Tuesday 30 April 2013

OPPT IN Radio show Apr 22 Transcription

Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN
Monday, April 22, 2013 (USA)
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 (AEST)

Note: Please be aware that the transcription team has fully transcribed only the last 60 minutes of this show. The first 90 minutes of this show involved Lisa, Chris, Bob, and Brian reminiscing on the chronological history of OPPT and their personal feelings and journeys with OPPT.
In lieu of transcribing these first 90 minutes, please read below the show summary as prepared by GingerSnap and is posted at Kauliapele’s blog. The transcription team sends a hearty thank you to Ginger and to KP.  Ginger’s full show summary can be found at:

Ginger’s notes: April 22,2013 Freedom Reigns/OPPT-IN, with Lisa, Chris, Brian, Bob and D at the end:
ALL READERS AND LISTENERS PLEASE NOTE . . . regarding legal information below all are legal facts. All the expressed views below, are of the hosts only . . . and none of them are attempting to convince anyone of anything. Either one resonates with what has happened and why, or not, and it’s all perfect.
IMPORTANT NOTICE – “OPPT” is now changing to the “ONE PEOPLE” . . . (is a grass roots movement to change old system) . . . the “OPPT has been ordered and reconciled, so now in perpetuity” . . . therefore, the growing body of people around the world utilizing current tools and educating . . . are now to be known as the “ONE PEOPLE” . . . and this includes Heather, Caleb, Randall, Lisa, Bob, Brian, Chris and D on the blog talk radio shows. We are each all referred to as the One People now – globally – Equally . . . to each choose what we each want . . . even it has nothing to do with the OPPT docs filed and reconciled, that is one’s choice and fully honored by Heather, Lisa, Brian and all.
- There is a OPPT/One People’s short summary story starting last year to date, clarifying terms . . . what was OPPT?
- About 53 minutes in, excellent short description of a CVAC.
- About 1hr 13mins in, about the I/UV Exchange and it shifted our thinking around money and our human/energy and DNA-value that was placed outside of ourselves (like money, gold) . . . and bringing it back to WITHIN ourselves . . . that will be exchanged for what we need among each other (end of monetary system). This is critical, as it eliminates any more possibility of others being in control over others. (and note the RV, NESARA, Prosperity plans are just another attempts to revive the old manipulative controlling system)
- See more excellent short clarification from Heather and Chris around UCC, CVAC and I/UV Exchange here –
-  NOTE on 100th monkey radio, Chris recently shared a very helpful big picture w/lots of detail, helpful overall view for people new to OPPT/One People story here –

Full transcript of show from 1:26:30 minutes to 2:30 minutes (last hour of show):

Lisa: As I said earlier, there was a lot of people, lot of groups, lot of individuals claiming to represent groups that came forward with offers of enforcement or offers of (inaudible), so prosperity packages for everybody. Offers of various things. They went through a vetting process I guess you could say by really just allowing them the space to expose themselves. They came and went. A lot of them, I think, were lures; this is my personal opinion on this. I think a lot of them were lures to get OPPT, Heather and the trustees to act in a certain way and try to trick them into reactivating the system that they just shut down. Again, that's the way I looked at it.

Now, the latest one to come on board is the SWISSINDO group. This has been going on for some time. Brian's the one who can speak to this, because Brian's the one who's been the most involved. I've been on the sidelines keeping myself up to speed as much as possible. What we're looking at is a group who have acted independently, based on what they saw in those filings. They believe that those filings are giving them the empowerment to act. They're doing what we're all doing. Supporting the work that's been done. Doing whatever enforcement they can. Our enforcement came out of things like the Courtesy Notices and just BE'ing and DO'ing was our enforcement. Here we're looking at a group who claim to have the ability to implement some wide-scale, serious enforcement. So there's been ... again, it's a matter of ... I know for me personally, its about sitting back and saying if these guys are who they say they are and can do what they say they're going to do. Brian, do you want to step in at that point? (silence) You've got unmute yourself first though. (silence)

Bob: In the meantime ...

Brian: That would be smart, unmuting myself would be smart. Here I am starting to ramble and I'm muted. It's been an interesting process to watch this whole SWISSINDO development unfold from my perspective. It all started from a phone call that I received asking if I had seen a document drafted by the alleged representatives of SWISSINDO having my name and email address and phone number listed as the media contact for the One People's Public Trust. You can only imagine how much that surprised me at first, being kind of tagged with the responsibility that I didn't necessarily sign up for, but considering me being the truthseeker that I am, I looked at it as an opportunity to help tell the story in the most transparent way possible, which is what I've been trying to do mostly with my blog in the last week or so with all the information, gosh over 90 pages worth of it in posts that I put out last week.

One of the first things I had to do was…I don’t even have any idea who ... I’ve heard of SWISSINDO…I have no idea who they are. So I had to do a lot of research and a lot of due diligence.  I can only share my impression and my opinions of the story as it has developed for me personally.  I will be really up front, which is how I always do it. I’ll just say that I have never had any one-on-one direct verbal communications with anybody that claims to represent their group.  I’m not involved in any high level negotiations nor do I even know if there are any high level negotiations that are even going on based on the way I understand the story has been told.  There are people that are in communications with the people from SWISSINDO that have been following their story. One historian that we’re in contact with and following their story for eight years and she has pages and pages of copious notes and research not even all that I have completely read through…there is that much of it. 
The person that claims to kind of head up the SWISSINDO Royal Family is a gentleman that goes by the nickname Sino.  He holds the position that is referred to as the King of Kings and is the number one kind of authority in these royal families.  His order goes a long way. However, the handlers that have been overseeing the SWISSINDO operations have done a really good job at suppressing the supposed power that he has.  The way that I understand their intentions is, that these groups of royal families have been … for a few hundred years … passing the buck along from generation to generation with the intention…with the ultimate goal to bring peace and prosperity back to humanity.  Using the instrument of the Asian gold that they supposedly control, which is supposedly 90% of the known gold deposits in the world, which have also been suppressed in that part of the story that I’m still learning as I go. 
