Tuesday 12 February 2013

To everyone in the Occupy movement

To all those who participated in the OCCUPY Movement worldwide!  I’d like to offer you a choice.  Do you really want to get to the root of all the issues you were protesting – All thecorrupt bankers, government officials and systems.  Well the One People’s Public Trustgot to the root of it all.   I can only show you the door. Only YOU can open it.
I encourage you to become familiar with OPPT and what they have accomplished with the UCC filings made late last year.  You can see for yourself after thorough inspection of the information presented on this site along with other OPPT Network sites that we the people have achieved a lawful and legal action that resets all systems back to prime.
What does this mean? Why hasn’t this been announced? Well for a lot of people it takes time to really understand what was accomplished with these filings, especially if they have had no exposure to alternative sources of information.  Secondly, the final round of arrests of a few remaining key players in the old system has not yet occurred.  These remaining cowards still control the media and will not publicly admit that their time is up.
We now have a free planet.  The old world is dead. I can assure you of this.  It only appears the same because people simply do not know what has happened. Once people know, we can ALL move forward together in universal peace.  We can ALL decide how we want to live our lives and what systems we put in place to assist this.  We the people, YES YOU AND I, are the beneficiaries of the ONE PEOPLE’S PUBLIC TRUST.
OCCUPIERS!  Don’t take my word for it.  Once you research and understand it for yourself, I think you’d like to share this knowledge throughout your network. Your support could just be the difference of whether or not this information goes viral.  Its worth the “time” you put in to understanding your freedom and value at all levels and IS very rewarding.
For the very latest information you can catch the upcoming Oppt-In broadcast Monday night at 7PM on Freedom Reigns blog talk radio.  Here’s a link.
With very much love.
Grant Williams – OPPT NYC

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