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Collective Imagination: Feb 5th Transcription

The Collective Imagination Radio Show Tues Feb 5th Transcription

TCI Radio Show

Tuesday, February 5, 2013 USA
Wednesday, February 6, 2013 AUS

Lisa: Welcome everybody to this week’s Collective Imagination program. I’m Lisa Harrison and I’m sure we’ve got an amazing lineup today. As usual we have Barbara in New York.
Barbara: Howdy.

Lisa: Howdy. You don’t sound like you’re from New York when you say howdy.

Barbara: What can I say, it’s an anomaly. I’m so excited Lisa. The energy’s so high and the people in the chat room are already posting like crazy. This is going to be an historical event and I’m so proud and excited to be a part of it.

Lisa: Yeah, me too. Stay tuned guys because we’re going to do a live flash mob during the course of the show. So, once we’ve established ourselves a little bit and everybody’s gotten themselves online and listening. So we’ve also got of course Chris in Melbourne.

Chris: Hi everybody. Great day, glad to be here and I hope it’s historical as hysterical. We’ve been ordered to have fun.


Lisa: We have been ordered to have fun also. Excellent.

Chris: I think the flash mob is going to be fun.

Lisa: I think so too. And we’ve got Bob: over in Pennsylvania.

Bob: Hello everyone. Awesome energy. Amazing. It’s like a tsunami, like trying to surf a tsunami. It’s crazy.


Lisa: And it’s a really really positive vibe, I’ve got to say.

Bob: Yes.

Lisa: And we may actually have Brian. I’m just going to try area code 858 and see if that’s Brian. Brian, are you there?

Brian: I’m here.
Lisa: Yay, it is you. Lovely.

Brian: Hi Lisa, hi everyone.

Lisa: How are you?

Brian: Doing good. Just another day down the rabbit hole.

Lisa: There’s no such thing as another day down the rabbit hole.


Lisa: I’m going to see if we’ve got anybody else. Any of the crew. 212 area code. What was your name?

Michael: Michael.

Lisa: Michael. Hi Michael.

Michael: Hi guys.

Lisa: I’m just going to put you back on mute Michael. I’m going to look for some other crew members to see if they’ve called in. We’ll get to you if you’ve got a question coming up.

Michael: I’m patient. No rush.

Lisa: Lovely. Awesome. And we’ve got 661 and guys, we’ve already got this long list of callers, it’s quite incredible. Area code 661. If you’re in the queue and you’ve got your hand up, you’ve pressed 1 to speak to the host just say hi it may be you. No? Okay. Oh hang on, I should try that again. Area code 661.

Caller: Hello?

Lisa: Hi.

Caller: It’s Francesca from Italy.

Lisa: Francesca. Italy, ah, you tried to get on yesterday. How are you?

Francesca: Thank you very much. Thank you.

Chris: Welcome Francesca.

Bob: Yes, hello Francesca.

Francesca: Hello.

Lisa: We know there are beautiful things happening in Italy. It’s lovely to have you here.
Francesca: Yeah, we have a lot of things, a lot of (inaudible), you know?

Lisa: Yes, great. There’s a lot of noise in your background, Francesca.

Francesca: Yeah, I’m sorry.

Lisa: That’s okay, I’ll just mute you for the moment and we’ll bring you out shortly. Area code 561 you’ve also got your hand up. Hello area code 561.


Holly: Hi it’s Holly in Florida.

Lisa: Hi Holly how are you?

Holly: Great

Lisa: That’s good. Do you mind if I put you back on mute for a moment and we’ll get to questions shortly?

Holly: That’s fine.

Lisa: Great, thank you. We’ve got another 253. Sorry guys because it’s really hard to identify crew members when they’re coming in through Skype. Area code 253?

Lois: Loie here.

Lisa: Lois. Mom. It’s Mom.

Brian: Hello, Mom.

Chris: Hello.

Lisa: Great that you could join us. We are hoping that Heather can make it, she does want to come on today to share some information about the CVACs so we shall see. I’m going to open up a mike, it’s area code 336. Area code 336?

Caller: Hello.

Lisa: Hello.

Randy: This is Randy. I’m just listening.

Lisa: Okay great. We’ll put you back on hold, sorry on mute, and listen away.

Randy: Thank you.

Lisa: Area code 304? Area code 304? Okay. Area code 304?

Caller: That must be me

Lisa: Who’s that?

Jerry: Jerry in West Virginia.

Lisa: Jerry. Hi Jerry.

Jerry: Hi.

Lisa: How are you?

Jerry: Fine. I’m just listening, thank you.

Lisa: Thank you. The rest don’t have their hands up so I’ll leave that for the moment.

Lois: Lisa if Heather comes on she’ll probably come on the 661.

Lisa: Okay great I’ll keep an eye out for her. Not as yet. Now for those of you who follow some of the interviews that I do, sometime back I did one with a guy called Langston, who had created a game essentially which is really an education tool for helping people to get back in touch with their innate kids, the things that we’ve forgotten how to use, you know, our ESP, telepathy, what have you. And Chris is going to update us with what’s happening with Len at the moment and I know some amazing things have happened to him since that interview, it’s just been extraordinary, the opportunities that have come up for him, it’s great.

Chris: Yeah, it’s one of these things who has basically, his time has come. Len’s been working on this game for over a decade and has developed it to the point where it is ready to really launch on a large scale and having talked to Len about his work and the way it’s unrolled I think what we’re really looking here is, you know, this will sound a touch new-agey but I think it’s actually correct, this is a 4D-5D educational process in action now already being presented to us. And I really love it if everyone could go to Lisa’s website. There’s a link that I’m hoping Barbara will post in the chat to take you to the interview and a link to his page where there’s lots more testimonials and information about his work but essentially it’s a game that teaches you to really reach inside and develop your emotional intelligence at all levels. And he’s done work with groups of aboriginal elders, with (inaudible) teachers all over the planet at this stage, he’s done at least one world tour and he’s about to go to another one which is the reason for bringing this up to date. So I’d really love if everyone could go to his website and check out his material because at its core this is the sort of process that will start to reshape how people consider their very lives and everyone can benefit from it. That’s the absolute message I get from Len, this isn’t just for kids although it’s brilliant for kids. He’s actually taken this into classrooms of troubled kids and within weeks they’re not troubled kids anymore. They’re far more balanced and function better. So, very very important stuff. He’s doing a tour which starts in Melbourne and I’m putting a call out for people in Melbourne and Brisbane. There’s going to be some small but quite intense sessions happening probably the 19th. 18th 19th 20th we’ll work out the exact times in the next week or so, and following that this is in February, then he’s going to Brisbane. What I’d like for you to do is if you’re interested in participating, drop into his website and check his stuff out. Drop him a message and some info at The Wizzdom Club, you’ll find that link at the bottom of the first page and just let him know if you’re interested in attending the session, especially for teachers. We’re after teachers and people who are interested in providing this sort of thing. He provides –

(several talking at once)

Lisa: I was going to say he’s also taking this game into the corporate environment and it creates a different atmosphere at work where people are far more compassionate to one another, they collaborate much better. And the whole work environment changes. So I know one of the things happening in Brisbane is he’s been heavily involved in a huge workshop there for the corporate environment which I think is great. But it’s called the Wizzdom Game. Wizzdom Game. So especially for those in Australia, yeah, while he’s doing his tour out here if you’re interested, have a look.

Chris: Yeah. I’ll read up the rest of his tour because it’s worldwide again. He’ll be in (inaudible) late February-March, USA Pennsylvania early to mid-March, Hungary Norway and Germany mid to late march, back in the USA in April then over to Taiwan in late April and back to Australia in May. It’s quite a big trip so if you’re in that region of the world and we hope we’re reaching everybody drop into his website and let him know you’re interested.

Lisa: Thank you very much Chris. Now my goodness we already have over 200 people in the chat room, just brilliant. Are we ready to do our flash mob?

Chris: I’m ready.

Brian: I’m ready.


Lisa: Everybody’s ready.

Chris: Bob:, are you ready?

Bob: I’m ready.

Lisa: All right.

Barbara: Did you say Bob, or Barb?

Chris: I did say Bob but I think my accent got in the way. Sorry.


Barbara: I’m ready, dude, I’m ready. Do we want to give them some phrases to use?

Lisa: Yeah, actually stick the link in the chat room. Let everybody have a minute to get – pull the page up. Okay so for those who can jump on your computer and go to and that’s it, isn’t it?

