Wednesday 6 February 2013

OPPTing OUT- you ARE free

Short and sweet.

I know that so many of you WANT to do something. Many people want to OPPT OUT of the system, want to literally tell these cabal ass holes where to shove it- including very detailed directions on where, why, and how to shove it.


Everyone Can BE who they are, and can DO as they wish.  You are FREE.

If you wish to follow the templates and the instructions to file your own UCC etc, if this is what you want to DO, go for it! But you don't have to DO anything more with these filings.  The filings are done Done DONE.  You ARE free already.

Many many people are emailing myself and American Kabuki, and Heather, and several others, asking for instructions and directions on how to file, when to file, where to file, what to file......  and so the templates have been created.  But it's not necessary TO file anything.

BE FREE my friends.

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