When the One People’s Public Trust came around, they looked at all of the documents. They reviewed everything that they saw and said that this is the element…the ingredient that has been introduced to the equation…to the landscape that will allow their lifelong mission that has been passed from generation to generation to be fulfilled once and for all.  The way that they wanted to do that is release…we made it very clear in one of the documents that Paula put out that we have no intention ... I’m speaking now to everybody that is following this story because there is this big idea that has been put out there that we as the representatives, which we are all just individuals speaking publicly about what we know to be true, but those of us that speak on behalf of the One People’s Public Trust, our agenda is to seize the collateral accounts and highjack them from people that have been trying to get their hands on them for quite some time and that is absolutely not the case. I think we have made it very clear over the course of the last few weeks, couple of months, that the way we want to see this go is that we are ultimately getting people to the point where they understand their true value is in the energy that is within themselves. We don’t want their gold. What they are looking for now is some ceremonial type of event where, like I said, their legacy can be brought into the light. 
The radio show that I did on Morning Brew last week got a lot of attention; it’s been blogged and re-blogged. I’ve been quoted as saying some things. The people are wanting me to elaborate on, so I’ll do the best I can to address some of those things now.  There is a UN Executive Order #UCC10833 that goes right along with the military order that the One People’s Public Trust put out, which is for corrupt bankers and politicians or anybody that is guilty of crimes against humanity to be arrested and to be moved out of the way so that a new system ... the elements of that new system have yet to be determined as far as my personal knowledge ... can be launched.  That has received both positive and negative commentary in response.  A lot of people are really concerned about the idea of enacting any military to do anything on behalf of the people because of the energy that that could perpetrate.  So I am going to read something hear real quickly from my blog and then a couple more things I’ll share and then if we want to open it up to questions that works as well.
Chris:  There is also a couple of things that I need to put in here Brian if I may?
Brian:  Please, go ahead Chris.
Chris:  I’ve been somewhat on the fence about SWISSINDO, because I haven’t really absorbed all of the information that yourself have and that Paula has.  In the last 24 hours, I’m coming to realize that I need to get off of the fence over this and here is the reason.  If you look around the landscape of what we can do next, there is nothing ... there is no other organization that has come forward to offer us anything that was real. These people have with absolute best intentions jumped in and said okay, there has been communication, said ‘Right, here is what we are going to do’. They have issued a document which clearly stated that the system was to be shut down. There was to be enforcement and that there was to be funding for the enforcement and for the development of what come next. 
I don’t see anyone else jumping forward to make anything like that and from everything I’ve heard about these people, they have absolute pure intent.  The reason that they jumped in so quickly…these things take months and years to organize usually, these sorts of big behind the scene changes…they did it in weeks because of the way they resonated with what the OPPT’s actions had done and continue to do.  Now, the steps from here on have, to me, been unclear.  They are starting to become clearer now and I want to speak to that issue when Brian has finished filling in more details.  There is a very specific pair of documents that we are going…when I say we, I mean myself and all of the other people that I have been working on this with, some on the panel some not today…are going to actually put out there. 
That is an Oath and Bond for the One People.  One of the things that I see very clearly now is that…I’ve been having an identity crisis last week, who are we?  What is this group of people?  What is this movement?  It has become very clear to me that it is the One People.  Now if you look at all of the attacks on the OPPT this…the OPPT that…they are trying to attack an entity, because they deal in a world of fictional entities and the OPPT was that, it was a trust, a man-made fictional entity.  They attack the OPPT, lets’ see if they will come at the One People.
Brian:  Yes.
Chris:  Okay, are they going to come at the One People and make ridiculous accusations? I don’t think so.  So I want to talk about the Oath and Bond at the end of this conversation, but I just wanted to insert the idea now that whatever reservations you might have about this SWISSINDO stuff.  I say we give these people our full support and see where it goes. See how far we can take this because we have to get major changes over the line and no one else is coming up with any offers or support for us at this point in time…we get elsewhere.
Lisa:  When you say “Us” you’re talking about the people of the planet?
Chris:  I’m talking about “The One People” and when I say “Us or We” from now on it means “The One People”.  What we are talking about here…do you want to say what is happening here…is the rise of the One People.
Brian:  So here is the thing that everybody needs to understand.  The One Peoples Public Trust…meaning the trustees of the former One Peoples Public Trust, Heather, Caleb and Randall ... have not signed anything with the SWISSINDO group.
Chris:  They actually don’t need to. They had all of the authority to do what they did to issue that document; that is their prerogative.  I was surprised that there wasn’t more to and fro, but there has been communication difficulties and language difficulties at various levels.  It’s just the situation, but what I would like Brian to do is go a little bit more into the detail of that.  So we can bring it to a conclusion.
Brian:  Here is the thing. Part of the reason why I started my blog was to tell the story as it is being told to me.  The SWISSINDO group with this executive order and what they are doing putting out the call to the Provost Marshals for enforcement, everybody can see with their own eyes when and if that comes to fruition.  I’m not getting myself attached to it one way or the other, because I know that at a higher level everything is by design and everything is going to work out exactly as it was designed to. If the thing about SWISSINDO dissolves and goes away tomorrow or tomorrow night, I will not lose one ounce of sleep.  For me it’s about detachment and watching the story as it’s told; watching it as it unfolds.  None of us have the intention of making decisions on behalf of the One People that are gonna be to the detriment of all of Humanity.
