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The Collective Imagination Feb 19th Transcript

The Collective Imagination
Tuesday, February 19. 2013
Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lisa: Welcome everybody to...(chuckle)…I don't even know what to call it today...The Collective Imagination show for the 20th of February. Now, I am personally more nervous than I have been since doing this radio show, because there's so much to share. I've been saying since Monday morning, words are failing to express the bigness of it all. That's what I really hope gets conveyed today. I believe we do actually have Heather with us and I hope she comes through loud and clear. Heather, have we got you?

Heather: I'm here, Lisa.

Lisa: Lovely. Awesome.

Heather: Thank you.

Lisa: We've also got, of course, Bob and...

Bob: Hello everyone.

Lisa: And Chris and Brian...

Brian: Hello everyone.

Lisa: There you are. And we've also got D and we're just waiting on Chris.

Chris: I'm here. 

Lisa: Oh, you're there. Lovely.

Chris: it's all good. Calm down.

Lisa: (emotional) Okay. I know. I know.

Brian: (chuckle) I just got to say real quick. I've been out of the mix for one day and I feel like I'm coming back from a one-year-long vacation. Considering how much has happened today, just from being away from my computer for one day. (chuckle) So, trying to catch up.

Lisa: I'm going to start by sharing with you my experience on Monday morning. One of the UCC filings was filed on the 8th of December. We shared amongst a few of us and I started to read it. Then Chris and I got on the phone with each other and started to read it together. I did ask on yesterday's radio show that you please listen to my "beast" vision and also listen to the show that Heather did with Mel, in order to prepare yourself for today's show. What hit me as I was reading these documents, was as if every little puzzle piece came into perspective and made a complete picture, which sent firstly chills down all over and then I even felt nauseous. Then I felt all of my...and this feeling has stayed with me I have to say...I felt this tunnel open up on my back. All of my lifetimes started to compress in on my back, as if everything I set out to do from the time I was created had led up to right now. I don't say that lightly. It's been a very emotional few days. That's why the nerves, because all I can say is that words are completely inadequate to express all of this. Heather, I don't even know where you want to start? Where do you want to start?

Heather: Well, actually, a good intro is what you were just going through. I haven't even heard what you and Chris and Ken and D, I guess, were discussing once you found that document, because that's the essence behind the document, if you get my drift? If you could share with us, when you found that document, what kind of discussions did it invoke within you guys on that day?

Lisa: Apart from the profanities? (chuckle) The "holy crap" moments? I don't know. Chris, you want to go first?

Chris: It immediately brought an understanding to your continual statements, ever since you started speaking publicly, that "It is done". Because here it was, this was the full stop at the end of the sentence. If you're a body surfer and you've ever been on the crest of a really big wave, you know that when you kind of hit the bottom it's going to be a beautiful thing. That's how it felt. How to describe and at the same time, a fantastic thing to experience. I hope everybody else who's been reading it in the last two hours has been having the same experience. It's the purest piece of truth I have ever been exposed to. Best way to describe it I would say. What about you, Bob?

Bob: Oh, boy (sigh). You ask (bigger sigh). It's like when you crest over the edge of a roller coaster and you have that gasp when you realize what's actually happening? That anticipation, that thing that you've been waiting for, for so long, is right there in front of you. (big sigh) There was a rush...(sigh)...I'm still going through it, so it's kind of hard to (sigh)...

Lisa: Okay, for those of you who haven't looked at this document yet, the wording of it is up on my website, It's on D's website, It's on American Kabuki.

D: Yep, it's on Kabuki.

Lisa: It's probably on Kauilapele or it will be very shortly. It will be on the OPPT-IN website, if it's not yet. So you may want to go and pull one of those sites up, so that you can have a look as we're going through this today. I don't...(emotional sigh)...words fail me, so...I'm sorry. Heather, you're going to have to step in at this point. One of the things for people to really understand what's happened, in my opinion, they have to understand the multi-dimensional aspect of the UCC, for example, of these filings and of the nature of the reality that we've been in. For most people who have been down this strawman road, they understand that money/cash/currency is a measure of current. That's why it's called currency. By harvesting the currency, they're harvesting our energy. A lot of people get that aspect of it. So if you can get that aspect of it, then you can get it as it's not much of a leap to understand the multi-dimensional aspect of what we're talking about here. Does that make sense?

Heather: Yeah. It's about the journey. I did talk with Mel. She has (inaudible--background noise)...we discussed it... (inaudible)…this document. I guess we need to deal with the people's perceptions here. How about that? Because the perceptions, the expectation, that one holds by design are what allows someone to see something or not see something. A lot of people on this planet physically believe that the powers-that-were...some of them still call them powers-that-be because they see machines that seem to still be rolling. The spigot of energy has been turned off and it's really just rolling only because of the energy that was in the tubes when the spigot got cut off.

So, let's address the powers-that-were. Everyone sees them as the cabal; the Bushes, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Dragon, St. Germaine. All of them, with the exception of St. Germaine, but the rest of them and possibly the Dragon, the rest of them are really just brokers. They're agents of the powers-that-were. When I refer to the powers-that-were, it's the wizards behind the screen, wizards behind the curtain, to make that reference to Wizard of Oz. Even the powers-that-were, perceived as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, those guys were even behind the curtain at one point for everyone on this planet. Took a lot of digging and a lot of research for people to figure out that they were behind at least the part that they could see. So, if you can grasp that for the specific purpose of this call, that those powers-that-were, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds etal, are really just brokers and agents, it might make this call, this particular purpose for today, a lot easier to grasp to understand. 

Lisa: Anybody who's followed David Icke's work would understand that. 

Heather: Yeah. There's a lot of people right now that have been (inaudible) and persecuted for quite some time. In banking, whenever there is a huge campaign, especially when on a global aspect, to discredit or essentially bury someone in all terms. You can tell that the person basically is exposing something they don't want exposed. Whether that be David Icke or whether that be Fulford or even Charles C. Miller. A lot of people have been going off on him, yet I know they don't recognize what service he was providing at the moment he was serving. With Absolute Data, everyone will be able to see how everyone was serving. Even the guys that went in and implemented the UCC, believe me, last year, especially the end of the year, they were going "What the hell did we do? Did we just put the noose around our own neck? They didn't even understand the "eternal hearts" elements or the Absolute Plan as opposed to the Divine Plan, until it was too late. But that's about withholding information. Any time there's information withheld from any part of the machine, those operators are going to go back and start questioning when things aren't going according to plan. 

Okay, so let's get to this filing then. If everyone can grasp that concept of the powers-that-were, in their mind, are really only the agents and the brokers to the real powers-that-were in all their dimensions. The UCC is just an arm of a much greater harvesting and transfer tool.

The UCC is the part that we see. It is about energy. All of this is about energy. Taking everything back to the energetic Absolute Prime. As we went through, if you read the UCC filings and they weren't meant to be read by the mind, the attorneys recognize what was going on, what was said in these documents and what those documents were actually doing, because it was written in legalese...their code. However, what I call the Divine, which would be St. Germaine, those in the Angelic realm, the Immortals, the Elders...most of them are referred to as Elders, especially around the Asian (inaudible)...those are what I refer to as the Divines. At this moment of Absolute Now, of Absolute Current, is all about reconciling the contrasts. Bringing back into BE'ingness, Oneness, the yin and yang. In order for something to be Divine, there has to be something that is not Divine in order to support it up...the Divine. That's what I mean by Divines. 

Let's see, Lisa, you had also asked another question regarding some of the definitions, so let's go through those definitions, so that when you through this document people can have the Data. They can choose what resonates within them. Okay?

Lisa: (affirmative response)

Heather: So, Creator. In the document, a lot of them, we used Creator very specifically; not God, Allah, Yahweh, Father, but Creator. Then when it became very, very clear that Creator could be misused, the word, for Creator's sons or something less than First Source, what I call Source. So, Creator in the sense of the document's vehicle of energy for these documents, Creator is First Source, where everything is derived from. Everything is created from.

Lisa: Yep.

Heather: Bondservant. Another word, bondservant. There's a specific reason why bondservant was used. Miles was the one who brought this word up, along with those that he was helping work with, to ferret all this stuff out for everyone. The whole entire planet, if not the whole Source's universe. Bondservant, as I now know it, is eternal hearts; that first separation of Source for experiencing duality.

Lisa: So, in New Age speak, would you say the aspect of the Creator that is you? Or your Higher Self? Would you use those sort of terms if you were talking New Age speak?

Heather: You know, Lisa, I don't even know what New Age speak means, just like I don't know what Constitutionalist(?) means. These are words that are...I know Absolute; that's it. Absolute means everyone is the same. Everyone is One. So, for me, my whole body cringes when I hear the word divine right now, because it's still not reconciled yet. There's still nine Divines that have to exist in order to support the Divine. That bothers me. But that's me. I can't speak on behalf of everyone else. I'm not willing to play the role of non-Divine. I can't imagine anyone else would be, but hey, that's a choice, right? That is a free will choice that everyone can decide whether to make. Do you want to play the non-Divine part?