Brian: Yep.

Lisa: Yep. Forward slash CBS. Okay. I’m there. And where did we put those little – do you want to put some of those suggestions in the chat box too, Barbara?

Barbara: Yep.

Lisa: So we’ve got suggestions like disclose absolute data now. I am free. OPPT in. I am the voice. Rip off the Band-Aid. And if you can include a link to the one peoples public trust website which we’ll also put in here. Whoops I can’t type apparently.

Brian: I call shenanigans on these 372,000 likes they supposedly have on their Facebook page.


Brian: Okay. So is everybody posting something different or are we all posting the same thing?

Lisa: These are just suggestions; post whatever you like but if it includes a link to the one peoples public trust website which I’ll stick in here now that would be good. That’s the wrong link, sorry people.

Brian: So you might want to share that website link just for people that don’t know it by memory.

Lisa: Okay, so I’m doing mine now, post something.

Brian: Oh, this is fun.


Lisa: Why will you not address the one peoples public trust. Disclosure now.

Brian: I’m going with stop the lies and disclose the truth.

Lisa: I’ve done why will you not address the one peoples public trust. Absolute disclosure now. That’s what I’ve got.

Brian: Oh, nice, I like that. That’s funny.

Lisa: So let’s have a look and see how that’s progressing. And just type in the – for those of you who are in the chat room, once you’ve done it, just let us know you’ve done it. This is fun!
Brian: I’m done.


Lisa: I’m done.

Brian: They don’t moderate these posts do they?

Lisa: Doesn’t look like it. Oh, hang on, mine went, mine disappeared, maybe I’ve got to go have a look at it again.

Brian: yeah, mine disappeared too. One thing you can do is make comments on posts that are already there.

Lisa: Go to posts by others, change the dropdown to post by others and I can already see one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven oh my God, guys you rock!

Brian: Where’s the posts by others? Okay, I see it. Got it.

Lisa: So you can see photos, likes, just under that there’s’ a dropdown menu. Oh look at that! The whole front page is now…..look at that! Oh you guys, that’s brilliant! I love it! Well done!

Brian: Oh my gosh.

Lisa: That’s funny! They’re not going to know what’s here!

Brian: Oh man how all the different variation of the idea that we can do with this is, oh my gosh.

Lisa: I say we do something like this every week to be honest.

Brian: Oh yeah, I agree. Oh my gosh they’re everywhere.

Lisa: Well done, people, love it. Very good!

Brian: Oh my gosh, oh wow.


Lisa: That’s too funny.

Brian: Let’s see how long they stay on there.

Lisa: We’ll check toward the end of the show. They’re still coming!

Chris: Let’s briefly discuss the response to the press release, Lisa.

Lisa: Yes, we should. We want to do a flash email as well.

Brian: Yeah.

Lisa: So for those of you who’ve got your computers out and ready and you can jump on your email client, there is – Brian, you want to give them an update on what happened?

Brian: As far as the press release?

Lisa: Yeah.

Brian: Yeah, so there’s a lot of questions that have come into the email. First of all the call to action call that we put out with regards to people volunteering on various projects I think I got, gosh, dang near 100 people emailing in with all sorts of amazing talent from all over the world. Literally so many different countries, so thank you for everybody that sent that in and might as well plug that in now for anyone who wasn’t listening last night. If you’re interested in participating in some of the projects that we’re going to be doing from a marketing standpoint or a creative standpoint or if you just have a talent that we can use for the greater good in getting the message out there send an email to and put in the subject line “support” and then in the subject line also what you’d like to offer and I’m going through and I’m creating an excel database and I’m going to be reaching out to folks as early as gosh as early as tonight and tomorrow. Now in regards to the press release, there was a couple responses that I got from a few people on Facebook. The PR web release that Patrick put out last night, PR web got back, they sent an email saying that they weren’t going to publish it. And that was because there was not enough information and we essentially, I forwarded the email to Heather and, if you follow the trail of who’s pulling the strings at PR web you can trace it right back into some of the corporations and slavery systems that are behind a lot of the major mainstream media, so PR web is a little bit too mainstream right now but what I want everybody to make sure they understand with regards to this press release is we knew going into this that not everybody was going to put it out. You know, just like we can’t take it to CNN, there’s going to be certain places on line that aren’t going to release it but there are certain places that will. We’re not letting that get the best of us, that’s for sure. Secondly, there’s -- for every few that aren’t there’s a bunch of them that are. I’ve gotten emails that I am listed as the contact person. I got 6 or 7 phone calls today and a bunch of emails too that people want more information, actually just got an email right now, about 10 minutes ago (21:12 cannot hear it)and it says it’s from the Open Press, which is another like PR web kind of database, where is just an online data press(21:19Lisa talked over)and it says, “Alert the Public Trust Forecloses on Major Corporations Including Banks” in the subject line and then it says “your press release has been approved and will be live on tonight after midnight EST and then the details of the press release are listed below as the title, which is Alert the Public Trust Forecloses on Major Corporations Including Banks and then there’s a link to the ad that is going to be going out. Thank you, Openpress.

So we are making ground work whether or not certain agencies or entities decide to disclose this information. What people need to understand is that we are getting this information out there whether these folks that are turning it down publish it or not so don’t let that deter you from sharing far and wide. I got totally 10 emails from Craigslist last night that people used my email and posted the Press Release in Craigslist in their city and I got one or two emails that were responding to the post from the posting on Craigslist in various cities, wanting more information. So the word is traveling a lot faster than I think a lot of people are realizing right now which is great.
Lisa: I’m just going to say, the whole time you were talking, I’ve been going through that CBS Facebook page and liking everybody’s post. 


Lisa: And I still haven’t been able to get through the whole list…I mean it’s just…that whole front page. It’s unbelievable.
Brian: Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant idea
Chris: Yeah, now what I’d like to do is send a message to PR web and we can do that right now.

(Many talking at same time).
Chris: Just like we did on Facebook and let’s talk for a minute about why we would do that. We probably won’t have any effect on them because they’re obviously under orders but this is probably more to the people sitting on that editorial desk who have been ordered to ignore anything from the OPPT and suddenly they’re going to get several thousand emails saying “we’re not happy”. That’ll have an effect…that is the energy effect we’re after.

Lisa: So the idea here is you can….don’t have to do it right this minute but if they were to get it over the next couple of hours, hundreds if not thousands hopefully tens of thousands of emails and the email address in so put that in a Blogtalk chat room as well explain briefly –

(Many talking at same time).

Bob: No, finish what you were saying Lisa because you were right in the middle of giving information.

Lisa: Well, just to don’t make it a long winded thing just keep it short and sharp but allow your emotions to step into this and just say “I am disappointed” or “What’s with your response”? “I don’t understand” or whatever you want to say because we don’t want a copy and paste, everybody saying the same thing. So make it come from you.  Make it personal. If you are angry, be angry. If you are upset, be upset. Whatever it is you are let that go and send them a message and say that response of yours was not appropriate.

(Many talking at the same time).

Chris: Just for those who haven’t read the release, I am going to read two sentences from the release. These are the ones that got up my nose, and it was this. “The body content in your release makes no sense. The notion that entities like the United Nations and World Bank have been foreclosed upon is untrue to the point of absurdity. PR web does not publish parroting news, manifesto, general interest articles or esoteric brands against major financial institutions. We suggest you contact our editorial team at to request a refund“.

(Laughter and many talking at the same time)

Chris: Respond to that however you like.

Bob: Also, there is a White House petition to petition the White House also for disclosure and the link is on the website. So you can also –

Lisa: This is like the third or fourth perhaps fifth attempt at putting up a petition? So this one’s holding –

Bob: This one’s kind of been holding for a while, so.

Lisa: Okay, great.

Bob: There’s been like five (cannot hear the word) attempts.

Lisa: Okay, now Lois, do we know if Heather is going to join us today? I know that she was planning to.

Lois: She was planning to but usually she goes through D and D wasn’t sure she was going to be on tonight and then heather’s internet has really been dropping calls left and right so she hasn’t had good internet connection today so she may not be joining us.

