Friday 1 February 2013

Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos

Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos
of The Philippines

This is the Last Will and Testament of Ferdinand Marcos.  It contains yet more clues to the vast amount of money that the Cabal(s) having been trying to steal for decades, and the dramas that have been perpetuated by various players in the realm of the internet.

This article HERE gives a little more insight to Ferdinand Marcos and the deception that has been perpetuated by various members of various factions of the Cabal to gain access to the White Spirit Boy accounts.

I haven't had a chance to even remotely do enough research on this yet, but it is worth noting considering other information that has been coming out on these massive accounts.

This Article claims that China's wealth is coming from these pilfered accounts that are under the Trusteeship of Anthony S Martin (see Marcos' Last Will and Testament below), and that they had amassed this wealth in just a two month period.

The Chinese Red Dragon Family has interested to invest to Account no. 876 - 3211 - 54AM - 22 accounted to Anthony Santiago Martin of San Sebastian, Hagonoy, Bulacan as my friend in HSBC furnished me copy.
Edited 02/01/13 12:08pm est to add:

A reader has analysed this doc below and has pointed out that the signatures on the doc are "edited" and may not be legit.

China already got their 10% share worth USD 2. 6 Trillion, while UK have swiftly got also USD 2.6 Trillion, the Dragon Family have also USD 2.6 Trillion, China also got their share USD 2.6 Trillion and ASBLP Group and ASBLP Group of Companies, Inc. under this man have waiting to load their USD 2.6 Trillion and his share of USD 520 Billion. All other members of the Committee of 300 including WZH Group have already got their share swiftly or a guarantee on investment. So this man and his company have left to wait for their share.
The story of NYT is something behind the wall but the truth revealed behind this.

 The New York Times article quote is HERE.  This section of the article jumped out at me: (italics are mine)

"Yet there is little disputing that under the direction of the Communist Party, China has begun to reshape the way the global economy functions by virtue of its growing dominance of trade, its huge hoard of foreign exchange reserves and United States government debt and its voracious appetite for oil, coal, iron ore and other natural resources...."

Ummmm.... Foreign exchange reserves?  US (corp) Government debt?  Oil? ..... does this remind you of something that is going on behind the scenes right now in the US?

And this part:

"Beijing is also beginning to shape global dialogues on a range of issues, analysts said; for instance, last year it asserted that the dollar must be phased out as the world’s primary reserve currency."
..... Can you say BRICs and non-aligned nations forcing the Federal Reserve out of business (with good reason I might add, but I digress)

As I said in this article last week.

"Money is being transferred right now in VAST quantities out of Hong Kong by a certain bank.  That money is being sent to the IMF, and through them to the UST. Who controls the Banks in Hong Kong?  And where is that bank getting trillions of $ a day to keep transferring to the IMF? and what "money" is being used?  Federal Reserve Dollars?  US Treasury Bills?"
Hint: the bank I mentioned that's transferring all that money to the IMF is the same bank in that pretty letter up above.

Now that you've read this information, and reviewed the various links and documents here, you might want to go back and review the information posted HERE again.  It's all about connecting the dots. Each of these dots is a clue in a chain.

Huge Thank you to AK for putting so much time and energy into transcribing this document and posting it for everyone to read.

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