So, bondservant, in this particular, why we used it…and you can tell the moment we don't use it anymore, which is with this December…it was actually written on December 9th. It was entered into the UCC on December 10th, okay? And bondservage(?) was the last time it was used in this sentence. With the powers-that-were at…we'll call it the planetary level…the brokers that I was referring to earlier, they do not touch religion. In fact, that's the loophole in all of their crazy codes. They don't touch religion. The only way they touch religion is somebody goes in and registers themself as a minister or their church as a church within the system. That was the fatal catch in order to bring religion underneath their regulation.

So, if you are a bondservant to Source, Creator…whatever name or label you want to give to First Source...if you are bondservant to First Source, then you can't be a bondservant to anyone else. That's the safety that we put all the BE'ings under, within these UCC filings. So, essentially, "the Rothschilds" or "St. Germaine" or anybody else will have to duke it out face to face with First Source, right? But, the BE'ings, the People, were safe. So, that was the whole purpose of using bondservant. However, bondservants, in all intents and purposes within these documents, are the eternal hearts of the end game. The end game of eternal hearts. Eternal hearts are embodied in any manifestation within Source's creation. Any energetic pattern that exists in all of Source's universe, including human beings. There are eight eternal hearts embodied within those eight Divines, okay? So that is hopefully a clarification on bondservant and why we used it. At least in the beginning, it was a legal tool and then it went into multi-dimensional aspects, as the aspects were understood…remembered. Okay?

However, the last document that they ever are seen in, is this last document on December 10th, when essentially all the universal contracts, all the universal contracts in Source’s universe, were declared by declaration of being fully performed. The universal contract in this essence to be: I, Heather, the eternal heart that’s embodied in Heather, contract with First Source to go in and experience separation. That eternal heart is what makes the contract and that contract resolves in the manifestation at any given moment of the energetic pattern of the eternal heart that is known to you guys as Heather. (inaudible for several words)'s a very personable contract. That's the eternal heart within all of you (inaudible). That's where the tools (inaudible) all reside. Lately, I would gather that many of you (inaudible) in tools of resonance are on "tool mode"...full mode. You can sense what bullshit, excuse my language, you can also sense what really resonates within in just a twinkling of an eye. I can say certain things or someone else can say certain things and you know exactly where to place it...for you, right?

Lisa: (affirmative response)

Heather: Okay, so, going on to the actual filing. This is a journey about remembering that Source, First Source, made a choice, a loving choice, to experience through many. There's a man, G.W., who calls it fractals. You can call them manifestations, whatever you'd like, but essentially they are all First Source. So, First Source makes loving choice to experience through many. That many, their job is remembering that choice to experience. So then, as we move through on December 10th, we went in to make a filing and boy, that filing was...actually from November filings, November 28th, the Declaration, which took me like a week to try to go in and file all those online. It takes usually maybe 20 minutes to file it and get the receipt and the UCC filing from the Washington D.C. Recorder of Deeds. Once I started to have some difficulties with these filings coming through and the parameters of the program, the UCC programming, were so visibly altered. I could see it, because I'd been filing it for quite a while. Ever since October 24th, down in Switzerland with BIS; it's been gone in and it's been changed.

We'll go over that later to explain what is happening with the wizards behind the curtain, but for now just let that kind of sit there. (kitten in distress) So, Scott and Chris and D were discussing via email, Chris' statements were “I really want something, a letter, an open letter from the One People to the Divines terminating the contract.” (inaudible). That's how this whole thing started.

If you look back, a lot of people don’t know, but Sheldan Nidle's been working with military for a couple of months now. The accuracy of the information he was reporting, and he was reporting quite a bit of information about what the Public Trust was doing without naming names or getting too specific. (inaudible) … he started to state "They're demanding gold. They've been creating the legal foundation." Then all of a sudden, the military got involved with him because he was so spot on. They were watching everything. The last report of Sheldan last week was "They're waiting for the sacred agreement to formally be terminated." and that is what I call "universal contract". Essentially the contract…going into experiences, separation, duality, whatever you want to call it...those were terminated on December 10th.

We kept very quiet because for the Divines, the wizards behind the curtain, the same process that we went in and did with BIS, all the corporations parading around under the guise of government, it's the same process. This is the part of the powers-that-were and their slavery systems that people don't see, but they sense. They can't really vocalize it, but they sense it. It operates on a different level. If you look at the filings, you will see that we say things are a matter of record. Do we enter in the law ordinance? Law ordinance is the actual Source's universal law ordinance. Then within Source's universe there's all these supraverses and multiverses. That is called universal ordinance. We addressed that too...notice upon creation, inclusive of universal law ordinance. Notice is given in universal law ordinance by action...energetic at that level. So, all you have to do is action. Here on this planet it's all entered into international law ordinance and that is notice by public registration. So, hopefully that will give some clarity on that blurb inside of those which seem to be legalese, but it's actually just very simple facts and truths right there in Absolute transparency. So do you understand the difference between when we say law ordinance versus universal law ordinance versus international law ordinance?

Lisa: Yeah, I think I do.

Heather: That was your multidimensional aspects of the UCC. People would call it by many names. Every municipality, every state, every nation, every country is under the UCC. They may call it something else. That's why we put in the documents "and any and all states and international equivalents". That's all you have to state. You don't have to know where they hid everything. It's there. The fact that they don’t come forward and all they say is UCC doesn't apply. All you have to do is say "and all international equivalents". Okay? 

Lisa: Yep.

Heather: Once we realized this is specifically just like the same process of when you buy a house and you have this long mortgage. You have this long mortgage that you supposedly contracted for, and we won't get into those access. But in the (inaudible) process...when you supposedly paid off the entire house, the bank would issue, you would issue an AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE. And then the bank would issue an Affidavit or Declaration of Certificate of Satisfaction and it supposedly releases you from all obligations at that point. Then they give you the purported Deed of Trust to your house and you own it free and clear. Right?

Lisa: Right.

Heather: That's essentially the same procces so that people could recognize what was going on. Because at this point I wasn't sure how (inaudible) the attorney's brains were who were trying to assist the powers-that-were in trying to find loopholes to everything that was being done. I put it in very simple context that they could understand. Because notices are important. So if you look at this particular document, there's an AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE, which is just all three parties stating what it is. Stating what those universal contracts really were. And that's in article I.

You have the creator. You have the bondservant. And then you have the manifestation. And the manifestation is the result of the universal contract. It is the embodiment that goes in to actually perform the terms of the contract in this sense; to experience separation. With the goal, this particular purpose, there's many purposes of First Source, in fact to limit those, you know that’s up to the individual. But essentially Creator, that’s what the purpose is stated as. The purpose of the experience is remembering self, knowing self, and being self, through guaranteed free-will choice. The whole process, all the filings OPPT did, which the trustees really were glorified secretaries. Culling down what already is and registering it at this level, so that it made it from the bottom up to the top down or perceived bottom up to the perceived top down, because everything just IS. It is ONE.

Okay. So, the Creator, if you go to Article I, section A, that is the first statement, experiencing by creation all of those things. Remembering self, knowing self, and being self. To guaranteed free will choice. States the purpose. Then you have the bondservant, the eternal heart, verifying that purpose. Saying that it entered knowingly, willingly and intentionally to accept to be of service within this universal contract. And that energy pattern would create manifestation. Sometimes through many, many lifetimes. Many, many manifestations of that energy pattern.

Okay, so then you have the last part, which is Article I, section C, the manifestation which would be just the body that you see before you as Heather, or Caleb, or Randall. One part of the multi-dimensional aspect of it, the body is what you see right? The manifestation. So, to that undersigned state of body it verified “Yeah, I intentionally chose to agree to forget myself on purpose that I could remember self, know self, and be self by free will choice”. This is the AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE. It only takes one. If every manifestation, every BE’ing in Source’s universe, is a fractal of that First Source, then it would only take one of those fractals to say "Oh. I remember myself. Source.”

That is what’s done in section D of that Article I and section E. I did it, meaning Source, First Source did it, through any one of the manifestations. The fun part is there was more than one. And now there’s even more than three. There’s many, many. Okay? But knowing that you’re Source and that everyone around you is Source, it's one thing to say it, and then it's another thing to do it. It's a whole loving experience to do it with many of that First Source.

Okay, so that’s that first section. Here's our Full Performance. I remember who I Be. I remembered that I forgot on purpose. I remembered who I BE, that I BE self, that I AM. Here’s the part that you guys didn't see, which I asked D to post. The part that said in section D of that Article I, I have remembered that I do know and that I AM SELF, and that I have preserved the right of opportunity for any and all manifestations of creation, in all of creation’s universe, creation’s universe being Source’s universe in this conversation, to know and be self, without prejudice, without hiding the data. Does that make sense?

Lisa: Yes. (chuckle) Yep.