Lisa: Well we have a couple of other things to get through. We’ve done a flash mob and now a flash email. We’ve got…and we’ve mentioned (Lynn?) and we’ve also got a mutual friend of all the crew here, Julien Wells, and I’m going to give a little brief introduction to Julien and he can correct anything that I say that’s not accurate. Julien sees energy, and I think you’re going to enjoy this Lois. Julien has been reading the documents and when he does he truly sees energy come off the page and at the same time receives, or has been receiving these downloads of information, really putting meat on the bones of the CVAC and this is by no means an official or definitive explanation of what they are, this is one person’s interpretation of how they may look as they roll out and evolve. This is what he is getting from an energetic perspective. Julien did put in a great post on the OPPT-IN Facebook page, or was it the TCI Facebook page? Barbara, you can correct me on that.

Barbara: It was The Collective Imagination Facebook page earlier Tuesday. I think it was a couple of days after last week’s show, wasn’t it, Julien?

Lisa: Yeah, towards last week, end of last week and that was his initial sort of download of it though I know he’s had many versions of it since. We wanted him to come out and share it with you and in the hope that it starts a conversation and gets people really thinking about what these could look like and then the collective intent and the collective imagination…if Julien’s impression feels good to you, the more energy you give to that, obviously the stronger that reality becomes. So bring Julien, are you with us?

Julien: Yes, I am.

Lisa: Hey, how are you doing?

Julien: Hey.

Lisa: So when did you first start to read these documents?

Julien: I started reading them ever since they were posted and I got some interesting impressions but I didn’t …I looked at the detail in the wording and decided not to read through ‘em, they just seemed like they were a lot of trouble and I wasn’t really sort of seeing what was happening in regards to the One People’s Trust at the beginning of January but as I got more excited about the subject I went back and started thinking there might be some nuggets in there I could find and as I started to do that, elements of the page and then more and more of the page began to literally show me a resonant energy that I guess you could sort of observe in the same way that you observe auras. Auras are residual energy that comes off of the body and becomes nearly physical and so there was and energy that I’ve never seen on anything that was not a person or something alive like a plant actually coming off of this, especially in the area of the fingerprints and the signature. I was like, holy crap.

Lisa: Do you think…is it the consciousness or the energy of the document itself or of the people who participated in its creation having fused their energy into it? How does it work?

Julien: It comes from, as I feel it, the initial intent of the individuals, how much you could say thought energy has been put on it, how much time has been placed into this document and its creation through manifestation that comes into reality base on how much time you spend your thoughts on. When you think of something the more it becomes real and it has many more hours than what I could imagine the trustees have put into it. Like it had to have been a co-created element like it actually is the answer and the physical manifestation of lots, hundreds of thousands of people. That’s my interpretation.

Lois: Yeah, Lisa, the same thing happened to Heather and it’s the same spot as where the words illuminated so she would take the illuminated words and letters and then the words that weren’t illuminated, she threw out so she does a lot like, I’m sorry, what was your name again?

Julien: I’m Julien

Lois: Julien, so she was operating similar to you when um, well, even before the CVACs. I mean this was also during the UCC, so that’s how her data has been coming to us, is illuminated. If its illuminated it’s for her to keep and what‘s not illuminated she throws away.

Julien: Yeah, so there is really a sort of a third eye element to it. So I understand why other people might not be able to see it but I think if people are …if anyone is in that position to see it, where they are just beginning to be able to see energy, they are likely to be able to see it.

Lois: Yes

Brian: That’s actually how Heather responds to all of her emails too because she gets so many. The emails that really illuminate to her are the ones she responds to and the ones that don’t she doesn’t respond to and that’s not to say the ones that don’t illuminate aren’t important but if heather spent all her day responding to everybody’s emails and phone calls, she’d never get anything done behind the scenes that’s so valuable but I know that’s what she does now, she manages that task.

Julien: Yeah, I can see that.

Lisa: What did the energy tell you?

Julien: So anyhow, they told me …it was the kind of energy that feels like a warm blanket. Does that make sense, like you are so comfortable, that feeling of home, that feeling of this pattern resonates with you but that’s just my terminology of it. But through this experience of seeing it I got really excited and I started getting more involved in research and following the information and I got to the point where I wanted to start getting this information out so I volunteered to do some transcribing and I discovered I’m not very quick at typing and I had to play the show at about 50% speed and it would go really slow and I could hear every little enunciation but as I was transcribing, words sort of like had twice the impact on me so it was really penetrating, the discussion was really penetrating into my energy field, into my thoughts and at that point I started actually getting glimpses of portraits of what the future would look like and I’m not talking about the distant future, I’m not saying that I usually think about having glimpses of the future but I got like you might say a tapestry image of what it would look like when the CVACs were official and for the near term after that. I got really excited so I started sharing with my brother and sharing it with Chris and other people and I thought I’m just going to post this on Facebook and let people know because I first got the impression that this is what it would be but then I got to the point where logically I started looking at it and said this is pretty organic like this makes a lot of sense to me. So –

Lisa: Yeah, just elaborate. Tell us (inaudible)

Julien: Okay, so the first thing I …I didn’t really understand CVAC, and even after I read through the CVAC documentation, it didn’t really tell me what the CVAC would do. Like in a physical sense what do we expect to see from it? But from this tapestry, I saw that is wasn’t going to be a new government. It was going to be able to replace what a government does and it was going to be able to replace what banks do for us. In a sense it became sort of like a logistical entity that helped peoples intentions interact with each other. So at the onset, let’s talk about when it first comes out, it would be used to transition people out of the old banking system because we have all these trust funds and we are trying to find a way to access them and people don’t really know how to do that. Imagine…oh let’s just give everybody their ten million dollars with money and that’s what they’ve earned and that’s what has been kept away from them. But that doesn’t really work.

So the organic way of it coming about would be determine how the money would reach the people. So the CVACs would be the tool that would determine how the funds would be released. How I saw the CVACs being interacted with was that it was based on members. People would become a member of a CVAC and they would help determine what sorts of criteria that people can draw from the funds. For example, some kind of petition would be created and people within the CVAC would vote on it and determine if that was a good idea or not a good idea. An idea could be like people don’t have homes right now, let’s sign this petition so that people can have their houses paid for under these sort of new funds that come from the CVAC. People would apply and receive the funds from the CVAC to do that.  They can be given freely, however much you need, it can be a set limit, it can be this is how much you can borrow and try to give it back sort of idea. It turns into a system of creating multiple petitions over and over and the members of the CVAC deciding how the funds would be freed. In general, I saw this initially as only working with things that benefited humanity in general. Things were like, I’d like to take some funds out because I want a corvette just wouldn’t fly with the majority of the members of the CVAC but things like I’ve got this project that supports free energy, I’d like to do this. Even a situation where, I want to help society by being a garbage man because no one wants to do it and I think it’s a good idea. If the CVAC generally agrees that those things are worth funding, well then they fund it. That is the very basic concept at its core. The idea is also that everything is at zero percent interest. It’s not like you must pay it back. It’s not like in this new system where we’re are acquiring funds with CVAC that you can’t be in the negative.

You can borrow from a system and be in the negative. In today’s world that would be considered being in debt. But in this system, it’s not such a hindrance.  It’s only that the transactions that occur through the CVAC are all public. Everything is visible for everyone to know what everyone is receiving. There’s no private accounts or anything like that, anything that is passed between the CVAC and the individual is public and anybody who transfers funds between each other, you can do that, you can give someone else money for doing a service for you, that’s also transparent. That’s also on sort of like a record. If we were just to look at today financial system, obviously there’s so many hidden transactions that we really have no idea who is holding on to what and who is doing what behind our backs. The system is trying to take us down.

Chris: Julien, if I could just make a comment here. Just while you’re talking, I want to remind people of one thing. Julien is presenting a particular version of things, a view on things that’s been put through to him and he is not actually saying how it’s going to be. He’s saying this is how it could be. Now, we could end up with something very similar to what he’s saying or some flavor of it. I just wanted to read out the sentence in the CVAC constitution which deals with accessed value because this is a bit of a conundrum. How do we access the value? How is it done in a sensible fashion so people don’t go nuts? All it says is “to duly provide immediate access of value of and to said states of body for their absolute unencumbered use.” Okay, now somewhere between that statement, which appears to be anyone can have what they want at any time and what it is talking about a fairly measured way of dealing with the movement of resources through it, somewhere in there, is where I’ve got to get to and I don’t want you to take what he is saying as fixed in stone, it’s an issue that we will decide what to do about it when the time comes, just chew on it as he is talking.

Bob: One thing I wanted to clarify, Julien, what you are referring to it is very interactive, so what you are saying is that anyone who joins has a voice in determining how funds are used.

