?

Lisa: Yes. Have we still got a caller?

Brian: Dare I ask if Bob was gonna host a meditation tonight?

D: Oh that’s right.

Brian: B-o-b?

Bob: Excuse me?

(D and Brian being silly, cracking up)

Lisa: Do you wanna do a meditation?

D: On the spot, one, two, three, let’s go.

Bob: What are we medi...? What are we? What um?  (Laughter)

Lisa: At the beginning of the show I mentioned that “Send Your Light” video, about becoming one with all the past yous, and using all of that knowledge and energy and wisdom and experience garnered through these lifetimes and drawing it to you now. Ready, set, meditate someone said.


Brian: I don’t think ‘on your mark, get set, go’ is appropriate here.

Bob: Ok,ok.

Lisa: We’ll give you a few minutes. We’ll take the caller if you like.

Brian: Why don’t we do it toward the end? Bob can take ten minutes to get his mind ready for it. Hey Bob, if you wanna tie into the, take off your costume and have a love fest? That’s cool too, but no pressure.

D: Beach party, beach party, there you go.

Lisa: We’ll take another call and give you a minute Bob.

Bob: Ok.

Lisa: Do we have area code 646?

Caller: Hey. Can you hear me now? 

Lisa: Yes, I can.

Rick (caller): Wow, ok, it’s Rick from Connecticut. How are you?

Brian: Hey Rick.  

Chris: How you doin’ Rick?

Rick (caller): How’s it going team? This is cool that Bob’s gonna be doing the meditation toward the end because I had a, what I wanted to mention tonight was how much my life has changed as a result of really being here now and it was a long road to get there. There was a lot of scarcity consciousness, a lot of fear of not having, particularly when I was living in New York and I was trying to be an artist but I didn’t want to be a struggling one, ‘cause I’m too old for that stuff. And now, having let go...

Brian: Did we lose him?

Lisa: Oh, hang on. Something happened to his mike, it got muted at this end. Rick, are you there? (silence) His microphone keeps muting. That’s really bizarre. Rick we lost you. I don’t know why, but it’s automatically reverting back to mute. Yeah, he just won’t un-mute. Area code 212, we’ll move on quickly and I’ll keep trying to get Rick back. Area code 212? No? There’s something going on in the studio guys, I cannot un-mute you. Your microphones will not un-mute. That’s really weird.

Bob: You want me to try Lisa?

Lisa: You can try at your end, yeah. Try and bring Rick back on.

Bob: Let’s see, Rick. Rick, are you there? (silence)

Lisa: I guess someone wants us to meditate Bob.

Bob: Oh goodness. Yeah well no, it didn’t un-mute for me either.

Brian: That’s how you know it’s a real show ladies and gentlemen, technical difficulties.

(Over talking)

Bob: We’ve had this problem in the studio once before. I don’t know how we fixed it.

Lisa: I don’t know how to fix it either, I’ve never noticed it before. Ok, I’m gonna put some music on.

Brian: Cool.

Lisa: And Bob, you can just start whenever you feel ready to do so. How does that feel?

D: Have we lost Bob now?

Lisa: Yeah. (Laughter) Have we? Are you still there? Oh my God.

Bob: (Inaudible) I’m sorry.

Brian: He was on mute. (EVERYBODY laughing)

Bob: I’m sorry. I know, I just totally had the thing muted.

Brian: Well, we know.

Lisa: Alright, I gotta play some music, ok guys.

(Music starts)

Bob: You know what (inaudible)?

Lisa: When you’re ready. Oh, hang on. Yeah, I’ll stop it Bob.

(Music stops)

Bob: Do you want me to just do the meditation as Kryon? Laying it out?

Lisa: Whatever you feel.

Bob: Ok, that will be easier. 

(Over talking)

Lisa: Ok.

Brian: Cool.

Bob: Ok.

(Bob leads all through meditation)

Lisa: Okay, everybody, back you come. Thank you Bob.

Brian:I'm not ready to come back yet.

Bob: You're welcome.

Lisa: You say you're not ready.

(general laughter) (talk over)

Chris: ... turn the music off ....

Lisa: ... think we put D to sleep. So, D's off to be now. Good night D.

D: No, I'm still here.


Chris: Well, that was a nice birthday present Bob. That was lovely.

D: Yes, thank you Bob.

Bob: Oh, you're welcome.

Lisa: Oh, someone's after the link to that music. It's called "Journey into Frequency"; we got it off YouTube, but I have no idea how to find it now. If you do a search for that on YouTube, you should find it. That's all the information I have on that actually. Thank you Bobby.

Chris: So it's round-up time, so how do we round that lot up? Wow!

(laughter)  (talk over)

Chris: No one's jumping in. (laughs)

D: I'm too mellow to talk.

Lisa: Yeah, that's why doing these things at the end of the show is always a good idea.                                                               
D: Yeah, it should be closer to the end end.


Chris: You're the birthday girl. You don't have to do anything anyway.

Lisa: Have you had a nice day D?

(unknown): D-Day.

D: Well, yeah D-Day, that's right. It's been D's day. No, it would seem that my children and Heather's children are running off the same program. So, basically Heather and I tried to have conversations three times today and were interrupted by screaming children all day long. Both of us have decided we need a vacation.