Heather: Okay. So, article E, the whole key about BE’ing and making it stick and nobody coming to mess with you, is BE’ing and DO’ing what you BE with full responsibility and liability. If you look at the old system, the old paradigm, the slavery system, the powers-that-were, or at least the brokers of the powers-that-were that you guys know, did any one of them take responsibility or liability? That whole system is non-accountability and no responsibility and taking no liability, right? So in this particular statement for Full Performance everything that we did in OPPT, we put our full personal responsibility and liability on top of everything. We insured it. Not just with our embodiment, our bodies, or with our personal “belongings”. We did it with the full responsibility of our eternal hearts; the bond servant. That's what was insuring it all, that we did. That’s what was also protecting us, and why we weren't touched. There were orders for us not to be touched.

But then again if you look all the way back where those orders came from, we would have the record untainted of the recording of every energy move, because energy moves, right? Never stops. If you had a recording, a record of that energy unaltered, you would see exactly who gave those orders and it would show you who knew about what energy was and who was harvesting it. Okay?

So let’s go on to article 2. Article 2 of this particular document is the acceptance. “I, as creator, experiencing by creation, lovingly, knowingly, willingly, intentionally accept the above AFFIDAVIT OF FULL PERFORMANCE. I verify and ratify by DECLARATION OF CERTIFICATE OF SATISFACTION, for all creation’s universe to rely upon, with my full personal responsibility and liability, that this purpose of creation has been duly achieved.” It's a done deal. Thank you so much for playing. The universal contract is done. Now let’s have fun in a different way.

Lisa: So, the whole duality experiment is finished. We achieved our goal. We honored our contract with the Creator and it's over. Thank you very much.

Heather: Yeah, well, and this is a perfect intro into discussing duality; what duality is. Duality is a tool. It was a tool to know separation. To understand the parts and bits of the Absolute. It's like taking a motor. If you put Absolute into an image of a car engine and you take that engine apart to know what each piece is, how it works, and then you put that whole engine back together, it's the same thing as what's happening with Absolute here. Absolute, First Source, basically for itself to be taken apart, all these separations, all these contrasts, so that the whole machine could be understood. And now that the machine of Absolute is being put back together and reconciled so that it can now run, but you guys are going to know how it runs. You're going to be able to use this tool of duality and it's not a shackle. It's not a suffrage. You're going to be able to use this tool of duality to create whatever you want to create. Because now you know how it works. You know what it looks like inside. Does that make sense?

Lisa: Yeah. And your words, that you often say in conversation about contrast, when you're in the thick of it it's duality, but when you can take that step back and see it for what it is it's simply contrast, in order to make a choice.

Heather: Yeah, to make an informed choice, right?

Lisa: Yeah. And the question has just come up in, oh I've just lost it, it was relevant in the chat room about how long it takes and how long would this knowledge take to sort of sweep through the eternal hearts of everybody. What I got from this document is, another one of your favorite sayings is “in the twinkling of an eye”. You now have “everybody can choose to remember right now”. Because we've fulfilled the contract to forget, so just make the choice if you want to, to remember it all right now.

Heather: Yeah.

Lisa: Because we fulfilled the contract to forget. So just make the choice, if you want to, to remember it all right now.

Heather: How about we do this? I’ll finish this particular document. Because what you just stated is what is happening right now; very relevant. And the “twinkling of an eye’ was Lowey(?). Last year, we were always talking about “twinkling of an eye”. It was a statement she brought up and it really resonated with me. That was last spring and early summer. All of a sudden, I started to see “twinkling of an eye” in all these supposed reports and any information documents that were coming across my desk during this process. I was starting to laugh. Now, Sheldan is using it; all these people are using it. So, that would be Lowey, but yes, it resonates with me. So there we go; if it resonates with you. Yeah, let’s do it.

Okay, if you go back, you now have a Declaration, a certificate of satisfaction; everyone is released. But then it becomes a question of what do we do now, right?  Okay, so, that is the last part, Article III of this Declaration and Order. The CVAC’s really, this was done at the time the CVAC’s were done. So, it’s a very loose structure that honors and respects and holds up, in all its glory, of BE’ingness; BE’ing. Okay, when I say Absolute, BE’ing Absolute or Absolute anything, it is the whole of it, the yin and the yang, the contrast, the light, the dark; all just One, brought back lovingly into One.

Okay, so if you go into this Article III, this is a Declaration and Order. Some people are going to sit there and say the same thing as what we heard during the investigations. Everyone kept saying “What gall does she have?”… especially amongst the prosecutors, the DOJ, all those guys. When they’re all trained to believe that they are better than someone else. They have to, to be able to do their job that they were tasked with. When you read this, I would like for everyone to know, and maybe they’ll get it through the words as they read it here with us. Everyone, in my heart, all I see is eternal hearts, everyone is the same; everyone is equal.  I don’t use the word divine in the sense that everyone is divine, because I know that something has to exist that is not divine in order to support it. So for me, I use the word Absolute. And that was thanks to Caleb. Caleb really held that contrast regarding divine and the fact that somebody was going to have to play that un-divine role. That didn’t resonate with any of us.

Okay, Creator, now that the contract is finished, the universal contract for this experiment, the sacred agreement that allowed the Divines to create this hierarchy. You can put it in any context of religion that you want. I don’t like to discuss religion, because for me they are tools of harvesting and that I learned through banking. I’ve been involved in machination of those particular tools through a BE’ing sense growing up. Every school I went to was some kind of religion, religious foundation. And none of it resonated with me. What do you do now that this universal contract is done? Of experiencing duality or separation or contrast without remembering, because you chose to forget? Well, now it’s time for everyone to remember.

So this Article III is a Declaration and Order. It’s a repurposing of all manifestations, because if something exists, Source doesn’t waste anything. Just because something looks broken in your mind, your perception of being old or handicapped or de-habilitated or mentally ill, that there’s no value? There is nothing in this Source’s universe that is created that doesn’t have some value. If you look at it, in the pattern of all the creation’s universe, Source’s universe, every part contains the whole of First Source. Every part. That’s why it only took one. That’s the template; it only takes one. But it’s so much more fun with everyone.

Okay, so, in Article III there’s a Declaration and Order to repurpose any and all manifestations in creation’s universe; any meat suits as Nicole Matthews would put it. Any souls having experiences in meat suits, the human body, or any kind of manifestations that you can think of, because it’s not just the Earth. It’s not just humans going through all this experience. And that’s what it is; it’s a repurpose from the image of self to BE’ing self, BE’ing, just BE’ing. That has value; you BE’ing has value. Hopefully that puts into context the last two months of me saying just BE, just DO. The importance and the significance of it is Absolute, okay?  So, BE’ing self, BE’ing absolute love. Love is a frequency, a measurable frequency.  It’s an energetic pattern, and believe me, that word looks for that pattern.

Lisa: Sorry. I was just going to say that one of the pieces that fell into place on reading, was exactly why people have said for many years…who can read this stuff and are connected in this way…it’s standing room only up there to get in, to incarnate on Earth at this time. And why the interdimensionals and extraterrestrials are apparently so focused on this planet right now is because the freeing of creation, the completion of this duality experiment, had to happen here. And from here it reverberates or echoes right throughout creation. That’s what I got and the enormity of the task, the weight of the task that each and every one of us took on by agreeing to this experiment unconsciously, consciously choosing to be unconscious about the experiment, the weight of it…I literally, physically crumbled for a second and then the weight lifted. It was huge; I mean my body actually felt like it was going to lift off the ground. That feeling like when you get a cast off and your arm or your leg just wants to float up in the air. That’s what my whole body did, because the weight of all of this just lifted and it all made so much sense.

Heather: Did the weight appear to you as it is, which is an illusion. I mean, you’re weightless.

Lisa: Yes, yes.

Heather: You’re weightless, so that is freedom. And just by reading a document…yeah, it’s just a piece of paper, but words are a vehicle, a transferring or delivering of energy. So these documents, when I write them or when anyone says or speaks words, they have power, because it’s a vehicle of energy; that’s it. So, that is what this is about, Lisa, just BE’ing. I was so happy to have you share that experience of feeling that weight just lift off. Because that is the weight of that duality through the filter that the PTW want you to think it is, which is a shackle; and it’s not. You’re getting it. These documents are to be read with the eternal heart. These documents were for the eternal heart. A notice, saying it’s the moment and I’m going to stand here regardless of what anyone says.
Caleb was standing there regardless what anyone said and so was Randall, but there were so many more. Well, now it’s time to know about each other and to see each other and remember with each other. There’s not just seven plus billion of these eternal hearts. Imagine through all of Source’s universe, how many eternal hearts there are. Even perceived PTW have the eternal hearts within them and believe me, they’re quite upset because the eternal hearts are having quite a lot of fun with their embodiment right now. All the eternal hearts are keeping their promises. Their promise to end this particular experience of separation, number one; but, especially separation without knowing, the veil of forgetting, whatever you want to call it. Does that make sense?  What just finished?