Julien: Yeah, it’s like a bank that you have shares in, but you better speak up otherwise it might not work in your favor, if that makes sense.

Lisa: Yes and no, but I think the integrity and complete and total responsibility that each individual has, in participating in the CVAC means, that you can’t make a decision that could be in anyway harmful or disadvantageous to anybody.

Julien: So if you take it just on some general examples, we’re talking about when the CVACs could begin, at the beginning it’s going to be talking about taking up funds to help people in need, because we have lots of people in need and there’s lots of people who don’t have funds where they kind of need them. At the beginning, at the opening of the CVAC, may just be to cure the ills, that people are having right now, later on it can get more detailed.

Lisa: This is actually reminding me of one of the conversations we had with Heather, in regards to whether or not we need representations of energy, because that is what currency is, or whether we can just do away with the representations, because if we do away with the representations we all have an unlimited amount of energy.

Julien: Now what I got from this was, that if we want this to sort of spread very quickly in today’s society, in today’s world, people are not going to understand that.

Lisa: No, I realize that

Julien: It’s got to have numbers associated with it, it needs to be not so far removed from something they can recognize and that is how it will come out quickly.

Lois: Heather and I were talking about the CVAC today and Heather was saying that it’s going to be a transition that is familiar to the people at first, like a contractual type thing, where you don’t do harm to anyone and so forth, but it’s actually going to go past that, because it’s going to eventually get up to the point where it used to be an old hand, it’s going to be your word, it’s like the hand shake, ok, I’ll do this for you, you do this for me type of thing. It’s eventually going to get to that position and your vibration for that to work with the CVAC, your vibration has to be of good intention, transparency, all the above that they talked about before, but your vibration has to be up there for you to really access anything, it’s like the gold exercise that she gave us about playing with the gold and how gold would be in each city, with this invisible vault over it and you are able to go into the vault if the gold recognizes your vibration, and your vibration is the same as the gold and you go in and dance with it, so the CVAC because of transition, It’s got to be easy transition, and you are right the people have to recognize it first and it will probably be contractual and I don’t think it will be members saying, well we are going to vote on this and we are going to vote on that, I don’t think it’s going to be that way at all, I think it is going to be on an individual basis and it’s going to be on your liability, you are going to have to take personal liability with whatever you are asking for and people if they know that they are liable for something, it will work out a lot better that way, does any of that make sense?

Julien: It does, it works really well, and I do believe in contracts at the start, because there will be a point where contracts won’t really matter anymore, because we’ll be at such a connected level, but where I am coming from is, a lot of people are facing a major financial meltdown in the system, the old system, and a lot of people are ready to step into a new solution, now, not hardly anybody has an idea of what that is going to be, this could be that tool that people can see something that is not based on debt, is not a debt based asset system. So for the layman to walk into this, you would think they would have to have a high sense of responsibility because we are moving into a civil law system, however, that jump as I saw it in the portrait, was too big for people to do in a short period of time, there would be a little bit too much fear surrounding that and if the transition was too great a jump, then fear could be manipulated by surviving cabal members, jumping into systems that would benefit them and put them back into a position of power, so the reason why, well I can’t say the reason why, but how I feel like, when it comes to everyone having a personal responsibility, it comes down to everyone has a personal responsibility to making the CVAC the best that it can be, at the beginning, it could be that only sort of lightworker type of people are even going to be aware of it and so they would be able to put it on its first couple of feet in a really positive way.

Bob: Julien…that is just one of the things I wanted to say, when you see energy like that on a page, what you are basically seeing is a casting of a vibration, a pattern of energy and when that information goes out, you’ve literally got to raise yourself up to that vibration in order for it to present it to you in the first place, these documents and this information and this consciousness, this awareness, is basically coming to the people who are ready for it, so we’ve got to start to move into tune with the universe in order to even get this information and this is one of the beautiful things about it, there is a lot of worry because a lot of times people aren’t used to tapping in and doing things energetically but when things are done energetically they kind of naturally flow and there is no worry in the system because although there may be challenges, there may be problems in the interim, it will work itself out and in unexpected ways, because you really can’t predict something like this, this is where you are going to have to find a balance between the left and the right brain and the heart and the mind, I look to refer more to the heart and the mind, because when you are trying to do things in an organic way, the mind is the wrong tool to use, it’s like trying to pick up water with a pair of pliers, it’s just the wrong tool, you need the infinite tool and that involves taping into that power source, where we all have your eternal heart, this is what we need to tap into, when you tap into that, you begin to understand exactly what vibration you need to, because, we are entering a period of time when if you are not in vibration it just won’t work, something will happen your computer won’t access a site, I don’t know how, but it just won’t work.

Lisa: Bob, you are actually reminding me of a dream I had last night, seeing the CVACs, the structure of the CVACs as a sphere, a globe, a ball, that has like a force field around it and we’re all being attracted to them and as we get closer and closer and closer, our frequency and our intent become higher and purer, so by the time you reach it, you are actually ready for it and for those who for whatever reason come up against it and they are not there they just can’t enter it, this force field, so when, and actually Julien you triggered the memory when you said the existing cabal members, could get in there and corrupt it, I just don’t think that they can, cause I went to sleep last night really thinking about the CVAC and that was the image I woke up with this morning. The closer we get, the purer our intent, the more transparent our intent and the higher our frequency is raised, just to be able to interact with these things, that feels really true to me right now and these are going to evolve and they are going to grow, change and it’s all because we are growing, evolving and changing and we are, as Heather would say, getting closer to absolute data and we can make better choices as a result. What do you think of that?

Lois: And also hold the space for those people who aren’t ready, we are the ones holding the space for them, to help educate them, cause not everybody is all at the same level, at all time, so we’re holding space for those and as far as the cabal goes, they won’t be able to, they can’t do anything they are through, they can’t enter into the absolute source, they just can’t, because they wouldn’t be able to exist, just like anger and fear and all that stuff can’t exist in the absolute source, so there won’t be a worry…(several talking at once)

Julien: May I say a word…

Lois: Go ahead

Julien: May I share another part of the image that I received, I don’t think I’ve sort of covered sort of all of the corners of the explanation. One of the big things that got me excited was how it could take its first couple of steps, I saw one of the first most likely, like just broad ruled petition that would be signed, would be, anyone who wants to join this can join it, but how would you get them on board, you could say, well, what we are going to do is with this new, call it a financial system at first, would be everyone would actually get paid through the CVAC the same amount of money they are getting paid right now, so that it would functionally replace every ones salaries, now obviously that couldn’t stay that way, we couldn’t just have everyone being paid by the CVAC and so what came right after that, was that, petitions would actually have an expiration date, so rulings would last approximately three months and then at three months we would figure out what would have to happen next and by that occurring, the first element everyone would be looking for a solution, they would get a financial solution, they would get the money that they need, they would get a system that they would be able to switch over from and at that point they could start asking, ok well…how did this…ok this works, but how did we come to this, how did we, how is it that we don’t get money and how is it that the government is not helping us in this, how come we’ve all agreed to use this new system.

Lois: You’ve got to remember too, with this CVAC everybody is debt free, so if everybody is debt free, that means their homes come back, everything that was done to them or harm them all comes back to them, I mean, how would you feel if someone came up to you and said, by the way you are debt free, you don’t owe the bank, you don’t owe this, you don’t owe this here, that there, so it opens up many opportunities for many other things, in the CVAC there, it does say that everyone will be debt free.

Julien: It does…but, what I am speaking about is the transition process, we will all be debt free, but, as a first step to make it not such a foreign element, say one credit from a CVAC is worth $1.00, so if you go and you basically decide that the CVAC will continue to pay your salary, you can transition to it right away, but what you are looking at, is that that is still a temporary solution, that three months from now, once that ruling is up, we’ll be looking at people making new decisions about what will get covered and it may be just like we’ve done in our own financial structure, that can mean an extension on that, because it might take longer than three months to determine where people are going to go under this new financial structure, but because of the new financial structure being sort of the subject of the day, it will get people to start looking at the whole system, why it doesn’t work and why the new system does, so the point, the light of why, the reasons why, the other failed

Lois: Why do you think we are being prepared with the digital system, the digital system, it’s fairly new, to us, in our online banking and everything going digital and taking photographs from your cell phone to make a deposit, everything is digital, you are not going to see a cash flow, there is not going to be a monetary thing, it’s going to be digital and then from there it is even going to go further.