So let me read this real quick and it will summarize this message that I’m trying to put out here. Then there’s one more thing that I will say and I’ll pass it over to you, Chris.  A comment that Fulford made on his post today said that the Pentagon Agency White Hats say they have been waiting for the legal basis to make a move against the corrupt political establishment. So, I’ve put out a message out on this post at the beginning.  I said some data to consider from Fulford:  “No need to get caught up in the energy of fear or worry.  Remaining a conscious witness to story as it unfolds is the only way to observe the drama without getting caught up in the drama.  All is transpiring exactly as it was designed.  For it to be otherwise would be a contradiction of Universal Law.  So complete detachment from outcome helps us to stay grounded during a time of perceived chaos.  Just remember:  at a higher level even chaos is in perfect order.”
So, you know, there are people that have been in direct communications with SWISSINDO and with Mr. Sino, direct.  I’ve read the email conversations.  I’ve read a lot that has caused me to become excited by the idea that there [are] basically a lot more people now from all over the world on the side of bringing peace and prosperity to the planet.  However, I have no worry.  I’m not concerned whatsoever that ... whatever moves that are being made in the background, that are going to happen no matter what the One People’s Public Trust or the One People say.  They are happening anyway, and they don’t need anybody’s signature, as far as the Trustees, to allow it to happen.  Let’s all watch the story as it unfolds.  Ya know?
Lisa:  A question, Brian, that keeps coming up in the chat room from someone is:  “If OPPT foreclosed on everything, why did they not foreclose on the SWISSINDO?”
Brian:  Well, here’s the thing. That’s a really good question.  You could say the same thing about the UN.  Well, the Federal Reserve [and] the United States Government, they have been foreclosed also, right?  But if you look on news, it looks as if they are still in operation, right?  The reason is because people are still paying energy into the idea that they are still in existence.  That’s the only place that they now still retain any control – is the belief that they are still legitimate.  So once people wake up to the idea and the understanding, and this could be the ingredient that allows them to do so, that these organizations and these entities that have been foreclosed upon, then energy that allows them to perpetuate the energy that they bring to the people of this planet all of the sudden goes flat, and they can no longer operate on any level whatsoever.  That’s what I’m hoping for is a result that comes from the potential of what SWISSINDO is doing.  However, I can’t say this is exactly what’s going to happen, these people are exactly who they say they are.  I’ve seen enough to lead me to believe that it’s legitimate, but that’s only based on my own assumptions and my own process of due diligence, which has been pretty extreme to this point.
Chris:  Well that cuts back to the very start of this show where we said everyone’s expressing their own opinions.  We’re Eternal Essence Embodied Without Limits. We’re entitled to form our own opinions, but we just have to acknowledge that we’re receiving one another’s opinion. We have to process that information and decide for ourselves which part if it we want. 
As far as the question from the chat room goes, the actuality of the Trust is they have physical possession of a very, very large amount of gold, okay?  You strip away the corporate structure from a company, you still have the building, the people, the equipment, the stock sitting there – physical.  Well, it’s the same thing with SWISSINDO.  You’ve got the Trustees – the caretakers of this enormous asset, which has been used in the financial system for a very long time for backing, you know, the whole system, at least a very large part of it.  That’s still there.  The caretakers – the custodians – are still acting in their role in their capacity because it’s been a sacred Trust for them.  So that doesn’t really affect the actuality of what SWISSINDO is.  The fictional aspect – any signed documentation, any structural agreements that were related around the old statutory law system – they’ve gone, but the Trustees are still there and the gold is still there.  They are the ones who actually have control over where it goes.
To get back to the commentary that’s been going about the Provost Marshals and the fact of enforcement:  The military orders make it very clear that this is not an outbreak of military action.  This is actually an outbreak of peace.  You only have to go back to the military order and read it to understand how that’s structured.  Okay?
Lisa:  There’s two more things that I want to get to before the end of the show and we’ve got 10 minutes.
Chris:  Yep, okay.  I just need about one or two more minutes.  We pushed it out to the Provost Marshals very simply, because we don’t have the resources, or experience or knowledge, to actually evaluate the document that SWISSINDO sent down to the degree which we’d like.  The Provost Marshals do.  That’s their job.  It also serves to notice them that we the One People know what SWISSINDO is trying to do for us, and we’re putting them on notice that we require them to act.
So there was two purposes for putting it back into the system via the Provost Marshals.  Because it gets passed down through the UN.  The UN’s a very corrupt place.  It’ll be slow.  It’ll get blocked.  It’ll be in contention.  But in the end Mr. Sino, apparently, owns the UN and owns the UNITED STATES [corporation].  So, it will happen.  I’m not sure of the pace that it will happen at, though, and I’m not sure exactly what we’ll see when it really kicks in.  That’s yet to be written.
However, the very final thing I want to talk about is this:  the actions of the OPPT in shutting itself down and literally hand-balling it over to ... Well, who?  Where does the movement go?  You know, who’s in charge?  You know, I’ve been struggling with this for a couple of weeks.  Who are we?  Where do we go from here?  Who’s in charge?  The simple answer is that we are what’s arrived at this point.  We’ve actually found ourselves.  We’ve turned up.  We are the One People.  The ball’s been very firmly placed in our court – in the court of the people on this call, the people we’re working with, everyone listening to this is aware of what’s going on – if we want a new world it actually is up to us. 

Moving forward from this point with all of the work of the Trustees behind us is actually a lot simpler than we think.  We’ve created an energetic space for the One People.  All we need to do now is fill it.  The way that we are going to start filling it, when I say “we”, I mean this is actually me, and what I’m suggesting to everybody out there ...  I’m posting some documents in the next 24 hours, with ...  I’ve been struggling to write the introductory material for this because I had to resolve some issues which I think I’ve got my head around now, but essentially there is an Oath and Bond.  And there’s two of them.  There’s one for, (pause)  I find it difficult to read this because I get very emotional, but I’ll put that aside. One for the Servant of the One People and one for the Protector of the One People. (pause) 
Now they’re actually very simple documents. I’m going to struggle to read them out, because I get too (pause) emotional, but what I’m asking you to do is to consider whether you will actually... commit.  Move forward with the concept of the One People BE’ing our own change;  BE’ing what we need. There are military out there who are looking for something to hang their hat on.  They are looking for a way to...