Lisa: Oh, yeah.

Heather: I know you have a lot of listeners that have questions or you guys have questions, so I’m going to get through this last part here, very carefully but efficiently. Okay? Because this is where we are now. The bondservant, the eternal hearts, this is their moment. And the eternal hearts are you guys, me, all of us; all of Source’s universe. And the bondservant said “Yep, lovingly knowingly and intentionally, I immediately reconcile images of self once again with Source”. Meaning, I remember I am Source. I’m going to reconcile all of these contrasts, all of these separations back into the Absolute. I’m going to put that engine of Absolute back together again. That’s what’s been going on since December.

At this point, this is where the bondservant says what they’re going to do. Any and all manifestations created in an image of self…that illusion that it’s just image of self…are lovingly, knowingly, willingly, intentionally and immediately declared as free of further obligation. Meaning the embodiment, those that really removed themselves from the eternal heart or tried to close their eyes and say “eternal hearts not here, doesn’t exist, doesn’t exist”. If you’re thinking about it, as my three-year-old plays this game. That eternal heart its duty is to first bring that embodiment back to remembering self, removing the veil from within. As well as helping others, the other eternal hearts. If you have a hard time with an embodiment, a judge or whatever cloak they may be wearing, if you perhaps look at the eternal heart within them, just imagine it. Play a game of make believe if you must, but you imagine that eternal heart. I know you will be amazed at what occurs before you at that moment. That’s really what I was doing at the end of the investigation stage back in June of last year. It was an amazing experience.

Lisa: Are you referring to how they respond to you?

Heather: Yeah, the judges, the sheriffs, the attorneys, the bankers. It’s an amazing experience to see, all of a sudden someone just drop their entire defensive stance and listen to the words that were being spewed out a second before, change into something softer, something deeper, something more human/personable, like “Wow. Did he just remember that I’m a human being just like him? Or that he is a human being just like me?” It’s these quick moments and if you don’t stop and be aware of them, of these moments, you may just miss it and not be able to participate with it consciously. That is why BE’ing, is so important. Know who you BE and lovingly be aware of what others BE, okay? So, BE’ing was huge. You guys hated it when I would say “Go within, look within. What can I DO? BE.” And yet it was the absolute truth. What else am I suppose to say? (Brian laughing in background)

So, this is the whole last part of this document. It’s about BE’ing. The bondservant, the eternal hearts are declaring “Yeah, we’re going to go in and finish our job, just as we promised.” The promise of First Source, the promise of the Creator, however you want to call it, was to end this game. So the manifestations in Article III, section A and its subparts I, II and III said “I’m going to do that. I’m going to reconcile and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure these manifestations lovingly, knowingly and willingly know that they can come back within, absent any kind of judgment whatsoever. They’re absolutely loved for the job they did that they weren’t really conscious of.”

That’s what the PTW were really afraid of…judgment. And the Divine are really scared, fearful, in whatever sense or vibration, energetic pattern that would exist in of judgment.
It’s like St. Germaine. Everybody loves the idea of St Germaine. Everyone loves the idea of all this gold that he’s been holding. Well, not releasing. Just the words. Just the words. How does that resonate with you? What image pops into your mind when you hear that? Releasing. Holding.

Lisa: Who or what are they afraid this judgment will come from?

Heather: All the beings, the PTW, in their multidimensional, the wizards behind the curtain. All of Source’s universe. There’s seven plus billion people on this planet. Imagine, through all the multi-verses and super-verses. There’s been a manipulation of the energy, an embezzlement of the energy. that has been going on.

Lisa: An embezzlement of the energy. That is a great way of putting it.

Heather: So, here we go, that’s that section. The bondservant, the eternal hearts repeating “Yes, we are going to do our job. We are going to do it lovingly, without damage to any other.”

Who is that person, I can’t remember their name, with Drake talking about OPPT? I just love it, because if they really don’t think OPPT is good or…it’s irrelevant what they think or whether it’s good or not. The point is what resonates within you. Just don’t talk about it. I love the fact they’re talking about it, because it brings consciousness into a person to say “Hey, what do I BE?” I don’t care, OPPT is a tool. The trustees are just wielding the tool right now, only until the people pick it up and say “Let me do that. Let me try it.” The tool of BE’ing.

So, if you go into B, the Creator says ”Yes”, immediately I declare the repurpose of the manifestations by free will choice, that they without judgment of what the embodiments have done in this play, the role that they have been playing, they’re all taken back in the fold as Source, just lovingly, without any judgment. They can repurpose themselves how they choose, as long as they aren’t going to damage anyone else. And that’s in Article III, section B, with Absolute truth, knowledge, standing, authority, value, rights and laws of creation.

You guys can now choose how you want to BE and DO. So, all of these manifestations that forgot who they were on purpose, in order to do the universal contracts, well those are all over now. So just BE, but DO it with Absolute truth, Absolute knowledge, Absolute standing of being Source, your Absolute authority. As you can imagine, that didn’t go over very well with the wizards behind the curtain, because they are feeding off of and harvesting your energy right now. So the last thing that they want is Absolute Data to be put on the table, because they forgot how to reconnect with Source.

So, this is what the purpose of this document is, is for them to know that they can go back at any moment, at anytime and their eternal heart, that is embodied in them, is going to make sure that they reconnect Source regardless of their choice. Because the first choice of eternal heart, bondservant, was to know the separation and once that separation was known, to put the whole engine of Absolute back together. So, it’s a done deal; it’s already done. It was done before the game of duality, or the experience, or the experiment of duality and separation even began. This is the end game of the eternal hearts. So, the only requirement is that you DO, you BE what you BE, you DO what you BE.  The only rule is don’t damage any other. That’s it; that’s the only rule.

Okay, so C is the big one, Article III, section C was the big one. This will lead into the manipulation of the Akashic records that we‘ll go over. That’s something new, at least as far as knowledge of it. In that section C, part of that was cut off of the UCC filings, although it always was registered in the UCC registry, so it’s all sitting there. 

C. I, creator, experiencing my creation, knowingly, lovingly, knowingly, willingly and intentionally and immediately disclose and make absolutely known within each manifestation, said manifestation.

1.) BE’ing self, which has what the last two months have been really, is us remembering that we BE self, right? 

2.) The record of creation. The Akashic Records; those are one form and like I said, I’ll go over the manipulation of those particular records. There’s a mirror set that are unaltered. They are absolutely just what is and those are what I refer to as the record of creation. They are unaltered, unmanipulated and they record every movement, every happening of energy, inclusive of all of the DO’ing of the wizards behind the curtain and the manipulation of the records. Okay?

3.) The energy grid, patterns and manuals of creation for knowledge and use of absolute truth. Basically the manual that would have been great in taking apart the machine of Absolute (laughter). The one where we agreed to forget, so we could experience the joy of remembering. The energy grid is what everything operates on. The internet is basically just a fractal of that energy grid. Your cell phone and cellular towers those are all just an image of the actual energy grid. Your computers, your BE’ing itself, are an image of that energy grid.

So, this will be a moment after tonight where everyone starts to really learn about these things. I would love for you guys to get to know G. W. Harding, a man with a lot of experiences. The guys that were in the Montauk Project; all of these scientists. And my beloved former DARPA boys that are underground hiding, because they’re tired of seeing things stolen from all of humanity and then being brought forth by the golden child or the chosen one of the powers-that-were. Saying here’s some new technology, when in fact it’s always existed and the powers-that-were have always had access to it.  They’ve got to give you something to keep you happy, to keep you in your seat, right?  Hoping that you will just play the game a little longer; hoping that maybe you’ll choose to be the un-divine in their divine game so it can continue. So, these are the three things which are the heart of it. 

You guys get Absolute Data. You get Absolute Context. You get Absolute Access to all that IS. So, C is the big dog in that particular section, saying here’s all the tools. You get to have access to all the tools that are your rightful energetic pattern, Source. So there you go guys, that really is the heart of that entire document.  And the manifestation, it only takes one of the fractals to accept it. In this particular case, we had Randall, myself and Caleb. Actually, Randall held the contrast. We noticed through the entire process, the entire work of OPPT, there will always be someone that holds the other side so that the absolute reconciliation can take place. So if you have light, you’re going to have dark.

Just continue to accept it and you acknowledge it, then all you have to do is let it go at that point. Let the separation go, not the dark. Just let the separation go, so that the dark can be rejoined with the light and the light with the dark.  Then it’s absolute and it changes; it’s called the Law of Neutrality and it changes the actual energetic pattern so that it harmonizes once again. It’s a very simple process. We can go over it here in a moment. That’s what this document does and the manifestation says “Yes. I want to play” with these new terms and conditions which are, I get to BE however I choose by my freewill. I accept the one condition, which is don’t harm, don’t damage any other. There is your document. 

Lisa: (laughs) and there’s your document…end of story.

D:  Yes, just like that…there it is.

