Saturday 23 February 2013

"I Love You"... all of you!

Written by the wonderful BE'ing James.  Thank you my friend!

To Each and Everyone reading this,

With great respect and with All My Love, welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Several weeks ago I was conducting a training class in front of a group of salespeople. I was intermittently using my laptop for the presentation. Sometime had passed and the screensaver kicked in, a scrolling marque that says "I Love You" for a moment I felt embarrassed, but as I looked at the faces of the crowd they seemed to receive that message, so I told them, all of them out loud and clear that I loved each and everyone one of them. There was so much love and light in that room it brought tears to my eyes. 

Besides a family member, including your pets, when if ever have you, yes YOU told a coworker, waitress, cashier, and the list can go on and on, told them that you loved them? When??? When is the last time you looked in the mirror and told yourself, hey you know what, I love you? Is it that hard for you to do so? Ever even think about it? 

Ever take the time in your crazed busy life to just BE? Are you so wrapped up in what exactly? Really take a real hard close look in the mirror look into your eyes and ask yourself, am I happy, am I at peace, do I feel love for all. Or am I so wrapped up in what exactly, that I have forgotten who I Truly AM.

There are 7.2 billions you's on this planet, yes YOU all coming from the same place. Ever think about that? You know it, even if you stuff it deep down into the abyss of your soul. So Know'ing that, how does it feel, how does it feel to see so many lives suffering, knowing that you helped to cause this mess that we are living and experiencing. People living in constant struggle, fear, hunger, pain, broken hearts, and the list can go on and on and on. You can live in the delusion, all for the $$$ or you can just let it go and for once, just BE. 

The Time has come. The time is NOW. Humanity is popping like corn and it is game over. We the People, in Love and Light have declared it, and SO IT IS DONE. Through the Peoples Trust 1776, all the legal framework has been completed. 

For those who have carried the torch of fear, wielding your selves unto us, please know, you were only doing exactly what you were supposed to be doing. And yes we can get so caught up, so identified with the role that we play, but know that is not who we are, and so it is time to end this chapter and move into something so much greater, something beyond your wildest dreams. 

We Love you and forgive you, it is OK. We send you, yes You all our love and hugs, yes you need a real loving hug.

For those who feel that, yes there is more, but are afraid to take the first step it is ok you are not alone. Take baby steps. Be kind to yourself, I know it has not been easy for you.

So try this..................
Take a few moments alone and uninterrupted.
Sit comfortably
Place your hands in your lap palms facing up, as if you are about to receive a gift.
Take 3 long deep breaths and allow your body to completely relax.
Now just breathe and receive. 
Let whatever happens, whatever comes up, just let it be, and let it go.
No judgement here, only LOVE.
Feel it, breathe it into your whole body, your whole being.
Let the tears flow, the smiles, the joy come, it is OK.
You are so Loved, it is now time to remember.

That is all. Now get to work tell the World that We The People are free to Be and DO as we choose as long as we cause no harm to another. And that there is Prosperity, Peace, and Love equally for ALL. Time for Absolute Truth.

With All My Love, Light, and Blessing's,

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