Lisa:  It’s okay.  It’s okay.
Chris: fulfill their oaths, okay?  I’m saying that the military order can’t move forward without volunteers.  This is actually the thing that’s required for them to do it.  The thing that’s required for us to move forward is for people to ... and not everyone has to do this.  Free will choice.  If you feel committed to helping this move forward, then sign the Bond and Oath and fax or email ... we’ll have to do it by email, but we might set up a special thing.  I want you to use, initially, the [] email if you want to email them.  If you can sign and scan it and send it, it’s just a sign of your support (emotional) and the fact that you want this to move forward.
Lisa:  Thanks Chris.  Okay, Brian, you are getting a lot of questions in the chat room.  I don’t know if you are noticing it, but they want to know whether we’ve had any response from the Provost Marshals as yet.
Brian: (Laughing) Just laughing at my joke, that I just put in the chat room. I said, “where does the king of kings keep his armies?”. The answer is in his sleevies. (Laughing) (People talking at once) Okay, what was the question?
Lisa: Has there been any response from the provost marshals?
Brian: Yeah, we have had a couple of responses from the provost marshals, but communication with all of them just went out on Friday. One of which verified the legitimacy of the UN order and now he’s taking it to his people to discuss it and get back. We are waiting on that get-back process right now. I will say that those people out there in the blogosphere that are under the attack of this idea and this exchange that is going back and forth with SWISSINDO, to me that is very telling that we are dealing with the right people or else why would there be such animosity toward the discussion? I think that is a pretty good tell in the poker world, of showing your hand.
D: Exactly!
Lisa: (laughing) Okay, look, I have so many requests. I have had so many requests to address this recent article that was put out by Michael Dunn. I wasn’t going to because honestly people, I just didn’t want to give it the energy. But I am going to make some clarifications. (coughs) When I am speaking, Excuse me. When I am speaking, I am speaking; the only person I can represent is me. That’s it. I don’t represent anybody else. Unless I preface something with “Heather said” or “Brian said” and to pass it on to you, then I am speaking on behalf of myself. I don’t represent the former OPPT. I don’t represent Heather or Caleb or Randall. I just happen to be someone who is fortunate enough, and I feel very blessed to be connected to these people.
Now, okay, what was the, someone put it in here, that OPPT broke the peace with the Keenan group. There was no peace because there was no war to start with. And, me, personally, Lisa, having a discussion with a guy called Michael, is not a discussion between or a negotiation between OPPT and Neil Keenan. It’s a discussion between Lisa and Michael. Now, the first accusation was that there was a death threat to Neil. I’m not going to argue that. I don’t know. I wasn’t in the room when he got the call, or if he got the call. My only comment to it was (silence) that Brian could giggle him to death.
Now, as a result of that, I had a discussion with Michael as I talked about on last week’s show. I reiterated that ... now, if Michael wants to interpret that as me speaking on behalf of the former OPPT and on behalf of Heather, Caleb and Randall ... then he can, that’s fine. But I was only giving my opinion. If he wants to declare that as being a peace, then he can do that, that’s fine too. I’m at peace. I am not at war with him or Neil, or anybody else. What else? Oh, that now that they have actually poisoned Neil. But fortunately Neil seems to know what they are going to poison him with and carries the antidote around. So that is great. He is alive and well. I am very happy. Again, I don’t know if that happened. I don’t know who did it, if it did. How could I? What else? What else am I supposed to address on that? Anything else?
Brian: Keenan made a comment that he came out and said that he likes war. I mean (laughing) ...
Lisa: Well, he can have a war, but no-one that I know is turning up. (Many people talking, laughing)
D: Lisa, can I say something? I haven’t said much. I will be short and concise, unlike Prince. (Laughing)
Chris: Thanks D.
D: Here’s the thing, and it goes back to the comment of what you said two minutes ago: At no time did the OPPT trustees seek out the SWISSINDO Trust. None. At no time did anyone pretending to be working for/with the OPPT trustees go chasing after them saying, “hey, hey, hey, come here we got to talk to you, we’ve got a deal for you today”. Okay? They came. They sought out contact after what they saw in the file. They have never even spoken to the OPPT trustees yet.
Lisa: No.
D: There have been conversations going back and forth between several people and the SWISSINDO Trust People. The SWISSINDO Trust people issued the orders that issued, all on their own. They weren’t told to. They weren’t ordered to. They weren’t asked to. (Indistinct) I remember when you and I ... I remember having a conversation when it all showed up, when it all showed up, everyone thought: ‘holy crap, when did they post that and oh my goodness!’
Lisa: Yeah, so who are these people? What are they doing?
Bob: It’s just like I said before D: It’s just people, the OPPT left information about their (indistinct) filings. People go to do whatever they wanted with those filings. Some people put up websites, some people put up videos and some people mobilized global armies. (laughing)
Chris: (people laughing) One of the things about this D ... I will drop in this one, I have to drop in this, this one concept. Oh crap, and I just forgot what it was. Bugger! (laughing)
Lisa: I’m only going to make one more comment on it, and that is that if (people laughing) anybody wants to declare war with me, personally, or with the former OPPT, or with Heather and Caleb and Randall, and Brian and D, I really do, and I am in this moment going to speak on behalf of all of them. I’m going to say you’re on the battlefield on your own guys. No one is showing up. Not interested in a fight. This about (laughing) ... this is not about war. This is about peace at last. All those people that have an agenda, who want to maintain control and power and global accounts and have all the money and tell people what they can do with it, they’re the ones who have got a problem. 
Chris: Yep, and what, I have just remembered what I was going to say; for fifty or more years, the SWISSINDO people have been trying to work out what to do about the problem they’ve got with the criminals who hijacked their asset. They haven’t had anybody, anything else, appear that they could handball it on to which wasn’t corrupted by the system. Otherwise all the projects that are running, like Neil Keenan’s, would have got the gong a long time ago. What does that say about those guys?