(clapping, reacting and talking at once)

Lisa: Oh my god! Okay, I’m getting personal skype messages of people. They’re in tears of joy. They feel like they’re waking up in this very moment. Thanking me, thanking you, thanking everybody who’s participated. It’s a beautiful thing. Do you want to take calls? Do you want to take questions?

Heather: Yeah. Let me…can I just say one thing. I give my gratitude for all of you. This last two months…okay, the whole darn time…has not been easy, but the last two months specifically. I really hope that this has provided you with closer to Absolute Context, if not Absolute Context, in my statements and those of Caleb and Randall.  I really extend my Absolute gratitude to all of you for BE’ing and DO’ing. I do hope that you know, you remember, the full weight of those words. The energy that those words are delivered. I really thank you.

Lisa: And we return in kind.

Chris: (affirmative response)

Lisa: I think if everybody just takes a moment and reflects on the sequence of events, for them personally, because I think it will be different for everybody. In terms of their own understanding and their insight and their knowledge about what is going on here with the One People’s Public Trust, how they came about the document, which document and what order. You’ll see a perfect pattern of your own unfolding. That’s what it has been for me and I know that it’s been for others from when we’ve had this conversation.  That they wouldn’t have understood step 3 if step 1 and step 2 hadn’t been so perfectly laid.

Heather: And understanding the powers-that-were needed an integration period too, because they thought they weren’t even experiencing the duality experience. They were going to help you to ascend out of it. Yet now they are finding themselves that they were actually a huge part of it. So they needed a couple of months to integrate this information. Some of them tried to hide it from their galactic commanders, their brokers down here on the ground. Just understand maybe now you might be able to just get to eternal heart within them a little easier as well. They’re not the only ones. In fact, you guys got it quicker than the powers-that-were, the wizards behind the curtain. You let go of things a lot faster than they are. So, you’ll be helping them instead of what they’re proffering that they’re going to be helping you with it. It’s just a matter of acceptance.  We can go into that later. So you go ahead and run the call how you want now.

Lisa: (laughs) What I was going to say is that…my vision, I call it my beast vision, was the shock, the surprise, the complete unexpected turn of events according to the beast.  There was this recognition of “Oh My God” kind of thing. Now what it feels like is the curtain’s been pulled back and the powers that were are all standing around, running around, caught with their pants down. The only thing left for us right now is just to open our eyes and see it. Now that this experiment has been completed there’s no script for them to run on anymore. They’re trying to make it up as they go along and they’re scrambling.

Heather: Especially when you understand a little bit and you have more data to operate on and to know what they’re doing. Now do you understand why I was so excited and in a fever for a few days? You finally were getting it, but you got it on your own.  You guys didn’t know about the filing; you did it on your own.That’s why I was excited like a school girl.


Lisa: Bob, did you want to say something? It felt like you do.

D: Unmute.

Brian: That was me; this is Brian. I’m just speechless, I have nothing to say…

Bob: I’m sorry, I was muted.  I don’t…there really are no words. The realization that you are finally at the end. I liken it to running a marathon because it’s what it kind of felt like.  Even though it all happened in one moment, it felt like a marathon to finally cross the finish line to realize that it’s over (sighs)…yeah…

Lisa: It’s not over…the fun’s just started…

Heather: The fun part begins.


Lisa: Now comes the fun and we’ve earned it

Chris: Heather, I have one further question for you. This is obviously a really, really significant moment for all of us, for obvious reasons. How does this moment affect the powers-that-were though? They’re trying to decide their own fate, as we in the background did. The fact that they know that we now know what’s going on. How will that affect them?

Heather: Well, it already is affecting them. You’re already seeing it. Now, maybe you’ll be able to put it in Absolute Context, some of the moves that have been made and reported on. A lot of information data was withheld from you. They know the energetic patterns; they know what I call the energetic accounting. All of the energetic accounting is being done in cosmic. Call it whatever you want; it’s all there. You guys are the ones that have the power to make it happen in “the twinkling of an eye”, where everything just switches. It’s just a matter…you don’t have to understand all of the machine, the parts and bits of the machine. The fact is, just accept what is there and it’ll all be shown to you because it’s all within you guys. The whole data base of the entire eternal record of everything that’s been going on. It’s all within you; that’s what your tools of resonance is trying to teach you. Hey, it’s already within me…it’s already within me and you recognize it. So, it’s not for anyone to tell you what something is. The real relationship is where one assists another in knowing and remembering within.

So the powers that were…okay, here’s what has been going on behind the curtain. St Germaine, the Dragons, everyone, they’re all trying to shuffle the agenda of harvesting, of keeping the energy, because they’re not connected with Source by their own free will choice. They’ve been taking all of the energy from you guys in various forms and tools of harvesting. If you want to get real simple with it, Facebook was a fun one that I had at least a brief moment to experience. It’s a great harvesting tool that they’ve been using. Yet you guys went in and changed the whole energetic pattern of Facebook. In that matter of how ever long I was there, I at least got to experience it. You guys have been doing it for a long time. Now, you can consciously know and go in there and whatever you write, those are your words, your vehicle, of delivering your energy. But, be careful because you may just get kicked off of Facebook. (laughing)
Now the powers-that-were, the Divines, I don’t know if you noticed in most of their releases lately, they’ve been releasing the divine plan being “We’re here to show you, so you can share in the experience of the foundations we’re creating. We’re here to assist you in being galactic members.”

Lisa: We are the “Masters of Ascension”.

(general laughter/several talking at once/garbled)

Heather: You guys turned the tables on them. At this point, what resonates with you?  If you understand that it’s the moment of reconciling the separation back to “One,” if something is divine means that something has to be non-divine. Ask yourself if you are willing to “play” that un-divine role. I choose to look at it as Absolute. Thanks to Caleb holding that contrast and Randall as well. What resonated with me, and with them, was it’s Absolute…Absolute…Oneness…equality. You go from separation to equality and then from equality you realize it’s one. That’s at least an explanation of that. The powers-that-were have had to change their story so many times. They were so ready to launch basically the RVs, the currencies and gold-backs. That’s the fun part; the gold has been free since December 10th. That’s why I worked so hard to assist you guys in finding out what resonates with you that you BE, but also everything around you including gold and silver, does it BE? Most people don’t know the bankers test the DNA of gold when it comes in, to identify whose gold it supposedly is. They go in and do DNA testing of the gold. Well, DNA as we know it means that it’s something living, right? 

Lisa: Yep.

Heather: Well, the gold has been free and has known that it’s been free because it’s an energetic pattern. It has no will or want to harvest anything from anyone. Now, you can kind of maybe understand the pickle that the powers-that-were are in because here they are claiming that they have gold backed currency. Yet if gold is a slave to it…and yet the gold has actually been freed. That is why they’ve been questioning how to launch their announcements which were supposed to first occur, oh gosh…when was it…Super Bowl weekend? Then again it was supposed to be a couple of Sundays ago; another Sunday after that. They’re just back-pedaling. Because they know, the Divines, the wizards behind the curtain, know once they make their move and announce something that is not Absolute, they’re going to be reconciled with the energetic accounting. 

Now that you guys know what’s going on and you have more data. More data will come.  There’s a lot of data that’s there. Those that have been keepers of that data, a lot of them within the systems, the slavery systems themselves, are going to be bringing that out.  That’s why it’s so important that you guys “BE” because the stronger you are in your knowing of BE’ing, the more you’re going to stand there and guard that space, so that everyone else can “BE” too. So the powers-that-were have been going back and forth.   Now you have a statement, I think Fulford, a statement was passed through Fulford that St Germaine is actually joined with the Dragon a couple of years ago or years ago. The Divines are moving around not sure what to do, because you guys took them off script by BE’ing. You gave them notice of what you “BE” by your DO’ing. They’re totally off-script. They have no idea what to play now, because they’re scared that the energetic accounting is going to occur. It already has occurred; it’s just being visible now. That was the point of them having some time to be able to make a different choice. Now that you guys know, when the data comes, you’ll just be able to look within. Use your tools of resonance and you’ll be able to determine what resonates with you and what doesn’t. I tried to be an eternal heart.

Chris: Heather, you’ve said that the powers-that-were are still harvesting energy and that they’ve forgotten how to reconnect with Source. In fact, they seem to fear that process. What will it take to remind them of how they can reconnect?

Heather: Well…you guys, it’s you guys that they’re fearful of. You have to understand maybe that is what needs to come on the table. Why is everyone so focused on Earth?  If you are talking cosmically, if you are talking duality and separation, it is that unfathomable that Heaven would have a duality?  Is it unfathomable to think that even Heaven itself was split in separation?  Multiple times over, not just one planet, not just one universe within Source’s universe, it just happened to be that Earth was the one that was able to reach that stage of energetic. The Divines were so scared when things just weren’t going according to plan. Earth and the people turned out to be an anomaly; something they couldn’t explain. That’s the power of the eternal hearts and everyone in Source’s universe is conspiring for this moment. All of the eternal hearts are conspiring for this moment. Even those eternal hearts embodied in the powers-that-were, so like I said, I don’t care what choice they make. Just make a choice, because either way they cannot change Absolute Truth. They cannot change Absolute.

