Tuesday 26 February 2013

A Conversation with a Friend and a Message in a Bottle

Over the course of a couple of days I had a great conversation with a friend on skype.  Howard's words were so perfect in the moment that he gave them to me that I knew they needed to be shared with everyone.

Howard King:  I love your article about "I Love You" It reminds me of what I call

"The Lens of the Absolute"

We are all The Absolute, with a lens having the ability to zoom in or out. That ability to zoom in or out, also called Attention, is actually the most powerful tool we have in BEing able to direct our Attention wherever we want.

Zoomed out as the Absolute, we experience nothing but the Oneness, Space, Stillness, Love, Peace and Joy that we are. 

As we zoom in, we are able to see and feel the I AM PRESENCE which is a subtle increase of identification as a unique eternal heart.

Zoom further in, we are able to see, feel and identify with the manifest reality of body/mind and the separation that goes with that. At this level of zoom, are not able to see the truth of us BEing the Absolute. We have been conditioned to THINK that this is all we are, a body/mind.

Waking up to the truth and remembering what we are, is as easy as inquiring within with a very simple question:

Who AM I?

Any answer that come in response, is only what the mind Thinks I AM and is not the Truth. I am not my name. I am not my gender. I am not my religion. I am not my job title. I am not my family title. I am not anything I can perceive.

For any answer that comes in response, ask a more subtle and direct question:

What sees or notices this thought, feeling or experience?

Persist with that question and our attention will come back to the Absolute that we are.

From there we can just "Remain as the Self" and BE. This is Freedom

 D breakingthesilence: THAT was beautiful!

 Howard King: You may use it if you like Love.

 D breakingthesilence: I will!  thank you darlin!  you dont' know just how.... timely that is ;)

 Howard King: Just trying to help by sharing.

D breakingthesilence: sharing is a wonderful way to help someone remember ;)

Howard King: Yes, because of the conditioning we all have, we forget that the zoom/attention can go either in to The Absolute or out to manifest body/mind reality. It's our choice.

Howard King: I am seeing a CVAC with this process of helping people to remember. I think I can set up a conference call or radio call to do this process with others live.  We do have a lot of people to wake up, don't we?

 Howard King: This addition came to me this morning...  Why do we want to remain as The Self?  Because that is what we are, The Absolute.  When we remain as The Self, the mind is in its proper role as a servant, not a master. We are working from the Heart.

From the position of BEing The Self, the universe takes care of us. We can BE and allow everything to JUST BE as it is, without judgement; no duality, just Oneness.

As we zoom in to identify as the body/mind, we have to take care of the body/mind because the mind thinks it is the master and has to figure everything out and strategize and make things happen. (which it fails miserably most of the time) From the position of the body/mind, we are overwhelmed with duality, separation, judgement.

Find THAT (The Self)
and BE THAT (The Self)
What needs to be known arises spontaneously in you.
What needs to be done arises spontaneously in you

How should we use the inquiry questions of "Who AM I" and "What notices this"?

Obviously, we can use this during meditation, not as a mantra, but as a means noticing where the attention is going. Is the attention going out to thoughts, feelings and emotions of the body/mind? That is actually Inattention. One clue that we are being inattentive, is that we are conscious of past or future things because that is the realm of the mind. Conditioning, programming and habits have caused us to be inattentive most of our life.

Or is it going inward to The Self, The Watcher, The Observer or the Source of perceiving? This is Attention. The clue of this is that we are absolutely in the NOW moment. 

The mind will try to molest us for a while by creating noise, and thoughts that we have some interest in. As we notice that happening, we just look at that without judgement or trying to push it away, and then inquire "What notices this?" Magically, our attention comes back to the Source of the looking and we are in the NOW moment again. Relax in this natural state and allow. 

The same thing happens in daily life. As we notice our attention being pulled into the noise of the mind which is past/future, just look at it without judgement, and ask "What notices this?" Magically, our attention comes back to the Source of the looking and we are in the NOW moment again. Relax in this natural state and allow.