Lisa: Guys, I’d actually like to bring callers out and get their impressions

(Several talking at once)

Brian: Lisa, real quick…can I make a real quick announcement?

Lisa: Yes, of course

Brian: Let’s get the whole audience, we might as well keep this flashmob thing going, Anderson Cooper/CNN has about 775,000 likes on his, its everybody that is liking all of the other posts on all the other ones which is blasting right now go over to and let’s keep this going, alright back to you…


Lisa: ac360, I’ll just find it and stick it into, ok, here we go…(Lisa and Brian talking together) lovely, oh no, that’s a great idea…

Brian: Might as well keep it going

Lisa: (Laughing) Yeah…I think so too…I’m just going to have a look through my list here cause we’ve got quite a few people, so…and they’ve all got their hand up, so area code 613
Caller: Hello Lisa, Brian, D its Daryl…

Lisa: Hey Daryl…

Daryl: It’s not the same one that was yesterday that wasn’t me by the way,

Lisa: Oh…ok, good luck Daryl from Canada

Daryl: I hate to interject into the CVAC thing, but I want to jump back to something that was mentioned, the PR Web, where they said they declined that, that is disinformation that is out there, it has nothing to do with the latest release that is something from December, so I just want to let your listeners know that that is still in the process, it has not been declined, it is still going through the mill.

Lisa: Ah…ok

Chris: Thanks Daryl…very interesting

Daryl: You are welcome

Chris: Interesting…ok (several talking at once) so maybe we shouldn’t flash email them in a negative fashion at all folks, maybe we should flash email them saying, do it, do it, do it…

Daryl: That’s right…cause they wouldn’t have gotten the one that was released, cause it would have went out yesterday afternoon so it takes 24 to 72 hours to go through the system and then they’ll have a look at it, they’ll either accept it or reject it, the one that you guys were talking about, was from the release on the 25th of December and it took them, the PR Web, this long to respond to reject it,

Chris: Mm ok…let’s just encourage them to move forward on it…

Daryl: I think they will because they will be getting the second one…anyway I just want to keep things on the rails here and I’ll let you get back to your discussion.

Lisa: Well…thank you very much for the update, lovely, ok I’m going to bring up area code 612, 612 area code, 612 area code, that might be you typing away madly, ok I’ll mute you again and area code 281, area code 281…

Caller: Yeah, I am here…

Lisa: And what was your name?
Caller: Rose

Lisa: Rose...hello Rose…

Rose: Hi…and I appreciate you all, ok the way I’m understanding this is right now as a collective, we all decided to shift, we are shifting everyone from the physical plane of 3D into the 5D energy, so the way I’m understanding this is OPPT brought it into the physical and what we’re all doing, us aware ones, is we’re bridging it for the 3D to understand and to bring it up into the 5D or 5E energy level, so I’m thinking that right now all the stuff we are figuring out and so on is going to be, even though it is difficult right now to figure it out and we are having fun with it and so on and so forth, but eventually we’re going to all be on the same level, it’s just to bring it into the awareness of all, that’s the way I’m seeing it.

Lisa: Yeah, that's the way Heather talks. She talks about bringing it down, so the information that she's utilized in order to construct all of this is something she has, in my mind, brought down from 5D. We've made the collective choice. We've definitely made that...even the stragglers I in and made that by the end of last year to 5th and to make a change. We've had enough. This is what we're doing now. We're bringing this in and we're grounding it in 3D. In the process, we're bridging the gap, I feel, between 3 and 5.

Rose (Caller:): Right. In order for us to all be free, there's a way (inaudible)...right now it's about digital, it's about money, it's about having two coins to rub together. But at the same thing, once we do that and once everyone is on the same page and aware and the news is saying it and all this disclosure comes, then we're up that other level as a collective, as aware and unaware which will be aware then.

Lisa: (chuckle) I agree with you. I've got Seraph here trying to get on the line as well. Is that you, Seraph, 612?

Seraph (Caller:): Yes, I am. Can you hear me?

Lisa: Yes, I can.

Seraph (Caller:): First of all, I want to say this. Every time I go on and watch your show from the internet, I love the sigil you have on the front of your Blogtalk picture.

Lisa: Thank you. Barbara gets all the credit for that.

Barbara: Thank you.

Seraph (Caller:): What I wanted to say was I understand fully how the brother on the call feels with respect to how the CVAC's should function. My only concern is this, if the CVAC’s will only have custodians and the custodian is no different than the custodian in your elementary school. Their job is to make sure everything is running properly. Now, as a free society, if an individual wants to use their value to buy a new Corvette every 15 seconds, that's their choice…because it's theirs. If we're going to as CVAC Custodians decide for others what they can do, we'll be no different than the tyrannical government we're trying to leave…not to mention all humans have the funds. There's no need to help the needy. All we need to do is make them aware that they are no longer in need. I think the biggest job that the CVAC's are going to be doing is providing, basically heralding the truth.

I also believe that human beings on this planet...let's just use Americans...if Americans were ready in the minds of the elite or the cabal…if they felt like we were ready to see buildings come down in demolition form...if they felt like we were ready to see Martin Luther King get his head blown off...if they felt like we were ready to see Hurricane Sandy rush through a whole state or Katrina knock down a whole city...if they believe that we were ready for that, then I believe that every human being on the planet is ready for some good news for a change. That's just me.

Lois: I agree.

Brian: That's excellent.

Seraph (Caller:): Thanks, guys.

Chris: Seraph, that's part, your first bit was what I was interjecting in to Julien's description before...that the CVAC is specified to have unencumbered immediate access to value. Now, let me just speculate for a minute about the information Julien's presenting to us. It's given to him for a purpose. I'd just like to put this thought in your mind. I think there are seeds inside this kind of information that are here to test us to make sure we really get it. Julien said to us, he's seen this thing where there's some kind of petition system and it's fairly structured in the way we're accessing value. Maybe that's been put in that information to test whether we're really reading these documents and that we're really getting the message that now it's fully unencumbered access to value. We'll have to chew on this and think about it some more. There may be some other little nuggets in there too. They're there to test us and we just have to feel our way through Julien's information.

(several talking at once)

Seraph (Caller:): Heather made it very clear that some energies come in all different forms. Some energies are in place to hold the contrast. Because you cannot know cold, if you never felt cold. You can't know what it's like to feel love, if you never felt indifference or disgust. Everything in duality of our universe is designed so that we can have a contextual field.

I know for me, if I knew and I do know, if I knew via some announcement during a Super Bowl or President's message or whatever, if they said to me, "You have 10 billion dollars in lawful money", every human being on the planet, every man, woman, boy and girl...if they said that to me, I'm not interested in putting in a petition. I'm just interested in knowing where do I go? That's just coming from a purely mundane, lower level chakra...lower doesn't necessarily mean bad or just means lower...a lower level chakra response. Knowing what I know from having been connected to all of this from the very beginning, my belief is this, 99.99% of this has nothing to do with paperwork. This is a springboard, if you will, to force us to really address the energetic change that occurred coming into this new paradigm. Like I stated before, this whole new paradigm, in my opinion of course, is like the switching from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Everybody doesn't know about Windows 8. Some people's computers will never have Windows 8 on it. They do have access to Windows 8, whether they use it or not. Once you get Windows 8, you can go back and use Windows XP if you want to, but not a lot of stuff is going to work on it.

The old paradigm, those living in 3D...I believe that... in America of course...the IRS doesn't even have people working in the bigger offices. They just got people who are going and doing their jobs. Most of those people who are getting notices in their mail and that kind of stuff, that's computer generated. I think they already are done. I believe the whole thing, the whole shooting match, is over. The president of the United States Corporation, Obama, was just driving around my city of Minneapolis yesterday. That's what they say. I didn’t see him at all. All I saw was a black limousine with a Presidential seal on the side. If he was driving around Minneapolis, what was he doing here? What's so important in Minneapolis that he needs to drive around town? I know they're not wasting our time and energy on gun control. That's ridiculous. So, they have nothing to do because they have no money to do it with. They're talking about Mali and all these's all designed to keep us in a lower vibration. Our job is to get out completely of how we look at things. If it sounds remotely like a duck, stop looking at that duck. Let's go somewhere else.

Lois: You’re really right about the CVAC being a custodian. That's absolutely true, because the CVAC isn’t going to tell and order people what to do.