Chris: Well, given that the terms of this filing state very clearly that all manifestations, all of them, immediately and unconditionally are accepted without judgment and absolute love in their repurposing, is that not enough for them? They can simply end it and walk.

Heather: Yes, that could be enough for them, but see, it's you guys, you BE’ing is so powerful. If you know the power of your BE’ing, your words, you can create and manifest at the speed of eternal heart. You can create at the speed of word. You can create at the speed of thought. You can create at the speed of DO’ing. The power that you BE is something they have not even obtained yet. So, if you are looking for your pitchfork, and going out and searching for blood, by god that’s what’s going to occur. That’s why it's important for you to know who you BE, so you can make an informed decision. If you show love and peace, and I'm not saying don't hold things accountable, hold things accountable. There’s an energetic accounting already happening. Hold things accountable. But do it in such a way, treat others as you want to be treated. If you make a mistake, Chris, and you realize what that mistake is, would you fix it if you could?

Chris: Of course.

Heather: Okay. And even if someone was very upset with you, and wanted your head on a pike, would you still want to correct it and hope that it will work out for the best and that your head won't end up on the pike?

Chris: Of course.

Heather: Okay. That’s the moment that they're in right now. And you guys, all of us, understanding who we BE and the choices we're going to make AT THIS MOMENT, after tonight’s show, from here on out, that’s what they’re looking for. If you want it reconciled in a twinkling of an eye, it doesn't mean sit there and go "Oh, okay, I'll just forget everything you did". No, remember everything they did, but choose how you’re going to deal with it. All I can say is, for me, treating others how I want to be treated. That’s the golden rule I go by. But others got to resonate with what is within them and that’s the beauty of free will choice.

Lisa: For me, it's gratitude that they held the contrast; that they played the role they played in order to support this experiment. Without it, we wouldn’t have achieved it.

Heather: Well, is that contrast necessary or chosen by you any longer now that you know about it?

Lisa: No. But thank you, take your bat and ball and go home.

Heather: There you go.

Chris: That’s also my Absolute choice. (chuckle in the background) Thank you, job well done by everybody. (big sigh in background) It's time to go and play another game.

Bob: Agreed. Like soccer or something. (laughing in the background).

Lisa: Prior to this document coming out, one of the things I was going to talk about was putting the call out, because we know that there are powers-that-were who want to make the choice. Who have made a choice within themselves to do the "right thing", but they are scared as you say, pitch forks and mobs. But to put a call out to them to assist us on getting on mainstream media, because the sooner the more people who hear this and the more accepting we can be of who they BE, the safer they are.

Heather: That’s the point though. Okay, yes, that would make it a lot faster, a lot easier for them, but that’s their free will choice. You guys BEing is not reliant on MSM picking something up or not. You guys have gotten the word out there. In two months’ time, you've done what every politician dreams of doing. Getting the word out and gathering the support. But it's support of BE’ing. It resonated with you guys; that’s why you clicked on. It was all about you. It was already within you. This moment has been preplanned by your eternal hearts and your eternal hearts are acting on it; they're recognizing it. Now they’re making themselves visible to you, so that you can realize that you are the eternal hearts.

D: Heather? Can you do me a favor? Could you address, go back track to what you started discussing with the Akashic records? I think that is an important piece of all of this.

AK: Yes, and also the Creation records. This is American Kabuki, by the way.

D: Hi, AK.

Heather: Hi, AK. Hi, D. If you look back at certain reports and data that have come out over, well since January 17th, because that’s really when St Germaine and the rest of the wizards behind the curtain kind of started to stamp their feet and they had this integration period. They've been assisted in all dimensions to understand everything that we've just gone over. Essentially energy, just as you see energy be manipulated here on this planet, energy can be manipulated by withholding data. I can't remember which report that came out about certain records being ordered, going through the records, it’s because certain particular parts of within those multi-dimensions realized something’s not right. Something has been withheld.

Because the Divine keeps putting out these plans, giving all these orders, and changing them at the last minute, but with no explanation. So your military has been going crazy on the planet, trying to figure out what’s going on. Your galactics have been going crazy trying to figure out what’s going on. Someone finally went in and just ordered the Akashic records to go through them to see, what’s missing, what is not there? This UCC filing is an example in one dimension of how records are manipulated. The filing itself is missing a really key piece, which is Article III, section C. However, in the registry, it's all there. That's on example. It's sort of like when Pelosi handed that huge bill over to Congress and she said “Here, here you go. She did what?” Three hours before they were supposed to vote on it and yet 300 pages were missing. Some of them stood up and said “How can we even vote on this bill if 300 pages are missing? It doesn't matter, just vote on it". Then the whole record gets put into the Congressional records. Well, it's the same thing here.

Certain parts of the multi-dimensions of Source’s universe that are conspiring to make sure that all this goes through, this end of duality in one sense, the end of the experiment, realize that the data has been withheld from even them. You know, I laugh because Sheldon Nidle has, with the military, if people understood that the military were now working with Sheldon Nidle it would actually lend some more credibility to Sheldon, wouldn't it? However that data’s been withheld. Yet even Sheldon was referring to the sacred agreement. Well, the sacred agreement's been over since December 10th. I didn't say anything to you guys, because there were certain parts that needed to really come from within before this could be revealed in the manner that’s being revealed now. Now that you understand, universal contracts are the sacred agreements between eternal heart and all/anything that is made under them. So those have been done.

Now, you've got to kind of ask yourself, regarding the cosmos, “Well, even those guys were hoodwinked.” And they know it. So they're going back to the Akashic records and they're finding that some of the data was not there. That’s why there are these records of creation. What I call the eternal records. Where every piece of energy movement has been recorded, unaltered, unfabricated, unmanipulated. Those are the records that were ordered released. The Divines don’t want that known, because it's their DO’ing and their manipulations of the Akashic records are known. There’s a whole other set that can be relied on that are clean and clear and being held by the Eternal hearts which are ready for release. They're going to want to see, compare both of them, right? Put all the data on the table. That's what’s happening at this moment for the last 14-15 hours. So really, in all the dimensions the powers-that-were, the wizards behind the curtain, are being exposed. I ask you a question. How do you want deal with that? Do you want to get your pitchfork? Or do you want to just move on and say “Okay, great game, now let’s play something else?” and create what you want to experience now by your free will? That’s what’s on the table.

Lisa: I personally don’t have a pitchfork, so…

(general laughter)

Lisa: I’m not interested.

Heather: I think those are actually legal under the Homeland Security Act.

Lisa: Probably.

(general laughter)

Bob: We often, in our experience of life, and we’ve said “I wouldn’t wish that experience on my worst enemy”. So…

Chris: I don’t have a pitchfork, but I do have a little pointy finger. The way I see it at this point, the contract ended on the 10th of December. They knew that beyond that point, they’re on their own personal recognizance. They’re taking full personal liability for everything that they do. Prior to that, it was an agreed situation; now it’s not. They actually seem to have tried to hide the fact to minimize, if you like, the comeback at them. They’ve tried to hide this in the Akashic record. So, I would say to them, “Sure, our contractual obligations are over. From beyond this point, harm to the One People, there might be some judgment there, so be careful and don’t continue for much longer.”

Lisa: Make your choice and make it now.

Chris: Make your choice and make it now. But we’ve had this two-month period to adapt and now we all understand why there was this apparent delay to things, but it’s time to decide, folks.

Heather: You know, to me it was Caleb, Chris. We were accountability, changing the judicial system, right? Where those that are perpetrating the crime actually sit in judgment of hurt others. It was just so humorous, but what do you do? What kind of system of accountability you put in there?

Caleb actually had a very wonderful experience that he shared with us. It resonated with me Absolutely, “When you choose your action, you’re also choosing the consequence or judgment”. His example was a cousin had stolen from him and he went to his aunt, the mother of his cousin, and said “What do I do? He stole from me, and I’ve been supporting him, helping him, assisting him so he can get on his feet”. She was like “Well honey, he already told you what the judgment is. He already told you what’s going to happen by his very choice that he should steal in the first place.” So, Caleb, it resonated with him and he just said “I’m sorry, you gotta go. You abused me, now you gotta go.” And that’s the point, when they chose their actions, they also chose the consequence. So all we have to do is, lovingly perhaps, assist them in just taking the consequence that they chose. They’ll take it; it’s an energetic thing, guys.

So, enforcement. Everyone keeps asking about enforcement. I’ve given you multiple examples without trying to tell you those were examples. BE’ing is one of them. Knowing that at the data is another, because when someone knows they’re under a microscope they act a lot differently than if they think they know somebody’s looking, right? Another example was, I sent you guys over the Galloping Gertie example; the Narrows Bridge, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, the very first one. The wind went in and literally played those support wires like a harp and made the concrete dance. Literally dance, until it could no longer withstand the movement and it fractured and then broke.