D: Now, I tried to say that I tried to hide from my kids and Randall told me today that I was not allowed to hide. I said but I had a perfectly good cupboard under the bathroom sink, all emptied out, just big enough for me and my laptop and he still said I wasn't allowed to do that.

Brian: I thought you were trying to hide from your monkeys or is that what you just call them.

D: Yeah, that's what I call my children, my monkeys.


D: Listen, I have a three-year-old that can climb onto the top of the fridge. He's a monkey.


Brian: Why does that not surprise me? They call that apple not falling far from the tree.

D: Yeah, exactly. What's that famous curse? It's the famous parent's curse that you have one just like you were.


D: Yes, I killed my goldfish when I was three years old by climbing up onto the top of the fridge and feeding them bubblegum.

Lisa: Awww.

D: Yeah.

Brain: You're not supposed to do that?  

D: Apparently not.

Lisa: Awww. Bubblegum, seriously?

D: Yeah. I fed my gold ... I was three. I don't even know where, how ... I blame my parents for giving me bubblegum. (laughs)

Lisa: (laughing) I just need to pipe in and say Barbara has reminded me that the "Journey into Frequency" is Favorited on The Collective Imagination YouTube channel and you can find it under the YouTube tab on Facebook page. So thank you Barbara, because she would've organized all of that. Oh my god, D, bubblegum and goldfish, just don't go together. But anyway, the poor things.

D: Yeah, I was one of those children.

Chris: Poor Nemo.


Lisa: Well, I just want to say thanks again, if Bea and David are still listening, thank you guys very much once again.

D: Ooh, I have to make one little comment, Lisa, sorry. Not only is it my birthday today, it is also Deryl's birthday today.

(talk over)

D: Yes, our Deryl. It's his birthday today too.

(talk over) (several saying "Happy Birthday, Deryl")

Chris: Look I spoke to Deryl briefly at about 1:30 in the morning yesterday or last night, whenever it was. He's getting lots of support from everybody around him. There's no sign of the swat team, which is great. He thinks they're very busy putting the documents he educated them on in front of the judge again. I said there's a judge in Canada somewhere with a headache right now, reading through a large stack of documents which he refused to read through during the court case. So that's good news, very good news. I must apologize too, I haven't got Deryl's interview up there yet. Universe intervened, but I'll be getting his interview up on the website later today. Please listen to it folks; it's a really interesting story.

Brian: He also told me when I spoke to him earlier that the equivalent of the sheriff, I don't know what they call it in Canada, called him and let him now that nobody's going to be going to pick him up. So I think it was a fear tactic on behalf of whoever it was that said that was going to happen. So let's all send Deryl some love and some light and put the energy out there that he is safe and protected and out of harms way.

Chris: We also need to put out, just as we discussed earlier in the show, we also need to put out the same thing to the people who are working on the enforcement, in the police force and so forth. They're all in this too and they're trying to work out what's going on as well. So we need to send them some too as well to help them on that journey.

(talk over)

D: ... if all of us saying 'I do not consent'.

Lisa: I do not consent.

D: I do not consent to Deryl being harassed by anybody. I don't consent.

Lisa: I just want to make a point someone wrote in the chat room, I think it was Diane, but it's past. Whether or not you both can make suggestions for topics to the show. Absolutely, of course. This is your show. So you can do that on the Facebook page; the Collective Imagination Facebook page. If you have anything you'd like to have addressed or talk about on the show, by all means. So, thank you once again. It'll be next Tuesday for me, next Monday night for those of you in the States, until the next OPPT-IN show. These weeks go by very fast; it feels like a coule of days and we'll be talking to you again. I want to shout out to quite a few people. Barbara, thank you for everything. The creative team who are working on the website; guys, you are doing an amazing job, thank you. Everybody who tunes into this show every week and participates in this chat room without fail, thank you, huge thank you. All of those who join us each week on the panel: D, Brian, Bob, Chris, Heather when we have her, Bill (American Kabuki) when we have him. Yes, Brian?

Brian: Lisa.

Lisa: Yes?

Brian: I'm just adding you, your name to that list.

Lisa: Oh (laughs).


Lisa: Well thanks. (laughs) It's been another great couple of days doing these shows. I've really enjoyed these last two in particular. So thank you to everyone involved.

Bob: Oh and I also wanted to say thank you to our non-locals. You can send a Skype request.

(Brian laughing)

D: Absolutely.

Brian: Brian G 5D.


Chris: You know I want to think of ...

D: I think they know how to find us.

Chris: Yeah, I think they need to think up a ... one of the aspects of communicating with us, they don't really use names the way we do. I think they need to think one up, because non-locals, that's a little impersonal. So there's a little challenge for the guys who are listening. We need to get you a little bit of a group name going, so we can give you a personality.

D: Well, my kids and I call them our cosmic cousins.

Chris: CC's, yep.

Lisa: Cosmic cousins, that's cute. CC's.

D: Our cosmic cousins, yep.

Lisa: If there are any of you guys out there in the audience are going to experiment with anything over the next week, be sure to let us know next week. Okay, we're about to lose the live feed. So thanks once again and we'll see you next week on OPPT-IN.

Brian: Love you all.

D: Bye everyone.

Chris: Goodbye everybody.

Bob: Goodbye everyone. See you next week.

Lisa: Bye for now.

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