Seraph (Caller:): Just like your custodian at your high school didn't tell you what to do. Your job for the custodian was to say, "Hello, Mr. Johnson." Mr. Johnson’s job was to say, "Hello, junior." and to go on making sure that the heat's working and the lights are on and making sure that nothing's happened with sprinklers or something. That's their job. It was to make sure that...because our job is going to be...and understand that this is a job that's on the level of angelic. That's why I use the term Seraph. That's my name. Because my job is not to make anybody deal with anything. My job is guardian of that which matters most. What matters most to me and should be to everyone else is freedom. If you have freedom, everything else falls into place.

(several talking at once)

Lisa: Sorry, Bob. I was just going to say for me the perfect explanation of CVAC’s is that they are support structures. They are there to ensure that all the infrastructure is in place that is necessary and that processes work efficiently. That's it.

Brian: Yeah.

Lois: Yes.

Seraph (Caller:): I've got to go, guys. I really appreciate it. Thanks for putting me on the call. I listen almost every time you guys are on. But right now, I have to go. I'm sure I'll get the replay. I'll listen to it later tonight. Love you all.

Brian: Thanks, Seraph.

(several talking at once)

Lisa: Hey, your Facebook is Seraph, just Seraph, isn't it?

Seraph (Caller:): No, my Facebook is:, that's my 3D name. I also have an OPPT-IN page called:

Lisa: Okay, because people in the chat would like to connect with you. Thank you for that.

Seraph (Caller:): Connect away.

(general laughter)

Lisa: Thanks for joining.

Chris: Great stuff.
Bob: One of the things I wanted to say is a lot of impressions, there are impressions right now, but they're becoming memories, Chris, when you started talking about being tested, I remembering being in our sleep time. Everyone who was ready was asked the same question. Are you ready to shift? Are you ready to make the transition? We could have made the transition immediately at that time. Almost every single person, to a person, all were concerned about the ones they would leave behind. Almost every person. What about these ones? How can I leave without the ones that I love? This has been the theme as we've been moving forward, to have the highest good of the whole. Lots of different versions are possible in leading up to that. There could be interim versions of the CVAC. We get to decide how we want to go. We can go straight to the highest level, if we feel we’re ready for that. Or we could go to any of those interim ones in between. I believe that most of the people that are listening here right now are in their 5th dimensional awareness and it will probably flow to them first. That's how organically it should. That's how organics work. They would go out and start to do.

Because once you have those means, what are you going to do? Most of you aren’t going to splurge it on automobiles. You wouldn’t be listening to 5D Media Network if you were of that caliber of person. Most of you are going to want to go out and help. Alleviate all of the immediate problems that you have at hand and then help. People are going to wonder, how are you doing this? Well, let me tell you a little story about the CVAC and thus it spreads. Because slowly each and every one of us as we are going out in our doing, because we are going to be given the means in order to go head into and be what you chose, in our doing we are going to come in contact with others. It is our responsibility to educate them when they ask questions like that. Thus the knowledge is spread. You are bringing them now up to that vibration, that understanding of freedom, that understanding of the true history. At that point, we will have available to use absolute data that we can point to. Show these people as we're spreading out the membership. It will grow, because once they see the difference between the system that they have and the system that they can have, it becomes an academic decision. Who in their right mind would want to keep the old one?

Lisa: No one I know. I've got to bring out some more callers who have been waiting for quite some time, guys. Branson, if you’re there, your mike is now live. Branson? I can hear you getting ready. Yep, I can hear you. I can hear you clicking.

Branson (Caller:): Okay, that's me then.

Lisa: Okay, got you.

Branson (Caller:): Yeah, okay, if you can hear me? I don’t know. I'm from Germany, I'm a little bit uber (German word). (chuckle) You got me on the wrong foot. I was just typing. I like to say that we in Germany are working on this CVAC idea for a little bit longer. We didn’t call it CVAC until we know that this is CVAC. We are working on it. We can do it and we will do it.

Lisa: Fabulous.

Branson (Caller:): Yeah, I rolled some of the ideas to Heather and we are the translators into English. I hope we can share these ideas some more. What I just wanted to type in this when we are all millionaires, billionaires, whatever, there will be no need to help any other people. It's just living and feeling and joy and have fun together. That's the point. I think with this joy there comes creativity. We're all having a big party and can talk to each other. Who knows his neighbors? Look at these giant houses where you have all these doors. Maybe you know your next neighbor. So let's have a party on the streets and celebrate. Maybe sit at the beach or something and just relax and have some ideas have what the future may look like. We are so overwhelmed by all our problems that we have now that it is very hard to get a clear thought with all this negative energy, you might say, floating around all these people. When this has gone, the people might take a deep breath and then they're, “Okay now we are free.”
We have all the money. We have all the things we need. What are we going to do with it? Is it like Star Trek future that we want? Or is it like the small Hobbit homes that we all knew or what is it going to be?

Lisa: How about the Jetsons?

Branson (Caller:): Yeah, I think we need to relax and take a deep breath and see what comes up in us, in us all. We are talking too much about problems and helping each other. Because we are still in this set of mind that we always need help. There is no need. There’s just talking and be with them. So say hello and that's okay and give them a smile. Everyone you meet on the street and every person that’s in your 10 meter radius or 30 foot radius, or whatever, is the most important people in the world. Talk to them. Give them a smile. Help them carry the garbage out. Just talk to them. Let them know that you are there and the other way around. I think that's the way.

Bob: Branson, when I say help people, I say educate them, because people will need to be educated. People will need to become aware. I want to ask you one question. Wo herr kunst du? (spelling? German phrase for “Where do you live or come from?”)

Branson (Caller:): (chuckle) Yeah. (German phrase)...Hamburg.

Bob: Hamburg (in German accent). Ich von Kittersburg(?) (German for “I’m from …” ...some distortion)

Lisa: Stop showing off, Bob.

(general laughter)

Brian: Yeah, the transcription team's going to have a heyday with that.

(general laughter)

Branson (Caller:): Yeah, that's no problem. My name is Jens Montag (spelling?). This is just the Skype nickname I used some years ago, so you can call me Jens or John or Montag or whatever you'd like.

Lisa: So we can call you the guy from Germany...

Caller: Yeah... maybe I can just...I have several good contacts with the alternative media the European region of Germany and Austria and Switzerland and we have a great meeting in Auschwitz this February 16 and 17, where we will discuss the OPPT and we some of the leading grass roots groups that where we discuss the points what will our future be so what are we deciding to do now to get it going. So the CVAC’s are coming just in hand and we can work them in and it is the perfect time and we, we are working on this corporation thing for years now because we are from Germany a little bit special situation and yeah we're on it and love and peace to all thank you.

Lisa: Thank you very much thank you very much for calling in it's a real thrill a real treat to get a call from Germany. Oh that’s great.

Chris: Yeah we really like to say Lisa we really love to hear from people from all over the world (Lisa) Absolutely and we've got people and I've no idea where they are calling from but we've certainly got plenty on the line.....we've also got area code 479. 479?

Caller: Hi...I was just calling in because I, this is Sara, I couldn’t get you on the computer again.

Lisa: Oh ok.

Sara: I know I had my hand up I was just listening.

Lisa: Ok I'll put you back on mute. Thank you Sara for joining in and BEing. Ok, we do have some other things to get to but I just want to get through these people who have got their hand up. Area code 818 area code 818?

Caller: Hello

Lisa: Hello

Caller: Hello, yeah I've been listening since this has been going on I've an interesting question since it's tax season now. Is there anything like these UCC files that we should file and try to get out of the taxes or what are some things we can do?

Lisa: Well I don't feel qualified to answer that when it comes to the US so anybody else in the US got any ideas?

Bob: Well actually Chris's and Chris and Scott Bartell are working on a document which we mentioned in our show yesterday on Freedom Reigns which would notice them, and put them on notice and basically say if you wish to extort money from me please be aware that you are operating in your individual unlimited capacity as a government and the banking system has been foreclosed and if you wish to continue to extort money from me these are my terms. For every request for money that will cost you two thousand dollars. And so on and so forth. (Lisa) that document should be available on the website the OPPT in OPPT hyphen in dot com website by the end of the week.