Lisa: Okay guys...
Chris: and within weeks...

Lisa: Hang on, hang on. We’re about to lose the broadcast. So for those people who were just listening live, if you’ve called in, you’ll hear us, we are going to go over. But if you are just listening on Blogtalk, then you will lose it. You can call in. Oh no you can’t, there is no space left on the switchboard. So you will have to listen to the archive to hear what happens after we go off the air. So thanks for joining us. I know it has been a weird show. We’ve reminisced, we’ve recapped and we’ve addressed some things, but we will keep going.
Chris: We will.
Lisa: Keep going Chris.
Chris: Yes, I’ll finish the sentence. If they were going to be hand-balled to some project inside the system, some deal inside the system, they would have done it. But they just couldn’t find anyone with integrity. Within about four or five weeks of seeing the work of the trustees, boom, they are throwing in a document that orders the UN to shut the system down. What does that tell you about these other things that are going on, that are barking at us and making noise?
Bob: Well, one thing I ...
Chris: .... and their motivation.
Bob: One thing I will say, for all those who doubted the veracity of those filings, when it starts to get, when it gets world rulers to act on those same filings, I would say that those filings probably have some legitimacy to them.
Chris: We’re going to lose everybody, so bye-bye from me.
D: (indistinct)
Brian: Namaste.
Lisa: Okay, we’re going to keep going though. We need to, there are a lot of people who want to talk about military and DC and Boston and all of that stuff. I can’t offer anything other than my observation which was Boston was “Bullshit!” There you go! What do you guys want to add to that?
Bob: Well, I was waiting for all the credits to come up after I saw the video. (all laughing). All the Hollywood credits.
D: Well, you know, it’s funny. I wasn’t going to post any more about the Boston thing, because I am just not giving energy to it. I have been following a group who have been putting together information. In a photo, they have analyzed the photos so thoroughly that I am going to post it tomorrow morning. I am sure a lot of people have seen it already, but it just so blatantly lays it out in black, white and red. It’s sick.
Chris: Were they commenting on the injuries D?
D: On the injuries, the whole setup. The one set, they have got filming of supposedly it have all happened, and happening, and they have analyzed it, each photo if you will, each piece of the film. They have pulled them out, like sort of the six and the eighth and then the twelfth, and they pull them out of the film and they show you. They doctored...
Bob: They pointed out the actors. (laughing)
D: Exactly! They analyze everything going on in the scene and they show you, and you look, and when you read it, I’ll post it, I’ll even get it out tonight. When you read it and you look at the photos, you’re just like ‘Oh My!’ It’s so ridiculously, obviously actors. And obviously fake. I mean the first thing, that’s the first thing I ever saw. I used to be a medic in the army, okay? All the fake blood they kept showing, blood is not that color. Only in cartoons is blood actually that color.
Chris: Yep.
D: Blood, once it hits the air, and sits for a minute or two, it turns dark, dark, dark, almost burgundy. Almost deep brown, to the point of, there are photos that they were showing that would have to have been almost fifteen, twenty minutes later. That blood by that point on concrete would have been pretty much black by that point.
Chris: Uh-hu.
D: I just, everything, the whole bit, it was all (indistinct) ...
Chris: Yeah, I have to...
D: That was another false flag.
Chris: D, could I just throw in one thing?
D: Yep.
Chris: I am actually a scientific photographer by my original training and I spent ten years taking medical photographs...
D: Cool!
Chris: And if you look at the damage to the clothing, there is one particular shot of a guy staggering out in to the street with his pants in tatters. Look at the damage to his clothing, and look at his legs. They have got color painted on them, but there’s no injuries to them. The force required to rip clothes apart like that would have ripped the legs to bits.
D: Yep.
Chris: Okay? And he shouldn’t even be walking.
D: Yeah, when I post these tonight, you’ll see it. You will see, the same thing, there are several people in the whole scene where there is a guy lying on the ground with his legs blown off. Everyone is being seen to around him, except him. (laughing) They need him, they cleared like away around him, so that they could film – oh, my goodness, how horrible, it’s terrible. No one...
Lisa: So what is the point? What is the frigging point!
D: It’s fear porn, right?
Lisa: Seriously!
D: It is a desperate, desperate attempt. West Texas was another one. This whole thing that is coming down in the news now, I just heard about it a few hours ago, that apparently, the Canadian government stopped a terrorist plot that was going to blow up a train between Toronto and New York. I am going to go out on a limb here and say, cough, cough, bullshit!
Bob: And D, did you know, there is a boogieman around every corner and there is a rapist behind every bush.
D: There is.
Brian: I got some money from the Tooth Fairy last night.
Lisa: So usually as well, if they are ramping up the fear, it’s because they are going, they are going to provide the solution, right? So, what do you think is coming down the pipeline in terms of a solution?
Bob: Let’s see, CISPA? (laughing)
D: The other thing is, with everything that is going on, I have spoken to a few people who have said that they believe that the Boston bombing was basically an attempt by one faction of the Cabal to stop the new financial system coming into play and delay that. That is one theory I have heard.
Lisa: How does that even work?
D: That and you have the West Texas thing happen within literally, what, 24 hours of each other? And then you had the big shootout in Boston and all that kinda stuff. And martial law in Boston. And, one of two things, is it delays things or it makes a great cover, doesn’t it? So for example, Interpol issued on, give me a second, Friday night, Saturday? Saturday, Interpol issued global security alert. That was based on the bombing in Boston. Yea, everyone I spoke to high up said the same thing. It was all about the financial stuff. That it had nothing to do with the Boston.
Lisa: I am sorry, but there’s parts of the world where bombs go off on a daily basis.
D: Yeah, exactly.
Lisa: Where people get killed and torn to shreds, in the hundreds everyday.
D: Yep.
