Thursday 7 February 2013

A Shiny new Community Meeting place!

Ok my friends..... it's just in it's bare-bones, newly birthed stage so please don't be judgemental, lol!!

Here is the new RTS Forum

In the RTS Main Forum there are sub-forums for Discussion, The Back Deck, The Media Room, and Rampant Silliness.  Go on in, check it out, say "Hi!"......

There is also forums set up for our technical teams: Translation, transcription, and media for those groups to have an area when they can discuss issues and plan.  These forums will be set up so that they are semi private for just those teams.

Edited 02/07/13 to add:

We will also be adding a Global Community forum for our readers from around the world, in their own languages.  If you are an RTS global reader and would like to see a forum in your language, please let me know and I'll add one asap!

In other news....

If you google search  "trust forecloses on major corporations" there are now over 2700 hits....

.... strangely enough, I searched through the first 7 pages and not once is RTS or American Kabuki in any of the hits.

........ Me thinks that Google is tampering AGAIN!

..............kinda like my hotmail account that keeps eating important emails.  They just simply..... disappear.


Last night Brian and I were on the "Somethings Happening" show on KPFK 90.7fm out of LA- you can listen to the podcast at the archive link below. Our interview starts at approx, the 2 hour mark.

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