(Several people talking)

Chris: Yeah, could I also make just a comment about that and I'll make it really quick? Based on the discussion we've been having here today that document whilst it looks like a legal document and is a deflection of their attempts to make advances to you, unwanted advances its actually an invitation to them to actually find out about OPPT and join us. And if we use it with that energy I think it will work brilliantly for our end result which is to make people look in this direction.

(several people talking)

Lisa: ...that really is the question.

Caller: what was the name of that blog again?

Chris: it's going to be called courtesy notice because we're doing them a courtesy by putting them on notice and informing them as to what’s really going on. We're actually we're actually helping them. When you read the first page it won't look like that but that’s what’s going on. And we want everybody to reach that energy when they start to use this because we know that will just make it work so much better in the medium to long term. Initially they will find it confusing because it will cause them to do some homework.

Caller: Right, because like I actually thought this would have happened already and so like I didn't even pay my taxes last year and I just got a notice for that and so I was wondering like if there is something on the internet on the one peoples trust website, or it will be?

Lisa: It will be.

(several people talking)

Chris: yes we will release that

Caller: awesome

Lisa: thank you for the question

Caller: thank you

Lisa: thank you for calling in

Lisa: ok we still have a couple of things we want to get to. One is doing the gold meditation. A friend of mine Vera here in Sydney area recorded the gold meditation and I think it's actually a great idea to do today because of the conversations we've been having in regards to funds and value due and assets and everything else and if you haven't tried to do the meditation yet then doing it as a guided meditation is a great way to into it. So we'll do that in about 10 15 minutes. Brian are you still with us?

Brian: yeah I had to mute the call and put it down for a few minutes now I'm back. (Lisa) ok is there anything else you wanted to address?

Brian: For me personally? Yeah I have a, I want to put out the call a few specific things that we're looking for as far as the website goes so that way if anybody’s listening they can send me an email and I have that list here and I just have to pull it up and that would be a front end developer by the way I don't know what most of these things are so I'm just going to read them. A front end developer and Information Architect, a designer with Adobe Creative suites skills Illustrator preferably, a content manager, additions to the social media team to cover REDDIT type (unknown) and Instagram etc and a back end developer with experience with International sites and then somebody that knows SEO and then if anybody knows how to do mobile app design. Those are the most immediate needs that we have for the website.

Lisa: Well you actually have Kevin Miller in the queue saying I can be a front end developer (Brian) perfect, perfect (Lisa) send an email (Brian) Cool, and then the only other thing is it looks like on AC360 you can’t' view others comments? But on I believe it was CNN we have the same feature let me make sure, we have the same feature we can view all the other comments like on the one we just did before the, oh NBC so if we want to put that out and have some fun towards the end of this call

Lisa: yeah I was just looking at the Fox News one cuz it's got 2.8 million likes

Brian: Oh, can you view others comments on there?

Lisa: It doesn't look like it unfortunately

Brian: Oh yeah so I think that’s how they protect themselves. So, let me see, NBC you can, I just looked on it right now. It's just forward slash NBC so if we want to have at that we can do that right now. Let me see.

Lisa: Maybe if you’re a 'friend' ok, you've got to be a 'friend' of it at FOX to post on it.

Brian: Yeah so on NBC I'm looking at it right now, you can post and it shows as post by others also so it's the exact same thing as the one that we did before except it's on NBC. So if we want to go crazy on that right now we can.

Lisa: Yeah let’s do it. NBC. So it's just

Brian: forward slash NBC

Lisa: OK,

Brian: I know there was something else I want to talk about but it's ok if I remember it we can go over it but I know we only have 30 minutes left so do your thing so

Lisa: That’s alright I'm (laughs) on NBC's Facebook page right now so I'll just post it unless Barbara has done it everybody typing away.


Brian: By the way I'm going to by next call...which will be next Monday I'm going to have a list of emails that we can do email campaigns and if anybody has any of these smart ideas throw them to opptgroundcrew. Somebody sent me an email in regards to reverse serving the judges and politicians kind of like somebody does when they send a process server up to your house. The reverse serving them with the document that we're going to be putting out but fun ideas like that, keep them coming.

Lisa: Yeah, great. Excellent. (unintelligible) ok, sorry, I'm busy typing to NBC (laughs) Ok, the people doing this....I know who is doing this...there they we go. This is fun. I love doing this. Dear NBC, ok, here we go...they're coming in. Fabulous people. Oh look at you go.

Chris: That’s funny. Someone’s put almost exactly what I wrote in there. Be the first network to tell the truth. I said be the first. Good message.

Lisa: Be the first. And they're everywhere. Look at that. All righty.

(Unknown at 1:31:02) I love this.

Bob: we're reporting some real news

Lisa: and guys if I you decide to get together and do some in person flash mobs anywhere make sure you film it. Send it to us at the Facebook page oppt-in Facebook page we'll get it on our YouTube channel, we'll get it on everywhere.

Chris: Look at this. Norway here, absolute full data now, full disclosure now report One Peoples Public Trust now. Thank you Norway.

Lisa: Thank you Norway. Thank you Germany. Thank you World. Cuz oh my is just a beautiful thing to see. And, oh I've got Santos trying to call, there we go.

Chris: Folks when you’re writing in a comment do put the country you’re from. I think that'll probably make a big point to them.

Lisa: Yeah that’s true too. This is global, yeah. Yes, ok, so is that all you’ve got Brian or anything more you want to make sure you get out there today

Brian: I don't know, I guess that’s it for now. Wow, that’s the first time you've rendered me speechless on one of these calls Lisa. I got to go with the theme that I've been putting out there since we started these calls which is just sending so much love and gratitude out to everybody that’s listening and watching this thing spread is gosh it was intense watching my email inbox go up last night with people from all around the world volunteering their services and I just to, I just can’t' thank everybody enough and we're all in this together and we might be the voices talking but we represent everybody and I'm just literally I'm speechless. You got me. Thanks everybody and once again it’s been a great call. I'm just looking forward to the amount of progress that we make week in week out until we, it's funny, until we won't need to make these calls anymore. And we'll probably still do them. (laughs) So.

Lisa: Just because they're so much fun. I just want to send a call out to our lovely lady in Australia. Her names escaped me but she sent you an email offering her services. And she said she would sweep floors. She didn't care what she did (Brian laughs) to make this a reality. Thank you so much.

Brian: make sure I have her email real quick if you want me to read it.

Lisa: If you've got it handy that would be lovely because I think it typifies everybody’s energy at the moment.

Brian: yeah, I agree, I agree. I know it's on here, let me see (door knock) hold on a second.

Lisa: No problem

Brian: I'm actually at work right now and somebody’s knocking at my door (laughs) Lets see, I’m going to have to come back to you on this one Lisa

Lisa: that’s ok. What else was I going to mention? The Monday night program on Freedom Reigns OPPT-IN. It will be every Monday night for the foreseeable future until as Brian just said it's not needed anymore. TCI obviously every has week, has been for some time. We're focused more on you know getting the conversation started about how the collective imagination is expressing itself right now and at the moment that focus is clearly on The One Peoples Public Trust. and there have been, we've seen things come and go in the course of this show. We've seen things come and go for years but they've all been. Bob and I have been having this discussion yesterday how out of everything that’s grabbed our attention over the last 12 months in particular really seems to have been stepping stones. And some of the things we've seen looked brilliant from a 3D perspective because they were really coming from a 4D place so they were absolutely a step up in the right direction and now OPPT's come along which to everybody’s understanding seems to be coming from a 5d place so it's a step up yet again. So who knows what’s next guys. Who knows what’s around the corner and what it's going to look like. And I'm at, from where I'm standing now it seems that it'll be the involvement and the rolling out of the CVACs. That's obviously what I'm seeing from where I'm standing and what the vantage point is right now. What do you say about that Bob? Yoda?

Bob: (laughs) I agree. I think that it's been the ability to let go. Of things that were no longer serving you and they were stepping stones. We all have the ability to hold our expectations, I mean to reserve our expectations as to what was going to happen and just allow what resonated with us to guide us. And here we are. And I do believe that once the CVAC's do become, and maybe this is the reason why it didn't happen in all of those other cases like what we were talking about earlier Lisa. It didn't happen in the 4D paradigm because that wasn't where the final destination was supposed to be and it certainly didn't happen in the 3D. But once the 5D paradigm presented itself look at how the energy is flowing. It's unbelievable I've never many people do we have on the line, I don't even know. It's crazy.

Lisa: Well we've got 280 people just hanging out in the chat room. So I have no idea how many are listening.