Lisa: So what, why is it that a bomb goes off in Boston, supposedly, and how many people get killed, Three?
D: That can be proven?
Brian: I think there are three.
Lisa: Well, no. Numbers can be proven. So, three. And it results in that?
D: Yeah, exactly.
Brian: Yeah.
Chris: Hmm.
D: So, it’s a symptom of the desperation, is what it is. They are so completely and utterly desperate right now. You just sit back, and, the whole thing is that their desperation is making them incredibly clumsy. The Boston bombing, they were debunking that within 45 minutes of it happening. I had the first stuff landing in my inbox. Here’s a photo of this, here’s a photo of that. Look at this, look at that. No this isn’t right, this isn’t right. That’s how clumsy they are. I mean really? The red paint on the ground? Even Hollywood they could get real fake blood. All they had to do was go to any theatrical production store in Hollywood. They could have got all the fake blood they want and it would have looked real.
Lisa: Well, you know what? In one of my past lives, I was a makeup artist for television and film. (laughing) I did special effects and I know how to do someone, I’ve still got photos of when I was at school doing this stuff and some of the films I’ve worked on. Yeah, blood does not look like tomato sauce, I’m sorry. (laughing) Or fresh burns, fresh burns look like fried chicken.
Chris: Yeah, the fresh burns did not look like burns. Well, plus, if it had gone off with force, if it had all the shrapnel in it, that they spoke of, there should have been injuries right across the street and there weren’t. It was localized just to the immediate area around and because the film is so vague, you can’t get an idea of how many people are there. In fact there is some scaffolding, if you look at the raw footage, there appears to be some scaffolding with a tarp on it where the explosion goes off When you see, the first thing that appears on the media after the explosion were police kind of pulling the scaffolding out the way to get into the bomb area, where, obviously it was there as a shield. To make sure that whatever damage there was, wasn’t too severe and also gives them, it helps them, in amongst the smoke, to position all the actors and throw all the blood down.
D: Well, here’s the other thing. This is another one. Actually this just came to me today when I was looking at the set of photos before I came on the show. The guy who had his legs blown off, where was his legs?
Chris: Hmmm.
D: First rule of anything, ever, dealing with anything amputated, finger, even a tooth, (silence) is you bring the limb. Because there is always that chance, if they get to it fast enough, that it can be re-attached. No, no EMT, no fireman, no policemen, no army medic, is going to go in and have a guy, and there not be someone going to, find his legs man! Find them! That was just a thought off the top of my head. It sounded gruesome, I’m sorry, but yeah.
Bob: Hey Lisa, are we gonna take any callers tonight?
D: And I have to go guys I'm sorry.
Brian: Yeah guys, I got dinner calling, I gotta jump too. So thank you everybody for listening. Much love to you all and I will see you all when the world spins once over for the Collective Imagination.
Lisa: Talking away and I was muted. Okay you guys go, we'll take the calls and see if we can get through them without you. We'll do our best. (everybody laughs)
D: I'm sure you'll have no problem darlin’. Good night everyone, I love you all.
Chris: Okay D, bye, Brian.
D: Happy Earth Day.
Lisa: Ah yes, happy Earth Day.
D: Yes I'm cheating. My laptop is turned on, but it's sitting in the dark.
Lisa: (laughs) Okay, see you tomorrow.
(everyone said good night to D)
Lisa: Alright, let’s take a call. We’ve only got five here on the line waiting still to speak, so area code 646.
Caller: Hi Lisa.
Lisa: Oh, who was that? You sounded almost like R2D2.
Caller: Hello Lisa, it's Rick in Connecticut.
Lisa: Oh hi Rick! Hey how are you?
Chris: Hi Rick.
Rick (caller): I want to preface something and I'm not saying this because I want to garner any sympathy, but as a background. In 1985 I had the displeasure of seeing my boss blown up by a bomb set by Ted Kazscinsky (sp) who is known in America as the Unibomber. Shrapnel blew through metal doors 20 feet into the building my boss was on the other side of. I opened the door and he was still standing. Most of his hands were blown off and I don't know it must have been a motion sensitive thing. So the FBI was involved and all kinds of stuff and you know that kind of shit really changes you.
So when the bomb thing happened this week, it wasn't so much that I was having kind of PTSD because I have a whole different perspective on it. But like you guys were saying, it was not passing the sniff test. Then once they shut down the whole city, I'm thinking like, no freaking way, why are they doing this? Then it occurred to me. Now back in '85, there was definitely no cell phone, no internet or anything. Then in '95 with the Oklahoma City bombing thing, there still, I don't even think you had an internet. You had cell phones, but no smart phones. Even 9/11 you had the internet, but you really didn't have the iPhone or smart phones showing up yet. But now we have an internet with really robust search engines and everybody has a smart phone with a video or camera ability. Maybe THAT's why instead of “for everyone's safety”, they were keeping everybody housebound so they weren't out with their iPhones and stuff like that you know, knocking down whatever evidence they were trying to determine.
Lisa: That's a good point.
Rick (caller): You know, whatever case they were trying to make. And meanwhile during that whole week where I was kind of mulling through that and really questioning my faith in my fellow citizens here, because there's some really xenophobic, jingoistic, just crap, just floating all around the social network and I was just like are these people for real? So meanwhile from a parking ticket I got back in September, I finally got this thing from the Department of Finance in New York City saying if I didn't pay this parking ticket which now has another $40 on it for penalties or something, that if I didn't do it they could garnish my wages, impound my car, and all these things. It really ticked me off, cuz it's like really for a hundred and some odd dollar ticket you have all of this power. That's when it finally occurred to me, cuz I would have been on the fence, should I do a Courtesy Notice or should I just kind of ignore this stuff and let’s see what things happen in the world where I won't even have to deal with it. What I'm trying to say, I guess, compounded with what was going on in the world with the Boston situation and everything I just thought you know what? I'm not down with this.