So, enforcement comes in many ways. Just don’t limit with your expectation of what enforcement is. All of Source’s universe is conspiring and assisting in the enforcement of the consequences of the choices that were made. That’s the grace period that’s been going on, is for everyone to make a different choice. Does that answer your question?

Chris: Indeed it does.

D: So, how about this. How about we say “We would rather not play baseball with you anymore, because you cheat…”


D: “… we’ll just leave you to your own baseball diamond, a la field of dreams, but it’ll be on the moon!!!”


Heather: I think you just did.

Brian: So, if all that’s left now for us is to BE and DO. For all of us that are motivated and inspired by helping others to understand and know this truth from within, what’s the best way to help the masses understand that all that is left is to BE and DO? Those that have no idea fundamentally yet, or consciously yet, what BE’ing and DO’ing might look like?

Heather: Well, number 1, just keep BE’ing and DO’ing what you’ve been DO’ing which is getting the word out, number 1. But number 2, even within the last fourteen, fifteen hours, guys, the whole Source’s universe has gotten data that once wasn’t known. So, now you’re going to see everyone waiting for Heaven’s order and all this other stuff. Now you’re going to start to see people saying, like the emails that we’ve been getting over the last week or so, “Stop talking about the RV’s. Stop talking...” I even got emails from the galactics side, saying “Be careful, use code words, don’t talk about disclosure with a big “D” in the title head. You know, just cover it up.” Well, we already have the contrast of “secret squirrel”. We’ve already got the contrast of withholding data. So how do you neutralize that? By transparency.

Choose to focus your energy on the old, or you can choose to focus your energy on what is Now, and what you want Now to be. Go in and make your systems. What kind of systems do you want? Well, right now, it’s about putting Absolute Data on the table, right? So, the systems probably, and that’s why they’re so temporary, is because the CVACs was made temporary because the first job of the day is to put all the Absolute Data on the table. And then let people chose by their free will what resonates within.

Like education, put all the data you have about education on the table, whether it be “new age” or whether it be “alternative” or “conservative”. Put it all on the table and let people choose what resonates with them. Systems of help; put all the data on the table. Oxygen chambers, crystalline chambers, synthetic medicine, put it all on the table and let people choose what resonates with them. But just get all the Absolute Data; that is the interim job of the CVACs, is just to put Absolute Data on the table. So, create the systems.

Brian: So, is that is where, is the CVAC where this Absolute Data is going to be coming from? I’m just wondering, because there’s been a lot of data that’s come out. But there’s a lot of people that are very untrustworthy out there and they’re very reluctant to trust the source of where data is coming from. So, from a position of knowing from within, that Absolute Data is discernible as truth, I’m kind of curious as to where, what major source that Absolute Data is going to be coming from.

Heather: Okay, well, that’s an excellent question. That’s why it’s so important for, instead of anonymous sources bringing data forth, you want to see where the data is coming from, right? So, if you get an anonymous source that gives you a piece of data versus…in the medical field let’s just say, and all of a sudden you have data that’s coming from someone who works in the chemical lab, the labs that test for the FDA the chemicals, they’re coming forward telling you “These were bad, we were told to alter the data. We were told to push it so it could make as much profit as possible”.

Use vaccinations for instance. You have Gates over here pushing vaccination. Then all of a sudden you have someone from the financial section saying “Yup, he’s invested a lot of money in vaccinations. He’s invested a lot of money in technologies to alter the energetic patterns of beings.” All of a sudden when you know who’s bringing the data forth and they’re willing to stand in that complete transparency, you’re going to be able to resonate, or not, with that data. You already know what the Absolute Truth is, Brian; everyone has it within them. That’s what your tools of resonance are trying to tell you, to show you. So it’s just a matter of Absolute transparency. Whoever brings the data forth has to do so in transparency.

Brian: Got it.

Caller: Heather? With the CVACs (garbled)… say in a country “Okay, I want to get rid of my local cabal and utilize the CVAC vehicle to create a legitimate government.” How do they go about contacting the CVAC in setting that up for the transition? Is that something that military does, something a leader does?

Heather: Well, to take it back to Prime, BE’ing, right? It’s about any individual, any eternal heart going in and saying “Okay, I’m willing to stand there in responsibility with all liability for everything that I do. I’ll be held accountable. I’m willing to stand there and ensure that at this moment the CVAC is going to go in and be a system of assistance for the people.” And we’ve talked about right now what’s most important for the people is Absolute Data. Absolute disclosure, right?

Caller: Right.

Heather: Okay, now that’s going to change once all the Absolute Data is there, your system of assistance, its purpose is going to change, is it not?

Caller: Yes.

Heather: Okay, so at this moment really, it’s just a matter of who’s going to stand and say “I’m going to help bring Absolute Data to the table.” The whole template’s been there for you guys. I haven’t gone in and just said, “Okay, here’s how it’s going to go” because I don’t want to tell you what to do. I don’t want anyone else telling me what to do. So when you guys were ready, just as when you were ready for this particular December 10th document, it will revolve itself on the table and be right in your face so that you can say “I’m willing to do it.” Now, a lot of people were like “Okay, my expectations are the military has to be a part of this. My expectation is that MSM has to acknowledge and recognize this. The Hague has to acknowledge and recognize this.” Well, guys, you have systems that have really gone in and manipulated and fabricated and commandeered those particular systems.

So you need to make a decision, “Can I BE within myself and make whatever I want to happen, happen? Or do I have to have these external elements tell me it’s okay for me to BE?” Governments…that wasn’t necessarily the point of setting up a government, because government itself, the word itself carries so much negative energy, that first it needs to be neutralized. That’s what BE’ing does. It neutralizes the negativity pattern, that negative energetic pattern of, “I need to be governed. I need to be told what to do.”

Caller: Yes, and it implies coercion, I suppose.

Heather: Well, unfortunately that all we’ve known for quite a while, okay? So, at this point, you guys all need to make a choice. Do I want to be governed? Or do I just want this CVAC to be systems of assistance, to assist me in how I want to BE?

Lisa: Systems of assistance. Absolutely. And is what you’re saying that what needs to happen is we need to step up and consciously, willingly choose to bond themselves to the CVAC as a public servant, in order to activate it?

Heather: Well, it’s not so much that, Lisa, it’s a matter of just saying “I’m willing to bond myself, so that everyone else knows who I BE, and that I’ll be responsible in my choices if they damage another.” So the CVAC, you guys are each individually your own CVAC. That was the image I had that was coming to me when I and Caleb and Randall worked through those, was everyone, essentially, was really their own CVAC. That there’s going to be like-minds out there, at some point that say, “Hey, I really like this”. You’re going to have focus groups, sort to speak, or groups that come together and say, “I really want to focus my energy on this particular part of the machine”, knowing that the Absolute is all in its pieces, that it’s a tool at this point. You know that. So everything works in harmony at that point.

So I could have easily, and we discussed this, a lot of what we did was; okay at first we gave the opportunity for the powers-that-were to come in and exercise responsibility. Then it, especially October 2012, we realized they’re just too afraid, and we’re not going to sit here and wait for them to do it. Let’s just do it. So, that’s what October was about, was just saying “Okay guys, you had your chance, now we’re going to go in and DO”. Then right now the only CVAC that was up and running, and it was only because, and when I say “running” I mean doing its job of bringing Absolute Truth to the table. That’s all we’ve been doing for the last two months, right? Maybe slower than what you wanted, but that’s essentially what we’ve been doing very carefully.

Otherwise, I know I could have gone in and issued paper, value represented by the paper, into all the banks. I could have gone in and cut deals with all of them. Before I went to Spain in January… or was it February?… no January. In January, I got a call regarding Gulliver, from the head of HSBC, and wanting me to know that they were moving all these trillions of currency paper, from HSBC. They were doing a job. They were trying to make things right. Well, a shuffling of the agenda doesn’t work, in Absolute. You’ve got to have Absolute exposure. You’ve got to have absolute, not divine, not when something else has to be un-divine to support it. So, I applaud Gulliver, but then again his hand was forced by the Divines to do something to see if that would be acceptable.

Well, the RV’s are nothing. The RV’s are based on lies and fraud in order to have that currency. Iraq is a great example. D and I have gone back and forth on this. All the natural resources were stolen from Iraq and put into multinational contracts. Not one thing in Iraq is owned by the Iraqis or within that custodianship of the Iraqis. So, if you’re RV’ing something, you’re actually profiting all the multinationals that hold “the titles and ownership” of all those natural resources. So, how can an RV go forward? That’s one example.

Chris: Heather, we’ve been sitting here kind of waiting for the Trustees to tell us when the CVACs would begin. What you’re telling us is that they’ll begin when we start them. Correct?