Bob: well there’s a lot. There’s quite a bit. And that must be where we’re heading. And so everything then must follow, everything’s got to be brought up to, like Chris said the One Peoples Trust raised the bar.

Chris: It certainly did. The thing that I find amazing is just the energy blast that I get from the callers. It's palpable and I've never struck anything that cuts through to peoples core feelings so deeply. It's absolutely amazing.

Lisa: Now Lois you've been long this ride from the beginning with Heather and the other Trustees. How have you seen it evolve?

Lois: Oh, greatly. First of all because of the grid, the grids in place now and things are happening a lot faster on the grid than what happened in the 3D and so we're really going at a faster pace and as you see when Heather did the investigations back in 2008/2009 when she was trying to go after all this fraud and the fraud against the foreclosures on homes and all of that stuff she was collecting all that information to defunct the banks because the banks owned the judicial the government and so forth because it's a corporation and they got too much power and now you’re seeing at a real fast pace all of these bankers being arrested, the higher up bankers are being arrested and do you know how many people are in that bank that just go there because they have a job but they want to do the right thing but their afraid to say anything because they’re going to lose their job and they need to pay their bills and get food on the plate and all that stuff? Do you know how excited they are now? Because they stay in the banking system but they're ready to do the right thing and that's why countries are coming...we've never had countries coming after the CVAC like Australia and Germany and let’s see, there was another one.

Bob: Italy.

Lisa: I saw a perfect example of what you’re talking about, that Occupy movement in Sydney. These was bankers there who came out and said we are...and these are people that are sort of mid-level management, and said we've been trying to fight from within the system for years and they haven't been able to and it was really really emotional. They were really moved.

Lois: Right, and I think there were like 900 bankers arrested just in Australia alone, and there’s bankers being arrested left and right in Europe, and bankers being arrested here in the states. Not as much as over in Europe and Australia and stuff, but it’s going to reach that. And so I’ve seen a lot of evolvement, going through so fast it’s not going to take years and years and years like people think it’s going to take, it’s going to happen in a twinkling of an eye. And I’m really excited about that, how people are really excited, and people remembering that we are all one. That’s all, we are all one. And there’s a lot of powerful in that all one. So that’s all I can say and my input for now is just keep focused on what you’re doing, and keep Source as your main contact, go within, each of us have that contact and can speak to Source, so keep your focus. Don’t let it get distracted.

Lisa: Thank you very much Lois.

Lois: You’re welcome.

Lisa: Okay guys, I’m going to start this gold meditation from Vera, Vera’s contribution. And stick around and go through it, it only goes for about 8 or 9 minutes so, if you haven’t done it before, it’s very very enjoyable. It’s great. And we will post it up on the Facebook page too so you can download it or, for your own use later on, whenever you want to do it.

Barbara: Already been done!

Chris: I just want to make a point to everybody too about these meditations. If you’re involved in this meditation, you are doing – you’re putting energy into the same place as everyone else involved in this meditation no matter when they did it. So the meditation itself is growing at a point in space and time which you’ll contribute to by doing it now even if the first person that did it was three weeks ago, so we’re adding to an effect which is already in play. It’s powerful stuff.

Lisa: Absolutely powerful stuff. And also a great stepping stone to thinking about the consciousness of other things, like we did mention on one of the shows, I can’t tell you when or which one because they’re all blending into each other, but we talked about all the hidden information that’s hidden beneath the Vatican. You know, it has a consciousness and I think it wants to be released. So you can talk to that consciousness. Honor it, free it. You can talk to the consciousness of the elements. And anything else that humanity, by the cabal have tried to enslave. Free it. You can use it as a stepping stone as well. So I’m going to mute myself and play Vera’s gold meditation.

(Gold meditation played)

Lisa: Come back everybody. Big shout out to Vera for her meditation, that was great.

Brian: I love that.

Lisa: that was pretty good. Nice.

Chris: Now tell them some of the reactions that Heather got from that meditation.

Lisa: Oh. People have had some extraordinary experiences with it.

Chris: Including the Powers That Were, apparently. They were not happy.


Lisa: Yeah. How much can we say about that, Lois?


Lois: Just a lot of fun things happening, and a lot of experiences, and people actually feeling the energy of the gold coming in, and joining their energy and the visions that they’re getting, and even the dreams at night they’re getting. It’s been coming to emails left and right how powerful this meditation is, and it is because everything is energy. Your walls,, your bed, your chair, everything’s energy and you learn to play with these things, then the illusion goes away.

Lisa: Can we talk about the multidimensional aspect of it?

Lois: Yes. It’s not only here on this plane, you mean, it’s a universal and all the universes. Is that what you’re talking about? Yes. And it’s not only – in various forms because not only did our planet but other planets, their gold got stolen too. And they’re slaves too, and this is not just our universe but other universes and other planets like ours and it’s just a wonderful thing that’s happening. And to learn how to play with these energies, I think has brought about the grid.

Lisa: Yes. Right. One of the things we heard was the response to that meditation throughout all dimensions in all creation, that there was a response to that meditation throughout all dimensions and all creation, and that the equivalent of the cabal throughout the universe were freaking out.

Lois: yes.

Lisa: Whether it’s the wizards behind the scenes and the energetic hierarchy so to speak we all, “hang on, where’s my gold going?”

Chris: When the one people wake up, everyone will know it.

Lois: They’re discovering – the Queen – they’re discovering gold plated tungsten in their vaults instead of the gold. The gold is – had been taken away from every place on this planet, and is stored with Source, absolute Source.

Brian: You know what, there’s a rumor mill news article that talks about all the tungsten bars to corroborate that, and it’s happening everywhere right now. One day Heather will come out and she’ll tell all her gold stories, and they’re absolutely fascinating.

Lois: She can make a movie out of this, or write several books.


Lisa: Oh there should be a movie about this.

Lois: As long as I get to play Mom.


Brian: It wouldn’t be a movie without you playing yourself as Mom, Lois.

Lisa: Guys, I just wanted to say again, say a huge thank you to everybody who’s participated today, thank you for participating in our flash mob, I have to say that we’re having an impact already. There are 5,077 people talking about Oppt-In on NBC, 5,800 plus talking about OPPT flash mob specifically on CBS, so it’s already having an impact.

Lois: Fantastic.

Brian: Also, Lisa, while we were on the call in the last ten minutes I got a voicemail from a DJ in LA who goes by the name of Eban K and she’s at KPSK 90.7 and she wants me to go on live on the radio to be on an interview tomorrow night on her show, and they go Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, North San Diego and Ridgecrest. So we’re breaking in baby, it’s happening.

Chris: Excellent.

Lisa: Wow, great. Have a great show, Brian. Terrific. And if any of you have connections to radio stations or DJ’s, you know, give them the word and see if they’re interested in exploring this. And anybody in any form of media for that matter but, you know, a radio station or a radio show that’s got a good reach. Speaking of which, I haven’t even looked but has Alex Jones addressed this at all?

Bob: Who?

Brian: Alex Jones? I don’t know if Alex Jones has –

Bob: I’m kidding.

Lisa: I hadn’t thought about it actually, not that I give him much thought anyway but I really hadn’t at all.

Chris: Well the people he works for have been foreclosed.

Lisa: This is true.


Lisa: All right guys, next week we’ll do another flash mob, we’ll pick another site, and if you’ve got any ideas for places to do flash mobs, post it on the OPPT in page or the OPPT out page for that matter. And start – get the conversation started with people in your area for how to OPPT out. And we also need Brian, we also need a place where people can go who are perhaps using this courtesy letter and other places and can comment and leave a trail of the responses and their experiences, positive or negative.

Brian: We actually have a website designed for that and somebody sent me a link for it today and I’ll give it to you so we can post it on the Facebook site and then we’ll put it on the OPPT in site as well and there’s already a lot of posts in there, people telling stories of how it went for them –

Bob: And I also encourage everyone to support each other. If you see someone that’s posted they’re having trouble or wherever, support each other because there’s strength in numbers and when they see us all acting in unison it’s going to be an amazing thing.

Chris: Yeah. And just before we go we only got through about half of what Julien’s message was and I think we’ll record a conversation with him and put it up there for further digestion and thanks very much, Julien for coming on.

Lisa: Yes, thank you. We’ve got ten seconds guys, so everybody shout out and say good-bye.


Join us next Monday night on Freedom Reigns and next Tuesday night on 5D Network.


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