This replaces the old conditioning with a new one and soon, the mind will take its proper role and we Remain as the Self.

"Waking up to the truth and remembering what we are, is as easy as inquiring within with a very simple question:  Who AM I?"

The question of "Who AM I?" is partnered with "What do I KNOW" as they are the same question to our Eternal Hearts- our Higher Selves.

I have been working on these questions myself for over two months now.  Many discussions with Heather and several others wonderful BE'ings guided my search within and helped me learn to listen for the answers to my questions.   As I read back here on RTS over the past few months, I can see my progress, can see the leaps I've made in finding the answers I have been searching for.

Three months ago I continuously searched for answers from outside, gathering intel from many varied sources, reading articles, gathering pieces of the puzzle and trying to force them together in some semblance of order that made sense when interpreted by the outside information that I had.

But as I said, the inner voice screamed at me that the pieces didn't fit together like that.  When I opened my mind to the voice from my heart I suddenly realized that my heart was the guide I was looking for.

As I wrote on Sunday in the article "Do you Remember?", the Grand Experiment, The Game, is over. It's time for us to take off our blindfolds and "Wake Up".

Right now we are in that moment between awake and asleep.  That instant, that twinkling when the dream ends and your eyes are flickering open and you have that brief thought of  "where the hell am I?!"

(If you're a parent and you ever laid next to your child while putting them to bed and crashed out hard, then you know exactly what I'm talking about, lol!)

We are in that moment when you cross over between dreams and reality- but what is the real reality of Who We Are?  This is the questions that we now ask ourselves.

One of the best tools of remembering that Heather has spoken about on various radio shows is the question "What do I know?"

When you have a question about something, ask yourself "What do I know?" and then listen.... listen to that voice in the back of your mind, listen to the voice of your heart, listen to your dreams, your day dreams even, listen to the words around you- articles on the internet, conversations with friends or acquaintances, radio shows, videos..... be open to receiving your answer from sources that you never considered before. Source is speaking to us constantly, we just need to learn to listen.

I will give you an example:

The article "Do you Remember" was in my brain for about a week.  Several times I attempted to sit down and write it out, but there was a piece missing.... there was a blank spot in my mind, something was blurred out and I knew it was important to fully understanding, to having Absolute Data.  I put the article away for a couple of days and said "When the time is right, I will KNOW and then I will fully understand and will be able to articulate the article into words".

This weekend we sat down as a family and watched the movie  "Rise of the Guardians".  The movie was fun and very enjoyable, and I laughed with the family at the various antics of the characters.  One of the main characters is Jack Frost, who spends the entire story trying to remember who he was before he was turned into Jack Frost.  Jack realizes that he needs to remember who he was, to understand who he is now and what he needs to do.

"If I find my memories, then I will know the reason why I am here!!"

In that moment, my heart pounded and I literally jumped out of my seat. The answer to my unspoken question flooded into me and I KNEW.

The entire article flowed into my mind in that instant.

I asked "What do I know?" and I paid attention to the answers that were all around me.

We need to open ourselves to the flow of information.  The conversation I had with Howard came at exactly the right moment. Comments in skype and in emails highlight instantly when they are needed.  Twice last week AK left comments  in a skype room to someone else, that hit me right between the eyes and they triggered me to remember another piece of Who I AM.

The answers are there.... you just have to be open to them.

Here is an exercise that Heather shared with me to help me Remember:

Get a piece of paper or fabric.  Write on it "I REMEMBER".... decorate it, colour it, paint it, embroider it, bead it, glitterify it....

Take that creation and put it into a bottle, a jar, a box, a locket..... and put it somewhere you can see it, somewhere visible and in the open near where you spend most of your time.  Then as you walk past it, or glance in that direction, send it the thought "I Remember!" , Love it, cherish it..... and then listen to the Data that is sent your way.

Like a message in a bottle.  Like a string around your finger.  It's a reminder that we are awake and we are ready to REMEMBER!

Who are you?  What do you know?


Then listen

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