Heather: It’ll be then when you decide how you want to start them. I could’ve issued… I’m sitting in the presidency of the branch of the United States of America, and it only takes one branch to service all the people on the planet. I could’ve issued paper; I could’ve set up these treasury mechanisms for delivery, transaction, transfer. Here’s the thing though, this is where the powers-that-were are kind of freaking out is, they were hoping we would, at the worst case scenario, we would at least just go in and repossess their systems, because they had all these back-doors that were created in them. Just in case we somehow got a hold of them. Well, that’s the point, though, those are just really bastardizations of the Prime, the Absolute systems that exist.

That is what you guys will have access to. That’s what was ordered in this December 10th document; the energy grids, patterns and manuals of creation and knowledge. You will have absolute technology and now that the “cosmic elements” of this whole adventure know that certain data has been withheld from them, they’re going to be making some choices here very quickly. I just hope that you, at this point, whatever reservations you’ve had regarding ETs, cosmic, Divines, whatever, you’ll be able to determine what is Absolute Truth and what is not, and you’ll be able to determine how you want your experience to go. But it’s your choice. So the CVACs are ready to go; we chose the first step to be putting Absolute Data on the table. That’s why I did not issue the new systems, because this is a matter of you guys deciding what the systems are supposed to be. You’re supposed to tell me, Chris.


Chris: That’s what I’m saying, I realize that now yes, absolutely. And I also… go ahead Bob.

Bob: What I’m thinking, after listening to all of this and I’ve been kind of quiet, and asking myself the question, because my whole life experience that I’ve had to go through a lot of different things. I’ve had to go through learning how to forgive myself. How would I want to be treated if the shoe were on the other foot? I would want to be allowed the opportunity to make up for it, if that was my choice, and the opportunity to become something different. I think if we allow them that opportunity, then they can…because now they need to learn how to serve. We do need someone who will be of service. It would give them an opportunity to work off all of that, until they learn how to forgive themselves, by being in service to others. Otherwise they can choose to leave.  Either would be …

Lisa: Accessible.

Heather: Well, that’s sort of the point, Bob. Is that, look guys, you can focus your energy on them. Now that they know you know and you’ll know more now that this moment has been reached, you can either focus your energy on them or you can focus your energy on how to BE and show them how to be of service. DO your own example. Because the way that I see the CVCS when I read them, was that there was seven plus billion people of service. One on one and it starts within. I’m going to be of service to myself. That’s why I’ve chosen the steps that I did. That’s why Randall and Caleb took the steps that they did. We could have easily taken the bribes. We could have easily taken the positions that they were hoping we would take. We rejected them all, because if by serving our self we ensure that our children would suffer the same fate we have been suffering up to that moment. That was unacceptable to any of us. So by serving others, we served ourselves in the process.  Do you see how that goes?
Chris: One of the things that I would just like to interject into this conversation is maybe it’s time that we offer the contrast. If we decide now that we’re ready to start those CVACs and simply focus our energy on them, we don’t need to be focusing energy on the powers-that-were. We’re done focusing energy on those folks. We focus energy on where we need it and we’ll be the contrast to them.
Heather: That’s why I kept saying just BE. That is the contrast, isn’t it?   
Chris: It is.
Lisa: In the chat room, it’s we want CVACS, open the CVACs, just constant.
Heather: I receive people’s versions of the CVACs.  It was really beautiful to watch. I thank everyone for sending me the emails. My inbox has officially had an epileptic seizure. It’s just revolting to all the work it’s doing, so I just told it I love it. At the same time, I watched the evolution how people first started out with the CVACs to how they are now. I’m really excited to see how they are even after this call.
Lisa: How have you seen them evolved?  Can you be specific?
Heather: Yeah, it went from basically government telling them what to do to all of a sudden then I asked them to send in their version of CVAC. Then all of a sudden they started to think about it. Actually they have been thinking about all kinds of versions of BE’ing all their life. So now they had a vehicle to put a tool to put that version of their BE’ingness in there. So I watch that evolve to essentially to a pitchfork to “Hey, you know what, I just want to BE and this is how I see it.”  However, I kept seeing still some remnants of “Well, this is the best way to do it. This is the way that it should be done.  Have your seen this particular information? This is the absolute truth.” Well, for me the absolute is just having Absolute Data on the table and letting people resonate with what resonates within them. So I’m hoping then after this call everyone will be able to see a little bit more data and then perhaps at that point the CVACs will be ready to launch. 
Chris: Just to remind everybody, the way that they’re launched, and correct me if I’m wrong here Heather, but the way that they’re actually launched is simply the bonding the first public servant, the president contractually.
Heather: Yes, and the president, guys whatever label we want to put on it, I don’t really care. The point is everyone…a president and the CVAC system…the way it runs is that everybody ends up being a president, because they bond themselves for being responsible for what they’re going to do. If everyone just focuses on bringing Absolute Data to the table, then with the Absolute Data they can choose how the system of assistance needs to be. After that it needs to be an evolving, living, organic process. It doesn’t have to be set in stone. 
Chris: Well, then the contracts are to begin with, they roll over every three months.
 (several talking at once.)
Heather: I hope we have done a pretty good job to this point as far as getting the exposure of the Absolute Data. You know what, it wasn’t even me. It was, as you can see, it almost looks like a Calgon commercial. They tell their friends and they tell their friends. All of a sudden, you guys are all BE’ings. I’m hoping at this point you guys understand the concepts of BE’ing, the concepts of DO’ing what you BE and the power that that has within it. Then at that point when you guys stand up and you just say “Well, what the hell.  If I make a mistake, I’ll correct it, but here we go. I’m going be responsible.”  Everyone is a president. The president was just a word that was used so that people could recognize what it was. Stopping on one side and what it was preserving in that space for you BE as you choose.
Chris: So, everyone is a public servant
Heather: As I was writing all this, that’s what I thought, was that everyone was a servant to them self as long as didn’t damage any other. That (garbled) system one on one and how hard is it for you to get ATT on the phone or any kind of government agency. If you can’t speak to a live person and when you do, they say “Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not the one you want to speak to.”
(several people talking)
AK: Can I restate this and see if I understand this correctly?
Heather: Yep.
AK: The CVACs are kind of like containers, right? Say it could be as big as a nation or be as small as, say, you had a head of an organization that wanted to bring fresh water to Sahara. That could be a CVAC too, is that correct?
Heather: Yeah, you can go back even further than that though. It could be one person saying “This is how I’m operate. I’m going to give you notice of it.” For now, that notice is done on the UCC, because it stops by you just registering what you are. UCC and which is already done, by the way, right because it’s about BE’ing. You give notice to everyone else and it doesn’t mean you have to agree with anyone. It doesn’t have to be like anyone else. It just means you BE. Just don’t damage anyone while you are doing it.
AK: Okay. because I…
(several people talking)
Heather: CVACs are as small as one person.
AK: I think I got confused because I guess I got used to this idea that it was going to be this interim of governments. I thought the CVAC was that from and I think that’s where I got that confused on what they exactly were and these are like virtual (garbled) for financing in doing things?
Heather: Yeah, but AK, could that be because for how long have we been hearing about interim government? 
AK: Oh, for ages. 
(several people talking)
Heather: Okay, but then, so if that’s what you guys want, you decide. Whoever signs on to that particular concept, that’s what it BE. That’s okay. 
(several people talking)
Lisa: We have a minute and a half to go (several people talking) … for a couple of minutes, but it will probably stop after that. Heather, we need to have you back next week, if we can please. I think this conversation needs to be continued.
Chris: Yeah, the question I have for you, Heather, is how do we sign up?
(several talking at once)
Heather: I’ll give them to you again and you can repost them. That’s just an example that really sort of resonates with you. As long as you have the elements, you’ll be responsible for what you do. You will be held liable for what you do under common law, under universal law. Then where could go, because that universal law covers all the cosmic groups. It allows so that when they feel convertible knowing that you are going to be held responsible if you harm or damage them. All of a sudden, you’re going to have that big disclosure that you guys have been wanting. So, I’ll send up the templates that I did that are actually in the system and you can DO as you are moved to DO.
Chris: Okay, and contractually applying for one of the entities you set aside 995 CVACs normally for the countries or areas…
Heather: Yeah, you guys can set up the country ones if you want. M y only concern at this point is that people are going, because we’re going through this transition of this understanding, they may misuse them and try to tell you how to BE.
Chris: Okay, that’s the next conversation.
Heather: Okay.
Lisa: Thank you Heather (several talking at once) from my eternal heart to yours. And from my eternal heart to everyone who’s listening and who will listen, please spread the recording of this far and wide. Join us again next week on the OPPT show on Monday night or Tuesday morning at 11:00 of course next week on the Collective Imagination Show. This conversation is on-going, clearly. Thank you to everyone who’s joined us. Bob, Chris, D, AK, Brian, see you guys all (garbles) I’m sure. Thanks, Heather. I don’t know what else to say so…
Heather: I love you guys.
Brian: Love you too Heather.

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