Lisa: Whoa Rick, I'm gonna mute you darling because that’s terrible. We keep losing you. I'm sorry. That was ooh. I'll come back to you. We'll take another caller and come back to you hopefully you can get it finished.
Lisa: Area code 347.
Caller: Yes, hello everyone it's Flo.
Lisa: Hey it's Prince. How ya doing?
Prince (caller): Doin’ okay. Just touching base with everybody seeing how’s everything going and flowing the energy you guys got going on tonight little reminiscing. It does remind me of one of those episodes of Simpsons where just go through all 50 of the most recent episodes and just give a good old recap just to kind of fill up a good day just to get your mind focused.
Lisa: Well, I think it actually is good every now and then to take a step back and take in the journey that we've all been on cuz it's been pretty extraordinary.
Prince (caller): Yes exactly. That's what this year’s been for me. A lot of looking at what I want to do, looking at what is, and looking at what I've done, so definitely a reconciliation. I just want to say I love you guys man. I'm looking at probably making a show a weekly thing and doing it on Wednesdays. So fingers crossed I can get something solid on the ground and probably make a statement here in the next couple of weeks. I just wanted to say I love you guys and I appreciate, much respect to everybody who's campaigning and doing their thing DO’ing and BE’ing.
Lisa: Thanks Prince. We always love to hear from you.
Chris: Yup. Thanks Flo.
Prince (caller): Thank you guys.
Lisa: And it does sound like the call-in line on blog talk is being messed with a bit.
Chris: Definitely. Definitely.
Bob: I'm just checking my tools and they are lowering our bandwidth right now on this Skype call so that's probably, since I'm hosting.
Lisa: Oh, okay. But it's only the calls coming in through the blog talk studio.
Chris: To be honest if their gonna mess up anything, it's our communications with the people that they'll want to interfere with the most. It’s such powerful conversations that are so strong.
Lisa: Well, we've now got area code 818 unmuted. Area code 818.
Caller: Hello. Can you hear me?
Bob:  We can hear you, but it's cutting in and out a little bit.
Caller: Okay, let me know if it gets too annoying. My name is Cody. I'm from Hollywood, California.
Lisa: Hey Cody.
Cody (caller): Hi, how are you guys? I just want to say thank you for everything that you guys are doing. I'm just gonna speak for everyone I'm sure. Everyone out there just loves you and adores you and appreciates everything you guys are doing to help us to see the light here, so thank you.
Lisa: And we love and adore each and every one of you for helping us.
Chris: Yeah, thank you Cody.
Lisa: It all goes around. What goes around comes around.
Cody (caller): Right on. I just have a couple of quick questions. Just real quick to Chris. I had a chance to listen to ... well first of all I've been following since the very beginning. I have not missed the show and I just want to say to the show you did with Julien for us listeners who are on a spiritual journey it was very helpful to hear what was going on on the energetic side of things. Not that this isn't, but on the spiritual side with the channeling and speaking with the angels and what they have to say about the extraterrestrials or the guys come in to help us out, so that was helpful to hear that. It would be great if you had a show with Julien with you guys where we could actually call in and ask him some questions. It also helps facilitate this journey that we have with the One People now.
Chris: Yeah. We're kind of working up to something like that. Julien’s extremely sensitive to the audience that he has. For instance, when we have one of the ... we've expanded to one particular Skype room. You've heard a couple of conversations we've had in there if you look on the OPPT-IN site. He needs to know who's in his audience that he's talking to. Before we start the recordings, we actually get everyone to say hello to him so he knows who he's got in the room. Essentially he's adapting to it and that'll probably happen, but the conversations you've heard will be on-going and we'll keep them coming. Yup.
Lisa: The other thing to do possibly would be to add Cody to the room.
Chris: Sure. Yeah. Look Cody, if you want to email your Skype details, you can find me on Skype fairly easily. Just look for Chris Hales in northern Australia, you should find me there and I'll add you to the room where we're having those conversations. That’s the best thing to do.
Cody (caller):  Okay, thank you.  That would be awesome.  Then on another note, this SWISSINDO document, you made a comment, Chris, as well, about the Bond and Oath... That they have been the only people to come forward, not to mention that they have 80% of the world’s wealth, but they came to us.  I think that says a lot about the energy that we are holding, as opposed to the people that are just making noise, if you know what I mean.
Chris:  Absolutely, Cody.  You’ve got that in one.  The energy that we are holding is what attracted them.  They obviously have not been attracted to all of the other sharks that are circling them.  Let me put it that way.
Cody (caller):  Mmmhmmm.  Okay, I thought that, you guys have been talking a lot about the One People. I’ve noticed over the weeks the people have been asking Heather and, you know other people, what about a bridge for us to bridge from this old paradigm to this new paradigm.  People have been focused on money and we’ve been like:  “Well, don’t focus on money.  You shouldn’t be. The real thing is about understanding who you are and awakening.”  That’s fine, but there’s also an aspect of money that has to be considered can’t be ignored because it is part of life.  Some people can work around it and quit their job, and not worry about rent or a mortgage because they don’t have kids.  But some people do have to be concerned with those things.  So I thought to myself:  ‘Well, what can we do to encompass everybody’s requirements here and moving forward with that in mind?‘ 
So I was like: ‘Well, if we just get the gold or the silver we’re just going to put it back in the old system and then it’s gonna to keep going’.  So I was thinking:  ‘Well, what if they gave people a space (inaudible) in our money as a transition into the new system that will not require money, that we use a different currency while they are educated on the new system?’  Because if everyone woke up right now, truth be told, we do not have a system in place to support them.  Even me going to the grocery story trying to get foods that are not contaminated, there is very few items that are available to me, okay?  I study this every day all day.  It’s my life. 
So, what do we do for the people that don’t understand, that are trying to transition, the people, even people like me?  We need a way to move from this place and make it easier and happier while we make this transition.  We have that power to do that, so I think we need to brainstorm on that.
Lisa:  I think that’s very much a part of the discussions that are ongoing.
Chris:  Yeah, Cody, that’s central to the discussion.  There has to be a bridge to allow an intermediate phase where people can take a breath because it’s gonna be a big shift. Yes, that is absolutely central to what discussions we’re now having in trying to move forward with SWISSINDO.  So you are actually right on the program.  You’re right in the current moment.  Yeah, it’s good to know that people are actually really getting it and see what the real issues are.  The place that Heather is in is extraordinary, but we’ve got a whole planet full of people to get over there.  That’s why I have to take the SWISSINDO offer really seriously, because it’s the only thing in sight that has all of the ingredients we need to get from this side of the bridge to the other side of the bridge.
Cody (caller):  Right.  Also the Marshalls enforcing the new, I guess, laws of the Universe, if you want to say, that will be put in place that we should all be living by – that we should’ve always been living by – but you know I guess it’s never too late.  So, we’re starting now, but you know having that in place ... instead we want to buy a car that actually is clean energy. If we want to buy food that’s ... all those systems that, once people wake up they’re not gonna want to eat stuff that has bad things in it.  They’re not going to want have cars that are spewing out poison that are killing people.  We need those systems in place so that we can actually switch over as quickly and easily as possible.  So, I was reading through the document as best I could, and it wasn’t that easy to ... and I’m a college educated person.
Chris:  Cody, kudos to you for reading the document, because I’m not sure that that many people have even attempted it.  It’s pretty tough going, isn’t it?  There’s so much stuff in there.
Cody (caller):  Yeah!  It wasn’t....
Chris:  ...that is not clear in the sense of:  there’s a massive amount of account information, and what appear to be definitions of financial entities involved, etc. Then you get down to the jagged English translations.  It’s actually Javanese Indonesian, the original language, so we’re looking at some pretty average translations of that.  It makes it pretty difficult to interpret in fine detail, but did you get a sense of what they were trying to achieve with it?
Cody (caller):  I did.  It sounds like they were putting something in place to enforce the new doctrine or paradigm. That there’s a “white wonder boy” who seems to be in charge of the Indonesian Trusts or funds that would be facilitating it.  That half would be used to hold us to the banks and the other would be used for the world to change. It was actually divided up individually by countries, and I believe it was divided up by the population per country....
Chris:  Yes.  Yes, it was.
Cody (caller):  ...and so that would determine how much money you would get, so yeah...
Chris:  Yeah, it works out approximately six million dollars per person, if you work it out.  That’s the rough figure that you’re going for.  See that’s enough ... because if this shift takes place the way that I personally envision it, what they will do is:  take control of the banking system, strip away the bits that are not required, like the derivatives market, the stock market, etc, and repurpose it as transaction only, having zeroed all debts.  So if you take the debt out of the equation and give people sufficient money for several months at least, so that they can absorb all of the information that’s gonna be pouring out, you know you’re starting to talk about a practical bridge.  But just how much money would be put in and how that would all be handled is as yet unknown, but the actual off that SWISSINDO put up is for that amount.  Which is not, you know, 5 billion dollars; it’s not a huge amount, but it’s enough to get us over this period of where all the really most dramatic changes happen in finance and politics and the legal system, etc, etc.  Which is why the SWISSINDO offer is really important.  You know?  It’s come at exactly the right time.  It’s been rather a confusing introduction to them, just through the circumstances, but you know I think we can make it work.  I think they’ve got the right intent.
Cody (caller):  Well, believe that we can do anything we want to at this point.  I also believe that ... there’s been some concern us giving right back in to the old system and giving in another, so I was thinking maybe we should just give money.  Like physical dollars – that kind of money – and that money will not be good in the new system, so that it runs out.  You know what I mean?  So that it doesn’t give them a new push.  There’s ways around that so we don’t have to wait to be helped.  We can start a system now where we can help each other and also the old system can go out, and the new system can come in, and no one’s hurt.  The people that have been in pain and have been enslaved can actually get some help ASAP. I believe that that’s the intention of the One People for the One People.  So, I would say, in a general way of course, that’s just my opinion.
Chris:  Yep.  Yep.  Well, we’re all putting forth our energy in the form of opinion here, and that’s absolutely our right.  Now look, thanks Cody.
Lisa:  Yeah, let’s not take any more calls.  The quality of the line is almost undecipherable, so...
Chris:  Yeah.  We can only just understand you Cody.
Lisa:  Yeah.  Thank you, Cody, for calling in.  Unfortunately we had to mute you, too, because it’s just deteriorating so much.  Guys, we’ve gone half an hour over.  It’s been an interesting show.  We’ve been all over the place.  Just wanted to let everyone know that the Oath and Bond that Chris just talked about before will be on the website [] in the next 24 hours, let’s say.  So you can have a look at them there and read through them and see why Chris was feeling emotional.
Chris:  Yip.
Lisa:  They are a lovely document I must say.  Ok, anything else before we sign off?
Chris:  I’m good Lisa.
Bob:  I’m good.
Chris:  We’ve hit so many subjects today.  We’ll just hold the conversation over until tomorrow.
Lisa:  All right, we’ll see you guys tomorrow on The Collective Imagination Show []....[times discussed]...I just want us to all be on the same timeframe.  I really do.
Chris:  Yeah.  Yeah, if we are going to be in this one time, maybe that’s what will happen?  How would that be?
Lisa:  Yeah, maybe.  That would be great.
Chris:  Yeah, ‘cause we’ll be doing instantaneous transport, so there won’t be any of this flying for 20 hours.  Hmmm...  That’ll work.
Lisa:  Ohh... Looking forward to that.  Not a big fan of flying, in the current form.
Chris:  Nope.
Lisa:  All right, well it’s been awesome.  So thank you guys.  W’ll talk to you tomorrow.  Bye for now everyone.
(Others):  Bye.  Bye bye.

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